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James Caan RWF HW Pic American film, stage/television actor, Caan James 
Scott Caan RWF HW Pic American actor, rapper, (Jewish father), Caan Scott 
Bonafos Caballeria Spanish writer, (converso) Caballeria Bonafos
Colt Cabana Pic American professional wrestler, Cabana Colt 
Samuel Cabanchik Pic Argentine philosopher, politician, Cabanchik Samuel
Judith Cabaud Pic American-born French writer, musicologist, Cabaud Judith 
Eitan Cabel RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Cabel Eitan 
Susan Cabot RWF Pic American film/television actress, Cabot Susan
Elizabeth Cabraser American lawyer, ??? Cabraser Elizabeth 
Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, governor of Tukumana, Cabrera Jeronimo Luis de
Diego Garcia de Caceres RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, Caceres Diego Garcia de
Lydia Cacho Pic Mexican journalist, feminist, human rights activist, (Jewish maternal descent) Cacho Lydia 
Sir Stanford Cade RWC Brirish physician, vice -marshall for aviation, Cade Stanford
Tony Cadena Pic American rock singer/songwriter, Cadena Tony 
Inga Cadranel Pic Canadian actress, (Jewish father) Cadranel Inga 
Spence Cadwell Pic Canadian television executive, Dominion Network, Cadwell Spence 
Herb Caen Pic American columnist, Caen Herb 
Arthur Caesar Pic Romanian-born American screenwriter, Caesar Arthur 
Irving Caesar RWF Pic American composer, lyricist, songwriter:lyricist, Caesar Irving 
Sid Caesar RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, Caesar Sid 
Julius Caesar Czarnikow Pic German-born British sugar broker, Caesar Czarnikow Julius 
Caesilius of Calacte ancient Greek historian, Caesilius of Calacte
Adrian Caetano Pic Uruguayan-Argentine film director, producer, screenwriter, Caetano Adrian
Julia Cafritz Pic American musician,     Cafritz Julia
Morris Cafritz American real estate developer, Investment Group, Cafritz Morris 
Leslie Cagan Pic American anti-war activist, Cagan Leslie 
Corrado Cagli Pic Italian American painter, Cagli Corrado 
Abraham Cahan HW Pic Belarusian/Lithuanian-born American author, journalist, Cahan Abraham 
Judah Leib Cahan Lithuanian-born American folklorist, Cahan Judah Leib
Yaakov Cahan RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli poet, playwright, translator, writer, Cahan Yaakov 
Claude Cahen RWF HW Pic French orientalist, historian of Crusades,  Cahen Claude 
Michel Cahen Pic French historian, political scientist, Cahen Michel 
Count Louis Raphael Cahen d'Anvers French banker, politician, Cahen d'Advers Louis Raphael
Dann Cahn Pic American television director/producer, film editor, Cahn Dann
Debora Cahn RWF Pic American television writer, producer, Cahn Deborah 
Edgar Cahn Pic American legal scholar, speechwriter, Cahn Edgar
Edward Cahn Pic American film director, Cahn Edward 
Elliot Cahn Pic Ameriucan guitarist, Cahn Elliot
John Cahn RWC Pic German-born American physicist, material science, Cahn John 
Sir Julien Cahn Pic British entrepreneur, philanthropist, Cahn Julien
Marcelle Cahn Pic French painter, Cahn Marcelle
Robert Cahn Pic German-born British physicist, materials science Cahn Robert 
Rolf Cahn Pic German-born American folk musician, marital arts teacher, Cahn Rolf 
Sammy Cahn RWF Pic American songwriter:lyricist, composer:lyricist, Cahn Sammy 
Walter Cahn Pic German-born American historian, Cahn Walter
Anneli Cahn Lax Pic Polish-born American mathematician, Cahn Lax Anneli
Norman Cahners American founder of Cahners Publishing, Cahners Norman 
Werner Cahnman German-born American sociologist, Cahnman Werner 
Claude Cahun Pic French writer, artist, photographer, Cahun Claude 
David Leon Cahun French traveler, orientalist, writer, Cahun David Leon
Gaston Arman de Caillavet Pic French playwright, (Jewish mother) Caillavet Gaston Arman de
