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Barney Aaron Pic American British boxer, Aaron Barney 
Aaron RWN Pic brother of Moses and Miriam, and the first High Priest Aaron BibFigures
Caroline Aaron RWC Pic American actress, producer,    Aaron Caroline 
Daniel Aaron Pic American writer, literary critic, Aaron Daniel 
Daniel Aaron American co-founder of Comcast Communications, Aaron Daniel 
Henry Aaron American economist, ??? Aaron Henry 
Israel Aaron American war contractor, army supplier, rabbi, Aaron Israel 
Jaime Aaron Israeli ambassador to Colombia 1982- , Aaron Jaime
Rita Aaron Indonesian model, Aaron Rita 
Robert Aaron RWF Pic American electrical engineer, high speed digital communications, ??? Aaron Robert 
Salome Aaron Pic Indian ballroom dancer, choreographer, Miss India 1947, Aaron Salome
Sam Aaronovich RWF Pic British economist, communist, Aaronovich Sam
Ben Aaronovitch Pic British screenwriter, Aaronovitch Ben 
David Aaronovitch Pic British journalist, broadcaster, author, Aaronovitch David 
Eric Aarons Pic Australian leader of communist party, Aarons Eric
Laurie Aarons Pic Australian General Secretary of the Commmunist Party of Australia 1965-76, Aarons Laurie
Mark Aarons Pic Australian journalist, author, Aarons Mark 
Ruth Aarons RWC Pic American tennis player, Aarons Ruth 
Aaron Aaronsohn HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli botanist, agronomist, zionist activist, Aaronsohn Aaron 
Alexander Aaronsohn Pic Romanian-born Israeli author, activist, Aaronsohn Alexander 
Sarah Aaronsohn HW Pic Ottoman Palestine-born Jewish spy, for the United Kingdom, Aaronsohn Sarah
Sarah  Aaronsohn British spy against Turkey,    Aaronsohn Sarah 
Hubert Aaronson Pic American materials scientist, ??? Aaronson Hubert 
Irving Aaronson Pic American jazz pianist, big band leader, Aaronson Irving 
Kenny Aaronson Pic American bass guitar player,   Aaronson Kenny
Ruth Aaronson Bari RWC Pic American mathematician, Aaronson Bari Ruth
Aaron Abbas Dutch editor, printer, Abaas Aaron 
Avraham Abaas RWC HW Pic Syrian-born Israeli politician,   Abaas Abraham 
Josephine Abady Pic American film/stage director/producer, Abady Josephine 
Lina Abarbanell Pic German-born American soprano singer, actress, Abarbanell Lina
Linor Abargil RWF HW Pic Israeli model, Abargil Linor 
Monroe Abbey president of Canadian Jewish Congress 1968-71 Abbey Monroe 
Ary Abittan RWC Pic French film/television actor, humorist, Abbitan Ary
Bud Abbott Pic American comedian, actor, (Jewish mother) Abbott Bud 
Abdominal Pic Canadian rapper, Abdominal
Abdon  Abdon  Judges
Paula Abdul RWF HW Pic American dancer, singer, actress, choreographer, television personality, Abdul Paula 
Osip Abdulov RWF Pic Polish-born Russian stage/film actor, Abdulov Osip 
Vsevolod Abdulov RWF Pic Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, Abdulov Vsevolod 
Ellizabeta Abdulova-Metelskaya RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet stage actress, Abdulova-Metelskaya Elisabetha
Abram Abdurakhmanov RWC People's Commissar of  Justice for Uzbekian Soviet Repiblic 1932-35,  Abdurakhmanov Abram 
Eliette Abecassis HW Pic French philosopher, writer, Abecassis Aliette
Yael Abecassis RWF HW Pic Israeli actress, model, presenter, Abecassis Yael 
Ramzi Abed Pic American director, (Jewish mother) Abed Ramzi 
Rodrigo Abed Pic Mexican stage/film/television actor, Abed Rodrigo 
Alfred Abel Pic German film actor, film director, ??? Abel Alfred 
Carl Abel German comarative philologist, Abel Carl 
Elie Abel Pic Canadian American journalist, Abel Elie 
Lionel Abel Pic American playwright, novelist, essayist, drama critic, Abel Lionel 
Zak Abel Pic Moroccan-born British singer/songwriter, musician, Abel Zak 
Benjamin Abeles Pic Austrian-born American  engineer, inventor, biochemist, Abeles Benjamin 
Moshe Abeles HW Pic Israeli brain researcher, Abeles Moshe 
Norman Abeles RWF Pic Austrian-born American psychologist, Abeles Norman 
Sir Peter Abeles Pic Austrian-born Australian founder of TNT Corp, Ansett Airlines, Abeles Peter 
Robert Abeles Pic Austrian-born American chemist, Abeles Robert 
Walter Abeles Israeli ambassador to Columbia 1960- , Costa Rica 1966-69, Nicaragua 1966-69, Abeles Walter
Garri Abelev RWF Pic Russian biochemist, Abelev Garri 
Mark Abelev RWF Russian/Soviet engineer, Abelev Mark 
Nosan Abelev RWF Soviet military industry organizer, Abelev Nosan 
Yuda Abelev RWF Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, Abelev Yuda
Rene Abeliuk RWC Pic Chilean legal scholar, politician, Minister of state, Abeliuk Rene
Irving Abella HW Pic Canadian historian, writer, president of Canadian Jewish Congress 1992-95, Abella Irving 
Isaac Abella Pic Canadian physicist, laser researcher, Abella Isaac 
Rosalie Abella RWF Pic German-born Canadian lawyer, Supreme Court Judge of Canada 1973-84 Abella Rosalie 
Moris Abelman RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian pediatrician, Abelman Moris 
Harold Abelson RWF Pic American scientist, artificial intelligence, Abelson Harold 
Robert Abelson American psychologist, political scientist, ??? Abelson Robert 
Sophie Abelson Pic British stage/television actress, Abelson Sophie 
Jacob Abendana HW 17th century Sephardic rabbi in England Abendana Jacob 
Joseph Abenheim RWF German violinist, conductor, composer, Abenheim Joseph 
Eric Abensur CEO of Wanadoo, Abensur Eric 
Jean Aberbach Austrian-born American music publisher, Hill & Range, Aberbach Jean 
Julian Aberbach Pic American music publisher, Hill & Range, Aberbach Julian 
Avital Abergel RWC HW Pic Israeli film/television actress,    Abergel Avital 
Rakefet Abergel RWC Pic American film/television actress, comedian, Abergel Rakefet 
Reuven Abergel Pic Moroccan-born Israeli social/political activist, Abergel Reuven
Thal Abergel RWF Pic French chess grandmaster, Abergel Thal
David Aberle American anthropologist, Aberle David 
Martin Abern Pic Moldovan-born American communist, Abern Martin 
Nino Abesadze RWF HW Pic Georgian-born Israeli politician, journalst, (Jewish mother) Abesadze Nino 
Eugene Abeshaus Pic Russian-born Israeli artist, Abeshaus Eugene 
Leonard Abess Pic American banker, Abess Leonard 
Abhinayashree Pic Indian film actress, (Jewish mother) Abhinayashree
Abigail Pic a prophetess who became a wife of King David Abigail BibFigures
Abijam HW Pic Second King of the Kingdom of Judah, 915-13 BCE Abijam KingsKJ
Abimelech Pic Abimelech Judges
Aaron Abiob Turkish rabbi, biblical scholar, Abiob Aaron 
Walter Abish Pic Austrian-born American  writer, Abish Walter 
Michel Abitbol Pic Moroccan-born Israeli historian, Abitbol Michel
Sarah Abitbol Pic French figure skater, Abitbol Sarah 
Sylvain Abitbol RWC Pic Moroccan-born co-president of Canadian Jewish Congress 2007-09, Abitbol Sylvain 
William Abitbol Pic French politician, restaurateur, (Jewish father) MEP 1999-2004, Abitbol William 
Paul Ableman Pic British playwright, novelist,    Ableman Paul 
Paul Ableman RWF Pic British playwright, novelist,    Ableman Paul 
Keith Ablow Pic American psychiatrist, author,  television personality, Ablow Keith 
Abner Pic cousin of King Saul and commander of his army, assassinated by Yoav Abner BibFigures
Abner of Burgos Spanish philosopher, Abner of Burgos
Milton Aborn Pic American co-founder of Aborn Opera Company, Aborn Milton 
Sargent Aborn Pic American co-founder of Aborn Opera Company, Aborn Sargent 
Jose Aboulker RWC Pic Algerian-born member of anti-nazi resistance, Aboulker Jose 
Naum Abovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian engineering scholar, Abovsky Naum 
Vladimir Abovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian construction engineer, Abovsky Vladimir 
Isaac Abrabanel RWF Pic Portugese-born Spanish Minister of Finance, court Jew Abrabanel Isaac 
Anatole Abragam RWF HW Pic Latvian-born French physicist, NMR, Abragam Anatole 
Abraham RWN Pic BC 2165-1990 Abraham  patriarch
Abraham Abraham American co-founder 1865 of Avraham & Straus, Abraham Abraham 
Daniel Abraham Pic American founder of Slim-Fast, Abraham Daniel 
David Abraham Pic British CEO of UK Channel Four Television Corporation 2010- , Abraham David
Eric Abraham South African-born British film/television/theatrical producer, Abraham Eric 
Gerald Abraham British musicologist,     Abraham Gerald 
Henry Abraham Pic German-bornAmerican political scientist, legal scholar, ??? Abraham Henry
Israel Abraham war contractor rule of Cromwell  Abraham Israel 
Joseph Abraham Briyish mayor of Bristol, 1865, first  Abraham Joseph 
Josh Abraham American record producer,   Abraham Josh 
Karl Abraham Pic German psychoanalyst, Abraham Karl 
Kenneth Abraham American lae scholar, ??? Abraham Kenneth 
Marvin Abraham   ??? Abraham Marvin 
Max Abraham RWF Pic German physicist, mathematician, (mathematical theory of electricity) Abraham Max 
Nicolas Abraham Pic Hungarian-born French psychoanalyst, Abraham Nicolas
Paul Abraham RWF Pic Hungarian/Serbian operettas composer, conductor, Abraham Paul 
Phinehas Abraham Jamaician-born West Indian merchant, Abraham Phinehas
Roy Clive Abraham Australian-born British linguist, Abraham Roy Clive
Sarah Abraham RWC Indian-born Israeli boxer, Muay Thai, (Jewish convert) Abraham Sarah 
Ecaterina Abraham-Borila RWC Romanian Deputy Prime Minister 1954-65, Abraham-Borila Ecaterina 
Abraham Abrahams Australian businessman, painter, art collector, Abrahams Abraham
Sir Adolphe Abrahams Pic British medical doctor, founder of British medical science, Abrahams Adolphe
Anthony Abrahams British barrister, educationalist, Abrahams Anthony
Bennie Abrahams Newcastle Lord Mayor Abrahams Bennie 
Brett Abrahams Pic Canadian geneticist, neuroscientist, Abrahams Brett
Elihu Abrahams Pic American physicist, Abrahams Elihu 
Harold Abrahams RWN HW Pic British athlete, 100-meter sprint, sports broadcaster, Abrahams Harold 
Israel Abrahams Pic British scholar, Abrahams Israel 
Jim Abrahams RWF HW Pic American director, producer, screenwriter, Abrahams Jim 
Jon Abrahams RWF Pic American film/television actor, Abrahams Jon 
Lionel Abrahams Pic South African novelist, poet, editor, publisher, critic, Abrahams Lionel 
Louis Barnett Abrahams British educator, school principal, Abrahams Louis Barnett
Maurice Abrahams RWE Pic Russian-born American songwriter:composer, Abrahams Maurice 
Mort Abrahams Pic American film/television producer, Abrahams Mort 
Sir Sidney Abrahams Pic Olympic long-jumper, Chief Justice of Ceilon (Sri Lanka), 1936-39, Abrahams Sidney
David Abrahamsen Pic Norwegian forensic psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, Abrahamsen David
Ivan Abrahamson Russian-born American film director, Abrahamson Ivan 
James Abrahamson RWC Pic American military commander, lieutenant general, Abrahamson James 
Joan Abrahamson Pic American White House Fellow, Abrahamson Joan 
Lenny Abrahamson Pic Irish film/television director, Abrahamson Lenny
Shirley Abrahamson Pic American jurist, lawer, Abrahamson Shirley 
Benjamin Abram Pic French politician mayor of Aix-en-Provence, Abram Benjamin 
Morris Abram Pic American lawyer, educator, US Permanent  Representative to UN 1989-2000 Abram Morris 
Morris Abram Pic president of American Jewish Committee 1963-68 Abram Morris 
Mikola Abramchyk RWC Pic Belarusian politician, president Bearusian People's Republic in exile 1943-70, Abramchyk Mikola 
Claudio Abramo Pic Brazilian journalist, Abramo Claudio
Lelia Abramo Pic Italian-born  Brazilian actress, political activist, Abramo Lelia
Livio Abramo Pic Brazilian-born Paraguayan sketcher, engraver, aquarealist, Abramo Livio
Jack Abramoff  Pic American film producer, political lobbist, Abramoff Jack 
Israel Abramofsky Pic Ukrainian-born American painter, Abramofsky Israel 
Alexander Abramov RWF Pic Russian businessman, EvrazHolding, Abramov Alexander 
Efrat Abramov RWC HW Pic Israeli television actress, television host, screenwriter, Abramov Efrat
Pavel Abramov Pic Russian volleyball player, Abramov Pavel 
Sergei Abramov Pic Russian Minister of Finance of Cechen Republic, Abramov Sergei 
Shaltiel Abramov RWF Pic Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Abramov Shaltiel 
Yevda Abramov RWC Pic Azerbajani politician, MP 2005- , Abramov Yevda
Zalman Abramov RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,    Abramov Zalman 
Nelli Abramova RWA Russian volleyball player, Abramova Nelli 
Aaron Abramovich RWC HW Pic Israeli diplomat, jurist, milkitary, administrator, Abramovich Aaron 
Abram Abramovich RWF Pic Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Abramovich Abram 
Amnon Abramovich HW Pic Israeli journalist, political commentator, Abramovich Amnon 
Arkadiy Abramovich Pic Russian businessman, (Jewish father) Abramovich Arkadiy
David Abramovich Russian geographer, Abramovich David 
Dvir Abramovich Pic Israeli-born Australian columnist, editor, Abramovich Dvir
Genrich Abramovich Polish-born Russian aitcraft designer, Abramovich Genrich 
Genrikh Abramovich RWF Pic Polish-born Russian aitcraft designer, Abramovich Genrikh
Mikhail Abramovich RWF Belarusian-born Russian poet, translator, Abramovich Mikhail 
Mikhail Abramovich RWC Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet geologist, Abramovich Mikhail 
Raphael Abramovitch RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian socialist, leader of Menshevik Party, Abramovich Raphael 
Roman Abramovich RWF HW Pic Russian billionaire, Sibneft, Chelses Fooball Club, (Jewish father/maternal grandmother) Abramovich Roman 
Vsevolod Abramovich Pic Ukrainian-born Russian pioneering aviator, inventor, Abramovich Vsevolod
Yury Abramovich RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian test pilot, Abramovich Yury
Sergei Abramovich-Baranovsky RWC Pic Russian-born military, jurist, major general, Abramovich-Baranovsky Sergei 
Max Abramovitz Pic American architect, New York, Abramovitz Max 
Moses Abramovitz RWF Pic American economist, Abramovitz Moses 
Alexander Abramov-Mirov RWF Pic Soviet GRU officer, Abramov-Mirov Alexander 
Yehuda Meir Abramowicz HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, president/CEO of  Abramowicz Yehuda Meir
Bessie Abramowitz Pic Belarusian-born American labor leader, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Abramowitz Bessie 
Josef Abramowitz Pic American-born Israeli investor, activist, Abramowitz Josef
Kenneth Abramowitz American money manager, NGN Capital, Abramowitz Kenneth 
Milton Abramowitz American mathematician, Abramowitz Milton 
Morton Abramowitz Pic American ambassador to Thailand 1978-81, Turkey 1989-91, Abramowitz Morton 
Yosef Abramowitz Pic American  investor, activist, president/CEO of Energya Global Capital, Abramowitz Yosef
Austin Abrams Pic American actor, Abrams Austin 
Benjamin Abrams Romanian-born American businessman, Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation, Abrams Benjamin 
Cal Abrams Pic American baseball player, Abrams Cal 
Carol Abrams Pic American film/television producer, author, Abrams Carol
Dan Abrams Pic American journalist, anchor, CEO of MSNBC Abrams Dan 
David Abrams American founder 1952 of Mego Corporation, toys, Abrams David 
Elliott Abrams  RWF HW Pic American Assistant Secretary of State   Riegan,  Abrams Elliott 
Floyd Abrams Pic American legal scholar, Abrams Floyd 
Gerald Abrams RWC Pic American television producer,  Abrams Gerald 
Harry Abrams American founder 1949 of Harry N. Abrams, Inc, Abrams Harry 
Herb Abrams American professional wrestling promoter, Abrams Herb 
Hiram Abrams Pic American film producer, movie mogul, Unites Artists, Paramount Pictures, Abrams Hiram 
Howard Abrams Pic American legal scholar, Abrams Howard 
Hyman Abrams American mobster, Abrams Hyman 
Irwin Abrams Pic American historian, Abrams Irwin
J.J. Abrams RWF HW Pic American producer, director, screenwriter, composer, Abrams J. J.
