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Ishak Alaton co-founder, chairman Alarko Holding Turkey Search
Charles Bluhdorn Pic head Gulf and Western Industries, Inc
Charles Bluhdorn Pic owner Paramount Pictures
Alan Braverman senior executive VP The Walt Disney Company
Stephen Burke CEO NBC Universal ???
Peter Chernin RWC Pic president COO News Corporation
Nochi Dankner Pic chairman IDB Holding Corporation Israel
Philippe Dauman Pic CEO, president Viacom
Barry Diller RWF Pic chairman, CEO IAC
Dan Doctoroff Pic CEO, president Bloomberg L.P.
Pierre Dreyfus Pic CEO 1955-75 Renault
German Efromovich Pic owner Synegry Group Colombia, Brazil
Mark Fields RWF Pic president/CEO 2014- Ford Motor Company
Uzeyir Garih co-founder, president Alarko Holding Turkey
Gary Ginsberg executive VP News Corporation ExLink
Gary Ginsberg Executive VP, Corporate Marketing and Communications Time-Warner
Robert Iger RWF Pic president, CEO 2005- The Walt Disney Company
Sir Joseph Maxwell Grand Metropolitan Ltd. uk
Mel Karmazin Pic former COO Viacom
Dennis Kozlowski CEO Tyco International
Lev Leviev RWF HW Pic chairman Africa Israel Investments Israel
Gerald Levin Pic CEO Time-Warner
Ed Mlavsky Pic co-founder COO Tyco International
Kim Novack Vice Chairman 1998-2003 Time-Warner
Idan Ofer RWC Pic chairman The Israel Corporation Israel
Ronald Perelman Pic MacAndrews & Forbes
Pritzker Family Marmon Group
Sumner Redstone RWC Pic CEO, chairman Viacom
Brian Roberts RWC Pic chairman NBC Universal
Edwin Rosenthal co-owner Grupo Continental Honduras
Jaime Rosenthal RWC Pic co-owner Grupo Continental Honduras
Steve Ross RWC Pic CEO Time-Warner
Joe Roth
Alex Shnaider RWF HW Pic co-founder Midland Group investment holding group
Gerald Schwartz Pic chairman, CEO Onex Corporation investment firm
Eduard Shifrin RWC Pic Midland Group investment holding group
Arthur Siskind executive director 1991-2004 News Corporation ExLink
Cyril Stein Pic chairman 1966-93 Ladbrokes UK ExLink
Sir Howard Stringer Pic CEO, chairman Sony Corporation
Rob Stringer chairman Columbia Records
James Tisch HW Pic co-owner Loews Corporation
Robert Tisch Pic co-owner Loews Corporation
Baron Arnold Weinstock Pic GEC UK
Rob Wiesenthal CFO Sony Corporation
Big Companies Executives
Duane Ackerman chairman CEO BellSouth
Sheldon Adelson RWF HW Pic CEO Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Leo Apotheker Pic co-CEO 2008 SAP AG
CEO 2010-11 Hewlett-Packard Company
Micky Arison RWF HW Pic CEO, owner Carnival Cruise Lines
Susan Arnold Pic vice-chairman Procter and Gamble ???
Edwin Artzt Pic CEO chairman 1990-95 Procter and Gamble ???
Bernard Attali Pic CEO 1988-93 Air France
Steven Ballmer RWF HW Pic CEO Microsoft Jewish mother
Carlo de Benedetti Pic CEO 1978 Olivetti Italy Jewish father
Eric Benhamou RWC Pic CEO 1990-2000, chairman president  3Com
Robert Benmosche Pic CEO chairman MetLife Inc
CEO, president American International Group
Douglas Bergeron Pic CEO, president VeriFone
Simon van den Bergh Pic co-founder 1927 Dutch businessman,  Margarine Unie, Uniliver, Unilever
Samuel van den Bergh Pic co-founder 1927 Margarine Unie Unilever
Gordon Binder Pic CEO Exec VP Amgen
Arthur Blank HW Pic CEO 1997-2000 Home Depot
Sir Victor Blank Pic chairman Lloyds Banking Group
Lloyd Blankfein RWF HW Pic chairman, CEO Goldman Sachs
Jeffrey Bleustein CEO 1997-2005 Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Michael Blumenthal RWF Pic CEO chairman 1967-70 Bendix
Samuel Bodman RWC Pic CEO, chairman Cabot Corporation
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Pic chairman, CEO Nestle Group
chairman Formula One
Edgar Bronfman, Jr HW Pic chairman CEO Warner Music Groop
Samuel Bronfman RWF Pic founder, CEO Seagram Co.
