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Robert Earl British singer, father
Robert Earl Pic American founder/chairman of Planet Hollywood International, son
Marek Eben Pic Czech actor, singer, composer, (Jewish paternal grandfather?) son
Petr Eben HW Pic Czech composer, pianist, (Jewish father) father
Ilja Hurnik Pic Czech composer, essayist, ??? brother in law of Petr
Drew Eberson American theater architect, son
John Eberson Pic Ukrainian-born American architect, father
Ian Eagle Pic American sports announcer, son
Jack Eagle Pic American actor, father
Beno Eckmann RWF Pic Swiss mathematician, father
Jean-Pierre Eckmann Pic Swiss mathematical physicist, son
Warren Eckstein Pic American animal beheviorist, pet trainer, animal rights activist, uncle
Michael Rosenbaum RWF HW Pic American film/television actor,    nephew
Abraham Edel Pic American philosopher, ethisist, brother
Leon Edel RWF Pic American language/literary scholar, brother
Joel Mandelbaum Pic American music composer, teacher, nephew
Albert Cohen American film producer, father of Louise
Herb Edelman Pic American stage/film/television actor, husband
Jeanne Sorel Pic American actress, mother of Louise
Louise Sorel Pic American film/stage/television actress, wife
Kate Edelman Johnson Pic American film producer,  daughter
Louis Edelman Pic American film producer, screenwriter, father
Gerald Edelman RWF HW Pic American biologist, embyologist, immunologist, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (1972) father
Judith Edelman Pic American singer, daughter
Joseph Edelstein Romanian-born American yiddish theater actor, husband
Pauline Edelstein Pic Romanian-born American stage actress, wife
Ashley Edner Pic American actress, sister
Bobby Edner Pic American actor, singer, rapper, brother
Semyon Fridlyand RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet photographer, journalist, cousin
Mikhail Koltsov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, brother
Boris Yefimov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian painter, cartoonist,  brother
German Efromovich Pic Bolivian-born Brazilian owner pf Synegry Group, Maritima Petroleum Group, Avianca brother
Jose Efromovich Pic Brazilian businessman, brother
Ariadna Efron RWN Pic Soviet translator, artist, art scholar, poet, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Sergei Efron RWF Pic Russian poet, officer of White Army, NKVD agent, (Jewish father) father
Ilya Efron RWF Pic Lithuanian-born publisher uncle
Natalia Efron RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet stage/film actress, niece
Vilna Gaon RWF HW Pic 18th century Talmudist and mystic, Lithuanian leader of the ''Mitnagdim'',  great grandfather of Ilya
Anatoly Efros RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian theater director, father
Dmitry Krimov RWF Russian theater director, (Jewish father) son
Sergei Efuni RWF Georgian-born Russian scientist, medicine (Jewish father) son
Naum Efuni RWF Pic Soviet political/military figure, father
Marta Eggerth RWF Pic Hungarian-born American singer, actress, (Jewish mother) wife
Jan Kiepura RWF Pic Polish-born actor, singer, (Jewish mother) husband
Ilya Ehrenburg  RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, public figure, translator, brother-in-law
Grigori Kozintsev RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian film ditector, screenwriter, brother-in-law
Paul Ehrenfest RWF Pic Austrian-born Russian Dutch physicist, mathematician, father
Tatyana Ehrenfest Pic Austrian-born Dutch mathematician, (Jewish father) daughter
Ben Ehrenreich Pic American journalist, noveist, ??? son
Rosa Brooks Pic American legal scholar, journalist, author, ??? daughter
Paul Ehrlich RWF HW Pic German-born physician, immunologist, hematologist, Nobel Prize (1908) in medicine, cousin
Edmund Landau RWF HW Pic German mathematician, co-founder of number theory, son-in-law of Paul
Carl Weigert Pic German pathologist, cousin
Herman Ehrlich Croatian architect, businessman, father
Marta Ehrlich Pic Croatian painter, granddaughter of Herman
Hugo Ehrlich Pic Croatian architect, son
Mira Klobucar Pic Croatian painter, daughter
Boris Eichenbaum RWF Pic Russian literary critic, historian of Russian literature, (Jewish father) brother