Leroy Abrams RWF Pic American botanist, Abrams Leroy 
Meinrad Abrams American mayor of Hollywood, Florida 1966-69,  Abrams Meinrad
Meyer Abrams RWF Pic American literary historian, literary scholar, Abrams Meyer
Morris Abrams Pic American inventor, founder of Arror Fastener Co., staples Abrams Morris 
Norman Abrams Pic acting Chancellor of University of California, Los Angeles  2006-07 Abrams Norman 
Robert Abrams American New York State Attorney General 1979-93 Abrams Robert 
Ronnie Abrams American judge, Abrams Ronnie
Samuel Abrams American political scientist, author, Abrams Samuel 
Stephanie Abrams Pic American television meteorogist,   Abrams Stephanie 
Steve Abrams Pic American mayor of Boca Raton, Florida, 2001-08, Abrams Steve
Elliott Abrams  RWE HW Pic Assistant Secretary of State   Riegan,  Abrams  Elliott 
Chimen Abramsky HW Pic Belarusian-born British Judaic scholar, Abramsky Chimen
Jenny Abramsky Pic British director of Radio, BBC Abramsky Jenny 
Oded Abramsky RWC HW Pic Israeli-born neurologist, Abramsky Oded 
Samson Abramsky Pic British computer scientist, Abramsky Samson 
Shmuel Abramsky HW Polish-born Israeli historian, Abramsky Shmuel 
Yehezkel Abramsky RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born British rabbi,  Talmud scholar, Abramsky Yehezkel
Abraham Abramson Pic German coiner, medallist,   Abramson Abraham 
Albert Abramson Tower Construction Companies Abramson Albert 
Arthur Abramson Pic American linguist, phonetican, speech scientist, Abramson Arthur 
Gary Abramson Pic chairman of American University Abramson Gary 
Henry Abramson Pic American historian, Abramson Henry
Herb Abramson Pic American co-founder of Atlantic Records, Jubilee Records, Abramson Herb 
Ivan Abramson Pic Lithuanian-born American film director, Abramson Ivan 
Jerry Abramson RWC Pic American mayor of Louisville, Kentucky 1986-98 2002- , Abramson Jerry 
Jesse Abramson Pic American sports journalist, Abramson Jesse 
Jill Abramson RWF HW Pic American journalist, managing editor "New York Times", Abramson Jill 
Larry Abramson Pic South African-born Israeli artist, Abramson Larry
Leonard Abramson Pic American founder/chairman of U.S. Healthcare, Abramson Leonard 
Matanya Abramson RWF HW Pic Israeli sculptor, Abramson Matanya 
Norman Abramson RWF Pic American electrical engineer, computer scientist, Alohanet, Abramson Norman 
Shachno Abramson RWF Pic Russian public figure, 2nd Duma Abramson Shachno 
Shraga Abramson RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli Jewish studies scholar, Abramson Shraga 
Aluizio Abranches Pic Brazilian film director/producer, Abranches Aluizio
Raymond Abrashkin Ukrainian-born American writer, Abrashkin Raymond 
Claude Abravanel Pic Swiss-born Israeli composer, pianist, Abravanel Claude
Don Isaac Abravanel RWF HW Pic Portuguese-born Spanish statesman, philosopher, financier, Abravanel Don Isaac
Elliot Abravanel Pic American physician, diet counselor, Abravanel Elliott 
Judah Abravanel RWE HW Pic Spanish-born Potuguese Italian physician, poet, philosopher, Abravanel Judah 
Maurice Abravanel HW Pic Greek-born Swiss American music director, conductor, Abravanel Maurice 
Patricia Abravanel Pic Brazilian television presenter, Abravanel Patricia 
Silvia Abravanel Pic Brazilian producer, television presenter, television director, Abravanel Silvia 
Tiago Abravanel Pic Brazilian actor, singer, Abravanel Tiago
Jose de Abreu Pic Brazilian actor,   Abreu Jose de
Alexei Abrikosov RWF HW Pic Russian physicist, Nobel Prize (2003), (Jewish mother) Abrikosov Alexei 
Danny Abse RWF Pic British poet, writer, Abse Dannie 
Leo Abse Pic British Labour MP 1958-87, Abse Leo 
Isaac Abt Pic American pediatrician, Abt Isaac 
Al-Rabi ibn Abu al-Huqayk  7th century poet Abu al-Huqayk Al-Rabi ibn
Salam ibn Abu al-Huqayq  7th century poet Abu al-Huqayq Salam ibn
Semion Abugov Belarusian-born painter, art educator, Abugov Semion
Shai Abuhatsira Pic Israeli public servant, deputy-mayor of Haifa, Abuhatsira Shai
Aharon Abuhatzira RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Religions/Absorbtion/Labor/Social Walfare, Abuhatzira Aharon 
David Abulafia RWC HW Pic British historian, Abulafia David 
Yossi Abulafia HW Pic Israeli cartoonist, illustrator, graphic artist, screenwriter, Abulafia Yossi
Alexander Abusch RWC HW Pic Polish-born German journalist, author, politician, Abusch Alexander 
Alon Abutbul RWC HW Pic Israeli film/stage actor,  producer, radio commentator, Abutbul Alon 
Bella Abzug HW Pic American congresswoman, 1971-77 Abzug Bella 
Malcolm Abzug American engineer, aerospace engineering, ??? Abzug Malcolm 
Friedrich Accum Pic German chemist, (Jewish father) Accum Friedrich 
Goodman Ace Pic American comedian, radio personality,   Ace Goodman 
Jane Ace Pic American radio actress, comedian, Ace Jane 
Mark Achbar Pic Canadian documentary film director, Achbar Mark 
Ernesto Acher Pic Argentine comedian, actor, composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, Acher Ernesto
Armand Achille-Fould RWC Pic French politician, Minister of Agriculture, Achille-Fould Armand 
Peter Achinstein Pic American philosopher of science, Achinstein Peter 
Isidor Achron HW Pic Polish-born American composer, pianist, Achron Isidor 
Joseph Achron RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American composer, violinist, Achron Joseph 
Roberta Achtenberg  Pic Assistant Secretary of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity    Clinton  Achtenberg  Roberta 
Andre Aciman Pic Egyptian-born American literary critic, writer, Aciman Andre
Kathy Acker Pic American novelist, playwright, essayist, Acker Kathy 
A. Bernard Ackerman Pic American dermatologist, pathologist, Ackerman A. Bernard
Andy Ackerman Pic American television director, producer, Ackerman Andy 
Bruce Ackerman Pic American lawyer, author, ??? Ackerman Bruce 
Diane Ackerman Pic American poet, essayist, naturalist, Ackerman Diane 
Duane Ackerman American chairman/CEO of  BellSouth, Ackerman Duane 
Forrest Ackerman Pic American science fiction writer, Ackerman Forrest 
Gary Ackerman HW Pic American representative 1983- , Ackerman Gary 
Jacques Ackerman Peruvian senator, Ackerman Jacques 
James Ackerman Pic American archtectural historian, art historian, Ackerman James 
Karen Ackerman Pic American children's books author, Ackerman Karen 
Nathan Ackerman RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born American psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapy, Ackerman Nathan 
Paul Ackerman RWF American editor 1943-73 of Billboard, Ackerman Paul 
Raymond Ackerman American founder/chairman of Pick 'n Pay, Ackerman Raymond 
Shelley Ackerman Pic American astrologer, writer, actress, singer, Ackerman Shelley
Val Ackerman Pic president 1996-2005 of Women's Natiobal Basketball Association, Ackerman Val
Liliane Ackermann Pic French community leader, writer, microbiologist, Ackermann Liliane 
Bill Ackman Pic American founder/CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, Ackman Bill 
Baron Desmond Ackner Pic British judge, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary Ackner Desmond
Gary Ackstein Israeli singer, Ackstein Gary 
Ettore Acoli RWC Pic Italian military, colonel general, Acoli Ettore 
Uriel Acosta RWF HW Pic Portuguese philosopher,   Acosta Uriel
Ignatius Acsady Pic Hungarian ecomomic/social historian, Acsady Ignatius 
Action Bronson Pic American rapper, tal show host, (Jewish mother) Action Bronson
Irving Actman American composer, conductor, arranger, songwriter:composer, Actman Irving 
Amir Aczel Pic Israeli-born American historian of science, mathematics, Aczel Amir
Gyorgy Aczel RWC Pic Hungarian politician, Minister of Culture, Aczel Gyorgy 
Moshe Adad HW Pic Israeli criminologist, Adad Moshe 
Sandra Adair Pic American film editor,  Adair Sandra 
Samuel Adalberg Polish historian,   Adalberg Samuel
Adolphe Adam RWF Pic French composer, music critic,  Adam Adolphe 
Carl Adam German rowing coach, Adam Carl 
Sir Ken Adam Pic German-born British production designer, Adam Ken
Sir Kenneth Adam Pic German-born British journalist, broadcasting executive,  Adam Kenneth 
Mark Adam American executive VP, Hearst Newspapers, Adam Mark 
Omer Adam RWC Pic Israeli singer, Adam Omer
Peter Adam Pic German-born British filmmaker, author, (Jewish father) Adam Peter 
Udi Adam RWC Pic Israeli military, major general, Adam Udi 
Yekutiel Adam RWC Pic Israeli military, major general, Adam Yekutiel 
Adam HW Pic Israeli singer, Adam
Andrija Ljudevit Adamic Pic Croatian trader, builder, shipowner, Adamic Andrija Ljudevit
Georgy Adamovich RWF Pic Russian poet, literary critic, translator, (Jewsh mother) Adamovich Georgy 
Arlin Adams American appeals judge, Adams Arlin 
Arthur Adams RWM Pic Swedish-born Soviet intelligence officer,  (Jewish mother) Adams Arthur 
Buck Adams Pic American pornographic film actor/director, Adams Buck 
Bud Adams Pic American owner of Tennessee Titans, Adams Bud
Cindy Adams Pic American gossip columnist, Adams Cindy 
Don Adams Pic American actor, comedian, (Jewish father) Adams Don 
Joey Adams Pic American comedian, author,    Adams Joey 
Kev Adams RWC Pic French comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer, Adams Kev
Lee Adams Pic American songwriter:lyricist, Adams Lee 
Lee Adams Pic American lyricist, Adams Lee 
Marcel Adams Pic Canadian real estate developer, Ibeville Developments, Adams Marcel 
Mason Adams Pic American film/radio/television actor, Adams Mason 
Ruth Adams American arms control advisor, ??? Adams Ruth 
Stanley Adams Pic American actor, Adams Stanley 
Stanley Adams American songwriter:lyricist, singer, Adams Stanley 
Antoine Samuel Adam-Salomon Pic French sculptor, photographer, Adam-Salomon Antoine  Samuel
Alali Adamso RWF HW Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli politician, Adamso Alali
David Adamy Temple University    (Philadelphia) Adamy David 
Avraham Adan RWC Pic Israeli general, major general, Adan Avraham 
Mira Adanja-Polak Pic Serbian television personality, presenter, journalist, Adanja-Polak Mira 
Harry Adaskin Pic Latvian-born Canadian violinist, radio broadcaster, Adaskin Harry 
Murray Adaskin Pic Latvian-born Canadian violinist, composer, conductor, Adaskin Murray 
Ahlomo Adato Turkish politician, MP 1946-53, Adato Ahlomo 
Orit Adato Pic Israeli military, lieutenant general, Adato Orit 
Rachel Adato RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Adato Rachel 
Georges Adda RWC Pic Tunisian politician, trade unionist, leader of Tunician Communist Party, Adda Georges 
Serge Adda RWC Pic Tunisian-born French president of television station TV5, Adda Serge 
Lia Addadi RWC Pic Italian-born Israeli structual biologist, Addadi Lia 
Rebecca Addelman Pic Canadian comedian, writer, actress, Addelman Rebecca
Michael Addis Pic American television/film director, television producer, Addis Michael 
Ben Addleman Canadian documentary filmmaker, Addleman Ben 
Edward Adelberg American molecular geneticist, ??? Adelberg Edward 
Eric Adelberger Pic American nuclear physicist, Adelberger Eric 
Bob Adelman American photographer, Adelman Bob 
David Adelman Pic American ambassador to Singapore 2009- Obama Adelman David 
Irma Adelman RWF Pic Romanian-born American economist, Adelman Irma 
Kenneth Adelman Pic American Deputy United States ambassador to United Nations, Adelman Kenneth 
Leonard  Adleman RWF HW Pic   DNA Computing, Adelman Leonard 
Lynn Adelman American federal judge, Adelman Lynn 
Morris Adelman Pic American economist,  Adelman Morris 
Saul Adelman Pic American astronomer, Adelman Saul 
Uri Adelman Pic Israeli author, musician, composer, computer expert, Adelman Uri 
Kenneth Adelman  Pic American presidential advicer, Ronald Reagan  Adelman  Kenneth 
Warren Adelman Pic American businessman, blogger, CEO of Go Daddy, domain name register, Adelman  Warren
Ulf Adelsohn RWC Pic Swedish politician, MP 1982-88, Minister of Communication 1979-81, (Jewish father) Adelsohn Ulf
Edward Adelson Pic American psychologist, ??? Adelson Edward 
Howard Adelson American historian, Adelson Howard
Jay Adelson Pic American co-founder of Digg.com , Adelson Jay 
Merv Adelson Pic American co-founder of Lorimar Productions, Adelson Merv 
Nikolai Adelson Pic Russian military, general lieutenant, Adelson Nikolai 
Orly Adelson Pic Israeli-born American producer, executive, Dick Clark Productions, Adelson Orly
Sheldon Adelson RWF HW Pic American billionaire, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Paradise Development Co., Adelson Sheldon 
Georgy Adelson-Velsky RWF Pic Russian Israeli mathematician, computer scientist, (Jewish father) Adelson-Velsky Georgy 
Abraham Adelstein Pic South African-born British statistican, Adelstein Abraham 
Jake Adelstein Pic American crime reporter, Adelstein Jake 
Jonathan Adelstein Pic American-born  FCC Commisioner 2002- Adelstein Jonathan 
Marty Adelstein Pic American television producer,  Adelstein Marty 
Paul Adelstein RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Adelstein Paul 
Felix Aderca HW Pic Romanian novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, critic, Aderca Felix
Aderet RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Aderet
Shafiq Ades Pic Iraqi businessman, Ades Shafiq
Timothy Ades HW British poet, translator, (Jewish father) Ades Timothy 
Mio Adilman Pic Canadian television personality, (Jewish father) Adilman Mio 
Nobu Adilman Pic Canadian television personality, (Jewish father) Adilman Nobu 
Niv Adiri Pic Israeli sound engineer, Adiri Niv
Emmanuil Adirovich RWC Pic Uzbekian theoretical physicist, Adirovich Emmanuil 
Ehud Adiv Pic Israeli political activist, anti-zionist, spy for Suria, Adiv Ehud 
Reuven Adiv Pic Israeli actor, director, drama teacher, Adiv Reuven