Nehemiah Cain RWC Pic Romanian-born Israeli miltary commander, major general, Cain Nehemiah 
Howard Caine Pic American stage/film/television actor,     Caine Howard 
Julien Cain Pic French librarian, administrator, Caine Julien
Uri Caine HW Pic American jazz pianist, composer,    Caine Uri 
Nicolae Cajal HW Pic Romanian physician, academic, politician, senator 1990-92, Cajal Nicolae 
Eugenio Calabi RWF Pic Italian-born American mathematician, string theory Calabi Eugenio 
Enrica Calabresi Pic Italian zoologist, herpetologist, entomologist, Calabresi Enrica
Guido Calabresi Pic American legal scholar, Judge, (Jewish mother) Calabresi Guido 
Salomon Calahorra Polish royal physician of king Sigimunt II August, Stephen Bathory, Calahorra Salomon 
Andres Calamaro Pic Argentine film score composer, singer/songwriter, Calamaro Andres 
Clive Calder Pic British businessman, Zomba Music Group, Calder Clive 
Jenni Calder Pic British literary historian, Calder Jenni  
Ruth Calderon RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Calderon Ruth
Buddy Caldwell Pic American attorney general of Louisiana, Caldwell Buddy
Spence Caldwell Pic Canadian television executive, Caldwell Spence 
Randy California RWF Pic American lead gutarist, singer/songwriter, California Randy 
Riccardo Calimani Pic Italian writer, historian, Calimani Ricardo
Ottoi Calin Pic Romanian physician, journalist, socilist militant, translator, Calin Ottoi
Vera Calin Pic Romanian-born Americal literary critic/historian, essayist, translator, Calin Vera
Hortense Calisher Pic American fiction writer, Calisher Hortense 
Mushy Callahan Pic American boxer, light welterfeight, Callahan Mushy 
Michael Callan Pic American film/television actor, Callan Michael 
Sophie Calle Pic French writer, photographer, artist, Calle Sophie 
Eduardo Proper de Callejon Pic Spanish diplomat, (Jewish father) Callejon Eduardo Propper
Herbert Callen Pic American physicist, Callen Herbert 
John Calley American chairman/CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc, ??? Calley John 
James Callis RWE HW Pic British film/television actor, Callis James 
Rudolf Callmann Pic German-born American legal scholar, Callmann Rudolf 
Mel Calman Pic British cartoonist, Calman Mel 
Emil Calmanovici Pic Romanian engineer, businessman, communist militant, Calmanovici Emil
Alain Calmat RWF HW Pic French politician, Minister of Youth Affairs and sports 1984-86, figure skater, Calmat Alain 
Baron Liefmann Calmer German-born French official perveyor to King Louis XV, Calmer Liefmann
Sir Roy Calne  Pic German-born British surgeon, liver transplatation, Calne  Roy
Eugenio Calo Pic Italian partisan, nathional hero of Italy, Calo Eugenio 
Christian Calson Pic Romanian-born American film director, (Jewish mother) Calson Christian 
Ion Calugaru HW Pic Romanian novelist, journalist, film/literary critic, screenwriter, Calugaru Ion 
Sadie Calvano Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Calvano Sadie 
Casey Calvert Pic American pornogaphic actress, Calvert Casey
Melvin Calvin RWF HW Pic American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1961) Calvin Melvin 
Fortuna Calvo-Roth Pic French-born Peruvian American journalist, businessman, Calvo-Roth Fortuna 
Greg Camarillo Pic American football player, (Jewish mother) Camarillo Greg 
David Camden DeLeon American military, (Mexican War), "The Fighting Doctor", doctor under General Zachary Taylor, Congressional Citation Camden DeLeon David 
Camelia HW Pic Egyptian actress,    Camelia
Giuliana Camerino Pic Italian fashion designer, Camerino Giuliana 
Alexander Cameron Pic British barrister, (Jewish great great grandfather 3/32) Cameron Alexander 
Dean Cameron Pic American television/film actor, Cameron Dean
Jorge Camet Dickmann RWC Pic Peruvian Minister of Economy and Finance 1993-98, Camet Dickmann Jorge
