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Raab/Rabinowitz Stop & Stop
Irving Raab American founder of Stop & Shop chain son of Joseph
Joseph Rabinowitz Russian-born American co-founder of Standard Grocery Company, brother
Max Rabinowitz Russian-born American co-founder of Standard Grocery Company, brother
Norman Rabinowitz son of Joseph
Sidney Raab American chairman/CEO of Stop & Stop, son of Joseph
Barrie Cassileth Pic American canser researcher, first cousin of Jay
Jay Rabinowitz Pic Alaska Supreme Court Justice 1965-97
Robert Rabinowitz American illustrator, graphic designer,
Dalia Rabin-Pelossof RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, daughter
Leah Rabin RWC Pic German-born Israeli wife of Yitzhak Rabin, mother
Yitzhak Rabin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, general, Prime Minister 1974-77 1992-95, Nobel Prize father
Miriam Ben-Peretz RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli education scholar,    daughter
Chaim Rabin HW German-born Israeli linguist, translator, son
Israel Rabin HW Ukrainian-born Israeli historian, father
Michael Rabin RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born Israeli American mathematician, nondermenistic algorithm, son
Tal Rabin Pic American-born cryptographer, daughter of Michael
Sharon Rabin-Margaliot HW Pic American-born Israeli legal scholar, daughter of Michael
Rachel Bluwstein (Rachel) RWE HW Pic Russian-born Israeli poet, songwriter,
Uri Milstein RWC HW Pic Israeli military historian, poet, relative
Yuri Stern RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,    relative
Gideon Rachman Pic British journalist, brother
Tom Rachman British/Canadian novelist, brother
Efraim Racker RWF Pic Polish-born Austrian American biochemist, brother
Heinrich Racker Pic Polish-born Austrian Argentine psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, brother
Imre Raday Pic Hungarian film/television actor, director, son
Michaly Raday Pic Hungarian cinematographer, dorector, television editor, father
Margaret Radin Pic American legal scholar, (Jewish descent ???) grandniece
Max Radin Pic American legal scholar, philologist, author, granduncle
Gilda Radner RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, wife
Gene Wilder RWF HW Pic American comic actor, screenwriter, husband
Alfred Radok Pic Czech stage director, brother
Emil Radok Pic Czech film director, brother
Daniel Radosh Pic American journalist, blogger, son
Ronald Radosh Pic American historian of espionage, father
Arlene Rae Pic Canardian journalist, author, arts patron, wife of Robert
Jackie Rae Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, television performer, (Jewish father) brother of Saul
John Rae Canadian executive, Power Corporation of Montreal, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Robert Rae RWC Pic Canadian politician, premier of Ontario, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Saul Rae Pic Canadian Ambassador to United Nations 1972-76, (Jewish father) father
Arthur Raffalovich Pic Ukrainian-born French financier, economist, son
Hermann Raffalovich Russian merchant, father
Marc-Andre Raffalovich RWC HW Pic French poet, author, son
Sophie O'Brien RWC Ukrainian-born Irish politician, writer, daughter Sophie Raffalovich
Joseph Rahr American founder 1944 of Kinray Inc, father
Stewart Rahr Pic American president/CEO of Kinray Corp, son
Alexander Raikhel Pic Russian-born American entomologist, husband
Natasha Raikhel RWF Pic Russian-born American plant biologist, wife
Andrei Raikin RWF Russian journalist, director, screenwriter, son of Maks
Arkady Raikin RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Russian comedian, actor, father
Boris Raikin Russian actor, director,  uncle of Arkady
Konstantin Raikin RWF HW Pic Russian stage/film actor, theater director, son
Maks Raikin RWE Pic Russian actor, director,  (Maksim Maksimov) brother of Arcady
Polina Raikina RWF Pic Russian stage/film actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Konstantin
Ekaterina Raikina RWE Pic Russian stage/film actress, daughter
Ivan Raimi RWF Pic American screenwriter, brother
Sam Raimi RWF HW Pic American director, producer, writer, actor,   brother
Ted Raimi RWF Pic American film/television actor, director, comedian, brother
Jerry Reinsdorf RWF Pic American lawyer, owner of Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, brother-in-law
Jeremy Rifkin RWF Pic American economist, brother-in-law
Czeclaw Rajfer Polish singer, stage actress,
Henry Rajfer Polish film/stage actor,
Sophie Rajfer Polish singer, stage actress,
Ferenc Rakosi Hungarian engineer, deputy minister, brother
Matyas Rakosi RWF HW Pic Hungarian Prime Minister of Hungary 1952-53, brother
Claire Rayner Pic British nurse, journalist, broadcaster, novelist, mother
Jay Rayner Pic British journalist, writer, television presenter, food critic, son
Rosa Raisa Pic Polish-born opera singer, dramatic soprano,    wife
Giacomo Rimini Pic Italian opera singer, operatic baritone, (Jewish father) husband
Daniel Rajna Pic British-born South African ballet dancer, (Jewish father) son
Thomas Rajna Pic Hungarian-born South African composer, pianist, father
George Rajna Pic American journalist, blogger, travel writer, guitarist, husband
Lisa Niver Rajna Pic American travel writer/broadcaster, travel agent, wife
Bernard Rajzman Pic Brazilian volleyball player, father
Phil Rajzman Brazilian professional surfer, (Jewish father) son
Michel Balinski Pic Swiss-born mathematician, operations researcher, political scientist, grandson
Jan Rajchman RWC Pic British-born American electrical engineer, computer scientist, (Jewish father) father
Ludwik Rajchman RWF Pic Polish bacteriologist, UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, grandfather
David Rakoff Pic Canadian-born American journalist, essayist, actor, comedian, brother
Simon Rakoff Pic Canadian comedian, brother
Jed Rakoff Pic American federal judge,  brother
Todd Rakoff American legal scholar, brother
Jack Rakove Pic American historian, author, son
Milton Rakove Pic American political historian, political consultant, father
Alex Raksin Pic American journalist, son
David Raksin Pic American composer, father
Mitchell Rales Pic director 1983- , owner of Danaher Corporation brother
Steven Rales Pic chairman 1984- of Danaher Corporation brother
Mickey Leigh Pic American writer, singer/songwriter, brother
Joey Ramone RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter,   brother
Dana Randall Pic American computer scientist, sister
Lisa Randall RWF Pic American theoretical physicist, particle physics, cosmology, sister
Joseph Ransohoff American neurosurgion, cousin
Martin Ransohoff Pic American film/television producer, cousin
Sarah Caplin Pic British producer, television executive, cousin of Esther
Esther Rantzen Pic British television presenter, journalist, mother
Desmond Wilcox Pic British documentary filmmaker, (convert to Judaism) father
Rebecca Wilcox Pic British television presenter,    daughter
Bob Rafelson Pic American film director, writer, producer, nephew of Samson
Paul Raphaelson American photographer, grandson
Peter Rafelson Pic American film director, writer, producer, songwriter, son of Bob
Samson Raphaelson Pic American screenwriter, playwright, grandfather
Dorothy Wegman Pic American dancing star, ??? wife of Samson
Harry Rapf RWF Pic American film producer/director, father
Maurice Rapf son
Indeborg Rapoport Pic Cameroon-born German American pediatrician, (Jewish mother) wife of Samujel