David Adjmi Pic American playwright, Adjmi David 
Leonard Adleman RWF HW Pic American computer scientist, DNA computing, Adleman Leonard 
Alexandra Adler Pic Austrian neurologist, Adler Alexandra
Alexandre Adler Pic French historian, journalist, Adler Alexandre 
Alfred Adler RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, individual psychology, Adler Alfred 
Allen Adler Pic American writer, Adler Allen 
Allison Adler Pic American producer, television writer, Adler Allison 
Arie Adler Israeli money manager, Adler Arie 
Barbara Adler Pic Canadian musician, poet, storyteller, Adler Barbara 
Berni Alder RWF Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, computational physics, Adler Berni 
Bruce Adler Pic American stage actor, Adler Bruce 
Bruno Adler German-born British art histoian, writer, Adler Bruno
Buddy Adler RWF Pic American film producer, businessman, Adler Buddy 
Carine Adler Pic Brazilian film director, screenwriter, Adler Carine 
Celia Adler RWE Pic American stage actress,   Adler Celia 
Charles Adler Pic American stage/film actor, Adler Charles 
Charlie Adler Pic American voice actor/director, Adler Charlie 
Chris Adler Pic American drummer,    Adler Chris
Cisco Adler Pic American rock singer, record producer, film producer, socialite, (Jewish father) Adler Cisco 
Cyrus Adler RWE Pic American historian, Bible translator, president of American Jewish Committee Adler Cyrus 
Dan Adler Pic American entertainment industry executive, Adler Dan
Daniel Adler Brazilian yachtsman,  Adler Daniel 
Dankmar Adler Pic German-born American architect, Chicago, Adler Dankmar 
David Adler Pic American architect, Adler David 
David Adler Pic American writer, Adler David 
Efim Adler RWF Kazakh-born Soviet composer, songwriter, Adler Efim 
Elkan Adler Pic British lawyer, historian, explorer, collector of manuscripts, Adler Elkan
Emanuel Adler Israeli political scientist, Adler Emanuel 
Emma Adler Pic Hungarian-born Austrian journalist, writer, translator, Adler Emma
Felix Adler RWF HW Pic German-born American philosopher, founder of Ethical Culture Movement, Adler Felix
Frederick Adler British-born German conductor, Adler Frederick 
Friedrich Adler HW Pic German designer, artist, Adler Friedrich 
Friedrich Adler RWF Pic Austrian-born assassin of  von Sturgkh - dictator of Austria 1916, (Jewish father) Adler Friedrich 
Friedrich Adler HW Czech-born Austrian jurist, politician, translator, author, Adler Friedrich 
Gerhard Adler Pic German psychologist, Adler Gerhard
Guido Adler RWF Pic Austrian musicolosist, Adler Guido 
Haim Adler Israeli education scholar, Adler Haim 
Hermann Adler Pic German-born Chief Rabbi of the British Empire 1811-1911, Adler Hermann
Hugo Chaim Adler Pic Belgian composer, cantor, choir conductor, Adler Hugo Chaim
Ignatius Adler Hungarian music critic, Adler Ignatius 
Ilan Adler HW Israeli linguist, Adler Ilan 
Irving Adler Pic American author, mathematician, scientist, educator, Adler Irving 
Isabelle Adler Pic Israeli model, Adler Isabelle 
Jacob Adler Pic Ukrainian-born British American stage actor, Adler Jacob 
Jankel Adler RWE HW Pic Polish painter, printmaker, Adler Jankel 
Jay Adler Pic American stage/film/television actor,   Adler Jay 
Jeremy Adler Pic British scholar, poet, Adler Jeremy
Jerry Adler Pic American stage/film/television actor, theater director, production supervizer, Adler Jerry 
John Adler HW Pic American representative 2009-10, Adler John 
Jonathan Adler Pic American legal scholar, Adler Jonathan 
Joseph Adler Pic American film/theater director, Adler Joseph 
Julius Adler Pic German-born American biochemist, Adler Julius 
Julius Adler Pic Polish-born actor, writer, director, Adler Julius 
Julius Adler German politician, MP 1928-33, Adler Julius 
Kurt Adler Pic Czech-born American  conductor, pianist, Adler Kurt 
Kurt Herbert Adler HW Pic Austrian-born American  conductor, opera house director, Adler Kurt Herbert
Larissa Adler Lomnitz Adler Lomnitz Larissa
Larry Adler HW Pic American British composer, harmonica player,   Adler Larry 
Lou Adler RWF Pic Dunhill Records, Ode Records, Adler Lou 
Louise Adler Pic French-born  Australian publisher, radio journalist, Adler Louise
Luther Adler Pic American actor, Adler Luther 
Madeleine Adler Pic American president of West Chester University 1995-2008, Adler Madeleine 
Margarete Adler HW Austrian swimmer, Adler Margarete 
Margot Adler Pic American journalist, author, lectuer, Adler Margot 
Mark Adler RWC Pic American mathematician, computer scientist, physicist, Adler Mark 
Mark Adler Pic Canadian politician, MP 2011- Adler Mark 
Mark Adler RWC Pic American physicist, mathematician, programmist, ??? Adler Mark 
Matitiahu Adler HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Switzerland 1980-83, Adler Matitiahu 
Maurice Adler Pic American film producer,  Adler Maurice 
Max Adler American businessman, philanthropist, vice president of Sears Roebuck & Co., Adler Max
Max Adler Pic American actor, Adler Max 
Max Adler RWF Austrian legal scholar, politician, philosopher, MP Adler Max 
Mor Adler Pic Hungarian painter, Adler Mor
Mortimer Adler RWF HW Pic American philosopher, author, Adler Mortimer 
Nancy Adler Pic American health psychologist, ??? Adler Nancy
Nathan Marcus Adler Pic Chief Rabbi of the British Empire Adler Nathan Marcus
Nicholas Adler Hungarian painter, Adler Nicholas
Norman Adler American psychologist, neuroscientist, Adler Norman 
Oscar Adler Pic Austrian violinist, physician,  Adler Oscar
Otto Adler Pic Romanian poliglot, Adler Otto
Peggy Adler Pic American author, illustrator, researcher, Adler Peggy
Peter Adler HW Pic Czech-born American conductor,   Adler Peter 
Polly Adler Pic Belarusian-born American madam, author, Adler Polly
Rachel Adler Pic American scholar, feminist, Adler Rachel 
Renata Adler Pic American journalist, writer, film critic, Adler Renata 
Richard Adler RWF Pic American songwriter:lyricist, composer, producer, Adler Richard 
Richard Adler American president/CEO of Manekin Corp, Adler Richard 
Robert Adler RWF Pic Austrian-born American engineer, television remote control,  Adler Robert 
Robert Adler American biblical scholar, translator, Adler Robert 
Rodney Adler Pic Australian director of HIH Insurance, One Tel, Adler Rodney 
Roy Adler Pic American mathematician, Adler Roy 
Salomon Adler Pic German/Polish-born German painter, Adler Salomon
Samuel Adler HW Pic German-born American composer, conductor, Adler Samuel 
Sara Adler RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American actress, Adler Sara 
Sarah Adler Pic French-born Israeli film/television actress, Adler Sarah
Saul Adler RWA HW Pic Belarusian-born British Israeli parasitologist, microbiologist, Adler Saul 
Solomon Adler RWA Pic British-born Soviet spy against USA, Adler Solomon 
Stella Adler RWF HW Pic American actress, acting teacher,     Adler Stella 
Stephen Adler RWF Pic American physicist, Adler Stephen 
Steven Adler Pic American rock drummer, (Jewish mother) Adler Steven
Valentine Adler Pic Austrian writer, activist, Adler Valentine
Victor Adler RWF HW Pic Czech-born co-founder of Social Democratic Party, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Adler Victor 
Vincent Adler Pic Hungarian composer, pianist, Adler Vincent
William Adler American real estate developer, Adler William 
Willie Adler Pic American guitarist, Adler Willie
Peter Adler Alberti Pic Danish politician, swindler, Justice Minister 1901-08, Adler Alberti Peter 
Larissa Adler Milstein Pic French-born Chilean social anthropologist, researcher, Adler Milstein Larissa
Sonya Adler Oberlander HW Pic Ukrainian-born  actress, Adler Oberlander Sonya 
Charles Adler, Jr Pic American engineer, traffic lights,  Adler, RWE Charles 
Robert Adley Pic British Conservative MP 1970-74 1974-83 1983-93, Adley Robert 
Felix Adlon Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, Adlon Felix
Pamela Adlon RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, television producer, (Jewish father) Adlon Pamela 
Percy Adlon Pic German film director, screenwriter, producer, Adlon Percy 
Anat Admati Pic Israeli-born American economist, Admati Anat 
Yedidia Admon HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli composer, Admon Yedidia 
Yedidya Admon Tunisian-born Israeli singer/songwriter, Admon Yedidya 
Nahum Admoni RWF HW Pic Israeli Head of Mossad  1982-89, Admoni Nahum 
Vladimir Admoni RWA Russian-born linguist, literary critic, translator, poet, Admoni Vladimir 
Helen Adolf Austrian linguist, literary scholar, Adolf Helen
Aaron Adolf de Pinto Dutch Vice-President of High Court, Adolf de Pinto Aaron 
Bruce Adolphe Pic American composer, pianist, musicologist, Adolphe Bruce 
Theodor Adorno RWF HW Pic German American sociologist, philosopher, musicologist, composer (Jewish father) Adorno Theodor 
Gilbert Adrian HW Pic Hollywood costume designer, Adrian Gilbert 
Alexander Adrianov RWC Pic Soviet military, major general, Adrianov Alexander 
Mordecai Adron HW Pic Polish-born Israeli painter, Adron Mordecai 
Count Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal RWC Pic Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs 1906-12 (Jewish grandfather) Aehrenthal Alois Lexa von
Zev Aelony Pic American civil rights activist, Aelony Zev
Paulus Aemilius German bibliographer, publisher, teacher, Aemilius Paulus
Abu 'Afak  7th century poet Afak Abu 
Sharon Afek RWC Pic Israeli military Advocate General, Afek Sharon 
Moshik Afia Pic Israeli singer, Afia Moshik
Eli Aflalo RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Absorbtion, Aflalo Eli 
Martim Afonso de Sousa RWC Pic Portugese governor of Portugese India, Afonso de Sousa Martim 
Leonid Afremov Pic Belarusian Israeli painter, Afremov Leonid 
Soshana Afroyim Pic Austrian-born American British painter, Afroyim Soshana 
Albert Aftalion RWF Pic Bulgarian-born French economist, Aftalion Albert 
Sylviane Agacinski Pic wife of French Prime Minister 1997-2002 Lionel Jospin, ??? Agacinski Sylviane
Baruch Agadati RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Russian Israeli dancer, choreographer, painter, film producer/director, Agadati Baruch 
Yaakov Agam RWF Pic Israeli sculptor, Agam Yaakov 
Herbert Agar Pic American journalist, Agar Herbert 
Nat Agar American football coach, team owner, league executive,    Agar Nat 
Veniamin Agas RWF Pic Ukrainian-born NKVD officer, lieutenant general, Agas Veniamin 
Joseph Agassi Pic Israeli philosopher, Agassi Joseph 
Shai Agassi Pic Israeli entrepreneur, electric-powered cars, SAP AG, Agassi Shai 
Vladimir Agatov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, lyricist, Agatov Vladimir 
Denes Agay Pic Hungarian-born American composer, arranger, Agay Denes
Cecilia Ager American film critic, Ager Cecilia 
Milton Ager Pic American pianist, composer, songwriter:composer, Ager Milton 
Mordechai Ageyev HW Pic Israeli electrical engineer, Ageyev Mordechai 
Edward Aghion HW Egyptian merchant, co-founder of Migdal, Aghion Edward 
Gaby Aghion Pic Egyptian-born French fashion designer, Aghion Gaby
Philippe Aghion RWF Pic French economist, Aghion Philippe
Semyon Aginsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Aginsky Semyon 
Shmuel Agmon RWA HW Pic Israeli matematician, Agmon Shmuel 
Yaakov Agmon Pic Israeli theatrical producer, manager, director, Agmon Yaakov 
Yoram Agmon HW Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general, Agmon Yoram 
Shmuel Agnon RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer, Nobel Prize (1966) Agnon Shmuel 
Evelyne Agoel RWC Pic Moroccan-born Israeli actress,   Agoel Evelyne 
Israel Agol RWF Pic Belarusian-born geneticist,   Agol Israel 
Vadim Agol RWF Pic Russian biologist, Agol Vadim 
Jeff Agoos Swiss-born American soccer player, Agoos Jeff 
Marjorie Agosin Pic American poet,  Agosin Marjorie 
Benjamin Agosto RWE Pic American ice dancer, (Jewish mother) Agosto Benjamin 
Emil Agoston Hungarian architect, Agoston Emil
Larry Agran Pic American mayor of Irvine, California, 2000-04,  Agran Larry
Shimon Agranat RWF HW Pic American-born President of Supreme Court of Israel 1965-76 , Agranat Shimon 
Yakov Agranov RWF Pic Belarusian-born NKVD officer, general of army, Agranov Yakov 
Evgeny Agranovich RWF Pic Russian poet, bard, Agranovich Evgeny
Leonid Agranovich RWF Pic Soviet director, screenwriter, author, Agranovich Leonid
Diane Agrest Pic Argentine architect, urban designer, architecture scholar, Agrest Diane
Evgeny Agrest RWF Pic Belarusian-born Swedish grandmaster, Agrest Evgeny 
Matest Agrest Pic Belarusian-born Soviet mathematician, Agrest Matest
Dianna Agron RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, singer, (Jewish father, mother convert) Agron Dianna 
Evsei Agron Pic Russian-born American mobster, Agron Evsei 
Gershon Agron RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli mayor of Jerusalem 1955-59, Agron Gershon 
Julietta Agronov RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Agronov Julietta 
Martin Agronsky Pic American journalist, political commentator, host of radio/television, Agronsky Martin 
Anatoliy Agroskin RWC Pic Russian chemist,    Agroskin Anatoliy 
Iosif Agroskin RWC Pic Soviet Deputy Minister of Education 1946-48, Agroskin Iosif 
Estella Agsteribbe RWF Pic Dutch gymnast, Agsteribbe Estella 
Marquis Alejandro Aguado Pic Spanish banker, Aguado Alejandro
Count Olympe Aquado Pic French-born Spanish photographer, socialite, (Jewish father) Aguado Olympe
Guma Aguiar Pic Brazilian-born American businessman, Leor Energy, Aguiar Guma 
Grace Aguilar RWF HW Pic British novelist, writer, poet, historian, Aguilar Grace 
Marcos Aguinis RWC Pic Argentine writer, politician, journalist, secretary of Culture 1983-87, Aguinis Marcos 
