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Ahad Ha'am RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born zionist leader, thinker, author, Ha'am Ahad 
Jacob Israel de Haan Pic Dutch literary writer, journalist, Haan Jacob Israel de
Meijer de Haan Pic Dutch painter, Haan Meijer de
Alfred Haar RWC Pic Hungarian mathematician, Haar Alfred 
Charles Haar Pic Belgian-born American legal scholar, Haar Charles 
Abraham Haas Pic American businessman, founder of Hellman, Haas and Company, Haas Abraham 
Dolly Haas RWF Pic German American singer, entertainer, film/television actress, Haas Dolly 
Ernst Haas Pic German-born American political scientist, Haas Ernst
Ernst Haas Pic Austrian-born photojournalist, color photographer, Haas Ernst 
Evelyn Haas Pic American civic leader, philanthropist, Haas Evelyn
Fritz Haas Pic German zoologist, Haas Fritz 
Georg Haas RWF Austrian-born Israeli medical researcher, Haas Georg 
Hans Haas Pic Austrian weightlifter, Haas Hans 
Hugo Haas Pic Czech director, actor, Haas Hugo 
Jacob de Haas HW Pic British zionist, journalist, author, Haas Jacob de
Karl Haas Pic German-born American music radio host, musicologist, pianist, conductor, Haas Karl
Lisel Haas Pic German photographer, Haas Lisel
Ludwig Haas German politician,   Haas Ludwig 
Mary Haas Pic American linguist, Haas Mary 
Pavel Haas RWF HW Pic Czech composer, Haas Pavel 
Peter Haas Pic American political scientist, Haas Peter 
Ralph Haas Canadian , civil engineering, ??? Haas Ralph 
Richard Haas Pic American painter, muralist, Haas Richard 
Robert Haas Pic American businessman, chairman Levi Strauss & Co., Haas Robert 
Rhoda Haas Goldman Pic American philanthropist, Levi Strauss & Co. , Haas Goldman Rhoda
Peter Haas, Jr American shareholder of  Levi Strauss & Co. Haas, Jr Peter 
Walter Haas, Jr Pic American chairman, CEO of Levi Srtauss & Co., Haas, Jr Walter 
Walter Haas, Sr Pic American chairman, president of Levi Srtauss & Co., Haas, Sr Walter 
Hugo Haase RWF Pic Polish-born German politician, jurist, MP, Minister, Haase Hugo 
Richard Haass Pic American diplomat, president of Council on Foreign Relations, Haass Richard
Richard Haass Pic American special envoy for North Ireland, Haass Richard 
Habakkuk  7th century BC Habakkuk MinorProphets
Hans Habe Pic Hungarian-born Austrian writer, newspaper publisher, Habe Hans
Alessandro Haber Pic Italian actor, film director, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Haber Alessandro 
Carl Haber Pic American physicist, Haber Carl 
Daniel Haber Pic American geneticist, oncologist, ??? Haber Daniel 
Eitan Haber HW Pic Israeli journalist, publicist, Haber Eitan
Fritz Haber RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born German chemist, ammonia, Nobel Prize (1918), Haber Fritz 
James Haber Pic American geneticist, administrator, ??? Haber James 
Samuel von Haber German founder of Darmstaeder Bank, Haber Samuel von
Baron Solomon von Haber Pic Polish/German-born German banker, financier, Haber Solomon von
Yotam Haber Pic Dutch-born American composer, Haber Yotam
Gyozo Haberfeld Pic Hungarian gymnast, Haberfeld Gyozo
Haim Haberfeld General secretary of the Histadrut, Haberfeld Haim 
Mario Haberfeld Pic Brazilian auto racing driver, Haberfeld Mario 
Baron Ludwig von Haber-Lindsberg Pic Austrian banker, politician, Haber-Lindsberg Ludwig von
Robert Haberman American socialist lawyer, left-wing activist, Haberman Robert 
Seth Haberman Pic American developer of television advertizing, VisibleWorld, Haberman Seth
Steven Haberman Pic British mathematician, actuarial science, Haberman Steven 
Meyer Habib RWC HW Pic French politician, MP 2013- Habib Meyer 
Carl Ludwig Hablitz RWF German-born Russian geographer, traveller, encyclopedist, botanist, Hablitz Carl Ludwig
Shane Haboucha Pic American television actor, Haboucha Shane 
Eliyahu Hacarmeli RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Hacarmeli Eliyahu 
Dean Hachamovitch Pic American corporate VP of Microsoft, Hachamovitch Dean 
Sol Hachuel Pic Moroccan heroine, martyr, Hachuel Sol 
Marilyn Hacker Pic American poet, critic, reviewer, Hacker Marilyn 
Norman Hackerman Pic American chemist, model of transistor, Hackerman Norman 
Buddy Hackett RWN Pic American film/television actor, stand-up comedian,    Hackett Buddy 
Sandy Hackett Pic American film actor, comedian,    Hackett Sandy 
Aviad Hacohen Pic Israeli legal scholar, attorney, Hacohen Amiad
David Hacohen RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,  diplomat, Hacohen David 
Eliyahu Hacohen HW Pic Israeli music scholar, Hacohen Eliyahu 
Gershon Hacohen RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Hacohen Gershon 
Menachem Hacohen HW Pic Israeli politician,   Hacohen Menachem 
Pinchas Hacohen Peli Pic Israeli rabbi, poet, essayist, scholar of Judaism, Hacohen Peli Pinchas
Avhraham Hadad Israeli ambassador to Cyprus, Columbia 2002, Hadad Avhraham 
Sarit Hadad RWF HW Pic Israeli singer, Hadad Sarit 
Jacques Hadamard RWF HW Pic French mathematician, functional analysis, Hadamard Jacques 
Eldad ha-Dani merchant, traveler, explorer, ha-Dani Eldad
Amos Hadar RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,   Hadar Amos 
Erelly Hadar Israeli ambassador to Czech Republic, Hadar Erelly 
Leon Hadar Pic American global affairs analyst, journalist, author, Hadar Leon 
Yitzhak Hadar Pic Israeli microbiologist,  Hadar Yitzhak 
Zvika Hadar HW Pic Israeli actor, singer, comedian, television host, Hadar Zvika 
Keren Hadar Pic Israeli opera singer, soprano, Hadar  Keren
Miriam Hadar Weingarten HW Pic Israeli model,  Miss Israel 1958, journalist, Hadar Weingarten Miriam 
Moses Hadas American classical scholar, literary critic, Hadas Moses 
Rachel Hadas American language/literary scholar, poet, ??? Hadas Rachel 
Shmuel Hadas HW Pic Argentine-born Israeli ambassador to Spain 1986-87,  Vatican 1994-97, Hadas Shmuel 
Yaron Hadas RWF Pic Israeli actress, Hadas Yaron 
Yoseph Hadas RWC HW Pic Suryan-born Israeli ambassador to Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hadas Yoseph 
Yakov Hadas-Handelman RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Germany 2012- , Jordan , European Union, Hadas-Handelman Yakov 
Rakhel Hadass Pic Israeli singer, Hadass Rakhel 
Janet Hadda HW Pic American psychoanalyst, Hadda Janet 
Moritz Hadda Pic Polish-born architect, Hadda Moritz
Amir Haddad Pic French-born Israeli singer/songwriter, Haddad Amir
Shai Haddad Pic Israeli-born Canadian rap singer, Haddad Shai 
Tiffany Haddish Pic American dancer, actress, comedian, Haddish Tiffany 
Josh Haden Pic American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) Haden Josh 
Petra Haden Pic American violinist, singer, (Jewish mother) Haden Petra 
Rachel Haden Pic American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) Haden Rachel 
Tanya Haden RWF Pic American artist, animator, cellist, singer, (Jewish mother) Haden Tania 
Anthony Haden-Guest Pic British American writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, Haden-Guest Anthony
Baron Leslie Haden-Guest Pic British journalist, author, politician, MP 1923-27 1938-50, (convert to Judaism) Haden-Guest Leslie
Baron Peter Haden-Guest British diplomat, dancer, choreographer, Haden-Guest Peter 
Fabrice Hadjadj RWC Pic French philosopher, writer,   Hadjadj Fabrice
Ralph Sam Haeems Indian-born British criminal defense solicitor, Haeems Ralph Sam
Ida Haendel RWF HW Pic Polish-born British violinist, Haendel Ida 
Elyakim Haetzni RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli lawyer, politician, Haetzni Elyakim 
Nadav Haetzni HW Pic Israeli lawyer, journalist, publicist, Haetzni Nadav 
Ernst Haeussermann Pic German-born Austrian theater director, actor, Haeussermann Ernst 
Waldemar Haffkine RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born French Indian bacteriologist, Haffkine Waldemar 
Michael Hafftka Pic American painter, Hafftka Michael 
Herbert Haft American founder 1977 of Crown Books, Total Beverage, Durt Drug, Haft Herbert 
Ervin Hafter Pic American psychoacoustician,    Hafter Ervin 
Suleiman Hagadol HW Pic Israeli singer, Hagadol Suleiman 
Baruch Hagai HW Pic Libyan-born Israeli paralympic champion, Hagai Baruch 
Shalom Hagai RWC Pic Libyan-born Israeli military commander, major general, Hagai Shalom 
Sammy Hagar Pic American rock singer, guitarist, composer, Hagar Sammy
Claude Hagege Pic Tunisian-born French linguist, Hagege Claude
Arthur Hagen Pic German politician, MP 1890-1917, Hagen Arthur 
Eva-Maria Hagen Pic German/Polish-born actress, singer, (Jewish grandpatent) Hagen Eva-Maria 
Louis Hagen German banker of A. Levy, Hagen Louis 
Thomas Hagen Danish actress, ballet dancer, Hagen Thomas
Haggai Pic Haggai MinorProphets
Victor Haghani Pic American co-founder of JWM Partners, Haghani Victor 
Albert Hague Pic German-born American songwriter, composer, actor,   Hague Albert 
Yosef Hahami/Niza Kanper Israeli owners of Phoenix Insurance Company (sold), Hahami Yosef 
Beatrice Hahn Pic American microbiologist, ??? Hahn Beatrice 
Emily Hahn Pic American journalist, author, Hahn Emily 
Erwin Hahn Pic American physicist, nuclear spin echoes NMR Hahn Erwin 
Frank Hahn RWF Pic German-born British economist, Hahn Frank 
Hans Hahn RWF HW Pic Austrian mathematician, philosopher, Hahn Hans 
Kurt Hahn Pic German-born British educator, Hahn Kurt 
Michael Hahn RWC Pic American governor of Louisiana 1864-1865, Hahn Michael 
Reynaldo Hahn RWF HW Pic Venezuelan-born French composer, conductor, music critic, diarist, (Jewish father) Hahn Reynaldo 
Stephen Hahn Hungarian ancient historian, Hahn Stephen
Steven Hahn Pic American historian, ??? Hahn Steven 
Olga Hahn-Neurath HW Austrian mathematician, philosopher, Hahn-Neurath Olga 
Jonathan Haidt Pic American social psychologist, Haidt Jonathan 
Jacques Haik Pic Tunisian-born French film producer,   Haik Jacques
Corey Haim RWF Pic Canadian-born American actor, Haim Corey 
Emmanuelle Haim Pic French hapsicordist, conductor, (Jewish father) Haim Emmanuelle 
Solayman Haim Pic Iranian lexicographer, translator, playwright, essayist, Haim Solayman
Victor Haim Pic French playwright, actor, screenwriter,  Haim Victor
Yehoyada Haim HW Pic Israeli ambassador to India 1995-2000, China, Mongolia,    Haim Yehoyada 
Tamir Haiman RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Haiman Tamir 
Miki Haimovich HW Pic Israeli television news anchor, Haimovich Miki 
Matt Haimovitz HW Pic Israeli-born American cellist, Haimovitz Matt 
Itzhak Haineman German-born Israeli philosopher, scholar, Haineman Itzhak 
Martin Hainz Pic Austrian philologist, philosopher, Hainz Martin
Norman Haire Pic Australian-born British sexologist, birth control activist, Haire Norman 
Ofir Haivry Pic Israeli historian, political theorist, Haivry Ofir
Henri Hajdenberg Pic French president of European Jewish Congress 2000-01, Hajdenberg Henri
Andre Hajdu HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli music researcher, composer,    Hajdu Andre 
Etienne Hajdu Pic Romanian-born French sculptor, Hajdu Etienne 
Frederick Hajdu Hungarian politician, literary translator, Hajdu Frederick 
Julia Hajdu Hungarian composer, pianist, Hajdu Julia
John Hajnal Pic German-born British statistician, mathematician, demographer, Hajnal John 
Alfred Hajos HW Pic Hungarian swimmer, architect, stadium design Hajos Alfred 
Henrik Hajos HW Pic Hungarian swimmer, Hajos Henrik 
Roya Hakakian HW Pic Iranian-born American poet, journalist, writer, Hakakian Roya 
Amos Hakham Pic Israeli biblical scholar, Hakham Amos 
Eliyahu Hakim Pic Israeli assasin, Killed Lord Moynen 1944, Hakim Eliyahu
Eliyahu Hakim RWE Israeli Took part in the assassination of  Lord Moynen 1944 Hakim Eliyahu 
Kamran Hakim Pic Iranian-born American real estate investor, Hakim Kamran
Cem Hakko Pic Turkish fashion designer, businessman, Hakko Cem
Vitali Hakko Pic Turkish businessman, Vakko, Hakko Vitali
Yakov Leib Hakohain Pic American kabbalist, religious philosopher, Hakohain Yakov Leib
Joseph Hakohen HW French-born historian, physician, 16th century, Hakohen Joseph
Malachi ben Jakob Hakohen Italian talmusist, kabalist, Hakohen Malachi ben Jacob
Ruth Haktin RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Haktin Ruth 
Simon Halabi Pic Syrian-born British businessman, Halabi Simon 
Musa Halala HW Pic Egyptian-born Israeli singer, actor, comedian, Halala Musa 
Salim Halali HW Pic Algerian singer, Halali Salim 
Desi von Halban Pic Austrian opera/concert singer, Halban Desi von
Hans von Halban Pic German-born French physicist, Halban Hans von
Josef von Halban Pic Austrian gynecologist, obstetrician, Halban Josef von
Vitaly Halberstadt Pic Ukrainian-born French chess player, problematist, Halberstadt Vitaly 
Ludwig Halberstadter Pic German radiologist, Halberstadter Ludwig
Daniel Halberstam Pic American legal scholar, Halberstam Daniel 
David Halberstam HW Pic American journalist, author, sports journalism, Halberstam David 
Heini Halberstam Pic Czech-born British mathematician, Halberstam Heini
Ted Halbert Pic American chairman of NBC Broadcasting, Halbert Ted 
Moshe Halbertal HW Pic Uruguayan-born Israeli philosopher,  Halbertal Moshe
Maurice Halbwachs Pic French philosopher, sociologist, collective memory, Halbwachs Maurice 
Charlotte Haldane Pic British feminist author, Haldane Charlotte 
Joe Haldeman RWF Pic American science fiction author, Haldeman Joe 
Jerry Haleva Pic American actor, political lobbyst, Haleva Jerry 
Hayim HaLevi Israeli Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, HaLevi Hayim 
Herzli Halevi RWF HW Pic Israeli Head of A'man  2014- Halevi Herzl
Ilan Halevi HW Pic French-born Palestinian journalist, political writer, Halevi Ilan
Meir Yitzhak Halevi Pic Israeli poltician, mayor of Eilat 2003- , Halevi Meir Yitzhak
Raphael Halevi Israeli education Halevi Raphael 
Yehuda Halevi RWF HW Pic Spanish philosopher, poet, 12th century, Halevi Yehuda 
Yitzhak Raphael Halevi Etzion HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli educator, Halevi Etzion Yitzhak Raphael
Abraham Halevy HW Pic Israeli agriculture scholar, Halevy Abraham
Alon Halevy Halevy Alon
Alon Halevy Pic Israeli-born American computer scientist,    Halevy Alon 
Benjamin Halevy HW Pic German-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1963-  , politician, Halevy Benjamin 
Daniel Halevy Pic French historian, (Jewish father) Halevy Daniel
Elie Halevy Pic French philosopher, historian, (Jewish father) Halevy Elie 
Elie Halevy RWC German-born French poet, author, cantor, Halevy Elie 
Ephraim HaLevy RWC HW Pic British-born Head of Mossad   1998-2002 HaLevy Ephraim 
Genevieve Halevy Pic French salon holder, Halevy Genevieve 
Jacques Fromental Halevy RWF HW Pic French composer,  Halevy Jacques Fromental
Joseph Halevy RWE HW Pic Turkish-born French archaeologist, orientalist, traveler,   Halevy Joseph 
Leon Halevy RWF Pic French author, historian, dramatist, Halevy Leon 
Ludovic Halevy RWF Pic French author, opera librettist, Halevy Ludovic 
Meyer Abraham Halevy HW Pic Romanian historian, publicist, Halevy Meyer Abraham
Yosef Zvi Halevy HW Lithuanian-born Israeli rabbinical scholar, Halevy Yosef Zvi
Ben-Zion Halfon RWC HW Pic Libyan-born Israeli politician, Halfon Ben-Zion 
Eduardo Halfon Pic Guatemalan writer, Halfon Eduardo 
Robert Halfon RWC HW Pic British Conservative MP 2010- , minister without portfolio, Halfon Robert 
Solomon Halfon HW revolutionary, banker Halfon Solomon 
Stephen Haliczer Pic American historian, Haliczer Stephen
Avraam Halima HW Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Halima Avraam 
Alphonse Halimi RWC HW Pic Algerian-born French boxer, Halimi Alphonse 
Gisele Halimi RWC Pic Tunisian-born French politician, MP 1981-84 (Jewish mother) Halimi Gisele 
Serge Halimi Pic French journalist, Halimi Serge 
Sigi Fredj Halimi Pic Algerian rabbi, Chief rabbi of Constantine, Halimi Sigi Fredj
Aharon Haliva RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Haliva Aharon 
David Halivni literary & religious scholar Halivni David 
Abraham Halkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born historian, Halkin Abraham
