Jewish Prominent Families/Relatives  -  JewProm //fama
Families/Relatives First Letter ==> A Home
Caroline Aaron RWC Img American actress, producer,    sister
Josephine Abady RW5 Img American film/stage director/producer, sister
Ben Aaronovitch RW5 Img British screenwriter, son
David Aaronovitch RW5 Img British journalist, broadcaster, author, son
Owen Aaronovitch RW5 Img British actor,   son
Sam Aaronovich RWF Img British economist, communist, father
Eric Aarons Img Australian leader of communist party, brother
Laurie Aarons Img Australian General Secretary of the Commmunist Party of Australia 1965-76, brother
Mark Aarons Img Australian journalist, author, son of Lasrie
Aaron Aaronsohn RW5 HW Img Romanian-born Israeli botanist, agronomist, zionist activist, brother
Sarah Aaronsohn HW Img Ottoman Palestine-born Jewish spy, for the United Kingdom, sister
Lina Abarbanell RW5 Img German-born American soprano singer, actress, mother-in-law
Marc Blitzstein RW5 HW Img American composer, songwriter:lyricist, son-in-law
Osip Abdulov RWF Img Polish-born Russian stage/film actor, father
Vsevolod Abdulov RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, son
Ellizabeta Abdulova-Metelskaya RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet stage actress, mother
Yael Abecassis RWF HW Img Israeli actress, model, presenter, wife
Ronny Douek Img Israeli entrepreneur, philanthropist, 2nd husband
Lior Miller RW5 HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli film/television actor, model, 1st husband
Mark Abelev RWF Russian/Soviet engineer, son
Yuda Abelev RWF Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, father
Boris Volchek RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet cinematographer, director, screenwriter, father of Galina
Galina Volchek RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actress, film director, wife of Mark
Denis Yevstigneyev RWF Img Russian director, producer, cinematographer, (Jewish mother) son of Galina
Irving Abella RWF HW Img Canadian historian, writer, husband
Isaac Abella RWF Img Canadian physicist, laser researcher, cousin of Irving
Rosalie Abella RWF Img German-born Canadian lawyer, Supreme Court Judge of Canada 1973-84 wife
Monroe Abbey RW5 Img president of Canadian Jewish Congress 1968-71 father
Sheila Finestone RWC Img MP 1984-99, senator, Minister daughter
Jean Aberbach Austrian-born American music publisher, brother
Julian Aberbach Img Austrian-born American music publisher, brother
Freddy Bienstock Img Swiss-born American music publisher, cousin
Milton Aborn Img American co-founder of Aborn Opera Company, brother
Sargent Aborn Img American co-founder of Aborn Opera Company, brother
Vladimir Abovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian construction engineer, brother
Naum Abovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian engineering scholar, brother
Sir Adolphe Abrahams Img British medical doctor, founder of British medical science, brother
Anthony Abrahams British barrister, educationalist, son of Sidney
Harold Abrahams RWN HW Img British athlete, 100-meter sprint brother
Sir Sidney Abrahams RW5 Img Olympic long-jumper, Chief Justice of Ceilon (Sri Lanka), 1936-39, brother
Belle Baker RWB Img American singer, actress, radio personality, mother
Herbert Baker American songwriter, screenwriter, son
Maurice Abrahams RW5 Img Russian-born American songwriter:composer, father
Claudio Abramo HW Img Brazilian journalist, brother
Lelia Abramo Img Italian-born  Brazilian actress, political activist, sister
Livio Abramo Img Brazilian-born Paraguayan sketcher, engraver, aquarealist, brother
Perseu Abramo Img Brazilian journalist, writer, nephew of Claudio
Arkadiy Abramovich Img Russian businessman, (Jewish father) son of Roman
Roman Abramovich RWF HW Img Russian Israilian billionaire, Sibneft, Chelses Fooball Club, (Jewish father/maternal grandmother) husband
Dasha Zhukova RWF Img Russian fashion designer, entrepreneur, fashion model, (Jewish mother) wife
Raphael Abramovitch RWF Img Latvian-born Russian socialist, leader of Menshevik Party, father
Mark Rein Lithuanian-born Soviet journalist, son
Morton Abramowitz Img American ambassador to Thailand 1978-81, Turkey 1989-91, brother-in-law
Philip Glass RWF HW Img American composer, brother-in-law
Carol Abrams Img American film/television producer, author, mother
Gerald Abrams RWC Img American television producer,  actor, father
J.J. Abrams RWF HW Img American producer, director, screenwriter, composer, actor, son
Dan Abrams RW5 Img American journalist, son
Floyd Abrams RW5 Img American legal scholar, father
Ronnie Abrams RW5 American judge, daudhter
Chimen Abramsky RW5 HW Img Belarusian-born British Judaic scholar,  father
Jenny Abramsky RW5 Img director of Radio BBC daughter
Oded Abramsky RWC HW Img Israeli-born neurologist, son of Shmuel
Shmuel Abramsky HW Polish-born Israeli historian,
Yehezkel Abramsky RWF HW Img Belarusian-born British rabbi, Talmud scholar, grandfather
Yosef Aviram HW Img Polish-born Israeli archaeologist, brother of Shmuel
Herb Abramson RW5 Img American co-founder of Atlantic Records, Jubilee Records, husband
Miriam Bienstock RW5 Img American senior executive of Atlantic Records, wife
Abravanel/Santos Abravanel
