Index of JewProm
A .Index   0 A Description Index by Group Description   Home
activists e17 49 A activists Academicians Academitians by Alphabetical Order Z10 Index
actors e4 57 A actors Academies Academies B Search
actorsAm a3 59 A american actors Awards Awards D
actorsIsr a5 60 A Israeli actors BAFTA Awards Bafta Awards C
advertising e9 127 A advertising Biomedical Scientists/Doctors Biomedical Scientists/Doctors E
AFI100 e4 63 A movies by directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, composers Businessmen Businessmen F
AFI200 a1 86 A best Songs Movies Musicals & Scores Cezar Awards Cezar Awards G
agnostic a4 160 A atheists/secular/agnostic jews Critics Critics H
agronomists e4 11 A agronomists Designers Designers I
ambassadors e2 55 A ambassadors Emmy Awards Emmy J
ancient e3 24 A ancient biblical figures Families Families by Alphabetical Order Z11
ancient physicians e45 11 A ancient/medieval physicians Gentils Gentils K
anglicans e5 159 A anglicans GoldenGlobe Awards Golden Globe L
anglicans e5 159 A anglicans Heads Heads of Societies/Associations/Academies M
anthropologists e3 29 A anthropologists HoF Halls of Fame N
anthropologists e3 29 A anthropologists Language Language P
anti-zonists e21 49 A anti-zonists Miltary/Security Military, Security Q
archaeologists e5 29 A heads of Instititutes of Higher Education Miscelaneous Miscelanous R
architectHistorians e9 22 A architectHistorians Musicians Musicians S
architectHistorians e9 22 A architectHistorians Oscar Awards Oscar T
architects e4 122 A architects Physicians Physicians U
art managers e17 123 A art managers Politicians Politicians V
art managers e17 123 A art managers PolitIsr Israeli politicians X
artCollectors e15 123 A art collectors PolitRus Russian politicians Y
artHistorians e8 22 A art historians Professions by Surname Professions by Surnames Z1
artists e3 123 A artists Professions (Sheets) Sheets of Professions Z1
artSponsors e14 123 A art sponsors Religion/Faith  Religion/Faith  Z21
astrologers e11 153 A astrologers ReligionJewish Jewish Denomenations Z22
astrologers e15 153 A Bond Jewish actresses/girls ReligionOthers Other (not Jewish) religions  Z22
astronautics e13 6 A austronautics Songs Physicians Z3
astronauts e16 6 A austronauts SportFigures Sport Figures Z4
atheists a4 160 A atheists/secular/agnostic jews Sportsmen Sportsmen Z5
atomic spies e5 143 A soviet atomic spies Surnames Surnames by Alphabetical order Z9
atomic spies e5 143 A soviet atomic spies Tony Awards Tony Awards Z6
authors e4 99 A authors, writers Visual Arts Visual Arts Z7
awChe e11 9 A chemists Wolf Foundation Wolf Fundation Z8
awCinematographers e7 69 A fim/television seies/shows by Series creators      
awPhys e3 5 A physical Awards Sheet Names Sheet's Names Z12
awPlaywrights e23 70 A paywrights awards
baaleiTeshuva e3 158 A baalei teshuva
BAFTAProducers e23 65 A BAFTA Awards for Producers
bandleaders e4 83 A bandleaders
bandmusicians a4 90 A band musisians
bands a5 91 A bands by musicians
bankers e4 128 A bankers
beverage e4 135 A beverage
biblical e3 24 A biblical/talmudic scholars
biblical e3 24 A biblical/talmudic scholars
big companies e3 129 A big companies
billionairesCountry        Forbes e3 124 A billionaires by Country
billionairesRank            Forbes e3 125 A billionaires by Rank
billionairesSurnames    Forbes e4 125 A billionaires by Surname
biographers a5 101 A biographers
bio-Tech e6 140 A bio-technical entrepreneurs
blues a7 89 A blues performers
botanists e9 29 A botanists
breakThruLS e20 12 A breakthrough prize in Life Sciences
breakThruMat e18 14 A breakthrough prize in Mathematics
breakThruPhys e18 14 A breakthrough prize in Physics
bridge e10 146 A bridge players
broadcasters e3 111 A broadcasters
buddhists e6 159 A buddhists
buddhists e6 159 A buddhists
cabarett e8 95 A cabarett performers
calvinists e7 159 A calvinists
carEntr f7 133 A industrialists
caricaturists e7 121 A caricaturists
caricaturists e7 121 A caricaturists
cartoonists e7 121 A cartoonists
catholics e8 159 A catholics
CezarDirecors e36 88 A Cezar Direcors
checkers e5 146 A checkers players
chefs e6 135 A chefs
chess e3 146 A chess players
choreographers a8 97 A choreograohers
coinedterms a5 103 A coined words/terms
comedians e4 96 A comedians
commanders e34 141 A top military commanders
commissioners e36 141 A israeli police commissioners
composers e4 82 A composers
composersFilmScore e4 82 A composers
composersOpera e4 82 A composers
composersMusical e4 82 A composers
composers e4 82 A composers
computer scientists e3 15 A computer scientists
Computer Scientists - Awards e10 15 A computer Scientists - Awards
conductors e3 83 A conductors
conservative e4 158 A conservative jews
convertsFromJudaism e21 159 A converts from Judaism
convertsToJudaism e10 158 A converts to Judaism
copley e19 115 A copley medal - united kingdom
countries a1 230 A jews by countries (wikipedia)
countriesStat a1 231 A country popultion statistics
criminalsBC e5 151 A blue collar criminals
criminologists e11 29 A criminologists
criticMusic e11 105 A music critics
criticsArt e3 105 A art critics
criticsCultural e5 105 A cultural/social critics
criticsFashion e6 105 A fashion critics
criticsFilms e7 105 A film/theater/ballet critics
criticsFood e8 105 A food critics
criticsLiterary e3 106 A literary critics
criticsMusic e11 105 A music critics/journalists, musicologists
cryptographers e23 15 A cryptographers
Dan David e6 114 A Art.Science.Culture Prize - Israel
dancers e8 97 A dancers
defense e5 141 A military figures
defense ministers e8 49 A defense ministers
demographers e11 13 A demographers
designersEngineering e4 142 A engineering designers - russia
designersFashion e12 121 A graphic designers
designersFashion e14 121 A fashion designers
designersFashion e3 136 A restorateurs
designersVideoGames e26 15 A designersVideoGames
designersWeapon e4 142 A weapon designers - russia
developmentBiologists e10 11 A developmental biologists
directors e3 64 A BAFTA awards for director
drugStores e4 137 A drug stores
earth e3 8 A earth scientists
easternOrtodox e9 159 A eastern orthodox
ecologists e3 8 A ecologists
economists e3 18 A economists
edisonM e13 16 A edison Medal
editors e3 130 A publishers/editors by countries
EMET e4 114 A The Harvey Prize - Israel