David Caminer Pic British systems analyst, Caminer David 
Evan Caminker Pic American legal scholar, administrator,  Caminker Evan 
Mario Camis Italian physiologist, priest, Camis Mario 
Mike Cammalleri Pic Canadian ice hockey player, (Jewish mother) Cammalleri Mike 
Federico Cammeo Italian jurist, Cammeo Federico 
Harold Cammer Pic American lawyer, co-founder of National Lawyers Leage, Cammer Harold 
Luis Camnitzer Pic German-born Uruguayan artist, Camnitzer Luis
Count Abraham Camondo RWC Pic Turkish-born financier, philantropist, Camondo Abraham 
Beatrice de Camondo Pic French socialite, Camondo Beatric de
Isaac de Camondo Pic Turkish-born French head of Banque de Paris, Isaak Camondo & Cie Camondo Isaac de
Count Moise de Camondo Pic Turkish-born French banker, art collector, Camondo Moise de
Nissim de Camondo Pic French banker, pilot, Camondo Nissim de
Garrett Camp HW Pic Canadian entrepreneur, co-founder of StumbleUpon, ??? Camp Garrett
Lady Colin Campbell Pic Jamaican-born British writer, biographer, novelist, (Jewish maternal great grandmother) Campbell Colin
David Campbell Pic Australian singer, Campbell David 
Jonathan Campbell Pic British historian, theologian, Campbell Jonathan
Neve Campbell RWF HW Pic Canadian actress, (Jewish mother), Campbell Neve
Carter Camper Pic American ice hockey player, Camper Carter
David Campista RWC Pic Brazilian lawyer, economist, politician, diplomat, Finance Minister 1906-09, Campista David 
Samuel Campner American mayor of New Haven 1917, Campner Samuel
Artur Alberto de Campos Henriques RWC Pic Portugese Prime Minister 1908-09, Campos Henriques Artur Alberto de
Peter Campus Pic American artist, experimental filmmaker, video artist, Campus Peter 
Marvin Camras RWF Pic American electrical engineer, inventor, magnetic recording, Camras Marvin 
Leo Camron South African Israeli educationist, cricketer, Camron Leo
Ami Canaan Mann Pic American film/television director, producer, television writer, Canaan Mann Ami 
Chan Canasta HW Pic Polish-born British magician, mentalist, Canasta Chan 
Mark Cane American climatologist,  ??? Cane Mark 
Stephanie Cane Pic Israeli-born American pornogaphic actress, Cane Stephanie 
Elias Canetti RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born British Austrian author, Nobel prize (1981) in literature, Canetti Elias 
Jacques Canetti RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born French talent agent, music executive, Canetti Jacques 
Milton Caniff Pic American cartoonist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Caniff Milton 
Kid Cann Pic Romanian-born American mobster, Cann Kid 
Leslie Cannold Pic American-born Australian author, columnist, activist, public intellectual, Cannold Leslie 
Dyan Cannon RWF Pic American actress, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Cannon Dyan
Poppy Cannon Pic South African-born American food writer, Cannon Poppy 
Diana Canova Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) ??? Canova Diana
Judy Canova RWF Pic American comedian, actress, singer, radio personality, ??? Canova Judy 
Eduardo Cansino, Jr Pic American film actor, (Jewish father) Cansino Eduardo, Jr
Eduardo Cansino, Sr Pic Spanish-born American dancer, actor, Cansino Eduardo, Sr
Raphael Cansinos-Assens Pic Spanish poet, essayist, literary critic, translator, (convert to Judaism) Cansinos-Assens Raphael
Isaac Cantarini Italian poet, writer, physician, rabbi, Cantarini Isaac
David Canter Pic American sports agent,    Canter David 
Jon Canter Pic British comedy writer, Canter Jon 
Alberto del Canto RWC Mexican nobleman, military, mayor of Monterrey, Canto Alberto del
Mark Canton Pic American film producer, executive, Canton Mark 
Neil Canton Pic American film producer, Canton Neil 
Giulio Cantoni Pic Italian-born American  physician, biochemist, Cantoni Giulio
