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Argentine actors //actorArg
Ernesto Acher Img Argentine comedian, actor, composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist,
Gabriela Acher Img Uruguayan-born Argentine actress, writer, humorist,
Adriana Aizemberg Img Argentine film/telenovela actress,
Elias Isaac Alippi Img Argentine actor, impresario, film/theatre director,
Elvia Andreoli Img Argentine actress,
Emilia Attias RWC HW Img Argentine model, actress, dancer, singer, TV host,
Hector Babenco Img Argentine-born Brazilian film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish mother)
Amelia Bence Img Argentine film actress,
Reizl Bozyk Img Polish-born American stage actress, Yiddish theater,
Tato Bores Img Argentine film/television/stage  actor, comedian,
Mariana Briski Img Argentine actress, director, producer, screenwriter, author,
Norman Briski Img Argentine stage/film/television actor, director, playwright, television personality,
Adriana Brodsky Img Argentine actress, 
Michel Brown HW Img Argentine actor, model,
Marcos Caplan Img Argentine film/stage actor,  
Jessica Chapnik Kahn RWC Img Argentine-born Australian musician, television actress, director, (Jewish father)
Julio Chavez Img Argentine film/television actor,  
Ines Efron Img Argentine actress,
Leo Filer HW Img Argentine-born Israeli director, screenwriter, actor,
Golde Flami Img Ukrainian-born Argentine film/television/stage actress, 
Andrea Frigerio Img Argentine actress, television presenter, model,
Benito Gutmacher Img Argentine German stage actor, theater director,
Daniel Hendler Img Uruguayan-born  Argentine film/television/stage actor, film director, screenwriter,
Laura Hidalgo Img Romanian-born Argentine actress,
Mariano Idelman Img Argentine-born Israeli actror, comedian,
Guido Kaczka Img Argentine television show host, actor, producer,
Ana Katz Img Argentine film/stage actress, theater director,
David Kavlin Img Argentine-born radio personality, actor, singer, television host,
Sergio Kleiner Img Argentine film/telenovela actor,
Shifra Lerer Img Argentine-born American stage/film actress,
Cipe Lincovsky Img Argentine actress,
Jose Maurer HW Img Ukrainian-born Argentine Israeli stage/film actor,
Fanny Mikey Img Argentine-born Colombian actress, entrepreneur,  
Bertha Moss Img Argentine stage/film/television actress,  
Jean-Pierre Noher Img French-born Argentine stage/film/television actor,
Eduardo Pavlovsky Img Argentine playwright, psychoanalyst, actor, novelist,
Melina Petriella Img Argentine film/television actress,
Sergio Renan Img Argentine actor, film director, screenwriter,
Cecilia Roth HW Img Argentine Spanish actress,
Mariana Seligmann Img Argentine actress, singer/songwriter, dancer, television presenter,
Berta Singerman RWF Img Belarusian-born Argentine stage actress, singer,
Paulina Singerman RWF Img Argentine actress.
Julia Solomonoff Img Argentine film actress, producer film/television director,
Pepe Soriano Img Argentine actor, playwright,
Adrian Suar Img Argentine actor, media producer, businessman,
Juana Sujo Img Argentine stage/film actress,
Eleonora Wexler HW Img Argentine actress,
Romina Yan RWF HW Img Argentine stage/film/television actress, screenwriter, singer, dancer, (Jewish father)
Marcos Zucker Img Argentine stage/film/television actor,
Julieta Zylberberg Img Argentine stage/film/television actress,
Australian actors //actorAustr
Albert Arlen Img Australian pianist, composer, actor, playwright,
Alicia Banit Img Australian actress, dancer, ???
Claudia Black RWC HW Img Australian German British actress,
John Bluthal Img Polish-born British film/stage/television actor,
Annalise Braakensiek Img Australian model, actress, television presenter,
Saskia Burmeister Img Australian actress,
Richard Cawthorne Img Australian stage/fim/television actor,
Didier Cohen Img American-born Australian media personality, model,
Jason Donovan Img Australian actor, singer, (Jewish maternal great grandmother)
Ben Esler Img Australian film/television actor,
Kate Fischer RWC Img Australian actress, model, (convert to Judaism)
Isla Fisher RWF HW Img Australian British actress, model, author, (convert to Judaism)
Ariel Kaplan Img South African-born Australian film/television actress, singer, dancer,
Dena Kaplan Img South African-born Australian film/television actress, singer, dancer,
Paul Karo Img Australian television actor, 
P.J. Lane Img American-born Australian actor, entertainer, former professional basketball player, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
John Lazar Img Australian actor, jeweller, mayor of Adelaide 1855-59,
Heath Ledger Img Australian actor, director, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Ben Lee Img Australian actor, vocalist, guitarist,
Frederick Lee Img Australian actor, model,
Tobias Manderson-Galvin Img Australian actor, satirist, poet, dadaist, playwright,
Miriam Margolyes RWF HW Img British-born Australian  character actress,
Callan McAuliffe Img Australian actor, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Ben Mendelsohn RWC Img Australian actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Levi Miller HW Img American actor, model,
Tiriel Mora Img Australian stage/film actor,
Olivia Newton-John RWF Img British born Australian actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Jonny Pasvolsky Img South African-born Australian actor, 
F.H. Pollock Img British-born Australian actor,
Helen Reddy RWF Img Australian-born American singer/songwriter, actress, (convert to Judaism)
Lara Sacher Img Australian television actress, Neighbours
Xavier Samuel Img Australian actor, ???
Troye Sivan RWF HW Img South African-born Australian actor, singer/songwriter,
Yael Stone RWF Img Australian stage/television actress,
Henri Szeps Img Australian actor, Mother and Son
Ashley Zukerman Img American-born Australian  actor,
Austrian Actors //actorAustr
Louis V. Arco Img Austrian American actor,
Leon Askin Img Austrian American film/television actor,
Felix Basch Img Austrian actor, screenwriter, film director,
Arthur Bergen Img Austrian actor, film director,
Elisabeth Bergner RWF HW Img Austrian-born German British stage/film actress, RWN
Turhan Bey Img Austrian-born American film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Sybille Binder Img Austrian film/stage actress,
Hermann Blass Img Austrian film actor, singer,
Ludwig Donath Img Austrian-born American actor,  
Hertha Feiler RWF Img Austrian film actress, (Jewish grandfather)
Maria Fein Img Austrian stage/film actress,
Egon Friedell RWF Img Austrian philosopher, historian, journalist, writer, theater critic, actor,
Jaro Furth Img Czech-born Austrian stage/film actor,
Carl Goetz Img Austrian stage/film actor,
John Gottowt Img German actor, stage/film director,
Nora Gregor RWF Img Austrian/Italian-born film/stage actress,
Ilka Gruning Img Austrian-born actress,
Reinhold Haussermann Img German-born Austrian stage/film actor, ???
Ernst Haeussermann Img German-born Austrian theater director, actor,
Wolfgang Heinz Img Austrian-born  German actor, theater director,
Andre Heller Img Austrian artist, singer/songwriter, actor, journalist, entrepreneur,
Hans Jaray Img Austrian film/stage actor,
Leo Koffler Img Ukrainian-born Austrian screenwriter, actor, singer,
Hedi Lamarr
Max Landa Img Belarusian-born Austrian film/stage actor,
Francis Lederer RWF Img Czech-born American actor,
Ursula Lingen Img German-born Austrian television actress, (Jewish maternal grandparent)
Eva May Img Austrian film actress, (Jewish father)
Paul Morgan Img Austrian actor, cabaret performer,
Fritz Muliar Img Austrian actor, cabaret artist,  
Reggie Nalder Img Austrian film/television character actor,
Eugen Neufeld Img Austrian actor,
Max Neufeld Img Austrian film director, actor, screenwriter,
Sophie Pagay Img Czech-born Austrian stage/film actress,
Hertha Pauli Img Austrian stage actress, journalist, author, (not Jewish maternal grandmother)
Clementine Plessner Img Austrian stage/fim actress,
Eddie Polo Img Austrian-born American actor,  
Max Pohl Img Czech-born Austrian actor,
Eric Pohlmann Img Austrian theater/film/television director, film/television actor,
Otto Preminger RWF HW Img Austrian/Ukrainian-born American film director/producer, film/television actor,   
Max Reinhardt RWF HW Img Austrian-born German American theater director, stage actor,
Ellen Richter Img Austrian film actress,
Ida Roland Img Austrian German actress,
Otto Schenk Img Austrian actor, theater/opera director, (Jewish father)
Joseph Schildkraut Img Austrian-born American actor,  
Rudolph Schildkraut HW Img Turkish-born Austrian film/stage actor,
Marianne Schonauer Img Austrian stage/telvision/film actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Adolf von Sonnenthal RWC Img Hungarian-born Austrian actor,
Fritz Spira Img Austrian film/stage actor,
Steffie Spira Img German stage/fim/television actress, (Jewish father)
Miriam Stein Img Austrian television/film actress, (Jewish father)
Ludwig Stossel Img Austrian film/television actor,
Peter Sturm Img Austian-born German stage/film actor,
Mathilde Sussin Img Austrian actress,  
Otto Tausig Img Austrian writer, film/stage/television actor, director,
Willy Trenk-Trebitsch Img Austrian stage/film actor,
Anton Walbrook Img Austrian-born British actor, (Jewish mother)
Carl Wilhelm Img Austrian-born actor, film director, screenwriter,
Marianne Zoff Img Austrian actress, opera singer, (half Jewish)
Brazilian actors //actorBra
Lelia Abramo Img Italian-born  Brazilian actress, political activist,
Tiago Abravanel Img Brazilian actor, singer,
Jose de Abreu Img Brazilian actor,  
Neuza Amaral Img Brazilian actress,
Sandra Annenberg Img Brazilian actress, journalist, television presenter,  
Hector Babenco Img Argentine-born Brazilian film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish mother)
Daniel Barcelos Img Brazilian actor,  
Jaime Barcelos Img Brazilian actor,  
Rafinha Bastos Img Brazilian actor, comedian, journalist, television personality,
Daniel Benzali Img Brazilian-born American stage/film/television actor,
Michel Bercovitch Img Brazilian actor, director, producer,
Sura Berdithevsky Img Brazilian film/television actress,
Debora Bloch RWF Img Brazilian actress,
Jonas Bloch Img Brazilian film/television actor,
James Braga Img Brazilian actor,  
Jorge Cherques Img Brazilian actor,  
Caco Ciocler Img Brazilian film/television actor,  
Carlos Evelyn Img Brazilian actor,  
Deborah Evelyn Img Brazilian film/television actress,
Etty Fraser Img Brazilian actress,
Elias Gleizer Img Brazilian film/television actor,  
Betty Gofman Img Brazilian film/television/stage/actress,
Rosane Gofman Img Brazilian actress,
Ida Gomes Img Brazilian actress,
Serginho Groisman Img Brazilian journalist, actor,  director, host,
Dandara Guerra Img Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother)
Eliana Guttman Img Brazilian film/television/stage/actress,
Renata Jesion Img Brazilian actress, theater director, producer, author,  