encyclopedists e14 29 A encyclopedists
engineers e3 16 A engineers
enlightment e7 152 A enlightment leaders/activists
entertaiment entrepreneurs/executives e3 131 A theater enterpreneurs/operators
entertainerIndustry  e3 131 A entertainment industry entrepreneurs/executives
entertainers e3 95 A entertainers
entomologists e12 11 A botanists, zoologists, entomologists, ornithologists,
epidemiologists e14 11 A epidemiologists
episcopalian e5 159 A episcopalian
eugenists e15 29 A eugenists
evangelists e11 159 A evangelists
exibitions a4 150 A Jewprom video exibitions
explorers e9 153 A explorers
famous a4 2 A famous jews
FashionDesigners e14 121 A fashion designers
fashionEntrepreneus e3 136 A fashion entrepreneurs
fellows e3 116 A MacArthur, Guggenheim Fellows, Fulbright Scholars
feminists e29 49 A feminists
fields e3 14 A fields medal - mathematics
filmmakers e3 69 A show creators
finance ministers e9 49 A finance ministers
financiers e4 127 A financiers
firstLady e9 147 A wifes of president/King/Prime Minister
flayingAces e38 141 A flying aces - defense
foodEntrepreneurs e3 135 A food enterpreneurs
Forbes/Time e3 120 A Forbes/Time celebrities/most powerful people
Forbes/Time e3 120 A Forbes/Time celebrities/most powerful people
foreign ministers e7 49 A foreign ministers
futurists e16 29 A futurists
gaidner e5 12 A gaidner foundation award - biomedical science
gamblers e12 146 A gamblers
gentiles e3 163 A gentiles
gentilesDiscent e3 166 A Gentiles with Jewish discent
gentilesSurnames e4 164 A gentiles by Surname
gentilsGlamorous e3 165 A Glamor Gentiles
geochemists e4 8 A geochemists
geographers e10 8 A geographers
geologists e12 8 A geologists
geophysicists e4 8 A geophysicists
grammyAwards e3 87 A grammy Awards winners
grammyHoF e5 87 A grammy Hall of Fame
greakOrtodox e10 159 A greak orthodox
hackers e27 15 A hackers
haredi e5 158 A haredi jews
Harvey e5 114 A The Harvey Prize - Israel
healthcare e3 137 A healthcare enrepreneurs
healthcare e5 137 A pharmaceotical Companies
hebraists e6 25 A hebraists 
heroesRussia e28 141 A heroes of Soviet Union/Russia
hinduists e12 159 A hinduists
hip hop a4 89 A hip hop music performers
histAwardsTypes e3 22 A historians Awards/Types
historians e3 21 A historians
hi-techEntrepreneurs e3 140 A hi-tech entrepreneurs
HoF e3 118 A various Halls of Fame
home a1 1 A home sheet for Jewprom
hoteliers e5 139 A hoteliers
illusionists e14 95 A illisionists, magicians
illustrators e16 121 A illustrators
imlresarios e5 131 A impresarios
insuarance e7 127 A insuarance enterpreneurs
internet e4 140 A internet developers, entrepeneurs, executives
internetDevelopers e4 140 A intenet developers
internetHOF e5 140 A Holl of Fame of internet
internists e18 11 A internists
inventors e3 17 A inventors
Israeli Awards e3 114 A Israeli Awards
japan e5 115 A japan prize
jazz a7 89 A jazz performers
jewGentiles a6 162 A jews with gentile spouces
judaism e3 158 A Jewish denominations
justice ministers e10 49 A justice ministers
karaites e6 158 A karaite jews
klezmerim e5 89 A klezmerim
knesset e3 53 A israeli parlament
knessetByParties e5 53 A israeli parlament by Parties
kossuth e37 115 A kossuth Prize - Hungary
kyoto e6 115 A kyoto prize - Japan
lasker e4 12 A lasker award - basic medical research
lawyersUSA e3 20 A lawyers, jurists
left-wing activists e18 49 A left-wing activists
lexicographers e7 25 A lexicographers
LGBT e4 148 A Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgenrers
librettists e4 85 A librettists
lieben e40 115 A lieben Prize - austria
lifesavers e34 12 A creators of the Lifesaving Medical/Scentific Advances in History
linguists e3 25 A linguists
literaryAwards e3 100 A literary awards for authors, writers
lutherans e13 159 A lutherans, methodists
lyricists e3 84 A lyricists
macArthur e3 116 A MacArthur Felows
marconi e13 115 A marconi prize
mathematicians e3 13 A mathematicians
mayors e3 56 A mayors
mediaEntreprenurs e4 132 A broadcasters
militaryFigures e4 141 A military figures
militaryRusssian e3 142 A Soviet/Russian miletary
models e3 98 A models, beauties
moneyMan e6 127 A money managers, investors
mormons e14 159 A mormons
moviesAct a3 61 A movies by actors
musicals a5 92 A musicals by composers/lyrisists/lybrettists
musicManager e6 131 A music/talent managers
musicologists e11 105 A musocologists
musicProd e7 131 A record producers
muslims e15 159 A muslims
nanotechnologists e28 15 A nanotechnologists
nobel e4 3 A Nobel Prize Winners
nobelmen e3 149 A jewish Nobility
notJewish Religions e5 159 A not Jewish religions
nuclearScientists e3 7 A nuclear sciencists
operas a4 94 A operas/operettas by composers, lyricists, lybrettists
operaSingers e31 72 A opera singers
orders e3 117 A members of honorary orders
organisation e3 152 A heads of Public/Professional Organisations
orientalists e23 29 A orientalists
ornithologists e26 11 A ornithologists
orthodox e7 158 A orthodox jews
OscarActors e4 62 A oscar awards for actors
OscarDirecors a29 64 A Oscar Awards for Directors
OscarProducers e21 65 A Oscar Awards for Producer
otologists e28 11 A otologists
painters e4 123 A painters
palaeographers e26 29 A palaeograohers
palentologists e27 29 A palaeograohers
pandits e28 49 A pandits
parlamentIsr e3 53 A Israeli parlament
philosophers e3 28 A philosophers
photographes e18 121 A fashion designers
physicists e4 4 A physicists
pianists e5 88 A pianists
plays a5 93 A plays by paywrights
poets e3 107 A poets
poincare e41 115 A Henri Poincare Prize
poker e7 146 A poker players
politBundists e27 54 A bundists
political speechwriters e24 49 A political speechwriters
political speechwrters e24 49 A political speech wrters
politNarodniki e28 54 A Narodniki
presbyterians e16 159 A presbyterians
PritzkerArchitecturePrize e23 122 A pritzker Architecture Prize
producers e5 65 A producers
profUnion e3 152 A professional organisations
programming languages designers/creators e30 15 A programming languages designers/creators
protestans e17 159 A protestans
psychiatrists e10 26 A psychiatrists
psychologists e3 26 A psychologists
quakers e18 159 A quakers, sinentology, unitarean
radicals e19 49 A radicals
railroadsEntreoreneurs e8 127 A raiload entrepreneurs
rappers e4 89 A rappers
realEstateEnt e3 138 A real estate entrepreneurs
reform e8 158 A reform jews