Vsevolod Voline RWF Pic Russian anarchist, (Jewish father) brother
Eichthal Family Seligmann-Eichthal
Baron Adolphe d'Eichthal Pic French financier, politician,
Karl von Eichthal Pic
Eugene d'Eichthal Pic French economist, sociologist, poet, son
Baron Gustave d'Eichthal Pic French writer, ublicist, hellenist, father
Baron Louis d'Eichthal Pic father of Adolphe/Gustave
Baron Aron Elias Seligmann Pic German financier, banker of court of Bavaria, father of Gustave
Cyrus Eidlitz Pic American architect, son
Leopold Eidlitz RWF HW Pic Czech-born American architect,   father
Marc Eidlitz Pic Czech-born American builder, brother of Leopold
Marcus Einfeld Pic Australian Federal Court Justice, son
Syd Einfeld Pic Australian Deputy Premier of New South Wales, father
Einstein Einstein Family
Abraham Einstein German-born grandfather of Albert, father of Hermann
Albert Einstein RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Nobel Prize (1921), husband
Bernhard Einstein Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, son of Hans Albert
Carl Einstein Pic German art historian/critic, anarchist, nephew of Albert
Eduard Einstein Pic Swiss-born 2nd son of Albert Einstein, son of Albert
Elsa Einstein Pic German cousin, 2nd wife of Albert Einstein, wife
Evelyn Einstein American-born adopted daughter of Hans
Hans Einstein Pic Swiss-born American engineer, educator, (Jewish father) son of Albert
Hans Albert Einstein Pic Swiss American enginer, educator, (Jewish father) son of Albert
Hermann Einstein Pic German-born father of Albert Einstein, father of Albert
Lieserl Einstein Serbian-born   (Jewish father) daughter of Albert
Maja Einstein Pic German-born sister of Albert Einstein, sister of Albert
Thomas Einstein Pic American anesthesiologist, son of Bernhard
Pauline Koch Pic German-born mother of Albert Einstein mother of Albert
Albert Brooks RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, son
Bob Einstein Pic American actor, comedy writer, son
Charles Einstein Pic American sportswriter, author, son
Thelma Leeds Pic American film actress, singer, mother
Harry Parke Pic American comedian, father
Alona Einstein HW Pic Israeli photographer, 1st wife
Arik Einstein RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, actor,  husband
Sima Eliyahu HW Pic Israeli actress, 2nd wife
Egon Eis Pic Austrian screenwriter, brother
Otto Eis Hungarian-born Austrian screenwriter, brother
Jonathan Eisen Pic American evolutionary biologist, brother
Michael Eisen Pic American biologist, brother
Rich Eisen Pic American sports journalist, husband
Suzy Shuster Pic American journalist, broadcaster, wife
Artur Eisenbach Pic Polish historian, brother-in-law
Emanuel Ringelblum RWE H Pic Ukrainian-born Polish historian, politician, social worker, brother-in-law
Hallie Eisenberg RWF Pic American film/television actress,  sister
Jesse Eisenberg RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, brother
Carola Eisenberg Pic Argentine-born American psychiatrist, wife
Leon Eisenberg Pic American psychiatrist, 2nd husband
Alan Guttmacher Pic American obsterician/gynecologist, eugenist, brother of Manfred
Alan Edward Guttmacher Pic American pediatrician, medical geneticist, son of Carola/Manfred
Manfred Guttmacher American forensic psychiatrist, medical historian, author, 1st husband
Jacob Eisenberg American pianist, teacher, textbook writer, husband
Ruth Brewer Eisenberg American musician, wife
Benjamin Eisenstadt American inventor, saccharin sweetener, grandfather
Debra Eisenstadt Pic American director, screenwriter, producer, actress, granddaughter
Mikhail Eisenstein RWE HW Pic Russian-born Latvian  architect, civil engineer,  (Jewish father) father
Sergei Eisenstein RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Soviet director, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Charlotte Eisler Pic Austrian singer, pianist, music teacher, wife of Hanns
Georg Eisler Pic Austrian painter, son of Hanns/Charlotte
Gerhart Eisler German politican, (Jewish father) brother
Hanns Eisler RWF HW Pic German composer, songwriter, (Jewish father), brother
Rudolf Eisler Austrian-born German philosopher, father
Ruth Fischer RWF Pic Leader of German Communist Party, ( Jewish father) sister
Predlag Ejdus Pic Serbian actor, (Jewish father) father