Michael Rapoport Pic German mathematician, son
Samuel Mitja Rapoport Pic Ukrainian-born American physician, biochemist, father
Tom Rapoport Pic German American cell biologist, son
Henry Rapoport Pic American organic chemist, husband
Sonya Rapoport Pic American conceptual/digital artist, wife
Alexander Rappaport RWE Pic Russian architector, architecture critic, art scholar, son
Herbert Rappaport RWF Pic Austrian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, father
Kseniya Rappoport RWF Pic Russian film/television actress, (Jewish father) mother
Aglaya Tarasova Pic Russian actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Robert Levy American psychiatrist, anthropologist, cousin
Roy Rappaport Pic American anthropologist, cousin
Albertina Rasch Pic Austrian-born American dancer, choreographer, wife
Dimitri Tiomkin RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American film composer, conductor, husband
Zinovi Tiomkin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born  zionist, father of Dimitri
Sarah Bloom Raskin RWC Pic American economist, lawyer, Governor of US Federal Reserve 2010- wife of Jamie
Jamie Raskin Pic American law scholar, son
Marcus Raskin Pic American social critic, author, philosopher,   father
Eleanor Raskin Pic American legal scholar, wife
Jonah Raskin Pic American writer, husband
Aza Raskin RWC Pic American interface designer, son
Jef Raskin RWF Pic American interface designer of Apple Macintosh, father
Adolphe Ratisbonne French banker, son-in-law of Salomon Oppenheim
Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne RWE HW Pic French priest, uncle of Louis
Marie Theodor Ratisbonne RWE Pic French priest, uncle of Louis
Louis Ratisbonne Pic French man of letters, essayist, son of Adolphe
Jesse Rath Pic Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish father) brother
Meaghan Rath Pic Canadian film/television actress, (Jewish father) sister
Adith Andreae Pic German saloniere, daughter
Benjamin Liebermann German textile manufacturer,
Emil Rathenau RWF Pic German founder 1933 of AEG, father AEG
Walther Rathenau RWF HW Pic German industrialist, Foreign Minister 1922 - Weimar Repuplic son
Bruce Ratner Pic American real estate developer, Forest City Enterprises, New Jersey Nets, brother
Ellen Ratner Pic American news analyst, talk show host, sister
Michael Ratner Pic American legal scholar, brother
Boris Ratner RWF Pic Soviet nuclear physicist, brother
Efim Ratner RWF Pic Soviet engineer, inventor, brother
Diane Ravitch Pic American historian of education, wife
Richard Ravitch Pic Leutenant Governor of New York 2009- husband
Hans Ray Pic German-born American children's books writer, husband
Margaret Ray Pic German-born American children's books writer, wife
Juliet Man Ray Pic American dancer, model, wife
Man Ray RWF HW Pic American-born French surrealist photographer, film director, husband
Lila Garrett Pic American screnwriter, television host, 2nd wife of David
David Rayfiel Pic American screenwriter, son
Leo Rayfiel American representative, 1945-1947, father
Israel Razgon RWF Pic Soviet/Russian historian, brother
Lev Razgon RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian writer, brother
David Raziel Pic Belarusian-born Israeli fighter, zionist, brother
Esther Raziel-Naor RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,  sister
Thomas Kaplan Pic American chairman/CEO of Tigris Financal Group Ltd., son-in-law of Leon
Avraham Rakanati HW Pic Greek-born Israeli politician, journalist, brother
Daniel Recanati son of Leon Yehuda
Harry Recanati HW Pic son of Leon
Leon Recanati Pic Israeli businessman, philanthropist, son of Daniel
Leon Yehuda Recanati Greek-born Israeli businessman, founder of bank Discount, brother
Michael Recanati Pic American businessman, philanthropist, political donor, son of Rephael
Raphael Recanati Greek-born Israeli-American businessman, son of Leon Yehuda
Herta Glaz Pic Austrian-born American operetic mezzo-soprano, voice teacher, wife
Frederick Redlich Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, academic administrator, 3rd husband
Joseph Rosenstock Pic Polish-born conductor, (Jewish father), 1st husband
Emanuel Reicher Pic German actor, father
Frank Reicher Pic German-born American  actor, director, producer,   son
Hedwiga Reicher Pic German actress, daughter
Carl Reiner RWF Pic American actor, film director, producer, writer, comedian, playwright, father
Estelle Reiner Pic American actress, singer, mother ExLink
Rob Reiner RWF HW Pic American actor, director/producer, writer, son
Annie Reiner Pic American author, playwright, poet, daughter
Gottfried Reinhardt Pic German film producer/director,   father
Max Reinhardt RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German American theater director/producer, stage actor, grandfather
Stephen Reinhardt American circuit judge of United States Court of Appeals, grandson stepson of Gottfried
Zalman Reisen HW Pic Belarusian-born lexicographer, literary historian, translator, linguist, brother
Avrom Reyzen Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish writer, poet,editor, brother
Nadia Reisenberg RWF Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born American pianist, sister
Clara Rockmore RWF Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born American virtuoso performer, electronic musician, sister
Robert Sherman RWF Pic American music critic, radio personality, son of Nadia
Richard Allen Epstein Pic American legal scholar, first cousin
Paul Reiser RWF HW Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, author, first cousin
Eric Reissner RWF Pic German-born American engineer, applied mahematician, son
Hans Reissner RWF Pic German aueronactical engineer, physicist, mathematician, father
Aharon Remez RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, diplomat, general, ambassador to United Kingdom 1965-70, son
David Remez RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Education/Transportsation, father
Gideon Remez Pic Israeli journalist, political analyst, grandson
Vladimir Resin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian politician, architect, Deputy Mayor of Moskva 1992- nephew
Alexander Sheindlin RWF Pic Russian physicist, uncle
Charles Revson Pic Canadian-born American cosmetics industrialist, nephew
Peter Revson Pic American race car driver, (Jewish father) uncle
Bettina Rheims Pic French artist, photographer, daughter
Maurice Rheims Pic French novelist, art historian, father
Nathalie Rheims French writer, producer, actress, daughter
Joan Rodker British political activist, television producer, daughter
John Rodker Pic British writer, poet, publisher, father
Rebbes of Belz Belz
Aharon Rokeach 4th Rebbe of Belz Hasidic 1877-1957 4
Sholom Rokeach 1799-1855 1
Yehoshua Rokeach 1825-94 2
Yissahar Dov Rokeach (I) 1854-1926 3
Yissahar Dov Rokeach (II) 1948- 5
Rebbes of Bobov Bobov
Ben Zion Halberstam (The First) 1874-1941 2
Ben Zion Halberstam (The Second) 1955- 5
Naftali Halberstam 1931-2005 4
Shlomo Halberstam (The First) 1847-1905 1
Shlomo Halberstam (The Second) 1907-2000 3
Mordechai Dovid Unger 1954- 5
Rebbes of Breslov
Nachman of Breslov Ukrainian-born 1772-1810 1
Rebbes of Ger Ger
Yaakov Aryeh Alter Polish-born Israeli 1939- 7
Simchah Bunim Alter Polish-born Israeli 1898-1992 5
Yehudah Arieh Leib Alter Polish-born 1847-1906 2
Yisrael Alter Polish-born Israeli 1895-1977 4
Yitzchak Meir Alter German-born Polish 1798-1866 1