Tricia Aguire Pic American musician, actress, singer/songwriter, Aguire Tricia
Mikhail Agursky Pic Soviet/Russian sovietologist,  cybernetic, historian, Agursky Mikhail
Samuil Agursky RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Soviet  historian, Agursky Samuil
Raanan Agus Pic American investment banker, Goldman Sachs, Agus Raanan 
Leonid Agutin Pic Russian singer/songwriter,  Agutin Leonid 
Ahab Pic Seventh king of the northern Israelite Kingdom,  869-850 BC Ahab KingsKI
Dudu Aharon RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Aharon Dudu 
Shlomit Aharon HW Pic Israeli singer, Aharon Shlomit 
Amikam Aharoni Pic Israeli physicist, Aharoni Amikam
Chen Aharoni Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, television presenter, Aharoni Chen
Hanna Aharoni RWC Pic Ephiopian-born Israeli singer, Aharoni Hanna 
Israel Aharoni RWE Pic Belarusian-born Israeli zoologist, Aharoni Israel
Ron Aharoni HW Pic Israeli mathematician, Aharoni Ron
Yair Aharoni Israeli administration/management scholar, Aharoni Yair 
Yisrael Aharoni HW Pic Israeli celebrity chef, restaurateur, presenter, Aharoni Yisrael
Yohanan Aharoni Pic German-born Israeli archaeologist, historical geographer, Aharoni Yohanan
Zvi Aharoni Pic German-born Israeli Mosad agent, Aharoni Zvi 
Shlomo Aharonishki RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 2001-94, Aharonishki Shlomo 
Dorit Aharonov RWC Pic Israeli computer scientist, Aharonov Dorit
Yakir Aharonov RWF HW Pic Israeli American physicist, Aharonov Yakir 
Yitzhak Aharonovich RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Tourism 2007,/Internal Security 2009-, Aharonovich Yitzhak 
Amnon Aharony RWC HW Pic Israeli physicist, Aharony Amnon 
Ahaz HW Pic 12th King of the Kingdomof Judah,  735-715 BC Ahaz KingsKJ
Ahaziah HW Pic Eighth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom,  850-849 BC Ahaziah KingsKI
Ahaziah HW Pic Sixth King of the Kingdom of Judah,  842 BC Ahaziah KingsKJ
Eden Ahbez Pic American songwriter:composer, (Jewish father) Ahbez Eden 
Dan Ahdoot Pic Iranian-born American comedian, Ahdoot Dan 
Jonathan Ahdout Pic American actor, Ahdout Jonathan 
Abba Ahimeir RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born journalist, historian, ideologue of Revisionist Zionism, Ahimeir Abba 
Ya'akov Ahimeir RWA HW Pic Israeli journalist, radio/television personality, Ahimeir Ya'akov 
Yosef Ahimeir HW Pic Israeli politician, journalist, Ahimeir Yosef 
Avraham Ahituv RWF HW Pic Israeli Head of the Shin Bet 1964-74, Ahituv Avraham 
Shmuel Ahituv HW Pic Israeli historion, encyclopedist,  Ahituv Shmuel 
Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Pic American-born lama, (Jewish mother) Ahkon Lhamo Jetsunma
Julie Ahlberg Pic American producer, Ahlberg Julie
Fred Ahlert Pic American composer, songwriter:composer, Ahlert Fred 
Walter Ahlschlager Pic American architect, Ahlschlager Walter
Anna Molka Ahmed Pic British-born Pakistani artist, Ahmed Anna Molka
Ahmed II Pic Sultan from Ottoman Empire 1691-95 (Jewish mother) Ahmed II
Bruno Ahrends RWF Pic German-born architect, Ahrdens Bruno
Steffen Ahrends German-born architect, Ahrends Steffen 
Lynn Ahrens Pic American lyricist, Ahrens Lynn 
Yuri Ahronovitch RWF Pic Russian Israeli conductor, Ahronovitch Yuri 
Ilse Aichinger RWF Pic Austrian writer, (Jewish mother) Aichinger Ilse 
Rick Aiello Pic American actor, stunman, (Jewish mother) Aiello Rick
Danny Aiello, III Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Aiello, III Danny 
Alexandra Aikhenvald RWF Pic Russian-born Australian linguist, Aikhenvald Alexandra
Jhene Aiko Pic American singer/songwriter, (partial Jewish descent) Aiko Jhene
Giora Ailand RWC Pic Israeli military, major general, Ailand Giora 
Anouk Aimee RWF HW Pic French actress, (Jewish father) Aimee Anouk 
Gregory Ain Pic American architect, Ain Gregory
Iosif Ainbinder RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, Ainbinder Iosif 
Arthur Ainsberg American co-founder/CFO of Odissey Partners, Ainsberg Arthur 
Alan Aisenberg Pic American actor, television producer, Aisenberg Alan 
Grigory Aizenberg RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian scientist, engineering, Aisenberg Grigory
Lev Aisenberg RWM Pic Soviet military executive, factory director, Aisenberg Lev 
Roberto Aizenberg Pic Argentine painter, sculptor, Aisenberg Roberto 
Adriana Aizemberg Pic Argentine film/telenovela actress, Aizemberg Adriana
Eyal Aizenberg RWC Pic Israeli military, major general, Aizenberg Eyal 
Grigory Aizenberg RWF Pic Soviet cinematographer,  Aizenberg Grigory 
Grigory Aizenberg RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Attorney General, Aizenberg Grigory 
Joanna Aizenberg RWC Pic American chemist, Aizenberg Joanna
Lewis Aizenberg RWC American ambassador to Italy, San-Marino, Aizenberg Lewis 
Yakov Aizenberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, rocket designer, Aizenberg Yakov 
Joshua Aizenman Pic American economist, Aizenman Joshua
Michael Aizenman RWF HW Pic Russian-born American mathematical physicist, Aizenman Michael 
Semion Aizenshtein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, Aizenshtein Semion
Mark Aizerman RWF Pic Russian managment scientist,  mathematician, Aizerman Mark 
Benjamin Aizik Aizik Benjamin 
Mark Aizikovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet  singer, actor, composer, theater director, Aizikivich Mark 
Samuil Aizikovich RWF Lithuaian-born Russian/Soviet architect, Aizikovich Samuil 
David Aizman Pic Ukrainian-born Russian novelist, playwright, Aizman David 
Fay Ajzenberg-Selove RWC Pic German-born American nuclear physicist,   Ajzenberg-Selove Fay 
Maria Ajzensztadt Pic Polish singer, Ajzensztadt Maria
Miriam Akavia Pic Polish-born Israeli writer, translator, Akavia Miriam 
Anjelika Akbar Pic Kazakh-born Turkish composer, pianist, (Jewish father) Akbar Anjelika
George Akerlof RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (2001), (Jewish mother) Akerlof George 
Chantal Akerman RWF Pic Belgian French film director, screenwriter, Akerman Chantal 
Aleksander Akhiezer RWF Pic Belarusian-born Ukrainian physicist, Akhiezer Aleksander
Naum Akhiezer RWF Pic Belarusian-born Ukrainian Russian mathematician, Akhiezer Naum 
Rinat Akhmetov Pic Ukrainian bussinesman, ??? Akhmetov Rinat
Efraim Akim RWF Pic Russian space mission designer, engineer, Akim Efraim 
Efraim Akim RWF Pic Russian space mission designer, engineer, Akim Efraim 
Yakov Akim RWF Soviet/Russian children poet, Akim Yakov 
Charles Akin Hungarian physicist,   Akin Charles 
Alfred Akirov Pic Iraqi-born Israeli businessman, Arlov Group, Akirov Alfred
Rabbi Akiva RWF Pic 1st century Judea, central scholar in Mishnah Akiva Rabbi 
Saul Akkemay Pic Belgian-born columnist, publicist, film critic, (Jewish father) Akkemay Saul 
Elena Akselrod RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian poet, translator, Akselrod Elena
Grigory Akselrod RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet inventor, Akselrod Grigory 
Meer Akselrod RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian painter, Akselrod Meer 
Moisey Akselrod RWF Soviet spy, Akselrod Moisey 
Israel Aksenfeld Ukrainian-born Russian Yiddish writer, Aksenfeld Israel 
Harry Akst Pic American composer, songwriter, Akst Harry 
Vasily Aksyonov RWF Pic Russian writer, (Jewish mother) Aksyonov Vasily 
Boris Akunin RWF Pic Georgian-born Russian essayist, translator, author, (Jewish mother) Akunin Boris 
Ofir Akunis RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister 2015- , Akunis Ofir 
Israel Akushsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soiet mathematicin, Akushsky Israel 
Zohra Al Fassiya RWC HW Pic Marrocan-born Israeli singer, Al Fassia Zohra
Hinko Alabanda RWC Pic Croatian military commander, general, Alabanda Hinko 
Mackenzie Aladjem Pic American stage/television child actress,     Aladjem Mackenzie 
Beny Alagem RWC HW Pic American founder 1986/president of Packard Bell, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Alagem Beny 
Eli Alaluf RWA HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli poverty expert, politician, Alaluf Eli
Tony Alamo Pic American preacher, singer entrepreneur, Alamo Tony 
Lori Alan Pic American actress, comedian, (Jewish father) Alan Lori 
Donn Alan Pennebaker Pic American documentary filmmaker, Alan Pennebaker Donn 
Semyon Alapin HW Pic Lithuanian-born Russian German  chess player, Alapin Semyon 
Ka'b ibn Al-ashraf  7th century poet, (Jewish mother) Al-ashraf Ka'b ibn
Giacomo Alatri Italian banker, philanthropist, Banca Romana, Alatri Giacomo 
Paolo Alatri RWC Pic Italian historian, journalist, marxist politician, MP 1963-68. Alatri Paolo
Samuel Alatri Italian politician, banker, orator, Alatri Samuel
Carlos Alazraki Pic Mexican publicist, Alazraki & Associates Publicidad, Alazraki Carlos 
Luna Albagli RWC Pic Chilean model, presenter, dancer, actress, comedian, Albagli Luna
David Albahari Pic Serbian writer, translator, Albahari David 
Nisim Albahari RWC Pic Yugoslavian politician, Minister of Labour, Albahari Nisim 
Isaac Albalag HW Spanish/French medieval philosopher, Albalag Isaac
Shumel al-Barensi RWC Moroccan minister, al-Barensi Shumel 
Isaac ben Reuben Albargeloni Spanish talmudist, liturgical poet, translator, Albargeloni Isaac ben Reuben
Yevgenia Albats RWF Pic Russian journalist, politologist, public figure, Albats Yevgenia 
Yevgenia Albatz RWF Pic Russian journalist, Albatz Yevgenia
Dov Albaum HW Pic Israeli writer, editor, journalist, television presenter, Albaum Dov 
Hanoch Albeck RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli talmudist, Albeck Hanoch 
Michael Albeck president of Bar-Illan Univesity, 1985-89 Albeck Michael 
Russ Alben Pic American advertising executive, composer, Alben Russel
Anni Albers Pic German American textile artist, printmaker, Albers Anni 
Chava Alberstein RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli singer/songwriter, lyricist, Alberstein Chava 
Adrian Albert RWF Pic American mathematician, Albert Adrian 
Al Albert Pic American sportscaster, Albert Al 
Eddie Albert Pic American actor, ??? Albert Eddie 
Kenny Albert Pic American sportscaster, announcer, Albert Kenny 
Marv Albert RWF Pic American radio/television sportscaster, Albert Marv 
Mildred Albert Pic American fashion commentator, radio/television pesonality, Albert Mildred 
Steve Albert Pic American sportscaster, Albert Steve 
Sir George Alberti Pic British president of Royal College of Physicians  1997-2002, Alberti George 
Bruce Alberts RWF Pic American biochemist, molecular biology, president of NAS 1993-2005 Alberts Bruce 
Jack Albertson RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer, Albertson Jack 
Mabel Albertson RWF Pic American film/television actress,     Albertson Mabel 
Linda Albin Pic American radio correspodent, Albin Linda 
Alfred Albini Croatian architect, Albini Alfred
Mitch Albom Pic American sportswriter, columnist, radio/television broadcater, Albom Mitch 
Agnes Albright Pic Polish-born  actress, ??? Albright Agnes 
Madeleine Albright RWF HW Pic American Secretary of State 1997-2001, Albright Madeleine 
Sir George Albu Pic German-born South African mining magnate, Albu George 
Lev Alburt RWF Pic Russian-born American chess grandmaster, Alburt Lev 
Kathleen Alcala Pic American novelist, (converso descent) Alcala Kathleen
Ammiel Alcalay Pic American poet, critic, translator, prose stylist, Alcalay Ammiel
Luna Alcalay Pic Croatian-born Austrian pianist, music educator, composer, Alcalay Luna
Eugene Alcan RWC French literary scholar, painter, poet,  Alcan Eugene
Felix Alcan Pic French publisher, Alcan Felix 
Michel Alcan Pic French engineer, politician, author, Alcan Michel 
Moyse Alcan French publisher, composer, Alcan Moyse 
The Alchemist Pic American hip hop record producer, rapper, Alchemist
David Alcolumbre RWC Pic Brazilian politician, president of Federal Senate 2019- Alcolumbre David 
Tivadar Alconiere Hungarian-born Austrian painter, Alconiere Tivadar 
Amy Alcott Pic American professional golfer, Alcott Amy 
Arlene Alda Pic American children's books writer, photographer, clarnetist, Alda Arlene 
Beatrice Alda Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Alda Beatrice 
Elizabeth Alda Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) Alda Elizabeth 
Mark Aldanov RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian author, Aldanov Mark 
Hiyya al-Daudi Babylonian-born Spanish rabbi, composer, poet, advisior to King Alfonso I, al-Daudi Hiyya
Sa'ad al-Dawla RWC Iraqi physician, statesman, grand vizier 1289-91 al-Dawla Sa'ad 
Gil Aldema RWF HW Pic Israeli composer, songwriter, conductor, Aldema Gil 
Norman Alden Pic American character actor, Alden Norman 
Tadeusz Alder Polish film/cabaret/stage actor, ??? Alder Tadeusz
Geoffrey Alderman Pic British historian, Alderman Geoffrey 
Naomi Alderman Pic British novelist, Alderman Naomi 
Zvi Alderoti HW Pic Israeli politician, Alderoti Zvi 
Aldobrandini Family Semi-Gotha Aldobrandini Family
Pamela Aldon RWC HW Pic American scteen/television actress, comedian, television producer, Aldon Pamela 
David Aldous Pic British American mathematician, statistician, Aldous David 
Robert Aldrich RWF Pic American film director, producer, writer, (Jewish mother) ??? Aldrich Robert
Alfred-Philibert Aldrophe French architect, Aldrophe Alfred-Philibert 
Pierre Alechinsky Pic Belgian artist, Alechinsly Pierre
Jo Aleh Pic New Zealand sailor, Aleh Jo 
Alexander Aleinikoff Pic American legal scholar, administrator, Aleinikoff Alexander 
Grace Alekhine Pic American-born British French artist, chess master, Alekhine Grace 
A.P. Aleksandrov Russian/Soviet Rear Admiral, Aleksandrov A.P.