Raffaele Cantoni Pic Italian resistance member, Cantoni Raffaele
Andres Cantor Pic Argentine-born American sportscaster, Cantor Andres 
Arthur Cantor American theatrical producer, Cantor Arthur 
Bernard Cantor American co-founder of Cantor Fitzgerald, Cantor Bernard 
Brian Cantor Pic British Vice-Cnancellor of the University of York 2002-13, Cantor Brian 
Charles Cantor Pic American biophysicist, molecular geneticist, Cantor Charles 
David Cantor Pic American actor, singer, Cantor David 
Eddie Cantor RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, Cantor Eddie 
Eric Cantor HW Pic American representative, 2001-14, Cantor Eric 
Geoffrey Cantor Pic British scholar, historian of science, Cantor Geoffrey
Geoffrey Cantor Pic American actor, Cantor Geoffrey 
Georg Cantor RWF HW Pic Russian-born German mathematicain, logician, philosopher, Cantor Georg 
Gerald Cantor Pic American founder/chairman of Cantor Fitzerland, bond brokerage, Cantor Gerald 
Harvey Cantor Pic American pathologist,  ??? Cantor Harvey 
Iris Cantor Pic American philanthropist, model, Cantor Iris
Jacob Cantor Pic American representative, 1913-15, Cantor Jacob 
Jay Cantor American novelist, essayist, ??? Cantor Jay 
Max Cantor Pic American journalist, actor, Cantor Max 
Moritz Cantor RWF HW Pic German mathematician, historian of mathematics, Cantor Moritz 
Nancy Cantor Pic American psychologist, Chancellor of Siracuse University 2004- , Cantor Nancy 
Noah Cantor Pic Canadian football player, Cantor Noah 
Norman Cantor Pic Canadian-born American historian, medieval period, Cantor Norman
Joshua dei Cantori Italian theologist, Cantori Joshua dei
Cornell Capa Pic Hungarian-born photographer, founder of International Center of Photography Capa Cornell 
Robert Capa HW Pic Hungarian-born war photographer,    Capa Robert 
Abraham Capadose Pic Dutch physician, calvinist writer, Capadose Abraham 
Martin Caparros Pic Argentine writer, Caparros Martin 
Mario Capecchi RWF HW Pic Italian-born American molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (2007) (Jewish maternal grangfather) Capecchi Mario 
Eli Capilouto Pic American president of University of Kentucy 2011- , Capilouto Eli
Bryan Caplan Pic American economist, (Jewish farther) Caplan Bryan
David Caplan Pic Canadian cabinet minister, Ontario, Caplan David 
Elinor Caplan Pic Canadian Minister of Emigration,  Minister of Health Ontario 1988 Caplan Elinor 
Frank Caplan RWF Pic American toys collector, toys designer, Creative Playthings, Caplan Frank 
Gerald Caplan Pic Canadian political activist, public policy analyst, Caplan Gerald 
John Caplan Pic American chemical engineer, ??? Caplan John 
Lionel Caplan British anthropologist, Caplan Lionel 
Lizzy Caplan RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Caplan Lizzy
Louis Caplan Pic American neuroscientst, Caplan Louis 
Marcos Caplan Pic Argentine film/stage actor,   Caplan Marcos 
Mitch Caplan American CEO of E-Trade, Caplan Mitch 
Ralph Caplan Pic American design consultant, writer, public speaker, Caplan Ralph
Twink Caplan Pic American television actress, comedian, producer, Caplan Twink
Ivor Caplin Pic Labour MP 1997-2005  Caplin Ivor 
Lee Caplin Pic American film producer, communication industry executive, Caplin Lee 
Mortimer Caplin Pic American lawyer, educator, Caplin Mortimer
Sarah Caplin Pic British producer, television executive, Caplin Sarah
Augusto Capon RWC Pic Italian admiral, Capon Augusto 
Laura Capon Pic Italian-born writer, political activist, wife of Enrico Fermi, Capon Laura
Al Capp Pic American cartoonist, Capp Al 
Kate Capshaw RWF HW Pic American actress, producer, (convert to Judaism) Capshaw Kate
Steve Capus American president of NBC News, Capus Steve 
Luis de Carabajal the younger Mexican author,  (converso) Carabajal the younger Luis de
Luis de Carabajal y Cueva RWC Pic Portuguese-born governor of Nuevo-Leon 1579-, adventurer, (converso descent) Carabajal y Cueva Luis de