Pinchas Menachem Alter Polish-born Israeli 1926-96 6
Avraham Mordechai Alter Polish-born 1866-1948 3
Rebbes of Klausenberg Klausenberg Sanz
Aharon Halberstam 2
Chaim Halberstam 1793-1876 1
Shmiel Dovid Halberstam
Tzvi Elimelech Halberstam
Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam Polish-born 1905-94
Shulem Lazer Halberstam 1868-1944
Rebbes of Luvavitch Chabad-Luvavitch
Menachem Mendel Schneersohn Pic 1789-1866 3
Menachem Mendel Schneersohn RWE HW Pic RWN 1902-94 7
Sholom Dovber Schneersohn 1860-1920 5
Shmuel Schneersohn 1834-82 4
Yosef Yitzhok Schneersohn 1880-1950 6
Dovber Schneuri 1773-1827 2
Schneur Zalman of Liadi 1745-1812 1
Rebbes of Satmar Satmar
Chaim Joshua Halberstam
Aaron Teitelbaum 1949- 6
Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum 1884-1926 2
Joel Teitelbaum 1887-1979 3
Moshe Teitelbaum (Satmar) Hungarian-born 1914-2006 5
Moshe Teitelbaum (Ujhel) 1759-1841 1
Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum 1911-1944 4
Zalman Teitelbaum
Rebbes of Skver Skver
David Twersky 1848-1919 4
David Twersky 1922-2001 4.12
Duvid Twesky 4.21
Menachem Nachum Twersky 1730-87 1
Mordechai Twersky 1730-87 2
Mordechai Twersky 1866-1919 4.1
Yakov Yosef Twerski 1899-1968 4.2
Yechiel Michl Twersky 4.13
Yitschak Twerski 1888-1941 4.11
Yitschok Twerski Ukrainian-born 1770-1837 3
Rebbes of Vizhnitz Vizhnitz
Baruch Hager 4a
Boruch Hager 2
Chaim Meir Hager 4b
Dovid Hager 6
Menachem Mendil Hager 1
Mordechai Hager 5a
Moshe Yehoshua Hager 5b
Yisroel Hager 3
Rechter Rechter Family
Michal Levit HW Pic Israeli illustrator, graphic artist, painter, daughter of Yaakov
Hanna Maron RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli stage actress, 2nd wife of Yaakov
Daphna Rechter HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, singer, daughter of Yaakov/Hanna
Zeev Rechter RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli architect, grandfather
Yaakov Rechter RWF HW Pic Israeli architect, father
Yoni Rechter HW Pic Israeli musician, composer, singer/songwriter, son of Yaakov
Moshe Zarhy HW Pic Israeli architect, son-in-law of Zeev
Ed Redlich Pic American television producer, son
Norman Redlich Pic American legal scholar, father
Sarah Timberman Pic American producer, wife of Ed
Redstone Viacom National Amusements
Ira Korff Pic American hassidic rabbi, husband of Shari
Brent Redstone American entrepreneur, son of Sumner
Michael Redstone American founder of National Amusements, grandfather
Shari Redstone Pic American president of National Amusements Inc. daughter of Sumner
Sumner Redstone RWC Pic American CEO/chairman of Viacom, father
Alphonse Regensburg French priest, missionary, son of Auguste 1814-84
Auguste Regensburg French banker, 1770-1830
Louis Regensburg 1827-1900
Theodore Regensburg son of Auguste 1802-84
Flora Singer French salon holder, 1824-1915
Reichmann Reichmann Family
Albert Reichmann RWF Pic Austrian-born Canadian chairman of Olympia & York, brother Olympia & York Canary Wharf
Edward Reichmann RWF Austrian-born Israeli businessman, brother
Paul Reichmann RWF HW Pic Austrian-born Canadian owner/developer of Olympia & York, brother Olympia & York Canary Wharf
Ralph Reichmann brother
Mathieu Dreyfus Pic French industrialist, father-in-law of Adolphe
Adolphe Reinach RWF French archaeologist, egyptologist, son of Joseph
Adolphe de Reinach Belgian-born German consul, father of Jacques
Beatrice Reinach Pic French socialite, (Beatrice de Camondo) daughter-in-law of Theodore
Joseph Reinach RWF Pic French author, politician, Secretary of Gambetta, brother
Salomon Reinach RWF Pic French archaeologist, brother
Theodore Reinach RWC Pic French archaeologist, mathematician, lawyer, politician, historian, brother
Baron Jacques de Reinach RWF Pic French financier, librettist, father-in-law of Joseph
Frederick Reines RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1995), detection of the neutrino, relative
Yitzhak Reines RWE Pic Belarusian-born founder of Mizrahi movement, relative
Elisabeth Jungmann Pic German-born interpreter, sister
Eva Reichmann Pic German historian, sociologist,   sister
Bernhard Reichenbach German-born politician, (Jewish father) brother
Hans Reichenbach RWF Pic German-born American philosopher, (Jewish father) brother
Larissa Reisner Pic Polish-born Russian writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Mikhail Reisner Russian legal scholar, writer, social psychologist, historian, father
Michele Lee Pic American actress, singer, dancer, producer, director, wife of Jason
Catherine Reitman Pic American actress, writer,  (Jewish father) daughter
Ivan Reitman RWF Pic Slovak-born Canadian director, producer,    father
Jason Reitman RWF HW Pic Canadian American film actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son
Ernst Remak HW Pic German neurologist, son
Robert Remak RWF Pic Polish-born German embryologist, physiologist, neurologist,  grandfather
Robert Remak Pic German mathematician, grandson
David Remar American actor,    husband
Lynn Remar Pic American model, wife
Nurit Galron RWC HW Pic Israeli singer,
Rafi Reshef HW Pic Israeli presenter, radio broadcater, journalist, brother
Tzali Reshef HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, brother
Carol Resnick American science fiction author, ??? mother
Laura Resnick American fantasy writer, daughter
Mike Resnick RWF Pic American science fiction author, editor, father
Leon Black Pic American founder, head of Appolo Management brother-in-law of Antony
Jami Gertz RWF Pic American film/television actress, wife
Antony Ressler Pic American co-founder 1990 of Apollo Global Management, husband
Karen Ressler American theater producer,  sister of Antony, wife of Leon
Richard Ressler American principal/co-founder of CIM Investment Management, brother of Antony
Richard Reti RWF HW Pic Slovak chess grandmaster, pioneer of hypermodern style (Jewish father) brother
Rudolph Reti RWF Pic Serbian-born American composer, pianist, musical analyst, (Jewish father) brother
David Reuben Pic Iragi-born British busninessman, brother
Simon Reuben Pic Iragi-born British busninessman, brother
Paul Reubens Pic American actor, writer, comedian, film producer, game show host, son
Abby Rubenfeld Pic American civil rights attorney, daughter
Milton Reubenfeld Pic American British flight pilot, father
Andre Reuter son of Paul
Clementine Maria Reuter daughter of Paul
Baron George Reuter son of Paul
Baron Herbert Reuter son of Paul
Baron Oliver Reuter son of George
Baron Paul Reuter RWF Pic German British entrepreneur, founder of Reuters news agency, head of family
Ronald Reuter son of George
H.A. Rey Pic German-born American children's books author, illustrator, husband
Marget Rey Pic German-born American children's books author, illustrator, wife
Benjamin Rhodes Pic American speechwiter, deputy national security advicer for  Obama, (Jewish mother) brother
David Rhodes Pic American president  of CBS News, (Jewish mother) brother
Ricardo ExLink
8th Duke Charles Gordon-Lennox British peer, (Jewish mother) Amy Mary Ricardo
Abraham Ricardo Dutch British stockbroker, father of David
David Ricardo RWF HW Pic British co-founder of political economy, MP 1819-23 1832-33 father
David Ricardo British politician, MP 1832-33 (Jewish father) son
Francis Ricardo grandson
Halsey Ricardo Pic British architect, designer,(Jewish father) nephew of David
Sir Harry Ricardo Pic British engineer, engine designer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Halsey