Don Isaac Abravanel RWF HW Img Portuguese-born Spanish statesman, philosopher, financier, father 1437-1508
Judah Abravanel RW5 HW Img Spanish-born Potuguese Italian physician, poet, philosopher, son 1465-1523
Maurice Abravanel RW5 HW Img Greek-born Swiss American music director, conductor,
Patricia Abravanel Img Brazilian television presenter, daughter of Silvio
Silvia Abravanel Img Brazilian producer, television presenter, television director, daughter of Silvio
Tiago Abravanel RW5 Img Brazilian actor, singer, grandson of Silvio
Yuri Barbanel RW5 Russian chemist,
Silvio Santos RWC Img Brazilian television show host, founder/owner of SBT,
Dannie Abse RWF Img British poet,   brother
Leo Abse RW5 Img British politician, Labour MP 1958-87, brother
Wilfred Abse RW5 Img British psychiatrist, brother
Goodman Ace RWB HW Img American comedian, radio personality,   husband
Jane Ace RW5 Img American radio actress, comedian, wife
Isidor Achron RW5 HW Img Polish-born American composer, pianist, brother
Joseph Achron RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American composer, violinist, brother
Omer Adam RWC Img Israeli singer, son of Udi
Udi Adam RWC Img Israeli military, major general, son
Yekutiel Adam RWC Img Israeli military, major general, father
Cindy Adams RW5 Img American gossip columnist, wife
Joey Adams RW5 Img American comedian, author,    husband
Harry Adaskin RW5 Img Latvian-born Canadian violinist, radio broadcaster, brother
Murray Adaskin RW5 Img Latvian-born Canadian violinist, composer, conductor, brother
Georges Adda RWC Img Tunisian politician, trade unionist, leader of Tunician Communist Party, father
Serge Adda RWC Img Tunisian-born French president of television station TV5, son
Paul Adelstein RWF HW Img American film/television actor, husband
Liza Weil RWF HW Img American film/television actress, wife
Mio Adilman Img Canadian television personality, (Jewish father) brother
Nobu Adilman Img Canadian television personality, (Jewish father) brother
Celia Adler RWC Img American stage actress,   daudhter
Charles Adler Img American stage/film actor, son of Jacob
Jacob Adler RWF Img Ukrainian-born British American stage actor, father
Jay Adler RWF Img American stage/film/television actor,   son
Luther Adler RW5 Img American actor, son
Sara Adler RWF Img Ukrainian-born American actress, 3d wife of Jacob
Sarah Adler RWC Img French-born Israeli film/television actress, sister of Jacob
Stella Adler RWF HW Img American actress, acting teacher,     daughter
Harold Clurman RW5 Img American theater director, drama critic, husband of Stella
Francine Larrimore RW5 Img American stage/film actress, niece
Stella Larrimore American stage actress, sister of Francine
Sonya Adler Oberlander HW Img Ukrainian-born  actress, 1st wife of Jacob
Dinah Shtettin RW5 Img British-born stage actress, 2nd wife of Jacob
Sylvia Sidney RWF HW Img American stage/film actress, wife of Luter
Friedrich Adler HW Img Czech-born Austrian jurist, politician, translator, author, brother
Max Adler RWF Img Austrian legal scholar, politician, philosopher, MP brother
Oscar Adler Img Austrian violinist, physician,  brother
Bruno Adler German-born British art histoian, writer, uncle
Gerard Hoffnung RW5 HW Img German-born cartoonist, musicologist, humorist,   nephew
Emma Adler RW5 Img Hungarian-born Austrian journalist, writer, translator, wife of Victor
Victor Adler RWF HW Img Czech-born co-founder of Social Democratic Party, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs father
Friedrich Adler RWF Img Austrian-born assassin of  von Sturgkh - dictator of Austria 1916, (Jewish father) son
Heinrich Braun Img German politician, MP brother of Emma
Saul Adler RWC HW Img Belarusian-born British Israeli parasitologist, microbiologist, brother
Solomon Adler RW5 Img British-born Soviet spy against USA, brother
Hugo Chaim Adler RW5 Img Belgian composer, cantor, choir conductor, father
Samuel Adler RW5 HW Img German-born American composer, conductor, son
Alexandra Adler Img Austrian neurologist, post-traumatic stress, daughter
Alfred Adler RWF HW Img Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, individual psychology, grandfather
Margot Adler RW5 Img American journalist, granddaughter
Raisa Adler RWF Russian-born Austrian feminist, wife of Alfred
Valentine Adler Img Austrian writer, activist, sister of Alexandra
Irving Adler Img American author, mathematician, scientist, educator, father
Peggy Adler RWB Img American author, illustrator, researcher, daughter
Stephen Adler RWF Img American physicist, son
Joyce Sparer Adler Img American critic, playwright, teacher, second wife of Irving
Cisco Adler RWF Img American rock singer, record producer, film producer, socialite, (Jewish father) son
Lou Adler RWF Img American founder 1967 of Dunhill Records father
Steven Adler RWF Img American rock drummer, (Jewish mother) nephew of Lou
Chris Adler RWF Img American drummer,    brother
Willie Adler RWF Img American guitarist, brother
Bruce Adler RW5 Img American stage actor, nephew
Irving Jacobson RW5 Img American film/stage actor, uncle
Sarah Adler RWC Img French-born Israeli film/television actress, wife
Raphael Nadjari RWB HW Img French-born Israeli writer, film/television director, husband
Eleonore Adlon American producer, screenwriter, (convert to Judaism) mother
