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Josephine Baker RWF Pic American-born French  dancer, actress, singer, (Jewish father) //blackjew
Mario Balotelli Pic Ghanaian-born Italian footballer, (adopted by Jewish parents)
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Pic Canadian television actress, (half-Jewish)
Darrin Bell Pic American cartoonist, (Jewish mother)
Linda Bellos Pic Brirish poitician, businessman, gay rights activist, (Jewish mother)
Yosef Ben-Jochannan Pic Ethiopian-born American historian, (Jewish mother)
Troy Beyer RWF Pic American film director, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father)
Pauline Black Pic British singer, actress, author, (Jewish mother)
Bizzy Bone American rapper, (Jewish mother)
Lisa Bonet RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish mother)
Cameron Boyce HW Pic American teen actor, singer, dancer, (Jewish mother)
David Bluthenthal Pic American basketball player,   
Benjamin Brewer Pic American guitarist, vocalist, (Jewish father)
Hila Bronstein Pic Israeli-born German singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Drew Bundini Brown Pic American boxing trainer, actor, (of Muhammad Ali) 
Eddie Butler HW Pic Israeli singer,
Nell Carter RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, (convert to Judaism)
Danielia Cotton Pic American rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, (convert to Judaism)
Ebro Darden Pic American radio show host, (Jewish mother)
Craig David HW Pic British singer, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Sammy Davis, Jr RWF HW Pic American dancer, singer, multi-instumentalist, (convert to Judaism)
Robert DeLarge Pic American representaive, 1871-73, (Jewish father)
Aaryn Doyle Pic Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, model, (Jewish descent)
Aubrey Drake Graham RWF HW Pic Canadian artist, actor, rapper, (Jewish mother)
David Ehrenstein Pic American film critic, (Jewish father)
Ray Ellington Pic British singer, drummer, bandleader, (Jewish mother)
Diane Engber American teacher, writer, (Jewish mother, grandmother)
Anthony Ervin HW Pic American swimmer, (Jewish mother)
Jordan Farmar HW Pic American basketball player, (Jewish mother)
Laika Fatien Pic French jazz singer, (Jewish mother)
Arthur Fauset Pic American civil rights activist, anthropologist, folklorist, educator, (Jewish mother)
Micah Franklin Pic American baseball player, (Jewish father)
Aaron Freeman Pic American journalist, stand up comedian, author, cartoonist, blogger, (convert to Judaism)
Goapele RWC Pic American R&B singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother)
Max Goldberg Creator of YTMND (Jewish mother)
Anais Granofsky Pic Canadian actress, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Reuben Greenberg Pic American police chief of Charleston, South Carolina (Jewish father, convert to Judaism)
Lani Guinier American law professor, (Jewish mother)
Margaret Hamburg Pic American Commisioner of Food and Drugs Administration 2009-15, (Jewish father)
Ben Harper Pic American guitarist, blues singer, (Jewish mother)
Kali Hawk Pic American film/television actress, comedian, model, (half-Jewish)
Carolivia Herron Pic American author, (convert to Judaism)
Kidada Jones Pic American actress, writer, model, musician, (Jewish mother)
Lisa Jones Pic American screenwriter, (Jewish mother)
Rashida Jones RWF HW Pic American actress, writer, model, musician, (Jewish mother)
Zab Judah Pic American proffesional boxer, 
Bob Kaufman Pic American bit poet, (Jewish father)
Jamaica Kincaid RWF Pic Antiguan-born American novelist, (convert to Judaism)
Baroness Oona King RWF HW Pic British former Member of Parliament, (Jewish mother)
Boris Kodjoe Pic Austrian-born American actor, fashion model, (Jewish mother)
Clea Koff Pic American forensic anthropologist, (Jewish father)
Yaphet Kotto RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish father) 
Lenny Kravitz RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, guitarist, (Jewish father)
Jael American model and reality TV star, (Jewish father)
Julius Lester Pic American children's writer, academic, (convert to Judaism)
Lauren London Pic American film/television actress, model, (Jewish father)
Elliott Maddox Pic American baseball player, (convert to Judaism)
Saoul Mamby Pic American WBC light welterfeight boxing champion,
Esti Mamo HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli model, actress,
Bob Marley RWF HW Pic Jamaican singer/sonqwriter, guitarist, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Adisu Massala RWC HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli politician,  
David Matthews Pic American author, (Jewish mother)
Wentworth Matthew Nigerian-born founder of  Commandment Keepers
Taylor Mays Pic American football player, (Jewish mother)
James McBride HW Pic American journalist, writer, saxophonist, composer, (Jewish mother)
Adah Menken Pic American actress, painter, poet, (convert to Judaism)