John Lewis Ricardo British businessman, politician, MP 1841-62 nephew
Osman Ricardo Pic   MP 1847-65 (Jewish father) son
Percy Ricardo father of Amy Mary
Samson Ricardo MP 1855-57 brother of David
Isaac Rice HW Pic American chess player, inventor, Electric Boat Corporation, father
Marion Rice Hart Pic American sportswoman, author, aviator, daughter
Ben Rich RWA Pic American aeronautical engineer, co developer of F17a Stealth Fighter, father
Michael Rich Pic American president, CEO of Rand Corporation, son
Robert Rich, Jr Pic American main shareholder of Rich Products Corp, son Rich Products Corp
Robert Rich, Sr Pic American food-processing pioneer, father
Rice Rich
Alfred Conrad American economist, husband of Adrienne
Adrienne Rich RWF HW Pic American feminist, poet, writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Arnold Rice Rich Pic American physician, pathologist, father
Frank Rich Pic American theater critic, columnist.   father
Nathaniel Rich Pic American novelist, essayist, son
Simon Rich Pic American novelist, humorist, television writer, comedian, son
Denise Rich Pic American songwriter, socialite, philantropist, wife
Marc Rich RWF HW Pic Belgian-born American commodities trader,tax evasion husband
Daniel Richler Pic British-born Canadian arts and pop culture broadcaster, writer, television personality, stepson
Jacob Richler HW Pic Canadian journalist, food writer, son
Noah Richler Pic Canadian journalist, son
Mordecai Richler RWF HW Pic Canadian author, director, screenwriter, essayist, father
Arthur Richman Pic American sportswriter,  sports executive,    brother
Milton Richman Pic American sports columnist,    brother
Ellen Richter Pic Austrian film actress, wife
Willi Wolff German screenwriter, film producer/director, husband
Heinrich Rickert German politician,   MP father
Heinrich Rickert Pic German/Polish-born philosopher, son
Don Rickles HW Pic American actor, comedian, father
Larry Rickles Pic American screenwriter, film/television producer, son
David Rieff Pic American writer, political analyst, son
Philip Rieff Pic American sociologist, cultural critic, father
Susan Sontag RWF HW Pic American novelist, essayist, literary theorist, film director, mother
Nicole Stephane Pic French actress, producer, director, lover/partner of Susan
David Riesman RWF Pic American sociologist, attorney, educator, son
David Riesman Pic German-born American physician, history of medicine, father
Adam Riess RWF HW Pic American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize (2011), brother
Gail Saltz Pic American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, author, television commentator, sister
Freidrich Quincke German chemist, (Jewish mother) grandson
Peter Theophil Riess German physicist,    grandrather
Ludwig Edinger RWC Pic German neurologist, psychiatrist, uncle of Hans, Otto
Tilly Edinger RWC Pic German-born American paleontologist, daughter of Ludwig
Gabriel Riesser RWE HW Pic German High Court judge politician, MP 1848- great-uncle
Hans Riesser Pic German ambassador to United Nations, 1952-55, son of Jacob
Jacob Riesser Pic German jurist, banker, politician, MP 1916-28, great-nephew of Gabriel
Otto Riesser German pharmocologist, physiologist, son of Jacob
Frigyes Riesz HW Pic Hungarian mathematician,  brother ExLInk
Marcel Riesz Pic Hungarian-born Swiss mathematician, brother ExLInk
Vittorio Rieti Pic Italian-born television/film actor, director, father
Jonathan Rietti Pic British rabbi, educator,  grandson (robert)
Robert Rietti Pic Italian-born British actor, director, son
Vittorio Rietti Egyptian-born Italian composer, cousin of Vittorio
Walter Rilla Pic German film actor, (part-Jewish) Jewish wife theresa klausner father
Wolf Rilla Pic German film/television director, screenwriter, son
Anne Rimoin Pic American epidemiologist, daughter
David Rimoin Pic Canadian-born American geneticist,   father
Ritz Ritz Brothers
Max Joachim
Pauline Joachim American haberdasher, mother
Al Ritz Pic American comedian, brother
Harry Ritz Pic American comedian, brother
Jimmy Ritz Pic American comedian, brother
Arturo Ripstein Pic Mexican film director, son
Alfredo Ripstein Pic Mexican film producer, father
Herb Ritts RWF Pic American fashion photographer, son
Shirley Ritts Pic American interior desginer, mother
Joan Rivers RWF HW Pic American comedian, actress, director, screenwriter, Morning Radio host, mother
Melissa Rivers Pic American actress, daughter
Edgar Rosenberg Pic German-born British film/television producer, father
Bobby Z Pic American drummer, record producer, brother Robert Rivkin
David Z Pic American record producer, songwriter, brother David Rivkin
Stephen Rifkin Pic American film editor, film producer, brother
Charles Rivkin Pic American ambassador to France 2009-  , Obama son
William Rivkin Pic American ambassador to Luxembourgian, Senegal, Gambia 1966-67, father
Rivlin Family Rivlin
Dan Michaeli HW Israeli physician, hospital administrator,
Rivka Michaeli HW Pic Israeli actress, comedian, television host, satirist,   
Alice Rivlin RWF HW Pic American economist, 
Eliezer Rivlin HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2000- ,
Haim Rivlin HW Israeli journalist,
Hillel Rivlin
Lilly Rivlin Israeli journalist, writer, filmmaker,
Liora Rivlin HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress,
Reuven Rivlin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Communications, 10th presidrent of Israel 2014- ,
Ronald Rivlin RWF Pic British-born American mathematician, physicist, research administrator,
Sefi Rivlin RWF HW Pic Israeli entertainer, actor,
Alfred Fleisher
Brian Roberts RWC Pic CEO, chairman of Comcast Communications, son
Ralph Roberts Pic American co-founder 1963 of Comcast Communications, father
Ken Roberts Pic American radio/television announcer, father
Tony Roberts HW Pic American film/stage/television actor,    son
Everett Sloane Pic American stage/film/television actor, songwriter, thetre director, cousin of Tony
Chris Robinson Pic American singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
Rich Robinson Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
Sheryl Cruz Pic Filipina actress, singer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Rosemarie
Grace Poe Pic Filipina politician, businesswoman, philanthropist, adoptive daughter of Susan
Susan Roces Pic Filipina film actress, (Jewish mother), sister
Rosemarie Sonora Pic Filipina child actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Roberto de la Rocha Pic American painter, graphic artist, muralist, (converso descent) father
Zack de la Rocha Pic American poet, rapper, vocalist, (Jewish father) son
Fermin Rocker Pic British painter, ilustrator, (Jewish mother) son of Milly
Milly Witkop RWE Pic Ukrainian-born British feminist writer, activist,  sister
Rose Witkop Pic Ukrainian-born British anarchist, journalist, birth control activist, sister
Dame Anita Roddick Pic British businesswoman, founder of Body Shop mother ExLink
Sam Roddick British entrepreneur, founder of Coco de Mer daughter
Adam Guettel Pic American composer, lyricist, grandson
Henry Guettel American film executive, father
Daniel Melnick Pic American film producer, studio executive, father of Peter
Peter Melnick Pic American composer, grandson
Dorothy Rogers American writer, interior decorator, inventor,  wife of Richard
Mary Rodgers Pic American composer, daughter
Richard Rodgers RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter, grandfather
Alyona Minkovski Pic Russian-born American journalist, presenter, daughter
