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James Caan RWF HW Img American film, stage/television actor, father
Scott Caan RWF HW Img American actor, rapper, (Jewish father), son
Arthur Caesar HW Img Romanian-born American screenwriter, brother
Irving Caesar RWF Img American composer, lyricist, songwriter:lyricist, brother
Diego Garcia de Caceres RWC Img Spanish conquistador, ancestor
Jose Miguel Carrera Img President of Chile 1811-14, (Jewish descent) descendant
Diego Portales RWC Img Chilean statesman, entrepreneur, Foreign Minister, Minister of Defense, (Jewish descent) descendant
Conrad Cafritz American real estate developer, father
Julia Cafritz Img American musician,     daughter
Morris Cafritz RW5 Img American real estate developer, grandfather
Claude Cahen RWF HW Img French orientalist, historian of Crusades,  father
Michel Cahen Img French historian, political scientist, son
Dann Cahn RWB Img American television director/producer, film editor, nephew
Edward Cahn RWB Img American film director, uncle
Philip Cahn RWB Img American film editor, father pf dann
Debora Cahn RWF Img American television writer, producer, wife
Michael Heller Img American legal scholar, husband
John Cahn RWC Img German-born American physicist, material science, husband
Anne Hessing Cahn American political author, intelligence officer, wife
Julien Cain RW5 Img French general administrator of National Library, uncle
Lucie Faure RW5 Img French novelist, wife of French Prime Minister, niece
Eugenio Calabi RWF Img Italian mathematician, string theory, brother of Tullia
Bruno Zevi RWF Img Italian architect, historian, curator, husband
Tullia Zevi RW5 Img Italian journalist, writer, wife
Baron James Callaghan RWF Img British Prime Minister 1976-69, (Jewish paternal grandmother) father
Baroness Margaret Jay RWC Img Britich politician, Minister for women (1998-2--1) (Jewish descent) daughter
Camondo House of Camondo
Count Abraham Camondo RWC Img Turkish-born financier, philantropist, partiarch of family 1781-1873
Beatrice de Camondo RW5 Img French socialite, daugher Reinach
Isaac de Camondo RW5 Img Turkish-born French head of Banque de Paris, Isaak Camondo & Cie
Count Moise de Camondo FW5 Img Turkish-born French banker, act collector, father
Nissim de Camondo RW5 Img French banker, pilot, son
Christian Campbell RWF Img Canadian stage/film actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Neve Campbell RWF HW Img Canadian actress, (Jewish mother), sister
Antonio Campos RWF Img American film director/producer, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal descent) son
Lucas Mendes Img Brazilian journalist, television presenter,   father
Elias Canetti RWF HW Img Bulgarian-born British Austrian author, Nobel prize (1981) in literature, brother
Jacques Canetti RWF HW Img Bulgarian-born French talent agent, music executive, brother
Dyan Cannon RWF Img American actress, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) sister
Jennifer Grant RWF Img American film/television actress, daughter of Dyan
Stanley Fimberg Img American film producer, real estate mogul, husband of Dyan
David Friesen RW5 Img American jazz bassist, (Jewish mother) brother
Diana Canova RW5 Img American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) ??? wife
Judy Canova RWF Img American comedian, actress, singer, radio personality, ??? mother of Diana
Elliot Scheiner Img American record producer, audio engineer, husband
Mark Canton RWC Img American film producer, executive, brother
Neil Canton RWC Img American film producer, brother
Karen Finerman RW5 Img American hedge fund owner/trader, sister of Wendy
Wendy Finerman RW5 Img American producer, wife of Mark
Arthur Cantor RW5 Img American theatrical producer, father
Max Cantor RW5 HW Img American journalist, actor, son
Gerald Cantor RW5 Img American founder/chairman of Cantor Fitzerland, bond brokerage, husband
Iris Cantor RWB Img American philanthropist, model, wife
Joseph Bohm RWF Img Hungarian-born Austrian violinist, grandfather (maternal)