Hillel Halkin RWE HW Pic American-born Israeli translator, biographer, literary critic, novelist, columnist, Halkin Hillel
Simon Halkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli poet, novelist, teacher, translator, Halkin Simon 
Dolly Hall Pic American film producer, (Jewish father) Hall Dolly 
Edward Hall American aerospace engineer, Hall Edward 
Eric Hall Pic British showbiz/sports agent, Hall Eric 
Grayson Hall Pic American film/television/stage actress, Hall Grayson 
Ilan Hall Pic American chef, Hall Ilan
Jeffrey Hall Pic American geneticist, neuroscientist, ??? Hall Jeffrey 
Lani Hall Pic American singer, Hall Lani 
Monty Hall Pic Canadian-born American producer, actor, singer, sportscaster, Hall Monty 
Mortimer Hall American television executive, (son of Dorothy Schiff) Hall Mortimer 
Owen Hall Pic Irish-born British journalist, playwright, Hall Owen 
Richard Hall American writer, literary critic, Hall Richard 
Terry Hall Pic British singer, (Jewish mother) The Colourfield, Hall Terry 
Theodore Hall RWF HW Pic American physicist, Soviet atomic spy against USA, Hall Theodore 
Hiram Halle Pic American inventor, philanthropist, businessman, Galf Oil, Halle Hiram 
Morris Halle Pic Latvian-born American linguist, psychology Halle Morris 
Bendix Hallenstein Pic German-born New Zealand politician, manufacturer, Hallenstein Bendix 
Wilhelm Haller RWF German-born Israeli architect, Haller Wilhelm 
William Haller Polish-born German architect, Haller William 
Zeev Haller RWF German-born Israeli architect, Haller Zeev 
Aaron Halle-Wolfssohn HW Pic German translator, commentator of Tanakh, Halle-Wolfssohn Aaron 
George Hallgarten Pic German-born American  historian, Hallgarten George
Philip Hallie Pic American philosopher, Hallie Philip 
Dick Halligan Pic American musician, jazz trombonist, composer, Blood, Sweet & Tears, Halligan Dick 
William Hallo Pic German-born American assyriologist, curator, Hallo William
Teo Halm Pic American teenage actor, Halm Teo 
Paul Halmos RWF Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, Halmos Paul 
Billy Halop Pic American film/television actor, Halop Billy 
Florence Halop Pic American radio/television actress, Halop Florence 
Barry Halper Pic American collector, partial owner of New York Yankees, Halper Barry
Jeff Halper Pic American-born Israeli anthropologist, political activist, Halper Jeff 
Bertrand Halperin Pic American physicist, Halperin Bertrand 
Daniel Halperin Pic American legal scholar, Halperin Daniel 
David Halperin Pic American psychiatrist, editor, author, Halperin David
Emmanuel Halperin HW Pic Uzbek-born Israeli journalist, television presenter, stage actor, Halperin Emmanuel 
Haim Halperin HW Pic Russian-born Israeli agronomist, Halperin Haim 
Ian Halperin Pic Canadian investigative journalist, biographer, Halperin Ian 
Israel Halperin Pic Canadian mathematician, social activist, Halperin Israel 
Mark Halperin Pic American journalist, editor, polytical analyst, Halperin Mark 
Maurice Halperin RWF American writer, scholar, diplomat, soviet spy, Halperin Maurice 
Mitchell Halperin Canadian physiologist, ??? Halperin Mitchell 
Morton Halperin Pic American Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, expert on foreign policy, Halperin Morton 
Nicole Halperin HW Pic American-born Israeli actress, model, Miss Israel 1989, Halperin Nicole 
Rafael Halperin HW Pic Israeli businessman, rabbi, professional wrestler, Halperin Rafael
Robert Halperin HW American yachtsman,  Halperin Robert 
Steffan Halperin Pic British drummer,   Halperin Steffan
Stephen Halperin Canadian American scientist, administrator, Halperin Stephen 
Victor Halperin Pic American film director/producer, writer, Halperin Victor 
Tulio Halperin Donghi Pic Argentine historian,   Halperin Donghi Tulio
Bernard Halpern Pic Ukrainian-born French immunologist, pharmacologist, Halpern Bernard 
Berthold Halpern Pic Austrian-born  Australian chemist, Halpern Berthold 
Cheryl Halpern American chairman of Corporation of Public Broadcasting, Halpern Cheryl 
David Halpern Halpern David 
Dina Halpern Pic Polish Yiddish film/stage actress, Halpern Dina
Emilie Halpern Pic French-born American conceptualist artist, sculptor, potter, Halpern Emile
Jack Halpern Pic Polish-born Canadian American chemist, Halpern Jack 
Jack Halpern Pic Israeli entrepreneur, linguist, japanologist, Halpern Jack 
Jeff Halpern Pic American hockey player, Halpern Jeff 
Joseph Halpern Pic American computer scientist,    Halpern Joseph 
Justin Halpern Pic American author, television writer, producer, (Jewish father) Halpern Justin 
Lipman Halpern HW Pic Polish-born Israeli neurologist, Halpern Lipman 
Mortimer Halpern Pic American actor, long-time production stage manager, Halpern Mortimer
Moyshe-Leyb Halpern Pic Ukrainian-born American poet, Halpern Moyshe-Leyb
Seymour Halpern Pic American representative, 1959-1973, Halpern Seymour 
Stacha Halpern Ukrainian-born Australian painter, sculptor, Halpern Stacha
Edith Halpert Pic Ukrainian-born American art dealer, Halpert Edith
Samuel Halpert Polish-born American painter, Halpert Samuel 
Shmuel Halpert RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician, rabbi, Halpert Shmuel 
Eric Halphen Pic French judge, Halphen Eric 
Fernand Halphen RWC Pic French composer,  Halphen Fernand 
Georges Henri Halphen RWC Pic French mathematician, Halphen Georges Henri 
Louis Halphen French historian, Halphen Louis 
Luke Halpin Pic American actor, Halpin Luke 
Anna Halprin Pic American dancer choreographer, teacher, Halprin Anna 
Daria Halprin Pic American psychologist, author, dancer, actress, Halprin Daria 
Kevin Halprin American executive VP of Dow Jones & Company, Halprin Kevin 
Lawrence Halprin RWF Pic American lanscape architect Halprin Lawrence 
Femke Halsema Pic Dutch politician, MP 1998-2001 (Jewish mother) Halsema Femke 
Philippe Halsman RWE Pic Latvian-born American portrait photographer, Halsman Phillippe 
Marek Halter RWF Pic Polish-born French novelist, Halter Marek 
Sydney Halter Pic Canadian Commisioner 1958-66 of Canadian Football Leage, Halter Sydney 
Dan Halutz RWF HW Pic Israeli Chief of Staff 2005-06, 14th Air Force Commander, Halutz Dan 
Rashid-al-Din Hamadani RWC Pic Iranian physician, historian, vizier, Hamadani Rashid-al-David
Boris Hambourg RWF Pic Russian-born cellist,   Hambourg Boris 
Jan Hambourg RWF Pic Russian-born violinist,    Hambourg Jan 
Mark Hambourg RWF Pic Russian-born British pianist, Hambourg Mark 
Baron Carl Joachim Hambro Danish-born British co-founder 1839 C. J. Hambro & Sons Bank, Hambro Carl Joachim
Baron Charles Hambro British politician, banker, chairman of Hambros Bank 1972-97, Jewish paternal great grandfather Hambro Charles 
Sir Charles Eric Hambro Pic British politician, banker, (Jewish father) Chairman of Hambro Bank 1932-45 Hambro Charles Eric
Sir Charles Jocelyn Hambro Pic British merchant banker, intelligence officer, chairman 1961-63,(Jewish parernal grandfather) Hambro Charles Joselyn
Baron Joseph Hambro British mechant banker, co-founder 1839 of Hambros Bank, Hambro Joseph
Lenny Hambro Pic American jazz saxophonist, clainetist, flautist, Hambro Lenny
Leonid Hambro Pic American pianist, composer, Hambro Leonid 
Olaf Hambro Pic British merchant banker,  Hambro Olaf
Richard Alexander Hambro Pic Hambro Richard Alexander
Daniel Hamburg Pic American politician, representative, Hamburg Daniel 
David Hamburg Pic American psychiatrist, administrator, Hamburg David 
Joan Hamburg Pic American radio personality, Hamburg Joan 
John Hamburg RWC Pic American screenwriter, film director, Hamburg John 
Margaret Hamburg Pic American Commisioner of Food and Drugs Administration 2009-15, (Jewish father) Hamburg Margaret 
Aaron Hamburger Pic American writer, Hamburger Aaron
Cao Hamburger Pic Brazilian screenwriter, film director/producer, (Jewish father) Hamburger Cao 
Ernst Hamburger Pic German-born Brazilian physicist, populizser of science, Hamburger Ernst 
Hartog Jacob Hamburger RWC Pic Dutch physiologist, Hamburger Hartog Jacob
Jean Hamburger Pic French physician, surgeon, essayist,  Hamburger Jean 
Jeffrey Hamburger American art historian, Hamburger Jeffrey 
Jeno Hamburger RWC Pic Hungarian people's commissar for Agriculture 1919, Hamburger Jeno 
Kate Hamburger German literary scholar, philosopher, Hamburger Kate 
Max Hamburger German philosopher, legal scholar, Hamburger Max
Michael Hamburger Pic German-born British translator, poet, critic, Hamburger Michael 
Paul Hamburger Pic Austraian-born British pianist, accompanist, chamber musician, ??? Hamburger Paul
Philip Hamburger American writer, journalist, ??? Hamburger Philip 
Philip Hamburger Pic American legal scholar, ??? Hamburger Philip 
Rudolf Hamburger RWF Pic Polish-born German American arvhitect, Soviet agent, Hamburger Rudolf
Viktor Hamburger Pic Polish-born German American biologist, embryologist, Hamburger Viktor 
Nathan ben Eliezer ha-Meati Italian translator, Ha-Meati Nathan ben Eliezer
Avigdor Hameiri HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli poet, writer, translator,    Hameiri Avigdor 
Alan Hamel Pic Canadian children's television personality, Hamel Alan 
Morton Hamermesh Pic American theoretical physicist, Hamermesh Morton 
Theodore Hamerow Pic Polish-born American historian, Hamerow Theodore 
Arthur Hamerschlag Pic American president of Carnegie Mellon University 1903-22 Hamerschlag Arthur 
Yusuf Hamied Pic Lithuanian-born Indian businessman, chairman of Cipla, (Jewish mother) Hamied Yusuf
Alexander Hamilton RWF HW Pic American Secretary of Treasury 1789-95 Washington (Jewish mother) Hamilton Alexander 
David Hamilton Pic German-born British businessman, Hamilton David 
Diane Hamilton Pic American record producer, founder of Tradition Records, (Jewish father) Hamilton Diane 
Fabian Hamilton RWC Pic British Labour MP 1997- , Hamilton Fabian 
Max Hamilton Pic President of British Psychological Society,    Hamilton Max 
Charles Hamlin Pic American chairman of the Federal Reserve 1914-16, Hamlin Charles 
Marvin Hamlisch RWF Pic American composer, playwright, songwriter:composer, conductor, Hamlisch Marvin 
Baron Paul Hamlyn Pic German-born British publisher, philantropist, Paul Hamlyn Group, Hamlyn Paul 
Hildegard Hamm-Brucher Pic German politician, (Jewish grandmother) Hamm-Brucher Hildegard 
A.J. Hammer Pic American radio/television personality, Hammer A.J.
Armand Hammer RWF Pic American industrialist, arts patron, Occidental Petroleum Company, Hammer Armand 
Bonnie Hammer Pic American chairman of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, Hammer Bonnie 
Jack Hammer American songwriter:lyricist, Hammer Jack 
Jaime Hammer Pic American model, Hammer Jaime 
Julius Hammer Ukrainian-born American co-founder of Communist Party, Hammer Julius 
Michael Hammer American bisnessman, philanthropist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Hammer Michael 
Michael Hammer Pic American Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (State Dep), Hammer Michael 
Moshe Hammer HW Pic Canadian violinist, Hammer Moshe 
Peter Hammer HW Pic Romanian-born American mathematician, operation researcher, Hammer Peter 
Susan Hammer Pic American mayor of San Jose hub  Silicon Valley 1991-99 Hammer Susan 
Victor Hammer American businessman, art dealer, philanthropist, Hammer Galleries, Hammer Victor 
Wolfgang Hammer Pic American COO of CBS Films, Hammer Wolfgang 
Zevulun Hammer RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of Mafdal, Minister of Education 1977-84, Welfare 1975-76, Hammer Zevulun 
Louis Hammerling Polish enterpreneur, landowner, senator 1922-27, Hammerling Louis 
Stephen Hammerman American director of American International Group, Hammerman Stephen 
Peter Hammerschlag Pic Austrian writer, poet, actor, cabaret artist, graphic artist, Hammerschlag Peter 
Lewis Hammerson Pic British founder of Hammerson Property Group, Hammerson Lewis 
Arthur Hammerstein Pic American opera producer, Hammerstein Arthur 
Elaine Hammerstein Pic American silent film/stage actress, Hammerstein Elaine 
James Hammerstein Pic American theatrical producer/director,  (Jewish paternal grandfather) Hammerstein James 
Oscar Hammerstein I Pic German-born American theater director/operator, impresario, composer, Hammerstein I Oscar 
Oscar Hammerstein II RWF HW Pic German-born American producer, lyricist, librettist, songwriter:lyricist, theater director, (Jewish father) Hammerstein II Oscar 
Gordon Hammes Pic American biophysicist, ??? Hammes Gordon 
Albert Hammond, Jr Pic American guitarist, keyboardist, (convert to Judaism) Hammond, Jr Albert 
Joseph Hamon RWC Spanish physician, physician of Sultan Salim I, Hamon Joseph 
Moses Hamon Pic Spanish-born physician of sultan Sulaiman I, Hamon Moses 
Julie Hamos Pic Hungarian-born American politician, Hamos Julie
Eric Hampl American Director, Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture Hampl Eric 
Sanaa Hamri Pic Moroccan-born American film/television/musical video director, (Jewish mother) Hamri Sanaa 
Mauricio Hamui Mexican founder of Librerias Gandhi, Hamui Mauricio 
Baroness Sally Hamwee Pic British Liberal Democrat politician,    Hamwee Sally
Connie Hamzy Pic American groupie, Hamzy Connie 
Paltiel HaNagid RWE HW Italian medieval prime-minister 952, HaNagid Paltiel 
Samuel haNagid RWC Pic Spanish talmudic scholar, grammarian, philologist, soldier, politician, poet, patron of arts, haNagid Samuel 
Haim Hanani Pic Polish-born Israeli mathematician, Hanani Haim
Yehuda Hanani Pic Israeli American cellist,   Hanani Yehuda 
Hananiah exile and friend of Daniel) was thrown into a furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, yet survived "without the smell of smoke" Hananiah BibFigures
Marthe Hanau Pic French fraudster, Hanau Marthe 
Lily Hanbury Pic British stage actress, Hanbury Lily 
Robert Hand Pic American astrologer, author, translator, Hand Robert 
Esther Handali Ottoman jeweller, secretary and intermediary of Hurrem Sultan, kira of Nurbanu Sultan, Handali Esther
James Handeblit Polish film/stage actor,  Handeblit James 
Ari Handel Pic Swiss-born American neuroscientist, film producer, writer, Handel Ari 
Bill Handel Pic Brazilian-born American director, radio host,    Handel Bill 
Don Handelman HW Pic Canadian-born anhtropologist, sociologist, Handelman Don 
Kenneth Handelman Pic American Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Strategic Affairs, Handelman Kenneth 
Max Handelman Pic American author, sportswriter, executive, film producer, Handelman Max 
Stanley Handelman Pic American stand-up comedian, television actor, Handelman Stanley 
Marceli Handelsman Pic Polish historian, diplomat,  Handelsman Marceli 
Chelsea Handler RWF Pic American actress, author, comedian, television host, (Jewish father) Handler Chelsea 
Daniel Handler RWF HW Pic American author, screenwriter, accordionist, Handler Daniel 
Elliot Handler American founder 1945 of Mattel, Handler Elliot 
Evan Handler HW Pic American film/television actor, playwright, journalist,  Handler Evan 
Evelyn Handler Pic American President of Brandeis University 1983-90, Handler Evelyn 
Joel Handler American law professor, Handler Joel 
Philip Handler Pic American biochemicist, Handler Philip 
Richard Handler American chairman/CEO of Jefferies & Co., Handler Richard 
Ron Handler Pic American executive of Handler Entertainment, music publisher, Handler Ron 
Ruth Handler RWN HW Pic American inventor of "Barby doll", founder of Mattel, Handler Ruth 
Oscar Handlin Pic American historian, Handlin Oscar 
Lou Handman Pic American composer, songwriter:composer, Handman Lou 
Murray Handwerker Pic American owner of Nathan's Famous, Handwerker Murray 
Nathan Handwerker Pic Polish-born American founder 1916, owner of Nathan's Famous, Handwerker Nathan 
Tzachi Hanegbi RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,  Minister of Transportsation/Internal Security/Justice/Health, Hanegbi Tzachi 
Dan Haneman Pic German-born Australian physicist,     Haneman  Dan 
Michael W. Hanemann Pic American Human Ebviromental Sciences, ??? Hanemann Michael W.