Albert Caraco Pic Turkish-born French Uruguayan philosopher, writer, essayist, Caraco Albert 
Maup Caransa Pic Dutch businessman, real estate developer, hotelier, Caransa Maup
Juan Carassco Spanish apologist, (converso) Carassco Juan
Daniel Carasso RWC Pic Greek-born owner of Groupe Danone, Carasso Daniel 
Emmanuel Carasso Pic Turkish/Greek politician, lawyer, Carasso Emmanuel 
Haym Carasso Pic Israeli businessman, Carasso Group, Carasso Haym 
Isaac Carasso RWC Pic Greek-born founder 1919/owner of Groupe Danone, Carasso Isaac 
Solomon Cardelli RWE Italian engraver, ??? Cardelli Solomon 
D'Arcy Carden Pic American actress, comedian,  (Jewish mother) Carden D'Arcy 
Ben Cardin RWF HW Pic American senator, 2007- Cardin Ben 
Jon Cardin Pic American politician, Cardin Jon 
Meyer Cardin Pic American New York State Supreme Court justice, Cardin Meyer
Shoshana Cardin American president of the Council of Jewish Federations 1984- , Cardin Shoshana 
Isaac Cardoso RWF Portugese physician, philosopher, Cardoso Isaac
Aaron Cardozo British-born Gibrartarian politician, Cardozo Aaron 
Albert Cardozo American New York State Supreme Court justice, Cardozo Albert 
Benjamin Cardozo RWF HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1932-1938. Cardozo Benjamin 
David Nunez Cardozo American military, (American Revolution), South Carolina Grenadiers,  Cardozo David Nunez
Francis Cardozo Pic American clergyman, politician, educator, (Jewish father) Cardozo Francis
Isaac Cardozo Portuguese physician, court physician of king Philip IV in Madrid, Cardozo Isaac
Gabor Carelli Pic Hungarian-born American opea singer, tenor, Carelli Gabor
Ezekial Carey Pic American vocalist, Carey Ezekial 
Todd Carey Pic American singer/songwriter, Carey Todd 
Charles Carillo Pic American artist, author, archaeologist, (converso descent) Carillo Charles
Maria Barbara Carillo Spanish woman, inquisision victim, Carillo Maria Barbara
Gabe Carimi Pic American football player, Carimi Gabe 
Richard Caring Pic British businessman, (Jewish mother) Caring Richard 
Azriel Carlebach HW Pic German-born Israeli journalist, founder/first editor of Maariv, Carlebach Azriel 
Emil Carlebach Pic German politician, writer, journalist,   Carlebach Emil
Ephraim Carlebach Pic German-born Israeli ortodox Rabbi,   Carlebach Ephraim
Felix Carlebach Pic German-born British rabbi,   Carlebach Felix
Hartwig Naftali Carlebach Pic German-born rabbi, Carlebach Hartwig Naftali
Joseph Carlebach Pic German rabbi, scholar, natural scientist, Carlebach Joseph 
Julius Carlebach Pic German-born British socilogist, historian, Carlebach Julius 
Naftoli Carlebach Pic German rabbi,   Carlebach Naftoli
Neshama Carlebach HW Pic American musician,  Carlebach Neshama 
Shlomo Carlebach RWF HW Pic German-born American singer/songwriter, cantor, Carlebach Shlomo 
Elisheva Carlebach Yoffen Pic American history scholar,   Carlebach Jofen Elisheva
Baron Alex Carlile Pic British Liberal MP 1983-87, Carlile Alex
Max Carlish Pic British documentary filmmaker, Carlish Max 
Kitty Carlisle RWF Pic American stage actress, singer, spokeswoman, Carlisle Kitty 
Leonard Carlitz Pic American mathematician, Carlitz Leonard
Traute Carlsen RWC Pic German stage/film actress,  Carlsen Traute 
Christy Carlson Romano Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, Carlson Romano Christy
Vanessa Carlton RWF Pic American pop singer/songwriter, pianist, (Jewish mother) Carlton Vanessa 
Eddie Carmel Pic Israeli-born American entertainer, gigantism, Carmel Eddie 
Ilana Carmel Chinese-born Israeli model, Miss Israel 1955, Carmel Ilana 
Moshe Carmel RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation, major general, Carmel Moshe 
Zefania Carmel RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli yachtsman, Carmel Zefania 