Baron John Browne Pic CEO BP Jewish mother
Mitch Caplan CEO E-Trade
James Cayne Pic CEO 1993-2008 Bear Stearns
Andre Citroen RWF Pic CEO, founder Citroen
Bruce Chizen Pic CEO    -2007 Adobe Systems
Jack Cohen Pic founder 1919 Tesco Plc UK
Joseph Cullman head Altria Group Philip Morris Companies
Philippe Dauman Pic CEO, president Viacom
Michael Dell RWF HW Pic founder, CEO 1992- Dell, Inc
Barry Diller RWF Pic CEO 1985 20th Century Fox
chairman, CEO IAC
Millard Drexler Pic president, CEO Gap, Inc
CEO J.Crew Group
Pierre Dreyfus Pic CEO 1955-75 Renault
Michael Eisner RWF Pic CEO, chairman  The Walt Disney Company
Larry Ellison RWF HW Pic CEO Oracle Corporation
Michael Feuer CEO, chairman, founder 1988 OfficeMax
Laurence Fink Pic CEO chairman BlackRock
Paul Fireman Pic founder, chairman, CEO Reebok International aerobic shooes
Robert Fisher Pic president, CEO Gap Inc.
Jerald Fishman CEO president Analog Devices, Inc
Richard Fuld, Jr Pic chairman, CEO Lehman Brothers
John Gerspach Pic CEO Citigroup
Ivan Glasenberg RWC Pic CEO Glencore
Rob Glaser Pic founder 1994 CEO chairman RealNetworks
Martin Gerstel Pic Alza Corp
Avram Glazer Pic CEO, chairman, president Zapata Corporation
Lewis Glucksman Pic CEO Lehman Brothers
Brian Goldner CEO Hasbro, Inc ???
Russell Goldsmith CEO, chairman City National Bank
Michael Goldstein CEO Toys "R" Us
Harvey Golub  CEO chairman  1993-2001 American Express
Michael Gould CEO, chairman Bloomingdale's
Martin Grass CEO Rite Aid
Alan Greenberg Pic chairman CEO Bear Stearns
Jack Greenberg CEO chairman 1999-2002 McDonald's
Maurice Greenberg Pic CEO, shareholder American International Group
Sir Richard Greenbury Pic CEO chairman Marks & Spencer UK
Keith Grinstein president CEO Nextel International Canada
Henry Greenwalt CEO United Airlines
Gerald Grinstein Pic CEO 2004- Delta Air Lines
CEO Western Airlines
Andrew Grove RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American co-founder, CEO Intel
John Gutfreund Pic CEO Solomon Brothers
Daniel Guggenheim Pic CEO American Smelting and Refining Company
Eli Harari RWF Pic founder 1988 CEO president SanDisk
Harry Hart Hart Schaffner & Marx
Walter Haas, Jr Pic CEO, chairman Levi Strauss & Co.