Helene Hanff Pic American writer, screenwriter, Hanff Helene 
George Hanfmann Pic Russian-born American archaeologist, Hanfmann George 
Helen Hanft Pic American film/stage/television actress, Hanft Helen 
Roger Hanin Pic Algerian-born French actor, director, Hanin Roger 
Izik Hanish HW Pic American hasidic Yiddish singer, Hanish Izik 
Yehoshua Hankin HW Pic Ukrainian-born land puschaser, Rechovot, Hadera, Hankin Yehoshua 
Agnes Hankiss Pic Hungarian psychologist, politician, MP 2009- , Hankiss Agnes
Kay Hanley Pic American vocalist, Letters to Cleo, ??? Hanley Kay 
Kathleen Hanna Pic American singer/songwriter, Hanna Kathleen 
Hannah Pic mother of the judge and prophet [[Books of Samuel|Samuel]] Hannah BibFigures
Sophie Hannah Pic British poet, novelist, Hannah Sophie
Emmanuel Hannaux French sculptor, Hannaux Emmanuel
Alyson Hannigan RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Hannigan Alyson 
Shalom Hanoch RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, lyricist, Hanoch Shalom 
Cyril Hanouna RWC Pic French radio/television presenter, writer, columnist, Hanouna Cyril 
Richard Hans German-born Argentine physicist,   Hans Richard 
W. Hanselman Pic Egyptian photographer, Hanselman W
Beck Hansen Pic American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, (Jewish maternal great grandmother) Hansen Beck 
Bibbe Hansen Pic American film/stage actress, musician, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Hansen Bibbe 
Max Hansen Pic German-born Danish singer, cabaret artist, film/stage actor, comedian, (Jewish father) Hansen Max 
Monika Hansen Pic German stage/film actress,   Hansen Monika 
Eduard Hanslick RWF Pic Czeh-born German music critic, (Jewish mother) Hanslick Eduard 
Harold Hanson South African advocate, Hanson Harold
Bernard Hantke Polish industrialist, founder of Huta Czestochowa, Hantke Bernard 
Asaf Hanuka Pic Israeli illustrator, comic book artist, Hanuka Asaf
Tomer Hanuka Pic Israeli illustrator, cartoonist, Hanuka Tomer
Israel Hanukoglu Pic Turkish-born Israeli biochemist, molecular, biologist,  Hanukoglu Israel 
Erik Hanussen Pic Czech-born German mentalist, occultist, astrologer, Hanussen Erik
Ishtori Haparchi French-born physician, topographer, traveler, Haparchi Ishtori
Ziv Haparnas co-founder/CTO of IXI Mobile, co-founder of Nortex, Haparnas Ziv 
Abir Har Even Israeli Interrnational grandmaster in Correspondance chess, Har Even Abir
Gyorgy Harag Pic Romanian-born Hungarian stage actor, theater director, Harag Gyorgy
Lior Haramaty Israeli co-founder of VocalTec Communications, Haramaty Lior
Menahem Haran HW Pic Russian-born Israeli biblical scholar,    Haran Menahem
Gershom Harapnas historian, Harapnas Gershom
Haya Harareet RWF HW Pic Israeli-born British film actress,   Harareet Haya 
David Harari RWC HW Pic Israeli miltary weapon designer, Harari David 
Didi Harari HW Pic Israeli television presenter, radio broadcaster, Harari Didi 
Eli Harari Pic American founder 1988/CEO/president of Sandisk, Harari Eli 
Haim Harari HW Pic Israeli theoretical physicist, Harari Haim 
Mike Harari RWC HW Pic Israeli businessman, intelligence officer, Harari Mike 
Ovadia Harari RWC HW Pic Egyptian-born Israeli chairman of Israel's Aircraft Industry,  Harari Ovadia 
Yizhar Harari RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, lawer, journalist, Harari Yizhar 
Yuval Harari Pic Israeli historian, medievalist, Harari Yuval
Yuval Noah Harari Pic Israeli-born historian, Harari Yuval Noah
Charlie Harary Pic American investor, strategic adviser, radio show host, television personality, Harary Charlie
Frank Harary RWC Pic American mathematician, graph theory,    Harary Frank 
Miklos Haraszti Pic Israeli-born Hungarian MP 1990-94, writer, journalist, Haraszti Miklos 
Otto Harbach RWF Pic American playwright, songwriter:lyricist, librettist,    Harbach Otto 
David Harbater Pic American mathematician, Harbater David 
Arnold Harberger RWF Pic American economist, ??? Harberger Arnold 
E.Y. Harburg HW Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist, Harburg E.Y. 
Isaac Harby Pic American teacher, playwright, literary critic, journalist, Harby Isaac
Theodore Hardeen Pic Hungarian-born American magician, Hardeen Theodore 
Maximilian Harden Pic German journalist, editor, Die Zukunft, Harden Maximilian 
James Harding Pic British journalist, editor, Harding James
Silas Aaron Hardoon Pic Iraqi-born Chinese businessman, Hardoon Silas Aaron
Clarisa Hardy RWC Pic Chilean psychologist, anthropologist, Minister of Planning 2006-08, Hardy Clarisa 
Loo Hardy Pic German film actress, Hardy Loo 
Hedva Harechavi Pic Israeli poet, artist, Harechavi Hedva
Aharon Harel HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli politician,   Harel Aharon 
Alon Harel Pic Israeli legal scholar, philosopher, Harel Alon
Amos Harel HW Pic Israeli miltary commentator, defense analyst, Harel Amos 
Arieh Harel HW Ukrainian-born Israeli ambassador to Romania, Soviet Union 1959-62, Harel Arieh 
Ben-Zion Harel RWC HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli politician, physician, Harel Ben-Zion 
Dan Harel RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Harel Dan 
David Harel RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli computer scientist, Harel David 
Eden Harel HW Pic Israeli television host, actress, (convert to Judaism) Harel Eden 
Isser Harel RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Head of Mossad  1952-1963, Head of Shin Bet 1948-52, Harel Isser 
Menashe Harel HW Pic Uzbekistani-born Israeli researcher of ancient geography of Israel, Harel Menashe 
Michal Harel HW Pic Israeli educator, Miss Israel 1951, Harel Michal 
Moshe Harel Dutch-born Israeli architect, Harel Moshe
Rachel Harel Dutch resistance member, Harel Rachel
Victor Harel Israeli ambassador to Spain & Andorra,    Harel Victor 
Yarden Harel HW Pic Israeli model, actress, presenter, Harel Yarden 
Yehuda Harel HW Pic German-born Israeli politician,   Harel Yehuda 
Yitzhak Harel RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Harel Yitzhak 
Alma Hare'l Pic Israeli-born American music/video/film director, Hare'l Alma
Alma Hare'l Pic Israeli-born American documentary filmmaker, Hare'l Alma 
Alma Har'el Pic Israeli-born American film/music video director, Har'el Alma
Idit Harel Caperton RWC Pic Israeli-born American entrepreneur, educational psychologist, Harel Caperton Idit
Mark Harelik Pic American television/film/stage actor, playwright, Harelik Mark 
Noga Hareuveni Israeli botanist, desert researcher, judaic scholar, Hareuveni Noga 
Gail Hareven Pic Israeli author, Hareven Gail 
Shulamith Hareven Pic Polish-born Israeli author, essayist, Hareven Shulamith
Tamara Hareven Pic American social historian, Hareven Tamara
Yoav Har-Even RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Har-Even Yoav 
Elaine Hatfield Pic American social psychologist, Harfield Elaine
Shraga Har-Gil Pic German-born Israeli journalist, Har-Gil Schraga
Istvan Hargittai Pic Hungarian physical chemist, historian of science, Hargittai Istvan 
Moshe Harif HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Harif Moshe 
Zaharira Harifai HW Pic Israeli film/stage/television actress, Harifai Zaharira 
Michael Harish RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Industry and Trade 1992-96, Harish Michael 
Judah Ben Solomon Harizi Spanish poet, traveler, Harizi Judah ben Solomon
Yehoshafat Harkabi RWF HW Pic Head of Israeli Military Intelligence (A'man 1955-59) Harkabi Yehoshafat 
Bela Harkanyi Pic Hungarian astronomer, mathematician, (Jewish father) Harkanyi Bela 
Endre Harkanyi Pic Hungarian actor,   Harkanyi Endre
Baron Frigyes Harkanyi Pic Hungarian economist, politician, Harkanyi Frigyes
Baron Janos Harkanyi Pic Hungarian economist, banker, politician, Minister of Commerse, (Jewish father) Harkanyi Janos
Abraham Harkavy Pic Belarusian-born Russian historian, orientalist, Harkavy Abraham
Alexander Harkavy HW Pic Belarusian-born American writer, lexicographer, linguist, Harkavy Alexander 
Juliana Harkavy Pic American actress, (Jewish descent) Harkavy Juliana
Minna Harkavy Pic Estonian-born American sculptor, Harkavy Minna
Patrick Harker Pic president of  University of Delaware 2007- Harker Patrick 
Efrem Harkham Pic Israeli-born American hotelier, philanthropist, Luxe Hotels, Harkham Efrem
Sammy Harkham Pic American cartoonist, editor, Harkham Sammy 
Uri Harkham Pic Iraqi-born American business executive, film producer, philanthropist, Harkham Industries, Harkham Properties, Harkham Uri
Noah Harlan Pic American film producer, technologist, Harlan Noah 
Shmuel/Yoav Harlap Israeli ,Colmobil Harlap Shmuel/Yoav 
Harry Harlow RWF Pic American psychologist, Harlow Harry 
Larry Harlow Pic American salsa music performer, composer, producer, Fania Records, Harlow Larry 
Avraham Harman RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to United States 1959-68, chansellor of Hebrew University 1983-, Harman Avraham 
Gilbert Harman Pic American philosopher, Harman Gilbert 
Harriet Harman Pic British Minister of State for Social Security 1997-98 Minister of State 2005- , Harman Harriet 
Jane Harman HW Pic American representative, Harman Jane 
Moses Harman Pic American school teacher, publisher, Harman Moses 
Sidney Harman Pic American businessman, preisdential advicer Roosevelt, Undersecretary of Commerce Carter  Harman Sidney 
Zina Harman RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli politician, diplomat, Harman Zina 
Sandor Harmati Hungarian-born American violinist, composer, conductor, Harmati Sandor
William Harmatz Pic American leading jockey, Harmatz William 
Yosef Harmelin HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli Head of the Shin Bet  1964-74 1986-88, Harmelin Yosef 
Johan Harmenberg RWF Pic Swedish epee fencer, Harmenberg Johan 
Yolande Harmer Pic Egyptian-born Israeli spy, Harmer Yolande 
Arthur Loomis Harmon American architect, Harmon Arthur Loomis
Jeff Harmon Pic American film director, writer, producer, Harmon Jeff 
Larry Harmon Pic American entertainer, clown, television producer, Harmon Larry 
Lori Harmon Pic American actress, Harmon Lori
Mildred Harnack American-born German spy against Germany, Harnack Mildred 
John Harnad Pic Hungarian-born Canadian mathematical physicist, Harnad John
Jess Harnell Pic American film/television voice actor, Harnell Jess 
Joseph Harnell Pic American composer, arranger, pianist, Harnell Joseph 
Charles Harnick Pic Canadian MP 1990-99 Ontario, Attorney General of Ontario, Harnick Charles 
Sheldon Harnick Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist, Harnick Sheldon 
Ofra Harnoy HW Pic Israeli-born Canadian cellist, Harnoy Ofra 
Yamit Har-Noy Pic Israeli model,  Miss Israel 2002, Har-Noy Yamit 
Raphael Haroche RWC Pic French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, Haroche Raphael 
Serge Haroche RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born French physicist, quantum engineering, Nobel Prize (2012)  Haroche Serge 
Ari Harow Pic American-born Israeli business leader, government advicer, Harow Ari
Nitzan Haroz Pic Israeli trombonist, Haroz Nitzan 
Isaac Harpaz Pic Israeli entomologist, Harpaz Isaac
Neta Harpaz HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Harpaz Neta 
Rafael Harpaz Israeli ambassador to Azerbajan 2012- , Harpaz Rafael
Ben Harper Pic American guitarist, blues singer, (Jewish mother) Harper Ben
Don Harran Pic American-born Israeli musicologist, Harran Don
Richard Harrington Pic British Conservative MP 2010- , Harrington Richard 
Anita Harris Pic British actress, singer, entertainer, television presenter, Harris Anita 
Sir Augustus Harris Pic French-born British actor, impresario, dramatist, Harris Augustus
Sir Augustus Glossop Harris Pic Italian-born British actor, theater manager, (??? - son Jewish) Harris Augustus Glossop
Barbara Harris HW Pic American film/stage actress, ??? Harris Barbara 
Charles Harris Pic American composer, songwriter, music publisher, Harris Charles 
Cyril Harris Pic American engineering scholar, ??? Harris Cyril 
D Harris South African politician, MP 1910-29, Harris D 
Dan Harris Pic American journalist, co-anchor of Good Morning America, Harris Dan 
Danielle Harris Pic American television/film actress, Harris Danielle 
David Harris Pic American Executive Director of American Jewish Committee, Harris David 
Estelle Harris Pic American stage/film/television actress, comedian, Harris Estelle 
Eva Harris Pic American epidemiologist, virologist, Harris Eva
Evan Harris Pic British Liberal MP 1997- , Harris Evan 
Harry Harris Pic American boxer, Harris Harry 
Sir Henry Harris Pic Russian-born Australian British biologist, Harris Henry 
Howard Harris Pic American comedy writer, screenwriter, Harris Howard 
Ira Harris American investment banker, Harris Ira 
Irving Harris American company executive, Toni Home Permanent, Harris Irving 
Jed Harris Pic Austrian/Ukrainian-born American theater director, producer, screenwriter, Harris Jed 
Jonathan Harris Pic American stage/film actor, Harris Jonathan 
Joseph Harris mathematician ??? Harris Joseph 
Joshua Harris Pic American businessman, Apollo Management, Harris Joshua 
Kitty Harris Pic British-born Soviet secrete agent, Harris Kitty 
Lee Harris Pic South African playwright, publisher, Harris Lee
Louis Harris American physical chemist, ??? Harris Louis 
Louis Harris Pic American public opinion surveyor, Harris Louis 
Lynn Harris Pic American feminist journalist, essayist, author, Harris Lynn
Lynn Harris Pic American producer, Harris Lynn 
Mark Harris Pic American documentary filmmaker,  Harris Mark 
Mark Harris Pic American novelist, biographer, educator, Harris Mark 
Marvin Harris Pic American scientist, cultural materialism,    Harris Marvin 
Mel Harris American president of Sony Pictures, Harris Mel 
Michael Harris Pic South African-born American chairman of Indiana University Kokomo 2010-12, Harris Michael 
Mike Harris American comic book artist, Harris Mike
Milton Harris Pic American chemist,  Harris Milton 
Milton Harris Pic Canaian founder of  Harris Steel Group, Harris Milton 
Neil Harris American historian, ??? Harris Neil 
Sir Percy Harris Pic British Liberal MP 1916-18 1922-45, Harris Percy
Peter Harris American CEO of GeRWCo, Harris Peter 
Phil Harris Pic American singer/songwriter, jazz musician, comedian, bandleader, Harris Phil 
Radie Harris Pic American journalist, columnist, Harris Radie 
Robert Harris Pic American film/telvision actor, Harris Robert 
Robert Harris American mayor of Ann Aldor, Michigan 1969-73, Harris Robert 
Sam Harris RWF Pic American author, neuriscientist, (Jewish mother) Harris Sam 
Sam Harris American theatrical producer/manager,  Harris Sam 