Georg Cantor RWF HW Img Russian-born German mathematicain, logician, philosopher, grandson
Cornell Capa RWF Img Hungarian-born photographer, founder of International Center of Photography brother
Robert Capa RW5 HW Img Hungarian-born war photographer,    brother
David Caplan Img Canadian cabinet minister Ontario son
Elinor Caplan RWC Img Minister of Emigration  Minister of Health Ontario 1988 mother
Wilfred Caplan Canadian politician,    father
Lee Caplin Img American film producer, communication industry executive, son
Mortimer Caplin Img American lawyer, educator, husband
Ruth Sacks Caplin HW Img American screenwriter, philanthropist, wife
Nathan Kaplan American gangster, 
Mario Capecchi RWF HW Img Italian-born American molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (2007) (Jewish maternal grangfather) nephew
Edward Ramberg RWB Img Italian-born American physicist, (Jewish father) uncle
Luis de Carabajal y Cueva RWC Img Portuguese-born governor of Nuevo-Leon 1579-, adventurer, (converso descent) brother
Luis de Carabajal the younger Mexican author,  (converso) son of Francisca
Francisca Nunez de Carabajal RW5 Img Portuguese-born Mexican converso, sister
Emmanuel Carasso RW5 Img Turkish/Greek politician, lawyer, uncle of Isaac
Isaac Carasso RWC Img Greek-born founder 1919/owner of Groupe Danone, father Groupe Danone 
Daniel Carasso RWC Img Greek-born owner of Groupe Danone, son Groupe Danone 
Carlebach Carlebach Family
Azriel Carlebach HW Img German-born Israeli journalist, founder, first editor of Maariv, father
Elisheva Carlebach Yoffen Img American history scholar,   daughter of Shlomo
Emil Carlebach RW5 Img German politician, writer, journalist,  
Ephraim Carlebach Img German-born Israeli ortodox rabbi,   grandfather
Felix Carlebach Img German-born British rabbi,  
Joseph Carlebach Img German rabbi, natural scientist,   grandfather
Hartwig Naftali Carlebach Img German-born rabbi, father of Shlomo
Naftoli Carlebach Img German ortodox rabbi,  
Neshama Carlebach HW Img American musician,  daughter of Shlomo/musician
Salomon Carlebach American singer/songwriter, 
Shlomo Carlebach RWF HW Img German-born American singer/songwriter, cantor,
Shlomo Carlebach/mashgiah German-born American spiritual adviser, son of Joseph
Gedaliah Finkel Israeli Rabbi, 
Kitty Carlisle RWF HW Img American stage actress, singer, spokeswoman, granddaughter
Benjamin Holtzman Img American mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana 1900-02, grandfather
Carnot ??? RWN ???
Lazare Carnot RWF Img French politician, physicist, mathematician, ??? father
Ippolit Carnot RWF Img French politician, ??? son
Sadi Carnot RWF Img French physicist, mathematician, ??? son
Sadi Carnot RWF Img French engineer, politician, president of France 1887-94, ??? son of Ippolit
Sue Carol RWF Img American actress, talent agent, mother
David Ladd RWB Img American actor, producer, (Jewish mother) son
Jordan Ladd RWF Img American actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of David
Jonathan Carroll RWF Img American horror/fantasy fiction author, brother
June Carroll RW5 Img American singer, actress, lyricist, mother
Sidney Carroll RW5 Img American film/television screenwriter, father
Beryl Korot Img American video artist, wife of Steve
Steve Reich RWF HW Img American composer, half brother of Jonathan
Leonard Sillman RW5 Img American theatrical producer, brother of June
Gabrielle Carteris RWF Img American television actress, talk show host, (Jewish mother) wife
Eva Gabor RWF Img Hungarian-born actress, socialite, wife
Charles Isaacs Img American stock broker, husband
Federico Henriquez y Carvajal RWC Dominican politician, Minister of Home Afairs, brother
Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal RWC HW Img President of Dominican Republic 1916 (Jewish father) brother
Pedro Henriquez Urena RW5 Img Dominican intellectual, essayist, philosopher, philologist, literary critic, (converso descent) son of Francisco
Caseres Family
Andres Avelino Caseres RWC Img Peruvian military, politician, president of Peru 1883-85 1886-90 1894-95, ambassador in Italy, Germany, (Jewish descent)