Aleksandr Aleksandrov RWM Pic Estonian-born Soviet military commander, Rear Admiral, Aleksandrov Aleksandr 
Julian Aleksandrowicz Pic Polish physician, hematologist, Aleksandrowicz Julian
Ze'ev Aleksandrowicz Pic Polish-born Israeli photographer, Aleksandrowicz Ze'ev
Mikhail Alekseev Pic Russian military, general lieutenant, ??? Alekseev Mikhail 
Anatoly Aleksin RWF Pic Russian writer, poet, Aleksin Anatoly 
Natalia Aleksiun Pic Polish historian, Aleksiun Natalia
Ladislav Aleman RWC Croatian military commander, general, Aleman Ladislav 
Mateo Aleman RWF Pic Spanish noveist, writer, (converso) Aleman Mateo 
Vladimir Alenikov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian director, producer, screenwriter, author, translator, Alenikov Vladimir 
Arnold Aletrino Pic Dutch physician, criminal anthropologist, writer, Alertino Arnold 
Mark Aleshkovsky RWF Soviet historian, archaeologist, Aleshkovsky Mark 
Peter Aleshkovsky RWF Pic Russian writer, historian, broadcaster, journalist, Aleshkovsky Peter 
Yuz Aleshkovsky RWF Pic Russian writer, poet, playwright, bard, Aleshkovsky Yuz 
Liliana Aleshnikova RWF Pic Russian actress,    Aleshnikova Liliana 
Semyon Alesker HW Pic Israeli mathematician, Alesker Semyon
Efim Aleskovsky RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military, major general, Aleskovsky Efim 
Arnold Aletrino HW Pic Dutch physician, criminal anthropologist, writer, Aletrino Arnold 
Alfred Alexander German-born British physician, Alexander Alfred
Beatrice Alexander Pic Madam Alexander's Doll Factory Alexander Beatrice 
Benjamin Alexander physician ??? Alexander Benjamin 
Bernhard Alexander Pic Hungarian philosopher, writer, translator, Alexander Bernhard
Brigitte Alexander Pic German-born Mexican author, actress, television director, translator,  Alexander Brigitte 
David Lindo Alexander president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1903-17 Alexander David Lindo
Edward Alexander American essayist,            Alexander Edward 
Ephraim Alex British businessman, philanthropist, Alexander Ephraim
Ernst Alexander HW German-born Israeli expiremental physicist, Alexander Ernst
Franz Alexander Pic Hungarian-born American psychoanalyst, physician, psychosomatic medicine, Alexander Franz 
Georges-Rene Alexander RWC French general, Lieutenant general, Alexander Georges-Rene 
Gustav Alexander Austrian otolaryngologist, Alexander Gustav
Haim Alexander Pic German-born Israeli composer, Alexander Haim
Hanns Alexander Pic German-born Nazi hunter, Alexander Hanns
Herbert Alexander American compain financing expert, Alexander Herbert 
Jason Alexander RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian,singer, Alexander Jason 
Kate Alexa Pic Australian pop singer, Alexander Kate 
Kobi Alexander RWC HW Pic Israeli-born American founder/CEO/chairman of Converse Technology, Alexander Kobi 
Leni Alexander RWF Pic German/Polish-born Chilean composer, Alexander Leni
Leo Alexander Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, neurologist, educator, author, Alexander Leo
Leslie Alexander American ambassador to Ecuador 1996-2000 Alexander Leslie 
Leslie Alexander American stock trader, owner of Houston Rockets, Alexander Leslie 
Marcus Julius Alexander Egyptian-born merchant, Alexander Marcus Julius
Maurice Alexander Pic Canadian barrister, politician, MP 1922-23, Alexander Maurice 
Maurice Alexander Pic Liberal MP 1922-23 Alexander Maurice 
Michael Alexander HW first Anglican bishop of Jerusalem Alexander Michael 
Moses Alexander RWF HW Pic German-born American Governor of Idaho 1915-1919, Alexander Moses 
Muriel Alexander South African-born actress, producer, Alexander Muriel
Oskar Alexander Pic Croatian painter, Alexander Oskar
Paul Alexander Hungarian politician, MP Alexander Paul 
Richard Alexander Pic American evolutionary biologist,  Alexander Richard 
Samuel Alexander RWF Pic Australian-born British philosopher, Alexander Samuel 
Samuel David Alexander Pic Croatian industrialist, Alexander Samuel David
Sandor Alexander Pic Croatian industrialist, wholesaler, philanthropist, Alexander Sandor
Shana Alexander Pic American columnist, journalist, author, Alexander Shana 
Shlomo Alexander RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli physicist, Alexander Shlomo 
Sophie Alexander Pic Mexican film/television/stage actress,   Alexander Sophie 
Susana Alexander Pic Mexican stage/film//television actress, Alexander Susana 
Tiberius Julius Alexander RWF Pic Egyptian-born Roman Empire general, procurator of Judea, governor of Roman Empire, Alexander Tiberius Julius
Todd Alexander Pic American film/television actor, Alexander Todd 
Van Alexander Pic American bandleader, arranger, composer, Alexander Van 
Alexander Bulgarian Prince, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Alexander
Alexander Janai Pic sixth Hasmonean ruler  103-76     BC Alexander Janai KingsKJO
William Alexander Levy Pic American architect, Alexander Levy William 
Alexander the Alabarch RWF Pic Egyptian aristocrat, Alexander the Alabarch
Cecil Alexandre Pic American architect, Alexandre Cecil 
Georges-Rene Alexandre RWC French general, lieutenant general, Alexandre Georges-Rene 
Rene Alexandre Pic French actor, Alexandre Rene
Mikhail Alexandrovich RWF HW Pic Latvian-born cantor, opera singer, Alexandrovich Mikhail
Larisa Alexandrovna Pic Ukrainian-born American journalist, essayist, poet, blogger, Alexandrovna Larisa 
Yakov Alexandrovsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Attorney General, Alexandrovsky Yakov 
Mel Alexenberg Pic American Israeli artist, Alexenberg Mel 
Mirra Alfassa Pic French-born spirutual partner of Sri Aurobingo, Alfassa Mirra 
Avigail Alfatov Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 2015, Alfatov Avigail
Pierre Alferi Pic French novelist, poet, essayist, art critic, Alferi Pierre
Zhores Alferov RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian physicist, Nobel Prize (2000), (Jewish mother) Alferov Zhores 
Guri Alfi HW Pic Israeli actor, stand-up comedian, Alfi Guri 
Isaac Alfie Pic Uruguayan engineer, politician, Minister of Economie and Finance 2003-05, Alfie Isaac 
Dov Alfon Pic Tunisian-born Israeli journalist, editor, Alfon Dov
Bill Alfond American philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory Alfond Bill 
Harold Alfond Pic American founder of Dexter Shoe Company, Alfond Harold 
Justin Alfond Pic American polirician, real estate developer, Alfond Justin
Peter Alfond American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, Alfond Peter 
Susan Alfond American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, Alfond Susan 
Ted Alfond American investor, philanthropist, Dexter Shoe Factory, Alfond Ted 
Martin Alfonso de Sousa RWC Pic Portuguese conquistador, Alfonso de Sousa Martin 
Duke Alfonso I of Broganza Pic Portugese illegitimate son of King John I, (Jewish mother) Alfonso I of Broganza
Pedro del Algaba RWC Spanish conquistador,  Algaba Pedro del
Nelson Algren RWF Pic American novelist, (Jewish mother) Algren Nelson 
Arie Alhanani HW Pic Israeli architect, Alhanani Arie 
Yehuda Alharizi RWF Spanish poet, translator, Alharizi Yehuda
Al-Hiti Iraqi historian, Karaite Al-Hiti
Mohammad Ali Foroughi RWC Pic Iranian Prime Minister, 1925-26 1933-35 1941-42,  (Jewish descent), Ali Foroughi Mohammad 
Mohammad Ali Foroughi RWC Pic Iranian Prime Minister 1925-26 1933-35 1941-42, (Jewish descent) Ali Foroughi Mohammad 
Karin Alia Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 2026, Alia Karin 
Margarita Aliger RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, translator, journalist, Aliger Margarita 
Artem Alikhanian RWF Pic Armenian Russian physicist, Alikhanian Artem 
Abraham Alikhanov RWF Pic Azerbaijani-born Russian nuclear physicist, Alikhanov Abraham 
Tigran Alikhanov RWF Russian musician, teacher, Alikhanov Tigran
Saul Alinsky Pic American community organizer, Alinsky Saul 
Louis Aliot RWC Pic French politician, lawyer, (Jewish grandfather) Aliot Louis 
Louis Aliot RWC Pic French politician, MEP 2014- , (Jewish grandfather) Aliot Louis 
Elias Isaac Alippi Pic Argentine actor, impresario, film/theatre director, Alippi Elias Isaac
Abdul Rahman Al-Iryani RWC Pic President of Yemen Arab Republic 1967-74, ??? Al-Iryani Abdul Rahman
Alisha RWF Pic American singer, Alisha
Judah Alkalai RWE Pic Bosnian-born rabbi, zionism's pioneer, Alkalai Judah 
Mosko Alkalai HW Pic Israeli stage/film actor,    Alkalai Mosko 
Olga Alkalaj RWC Pic Yugoslav resistance fighter, Alkalaj Olga
Sven Alkalaj RWC HW Pic Foreign Minister of Bosnia/Herzogovina 2007-12, (Jewish father) Alkalaj Sven 
Karen Alkalay-Gat Pic British-born poet, literary critic, biographer, Alkalay-Gat Karen
Karen Alkalay-Gut Pic British--born Israeli poet, literary critic,editor, Alkalay-Gut Karen
Alphonse Alkan RWC Pic French printer, bibliographer, author, Alkan Alphonse
Charles-Valentin Alkan RWF HW Pic French composer, virtuoso pianist, Alkan Charles-Valentin
Siegfried Alkan Pic German composer, Alkan Siegfried 
Ya'acov Al-Kirkisani Karaite rabbi, Al-Kirkisani Ya'acov 
Amy Alkon HW Pic American advice columnist,   Alkon Amy 
Daniel Al-Kumisi prominent scholar of Karaite Judaism Al-Kumisi Daniel 
Corinne Allal HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli singer/songwriter, Allal Corinne 
Jed Allan Pic Americam actor, television host, Allan Jed 
Ted Allan Pic Canadian screenwriter, writer,   Allan Ted 
Frank Allaun Pic British politician, Labour MP 1955-83 Allaun Frank 
Henri Alleg Pic French journalist, political writer, Alleg Henri
Bruce Allen American general manager of Washington Redskins, (Jewish mother) Allen Bruce 
Corey Allen Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, producer, actor,   Allen Corey 
George Allen RWF Pic American politician, governor, senator, (Jewish mother) Allen George 
Hoodie Allen Pic American hip hop artist, singer, rapper, Allen Hoodie 
Irwin Allen Pic American television/film producer, director, Allen Irwin 
Jennifer Allen RWC Pic American author, commentator, sportswriter, (Jewish mother) Allen Jennifer
Joel Allen Pic American zoologist, ornithologist, ??? Allen Joel 
Jon Allen Pic Canadian ambassador to Israel 2006- Allen Jon 
Keegan Allen Pic American film/television actor, photographer, musician, (Jewish mother) Allen Keegan 
Marty Allen Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, Allen Martin 
Mel Allen Pic American sportscaster, Allen Mel 
Paul Allen RWF HW Pic American businessman, co-founder of Microsoft, ??? Allen Paul 
Woody Allen RWF HW Pic American director, producer, writer, actor, comedian, Allen Woody 
Zachariah Allen Pic American inventor, cut-off volve for steam engines, Allen Zachariah 
Herbert Allen, Jr Pic American businessman, Allen & Co, Allen, Jr Herbert 
Salvador Allende RWF Pic President of Chile 1970-73 (Jewish mother) Allende Salvador 
Eleanor Aller Pic American cellist, Aller Eleanor 
Maurycy Allerhand Pic Polish legal scholar, member of Supreme Court of Poland, Allerhand Maurycy 
Rudolf Allers Austrian psychiatrist, Allers Rudolf 
Baron David Alliance HW Pic Iranian-born British politician, N Brown Group plc, Alliance David 
Norman Allinger Pic American computational chemist, ??? Allinger Norman 
Nathaniel Allison physicist ??? Allison Nathaniel 
Sheldon Allman Pic American-born Canadian film/television actor, singer/songwriter, Allman Sheldon 
Yari Allnutt Pic American soccer player, Allnutt Yari 
Ori Allon Pic Israeli computer scientist, Allon Ori 
Yigal Allon RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice/Foreign Affairs/Labour, Allon Yigal 
Gloria Allred Pic American lawyer, radio talk show host, Allred Gloria 
Chris Van Allsburg Pic American author, chilldren's books illustrator, (convert to Judaism) Allsburg Chris Van
June Allyson RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, singer, dancer, ??? Allyson June 
Roberto Almagia Italian geographer, Almagia Roberto 
Dan Almagor HW Pic Israeli playwright, translator, presenter, songwriter:lyricist, Almagor Dan 
Gila Almagor RWF HW Pic Israeli stage/film actress, Almagor Gila 
Samuel Alman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born British conductor, composer, Alman Samuel 
Dante Almani Italian vice Chief of Police Mussolini Almani Dante 
Martin Enriquez de Almanza RWC Pic Spanish viceroy of New Spain 1568-80, Peru 1881-83, (converso) Almanza Martin Enriquez de
Joseph Almanzi Italian bibliophile, poet, translator, Almanzi Joseph 
Ruth de Almea Pic Venezuelan Minister of Education 1984-85, Almea Ruth de
Doron Almog RWA Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Almog Doron 
Oz Almog Pic Israeli-born Austrian painter, Almog Oz 
Ruth Almog RWF Pic Israeli novelist, Almog Ruth
Tamar Almog HW Pic Israeli journalist, legal affairs commentator, presenter, Almog Tamar 
Yuval Almog Israeli-born co-founder of ZoranCorporation, Coral Group, Almog Yuval 
Ze'ev Almog RWC HW Pic Israeli 11th Commander of Navy, 1979-85, General mamager of Israeli shipyards, Almog Ze'ev
Yosef Almogi RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Almogi Yosef 
Gabriel Almond RWF HW Pic American political scientist, Almond Gabriel 
Moti Almoz RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Almoz Moti 
Albert Almoznino Pic Moroccan-born Israeli artist, painter, Almoznino Albert 
Mary Aloe Pic American television/film producer,    Aloe Mary 
Azaria Alon RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli environment activist, Alon Azaria 
Gedaliah Alon RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli historian, Alon Gedaliah 
Geva Alon Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Alon Geva 
Joel Alon Hungarian-born Israeli ambassador to Norway 1990-94, Hungary 1994- , Ivory Cost 1969-70, Alon Joel 
Lihi Alon Pic Israeli model, Alon Lihi 
Nitzan Alon RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Alon Nitzan 
Noga Alon RWF HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, Alon Noga 
Uri Alon Pic Israeli systems biologist, Alon Uri 
Michael Aloni Pic Israeli actor, television presenter, Aloni Michael 
Miri Aloni RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, film/television actress, Aloni Miri 
Nissim Aloni RWA HW Pic Israeli playwright, translator, Aloni Nissim 
Shulamit Aloni RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, former leader of Meretz Party, Minister of Education, Aloni Shulamit 
Udi Aloni Pic Israeli-born American filmmaker, writer, visual artist, Aloni Udi
Veonica Alonso RWC Pic Uruguayan politician, senator, (convert to Judaism) Alonso Veonica 
Michael Alony HW Pic Israeli actor, television presenter, Alony Michael 
Noy Alooshe Pic Israeli journalist, musician, Alooshe Noy
Yardena Alotin Pic Israeli composer, pianist, Alotin Yardena
Alexander Alov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, Alov Alexander 
Gitta Alpar Pic Hungarian-born German actress, opera singer,   Alpar Gitta 
Zvi Al-Peleg RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli ambassador to Turkey 1995-97, Al-Peleg Zvi 
Bob Alper Pic American comedian, Alper Bob
Jonathan Alper American actor, theater director,   Alper Jonathan 
Tikvah Alper Pic South African physicist, radiobiologist, Alper Tikvah
Mikhail Alperin Pic Ukrainian jazz musician, Alperin Mikhail
Yakov Alperin HW Pic Israeli yiddish theater actor, Alperin Yakov 
Anne Alpern Pic American attorney, politician, attorney general for Pensylvania 1959-61, Alpern Anne
Daniil Alpern Ukrainian-born Russian physiologist, Alpern Daniil
Matthew Alpern Pic American physiologist, color vision/blindness, ??? Alpern Matthew 
Sara Alpern RWC Pic American historian, feminist, Alpern Sara
Yaakov Alperon Pic Israeli mobster, Alperon Yaakov 
A.N. Alperovich Soviet Deputy People's Commissar of - stankostroyeniye Alperovich A.N. 