Samantha Harris Pic American television presenter, model, actress, Harris Samantha 
Seth Harris Pic American Deputy Secretary , US Department of Labor 2009- , Harris Seth 
Seymour Harris economist ??? Harris Seymour 
Sheldon Harris Pic American writer, historian, Harris Sheldon 
Susan Harris Pic American television comedy writer, producer, Harris Susan
Sydney Harris Pic British-born American journalist, Harris Sydney 
Sydney Harris Canadian president of Canadian Jewish Congress 1974-77, Harris Sydney 
Theodore Harris Pic American applied mathematician, Harris Theodore 
Vivienne Harris Pic British businesswoman, newspaper publisher, journalist, Harris Vivienne
Zellig Harris Pic Ukrainian-born American linquist, methodologist of science, Harris Zellig 
Jason Harris Katz Pic American voice actor, television host, Harris Katz Jason
Adlene Harrison American mayor of Dallas 1976, Harrison Adlene
Carey Harrison Pic British novelist, playwright, (Jewish mother) Harrison Carey
Charles Harrison Pic American-born Canadian novelist, writer, Harrison Charles 
Harry Harrison RWN Pic American science fiction author, (Jewish mother) Harrison Harry 
Ruth Harrison Pic British author, animal-welfare activist, Harrison Ruth
Stephen Harrison Pic American biophysicist, Harrison Stephen 
Cynthia Harriss Pic American president of Gap, Inc, Harriss Cynthia 
Cynthia Harriss Pic American president of Gap Inc, Harriss Cynthia 
Abraham Harriton Pic Romanian-born American painter, Harriton Abraham
Fruma Harrop Pic American journalist, columnist, author, Harrop Fruma
Judy Harrow Pic American author, occultist, Harrow Judy
David Harsanyi Pic American columnist,   Harsanyi David 
John Harsanyi RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American economist, Nobel Prize (1994), game theorist, Harsanyi John 
Michael Harsegor Pic Romanian-born Israeli historian, radio pesonality, Harsegor Michael
Benjamin Harshav HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli American literature scholar,   Harshav Benjamin 
Aaron Hart Pic British-born Canadian businessman, Hart Aaron
Abraham Hart American publisher,  Hart Abraham
Alfred Hart American founder of City National Bank, Hart Alfred
Benjamin Hart Pic Canadian merchant, Hart Benjamin 
Cecil Hart Pic Canadian coach, Hart Cecil 
Corey Hart Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, record producer, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) Hart Corey 
David Hart Pic British writer, businessman, political consultant, Hart David 
Emanuel Hart Pic American representative, 1851-1853, Hart Emanuel 
Ephraim Hart German-born American merchant, Hart Ephraim
Ephraim Hart American politician, Hart Ephraim
Ernest Hart Pic British medical journalist, ophthamologist, Hart Ernest 
Ezekiel Hart Pic Canadian politician, MP 1807- , Hart Ezekiel 
Gizzy Hart Canadian ice hockey player, Hart Gizzy
Grant Hart Pic American drummer, songwriter,   Hart Grant
Harry Hart founders 1872 of Hart Schaffner & Marx, Hart Harry 
Herbert Hart RWF HW Pic British legal philosopher, administrator, Hart Herbert 
Joel Hart American physician, diplomat, Hart Joel 
Lorenz Hart RWF HW Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist, Hart Lorenz 
Mary Hart RWF Pic American television personality, (convert to Judaism) Hart Mary 
Michael Hart Pic American astrophysicist, writer, Hart Michael 
Mickey Hart Pic American drummer, Hart Mickey
Moses Hart Pic Canadian businessman, Hart Moses 
Moses Hart Pic British businessman, Hart Moses 
Moss Hart HW Pic American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, theater director, Hart Moss 
Oliver Hart RWF Pic British-born American economist, Nobel Prize (2006) Hart Oliver 
Samuel Hart Pic American ambassador to Ecuador 1982-85, Hart Samuel 
Samuel Hart American merchant, politician, Hart Samuel 
Sergiu Hart HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli mathematician, economist, Hart Sergiu 
Solomon Hart RWC Pic British painter, engraver, illustrator, Hart Solomon 
Stan Hart American comedy writer, Hart Stan 
Theodore Hart Pic Canadian businessman, Hart Theodore
Victoria Hart Pic American-born British jazz-pop singer, Hart Victoria 
Solomon Hart Green Pic Canadian politician, MP 1910-14 Manitoba Hart Green Solomon 
Ami Harten Pic Israeli American mathematician, Harten  Ami
Eddy Hartenstein Pic American founder, chairman, CEO og DirectTV, publisher, Hartenstein Eddy 
Apolinary Hartglas Pic Polish politician, Deputy of Seim, 1919-30, zionist, Hartglas Apolinary 
Yoram Harth Pic Israeli dermatologist, inventor, Harth Yoram 
Lindsay Hartley Pic American singer, actress, (Jewish father) Hartley Lindsay 
Nina Hartley RWE Pic American porn actress, (Jewish mother) Hartley Nina 
Blanche Hartman Pic American Zen buddhist, Hartman Blanche
David Hartman Pic American-born Israeli rabbi, philosopher, Hartman David
Geoffrey Hartman Pic German-born American literary theorist, Hartman Geoffrey 
Howard Hartman Pic earth resources engineering, ??? Hartman Howard 
Tova Hartman Pic Israeli scholar, Hartman Tova 
Erich Hartmann Pic German-born American photographer,   Hartmann Erich 
Heinz Hartmann Pic Austrian American psychologist, ego psychology, Hartmann Heinz 
Ludo Hartmann Pic Austrian ambassador to Germany, 1918-20 Hartmann Ludo 
Moritz Hartmann Pic Czech-born Austrian literature scholar, politician, MP Hartmann Moritz 
Fay Hartog-Levin Pic American ambassador to Netherlands 2009- , Hartog-Levin Fay 
Friedrich Hartogs Pic Belgian-born German mathematician, Hartogs Friedrich
Luzia Hartsuyker-Curjel Pic German-born Dutch architect, Hartsuyker-Curjel Luzia 
Maurice Hartt Pic Romanian-born Canadian MP 1947-50, Hartt Maurice 
Stanley Hartt Pic Canadian Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Hartt Stanley 
Mireille Hartuch Pic French singer/songwriter, actress, Hartuch Mireille 
Ilan Hartuv HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Ghana, Togo, Micronezia, Hartuv Ilan 
Frits Hartvigson Pic Danish-born British pianist, teacher, Hartvigson Frits
Louis Hartz Pic American political scientist, Hartz Louis 
Domino Harvey Pic British bounty hunter, (Jewish father) Harvey Domino
Gerry Harvey Pic Australian businessman, Harvey Norman, Harvey Gerry
Jeffrey Harvey Pic American physicist, ??? Harvey Jeffrey 
Jonathan Harvey British composer, ??? Harvey Jonathan 
Laurence Harvey RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born South African British actor, Harvey Laurence 
Zev Harvey HW Pic American-born Israeli scholar, Harvey Zev 
Cyrus Harvey, Jr Pic American film destributor, co-founder of Janus Films, Harvey, Jr Cyrus
Ronald Harwood RWF HW Pic South African-born British American playwright, author, screenwriter, producer, Harwood Ronald 
Jean Hatzfeld Pic Mudgaskarian-born French journalist, writer,   Harzfeld Jean
Meir Har-Zion RWE Pic Israeli recipient of Medal of Courage, Har-Zion Meir 
Ronen Har-Zvi RWF Pic Israeli  chess grandmaster, Har-Zvi Ronen 
Wojciech Jerzy Has Pic Polish film director,  screenwriter, film producer, (Jewish father) Has Wojciech Jerzy
Shmuel Hasafri HW Israeli theater director, Hasafri Shmuel 
Ya'akov-Michael Hasani RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, rabbi, Minister of Walfare 1970-73 Hasani Ya'akov-Michael 
Lala Hasanova Pic Azerbajani-born Russian writer, Hasanova Lala
Galit Hasan-Rokem Pic Israeli literary scholar, poet, Hasan-Rokem Galit
Solomon ben Hasdai Karaite exilarch 10th Hasdai Solomon ben
Annemarie Hase Pic German actress, cabaret artist, singer, Hase Annemarie
Irwin Hasen Pic American cartoonist, Hasen Irwin 
Walter Hasenclever Pic German writer, playwright,   Hasenclever Walter 
Shmuel Hasfari Pic Israeli playwright, screenwriter,   Hasfari Shmuel 
Shmuel Hasfari HW Pic Israeli playwright, screenwriter, art director, film director, Hasfari Shmuel 
Yehuda Hashai RWC HW Pic Yemenite-born Israeli politician, Hashai Yehuda 
Zvi Hashin HW Pic German-born Israeli engineer, advanced composit materials, Hashin  Zvi 
David Hassine Moroccan poet, rabbi, Hasine David 
Gil Haskel Israeli ambassador to Kenya, Haskel Gil
Sharren Haskel RWC HW Pic Canadian-born Israeli politician, (Jewish father) Haskel Sharren
Baron Simon Haskel Pic Lithuanian-born British Trade and Industry Minister, Haskel Simon
Francis Haskell Pic British art historian, ??? Haskell Francis 
Clara Haskil RWF HW Pic Romanian-born pianist, Haskil Clara 
Stella Haskil HW Pic Greek singer, Haskil Stella 
Joseph Haslag Pic American economist, Haslag Joseph 
Amira Hass RWE HW Pic Israeli journalist, author, Hass Amira 
Karl Hass Pic German-born American radio show host, Hass Karl 
Robert Hass Pic American poet, Time and Materials, Hass Robert 
Basma Hassan Pic Egyptian actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Hassan Basma
Sir Joshua Hassan RWC HW Pic Prime Minister of Gibraltar 1964-69 1972-87, Hassan Joshua
Marlene Hassan Nahon Pic Gibraltarian historian, journalist, Hassan Nahon Marlene
Michael Hassell Pic Israeli-born British biologist, entomologist, Hassell Michael 
Alan Hassenfeld Pic American CEO/chairman of Hasbro, Inc, Hassenfeld Alan 
Henry Hassenfeld American co-founder of Hasbro, Inc, Hassenfeld Henry 
Hilel Hassenfeld American co-founder of Hasbro, Inc, Hassenfeld Hilel 
Merrill Hassenfeld American  Hassenfeld Merrill 
Stephen Hassenfeld Pic American CEO/chairman 1980-89 of Hasbro, Inc, Hassenfeld Stephen 
Josef Hassid RWE Pic Polish-born violinist, Hassid Josef 
William Hassid Pic Israeli-born Ukrainian American biochemist, Hassid William 
Asher Hassin RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Hassin Asher 
Avi Hasson Pic Israeli economist, Chief Scientist of Ministry of Economy, Hasson Avi
Guy Hasson Pic Israeli playwright, filmmaker, science fiction author,   Hasson Guy 
Maurice Hasson Pic French violinist,   Hasson Maurice 
Yisrael Hasson RWF HW Pic Syrian-born Israeli politician, Deputy-Director of Shin Bet,   Hasson Yisrael 
Yoel Hasson RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,  Hasson Yoel 
Ayala Hasson-Nesher HW Pic Israeli television/radio political comentator, news anchor, Hasson-Nesher Ayala 
Hart Hasten chairman of Hasten Bancshares, Hasten Hart 
Craig Hatkoff Pic American real estate investor, philanthropist, Hatkoff Craig
Berthold Hatschek Pic Czech-born  Austrian zoologist, Hatschek Berthold 
Ben Hatskin Pic Canadian businessman, founder of Winnipeg Jets, Hatskin Ben
Benjamin Hatskin Canadian businessman, Hatskin Benjamin 
Sir Maurice Hatter Pic IMO Precisions Control Hatter Maurice
Baron Bertalan Hatvany Hungarian orientalist, art collector, Hatvany Bertlan
Baron Ferenc Hatvany Pic Hungarian painter, art colector, Hatvany Ferenc
Baron Lajos Hatvany Hungarian writer, critic, literary historian, Hatvany Lajos
Baron Sandor Hatvany-Deutsch Pic Hungarian industrialist, art patron, Hatvany-Deutsch Sandor 
Adolphe Hatzfeld French linguist,    Hatzfeld Adolphe 
Emanuel Hatzofe Pic Israeli sculptor, Hatzofe Emanuel 
Lawrence Hauben Pic American screenwriter, Hauben Lawrence 
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Pic Polish-born Austrian composer, music editor, Haubenstock-Ramati Roman
Enid Haupt Pic Polish-born Austrian Israeli composer, music editor, designer, painter, Hauptman Enid
Herbert Hauptman RWF HW Pic American mathematician, Nobel Prize (1985) in chemistry, Hauptman Herbert 
Judith Hauptman Pic American talmudic scholar, Hauptman Judith 
Alfred Hauptmann German psychiatrist, neurologist, Hauptmann Alfred
Felix Haurowitz Pic Czech-born Turkish American chemist, Haurowitz Felix 
Bernhard Hauitz Pic German-born American meteorologist, Haurwitz Bernhard 
Felix Hausdorff RWF HW Pic German mathematician, topology set theory, Hausdorff Felix 
Arnold Hauser RWF Pic Romanian-born Hungarian art historian, sociologist,  Hauser Arnold 
Cole Hauser RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Hauser Cole 
Emil Hauser RWF HW Pic Hungarian founder of Budapest String Quartet, Hauser Emil 
Henri Hauser Pic Algerian-born French ancient/medieval historian, economist, geographer, Hauser Henri 
Philip Hauser Pic American sociologist, Hauser Philip 
Rita Hauser Pic American international lawyer,     Hauser Rita 
Rita Hauser American ambassador to United Nations Commission on Human Rights 1969-72, Hauser Rita 
Robert Hauser Pic American sociologist, Hauser Robert 
Stephen Hauser American physician, neurologist, ??? Hauser Stephen 
Tim Hauser Pic American singer, Hauser Tim 
Albrecht Haushofer Pic German geographer, diplomat, author, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Haushofer Albrecht
Jerry Hausman RWF Pic American econometrist, Hausman Jerry 
Ricardo Hausmann RWC Pic Venezuelan-born American economist, Minister of Planning 1992-93, Hausmann Ricardo 
Bernard Hausner Polish politician, MP 1922-27, Hausner Bernard 
Gideon Hausner RWC HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, lawyer, Hausner Gideon 
David Haussler Pic American biomedical researcher, ??? Haussler David 
Deborah Hautzig Pic American children's author, Hautzig Deborah
Esther Hautzig Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born American writer, Hautzig Esther 
Walter Hautzig Pic Austrian pianist, Hautzig Walter 
Ehud Havazelet Havazelet Ehud 
Shlomo Havlin Pic Israeli physicist,   Havlin Shlomo
June Havoc RWF Pic Canadian-born American actress, dancer, writer, theater director, (Jewish mother) Havoc June 
Eugeniy Havtan Pic Soviet/Russian guitarist, singer/songwriter,  Havtan Eugeniy 
Kali Hawk Pic American film/television actress, comedian, model, (half-Jewish) Hawk Kali 
Noah Hawley Pic American film/television producer, screenwriter, composer, author, Hawley Noah
Goldie Hawn RWF HW Pic American actress, director, producer, (Jewish mother) Hawn Goldie 
Barry Hay Pic Indian-born Dutch vocalist, (Jewish mother), Golden Earring, Hay Barry 
Gyula Hay Pic Hungarian communist intellectual, playwright, Hay Gyula
Laszlo Hay Hungarian economist, Minister of External Trade 1954-56, Hay Laszlo 
Louise Hay Pic French American mathematician, Hay Louis 
Moses Hay American co-founder of Bank of Boston,  Hay Moses 
Hiram Hayden American co-founder 1959 of Athenaeum, Hayden Hiram 
Melissa Hayden Pic Canadian-born American dancer, Hayden Melissa 
Michael Hayden Pic South African-born Canadian biochemist, neuroscientist, Hayden Michael
Hayden Pic Canadian singer/songwriter,  Hayden
Samuel Hayek Pic Israeli British real estate developer, Hayek Samuel 
Georges Hayem French physician, hematologist,    Hayem Georges 
Levi Yitzhak Hayerushalmi HW Pic Israeli journalist, Hayerushalmi Levi Yitzhak
Alfred Hayes Pic British-born Italian American screenwriter, television writer, novelist, poet, Hayes Alfred
Melvyn Hayes Pic British actor, Hayes Melvyn 
