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Baseball Hall Of Fame Inducted
Sy Berger Img American baseball activist, Topps, 1988
Lou Boudreau RW5 Img American baseball player, (Jewish mother) 1970
Si Burick Img American sportswriter,
Barney Dreyfuss RW5 Img German-born American major baseball leage executive, 2008
Hank Greenberg RW5 Img American baseball player, 1956
Sandy Koufax RWF Img American baseball player, 1972
Milton Richman Img American sports columnist,    1981
Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame   NBA + NCAA players Inducted
Arnold Auerbach Img American basketball coach, 1969
Senda Berenson RWF Img Lithuanian-born American pioneer of women's basketball,
Larry Brown RW5 Img American basketball coach, 2002
Lawrence Fleischer Img American attorney, sports agent, 1991
Marty Friedman RW5 Img American basketball coach, player, 1972
Julius Goldman RW5 Img Canadian basketball player, 1981
Edward Gottlieb RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American basketball coach, manager, 1972
Russ Granik Img Deputy Commissioner of NBA,
Nat Holman RW5 Img American basketball player, 1964
Red Holzman RW5 Img American basketball coach, player, 1986
Noah Krieger Img French-born Israeli journalist, sports administrator, 2015
Nancy Lieberman RW5 HW Img American basketball player, analyst, coach, 1996
Harry Litwack RW5 Img Polish-born American basketball coach, 1976
Maurice Podoloff Img Ukrainian-born American basketball/ice hockey administrator, 1974
Jerry Reinsdorf RWF Img American lawyer, owner of Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox,
Mendy Rudolph Img American basketball referee, 2007
Leonard Sachs Img American basketball coach, football player, 1961
Abe Saperstein RW5 Img British-born American coach, founder of  Harlem Globetroters, 1971
Dolph Schayes RW5 Img American basketball coach, player, 1973
Barney Sedran RW5 Img American basketball player, 1962
David Tobey Img American basketball coach, referee, 1961
International Boxing Hall Of Fame  
Barney Aaron RW5 Img American British boxer,
Ray Arcel RW5 Img American boxing trainer,
Bob Arum RWF Img American boxing promoter, 1999
Max Baer RWF HW Img American boxer, actor, (Jewish father) 1995
Benny Bass RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American boxer, featherweight W1927 28 2002
Al Bernstein Img American sportswriter, radio host, boxing analyst, 2012
Whitey_Bimstein Img American boxing trainer, 2006
Lester Bromberg Img American boxing journalist, 2001
Newsboy Brown Img American boxer, 2012
Joe Choynski RW5 Img American boxer,  heavyweight 1998 ExLink
Irving Cohen Img American boxing trainer, 2002
Howard Cosell HW Img American sportscaster, television journalist, 2010
Mickey Duff Img Polish-born British boxer, manager, promoter, 1999
Jackie Fields Img American boxer, 2004
Hagar Finer RWC Img Israeli boxer, WC
Shelly Finkel Img American music/boxing promoter, 2010
Nat Fleischer Img American boxing writer, 1990
Charley Goldman RW5 Img Polish-born American boxing trainer, 1992
Ruby Goldstein Img American boxer, 1994
Bob Goodman Img American boxing promoter,??? 2009
James Jacobs Img American handball player, collector, historian, boxing manager, 1993
Mike Jacobs RW5 Img American boxing promoter, 1990
Hank Kaplan Img president of World Boxing Historians Association 2006
Louis Kaplan Img Ukrainian-born American boxer, 2003
Michael Katz Img American sportswriter, 2012
Benny Leonard RW5 HW Img American boxer, 1990
Battling Levinsky RW5 Img American boxer, 2000
Harry Lewis Img American boxer, welterfeight 2008
A.J. Liebling Img American sports author, biographer, media critic, 1992
Sammy Mandell Img American boxer, lightweight 1998
Daniel Mendoza RWF HW Img British boxer, 1990
Larry Merchant Img American sportswriter, boxing analyst, 2009
Russell Peltz Img American boxing promoter, 2004
Maxie Rosenbloom RW5 Img American boxer, film actor, light-heavyweight 1993
Adi Rotem RWC Img Israeli boxer, W2012  kickboxer
Budd Schulberg RW5 HW Img American screenwriter, novelist, television producer, sports writer, 2003
Sam Silverman Img New York Supreme Court Justice, ??? 2002
Jack Solomons Img British boxing promoter, 1995
Bert Sugar Img American boxing writer, sports historian, 2005
Sam Taub Img American radio sports broadcaster, 1995
Al Weill Img American/French boxing manager, 2003
Stanley Weston Img American sportswriter, sports photographer, ???