Leonid Minkovski Russian American film producer, father
Irina Rodnina RWF Pic Russian figure skater, mother
Rodriques-Henriques Benjamin Rodrigues Family
Baron Gustave Eichthal Pic French writer, publicist, hellenist, adopted son of Edward 1804-86
Benjamin Rodrigues father 1741-1832
Olinde Rodrigues RWF Pic French banker, mathematician, social reformer, son of Isaac 1795-1851
Edward Rodrigues-Henriques French banker, philanthropist, son of Benjamin 1796-1878
Isaac Rodrigues-Henriques son of Benjamin
John Raphael Rodrigues Brandon British architect, architectural writer, brother
Joshua Arthur Rodrigues Brandon British architect, author, brother
Leonid Boguslavsky RWF Pic Russian businessman, investor, son of Zoya/Boris
Zoya Boguslavskaya RWF Pic Soviet/Russian writer, essayist, playwright, (Jewish ???) mother of Leonid
Zahar Khazrevin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet writer, journalist, translator, screenwriter,
Boris Kagan RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet engineering scholar,
Maxim Kagan RWF Russian physicist, (Jewish father) son of Yuri
Yuri Kagan RWF Pic Russian physicist, astronomer, brother of Boris
Pavel Kogan RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, husband of Elena
David Kolmanovsky Soviet executive, husband of Valentina
Eduard Kolmanovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian composer, son of David
Naum Rogovin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet energy scholar, engineer, brother
Zakhar Rogovin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet chemistry scholar, brother
Elena Rzevskaya RWF Belarusian-born Soviet writer, sister of Boris/Yuri 
Boris Summ RWF Pic Soviet chemist, scholar, husband of Olga Kogan
Valentina Vagrina RWF Pic Soviet stage/film actress,
Anne Roiphe Pic American writer, journalist,    mother
Katie Roiphe Pic American author, journalist, cultural critic, daughter
Jacques Roitfeld RWF Pic Moldovan-born French film producer, father of Carine
Julia Restoin Roitfeld Pic French art director, model, (Jewish mother) daughter
Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld Pic French art dealer, curator, (Jewish mother) son
Carine Roitfeld Pic editor-in-chief  2001-11 of Vogue Paris, mother
Ernesto Nathan Rogers Pic Italian architect, writer, educator, cousin of Richard
Baron Richard Rogers RWF Pic British architect, husband
Ruth Rogers Pic American chef, co-owner of restaurant The River Café, wife
Israel Rogosin RWF Pic Belarusian-born American industrialist, Rogosin Industries, father
Lionel Rogosin RWF HW Pic American documentary filmmaker, son
Helena Chukovsky RWF Pic daughter of Lydia/Chesar
Matvei Bronstein RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, husband of Lydia
Lydia Chukovskaya RWF Pic Russian writer, poet, daughter of Korney
Korney Chukovsky RWF HW Pic Russian poet, writer, literary critic, (Jewish father) uncle of Vladimir A. ExLink
Nikolai Chukovsky RWF Pic Russian writer, translator, son of Korney
Vladimir Rokhlin RWF Pic Azerbaijani-born Russian/Soviet mathematician, father
Vladimir Rokhlin, Jr Pic Soviet-born American mathematician, son
Chesar Volpe RWF Azebarjani-born Soviet literary scholar, husband of Lydia
Petre Roman RWC HW Pic Prime minister of Romania 1989-91 (Jewish father) son
Valter Roman RWC Pic Romanian activist, communist, father
Erno Roman Hungarian architect, brother
Miklos Roman Hungarian architect, brother
Eduard Henoch Pic German physician, nephew
Moritz Romberg Pic German physician, neurologist, uncle
Julia Lyndon Pic American model, Playmate August 1977 sister
Sydne Rome RWF Pic American-born Italian film/television actress, singer, sister
Josephine de la Baume Pic French actress, singer, model, (Jewish mother) wife of Mark 
Ann Dexter-Jones Pic British socialite, writer, mother of Charlotte, Mark, Samantha
Alexandre Dexter-Jones   (Jewish mother) son of Ann
Annabelle Dexter-Jones Pic British actress, socialite, (Jewish mother) daughter of Ann
Charlotte Ronson Pic British American fashion designer, sister
Dame Gail Ronson Pic British philanthropist, wife of Gerald
Gerald Ronson Pic British property tycoon,   uncle
Mark Ronson HW Pic British-born American co-founder of Allido Records brother Allido Records
Samantha Ronson RWF Pic British DJ, rock singer,    sister
Aaron Rosanoff Pic Belarusian-born American psychiatrist, eugenist, brother
Martin Andre Rosanoff RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American chemist, academic administrator, brother
Lillian Rosanoff Lieber Pic Ukrainian-born American mathematician,  sister
Rosa Rosal Pic Filipino film actress, (Jewish paternal descent) mother
Toni Rose Gayda Pic Filipina television personality/host, (Jewish descent) daughter
Gillian Rose Pic British philosopher, sociologist, sister
Jacqueline Rose Pic British academic, feminist, translator, sister
Arthur Mahler Czech archaeologist,   brother-in-low of Arnold
Gustav Mahler RWF HW Pic Austrian/Czech-born Austrian composer,conductor, brother-in-low of Arnold
Alfred Rose Austrian composer, conductor, son
Alma Rose HW Pic Austrian violinist, daughter
Arnold Rose HW Pic Romanian-born Austrian violinist, father
Samantha James Pic American dance-pop singer/songwriter, granddaughter
David Rose Pic British-born American composer, songwriter,   grandfather
Hilary Rose Pic British sociologist, feminist, wife of Steven
Nikolas Rose British sociologist, social theorist, brother
Steven Rose Pic British biologist, brother
Rose Rose Family
Amy Rose Silverman
Daniel Rose chairman of Rose Associates, husband
Elihu Rose brother of Daniel
Frederick Rose
Gideon Rose Pic American magazine editor, son
Joanna Semel Rose Pic American philanthropist, wife
Samuel Rose
Friedrich Rosen RWC Pic German orientalist, politician, diplomat, Foreign Minister of Germany 1921- (Jewish mother) son
Georg Rosen Pic Iranian-born German orientalist, ambassador, (Jewish paternal/maternal grandmothers) father
Harold Rosen American-born British educationist, father
Michael Rosen Pic British novelist, poet, broadcaster, son
Richard Donner RWF HW Pic American film producer, director,
Donald Fagen RWF Pic American rock musician, singer/songwriter, cousin
Alan Rosenberg Pic American stage/film actor, brother
Mark Rosenberg Pic American film producer, brother
Lauren Shuler Donner Pic American fim producer,  wife of Mark
Paula Weinstein Pic American producer, executive, wife of Mark
Cassandra Clare Pic Iranian-born American author of young adult fiction, granddaugther
Max Rosenberg Pic American film producer, grandfather
David Greenglass RWF Pic Soviet spy against USA, brother of Ethel
Ethel Rosenberg RWF Pic Soviet spy against USA,    wife
Julius Rosenberg RWF Pic Soviet spy against USA,    husband
Howard Rosenberg Pic American television critic, father
Kirsten Rosenberg Pic American singer, daughter
Matthew Rosenberg Pic American journalist, son
Milton Rosenberg Pic American social psychologist, radio personality, father
Carol Rosenberg Pic American journalist, sister
Joel Rosenberg Pic American novelist, communications strategist, brother
Melissa Rosenberg RWF Pic American screenwriter, television producer, (Jewish father) wife
Lev Spiro Pic American film/television director,   husband
Goran Rosenberg Pic Swedish journalist, author, father
Vanna Rosenberg Pic Swedish singer, actress, daughter
Paul Hoffman Pic American president of Studebaker Corporation, Marshal Aid Plan administrator,  husband ???