religions e3 157 A surnames by religion
religiousOth e3 159 A jews by Religions (not jewish)
resort e3 139 A resort entrepreneurs
retailChains e4 134 A retail chains entrepreneurs
roboticists e7 16 A roboticists
rock e4 89 A rock performers
royal e20 115 A royal medal - United Kingdom
screenwriters e3 66 A screenwriters
screenwriters, television writers e19 66 A screenwriters, television writers
sculptors e4 123 A painters
secular a4 160 A atheists/secular/agnostic jews
seiesCreators e3 67 A series/shows creators
seiesCreators e3 67 A series/shows creators
show e42 115 A show prize - Hong Kong
showCreators e6 67 A series creators shows
singers e3 72 A singers
singersESC e29 72 A european song contest for singers
sociologists e3 27 A sociologists
sources d33 1 A external internet sources (jewprom)
SpAgents e8 145 A sport agents
SpBaseball e6 144 A baseball players
SpBowling e10 144 A bobsleighing, bowling
SpBoxer e11 144 A boxing players
SpBoxer e11 144 A boxing players
SpCanoeing e13 144 A canoeing/kayaking
SpCoaches e5 145 A sport coaches
SpCricket e14 144 A cricket players
SpCycling e16 144 A cycling, Equestian, Fencing
SpFigureSkater e19 144 A figure skating 
SpFootballAm e23 144 A football american players
SpFootballSoc e21 144 A football soccer players
SpGliding e25 144 A gliding, golf players
SpGymnast e27 144 A gymnastics 
SpHockeyF e30 144 A field hockey players
SpHockeyIce e31 144 A ice hockey players
SpJudo e33 144 A judo, lacrosse
SpManagers e4 145 A sport mangers
SportClubsOwners e9 145 A sports club owners
sportHoF e3 119 A Sports Halls of Fame
SpRacing e35 144 A motor racing, lugo racing, mountain climbing
SpRollerSk e36 144 A roller skating, rowing, rugby
SpSailer e39 144 A sailing, shooting, skier, softball players
SpSurfering e40 144 A speed skating, surfing
SpSwimmer e42 144 A swimmers
SpTennis e44 144 A table tennis, tennis players
SpTrack&Field e47 144 A track & field sportmen
SpValleyball e49 144 A valleyball players
SpWaterpolo e51 144 A water polo players, weighting, wrestling 
SpWriters e7 145 A sport writers
statesmen e3 49 A statesmen
statisticians e10 13 A statisticians
string theory e5 7 A string theory theorists
suiciders a3 155 A suiciders
talentsAgents e8 131 A talent agents
talentsManagers e8 131 A talent agents
talmudic e3 24 A biblical/talmudic scholars
televisionWriters e19 66 A screenwriters - Awards
textbooks a5 102 A coined words/terms
theaterEnterpreneurs e4 131 A entertaiment entrepreneurs/executives
tobacco e5 135 A tobacco entrepreneurs
translators a6 104 A translators
urologists e40 11 A urologists
vicitims e4 154 A victims
violinists e6 88 A violinists
visualArts e4 121 A visual arts
WolfArts e11 123 A Wolf arts prize 
women e3 147 A women
writers e4 99 A authors, writers
yiddish e3 156 A Yiddish language figures
zionists e4 152 A zionist leaders/activists
zoologists e42 11 A botanists, zoologists, entomologists, ornithologists,
B .Academies   0 B  
AcAAAL a4 33 B national academy of engineering (USA)
AcAAAS e3 34 B american academy of arts and sciences
Academ       Jewish academitians by Surname, Academy
AcademiesOth e4 45 B other academies
AcBA e3 36 B british academy
AcEA e3 37 B european academies
AcFAS e3 38 B Institut de France
AcGAS e4 40 B german academies
AcHAS a5 44 B hungarian academy of sciencies
AcIAS a5 41 B russian academy of Sciences
AcIsraelForeign e3 46 B israeli academitians by Foreign Academies
AcLincei a5 42 B german academies
AcNAE a3 31 B national academy of engineering (USA)
AcNAM a5 32 B national academy of medicine (USA)
AcNAS e3 30 B national academy of science (USA)
AcRAS e4 39 B russian academy of Sciences
AcRS e3 35 B royal society
AcRSCanada a5 43 B royal society of Canada
C .Awards   0 C  
awardsIsrael e3 114 C Israeli Awards
awBiomed e3 12 C biomedical Awards
awCezar e16 62 C cezar Awards for actors
awChe e11 9 C chemical Awards
awCinematographers e7 69 C cinematographers - Awards
awDirector e29 64 C film/theater directors Awards
awDocumentary e3 69 C documentary filmmakers - Awards
awGeneral e5 115 C general Awards
awHist e3 22 C historians Awards/Types
awMath e3 14 C mathematical Awards
awPhys e3 5 C physical Awards
awPlaywrights e23 70 C paywrights awards
awProducers e21 65 C awards for Producers
awScreenwrites e19 66 C Oscar Award for screenwriters
awWolf e12 114 C wolf foundation Awards
criticsMedia e10 105 C media critics
literaryAwards e3 100 C literary awards for authors, writers
turing award e19 15 C turing award
D .BAFTA Awards   0 D  
BAFTActors e14 62 D BAFTA Awards for actors
BaFTAdirecors e34 64 D BAFTA Awards for directors
BAFTAProducers e23 65 D BAFTA Awards for producers
E .BiomedicalScientists/Doctors   0 E  
anatomists e4 11 E anatomists
anestheologists e4 11 E anestheseologists
bioBotanists e8 11 E botanists
biochemists e6 11 E biochemists
bioEngineers e6 11 E biochemists
biologists e3 10 E biologists
biophysicists e8 11 E bioengineers
botanists e8 11 E biophysicists
cardiologists e8 11 E cardiologists
dermathologists e10 11 E dermathologists
dermatologists e10 11 E dermathologists
diabetologists e12 11 E developmental biologists
diabetologists e12 11 E diabetologists
endocrinologists e12 11 E endocrinologists
epidemiologists e14 11 E epidemiologists
ethologists e14 11 E ethologists
evolutionarybiologists e14 11 E evolutionarybiologists
gastroentireologists e16 11 E gastroentireologists
gynecologists e16 11 E gynecologists
hematologists e18 11 E hematologists
histologists e18 11 E histologists
imunologists e18 11 E immunologists
internists e18 11 E internists
Microbiologists e20 11 E microbiologists
molecularBiologists e20 11 E molecularbiologists
nephrologists e22 11 E nephrologists
neurologists e22 11 E neurologists
neuroscientists e22 11 E neuroscientists
nutritionists e24 11 E nutritionists
obstericians e26 11 E obstericians
oncologists e24 11 E oncologists/cancer researches
ophthalmologists e26 11 E ophthamologists
ornithologists e26 11 E ornitologists
orthopedists e28 11 E orthopedists
others e42 11 E others
otolaryngologists e28 11 E otolaryngologists
otologists e28 11 E otologists
parasitologists e30 11 E parasitologists
pathologists e30 11 E pathologists
pediatritians e30 11 E pediatricions
pharmacologists e32 11 E pharmacologists
physicians e32 11 E physicians