Felix Adlon Img American screenwriter, producer, director, son
Pamela Adlon RWF HW Img American actress, comedian, television producer, (Jewish father) wife of Felix
Percy Adlon RWF Img German film director, screenwriter, producer, father
Cecilia Ager RW5 American film critic, wife
Milton Ager RW5 Img American pianist, composer, husband
Shana Alexander RW5 Img American columnist, journalist, daughter
Joy Harrison RW5 American singer, songwriter, musician, nephew of Milton
Gaby Aghion RWB Img Egyptian-born French fashion designer, mother
Philippe Aghion RWF Img French economist, son
Yaakov Agmon Img Israeli theatrical producer, manager, director, husband
Gila Almagor RWF HW Img Israeli stage/film actress, producer, wife
Israel Agol RWF Img Belarusian-born geneticist,   father
Vadim Agol RWF Img Russian biologist, son
Evgeny Agranovich RWF Img Russian poet, bard, brother
Leonid Agranovich RWF Img Soviet director, screenwriter, author, brother RWN
Dorit Aharonov RWC Img Israeli computer scientist, niece
Yakir Aharonov RWF HW Img Israeli American physicist, uncle
Gershon Agron RWC HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli mayor of Jerusalem 1955-59, uncle
Martin Agronsky RW5 Img American journalist, political commentator, host of radio/television, nephew
Dianna Agron RWF HW Img American film/television actress, singer, (Jewish father, mother convert)
Jack Gilinsky Img American singer, (Jewish father, mother convert) fifth cousin
Mikhail Agursky RWF Img Soviet/Russian sovietologist,  cybernetic, historian, son
Samuil Agursky RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Soviet  historian, father
Leonid Agutin RWC Img Russian singer/songwriter,  husband
Anzhelika Varum RWC Img Ukrainian-born Russian singer, actress, (Jewish father) wife
Yury Varum RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet composer, father of Anzhelika
Abba Ahimeir RWF HW Img Belarusian-born journalist, historian, ideologue of Revisionist Zionism, father
Ya'akov Ahimeir RW5 HW Img Israeli journalist, radio/television personality, son
Yosef Ahimeir HW Img Israeli politician, journalist, son
Bruno Ahrends RWF Img German-born architect, nephew
Steffen Ahrends German-born architect, son of Bruno
James Simon RWF Img German entrepreneur, arts patron, uncle
Ilse Aichinger RWF Img Austrian writer, (Jewish mother) aunt
Ruth Rix RW5 Img British painter, niece
Danny Aiello, III RW5 Img American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Rick Aiello Img American actor, stunman, (Jewish mother) brother
Sandy Cohen American producer,
Alexandra Aikhenvald RWF Img Russian-born Australian linguist, great granddaughter of Yuli
Yuli Aykhenvald RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian literary critic, father
Natalia Shvedova RWF Img Russian lexicographer, daughter
Anouk Aimee RWF HW Img French actress, (Jewish father) wife
Pierre Barouh RWF Img French composer, singer/songwriter, actor, 3rd husband ExLink
Henry Murray father of Anouk
Genevieve Sorya RW5 Img French actress, (not Jewish) mother of Anouk
Edouard Zimmerman French businessman, ??? 1st husband
Alexandre Aja RWF Img French film director, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Alexandre Arcady RWF Img Algerian-born French actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) father
George Akerlof RWF HW Img American economist Nobel Prize (1901), (Jewish mother) husband
Janet Yellen RWF HW Img American economist, wife
Aleksander Akhiezer RWF Img Belarusian-born Ukrainian physicist, school of Landau, brother
Naum Akhiezer RWF Img Belarusian-born Ukrainian Russian mathematician, brother
Efraim Akim RWF Img Russian space mission designer, engineer, brother
Yakov Akim RWF Soviet/Russian children poet, brother
Vasily Aksyonov RWF Img Russian novelist, (Jewish mother) son
Evgenia Ginzburg RWF Img Russian historian, writer, mother
Giacomo Alatri Italian banker, philanthropist, Banca Romana, son
Samuel Alatri Italian politician, banker, orator, father
Benito Alazraki RW5 Img Mexican film director, screenwriter, father
Carlos Alazraki RW5 Img Mexican publicist, son Alazraki & Associates Publicidad
Hanoch Albeck RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli talmudist, son
Michael Albeck president of Bar-Illan Univesity, 1985-89 father
Chava Alberstein RWF HW Img Polish-born Israeli singer/songwriter, lyricist, wife
Nadav Levitan RW5 Img Israeli film director, screenwriter, writer, songwriter, husband
Al Albert Img American sportscaster, bother
Kenny Albert RW5 Img American sportscaster, announcer, son of Marv
Marv Albert RWF Img American radio/television sportscaster, bother
Steve Albert RW5 Img American sportscaster, bother
Jack Albertson RWF HW Img American actor, comedian, singer, brother
Mabel Albertson RWF Img American film/television actress,     sister
Madeleine Albright RWF HW Img American Secretary of State 1997-2001, daughter
Josef Korbel RW5 Img Czech ambassador to Yugoslavia, father
Arlene Alda RW5 Img American children's books writer, photographer, clarnetist, mother
Beatrice Alda RW5 Img American actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Elizabeth Alda RWB Img American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Aldobrandini Family Semi-Gotha
Eugene Alcan RWC French literary scholar, painter, poet,  brother