Benjamin Heineman, Sr chairman CEO Northwest Industries
Alan Hassenfeld Pic CEO chairman 1989- Hasbro, Inc
Stephen Hassenfeld Pic CEO chairman 1980-89 Hasbro, Inc
John Hess Pic CEO 1995- Ameralda Hess
Fred Hirschhorn founder, CEO General Cigar Co
Fritz Hoffmann Pic founder 1896 Hoffman-La Roche
Max Hymans director  Air France
Robert Iger RWF Pic president, CEO The Walt Disney Company
Irwin Jacobs RWF Pic co-founder 1985 Qualcomm
Paul Jacobs Pic CEO/chairman Qualcomm
Peter Kann Pic CEO, chairman The Wall Street Journal
Harry Kamen CEO 1993-98 Metropolian Life Insurance Company
Victor Kaufman RWC CEO Columbia Pictures TriStar Pictures
Stephen Kaufman CEO 1986-2000, chairman Arrow Electronics ExLink
Julius Kessler Distillers Securities Corp.
Justin King CEO J Sainsbury plc
Steve Kirsch Pic founder 1994  Infoseek Corporation
David Komansky Pic CEO chairman 1992-2002 Merrill Lynch Jewish father
Michael Krasny Pic founder chairman CDW Corporation
Henry Kravis Pic co-founder and co-owner Kohelberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Maria Lagomasino Pic chairman, CEO J.P. Morgan Private Bank ???
Sir Frank Lampl Pic CEO Bovis UK
Isaac Larian RWF Pic founder CEO MGA Entertainment Bratz
Leonard Lauder HW Pic co-owner, CEO -1999 Estee Lauder
Frank Lautenberg RWF HW Pic CEO 1975- Automatic Data Processing
Charles Lazarus founder 1948, CEO Toys "R" Us
Ralph Lazarus CEO chairman Exec VP Federal Department Stores
Alfred Lerner Pic chairman MBNA America Bank
Gerald Levin CEO    -2002 Time-Warner
Jeremy Levin Pic CEO 2012- Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
Jerry Levin Pic CEO 1991-97 Revlon
Arthur Levinson RWF Pic CEO chairman Genentech
Jean-Bernard Levy Pic chairman/CEO IDF
Kenneth Levy Pic chairman KLA-Tencor
Igal Lichtman CEO, chairman Magic Solutions International
Lorry Lokey Pic founder 1961, CEO Business Wire
Michael Lynton RWC Pic CEO, chairman 2004- Sony Pictures Entertainment
Leonard Litwin Pic CEO Glenwood Management Co 891 Forbes
Baron Ian Livingstone Pic CEO BT Group
Robert Louis-Dreyfus Pic CEO chairman Adidas-Salomon Company Jewish father
Alfred Mann Pic owner MannKind Corporation 390 Forbes
Bernard Marcus Pic CEO 1979-1997, chairman Home Depot
Paul Maritz Pic Rhodesian-born American senior executive of Microsoft,  VMware Corporation
Dan Maydan Pic president 1994- Applied Materials
Paul Merage Pic co-founder Chef America Inc
Carol Meyrowitz RWC Pic CEO, president TJX Companies ???
Randy Michaels CEO Clear Channel Communications
Jonathan Miller CEO, chairman 2002- AOL
Ed Mlavsky Pic co-founder COO Tyco International
James Murren Pic CEO/chairman MGM Resorts International
Joseph Neubauer Pic CEO, chairman Alamark Corporation food services
Larry Page RWF HW Pic co-founder, CEO Google
Abe Peled Pic CEO/chairman NDS Group
Gerry Pencer CEO Cott Beverages soft drink
Anton Philips Pic CEO 1922-39 Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish father
Frits Philips Pic chairman Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish paternal grandfather
Gerard Philips Pic co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish father
Lewis Platt CEO 1993-99, chairman Hewlett-Packard Company
David Pottruck Pic CEO Charles Scwab Corporation
Thomas Pritzker Pic CEO, chairman Global Hyatt Corporation
Irving Rabb Vice Chairman Stop & Stop
Stewart Rahr Pic president, CEO Kinray Corp wholesale drug destributor
Steven Rales Pic chairman 1984- Danaher Corporation
Simon Ramo RWF HW Pic co founder TRWF
Sumner Redstone RWC CEO, chairman Viacom
Paul Reichmann RWF HW Pic owner, developer Olympia & York
owner, developer Canary Wharf
Michael Rich Pic president, CEO Rand Corporation
Brian Roberts RWC Pic CEO chairman Comcast Communications
Benjamin Rosen RWF Pic co-founder chairman Compaq Computer Corp
Solomon Rosenbaum National Clock & Suit Company
Irene Rosenfeld RWC HW Pic CEO Kraft Foods Inc 
Steve Ross RWC Pic CEO Time-Warner
Julius Rosenwald RWF HW Pic CEO chairman Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Alan Rosskamm CEO Jo-Ann Stores
John Roth Pic CEO Nortel Networks Inc
Edmond Safra  RWC HW Pic founder 1966 Republic National Bank 
Henry Samueli Pic co-founder 1991 Broadcom Corporation
Viscount Marcus Samuel Pic British founder 1897 of Shell Oil Company, Royal Dutch Shell
Barry Schuler Pic CEO AOL Jewish father
Howard Schultz RWF HW Pic CEO chairman Starbucks
Bernard Schwartz Pic CEO chairman Loral Space & Communications
Gerald Schwartz Pic CEO Onex Corp.