Vanja Ejdus Pic Serbian actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Aryeh Eldad HW Pic Israeli politician,  son
Israel Eldad RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli philosopher, Israeli independence fighter, father
Ilona Elek RWC HW Pic Hungarian fencer, sister
Margit Elek RWC Pic Hungarian fencer, sister
Hans Eysenck Pic German-born British psychologist, (Jewish mother) husband
Michail Eisenck Pic British psycholigist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Hans
Sybil Eysenck Pic Austrian-born British personality psychologist, wife
Helga Molander RWF Pic German stage/film actress,
Max Rostal Pic Austrian-born British violinist, violist, father of Sybil
Robert Eisenman Pic American biblical scholar, archaeologist, brother
Peter Eisenman RWF HW Pic American architect, brother
Kurt Eisner RWF HW Pic German prime minister of Bavaria 1918-19, uncle
Sir Ernst Chain RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1945) in medicine, nephew
Breck Eisner RWF Pic American film/television director, (Jewish father) son
Eric Eisner Pic American producer, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son
Michael Eisner RWF Pic American producer, director, executive, father
Sigmund Eisner Pic Austrian-born American manufacturer, great-grandfather of Michael
Klas Eklund Pic Swedish economist, writer, (Jewish mother) son
Fylgia Zadig Pic Swedish actress, mother
Blossom Elfman American novelist, mother of Richard & Danny
Bodhi Elfman Pic American actor, son of Richard
Danny Elfman RWF HW Pic American composer, singer/songwriter, brother
Mali Elfman Pic American actress, producer, website editor,  daughter of Danny
Richard Elfman RWF Pic American film director, writer, actor,  brother
Frederick Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American co-founder of TF Cornestone, brother
Henry Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American founder of Rockrose Development Corporation, brother
Thomas Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American co-founder/chairman of TF Cornestone, brother
Arthur Elgort Pic American fashion photographer, father
Ansel Elgort RWC Pic American actor, singer, (Jewish father) son
Yaffa Eliach RWF Pic Lithuanian-born American historian, author, judaic studies scholar, mother
Michael Rosensweig Pic American Rosh Yeshiva in Yeshiva University, husband of Smadar
Smadar Rosensweig Pic American theologian, daughter
Yona Elian HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, husband
Sasi Keshet HW Pic Israeli singer, actor, wife
Maxim Eliashberg RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, deisgner, brother
Pavel Eliashberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, deisgner, brother
Gerasim Eliashberg RWF Pic Russian theoretical physicist, son
Matvey Eliashberg RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet chemist,   father
Yakov Eliashberg RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician,  son
Alexander Elyashevich RWF Pic Eser Party father
Mikhail Elyashevich RWF Pic German-born Soviet physicist, (Jewish father) son
Alain Elkann Pic Italian novelist, journalist,  father ExLink
Ginerva Elkann Pic Italian apprentice film director, (Jewish father) daughter
Jean-Paul Elkann Pic French banker, chairman/CEO of Cristian Dior, grandfather
John Elkann RWF Pic Italian industrialist, chairman of Fiat, (Jewish father) son
Lapo Elkann Pic Italian industrialist, (Jewish father) son
Ettore Ovazza Pic Italian businessman, politician, uncle of Alain
Abram Elkus RWC Pic American ambassador to Turkey 1916- father of Katharine
Albert Elkus American mayor of Sacramento, 1921-25, uncle
Katharine Elkus White RWC Pic American ambassador to Denmark 1964-68, niece
Biff Elliot Pic American film/television actor, brother
Win Elliot American television/radio sportscaster, game show host, brother
Cass Elliott RWF Pic American singer, sister
Leah Kunkel Pic American singer/songwriter, sister
Nathaniel Kunkel Pic American record producer, engineer, mixer, (Jewish mother) son of Leah
David Ellison RWC Pic American film producer, CEO of Skydance Productions, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Larry Ellison RWF HW Pic American billionaire, CEO of Oracle Corp. (Jewish mother) father