Bernardo Jablonski Img Brazilian actor, television director, screenwriter, critic,
Natalia Klein Img Brazilian writer, screenwriter, actress,
Ari Koslov Img Brazilian actor, television director, screenwriter, critic,
Leina Krespi Img Brazilian actress,
Mariana Kupfer Img Brazilian actress, presenter, singer, model,
Ana Kutner Img Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother)
Bel Kutner Img Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother)
Patricia Levy Img Brazilian actress, dancer, presenter,
Jose Lewgoy Img Brazilian stage/film/television actror, film director,
Nydia Licia Img Italian-born Brazilian actress, producer, director,  
Berta Loran Img Polish-born Brazilian film/television actress, comedian,
Marcelo Madureira Img Brazilian actor, comedian,  
Amora Mautner Img Brazilian television director, actress, (Jewish father)
Miriam Mehler Img Spanish-born Brazilian film/television actress,  
Luisa Mell Img Brazilian actress, television presenter, model,
Sasha Meneghel RWC Img Brazilian actress, model, (Jewish father)
Marcos Mion Img Brazilian television personality, actor,
Carlo Mossy Img Brazilian actor, fillmaker, producer,
Anna Muylaert Img Brazilian actress, screenwriter, film director,
Pedro Neschling Img Brazilian actor, director, writer, (Jewish father)
Riva Nimitz Img Brazilian film/television actress,
Claudia Ohana Img Brazilian stage/film/television actress,
Debora Olivieri Img Brazilian film/television actress,
Vivianne Pasmanter Img Brazilian stage/film/television actress,
Ticiane Pinheiro RWC Img Brazilian actress, model, host, (convert to Judaism)
Marcos Plonka Img Brazilian film/television actor, comedian, 
Cristina Prochaska Img Brazilian actress, journalist,  
Fabio Rabin Img Brazilian actor, presenter,
Tereza Rachel Img Brazilian actress, plays producer,
Soraya Ravenle Img Brazilian actress, singer,
Priscilla Rosenbaum Img Brazilian actress,writer,  
Caca Rosset Img Brazilian stage/television actor, television critic, presenter,
Jolyon Rubinstein Img British actor, writer, film producer/director,
Samantha Schmutz Img Brazilian actress, comedian, singer, presenter,
Mario Schoemberger Img Brazilian stage/television actor, 
Beatriz Segall Img Brazilian stage/film/television actress,
Dina Sfat Img Brazilian actress,
Mateus Solano Img Brazilian film/television actor,
Renata Sorrah Img Brazilian actress, theatrical producer,
Dan Stulbach Img Brazilian actor, film director,
Luciano Szafir Img Brazilian actor, model,
Nathalia Timberg Img Brazilian stage/film/television actress,
Eva Todor Img Hungarian-born Brazilian actress,
Odilon Wagner Img Brazilian film/television actor, author, theater director,
Philip Wagner Img French-born Brazilian actor,  
Denise Weinberg Img Brazilian actress,
Eva Wilma Img Brazilian television actress,
Laila Zaid Img Brazilian actress,
Daniel Zukerman Img Brazilian reporter, actor, broadcaster, comedian,
British actors //actorBri
Simon Amstell Img British comedian, television presenter, screenwriter, actor,
Sophie Abelson Img British stage/television actress,
Maryam d'Abo RWF Img British film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Olivia d'Abo RWF Img British actress, singer/songwriter, 
Jacob Adler Img Ukrainian-born British American theater actor,
Gemma Arterton RWC Img British actress, producer, (Jewish matrilineal great-grandmother)
Hannah Arterton Img British actress, (Jewish maternal great-grandmother)
Ronni Ancona Img British actress, entertainer, comedian, Big Impression
Philip Arditti HW Img Swiss-born British television actor, House of Saddam
Dame Peggy Ashcroft Img British actress, (Jewish mother)
Renee Asherson Img British stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Sir Felix Aylmer Img British stage, film/television actor, wiki
David Baddiel HW Img British comedian, actor, novelist, television presenter,
Tom Baker Img British actor, (Jewish father) Doctor Who
Jill Balcon RWF Img British film/radio actress,  Nicholas Nickleby
Frith Banbury https://www.google.com/search?q=frith+banbury&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwizmpCPwLT1AhW0yzgGHV6uAkgQ_AUoAnoECAIQBA&biw=1179&bih=635&dpr=1.56 British theater actor, stage director, (Jewish mother) ExLink
Ben Barnes HW Img British stage/film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Binnie Barnes RWF Img British American actress, (Jewish father)
Jeni Barnett Img British television presenter, actress,
Moritz Barnett RWC British playwright, actor,
Samuel Barnett RWF Img British actor, (Jewish father) John Adams
Sam Baron Img British comedian, writer, director, actor,
Sacha Baron Cohen RWF HW Img British actor, comedian, screenwriter, Ali G
John Barrard Img British film/television/stagr character actor,
Alfie Bass Img British stage/television actor,
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree Img British actor, theater manager, JVL
Dani Behr Img South African-born British TV host, singer, actress,
Gina Bellman RWF HW Img New Zealand-born British film/television actress,
Martin Benson Img British stage/film/television actor,
Harold Berens Img British comedian, character actor,
Elisabeth Bergner RWF HW Img Austrian-born German British stage/film actress,
Steven Berkoff RWF Img British actor, writer, director, screenwriter,
Heinz Bernard Img German-born British actor, director, theater manager,
Satya Bhabha Img British-born Ameican film actor, (Jewish mother)
Paul Bhattacharjee Img Indian-born British stage/film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Pauline Black Img British singer, actress, author, (Jewish mother) The Selecter
Joyce Blair Img British actress, dancer, Cruel Intentions
Lionel Blair Img British Canadian television presenter, dancer, choreographer, actor,
Maria Bland RWC Img British singer, stage actress,
Claire Bloom RWF HW Img British film/stage actress, 
Orlando Bloom RWF Img British actor, (not Jewish; Jewish step-father)
Robert Bloomfield British actor, director, producer, writer,   
John Bluthal Img Polish-born British film/stage/television actor,
Helena Bonham Carter RWF HW Img British actress, (3/4 Jewish mother)
Ken Bones Img British stage/film/television actor,
Issy Bonn Img British actor, singer, comedian,
Caprice Bourret Img American British actress, model, television personality,
Josh Bowman RWF Img British film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Scarlett Bowman Img British television actress, (Jewish father)
Amanda Boxer Img British film/television actress, (Jewish mother)
Leonora Braham Img British opera singer, actress,
Bernard Bresslaw Img British film/television actor, comedian,
Eleanor Bron Img British film/television actress, author,
Irina Brook Img British stage actress, director, producer, (Jewish father)
Arnold Brown Img British comedian, actor,
Georgia Brown Img British American singer, actress,
John Brown Img British radio/film actor,
Guy Burnet Img British stage/film/television actor,
James Callis RWE HW Img British film/television actor,
Josh Caras RWC Img American actor, (Jewish father)
Katrin Cartlidge HW Img British stage/film/radio actress, (Jewish mother)
Caroline Catz RWF Img British radio/television/stage actress, ???
Julian Chagrin Img British-born Israeli comedy actor,
Nicolas Chagrin Img British-born actor,
Matthew Chambers RWF HW Img British actor, comedian, fim director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother), Stephen Fry
Ben Chaplin Img British actor, (Jewish mother)
Orson Chaplin Img British-born actor, rapper, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Debbie Chazen Img British actress, 
Sydney Chaplin RWF Img British actor, (Jewish father), half-brother of Charlie Chaplin ExLink
Maria Charles Img British stage/television actress, director, comedian,
Louisa Clein Img British actress,
Lauren Cohan RWF HW Img American-born British actress, writer, producer, (Jewish step father) (mother convert to Judaism) Supernatural
Jackie Collins RWF HW Img British novelist, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father)
Dame Joan Collins RWF HW Img British actress, author, (Jewish father), Dynasty
Jose Collins Img British actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Allan Corduner HW Img British film/television actor,
Antony Costa Img British singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother)
Samuel Crawford Img British voice/stage actor, radio personality,
Paul Danan Img British actor,
Paul Darrow Img British television actor, Blake's 7
Sir Daniel Day-Lewis RWF HW Img British actor, (Jewish mother) My Left Foot
Cara Delevingne RWC Img British actress, model, (Jewish maternal great great grandfather),
Gaby Dellal Img British actress, film director, writer,
Charlotte Devaney Img British DJ, producer, singer, dancer, actress, (Jewish grandmother)
Arnold Diamond Img British film/television character actor,
Anton Diffring Img German-born British actor, (Jewish father) ExLink
Selina Dolaro Img British singer, actress, theater manager, writer,
James Dreyfus Img British actor,
Wheeler Dryden Img British actor, film director, (Jewish father) half-brother of Charlie Chaplin
Marty Feldman RWF Img British actor, comedian, Young Frankenstein
Leonard Fenton Img British actor, director, painter, Eastenders
Fenella Fielding Img British film/television actress, 
Abi Finley Img British stage/television actress, 
Isla Fisher RWF HW Img Australian British actress, model, author, (convert to Judaism)
Richard Fleeshman Img British child actor, singer/songwriter,  (Jewish father)
Freddie Fox Img British actor, director, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Rosemary Frankau Img British actress, (Jewish father)
Mark Frankel Img British actor,
Jordan Frieda Img British actor, singer, (Jewish father)
Maria Friedman Img Swiss-born British stage actress, director, (Jewish father)
Rebecca Front Img British comedian, actress,
Stephen Fry RWF HW Img British actor, comedian, fim director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother), Matthew Chambers
Steve Furst Img British comedian, actor, writer,   
Romola Garai RWC HW Img Hong Kong-born  British stage/film/television actress, model, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather)
Andrew Garfield RWF HW Img American-born British  stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) Lions for Lamb
Rafi Gavron RWF HW Img British American film/television actor, (Jewish descent 3/4)
Leo Genn Img British actor, ExLink
Brian George RWC HW Img Israeli-born British Canadian actor,
Hermione Gingold RWF HW Img British actress,
Augustus Glossop Harris Img Italian-born British actor, theater manager, (??? - son Jewish)
Iddo Goldberg HW Img Israeli-born British film actor, Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Harold Goldblatt Img Northern Irish film/television actor,
Henry Goodman Img British stage actor,    
Brett Goldstein Img Britiah actor, comedian, writer,
Walter Gotell Img German-born British film/television actor,
Cary Grant RWF HW Img British-born American film actor,  (Jewish father) ???