Anna Rosenberg Pic Hungarian-born American Assistant Secretary of Defense wife
Georgia Irwin grandaughter of Carroll
Carroll Rosenbloom Pic American owner of football clubs, father
Chip Rosenbloom Pic American owner of football clubs, (Jewish father) son
Steve Rosenbloom
Frank Rosenfelt Pic American executive, film producer, father
Karen Rosenfelt RWC Pic American film producer, daughter
Louise Noun Pic American feminist, social activist, philanthropist, civil libertarian, sister
Joseph Rosenfield Pic American lawyer, businessman, philanthropist, brother
Max Rosenheim art collector, antiquarian, great uncle of Baron Max
Baron Max Rosenheim Pic British physician, administrator, nephew
Otto Rosenheim German-born British chemist, biochemist, uncle
Gabriel Rosenstock Pic Irish poet, haikuist, translator, uncle
Mario Rosenstock Pic Irish actor, comedian, musician,   nephew
Edwin Rosenthal Honduras businessman, brother of Jaime
Jaime Rosenthal RWC Pic Honduras businessman, politician, Vice President of Honduras father
Yani Rosenthal RWC Pic Honduras businessman, politician, Minister of Presidency 2006- son
Yankel Rosenthal RWC Pic Honduras businessman, politician, Minister of Investments, relative
Laurence Rosenthal Pic American composer, father
Nadia Rosenthal Pic American developmental biologist, daughter
Maureen Lipman HW Pic British actress, comedian, columnist, mother
Amy Rosenthal Pic British playwright, journalist, daughter
Jack Rosenthal Pic British TV playwright, novelist, father
Abe Rosenthal RWE HW Pic NY Times executive editor, columnist, father
Andrew Rosenthal Pic American journalist, editor, columnist, The New York Times, son
Oscar Levy Pic Polish-born German physician, writer, translator, maternal grandfather of Jim
Jim Rosenthal Pic British sports television presenter, sports broadcaster, father
Tom Rosenthal Pic British comedian, film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Rosenwald Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Armand Deutsch, Jr Pic American film producer, (Jewish mother) grandson, mother Adele ExLink
Julius Rosenwald RWF HW Pic American CEO chairman of Sears, Roebuck & Co. grandfather
Lessing Rosenwald RWF Pic American chairman 1932-39 of Sears, Roebuck & Co., son
Nina Rosenwald Pic American political activist, philanthropist, daughter of William
William Rosenwald Pic American business executive, son
Brian Rosenworcel Pic American drummer, Guster, brother
Jessica Rosenworcel Pic American commisioner of FCC, sister
Edward Rosewater Pic Czech-born American journalist, father
Victor Rosewater Pic American politician,  son
Daniel Rosolio RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, brother
Shaul Rosolio RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1972-76, brother
Ryszard Horowitz RWF Pic Polish-born American photographer, nephew
Eddie Rosner RWF Pic German-born Polish Soviet trumpeter, bandleader,  composer, conductor, jazz player, violinist, uncle
Yuri Rasovsky American dramatist, playwright, producer,
Baruch Leib Rosowsky Pic Latvian-born composer, cantor,    father
Solomon Rosowsky HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli American cantor, composer,  son
Barney Ross Pic American boxer, World Champion,
Tracee Ross RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Robert Silberstein Pic American music business manager, father
Arthur Ross American film/television screenwriter, father
Gary Ross RWF Pic American screenwriter, director, producer, son
Daisy Lowe Pic British fashion model, (Jewish mother, half-Jewish father) daughter
Gavin Rossdale Pic British singer/songwriter, guitarist, actor, (Jewish father) father
Amelia Rosselli Pic Italian poet, daughter of Carlo
Carlo Rosselli Pic Italian political leader, journalist, historian, anti-fascist activist, brother
Nello Rosselli Pic Italian politician, historian, brother
Rosskamm/Reich/Rochrach Jo-Ann Stores Exlink
Berthold/Hilda Reich German-born American co-founders 1943 of Jo-Ann Stores, father/mother-in-law of Alan
Sigmund/Mathilda Rochrach German-born American co-founders 1943 of Jo-Ann Stores,
Alan Rosskamm American CEO of Jo-Ann Stores, son
Martin Rosskamm American CEO/chairman of Jo-Ann Stores, father
Andrey Rostotsky RWE Pic Russian/Soviet director, actor, (Jewish father) son
Stanislav Rostotsky RWE Pic Russian/Soviet director, actor, father
Eugene Rostow RWF Pic American Undersecretary of State for political matters, brother
Walt Whitman Rostow RWF HW Pic American economist, political theorist, brother
Emmy Rossum RWF HW Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) wife
Justin Siegel Pic American record producer, executive, husband
Mark Rozsavolgyi Pic Hungarian composer, violinist, "the father of czardas" father
Gyula Roszavolgyi Pic Hungarian music publisher, Roszavolgyi company, son
Ephraim Rotenstreich RWF Ukrainian-born Plish Israeli politician, MP 1922-27, father
Nathan Rotenstreich RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli philosopher, translator, son
David Lee Roth RWF Pic American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, radio personality, husband
Kathy Simmons Pic American actress, wife
Claire Bloom RWF HW Pic British film/stage actress,  wife
Philip Roth RWF Pic American writer, husband
Ariel Rot HW Pic Argentine guitarist, singer/songwriter, brother
Cecilia Roth HW Pic Argentine Spanish actress, sister
Arkady Rotenberg RWF Pic Russian businessman, brother
Boris Rotenberg, Sr RWF Pic Finnish Russian businessman, brother
Leon Roth RWE HW British-born Israeli philosopher, translator, brother
Cecil Roth RWE HW Pic British historian, editor of Encyclopedia Judaica brother
Daryl Roth Pic American theatrical producer, mother
Jordan Roth Pic American theater manager/producer, son
Steven Roth Pic American real estate developer, founder/chairman of Varnado Realty Trust, father
Roth Emery Roth & Sons
Emery Roth Pic Slovak-born American architect, father
Julian Roth American architect, son
Richard Roth, Jr American architect, son of Richard, Sr
Richard Roth, Sr Pic American architect, son
Samuel Arkoff Pic American producer,  father-in-law
Joe Roth RWC Pic American film producer, director, son-in-law
Arthur Rothstein Pic American photographer, grandfather
Noah Segan RWC Pic American cinematographer,   grandson of Arthur
Sacha Segan Pic American mobile technology expert, travel writer, son of Arthur
Rob Stoner Pic American multi-instrumental musician, son of Arthur
Debbie Rothstein Pic American voice actress, mother
Bryce Papenbrook Pic American voice actor, marital arts instructor, (Jewish mother) son
Stephen Frears HW Pic British film director, (Jewish mother), husband of Anne
Anne Rothenstein British painter, niece of John
Sir John Rothenstein Pic British art historian, administrator, son
Michael Rothenstein Pic British printmaster, painter, art teacher,    son
Sir William Rothenstein RWF Pic British  painter, father