Alphonse Alkan RWC Img French printer, bibliographer, author, brother
Geoffrey Alderman RW5 Img British historian, father
Naomi Alderman RW5 Img British novelist, daughter
Sholem Aleichem
Sholem Aleichem RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born American playwright, father
Isaac Dov Berkowitz RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli writer, translator, son-in-law of Sholem
Kitty Dukakis RWB Img wife of Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, (not jewish maternal grandfather) granddaughter of Sholem
Bel Kaufman RWE Img German-born Russian American author, granddaughter of Sholem
Uriel Kahana RWF Img Ukrainian-born Israeli architect, painter, illustrator, designer, grandson of Sholem
Norman Raeben RWB Img Russian-born American painter, son
Mark Aleshkovsky RWF Soviet historian, archaeologist, brother
Peter Aleshkovsky RWF Img Russian writer, historian, broadcaster, journalist, son of Mark
Yuz Aleshkovsky RWF Img Soviet/Russian auttor, poet, bard, brother
Tamara Eidelman RW5 Img Russian historian, translator, blogger,
Natan Eidelman RWF Img Soviet/Russian author, historian, literary scholar, fater-in-law of Pyotr
Alfred Alexander German-born British physician, father
Hanns Alexander Img German-born Nazi hunter, son
Brigitte Alexander RW5 Img German-born Mexican author, actress, television director, translator,  mother of Susana
Sophie Alexander RW5 Img Mexican film/television/stage actress,   niece
Susana Alexander RW5 Img Mexican stage/film//television actress, aunt
Ernst Alexander HW German-born Israeli expiremental physicist, father
Shlomo Alexander RWC HW Img German-born Israeli physicist, son
Doron Zeilberger RWF HW Img Israeli American mathematician, grandnephew of Ernst
Alexander the Alabarch RWF Img Egyptian aristocrat, brother
Marcus Julius Alexander Egyptian-born merchant, son of Alexander the Alabarch
Tiberius Julius Alexander RWF Img Egyptian-born Roman Empire general, procurator of Judea, son of Alexander the Alabarch
Philo of Alexandria RWF HW Img Egyptian philosopher,   brother RWC
Berenice of Cilicia RWF Img daughter of King Agrippa I, wife of Marcus JWA
Alexander/Vinski Alexander Family
Oskar Alexander RW5 Img Croatian painter, cousin
Samuel David Alexander Img Croatian industrialist, brother
Sandor Alexander Img Croatian industrialist, wholesaler, philanthropist, brother
Viktor Alexander Img Croatian lawyer, public prosecutor, stepbrother of Oskar
Oton Vinski Img Croatian banker, father
Zdenko Vinski RWB Img Croatian archaeologist, son
Harold Alfond RW5 Img American founder of Dexter Shoe Company, father
Justin Alfond RW5 Img American politician, real estate developer, grandson
Bill Alfond RW5 Img American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, son Dexler Shoe Company
Peter Alfond RW5 Img American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, son
Susan Alfond RW5 Img American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, daughter
Ted Alfond RW5 Img American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, son
Abraham Alikhanov RWF Img Azerbaijani-born Russian nuclear physicist, brother
Artem Alikhanian RWF Img Armenian Russian physicist, brother
Eugenia Alikhanova Soviet violinist, daughter of Abraham
Tigran Alikhanov RWF Russian musician, teacher, son of Abraham
Felix Alcan RW5 Img publisher son
Moyse Alcan RW5 publisher father
Ted Allan RW5 Img Canadian screenwriter, writer,   uncle
Paul Jay Img Canadian-vorn American creator, filmmaker, The Real News nephew
Woody Allen RWF HW Img American director, producer, writer, actor, comedian, brother
Letty Aronson RWC Img American film producer,  sister
Ronan Farrow RW5 Img American human rights activist, journalist, (Jewish father) son of Woody
Louise Lasser RWF Img American film/television actress,    wife of Woody
Bruce Allen American general manager of Washington Redskins, (Jewish mother) brother
George Allen RWF Img American politician, governor, senator, (Jewish mother) brother
Jennifer Allen RWC Img American author, commentator, sportswriter, (Jewish mother) sister
Yigal Allon RWF HW Img Israeli politician, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice/Foreign Affairs/Labour, great uncle
Noga Alon RWF HW Img Israeli computer scientist, great nephew
June Allyson RWF HW Img American film/television actress, singer, dancer, ??? wife
David Ashrow Russian-born American actor, dantist, husband
Nissim Aloni RW5 HW Img Israeli playwright, translator,    husband
Elana Eden HW Img Israeli stage/film/television actress, wife
Udi Aloni RW5 HW Img Israeli-born American filmmaker, writer, visual artist, son
Shulamit Aloni RWF HW Img Israeli politician, former leader of Meretz Party, mother
Jose Alperovich RWC Img Governor of province Tucuman 2003-  MP 2001- husband
Beatris Rojkes de Alperovich RWC Img Argentine businesswoman, politician, MP 2009- Provisinal President of the Argentine Senate, wife
Herb Alpert RWF Img American trampeter, singer, husband
Lani Hall RW5 HW Img American singer, wife
Gloria Allred RW5 Img American lawyer, radio talk show host, mother
Lisa Bloom RW5 Img American television hostess, lawyer, daughter
Mathieu Amalric RWF HW Img French film/television actor, film director, (Jewish mother) husband