Saul Hayes Pic Canadian lawyer, Hayes Saul 
Leonard Hayflick Pic American anatomist, Hayflick Leonard 
Simon Haykin Pic electrical/computer engineering, ??? Haykin Simon 
Al Hayman American theater impresario, theater Syndicate, Hayman Al 
Baroness Helene Hayman HW Pic British Labour MP 1974-79, Hayman Helene 
Lew Hayman Pic Canadian coach, general manager, owner, Hayman Lew 
Suzie Hayman Pic American sex counselor, Hayman Suzie 
Joseph Hayman, Jr physician, administrator, ??? Hayman, Jr Joseph 
Franz Haymann German-born law scholar,    Haymann Franz 
Johnny Haymer Pic American film/telvision actor, Haymer Johnny 
Gwynneth Haynes Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother), Sophe Lux & The Mystic, Haynes Gwynneth 
Todd Haynes Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Haynes Todd 
Tzvi-Peretz Hayot Ukrainian-born biblical scholar, historian, Hayot Tzvi-Peretz 
Isaac Hays Pic American ophthalmologist, ediitor, medical ethicist, Hays Isaac 
Moses Michael Hays Pic American banker, merchant, philanthropist, Hays Moses Michael
Arthur Hays Sulzberger Pic American publisher 1935-61, The New York Times, Hays Sulzberger Arthur 
Lennie Hayton Pic American composer, conductor, arranger, Hayton Lennie 
Esther Hayut HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Hayut Esther 
Rachel Haywire Pic American artist, model, Haywire Rachel 
Nan Hayworth Pic American representative, Hayworth Nan
Rita Hayworth RWF HW Pic American actress, dancer, (Jewish father) ??? Hayworth Rita 
Aaron Ibn Hayyim Moroccan-born biblical scholar, Hayyim Aaron Ibn
Judah ben David Hayyuj Moroccan-born medieval linquist, hebraist, grammarian, Hayyuj Judah ben David
Ofra Haza RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, Haza Ofra 
Baron Samu Hazai RWC Pic Hungarian military officer, politician, Minister of Defence 1910-17, lieutenant Field Marshall, Hazai Samu 
Adeline Hazan Pic French politician, MP 1999- , Hazan Adeline 
Oren Hazan RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Hazan Oren
Shani Hazan Pic Israeli model,  Miss Israel 2012, Hazan Shelly 
Ya'akov Hazan RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli politician, social activist,    Hazan Ya'akov 
Yehiel Hazan RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Hazan Yehiel 
Michel Hazanavicius RWF Pic French film director, producer, screenwriter, Hazanavicius Michel 
Serge Hazanavicius Pic French film/stage actor, director, Hazanavicius Serge
Haim Hazaz HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli novelist,   Hazaz Haim 
Sharon Haziz RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, television presenter, Haziz Sharon 
David Hazony Pic American-born Israeli journalist, writer, translator, editor, Hazony David
Edith Head RWF Pic American costume designer, Head Edith 
Anthony Heald Pic American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) Heald Anthony 
Dorothy Healey Pic American communist activist, Healey Dorothy 
Menachem Heam Israeli scholar, biblical studies, Heam Menachem 
Abraham Heaps Pic British-born Canadian politician,  MP 1925-40 Heaps Abraham 
Stephen Hearst Pic Austrian-born British television/radio executive, Hearst Stephen 
Frank Heart Pic American father of the ARPANET, Heart Frank 
Daniel Heartz misicologist, ??? Heartz Daniel 
Erin Heatherton Pic American fashion model, Heatherton Erin 
Gabriel Heatter Pic American radio commentator, broadcast news analyst, Heatter Gabriel
Maida Heatter Pic American cookbook writer, Heatter Maida 
Merrill Heatter Pic American screenwriter, producer, Heatter Merrill 
Ferdinand von Hebra RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian physician, dermatologist, Hebra Ferdinand von
Andrija Hebrang RWC Pic Croatian physician, politician, Minister of Health 1990-92 1993-98 2003-05, (Jewish mother/paternal grandmother)) Hebrang Andrija 
John Hechinger American chairman of The Hechinger Company, Hechinger John 
Sidney Hechinger American founder 1911 The Hechinger Company, Hechinger Sidney 
Albie Hecht Pic American television producer, media executive, Hecht Albie 
Anthony Hecht Pic American poet, Hecht Anthony 
Ben Hecht HW Pic American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, Hecht Ben 
Chic Hecht Pic American senator 1983-89, Hecht Chic 
Ernest Hecht Czech-born British publisher of Souvenir Press, Hecht Ernest 
Gina Hecht RWF Pic American actress, singer, ??? Hecht Gina
Harold Hecht Pic American film producer, stage actor, dancer,  Hecht Harold 
Jessica Hecht RWF Pic American film/television actress, singer, Hecht Jessica 
Joshua Hecht Pic American opera singer, operatic bass, Hecht Joshua 
Ladislav Hecht Pic Hungarian-born Slovak tennis player, Hecht Ladislav 
Moshe Hecht American hasidic singer/songwriter, Moshe Hecht Band, Hecht Moshe
Paul Hecht Pic British-born Canadian stage/film/television actor, Hecht Paul 
Ravit Hecht HW Pic Israeli journalist, editor, Hecht Ravit 
Reuven Hecht HW Pic Belgian-born Israeli industrialist, Hecht Reuven 
Selig Hecht Pic Austrian-born American biophysicist, physiologist, Hecht Selig 
Sidney M Hecht Hecht Sidney M
Gianni Hecht Lucari Pic Austrian-born Italian film producer, Hecht Lucari Gianni 
Robert Hecht, Jr Pic American antiquities dealer, Hecht, Jr Robert
Samuel Hecht, Jr American founder 1857 of Hecht's, Hecht, Jr Samuel 
Daniel Hechter French fashion designer, Hechter Daniel 
Michael Hechter sociologist, ??? Hechter Michael 
Oscar Hechter American physiologist, ??? Hechter Oscar 
Evelyn Hecht-Galinski Pic German activist, Hecht-Galinski Evelyn
Henryk Hechtkopf Pic Polish-born Israeli artist, painter, illustrator, Hechtkopf Henryk 
Zvi Hecker HW Pic Polish-born Israeli architect, Hecker Zvi 
Amy Heckerling RWF Pic American film director, Heckerling Amy 
Eli Heckscher Pic Swedish political economist, economic historian,   Heckscher Eli 
Gunnar Heckscher Pic Swedish politician, leader of Moderate Party 1961-65, ambassador to Japan 1970-75, Heckscher Gunnar 
Moritz Heckscher RWC Pic German politician, Heckscher Moritz 
Sten Heckscher Pic Swedish Minister of Industry and Employment Heckscher Sten 
Dan Hedaya HW Pic American actor, Hedaya Dan 
Ovadia Hedaya HW Pic Syrian-born Israeli rabbi, Hedaya Ovadia 
Gordon Heddell American Inspector General for US Department of Defense 2009- , Heddell Gordon 
James Hedden American executive VP of Bank of America, Hedden James 
Lars Hedegaard Pic Danish historian, journalist, author, (convert to Judaism) Hedegaard Lars
Hidas Hedvig Pic Hungarian dancer, choreographer, ballet master, Hedvig Hida
Alan Heeger RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (2000) in chemistry, Heeger Alan 
David Heeger Pic American psychologist, neuroscientist, Heeger David
Arnold Heertje Pic Dutch economist, columnist, Heertje Arnold 
Raoul Heertje Pic Dutch comedian, Heertje Raoul 
Haim Hefer Pic Polish-born Israeli songwriter, poet, lyricist, Hefer Haim 
Assaf Hefetz RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1994-97, Hefetz Assaf
Uriel Hefetz HW Pic Hefetz Uriel 
Avraham Heffner Pic Israeli film/television director, screenwriter,   Heffner Avraham 
Richard Heffner Pic American television personality, talk show creator, Heffner Richard
Marta Heflin Pic American actress, (Jewish father), Heflin Marta
Nora Heflin Pic American actress, (Jewish father), Heflin Nora
Yosef Heftman HW Pic Russian-born Israeli journalist, editor, writer, songwriter, Heftman Yosef
Armin Hegedus Hungarian architect, Hegedus Armin
Johanne Louis Heiberg Pic Danish actress, Heiberg Johanne Louis
Moty Heiblum HW Pic Israeli physicist, Heiblum Moty 
Fritz Heichelheim Pic German-born Canadian ancient historian,   Heichelheim Fritz
Alfred Heidelbach American banker, stock broker, Heidelbach Alfred
Philip Heidelbach German-born manufacterer, Heidelbach Philip 
Charles Heidelberger Pic American biochemist, Heidelberger Charles 
Michael Heidelberger RWC Pic American immunochemist, Heidelberger Michael 
Bernhard Heiden Pic German-born American composer, Heiden Bernhard
Konrad Heiden Pic German-born journalist, historian, (Jewish mother) Heiden Konrad
Rudolf Heidenhain RWF Pic German physiologist, histologist, Heidenhain Rudolf 
Wolf Heidenheim HW Pic German linguist, Heidenheim Wolf 
Fritz Heider RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematical psychologist, Heider Fritz 
Karl Heider American anthropologist, Heider Karl 
Danny Heifetz Pic American drummer, percusionist, Mr. Bungle, Heifetz Danny
Jascha Heifetz RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American violinist,    Heifetz Jascha 
Simon Heifetz RWF Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Heifetz Simon 
Zvi Heifetz HW Pic Russian-born Israeli ambassador to United Kingdom 2004-07, Austria 2013- , Russia- , Heifetz Zvi 
Herman Heijermans Pic Dutch writer, dramatist, playwright, Heijermans Herman 
Adolf Heilberg German politician, Heilberg Adolf 
Sir Ian Heilbron Pic British chemist, Heilbron Ian
John Heilbron Pic American science historian, ???    Heilbron John 
Dame Rose Heilbron Pic British High Court judge, Heilbron  Rose
Robert Heilbroner Pic American economist, historian of economic thought,  Heilbroner Robert 
Hans Heilbronn Pic German-born British Canadian mathematician, Heilbronn Hans 
Max Heilbronn Pic French president 1945-71 of Galeries-Lafayette, Heilbronn Max 
Carolyn Heilbrun Pic American literary scholar, author,   Heilbrun Carolyn 
Anthony Heilbut Pic American record producer, biographer, Heilbut Anthony 
Ernst Heilmann Pic German jurist, politician, MP 1928-33, Heilmann Ernst 
John Heilpern Pic American journalist, author, drama critic, Heilpern John 
Angelo Heilprin Pic Hungarian-born American geologist, palenthologist, naturalist, explorer, Heilprin Angelo
Louis Heilprin Hungarian-born American author, historian, encyclopedia editor, Heilprin Louis 
Michael Heilprin Pic Polish-born American scholar, critic, author,  Heilprin Michael 
Jacques Heim Pic French fashion designer, manufacturer, Heim Jacques
Stephan Heim German writer, politician, MP 1994- , Heim Stephan 
Michal Heiman Pic Israeli artist, photographer, art curator, Heiman Michal 
Nachum Heiman RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Israeli songwriter, film score composer, Heiman Nachum 
Si Heiman HW Pic Israeli singer, Heiman Si 
Henry Heimlich HW Pic American biologist, physician, Heimlich Henry 
Jay Heimowitz American poker player, Heimowitz Jay 
Jon Hein Pic American radio/television/internet personality, Hein Jon 
Allan Heinberg RWC Pic American comic books writer, screenwriter, producer, Heinberg Allan 
Richard Heinberg Pic American journalist, writer,    Heinberg Richard 
Princess Alice Heine Pic American-born wife of Prince I of Monaco, Heine Alice
Armand Heine French-born head of Futado-Heine banking house, Heine Armand
Armand/Michael Heine A/M Heine Heine Armand/Michael 
Eduard Heine RWF Pic German mathematician,    Heine Eduard 
Heinrich Heine RWF HW Pic German poet, journalist, essayist, literary critic, Heine Heinrich 
Max Heine Pic German-born American founder 1949 Mutual Shares, Heine Max 
Michel Heine French/German banker, Heine Michel
Nanette Heine RWN Pic German beauty, Heine Nanette
Salomon Heine HW Pic German banker, Bankhaus Salomon Heine,Credit Mobile, Heine Salomon 
Thomas Heine Pic German painter, illustrator,    Heine Thomas 
Baron Gustav Heine von Geldern RWC Pic German-born Austrian publicist, Heine von Geldern Gustav 
Baron Robert von Heine-Geldern Pic Austrian ethnologist, ancient historian, archaeologist, Heine-Geldern Robert von
Benjamin Heineman, Sr American railroad executive, Heineman, Sr Benjamin 
Fritz Heinemann German philosopher, Heinemann Fritz
Heinz Heinemann Pic German-born American chemist,    Heinemann Heinz 
Isaac Heinemann HW German-born Israeli rabbinical scholar, literary scholar, Heinemann Isaac 
Margot Heinemann Pic British marxist writer, leading member of Comminist party, Heinemann Margot 
Stephen Heinemann Pic American neurobiologist, administrator, ??? Heinemann Stephen 
William Heinemann Pic British piblisher/founder 1890 of Heinemann publishing house, Heinemann William 
Michal Heinman Pic Israeli artist, photographer, art curator, Heinman Michal 
Maurice Heins American mathematician, ??? Heins Maurice 
Andrew Heintzman Pic Canadian journalist, publisher, venture capitalist, Heintzman Andrew
Martin Heinz Austrian philologist, philosopher, Heinz Martin
Wolfgang Heinz Pic Austrian-born  German actor, theater director, Heinz Wolfgang 
Andrew Heinze Pic American historian, journalist, author, playwright, Heinze Andrew
Andras Heisler Pic Hungarian-born president of World Jewish Congress  Heisler Andras
Walter Heitler RWF Pic German-born Irish Swiss physicist, quantum chemistry Heitler Walter 
Darren Heitner Pic American sports journalist, Heitner Darren
Carl Heitzmann RWF Pic Croatian-born Austrian pathologist, dermatologist, Heitzmann Carl
Max Heker HW President  of Technion 1925-27, Heker Max 
Sandy Helberg Pic German-born American film/television actor, Helberg Sandy 
Simon Helberg RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, comedian, Helberg Simon 
Theresa Helburn Pic American theater director, Helburn Theresa 
Al Held Pic American abstract expressionist painter, Held Al 
Anna Held Pic Polish-born American stage actress, singer, dancer, Held Anna 
Isaac Held Pic German-born American meteorologist, Held Isaac 
Julius Held Pic German-born American art historian,  Held Julius 
Richard Held Pic American psychologist, Held Richard 
Gladys Heldman Pic American tennis player, Heldman Gladys 
Julie Heldman Pic American tennis player, Heldman Julie 
Quenn Helena of Adiabene RWF Pic Queen of Adiabene (convert to Judaism) Helena of Adiabene
Jessica Helfand Pic American graphic designer, ??? Helfand Jeccica
Margaret Helfand Pic American architect, urban planner, ??? Helfand Margaret
David Helfeld Puetro Rican legal scholar, Helfeld David 
David Helfgott HW Pic Australian pianist, Helfgott David 
Max Helfman Pic Polish-born American composer, conductor, educator, Helfman Max 
Ignatius Helfy Hungarian politician, MP Helfy Ignatius 
David Helinski Pic geneticist ??? Helinski David 
Richard Hell Pic American rock singer/songwriter, bassist, poet, (Jewish father) Hell Richard 
Adam Heller Pic Romanian-born Israeli American scientist, bioengineering, Heller Adam 
Agnes Heller RWF Pic Hungarian philosopher,    Heller Agnes 
Andre Heller Pic Austrian artist, singer/songwriter, actor, journalist, entrepreneur, Heller Andre
Andrew Heller Turner Broadcasting System Heller Andrew 
Bruno Heller RWF Pic British television/film writer, producer, (Jewish father) Heller Bruno 
Carlos Heller Pic Argentine executie, banking leader, politician, Heller Carlos 