Megan Ellison Pic American film producer, founder of Annapurna Pictures, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Daniel Ellsberg RWE Pic American military analyst, anti-Vietnam War activist, father
Michael Ellsberg Pic American author, blogger, public speaker, son of Daniel/Patricia
Robert Ellsberg Pic American editor, publisher, (Jewish father) son of Daniel
Louis Marx Pic American toys inventor,   father of Patricia
Patricia Marx Ellsberg Pic American activist, anti-nuclear weapons, mother
Arie Elmaleh Pic Moroccan-born French actor, brother
Gad Elmaleh RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born French actor, stand-up comedian, show humorist,     brother
Ari Elon Pic Israeli writer, biblical scholar, educator, son
Binyamin Elon RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of National Union Party, Minister of Tourism, son
Emuna Elon Pic Israeli author, journalist, woman, rights activist, wife of Binyamin
Menachem Elon RWF HW Pic German-born Vice President of Supreme Court of Israel 1988-93 father
Mordechai Elon Pic Israeli rabbi, son
Pinchas Hacohen Peli Pic Israeli rabbi, poet, essayist, scholar of Judaism, father of Emuna
Ben Elton HW Pic British-born Australian  comedian, playwright, actor, director, (Jewish father) son of Lewis
Andrew Ehrenberg Pic British statistician, marketing theorist, son of Hans
Hedwig Ehrenberg wife of Max Born daughter of Victor/jurist
Hans Ehrenberg Pic German theologian, co-founder of Confessing Church, brother of Victor/historian
Victor Ehrenberg Pic German jurist,   uncle of Victor/historian
Victor Ehrenberg RWF German historian,   father of Geoffrey & Lewis
Sir Geoffrey Elton HW Pic German-born British historian of Tudor England, son of Victor/historian
Lewis Elton Pic German-born British physicist, researcher into education, father of Ben
Henny Eman RWC HW Pic prime-minister of Aruba 1986-89 1994-2001, grandson 1948-
Henny Eman Aruban politician, founder of Aruban People's Party, grandfather 1888-1957
Mike Eman RWC HW Pic prime-minister of Aruba 2009- ,
Ari Emanuel Pic American literary agent, brother
Ezekiel Emanuel Pic American bioethicist, oncologist,    brother
Rahm Emanuel RWF Pic Adviser to Clinton, White House Chieff of Staff 2008- Obama brother
Andre Emmerich Pic German-born American art dealer, father
Noah Emmerich HW Pic American film/television actor, son
Toby Emmerich RWC Pic American screenwriter, film executive/producer,   son
Annette Engelhard Pic American socialite, philanthropist, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Fritz & Jane Annette de la Renta
Charlene Engelhard Troy American philanthropist, daughter of Charles & Jane
Charles Engelhard, Jr Pic American industrialist, 2nd husband of Jane Engelhard Corporation
Jane Engelhard Pic Chinese-born American philanthropist, (Jewish father) mother of Annette Marie Annette Reiss
Fritz Mannheimer Pic German banker, art collector, 1st husband of Jane
Sally Engelhard Pingree Pic American philanthropist, daughter of Charles & Jane
Sophie Engelhard daughter of Charles & Jane
Hugo Reiss German-born diplomat, father of Jane
Israel Englander Pic American businessman, Millennium Partners, brother-in-law
Jack Nash Pic German-born American money manager, Odissey Partners, brother-in-law
Jonas Ennery Pic French politician, MP 1849- , brother
Marchand Ennery Pic Chief Rabbi of Consistory 1846- brother
Enriquez RWC
Don Fabricio Alfonso de Castile Spanish illegitimate son Ferdinand VI of Castille, father of Alonso Enriquez,
Admiral Alfonso Enriquez RWC Spanish military, Admiral of Castille, (Jewish mother), Paloma great-grandfather of Ferdinand II
Fadrique Enriquez RWC Spanish politician, admiral, (Jewish grandmother) grandfather of Ferdinand II
Juana Enriquez RWC Pic Spanish aristocrat, (Jewish great-grandmother), Mother of King Ferdinand II, mother of Ferdinand II
King Ferdinand II of Aragon RWC Pic Spanish king of Sicily, Aragon, (Jewish maternal great grandmother)
Jean-Paul Enthoven Pic French intellectual, academic, journalist, critic, father of Raphael
Raphael Enthoven Pic French philosopher, husband
Bernard-Henri Levy RWF HW Pic French philosopher, journalist, film director,    father of Justine
Justine Levy Pic French Writer, wife
Anna Eorsi Hungarian art historian, daughter