Diego Garcia de Caseres RWC Img Spanish conquistador, 
Vera Caspary RWF Img American novelist, screenwriter, playwright, wife
Isadore Goldsmith RWB HW Img Austrian film producer, husband
Leslie Cass Img British songwriter, lyricist, musician, brother
Ronald Cass RW5 Img British screenwriter, composer, brother
David Cassel Img German historian, theologian, philosopher, brother
Paulus Cassel Img German writer, orator, politician, missinary, brother
Ruth Mary Clarisse Ashley Img British granddaughter of Sir Ernest Cassel (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Amalia
Amalia Cassel  (Jewish father) daughter of Ernest
Anna Isabella Cassel niece of Ernest
Sir Ernest Cassel RWN Img German-born British banker, merchant, grandfather
Sir Felix Cassel RW5 Img German-born British barrister, politician MP, nephew of Ernest ExLink
Countess Edwina Mountbatten RW5 Img British sociality, Vicereine of India, (Jewish maternal grandfather), daughter of Amalia
Marquess David Pratt Img   (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Marjorie Pratt
Countess Marjorie Pratt  (Jewish mother) daughter of Anna Isabella
Wilfred Cass Img German-born British art collector, grandson of Richard
Alfred Cassirer German entrepreneur, art collector, brother of Paul
Bruno Cassirer RWF Img German art dealer, publisher, brother of Friedrich
Ernst Cassirer RWF HW Img Polish-born German Swiss philosopher, father
Friedrich Cassirer RWF Img German conductor, musicologist, cousin of Ernst
Heinz Cassirer Img German philosopher, Bible translator, son
Hugo Cassirer German entrepreneur, brother of Paul
Paul Cassirer RWF Img German art dealer, publisher, cousin of Friedrich
Reinhard Cassirer husband of Nadine Gordimer son of Hugo
Richard Cassirer RWF Img German/Polish-born German neurologist,
Tilla Durieux RWC Img Austrian-born German stage/film/television actress,  (not Jewish) wife of Paul
Kurt Goldstein RWF HW Img Polish-born German American neurologist, psychiatrist, cousin of Paul
Nadine Gordimer RWF HW Img South-African writer Nobel Prize (1991) in literature, wife of Reinhard
Jorge Castaneda Gutman RWC Img Mexican secretary of Foreign Affairs 2000-03, (Jewish mother) half-brother
Andres Rozental Gutman Img Mexican ambassador to Sweden 1983-88, United Kingdom 1995-97, half-brother
Leo Castelli RW5 Img Italian-born Hungarian American art dealer, husband
Ileana Sonnabend RW5 Img Romanian-born American art dealer/collector, wife
Enrico Castelnuovo RWC Img Italian writer,   father
Guido Castelnuovo RWF Img Italian mathematician, son
Federigo Enriques RWF Img Italian mathematician, science historian, philosopher, brother-in-law of Guido
Baruch de Castro court physician of king Queen Christiana of Sweden son
Daniel de Castro court physician of king Christian VI Denmark son
Jacob de Castro Sarmento RWF Img Portuguese-born British physician,   
Rodrigues de Castro Portuguese German physician, court physician of king of Denmark, father
James Cayne RW5 Img American businessman, CEO 1993-2008 of Bear Stearns, uncle
Richard Perry RW5 Img American hedge-fund manager, nephew
Joseph Cedar RWF Img American-born Israeli film director, screenwriter, son
Howard Cedar RWF HW Img American-born Israeli biochemist, geneticist, father
Karl Cerf Img German theater manager,   father
Rudolf Cerf German theater manager, theater owner, son
Luther Adler RW5 Img American actor, husband
Bennett Cerf Img co-founder of Random House husband
Christopher Cerf Img American composer, lyricist, actor, record/television producer, (Jewish father) son of Bennett
Vinton Cerf RWF HW Img American internet pioneer, (3/4 Jewish father) cousin of Bennett
Sylvia Sidney RWF HW Img American stage/film actress, wife
Exene Cervenka RWF Img America lead vocalist, poet, wife
John Doe RWB Img American singer/songwriter, actor, poet, husband
Beltran de Cetina Spanish conquistador, (converso) brother
Gutierre de Cetina Img Spanish poet, soldier, brother
Gregorio de Cetina Spanish conquistador, (converso) brother