Tamsin Greig Img British stage/film actress, (Jewish mother)
Douglas Gresham Img American-born British vocce/stage actor, biographer, film/record producer, (Jewish mother)
Sacha Grunpeter Img British television actor,
Sienna Guillory HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father)
Matthew Guinness Img British actor, (Jewish mother)
Rachel Gurney Img British stage/film/television actress,
Tzachi Halevy RWC Img Israeli actor, singer,
Lily Hanbury Img British stage actress,
Anita Harris Img British actress, singer, entertainer, television presenter,
Sir Augustus Harris RWC Img French-born British actor, impresario, dramatist,
Laurence Harvey RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born South African British actor,
Jonah Hauer-King Img British actor,
Melvyn Hayes Img British actor, ExLink
Gillian Hills Img Egyptian-born British actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Leila Hoffman Img British comedian, comedy writer, television actress,
Tom Hollander RWF Img British stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Sir Michael Hordern Img British stage actor, ??? adherents
Bob Hoskins, Jr Img British actor,
John Houseman RWF HW Img Romanian-born American actor, film producer, (Jewish father)
Alan Howard Img British stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Arthur Howard Img British film/television actor,
Leslie Howard HW Img British film/stage actor, director, producer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Pygmalion
Ronald Howard Img British actor, writer, Sherlock Holmes
Damian Hurley Img British actor, model, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
David Hurst Img German-born British American stage/film/television actor, 
Jack Huston Img British film/television actor, (Jewish maternal descent)
Simone Hyams Img British actress,
Jessica Hynes Img British actress, writer, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Jason Isaacs RWF HW Img British actor, Harry Potter
Oliver Jackson-Cohen RWF Img British film/television actor, model, (Jewish father)
David Jacobs Img British radio broadcaster, actor,
Saul Jaffe Img Zimbabwean-born British avtor,
Sid James HW Img South African-born British actor, comedian, The Last Holiday
Tony Jay Img British/American actor,
Caron Joseph Img British actress,
Lesley Joseph Img British stage/television actress, presenter,
Alexis Kanner Img French-born British stage/film/television actor,
Miriam Karlin Img British stage/film/television actress,
Boris Karloff HW Img British actor, adherents
Davy Kaye Img British actor, comedian, ExLink1
Kaplan Kaye Img British stage/film/television actor, songwriter, musician,
Paul Kaye Img British comedian, actor, Shutter
Tony Kaye RWC Img British-born director, producer, screenwriter, actor,
Robert Kazinsky RWF HW Img British television actor, model, EastEnders
Michelle Keegan Img British actress, Answers
Barbara Kellerman Img British film/television actress, Satan's Slave
Mary Anne Keeley Img British actress, theater manager/producer, JVL
Felicity Kendal Img British actress, (convert to Judaism)
Sara Kestelman Img British stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Sir Ben Kingsley RWF HW Img British actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Peter Kosminsky Img British director, actor, producer,
David Kossoff HW Img British stage/television actor,
Harry Landis Img British film/television actor, director,
Leigh Lawson Img British film/stage actor, director, writer, (Jewish mother)
George Layton Img British film/television actor, director, screenwriter, author, ExLink
Bettina Le Beau Img Belgian-born British film/television actress,
Olivia Lee Img British comedian, actress, television presenter,
Donovan Leitch, Jr Img British-born American actor, (Jewish mother)
Tutte Lemkow Img Norwegian British film/television actor, dancer, choreographer,
David Leon Img British film/television actor, director, writer, producer, (Jewish father)
Valerie Leon Img British film/television actress, ExLink
Mark Lester Img British actor, (Jewish father)
Elliot Levey Img British stage/film/television actor,
Damian Lewis Img British actor, producer, (jewish great great maternal grandfather)
Olga Lindo Img British actress,
Maureen Lipman HW Img British actress, comedian, columnist,
Roger Lloyd-Pack Img British actor,
Herbert Lom Img Czech-born British film/television actor,
Daisy Lowe Img British fashion model, (Jewish mother, half-Jewish father)
Olga Lowe Img South-African-born British film/stage/television actress, (Jewish father)
Matt Lucas RWC HW Img British comedian, screenwriter, actor, television presenter,
Nathalie Lunghi Img British actress, (Jewish father)
Jonathan Lynn RWF Img British screenwriter, director, actor, ExLink
Jessica Manley Img British film/stage/television actress,
Pamela Manson Img British film/stage/television actress,
Patrick Marber Img British playwright, comedian, director, actor, screenwriter,
Ashley Margolis Img British actor,
Jessie Matthews Img British dancer, actress, singer, 
Jacquetta May Img British actress, screenwriter, theater director,
Belinda Mayne Img British film/television actress,  
Jill Meager Img British film/television/stage actress, potrait painter,
Kay Mellor Img British actress, screenwriter, director, (Jewish mother)
Ben Miller Img British comedian, actor, film/television director, (Jewish father)
Martin Miller Img Czech-born British film/television actor,
Charlie Mills Img British film/stage actor, fashion model, (Jewish descent)
Max Minghella Img British actor, screenwriter, director, producer, (Jewish descent 6,25%)
Warren Mitchell Img British film/television actor, Till Death As Do Part
Yvonne Mitchell Img British stage/television/film actress, JVL
Clare Lawrence Moody Img British television/stage actress, producer,
Ron Moody HW Img British film/television/stage actor, Oliver!
Aubrey Morris Img British film/television actor,
Julian Morris Img British actor, ER
Wolfe Morris Img British film/television actor,
Julia Neilson Img British stage actress, (Jewish mother) The Scarlet Pimpernel
Derren Nesbitt Img British film/television actor,
Anthony Newley RWF Img British actor, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Oliver Twist
Amanda Noar Img British actress, choreographer, producer,
Hannah Norsa Img British actress, singer,
Andy Nyman Img British film/television actor, magician,
Tracy-Ann Oberman RWF Img British stage/television/radio actress, playwright, Eastenders
Sophie Okonedo RWF HW Img British actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Hotel RWFanda
Vic Oliver Img Austrian-born British film actor, radio comedian,
Stuart Paton Img British film director, screenwriter, actor,
Andrew Paul Img British film/television actor,
Lynsey de Paul RWC Img British singer/songwriter, actress, ESC second place 1977
Alexis Peterman Img British actress, model,
Natalie Press Img British stage/television/film actress, (Jewish father)
Rebecca Pidgeon RWF Img American actress, singer, songwriter, (convert to Judaism)
Harold Pinter RWF HW Img British American playwright, theater director, actor, Nobel Prize (2005)
Ingrid Pitt Img Polish-born British actress, novelist, (Jewish mother)
Andrew Pleavin Img British film/television actor,
Robert Popper Img British television producer, actor, comedian, writer,
Ruth Posner Img Polish-born British dancer, choreographer, stage/film/television actress,
Will Poulter Img British film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Bel Powley Img British actress, (Jewish mother)
Hana Pravda Img Czech-born British actress,
Nathalie Press Img British film/television actress, My Summer of Love
Jonathan Pryce RWF Img British actor, writer, ??? ExLink
Liza Pulman Img British actress, cabaret singer, (Jewish father)
Lara Pulver RWF HW Img British stage/television actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Daniel Radcliffe RWF HW Img British actor, (Jewish mother) Harry Potter
Luise Rainer RWF HW Img German-born British actress, The Great Ziegfeld
TJ Ramini Img British film/television actor, (Jewish descent)
David Rappaport Img British film/television actor,
Matt Ryan Img British actor, (Jewish descent 1/8)
Roger Rees Img British-American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) Nicholas Nickleby
Ada Reeve Img British film/stage actress, singer,
Mandy Rice-Davies RWC Img British courtesan, model, film/television actress, (convert to Judaism)
Robert Rietti Img Italian-born British actor, director,
Sam Riley HW Img British actor, singer,  
Tony Robinson Img British actor, comedian, broadcaster, political compainer, (Jewish descent)
Edana Romney Img South African British writer, stage actress.
Amber Rose Revah Img Brirish actress, (Jewish mother)
Tom Rosenthal RWC Img British comedian, film/television actor, writer, (Jewish father)
Gaby Roslin Img British television presenter, actress,
Gavin Rossdale RWC Img British singer/songwriter, guitarist, actor, (Jewish father)
Frances Ruffelle Img British stage actress, (Jewish mother)
Andrew Sachs Img German-born British actor, (Jewish father) Flawlty Towers
Leonard Sachs Img British actor,
Robin Sachs Img British actor,
Greg Salkin RWC Img British actor,
Emma Samms RWF Img British actress, dancer, General Hospital
Simon Schatzberger Img British television actor,
David Schneider Img British actor, comedian,
Ida Schuster Img British actress,
Alexei Sayle Img British comedian, actor, television presenter,
Jack Scanlon Img British actor,  
John Schlesinger RWF HW Img British film/stage director, actor,
Peter Sellers RWF HW Img British actor, comedian, (Jewish mother)
Jane Seymour RWF HW Img British American actress, (Jewish father) Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Helen Shapiro RWC HW Img British singer, actress, fashion designer,
Cyril Shaps Img British actor,
Carole Shelley Img British film/television/stage actress,  
Joy Shelton Img British film/radio/television actress, (convert to Judaism) ExLink
Sir Antony Sher HW Img South African-born British stage actor, novelist, painter,
Dinah Sheridan Img British film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Dinah Shtettin Img British-born stage actress,
Rita Simons Img British actress, singer, model,  
Ed Skrein Img British actor, rapper, (Jewish father)
Ione Skye RWF Img British-born American actress, (Jewish mother)
Georgia Slowe Img British stage/television actress, Emmeralde
Sam Smith Img British actor,    Wondrous Oblivion
Sarah Solemani HW Img British film/television actress, comedian, writer, (Jewish father) Him and Her
Olga Sosnovska Img Polish-born American/British actress (Jewish father) Spooks
Bernard Spear Img British actor,
Milo Sperber Img Polish-born British actor,  
Samantha Spiro HW Img British stage/film/television actress,
Gabriela Stern Img British actress,
Rachel Stevens RWC Img British actress, singer,    S Club 7
Joss Stone Img British singer, actress,
Ed Stoppard RWF HW Img British stage/television actor,   
Alexis Strum Img British actress, singer, comedy writer,
David Suchet RWF Img British actor, (not Jewish maternal grandfather) Poirot
Sara Sugarman Img British-born  American film/television actress, film director,
Gregg Sulkin RWC HW Img British film/television actor,   
Dame Janet Suzman RWF HW Img South African-born British stage/film/television actress, film director,
Clive Swift Img British film/television actor, songwriter,
Sydney Tafler Img British film/television actor, ExLink
Dame Elizabeth Taylor RWF HW Img British-born American actress, (convert to Judaism)
Hannah Taylor-Gordon Img British film/television actress,
Aaron Taylor-Johnson RWC HW Img British film/television actror,
Ellaline Terriss Img British actress, singer,
Tom Terriss Img British actor, scrrenwriter, film director,
William Terriss Img British actor,
Karl Theobald Img British comedian, comedy actor,
Alan Tilvern Img British film/television actor,
Harry Towb Img Northern Irish actor, (Jewish father)
Meier Tzelniker Img British stage/film actor,
Frederick Valk Img German-born British stage/screen actor,
Frankie Vaughan Img British pop singer, actor,   Let's Make Love
Anton Walbrook Img Austrian-born British actor, (Jewish mother)
Sam Wanamaker Img American British actor/director,  
Zoe Wanamaker RWF HW Img American-born British actress,
Hannah Ware Img British model, actress,  
David Warner RWC Img British actor, (Jewish father)
Gary Warren Img British child actor, The Rayway Children
Rachel Weisz RWF HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father/ maternal grandfather)
Naomi Westerman Img British actress, writer,   
Harry Wilson Img British character actor,
Sophie Winkleman Img British actress, (Jewish father)
Bernie Winters Img British comedian, television actor,
Mike Winters Img British comedian, actor,
Sheree Winton RWC Img British film/television actress, (convert to Judaism)
Henry Woolf Img British actor, theater director,
Leslee Udwin Img Israeli-born Brirish filmmaker, actress, producer,
Henny Youngman Img British-born American comedian, film actor,
Bulgarian actors
Albert Cohen HW Img Bulgarian-born Israeli stage actor, director, singer,
Avner Hizkiyau HW Img Bulgarian-born Israeli actor,
Itzhak Fintzi RWF HW Img Bulgarian film/stage actor,
Shabtai Konorti HW Img Bulgarian-born Isteli actor,
Canadian actors //actorCan
Rebecca Addelman Img Canadian comedian, writer, actress,
Natalie Appleton RWF Img British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother)
Nicole Appleton RWC Img British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother)
Lawrence Aronovitch Img Canadian playwright, actor,
Harvey Atkin Img Canadian film/television actor, Law & Order
Matt Austin Img Canadian actor, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Yank Azman Img Canadian film/television actor, television prtsonality,
Brigitte Bako RWC Img Canadian film/television actress, Red Show Diaries
Liane Balaban Img Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish father) New Waterford Girl
Micah Barnes Img Canadian pop singer/songwriter, actor,
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Img Canadian television actress, (half-Jewish)
Jay Baruchel RWF HW Img Canadian actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather)  
Frances Bay Img Canadian-born American character actress,
Marc Bendavid Img Canadian film/stage/television actor, (Jewish father)
Sonia Benezra Img Canadian television personality, talk show host,
Julia Benson Img Canadian actress, ???