Gyula Eorsi Hungarian-born jurist, scholar,  father
Istvan Eorsi Pic Hungarian writer, novelist, poet, translator, brother of Gyula
Matyas Eorsi Pic Hungarian MP son
Stephen Eorsi Hungarian writer, poet, translator, journalist, brother of Gyula
Carl Bernstein RWF HW Pic American journalist, author,  2nd husband of Nora
Amy Ephron Pic American novelist, screenwriter, journalist, film producer daughter
Delia Ephron Pic American author, screenwriter, playwright, producer, daughter
Hallie Ephron Pic American novelist, journalist, writing teacher, daughter
Henry Ephron Pic American playwright, screenwriter, producer, father
Nora Ephron RWF HW Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter and novelist, daughter
Phoebe Ephron Pic American playwright, screenwriter, mother
Dan Greenburg Pic American author, screenwriter, journalist, 1st husband of Nora
Ephrussi Ephrussi Family Palais Ephrussi
Boris Ephrussi RWF Pic French geneticist,   Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild 1901-79
Charles Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French art critic, art historian, art collector, cousin of Maurice 1849-1905
Anne Ephrussi RWF Pic French developmental biologist, daughter of Boris 1955-
Ignaz von Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian banker, half-brother of Maurice 1829-99
Jules Ephrussi French banker, 1846-1915
Leon Ephrussi
Princess May Ephrussi daughter of Michel 1880-1994
Baron Maurice de Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French banker, brother 1849-1916
Michel Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French banker, brother 1844-1914
Viktor von Ephrussi Pic Austrian banker, founder/owner of Ephrussi & Co.,  son of Ignaz 1860-1945
Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild Pic French socialie, art collector,   wife of Maurice 1864-94
Yakov Ephrussi RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet scientist, inventor, cousin of Boris 1900-96
Fanny Kahn
Emilia Porges wife of Ignaz
Fanny Reinach -1917
Theodore Reinach RWC Pic French archaeologist, mathematician, lawyer, politician, historian, 1860-1928
Alex de Waal Pic British writer, researcher of african issues, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Edmund de Waal Pic British ceramic artist, curator, art historian/critic, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Elisabeth de Wall (nee Ephrussi) mother of Victor de Wall
Thomas de Waal Pic British journalist, writer of Caucasus, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Victor de Waal Pic Britoish anglican priest, son of Elisabeth
Barbara Epstein Pic American editor, publisher, wife
Jason Epstein Pic American editor, publisher, husband
Judith Miller RWE HW Pic American journalist, (Jewish father) 2nd wife of Jason
Anya Epstein Pic American television writer, producer, daughter of Leslie
Julius Epstein HW Pic American screenwriter, brother
Leslie Epstein Pic American novelist,  son of Philip
Philip Epstein RWC HW Pic American screenwriter, brother
Theo Epstein Pic American General Manager of Boston Red Sox, son of Leslie
Dan Futterman Pic American film/television actor, screenwriter, husband of Anya
Brian Epstein RWF HW Pic British agent/manager of The Beatles, uncle cousin of James' father
James Hyman Pic British television presenter, nephew
Fritz Epstein German-born American historian, son
Paul Epstein RWF Pic Polish-born Russian American mathematician, physicist, father
Sir Jacob Epstein RWF HW Pic American-born British sculptor, father
Theodore Garman Pic British painter, (Jewish father) son
Roland Joffe RWF Pic British-born French film director, producer, grandson of Jacob
Rowan Joffe Pic British screenwriter/television writer, director, (Jewish father)
Jean Epstein RWF Pic Polish-born French film director, essayist, philosopher, (Jewish father) brother
Marie Epstein Pic Polish-born French film actress, screenwriter, film director, (Jewish father) sister
Richard Erdoes Pic Austrian-born American author, journalist, editor, illustrator, son
Richard Erdos, Sr Hungarian opera singer, bass, father
Erik Erikson RWF HW Pic German-born American psychoanalyst, (Jewish mother), father
Kai Erikson Pic American sociologist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
d'Erlanger Emile Erlanger & Co.