Amos Carmeli HW Pic Israeli journalist, radio broadcaster, Carmeli Amos 
Eric Carmen Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, Carmen Eric 
Boris Carmi Pic Russian-born Israeli photographer, Carmi Boris
Rhea Carmi Pic Israeli-born American abstract painter, Carmi Rhea 
Rivka Carmi RWC HW Pic Israeli pediatrician, geneticist,    Carmi Rivka 
T. Carmi Pic American-born Israeli poet, tanslator, Carmi T. 
Joel Carmichael Pic American historian, magazine editor, translator, Carmichael Joel
Robert Carmine Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Carmine Robert 
Arye Carmon Pic Israeli founding president of Israel Democratic Institute, Carmon Arye
Daniel Carmon HW Pic Israeli ambassador to India 2014- , Carmon Daniel 
Irin Carmon Pic Israeli-born American journalist, blogger, commentator, Carmon Irin
Irin Carmon Pic Israeli-born American blogger, television personality, Carmon Irin 
Yigal Carmon Pic Romanian-born Israeli political adviser, translator, Carmon Yigal 
Yosef Carmon Pic Polish-born Israeli film actor, theater director, Carmon Yosef
Shalom Carmy Pic American rabbi, philosopher, Carmy Shalom
Countess Almina Herbert Carnarvon Pic British Lady, biological father Alfred de Rothschild, (Jewish father) Carnarvon Almina Herbert
Hattie Carnegie Pic Austrian-born American fashion designer, Carnegie Hattie, Carnegie Hattie 
Mosco Carner Pic Austrian-born British musicologist, conductor, music critic, Carner Mosco 
Morris Carnovsky Pic American stage/film actor, Carnovsky Morris 
Jon Carnoy Pic American writer, film/television director,    Carnoy Jon 
Sir Anthony Caro RWF Pic British sculptor, Caro Anthony
Georg von Caro Pic German industrialist, Caro Georg von
Heinrich Caro Pic German chemist, chemical dye discovery, Caro Heinrich 
Jacob Caro RWF Polish-born German historian,  Caro Jacob
Nikodem Caro RWF Pic Polish-born German chemist, nitrogen fixation, Caro Nikodem 
Robert Caro Pic American writer, biographer, Caro Robert 
Sue Carol RWF Pic American talent agent, Sue Carol Agency, Carol Sue 
Horia Carp Pic Romanian senator 1927- , Carp Horia 
Matatias Carp HW Romanian historian,  Carp Matatias
Otto Carpeaux Pic Austrian-born Brazilian literary/musical critic, journalist,historian, (Jewish father) Carpeaux Otto 
Gail Carpenter Pic American cognitive scientist, neuroscientist, mathematician, ??? Carpenter Gail 
Leone Carpi Italian economist, journalist, politician, MP Carpi Leone
Allan Carr Pic American film producer, screenwriter, Carr Allan 
Cyril Carr British chairman of the Liberal Party 1972-73, Carr Cyril 
Elan Carr Pic American attorney, politician, Carr Elan
Jim Carr RWC Pic Canadian politician, Minister of Trade 2018- , Carr Jim 
Katy Carr Pic British singer/songwriter, musician, aviator, (Jewish mother) Carr Katy
Michael Carr British light music composer, songwriter, Carr Michael 
Steve Carr Pic American film director/producer, Carr Steve 
David Carrasco Pic American historian, anthropologist, educator, Carrasco David 
Ludovicus Carretus French-born Italian physician, Carretus Ludovicus
Regina Carrol Pic American actress, singer, dancer, Carrol Regina
Barbara Carroll Pic American jazz pianist, composer, vocalist, Carroll Barbara 
Jean Carroll Pic American actress, comedian, dancer, Carroll Jean 
Jonathan Carroll RWF Pic American horror/fantasy fiction author, Carroll Jonathan 
June Carroll Pic American singer, actress, lyricist, Carroll June
Sidney Carroll Pic American film/television screenwriter, Carroll Sidney 
Cidney Carson Pic American model, Playboy Ciber Girl 2006 Carson Cidney 
Alfonso de Cartagena Pic Spanish bishop, diplomat, historian, (converso) Cartagena Alfonso de
