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Harry Eagle RWF Pic American microbiologist, cell biologist, Eagle Harry 
Ian Eagle Pic American sports announcer, Eagle Ian 
Jack Eagle Pic American actor, Eagle Jack 
David Eagleman Pic American neuroscientst, Eagleman David 
Baron Sampson Eardley Pic British politician, MP 1770-1802, (Jewish father) Eardley Sampson
Robert Earl Pic American founder/chairman of Planet Hollywood International, Earl Robert 
Jack Earle Pic American film actor, Earle Jack 
Raven Earlygrow American mayor of Point Arena, California, Earlygrow Raven
Josephine Earp Pic American dancer, actress, Earp Josephine 
Lee Eastman Pic American show business atorney, art collector, Eastman Lee 
Monk Eastman American gangster,  Eastman Monk 
Elliot Easton Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Easton Elliot 
Joseph Eaton Pic German-born American sociologist, anthropologist, Eaton Joseph 
Connie Eaves Pic Canadian cancer researcher, Eaves Connie 
Abba Eban RWF HW Pic South African-born Israeli diplomat, politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs , Eban Abba 
Fred Ebb RWF HW Pic American composer:lyricist, songwriter:lyricist, Ebb Fred 
Zoetica Ebb Pic Russian-born American artist, photographer, writer, model, Ebb Zoetica
Petr Eben HW Pic Czech composer, pianist, (Jewish father) Eben Petr 
Irene Eber Pic German-born Israeli orientalist, translator, Eber Irene
Timothy Eberlein American cancer researcher,   Eberlein Timothy 
Georg Ebers Pic German novelist, egyptologist, (Jewish descent) Ebers Georg 
Dick Ebersol Pic American chairman of NBC sports, Ebersol Dick 
Drew Eberson American theater architect, Eberson Drew
John Eberson Pic Ukrainian-born American architect, Eberson John 
Hans Eberstark Austrian linguist, translator, mental calculator, Eberstark Hans 
Mark Ebner Pic American investigative journalist, ??? Ebner Mark 
Mayer Ebner HW Pic Romanian politician, MP 1928- , Ebner Mayer 
Marcelo Ebrard Pic Mexican Head of Government of the Federal District, Ebrard Marcelo 
Wilhelm Ebstein Pic German physician, Ebstein Wilhelm
Maria Echaveste Pic American presidential advicer,  Clinton (convert to Judaism) Echaveste Maria 
Oscar Eckenstein Pic British rock climber, mountaineer, (Jewish father) Eckenstein Oscar
Joseph Ecker Pic American plant biologist, Arabidopsis Genome plant biology, ??? Ecker Joseph 
James Eckhouse Pic American film/television actor, Eckhouse James 
Rebecca Eckler Pic Canadian journalist, author, Eckler Rebecca
Julius Eckman Pic German/Polish-born journalit, rabbi, Eckman Julius 
Beno Eckmann Pic Swiss mathematician, Eckmann Beno
Jean-Pierre Eckmann Pic Swiss mathematical physicist, Eckmann Jean-Pierre
Marc Ecko Pic American fashion designer, entrepreneur, Ecko Marc 
Baron Ferdinand Eckstein Danish philosopher, playwright, Eckstein Ferdinand
Harry Eckstein American political scientist, Eckstein Harry 
Nathan Eckstein Pic German-born American businessman, Eckstein Nathan
Otto Eckstein RWF Pic German-born American economist, Eckstein Otto 
Warren Eckstein Pic American animal beheviorist, pet trainer, animal rights activist, Eckstein Warren
Zeev Eckstein Pic Israeli assassin, shot Kastner Rudolph 1957, Eckstein Zeev 
Edan Pic American hip hop artist, rapper Edan
Abraham Edel Pic American philosopher, ethisist, Edel Abraham
Leon Edel Pic American language/literary critic/scholar, Edel Leon 
Lazar Edeleanu HW Pic Romanian chemist, inventor, Edeleanu Lazar 
Ran Edelist HW Pic Israeli journalist, writer, Edelist Ran 
Dean Edell Pic American talk radio host, medical/health topics, Edell Dean 
Abram Edelman American architect, Edelman Abram
Alan Edelman Pic American mathematician, computer scientist, ??? Edelman Alan 
Aleksandr Edelman RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Edelman Aleksandr 
Asher Edelman American corporate raider, Edelman Asher 
Daniel Edelman American CEO/chairman, Edelman Worldwhile public relations, Edelman Daniel 
Elazer Edelman Pic American health sciences and technology scholar, Edelman Elazer
Eric Edelman Pic American ambassador to Finland 1998-2001, Turkey 2003-05 Edelman Eric 
Ezra Edelman Pic American documetary film director, producer, (Jewish father) Edelman Ezra 
Fanny Edelman RWC Pic Argentine politician, president of Communist Party of Argentina, Edelman Fanny
Gerald Edelman RWF HW Pic American biologist, embyologist, immunologist, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (1972) Edelman Gerald 
Gregg Edelman Pic American film/television/stage actor, Edelman Gregg 
Herb Edelman Pic American stage/film/television actor, Edelman Herb 
Isidore Edelman Pic American biochemist, Edelman Isidore 
Judith Edelman Pic American singer, Edelman Judith 
Keith Edelman Pic British businessman, Edelman Keith
Louis Edelman Pic American film producer, screenwriter, Edelman Louis 
Marek Edelman RWF HW Pic Polish Warshaw Ghetto uprising leader, MP 1989-93 Edelman Marek 
Mark Edelman American ambassador to Cameroon 1987-89, Edelman Mark 
Martin Edelman American CEO of Avis Budget Group Inc, Edelman Martin 
Maurice Edelman Pic British Labour MP 1945-75, novelist, Edelman Maurice 
Peter Edelman Pic American lawyer, policy maker, Edelman Peter 
Randy Edelman RWF Pic American film/television score composer, singer/songwriter, Edelman Randy 
Ric Edelman Pic American chairman/CEO of Edelman Financial Services, talk radio host, Edelman Ric
Kate Edelman Johnson Pic American film producer,  Edelman Johnson Kate
Hirsch Edelmann Russian author, editor, Edelmann Hirsch
John Edelmann American architect, journalist, anarchist, Edelmann John
Herbert Edelsbrunner Austrian-born American computer scientist, ??? Edelsbrunner Herbert 
Becky Edelsohn Pic Ukrainian-born American anarchist, hunger striker, Edelsohn Becky
Maurice Edelson American executive VP, Time, Inc, Edelson Maurice 
David Edelstadt RWF HW Pic Russian-born American anarchist poet, Edelstadt David 
Daniel Edelstein Pic materials engineering,  ??? Edelstein Daniel 
David Edelstein American film critic, ??? Edelstein David 
David Edelstein American federal judge, unconfermed Edelstein David 
Gordon Edelstein Pic American theater director, theatrical producer, Edelstein Gordon 
Joseph Edelstein Romanian-born American yiddish theater actor, Edelstein Joseph
Lisa Edelstein RWF HW Pic American actress, playwright,    Edelstein Lisa 
Ludwig Edelstein Pic German-born American scholar, historian of ancient medicine,   Edelstein Ludwig
Morris Edelstein Pic American representative, 1939-1941, Edelstein Morris 
Paul Edelstein HW Pic American film/television actor, Edelstein Paul 
Pauline Edelstein Pic Romanian-born American stage actress, Edelstein Pauline
Ruben Edelstein Pic American mayor of Brownsville, Texas 1975-79, Edelstein Ruben
Sidney Edelstein HW Pic American chemist, inventor, bibliophil, Dexter Chemical Corporation, Edelstein Sidney 
Stuart Edelstein Pic American biochemist, Edelstein Stuart 
Vitaly Edelstein RWF Pic Soviet agronom, Edelstein Vitaly 
William Edelstein Pic American physicist, Edelstein William
Yaakov Edelstein Russian/Soviet geologist, Edelstein Yaakov 
Yakov Edelstein RWF Ukrainian-born Russian geologist, geographist, geomorphology, Edelstein Yakov 
Yuli-Yoel Edelstein RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born  Israeli politician, Edelstein Yuli-Yoel 
Geoffrey Edelsten Pic Australian entrepreneur, Allied Medical Group, Edelsten Geoffrey
Chana Eden Pic Israeli actress, Eden Chana
Dawn Eden Pic American author, journalist, Eden Dawn
Elana Eden Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, Eden Elana 
Mooly Eden RWC HW Pic Israeli-born senior Vpof Intel/president Intel Israel, Eden Mooly 
David Eder HW Pic British psychoanalyst, physician, writer, zionist, translator, Eder David 
Dennis Eder American CEO of CareAmerica, Eder Dennis 
James Martin Eder Pic Latvian-born Colombian sugar industrialist, Eder James Martin
Richard Eder Pic American newspaper reporter, film/drama critic, Eder Richard
Yehuda Eder Pic Israeli guitarist, Tamuz, Eder Yehuda 
Alfred Edersheim Pic Austrian-born German British historian of the ancient world, biblical scholar, Edersheim Alfred 
Tilly Edinger Pic German-born American paleontologist, Edinger Tilly
Colie Edison Pic American actress, Edison Colie 
Mike Edison Pic Canadian-born American publisher/editor of High Times, Edison Mike 
Aaron Edlin Pic American economist, law scholar, ??? Edlin Aaron 
Irwin Edman Pic American philosopher, Edman Irwin 
Sarah Edmondson Pic Canadian film/television actress, Edmondson Sarah 
Ashley Edner Pic American actress, Edner Ashley 
Bobby Edner Pic American actor, singer, rapper, Varcity Fanclub, Edner Bobby 
Kim Edri Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 2011, Edri Kim
Lior Edri HW Pic Israeli politician, rabbi, Edri Lior 
Rafael Edri RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,   Edri Rafael 
Yaakov Edri RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,   Edri Yaakov 
Cordelia Edvardson Pic German-born Swedish journalist, author, (not Jewisth maternal grandmother) Edvardson Cordelia
Harold Edward Cohen RWC Pic Australian military, brigadier, Edward Cohen Harold 
Gus Edwards Pic German-born American composer, songwriter, voudeville performer, Edwards Gus 
John Edwards British sailor at the Battle of Trafalgar, Edwards John 
Mickey Edwards Pic American representative, 1987-2003, Edwards Mickey 
Paul Edwards Pic Austrian-born American moral philosopher, Edwards Paul 
Sherman Edwards Pic American composer, songwriter, Edwards Sherman 
Snitz Edwards Pic Hungarian-born American stage/film actor, Edwards Snitz 
Steve Edwards Pic American broadcasting personality, Edwards Steve 
Mark Effa RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian engineer, designer, Effa Mark 
George Alec Effinger RWF Pic American science fiction author, Effinger George Alec
Steve Effman American mayor of Sunrise Fla, Effman Steven
Aharon Efrat HW Pic Ukrainian-born  politician, Efrat Aharon 
Benni Efrat Pic Lebanese-born Israeli painter, sculptor, Efrat Benni 
Elisha Efrat HW Pic Israeli geographer,   Efrat Elisha 
Hadas Efrat Efrat Hadas 
Moshe Efrati HW Pic Israeli dancer, choreographer, founder of Kol Demama Dance Company, Efrati Moshe 
Seffy Efrati Pic Israeli musician, bassist, Efrati Seffy
Yosef Efrati RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born politician, Efrati Yosef 
Vladimir Efroimson RWF Pic Russian geneticist,   Efroimson Vladimir 
German Efromovich Pic Bolivian-born Brazilian owner pf Synegry Group, Maritima Petroleum Group, Avianca Efromovich German 
Jose Efromovich Pic Brazilian businessman, Efromovich Jose
Ariadna Efron RWN Pic Soviet translator, artist, art scholar, poet, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Efron Ariadna
Bradley Efron RWF Pic American statistician, Efron Bradley 
Ilya Efron RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian publisher, Blokhaus and Efron, Efron Ilya 
Ines Efron Pic Argentine actress, Efron Ines
Natalia Efron RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet stage/film actress, Efron Natalia 
Paloma Efron Pic Argentine radio/television journalist, jazz singer, Efron Paloma
Sergei Efron RWF Pic Russian poet, officer of White Army, NKVD agent, (Jewish father) Efron Sergei
Zac Efron RWF HW Pic American actor, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Efron Zac 
Danny Efroni RWC Pic Israeli military advocate general, major general, Efroni Danny
Abram Efros Soviet literary/art critic,    Efros Abram 
Aleksei Efros RWF Russian-born Soviet American physicist, ??? Efros Aleksei 
Anatoly Efros RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian theater director, Efros Anatoly 
Naum Efuni RWF Pic Soviet political/military figure, Efuni Naum
Sergei Efuni RWF Georgian-born Russian scientist, medicine (Jewish father) Efuni Sergei
Sam Egan Pic American journalist, television writer, producer, Egan Sam 
Shuli Egar Pic American comedian, television personality,   Egar Shuli 
Rudolf Egelhofer RWC Pic German revolutionery, head of German Red Army, (Bavaria) Egelhofer Rudolf 
Rudolf Egelhofer RWC Pic German head of Bavarian Republic Red Army, Egelhofer Rudolf 
Akiva Eger Pic Hungarian-born German talmudic scholar, Eger Akiva
Istvan Eger Hungarian actor, theater/radio director, writer, piblicist, Eger Istvan
Paul Egerman Pic founder/co-chairman/co-CEO of IDX, Egerman Paul 
Nicole Eggert Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) Eggert Nicole 
Marta Eggerth RWF Pic Hungarian-born American singer, actress, (Jewish mother) Eggerth Marta 
Jakub Egit Pic Polish Canadian jewish leader, Egit Jakub
Eran Egozy Egozy Eran
Eran Egozy Pic Israeli-born American video game specialist, Harmonic Music Systems, Egozy Eran 
Erica Ehm Pic Canadian video jockey, actress, songwriter,   Ehm Erica 
Berta Ehnn Pic Hungarian-born Austrian opera singer, Ehnn Berta
Ida Ehre Pic Czech-born German actress, theater director, Ehre Ida 
Hans Ehrenbaum-Degele Pic German writer, Ehrenbaum-Degele Hans 
Andrew Ehrenberg Pic British statistician, marketing theorist, Ehrenberg Andrew
Hans Ehrenberg Pic German theologian, co-founder of Confessing Church, Ehrenberg Hans 
Richard Ehrenberg Pic German economist, Ehrenberg Richard 
Victor Ehrenberg RWF German historian, Ehrenberg Victor
Victor Ehrenberg Pic German jurist, Ehrenberg Victor
Ilya Ehrenburg RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, public figure, translator, Ehrenburg  Ilya 
Rachel Ehrenfeld Pic Israeli-born American author, columnist,  Ehrenfeld Rachel 
Tatyana Ehrenfest Pic Austrian-born Dutch mathematician, (Jewish father) Ehrenfest Ehrenfest
Paul Ehrenfest RWF Pic Austrian-born Russian Dutch physicist, mathematician, Ehrenfest Paul 
Felix Ehrenhaft Pic Austrian physicist, Ehrenhaft Felix 
Henry Ehrenpreis physicist ??? Ehrenpreis Henry 
Irvin Ehrenpreis American language/literary scholar, ??? Ehrenpreis Irvin 
Leon Ehrenpreis Pic American mathematician,    Ehrenpreis Leon 
Mordecai Ehrenpreis HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli author, translator,  journalist, editor, Ehrenpreis Mordecai 
Alden Ehrenreich RWC HW Pic American film/television actor, Ehrenreich Alden 
Ben Ehrenreich Pic American journalist, noveist, Ehrenreich Ben
Albert Ehrenstein RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German poet, writer, Ehrenstein Albert 
David Ehrenstein Pic American film critic, (Jewish father) Ehrenstein David 
Anton Ehrenzweig Austrian-born British lawyer, psychologist, Ehrenzweig Anton
Abel Ehrlich RWF HW Pic German/Russian-born Israeli composer.   Ehrlich Abel 
Alojzy Ehrlich Pic Polish table tennis player, Ehrlich Alojzy 
Anne Ehrlich Pic American biologist, ??? Ehrlich Anne 
Arnold Ehrlich Pic Polish-born American biblical scholar, talmudist, Ehrlich Arnold 
Dorothy Ehrlich American deputy executive director of American Civil Liberties Union, Ehrlich Dorothy 
Aline Ehrlich German-born French Israeli biologist, geologist, Ehrlich Eline
Ernst Ehrlich Pic German-born Swiss religious philosopher,    Ehrlich Ernst 
Eugen Ehrlich Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian  sociologist of law, Ehrlich Eugen 
Georg Ehrlich Pic Austrian-born British sculptor, Ehrlich Georg 
Gert Ehrlich Pic Austrian-born American applied physicist, ??? Ehrlich Gert 
Gregor Ehrlich Pic American animator, graphic artist, writer, Ehrlich Gregor
Haggai Ehrlich Pic Israeli historian, Ehrlich Haggai
Henryk Ehrlich RWF HW Pic Polish-born leader of Bund, Ehrlich Henryk 
Herman Ehrlich Croatian architect, businessman, Ehrlich Herman 
Hugo Ehrlich Pic Croatian architect, Ehrlich Hugo 
Jacob Ehrlich Pic Czech-born Austrian politician, Ehrlich Jacob 
Judd Ehrlich Pic American documentary filmmaker, film director/producer, Ehrlich Judd 
Ludwig Ehrlich Polish lawyer, legal scholar of international law, Ehrlich Ludwig 
Marta Ehrlich Pic Croatian painter, Ehrlich Marta
Max Ehrlich HW Pic German film/stage actor, screenwriter, playwright, theater/cabaret director, Ehrlich Max 
Paul Ehrlich RWF HW Pic German-born physician, immunologist, hematologist, Nobel Prize (1908) in medicine, Ehrlich Paul 
Paul Ehrlich RWF Pic American entomologist, Ehrlich Paul 
Ricardo Ehrlich RWC Pic Uruguayan politician, mayor of  Montevideo 2005- , Minister of Education, Ehrlich Ricardo
Thomas Ehrlich Pic American president of Indiana University 1987-94, Ehrlich Thomas 
Wolf Ehrlich RWF Pic Russian Soviet poet, translator, Ehrlich Wolf
John Ehrlichman Pic American assistant to president for Domestic Affairs, (Jewish father) Nixon Ehrlichman John 
Aleksandar Ehrmann Pic Polish-born Croatian industrialist, philanthropist, diplomat, Ehrmann Aleksandar
Eric Ehrmann Pic American columnist, author, essayist, blogger, Ehrmann Eric
Salomon Ehrmann RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian dermatologist, histologist,   Ehrmann Salomon
Ehud  Pic the second of the Biblical Judges Ehud  Judges
Istvan Eiben Pic Hungarian cinematographer, Eiben Istvan
Ilona Eibenschutz RWC Pic Hungarian pianist, Eibenschutz Ilona 
Veniamin Eibshits RWM Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet military executive, major general, Eibshits Veniamin 
Semion Eibushits RWF Austrian-born Russian architect, Eibushits Semyon
Scott Eichel American senior managing director of Bear Stearns, Eichel Scott 
Samuel Eichelbaum Pic Argentine dramatist, playwright,  Eichelbaum Samuel 
Sir Thomas Eichelbaum Pic German-born Chief Justice of New Zealand 1989-99 Eichelbaum Thomas 
Boris Eichenbaum RWF Pic Russian literary critic, historian of Russian literature, (Jewish father) Eichenbaum Boris 
Martin Eichenbaum Pic American economist, ??? Eichenbaum Martin 
Fritz Eichenberg Pic German-born American illustrator, engraver, Eichenberg Fritz 
Barry Eichengreen Pic American economist, Eichengreen Barry 
Arthur Eichengrun Pic German scientist, claim of aspirin discovery, Eichengrun Arthur 
Anton Eichenwald RWF Pic Russian/Soviet composer, conductor, ethnographer, Eichenwald Anton 
Evan Eichler Pic American geneticist, ??? Eichler Evan 
Joseph Eichler Pic American real estate developer, architect, Eichler Homes, Eichler Joseph 
Yisrael Eichler RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, author, journalist, editor, Eichler Yisrael
Billy Eichner HW Pic American comedian, film/television actor, writer, television personality, Eichner Billy 
Baron Adolphe d'Eichthal Pic French financier, politician, Eichthal Adolphe
Eugene d'Eichthal Pic French economist, sociologist, poet, Eichthal Eugene 
Gustave d'Eichthal Pic French writer, ublicist, hellenist, Eichthal Gustave
Baron Gustave Eichthal Pic French writer, publicist, hellenist, Eichthal Gustave
Baron Louis d'Eichthal Pic Eichthal Louis
David Eidelberg Pic American neurologist, Eidelberg David 
Paul Eidelberg American-born Israeli political scientist, Eidelberg Paul 
Natan Eidelman RWF Pic Russian author, historian, Eidelman Natan 
Tamara Eidelman Pic Russian historian, translator, blogger, Eidelman Tamara
Rakhil Eidelson RWF Pic Belarusian-born woman grandmaster, Eidelson Rakhil 
Grigory Eidinov RWC Pic Georgian-born Belarusian First Secretary of Belarus, Eidinov Grigory 
Arkady Eidis RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet airplane designer, Eidis Arkady 
Cyrus Eidlitz Pic American architect, Eidlitz Cyrus 
Leopold Eidlitz RWF HW Pic Czech-born American architect,   Eidlitz Leopold 
Marc Eidlitz Pic Czech-born American builder, Eidlitz Marc 
Boris Eifman RWF Pic Russian choreographer,  Eifman Boris 
Alexander Eig Pic Belarusian-born Israeli botanist, Eig Alexander 
Jonathan Eig Pic American author, Eig Jonathan 
Sam Eig Pic Belarusian-born American real estate developer, Eig Samuel 
David Eigenberg Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Eigenberg David 
Andi Eigenmann Pic Filipina actress, model, (Jewish descent) Eigenmann Andi 
Vsevolod Eikhenbaum Pic Russian anarchist, Eikhenbaum Vsevolod
Avraham Eilam-Amzallag Pic Moroccan-born Israeli musician, composer, Eilam-Amzallag Avraham 
Giora Eiland RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Eiland Giora 
Dafna Eilat HW Pic Israeli composer, songwriter, poet, actress, translator, Eilat Dafna 
Eliyahu Eilat HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli orientalist, ambassador to United States 1948-50; United Kingdom 1950-59, Eilat Eliyahu 
Gideon Eilat Pic German-born Israeli police officer, Palmah fighter, Eilat Gideon 
Joshua Eilberg Pic American representative, 1967-1979, Eilberg Joshua 
Joshua Eilberg American politician,    Eilberg Joshua 
Samuel Eilenberg RWF Pic Polish-born American mathematician, topology, Eilenberg Samuel 
Sally Eilers Pic American film actress, (Jewish mother) Eilers Sally 
Ya'akov Eilon HW Pic Israeli television news presenter, journalist, Eilon Ya'akov 
Yosef Eilon HW Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Eilon Yosef 
Mirav Eilon-Shahar Israeli ambassador to Vietnam, Eilon-Shahar Mirav
Menahem Einan RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, Einan Menahem 
Odd Einar Dorum Pic Norwegian politician, MP , (Jewish mother) Einar Dorum Odd 
Marcus Einfeld Pic Australian Federal Court Justice, Einfeld Marcus 
Syd Einfeld Pic Australian politician, MP 1961- , Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Einfeld Syd 
Vereslav Eingorn RWF Pic Ukrainian chess grandmaster, mathematician, Eingorn Vereslav 
Alfred Einhorn Pic German biochemist, inventor of novocaine, anesthesia, Einhorn Alfred 
David Einhorn RWC Pic American money manager, Greenlight Capital, Einhorn David 
David Einhorn Pic 19th century American Reform rabbi  Einhorn David 
Eddie Einhorn Pic American minority owner of Chicago White Sox, Einhorn Eddie 
Edward Einhorn Pic American playwright, theater director, novelist, Einhorn Edward 
Ira Einhorn Pic American political activist, murderer, Einhorn Ira 
Jerzy Einhorn Pic Polish-born Swedish politician, MP 1991-94, Einhorn Jerzy 
Lawrence Einhorn Pic American oncologist, Einhorn Lawrence 
Max Einhorn RWE Belarusian-born American gastroenterologist, inventor, Einhorn Max 
Robert Einhorn Pic American Special Advisor for Nonproliferation and Arms Control (State Dep), Einhorn Robert 
Ofer Eini Pic Iragi-born Israeli General secretary of Histadrut , Eini Ofer 
Albert Einstein RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Nobel Prize (1921), Einstein Albert 
Alfred Einstein HW Pic German-American musicologist, music editor,   Einstein Alfred 
Alona Einstein HW Pic Israeli photographer, Einstein Alona 
Arik Einstein RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, actor,  Einstein Arik 
Bernhard Einstein Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Einstein Bernhard
Bob Einstein Pic American actor, comedy writer, Einstein Bob 
Carl Einstein Pic German art historian/critic, anarchist, Einstein Carl 
Charles Einstein Pic American sportswriter, author, Einstein Charles 
Edwin Einstein Pic American representative, 1879-1881, Einstein Edwin 
Elsa Einstein Pic German cousin, 2nd wife of Albert Einstein, Einstein Elsa
Hans Einstein Pic Swiss-born American engineer, educator, (Jewish father) Einstein Hans 
Hans Albert Einstein Pic Swiss American enginer, educator, (Jewish father) Einstein Hans Albert
Lewis Einstein Pic American ambassador to Costa Rica 1911 , Czechoslovakia 1921-30, Einstein Lewis 
Meir Einstein HW Pic Isreaeli sports broadcaster, Einstein Meir 
Siegfried Einstein Pic German poet, novelist, journalist, Einstein Siegfried
Thomas Einstein Pic American anesthesiologist, Einstein Thomas 
Yakov Einstein HW Pic Polish-born Israeli theater actor, singer, Einstein Yakov 
Susan Einzig Pic German-born British illustrator, art teacher, Einzig Susan 
Mike Einziger Pic American guitarist, multi-insrumentalist, Incubus, Einziger Mike
Scott Einziger Pic American film producer, Einziger Scott 
Elisabeth Eisenstein Pic American historian, Eiosenstein Elisabeth
Egon Eis Pic Austrian screenwriter, Eis Egon 
Otto Eis Hungarian-born Austrian screenwriter, Eis Otto
Ruth Eisemann-Schier Pic Honduran kidnapper, Eisemann-Schier Ruth 
Arnold Eisen Pic American Chancellor of Jewish Theological Semenary 2009- , Eisen Arnold 
Herman Eisen Pic American microbiologist, immunology Eisen Herman 
Jonathan Eisen Pic American evolutionary biologist, Eisen Jonathan 
Maxie Eisen American gangster,  Eisen Maxie 
Michael Eisen Pic American biologist, Eisen Michael 
Norman Eisen Pic American ambassador to Czech Republic 2011-14, Eisen Norman 
Rich Eisen Pic American sports journalist, Eisen Rich
Artur Eisenbach Pic Polish historian, Eisenbach Artur
Abel Eisenberg RWF Pic Mexican conductor, altist, Eisenberg Abel
Aron Eisenberg Pic American stage/film/television actor, Eisenberg Aron 
Billy Eisenberg Pic American bridge player, Eisenberg Billy 
Carola Eisenberg Pic Argentine-born American psychiatrist, Physicians for Human Rights, Eisenberg Carola 
David Eisenberg Pic American biochemist, biophysicist,   Eisenberg David 
Deborah Eisenberg Pic American short-story writer, actress, teacher,   Eisenberg Deborah 
Erwin Eisenberg British businessman,   Eisenberg Erwin 
Philip Eisenberg Pic Polish-born doctor, bacteriologist, Eisenberg Filip
Filip Eisenberg Pic Polish physician, microbiologist, Eisenberg Filip 
Hallie Eisenberg RWF Pic American film/television actress,  Eisenberg Hallie 
Jacko Eisenberg Pic Israeli singer, Eisenberg Jacko 
Jacob Eisenberg Belarusian-born Israeli artist, Eisenberg Jacob 
Jesse Eisenberg RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Eisenberg Jesse 
Josy Eisenberg Pic French television producer, animator, Eisenberg Josy 
Julie Eisenberg Pic Australian-born American architect, Eisenberg Julie
Lee Eisenberg Pic American screenwriter, television writer, producer, Eisenberg Lee 
Leon Eisenberg Pic American psychiatrist, Eisenberg Leon 
Lew Eisenberg Pic American ambassador to Italy 2-17- , nominee, Eisenberg Lew 
Melvin Eisenberg American lawyer, ??? Eisenberg Melvin 
Mickey Eisenberg American epidemologist, ??? Eisenberg Mickey 
Ned Eisenberg Pic American actor, Eisenberg Ned 
Ophira Eisenberg Pic Canadian-born American actress, comedian, writer, Eisenberg Ophira 
Richard Eisenberg Pic American chemist, ??? Eisenberg Richard 
Sonja Eisenberg Pic German-born American abstract painter, Eisenberg Sonja 
Stephanie Eisenberg American real estate developer, Eisenberg Stephanie
Theodore Eisenberg American lawyer, ??? Eisenberg Theodore 
Warren Eisenberg American co-founder 1971/co-chairman of Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc, Eisenberg Warren 
Denise Eisenberg Rich Pic American-born Austrian singer/songwriter, socialite, Eisenberg Rich Denise 
Severin Eisenberger Pic Polish-born concert pianist, Eisenberger Severin 
David Eisenbud Pic American mathematician, Eisenbud David 
Eisner von Eisenhof Eisenhof Eisner von
Jozsef Eisenhoffer Pic Hungarian football player, football manager, (convert to Judaism) Eisenhoffer Jozsef
Gadi Eizenkot RWF HW Pic Israeli Chief of General Staff 2015- , lieutenant general, Eisenkot Gadi
Alvin Eisenman Pic American graphic designer, educator, ??? Eisenman Alvin
George Eisenman American academic administrator ??? Eisenman George 
Nicole Eisenman Pic American painter, sculptor, Eisenman Nicole 
Peter Eisenman RWF HW Pic American founder of Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in New York, Eisenman Peter 
Robert Eisenman Pic American molecular biologist, geneticist, ??? Eisenman Robert 
Robert Eisenman Pic American biblical scholar, archaeologist, Eisenman Robert 
Eugene Eisenmann Pic Panamian-born American lawyer, ornithologist, Eisenmann Eugene
Sidney Eisenshtat RWF Pic American architect, Eisenshtat Sidney 
Benjamin Eisenstadt American inventor, saccharin sweetener, Eisenstadt Benjamin 
Debra Eisenstadt Pic American director, screenwriter, producer, actress, Eisenstadt Debra
Jill Eisenstadt Pic American novelist, journalist, Eisenstadt Jill 
Shmuel Eisenstadt RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli sociologist, Eisenstadt Shmuel 
Alfred Eisenstaedt RWF HW Pic German-born American photographer, "Father of photojournalism" Eisenstaedt Alfred 
Charles Eisenstein Polish/Ukrainian-born zionist,  MP 1922-30, Eisenstein Charles 
Daniel Eisenstein Pic American cosmologist, ??? Eisenstein Daniel
Elizabeth Eisenstein Pic American historian, educator, Eisenstein Elizabeth 
Ferdinand Eisenstein RWF Pic German-born mathematician, algebra, Eisenstein Gotthold
James Eisenstein Pic American physicist,   ??? Eisenstein James 
Julius Eisenstein Pic Polish-born American writer, Eisenstein Julius 
Michael Eisenstein Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist,  Eisenstein Michael 
Mikhail Eisenstein RWE HW Pic Russian-born Latvian  architect, civil engineer,  (Jewish father) Eisenstein Mikhail 
Kenneth Eisenthal Pic American chemist, ultrafast lazers, Eisenthal Kenneth 
Christopher Eisgruber Pic president of Princeton University 2013- (Jewish mother) Eisgruber Christoper
Miri Eisin Pic Israeli journalist, political scientist, Eisin Miri
Jesse Eisinger Pic American journalist, financial repoprter, ??? Eisinger Jesse 
Jo Eisinger American screenwriter, television writer, ??? Eisinger Jo
Charlotte Eisler Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian singer, pianist, Eisler Eisler
Georg Eisler Pic Austrian painter, Eisler Georg 
Gerhart Eisler German politician, Eisler Gerhart 
Hanns Eisler RWF HW Pic German composer, songwriter, (Jewish father), Eisler Hanns 
Otto Eisler Pic Czech architect, Eisler Otto 
Paul Eisler Pic Austrian inventor, Eisler Paul 
Riane Eisler RWF Austrian-born American anthropologist, sociologist, Eisler Riane 
Robert Eisler Pic Austrian-born British art historian, biblical scholar, Eisler Robert 
Rudolf Eisler Austrian-born German philosopher, Eisler Rudolf
Bertold Eisner Pic Polish-born Croatian legal scholar, Eisner Bertold
Breck Eisner RWF Pic American film/television director, (Jewish father) Eisner Breck
Bruce Eisner Pic American author, psychologist,   Eisner Bruce
David Eisner Pic Canadian actor, theater director, Eisner David 
Elliot Eisner Pic American educator, Eisner Elliot
Eric Eisner Pic American producer, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father), L + E Productions, Eisner Eric 
Kurt Eisner RWF HW Pic German prime minister of Bavaria 1918-19, Eisner Kurt
Lotte Eisner Pic German-born French film critic, historian, writer, poet, Eisner Lotte 
Michael Eisner RWF Pic American producer, director, executive, The Walt Disney Company, Eisner Michael 
Robert Eisner RWF American economist, Eisner Robert 
Sigmund Eisner Pic Austrian-born American manufacturer, Sigmund Eisner Company, Eisner Sigmund 
Thomas Eisner RWF Pic German-born American ecologist, entomologist, evolutionary biologist, (Jewish father) Eisner Thomas 
Will Eisner RWF HW Pic American cartoonist, Eisner Will 
Alexander von Eiss RWC Czech-born Austrian military, major general, Eiss Alexander von
Hermann von Eiss Eiss Hermann von
Otto von Eiss Eiss Otto von
Effi Eitam RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, brigagier general, Eitam Effi 
Ehud Eitam Israeli ambassador to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Eitam Ehud 
Michael Eitan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Science & Technology,    Eitan Michael 
Rafael Eitan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, general, Minister of Agriculture, 1988-91 Eitan Rafael 
Rafi Eitan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, intelligence officer, Minister of Pencioner Affairs, Eitan Rafi 
Shlomo Eitan Pic Israeli linguist, rabbi, Eitan Shlomo
Yitzhak Eitan HW Pic Israeli radio broadcaster, Eitan Yitzhak 
Yitzhak Eitan RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, Eitan Yitzhak 
Leo Eitinger HW Pic Slovenian-born Norwegian psychologist, psychiatrist, Eitinger Leo 
Max Eitingon RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born German Israeli psychoanalyst, Eitingon Max 
Nahum Eitingon RWM Pic Belarusian-born officer of State Security (KGB), major general, Eitingon Nahum 
Eyal Eizenberg RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, Eizenberg Eyal 
Stuart Eizenstat RWC Pic American ambassador to European Union 1993-96 Eizenstat Stuart 
Moran Eizenstein HW Pic Israeli model, presenter, actress, Eizenstein Moran 
Sonia Ejdelman Polish film/stage actress, Ejdelman Sonia 
Predlag Ejdus Pic Serbian actor, (Jewish father) Ejdus Predlag
Yury Ekelchik RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet cinematographer, Ekelchik Yury 
Kent Ekeroth Pic Swedish politician, MP 2010- (Jewish mother) Ekeroth Kent 
Klas Eklund Pic Swedish economist, writer, (Jewish mother) Eklund Klas
Ida Ekman Pic Finnish opera singer, soprano, Ekman Ida
Paul Ekman RWF Pic American psychologist, facial expressions, Ekman Paul 
Shlomo Ekstein president of Bar-Illan Univesity, Ekstein Shlomo 
Edmond Amram El Maleh Pic Moroccan writer, El Maleh Edmond Amran
Maurice El Mediouni RWC Pic Algerian pianist, composer, El Mediouni Maurice 
Tamar El Or Pic Israeli sociologist, El Or Tamar 
Elah HW Pic Fourth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom, 877-876 BCE, Elah KingsKI
Haim Elata HW Pic president pf Ben-Gurion Unibersity 1986- , Elata Haim 
Daniel Elazar Pic American-born Israeli political scientist, Elazar Daniel 
David Elazar RWF HW Pic Chief-of-Staff of Israeli Army 1972-74, Elazar David 
Dov Elbaum HW Pic Israeli writer, editor, journalist, television host, Elbaum Dov
Alber Elbaz RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli fashion designer,   Elbaz Alber 
Andre Elbaz RWC Pic Moroccan-born painter, filmmaker, Elbaz Andre
Beni Elbaz RWC Pic Israeli singer, Elbaz Beni 
Gad Elbaz RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, Elbaz Gad 
Vincent Elbaz RWC Pic French film/television actor, Elbaz Vincent 
Pascal Elbe Pic French film/television actor, director, screenwriter,   Elbe Pascal 
Ismar Elbogen HW Pic Polish German historian,  Elbogen Ismar
Rachel Elboim-Dror Pic Israeli education scholar,  Elboim-Dror Rachel 
Aryeh Eldad HW Pic Israeli politician,  Eldad Aryeh 
Israel Eldad RWF Pic Polish-born Israeli philosopher, israeli independence fighter, Eldad Israel 
Rafael Eldad RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli ambassador to Argentina 2004-, Peru 1998-2002, Brazilia 2010- Eldad Rafael 
Izhak Eldan HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli ambassador to Denmark 1999-2001 , Eldan Izhak 
Akiva Eldar RWF Pic Israeli journalist, author, Eldar Akiva
Guy Eldar HW Pic Israeli actor, model, Eldar Guy 
Shlomi Eldar HW Pic Israeli journalist, political commentator, Eldar Shlomi 
Will Elder Pic American illustrator, comic book artist,    Elder Will 
Amy Eldon Pic American producer, (Jewish father) Eldon Amy 
Dan Eldon Pic British journalist, photographer, (Jewish father) Eldon Dan
Ilona Elek RWC HW Pic Hungarian fencer, Elek Ilona 
Judit Elek Pic Hungarian film director, screenwriter, Elek Judit 
Margit Elek RWC Pic Hungarian fencer, Elek Margit 
Thomas Elek Pic Hungarian-born French resistance fighter, Elek Thomas 
Abe Elenkrieg Pic trumpeter, bandlkeader, keizmer musician, Elenkrieg Abe 
Eli Elezra Pic Israeli American poker player, Elezra Eli 
Julian Elfenbein Pic Chilean journalist, broadcaster, television presenter, Elfenbein Julian 
Bodhi Elfman Pic American actor, Elfman Bodhi 
Danny Elfman RWF HW Pic American composer, singer/songwriter, Oingo Boingo, Elfman Danny 
Richard Elfman RWF Pic American film director, writer, actor,  Elfman Richard 
Ilan Elgar Israeli ambassador to Switzerland,    Elgar Ilan 
Marcelo Elgarten Pic Brazilian volleyball player, Elgarten Marcelo
Frederick Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American co-founder of TF Cornestone, Elghanayan Frederick
Henry Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American founder of Rockrose Development Corporation, Elghanayan Henry 
Thomas Elghanayan Pic Iranian-born American co-founder/chairman of TF Cornestone, Elghanayan Thomas
Ansel Elgort RWC Pic American actor, singer, (Jewish father) Elgort Ansel
Arthur Elgort Pic American fashion photographer, Elgort Arthur 
Mordechai Elgrably RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,  Elgrably Mordechai 
Arieh Elhanani Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli architect, Elhanani Arie h
Dudu Elharar RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli singer, record producer, actor, television/radio presenter, Elharar Dudu 
Karin Elharar RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Elharar Karin
Eli Pic Eli Judges
Ovadia Eli RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, Eli Ovadia 
Yaffa Eliach Pic Lithuanian-born American historian, author, judaic studies scholar, Eliach Yaffa
Nissim Eliad RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  Eliad Nissim 
Shlomo Eliahu RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, businessman, Migdal, Eliahu Shlomo 
Yona Elian HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, Elian Yona 
Buddy Elias Pic German-born Swiss stage actor, comedian, Elias Buddy
Erick Elias Pic Mexican actor, model, singer, Elias Erick 
Jacques Elias HW Romanian businessman, Elias Jacques
Jonathan Elias American founder 1980 of Elias Associates, Elias Jonathan 
Michael Elias Pic American screenwriter, actor, director, producer, Elias Michael 
Norbert Elias RWF HW Pic Polish/German-born British sociologist, Elias Norbert 
Peter Elias Pic American information scientist, convolutional codes, Elias Peter 
Plutarco Elias Calles RWC Pic Mexican president 1924-28, Secretary of Defense 1920, (Jewish descent) ??? Elias Calles Plutarco 
Elias of London British financier, Elias of London
Karl Eliasberg RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet conductor, Eliasberg Karl
Pepe Eliaschev Pic Argentine journalist, writer, Eliaschev Pepe
Mordechai Eliash HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli ambassador to United Kingdom 1949- , Eliash Mordechai 
Eliyahu Eliashar HW Pic Israeli politician, writer, Eliashar  Eliyahu 
Gerasim Eliashberg RWF Pic Russian theoretical physicist, Eliashberg Gerasim 
Matvey Eliashberg RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet chemist,   Eliashberg Matvei
Maxim Eliashberg RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, deisgner, Eliashberg Maxim 
Mikhail Eliashberg State Prize Sc 1999 Eliashberg Mikhail 
Pavel Eliashberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, deisgner, Eliashberg Pavel 
Yakov Eliashberg RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician,  Eliashberg Yakov 
Israel Eliashiv Israeli ambassador to Singapore 1987-90, Eliashiv Israel 
Manuchehr Eliasi Iranian MP        -2000 Eliasi Manuchehr 
Marcus Eliason Pic American columnist,    Eliason Marcus 
Rolf Eliassen Pic American company executive, research administrator, ??? Eliassen Rolf 
Aryeh Eliav RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,   Eliav Aryeh 
Ernest Eliel Pic German-born American chemist, Eliel Ernest 
Eliezer Moses and Zipporah's son Eliezer BibFigures
Michael Eligal Argentine-born Israeli ambassador to Ciprus 2000- , Norway 2009- , Eligal Michael 
Iosif Eligulashvili RWC Georgian Deputy minister for Finance, Eligulashvili Iosif 
Raphael Eligulashvili RWC Georgian Deputy minister for Trade 1957-65, Eligulashvili Raphael 
Elijah Pic important prophet who rebuked the kings of Israel Elijah BibFigures
Anat Elimelech HW Pic Israeli fashion model, actress, Elimelech Anat
Dror Elimelech Pic Israeli psychiatrist, poet, composer, Elimelech Dror
Menachem Elimelech Pic Israeli-born American , civil engineering, Elimelech Menachem 
Shir Elimelech HW Pic Israeli model,  Elimelech Shir 
Gertrude Elion RWF HW Pic American biochemist, pharmacologist, Nobel Price (1988), zovirax, Elion Gertrude 
Rachel Elior Pic Israeli philosopher, historian, Elior Rachel
Ran Eliran HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Eliran Ran 
Israel Eliraz RWF Pic Israeli poet, playwright, Eliraz Israel 
Edward Eliscu Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, producer, actor, Eliscu Edward 
Frank Eliscu Pic American sculptor, Eliscu Frank 
Elisha Pic important prophet who rebuked the kings of Israel Elisha BibFigures
Ron Elisha Pic Israeli-born Australian playwright, Elisha Ron 
Isaac Elishakoff Pic Georgian-born American engineering scholar, Elishakoff Isaac 
Reuben Elishama Pic Indonezian actor, singer, Elishama Reuben
Eliot Elisofon Pic American photographer, photojournalist, Elisofon Eliot 
Jack Ellison American screenwriter, Elison Jack 
Avshalom Elitzur Pic Iranian-born Israeli physicist, philosopher, Elitzur Avshalom
Avshalom Elitzur Pic Iranian-born Israeli physicist, philosopher, Elitzur Avshalom
Uri Elitzur HW Pic Israeli journalist, publicist, Elitzur Uri 
Sima Eliyahu HW Pic Israeli actress, Eliyahu Sima 
Humberto Elizondo Pic Mexican film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Elizondo Humberto
Yuval Elizur Pic Israeli journalist, author, Elizur Yuval 
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach RWC Pic Algerian-born French journalist, Elkabbach Jean-Pierre
Ronit Elkabetz RWF HW Pic Israeli actress, director, screenwriter, Elkabetz Ronit 
Osnat Elkabir Pic Israeli singer, dancer, painter, theater director, Elkabir Osnat
Jeremie Elkaim RWF Pic French film/television actor, screenwriter, director, Elkaim Jeremie 
Benno Elkan HW Pic German-born British sculptor, Elkan Benno 
Moses Elkan German court jew, Frankfurt, Elkan Moses 
Sophie Elkan Pic Swedish writer, translator, Elkan Sophie
Tamar Elkan HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, Elkan Tamar 
Amos Elkana Pic American-born Israeli composer, improviser, guitarist, Elkana Amos
Yehuda Elkana RWF Pic Yugoslav/Serbian-born Israeli philosopher, administrator, Elkana Yehuda
Elkanah Pic father of the judge and prophet [[Books of Samuel|Samuel]] Elkanah BibFigures
Alain Elkann Pic Italian novelist, journalist, Elkann Alain
Ginerva Elkann Pic Italian apprentice film director, (Jewish father) Elkann Ginerva
Jean-Paul Elkann Pic French executive, Christian Dior, Elkann Jean-Paul 
John Elkann Pic Italian executive, Fiat, Elkann John 
Lapo Elkann Pic Italian industrialist, (Jewish father) Elkann Lapo
Dikla Elkaslassy Pic Israeli director, screenwriter, film/television/stage actress, Elkaslassy Dikla
Joel Elkes American psychiatrist, Elkes Joel 
Noam Elkies HW Pic American-born Israeli American mathematician, Elkies Noam 
Adolphus Elkin Austrian anthropologist,  (Jewish father) Elkin Adolphus 
Emile Elkin Australian anthropologist, Elkin Emile 
Michaela Elkin HW Pic Israeli model, stage/television actress, Elkin Michaela 
Saul Elkin Pic American theater director, actor, Elkin Saul 
Saul Elkin Pic American theater director, actor, Elkin Saul 
Stanley Elkin RWF Pic American writer, historian, Elkin Stanley 
Ze'ev Elkin RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born  Israeli politician, Minister of Absorbtion 2015- , Elkin Ze'ev 
Mortimer Elkind Pic American cell biologist, radiation biology, Elkind Mortimer
Aaron Elkins Pic American mystery writer, ??? Elkins Aaron
Hillard Elkins Pic American stage/film producer,    Elkins Hillard 
Stanley Elkins RWF Pic American writer, historian, Elkins Stanley 
Boris Elkis Pic Russian composer, cinematographer, ???  Elkis Boris 
Daniil Elkonin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian psychologist, Elkonin Daniil 
Ruth Elkrief Pic French television journalist, Elkrief Ruth 
Abram Elkus RWC Pic American ambassador to Turkey 1916- Elkus Abram 
Albert Elkus American mayor of Sacramento, 1921-25, Elkus Albert
Katharine Elkus White RWC Pic American ambassador to Denmark 1964-68, Elkus White Katharine
Erez Ella Pic Israeli architect, Ella Erez
Henri Ellenberger Pic Rhodesian-born Swiss Canadian psychiatrist, medical historian, criminologist, Ellenberger Henri
Jonas Ellenberg Pic President of American Statistical Association 1999  ??? Ellenberger Jonas 
Henry Ellenbogen Austrian-born American representative, 1933-1938, Ellenbogen Henry 
David Ellenson Pic president of Hebrew Union College 2002- Ellenson David 
Meyer Ellenstein Pic American mayor of Newark 1933-41, Ellenstein Meyer
Robert Ellenstein Pic American film/television actor, Ellenstein Robert 
Doug Ellin RWF Pic American screenwriter, television producer, Ellin Doug 
Stanley Ellin Pic American mystery writer,    Ellin Stanley 
Joseph Ellinger Hungarian opera singer, tenor, Ellinger Joseph 
Ray Ellington Pic British singer, drummer, bandleader, (Jewish mother) Ellington Ray 
Biff Elliot Pic American film/television actor, Elliot Biff 
Sir John Elliot British manager, chairman of London Transports, Elliot John
Cass Elliott RWF Pic American singer, Elliott Cass 
Josh Elliott Pic American televicion journalist, sportswriter, Elliott Josh 
Ralph Elliott Pic German-born Australian language scholar, runologist, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) Elliott Ralph 
Ramblin' Jack Elliott Pic American folk singer, Elliott Ramblin' Jack
Stephen Elliott Pic American film/television/stage actor, Elliott Stephen 
Abraham George Ellis RWC Pic Dutch Vice Admiral, Minister of Foreign Affairs, (Jewish father) Ellis Abraham George
Albert Ellis RWF HW Pic American psychologist, cognitive-behavioral therapist, Ellis Albert 
Judy Ellis American COO of Citadel Broadcasting, Ellis Judy 
Michael Ellis Pic British Conservative MP 2010- , Ellis Michael 
Samantha Ellis Pic British playwright, writer, Ellis Samantha
Daniel Ellison Russian-born American representative, 1943-1945, Ellison Daniel 
David Ellison RWC Pic American film producer, CEO of Skydance Productions, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Ellison David
Harlan Ellison RWF HW Pic American fantasy writer, screenwriter, literary critic, Ellison Harlan 
Larry Ellison RWF HW Pic American businessman, Oracle Corporation, (Jewish mother) Ellison Larry 
Megan Ellison Pic American film producer, founder of Annapurna Pictures, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Ellison Megan
Peter Ellison Pic American anthropologist, ??? Ellison Peter 
Jonathan Ellman Pic American chemist, pharmacologist, educator, ??? Ellman Jonathan 
Louise Ellman Pic British Liberal MP 1997- , Ellman Louise 
Steve Ellman Pic American owner of Phoenix Coyotes, Ellman Steve 
Richard Ellmann RWF Pic American literary critic, biographer, Ellmann Richard 
Daniel Ellsberg RWE Pic American military analyst, anti-Vietnam War activist, Ellsberg Daniel 
Edward Ellsberg RWC Pic American Rear Admiral, Ellsberg Edward 
Michael Ellsberg Pic American author, blogger, public speaker, Ellsberg Michael 
Robert Ellsberg Pic American editor, publisher, (Jewish father) Ellsberg Robert
Abraham Ellstein Pic American composer, Ellstein Abraham 
Arie Elmaleh Pic Moroccan-born French actor, Elmaleh Arie
Gad Elmaleh RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born French actor, stand-up comedian, show humorist,     Elmaleh Gad 
Hila Elmalich Pic Israeli fashion model, Elmalich Hila
Avraham Elmalih HW Pic Israeli politician,    Elmalih Avraham 
Dave Elman Pic American hypnotist, Elman Dave
Jamie Elman Pic American-born Canadian film/television actor, Elman Jamie 
Jeffrey Elman Pic American cognitive scientist, ??? Elman Jeffrey 
Mark Elman RWE Ukrainian-born Soviet arvhitect, Elman Mark
Mischa Elman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American violinist,    Elman Mischa 
Philip Elman Pic American lawyer, Elman Philip 
Ziggy Elman Pic American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, Elman Ziggy 
Douglas Elmendorf Pic American director, Congressional Budget Office, Elmendorf Douglas 
Steve Elmendorf Pic American lobbist, Elmendorf Steve 
Philip Elmer-DeWitt Pic American journalist, writer, editor, Elmer-DeWitt Philip 
Eric Elmosnino Pic French actor, musician, Elmosnino Eric 
Amos Elon HW Pic Austrian-born Israel journalist, writer, Elon Amos
Ari Elon Pic Israeli writer, biblical scholar, educator, Elon Ari
Binyamin Elon RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of National Union Party, Minister of Tourism, Elon Binyamin 
Emuna Elon Pic Israeli author, journalist, woman, rights activist, Elon Emuna
Elon Elon Judges
Menachem Elon RWF HW Pic German-born Vice President of Supreme Court of Israel 1988-93 Elon Menachem 
Mordechai Elon Pic Israeli rabbi, Elon Mordechai 
Shaul Elovitch Pic Polish-born Israeli businessman, Eurokom Group, Elovitch Shaul
Michael Elowitz Pic American molecular biologist, ??? Elowitz Michael 
Zvi Elpeleg Israeli historian, ambassador to Turkey 1995-97, Elpeleg Zvi 
Baruch Elron Pic Romanian-born Israeli painter, Elron Baruch
Fritz Elsas RWN Pic German politician, resistance fighter, mayor of Berlin 1931, Elsas Fritz
Hugo Elsas Elsas Hugo 
Walter Elsasser RWC Pic German-born American physicist, systems biologist, Elsasser Walter 
Jacob Elsberg RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet literary scholar/critic, Elsberg Jacob
Aleksandr Elsnits RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Elsnits Aleksandr 
Edward Elson Pic American ambassador to Denmark 1993-98 Clinton Elson Edward 
Monya Elson Moldovan-born American mobster, Elson Monya 
David Elstein Pic British founder of Channel 5, Sparrowhawk Media, Elstein David 
Eduardo Elsztain HW Pic Argentine businessman, Elsztain Eduardo
E.L. Elte Dutch mathematician, Elte E.L.
Harry Elte Pic Dutch architect, Elte Harry
Ben Elton HW Pic British-born Australian  comedian, playwright, actor, director, (Jewish father) Elton Ben 
Sir Geoffrey Elton HW Pic German-born British historian of Tudor England, Elton Geoffrey
Lewis Elton Pic German-born British physicist, researcher into education, Elton Lewis 
Anna El-Tour RWF Pic Ukrainian-born French opera singer, El-Tour Anna 
Boris Eltsin RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet revolutionery, Eltsin Boris 
Rafi Elul RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,    Elul Rafi 
Cary Elwes Pic British actor, (Jewish maternal descent) Elwes Cary
Melvin Ely Pic American historian, Ely Melvin
Morris Ely American mayor of Demopolis, Alabama 1905, Ely Morris
Jehiel Elyachar Pic Israeli engineer, real estate developer, philanthropist, Elyachar Jehiel
Marcel Elyakim HW Pic Bulgarian-born cardiologist, Elyakim Marcel 
Pavel Elyanov RWF Pic Ukrainian grandmaster, Elyanov Pavel 
Mikhail Elyashevich RWF Pic German-born Soviet physicist, (Jewish father) Elyasgevich Mikhail 
Mark Elyash RWF Russian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, writer, ??? Elyash Mark 
Israel Elyashev Pic Lithuanian-born Yiddish literary critic, Elyashev Israel 
Alexander Elyashevich RWF Pic Russian politician, Eser Party, Elyashevich Alexander 
Shmuel Elyashiv RWC HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli ambassador to Soviet Union  1951-55, Hungary, Germany 1973-74, Elyashiv Shmuel 
Abraham Elzas Pic Dutch architect, Elzas Abraham
David Em Pic American computer artist, Em David 
Saeed Emami RWC Pic Iranian Deputy Minister for intelligence, Emami Saeed 
Henny Eman RWC HW Pic prime-minister of Aruba 1986-89 1994-2001, Eman Henny
Henny Eman Aruban politician, founder of Aruban People's Party, Eman Henny
Mike Eman RWC HW Piv prime-minister of Aruba 2009- , Eman Mike
Abraham Emanuel Pic American mayor of Tombstone Arizona 1896-1900 Emanuel Abraham
Ari Emanuel Pic American literary agent, Endavor Agency, Emanuel Ari 
David Emanuel RWC HW Pic American governor, 1801- , Emanuel David 
Elizabeth Emanuel Pic British fashion designer, Emanuel Elizabeth 
Emanuel Emanuel British Lord Mayor of Portsmouth 1866-, Emanuel Emanuel
Ezekiel Emanuel Pic American bioethisist, breast oncologist,   Emanuel Ezekiel 
Nikolai Emanuel RWF Pic Russian physical chemist,   Emanuel Nikolai 
Rahm Emanuel RWF Pic American White House Chieff of Staff 2008-10 Obama, mayor of Chicago,  Emanuel Rahm 
Richard Emanuel British entrepreneur, The Real Corporation, DX Communications, Emanuel Richard 
David van Embden Pic Dutch politician, MP Embden David van
Gustav Embden Pic German biochemist, Embden Gustav 
Robert Emden RWF Pic Swiss astrophysicist, metereologist, Emden Robert
E.E. Emelyanov Soviet military factory director, Emelyanov E.E. 
Michel Emer Pic Russian-born French songwriter, (for Edith Piaf) Emer Michel 
Martin Emerich American representative, 1903-1905, Emerich Martin 
Michael Emerson Pic American film/television character actor, Emerson Michael 
Steven Emerson Pic American investigative journalist, terrorism expert, Emerson Steven 
George Emery RWC American military commander, Vice Admiral, Emery George 
Daniel Emilfork Pic Chilean-born French actor, Emilfork Daniel 
David Emmanuel HW Pic Romanian mathematician, Emmanuel David 
Andre Emmerich Pic German-born American art dealer, Emmerich Andre
Noah Emmerich HW Pic American film/television actor, Emmerich Noah 
Roland Emmerich RWF HW Pic German filn diector/producer, screenwriter, ??? Emmerich Roland
Toby Emmerich RWC Pic American screenwriter, film executive/producer,   Emmerich Toby 
Emperor Norton Pic South African-born American eccentric, Emperor Norton
Emperor Rosko Pic American presenter, pop music, Emperor Rosko
Juan del Encina RWC Pic Spanish poet, playwright, composer, (converso descent) Encina Juan del
Charles Enderlin HW Pic French-born French Israeli journalist, author, Enderlin Charles 
Guy Endore Pic American screenwriter, novelist, Endore Guy 
Diane Engber American teacher, writer, (Jewish mother, grandmother) Engber Diane 
Eliot Engel HW Pic American representetive, 1989- , Engel Eliot 
George Engel Pic German-born American anarchist, Engel George 
George Engel Pic American psychiatrist,  Engel George 
Howard Engel Pic Canadian mistery writer, Engel Howard 
Iliya Engel RWC Pic Yugoslavian military, Engel Iliya 
Joel Engel Pic American engineer, cellular network, Engel Joel 
Joel Engel Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli music critic, composer, musicologist,  Engel Joel 
Joseph Engel Hungarian sculptor, Engel Joseph 
Lehman Engel Pic American composer, conductor,  Engel Lehman
Lewis Engel biochemist ??? Engel Lewis 
Morris Engel Pic American photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker, Engel Morris
Peter Engel Pic American television producer, Engel Peter 
Samuel Engel American producer, screenwriter, Engel Samuel 
Steven Engel Pic American cognitive neuroscientist, Engel Steven 
Valery Engel RWF Pic Russian historian, public figure, Engel Valery
Sally Engelhard Pingree Pic American philanthropist, Engelhard Pingree Sally
Charles Engelhard, Jr Pic American industrialist, owner of Engelhard Corporation, Engelhard, Jr Charles 
Carl Engelman Engelman Carl
Donald Engelman Pic American biochemist, ??? Engelman Donald 
Ephraim Engelman Pic American rheumatologist, Engelman Ephraim 
Leonard Engelman Pic makeup artist, ??? Engelman Leonard 
Hugo Engelmann Pic Austrian-born American sociologist, anthropologist, general systems theorist, Engelmann Hugo 
Paul Engelmann Pic Czech-born Austrian Israeli architect, Engelmann Paul 
Paul Engelmayer Pic American district judge, Engelmayer Paul 
Laura Engelstein Pic American historian, Engelstein Laura 
Jane Engelhard Pic Chinese-born American philanthropist, (Jewish father) Engergald Jane
Stanley Engerman Pic American economist, economic historian, Engerman Stanley 
Jeremy England Pic American physicist, (Jewish mother) England Jeremy 
Eliasz Englander Pic British businessman, The Englander Group, Englander Eliasz 
Israel Englander Pic American businessman, Millennium Partners, Englander Israel 
Ludwig Englander Pic Austrian composer, conductor, Englander Ludwig 
Nathan Englander HW Pic American short story author, Englander Nathan 
Solomon Englander American biochemist, Englander Solomon 
Walter Englander Pic American biochemist, ??? Englander Walter 
Adam Englard Israeli opera singer, Englard Adam 
Izhak Englard HW Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1997-2003,  Englard Izhak 
Howard Engle Pic American pediatrician, Engle Howard 
Baron Francois Englert RWF HW Pic Belgian theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize (2013) Englert Francois 
Ellis Englesberg American geneticist, ??? Englesberg Ellis 
Jane Engelhard Pic Chinese-born American philanthropist, (Jewish father) Engrlhard Jane
Derek Enlander Pic Irish-born American physician, medical researcher, chronic fatigue syndrome, Enlander Derek 
Daniel Englander Amewrican mayor od Pittsfield Massachusetts, 1902 Enlanger Daniel
Jonas Ennery Pic French politician, MP 1849- , Ennery Jonas 
Marchand Ennery Pic Chief Rabbi of Consistory 1846- Ennery Marchand
Federigo Enriques RWC Pic Italian mathematician, science historian, philosopher, Enriques Federigo 
Alonso Enriquez RWC Spanish military, Admiral of Castille, (Jewish mother), Palorma Enriquez Alonso 
Admiral Alfonso Enruques RWC Spanish military, (Jewish mother), grandfather of  Ferdinand II of Arogon, Enruques Alfonso
Eve Ensler Pic American playwright, (Jewish father), Ensler Eve 
Amy Entelis American senior VP, ABC News, Entelis Amy 
Raphael Enthoven Pic French philosopher,    Enthoven Raphael 
David Entin RWM Pic Soviet military physician, major general, Entin David 
Yuri Entin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian poet, playwright, songwriter:lyricist, screenwriter, Entin Yuri
Anastasia Entlin Pic Israeli model,  Entlin Anastasia 
Lukacs Enyedi Pic Hungarian poltician, economic writer, journalist, Enyedi Lukacs
Juan del Enzina Pic Spanish composer, poet, playwright, (converso descent) Enzina Juan del
Istvan Eorsi Pic Hungarian writer, novelist, poet, translator, Eorsi Eorsi
Gyula Eorsi Hungarian-born jurist, scholar,  Eorsi Gyula 
Matyas Eorsi Pic Hungarian politician,  MP 1990- Eorsi Matyas 
Iran Eory Pic Iranian-born Mexican actress, singer, theatrical producer, (Jewish mother) Eory Iran 
Asar Epel RWF Pic Russian writer, poet, translator, Epel Asar 
David Epel Pic American cell biologist,    Epel David 
Mikhail Epelbaum RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Yiddish singer, actor, Epelbaum Mikhail 
Ephraim Tribe of Ephraim Ephraim 12Tribes
Modi Ephraim Israeli ambassador to Peru, Ephraim Modi
Molly Ephraim RWF Pic American film/television actress, Ephraim Molly 
Yakov Ephrat Israeli agriculture Ephrat Yakov 
Delia Ephron Pic American author, screenwriter, playwright, producer, Ephron Delia 
Henry Ephron Pic American playwright, screenwriter, Ephron Henry 
Nora Ephron RWF HW Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, Ephron Nora 
Phoebe Ephron Pic American screenwriter, playwright, Ephron Phoebe 
Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild Pic French-born socialite, art collector, Ephrussi Beatrice
Boris Ephrussi RWF Pic Russian-born French geneticist, Ephrussi Boris 
Charles Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French art critic, art historian, art collector, Ephrussi Charles 
Ignaz von Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian founder of Ephrussi & Co., Ephrussi Ignaz von
Baron Maurice de Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French banker, Ephrussi & Co., Ephrussi Maurice  von
Michel Ephrussi Pic Ukrainian-born French banker, Ephrussi Michel 
Perla Ephrussi RWF Modavan-born Soviet educational psycholgist, Ephrussi Perla
Viktor von Ephrussi Pic Austrian banker, owner of Ephrussi & Co.,  Ephrussi Viktor von
Yakov Ephrussi Ukrainian-born Soviey engineer, innovator, Ephrussi  Yakov 
Heinz Eppler fashion entrepreneur, Miller-Wohl, Eppler Heinz 
Eugen Eppstein German politician, MP Eppstein Eugen 
Leonid Epshtein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, Epshtein Leonid 
Moshe Epshtein HW Pic Israeli engineer, Raphael, Epshtein Moshe 
Nikolay Epshtein RWN Pic Russian ice hockey coach, Epshtein Nikolay 
Yakov Epshtein Soviet military factory director, Epshtein Yakov 
Boris Epshteyn RWC Pic Russian-born American political strategist,  Epshteyn Boris 
Abraham Epstein Pic Belarusian-born American sociologist, economist, Epstein Abraham 
Alan Epstein Pic American aerospace engineer, Epstein Alan 
Alek Epstein Pic Russian-born Israeli sociologist, political scientist, Epstein Alek
Alex Epstein Pic American author, energy theorist, Epstein Alex
Alois Epstein Pic Czech pediatrician, Epstein Alois
Sir Anthony Epstein RWF Pic British biologist, Epstein-Barr virus, Epstein Anthony
Anya Epstein Pic American television writer, producer, Epstein Anya 
Arnold Epstein ??? Epstein Arnold 
Barbara Epstein Pic American founding co-editor of The New York Review of Books, Epstein Barbara 
Bernard Epstein American mathematician, physicist, Epstein Bernard 
Berthold Epstein Pic Czech-born pediatrician, Epstein Berthold
Bob Epstein American executive producer of NBC News, Epstein Bob 
Brian Epstein RWE HW Pic British agent/manager of The Beatles, Epstein Brian 
Charles Epstein American physician, geneticist, ??? Epstein Charles 
Charlotte Epstein Pic American founder of Woman Swimming Association, Epstein Charlotte 
Claire Epstein RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli archaeologist, Epstein Claire 
Daniel Epstein Pic American pianist, Epstein Daniel 
Daniel M. Epstein Pic American poet, biographer, dramatist, Epstein Daniel M.
David Epstein Pic British mathematician, Epstein David 
David Epstein Pic American legal scholar, Epstein David 
Edward Jay Epstein Pic American investigative journalist, Epstein Edward Jay
Emanuel Epstein Pic plant biologist ??? Epstein Emanuel 
Esther Epstein Pic Russian-born American chess player, Epstein Esther 
Fred Epstein Pic American neurosurgeon, pediatrician, Epstein Fred 
Friedrich Josef von Epstein Epstein Friedrich Josef von
Fritz Epstein German-born American historian, Epstein Fritz
Giora Epstein RWE Pic Israeli fighter ace, Epstein Giora
Gustav von Epstein Pic Czech-born Austrian industrialist, banker, Epstein Gustav von
Hayden Epstein Pic American football player, Epstein Hayden 
Hedy Epstein Pic German-born American political activist, Epstein Hedy
Herman Epstein American electrical engineer,  Epstein Herman 
Howard Epstein Pic Canadian politician, legal scholar, MP Nova Scotia, Epstein Howard 
Hyman Epstein American military, (World War II, Pacific), Army medical aide, Epstein Hyman 
Isidore Epstein Pic Lithuanian-born Principal of Jews' College, London, Epstein Isidore
Israel Epstein Pic Polish-born American journalist, author, Minister in Chinese Soviet Republic, Epstein Israel 
Sir Jacob Epstein RWF HW Pic American-born British sculptor, Epstein Jacob
Jake Epstein Pic Canadian actor, singer, Epstein Jake 
Jason Epstein Pic American editor, publisher, Anchor Books, Epstein Jason 
Jean Epstein RWF Pic Polish-born French film director, essayist, philosopher, (Jewish father) Epstein Jean 
Jeffrey Epstein RWC American financier, philanthropist, sex offender, Epstein Jeffrey 
Jonathan Epstein ??? Epstein Jonathan 
Joseph Epstein Pic American writer, editor, Epstein Joseph 
Joseph Epstein Pic Polish-born French resistance leader, Epstein Joseph 
Josh Epstein Pic Canadian stage/film/television actor, screenwriter, producer, playwright, Epstein Josh 
Julius Epstein RWC HW Pic American screenwriter, Epstein Julius 
Julius Epstein RWF Pic Croatian-born Austrian pianist, Epstein Julius 
Julius Epstein Austrian born American historian, Epstein Julius 
Larry Epstein Pic American economist, ??? Epstein Larry 
Lazaris Epsteinas RWF Pic Lithuanian public figure, politician, Epstein Lazar
Lee Epstein American political scientist, lawyer, ??? Epstein Lee 
Leopold von Einstein Epstein Leopold von
Leslie Epstein Pic American novelist, Epstein Leslie 
Marie Epstein Pic Polish-born French film actress, screenwriter, film director, (Jewish father) Epstein Marie 
Mel Epstein Pic American film director, producer, ??? Epstein Mel 
Melech Epstein Belarusian-born American journalist, historian, Yiddish writers, Epstein Melech
Mieczyslaw Epstein Polish founder 1871  of Warshaw Discount Bank Epstein Mieczyslaw 
Mike Epstein Pic American baseball player, Epstein Mike
Mikhail Epstein Pic Russian-born American literary theorist, critical thinker, Epstein Mikhail 
Moshe Yechiel Epstein HW Pic Israeli rabbinic literature Epstein Moshe Yechiel
Paul Epstein Pic German mathematician, Epstein Paul 
Paul Epstein RWF Pic Polish-born Russian American mathematician, physicist, Epstein Paul 
Philip Epstein RWC HW Pic American screenwriter, Epstein Philip 
Richard Allen Epstein Pic American legal scholar, Epstein Richard Allen
Rob Epstein RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker, producer, writer, editor, Epstein Rob 
Robert Epstein Pic American part owner of Boston Seltics, Epstein Robert 
Robert/David Epstein American CEO/president of Abbey Group, Epstein Robert/David 
Samuel Epstein Polish/Belarusian-born Canadian American geochemist, Epstein Samuel 
Stephan Epstein Pic British economic historian,  ??? Epstein Stephanie
Temi Epstein Pic American child film actress,    Epstein Temi 
Theo Epstein Pic American general manager of Boston Red Sox, Epstein Theo 
Epstein von Ankenberg Epstein von Ankenberg
Doron Eran Pic Israeli producer/director, Eran Doron
Oded Eran RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to European Union, Eran Oded 
Erann DD Pic Danish singer/songwriter, record producer, Erann DD
Erann DD Pic Danish singer/songwriter, Erann DD
Bonnie Erbe Pic American journalist, television host, blogger,    Erbe Bonnie 
Gilad Erdan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Enviromental Protection, Erdan Gilad 
Arthur Erdelyi Pic Hungarian-born Czech British mathematician, Erdelyi Arthur 
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo Pic French-born American pianist, Erdely-Sayo Sandrine 
Jakob Erdheim Pic Austrian pathologist, Erdheim Jakob 
Allan Erdman Russian shooter,  Erdman Allan 
Fred Erdman Pic Belgian Labour MP, Erdman Fred 
Marshall Erdman Pic Lithuanian-born American architect, businessman, Erdman Marshall
Richard Erdoes Pic Austrian-born American author, journalist, editor, illustrator, Erdoes Richard 
Ivan Erdos American bridge player, world-champion, Erdos Ivan 
Paul Erdos RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American Israeli mathematician, Erdos Paul 
Renee Erdos Pic Hungarian writer, poet, Erdos Renee
Sandor Erdos Pic Hungarian epee fencer, Erdos Sandor 
Thomas Erdos Pic Brazilian auto racing driver, Erdos Tomas
Richard Erdos, Sr Hungarian opera singer, bass, Erdos, Sr Richard 
Benjamin Erdreich Pic American representetive, 1983-1993, Erdreich Benjamin 
Gabriel Erem American founder/publisher of Lifestyles, Erem Gabriel 
Moshe Erem RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,   Erem Moshe 
Amos Eren HW president of University of Haifa 1988-90, Eren Amos 
Phillip Erenberg American gymnast, Indian clubs Erenberg Phillip 
Sergey Erenburg RWF Pic Russsian-born Israeli American chess grandmaster, Erenburg Sergey 
Bela Erengross RWF Pic Soviet philosopher, Erengross Bela 
Itzhak Erenshteiner Austrian court jew, Erenshteiner Itzhak 
Alexander de Ereny Ullmann RWC Hungarian MP 1884-92, economist Ereny Ullmann Alexander  de
Guy Erez Pic Israeli-born American songwriter, producer, composer, bass player, Erez Guy
Haim Erez RWC Pic Polish-born Israeli miltary commander, major general, Erez Haim 
Miriam Erez Pic Israeli psychologist, management scholar,management Erez Miriam 
Tzvi Erez Pic Israeli Canadian pianist, Erez Tzvi
Jacob/Jorge Ergas Chilean owners of Bank of Chile, Ergas Jacob /Jorge
Werner Erhard Pic American critical thinker, (Jewish father) Erhard Werner 
Eric J American musician, songwriter, record producer, Eric J
Milton Erickson RWF Pic American psychologist, psychiatrist, ??? Erickson Milton 
Roky Erickson Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, Erickson Roky 
Erik Erikson RWF HW Pic German-born American psychoanalyst, (Jewish mother), Erikson Erik 
Aatos Erkko Pic Finnish publisher, owner Sanoma WSOY, (Jewish mother) ??? Erkko Aatos 
Hans Erl RWN Pic German operatic bass, Erl Hans 
Abraham Erlander Pic American theater owner/operator, theatrical producer, Erlander Abraham
Abraham Erlanger Pic American theatrical producer/director/owner/operator, Theatrical Syndicate, Erlanger Abraham 
Camille Erlanger Pic French opera composer, Erlanger Camille 
Joseph Erlanger RWF HW Pic American physiologist, Nobel Prize (1944),  Erlanger Joseph 
Steven Erlanger Pic American journalist, Erlanger Steven 
Jonathan Erlich Pic Argentine-born Israeli tennis player, Erlich Jonathan 
Simha Erlich RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Leader of Liberal Party, Erlich Simha 
Jamie Erlicht American president of US programming/production, Sony Pictures Television Erlicht Jamie 
Devy Erlih Pic French violinist, Erlih Devy 
David Erlik HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli surgeon, Erlik David 
Aron Erlikh RWF Russian-born revolutionery, Erlikh Aron
Devy Erilh Pic French violinist, Erlilh Devy 
Georg Adolf Erman RWF German-born physicist, traveler, (Jewish mother) Erman Georg Adolf
Fridrikh Ermler RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian director, actor, screenwriter, Ermler Fridrich 
Mark Ermler RWF Pic Soviet/Russian conductor, Ermler Mark 
Mark Ermler RWF Soviet/Russian conductor, Ermler Mark 
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst HW Pic Czech-born German violinist, violist, composer, Ernst Heinrich Wihelm
Dezso Ernster Pic Hungarian opera singer, bass, Ernster Dezso 
Lars Ernster Pic Hungarian-born Swedish biochemist, Ernster Lars 
John I Ernuszt RWC Ban of Slovenia 1476-73, Ernuszt John I
John II Ernuszt RWC Ban of Slovenia, Croatia 1507-10, Ernuszt John II
Sigismund Ernuszt Hungarian bishop, (Jewish father) Ernuszt Sigismund 
Carlo Errera Pic Italian geographer, historian of exploration,    Errera Carlo
Gerard Errera Pic French ambassador to United Kingdom 2002-07, Errera Gerard 
Isabelle Errera Belgian art historian, Errera Isabelle
Jacques Errera Belgian physical chemist, Errera Jacques
Leo Errera Pic Belgian botanist, plant physiologist, Errera Leo
Isaac Erter Pic Polish Ukrainian satirist, Erter Isaac 
Anthony Ervin HW Pic American swimmer, (Jewish mother) Ervin Anthony 
Ralph Erwin Pic Polish-born French film score composer, songwriter, Erwin Ralph 
Elliott Erwitt Pic French-born American advertising documentary photographer, Erwitt Elliott 
Margaret Esakoff Pic Australian mayor of Glen Eira 2005- , Esakoff Margaret
Esau Pic son of Isaac and Rebecca and elder twin brother of Jacob Esau BibFigures
Evsei Eschin RWF Pic Belarusian-born politician, journalist, Eschin Evsei
Vesko Eschkenazy HW Pic Bulgarian violinist, Eschkenazy Vesko 
Alexander Esenin-Volpin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian mathematician, philosopher, poet, dissident, (Jewish mother) Esenin-Volpin Alexander 
Amir Eshel RWF HW Pic Israeli 17th Air Force Commander, 2012- , Eshel Amir
Hanan Eshel Pic Israeli archaeologist, historian, Eshel Hanan
Tamar Eshel RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli politician, diplomat, Eshel Tamar 
Zelig Eshhar HW Pic Israeli Immunologist, Eshhar Zelig
Levi Eshkol RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born 3d Israeli Prime Minister 1963-69, Eshkol Levi 
Von Eshleman Pic electronics engineering, ??? Eshleman Von 
Baron Bernhard von Eskeles Pic Austrian banker/financier, Arnstein and Eskeles, Eskeles Bernhard von
Baron Denis de Eskeles Pic Austrian banker, Eskeles Denis von
Countess Maria Anna von Eskeles Eskeles Maria Anna von
Sir Sassoon Eskell RWC HW Pic Iraqi Minister of Finance 1920-23 1924-25 Eskell Sassoon
Giuseppe Eskenazi Pic Turkish-born Italean art dealer, Eskenazi Giuseppe
Ilko Eskenazi RWC Pic Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister 1992-93 Eskenazi Ilko 
Roza Eskenazi HW Pic Turkish-born Greek singer, Eskenazi Roza
Alberto Eskenazy Pic Greek actor, Eskenazy Alberto 
Alex Eskin Pic Russian-born American mathematician, Eskin Alex
Avigdor Eskin RWC Pic Russian-born Israeli journalist, political activist, Eskin Avigdor
Eleazar Eskin Pic Russian-born American computer scientist, Eskin Eleazar 
Gregory Eskin Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli American mathematician, Eskin Gregory 
Yuly Eskin Soviet military factory director, Eskin Yuly 
Ben Esler Pic Australian film/television actor, Esler Ben
Gavin Esler Pic British television presenter, Esler Gavin 
Murray Esler Pic Australian cardiologist, medical scientist, Esler Murray
Daniel Espinosa RWC Pic Swedish director, producer, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish father) Espinosa Jorge 
Jacques Essebag RWC Pic Moroccan-born French television presenter, producer, comedian, Essebag Jacques 
Alter Esselin Pic Russian-born American poet, Esselin Alter
Maria Essen RWF Belarusian-born Soviet revolutionery, deputy chairman of Gosplan, (Jewish father) Essen Maria
Jan Esser Dutch plastic surgeon, Esser Jan
Martin Esslin Pic Hungarian-born British producer, playwright, journalist, translator, critic, Esslin Martin 
Susie Essman RWF Pic American stand-up comedian, actress, Essman Susie 
Esterka Pic Polish mistress of King of Poland Casimir the Great, Esterka
Oskar Esterkin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet writer, screenwiter, playwright, ??? Esterkin Oskar 
Immanuel Esterman German-born American Israeli physicist, Esterman Immanuel 
Yoel Esteron Pic Israeli journalist, publisher, Calcalist, Esteron Yoel
Milton Esterow American Art Journal, ARTnews, Esterow Milton 
Ines Pires Esteves RWC Spanish-born Portugese lover of King Of Portugal Juan Aviski, Esteves Ines Pires
Esther RWN Pic Persian queen savior of the Jews on Purim Esther BibFigures
Esthero Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, Esthero
Claude Estier Pic French politician, journalist,  MEP 1979-84, Estier Claude
Ken Estin Pic American screenwriter, television producer, Estin Ken 
Eric Estorick Pic American-born British art collector/realer, author, Estorick Eric 
Karol Estreicher Pic Polish-born historan of art and theater, literary critic, bibliographer, Estreicher Karol
Stanislaw Estreicher Pic Polish historian of law, bibliographer, Estreicher Stanislaw
Tadeusz Estreicher Pic Polish-born Austrian chemist, historian, cryogenics pioneer, Estreicher Tadeusz
Susan Estrich Pic American author, lawyer, political commentator, Estrich Susan 
Alexander Estrin RWC Belarusian-born Soviet Attorney General, Estrin Alexander 
Deborah Estrin RWC Pic American computer scientist,  Estrin Deborah 
Gerald Estrin RWF Pic American computer scientist, Estrin Gerald 
Judith Estrin RWC Pic Israeli-born American busness executive, CTO, senior VP -2002 Estrin Judith 
Melvyn Estrin American owner of American Health Services, Estrin Melvyn 
Mikhail Estrin RWF Pic Russian violinist, conductor, Estrin Mikhail 
Thelma Estrin RWC Pic American computer scientist, engineer, biomedical researcher, Estrin Thelma 
Yakov Estrin RWE Pic Russian grandmaster, World Correspondence Chess Champion 1972-76 Estrin Yakov 
Yuri Estrin Pic Ukrainian-born Australian materials scientist, ??? Estrin Yuri 
Viktor Estrovich RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet architect, Estrovich Viktor
Isay Estulin Soviet scientist, Estulin Isay 
Sir Terence Etherton Pic British Master of the Rolls of England and Wales, Etherton Terence
Amos Etinger HW Pic Israeli poet, songwriter, screenwriter, radio/television presenter, Etinger Amos 
Yakov Etinger RWE Pic Soviet physician, Doctor's Plot, Etinger Yakov 
Yakov Etinger RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian politologist, historian, political activist, Doctor's Plot Etinger Yakov 
Bernard Etkin Canadian academic, aircraft guidance and control, Etkin Bernard 
Max Etkin RWC Pic American military commander, brigadier general, Etkin Max 
Valentin Etkin RWF Soviet engineering scholar, Etkin Valentin 
Efim Etkind RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet  philologist, literary historian, translator, Etkind Efim 
Roza Etkin-Moszkowska HW Pic Polish pianist, Etkin-Moszkowska Roza 
Max Etra Chairman of Yeshiva University 1953-1977 Etra Max 
Sorel Etrog Pic Romanian-born Canadian sculptor, Etrog Sorel 
Joseph Ettedgui RWC Pic Moroccan-born British retailer, Joseph retail chain, Ettedguy Joseph 
Michael Ettenberg Pic electronics engineering, ??? Ettenberg Michael 
Sylvia Ettenberg Pic American educator, Ettenberg Sylvia
Bracha Ettinger Pic Israeli-born French visual artist, painter, philosopher, psychoanalyst, Ettinger Bracha
Dan Ettinger Pic Israeli conductor, Ettinger Dan
Pavel Ettinger RWC Soviet military commander, major general, Ettinger Pavel 
Robert Ettinger Pic American cryonics pioneer, Ettinger Robert
Solomon Ettinger Pic Polish-born Yiddish language playwright, poet, songwriter, Ettinger Solomon 
Yona Ettinger Pic German-born Israeli clarinetist, Ettinger Yona
Richard Ettinghausen Pic German-born American art historian, Ettinghausen Richard 
Yona Ettlinger Pic German-born Israeli clarinetist, Ettlinger Yona
Raisa Etush RWF Pic Russian stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Etush Raisa 
Vladimir Etush RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet actor,   Etush Vladimir 
Amitai Etzioni RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli American sociologist, Etzioni Amitai 
Moshe Etzioni HW Pic Polish-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1971-78,  Etzioni Moshe 
Opher Etzion Pic Israeli author, computer scientist, Etzioni Opher
Isaac Euchel Pic Danish-born German founder of Haskalah-movement, Euchel Isaac 
Leonard Eugene Hungarian orientalist, linguist, philosopher, writer, Eugene Leonard 
Albert Eulenburg Pic German neurologist, sexologist, Eulenburg Albert 
Ernst Eulenburg HW Pic German music publisher, Eulenburg Ernst
Mark Evanier Pic American comics/animated cartoons writer for Disney and Hanna-Barbera  Evanier Mark 
Charles Evans American businessman, fashion designer, Evans Charles
Eli Evans Pic American historian, writer,  Evans Eli 
Emanuel Evans Pic American mayor of Durham, North Carolina 1951-63, Evans Emanuel 
Frank Evans Variational analysis of electrical networks, ??? Evans Frank 
Herbert Evans Anti-sterility vitamins, ??? Evans Herbert 
Joni Evans American president/publisger of Simon & Schuster, Evans Joni 
Josh Evans Pic American screenwriter, filmmaker, actor, Evans Josh 
Larry Evans RWF Pic American grandmaster, Evans Larry 
Marcus Evans British businessman, owner/chairman of Ipswich Town Football Club, ??? Evans Marcus 
Monroe Evans American mayor of Fayetteville, North Carolina 1965-69, Evans Monroe
Ralph Evans Pic American violinist, Evans Ralph 
Ray Evans Pic American composer, lyricist, songwriter, Evans Ray 
Robert Evans RWF Pic American stage actor, film producer, executive, Paramount Pictures, Evans Robert 
Ronald Evans RWF Pic American biologist, Evans Ronald 
Charles Evans, Jr Pic American film producer, Evans, Jr Charles 
Marco Evaristti Pic Chilean artist, Evaristti Marco
Carlos Evelyn Pic Brazilian actor,   Evelyn Carlos 
Deborah Evelyn Pic Brazilian film/television actress, Evelyn Deborah 
Dan Even RWC Pic German-born Israeli military commander, major general, Even Dan 
Geula Even HW Pic Israeli television news presenter, Even Geula 
Shimon Even Pic Israeli cryptographer, Even Shimon
Uzi Even HW Pic Israeli physical chemist, MP Even Uzi 
Ya'akov Even RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Even Ya'akov 
Yehuda Even Shemuel RWF HW Ukrainian-born Israeli Jewish lexicographer, translator, Even Shemuel Yehuda 
Michael Evenari HW Pic Israeli botanist, desert researcher, Evenari Michael 
Nahshon Even-Chaim Pic Australian hacker, Even-Chaim Nahshon
Abraham Even-Shoshan RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli linguist, lexicographer, Even-Shoshan Abraham 
Itamar Even-Zohar Pic Israeli sociologist, culture researcher, translation scholar, Even-Zohar Itamar
Miles Evergood Pic Australian painter, Evergood Miles 
Philip Evergood Pic American post-modernist painter, sculptor, etcher, illustrator, writer, Evergood Philip 
Lara Everly Pic American actress, Everly Lara 
Bloeme Evers-Emden Pic Dutch psychologist, Evers-Emden Bloeme
Boaz Evron HW Israeli journalist, critic, translator, Evron Boaz
Efraim Evron HW president of University of Haifa 1984-88, Evron Efraim 
Ephraim Evron RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to United States 1979-82, Sweden 1969-71, Canada 1969-71,  Evron Ephraim 
Ram Evron HW Pic Israeli broadcaster, journalist,    Evron Ram 
Zion Evroni Israeli ambassador to Ireland 2006- ,  Vatican, Evroni Zion 
Emmanuil Evzerikhin RWF Pic Russian/Soviet photographer, Evzerikhin Emmanuil 
Oscar Ewald Hungarian-born Austrian philosopher, Ewald Oscar
Reuben Ewing Pic Ukrainian-born American baseball player, Ewing Reuben
Franz S. Exner RWF Pic Austrian physisist, (Jewish mother) Exner Franz S.
Sigmund Exner Pic Austrian physiologist, (Jewish mother) Exner Sigmund 
Nadav Eyal HW Pic Israeli journalist, television news editor, Eyal Nadav 
Shmuel Eyal RWC Pic Belarusian-born Israeli military commander, major general, Eyal Shmuel 
Bat-Sheva Eylon Pic Israeli educator,   Eylon Bat-Sheva 
Hans Eysenck RWF Pic German-born British psychologist, (Jewish mother) Eysenck Hans 
Sybil Eysenck Pic Austrian-born British personality psychologist, Eysenck Sybil
Sybil Eysenck Pic Austrian-born British pesonality psychologist, Eysenck Sybil 
Edmund Eysler Pic Austrian composer, Eysler Edmund 
Freddy Eytan Israeli ambassador to Mauritania 1998- ,    Eytan Freddy 
Walter Eytan RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli ambassador to France 1960-70, Eytan Walter 
Rose Eytinge Pic American stage actress, Eytinge Rose
Fleur Ezekiel Pic Indian model, Miss India 1959 Ezekiel Fleur 
Ezekiel  597 BC Ezekiel MajorProphets
Mordecai Ezekiel Pic American agrarian economist, Ezekiel Mordechai 
Moses Ezekiel Pic American sculptor, Ezekiel Moses 
Nissim Ezekiel HW Pic Indian-born  British poet, author, playwright, art critic, Ezekiel Nissim 
Eduard Ezhov RWF Soviet cinematographer, documentary filmmaker, ??? Ezhov Eduard 
Lazar Ezhov RWF Soviet actor, vocalist, ??? Ezhov Lazar 
Abraham ibn Ezra RWF HW Pic Spanish philosopher, linguist, writer, poet, astrologer, bible commentator, Ezra Abraham ibn
Ezra prophet and leader of the Exile (along with Daniel) and Return to Zion Ezra BibFigures
Baron Derek Ezra Pic British chairman of National Coal Board, Ezra Derek
Edward Isaac Ezra Chinese-born businessman, Ezra Edward Isaac
Gideon Ezra RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Environmental Protection/Internal Security, Ezra Gideon 
Mani Ezra Israeli scholar, arabic language study, Ezra Mani 
Moses ibn Ezra RWF HW Spanish philosopher, linguist, poet, Ezra Moses ibn
Yaron Ezrahi Pic Israeli political scientist, educator, Ezrahi Yaron
E.M. Ezrailov State Prize Ezrailov E.M. 
Itchko Ezratti American owner/president of Gl Homes, Ezratti Itchko 
Meir Ezri HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli ambassador to Iran 1968-73, Ezri Meir 
Bob Ezrin Pic Canadian record producer, Mogration Records, Ezrin Bob 
Hershell Ezrin Pic Canadian activist, Ezrin Hershell
Adi Ezroni HW Pic Israeli model, actress, television presenter, producer, Ezroni Adi 
Adam Ebbin Pic American politician, Ebbin Adam 
Miki Edelstein RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, Edelstein Miki 
Yona Efrat RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Efrat Yona 
Danny Efroni RWC Pic Israeli military Advocate General, major general, Efroni Danny 
Vojislav Marinkovic RWC Pic Serbian politician, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia 1932, Efroni Danny 
Denise Eger Pic American reform rabbi, Eger Denise 
Ryan Eggold Pic American actor, (Jewish grandmother) Eggold Ryan 
Max Ehrich Pic American actor, singer, dancer, Ehrich Max 
Aron Eidinov RWC Soviet state official, ZIS Eidinov Aron 
Lev Eig RWC Russian/Soviet physicist,   Eig Lev 
Eli Eitan HW Pic German-born Israeli linguist, historian, Eitan Eli 
Yosef Eitan RWC Israeli miltary commander, major general, Eitan Yosef 
Rahamim Elazar RWC Pic Ethiopian-born Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia, Elazar Rahamim 
Rick Elice Pic Ameican writer, stage actor, Elice Rick 
Yoel Elitzur HW Pic Israeli linguist,   Elitzur Yoel 
Ilana Eliya RWC Pic Israeli singer, Eliya Ilana 
Neta Elkayam RWC Pic Israeli singer, Elkayam Neta 
Grigory Elkin RWC Pic Russian state executive, Elkin Grigory 
Boris Eltzin RWC Peope's Commissar of Social for Ukrainian SSR, Eltzin Boris 
Sergey Emdin RWC Pic Russian/Soviet physicist, Emdin Sergey 
Hanna Engelberg-Kulka Pic Austrian-born Israeli geneticist, Engelberg-Kulka Hanna 
Trevor Engelson Pic American film director/producer, talent agent, Engelson Trevor 
Anabel Englund Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish paternal descent 1/8) Englund Anabel 
Mark Entin RWC Pic Russian ambassador to Luxembourg 2012-16, Entin Mark 
Lev Eonor Soviet military factory director, Eonor Lev 
David Epshtein RWC Pic Soviet chemist, technologist, Epshtein David 
Moisey Epshtein RWC Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for Education 1929-37, Epshtein Moisey 
Yakov Epshtein RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, Epshtein Yakov 
Aleksandr Epstein RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet enginer,  Epstein Aleksandr 
Veniamin Epstein RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet zoologist, parasitologist, Epstein Veniamin 
Sertab Erener RWC Pic Turkish pop music singer, winner ESC 2003, Donmeh, Erener Sertab 
Heyley Erin Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Erin Heyley 
Jacob Aaron Estes Pic American screenwriter,film director, Estes Jacob Aaron
Avraham Even-Shoshan HW Pic Even-Shoshan Avraham 
Uri Even-Tov RWC HW Pic Israeli engineer, Even-Tov Uri