Boris Alperovich RWF Pic Chinese-born Soviet physician, Alperovich Boris 
Ilya Alperovich RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet puppet actor, Alperovich Ilya 
Jose Alperovich RWC Pic Governor of province Tucuman 2003-  MP 2001- Alperovich Jose 
Karl Alperovich RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military engineer, designer, Alperovich Karl 
Yefim Alperovich-Gershoig RWE Pic Soviet/Russian architect, Alperovich-Gershoig Yefim 
Gar Alperovitz RWF Pic American political economist, historian, Alperovitz Gar 
David Alpers Pic American gastroenterologist, Alpers David 
Paul Alpers American literature scholar, English Alpers Paul 
Svetlana Alpers RWF Pic American art historian, Alpers Svetlana 
B Alpert Alpert B 
Carl Alpert Pic American-born Israeli journalist, author, communal worker, public relations specialist, Alpert Carl 
Herb Alpert RWF Pic American trampetist, singer, A&M Records, Alpert Herb 
Hollis Alpert American film critic, author, ??? Alpert Hollis 
Jane Alpert Pic American radical,    Alpert Jane 
Max Alpert RWN Pic Soviet photographer, photojournalist, Alpert Max 
Michael Alpert Pic American klezmer singer, multi-instumentalist, Alpert Michael 
Yakov Alpert RWC Pic Ukrainian-born American physicist, Alpert Yakov 
Edmond Alphandery RWC Pic French minister of Economics 1993-95, Alphandery Edmond 
Ralph Alpher RWF HW Pic American coslologist, physicist, background radiation, Alpher Ralph 
Petrus Alphonsi Pic Spanish writer, astronomer, physician of King Alfonso VI of Castile, Alphonsi Petrus
Yoel Alroy HW Israeli mayor of Netania 1983-93, Alroy Yoel
Carl Alsberg American biochemist, Alsberg Carl 
Max Alsberg German criminal lawyer, Alsberg Max 
Alfred Alschuler Pic American architect, Alschuler Alfred
Samuel Alschuler Pic American federal judge of Appeals, Alschuler Samuel 
Roni Alsheikh RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 2015-, Alsheikh Roni 
Jacob Alshits RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet designer, Alshits Jacob 
Moritz Alshtatter German Minister of Finance Baden  1868 Alshtatter Moritz 
Anatoliy Alshtein RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Russian virusologist, Alshtein Anatoliy 
Arkady Alski RWC Pic Russian/Soviet People's Commissar of Finance for Lithuania, Belarus, Alski Arkady 
Antoni Alster Polish politician, MP Alster Antoni 
Franz Alt Pic Austrian-born American founder, president 1950-52 of ACM, Alt Franz
Jorge Altamira Pic Argentine politician, leader of Worker's Party, Altamira Jorge 
Aaron Altaras Pic German actor, (Jewish mother) Altaras Aaron 
Adriana Altaras Pic Croatian-born German actress, Altaras Adriana
Jakob Altaras Pic Croatian-born German physician, Altaras Jakob
Thea Altaras Pic Croatian-born German architect, Altaras Thea
Giacomo Altari Italian banker, philanthropist, Altari Giacomo 
Samuel Altari Italian politician, banker, communal worker, orator, Altari Samuel
Moshe Altbauer HW Austro Hungarian-born Israeli linguist, translator, Altbauer Moshe 
Steve Alten Pic American science fiction novelist, Alten Steve 
Jakob Altenberg Austrian picture frame dealer, busness partner of Adolf Hitler, Altenberg Jakob 
Peter Altenberg RWF HW Pic Austrian author, poet, Altenberg Peter 
Dennis Alter Pic Ameircan CEO of Advanta Corp, Alter Dennis 
Harvey Alter RWF Pic American medical researcher, virologist, Nobel Prize (2020) Alter Harvey 
Israel Alter Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian cantor, composer, Alter Israel 
Joanne Alter Pic American activist, politician, Alter Joanne 
Jonathan Alter Pic American journalist, author, Alter Jonathan 
Louis Alter Pic American songwriter, pianist, composer, Alter Louis 
Maurice Alter Pic Polish-born Australian businessman, Pacific Shopping Centers, Alter Maurice 
Morry Alter Pic American television journalist, Alter Morry
Robert Alter American biblical scholar, translator, literary critic, Alter Robert 
Victor Alter RWF HW Pic Polish-born leader of Bund, Alter Victor 
Boris Alterman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli chess grandmaster, Alterman Boris 
Eric Alterman RWE Pic American journalist, media critic, political writer, Alterman Eric 
Idan Alterman Pic Israeli film/television/stage actor, Alterman Idan 
Nathan Alterman RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli poet, journalist, translator, writer, Alterman Nathan 
Eva Alterman Blay Pic Brazilian sociologist, senator, Alterman Blay Eva 
Philip Altheim American CEO/chairman of Forest Electric, Altheim Philip 
Jakob Altmaier Pic German-born journalist, politician, Altmaier Jakob
Aleksandr Altman RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet scientist, engineering scholar, Altman Aleksandr 
Arthur Altman Pic American composer, lyricist, Altman Arthur 
Aryeh Altman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    Altman Aryeh 
Benjamin Altman Pic American founder of B. Altman & Co, Altman Benjamin 
Bruce Altman Pic American actor, Altman Bruce 
Dennis Altman Pic Australian academic, gay rights activist, Altman Dennis
Drew Altman language and literary ??? Altman Drew 
Edward Altman RWF Pic American finance scholar, Altman Edward 
Henry Altman Polish journalist, lawyer, historian, archivist, diplomat, Altman Henry
Ida Altman American historian of colonial Spain, Latin America, ??? Altman Ida
Ilya Altman Pic Russian historian, Altman Ilya 
Josh Altman Pic American real estate agent, reality television personality, Altman Josh
Mitch Altman Pic American hacker, inventor, ??? Altman Mitch
Moritz Altman RWF Pic Soviet metallurgy scholar, Altman Morits 
Nathan Altman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian painter, stage designer, book illustrator, Altman Nathan 
Robert Altman RWC Pic American photographer, Altman Robert 
Robert Altman RWC Pic American executive, ZeniMax Media, Altman Robert 
Roger Altman Pic Deputy of Secretary of the Treasury Clinton Altman Roger
Sean Altman Pic American singer/songwriter, Altman Sean 
Sidney Altman RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American molecular biologist, Nobel Prize (1989) Altman Sidney 
Stuart Altman Pic American economist, president of Brandeis University (interim) 1990-91, Altman Stuart 
Tosia Altman Pic Polish resistance member, Altman Tosia
Yakov Altman RWF Pic Moldovan-born Soviet neurophysiologist, Corr  Altman Yakov
Ronen Altman Kaydar Pic Israeli writer, poet, literary critic, Altman Kaydar Ronen
Alexander Altmann HW Pic Hundarian/Slovak-born scholar, clergy member, philosopher, Altmann Alexander 
Bernhard Altmann Austrian textile manufacturer, Altmann Bernhard
Maria Altmann Pic Austrian-born American art colector, Altmann Maria
Semyon Altov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian comedy author, Altov Semyon 
Annie Altschul Pic Austrian-born British nurse scholar, researcher, educator, Altschul Annie
Arthur Altschul Pic American banking mogul, Goldman Sachs, Altschul Arthur 
Frank Altschul Pic American financier,   Altschul Frank 
Serena Altschul Pic American broadcast journalist, (Jewish father) Altschul Serena 
Stephen Altschul Pic American mathematician, Altschul Stephen 
Stephen Altschul Pic American mathematician, bioinformatician, Altschul Stephen 
John Altschuler Pic American television producer/writer, Altschuler John 
Modest Altschuler RWF Pic Belarusian-born American cellist, conductor, composer,   Altschuler Modest 
Randy Altschuler Pic American businessman, politician, Altschuler Randy
Vladimir Altschuler RWF Pic Russian conductor, violist, Altschuler Vladimir 
Anatoly Altshtein RWC Pic Russian/Soviet virusologist, Altshtein Anatoly 
Alan Altshuler Pic American political scientist,  ??? Altshuler Alan 
Anatoly Altshuler RWF Russian-born Soviet engineer,  Altshuler Anatoly 
Boris Altshuler RWC Pic Russian-born American physicist, quantum mechanics Altshuler Boris 
Boris Altshuler RWE Pic Soviet/Russian architect, architecture historian, Altshuler Boris 
David Altshuler Pic American endoctinologist, geneticist, Altshuler David 
Georgy Altshuler Russian military ships designer, Altshuler Georgy 
Lev Altshuler RWF Pic Russian nuclear physicist, Altshuler Lev 
Semion Altshuler RWE Pic Belarusian-born Russian physycist, astronomer, Altshuler Semion 
Genrikh Altshuller RWF HW Pic Uzbek-born Russian inventor, Altshuller Genrikh 
Elena Altsjoel RWC Pic Belarusian World checker champion, grandmaster, Altsjoel Elena 
James Altucher Pic American hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, Altucher James 
Lee Altus Pic Ukrainian-born American heavy metal guitarist, Altus Lee 
Yehoshua Aluf RWF Pic Israeli educator, sports Aluf Yehoshua 
Al Alvarez Pic British poet, author, Alvarez Al 
Cecilia Alvarez-Correa Glen RWC Pic Colombian Minister of Transport 2012- , Alvarez-Correa Glen Cecilia
Maximilian Alweil Polish dentist, social/political activist, Alweil Maximilian
Lyle Alzado Pic American football player, (Jewish mother) Alzado Lyle 
Benjamin Akzin RWA HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli lawyer, zionist,  Alzin Benjamin
Mathieu Amalric RWF HW Pic French film/television actor, film director, (Jewish mother) Amalric Mathieu 
Betty Amann Pic German-born German American actress, Amann Betty
Armand Amar HW Pic Moroccan-born French composer, Amar Armand 
Jo Amar RWC HW Pic Morrocan-born Israeli singer, cantor, Amar Jo 
Licco Amar Pic Turkish violinist, Amar Lico 
Moshe Amar HW Pic Israeli politician, Amar Moshe 
Paul Amar Pic Algerian-born French journalist, television presenter, Amar Paul 
Shlomo Amar Pic Moroccan-born Israeli Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel 2003-13, Amar Shlomo 
Shlomo Amar RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Amar Shlomo 
Thierry Amar Pic Canadian musician, rock singer/guitarist, Amar Thierry
Zhar Amar Pic Israeli scholar,geographer, Amar Zohar
Neuza Amaral Pic Brazilian actress, Amaral Neuza
Saul Amarel Pic Greek-born Israeli American computer scientist, artifical intelligence Amarel Saul 
Yosef Amari Israeli physicst,   Amari Yosef 
Ruben Amaro, Jr Pic American sports executive, (Jewish mother) Amaro, Jr Ruben
Amaziah HW Pic 9th King of the Kingdom of Judah,  800-783 BC Amaziah KingsKJ
Oren Ambarchi Pic Australian musician, multi-instrumentalist, Ambarchi Oren
Hyman Amberg American mobster, Amberg Hyman 
Joseph Amberg American mobster, Amberg Joseph 
Louis Amberg American mobster, Amberg Louis 
Oren Ambrachi Pic Australian musician, multi-instrumentalist, Ambrachi Oren 
Bert Ambrose Pic British bandleader, violinist, Ambrose Bert 
Irene Ambrus Pic Hungarian singer, actress, Ambrus Irene
Isadore Amdur American physical chemist, ??? Amdur Isadore 
Sallyan Amdur Sack Pic American geneologist, psychologist, Amdur Sack Sallyan
Michal Amdursky RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, dancer, actress, Amdurski Michal 
Assaf Amdursky HW Pic Israeli singer, record producer, Amdursky Assaf 
Benny Amdursky HW Pic Israeli singer, Amdursky Beni 
Claudio Amedola Pic Italian actor, television host, director, (Jewish mother) Amedola Claudio 
Gerhard Amendt Pic German sociologist, Amendt Gerhard
Irving Amen Pic American painter, printmaker, sculptor, Amendt Irving 
Martin van Amerongen Pic Dutch journalist, publisher, columnist, author, Amerongen Martin van
Jean Amery RWF HW Pic Austrian writer, (Jewish father) Amery Jean 
Baron Julian Amery Pic British Minister of Aviation, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Amery Julian 
Leopold Amery HW Pic Indian-born, the author of the Balfour Declaration 1917 Colonial Secretary, (Jewish mother)  Amery Leopold 
Bruce Ames RWF Pic American biochemist, Ames Bruce 
Ed Ames Pic American actor, singer, Ames Ed 
Gene Ames Pic American singer, Ames Gene
Joe Ames Pic American singer, Ames Joel
Jonathan Ames Pic American novelist, Ames Jonathan 
Vic Ames Pic American singer, Ames Vic
Yehuda Amichai RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli poet,    Amichai Yehuda 
Israel Amidan Pic Romanian-born Israeli musician, composer, Amidan Israel
Yakov Amidror RWC` Pic Israeli National Security Advicer, major general, Amidror Yakov 
Barbara Amiel Pic British Canadian journalist, writer, socialite, Amiel Barbara 
Aharon Amir RWA HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli author, poet, translator, Amir Aharon 
Amnon Amir Israeli developer of Mirabilis, Amir Amnon 
Amos Amir HW Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general, Amir Amos 
Eli Amir Pic Iraqi-born Israeli writer, civil servant. Amir Eli
Hagai Amir Pic Israeli criminal,  Amir Hagai
Jacques Amir RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Amir Jacques 
Maayan Amir Pic Israeli artist, curator, Amir Maayan
Menachem Amir HW Pic Israeli criminologist, Amir Menachem 
Menashe Amir Pic Iranian-born Israeli journalist, broadcaster, Amir Menashe
Michael Amir HW Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourgian, Holland, Amir Michael 
Oded Amir Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Amir Oded 
Rehavam Amir HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli ambassador to Poland 1958- , Finland 1979-82, Thailand 1971-75, Amir Rehavam
Yehuda Amir Israeli psychologist, Amir Yehuda 
Yigal Amir RWF Pic Israeli assasin, killed Itzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel 1995 Amir Yigal 
Yisrael Amir RWF HW Pic Russian-born 1st Israeli Air Force Commander, 1948, Amir Yisrael
David Amiran HW German-born Israeli geographer,     Amiran David 
Ruth Amiran RWA HW Pic Israeli archaeologist,   Amiran Ruth
Emanuel Amiran-Pougatchov Pic Polish-born Israeli composer, Amiran-Pougatchov Emanuel
Ziva Amishai-Maisels HW Pic Israeli art scholar, historian, Amishai-Maisels Ziva 
Daniel Amit Pic Polish-born Israeli physicist, pacifist, Amit Daniel 
Meir Amit RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, defence figure, Transportsation Minister 1977-78, Comminicarions 1977-78 Amit Meir 
Uri Amit RWC Pic Iraqi-born Israeli mayor of Ramat Gan, 1983-1989, Amit Uri 
Yairah Amit Pic Israeli biblical scholar, Amit Yairah
Yairah Amit Pic Israeli biblical scholar, Amit Yairah
Yitzhak Amit HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2009- , Amit Yitzhak 
Mor Amitai CEO of Compugen, Amitai Mor 
Reuven Amitai Pic American-born Israeli historian, Amitai Reuven
Yaakov Amitai RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia/Burundi/RWFanda, Edypt 2010- Amitai Yaakov 
Yitzhak Amitai HW Israeli fighter ace,  Amitai Yitzhak 
Morris Amitay Pic American lobbist, executive director of AIPAC,  Amitay Morris 
Shimshon Amitsur RWA HW Pic Israeli matematician, Amitsur Shimshon 
Dale Amler Pic American stand-up comedian, Amler Dale 
Michael Ammar Pic American close-up magician, Ammar Michael 
Selig Amoils Pic South African biomedical engineering inventor, Amoils Selig 
Amon HW Pic 15th King of the Kingdom of Judah,  642-640 BC Amon KingsKJ
Shaul Amor RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister without Portfolio, Amor Shaul 
Adiel Amorai HW Pic Israeli politician, Amorai Adiel 
Imre Amos RWE Pic Hungarian painter, Amos Imre 
Amos Amos MinorProphets
Amram Levite, father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam Amram BibFigures
David Amram Pic American composer, lyricist, Amram David 
Hedva Amrani HW Pic Israeli singer, Amrani Hedva 
Yossef Amrani Israeli ambassador to Croatia 2009-14, Greece 2019- , Amrani Yossef
Aron Amromin RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, constructor, Amromin Aron 
Emily Amrusi HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, Amrusi Emily 
Dudu Amsalem RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Amsalem Dudu
Haim Amsalem RWC HW Pic Algerian-born Israeli politician, Amsalem Haim
Hen Amsalem HW Pic Israeli stage/film actress, Amsalem Hen 
Reymond Amsalem RWC Pic Israeli film/television actress, Amsalem Reymond
Franck Amsallem Pic Algerian-born French jazz pianist, composer, singer, Amsallem Franck 
Abram Amsel Pic Canadian-born American psychologist, Amsel Abram 
Simon Amstell Pic British comedian, television presenter, screenwriter, actor, Amstell Simon 
Morey Amsterdam Pic American television actor, director, comedian,    Amsterdam Morey 
Robert Amsterdam Pic American-born Canadian international lawyer, Amsterdam Robert 
Shaul Amsterdamski HW Pic Israeli journalist, Amsterdamski Shaul 
Israel Amter Pic American founding member of Communist Party, Amter  Israel 
Iosif Amusin RWF Pic Soviet historian, orientalist, hebraist,   Amusin Iosif 
Miron Amusya RWC Pic Russian-born physicist, Amusya Miron 
Haim Amzalak RWC Pic British ambassador to Israel, 1872-1903, Amzalak Haim 
Moises Amzalak RWA HW Pic president of Portugal Academy of Sciences Amzalak Moises 
Antipope Anacletus II RWC Pic Pope 1130-38 (Jewish paternal grandfather) Anacletus II Antipope 
Anacletus II Pope 1130-38 Anacletus II
Saul ben Anan Karaite leader Anan Saul ben
Kristina Anapau RWF Pic American film/television actress, model, (Jewish father) Anapau Kristina 
Emmanuel Anati Pic Italian archaeologist, Anati Emmanuel 
Jean Ancel Pic Romanian-born author, historian, Ancel Jean 
Karel Ancerl RWF HW Pic Czech conductor, Ancerl Karel 
Jose de Anchieta Pic Spanish missionary, writer, poet, Anchieta Jose de
Mario Ancona Pic Italian opera singer, Ancona Mario 
Ronni Ancona Pic British actress, entertainer, Ancona Ronni 
Simon Ancona RWC Pic British military, Rear Admiral, Ancona Simon 
Richard Anconina Pic French actor, Anconina Richard 
Frederici Andahazi Pic Argentine writer,   Andahazi Frederico
David Andelman Pic American news reporter, executive editor in Forbes.com Andelman David 
Sheldon Andelson American higher education administrator, political fund-raiser, Andelson Sheldon 
Mathew Anden Pic German-born American film/stage/television actor, Anden Mathew 
Guenther Anders RWF Pic Polish/German-born philosopher, journalist, Anders Guenther
Axel Anderson Pic German-born American Puetro Rican film/television actor, television producer, Anderson Axel 
Broncho Anderson RWF Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, (first cowboy star) Anderson Broncho 
Ephraim Anderson Pic British microbiologist, Anderson Ephraim 
Gerry Anderson Pic British film/television producer/writer/director, puppeteer,    Anderson Gerry 
Herbert Anderson RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, Anderson Herbert 
Jerome Anderson British football agent, Anderson Jerome
Leona Anderson Pic American film actress,  Anderson Leona 
Nicole Anderson Pic American actress, model, (Jewish father) Anderson Nicole 
Richard Anderson Pic American film/television actor, Anderson Richard 
Tom Anderson Pic American co-founder/president of MySpace, (Jewish mother) Anderson Tom 
Isak Andic Pic Turkish-born Spanish co-founder of Mango, Andic Isak 
E.I. Andrachnikov Soviet military factory director, Andrachnikov E.I. 