Jeanne Balibar RWF Img French actress, singer, wife
Jorge Altamira Img Argentine politician, leader of Worker's Party, brother
Luis Favre RWF Img Argentine-born Brazilian journalist, political activist, brother
Aaron Altaras HW Img German actor, (Jewish mother) son of Adriana
Adriana Altaras RW5 Img Croatian-born German actress, daughter
Jakob Altaras RWB Img Croatian-born German physician, grandfather
Thea Altaras RWB Img Croatian-born German architect, grandmother
Giacomo Altari Italian banker, philanthropist, son
Samuel Altari Italian politician, banker, communal worker, orator, father
Nathan Alterman RWF HW Img Polish-born Israeli poet, journalist, translator, writer, father
Tirza Atar HW Img Israeli poet, songwriter, writer, singer, translator, daughter
Edward Altman RWF Img American finance scholar, brother
Stuart Altman RW5 Img president of Brandeis University (interim) 1990-91 brother
Arthur Altshul American banking mogul,    father
Serena Altschul RW5 Img American broadcast journalist, (Jewish father) daughter
Stephen Altschul RW5 Img American mathematician, son
Elena Altsjoel RWC Img Belarusian World checker champion, grandmaster, wife
Vadim Virniy RWF Img Ukrainian-born German checkers grandmaster, husband
Joanne Alter RW5 Img American activist, politician, mother of Jonathan
Jonathan Alter RW5 Img American journalist, author, brother-in-law
Enid Hammerman RW5 Img American trustee of Columbia College, sister of joanne
Michael Lynton RWC Img Btritish-born American CEO/chairman 2004 of  Sony Pictures Entertainment, brother-in-law
Cindy Moelis RW5 Img American director of President's Commision on White House Fellowships,
Ken Moelis RW5 Img American investment banker, brother of Cindy
Charles Rivkin RW5 Img American television producer, media executive, ambassador, cousin of Jonathan
Robert Rivkin RW5 Img American General Counsel of the United States Department of Transportation, husband of Cindy Moelis
William Rivkin RW5 Img American ambassador to Luxembourgian, Senegal, Gambia 1966-67, father of Charles/Robert
Boris Altshuler RWC Img Russian-born American physicist, quantum mechanics, son of Lev
Lev Altshuler RWF Img Russian nuclear physicist, brother
Semion Altshuler RWC Img Belarusian-born Russian physycist, astronomer, brother
Michal Amdursky RWC HW Img Israeli singer, dancer, actress, wife
Assaf Amdursky RW5 HW Img Israeli singer, record producer, husband
Benny Amdursky HW Img Israeli singer, father of Assaf
John Amery RWF HW Img British fascist, executed for treason, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Leopold
Baron Julian Amery RWC Img British Minister of Aviation, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Leopold
Leopold Amery HW Img Indian-born, the author of the Balfour Declaration 1917 Colonial Secretary, (Jewish mother)  father
Gottlieb Leitner RWF Img Hungarian-born British orientalist,    uncle of Leopold
Ames The Ames Brothers
Ed Ames RW5 Img American actor, singer, brother
Gene Ames Img American singer, brother
Joe Ames Img American singer, brother
Vic Ames Img American singer, brother
Barbara Amiel RW5 Img British Canadian journalist, writer, socialite, wife
Rob Buckman RW5 Img British oncologist, comedian, author, cousin of Barbara
George Jonas RW5 Img Hungarian-born Canadian author, journalist, husband
David Amiran HW German-born Israeli geographer,     husband
Ruth Amiran RWC HW Img Israeli archaeologist,   wife
Meir Amit RWF HW Img Israeli politician, Transportsation Minister 1977-78, Comminicarions 1977-78 cousin
Boris Slutsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian poet, translator, cousin
Keith Andrews Img British art historian, son
Sabine Kalter HW Img Polish-born German British  opera singer, mezzo-soprano, mother
Joshua Angrist RWC Img American-born Israeli  American economist, Nobel Prize (2021) husband
Mira Angrist Img Israeli-born American hebrew language/jewish culture specialist, wife
Abram Anikst RWF Img Moldovan-born Soviet politician, economist, anarchist, father RWN
Alexander Anikst RWF Img Swiss-born Soviet literary scholar, son RWN
Dmitri Anikst RWE Russian geothesist, son
Mikhail Anikst RWF Soviet/Russian designer, painter, grandson
Olga Anikst RWE Img Moldovan-born Soviet pedagogue, mother RWN
Yuly Liss RWN Img Moldovan-born anarchist, brother of Abram RWN
Margit Anna RW5 Img Hungarian painter, wife
Imre Amos RWF Img Hungarian painter, husband
Leonore Annenberg RW5 Img American art patron, wife of Walter
Moses Annenberg Img German-born American publisher, tax evasion father
Wallis Annenberg RW5 Img American socialite, philanthroper, daughter of Walter
Walter Annenberg RWC HW Img American publisher, art patron, son
Enid Haupt Img American publisher, philanthropist, daughter
Alex Ansky HW Img Bulgarian-born Israeli actor, radio presenter, father
Michal Ansky HW Img Israeli food journalist, gastronomist, television personality, daughter
Semyon Ansky RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Yiddish author, politician, playwright, great uncle S.Ansky
Isidor Natanson RW5 Img Swiss-born Russian mathematician, great nephew
Henri Anspach HW Img Belgian epee/foil fencer, brother
Paul Anspach HW Img Belgian epee/foil fencer, brother
Jonathan Antin RWB Img American hair stylist, television personality, brother