Jonathan Schwartz Pic CEO president Sun Microsystems ???
Stephen Schwarzman RWF Pic co-founder, chairman, CEO Blackstone Group
Gerald Schwartz Pic chairman, CEO Onex Corporation Canada
Ivan Seidenberg Pic chairman, CEO Verizon Communications
Terry Semel Pic CEO, chairman Yahoo
Irving Shapiro Pic president, CEO 1973- DuPont Corporation
Robert Shapiro Pic CEO, chairman Monsanto
Henry Silverman CEO Cendant Corporation
David Simon Pic CEO Simon Property Group Indiapolis shopping malls
Baron David Simon Pic chairman, CEO British Petroleum
James Sinegal Pic co-founder, CEO CostCo Wholesale Corporation ExLink
Jeff Smulyan Pic CEO, chairman, founder 1980 Emmis Communications radio/television
Ron Sommer CEO Deutsche Telecom
Harry Sonneborn Pic president/CEO McDonald Corporation
Jerry Speyer Pic CEO, president Tishman Speyer Properties New York Jewish father
Philip Sporn Pic president CEO 1947-61 American Gas & Electric Co.
Thomas Stemberg Pic cofounder 1985, CEO Staples, Inc office supply store chain
Seymour Sternberg Pic chairman/CEO 1997-2005 New York Life
Gerald Storch Pic CEO, chairman Toys "R" Us
Sir Howard Stringer Pic CEO, chairman Sony Corporation Japan
Ofra Strauss HW Pic chairman Strauss Group Israel
Barry Sternlicht chairman, CEO StaRWFood Capital Group
Henry Taub HW Pic co-founder  Automatic Data Processing
Sidney Taurel chairman, CEO Eli Lilly and Company
Laurence Tisch Pic CEO CBS
CEO Loews Corporation
Jeff Wachtel president Universal Cable Productions
Dana Walden RWC Pic co-chairman, Co-CEO, Fox Television Group
Bruce Wasserstein Pic CEO, chairman Lazard LLC Partners
Lew Wasserman RWC Pic CEO Music Corporation of America
Sanford Weil co-chairman CEO Citigroup
Mark Weinberger Pic chairman/CEO Ernst & Young
Eitan Wertheimer Pic CEO Iscar Ltd Israel
Leslie Wexner Pic founder 1963, chairman, CEO Limited Brands
Meg Whitman RWF HW Pic CEO, president Ebay ???
CEO Hewlett-Packard Company
Robert Willumstad Pic chairman/CEO AIG
Shlomo Yanai CEO 2006-12 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
Sheldon Yellen CEO Belfor Property Restoration
Edward Zander RWC Pic CEO Motorola
Felix Zandman RWF HW Pic Vishay Intertechnology
Mark Zuckerberg RWF HW Pic founder, CEO Facebook
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Fortune 500/2007