Edward Andrade RWC Pic British physicist, writer, poet, radio personality, Andrade Edward 
Eric Andre HW Pic American actor, comedian, television host, (Jewish mother) Andre Eric
A.I. Andreev Russian/Soviet Lt. General, Andreev A.I.
Anatoly Andreev RWC Pic Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, ??? Andreev Anatoly 
Natalya Andreeva RWC Belarusian-born Soviet hemotologist, Andreeva Natalya 
Elvia Andreoli Pic Argentine actress, Andreoli Elvia 
Chris Andrews Pic American entrepreneur, CD-ROM producer, Livecast, Andrews Chris
Cooper Andrews Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) Andrews Cooper 
Keith Andrews Pic British art historian, Andrews Keith
Anatoly Andreyev RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, Andreyev Anatoly 
Leopold Andrian Pic Austrian author, playwright, diplomat, Andrian Leopold 
Elepther Andronikashvili RWF Pic Georgian physicist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Andronikashvili Elepther 
Yuri Andropov RWF HW Pic General Secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union 1982-84 Andropov Yuri 
Christian Anfinsen RWF HW Pic American chemist, Nobel Prize (1972) (convert to Judaism) Anfinsen Christian 
Asher Angel Pic American actor, singer, Angel Asher 
Daniel Angel British film producer, Angel Daniel 
David Angel Hungarian historian, Angel David 
Joanna Angel RWE Pic American pornographic actress, director, writer, dancer, model, Angel Joanna 
Orna Angel RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Angel Orna 
Shemaiah Angel Syrian banker, philanthropist, Angel Shemaiah
Edgar Angeli RWC Pic Croatian Rear Admiral, Angeli Edgar 
Marcia Angell American physician, editor-in-chief of New England Journal of Medicine, Angell Marcia 
Angelus of Jerusalem Pic Holy Land sainr, martyr, Angelus of Jerusalem
Itai Anghel Pic Israeli news correspondent, Anghel Itai
Natalie Angier Pic American nonfiction writer, science journalist,  Angier Natalie 
Kurt Angle Pic American professional wrestler, Angle Kurt 
Charles Angoff Pic Belarusian-born American journalist, author, literary critic, Angoff Charles 
Joshua Angrist Pic American economist, Angrist Joshua 
Mira Angrist Pic Israeli-born American hebrew language/jewish culture specialist, Angrist Mira
Edward Anhalt Pic American journalist, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, Anhalt Edward 
Istvan Anhalt Pic Hungarian-born Canadian composer, Anhalt Istvan 
Julius von Anhouch Anhouch Julius von
Ami Anidger HW Pic Israeli actor, comedian, Anidger Ami 
Mordechai Anielewicz RWC Pic Polish commander of the Warshaw Getto, Anielewicz Mordechai 
Abram Anikst RWF Pic Moldovan-born Soviet politician, economist, anarchist, Anikst Abram
Alexander Anikst RWF Pic Swiss-born Soviet literary scholar, Anikst Alexander 
Mikhail Anikst RWF Soviet/Russian designer, painter, Anikst Mikhail 
Olga Anikst RWE Pic Moldovan-born Soviet pedagogue, Anikst Olga
Boris Anisfeld RWF Pic Moldovan-born American painter, theater designer, Anisfeld Boris 
Lolita Aniyar de Castro RWC Pic Venezuelan politician,  criminal lawyer, criminologist, governor of Sulia State 1993-95, Aniyar de Castro Lolita 
Irving Anker American educator, administrator, Anker Irving 
Jo Ankier British athlete, broadcaster, Ankier Jo
Gannit Ankori Pic Israeli art historian, Ankori Gannit
Gilat Ankori HW Pic Israeli actress, Ankori Gilat 
Ari Ankorin RWC HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli politician, journalist, lawyer,   Ankorin Ari 
Etti Ankri RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, film actress, Ankri Etti 
Keren Ann RWF HW Pic Israeli-born French singer, composer, producer, Ann Keren 
Margit Anna Pic Hungarian painter, Anna Margit
Dave Annable Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Annable Dave 
Leonore Annenberg Pic American art patron, Annenberg Leonore 
Moses Annenberg Pic German-born American publisher, tax evasion Annenberg Moses 
Sandra Annenberg Pic Brazilian actress, journalist, television presenter,   Annenberg Sandra 
Wallis Annenberg Pic American socialite, philanthroper, Annenberg Wallis
Walter Annenberg RWC HW Pic American publisher, art patron, American ambassador to United Kingdom 1969-74, Annenberg Walter 
Janet Annenberg Hooker Pic American philanthropist, Annenberg Hooper Janet
Yuly Annenkov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, playwright, librettist, Annenkov Yuly 
Isidor Annensky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born film director, screenwriter,  Annensky Isidor 
Lev Anninsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian literary critic/scholar (Jewish mother) Anninsky Lev 
William Annyas RWE Irish mayor of Youghal Cork 1555, Annyas William 
George Anri Galphan RWC French mathematician, Anri Galphan George 
Philip Anschutz Pic American billionaire, Union Pacific Corporation, ??? Anschutz Philip 
Marilyn/Yoram Anselm British founders 1981 Hobbs, Anselm Marilyn/Yoram
Ruth Anshen Pic American philosopher, author, editor, Anshen Ruth
Edmund Ansin RWA Pic American businessman, Sunbeam Television Corp, Ansin Edmund 
Alex Ansky HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli actor, radio presenter, Ansky Alex 
Michal Ansky HW Pic Israeli food journalist, gastronomist, television personality, Ansky Michal
Semyon Ansky RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish author, politician, playwright, Ansky Semyon 
Igor Ansoff Pic Russian-born American mathematician, Ansoff Igor 
Fred Anson Pic American chemist, ??? Anson Fred 
Martin Ansorge Pic American representative, 1921-1923, Ansorge Martin 
Henri Anspach HW Pic Belgian epee/foil fencer, Anspach Henri 
Paul Anspach HW Pic Belgian epee/foil fencer, Anspach Paul 
Philippe Anspach French lawyer, radicals 1830 Fr.Rev. Anspach Philippe 
Milo Anstadt Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Dutch writer, journalist, Anstadt Milo
Clara Ant Pic Brazilian politician, MP, architect, Ant Clara 
Frederick Antal Pic Hungarian art historian, Antal Frederick
Robert Antal RWC Pic Hungarian water polo player, Antal Robert 
Isaac Antcher RWF Pic Moldovan-born French painter, Antcher Isaac 
Richard Anthony Pic French singer, Anthony Richard 
Antigonus Pic ninth Hasmonean ruler    -30 BC Antigonus KingsKJO
Eleanor Antin Pic American sculptor, filmmaker, Antin Eleanor 
Jonathan Antin Pic American hair stylist, television personality, Antin Jonathan 
Mary Antin Pic Russian-born American novelist, socialite, Antin Mary 
Robin Antin RWF HW Pic American dancer, choreographer, actress, showgirl, founder of Antin Robin 
Steve Antin Pic American actor, screenwriter, producer, director,   Antin Steve 
Antipater   46-4 BC Antipater  KingsKJO
Stuart Antman Pic American mathematician, Antman Stuart
Andre Antoine RWE Pic Frnch actor, theater manager, film director, author, Antoine Andre 
Mark Antokolsky RWF HW Pic Lithuanian born Russian sculptor,  Antokolsky Mark 
Pavel Antokolsky RWF Pic Russian poet, translator, essayist, Antokolsky Pavel 
Jack Antonoff Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Steel Train, Antonoff Jack 
Aaron Antonovsky Pic American-born Israeli American sociologist, Antonovsky Aaron 
Yefim Antselovich RWF Soviet NKVD officer,  Antselilovich Yefim 
Naum Antselovich RWF Pic Soviet People's Commissar for Timber Industry 1938-40, Antselovich Naum
Count Antonio Jose Antunes Navarro RWC Pic Portugese mayor of Portu, 1860-67 Antunes Navarro Antonio Jose
Anuradha Pic Indian film actress, Anuradha
Tariq Anwar RWF Pic Indian-born British film editor, (Jewish mother) Anwar Tariq
Efrat Anzel HW Pic Israeli television presenter, journalist, actress, Anzel Efrat 
Hy Anzell Pic American stage/film/television actor, Anzell Hy 
Iris Apatow RWF Pic American film actress, (Jewish father) Apatow Iris 
Judd Apatow RWF HW Pic American screenwriter, director, producer, actor, Apatow Judd 
Maude Apatow RWF Pic American film actress, (Jewish father) Apatow Maude
Yitzhak Apeloig HW Pic Uzbek-born Israeli chemist, president  of Technion 2001-09, Apeloig Yitzhak 
Iris Apfel Pic American businesswoman, interior designer, fashion icon, Apfel Iris
Dawid Apfelbaum RWN Polish commander, founder of the Jewish Miltary Union in Warshaw Getto, Apfelbaum Dawid 
Peter Apfelbaum Pic American jazz pianist, tenor saxophonist, drummer,    Apfelbaum Peter 
Polly Apfelbaum American visual artist, Apfelbaum Polly 
David Aphek Israeli ambassador to India, Aphek David 
Twelve Apostles Apostles Twelve 
Leo Apotheker Pic German-born American CEO 2010- of Hewlett Packard company, co-CEO 2008-10 SAP AG, Apotheker Leo 
Abraham Appel American co-founder of Pall Corporation, Appel Abraham 
Andrew Appel Pic American computer scientist, Appel Andrew 
Bluma Appel Pic Canadian philanthropist, arts patron, Appel Bluma
Kenneth Appel Pic American mathematician, four color theorem, Appel Kenneth 
Nina Appel American legal scholar, Appel Nina 
Peter Appel Pic American Department of Transportation official, Appel Peter 
Richard Appel Pic American television writer, producer, attorney, Appel Richard 
Stephen Appel Pic American president of ION Media Networks, Appel Stephen 
Victor Appel RWF Soviet engineer, scientist, Appel Victor 
Alfred Appel, Jr American scholar, Appel, Jr Alfred 
Eugene Appelbaum American founder/CEO of Arbor Drugs, Inc, Appelbaum Eugene 
Jacob Appelbaum RWC Pic American journalist, hacker, computer security researcher, Appelbaum Jacob 
Josh Appelbaum Pic American screen/television writer, film/television producer, showrunner, Appelbaum Josh 
Paul Appelbaum Pic American psychiatrist,  Appelbaum Paul 
Robert Appelbaum American literary critic, Appelbaum Robert 
Aharon Appelfeld RWF HW Pic Moldovan/Ukrainian-born Israeli novelist, poet, Appelfeld Aharon 
Dave Appell American record producer, musician, ??? Appell Dave 
Zach Appelman Pic American film/television actor, Appelman Zach 
Josh Appignanesi Pic British film director, producer, screenwriter, Appignanesi Josh 
Lisa Appignanesi Pic Polish-born Canadian British novelist, historian, Appignanesi Lisa 
Max Apple American short story author, novelist, Apple Max 
Anne Applebaum RWF HW Pic American historian of Russia, journalist, Applebaum Anne 
Louis Applebaum RWF Pic Canadian composer, conductor, Applebaum Louis 
Michael Applebaum RWC Pic Canadian mayor of Montreal 2012-13, Applebaum Michael 
Shalom Applebaum Pic Israeli entomologist, Applebaum Shalom
Sid Applebaum Pic American co-founder of Rainbow Foods, Applebaum Sid 
Ida Applebroog Pic American painter, Applebroog Ida 
Evan Appleby Pic American actor, Appleby Evan
Shiri Appleby RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Appleby Shiri 
Hale Appleman Pic American film/stage actor,  (Jewish father) Appleman Hale 
Mickey Appleman Pic American professional poker player, Appleman Mickey 
Alicia Appleman-Jurman Pic Polish-born American meimorist, Appleman-Jurman Alicia 
Jon Appleton American composer, Appleton Jon 
Natalie Appleton RWF Pic British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) Appleton Natalie 
Nicole Appleton Pic British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) Appleton Nicole 
Antal Apro RWC Pic Hungarian politician, Speaker of National Assembly 1971-84 (Jewish mother) Apro Antal 
Paula Apsell Pic American producer, television executive, Apsell Paula 
Maurice Apstein electronics engineering, ??? Apstein Maurice 
Jerome Apt Pic American astronaut, Apt Jerome 
Michael Apted RWF Pic British director, producer, writer, actor, Apted Michael 
Ken Aptekar Pic American painter, Aptekar Ken 
Dora Aptekman RWF Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, physician, Aptekman Dora
Osip Aptekman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, physician, Aptekman Osip 
Bettina Aptheker Pic American author, educator, lesbian activist, Aptheker Bettina 
Herbert Aptheker RWF Pic American leader in Communist Party,  historian,  Aptheker Herbert 
Amy Aquino Pic American television, film, stage actress, (Jewish grandparent) Aquino Amy 
Amnon David Ar Pic Israeli painter, Ar Amnon David
Jacob Arabo Bukharian-born American founder of Jacob & Company, Arabo Jacob 
Adi Arad HW Pic Israeli Yiddish/Hebrew singer, cantor, broadcaster, Arad Adi 
Atar Arad Pic Israeli-born American violist, Arad Atar
Avi Arad RWC HW Pic Israeli-born  American producer, screenwriter, businessman Arad Avi 
Michael Arad HW Pic Israeli-American architect, Arad Michael 
Moshe Arad RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to United States 1987-90, Mexico  1983-87, Arad Moshe 
Nava Arad RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Arad Nava 
Nir Arad Pic Israeli political commentator, Arad Nir
Ron Arad Pic Israeli industrial designer,    Arad Ron 
Ron Arad Pic Israeli pilot, missing in action, Arad Ron 
Shmuel Arad RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, Arad Shmuel 
Uzi Arad Pic Israeli political scientist, strategist, head of Israeli National Security Council, Arad Uzi
Yael Arad Pic Israeli judo athlete, light middleweight, Arad Yael 
Yitzhak Arad RWE Pic Lithuanain/Polish-born Israeli historian of the Shoah. Arad Yitzhak 
Zvi Arad HW Pic Israeli mathematician, president of Bar-Ilan University 1989-92, president of Netanya Academic Colledge, Arad Zvi 
Lydia Aran Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli scholar, Aran Lydia
Zalman Aran RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation/Education, MP 1955-60 1963-69 Aran Zalman 
Pedro de Aranda Spanish bishop, (converso) Aranda Pedro de
Shara Aranoff Pic American lawyer, Chairman of American Trade Commission, Aranoff Shara 
Shiko Aranov RWF Pic Moldovan-born Soviet composer, conductor, founder of jazz orchestra, Aranov Shiko 
Semyon Aranovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet film director, screenwriter, Aranovich Semyon 
Desi Aranyi Pic Hungarian opera singer, Aranyi Desi
Lajos Aranyi Pic Hungarian pathologist, Aranyi Lajos
Marcelo Araujo Pic Argentine sports journalist, Araujo Marcelo
Arie Arazi Israeli ambassador to Szech Republic 2005-08, Arazi Aryeh 
Reuven Arazi RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    Arazi Reuven 
Yardena Arazi RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, entertainer, presenter, Arazi Yardena 
Alexei Arbatov RWF Pic Russian ploitician, MP 1993-2005 Arbatov Alexei 
Georgy Arbatov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian economist, politician, (Jewish father) Arbatov Georgy 
Mia Arbatova RWC Pic Belarusian-born Israeli ballet dancer, teacher, Arbatova Mia
Amos Arbel HW Pic Israeli journalist, television news presenter, Arbel Amos 
Chaya Arbel Pic German-born Israeli composer, Arbel Chaya 
Edna Arbel HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2004- ,  Arbel Edna 
Ilil Arbel Pic Israeli-born American writer, editor, Arbel Ilil 
Michael Arbel Israeli ambassador to Mauritania, Kamerun 2009-, Cameroon, Arbel Michael 
Moshe Arbel HW Pic Israeli politician, Arbel Moshe 
Omer Arbel Pic Israeli-born Canadian architect, designer, Arbel Omer
Yoram Arbel HW Pic Israeli broadcaster, singer, presenter, Arbel Yoram 
Shoshana Arbeli-Amozlino RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Health , Arbeli-Amozlino Shoshana 
Sir Martyn Arbib Pic British founder 1978 of Invesco Perpetual, Arbib Martyn
Michael Arbib Pic British-born Australian American scientist, Arbib Michael 