Elinor Heller American administrator, ??? Heller Elinor 
Ephraim Heller Pic American inventor, entrepreneur, Synagile Corporation, Heller Ephraim
Erich Heller Pic Czech-born British American language/literary scholar, Heller Erich 
Fanya Heller Pic Ukrainian-born American writer, philanthropist,   Heller Fanya 
Henry Heller American Congressional Medal recipient, Heller Henry 
Herman Heller Pic Polish-born German legal scholar, philosopher) Heller Herman 
Hermann Heller Pic Polish-born German legal scholar, philosopher, Heller Hermann 
Jerry Heller American co-founder 1987 of Ruthless Records, Heller Jerry 
Joseph Heller HW Pic Australian-born Israeli zoologist-malacologist,  Heller Joseph
Joseph Heller HW Pic American novelist, playwright, Heller Joseph 
Laszlo Heller RWF Pic Hungarian engineer, inventor, Heller Laszlo 
Louis Heller Pic American representitive, 1949-1954, Heller Louis 
Lukas Heller RWF German-born American screenwriter, Heller Lukas 
Max Heller Pic Austrian-born American mayor of Greenville, South Carolina 1971-79, Heller Max
Michael Heller Pic American poet, essayist, critic, Heller Michael 
Michael Heller Pic American legal scholar, ??? Heller Michael 
Or Heller HW Pic Israeli military reporter, journalist, Heller Or
Otto Heller RWF Pic Czech-born British cinematographer, Heller Otto 
Paul Heller American film producer,  Heller Paul 
Randee Heller RWF Pic American film/television actress, Heller Randee 
Seligmann Heller Czech-born Austrian poet, journalist, Heller Seligmann
Stephen Heller RWF Pic Hungarian composer, pianist,   Heller Stephen 
Steven Heller Pic American art director, journalist, critic, author, editor, Heller Steven
Thomas Heller Pic American legal scholar, climatologist, ??? Heller Thomas 
Zoe Heller RWF Pic British author, journalist, (Jewish father) Heller Zoe 
Jan Heller Levi Pic American-born Swiss poet, Heller Levi Jan
Fred Hellerman Pic American folk singer/songwriter, guitarist, record producer, Hellerman Fred 
Alvin Hellerstein American federal judge, Hellerstein Alvin 
Joseph Hellerstein Pic American computer scientist, ??? Hellerstein Joseph 
Ernst Hellinger Pic Polish-born German American mathematician, Hellinger Ernst 
Mark Hellinger Pic American theater critic, reviewer, journalist, film producer, Hellinger Mark 
Clarisse Hellman American historian, translator, Hellman Clarisse
Frances Hellman Pic American physicist, Hellman Frances
Herman Hellman Pic German-born American businessman, banker, Hellman, Haas & Co., Hellman Herman 
Isaias Hellman Pic German-born American co-founder 1871 of Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wells Cargo, Hellman Isaias 
Jerome Hellman Pic American film producer, Hellman Jerome 
Lillian Hellman RWF HW Pic American playwright, librettist, Hellman Lillian 
Martin Hellman RWF HW Pic American cryptographer, Hellman Martin
Richard Hellman American enviromentalist, attorney, Hellman Richard 
Warren Hellman Pic American businessman, Hellman & Friedman LLC  Lehman Brothers = pr Hellman Warren 
Isaac Hellmuth Pic Polish-born Canadian bishop of the Diocese of Huron, Hellmuth Isaac 
Eduard Helly Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, Helly Eduard 
Edith Helman Pic American language/literary scholar, ??? Helman Edith 
Moszek Helman Polish politician, MP 1922-27, Helman Moszek 
Harry Helmsley Pic American real estate developer, hotelier, New York, Helmsley Harry 
Leona Helmsley HW Pic American hotel operator, real enstate investor,    Helmsley Leona 
Elhanan Helpman RWF HW Pic Kyrgizian-born Israeli American economist, Helpman Elhanan 
Mark Helprin Pic American novelist, journalist, Helprin Mark 
Ralph Helstein American president of United Packinghouse Workers of America 1946-68, Helstein Ralph 
Jeno Heltai Pic Hungarian writer, poet, producer, story editor, Heltai Jeno 
Ferenc Heltai Pic Hungarian economic writer, mayor of Budapest, historian,    Heltai  Ferenc
Ariel Helwani Pic Canadian mix marital arts journalist, Helwani Ariel
Marian Hemar RWF Pic Polish journalist, playwright, poet, comedy writer, translator, Hemar Marian 
Alberto Hemsi Pic Turkish composer,   Hemsi Alberto 
Josef Hen HW Pic Polish novelist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, Hen Josef 
Jozef Hen Pic Polish novelist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, reporter, Hen Jozef 
Reshef Hen HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Hen Reshef 
Roi Hen RWE Israeli author, translator, Hen Roi
Shula Hen HW Pic Israeli singer, Hen Shula 
Yehezkel Hen RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Hen Yehezkel 
Yitzhak Hen Pic Israeli historian, medievalist, Hen Yitzhak 
Neal Hendel HW Pic American-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Hendel Neal 
Nechama Hendel HW Pic Israeli singer, Hendel Nechama 
Yehudit Hendel HW Pic Polish-born Israeli author, essayist, journalist, Hendel Yehudit 
Yoaz Hendel HW Pic Israeli military historian, journalist, television presenter, Hendel Yoaz
Zvi Hendel RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician, Hendel Zvi 
Logan Henderson HW Pic American actor, dancer, singer, Henderson Logan 
Marty Hendin Pic American baseball executive, St. Louis Cardinals, Hendin Marty
Daniel Hendler Pic Uruguayan-born  Argentine film/television/stage actor, film director, screenwriter, Hendler Daniel 
Hanhale Hendler HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli actress, Hendler Hanhale 
Lauri Hendler Pic American film/television actress, Hendler Lauri
Hattie Leah Henenberg Pic American lawyer, Henenberg Hattie Leah
Sir Mark Henig British Lord Mayor of Leichester, Henig Mark
Ruth Henig Henig Ruth
Baroness Ruth Henig Pic British historian, politician,    Henig Ruth 
Stanley Henig British Labour MP 1966-70, Henig Stanley 
Baron Alfred von Henikstein RWC Pic Austrian Chief of Staff, 1864- Henikstein Alfred von
Joseph von Henikstein Austrian businessman, financier, Henikstein Joseph von
Max Henius Pic  Danish-born American biochemist, Henius Max 
Mark Henkelman Canadian physicist, biophysicist, ??? Henkelman Mark 
Leon Henkin Pic American logician, Henkin Leon 
Louis Henkin Pic Belarusian-born American lawyer, legal scholar, Henkin Louis 
Tina Henkin Pic American microbiologist, ??? Henkin Tina 
Jacob Henle Pic German anatomist, pathologist, Henle Jacob 
Moritz Henle HW Pic German composer, cantor, Henle Moritz 
Sigmund von Henle RWC Pic German politician, MP 1873-81 Henle Sigmund von
Werner Henle Pic German-born American virologist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Henle Wener
Dagmar Henney Pic German-born American mathematician, (Jewish mother) Henney Dagmar
Danniel Henniger American deputy editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, Henniger Danniel 
Linda Henning Pic American television actress, (Jewish father), Henning Linda 
Paul Henning Pic American television producer/writer, Henning Paul 
Frieda Hennock Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American FCC Commisioner 1948-55, Hennock Frieda 
Eduard Henoch Pic German physician, Henoch Eduard
Lilli Henoch Pic German athlete, discus, Henoch Lilli 
Sir Basil Henriques Pic British philantropist, Henriques Basil
Sally Henriques Pic Danish painter, Henriques Sally
Gregory Henriquez Pic Canadian architect, Henriquez Gregory 
Robert Henriques British writer, broadcater, farmer, biographer, Henriquez Robert
Buck Henry Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, Henry Buck 
Sir Charles Solomon Henry Pic Australian-born British merchant, businessman, politician, Henry Charles Solomon
Ernst Henry RWN Pic Belarusian-born Soviet intelligence oficer, author, journalist, Henry Ernst
Jules Henry American anthropologist, Henry Jules 
John Henry Merryman Pic American legal scholar,  ??? Henry Merryman John 
Alberto Henschel Pic German-born Brazilian photographer, Henschel Alberto 
August Henschel German/Polish-born German medical historian, botanist, Henschel August 
Sir George Henschel RWF Pic Polish/German-born British singer, conductor, composer, Henschel George 
Laura Henschel-Rosenfeld Pic Czech-born Austrian educator, Henschel-Rosenfeld Laura
Kurt Hensel Pic Russian-born German mathematician,  (Jewish paternal grandmother) Hensel Kurt 
Paul Hensel German philosopher, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Hensel Paul
Hermannn Henselmann Pic German architect, Henselmann Hermannn 
Deborah Hensler Pic American legal scholar, social/political scientist, Hensler Deborah 
Pamela Hensley Pic American film/television actress, author, Hensley Pamela
Nat Hentoff HW Pic American historian, jazz critic, columnist, Hentoff Nat 
Heinz Herald Polish-born American playwright, screenwriter, Herald Heinz 
Raymond Herb Pic American nuclear physicist,  ??? Herb Raymond 
Will Herberg Pic American sociologist, writer, social philosopher, Herberg Will 
Ronald Herberman Pic American physician, immunologist, oncologist,  Herberman Ronald 
Charles Herbert Pic American film/television child actor, Herbert Charles 
Robert Herbert American art historian, educator, ??? Herbert Robert 
Victor Herbert Pic American hematologist, (Jewish mother) Herbert Victor
Herblock HW Pic American cartoonist, Herblock
Manasse Herbst German-born American actor, Herbst Manasse 
Manu Herbstein Pic South African author, Herbstein Manu
Alexandre Herchcovitch Pic Brazilian fashion designer, Herchcovitch Alexandre 
Zvi Hercowitz Pic Argentine-born Israeli economist, Hercowitz Zvi
Imre Hercz Pic Romanian-born Hungarian Norwegian physician, public debater, Hercz Imre
Geza Herczeg Pic American screenwriter,  Herczeg Geza 
Jack Herer Pic American cannabis activist, Herer Jack
Jeffrey Herf Pic American historian, sociologist, political scientist, Herf Jeffrey
Herbert Herff American businessman, philanthropist,   Herff Herbert 
Joseph Hergesheimer Pic American author, ??? Hergesheimer Joseph 
William Herlands American federal judge, Herlands William 
Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski Pic Polish essayist, thinker, Herling-Grudzinski Gustaw 
Esther Herlitz RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli politician, diplomat, ambassador to Denmark 1966-71, Herlitz Esther 
Dana Herman HW Pic Israeli journalist, presenter, Herman Dana 
David Herman Pic American comedian, voice actor, Herman David 
Dottie Herman Pic American CEO of firm Douglas Elliman, Herman Dottie
Eufemiusz Herman Polish neurologist, historian of medicine, Herman Eufemiusz
Gabriel Herman Pic Romanian-born Israeli historian, Herman Gabriel
Greg Herman Pic American actor, fashion designer, animator, Herman Greg
Ivan Herman RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet pilot, Herman Ivan 
Jerry Herman RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist, Herman Jerry 
Josef Herman Pic Polish-born British painter,  Herman Josef 
Maureen Herman Pic American bass player, Babes in Toyland, Herman Maureen
Oskar Herman Pic Croatian painter, Herman Oskar 
Peewee Herman Pic American actor, writer, comedian, (fictional character by Paul Reubens) Herman Peewee 
Richard Herman Pic American mathematician, administrator, Herman Richard 
Robert Herman HW Pic American astronomer, cosmologist, transportsation science, Herman Robert 
Sali Herman Pic Swiss-born Australian artist, Herman Sali
Scott Herman executive VP of Radio Advertising Bureau, CBS Radio Network, ??? Herman Scott 
Simon Herman Polish Yiddish theater/film actor, Herman Simon 
Susan Herman Pic American legal scholar, president of The American Civil Liberties Union, Herman Susan 
Vilim Herman Pic Croatian scholar, lawyer, politician, Herman Vilim
Woody Herman Pic American jazz clarinetist, soprano saxaphonist, singer, Herman Woody 
Yaron Herman Pic Israeli jazz pianist,    Herman Yaron 
George Hermann German writer,    Hermann George 
Ludimar Hermann Pic German physiologist, speach scientist, Hermann Ludimar
Rosana Hermann Pic Brasilian writer, journalist, host, Hermann Rosana 
Emanuel Grab von Hermansworth Czech-born Hermansworth Emanuel Grab von
David Hermelin Pic American ambassador to Norway 1998-2000 Clinton Hermelin David 
Shai Hermesh RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  Hermesh Shai 
Stephan Hermlin Pic German author, Hermlin Stephan 
Avraham Hermoni Israeli chemist, Hermoni Avraham
Warren Hern Pic American physician, late-term abortions, Hern Warren
Judit Hernadi Pic Hungarian actress, Hernadi Judit 
Lajos Hernadi Hungarian pianist, music teacher, Hernadi Lajos
Stanislas Hernisz Polish freedom-fighter, journalist, physician, sinologist, translator, Hernisz Stanislas
Herod Agrippa I  10 BC - 44 Herod Agrippa I KingsKJO
Herod Agrippa II  27 - 100 Herod Agrippa II KingsKJO
Herod Antipas Herod Antipas KingsKJO
Herod Archelaus  23 BC - 18 Herod Archelaus KingsKJO
Herod III Herod III KingsKJO
Herod Philip I Herod Philip I KingsKJO
Herod Philip II Herod Philip II KingsKJO
Herod the Great RWF HW Pic King of Judea 74 BCE - 4 BCE (convert to Judaism) Herod the Great KingsKJO
Herodias Pic princess of the Herodian dynasty, daughter of Aristobulus IV and Bernice, Herodias KingsKJO
Jacques Herold HW Pic Romanian-born French painter, sculptor, Herold Jacques 
Miriam Herrera Pic American author, poet, (Jewish descent) Herrera Miriam 
Pedro de Herrera Gibraltarian jewish leader, (converso) Herrera Pedro de
William Herrick Pic American novelist,   Herrick William
Ze'ev Herring RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Herring Ze'ev 
Alexander Herrmann Pic French magician, illusionist, Herrmann Alexander 
Bernard Herrmann RWF HW Pic American film score composer, conductor, Herrmann Bernard 
Carl Herrmann German illusionist, Herrmann Compars 
David Herrmann Australian businessman, Herrmann David 
Franz Herrmann German dermatologist,    Herrmann Franz 
Max Herrmann RWF HW Pic German literary historian, theorist of theater studies, Herrmann Max 
Mirko Hermann Pic Croatoan industrialist, businessman, Herrmann Mirko
Rudolf Herrnstadt RWF Pic German journalist, politician, Herrnstadt Rudolf
Richard Herrnstein Pic American psychologist, quantitative analysis of behavior,   Herrnstein Richard 
Barbara Herrnstein Smith Pic American literary critic, Herrnstein Smith Barbara 
Carolivia Herron Pic American author, (convert to Judaism) Herron Carolivia
Fred Hersch Pic American jazz pianist,    Hersch Fred 
Jeanne Hersch RWF Pic Swiss philosopher, translator, Hersch Jeanne
Joni Hersch Pic American legal scholar, economist, ??? Hersch Joni 
Liebmann Hersch Pic Lithuanian-born Swiss demographer, Hersch Liebmann
Michael Hersch Pic American composer, pianist, ??? Hersch Michael
Caroline Herschel RWF HW Pic German-born British astronomer, (Jewish father) Herschel Caroline 