psychiatrists e10 26 E psychiatrists
radiobiologists e36 11 E radiobiologists
radiologists e36 11 E radiologists
rentgenologists e36 11 E rentgenologists
rheumathologists e38 11 E rheumathologists
serologists e38 11 E serologists
sexologists e38 11 E sexologists
surgeons e38 11 E surgeons
urologists e40 11 E urologists
vaccinologists e40 11 E vaccinologists
veterinars e40 11 E veterinars
virologists e42 11 E virologists
zoologists e42 11 E zoologists
F .Businessmen   0 F  
advertising e9 127 F raiload entrepreneurs
big companies e3 129 F big companies
billionairesDropoffs     Forbes a3 126 F dropoffs from Forbes list
billionairesRank            Forbes e3 125 F billionaires by Rank
billionairesSurnme        Forbes e4 125 F billionaires by Surname
bio-techEntreprenurs e6 140 F bio-technical entrepreneurs
carEntr f7 133 F industrialists
curators e18 123 F curators
editors e3 130 F publishers/editors by countries
fashionEnt e3 136 F fashion enterprenerous
financiers e4 127 F financiers
foodEnt e3 135 F food enterpreneurs
healthcare enrepreneurs healthcare 137 F healthcare enrepreneurs
hi-techEntrepreneurs e3 140 F hi-tech entrepreneurs
insuarance e7 127 F insuarance enterpreneurs
mediaEntr e4 132 F broadcasters
moneyMan e6 127 F money managers, investors
railroadsEnt e8 127 F raiload entrepreneurs
realEstateEnt e3 138 F real estate entrepreneurs
retailChains e4 134 F retail chains entrepreneurs
SportClubsOwners e9 145 F sports club owners
G .Cezar Awards   0 G  
CezarActors e16 62 G Cezar Awards for actors
CezarDirecors e36 64 G Directors - Awards
H .Critics   0 H Critics
criticsArt e3 105 H art critics
criticsComics e4 105 H comics critics
criticsFilms e7 105 H film/theater/ballet critics
criticsFood e8 105 H food critics
criticsLiterary e3 106 H literary critics
criticsMedia e10 105 H media critics
I .Designers   0 I  
designersFashion e12 121 I graphic designers
designersVideoGames e26 15 I designersVideoGames
designersWeapon e4 142 I weapon designers - russia
J .Emmy Award   0 J  
EmmyActors e12 62 J Emmy Awards for actor
EmmyAwards   0 J Emmy Awards
EmmyDirecors e33 64 J BAFTA Awards for Director
K .Gentiles   0 K  
gentiles e3 163 K gentiles
gentilesDiscent e3 166 K Gentiles with Jewish discent
gentilesSur e4 164 K gentiles by Surname
gentilsGl e5 165 K Glamor Gentiles
jewGentiles a6 162 K jews with gentile spouces
L .Golden Globe Award   0 L  
GoldenGlobeActors e6 62 L golden globes Awards for Actors
GoldenGlobeDirecors a30 64 L cezar Award for directors
GoldenGlobeProducers e22 65 L Golden Globes awards for producer
M .Heads   0 M  
heads of Computer/Information Societies/Associations e6 15 M heads of Computer/Information Societies/Associations
headsAc e2 47 M heads of Academies
headsAnth e5 29 M heads of Archaeological Societies/Associations
headsArc e6 29 M heads of Anthropological Societies/Associations
HeadsBio e8 11 M heads of Biological Societies/Associations
headsDirectors a6 64 M presidents of Directors Guild of Americ
headsEarth e13 8 M heads if Earth Sciences/Organisations
headsEcon e8 18 M heads of Economic Societies/Associations
headsEng e8 16 M heads of Engineer's  Societies/Associations
headsGeographers e11 8 M heads of Natinal Association of Geographers  
headsHE e3 47 M heads of Institues for Higher Education
headsHistorians e10 21 M heads of Hitorical Societies/Associations
headsLing e4 25 M heads of Lingistic Societies/Associations
headsLit e28 99 M heads of Literary Societies/Associations
headsMath e8 13 M heads of Mathematical Societies/Associations
headsMed e9 10 M heads of Medical Societies
headsMus e12 105 M heads of Musical Societies/Associations
headsOrie e24 29 M heds of American Oriental Society
headsPhys e10 4 M heads of Physical Societies/Associations
headsPolSc e29 29 M heads of Political Science Association
headsPPO e3 152 M heads of Public/Professional Organisations
headsPsychi e10 26 M heads of Psychiatrics Societies/Associations
headsPsycho e3 26 M heads of Psychological/Psychoanalitic Societies
headsSociologists e4 27 M heads of Sociologist Societies/Associations
headsStat e12 13 M heads of Statistical Societies/Associations
philosophers e3 28 M heads of Philosophical Societies/Associations/Unions
N .HoF   0 N  
HoF e3 118 N various Halls of Fame
HoFpolio e29 118 N polio Hall of Fame
sportHoF e3 119 N Sports Halls of Fame
P .Language   0 P  
academy of Hebrew language e5 25 P academy of Hebrew language
hebraist e6 25 P hebraist
lexicographer e7 25 P lexicographer
linguists e3 25 P linguist
yiddish e3 156 P Yiddish language figures
Q .Miltary/Security   0 Q  
militaryRus e3 142 Q Soviet/Russian miletary
security e3 143 Q securities, secrete service
R .Miscellaneous   0 R Miscellaneous
  astrologers e11 153 R astrologers
blackJews e4 153 R black jews
BondsGirles e15 153 R jewish actresses in Bond Serial
cantonistsDiscendants e8 153 R discendants of cantonists
coinedterms a5 103 R coined words/terms
conqustadors e10 153 R conqustadors
criminals e3 151 R criminals
exibitions a4 150 R Jewprom video exibitions
gentilesDiscent e3 166 R Gentils with Jewish discent
LGBT e4 148 R Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgenrers
nobelmen e3 149 R jewish Nobility
organisation e3 152 R organisations
seers e5 153 R prophets, seers
suiciders a3 155 R suiciders
vicitims e4 154 R victims
S .Musicians     S1 .Musicians
bandLeaders e4 83 S1 bandleaders
bandMusicians a4 90 S1 band musicians by surname
bands a5 91 S1 bands by musicians
cellists e7 88 S1 celllists
composers e3 82 S1 composers
conductors e3 83 S1 conductors
criticsMusic e11 105 A music critics/journalists, musicologists
grammyAwards e3 87 S1 grammy Awards winners
HoF.Rock&Roll e3   S1 Rock and Roll Home of Fame
HoF.Songwriters e4   S1 Songwriters Hall of Fame (USA)
klezmerMusicians e5 89 S1 klezmer musicians
librettists e4 85 A librettists
lyricists e3 84 A lyricists
musicalPerformersOthers e8 88 S1 Other Musical Performers
pianists e5 88 S1
rappers e4 89 S1 rappers
rockBluesJazz e4 89 S1 rock/blues/jazz performers
singers e3 72 S1 singers
singersOpera e31   S1 opera singers
songsE e6 73 S1 Songs by Songwriters (English language)
  songsRS a4 80 S1 Songs of 500 best songs (Rolling Stone Journal)
songsR a4 76 S1 Songs by Songwriters (Russian language)