Teresa de Cartagena Spanish writer, (converso) Cartagena Teresa de
Alex Cartana Pic Spanish-born British singer/songwriter, actress,  (Jewish mother) Cartana Alex 
Arthur Carter Pic Carter, Berlind & Weill Carter Arthur 
Jack Carter Pic American comedian, actor, host,  Carter Jack 
Nell Carter RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, (convert to Judaism) Carter Nell
Victor Carter chairman of Republic Pictures, Carter Victor 
Gabrielle Carteris RWF Pic American television actress, talk show host, (Jewish mother) Carteris Gabrielle
Rudolph Cartier Pic Austrian-born  British film/television director, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, Cartier Rudolph 
Katrin Cartlidge HW Pic British stage/film/radio actress, (Jewish mother) Cartlidge Katrin
Craig Carton Pic American radio personality, Carton Craig 
Elinor Carucci Pic Israeli-born American photographer, Carucci Elinor 
Antonio Carvajal Portuguese British merchant, trader, Carvajal Antonio 
Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal HW Pic President of Dominican Republic 1916 (Jewish father) Carvajal Francisco Henriquez y
Fransisco Henriques y Carvajal RWC Pic Dominican doctor, lawyer, writer, educator, politician, president of Dominican Republic 1916, (converso descent) Carvajal Fransisco Henriques y
Luis de Carvajal y Cueva Pic Portugese-born Mexican founder/governor  of Nuevo Leon, Carvajal y Cueva Luis de
Solomon Carvalho Pic American photographer, Carvalho Solomon 
Jules Carvallo Pic French civil engineer, Carvallo Jules 
Lisa Carver Pic American writer, singer, journalist, (convert to Judaism) Carver Lisa 
Andy Carvin Pic American senior product manager of Digital Divide Network, Carvin Andy 
Isaak Caryk RWC Pic Belarusian poet, Caryk Isaak 
Arthur Casagrande Pic Austrian-born American engineer, Casagrande Arthur 
Cabra Casay Pic Israeli singer, Casay Cabra
Alan Casden Pic American businessman, Blackacre Capital Management, Casden Properties, Casden Alan 
Joseph Casdin Pic American mayor of Worcester, Casdin Joseph
Myer Caselberg Pic New Zealand storekeeper, businessman, politician, Caselberg Myer 
Max Casella Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Casella Max
Abraham Caseres Dutch comoser, Caseres Abraham
Abraham Caceres Dutch composer, Caseres Abraham 
Aya Cash Pic American film/television/stage actress, (Jewish father) Cash Aya 
Dave Cash Pic Romanian-born French Yiddish comedian, composer, entertainer, Cash Dave 
Richard Cash Pic American global health researcher, physician, Cash Richard 
Brian Cashman Pic general manager of New York Yankees, Cashman Brian 
Nellie Casman Pic Ukrainian-born American singer, actress, Cashman Nellie 
Samuel Cashwan Pic Ukrainian-born American sculptor,    Cashman Samuel 
Kirk Cashmere American civil rights attorney, Cashmere Kirk 
Abraham ben David Caslari Spanish physician,    Caslari Abraham ben David
Joshua Caslari French medieval leturgical poet,  Caslari Joshua
Nellie Casman Pic Ukrainian-born American Yiddish actress, singer, Casman Nellie 
Boris Casoy Pic Brazilian journalist, news anchor, Casoy Boris 
Donald Caspar Pic American biophysicist, structual biologist, Caspar Donald 
Carl Caspari Pic German-born Norwegian theologian, Caspari Carl
Vera Caspary Pic American novelist, screenwriter, playwright, Caspary Vera 
David Caspe Pic American screenwriter, producer, Caspe David 
Avshalom Caspi Pic British psychiatrist, ??? Caspi Avshalom 
Dan Caspi Pic Romanian-born Israeli media theorist, Caspi Dan
Matti Caspi HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, lyricist, Caspi Matti 
Moshe Dov Caspi Pic Israeli education scholar,  Caspi Moshe Dov