Michael Benyaer Img Canadian-born American actor,
Lani Billard Img Canadian television actress, singer, Ready or Not
Ben Blue Img Canadian actor, comedian,
Trevor Blumas Img Canadian film/television actor, singer/songwriter,
Hart Bochner HW Img Canadian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer,
Lloyd Bochner Img Canadian actor,
Paul Braunstein Img Canadian film/telvision actor,
Bobby Breen Img Canadian-born American child actor, singer,
Genevieve Buechner Img Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish stepfather)
Inga Cadranel Img Canadian actress, (Jewish father)
Christian Campbell RWF Img Canadian stage/film actor, (Jewish mother) Trick
Neve Campbell RWF HW Img Canadian actress, (Jewish mother), Party of Five
Maury Chaykin RWF Img American-born Canadian film/television actor,
Jonas Chernick Img Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter,
Emmanuelle Chriqui  RWC HW Img Canadian teen film/television actress, Entourage
Aaron Cohen RWC Img Canadian-born American Israeli writer, director, actor, counter-terrorism operator,
Michael Cohen Img Canadian television actor, writer,
Lauren Collins Img Canadian stage/film/television actress, Degrassi: The Next Generation
Paulo Costanzo HW Img Canadian-born American television actor, (Jewish mother)
David Cronenberg RWF HW Img Canadian film director, screenwriter, actor,
Jessi Cruickshank Img Canadian television personality, (Jewish mother)
Karen David RWC Img Indian-born Canadian British actress, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Aaryn Doyle Img Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, model, (Jewish descent)
Aubrey Drake Graham RWF HW Img Canadian artist, actor, rapper, (Jewish mother)
Ellen Dubin Img Canadian television actress,
Leon Dubinsky RWC Img Canadian film/television actor, theater director, composer,
Barbara Dunkelman Img Canadian manager of Rooster Teeth Productions, voice actress,
Sarah Edmondson Img Canadian film/television actress,
Erica Ehm Img Canadian video jockey, actress, songwriter,  
Ophira Eisenberg Img Canadian-born American actress, comedian, writer,
David Eisner Img Canadian actor, theater director,
Jamie Elman Img American-born Canadian film/television actor,
Jake Epstein Img Canadian actor, singer, Degrassi: The Next Generation
Josh Epstein Img Canadian stage/film/television actor, screenwriter, producer, playwright,
Stacey Farber Img Canadian-born American television actress, Degrassi: The Next Generation
Amit Farkash RWF Img Canadian-born Israeli television actress, singer,
Brendan Fehr Img Canadian actor,
Hershey Felder Img Canadian pianist, stage actor, playwright, composer, producer,
Shane Feldman Img Canadian actor,
Jeremy Ferdman Img Canadian film/television/stage actor,
Niv Fichman Img Israeli-born Canadian film producer, actor, director,
Nathan Fielder Img Canadian writer, comedian, television actor,
Ken Finkleman Img Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, producer,
Diane Flacks Img Canadian actress, screenwriter, playwright,
Lewis Furey Img Canadian composer, singer, violinist, pianist, actor, director,  
Soo Garay Img Canadian actress, (Jewish mother)
Hope Garber Img Canadian actress, singer,
Victor Garber RWF HW Img Canadian-born American film/stage/television actor, singer,
Yani Gellman Img American-born Canadian stage/film/television actor,
Brian George RWC HW Img Israeli-born British Canadian actor,
Jessalyn Gilsig Img Canadian actress, (Jewish father) Boston Public
Joanna Gleason Img Canadian-born American actress, singer,
Sarah Goldberg RWC Img Canadian actress,
Jake Goldsbie Img Canadian stage/television actor, Degrassi:The Next Generation
Anais Granofsky Img Canadian actress, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Richard Greenblatt Img Canadian playwright, actor,
Lorne Greene Img Canadian American actor,  Bonanza
Corey Haim RWF HW Img Canadian-born American actor,
Monty Hall Img Canadian-born American producer, actor, singer, sportscaster,
Josette Halpert Img Canadian actress, writer,
Eve Harlow Img Canadian actress,
Paul Hecht Img British-born Canadian stage/film/television actor, ExLink
David Hein Img Canadian composer, librittist, musician, actor,
David Julian Hirsh Img Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, producer,
Alex Hood Img Canadian actor, singer, Beyblade
Jeremy Hotz Img South-African-born Canadian actor, stand-up comedian,
Kenny Hotz Img Canadian actor, producer, director, journalist, writer, television personality,
Tajja Isen Img Canadian actress, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Lou Jacobi Img Canadian stage/film/television actor, 
Noam Jenkins Img Canadian television actor, 
Daniel Kash Img Canadian actor, director,
Linda Kash Img Canadian actress,
Daphna Kastner Img Canadian fim/television actress, screenwriter, film director,   
John Kastner Img Canadian documentary filmmaker, actor, 
Peter Kastner Img Canadin-born actor,
Judah Katz Img Canadian film/television actor, 
Jacob Kemp Img American-born Canadian actor,
Anita Kert Ellis Img Canadian-born American actress, singer, television personality,
Shane Kippel Img Canadian television actror, Degrassi:The Next Generation
Mia Kirshner RWC HW Img Canadian actress,
Paul Kligman Img Romanian-born Canadian television/voice actor,
Adam Korson Img Canadian film/stage/television actor,
Stephen Kramer Glickman Img Canadian-born American film/television actor, stand-up comedian,   
Jack Kruschen Img Canadian actor, The Apartment
Rosa Laborde Img Canadian actress, playwright,
Lisa Lambert Img Canadian film/stage/television actor, composer,
Shira Lazar Img Canadian television personality, actress, video blogger,
Rachelle Lefevre RWF Img Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish mother)
Sylvia Lennick Img Canadian comedic stage/television actress,  
Caissie Levy Img Canadian stage actress, singer,
Daniel Levy Img Canadian television personality, host, actor, producer,
Eugene Levy RWF HW Img Canadian actor, comedian, television director, producer, writer, American Pie
Sarah Levy RWC Img Canadian actress, (Jewish father)
Shawn Levy RWF HW Img Canadian-born American director, producer, actor, screenwriter,
Marilyn Lightstone Img Canadian film/television/voice actress, radio personality,
Jaclyn Linetsky RWF Img Canadian actress, 15/Love
Zach Lipovsky RWC Img Canadian actor, director,
Mike Lobel Img Canadian fim/television actor,
Otto Lowy Img Czech-born Canadian voice actor, radio host, playwright,
Daniel Magder Img Canadian film/television actror,
Howie Mandel Img Canadian actor, comedian,
Alan Mandell Img Canadian-born American actor,
Larry Mann Img Canadian film/television/voice actor, broadcaster,
Paul Mann Img Canadian film/stage actor,
Mitch Markowitz Img Canadian film/television executive, producer, screenwriter, film/television actor,
Belinda Metz Img Canadian actress, choreographer, songwriter,
Ari Millen Img Canadian actor,
Rick Moranis RWF Img Canadian-born actor, comedian,
Harley Morenstein Img Canadian actor, cooking show creator,
Alanis Morissette Img Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, record producer, actress, (Jewish mother ???)
Albert Nerenberg Img Canadian documentary filmmaker, actor, journalist,   
Corinne Orr Img Canadian-born American stage/radio/film/television actress,
Meghan Ory Img Canadian film/television actress,
Iris Paluly Img Israeli-born Canadian actress, 
Sarah Polley RWC HW Img Canadian actress, writer, producer, film director, (Jewish biological father)
Michael Posner Img Canadian journalist, biographer, actor,
Jenn Proske RWC Img Canadian-born American actress, (convert to Judaism)
Jesse Rath Img Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Meaghan Rath RWC Img Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Mark Rendall Img Canadian film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Gloria Reuben RWF HW Img Canadian-born American film/television actress, producer, singer, (Jewish father)
Spencer Rice Img Canadian author, director, producer, comedian, actor,
Seth Rogen RWF HW Img Canadian-born actor, comedian, screenwriter, Freeks and Geeks
Sasha Roiz RWF HW Img Israeli-born Canadian television actor,   
Jackie Rosenbaum Img Canadian television actress, In a Heartbeat
Thea Rosenquist Img German-born Canadian stage/film actress,
Saul Rubinek Img German-born Canadian film/television actor, director, producer, playwright, Ticket to Heaven
Jonathan Sagall RWF Img Canadian-born Israeli actor, film/television director, screenwriter,
Mort Sahl Img Canadian-born American comedian, actor,
Avery Saltzman Img Canadian film/stage/television actor, theater director,
Talia Schlanger Img Canadia radio broascaster, actress,
Paul Shaffer RWC Img Canadian television comedian, musician, actor, composer,
Omar Sharif, Jr Img Canadian actor, model, gay activist, (Jewish mother)
William Shatner RWF HW Img Canadian American actor, Star Trek
Norma Shearer RWF HW Img Canadian-born American actress, (convert to Judaism)
Lady Joanna Shimkus RWF Img Canadian actress, model, (Jewish father)
Frank Shuster Img Canadian comedian, television actor,
Anna Silk RWF Img Canadian stage/film/television actress, (convert to Judaism)
Amy Sky Img Canadian singer/songwriter, record producer, stage actress, television host,
Paul Soles Img Canadian actor, televisin personality,
Larry Solway Img Canadian actor, radio/television personality, broadcaster,
David Steinberg Img Canadian actor, comedian, director, writer,
Stuart Stone Img Canadian actor, comedian, rapper, writer, producer,
Tara Strong RWF HW Img Canadian-born American voice actress, comedian, singer,
Russell Stuart Img Canadian film producer/director, writer, actor, talent manager,
Kyle Switzer Img Canadian television actor, 15/Love
Dov Tiefenbach Img Canadian film/television actor, musician,
Sarah Torgov Img Canadian film/television actress,
Theresa Tova Img Canadian actress, singer, playwright,
Vanity Img Canadian songwriter/singer, model, actress dancer, (Jewish mother)
Katya Virshilas RWF Img Lithuanian-born Canadian actress, dancer,
Marian Waldman Img Canadian stage/film/television actress, screenwriter,
Al Waxman Img Canadian film/television actor, television director, Cagney and Lacey
Ariel Waller Img Canadian child actress, Life with Derek
Dora Wasserman Img Ukrainian-born Canadian actress, playwright, theater director,
Johnny Wayne Img Canadian comedian, comedy writer, stage/radio/television actor,
Danny Wells Img Canadian film/television actor, voice actor, composer,
Joseph Wiseman RWF Img Canadian film/television actor,    Dr. No
Finn Wolfhard Img Canadian actor, musician, (Jewish descent)
Nanette Workman Img American-born Canadian singer/songwriter, actress, author,
Scott Yaphe Img Canadian actor, comedian,  
Noam Zylberman Img Israeli-born Canadian voice actor,
Chilean Actors //actorChi
Bastian Bodenhofer Img Chilean television actor, model, theater director, musician,
Damian Bodenhofer Img Chilean model, stage/television actor, (Jewish father)
Maira Bodenhofer Img Chilean stage/television actor, (Jewish father)
Katyna Huberman Img Chilean stage/film/television actress, broagcaster,
Anita Klesky Img Chilean journalist, actress,
Ariel Levy Img Chilean film/television actor, singer,
Blanca Lewin Img Chilean film actress, television presenter,
Jose Palma Img Chilean television actor, playwright, musician,
Denise Rosenthal RWC Img Chilean actress, singer, model,  
Paul Schwartz Img Chilean stage/film/television actor,
Nissim Sharim Img Chilean actor, director,
Paula Sharim Img Chilean television actress,  
Yael Unger Img Uruguay-born Chilean stage/television actress,
Jacobo Winograd Img Chilean entrepreneur, actor, comedian,
Alex Zisis Img Chilean film/stage/television actor,
Colombian Actors
Humberto Dorado Img Colombian television actor, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, producer,
Fanny Mikey Img Argentine-born Colombian actress, entrepreneur,  
Yaneth Waldman Img Colombian singer, television actress, presenter,
Croatian Actors
Relja Basic Img Croatian actor, politician, (Jewish mother)
Vinko Bresan Img Croatian film/television actor, film director, (Jewish maternal descent)
Lea Deutsch Img Croatian child actress,
Mira Furlan HW Img Croatian actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Babylon 5
Sonja Kastl Img Croatian film/stage actress, dancer, choreographer,
Marija Kohn Img Croatian stage/television/film actress, (Jewish father)
Czech Actors
Iva Bittova Img Czech violinist, singer, composer, actress, (Jewish mother) ExLink
Marek Eben Img Czech actor, singer, composer, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Hana Flekova Img Czech singer, stage/television actress, (Jewish father)
Lisl Frank Img Czech-born singer, dancer, actress,
Hugo Haas Img Czech director, actor,
Esther Janeckova Img Czech television actress, television/radio presenter,
Milos Kopecky Img Czech actor, (Jewish mother)
Jan Kraus Img Czech actor,
Josef Laufer Img French-born Czech actor, singer, screenwriter, director, translator, presenter, (Jewish father)
Stefan Lux HW Img Czech journalist, actor, film director,
Ota Ornest Img Czech playwright, theater director, actor,
Leos Sucharipa Img Czech actor, playwright, translator, theater theorist,
Danish Actors
Susanne Bier RWC Img Danish director, screenwriter, producer, actress,
Kim Bodnia Img Danish actor, director, screenwriter,
David Dencik Img Swedish-born Danish  actor, (Jewish father)
Thomas Hagen Danish actress, ballet dancer,
Max Hansen Img German-born Danish singer, cabaret artist, film/stage actor, comedian, (Jewish father)