songsH a4 79 S1 Songs by Songwriters (Ladino language)
songsY a4 75 S1 Songs by Songwriters (Yiddish language)
songsL a5 74 S1 Songs by Songwriters (Ladino language)
songsF a4 81 S1 Songs by Songwriters (French language)
  AFI100 e3 71 S1 Best Songs in Movies (AFI 100)
songwriters e3 71 S1 songwriters
violinists e6 88 S1 violinists
T .Oscar   0 T  
OscarActors e4 62 T Emmy Awards for Actors
OscarDirecors a29 64 T Oscar Awards for Directors
OscarProducers e21 65 T Oscar Awards for Producer
U .Physicians   0 U  
agronomists e4 11 U agronomists
anatomists e4 11 U anatomists
anestheologists e4 11 U anestheologists
cardiologists e8 11 U cardiologists
dermatologists e10 11 U dermatologists
diabetologists e10 11 U diabetologists
endocrinologists e12 11 U endocrinologists
epidemiologists e14 11 U epidemiologists
gastroentireologists e16 11 U gastroentireologists
gynecologists e16 11 U gynecologists
hematologists e18 11 U hematologists
histologists e18 11 U histologists
imunologists e18 11 U imunologists
internists e18 11 U internists
nephrologists e22 11 U nephrologists
neurobiologists e22 11 U neurobiologists
nutritionists e24 11 U nutritionists
obstericians e26 11 U obstericians
oncologists e24 11 U oncologists
ophthalmologists e26 11 U ophthalmologists
orthopedists e28 11 U orthopedists
other physicians e42 11 U other physicians
others e42 11 U others
pathologists e30 11 U pathologists
pediatricians e30 11 U pediatricians
pharmocologists e32 11 U pharmocologists
physiologists e32 11 U physiologists
psychiatrists e10 26 U psychiatrists
radiobiologists e36 11 U radiobiologists
radiologists e36 11 U radiologists
rengenologists e36 11 U rengenologists
rheumatologists e38 11 U rheumatologists
serologists e38 11 U serologists
sexologists e38 11 U sexologists
surgeons e38 11 U surgeons
urologists e40 11 U urologists
vaccinologists e40 11 U vaccinologists
veterinals e40 11 U veterinals
virologists e42 11 U viorolgists
V .Politicians   0 V politicians
defense ministers e8 49 V defense ministers
finance ministers e9 49 V finance ministers
foreign ministers e7 49 V foreign ministers
justice ministers e10 49 V justice ministers
politAm e3 50 V american politicians
politBr e3 51 V british politicians
statesmen e3 49 V statesmen
W .PolitIsr   0 X  
.PolitRus   0 X PolitRus
politIsrael e3 52 X israeli politicians
politKnesset e3 53 X Israeli parlament by Parties
politParties e5 53 X members of Israeli parlament
X .PolitRus   0 Y  
politBolsheviks e32 54 Y bolsheviks
politBundists e27 54 Y bundists
politCadets e24 54 Y Cadets Party - Russia
politMensheviks e23 54 Y bundists
politNarodniki e28 54 Y Narodniki
politSR e24 54 Y Social Revolutinery Party - Russia
Y .Professions by Surnames   0 Z  
agronomists e4 11 Z agronomists
anatomists e4 11 Z anatomists
anestheologists e4 11 Z anestheseologists
anthropologists e3 29 Z anthropologists
archaeologists e5 29 Z archaeologists
archivists e8 29 Z archivists
astronomers e3 6 Z astronomers
authors e4 99 Z authors, writers
bibliographers e8 29 Z bibliographers
bioBotanists e8 11 Z botanists
biochemists e6 11 Z biochemists
bioEngineers e6 11 Z biochemists
biologists e3 10 Z biologists
biologists e3 10 Z biologists
biophysicists e8 11 Z biophysicists
botanists e8 11 Z biophysicists
cardiologists e8 11 Z cardiologists
cellists e7 88 Z celllists
chemists e4 9 Z chemists
computer scientists e3 15 Z computer scientists
criminologists e11 29 Z criminologists
criticsArt e3 105 Z art critics
criticsComics e4 105 Z comics critics
criticsFilms e7 105 Z film/theater/ballet critics
criticsFood e8 105 Z food critics
criticsLiterary e3 106 Z literary critics
criticsMedia e10 105 Z media critics
curators e18 123 Z curators
dermatologists e10 11 Z dermatologists
designersFashion e12 121 Z graphic designers
designersFashion e3 136 Z fashion entrepreneurs
designersVideoGames e26 15 Z designers of Video Games
designersWeapon e4 142 Z weapon designers - russia
diabetologists e12 11 Z developmental biologists
diabetologists e12 11 Z diabetologists
economists e3 18 Z economists
educators e12 29 Z educators
encyclopedists e14 29 Z criminologists
endocrinologists e12 11 Z endocrinologists
engineers e3 16 Z engineers
epidemiologists e14 11 Z epidemiologists
ethologists e14 11 Z ethologists
eugenists e15 29 Z eugenists
evolutionarybiologists e14 11 Z evolutionary biologists
financiers e4 127 Z financiers
futurists e16 29 Z futurists
gastroentireologists e16 11 Z gastroentireologists
geographers e10 8 Z geographers
geologists e12 8 Z geologists
geophysicists e4 8 Z geophisicsts
gynecologists e16 11 Z gynecologists
hebraists e6 25 Z hebraists 
hematologists e18 11 Z hematologists
histologists e18 11 Z histologists
historians e3 21 Z historians
illustrators e16 121 Z illustrators
imunologists e18 11 Z imunologists
insuarance e7 127 Z insuarance enterpreneurs
internists e18 11 Z internists
inventors e3 17 Z inventors
lawyers e3 19 Z lawyers, jurists
lexicographers e7' 25 Z lexicographers
linguists e3 25 Z linguists
literaryCritics e4 106 Z literary critics
literaryScholars e4 106 Z literary scholars
mathematicians e3 13 Z mathematicians
microbiologists e20 11 Z microbiologists
molecularBiologists e20 11 Z molecular biologists
nephrologists e22 11 Z nephrologists
neurobiologists e22 11 Z neurobiologists
neurologists e22 11 Z neurologists
neuroscientists e22 11 Z neuroscientists
nuclearScientists e3 7 Z nuclear sciencists
nutritionists e24 11 Z nutritionists
obstericians e26 11 Z obstericians
oncologists e24 11 Z oncologists/cancer researches
ophthalmologists e26 11 Z ophthamologists
orientalists e23 29 Z orientalists
ornithologists e26 11 Z ornitologists
orthopedists e28 11 Z orthopedists
otolaryngologists e28 11 Z otolaryngologists
otologists e28 11 Z otologists
p\ianists e5 88 Z pianists
palaeographers e26 29 Z palaeographers
palaeographers e26 29 Z paleontologists
parasitologists e30 11 Z parasitologists
pathologists e30 11 Z pathologists
pediatricians e30 11 Z pediatricians
pediatritians e30 11 Z pediatricions
pharmacologists e32 11 Z pharmacologists
photographes e18 121 Z photographers
physicians e32 11 Z physicians
physicians e32 11 Z physicians
physicists e4 4 Z physicists
physiologists e32 11 Z physiologists
politicalScientists e28 29 Z political scientists
psychiatrists e10 26 Z psychiatrists