Neil Antin American actor,   brother
Robin Antin RWF HW Img American dancer, choreographer, actress, showgirl, sister
Steve Antin RWC Img American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, stunt man, brother
Mark Antokolsky RWF HW Img Lithuanian born Russian sculptor 'Ivan the Terrible" uncle
Pavel Antokolsky RWF Img Russian poet, translator, essayist, nephew
Gabrielle Anwar RWF Img British-born American film/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Tariq Anwar RWF Img Indian-born British film editor, (Jewish mother) father
Judd Apatow RWF HW Img American screenwriter, director, producer, actor, father
Iris Apatow RWF Img American actress, daughter
Maude Apatow RWF Img American film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Bob Shad RW5 Img  Americanrecord founder of Mainstream Records. grandfather of Judd
Alfred Appel, Jr RW5 American scholar, father
Karen Appel Oshman RWF Img American lawyer, daughter
Nina Appel American legal scholar, mother Schick
Richard Appel RWC Img American television writer, producer, attorney, son
Andrew Appel RW5 Img American computer scientist, son
Kenneth Appel RW5 Img American mathematician, four color theorem, father
Peter Appel RW5 Img American Department of Transportation official, spn
Paul Appelbaum Img American psychiatrist,  husband
Diana Muir Appelbaum Img American historian, writer, ??? wife
Hale Appleman RWF Img American film/stage actor,  (Jewish father) cousin
Gillian Zinser RWF Img American actress, (Jewish mother) cousin
Josh Appignanesi RW5 Img British film director, producer, screenwriter, son
Lisa Appignanesi RW5 Img Polish-born Canadian British novelist, historian, mother
Natalie Appleton RWF Img British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) sister All Saints
Nicole Appleton RWC Img British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Antal Apro RWC Img Hungarian politician, Speaker of National Assembly 1971-84 (Jewish mother) maternal grandfather
Klara Dobrev RWC Img wife of Hungarian Prime Minister granddaughter
Dora Aptekman RWF Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, physician, cousin
Osip Aptekman RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, physician, cousin
Bettina Aptheker Img American author, educator, lesbian activist, daughter
Herbert Aptheker RWF Img American marxist historian, political activist, father
Marquis Alejandro Aguado RWC Img Spanish banker, father 1784-1842
Count Olympe Aquado Img French-born Spanish photographer, socialite, (Jewish father) son 1827-1924
Atar Arad RWB HW Img Israeli-born American violist, brother
Ron Arad RWF Img Israeli industrial designer,    brother
Michael Arad RW5 HW Img Israeli-American architect, son
Moshe Arad RWC HW Img Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to United States 1987-90, Mexico  1983-87, father
Alexei Arbatov RWF Img Russian ploitician, MP 1993-2005  son
Georgy Arbatov RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian economist, politician, (Jewish father) father
Allan Arbus Img American film/television actor, husband of Diana
Amy Arbus Img American photographer, son of Allan, Diane
Diane Arbus RW5 HW Img American fashion photographer, sister
Doon Arbus Img Ameican journalist, writer, daughter of Allan, Diane
Alexander Nemerov RW5 Img American art historian, son of Howard
Howard Nemerov RW5 HW Img American poet, author, editor, brother
Charles Ardai RWB Img American entrepreneur, writer, editor, television producer, husband
Naomi Novik RWF Img American novelist, (Jewish father) wife
Anna Ardova RWF Img Russion stage/film/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Boris
Boris Ardov RWF Img Soviet stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) son RWN
Mikhail Ardov RWF Img Russian writer, priest, (Jewish father) son
Viktor Ardov RWF Img Russian/Soviet writer, humorist, playwright, caricaturist, father
Aleksei Batalov Img Russian film/stage actor, director, screenwriter, ??? not biological son of Viktor
Yakov Neishtadt RWF Img Russian-born Israeli chess master, cousin of Viktor
Arison Arison Family
Lin Arison Img American philanthropist, mother
Micky Arison RWF HW Img CEO, owner son Carnival Cruise Lines
Shari Arison RW5 HW Img main shareholder daughter Bank Hapoalim
Ted Arison RW5 HW Img founder 1972 father Carnival Cruise Lines
Adam Arkin HW Img American stage/film/telvision actor, son
Alan Arkin RWF HW Img American actor, director, father
Anthony Arkin Img American film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
David Arkin RW5 Img American songwriter:lyricist, painter,writer, father of Alan
Mathew Arkin American film/telvision actor, son
Avi American author, first cousin of Alan
Haim Arlosoroff RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born zionist leader, brothe-in-law
Jacob Steinberg Img Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, playwright,  brothe-in-law
1st Earl Antony Armstrong-Jones RW5 Img British photographer, documentary filmmaker, (Jewish mother) son of Anne Messel
Viscount David Armstrong-Jones RW5 Img chairman of Christie's UK, (Jewish paternal grandmother,) son of Anthony
Lady Sarah Chatto RW5 Img British painter, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Alfred Messel RWF Img German architect, uncle of Anne & Oliver