Michael Chabon RWF HW Img American writer, husband
Ayelet Waldman Img Israeli-born American fiction writer, wife
Marc Chagall RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian-French painter, stained glass artist, son-in-law
Lazar Brodsky RWE HW Img Ukrainian-born businessman, sugar magnate, father-in-law
Francis Chagrin RW5 HW Img Romanian-born British film score composer, conductor, father
Julian Chagrin RW5 Img British-born Israeli comedy actor, son
Nicolas Chagrin Img British-born actor, son
Rolanda Chagrin RW5 Img Romanian-born Israeli stage/television actress, stand-up comedian, mother
Alan Chalmers Img British-born Australian philosopher of science, (Jewish mother) brother
Bruce Chalmers Img American physicist, metallurgist, (Jewish mother) brother
Sir John Monash RWC Img Australian military, lieutenant general,  brother-in-law of Walter
Walter Rosenhain RW5 Img German-born Australian metallurgist, uncle
Julius Chaloff Img American pianist, composer, father
Serge Chaloff RWF Img American jazz baritone saxophonist, son
Harry Chapin RWF HW Img American folk musician, ??? brother
Steve Chapin American singer, brother
Tom Chapin American musician, singer/songwriter, storyteller, brother
Alexander Chaplin RWB Img American actor, son-in-law of Harold
Saul Chaplin RWB Img American film score composer, songwriter, father-in-law
Harold Prince RW5 Img American theatrical producer, theater director, son-in-law
Bill Charlap RW5 Img American jazz pianist, (Jewish father) son 
Mark Charlap RW5 Img American composer, father
Andre Charpak RW5 Img Polish-born actor, film director, screenwriter, brother
Georges Charpak RWF HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1992), brother
Ronni Chasen Img American publicist, sister
Larry Cohen RWC Img American film producer, director, screenwriter, brother
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel RW5 HW Img French psychoanalyst, wife
Bela Grunberger Img French psychologist, husband
Abram Chayes RW5 Img American legal scholar, international law, father
Sarah Chayes RW5 Img American journalist, daughter
Antonia Handler Chayes Img American Under Secretary of Air Force 1979-81, ??? mother
Naomi Chazan RWC HW Img Israeli politician, political scientist, daughter
Avraham Harman RWC HW Img Israeli ambassador to United States 1959-68, chansellor of Hebrew University 1983-, father
Zina Harman RWC HW Img British-born Israeli politician, diplomat, mother
Mikhail Chekhov RWF Img Russian-born American actor, (Jewish mother) father
Ada Tschechowa RWF Img Russian-born German actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Vera Tschechowa RWF Img German actress, (Jewish paternal great grandmother) granddaughter
Oskar von Chelius RWC Img German military, lieutenant general, composer, (Jewish grandfather) grandson
Ernst Philipp von Sensburg RWC Img German politician, Minister Finance of Baden 1814-17, of Inner Affairs 1817- , grandfather
Lev Chernetsky RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet composer, conductor, cousin
Semyon Chernetsky RWM Img Ukrainian-born Soviet military conductor, composer, major general, cousin
Lev Cherney Img Uzbek-born co-founder/chairman of Trans World Group, brother
Michael Cherney RW5 HW Img Uzbek-born co-founder of Trans World Group, brother
Boris Chertok RWF HW Img Polish-born Russian rocket designer, father
Mikhail Chertok RWC Img Russian-born Soviet physicist, engineer, constructor, son
Aleksey Chervonenkis RWF Img Soviet/Russian engineering scientist, grandson
Meilakh Chervonenkis RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian politician, 1st Duma, grandfather
David Chesin HW Israeli judge, nephew of Michael
Michael Cheshin HW Img Levanoni-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1992-2006, son
Ruth Chesin HW Img Israeli public figure, wife of Michael
Shneur Cheshin HW Img Vice-President of Supreme Court of Israel 1954-55 father
Yoav Moshe Solomon HW Img
Jamar Chess Img American co-founder, president of Sunflwer Entertainment Group, son of Marshal