Albert Rutherston Pic British  painter, illustrator, brother of Sir William
John Rothman Pic American film/television/stage actor, brother
Thomas Rothman Pic CEO, co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment brother
Rothschild RWN Rothschild Family Rothschild Family/cat //rothschild
Baron Adolf Carl von Rothschild Pic Italian-born banker, I2
Baron Albert Salomon von Rothschild Pic Austrian banker, S M von Rottschild A3
Alfred Charles de Rothschild Pic British-born banker, son of Lionel NM Rothschild and Sons B3-
Alice Charlotte von Rothschild Pic German-born Austrian socialite, A3
Aline Caroline de Rothschild Pic French socialite, daughter of Baron Gustave,
Baron Alphonse James de Rothschild Pic French financier, vineyard owner, art collector, philanthropist, Cie Banque Rothschild Frere F2
Baron Amschel Mayer Rothschild RWF Pic German-born banker, eldest son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, RHF
Ariane de Rothschild H Pic wife of Baron Benjamin
Amschel Rothschild Pic British banker, B6-
Baron Anselm von Rothschild Pic German-born Austrian banker, founder 1855 of Creditanstalt, A2
Sir Anthony Rothschild ausrian baron A
Sir Anthony de Rothschild British financier, NM Rothschild and Sons B2
Anthony Gustav de Rothschild British banker, son of Leopold NM Rothschild and Sons B4
Anthony James de Rothschild Pic British-born, son of Sir Evelyn  B6-
Baron Arthur de Rothschild Pic French philatelist,
Baroness Bethsabee de Rothschild RWA HW Pic British-born Israeli philantropist, 1914-99
Baron Benjamin de Rothschild HW Pic French-born Swiss banker, son of Edmond Adolphe Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild S2
Baroness Bettina Caroline de Rothschild French-born Austrian aristocrat,
Baron Carl Mayer von Rothschild RWF Pic German-born Italian banker, founder of Italian branch, C M de Rothschild & Figli I1 1820-61
Baroness Bertha Clara von Rothschild Pic German-born French
Charles Rothschild RWF Pic British banker, entomologist, son of Baron Nathan B4-
Charlotte Henriette de Rothschild Pic British soprano, daughter of Edmund Leopold B6-
Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild Pic French socialite, painter,
Betty von Rothschild Pic Austrian-born French aristocrat, wife of James Mayer de Rothschild,
Charlotte von Rothschild Pic German-born socialite, daughter of Carl, wife  of Lionel 1819-84
Lady Constance de Rothschild Pic British-born aristoctat,
David Lionel de Rothschild British writer, photographer, horticulturist, son of Edmund Leopold B6-
David Mayer de Rothschild Pic British adventerer, ecologist, enviromentalist, B6-
David Rene de Rothschild RWF Pic American-born French banker, chairman of NM Rothschid and Sons, B6
Dorothy de Rothschild Pic British philantropist, wife of James Armand
Baron Edmond James de Rothschild RWF HW Pic French-born philantropist, HaNadiv HaYodua F2-
Baron Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild Pic French-born Swiss financier, grandson of Edmond Benjamin, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild S1
Edmund Leopold de Rothschild Pic British financier, B5-
Baron Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild Pic French financier, son of Alphonse F3
Edouard Ettiene Alphonse de Rothschild French businessman, (Jewish father, 1/4 Jewish mother)
Edouard Ettiene de Rothschild French head, co-founder 1987 Rothschild & Cie Banque F5
Baron Elie de Rothschild Pic French banker,   
Baron Eric de Rothshild Pic American-born French banker,   
Emma Rothschild RWF Pic British economic historian, (Jewish father)
Evelina de Rothschild Pic British socialite, daughter of Lionel
Sir Evelyn Achille de Rothschild British banker, soldier,  B4
Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild British financier, son of Antony Gustav NM Rothschild and Sons B5
Baron Ferdinand James von Rothschild Pic French-born British politician , act collector, A3-
Baron Guy de Rothschild RWF Pic French-born banker, art collector, F4
Baron Gustave de Rothschild Pic French-born banker, Cie Banque Rothschild Frere F2
Baron Gustave Samuel de Rothschild Pic
Countess Hannah de Rothschild Pic British aristocrat, wife of Earl Harry Primrose, Prime Minister,
Baron Henri James de Rothschild Pic French playwright, winemaker,
Baron Jacob Rothschild RWF Pic British banker, philantropist, son of Victor B6
Baroness Jacgueline de Rothschild Pic French-born American chess/tennis champion,  author, sculptor, sister of Guy & Batsheva
Baron Maurice de Rothschild Pic French politician, MP 1928- , art colector, wineyard owner, financier,
James Mayer de Rothschild RWF HW Pic German-born French banker, founder of French branch 1812 Cie Banque Rothschild Frere F1 1812
James Armand de Rothschild H Pic French-born British politician, MP 1929-45, F3
Leopold de Rothschild Pic British banker, horse breader, B3-
Leopold David de Rothschild Pic British financier, musician, son of Lionel Nathan
Lionel de Rothschild HW Pic NM Rothschild and Sons, MP 1847-47, 1858-68, NM Rothschild and Sons B2
Lionel Nathan de Rothschild Pic British banker, politician, MP 1910-23, son of Leopold  B4-
Baron Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild Pic Austrian-born  aristocrat, art dealer,
Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild Pic French sociality, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Baroness Mathilde Hannah von Rothschild German-born composer,
Mayer Amschel Rothschild RWF HW Pic German-born patriarch of Rothschild Famuly,
Baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild Pic British-born politician, son of  Nathan, B2-
Baron Mayer Carl von Rothschild Pic German banker, politician,
Dame Miriam Rothschild RWF Pic British entomologist, zoologist, B5-
Baroness Nadine de Rothschild RWC Pic French film actress, author, (convert to Judaism)
Nathan Mayer Rothschild RWF H Pic German-born British financier, founder of British branch, 0.0 B1 1798
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild RWF Pic British banker, politician, son of Lionel    B3
Nathaniel de Rothschild RWF Pic British-born French banker, Cie Banque Rothschild Frere B2-
Nathaniel Meyer von Rothschild Pic Austrian-born philanthropist, art collector, A3-
Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild RWF Pic British-burn financier, son of Baron Jacob (Jewish father) B7
Nathaniel Robert de Rothschild French-born American banker,
Nathaniel Rothschild RWF Pic co-chairman Atticus Capital LLC Jewish father B7
Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pic French wine grower, theater/film producer, screenwriter,
Baroness Philippine de Rothschild HW Pic French-born wine grower, daughter of Baron Philippe de Rothchild (Jewish father)
Baron Robert de Rothschild
Robert Philippe de Rothschild French-born banker, F3
Salomon James de Rothschild Pic French banker, socialite,