ICC Cricket Hall of Fame
Fred Trueman RW5 Img British cricketer, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
ICC Cricket/wiki/cat
USFA Hall of Fame
Norman Armitage RW5 Img American saber fencer, 1963
Albert Axelrod RW5 Img American foil fencer, individual foil 1974
Daniel Bukantz RW5 Img American fencer, referee, 1978
Ralph Goldstein Img American fencer,
Allan Kwartler RW5 Img American sabre/foil fencer, 2001
Helene Mayer RWC HW Img German fencer, (Jewish father) 1963
Julia Pugliese Img American fencer, fencing coach, 1974
World Figure Skaitng Hall of Fame   Inducted
Felix Kaspar RW5 Img Austrian figure skater, 1998
Lily Kronberger RWC HW Img Hungarian figure skater, 1997
Irina Rodnina RWF Img Russian figure skater, (Jewish mother) 1989
Louis Rubinstein RW5 Img Canadian figure skater, 1984
U.S. National Soccer Federation Hall of Fame
Philip Anschutz Img American founder/chairman of Anchutz Corporation,  ???
Kurt Lamm Img German-born American soccer player, coach, manager, administrator,
Steve Ross RWC Img American CEO of Time/Warner Inc. Time/Warner Inc
Erno Schwarz Img Hungarian American soccer player, coach, promoter, 1979
Lee Stern RW5 Img American commodities trader, Chicago White Sox, 2003
Pro Football Hall Of Fame   NFL Inducted
Al Davis RW5 Img American football executive, 1992
Benny Friedman RW5 Img American football player, 2005
Sid Gillman RW5 Img American football coach, 1983
Marv Levy RW5 Img American football coach, 2001
Sid Luckman RW5 Img American football player, 1965
Ron Mix RW5 Img American football player, 1979
Art Spander Img American sportswriter,   
Ed Sabol Img American filmmaker, 2011
Andre Tippett RW5 Img American football player, (convert to Judaism) 2008
World Golf Hall of Fame
Amy Alcott RW5 Img American professional golfer,
International Gymnastics Hall of Fame    
Agnes Keleti RWC HW Img Hungarian-born Israeli  gymnast, floor exercises, O1948 1 gold 1 team silver 2 team bronze O1952 4 gold O1956 2 silver 2002
Yelena Shushunova RWC HW Img Russian gymnast, O1988 1 team gold 1 gold 3 silver bronze 2004
International Gymnastics Hall of Fame
IIHF Hall of Fame
Rudi Ball RW5 Img German ice hockey player,
John Ziegler Img president 1977-92 of National Hockey League, National Hockey Hall of Fame
IIHF Hal of Fame
US National Lacrosse Hall of Fame  
Alvin Krongard Img deputy director of CIA, 1980
Howard Krongard Img Inspector General of the Department of State, 1985
Victor Ross Img Hungarian-born American lacrosse player, 1962
National Lacrose Hall of Fame/wiki
Speedskating Hall of Fame Inducted
Andrew Gabel Img American speed skater,
Irving Jaffee Img American speed skater, 1940
Speedskating Hall of Fame
International Swimming Hall of Fame    
William Bachrach Img American water sports coach 1996
Gerard Blitz RW5 HW Img Belgian swimmer, waterpolo player, 1990
Andrea Gyarmati RWC HW Img Hungarian swimmer, 100-meter backstroke 1995
Deszo Gyarmati RWC Img Hungarian water polo player, (Jewish father) 1995
Alfred Hajos RW5 HW Img Hungarian swimmer, 1966
Bela Komjadi RW5 Img Hungarian water polo coach, 1995
Paul Neumann RW5 HW Img Austrian swimmer, 1986
Bela Rajki Img Hungarian swimming/water polo coach, 1996
Mark Spitz RWC HW Img American swimmer, 1977
Eva Szekely RWC HW Img Hungarian swimmer, 4*100 meter freestyle relay 1976
International Swimming Hall of Fame
International Table Tennis Foundation Hall of Fame    
Viktor Barna RW5 HW Img Hungarian table tennis player, 1993
Laszlo Bellak RW5 Img Hungarian-born  American table tennis player, 1993
Richard Bergmann RW5 Img Austrian-born  British table tennis player, 1993
Zoltan Mechlovits Img Hungarian table tennis player, 1993
Ivor Montagu RWF Img president 1926-67 International Table Tennis Federation 1995
Anna Sipos RWC HW Img Hungarian table tennis player, 1993
Miklos Szabados RWC HW Img Hungarian Australian table tennis player, (Jewish mother)  15 medals 1993
IAAF Hall of Fame International Association of Athletics Federations
Fanny Blankers-Koen Img Dutch athlete, 2012
Irena Szewinska RWC HW Img Russian-born Polish sprinter, 4*100 meter relay 2012
Volleyball Hall of Fame
Adriana Behar RWC Img Brazilian volleyball player, 2010
Carlos Nuzman RW5 Img President of Organizing of Summer Olympic Games 2016- , 2007
Bernard Rajzman Img Brazilian volleyball player, 2005
Arie Selinger RW5 Img Polish-born Israeli valeyball coach, 1995
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