Johanne Luise Heiberg Img Danish actress, (Jewish mother)
Dutch Actors
Louis Bouwmeester Img Dutch actor,
Max Croiset Img Dutch film actor, playwright, theater director,
Isa Hoes Img Dutch voice actress, (Jewish mother)
Jeroen Krabbe Img Dutch actor, film director, (Jewish mother)
Ischa Meijer Img Dutch journalist, author, actor, television presenter,
Abraham Bueno de Mesquita Img Dutch comedian, actor, stage artist,
Stefan van de Staak Img Dutch actor, film director, (Jewish mother)
Egyptian Actors
Camelia HW Img Egyptian actress,   
Alexander D'Arcy Img Egyptian actor,   
Basma Hassan Img Egyptian actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Togo Mizrahi HW Img Egyptian film director, actor, producer, screenwriter,
Elias Moadab Img Egyptian-born  film actor,
Mounir Mourad HW Img Egyptian singer, artist, composer,
Leila Mourad RWF HW Img Egyptian singer, actress,
Faiza Roushdi HW Img Egyptian-born  actress, singer,
Filipina actors
Sheryl Cruz Img Filipina actress, singer, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Lilia Dizon Img Filipina actress, (Jewish father)
Andi Eigenmann Img Filipina actress, model, (Jewish descent)
Enrique Gil Img Filipino actor, dancer, singer, model, (Jewish descent)
Derrick Monasterio Img Filipino actor, dancer, singer, (Jewish biological paternal grandmother)
Yassi Pressman Img British-born Filipino actress, model, television personality, dancer, singer, (Jewish father)
Rosa Rosal Img Filipina film actress, (Jewish paternal descent)
Rosanna Roces Img Filipina film/television actress, 
Susan Roces Img Filipina film actress, (Jewish mother),
Rosemarie Sonora Img Filipina child actress, (Jewish mother)
Filnish actors
Henake Schubak Img Finnish stage actress, theater director,
Elis Sella Img Finnish actor,  
Seela Sella RWC Img Finnish film/television actress,  (convert to Judaism)
Mauritz Stiller RWF Img Finnish-born Swedish actor, screenwriter, film director,
Hanna Taini Img Finnish actress,
French actors //actorFr
Ary Abittan RWC Img French film/television actor, humorist,
Kev Adams RWC Img French comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer,
Anouk Aimee RWF HW Img French actress, (Jewish father/convert to Judaism) A Man and A Woman
Rene Alexandre Img French actor,
Mathieu Amalric RWF HW Img French film/television actor, film director, (Jewish mother)
Richard Anconina Img French actor,
Alexandre Arcady RWF Img Algerian-born French actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother)
Pierre Arditi RWF Img French film/stage actor, (Jewish father)
Nora Arnezeder RWF Img French actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Aure Atika RWC Img Potuguese-born French film/television actress, writer, director, (Jewish mother)
Yvan Attal RWF HW Img Israeli-born French director, actor,
Jean-Pierre Aumont Img French actor,
Jennifer Ayache RWV Img French singer, (Jewish father)
Jean-Pierre Bacri RWC HW Img Algerian-born French actor, screenwriter,
Josiane Balasko Img French actress, writer, director,
Jeanne Balibar RWF Img French actress, singer,
Pierre Barouh RWF Img French composer, singer/songwriter, actor, ExLink
Harry Baur Img French actor, (Jewish father)
Emmanuelle Beart RWF HW Img French film/television actress, (Jewish father)
George Beer RWC French author, actor,
Josephine Baker RWF Img American-born Fench  dancer, actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Barbara RWF HW Img French singer, actress,
Georges Beller Img French stage/film/television actor, television host,
Samuel Benchetrit Img French writer, actor, film director,
Maurice Benichou RWC Img Algerian-born French actor,   
Jean Benguigui Img Algerian-born French film/stage/television actor,
Sarah Bernhardt RWF Img French film/stage actress, (Jewish mother) RWN
George Berr RWC Img French actor, writer,
Claude Berri RWF HW Img French director,  producer, screenwriter, actor, destributor,
Marilou Berry RWC Img French actress, film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Richard Berry Img French actor, film director, screenwriter,
Dany Boon RWF Img French comedian, actor, (convert to Judaism)
Emmanuelle Bouaziz RWF Img French film/television/stage actress, dancer, singer, screenwriter,
Max Boublil Img French film/television actor, singer, comedian,
Michel Boujenah Img Tunisian-born French actor, producer, director, screenwriter,
Matthieu Boujenah Img French comedian, actor,
Marthe Brandes RWC Img French actress,
Pierre Braunberger Img French film producer, actor,
Zabou Breitman Img French film/television/stage actress, director,
Myriam Bru RWC Img French actress, (Jewish father)
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi RWC Img Italian-born French actress, film director, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Patrick Bruel RWF Img Algerian-born French singer, actor world pocker champion,   
Alain Chabat RWF Img Algerian-born French actor, director, humorist,
Lolita Chammah RWC Img French actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather,father)
Andre Charpak Img Polish-born actor, film director, screenwriter,
David Charvet RWC Img French actor, singer, (Jewish father)
Agnesse Claisse Img French actress, singer, (3/4 Jewish mother)
Tsilla Chelton Img Isaraeli-born French film/stage actress,
Peri Cochin Img Lebanese-born French actress, television presenter,
Daniel Cohen RWC Img French director, actor, screenwriter,
Daniel Cohen-Biran RWC Img Tunisian-born French singer, actor,
Marcel Dalio RWF HW Img French actor, Casablanca
Gerard Darmon RWF Img French actor, singer, 
Bella Darvi RWF Img Polish-born American French actress,
Charles Deburau Img French mime,
Jean-Gaspard Deburau Img Czech-born French actor, mime,    JVL
Charles Denner RWF Img Polish-born French actror,
Jean-Claude Deret Img French television writer, songwriter, actor, playwright,
Frederic Diefenthal Img French actor, director,
Julie Dreyfus HW Img French actress, (Jewish father)
Lea Drucker Img French actress,
Virginie Efira Img Belgian-born French actress, TV presenter, (Jewish descent)
Vincent Elbaz RWC Img French film/television actor,
Pascal Elbe Img French film/television actor, director, screenwriter,  
Jeremie Elkaim RWF Img French film/television actor, screenwriter, director,
Arie Elmaleh Img Moroccan-born French actor,
Gad Elmaleh RWF HW Img Moroccan-born French actor, stand-up comedian, show humorist,    
Daniel Emilfork Img Chilean-born French actor,
Eric Elmosnino Img French actor, musician,
Marie Epstein Img Polish-born French film actress, screenwriter, film director, (Jewish father)
Samson Fainsilber Img Romanian-born French film actor,
Annie Fargue Img Belgian-born French television actress, theatrical producer,
Mylene Farmer Img Canadian-born French singer/songwriter, actress,
Domunique Farrugia RWC Img French actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, humorist,
Raphael Fejto Img French actor, director, author, (Jewish descent)
Lia Felix Img French actress,
Rachel Felix RWF Img French stage actress, RWN
Gregory Fitoussi Img French film/television actor,  
Daniel Forrugia RWC Img French actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, humorist,
Sami Frey Img French film/stage/television actor,
Charlotte Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French film actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Serge Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, screenwriter,
Daniel Gelin Img French film actor, director, screenwriter,   JVL
Manuel Gelin Img French actor,
Xavier Gelin Img French actor, producer, (Jewish father)
Judith Godreche RWF Img French actress, (Jewish father/convert to Judaism) The Man in the Iron Mask
Eva Green RWF HW Img French actress, model, (Jewish mother)
Anouk Grinberg RWF Img French stage/film actress, writer, painter,
Louise Grinberg Img French actress,
Vanessa Guedj Img French actress, singer,
Victor Haim Img French playwright, actor, screenwriter, 
Roger Hanin Img Algerian-born French actor, director,
Raphael Haroche RWC Img French singer/songwriter, actor, composer,
Mireille Hartuch Img French singer/songwriter, actress,
Serge Hazanavicius Img French film/stage actor, director, screenwriter.
Anna Held RWC Img Polish-born American stage actress, singer, dancer,
Robert Hirsch Img French actor,
Robert Hossein RWF Img French actor, director, writer, (Jewish mother)
Isabelle Huppert RWF HW Img French stage/film/television actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Francis Huster Img French stage/film/television actor, film director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother)
Agnes Jaoui HW Img French actress, screenwriter, film director,
Josephine Jobert RWC Img French television actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Marlene Jobert RWF Img Algerian-born French actress, singer, author,
Adan Jodorowsky Img French-born film actor, musician, (Jewish father)
Alma Jodorowsky Img French actress, model, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Brontis Jodorowsky Img Chilean-born French writer, director, actor, (Jewish father)
Elie Kakou Img Tunisian-born French actor, humorist,
Tcheky Karyo RWC Img Turkish-born French actor, (Jewish father)
Mathieu Kassovitz RWF HW Img French actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Munich
Sandrine Kiberlain Img French actress, singer,
Vera Korene Img Ukrainian-born French actress, stage director,
Diane Kurys Img French director, actress,
Christopher Lambert RWC Img American-born American French actor, novelist, producer (Jewish father)
Melanie Laurent RWF HW Img French actress, director, screenwriter,   Inglourious Basterds
Estelle Lefebure Img French actress, model,
Gilles Lellouche RWC Img French actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Josephine de la Baume Img French actress, singer, model, (Jewish mother)
Thomas Langmann RWF Img French producer, actor, (Jewish father)
Philippe Lellouche Img Israeli-born French actor, comedian, playwright,
Julia Levy-Boeken Img French actress, 
Max Linder RWF Img French actor, comedian, film director,   
Vincent Lindon Img French actor, filmmaker, (Jewish father)
Elsa Lunghini Img French singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish mother)
Marcel Marceau RWF HW Img French actor, mime,
Edouard de Max Img Romanian-born French stage/film actor, JVL
Mathilda May Img French film actress, (Jewish father)
Gilbert Melki Img French film actor,
Jean-Pierre Melville HW Img French film director, actor, screenwriter,
Madeleine Milhaud Img French actress, opera librettist,
Jean-Pierre Mocky Img French film director, actor, screenwriter, producer, 
Yves Montand RWF Img Italian-born French singer, actor, (Jewish father) RWN
Serge Nadaud Img Russian-born French stage/film actor,
Geraldine Nakache RWC Img French film/television actress, film director, screenwriter,
Olivier Nakache RWC Img French director, screenwriter, actor,
Bernard Natan Img Romanian-born French film director, producer, screenwriter, actor,
Jean-Pierre Noher Img French stage/film/television actor,
Marianne Oswald Img French singer, actress,
Valerie Quennessen HW Img French stage/film actress,
Gerard Oury RWC HW Img French actor, screenwriter, producer, director,
Morgane Polanski Img French actress, model,
Julien Rassam RWF Img French actor, film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Nita Raya RWF HW Img Moldovan-born French actress, singer, dancer, (Raya Jerkovitch)
Suzanne Reichenberg Img French stage actress, JVL
Yasmina Reza RWF HW Img French playwright, actress, novelist, screenwriter,
Catherine Ringer Img French singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, choreographer, (Jewish father)
Maurice Ronet Img French actor, director, screenwriter,     
Beatrice Rosen RWF Img American-born French actress, (Jewish father)
Baroness Nadine de Rothschild RWC Img French film actress, author, (convert to Judaism)
Anne Roumanoff Img French humorist, actress,
Elie Semoun RWC Img French humorist, actor, singer, film director,
Joann Sfar RWC Img French cartoonist, film director, actor, screenwriter,
Simone Signoret RWF HW Img French actress, (Jewish father), RWN
Eugene Silvain Img French actor, 
Simone Simon RWC Img French actress, (Jewish father) JVL
Tomer Sisley RWC Img German-born French humorist, actor,
Jules Sitruk RWC Img French actor,
Olivier Sitruk Img French comedian, actor, producer,
Soko Img French-born actress, singer, Stephanie Sokolinski
Genevieve Sorya Img French actress,
Nicole Stephane Img French actress, producer, director,
Patrick Timsit RWC Img French humorist, actor, film director, screenwriter,
Elisa Tovati RWC Img French singer, actress, television celebrity,  
Francois Truffaut RWF Img French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish biological father)
Leonor Varela RWF Img Chilean-born French actress, model, (Jewish mother)
Valentine Varela Img French actress,  
Michael Vartan RWF HW Img French-born American film/television actor, (Jewish mother, paternal grandmother)
Sylvie Vartan RWF Img Bulgarian-born French singer, actress, (Jewish mother)
Elisabeth Wiener Img French film/television actress, singer/songwriter,
Ophelie Winter RWF Img French singer, actress, (Jewish father)
Gustave Worms RWC Img French actor, JE
Michael Youn RWC Img French actor, singer, comedian, television/radio personality,
Regine Zylberberg Img Belgian-born French actress, inventor of discotheque, nightclub impresario,
Elsa Zylberstein Img French film/television/stage actress, television personality, (Jewish father)
German actors ExLink //actorGer
Alfred Abel Img German film actor, film director, producer, ???