psychiatrists e10 26 Z psychiatrists
psychiatrists e10 26 Z psychiatrists
psychologists e3 26 Z psychologists
radiobiologists e36 11 Z radiobiologists
radiologists e36 11 Z radiologists
rengenologists e36 11 Z rengenologists
rentgenologists e36 11 Z rentgenologists
rheumathologists e38 11 Z rheumathologists
serologists e38 11 Z serologists
serologists e38 11 Z serologists
sexologists e38 11 Z sexologists
sociologists e3 27 Z sociologists
SpAgents e8 145 Z sport agents
SpCasters e6 145 Z sport clubs owners
SpCoaches e5 145 Z sport coaches
SpHorseBr e10 145 Z horse breders
surgeons e38 11 Z surgeons
talmudic e3 24 Z biblical/talmudic scholars
urologists e40 11 Z urologists
vaccinologists e40 11 Z vaccinologists
veterinals e40 11 Z veterinals
Violinists e6 88 Z violinists
virologists e42 11 Z virologists
writers e4 99 Z authors, writers
zoologists e42 11 Z zoologists
Z1 .Professions (Sheets)   0 Z1  
biologists e3 10 Z1 biologists
chemists e4 9 Z1 chemists
computer scientists e3 15 Z1 computer scientists
criminologists e11 29 Z1 criminologists
economists e3 18 Z1 economists
educators e12 29 Z1 educators
encyclopedists e14 29 Z1 criminologists
engineers e3 16 Z1 engineers
eugenists e15 29 Z1 eugenists
futurists e16 29 Z1 futurists
geographers e10 8 Z1 geographers
geologists e12 8 Z1 geologists
geophysicists e4 8 Z1 geophisicsts
hebraists e6 25 Z1 hebraists 
historians e3 21 Z1 historians
illustrators e16 121 Z1 illustrators
inventors e3 17 Z1 inventors
lawyers e3 19 Z1 lawyers, jurists
lexicographers e7' 25 Z1 lexicographers
linguists e3 25 Z1 linguists
literaryCritics e4 106 Z1 literary critics
literaryScholars e4 106 Z1 literary scholars
mathematicians e3 13 Z1 mathematicians
nuclearScientists e3 7 Z1 nuclear sciencists
orientalists e23 29 Z1 orientalists
palaeographers e26 29 Z1 palaeographers
photographers e18 121 Z1 photographers
physicians e32 11 Z1 physicians
physicists e4 4 Z1 physicists
politicalScientists e28 29 Z1 political scientists
psychiatrists e10 26 Z1 psychiatrists
psychologists e3 26 Z1 psychologists
sociologists e3 27 Z1 sociologists
talmudic e3 24 Z1 biblical/talmudic scholars
writers e4 99 Z1 authors, writers
presbyterians e16 159 Z2 presbyterians
Z21 .Religion/Faith    0 Z21  
atheists a4 160 Z21 atheists/secular/agnostic jews
convertsFromJudaism     Z21 converts from Judaism
convertsToJudaism e10 158 Z21 converts to Judaism
judaism e3 158 Z21 Jewish denominations  
rabbies e3 161 Z21 rabbies
religionsOthers e3 159 Z21 jews by Religions (not jewish)
Z22 .ReligionJewish   0 Z22  
baaleiTeshuva e3 158 Z22 baalei teshuva
convertsToJudaism e10 158 Z22 converts to Judaism
haredi e5 158 Z22 haredi jews
karaites e6 158 Z22 karaite jews
orthodox e7 158 Z22 orthodox jews
reform e8 158 Z22 reform jews
Z23 .Religion (not Jewish)   0 z23 other (not Jewish) religions
anglicans e5 159 z23 anglicans
buddhists e6 159 z23 buddhists
calvinists e7 159 z23 calvinists
catholics e8 159 z23 catholics
christians e9 159 z23 christians
convertsfromJ e21 159 z23 converts from Judaism
easternOrtodox e9 159 z23 eastern orthodox
episcopalian e5 159 z23 episcopalian
evangelists e11 159 z23 evangelists
greakOrtodox e10 159 z23 greak orthodox
hinduists e12 159 z23 hinduists
lutherans e13 159 z23 lutherans, methodists
mormons e14 159 z23 mormons
muslims e15 159 z23 muslims
notJewish Religions e5 159 z23 not Jewish religions
presbyterians e16 159 z23 presbyterians
protestans e17 159 z23 protestants
quakers e18 159 z23 quakers, sinentology, unitarean
Z3 .Songs   0 Z3 songs
songsE e6 73 Z3 Songs by Songwriters (English language)
songsF a4 80 Z3 Songs by Songwriters (French language)
songsH a4 76 Z3 Songs by Songwriters (Hebrew language)
songsL a4 79 Z3 Songs by Songwriters (Ladino language)
songsR a4 75 Z3 Songs by Songwriters (Russian language)
songsRS a5 74 Z3 Songs of 500 best songs (Rolling Stone Journal)
songwrHOF a4 81 Z3 songwriters Hall of Fame
songwriters e3 71 Z3 songwriters
Z4 .SportFigures   0 Z4 sports figures
.sportsfigures   0 Z4 sports figures
SpAgents e8 145 Z4 sport agents
SpCasters e6 145 Z4 sport clubs owners
SpCoaches e5 145 Z4 sport coaches
SpHorseBr e10 145 Z4 horse breders
SpManagers e4 145 Z4 sport mangers
SportClubsOwners e9 145 Z4 sports club owners
Sportsclub e9 145 Z4 sports club owners
Z5 .Sportsmen   0 Z5 sportsmen
SpBasketball e6 144 Z5 basketball
SpCanoeing e13 144 Z5 canoeing/kayaking
SpCasters e6 145 Z5 sport casters
SpCycling e16 144 Z5 cycling, Equestian, Fencing
SpFigureSkater e19 144 Z5 figure skating 
SpFootballAm e23 144 Z5 football american players
SpFootballSoc e21 144 Z5 football soccer players
SpGliding e25 144 Z5 gliding, golf players
SpGymnast e27 144 Z5 gymnastics 
SpHockeyF e30 144 Z5 field hockey players
SpHockeyIce e31 144 Z5 ice hockey players
SpHorseBr e10 145 Z5 sport horse breaders
SpJudo e33 144 Z5 judo, lacrosse
SpRacing e35 144 Z5 motor racing, lugo racing, mountain climbing
SpRollerSk e36 144 Z5 roller skating, rowing, rugby
SpSailer e39 144 Z5 sailing, shooting, skier, softball players
SpSurfer e40 144 Z5 speed skating, surfing
SpSwimmer e42 144 Z5 swimmers
SpTennis e44 144 Z5 table tennis, tennis players
SpTrack&Field e47 144 Z5 track & field sportmen
SpValleyball e49 144 Z5 valleyball players
SpWaterpolo e51 144 Z5 water polo players, weighting, wrestling 
wrestlers e52 144 Z5 professional wrestlers
Z6 .Tony Awards   0 Z6 Tony Awards
SpCricket e14 144 Z6 cricket players
TonyActors e10 62 Z6 tony  Awards for Actors
TonyDirecors e32 64 Z6 Tony Awards for Directors
Z7 .Visual Arts   0 Z7 Visual Arts
animators e4 121 Z7 animators
architects e4 122 Z7 architects
Z8 .Wolf Foundation   0 Z8 Wolf Foundation
artCollectors e15 123 Z8 art collectors
wolfAgr e31 12 Z8 wolf prize in agriculture
WolfChe e11 9 Z8 Wolf prize in chemistry
wolfMath e4 14 Z8 wolf prize in mathematics
wolfMed  e6 12 Z8 wolf prize in medicine
WolfPhys e3 5 Z8 Wolf prize in physics
Z9 .Surnames by Alphabetical Order     Z9 .Surnames by Alphabetical Order
SurnamesA     Z9 SurnamesA 2378
SurnamesB     Z9 SurnamesB 4800
SurnamesC     Z9 SurnamesC 1925
SurnamesD     Z9 SurnamesD 1638
SurnamesE     Z9 SurnamesE 1243
SurnamesF     Z9 SurnamesF 2528
SurnamesG     Z9 SurnamesG 4116
SurnamesH     Z9 SurnamesH 2412
SurnamesI     Z9 Surnamesi 411
SurnamesJ     Z9 SurnamesJ 748