Countess Anne Messel RWB Img British sociality, mother of Antony & William
Leonard Messel father of Anne & Oliver
Ludwig Messel German banker, brother of Alfred
Oliver Messel RWB Img British costume designer, architect, brother of Anne Messel
7th Earl William Parsons RWF Img Irish peer, (Jewish mother) son of Anne Messel
Franciszka Arnsztajnowa RWF Img Polish poet, playwright, translator, sister
Emile Meyerson RWF Img Polish-born French philosopher of science, chemist,    brother
Raymond Aron RWF HW Img French sociologist, political scientist, philosopher, father
Dominique Schnapper RWF Img French sociologist, son
Stanley Aronowitz RW5 Img American sociologist, writer, husband
Ellen Willis RWF Img American political essayist, journalist, pop music critic, wife
Arnold Aronson Img American civil rights activist, advocate father
Bernard Aronson Img Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-american affairs 1989-93 son
Jenette Kahn RWB Img American comic book editor, president of DC Comics 1981-2002 niece of Arnold
Si Kahn Img American singer/songwriter, activist, nephew of Arnold
Grigory Aronshtam RWC Img Ukrainian-born First Secretary of Communist Party of Turkmenistan 1928-30, brother
Lazar Aronshtam RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, brother
Alexis Arquette RWF Img American actor (Jewish mother) sister
David Arquette RWF HW Img American actor, director/producer, screenwriter, fashion designer, (Jewish mother) brother
Patricia Arquette RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Richmond Arquette Img American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Rosanna Arquette RWF HW Img American actress, film director, film producer, (Jewish mother) sister
James Howard RWF Img American film score composer, (Jewish father) husband of Rosanne
Beatrice Arthur RWF HW Img American stage/television actress, singer, comedian, wife
Gene Saks RWB HW Img American actor, director , husband
Yitzhak Artzi HW Img Romanan-born Israeli politician, journalist, father
Shlomo Artzi RWF HW Img Israeli singer/songwriter, film actor, son
Nava Semel Img Israeli author, playwright, screenwriter, translator, daughter
Muhammad Asad RWF Img Pakistani ambassador to United Nations, first father
Talal Asad Img Saudi-Arabian-born Austrian American anthropologist, (Jewish father) son
Ignatius Acsady RWC Img Hungarian social/economic historian, uncle
Pal Szende RWC Img Hungarian politician, Minister of Finance 1918-19, nephew
Brad Ascalon RW5 Img American industrial designer,    father
David Ascalon RW5 Img Israeli-born American sculptor, stained glass artist, son
Maurice Ascalon RW5 Img Hungarian-born Israeli American sculptor, industrial designer, grandfather
Moses Asch RW5 Img Polish-born American founder 1948 Folkways Records, son
Sholem Asch RWF HW Img Polish-born American Yiddish author, playwright, father
Neal Ascherson RWF Img British journalist, writer, nephew
Renee Asherson RW5 Img British stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) aunt
Aldo Ascoli RWC Img Italian Rear Admiral, brother
Ettore Acoli RWC Img Italian military, colonel general, brother
Sarah Ash Img British novelist, sister
Jessica Rydill Img British fantasy author, sister
Robert Aschberg RW5 Img Swedish journalist, media executive, television personality, grandson
Olof Aschberg RW5 Img Swedish banker, businessman, grandfather
Asadollah Asgaroladi RWC Img Iranian business magnate, (Jewish descent) brother
Habibollah Asgaroladi RWC Img Iranian politician, leader of Islamic Coalision Party, (Jewish descent) brother
Ed Asner RWF HW Img American actor, father
Matthew Asner Img American film producer/director, son
Kate Asner Img American film/television actress, daughter
Ephraim Asher American producer, grandfather
John Mallory Asher RWF Img American actor, director, writer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) adopted son
William Asher RWF Img American producer, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) father
David Ashkenazi RWF Img Russian/Soviet pianist, composer, father
Dimitri Ashkenazy RWF Img American-born Icelandic Swiss clarinetist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Vladimir
Vladimir Ashkenazy RWF HW Img Russian virtuozo pianist, conductor, (Jewish father) son
Goga Ashkenazi RW5 Img Kazakh-born Russian businesswoman, entrepreneur, (Jewish maternal grandmother) wife of Sev
Severyn Ashkenazy RW5 Img Polish/Ukrainoan-born hotelier, philanthropist, father
Sev Aszkenazy Img American real estate developer, (Jewish father) son
Oscar Ascher Hungarian actor, performer, theater director, father
Tamas Ascher Img Hungarian actor, director, son
Abram Asknazy RWN Img Belarusian-born Russian metereologist, son
Isaak Asknaziy RWN Img Belarusian-born Russian painter, father
Samuil Asknazy RWN Img Russian legal scholar, son
Aleksandr Askoldov RWF Img Soviet/Russian film director, actor, son
Yakov Askoldov RWC Img Belarusian-born Soviet executive, factory director, father
Asper CanWest Global Communications Corp
David Asper RW5 Img Canadian businessman, lawyer, executive VP of CanWest Global Comunications Corp, son
Gail Asper RW5 Img Canadian corporate director, daugther
Israel Asper RW5 Img Canadian founder of CanWest Global Communications Corp, father CanWest Global Communications Corp