Leonard Chess RWF Img Polish/Belarusian-born American record producer, music industry executive, Chess Records, brother
Marshall Chess Img American record producer, Revolution Songs, son of Leonard
Phil Chess RWF Img Polish/Belarusian-born American record producer, music industry executive, Chess Records, brother
Anna Chipovskaya RWF Img Russian actress, singer, (Jewish father)  daughter
Boris Frumkin RWF Img Russian-born pianist, composer, conductor, father
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Img Ukrainian-born American ballroom dancer, choreographer, (Jewish father) brother
Valentin Chmerkovskiy Img Ukrainian-born ballroom dancer, (Jewish father) brother
Liz Cho RWB Img American journalist, television anchor, (Jewish mother), wife
Josh Elliott RW5 Img American televicion journalist, sportswriter, husband
Aviva Chomsky Img American historian, Latin America daughter of Noam
Carol Chomsky RWF Img American linguist, education specialist, mother
Marvin Chomsky Img American film/television director,    cousin of Noam
Noam Chomsky RWF HW Img American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political writer, father
William Chomsky Img Ukrainian-born American scholar, grammarian, father of Noam
Ferenc Chorin, Jr Img Hungarian businessman, MP son
Ferenc Chorin, Sr Img Hungarian lawyer, politician, businessman, MP 1872-1905 father
Baron Moric Kornfeld Img Hungarian industrialist, politician, brother-in-law of Jr,
Jesus Christ RWF HW Img founder of Christianity son
Mary mother of Jesus Christ mother
Marvin Chodorow RWC Img American applied physicist, engineer, father
Nancy Chodorow Img American sociologist, psychoanalyst, daughter
Grigory Chudnovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet revolutionery, nephew
Solomon Chudnovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, public figure, ethnographer, economist, uncle
Grigori Chukhray RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian film director, screenwriter,   father
Pavel Chukhrai RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, cinematographer, (Jewish father) son
Aaron Ciechanover RWF HW Img Israeli biochemist, Nobel Prize (2004) in chemistry, brother
Joseph Ciechanover RWC Img Israeli businessman, brother
Sir Alfred Ayer RWF HW Img British philosopher, populariser of logical positivism, (Jewish mother) cousin
Andre Citroen RWF Img French founder 1919 of Citroen, cousin
Cesar Civita RW5 Img Italian-born Argentine magazine publisher, (Jewish father) brother
Roberto Civita Img Italian-born Brazilian businessman, publisher, (Jewish paternal grandfather, mother ?) son of Victor
Victor Civita RW5 Img Brazilian founder/publisher of Editora Abril, (Jewish father) brother
Chukovsky  => Rokhlin/Chukovsky
Shirley Clarke RWF Img American film director, sister
Elaine Dundy Img American novelist, biographer, journalist, actress, playwright, sister
Jill Clayburgh RWF HW Img American actress,  (Jewish father) mother
Lily Rabe RWF HW Img American film/television/stage actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Louisa Clein RW5 Img British actress, sister
Natalie Clein RWB Img British cellist, sister
Julia Pascal RW5 Img British playwright, theater director, cousin of Loisa/Natalie
Tony Cliff RW5 HW Img Palestinian-born British trotskyist, husband
Adam Kidron RW5 Img British-born record producer, son of Michael
Baroness Beeban Kidron RW5 Img British film director, daughter of Michael
Michael Kidron RWB Img South African-born British revolutionary thinker, cartographer, brother of Chanie
Chanie Rosenberg RW5 Img South African-born artist, socialist, wife
Sir Charles Clore RW5 HW Img British owner of British Shoe Corporation, owner of Selfriges, father Selfridges
Dame Vivien Duffield RW5 Img British socialite, philanthropist, daughter
Helen Beverley RW5 Img American film/stage actress, mother
Julie Cobb RW5 Img American stage/film/television actress, daughter
Lee Cobb RWF HW Img American film/stage actor,  father
Ethan Coen RWF HW Img American writer, producer, director, brother