Baron Salomon Mayer von Rothschild RWF Pic German-born Austrian banker, founder of Austrian branch, S M von Rottschild A1 1820
Baron Victor Rothschild RWF Pic British biologist, son of Charles B5
Baron Walter Rothschild RWF HW Pic British banker, zoologist, B4-
Prince Alexandre Berthier French  art collector, (Jewish mother)
Lady Lynn Forester Pic American-born enterpreneur, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild,
Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild Pic French-born socialite, art collector, daughter of Alphonse
Baroness Nica de Koenigswarter Pic British jazz patroness, daughter of Charles, sister of Victor & Miriam
George Lane Pic Hungarian-born British commando officer, husband of Miriam Rothschild,
Gregor Piatigorsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American cellist, husband of Jacquline de Rothschild
Cauntess Hannah Primorse English social leader, philantropist, daughter of Baron Mayer Amschell,
Earl Harry Primrose Pic Secretary of State for Scotland, son of Hannah de Rothschild, (Jewish mother)
Earl Neil Primrose Pic British politician, solgier,  Liberal MP 1910-17 (Jewish mother)
Lady Sybil Primrose Pic British writer, designer, artist, (Jewish mother)
Sir Edward Sassoon Pic British businessman, politician, husband of Aline Caroline,
Sir Philip Sassoon RWC Pic British politician, art collector, son of Aline Caroline
Nicole Stephane Pic French actress, producer, director,
Baroness Helene van Zuylen Pic French socialite, author,
Andrew Rothstein British communist, son
Theodore Rothstein RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian revolutionary,  father
Elisabeth Roudinesco Pic French historian, psychoanalyst, (Jewish mother) nephew
Louise Weiss Pic French politician, journalist, author, MP 1979-83 (Jewish mother) aunt
Irving Rouse Pic American anthropologist,  father
Pete Rouse Pic American political consultant, interim White House Chief of Staff (Jewish father) son
Lillian Roxon Pic Italian-born Australian American journalist , author, aunt
Nicola Roxon RWC Pic Australian politician, Minister of Health and Ageing 2007-, niece
Roy Kapur
NaqiJahan daughter
Salome Aaron Pic Indian ballroom dancer, choreographer, actress, Miss India 1947, mother
Aditya Roy Kapur Pic Indian film actor, (Jewish mother) son
Kunaal Roy Kapur Pic Indian film actor, director, (Jewish mother) son
Siddharth Roy Kapur Pic Indian businessman, film producer, executive, (Jewish mother)
Herbert Rosenkranz Austrian Israeli historian, brother
Kurt Rosenkranz Pic Austrian adult educator, brother
Alexandra Rozovskaya RWE Pic Russian stage actress, daughter
Mark Rozovsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian playwright, composer, theater director, (Jewish father) father
Artur Carlos de Barros Basto Pic Portuguese-born military, writer, (converso descent)  great granduncle
Daniela Ruah HW Pic American-born Portuguese television actress, great grandniece
Bernice Rubens Pic British novelist, sister
Harold Rubens Pic British pianist, human rights activist, brother
Max Rubensohn German philologist, literary historian, cousin
Otto Rubensohn German clasical archaeologist, egyptologist, cousin
Erno Rubik RWF Pic Hungarian inventor, sculptor, architecture scholar,    son
Erno Rubik Pic Hungarian aircraft designer,  father
Mikhail Rubinov RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, brother
Yakov Rubinov RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, komdiv, brother
Gerda Rubinstein Pic Dutch sculptor, (Jewish father) sister
Renate Rubinstein Pic German-born Dutch journalist, writer, columnist, (Jewish father) sister
Mortimer Rogoff American inventor, chairman/president of Novigation Sciences, father of Alice
Alice Rubenstein Pic American publisher, business executive, philanthropists, arts patron, wife
David Rubenstein RWF Pic American businessman, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, husband
Joette Katz Pic American Associate Justice of Connecticut Supreme Court, wife
Philip Rubin Pic American cognitive scientist, psychologist, linguist,  husband
Gideon Rubin Pic Israeli artist, grandson
Reuven Rubin RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli painter, scenic designer, ambassador to Romania 1948- , grandfather
Irv Rubin Pic American chairman of Jewish Defense Leage 1985-2002, husband
Shelley Rubin Pic American chairman/CEO of Jewish Defense Leage, wife
Karl Rubin Pic American mathematician, son
Vera Rubin RWF HW Pic American astrophysicist, mother
Aleksandr Rubinchik RWM Pic Soviet military commander, lieutenant-general, son
Efim Rubinchik RWM Pic Soviet director of tank factory, major general, father
Emil Mlinarski RWF Pic Polish conductor, violinist, composer, (not Jewish) father in law of Arthur
Arthur Rubinstein RWF HW Pic Polish-born American pianist, composer, father
Eva Rubinstein RWF Pic Argentine-born Polish American balet dancer, actress, photographer, (Jewish father) daughter
John Rubinstein RWF Pic American film/television actor, composer, director, (Jewish father) son
Michael Weston Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of John
Lady Annabelle Whitestone Pic British music manager, wife of Arthur
Anton Rubinstein RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Russian pianist, composer, conductor, brother
Nikolai Rubinstein RWF HW Pic Russian pianist, conductor, brother
Beryl Rubinstein Pic American composer, pianist, teacher, father
David Rubinstein American social historian, son
Rudin Rudin Family
Jack Rudin Pic American chairman of Rudin Management Company, brother
Lewis Rudin Pic American real estate investor/developer, Rudin Management Company, brother
Samuel Rudin Pic American founder of Rudin Management Company, father
Maya Rudolph RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, (Jewish father) daughter
Richard Rudolph Pic American guitarist, composer, producer, father
Louis Rukeyser Pic American business columnist, commentator, television personality, son
Merryle Rukeyser Pic American financial journalist,     father
William Rukeyser Pic American business journalist, managing editor, son
Jennifer Rush Pic American pop/rock singer, daughter
Maurice Stern Pic American opera singer, sculptor, graphic artist, father
Rabbi Solomon Hirschel Chief Rabbi of Great Bretain 1802-42, great uncle of Henry
Hirschel Levin Pic Polish-born Chief Rabbi of Great Bretain 1758-64, father of Solomon
Henry Russell Pic British pianist, singer/songwriter, composer, father
Henry Russell British impresario, conductor, opera director, son 
William Russell Pic British writer, son 
Sir Landon Ronald HW Pic British composer, conductor, pianist,    son 
Ilya Rutberg RWF Pic Russian stage/film actor,   father
Yulia Rutberg RWF Pic Russian stage/film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Michael Horowitz Pic American author, archivist, father
Winona Ryder RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter