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American (USA)
Daniel Aaron co-founder Comcast Communications ExLink
Duane Ackerman chairman CEO BellSouth
Philip Anschutz Img founder 1996 Qwest ???
Edmund Ansin RWA Img co-founder Sunbeam Television Corp
Stephen Appel Img president ION Media Networks
Rick Bernstein senior vice president HBO sports
David Berson executive VP CBS sports
Ralph Baruch Img founder 1971 CEO Viacom
Matthew Blank chairman, CEO Showtime Networks
George Blumenthal chairman Cellular Communications Inc ExLink1 ExLink2
George Bodenheimer president ESPN/ABC sports
Robert Briskman RWC Img executive VP Sirius XM Radio
Julian Brodsky Img co-founder Comcast Corporation
Brandon Burges chairman, CEO ION Media Networks
Stephen Burke executive VP Comcast Corporation
Spence Cadwell Img executive Dominion Network
Chris Cohan Img owner Sonnic Communications
Danny Cohen Img controller 2010- BBC One
David Cohen executive VP Comcast Corporation
Evan Montvel-Cohen Img founder, chairman Air America Radio
Charlie Collier president, general manager, Rainbow Media
Rob Correa executive VP CBS sports
Jan Crouch co-founder Trinity Broadcasting Network Jewish father
Lenny Daniels executive VP Turner sports
Mitch Davis VP Fox News Radio
Debra Delman senior VP National Public Radio
Andy Denemark executive VP United States Radio Networks ???
Jon Diament executive VP Turner sports
Peter Diamond Img senior VP NBC sports
Sheldon Drobny Img Air America Radio
Dick Ebersol Img chairman NBC sports ???
Judy Ellis COO Citadel Broadcasting
Jamie Erlicht president/US Programming and Production Sony Pictures Television
Lady Lynn Forester Img founder CEO ELR Holdings FirstMark Communications Euorope ExLink
Harold Geneen Img founder CEO president ITT Jewish father
Harold Geneen Img co-founder MCI Communications Jewish father
Alan Gerry RWC Img American founder of Cablevision Industries, Cablevision Industries
Scott Ginsburg Img CEO, president Chancellor Media
Daniel Gold CEO, president Knight-Ridder Broadcasting Company
Leonard Goldenson Img founder ABC tv network
Julian Goodman president 1958-75 NBC
Ed Goren vice chairman Fox sports
Richard Gottlieb chairman Lee Enterprises
Roth Greenburg president HBO sports
Keith Grinstein president CEO Nextel International
Scott Greenstein Img president, chief content officer Sirius XM Radio
Ted Halbert chairman NBC Broadcasting
Eddy Hartenstein Img chairman Sirius XM Radio
Andrew Heller vice chairman Turner Broadcasting System
Scott Herman executive VP CBS Radio Network ???
Ken Hershman executive VP Showtime sports
David Hill chairman, CEO Fox sports
David Hillman executive VP Westwood One
Baruch Ivcher Img Israeli-born Peruvian television station owner, Frecuencia Latina
Irwin Jacobs RWF Img co-founder, owner Qualcomm
Walter Jacobs executive VP Turner sports
Ken Jautz Img president of US operations CNN
Howard Jonas Img founder, chairman IDT Corp
Steve Jones VP ABC News Radio ???
Kelly Kahl senior executive VP CBS Primetime ???
Andrew Kalb executive director ABC News Radio ???
Steven Kalin president, CEO Westwood One
David Kanter president AMFM Radio Network
Nate Kantor president 1982- MCI International Win Star CEO president
Andy Kaplan president Sony Pictures Television
Craig Karmazin Img CEO founder Good Karma Broadcasting sports radio station
Mel Karmazin Img chairman, CEO 2004- Sirius XM Radio
Philip Kent chairman, CEO Turner Broadcasting System
Paula Kerger Img president, CEO Public Broadcasting Services
Eric Kessler co-president Home Box Office
Steve Koonin Img president Turner Broadcasting System
Kay Koplovitz Img co-founder, chairman, CEO USA Network
John Kosner senior VP ESPN/ABC sports
Mark Lazarus president NBC sports Cable Group
Steve Lehman president Jacor Communications
Gerry Lenfest Img founder 1974 Lenfest Communications cable television
Ross Levinsohn Img president Fox Interactive Media
David Levy president Turner sports
Carolina Lightcap Img president Radio Disney ???
Jon Litner president NBC sports
Lorry Lokey Img founder 1961 Business Wire
John Maatta Img COO CW Television Nework
David Madden president Fax Television Studios
Frank Mankiewicz Img president National Public Radio
Jeffrey Marcus CEO, president Chancellor Media
David Margolese Img Canadian-born Israeli entrepreneur, co-founder of Sirius XM Radio
Dan Mason president, CEO CBS Radio Network
Mark Masters Img president, CEO Talk Radio Network
Barry Meyer RWC Img chairman, CEO Warner Bros. ExLink
James Meyer president Sirius XM Radio
Randy Michaels CEO Clear Channel Communications
Randy Michaels president Jacor Communications
Jon Miller president NBC sports
Leslie Moonves RWC Img chairman CBC Corporation
Steve Mosko president Sony Pictures Television
Marc Nathanson Img shareholder Falcon Cable
David Nevins Img president of Entertainment Showtime Networks
president, CEO Showtime
William  Paley RWF HW Img founder CBS tv network
Norman Pattiz Img founder, chairman Westwood One radio network
Mark Pedowitz Img president The CW Television Network
Richard Plepler Img co-president HBO
David Poltrack executive VP (research and Planning) CBS
Carin Pratt executive producer Face The Nation
Mitch Praver executive VP, COO National Public Radio ???
Davis Preschlack execitive VP ESPN/ABC sports
Robert Rabinovitch head CBC canada
Abbe Raven CEO, president A&E Television Networks
Sumner Redstone RWC Img CEO, chairman Viacom
Edwin Rivera-Searles senior VP Citadel Media ???
David Rhodes Img president  CBS News Jewish mother
Brian Roberts RWC Img CEO, chairman Comcast Communications
Steve Ronson senior VP A&E Television Networks
Bruce Rosenblum president Warner Bros. Ttelevision
Rich Ross Img Discovery Channel
Peter Roth president Warner Bros.
Martine Rothblatt Img lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, Sirius XM Radio
Martin Rubinstein CEO 1986 Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Martin Rubinstein CEO 1984 Mutual Broadcasting
Mitchell Rubinstein co-founder CBS tv network
John Sander chairman Citadel Broadcasting ???
Geoffrey Sands Img chairman PBS ???
Joshua Sapan Img president, CEO Rainbow Media
David Saperstein Img shareholder Westwood One
David Sarnoff RWF HW Img founder  RCA
Robert Sarnoff Img CEO RCA NBC tv network
James Schamus Img Good Machine
Ken Schanzer president NBC sports
Vivian Schiller president, CEO 2009- National Public Radio ???
Herbert Schlosser president 1974- NBC
Neal Schore president, CEO Triton Media Group
Bernard Schwartz Img CEO chairman Loral Space & Communications
Joseph Segel Img founder 1986 QVC television network
Jonathan Sehring Img president Rainbow Media/IFC Entertainment
Ivan Seidenberg Img chairman, CEO Verizon Communications
Eric Shanks president Fox sports
Evan Shapiro president Rainbow Media
Rod Sherwood CFO, president Westwood One
Brad Siegel Img president Turner Network Television
Robert Sillerman Img co-founder Clear Channel Communications
Fred Silverman Img president 1975 ABC
Fred Silverman Img president 1978 NBC
John Skipper executive VP ESPN/ABC sports
Jeff Smulyan Img  CEO, chairman, founder 1980 Emmis Communications radio&television
Ron Sommer CEO Deutsche Telcom
Mark Stencel Img Managing editor NPR News
Mark Taffet senior vice president HBO sports
Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff president of entertainment The CW Television Network
president 2002-06 UPN Entertainment
Laurence Tisch Img CEO CBS tv network
Bruce Tuchman president MGM Worldwide Networks
Brad Turell Turner Broadcasting
Nicholas Verbitsky chairman, CEO United States Radio Networks ???
Andrew Viterbi RWF HW Img co-founder Qualcomm
Ken Werner president Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution
Gary Winnick Img chairman Global Crossing
Richard Wolff COO Triton Media Group
Russell Wolff executive VP ESPN/ABC sports
Daniel Yukelson execurive VP, COO Premiere Radio Networks
David Zagin execurive VP A&E Television Networks
Mark Zand executive VP ION Media Networks
David Zaslav Img president, CEO Discovery Communications
Samuel Zell Img chairman, major shareholder Jacor Communications
Gary Zenkel president NBC sports
Moses Znaimer Img co-founder Citytv canada
Jeff Zucker RWC Img president NBC Universal Television Group
News (Television)
Dan Abrams Img General Manager MSNBC
Michael Bloomberg RWF HW Img founder, owner Bloomberg L.P.
Susan Bunda Img executive VP CNN
Steve Capus president NBC News
Daniel Doctoroff president Bloomberg L.P.
Amy Entelis Senior VP ABC News ???
Bob Epstein executive producer NBC News Nightly News with Brian Williams
Jeff Fager Img executive producer, Chairman of CBS News, CBS 60 minutes
Barbara Fedida executive vice president CBC News
Betsy Fischer NBC News Meet with Press
Reuven Frank Img president NBC News
Fred Friendly Img president CBC News
Cheryl Gould Senior VP NBC News
Jeff Gaspin Img executive VP NBC
Susan Grant executive VP CNN
Peter Grauer chairman 2001- Bloomberg L.P. ???
Katherine Green Senior VP CNN
Lawrence Grossman president CBC News
Don Hewitt Img American television news producer/executive, CBC News
Mark Hoffman president, CEO CNBC ???
Walter Isaacson RWF HW Img CEO, chairman CNN
Ken Jautz Img executive VP CNN
Rick Kaplan president 2004- of MSNBC MSNBC cable news channel
executive producer CBS Evening News with Catie Curic Katie Couric
Lauren Kapp senior VP NBC News
Mel Karmazin Img CEO CBS
Jeffrey Katz deputy managing editor NPR News
Jon Klein Img president 2004- CNN
Andrew Lack Img president NBCUniversal Television and Streaming 
Mark Lukasiewicz VP NBC News
Bill Martens vice president CBS News ???
Dick Meyer executive editor for news NPR News
Rand Morrison executive producer CBS News Sunday Morning
Elena Nachmanoff VP NBC News
Nancy Nathan executive producer NBC News The Chris Matthews Show
Mosheh Oinounou executive producer CBS News
Noah Oppenheim Img president NBC News
Sharon Otterman VP, Chief Marketing Officer MSNBC
Norman Pearlstine Img chief content officer Bloomberg L.P.
Sol Rabinowitz VP CBS International
Burt Reinhardt Img president  CNN
David Rhodes Img president  CBS News Jewish mother
Michael Rubin VP MSNBC
Scot Safon executive VP CNN
Richard Salant Img president CBS News
Jeffrey Schneider senior vice president ABC News ???
Reese Schonfeld Img president, co-founder CNN
Neal Shapiro president NBC News
Ben Sherwood Img president ABC News
Lloyd Siegel VP NBC News
Paul Slavin senior vice president ABC News ???
Richard Stursberg Executive Vice President CBC/Radio Canada Canada
Richard Wald Img head NBC News
Alexandra Wallace senior VP NBC News
Ellen Weiss American journalist, radio executive, NPR News
David Westin president ABC News
Ethel Winant Img Vice President CBS ExLink
Matthew Winkler Img editor in chieff Bloomberg News
Bill Wolff VP MSNBC
Susan Zirinsky Img executive producer, president  CBS News 48 Hours
Jeff Zucker RWC Img president CNN Worldwide
David Abraham Img British CEO of UK Channel Four Television Corporation 2010- ,
Jenny Abramsky Img director of Radio BBC
Baron Alexander Bernstein Img managng director, chairman Granada Television
Baron Sidney Bernstein Img founder 1955, chairman Granada Television
Graham Creelman Img managing director 1996- Anglia Television ???
Mark Damazer Img BBC Controller BBC
David Elstein Img founder Channel 5
David Elstein Img chairman Sparrowhawk Media Hallmark channel
Baron Leslie Grade executive Grade Organisation
Baron Michael Grade Img British chairman of BBC  2004- , BBC
Leslie Grade executive Grade Organisation
Baron Lew Grade Img Ukrainian-born British founder of ATV, ATV
Michael Green Img founder of Carlton Communications
chairman 2004-06 BBC
chairman 2007- ATV
Stephen Hearst Img Austrian-born British television/radio executive,
Baron Clive Hollick Img director 1995-97 Channel 4
Sir Jeremy Isaacs Img CEO 1981-87 Channel 4
Steve Morrison CEO 1996-2003 Granada Television ???
Baron Paul Myners Img chairman Guardian Media Group
Baron Paul Reuter RWF Img founder of Reuters news agency
Baron Jacob Rothschild RWF Non-Executive Deputy Chairman of the Board BSkyB
Anthony Salz Vice Chairman 2004-06 BBC
Charles Wigoder Img British computer entrepreneour, Peoples Phone
Alan Yentob Img director of  BBC
Stuart Young chairman 1983-86 BBC 1983
Moshe Arkin Bezeq
Sir Ronald Cohen RWF Img co-owner Bezeq <APAX Partners
Shaul Elovitch Img Polish-born Israeli businessman, Eurokom Group,
Haim Saban RWC HW Img co-owner Bezeq
Nochi Dankner Img co-owner Cellcom wireless provider
Patrick Drahi RWC HW Img co-owner HOT (Israel) cable tv provider
David Kaminitz CEO HOT (Israel) cable tv provider Altice
Mirs Communications LTD wireless provider
Orange wireless provider
Pelephone wireless provider
Partner Communications LTD wireless provider
Tadiran Telcom
YES DBS tv provider Bezeq
Other Countries
Serge Adda RWC Img president television station TV5 France
Israel Asper Img Canadian founder of CanWest Global Communications Corp, CanWest Global Communications
Rodney Adler director One Tel
Charles Dalfen Img chairman 2002-06 CRTC Canada
Keith Grinstein president CEO Nextel International
Jerry Grafstein Img co-founder 1050 CHUM Canada
Harold Greenberg Img   Astral Media Canada/TV company
Pehr Gyllenhammar Img chairman Reuters Jewish mother
Peter Ivany Img Australian mass media owner, Hoyts
Paul Jay Img creator, filmmaker The Real News
Serge Moati RWC Img director 3rd TV Channel France
Silvio Santos RWC Img founder 1981, owner SBT Brazil
Ron Sommer CEO Deutsche Telcom
Jay Switzer Img CEO, president CHUM Limited canada