Aaron Altaras Img German actor, (Jewish mother)
Adriana Altaras Img Croatian-born German actress,
Betty Amann Img German-born German American actress,
Ernst Arndt Img German stage/film actor, 
Anton Asher RWC German actor,   
Hugo Balder Img German stage actor, comedian, television presenter, (Jewish mother)
Ludwig Barnay RWC Img Hungarian-born German stage actor,    ExLink
Elsa Bassermann Img German stage/film actress, screenwriter,
Ben Becker Img German film/stage actor, (Jewish mother)
Maria Becker Img German Swiss film/stage actress, (Jewish mother)
Meret Becker RWF Img German actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Hans Behrendt Img German actor, screenwriter, film director,
Mark Bellinghaus Img German film/television/stage actor,
Iris Berben HW Img German film actress, 
Elisabeth Bergner RWF HW Img Austrian-born German British stage/film actress,
Christian Berkel Img German actor, (Jewish mother)
Trude Berliner Img German film actress, 
Eszter Biro RWC Img Hungarian actress, singer,
Curt Bois Img German-born American actor, 
Ery Bos Img German actress, dancer,   
Barbara Brecht-Schall Img German actress, (Jewish mother)
Eugen Burg RWF Img German film actor, 
Hansi Burg RWF Img Austrian-born German stage/film actress, (Jewish father)
Erik Charell Img German actor, film director,
Traute Carlsen RWC Img German stage/film actress, 
Ludwig Chronegk Img German actor, theater director,
Bogumil Dawison Img Polish-born German stage actor,  
Michael Degen Img German stage/film actor,  
Fritz Delius Img German film actor, theater artist,
Ferdinand Dessoir Img German stage actor,  (Jewish father)
Ludwig Dessoir Img German stage actor, 
Ernst Deutsch Img Czech-born Austrian German stage/film/television actor,
Hugo Doblin Img German stage/film actor,
Ernst Dohm Img German editor, actor, translator,
Hedwig Dohm Img German actress, feminist, author,  
Fred Duren Img German Israeli stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism)
Ida Ehre Img Czech-born German actress, theater director,
Max Ehrlich HW Img German film/stage actor, screenwriter, playwright, theater/cabaret director,
Julius Falkenstein Img German film actor,
Samuel Finzi Img Bulgarian-born German stage/film actor,
Maria Forescu RWF Img Romanian opera singer, film actress,
Andras Fricsay Img Hungarian-born German telvision actor, director,
Siegwart Friedmann Img German  stage actor,  
Gustav Frohlich Img German film/stage actor, film director.
Henrik Galeen Img Austrian-born German screenwriter, film director, actor,
Kurt Gerron RWF HW Img German actor, film director, The Blue Angel
Dora Gerson RWC HW Img German actress, cabaret singer,
Valeska Gert RWF Img German film actress, dancer, cabaret artist, artist's model,
Therese Giehse RWF HW Img German stage/film actress, 
John Gottowt Img German actor, stage/film director,
Alexander Granach RWF Img Ukrainian-born German actor,
Benito Gutmacher Img Argentine German stage actor, theater director,
Nina Hagen RWF Img German singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Monika Hansen Img German stage/film actress,  
Loo Hardy Img German film actress, wiki.G
Annemarie Hase Img German actress, cabaret artist, singer,
Manasse Herbst Img German-born American actor, singer,
Jacob Herzfeld Img German theater director, film actor,
Marcel Hillaire Img German-born American actor,  
Hans Hinrich Img German actor, film/theater director, 
Hanne Hiob Img German actress, (Jewish maternal grandparent)
Johanna Hofer Img German actress, (Jewish father),
Dominique Horwitz Img French-born German film/television actor, singer,
David Hurst Img German-born British American stage/film/television actor, 
Carl Jaffe Img German film/television actor,
Julius Jaffe Img German stage actor, opera singer,
Emil Jannings RWF HW Img Swiss-born German/Austrian actor, producer, (Jewish mother) ???
Eduard Jerrmann Img German actor,
Georg John Img German stage/film actor, 
Gustav Kadelburg Img Hungarian-born German actor, dramatist, writer,
Fritz Kortner RWF Img Austrian-born German theater director, film/stage actor,
Martin Kosleck Img German film actor,  
Adolf Licho Img Ukrainian-born  German actor, screenwriter, film director,
Rose Liechtenstein HW Img German/Polish-born Israeli stage actress,
Kurt Lilien Img German actor,
Friedrich Lobe HW Img German-born Israeli theater director, stage actor,
Ilse Lotz-Dupont Img German actress, screenwriter,
Curt Lowens Img German film/stage actor,  
Fee Malten Img German fim actress,
Erika Mann RWF HW Img German actress, writer, (Jewish mother)
Lucie Mannheim Img German singer, stage/film actress,
Wilhelm Marckwald Img German actor, film/theater director,
Heinrich Marr Img German stage actor,  director.
Maria Matray Img German screenwriter, film actress, choreographer, (Jewish father)
Ferdy Mayne Img German actor,   The Fearless Vampire Killers
Sunnyi Melles Img Luxembourgian-born German television actress,
Michael Mellinger Img German-born film/television actor,  
Harry Meyen RWC Img German film actor, director, (Jewish father)
Inge Meysel RWC Img German actress, (Jewish father),
Brigitte Mira RWC Img German stage/film actress, (Jewish father)
Helga Molander RWF Img German stage/film actress,
Ralph Morgenstern Img German actor,  television presenter,
Grete Mosheim Img German film/stage/television actress, (Jewish father)
Genia Nikolajewa Img Russian-born German film actress,
Max Nosseck Img German film director, actor, screenwriter,
Gil Ofarim HW Img German actor, singer/songwriter,   English Sex
Maria Orska Img Ukrainian-born Polish German stage/film actress,
Paul Otto Img German film actor/director,
Max Pallenberg Img Austrian-born German actor,  singer, comedian,
Lilli Palmer RWF Img Polish-born German American actress,
Dita Parlo Img Polish-born German film actress, ???
Hermann Picha Img German stage/film actor,
Lupu Pick Img Romanian-born German actor,film director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Ernst von Possart RWF Img German actor, theater director, JE
Hedwig Pringsheim Img German actress, 
Emanuel Reicher Img German actor,   ExLink
Frank Reicher Img German-born American  actor, director, producer,  
Hedwiga Reicher Img German actress, 
Luise Rainer RWF HW Img German-born British actress,
Walter Rilla Img German film actor, (part-Jewish) Jewish wife theresa klausner
Palina Rojinski RWC Img Russian-born German television presenter, actress, model, (Jewish father)
Thea Rosenquist Img German-born Canadian stage/film actress,
Margarete Schlegel Img German actress,
Stefan Schnabel Img German television actor, (Jewish father)
Angelika Schrobsdorff Img German writer, actress, (Jewish mother)
Reinhold Schunzel Img German-born American actor, director,
Susan Sideropoulos Img German actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Giulia Siegel RWF Img German actress, host, model, (Jewish father)
Walter Slezak RWF Img Austraian-born  American stage/film/television actor,
Camilla Spira RWC Img German film actress, (Jewish father)
Katta Sterna Img German actress, dancer, (Jewish father)
Erich von Stroheim RWF HW Img Austrian-born German actor, director, screenwriter,
Peter Sturm Img Austian-born German stage/film actor,
Rosa Valetti Img German actress, singer, cabaret performer, ExLink
Frederick Valk Img German-born British stage/screen actor,
Hermann Vallentin Img German actor,   ExLink
Otto Wallburg Img German actor, cabaret performer,
Helene Weigel RWF HW Img Austrian stage actress,
Conrad Wiene Img Austrian-born German actor, screenwriter, film producer/director,
Indira Weis RWC Img German-born actress, singer, (convert to Judaism)
Alfred Zeisler Img American-born German film director, producer, screenwriter, actor,
Nikki van der Zyl Img German voice actress,
Hungarian actors //actorHun
Gitta Alpar Img Hungarian-born German actress, opera singer,  
Irene Ambrus Img Hungarian singer, actress,
Charles Arnau Hungarian actor,  
Eugene Balassa Hungarian actor,
Andras Balint Img Hungarian film actor,  
Zsuzsa Banki Img Hungarian actress,
Marie Barkany Img Slovak-born Hungarian actress,
Rosy Barsony Img Hungarian actress, singer, dancer,
Eva Bartok Img Hungarian actress, (Jewish father)
Gyula Bartos Img Hungarian stage/film actor,  
Juli Basti Img Hungarian actress,  
Louis Basti Img Hungarian actor,  
Laszlo Bekeffi Img Hungarian comedian, cabaret actor,
Lenard Bela Img Austrian-born Hungarian actor,
Tibor Benedek Hungarian actor,  
Oscar Beregi, Sr Img Hungarian film actor,  
Estzer Biro RWC Img Hungarian actress, singer,
Gyula Bodrogi Img Hungarian film/television actor,
Eszter Csakanyi Img Hungarian film actress,  
Laszlo Czakanyi Hungarian actor,  
Terez Csillag Img Hungarian stage actress,  
Lili Darvas RWF Img Hungarian stage/film/television actress,  
Steffi Duna Img Hungarian film actress,  balerina,
Istvan Eger Hungarian actor, theater/radio director, writer, piblicist,
Odon Farago Img Hungarian actor, film, theater director,
Vera Farago Img Hungarian actress,
Reka Farkashazi Img Hungarian stage/television actress,  presenter,
Irene Feld Hungarian actress,  
Alexander Forgach Hungarian actor, theater director,
Andrea Fullajtar Img Hungarian actress,  
Aniko Fur Img Hungarian actress,  
Franciska Gaal RWF Img Hungarian film/stage actress, cabaret artist, RWN
Miklos Gabor RWF Img Hungarian stage/film actor,
Dezso Garas Img Hungarian film/television actor, 
Louis Gardonyi Hungarian actor,  
Joseph Gati Hungarian stage/film actor,  
Endre Gellert Img Hungarian actor, director,
Lajos Gellert Img Hungarian actor,  writer,
Ella Gombaszogi Img Hungarian actress,  
Frida Gombaszogi Img Hungarian actress,  
Zsuzsa Gordon Img Hungarian actress,  
Gyula Gozon Img Hungarian film/stage actor, comedian,
Bela Grosz Hungarian actress,  
Dorka Gryllus Img Hungarian actress,  
Kabos Gyula Img Hungarian film/stage actor, comedian,
Gyorgy Harag Img Romanian-born Hungarian stage actor, theater director,
Endre Harkanyi Img Hungarian actor,  
Judit Hernadi Img Hungarian film/stage/television actress,
Geza Hofi RWF Img Hungarian actor, comedian, cabaret performer,
Eugene Janovics RWF Img Hungarian actor, film director, screenwriter,
Bella Nagy Img Hungarian actress,
Gyula Kabos Img Hungarian actor,  comedian,
Laszlo Kabos Img Hungarian actor,  comedian,
George Kalman Img Hungarian actor,  
Andras Kern Img Hungarian actor, producer, writer, singer, comedian,
Gyorgy Kezdy Img Hungarian actor,  
Ildiko Kishonti Img Hungarian actress,
Emma Komlosy Hungarian actress, singer,
Deszone Kosztolanyi Img Hungarian actress, writer, translator,
Kati Kovacs Img Hungarian pop-rock singer, lyricist, actress,
Tamas Major Img Hungarian stage/film actor,
Lajos Manyai Img Hungarian actor,  
Zsuzsa Manyai Img Hungarian actress,
George Markos Hungarian actor, comedian, parodist,
Joseph Markos Hungarian artist, actor, comedian,
Erika Marozsan RWF Img Hungarian actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
George Miklosy Hungarian actor,  
Stephen Nadai Romanian-born Hungarian actor,
Gyorgy Nagy Img Hungarian actor, writer, illustrator,
Eszter Nagy-Kalozy Img Hungarian actress, ???