Joel Coen RWF HW Img American writer, producer, director, brother
Cohen/Porter ExLink
Jack Cohen RW5 Img British founder 1919 of Tesco Plc father
Hyman Kreitman Img British joint chairman of Tesco Plc son-in-law of Jack
Sir Leslie Porter Img British chairman of Tesco Plc 1973-85 husband of Shirley
Dame Shirley Porter RWC Img Lord Mayor of  Westminster 1991-92 daughter
Benjamin Cohen Img American politician,   Roosevelt, Truman 1933-52 uncle
Selma Cohen Img American dance historian, editor, niece
Bram Cohen RW5 HW Img American computer programmer, co-founder of BitTorrent, brother
Ross Cohen RW5 Img American computer programmer, co-founder of BitTorrent, brother
Adam Cohen RW5 HW Img Canadian musician, singer/songwriter, son of Leonard
Leonard Cohen RWF HW Img Canadian poet, novelist, singer/songwriter, grandson
Lyon Cohen RW5 Polish-born Canadian businessman, philanthropist, paternal grandfather
Lona Cohen RWF Img American-born Russian spy against USA, wife
Morris Cohen RWF Img American-born Russian spy against USA, husband
Cohen/Benjamin Family
Sir Benjamin Benjamin RWC Img British-born Australian businessman, politician, brother-in-law of Edward
Edward Cohen RWC Img Australian mayor of Melbourne 1862-63,  grabdfather
Harold Cohen RWC Img Australian Nationalist Party MP 1929-42, Minister of Education 1935, grandson
Albert Cohen RW5 Img Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother
Harry Cohen Img Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother
Joseph Cohen Img Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother
Martha Cohen RW5 Img Canadian philanthropist, wife of Harry
Morley Cohen Img Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother
Samuel Cohen Img Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother
Joel H. Cohen RW5 Img Canadian television writer, brother
Robert Cohen RW5 Img Canadian television writer, brother
Felix Cohen Img American lawyer, legal scholar, son
Morris Cohen RWF Img Belarusian-born American philosopher, lawyer, legal scholar, father
Floris Cohen HW Img Dutch historian of Science, brother
Job Cohen HW Img Dutch Secretary of Justice, mayor of Amsterdam 2001-10, brother
Eli Cohen Img Egyptian-born Israeli intelligent officer  against Suria, brother
Maurice Cohen Img Israeli cryptographer, brother
Hettie Cohen Img American writer, pacifist, mother
Lisa Jones Img American screenwriter, (Jewish mother) daughter
Roger Cohen RW5 Img British-born American journalist, author, son
Sydney Cohen RWC Img South African-born British pathologist, father
Randy Cohen RWF Img American journalist, screenwriter, humorist, husband
Steven Lukes RWF Img British scholar, politics, sociology, 2nd husband
Katha Pollitt RWF Img American feminist writer, journalist, (Jewish mother) wife
Hermann Cohen RWF HW Img German philosopher, son-in-law
Louis Lewandowski RWF HW Img Polish-born German composer, cantor, father-in-law
Anat Cohen RWB HW Img Israeli jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, bandleader, sister
Avishai Cohen RWC Img Israeli jazz bassist, composer, singer, arranger, brother
Adam Cohen RW5 Img American chemist, inventor, son
Joel Cohen RW5 Img American mathematical biologist, father
Ben Cohen Img British rugby union player, nephew
George Cohen Img British footballer,  uncle
George Cohen-Tannoudji Algerian-born French scientist,   brother  
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji RWF HW Img Algerian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1997) brother
Leonore Annenberg RW5 Img American art patron, niece
Harry Cohn RWC HW Img American film producer, co-founder of Columbia Pictures, brother
Jack Cohn American co-founder of Columbia Pictures, brother
Vera Broido RW5 Img Russian-born writer, historian, mother
Nik Cohn RW5 Img British rock journalist, music critic, son
Norman Cohn RWF Img British historian, (Jewish father) father
Albert Cohn Img American New York State Supreme Court Justice, father
Roy Cohn RW5 HW Img chief attorney for Joseph Mccarthey's House Unamerican Activities Committee son