Mezz Mezzrow Pic American jazz clarinetist,
Abbie Mitchell Pic American actress, opera singer, (Jewish father)
Walter Mosley Pic American novelist, (Jewish mother)
Keariene Muizz Pic American painter, (Jewish mother)
Joshua Nelson Pic American gospel singer,
Sophie Okonedo RWF HW Pic British actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Micol Ostow Pic American author, editor, educator, (Jewish father)
Sydney Tamiia Poitier RWF Pic American film/telvision actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Marvin Pontiac American R&B singer, (Jewish mother)
Rain Pryor Pic American film/television actress, comedian, (Jewish mother)
Joshua Redman HW Pic American jazz saxophonist, (Jewish mother)
Gloria Reuben RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American film/television actress, producer, singer, (Jewish father)
Don Robey American record company executive, (one Jewish parent)
Tracee Ross RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father)
Rowetta Pic British singer, (Jewish mother)
Maya Rudolph RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, (Jewish father)
Sirak Sabahat RWC Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli actor,
Meskie Shibru-Sivan RWC Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli singer, actress,
Selan Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, arranger, musical director/producer, (half-Jewish)
Shyne Pic American rapper, (convert to Judaism) (Jewish grandmother)
Frank Silvera Pic Jamaican-born American actor, theater director, (Jewish father),
Willie Smith Pic American jazz pianist, (Jewish father)
Jake Smollett Pic American actor, (Jewish father)
Jurnee Smollett RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father)
Jussie Smollett RWF Pic American film/television actor, photographer, (Jewish father)
Stephanie St. James Pic American actress, singer, (Jewish mother)
Amar'e Stoudemire Pic American basketball player, (Jewish mother)
Mona Sutphen Pic Deputy White House Chief if Staff  Obama (Jewish mother)
Khleo Thomas Pic American actor, singer, rapper, (Jewish mother)
S.K. Thoth Pic American performance artist, (Jewish father)
Andre Tippett Pic American football player, (convert to Judaism)
Rachel True Pic American film/stage actress, fashion model, (Jewish father)
Ike Turner Pic American musician, bandleader, record producer, (convert to Judaism)
Vanity Pic Canadian songwriter/singer, model, actress dancer, (Jewish mother)
Rebecca Walker HW Pic American feminist writer, (Jewish father)
Justin Warfield Pic American vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, (Jewish mother)
Robin Washington Pic American journalist, filmmaker, (Jewish mother)
Omar Wasow Pic Kenyan-born American internet analyst, co-founder BlackPlanet.com, (Jewish father)
Jamila Wideman American basketball player, (Jewish mother)
Andre Williams Pic American musician, (convert to Judaism)
Jackie Wilson Pic American soul singer, (convert to Judaism) 
Prophets, Seers //seer //prophet
David Berglas Pic German-born British mentalist, illusionist,
Sylvia Browne Pic American psychic, medium, fraudster, (Jewish father)
Uri Geller RWF HW Pic Israeli-born illusionist, psychic,
Robert Hand Pic American astrologer, translator, author,  
Erik Hanussen Pic Czech-born German mentalist, occultist, astrologer,
Mary the Jewess RWF HW Pic ancient alchemist,
Wolf Messing RWF Pic Polish-born Russian psychic, RWN
Michel Nostradamus RWF Pic French physician, astrologer, seer of the Future, ExLink
Sydney Omarr astrologer ExLink
Lior Suchard Pic Israeli mentalist,
Descendors of  cantonists
Sergei Abramovich-Baranovsky RWC Pic Russian-born military, jurist, major general,
Alexander Adrianov RWC Pic Soviet military, major general, ???
Mikhail Alekseev Pic Russian military, general lieutenant, ???
Dan Ben Amotz RWC
Rachel Bluwstein (Rachel) RWE HW Pic Russian-born Israeli poet, songwriter,
Vasily Boysman RWC Pic Soviet military, capitan of I Rang,
Vladimir Boysman RWC Soviet military, major general,
Nikolai Bukretov RWC Pic Russian military, major general,
Alexander Gadlo RWC Soviet historian, ethnographer,
Aleksandr Geiman RWC Pic Russian military commander, lieutenant general,
Vasily Geiman RWC Pic Russian military commander, lieutenant general,
Samuil Greig RWC Pic Russian Minister of Finance 1878-80, (Jewish mother)
Mikhail Grulev RWM HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian military commander, general lieutenant,
Alexander Hanukov
Nikolai Ivanov RWC Russian miltary, general of Artillery,
Semion Kaufman RWC
Veniamin Kaverin RWF Pic Russian author,
Yakov Kefeli
Nikolai Kozlov RWC Russian military physician,
Yakov Kreizer RWF HW Pic Field Army Commander, general of the Army,
Mikhail Levenson RWF Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for External Trade 1934-46,
Ivan Maisky RWF Pic Soviet Ambassador to Finland 1929-32 UK 1932-43
Stepan Makarov RWC Pic Russian military, Vice Admiral, ???