Erszi Partos Img Hungarian actress,
Charles Puffy Img Hungarian film actor,  
Peter Puskas Img Hungarian actor, singer,
Imre Raday Img Hungarian film/television actor, director,
Marton Ratkai Img Hungarian actor, comedian,
Geza Rohrig RWF Img Hungarian actor, author, poet,
Kalman Rozsahegyi Img Hungarian stage actor,  
Peter Rudolf Img Hungarian actor,  
Eva Ruttkai RWF Img Hungarian stage/film/television actress,
Stephen Rye Hungarian actor,  
Leontine Sagan Img Hungarian-born Austrian film/stage actress, theater director,
Szoke Sakall HW Img Hungarian-born American actor,  
Bela Salamon Img Hungarian actor, theater director, comedian,
Imre Sarlai Hungarian actor,  
Geza Sebastian Hungarian actor, theater director,
Zsuzsa Simon Img Hungarian actress, director, theater director,
Roza Sonnenschein Img Hungarian actress,
Agi Sopron Hungarian actress,
Teresa Stars Hungarian actress,
Joseph Szabadkay Hungarian actor, film/theater director, theater owner,
Joseph Szekhelyi Hungarian actor, director,
Fay Szerena Img Hungarian actress,
Jeno Sziklai Img Hungarian actor, film/theater director,
Olympia Szolinszky Hungarian actress, (Jewish mother)
Leopold Teller Img Hungarian German actor,  
Jeno Torsz Img Hungarian film/stage actor, writer, film director,
Ernest Vajda Img Slovak-born Hungarian actor, playwright, novelist,
Victor Varconi Img Hungarian silent fim actor,  
Zoltan Varkonyi Img Hungarian actor, film director,
Iren Varsanyi Img Hungarian stage/film actress,
Erno Verebes Img Hungarian-born German American actor,
Stephen Verebes Hungarian actor, comedian, theater director, presenter,
Miklos Vig Img Hungarian jazz singer, actor, comedian,
Joseph Zsudi Hungarian actor, film director,
Indian actors //actorInd
Abhinayashree Img Indian film actress, (Jewish mother)
Anuradha Img Indian film actress,
Firoza Begum Img Indian actress, 
David Cheulkar RWC Img Indian film/stage actor,
Nadira Farhat Img Indian actress, Bollywood star,   Shree 420
Aditya Roy Kapur Img Indian film actor, (Jewish mother)
Kunaal Roy Kapur Img Indian film actor, director, (Jewish mother)
Ruby Myers Img Indian silent-film actress, (screen name: Sulochana)
Pearl Padamsee Img Indian stage actress, director, producer, (Jewish mother)
Irish actors
Amy Huberman RWC Img Irish film/television actress, writer, (Jewish father)
Mark Huberman Img Irish actor, (Jewish father)
Mario Rosenstock Img Irish actor, comedian, musician,  
Italian Actors //actorIta
Claudio Amendola Img Italian actor, television host, director, (Jewish mother)
Cristiana Capotondi RWC Img Italian film/stage/television actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Eugenia Costantini Img Italian actress, (3/4 Jewish mother)
Gioele Dix Img Italian actor, comedian,
Giovanni Emanuel Img Italian stage actor, 
Franca Faldini RWC Img Italian actress, writer, journalist,
Alessandro Fersen Img Polish-born Italian playwright, film/stage/television actor, theater director, author,
Fiorenzo Fiorentini Img Italian actor, screenwriter, composer,
Arnoldo Foa Img Italian film actor, director, painter, sculptor,
Genevieve Galea Img Italian Greek actress, model, (not Jewish)
Paola Gassman Img Italian stage actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Vittorio Gassman RWF HW Img Italian stage/film actor, director, (Jewish mother)
Alessandro Haber Img Italian actor, film director, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Claudio Leigheb Img Italian stage actor, 
Anna Magnani RWF Img Img Egyptian-born Italian stage/film actress, (Jewish mother)
Marcello Mastroianni RWF HW Img Italian film actor, (Jewish mother) RWN
Gustavo Modena Img Italian stage actor, 
Luciano Mondolfo Img Italian stage/film/radio actor, film director,  
Laura Morante Img Italian stage/film actress, (Jewish paternal great-grandmother)
Daria Nicolodi RWC Img Italian actress, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Carla Ottolenghi Img Italian film/stage/television actress,
Moni Ovadia HW Img Bulgarian-born Italian actor, singer, playwright,
Ugo Piperno Img Italian stage actor, 
Cesare Polacco Img Italian stage/film/television actor, 
Raiz Img Italian singer, actor,
Enrico Reinach Img Italian stage actor, 
Virginia Reiter Img Italian actress,
Vittorio Rietti Img Italian-born stage/film actor, film director,
Sydne Rome RWF Img American-born Italian film/television actress, singer,
Deddi Savagnone Img Italian actress,
Rita Savagnone Img Italian actress,
Giuseppe Sichel Img Italian stage actor, 
Franca Valeri Img Italian actress, (Jewish father)
Diego Verdegiglio Img Italian actor, historian, writer,
Monica Vitti Img Italian stage/film actress,
Vittorio Zarfati Img Italian actor,
Mexican actors //actorMex
Rodrigo Abed Img Mexican stage/film/television actor,
Brigitte Alexander Img German-born Mexican author, actress, television director, translator, 
Sophie Alexander Img Mexican film/television/stage actress,  
Susana Alexander Img Mexican stage/film//television actress,
Ari Borovoy Img Mexican singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish father)
Diana Bracho Img Mexican film/television/stage actress, wiki
Erick Elias Img Mexican actor, model, singer,
Humberto Elizondo Img Mexican film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Iran Eory Img Iranian-born Mexican actress, singer, theatrical producer, (Jewish mother)
Diana Golden RWC Img Colombian-born Mexican actress, writer, model,
Israel Jaitovich Img Mexican television presenter, actor, producer,
Fannie Kauffman Img Canadian-born Mexican stage actress, comedian,
Raul Julia-Levy Img Mexican film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Mariana Levy RWF Img Mexican actress, singer, television show host, (Jewish father)
Rebeca Mankita Img Mexican actress,
Luis Gerardo Mendez Img Mexican film/television actor, producer,
Ofelia Montesco Img Peruvian-born Mexican actress,
Norma Mora Img Mexican actress, (Jewish descent)
Sabine Moussier Img German-born Mexican actress, model, ???
Enrique Novi Img Mexican fim/television actor,
Mauricio Ochmann RWC Img Mexican actor, (Jewish mother)
David Ostrosky Img Mexican film/television actor,
Wolf Ruvinskis Img Latvian-born Mexican actor, professional wrestler, magician,
Claudia Salinas Img Mexican actress, model, balerina,
Diego Schoening Img Mexican singer, actor, television host,
Miroslava Sternova Img Czech-born Mexican film actress, (Jewish father)
Hugo Stiglitz Img Mexican actor,
Mark Tacher Img Mexican actor, vocalist, guitarist, conductor,
Ari Telch Img Mexican actor, novelist, television presenter, journalist,
Gloria Trevi Img Mexican singer/songwriter, actress, television presenter, dancer,
Mariana Trevino Img Mexican stage/film actress,
Alberto Zeni Img Mexican actor,
David Zepeda Img Mexican actor, model, singer,
New Zealand actors
Angela D'Audney Img British-born New Zealand television news anchor, actress,
Deb Filler Img New Zealand stage actress,
Danny Mulheron Img New Zealand film/television actor, writer, director,
Taika Waititi Img New Zealand-born film director, screenwriter, painter, actor, (Jewish mother)
Polish actors //actorPol
Agnes Albright Img Polish-born  actress, ???