Nathaniel Arbiter Pic earth resources engineering, ??? Arbiter Nathaniel 
Allan Arbus Pic American film/television actor, Arbus Allan 
Amy Arbus Pic American photographer, Arbus Amy 
Diane Arbus HW Pic American fashion photographer, Arbus Diane 
Alexandre Arcady RWC Pic Algerian-born French actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Arcady Alexandre 
Ray Arcel Pic American boxing trainer, Arcel Ray 
Lisa Arch Pic American film/television actress, comedian,  Arch Lisa 
Beverly Archer Pic American film/television actress, television writer, Archer Beverly 
David Archer coal-based energy systems, ??? Archer David 
Army Archerd Pic American gossip columnist, Archerd Army 
David Architzel RWC Pic American military commander, Vice Admiral, Architzel David 
Louis Arco Pic Austrian-born American actor, Arco Louis 
Count Anton Arco-Valley RWF Pic Austrian-born German assassin of  Kurt Eisner 1919, (Jewish mother) Arco-Valley Anton
Robin Arcuri Pic American actress, film producer, model, television personality, (partially Jewish) Arcuri Robin 
Charles Ardai Pic American mistery writer, entrepeneur, editor, television producer, Ardai Charles 
Iosif Ardeleanu Romanian comunist activist, bureaucrat, Ardeleanu Iosof
Don Arden Pic British music manager of  Black Shabbath, co-founder of Jet Records, Arden Don 
Binyamin Arditi RWF HW Pic Austrian-born Bulgarian Israeli politician, Arditi Binyamin 
Luigi Arditi Pic Italian violinist, composer, conductor, Arditi Luigi 
Pierre Arditi RWF Pic French film/television/stage actor, (Jewish father) Arditi Pierre 
Irvine Arditti Pic British violinist, Arditti Irvine
Philip Arditti HW Pic Swiss-born British television actor, Arditti Philip 
Mordecai Ardon RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli painter, Ardon Mordecai 
Boris Ardov RWF Pic Soviet stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) Ardov Boris 
Mikhail Ardov RWF Pic Russian writer, priest, (Jewish father) Ardov Mikhail 
Viktor Ardov RWF Pic Russian/Soviet writer, humorist, playwright, caricaturist, Ardov Viktor
Shlomo Arel RWC HW Pic Polish-born 7th Commander of Israeli Navy, 1966-68, major-general, Arel Shlomo 
Lee Arenberg RWF Pic American actor, Arenberg Lee 
Hannah Arendt RWF HW Pic German-born American political scientist, economist, philosopher, Arendt Hannah 
Otto Arendt Pic German journalist, poitician, MP 1885-1918 1898-1918 Arendt Otto 
Moshe Arens RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arens Moshe 
Baruch Arensburg Pic Chilean-born Israeli anthropologist, Arensburg Baruch 
Boris Aretsky RWF Pic Soviet cinematographer,  Aretsky Boris 
Ayelet Argaman Pic Israeli actress, Argaman Ayelet
Nadav Argaman Pic Israeli Head of the Shin Bet 2016- Argaman Nadav 
Martha Argerich RWF Pic Argentine pianist, (Jewish mother) Argerich Martha
Meir Argov RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,   Argov Meir  Israeli politician,
Nehemiah Argov RWC Pic Israeli military commander, politician, military secretary of Ben Gurion, Argov Nehemiah 
Sasha Argov RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli songwriter,  Argov Sasha 
Shlomo Argov RWE HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Mexico 1971-74, Netherlands 1977-79, United Kingdom 1977-79, Nigeria 1960, Ireland 1979-82, Argov Shlomo 
Zohar Argov RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Argov Zohar 
Giorgina Arian Levi Pic Italian politician, writer, Arian Levi Gorgina
Mark Ariarsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet/Russian cullturologist, Ariarsky Mark 
Gino Arias Italian economist, politician, Arias Gino
Diego Arias Davila RWC Spanish politician, minister of Finance, Arias Davila Diego 
Haim Ariav RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,   Ariav Haim 
Naim Aridi HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Norway 2012-14, Iceland, ??? Aridi Naim 
Persio Arida Pic Brazilian economist, chairman of Central Bank of Brazi 1995, Arido Persio
Yoram Aridor RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Finance 1981-83, Communication Minister 1981, Aridor Yoram 
Yvgeny Arie Pic Russian-born Israeli theater director, Arie Yvgeny 
Josh Arieh American professional poker player, Arieh Josh 
Ilona Ariel HW Pic Israeli-born film director, Ariel Ilona 
Meir Ariel HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter,   Ariel Meir 
Uri Ariel RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Housing 2013- , Minister of Agriculture 2015- , Ariel Uri 
Guy Arieli HW Pic Israeli model, actor, Arieli Guy 
Yehoshua Arieli HW Czech-born Israeli historian, Arieli Yehoshua 
Yitzhak Arieli RWA HW Pic Israeli rabbi, rabbinic literature, Arieli Yitzhak 
Dan Ariely RWF Pic American-born Israeli economist, Ariely Dan
Silvano Arieti RWF Pic Italian-born American psychiatrist, Arieti Silvano
Avigdor Arikha RWF Pic Romanian-born Israeli French painter, art historian, Arikha Avigdor 
Ruth Arion Pic German-born Israeli painter, Arion Ruth
Marina Arismendi RWC Pic Uruguayan politician, minister of social development, 2005-10, 2015- , Arismendi Marina 
Amir Arison Pic American film/television/stage actor, Arison Amir
Lin Arison Pic American philanthropist, Arison Lin
Micky Arison RWF HW Pic American businessman, Carnival Cruise Lines, Arison Micky 
Shari Arison HW Pic Israeli main shareholder of Bank HaPoalim, Arison Shari 
Ted Arison RWE HW Pic Israeli-born American founder 1972 of Carnival Corp,   47% Arison Ted 
Aristobulus I Pic                           -103 BC Aristobulus I KingsKJO
Aristobulus II Pic seventh Hasmonean ruler 66-63  BC Aristobulus II KingsKJO
Aristobulus III   36 BC Aristobulus III KingsKJO
Aristobulus IV  31-7BC Aristobulus IV KingsKJO
Aristobulus of Paneas hellenistic philosopher, Aristobulus of Paneas
Isaac Albalag Aristobulus of Paneas
Lev Arkadyev RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet writer, screenwriter, journalist, Arkadyev Lev
Arkady Arkanov Pic Ukrainian-born Russian satiric writer, playwright, stand-up comedian, Arkanov Arkady 
Hadley Arkes Pic American political scientist,   Arkes Hadley 
Adam Arkin HW Pic American stage/film/television actor, Arkin Adam 
Alan Arkin RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, director, singer, Arkin Alan 
Anthony Arkin Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Arkin Anthony 
Arkady Arkin RWE Pic Russian/Soviet architect, Arkin Arkady 
David Arkin American songwriter:lyricist, painter,writer, Arkin David 
Eliazar Arkin RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet constructor, Arkin Eliazar 
Gila Arkin HW Israeli model, Miss Israel 1955, - dethroned Arkin Gila 
Matthew Arkin Pic American film/television actor, Arkin Matthew 
Mori Arkin RWC Pic Israeli owner of Arkin Holdings, Arkin Mori
Moshe Arkin Israeli businessman, Agis Industries, Bezeq, Arkin Moshe 
Jonathan Arking American broadcast journalist,    Arking Jonathan 
Howard Arkley Pic Australian artist, (Jewish mother) Arkley Howard 
Samuel Arkoff Pic American producer, Orion, Arkoff Samuel 
Zora Arkus-Duntov RWF Pic Belgian-born Russian American designer of Corvette sports car, Arkus-Duntov Zora 
Allan Arkush Pic American film director,   Arkush Allan 
Vladimir Arlazarov RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet computer scientist, Corr, Arlazarov Vladimir 
Yan Arlazarov Pic Soviet/Russian stage actor, entertainer, Arlazorov Yan 
Albert Arlen Pic Australian pianist, composer, actor, playwright, Arlen Albert
Harold Arlen RWF HW Pic American composer, Arlen Harold 
Haim Arlosoroff RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Head of Jewish Agency, Arlosoroff Haim
Shlomo Arman HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Arman Shlomo 
David Armand RWE Pic Russian geographer, ecologist, climatologist,   Armand David 
Norman Armitage Pic American saber fencer, Armitage Norman 
Eliezer Armon HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to  Chad, Bolivia, Equador 1981-84, Guatemala 1977-81, Honduras 1977-81, Armon Eliezer 
Yizhar Armoni HW Pic Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Armoni Yizhar 
Dafna Armony HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, Armony Dafna 
Curtis Armstrong Pic American actor, (convert to Judaism) Armstrong Curtis 
Viscount David Armstrong-Jones Pic British chairman of Christie's UK, (Jewish paternal grandmother,) Armstrong-Jones David 
Earl Antony Armstrong-Jones Pic British photographer, documentary filmmaker, (Jewish mother) Armstrong-Jones Earl 
Roland Arnall Pic Ameriquest, French-born American ambassador to Netherlands 2006-, Arnall Roland 
Charles Arnau Hungarian actor,   Arnau Charles
Adolph Arndt German lawyer,  Arndt Adolph 
Ernst Arndt Pic German stage/film actor,  Arndt Ernst
Walter Arndt Pic German/Polish-born German physician, zoologist, Arndt Walter
David Arnett Pic American astrophysicist,  ??? Arnett David 
Nora Arnezeder RWF Pic French actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Arnezeder Nora 
Gus Arnheim Pic American bandleader, composer, Arnheim Gus 
Rudolf Arnheim RWF Pic German-born American perceptional psychologist, film theorist, Arnheim Rudolf 
Walter Arnheim Pic president of Mozaik Investments, Arnheim Walter
Eduard Arnhold Pic German industrialist, Arnhold Eduard 
Sig Arno Pic German-born American film actor, potrait painter, Arno Sig
Sig Arno Pic German-born American film actor, potrait painter, Arno Sig 
B.J. Arnold Magnetic cluches and a system of electric power station construction, ??? Arnold B.J.
Danny Arnold Pic American producer, writer, comedian, stage/film actor, director,     Arnold Danny 
David Arnold RWF Pic British composer, Arnold David 
Eve Arnold Pic American photojournalist, Arnold Eve 
Jack Arnold Pic American film/television director , Arnold Jack 
James Arnold Pic American geophysicist, ??? Arnold James 
John Arnold Pic American billionaire, Centaurus Advisors, Arnold John 
Phil Arnold Pic American stage/film/television/vodeville actor, Arnold Phil 
Philip Arnold industrial, manufacturing, operational systems, ??? Arnold Philip 
Susan Arnold American producer,  Arnold Susan 
Susan Arnold Pic American vice chairman of Procter and Gamble, ??? Arnold Susan 
Tom Arnold RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, (convert to Judaism;  Jewish maternal grandfather) Arnold Tom 
Vladimir Arnold RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born, Russian American mathematician, (Jewish mother) Arnold Vladimir 
Stanislaw Arnold Polish historian,   Arnold  Stanislaw
Amira Arnon Israeli ambassador to North Macedonia 2007-09,  Slovenia, Singapore, Albania 2007-09, Bosnia and Herzogovina 2007-09, Arnon Amira 
Avraham Arnon RWA Belarusian-born Israeli educator, Arnon Avraham 
Baruch Arnon Pic Serbian-born Israeli American pianist, teacher, Arnon Baruch 
Daniel Arnon RWF Pic Polish-born American biochemist, vegetal physiologist, Arnon Daniel 
Itzhak Arnon RWA HW Pic Belgian-born Israeli agronomist, Arnon Itzhak 
Michael Arnon HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli ambassador to Ghana   -1968, Arnon Michael 
Ruth Arnon RWF HW Pic Israel biochemist, Copaxone, Arnon Ruth 
Ya'akov Arnon Pic Dutch-born Israeli economist, anti-war activist, Arnon Ya'akov
Yehudit Arnon RWA HW Pic Czech-born Israeli dancer, choreographer, founder of Kibutzz Contemporary Dance Company,   Arnon Yehudit 
Robert Arnott British medical archaeologist, Arnott Robert
Morrie Arnovich Pic American baseball player, Arnovich Morrie 
Richard Arnowitt RWF Pic American theoretical physicist, Arnowitt Richard 
Lev Arnshtam RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet filmmaker, screenwriter,     Arnshtam Lev 
Baroness Fanny von Arnstein RWE Pic Austrian-born socialite, salon holder, Arnstein Fanny von
Karl Arnstein RWC Pic Czech-born German American aerospace engineer, designer, Arnstein Karl 
Baron Nathan Adam von Arnstein Arnstein Nathan Adam von
Nathan von Arnstein Austrian co-founder of Arenstein and Eskeles, Arnstein Nathan von
Nicky Arnstein Pic American professional gambler, (Jewish father) Arnstein Nicky 
Franciszka Arnsztajnowa RWF Pic Polish poet, playwright, translator, Arnsztajnowa Franciszka
Arie Aroch RWF HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Brazil 1956-59  Sweden 1959-62, painter, Aroch Arie
Guy Aroch Pic Israeli-born American fashion photorapher, Aroch Guy 
Sarah Aroeste Pic American singer, Ladino, Aroeste Sarah
Simha Arom French-Israeli etnomusicologist, Arom Simha 
Henry Aron French journalist, political essayist, Aron Henry 
Hermann Aron Pic Polish-born German researcher, invented the electric meter, Aron Hermann
Raymond Aron RWF HW Pic French sociologist, political scientist, philosopher, Aron Raymond 
Robert Aron Pic French writer, historian, Aron Robert 
Ruthann Aron Pic American real estate developer, politician, criminal, Aron Ruthann
David Aronberg Pic American lawyer, politician, mayor of Ashland, Aronberg David 
Aizik Aronchik RWF Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, Aronchik Aizik
Siegfried Aronhold Pic Polish-born German mathematician,    Aronhold Siegfried 
Levon Aronian RWF Pic Armerian chess grandmaster, (Jewish father) Aronian Levon 
Mark Aronoff Pic Canadian-born American morphologist,  Aronoff Mark 
Darren Aronofsky RWF HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, producer, Aronofsky Darren 
Alexander Aronov RWF Pic Soviet poet, journalist, Aronov Alexander 
Arkady Aronov RWC Pic Russian/Israeli theoretical physicist, Aronov Arkady 
Michael Aronov RWC Pic American television actor, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Aronov Michael 
Lawrence Aronovitch Pic Canadian playwright, actor, Aronovitch Lawrence 
Yuri Aronovitch RWF HW Pic Soviet-born Israeli conductor, Aronovitch Yuri
Abe Aronovitz RWC Pic American mayor of Miami 1953-55, Aronovitz Abe 
Sidney Aronovitz Pic American federal judge, Aronovitz Sidney 
Sulamita Aronovsky Pic Lithuanain-born British pianist, Aronovsky Sulamita
Claudia Aronow Pic American painter, Aronow Claudia 
Donald Aronow Pic American designer, boat builder, racer, Aronow Donald
Ike Aronowicz Pic Polish-born Israeli sailor, captain of SS Exodus, Aronowicz Ike
Al Aronowitz Pic American music journalist, Aronowitz Al 
Stanley Aronowitz Pic American sociologist, social critic, Aronowitz Stanley 
Leo Arons Pic German physicist, inventor, Arons Leo 
Grigory Aronshtam RWC Pic Ukrainian-born First Secretary of Communist Party of Turkmenistan 1928-30, Aronshtam Grigory 
Lazar Aronshtam RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, Aronshtam Lazar
Lee Aronsohn RWF Pic American television producer, television writer, Aronsohn Lee 
Louis Aronsohn Pic German politician, MP 1903-18, Aronsohn Louis 
Arnold Aronson Pic American civil rights activist, advocate Aronson Arnold 
Bernard Aronson Pic Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-american affairs 1989-93 Aronson Bernard 
Billy Aronson Pic American playwright, librettist, lyricist, Aronson Billy 
Boris Aronson Pic Ukrainian-born American scenic designer, painter, sculptor, Aronson Boris 
Chaim Aronson Lithuanian-born Russian inventor,  Aronson Chaim 
David Aronson Pic Lithuanian-born American painter, Aronson David 
E.G. Aronson Soviet Head of Glavk, Uralenergostroy, Aronson E.G. 
Elliot Aronson RWF Pic American social psychologist,