F. Herschel court jew, war contractor, Herschel F. 
Sir John Herschel RWF HW Pic British mathematician, astronomer, chemist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Herschel John 
Sir William Herschel RWF HW Pic German-born British astronomer, composer, (Jewish father) Herschel Wiliam
Baron Farrer Herschell Pic British Lord Chancellor 1886 1992-95,  (Jewish father) Herschell Farrer
Baron Richard Herschell British liberal politician,  (Jewish paternal grandfather) Herschell Richard 
Ridley Herschell Pic Polish-born British minister, Herschell Ridley 
Bruce Herschensohn Pic American political commentator, television personality, Herschensohn Bruce 
Philip Herschkowitz RWE HW Pic Romanian-born Russian composer, music theorist,   Herschkowitz Philip 
Daniel Herschlag Pic American biochemist, ??? Herschlag Daniel 
Otto Herschmann RWF HW Pic Austrian swimmer, fencer, Herschmann Otto 
Lucian-Zeev Herscovici HW Pic Romanian-born historian, Herscovici Lucian-Zeev
Moe Herscovitch Pic Canadian boxer, Herscovitch Moe 
Gary Hersh American CEO of Capitol Records, Hersh Gary 
Kristin Hersh Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Throwing Muses, Hersh Kristin 
Reuben Hersh Pic American mathematician, mathematics writer, philosopher of mathematics, Hersh Reuben 
Seymour Hersh RWF HW Pic American journalist, author, Hersh Seymour 
Sidney Hersh American engineer, Hersh Sidney 
Alex Hershaft HW Pic Polish-born American co-founder of Farm Animal Rights Movement, Hershaft Alex
Sally Hershberger Pic American  hair stylist, Hershberger Sally 
Barbara Hershey RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father), Hershey Barbara 
Harry Hershfield Pic American cartoonist, humor writer, radio personality, Hershfield Harry 
Joe Hershfield Pic Canadian Federal Court judge, Hershfield Joe
Avram Hershko RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli biologist, Nobel Prize (2004) in chemistry, Hershko Avram 
Daniel Hershkovitz RWF HW Pic Israeli mathematician, Leader of The Jewish Home 2009-13, Hershkovitz Daniel 
Vic Hershkowitz Pic American handball player, Hershkowitz Vic 
Ken Hershman Americasn executive VP of Showtime sports, Hershman Ken 
Mordechai Hershman Pic Ukrainian-born American cantor, Hershman Mordechai
Rebecca Hershman American Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Countering Weapons of Mass Distruction Hershman Rebecca 
Goldie Hershon Pic Canadian president of Canadian Jewish Congress, Hershon Goldie 
Naftali Hershtik HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli cantor, Hershtik Naftali 
John Hersko Hungarian film director,   Hersko John
Melville Herskovits RWF Pic American anthropologist, Herskovits Melville 
Marshall Herskovitz RWF Pic American film director, writer, producer, Herskovitz Marshall 
Ira Herskowitz Pic American genetisist, Herskowitz Ira 
Ari Herstand Pic American singer/songwriter, rock guitarist, actor, Herstand Ari 
Bernice Herstein American sociality, Herstein Bernice 
Israel Herstein HW Pic Polish-born American Canadian mathematician, Herstein Israel 
Lillian Herstein Pic Ameican labor organizer, public school teacher, Herstein Lillian 
Pavlo Herstyk Ukrainian Cossak, Herstyk Pavlo
Julius Herz von Hertenried German-born Hertenried Julius Herz von
Roger Hertog Pic American businessman, financier, philanthropist, The New York Sun, Hertog Roger 
Aleksander Hertz Pic Polish director, producer, film pioneer,    Hertz Aleksander 
Alfred Hertz Pic German conductor,    Hertz Alfred 
Asaf Hertz HW Pic Israeli actor, model, presenter, Hertz Asaf 
Carl Hertz Pic American magician,    Hertz Carl 
David Gustav Hertz German businessman, Hertz David Gustav
Deborah Hertz Pic American historian, Hertz Deborah
Frederick Hertz Austrian-born British sociologist, economist, historian, Hertz Frederick 
Gustav Ferdinand Hertz RWE Pic German jurist, senator, Hertz Gustav Ferdinand
Heinrich Hertz RWC HW Pic German physicist, electro magnetic waves, (Jewish father) Hertz Heinrich 
Henrik Hertz Pic Danish poet, playwright, Hertz Henrik 
John Hertz Pic Hungarian-born American founder of The Hertz Corporation, Hertz John 
Noreena Hertz Pic American economist, journalist, author, Hertz Noreena 
Robert Hertz Pic French sociologist, Hertz Robert 
Roy Hertz Pic American physician, cancer researcher, Hertz Roy 
Saul Hertz Pic American physician, Hertz Saul 
John Hertz, Jr American advertising executive, Hertz, Jr John 
Ephraim Hertzano Romanian-born Israeli board game designer, Rummikub, Hertzano Ephraim
Abraham Hertzberg Pic aerospace engineering, ??? Hertzberg Abraham 
Arthur Hertzberg Pic Polish-born American scholar, activist, Hertzberg Arthur 
Daniel Hertzberg Pic American journalist, Hertzberg Daniel 
Hendrik Hertzberg Pic American journalist, speechwriter, (Jewish father) Jimmy Carter Hertzberg Hendrik 
Andy Hertzfeld Pic American programmer of Mac OS 1979-84, Apple Machintosh, Hertzfeld Andy 
Emil Hertzka Pic Hungarian-born Austrian music publisher of Universal Edition, Hertzka Emil 
Theodor Hertzka HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian journalist, Hertzka Theodor
Arthur Hertzog Pic American composer, lyricist, Hertzog Arthur 
Eyal Hertzog Israeli-born American co-founder/COO of Metacafe, Hertzog Eyal
Jason Hervey Pic American actor, television producer,    Hervey Jason 
Dinu Hervian Pic Romanian journalist, writer, Hervian Dinu
David Herwitz Pic American legal scholar, ??? Herwitz David 
Andrew Herxheimer Pic German-born British clinical pharmacologist, Herxheimer Andrew 
Karl Herxheimer Pic German dermatologist, Herxheimer Karl 
Adam Herz Pic American screenwriter, producer,  Herz Adam 
Alice Herz German-born American peace activist, Herz Alice
Cornelius Herz RWF Pic French founder of Paris Electric-Light Company, Herz Cornelius
Elise Herz Czech-born Austrian philanthropist, Herz Elise
Henri Herz RWF Pic Austrian pianist, composer, Herz Henri 
Henriette Herz RWE HW Pic German salon holder, author, Herz Henriette 
Herbert Herz Pic French resistance fighter, Herz Herbert 
Leopold von Herz Herz Leopold von
Manuel Herz Pic Swiss architect, Herz Manuel
Marcus Herz RWE HW Pic German physician, philosopher,   Herz Marcus
Max Herz HW Pic Egyptian architect, Herz Max 
Miksa Herz HW Pic Hungarian architect, Herz Miksa
Paul Herz industrialist, Herz Paul 
Robert Herz Pic American Chairman of Financial Accounting Standards Board, Herz Robert 
Naftali Herz Imber RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, zionist, Herz Imber Naftali
Abel Herzberg Pic Dutch lawyer, poet, writer, historian, Herzberg Abel
Arthur Herzberg RWE Pic Polish-born American Vice President of World Jewish Congress, president of American Jewish Congress Herzberg Arthur 
Judith Herzberg Pic Dutch poet, playwright, Herzberg Judith
Michael Herzberg anthropologist, administrator, ??? Herzberg Michael 
Wilhelm Herzberg HW Pic Polish-born German author, educator, Herzberg Wilhelm 
Magda Herzberger Pic Romanian-born author, poet, composer, Herzberger Magda
Alexander Herzen HW Pic Russian writer, thinker, (Jewish mother) ??? Herzen Alexander 
Jana Herzen Pic American singer/songwriter, jazz musician, Herzen Jana 
Leonard Herzenberg HW Pic American immunologist, geneticist, Herzenberg Leonard 
Leonore Herzenberg Pic American genetisist, immunologist,   Herzenberg Leonore 
Mikhail Herzenstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian economist, politician, public figure, MP 1905- 1st Duma Herzenstein Mikhail 
Solomon Herzenstein Pic Russian zoologist, ichthyologist, Herzenstein Solomon 
Alfred von Herzfeld Herzfeld Alfred von
Avraham Herzfeld RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli activist, politician, Herzfeld Avraham 
Charles Herzfeld Pic Austrian-born American scientist, scientific manager, Herzfeld Charles 
Edmund von Herzfeld Herzfeld Edmund von
Ernst Herzfeld RWF HW Pic German archaeologist, art historian, Herzfeld Ernst 
Jacob Herzfeld Pic German theater director, film actor, Herzfeld Jacob
John Herzfeld Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, actor, producer,   Herzfeld John 
Josef von Herzfeld Herzfeld Josef von
Joseph Herzfeld Pic German politician, Herzfeld Joseph 
Judith Herzfeld RWC Pic American biochemist. Herzfeld Judith
Karl Herzfeld Pic Austrian-born American physicist, Herzfeld Karl 
Rudolf Ignaz August von Herzfeld Herzfeld Rudolf Ignaz August von 
Stephan Sigmund von Herzfeld Herzfeld Stephan Sigmund von
Viktor Emmerich von Herzfeld Herzfeld Victor Emmerich von
Josef Herzig Pic Austrian chemist, Herzig Josef 
Jacques Simon Herz RWF Pic German-born French pianist, composer, Herzl Jacques Simon
Lior Herzl Israeli ambassador to Norway  2001-05, Herzl Lior 
Theodor Herzl RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian founder of Zionism, playwright, journalist, Herzl Theodor 
Tova Herzl Israeli ambassador to the South Africa, Herzl Tova 
Brian Herzlinger Pic American film director, Herzlinger Brian 
Andres Herzog Pic Spanish lawyer, politician, Herzog Andres 
Aura Herzog Pic Egyptian-born Israeli writer,  Herzog Aura
Chaim Herzog RWF HW Pic  6th President of Israel 1983-93 Herzog Chaim 
Doug Herzog American television executive, Herzog Doug 
Hanna Herzog Pic Israeli sociologist, feminist, Herzog Hanna 
Herta Herzog Pic Austrian-born American sociologist, Herzog Herta 
Isaac Herzog RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,  Minister of Walfare & Social Services/Tourism/Housing and Building, Herzog Isaac 
Jacques Herzog RWF Pic Swiss architect, Herzog Jacques 
Marvin Herzog Pic Canadian linguist, Yiddish, Herzog Marvin
Maurice Herzog Pic French sports administrator, Minister of Youth and Sports 1958-63 Herzog Maurice 
Baron Mor Lipot Herzog Pic Hungarian art colector, Herzog Mor Lipot
Vladimir Herzog Pic Croatian-born Brazilian journalist, teacher, playwright, Herzog Vladimir 
Yaakov Herzog RWE HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Canada 1960-63 Herzog Yaakov 
Yitzhak Herzog RWF HW Pic Polish-born Chief Rabbi of Ireland 1919-36, Palestine 1936-48 Herzog Yitzhak 
Ze'ev Herzog RWF Pic Israeli archaeologist, Herzog Ze'ev
Ze'ev Herzog Pic Israeli archaeologist, Herzog Ze'ev
Arthur Herzog, Jr American songwriter, Herzog, Jr Arthur 
Alice Herz-Sommer HW Pic Czech pianist, Herz-Sommer Alice 
Curt Herzstark RWC Pic Austrian technical manager, mechanical pocket calculator, (Jewish father) Herzstark Curt 
Abraham Heschel HW Pic Polish-born German American philosopher, theologian, Heschel Abraham 
Susannah Heschel Pic American scholar, Heschel Susannah 
Zako Heskija Pic Turkish-born Bulgarian film director, writer, Heskija Zako 
Grant Heslov RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, screenwriter, director, Heslov Grant 
Alfred Hess Pic American orthopaedic surgeon, pediatrician, Hess Alfred
Alois Hess Israeli national football team manager 1949 Hess Alois 
Amira Hess RWC Pic Iraqi-born Israeli actress, poet, artist, Hess Amira
Debby Hess Israeli model,  Miss Israel 1982, Hess Debby 
Ernst Moritz Hess RWC Pic German judge, Hess Ernst Moritz
George Hess Pic American biochemist, ??? Hess George 
George Hess Pic industrial manufacturing, operational systems, ??? Hess George 
John Hess Pic American businessman, Hess Corporation, Ameralda Hess, Hess John 
Julius Hess Pic American pediatrician, incubator for premature babies. the world's first nursery 1922 Hess Julius 
Leon Hess Pic American CEO of Hess Corporation, Hess Leon 
Max Hess German-born American founder 1897 of Hess's department store, Hess Max 
Moses Hess RWF HW Pic German philosopher, one of the founders of socialism, Hess Moses 
Myra Hess RWF HW Pic British pianist, Hess Myra 
Philip Hess American lacrosse player, Hess Philip 
Robert Hess RWF Pic American chess grandmaster, ??? Hess Robert 
Eva Hesse RWE Pic German-born American minimalist painter, sculptor, Hesse Eva 
Gilad Hesseg Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, composer, Hesseg Gilad 
Franz Hessel Pic German writer, translator, Hessel Franz
Stephane Hessel RWF HW Pic German-born French diplomat, resistance fighter, Hessel Stephane 
Edouard Hesselberg RWF Latvian-born American pianist, composer, Hesselberg Edouard 
Howard Hesseman Pic American film/television actor, ??? Hesseman Howard 
Boris Hessen RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, philosopher, science historian, Hessen Boris
Anne Hessing Cahn American political author, intelligence officer, Hessing Cahn Anne 
Sara Hestrin-Lerner RWC HW Pic Canadian-born Israeli physiologist, pathologist, Hestrin Sarah 
Shlomo Hestrin Canadian-born Israeli biochemist,   Hestrin Shlomo
Mihaly Hesz RWC Pic Hungarian sprint canoer, Hesz Mihaly 
Nahum Het RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli  politician, Het Nahum 
Sheila Heti Pic Canadian writer, editor, Heti Sheila
Greg Hetson Pic American guitarist, songwriter, Bad Religion, Hetson Greg 
Alfred Hettner German geographer, Hettner Alfred 
Robert Hetzron Pic Hungarian-born American linguist, Hetzron Robert 
Rami Heuberger Pic Israeli director, film/television/stage actor, entertainer, Heuberger Rami
Maurice Heuman American mayor of Jackson, Heuman Maurice
Judith Heumann Pic Special Advisor for International Disability Rights (State Dep) Heumann Judith 
Theodor Heuss Pic German first federal president of Germany 1949-59, (Jewish grandfather) ??? Heuss Theodor 
Katrina vanden Heuvel Pic American publisher/editor of The Nation, (Jewish mother) Heuvel Katrina vanden
Alan Hevesi Pic American politician, Hevesi Alan 
Andrew Hevesi Pic American politician, Hevesi Andrew 
Gyula Hevesi Pic Hungarian economist, politician,   Hevesi Gyula 
Jozsef Hevesi Hungarian novelist, journalist, Hevesi Jozsef 
Lajos Hevesi Pic Hungarian journalist, author, Hevesi Lajos
Sandor Hevesi Pic Hungarian director, playwright, critic, writer, tanslator, Hevesi Sandor
George de Hevesy RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Swedish chemist Nobel Prize (1943), Hevesy George 
Don Hewitt Pic American television news producer/executive, CBS News, Hewitt Don 
Jack Hexter American historian, modern Europe Hexter Jack
Solomon Heydenfeldt Pic American justice, Heydenfeldt Solomon
Stefan Heym RWF HW Pic German-born American novelist, Heym Stefan 
Art Heyman Pic American basketball player, Heyman Art 
Bruce Heyman Pic American ambassador to Canada 2014- , Heyman Bruce 
David Heyman RWF HW Pic British film producer, (Jewish father) Heyman David 
Edward Heyman Pic American musician, songwriter:lyricist, Heyman Edward 
Ira Heyman Pic American legal scholar, administrator,  Heyman Ira 
John Heyman Pic German-born British film producer, talent agent, World Group of Companies, Heyman John 
Mark Heyman Pic American screenwriter,  Heyman Mark 
Paul Heyman Pic American professional wrestling manager/promoter, Heyman Paul 
Samuel Heyman Pic American businessman, hedge fund manager, GAF Materials Corporation, Heyman Samuel 
Barak Heymann Pic Israeli film director/producer, Heymann Barak
Ernst Heymann Pic German jurist, Heymann Ernst 
Lewis Heymann Pic British mayor of Nottingham, 1857 Heymann Lewis
Margarete Heymann Pic German ceramic artist, Heymann Margarete
Paula Heymann German/Polish-born German psychiotrist, psychoanalyst, Heymann Paula 
Philip Heymann Pic American legal scholar, Deputy Attorney General 1993-94,  Clinton Heymann Philip 
Stephen Heymann Pic American assistant US Attorney for the district of Massachusets, Heymann Stephen 
Tomer Heymann Pic Israeli filmmaker, Heymann Tomer
Vania Heymann HW Pic Israeli film director, Heymann Vania 
Gerardus Heymans Pic Dutch philosopher, psychologist, Heymans Gerardus 
Werner Heynmann Pic German-born American film score composer, Heynmann Werner 
Paul von Heyse RWF HW Pic German author, poet, translator, playwright, Nobel Prize (1910) (Jewish mother), Heyse Paul 
Ezra Heywood Pic American anarchist, Heywood Ezra 
Hasdai ben Hezekiah HW Pic Karaite exilarch Hezekiah Hasdai ben
Hezekiah HW Pic 13th King of the Kingdom of Judah,  715-687 BC Hezekiah KingsKJ
Avner Hezkiau HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli film/stage actor, Hezkiau Avner 
Arnold Hiatt American company executive, ???   Stride Rite Corporation Hiatt Arnold 
Fred Hiatt American editorial page editor of The Washington Post, Hiatt Fred 
Howard Hiatt American physician, administrator, Hiatt Howard 
Jacob Hiatt Pic Lithuanian-born American businessman, philanthropist, district atorney, judge, Hiatt Jacob
Melissa Hiatt Pic American professional wrestling valet Hiatt Melissa 
Laurie Hibberd RWC Pic American television personality,  (convert to Judaism) Hibberd Laurie 
Juliusz Hibner RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Chief Commander of Army 1951-56, major general, Hibner Julius 
Hope Hicks RWC Pic White House Director of Strategic Communications 2017- , Hicks Hope 
Tom Hicks Pic American co-founder/chairman Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furth, Hicks Tom 
Laura Hidalgo Pic Romanian-born Argentine actress, Hidalgo Laura 
Jack Hidary Pic American technology/financial entrepreneur, Hidary Jack
Murray Hidary Pic American entrepeneur, composer, fine art photographer, Hidary Murray 
Izrael Hieger Pic Polish-born British biochemist, Hieger Izrael 
Marvin Hier Pic American founder of Simon Wiesenthal Center, Hier Mavin
Baroness Rosalyn Higgins RWF HW Pic British president 2006-09 of Internatonal Court of Justice, Higgins Rosalyn
James Hillman RWF Pic American psychologist, psychoanalyst, Hiilman James
Nat Hiken Pic American television writer, producer, songwriter, Hiken Nat 
Emil Hilb Pic German mathematician, Hilb Emil