Leonard Asper RW5 Img president, CEO son CanWest Global Communications Corp
Tobias Asser RWF HW Img Dutch jurist, Nobel Prize (1911) for Peace, nephew
Michel Godefroi RWC Img Dutch Minister of Justice 1860-62, uncle
Adele Astaire RWF Img American actor, dancer, (Jewish father) sister
Fred Astaire RWF HW Img American actor, dancer, singer, (Jewish father) brother
Yvan Attal RWF HW Img Israeli-born French director, actor, husband
Charlotte Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French film actress, singer, (Jewish father) wife
Serge Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, screenwriter, father of Charlotte
Bernard Attali RWC Img French executive, CEO of Air France brother
Jacques Attali RWC Img Algerian-born French economist, president of European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, 1991-93 brother
Michel Auder Img French-born American photographer, filmmaker, ??? husband
Cindy Sherman FW5 Img American photographer, film director, wife
Leopold Auer RWF HW Img Hungarian-born Russian  violinist, conductor, composer, grandfather
Mischa Auer RWF Img Russian American actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson
Gyorgy Ligeti RWF HW Img Romanian-born Hungarian composer, great nephew of Leopold
Lukas Ligeti Img Austrian composer, drummer, son of Gyorgy
Charlotte Auerbach RWF Img German-born British geneticist, daughter of Friedrich
Felix Auerbach Img German/Polish-born German physicist, son
Friedrich Auerbach Img German chemist, son
Leopold Auerbach Img German/Polish anatomist, neuropathologist, father
Frank Auerbach RWF Img German-born British painter, father
Jake Auerbach Img British documentary filmmaker, (Jewish father) son
Leora Auslander RW5 Img American historian,    dauther of Maurice
Louis Auslander RW5 American mathematician, brother
Maurice Auslander RW5 Img American mathematician, brother
Daniel Aukin British director, son
David Aukin RWB HW Img British theater/film  producer, husband
Jethro Aukin British actor, son
Nancy Meckler RW5 HW Img American British stage/film director,   wife
Jean-Pierre Aumont RW5 Img French actor, brother
Tina Aumont Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Jean-Pierre
Francois Villiers RW5 Img French film director, brother
Auspitz Auspitz Family
Carl Auspitz son of Samuel
Heinrich Auspitz RWF Img Czech-born Austrian dermatologist,   
Lazar Auspitz Img Czech merchant, L. Auspitz 1772-1853
Leopold Auspitz RWC Austrian military, writer, major general, son of Moritz
Moritz Auspitz Czech-born Astrian surgeon, father of Heinrich/Leopold 1803-80
Rudolf Auspitz RW5 Img Czech-born Austrian economist, politician, banker, sugar manufacturer, grandson of Lazar, son of Samuel
Samuel Auspitz Austrian banker, founder of Auspitz, Lieben,  son of Lazar
Baron Stefan von Auspitz Austrian banker, Auspitz, lieben, art collector, son of Carl 1869-1945
Mathilde Porges wife of Carl
Lawrence Auster Img American blogger, essayist, cousin of Paul
Paul Auster RWF HW Img American detective writer, filmmaker, poet, translator, father
Sophie Auster RWC Img American actress, singer, (Jewish father) daughter
David Ausubel Img American psychologist, nephew
Nathan Ausubel Polish-born American historian, folklorist, humorist, uncle
Loren Avedon RWF Img American film/television actor, nephew
Richard Avedon RWF HW Img American fashion photographer, uncle
Eric Avery RWF Img American bass player, son
Brian Avery Img American film/television actor, producer, ??? father
Aki Avni RWF HW Img Israeli actor, entertainer, television host, husband
Sandy Bar RWC HW Img Israeli television actress, model,    wife
George Axelrod RWC Img American director, producer, screenwriter, playwright, (Jewish father) father
Jonathan Axelrod Img American film/television producer, stepson
Nina Axelrod RW5 Img American film/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Jean Averbach Austrian-born American music publisher, Hill and Range, sister
Julian Averbach Austrian-born American music publisher, Hill and Range, brother
Yoseph Avidar RWC HW Img Israeli ambassador to Soviet Union 1955-58, Argentina 1960-68, husband
Yemima Avidar-Tchernovitz RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born Israeli children author, wife
Aaron Avshalomov RWF Img Russian-born American composer, conductor, father
Jacob Avshalomov RWF Img Chinese-born American composer, conductor, son
Helene Aylon RW5 Img America multimedia ecofeminist artist, mother
Nathaniel Fisch Img American plasma physicist, son
Hertha Ayrton RWF Img British engineer, mathematician, inventor, mother
Barbara Ayrton-Gould Img British politician, MP 1945-50 (Jewish mother) daughter
Michael Ayrton British artist, writer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Barbara
Konstantin Azadovsky RWF Img Russian literary critic, son
Mark Azadovsky RWF Img Russian literary critic, ethnographer, father
Mikhail Levenson RWF Soviet political figure, cousin of Mark
Antonio de Azevedo Castelo Branco RWC Img Portuguese politician, Minister of Justice 1893-97, brother
Jose de Azevedo Castelo Branco RWC Img Foreigh Minister of Porugal 1910 brother
Andre Azoulay RWC HW Img Moroccan-born senior advicer to king Mohammed VI, father
Audrey Azoulay RWC Img French Minister of Culture 2016-17, daughter