SurnamesK     Z9 SurnamesK 3861
SurnamesL     Z9 SurnamesL 2444
SurnamesM     Z9 SurnamesM 3316
SurnamesN     Z9 SurnamesN 1097
SurnamesO     Z9 SurnamesO 576
SurnamesP     Z9 SurnamesP 1928
SurnamesQ     Z9 SurnamesQ 23
SurnamesR     Z9 SurnamesR 3207
SurnamesS     Z9 SurnamesS 6592
SurnamesT     Z9 SurnamesT 1326
SurnamesU     Z9 SurnamesU 177
SurnamesV     Z9 SurnamesV 654
SurnamesW     Z9 SurnamesW 1911
SurnamesX     Z9 SurnamesX 2
SurnamesY     Z9 SurnamesY 445
SurnamesZ     Z9 SurnamesZ 888
z10 .Academitians by Alphabetical Order     z10 .Academitians by Alphabetical Order
AcademitiansA     z10 AcademitiansA
AcademitiansB     z10 AcademitiansB
AcademitiansC     z10 AcademitiansC
AcademitiansD     z10 AcademitiansD
AcademitiansE     z10 AcademitiansE
AcademitiansF     z10 AcademitiansF
AcademitiansG     z10 AcademitiansG
AcademitiansH     z10 AcademitiansH
AcademitiansI     z10 AcademitiansI
AcademitiansJ     z10 AcademitiansJ
AcademitiansK     z10 AcademitiansK
AcademitiansL     z10 AcademitiansL
AcademitiansM     z10 AcademitiansM
AcademitiansN     z10 AcademitiansN
AcademitiansO     z10 AcademitiansO
AcademitiansP     z10 AcademitiansP
AcademitiansR     z10 AcademitiansR
AcademitiansS     z10 AcademitiansS
AcademitiansT     z10 AcademitiansT
AcademitiansU     z10 AcademitiansU
AcademitiansV     z10 AcademitiansV
AcademitiansW     z10 AcademitiansW
AcademitiansY     z10 AcademitiansY
AcademitiansZ     z10 AcademitiansZ
z11 .Families/Relatives by Alphabetical Order     z11 .Families/Relatives by Alphabetical Order
FamilyA     z11 FamilyA
FamilyB     z11 FamilyB
FamilyC     z11 FamilyC
FamilyD     z11 FamilyD
FamilyE     z11 FamilyE
FamilyF     z11 FamilyF
FamilyG     z11 FamilyG
FamilyH     z11 FamilyH
FamilyI     z11 FamilyI
FamilyJ     z11 FamilyJ
FamilyK     z11 FamilyK
FamilyL     z11 FamilyL
FamilyM     z11 FamilyM
FamilyN     z11 FamilyN
FamilyO     z11 FamilyO
FamilyP     z11 FamilyP
FamilyQ     z11 FamilyQ
FamilyR     z11 FamilyR
FamilyS     z11 FamilyS
FamilyT     z11 FamilyT
FamilyU     z11 FamilyU
FamilyV     z11 FamilyV
FamilyW     z11 FamilyX
FamilyY     z11 FamilyY
FamilyZ     z11 FamilyZ
z12 .Sheet's Names     Z12 http://jewprom.50webs.com/JewPromSite_files/sheet232.htm
1 Home Page      Z12 Home Page 
2 Famous Jews     Z12 Famous Jews
3 Nobel Prize Winners     Z12 Nobel Prize Winners
4 Physicists     Z12 Physicists
5 PhysAwards     Z12 PhysAwards
6 Astronomers     Z12 Astronomers
7 Nuclear     Z12 Nuclear
8 Earth     Z12 Earth
9 Chemists     Z12 Chemists
10 Biologists     Z12 Biologists
11 Physicians     Z12 Physicians
12 BioAwards     Z12 BioAwards
13 Mathematicians     Z12 Mathematicians
14 MathAwards     Z12 Awards for mthematicians
15 Computer scientists     Z12 Computer scientists
16 Engineers     Z12 Engineers
17 Inventors     Z12 Inventors
18 Economists     Z12 Economists
19 Lawyers     Z12 Lawyers
20 LawyersUS     Z12 LawyersUS
21 Historians     Z12 Historians
22 HistAwardsTypes     Z12 Awards/Types for historians
23 JewsHist     Z12 Hitory of Jews by country
24 BiblicalFigures     Z12 Biblical Figures
25 Linguists     Z12 Linguists
26 Psychilogists     Z12 Psychilogists
27 Sociologists     Z12 Sociologists
28 Philosophers     Z12 Philosophers
29 SocialScientists     Z12 Social Scientists
30 NAS     Z12 National Academy of Sciences
31 NAE     Z12 NAE
33 Ac Arts & Letters     Z12 Ac Arts & Letters
32 NAM     Z12 NAM of Medicine
34 AAAS     Z12 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
35 RS     Z12 Royal Society
36 British Academy     Z12 British Academy
37 Euro Science     Z12 Euro Science Academies
38 FAS     Z12 French Academy of Sciencies
39 RAS     Z12 Russian Academy of Sciences
40 GAS     Z12 Germany Academies of Sciences
41 IAS     Z12 Israeli Academi of Science and Humanity
42 ItAS     Z12 ItAS
43 RSoc     Z12 Royal Society of Canada
44 HAS     Z12 Hungarian Academy of Sciencies
45 Academies     Z12 Other Academies
46 Academ     Z12 Academicians by Institutes
47 HeadHiEd     Z12 Heads of Institutes of Higher Eduvation
48 Politicians     Z12 Politicians
49 PoliticiansA     Z12 Politicial Figures
50 PolitUSA     Z12 American politicins
51 PolitUK     Z12 British politicians
52 PolitIsr     Z12 Israeli politicians
53 Knesset     Z12 Knesset
54 PolitRus     Z12 Russian politicians
55 Ambassadors     Z12 Ambassadors
56 AmbasIsr     Z12 Israeli Ambassadors
57 Mayors     Z12 Mayors
58 Actors     Z12 Actors
59 ActorSurname     Z12 Actor by Surname
60 ActorsUSA     Z12 American actors
61 ActorsIsr     Z12 Israeli actors
62 MovieActor     Z12 Movies by Actor
63 ActorsAwards     Z12 Awards of actors
64 AFI100     Z12 AFI100
65 Directors     Z12 Directors
66 Producers     Z12 Producers
67 Screenwriters     Z12 Screenwriters
68 SeriesCreators     Z12 Series Creators
69 Series     Z12 Series
70 Filmmakers     Z12 Filmmakers
71 Playwrights     Z12 Playwrights
72 Songwriters     Z12 Songwriters
72 Singers     Z12 Singers
73 SingerIsr     Z12 Israeli singers
74 SongE     Z12 American singers
75 SongRS     Z12 SongRS (Roling Stones Journal)
76 SongR     Z12 Russian spngs
77 SongH     Z12 Hebrew songs
78 SingerIsr     Z12 Israeli songs
79 SongY     Z12 Yiddish songs
80 SongL     Z12 Ladino songsSongL
81 SongF     Z12 French songs
82 Songs.HOF     Z12 Songs.HOF
83 Composers     Z12 Composers
84 Conductors     Z12 Conductors
85 Lyricists     Z12 Lyricists
86 Librettists     Z12 Librettists
87 AFI100B     Z12 AFI100B
88 Grammy     Z12 Grammy
89 Music Performers     Z12 Music Performers
90 RockBluesJazz     Z12 Rock/Blues/Jazz performres
91 BandMuz     Z12 Band Muzicians
92 Bands     Z12 Bands
93 Musicals     Z12 Musicals
94 Plays     Z12 Plays
95 Operas     Z12 Operas
96 Enterrtainers     Z12 Enterrtainers
97 Comedians     Z12 Comedians
98 Dancers     Z12 Dancers
99 Models     Z12 Models
100 authors     Z12 authors
101 Lit.Awards     Z12 Literary Awards
102 Biographers     Z12 Biographers
103 TextBooks     Z12 TextBooks
104 CoinedTerms     Z12 CoinedTerms
105 Translators     Z12 Translators
106 Critics     Z12 Critics
107 LiterarySchCr     Z12 Literary Scholas/Critics
108 Poets     Z12 Poets
109 Journalists     Z12 Journalists
110 Pulitzer     Z12 Pulitzer
111 IsraeliJournalists     Z12 Israeli Journalists
112 Broadcasters     Z12 Broadcasters