Baron Emile Beamount d'Erlanger merchant banker, (Jewish father) son 1866-1939
Baron Francois Rodolphe d'Erlanger French musicologist, painter, (Jewish father) son 1872-1932
Baron Frederic Alfred d'Erlanger Anglo-French composer, banker, patron of the arts, (Jewish father) son 1868-1943
Baron Frederic Emile d'Erlanger German-born  banker, consul, father 1832-1911
Baron Raphael Sidell d'Erlanger German zoologist, (Jewish father) son 1865-97
Adolf Erman RWF Pic German egyptologist, lexicographer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Georg Adolf Erman RWF German-born physicist, traveler, (Jewish mother) father
Fridrikh Ermler RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian director, actor, screenwriter, father
Mark Ermler RWF Pic Soviet/Russian conductor, son
Levi Eshkol RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born 3d Israeli Prime Minister 1963-69, father-in-law
Avraham Shochat RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Finance /National Infrastructure,   son-in-law
Baron Bernhard von Eskeles Pic Austrian banker/financier, Arnstein and Eskeles, father 1753-1839
Baron Denis de Eskeles Pic Austrian banker, son
Countess Maria Anna von Eskeles wife Count Franz Graf fon Wimpffen daughter
Baroness Caecille Itzig daughter of Daniel Itzig wife of Bernhard
Samson Wertheimer RWC Pic Austrian financier, grandfather of Bernhard
Alex Eskin RWC Pic Russian-born American mathematician, son
Eleazar Eskin Pic Russian-born American computer scientist, son
Gregory Eskin Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli American mathematician, father
Ben Esler Pic Australian film/television actor, son
Murray Esler Pic Australian cardiologist, medical scientist, father
Jacques Essebag RWC Pic Moroccan-born French television presenter, producer, comedian, husband
Estelle Lefebure Pic French actress, model, wife
Karol Estreicher Pic Polish-born historan of art and theater, literary critic, bibliographer, father
Stanislaw Estreicher Pic Polish historian of law, bibliographer, son
Tadeusz Estreicher Pic Polish-born Austrian chemist, historian, cryogenics pioneer, son
Susan Estrich Pic American author, lawyer, political commentator, wife
Marty Kaplan Pic American radio host, husband
Deborah Estrin RWC Pic American computer scientist,  daughter
Gerald Estrin RWF Pic American computer scientist, father
Judith Estrin RWC Pic Israeli-born American busness executive, CTO, senior VP -2002 daughter
Thelma Estrin RWC Pic American computer scientist, engineer, biomedical researcher, mother ExLink
Yakov Etinger RWE Pic Soviet physician, Doctor's Plot, father
Yakov Etinger RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian politologist, historian, political activist, son adopted
Robert Aumann RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli American mathematician, Nobel Prize (2005) in Economics cousin of Oliver
Abba Eban RWF HW Pic South African-born Israeli diplomat, politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs   , uncle
Aura Herzog Pic Egyptian-born Israeli writer, 
Chaim Herzog RWF HW Pic Head of A'man 1949-50 1959-62 6th President of Israel, brother-in-law of Abba Eban
Jonathan Lynn RWF Pic British film director, actor, screenwriter, nephew
Muriel Elsie Sacks British gynecologist, surgeon, mother of Oliver
Oliver Sacks RWF HW Pic British-American neurologist, author, cousin of Abba Eban
Charles Evans American businessman, fashion designer, brother of Robert
Charles Evans, Jr Pic American film producer, nephew of Robert
Josh Evans Pic American screenwriter, filmmaker, actor, son
Robert Evans RWF Pic American stage actor, film producer, executive, father
Ali MacGraw RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) mother
Catherine Oxenberg RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) wife of Robert
Philip Blashki Pic Polish-born Australian businessman, grandfather
Miles Evergood Pic Australian painter, father
Philip Evergood Pic American post-modernist painter, sculptor, etcher, illustrator, writer, son
Frank Evers Pic Israeli-born American businessman, president of Evergreen Pictures, husband
Lauren Greenfield Pic American artist, documentary photographer/filmmaker, wife
Charlotte Dusensy mother
Adolf Exner Pic Austrian legal scholar, (Jewish mother) son
Franz S. Exner RWF Pic Austrian physisist, (Jewish mother) son
Karl Exner Austrian physisist, (Jewish mother) son
Marie Exner Pic daughter Marie von Frisch
Sigmund Exner Pic Austrian physiologist, (Jewish mother) son
Karl von Frisch RWF HW Pic Austrian ethologist, (1973), Nobel Prize (1973) (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Marie von Frisch
Nandu Bhende Pic Indian singer, nephew
Nissim Ezekiel RWF HW Pic Indian-born  British poet, author, playwright, art critic, maternal uncle
Hershell Ezrin Pic Canadian activist, nephew
Joseph Salsberg Pic Canadian politician, Ontario MP uncle