Adam Aston RWE Img Polish actor, singer,
Aleksander Bardini Img Polish film actor, director,
Liza Barska-Fisher Img Polish film/theater actress, Yiddish,
Michael Bialkowicz Polish actor, cultural activist,
Wlodzimierz Borunski Img Polish actor, director, poet, satirist, translator,
Max Bozyk Img Polish stage/film actror,
Mieczyslaw Bram Img Polish film/stage actor,
Seweryn Broniszowna Img Polish stage/film actress,
Seweryn Dalecki Img Polish stage/film actor,
Piotr Dejmek Img Polish actor, film producer, (Jewish mother)
Adam Domb Img Polish film/stage actor,
Ilona Dynerman Img Polish stage actress,
Shimon Dzigan RWF HW Img Polish-born Israeli actor, comedian, singer,
Sonia Edjelman Polish actress,
Peter Erlich Polish film/stage actor,
Dora Fakiel Img Polish film/stage actress,
Ferdinand Feldman Img Polish stage actor,
James Fisher Polish film/stage actor,
Herman Fisher Polish film/stage actor,
Luba Fischer Img Ukrainian-born Polish film actress,
Anna Frenkel-Knastrowa Polish stage/cabaret actress, journalist,
Piotr Fronczewski Img Poish-born actor, singer,
Leo Fuchs Img Polish/Ukrainian-born American actor,
Edward Gale Polish film/television/stage actor,
Ned Glass Img Polish-born American stage/film/television character actor,
Jakub Goldberg Img Polish actor, screenwriter,
Wiera Gran RWF Img Polish singer, actress,
Stefania Grodzienska RWA Img Polish writer, stage actress, dancer, radio announcer, satirist,
Khan Grosberg Polish actress,
Helena Gruszecka Img Polish film/stage actress,
Ryszarda Hanin Img Polish film/stage actress,
Michael Halicz Polish film/cabaret actor,
Slawomir Holland Img Polish film/stage actor,
Genady Iskhakov Img Kazakh-born Polish actor, opera singer, (tenor)
Sophia Jasinska-Filipowska Polish stage actress,
Ester Kaminska RWN HW Img Polish stage actress,
Ida Kaminska RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Polish film/stage actress,
Kurt Katch Img Polish/Belarusian-born  film/television actor,
Jan Kiepura RWF Img Polish-born actor, singer, (Jewish mother)
Igor Korntyer Polsh stage/cabaret actor, songwriter,
Naomi Korsan-Ekert Polish stage actress, theater director,
Elizabeth Kowalewska Polish stage actress,
Krzysztof Kowalewski Img Polish actor, comedian, (Jewish mother)
Kazimierz Krukowski Img Polish cabaret performer, writer, revue/film actor,
Magdalena Lazarkiewicz Img Polish actress, film director, (Jewish father)
Ola Lilith Img Polish singer, actress,
Bohdana Majda Img Polish film/television/stage actress,
Marian Melman RWE Img Polish film/stage actor, director,
Yevgeny Mitta RWF Img Russian actor,  (Jewish father)
Danuta Mniewska-Dejmek Img Polish stage actress,
Danuta Morel Img Polsh singer, film/stage actress,
Abraham Morewski Img Polish/Lithuanian-born actor, director, writer, translator,
Yanus Morgenstern HW Img Polish director, producer, actor,
Pola Negri RWF HW Img Polish actress, (Jewish descent)
Nora Ney Img Polish film actress,
Miriam Orleska RWC Img Polish-born actress,
Maria Orska Img Ukrainian-born Polish German stage/film actress,
Czeclaw Rajfer Polish singer, stage actress,
Henryk Rajfer Polish film/stage actor,
Sophie Rajfer Polish singer, stage actress,
Lew Rywin Img Russian-born Polish film producer, actor,
Nina Stiller Img Polish singer, actress, dancer,
Jan Szurmiej Img Polish actor, director, producer, choreographer,
Szymon Szurmiej Img Poish-born actor, director, (Jewish mother)
Joanna Szurmiej-Rzaczynska Img Polish stage/film actress,
Golda Tencer Img Polish actress, singer,
Konrad Tom RWF Img Polish actor, writer, singer/songwriter, director,
Jonas Turkow HW Img Polish-born Israeli actor, stage manager, director, writer,
Zygmunt Turkow HW Img Polish-born Israeli stage/film actor, director, playwright,
Aleksander Wegierko Img Polish actor, theater director,
Andrew Wohl Polish film actor, film director/producer,
Romanian Actors //actorRom
Shimon Bar HW Img Romanian-born Israeli actor, singer,
Agnia Bogoslava HW Img Russian-born Romanian Israeli stage actress,
Mircea Crisan HW Img Romanian actor, comedian,
Maria Forescu RWF Img Romanian opera singer, film actress,
Nadia Gray Img Romanian film actress,
Pola Illery Img Romanian-born actress,
Tudor Aaron Istodor Img Romanian actor,
Sophia Karp HW Img Romanian-born actress, singer:soprano,
Elina Lowensohn HW Img Romanan-born American actress,
Carol Marcovici HW Img Romanian singer, stage actor,
Maia Morgenstern RWF HW Img Romanian fim/stage actress,
Kira Muratova RWC Img Romanian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish mother)
Moishe Oysher RWF HW Img Romanian-born American actor, cantor,
Joseph Schmidt RWC HW Img Ukrainian/Romanian-born singer, actor, operatic tenor,
Nicolae Stroe HW Img Romanian comedian, film director, actor,
Monika Vardimon HW Img Romanian-born Israeli actress, singer,
Russian/Soviet actors //actorRuss
Osip Abdulov RWF Img Polish-born Russian stage/film actor,
Vsevolod Abdulov RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, RWN
Elizabeta Abdulova-Metelskaya RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet stage actress,
Mark Aizikovich RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet  singer, actor, composer, theater director,
Liliana Aleshnikova RWF Img Russian actress,    RWJ
Alexander Alferov RWC Img Russian-born director, screenwriter, actor,
Irina Apeksimova Img Russian actress, theater director,
Anna Ardova RWF Img Soviet Russian actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Boris Ardov RWF Img Soviet stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Yan Arlazarov Img Soviet/Russian stage actor, entertainer, RWN
Faivish Arones RWF Img Latvian-born Soviet stage actor, director, playwright, poet, translator,
Aleksandr Askoldov RWF Img Soviet/Russian film director, actor,
Shoshana Avivit RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet actress,
Yevgenia Azarkh-Opalova RWF Img Latvian-born Soviet film/stage actress,
Alexandra Azarh-Granovskaya RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet actress,
Alla Balter RWF Img Russian/Soviet film/stage actress, RWN
Leonid Barats RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian actor, director, screenwriter, 
Olga Barnet RWF Img Russian stage actress,  (Jewish father)
Eino Baskin RWF Img Estonian-born Soviet actor, theater director,
Elya Baskin RWF Img Latvian-born Russian American film/television actor,  
Aleksandr Barushnoy RWN Img Soviet film actor, 
Boris Bekker RWF Img Soviet/Russian stage/film actor,  ???
Efim Berezin RWF Img Ukrainian-born actor,  comedian,
Aleksandr Beniaminov RWF Img Russian-born American stage/film actor,
Veniamin Bensky RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actor, operetta director,
Mark Bernes RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian actor/singer,
Boris Birman RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, singer, director, screenwiter,
Serafima Birman RWF Img Moldovan-born Soviet/Russian actress, director, (Jewish father) RWN
Iona Biy-Brodsky RWN Img Soviet film/stage actor,
Alexander Blank RWE Soviet stage/film actor, director,
Evelina Bledans RWF Img Russian actress, singer, presenter, (Jewish mother)
Vladimir Brodsky RWE Img Russian Ukrainian film/stage actor,
Leonid Bronevoy RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian film/stage actor,
Alla Budnitskaya RWA Img Russian film/television actress,  
Rolan Bykov RWF Img Ukrainian-Born Russian actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) RWN
Elina Bystritskaya RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian actress, 
Anfisa Chekhova RWF Img Russian television presenter, singer, actress,
Emma Chesarskaya RWC Img Ukrainian-born Russian actress, 
Anna Chipovskaya RWF Img Russian actress, singer, (Jewish father) 
Gregori Chmara Img Ukrainian-born Russian actor,   
Vadim Danziger RWE Img Soviet/Russian stage/film actor,
Polina Dolinskaya RWF Img Russian stage/film actress, (Jewish father)
Vladimir Dolinsky RWF Img Soviet/Russian actor,
Igor Dmitriev Img Russian film/stage actor,
Victor Dragunsky HW Img Russian/Soviet stage actor, author,
Tatyana Drubich RWF Img Russian film acress, (Jewish father)
Larisa Dolina RWF HW Img Azerbaijani-born Russian pop/jazz singer, actress,  
Sergei Dreiden RWF Img Soviet/Russian  stage/film actor, (Jewish father)
Valentin Dukler RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actor,
Fyodor Dunayevsky RWF Img Russian/Soviet Israeli actor,
Natalia Efron RWF Img Lithuanian-born Soviet stage/film actress,
Mikhail Epelbaum RWN Img Ukrainian-born Soviet Yiddish singer, actor,
Raisa Etush RWF Img Russian stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father)
Vladimir Etush RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actor,  
Anatoly Falkovich RWF Img Azerbajani-born Soviet stage/film actor,
Oksana Fandera RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian actress, (Jewish mother)
Semyon Farada RWC Img Russian stage/film actor,   RWN
Charles Foerberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born puppets theater actor,
Semyon Furman Img Soviet/Russian actor,
Valentin Gaft RWF HW Img Russian stage/film actor,   
Mikhail Garkavi RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet/Russian comedian, actor,
Arkady Gartsman RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, songwriter, screenwriter, actor,
Mark Geihman RWF Img Soviet/Russian stage/film actor,
Efim Gelfand RWC Img Belarusian-born Soviet actor,
Anna Geller RWE Img Russian stage/film actress,
Emmanuil Geller RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor,  
Evgeny Gimelfarb RWE Img Soviet/Russian director, actor, poet,
Zinovy Gerdt RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor,
Sergei Gerasimov RWF Img Russian-born film director, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish mother)
Aleksei German RWF Img Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish mother)
Igor Gindis RWC Img Russian telejounalist, rock musician, actor,
Sergei Ginzburg RWC Img Russian actor, producer, director,
Boris Gitin RWE Img Soviet/Russian actor,
Zhanna Glebova RWE Img Ukrainian-born Latvian stage/film actress,
Yudif Glizer RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actress,
Mikhail Gluzsky RWE Img Ukrainian-born Soviet actor,
Moisey Goldblatt RWC Img Romanian-born Soviet theater/film director, actor,
Marina Golub RWN Img Soviet/Ruccian actress, television presenter,
Lev Gorelik RWF Img Soviet/Russian artist, actor, satirican, director,
Vera Gordon Img Russian actress,    Answers
Pyotr Gots RWF Soviet/Russian actor,
Alexander Gradsky RWF Img Russian singer/songwriter, poet, composer, actor,
Mara Gri RWF Russian actress,  singer,
Moisey Gurevich RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet actor, director,
Yuli Gusman RWF Img Azebaijani-born Soviet/Russian film director, actor,
David Gutman RWE Img Soviet/Russian actor, film director,
Olga Kabo RWF Img Russian film, stage actress,
Ovsei Kagan RWF Soviet actor,
Alexander Kaidanovsky RWN Img Soviet/Russian actor, film director,
Zoya Kaidanovskaya Img Russian actress, (Jewish father)
Alexander Kalyagin RWF Img Soviet/Russian actor, director, (Jewish mother)
Elena Kamburova Img Russian-born actress, singer, bard, ExLink
Anna Kamenkova RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actress, (Jewish father)
Leonid Kanevsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet Israeli actor,
Mikhail Kaplan RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet actor,
Roman Kartsev RWC Img Ukrainian-born stage/film/television actor,
Andrei Kashker HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli actor,
Konstantin Khabensky Img Russian actor,    Day Watch
Gennady Khazanov RWF HW Img Russian stand-up comedian, actor,
Alicia Khazanova RWF Img Russian stage/film actress, balet dancer, director, producer, screenwriter,
Viktor Khenkin RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet actor, singer,
Vladimir Khenkin RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet actor,  
Evgeniya Khirivskaya RWF Img Russian stage/film actress,
Aleksandr Khochinsky RWN Img Soviet/Russian singer, actor,
Iosif Kolin RWC Img Russian-born Soviet actor,                     
Yefim Kopelyan RWE Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, RWEE
Igor Kostolevsky RWF Img Soviet/Russian film/stage actor,
Aleksandr Kostomolotsky RWE Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet actor,  
David Kovnat RWF Soviet actor, theatrical aministrator,
Kirill Kozakov RWC Img Russian-born Soviet actor, (Jewish grandparent)
Mikhail Kozakov RWF Img Soviet/Russian Israeli director, film/stage actor, (Jewish father)
Roman Kozakov RWF Img Moldavan-born Soviet actor,
Mikhail Kozirev RWE Img Soviet/Russian actor, radio producer,
Saveliy Kramarov RWF Img Russian American actor, comedian,
Semyon Krupnik RWF Img Ukrainian stage actor,
Igor Kvasha RWF Img Russian stage/film actor,
Irina Lachina RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Lev Lemke RWE Img Russian/Soviey actor,   RWEE
Leonid Leonidov Img Ukrainian-born Russian film/stage actor, stage director,
Grigori Liampe RWN Img Belarusian-born Soviet film/stage actor,
Anna Lisyanskaya RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet Israeli actress,
Vasily Livanov HW Img Soviet/Russian actor, director, screenwriter, writer,
Eugene Livshits RWC Img Russian-born Soviet actor,
Leonid Lubashevsky RWF Img Russian Soviet actor, playwright, screenwriter,
Gregory Lyampe RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet film/stage actor, RWN
Sofia Magarill Img Russian actress, RWJ
Anton Makarsky RWF Img Russian actor, singer, 
Maksim Maksimov RWE Img Russian actor, director, 
Cecilia Mansurova RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actress, pedagogue,
Vladimir Mashkov RWC Img Russian-born actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Nadia Meikher RWC Img Ukrainian singer/songwriter, actress, poet, television personality, fashion designer, (Jewish father)
Alexander Menaker RWF Img Russian/Soviet comedian, actor,
Georgy Menglet RWF Img Russian actor,
Maya Menglet RWF Img Russian actress, (Jewish father)
Grigory Merlinsky RWE Img Soviet/Russian stage actor,
Rachel Messerer RWF Img Lithuanian-born Russian film/stage actress,
Vsevolod Meyerhold RWF HW Img Russian-born Soviet theater director, actor, pedagogue, (Jewish father)
Solomon Mikhoels RWF HW Img Latvian-born Russian actor, theater director,