113 AwardsUSA     Z12 merica Awards
114 AwardsRussia     Z12 Russian Awards
115 AwardsIsr     Z12 IsraeliAwards
116 AwardsGeneral     Z12 General Awards
117 Fellows     Z12 Fellows
118 Orders     Z12 Orders
119 HOF     Z12 Holls of Fame
120 SportHoF     Z12 Sports Halls of Fame
121 Forbes.Time     Z12 Forbes.Time
122 Visual Arts     Z12 Visual Arts
123 Architects     Z12 Architects
124 Artists     Z12 Artists
125 Billionaires     Z12 Billionaires by Countries
126 BillionBr     Z12 Billionaires by Rank & Surname
127 Dropoffs     Z12 Dropoffs from Forbes list
128 Financiers     Z12 Financiers
129 Bankers     Z12 Bankers
130 Big Companies     Z12 Big Companies
131 Publishers     Z12 Publishers
132 Entertainment     Z12 Entertainment
133 Media     Z12 Media
134 Industrialists     Z12 Industrialists
135 Retail Chains     Z12 Retail Chains
136 Food     Z12 Food
137 Fashion     Z12 Fashion
138 HealthCare     Z12 HealthCare
139 Real Estate     Z12 Real Estate
140 Resort     Z12 Resort
141 Hi-Tech     Z12 Hi-Tech
142 Military     Z12 Military
143 Russian Military     Z12 Russian Military
144 Security     Z12 Security
145 Sport     Z12 Sport
146 SportFigures     Z12 SportFigures
147 Chess     Z12 Chess
148 Women     Z12 Women
149 LGBT     Z12 LGBT
150 Noblemen     Z12 Jewish nobility
151 Exibitions     Z12 Exibitions
152 Criminals     Z12 Criminals
153 Organisations     Z12 Organisations
154 Miscellaneous     Z12 Miscellaneous
155 Victims     Z12 Victims
156 Suisiders     Z12 Suisiders
157 Yiddish     Z12 Yiddish
158 Religions     Z12 Religions
159 Judaism     Z12 Judaism
160 OthReligions     Z12 OthReligions
161 Atheists     Z12 Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Jews
162 Rabbies     Z12 Rabbies
163 JewGen     Z12 JewGen
164 Gentils     Z12 Gentils
165 GentilsSur     Z12 GentilsSur
166 GentilsGl     Z12 GentilsGl
167 GentilsDiscent     Z12 GentilsDiscent
168 AmericaI     Z12 AmericaI
169 Arabs     Z12 Arabs
170 AsiaAfAm     Z12 AsiaAfAm
171 BelarusI     Z12 BelarusI
172 Austria     Z12 Austria
173 CzechR     Z12 CzechR
174 EuropeN     Z12 EuropeN
175 EuropeSE     Z12 EuropeSE
176 EuropeW     Z12 EuropeW
177 Hungary     Z12 Hungary
178 IsraelI     Z12 IsraelI
179 Germany     Z12 Germany
180 Poland     Z12 Poland
181 Romania     Z12 Romania
182 RussiaI     Z12 RussiaI
183 Ukraine     Z12 Ukraine
184 AmericaE     Z12 AmericaE
185 AmerCanE     Z12 AmerCanE
186 EuoropeE     Z12 EuoropeE
187 IsraelI     Z12 IsraelI
188 OceaniaI     Z12 OceaniaI
189 FamilyA     Z12 FamilyA
190 FamilyB     Z12 FamilyB
191 FamilyC     Z12 FamilyC
192 FamilyD     Z12 FamilyD
193 FamilyE     Z12 FamilyE
194 FamilyF     Z12 FamilyF
195 FamilyG     Z12 FamilyG
196 FamilyHIJ     Z12 FamilyHIJ
197 FamilyK     Z12 FamilyK
198 FamilyL     Z12 FamilyL
199 FamilyMN     Z12 FamilyMN
200 FamilyOPQ     Z12 FamilyOPQ
201 FamilyR     Z12 FamilyR
202 FamilyS     Z12 FamilyS
203 FamilyTUV     Z12 FamilyTUV
204 FamilyWXYZ     Z12 FamilyWXYZ
205 BrowseA     Z12 BrowseA
206 BrowseB     Z12 BrowseB
207 BrowseC     Z12 BrowseC
208 BrowseD     Z12 BrowseD
209 BrowseE     Z12 BrowseE
210 BrowseF     Z12 BrowseF
211 BrowseG     Z12 BrowseG
212 BrowseH     Z12 BrowseH
213 BrowseI     Z12 BrowseI
214 BrowseJ     Z12 BrowseJ
215 BrowseK     Z12 BrowseK
216 BrowseL     Z12 BrowseL
217 BrowseM     Z12 BrowseM
218 BrowseN     Z12 BrowseN
219 BrowseO     Z12 BrowseO
220 BrowseP     Z12 BrowseP
221 BrowseQ     Z12 BrowseQ
222 BrowseRR     Z12 BrowseR
223 BrowseS     Z12 BrowseS
224 BrowseTUV     Z12 BrowseTUV
225 BrowseUU     Z12 BrowseU
226 BrowseV     Z12 BrowseV
227 BrowseW     Z12 BrowseW
228 BrowseX     Z12 BrowseX
229 BrowseY     Z12 BrowseY
230 BrowseZ     Z12 BrowseZ
231 Countries     Z12 Countries
232 CountriesStat     Z12 CountriesStat
233 Tech     Z12 Tech
234 Index     Z12 Index
A B C D E F G H I J    K L M N O P Q R S T   U V W X Y Z
families //family
Adler Jacob Adler
Alexander Egyptian aristocrat
Arbus Arbus/Nemerov
Armstrong-Jones Armstrong-Jones/Messel
B Badinter Badinter/Bleustein
Baron Cohen
Bischoffsheim Bischoffsheim Family
Bonham Carter
Bonnier Bonnier Family
de Botton
Brittan Brittan/Rifkind/Ronson
C Camondo
D d'Avigdor-Goldsmid
Dayan Dayan/Geffen
Debre Debre/Schwartz
Deutsch de la Meurthe
Dryden Dryden/Chaplin
E Efman
Evan Evan/Lynn/Sacks/Aumann
F Farjeon
Fisher Eddie/Carry
Fould Achille
Freud Freud/Bernays
Fridman Milton
Furstenberg Furstenberg/Diller
G Gabor
Gershwin George/Ira
Gilbert Gilbert/Kripke
Goldenveizer Goldenveizer/Gershenzon
Goldman Goldman/Sachs
Goldschmidt Goldschmidt/Goldsmith
Goldwyn Goldwyn/Howard
Gelin Gelin/Schneider
Graham Graham/Meyer
Green Eva Green
Greenberg Greenberg/Fox
Gunzburg Gunzburg Family
H Haas
Haden Chrisopher/Nicholas
Haden-Guest Jacques Fromental
Hawn Hawn/Hudson
Hess Hess/Willenz
Hirsch Baron Maurice Hirsch
Hoffmann Hoffmann- Le Rache
I Iglesias
Isaacs Marquess Rufus Isaacs
J Josephson
Joel Joel/Barnato
K Kadoorie
Kaminsky Ida
Kerry John/Cameron
Kline Kline/Cates
Klossowski Klossowski/Balthus
Koch Charles/David
Kogan Kogan/Gilels
Kohner Kohner/Weitz
Kristol Himmerfarb/Kristol
L Ladenburg
Laemme Laemme/Wyler
Landau Landau/Ehrlich
Landers Ann Landers/Dear Abby
Leiter Leiter/Curzon/Mosley
Levy Levy/Enthoven
Liebermann Liebermann/Rathenau
Lopes Lopes/Franco
M Mahler Gustav
Marcus Marcus/Neiman
Marks Marks/Sieff
Marx Parx/Phillips
Morante Morante/Moravia/Capon
N Natan
Nichols Nichols/Landauer
O Ofer
Oppenheim Oppenheim/Hertz
Oppenheimer Ernst/Harry/Nicky
Oz Oz/Klausner
P Palgrave
Parker Parker/Broderick
Phillips Phillips/Marx
Plisetskaya Plisetskaya/Messerer
Pritzker Pringsheim/Dohm/Mann
R Rae
Rokhlin Rokhlin/Chukovsky
Rosenwald Rosenwald
Rosskamm Rosskamm/Reich/Rochrach
Rothschild Rothschild Family
S Saatchi
Sagan Sagan/Margulis
Samuel Samuel Visount Bearsted
Samuel Samuel Visount Samuel
Schlossberger de
Seixas Seixas/Nathan/Mendes
Simon Simon & Shuster
Slonimsky Slonimsky/Vengerov
Strauss Johann Strauss I, II, III
Straus-Kahn/Sinclair/Rosenberg Strauss-Kahn/Sinclair/Rosenberg
Sultzgerger/Ochs Sultzberger/Ochs
Summers/Samuelson/Aeeow Summers/Samuelson/Arrow
Sverdlov Sverdlov
T Tisch
Triolet Brik/Triolet
V van den Bergh
W Waley-Cohen
Wyler Laemme/Wyler
Z Zamenhof
Zimbalist Zimbalist/Gluck
Range A-F, 37-790
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