Raul Hilberg RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American Holocaust historian, political scientist,  Hilberg Raul 
David Hilberman Pic American cartoon animator, Hilberman David
Ludwig Hilberseimer Pic German-born American architect, Hilberseimer Ludwig
Joe Hildebrand Pic Australian journalist, Hildebrand Joe
Joel Hildebrand Pic American chemist, educator,  ??? Hildebrand Joel 
John Hildebrand Pic American neurobiologist,  ??? Hildebrand John 
Franz Hildebrandt Pic German-born theologian, pastor, (Jewish mother) Hildebrandt Franz 
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Pic German author, Hildesheimer Wolfgang 
Jerry Hilecher Pic racquetball player, Hilecher Jerry 
Andrew Hileman Pic Electric Power, ??? Hileman Andrew 
Margarete Hilferding Pic Austrian individual psychologist, teacher, doctor, Hilferding Margarete
Rudolf Hilferding RWF Pic Austrian-born German Minister of Finance of Germany 1923 1928-29 MP 1924-33 Hilferding Rudolf 
David Hill American chairman/CEO of Fox sports, Hill David 
Henry Hill Pic American mobster, (convert to Judaism) Hill Henry 
Irving Hill American federal judge, Hill Irving 
Jonah Hill RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer,    Hill Jonah 
Mirrie Hill Pic Australian composer, Hill Mirrie
Nancy Hill American president/CEO of American Association of Advertising Agencies, Hill Nancy 
Steven Hill Pic American film/television actor, Hill Steven 
Marcel Hillaire Pic German-born American actor,   Hillaire Marcel
Larry Hillblom American businessman, co-founder of DHL, Hillblom Larry 
Daniel Hillel Pic American-born Israeli water and soil scientist, Hillel Daniel 
Shlomo Hillel RWF HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, Interior minister,    Hillel Shlomo 
Shlomo Hillel RWE HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Guinea 1959-61, Dahomey, Niger, Cote d'lvoire, Togo , Hillel Shlomo 
Arthur Hiller RWF Pic Canadian-born American film director, Hiller Arthur 
Ferdinand Hiller RWF HW Pic German composer, conductor, writer, Hiller Ferdinand 
Joyce Hiller Pic American stage actress, director, teacher, Hiller Joyce 
Kurt Hiller RWE HW Pic German lawyer, pacifist, gay rights activist, author, Hiller Kurt 
Tony Hiller Pic British songwriter, ??? Hiller Tony 
Solomons Hillers RWF Pic Latvian chemist, inventor, Hillers Solomons
Etty Hillesum Pic Dutch diarist, Hillesum Etty
Bob Hilliard Pic American songwriter:lyricist, Hilliard Bob 
Erwin Hillier Pic German-born British cinematographer, Hillier Erwin 
Franz Hillinger Pic Romanian-born German American architect, Hillinger Franz
Arye Hillman Pic German-born Israeli economist, Hillman Arye
David Hillman American executive VP of Westwood One, Hillman David 
Noah Hillman American mayor of Annapolis, Maryland 1979, Hillman Noah
Sidney Hillman Pic Lithuanian-born American president of Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Hillman Sidney 
Morris Hillquit RWC Pic Latvian-born leader of American Socialist Party,   Hillquit Morris 
Gillian Hills Pic Egyptian-born British actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Hills Gillian
Stephen Hills American president/general manager of The Washington Post, Hills Stephen 
Roderick Hills Pic American chairman of US Security and Exchange Commision, Hills  Roderick 
Roderick Hills, Jr American law scholar, (Jewish father) Hills, Jr Roderick 
Edgar Hilsenrath Pic German writer, Hilsenrath Edgar
Boyd Hilton Pic British historian, Hilton Boyd
Francesca Hilton Pic American actress, photographer, comedian, (Jewish mother) Hilton Francesca 
Peter Hilton Pic British-born American mathematician, Hilton Peter 
Nicky Hilton Rothschild RWC Pic American fashion designer, model, (convert to Judaism) Hilton Rothschild Nicky 
Matthew Hiltzik Pic American publicist, film producer, founder of Hiltzik Strategies, Hiltzik Matthew
Adi Himelboy HW Pic Israeli model,  actress, Himelboy Adi 
Alex Himelfarb Pic German-born Canadian ambassador to Albania 2006-, Malta 2006-, Himelfarb Alex 
Aaron Himelstein Pic American actor, Himelstein Aaron 
Paul Himmel Pic American photographer,  Himmel Paul
Gertrude Himmelfarb HW Pic American historian of Victorian era, Himmelfarb Gertrude 
Milton Himmelfarb HW Pic American sociographer, editor of American Jewish Yearbook, Himmelfarb Milton 
Peter Himmelman Pic American singer/songwriter,  Himmelman Peter 
Lena Himmelstein Pic Lithuanian-born American founder of Lane Bryant, Himmelstein Lena 
Hilde Himmelweit Pic German-born British social psychologist, Himmelweit Hilde 
Miksa Himmler Hungarian architect, Himmler Miksa
David Hindawi RWC Pic Iraqi-born American entrepreneur, Hindawi David 
Orion Hindawi Pic American software enterpreneur, Tanium, Hindawi Orion 
Orion Hindawi Pic American entrepreneur, Hindawi Orion 
Maurice Hindus Pic Belarusian-born American writer, Hindus Maurice 
Sonny Hine Pic American thouroughbred horse trainer, Hine Sonny
Hinko Hinkovic Pic Croatian lawyer, publisher, politician, Hinkovic Hinko
Hans Hinrich German actor, film/theater director,  Hinrich Hans
Hedwig Hintze German historian, Hintze Hedwig
Rodrigo Hinzpeter RWC Pic Chilean lawyer, politician, Minister of Interior 2010-12, Defense Minister 2012-14 , Hinzpeter Rodrigo 
Hanne Hiob Pic German actress, (Jewish maternal grandparent) Hiob Hanne
Kim Hirschovitz Pic Finnish-Born American hockey player, Hir Kim
Alan Hirchfeld American co-founder of Champion sports Management, Hirchfeld Alan 
Laurence Hircsh American real estate developer, CEO/chairman of Centex, Dallas Hircsh Laurence 
Warren Hirsch American CEO of MuRWEani International, blue jeans, Hircsh Warren 
Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian painter, Hiremy-Hirschl Adolf 
Adolph Hirsch Swiss astronomer, Hirsch Adolph 
Alan Hirsch Pic American neurologist, psychiatrist, Hirsch Alan 
Albert Hirsch RWF Austrian composer, poet, actor, singer, playwright, Hirsch Albert 
August Hirsch RWF Pic German physician, medical historian, epidemiologist,  (convert to Judaism) Hirsch August
Edward Hirsch Pic American poet, critic, Hirsch Edward 
Else Hirsch Pic German resistance fighter, Hirsch Else
Emil Hirsch Pic Luxembourgian-born 19th century American Reform rabbi, scholar, Hirsch Emil
Etienne Hirsch Pic French civil engineer, president of the Commission of the European Atomic Energy Community  1959-62, Hirsch Etienne
Harold Hirsch Pic American lawyer, Hirsch Harold 
Helmut Hirsch Pic German-born resistance fighter, Hirsch Helmut 
Hiram Hirsch   ??? Hirsch Hiram 
Jacob Hirsch grandfather o Maurice Hirsch Hirsch Jacob 
James Hirsch Pic American physician, biologist, ??? Hirsch James 
Joe Hirsch Pic American sports racing columnist, writer, Hirsch Joe 
John Hirsch Pic Hungarian-born Canadian theater director, Hirsch John 
John Hirsch American ambassador to Sierra Leone 1995-  , Hirsch John 
Joseph Hirsch Pic American artist, Hirsch Joseph 
Joseph von Hirsch father of Maurice de Hirsch Hirsch Joseph von
Judd Hirsch RWF HW Pic American actor, Hirsch Judd 
Julius Hirsch HW Pic German footballer, Hirsch Julius 
Lee Hirsch Pic American documentary filmmaker,  Hirsch Lee 
Lou Hirsch Pic American film/television/stage actor, Hirsch Lou 
Louis Hirsch Pic American songwriter, musicals composer, Hirsch Louis 
Marianne Hirsch Pic Romanian-born American literary scholar, educator, Hirsch Marianne 
Baron Maurice de Hirsch RWF HW Pic German-born financier, philantropist,Turkish Bank Paris Hirsch Maurice de
Max Hirsch RWF Pic German political economist, politician, MP 1869-94 Hirsch Max 
Max Hirsch Pic German-born Australian businessman, economist, Hirsch Max 
Moshe Hirsch Pic American-born Israeli leader of Neturei Karta, Hirsch Moshe
Oscar Hirsch Pic Austrian otolaryngologist, ??? Hirsch Oscar 
Otto Hirsch Pic German jurist, politician, Hirsch Otto
Paul Hirsch RWC Pic German prime minister of Prussia 1918-1920 Hirsch Paul 
Sir Peter Hirsch RWF Pic German-born British physicist,material science, Hirsch Peter 
Robert Hirsch Pic French actor, Hirsch Robert 
Samson Raphael Hirsch RWE HW Pic German biblical scholar, theologian, Hirsch Samson Raphael
Samuel Hirsch Pic German-born reform religious philosopher, rabbi, Hirsch Samuel 
Siegfried Hirsch German historian,   Hirsch Siegfried
Slavko Hirsch Pic Croatian physician, Hirsch Slavko
Solomon Hirsch RWC Pic American ambassador to Turkey 1989-92, Hirsch Solomon 
Steven Hirsch Pic American founder 1984/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, Hirsch Steve 
Theodor Hirsch German historian,   Hirsch Theodor
Tomas Hirsch RWC HW Pic Chilean politician, businessman, ambassador to New Zealand 1990-92, Hirsch Tomas 
Walter Hirsch RWC Italian Vice Admiral, Hirsch Walter 
Baron Josef Jacob Hirsch auf Gereuth German-born Hirsch auf Gereuth Josef Jacob
E.D. Hirsch, Jr American educator, literary critic, Hirsch, Jr E.D.
Peretz Hirschbein Pic American Yiddish-language writer, playwright, Hirschbein Peretz 
Avraham Hirschberg HW Polish-born Israeli historian, Hirschberg Avraham
Julius Hirschberg RWF Pic German ophthalmologist, medical historian,    Hirschberg Julius
Joel Hirschhorn Pic American film score composer, songwriter, lyricist, Hirschborn Yoel 
Abraham Hirschfeld Pic Polish-born American real estate developer, owner 1993-98 of New York Post, Hirschfeld Abraham
Al Hirschfeld RWF Pic American caricaturist, Hirschfeld Al 
Elie Hirschfeld Pic American real estate developer, theatrical producer, philanthropist, art collector, Hirschfeld Elie
Gustav Hirschfeld German archaeologist, Hirschfeld Gustav 
Hans Hirschfeld Pic German hematologist, Hirschfeld Hans 
Kurt Hirschfeld Pic German theater director, playwright, Hirschfeld Kurt 
Magnus Hirschfeld RWF RWF Pic German physician, sexologist, Hirschfeld Magnus
Michael Hirschfeld New Zealand businessman, Labor Party President 1995-99 Hirschfeld Michael 
Rachel Hirschfeld Pic American animal rights activist, Hirschfeld Rachel
Yair Hirschfeld Pic Israeli academic, architect of "Oslo Accords", Hirschfeld Yair
Yizhar Hirschfeld Pic Israeli archaeologist, Hirschfeld Yizhar
David Hirschfelder Pic Australian musician, film score composer, Hirschfelder David 
Joseph Hirschfelder RWF Pic American chemist, physicist, Hirschfelder Joseph 
Fred Hirschhorn American founder/CEO of General Cigar Co, Hirschhorn Fred 
Joel Hirschhorn Pic American film score composer, songwriter, Hirschhorn Joel 
Kurt Hirschhorn Pic Austrian-born American pediatrician, geneticist, Hirschhorn Kurt 
Norbert Hirschhorn Pic Austrian-born American physician, oral rehydration therapy, Hirschhorn Norbert
Nickolaus Hirschl Pic Austrian freestyle wrestler, Hirschl Nickolaus 
Ignac Hirschler RWC Pic Hungarian ophthalmologist, Hirschler Ignac
Ziga Hirschler Pic Croatian composer, music critic, publicist, Hirschler Ziga
Albert Hirschman RWF Pic German-born American economist, Hirschman Albert 
Charles Hirschman American sociologist, ??? Hirschman Charles 
Jack Hirschman Pic American poet, social activist, artist, Hirschman Jack 
Ivana Hirschmann Pic Croatian physical education teacher, Hirschmann Ivana
Ralph Hirschmann Pic German-born American chemist, Hirschmann Ralph 
Ursula Hirschmann Pic German-born Italian resistance fighter, Hirschmann Ursula
Basil Hirschowitz Pic South African-born American gastroenteologist, flexible endoscope, Hirschowitz Basil 
Avraham Hirschson RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Finance Minister 2006-07, Hirschson Avraham 
Heinrich Hirschsprung Pic Danish art patron, industrialist, Hirschsprung Henry
David Julian Hirsh Pic Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, producer, Hirsh David Julian
Gary Hirsh American drummer, Hirsh Gary 
Hallee Hirsh Pic American film/television actress, Hirsh Hallee
Ira Hirsh Pic American psychologist, Hirsh Ira 
Jack Hirsh Pic Australian-born Canadian clinician, trombosis, Hirsh Jack 
Michael Hirsh Pic American journalist, editor,   Hirsh Michael
Nurit Hirsh HW Pic Israeli songwriter, composer, conductor, Hirsh Nurit 
Peretz Hirshbein HW Pic Belarusian-born American Yiddish language playwright, Hirshbein Peretz 
Charles Hirshberg Pic American journalist, sportswriter,  Hirshberg Charles 
Gary Hirshberg Pic Chairman/president of Stonyfield Farm, yougurt, Hirshberg Gary 
Julius Hirshcberg RWF Pic German physician, ophthalmologist, medical historian, Hirshcberg Julius 
Joseph Hirshhorn Pic Latvian-born Canadian financier, art collector, sponsor, Hirshhorn Joseph 
David Hirshleifer Pic American economist, Hirshleifer David 
Jack Hirshleifer Pic American economist, Hirshleifer Jack 
Ivica Hirsl Croatian communist, mayor of Koprivnica, Hirsl Ivica
Baron Hugo Hirst Pic German-born British co-founder/chairman of General Electric Co. Hirst Hugo
Paul Hirst British sociologist, (Jewish mother) Hirst Paul 
Samuel Hirszenberg HW Pic Polish painter, Hirszenberg Samuel 
Ludwik Hirszfeld RWF Pic Polish physicin, microbiologist, serologist, immunologist, Hirszfeld Ludwik
Samuel Hirszhorn RWF Polish writer, journalist, politician, MP 1919-22, Hirszhorn Samuel 
Jane Hirt American managing editor of The Chicago Tribune, Hirt Jane 
Yehuda Hiss Pic Polish-born Israeli pathologist, Hiss Yehuda
Christopher Hitchens RWF HW Pic British-born American author, journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother) Hitchens Christopher 
Peter Hitchens Pic British journalist, author, broadcaster,  (Jewish mother) Hitchens Peter 
Ohad Hitman HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Hitman Ohad 
Uzi Hitman HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Hitman Uzi 
Pinhas Hitt RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli architect, Hitt Pinhas 
Eduard Hitzig RWF Pic German neurologist, neuropsychiatrist, Hitzig Eduard
Ferdinand Hitzig Pic German biblical critic, Hitzig Ferdinand 
Friedrich Hitzig RWF Pic German architect, President of the Academy Of Art, Hitzig Friedrich 
Julius Eduard Hitzig RWF Pic German author, civil cervant, Hitzig Julius Eduard
Abraham bar Hiyya RWE HW Pic Spanish mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, translator, Hiyya Abraham bar
Rudolf Hober Pic German physician, physiologist, investigator, Hober Rudolf
Ben Hoberman Pic American radio executive, Hoberman Ben 
David Hoberman Pic American film producer, Hoberman David 
Haggai Hoberman Pic Israeli journalist, author, Hoberman Haggai
J. Hoberman American film critic, Hoberman J. 
Philip Hobsbaum Pic British poet, literary critic, Hobsbaum Philip 
Andy Hobsbawm Pic British entrepreneur, writer, musician, Hobsbawm Andy 
Eric Hobsbawm RWF HW Pic Egyptian-born British marxist historian, president of Birbeck College 1985-93, Hobsbawm Eric 
Andy Hobsbawn Pic British entrepreneur, writer, musician, Hobsbawn Andy 
Laura Hobson Pic American novelist, Hobson Laura 
Gustav Hoch Pic German politician, MP 1898-1928, Hoch Gustav 
Faith Hochberg American federal judge, Hochberg Faith 
Fred Hochberg Pic Director of the Export-Import Bank of the United States 2009- , Hochberg Fred 
Julian Hochberg Pic American psychologist, Hochberg Julian 
Karl Hochberg Pic German writer, publisher, economist, editor, Hochberg Karl
Larry Hochberg Pic co-founder 1971/chairman of Sportsmart store, Hochberg Larry 
Netanel Hochberg HW Israeli agronomist, Hochberg Netanel 
Adam Hochfelder Pic American real estate executive, Max Capital,  Hochfelder Adam 
Julian Hochfeld Pic Polish sociologist, politician, MP 1947-52, Hochfelder Julian 
Gilad Hochman Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli composer, Hochman Gilad
Mike Hochman Pic Israeli mathematician, Hochman Mike 
Nathan Hochman American Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division of the US Department of Justice Hochman Nathan 
Adam Hochschild Pic American co-founder 1974 of Mother Jones, Hochschild Adam 
Berthold Hochschild American mining magnate, Hochschild Berthold 
Eduardo Hochschild Pic chairman of Hochschild Mining, Hochschild Eduardo 
Gerhard Hochschild Pic German-born American mathematician, Hochschild Gerhard 
Harold Hochschild Pic American businessman, American Metal Company, Hochschild Harold 
Jennifer Hochschild Pic American political scientist, educator, ??? Hochschild Jennifer 
Luis Hochschild Pic Peruvian chairman of Hochschild Mining, Hochschild Luis
Moritz Hochschild Pic German-born founder 1911 of Hochschild Mining, tin, Hochschild Moritz 
David Hochstein Pic American virtuoso violinist,  Hochstein David
Melvin Hochster RWF Pic American mathematician, comulative algebra, Hochster Melvin 
Fritz Hochwalder Pic Austrian playwright, Hochwalder Fritz
Susan Hockfield Pic American neuroscientist, ??? President of MIT 2004- , Hockfield Susan 
Mordechai Hod RWF HW Pic Israeli 6th Air Force Commander, 1966-73, Hod Mordechai
Max Hodann Pic German physician, eugenicist, sex educator, Hodann Max 
Jacob van Hoddis RWE Pic Geman poet, Hoddis Jacob Van
Art Hodes Pic Ukrainian-born American jazz pianist,  Hodes Art 
Paul Hodes HW Pic American representative, 2007- , Hodes Paul 
Lady Margaret Hodge RWC Pic British politician, MP 1994- , Minister of Trade and Industry, Hodge Margaret
Joseph Hodin British art critic, Hodin Joseph 
Matan Hodorov HW Pic Israeli economic commentator, Hodorov Matan 
Ya'akov Hodorov RWF HW Pic Israeli football goalkeeper, Hodorov Ya'akov 
Jacob van der Hoeden Pic Dutch-born Israeli veterenary research scientist, Hoeden Jacob van der
Ron Hoenig Pic Australian barrister, mayor of City of Botany Bay, MP 2012- , Hoenig Ron
Thomas Hoenig Pic American president, Federal Reserve Bank of Kanzas City, ??? Hoenig Thomas 
Henry Hoenigswald Pic Geman/Polish-born linguist, educator, Hoenigswald Henry 
Malcolm Hoenlein