Mikhail Mil RWF HW Pic Russian engineer, helicopters constructor,
Vladimir Nabokov RWF HW Pic Russian American novelist, ???
Semyon Nadson RWF Pic Russian poet, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Nikolai Nevakhovich RWC Russian military commander, lieutenant general, ???
Mikhail Polianovsky RWC Russian military commander, major general, geodezist,
Aleksey Sapsay RWF Russian Vice Admiral,
Pyotr Sekerinsky RWC Russian military commander, lieutenant general,
Ariel Sharon RWF HW Pic prime minister of Israel 2001-05, major general,
Boris Shteifon RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Russian military commander, lieutenant general, (Jewish father)
Yakov Sverdlov RWF HW Pic Russian-born First President of USSR,
Joseph Trumpeldor RWF HW Pic Russian-born zionist activist,
Sergey Tseil RWC Pic Russian military commander, lieutenant general,
Alexander Yevreinov RWC Russian military commander, lieutenant general, Yevreinovi
Lev Zilber RWF Pic Russian microbiologist,  immunologist, virologist, 
Explorers //explorer
Meir Ashkenazi Crimean explorer, envoy of Khan of Crimea,
Moses ben Mordecai Bassola Italian-born  Holy Land traveller, rabbi, cabalist,
Benjamin of Tudela RWC Pic Spanish explorer, travel writer 1159-73
J.J. Benjamin Pic Romanian traveller,
Josh Bernstein Pic American anthropologist, explorer, suvuvak expert, actor, television personality,
Emil Bessels RWE Pic German physician, arctic explorer,
Louis Gustave Binger RWC Pic French officer, explorer,
Alberto del Canto RWC Mexican nobleman, military, mayor of Monterrey,
Luis de Carvajal y Cueva Pic Portugese-born Mexican founder/governor  of Nuevo Leon,
Joseph Chorny Belarusian-born russian traveller, explorer,
Christopher Columbus Pic Italian-born Spanish novigator, explorer, ???
Eldad ha-Dani merchant, traveler, explorer,
Bartolomeo Dias Pic Portuguese sailor, explorer, (Jewish descent)
Diogo Dias Portuguese explorer,
Fernao Dias Pais RWC Pic Brazilian-born Portuguese explorer, 
Oscar Eckenstein Pic British rock climber, mountaineer, (Jewish father)
Samuel Fenichel Pic Hungarian traveler, explorer,
Baron Raimondo Franchetti Italian expolrer, aristocrat,
Peter Freuchen Pic Danish explorer, anthropologist, (Jewish father)
Eduard Glaser Pic Czech-born archaeologist, arabist, explorer,
Ishtori Haparchi French-born physician, topographer, traveler,
Domino Harvey RWF Pic British bounty hunter, (Jewish father)
Angelo Heilprin Pic Hungarian-born American geologist, palenthologist, naturalist, explorer,
Nathaniel Isaacs Pic British adventurer, explorer,
Edward Israel Pic American astronomer, polar explorer,
Abraham ben Jacob Medieval historian, geographer, traveler,
Annie Kopchovsky Pic Latvian-born American around the world touring cyclist, journalist, Annie Londonderry
Fernao de Loronha RWC Portuguese merchant, explorer,
Jorge de Menezes RWC Portugese governor of Ternate, New Gvinea,
Diego de Montemayor RWC Pic Spanish-born second governor of Nuevo Leon 1588-1610, founder of Monterrey, (converso descent)
Fernao de Noronho Portuguese explorer,
Emin Pasha RWC HW Pic German-born Egyptian province governor,
Aldo Pontremoli Italian physicist, polar explorer,
Julius Popper RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Argentine engineer, town designer, cartographer, explorer,
Gonzalo Jimenez de Qiesada Pic Spanish explorer, conquistador in Colombia, (converso)
Petachiah of Ratisbon Czech-born rabbi, traveller,
Solomon Riemann European traveller,
Geza Roheim Pic Hungarian-born American anthropolgist, ethnologist, psychoanalyst, 
Rudolf Samoilovich RWN Pic Russian polar explorer,
Isaac Schlossbach Pic American polar explorer, submariner, aviation pioneer,
Tibor Sekelj Pic Hungarian-born Serbian polyglot, explorer, author,
Tibor Szekely HW Pic Slovak-born Hungarian Serbian explorer, writer,
Theodore Solomons Pic American explorer,