Joshua Cowen RWC Img American inventor, toy train system, uncle of Albert
George Cohon RW5 Img founder of McDonalds Canada father
Mark Cohon RW5 Img 12th commisioner 2007- of Canadian Football Leage son
Oscar Coifman RWE Russian/Soviet chemist, cousin
Arkadiy Kolker RWF Russian/Soviet chemist, cousin
Jackie Collins RWF HW Img British novelist, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father) sister
Dame Joan Collins RWF HW Img RWF sister British novelist, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father)
Anthony Newley RWF Img British actor, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) husband of Joan
Tara Newley RWB HW Img British singer, (half-Jewish mother & father) daughter of Joan & Anthony
Hyman Collins British architect, relative
Jose Collins Img British actress, singer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Lottie Collins RWC Img British singer, dancer, actress, mother
Lauren Collins RW5 Img Canadian stage/film/television actress, cousin
Marjorie Gross RW5 Img Canadian television writer/producer, cousin
Spencer Rice RW5 Img Canadian author, director, producer, comedian, actor, cousin
Jean Comaroff Img South African-born American anthropologist, wife
John Comaroff Img South African-born American anthropologist, husband
Jacques Companeez RWF Img Russian-born French screenwriter, grandfather
Nina Companeez RWF Img French director, screenwriter, playwright, mother
Valentine Varela Img French actress,   daughter
Eileen Conn Img American television writer/producer, wife
Larry Miller RWF Img American film/television actor, comedian, columnist, husband
Alexander Cooper RW5 HW Img British Swedish miniature painter, brother
Samuel Cooper Rw5 Img British miniature painter, brother
John Hoskins British miniature painter, uncle of Samuel
Jackie Cooper RWF Img American actor, director, producer, (Jewish father) nephew
Norman Taurog RWF Img American film director, screenwriter, uncle
Alan Coren RW5 Img British writer, journalist, satirist, presenter, father
Giles Coren RW5 Img British columnist, food critic, son
Michael Coren RW5 Img British-born Canadian columnist, radio host, (Jewish father) cousin of Alan
Victoria Coren Mitchell RW5 Img British journalist, poker player, presenter, daughter
Dani Coren RWC HW Img Israeli politician, executive, son
Yitzhak Coren RWF HW Img Moldovan-born Israeli politician, Yiddish writers, father
Chris Cornell RWF Img American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish mother) husband
Susan Silver American band manager, Alica in Chains,  Soundgarden,             wife
Tim Coronel Img Dutch racing driver, brother
Tom Coronel Img Dutch racing driver, brother
Ricardo Cortez RW5 Img American actor, director, brother
Stanley Cortez RW5 Img American cinematographer, brother
Alma Rubens RW5 Img American film actress, voudevile performer, (Jewish father) wife of Ricardo
Norman Corwin RW5 Img American writer, playwright, screenwriter, producer, essayist, husband
Katherine Locke RW5 Img Belarusian-born American film/stage actress, wife
Bernhard Cossmann RWF Img German cellist,  father
Paul Cossmann RWF Russian-born writer, journalist, editor, son
Sam Costa RW5 Img British comedian, singer, radio presenter, great uncle
Andy Jacobs RW5 Img British sports radio personality/presenter, great nephew
Ernest Courant RWF Img German-born American physicist, (Jewish father), son
Richard Courant RWF Img Polish-born German American mathematcian, father 1888-1972
Nelli Neumann RW5 Img German mathematician, wife of Richard
Edith Stein RWF HW Img German/Polish-born German philosopher, martyr, cousin of Richard
Curt Courant RWF Img German cinematographer, father
Willy Kurant RWF Img Belgian cinematographer, son
Emily Couric Img American politician, (Jewish mother) sister
Katie Couric RWF HW Img American media personality, television show host, (Jewish mother) sister
Jeff Wadlow RWC Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son of Emily
Claudia Cowan American news reporter, journalist, (Jewish father) daughter