Sir Aurel Stein Pic Hungarian-born British archaeologist, geographer,
Raposo Tavares RWC Pic Portuguese explorer, (Jewish mother)
Pedro Teixeira RWC Pic Portuguese explorer,
Luis de Torres RWC HW Pic Spanish interpreter, (converso)
Armin Vambery RWF HW Pic Hungarian orientalist, traveler,   
Paul-Emile Victor Pic Swiss-born French ethnologist, explorer,
Nathaniel Wallich RWF Pic Danish-born Indian botanist, surgeon,
Charles Wiener Pic Austrian-born French explorer, linguist, diplomat,
Ivan Yevreinov RWC Polish-born Russian geodesist, explorer,
Joao Zarco RWC Pic Portugese explorer,
Conquistadors //conq
Pedro del Algaba RWC Spanish conquistador, 
Alonso de Avilla RWC Spanish conquistador, 
Rodrigo de Bastidas RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, (Jewish descent)
Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, governor of Tukumana,
Augustin de Cepeda y Ahumada RWC Spanish conquistador, (Jewish father)
Luis de Carabajal y Cueva RWC Pic Portuguese-born governor of Nuevo-Leon 1580-88, adventurer, (converso descent)
Andres Avelino Caseres RWC Pic Peruvian military, politician, president of Peru 1883-85 1886-90 1894-95, (Jewish descent)
Diego Garcia de Caseres RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, 
Cristobal Garcia del Castillo RWC Spanish conquistador, 
Augustin de Cereda y Ahumada RWC Spanish conquistador, (Jewish father)
Pedrarias Davila RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, (Jewish father)
Martin Enriquez de Almanza RWC Pic Spanish viceroy of New Spain 1568-80, Peru 1881-83, (converso)
Maria de Estrada RWC Pic Spanish conquistador,
Gonzalo Guerrero RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ???
Marquiz Luis Enriquez de Guzman RWC Pic Spanish politician, Viceroy of Peru 1650-53, (Jewish grandmother)
Manuel de Mederos RWC Spanish conquistador, mayor of Monerrey,
Antonio de Mendoza RWC Pic Spanish viceroy of New Spain 1535-49, Peru 1550-51,
Diego de Montemayor RWC Pic Spanish-born second governor of Nuevo Leon 1588-1610, founder of Monterrey, (converso descent)
Diego de Montemayor El Mozo RWC Spanish-born governor of Nuevo Leon (converso descent)
Don Juan de Onate RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, governor of New Mexico 1598-1608, (Jewish mother)
Rodrigo de Orgono RWC Spanish conquistador,
Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, historian,
Juan Pardo RWC Spanish conquistador,
Francisco Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ???
Gonzalo Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ???
Hernando Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, ???
Juan Pizzaro RWC Spanish conquistador, ???
Ganzalo Jimines de Quesada RWC Pic Spanish explorer, conquistador,
Hernan Perez de Quesada RWC Pic Spanish conquistador,
Pedro Cieza de Leon RWC Spanish conquistador, chronicler of Peru, (converso discent)
Joao Romalho RWC Pic Portuguese conquistador,
Martin Alfonso de Sousa RWC Pic Portuguese conquistador,
Tome de Sousa RWC Pic 1st portuguese governor of Brazil, (crypto-Jew)
Ines de Suarez RWC Pic Spanish conquistador,
Francisco de Villagra Velazquez RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, Royal Governor of Chile 1547-49 1553-55 1556-57 1561-63, (Jewish grandmother)
Astrologers //astrologer
Sahl ibn Bishr Persian astronomer, astrologer, mathematician,
Robert Hand Pic American astrologer, translator, author,  
Erik Hanussen Pic Czech-born German mentalist, occultist, astrologer,
Abraham bar Hiyya RWF HW Pic Spanish mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, translator,
Abraham ibn Ezra RWF HW Pic Spanish philosopher, linguist, writer, poet, astrologer, bible commentator,
David Gans RWF HW German historian, mathemaician, astronomer, geographer, YIVO
Mashallah Persian astronomer, astrologer,
Jackie Stallone American astrologer, celebrity, (Jewish father)