Warren Cowan Img American fim industry publicist, father
Barbara Gilbert-Cowan wife of Warren
Nicholas Cowell Img British real estate agent, (Jewish father) brother
Simon Cowell RWF HW Img British television producer/personality,  (Jewish father)  brother
Tony Cowell Img British writer, radio broadcaster, half-brother
Abraham Cresques RW5 Img Spanish cartographer, father
Jehuda Cresques RWC Img Spanish cartographer, son
A. J. Croce RW5 Img American singer/songwriter, son
Ingrid Croce RW5 Img American singer/songwriter, restaurateur, mother
Jim Croce RWF HW Img American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) father
Gerald Croiset Img Dutch parapsychologist, psychometrist, psychic, brother of Max
Hans Croiset Img Dutch actor, (Jewish father) son
Jules Croiset Img Dutch film actor, (Jewish father) son
Max Croiset Img Dutch film actor, playwright, theater director, father
Niels Croiset Img Dutch actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather, mother ?) son of Jules
Vincent Croiset Img Dutch actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather, mother ?) son of Jules
Flora Cross RWF Img French-born American actress, sister
Harley Cross RW5 Img American film/television actor, brother
Eli Marienthal RW5 Img American film/stage actor, brother
Henry Crown RW5 HW Img founder 1919 of Material Service Corporation grandfather
James Crown HW Img president of Henry Crown and Company son
Janet Crown daughter of Lester
Lester Crown RWC Img president of Henry Crown and Company 1969- father
Susan Crown Img American chaiRWFoman of Shoah Foundation, daughter of Lester
Aline Kominsky-Crumb RW5 Img American writer, comics books, mother
Sophie Crumb RW5 Img American comics artist, (Jewish mother) daughter
Billy Crystal RWF HW Img American actor, comedian, writer, producer, film director, father
Jennifer Crystal Foley RWF Img American film/television actress, daughter
Brian Cuban Img American lawyer, activist, brother
Mark Cuban RWF HW Img American businessman, Broadcast.com, Dallas Mavericks brother
Icchak Cukierman RW5 HW Img Polish/Lithuanian-born leader of Warshaw Ghetto Uprising, husband
Zivia Lubetkin RWF Img Polish/Belarusian leader of Warshaw underground, wife
Nigel Cullen Img Australian fighter ace, nephew
Paul Culle RWC Img Australian military, major general, uncle
Dorothy Cullman RW5 Img American television producer, philanthropist, wife of Lewis
Edgar Cullman RW5 Img American president, CEO of General Cigar Co., brother
Joan Cullman Img American producer, philanthropist, wife of Joseph
Joseph Cullman RW5 Img  American CEO of Altria Group, brother
Lewis Cullman RW5 Img American founder of Cullman Venture, brother
George Blake RWF Img Dutch British spy for the Soviet Union, (Jewish father) cousin of Henri
Eugenio Curiel RWC Img Italian physicist, resistance member, cousin
Henri Curiel RWC Img Egyptian-born Italian political activist, cousin
Alain Gresh RW5 Img Edyptian-born French journalist, editor, son of Henri
Nathan Currier RWB Img American composer, brother
Sebastian Currier RWB Img American composer, brother
Allegra Curtis Img American-born actress, businesswoman, (Jewish father) daughter
Jamie Lee Curtis RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Kelly Curtis RW5 Img American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Tony Curtis RWF HW Img American film actor, father
Shelley Winters RWF HW Img American actress, cousin of Tony
Laurel Cutler Img sister
Lloyd Cutler Img American attorney, Jimmy Carter  brother
Seymour Chwast RW5 Img American graphic/type designer, illustrator, husband
Paula Scher RW5 Img American graphic designer, painter, art educator in design, wife
Roza Csillag RWC Img Hungarian opera singer, mezzo-soprano, wife of Compras
Alexander Herrmann Img French magician, illusionist, brother
Carl Herrmann German illusionist, brother
Anna Czobel Hungarian cinematographer, (Jewish father) daughter of Erno
Bela Czobel RW5 Img Hungarian painter, brother
Erno Czobel Img Hungarian diplomat, historian, translator, literary historian, politician, brother