Yigal Caspi HW Pic Israeli ambassador to South Korea 2005- , Switzerland 2012-15, Caspi Yigal 
Ben Caspit Pic Israeli columnist, political analyst, Caspit Ben
Ben Caspit HW Pic Israeli journalist, publicist, television commentator, Caspit Ben 
Leslie Cass British songwriter, lyricist, musician, Cass Leslie
Maurice Cass Pic Lithuanian-born American film/television actor, Cass Maurice
Ronald Cass British screenwriter, composer, Cass Ronald 
Moss Cass RWC Pic Australian Labour Cabinet Minister for Environment 1972-75 MP 1969-83, Cass  Moss 
Wilfred Cass Pic German-born British art collector, Cass  Wilfred
Judy Cassab Pic Austrian-born Australian painter, Cassab Judy 
David Cassel Pic German historian, theologian, philosopher, Cassel David 
Sir Ernest Cassel Pic German-born British banker, merchant, Cassel Ernest
Sir Felix Cassel Pic German-born British Judge Advocate-General, politician,  MP 1910-16, Cassel Felix
Hartwig Cassel Pic German/Polish-born American chess journalist, editor, promoter, Cassel Hartwig
Oskar Cassel Pic German politician, MP 1903- , Cassel Oskar 
Paulus Cassel Pic German writer, orator, politician, missinary, Cassel Paulus
Seymour Cassel HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Cassel Seymour 
Nina Cassian HW Pic Romanian-born American  journalist, poet, writer, film critic, composer, Cassian Nina 
Kelly Cassidy Pic American politician, Cassidy Kelly 
Ofer Cassif HW Pic Israeli politician, Cassif Ofer 
Barrie Cassileth Pic American medical researcher, Cassileth Barrie
Barrie Cassileth Pic American canser researcher, Cassileth Barrie 
Rene Cassin RWF HW Pic French jurist, Nobel Prize (1968) for Peace, Cassin Rene 
Bruno Cassirer RWF Pic German art dealer, publisher, Cassirer Bruno 
Ernst Cassirer RWF HW Pic Polish-born German Swiss philosopher, Cassirer Ernst 
Heinz Cassirer Pic German philosopher, Bible translator, Cassirer Heinz 
Hugo Cassirer German entrepreneur, Cassirer Hugo 
Paul Cassirer RWF Pic German art dealer, publisher, Cassirer Paul 
Richard Cassirer RWF Pic German/Polish-born German neurologist, Cassirer Richard 
Omri Casspi Pic Israeli basketball player, Casspi Omri 
Umberto Cassuto RWF HW Pic Italian-born biblical scholar, orientalist, Cassuto Umberto 
Elisabeth Cassutto Pic Dutch Holocaust survivior, Cassutto Elisabeth
Ernest Cassutto Pic Dutch Holocaust survivior, Cassutto Ernest 
Benjamin Castaldi Pic French television personality, host Castaldi Benjamin 
Jorge Castaneda Gutman RWA Pic Mexican secretary of Foreign Affairs 2000-04, (Jewish mother) Castaneda Gutman Jorge 
Nico Castel Pic Portugese-born American opera singer, tenor, translator, Castel Nico
Moshe Castel Pic Israeli painter, Castel  Moshe 
David Castelli Italian biblical scholar, Castelli David 
Leo Castelli RWE Pic Italian-born Hungarian American art dealer, Castelli Leo
Benjamin Castelman Pic American pathologist, physician, Castelman Benjamin 
Guido Castelnuovo RWF Pic Italian mathematician, Castelnuovo Guido 
Jacomo Castelnuovo RWC Italian politician, Castelnuovo Jacomo 
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco RWC HW Pic Italian composer, Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario 
Arturo Castiglioni Pic Italian-born American medical historian, Castiglioni Arturo
William Castle Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor,  Castle William 
Benjamin Castleman American pathologist, hospital administrator, ??? Castleman Benjamin 
Michael Castleman Pic American journalist, novelist, Castleman Michael 
Ana de Castro Spanish-born Peruvian woman, Castro Ana de
Angelo de Castro Pic Italian architect, Castro Angelo de
Cristian Castro RWF Pic Mexican pop singer, (convert to Judaism) Castro Cristian 
David Castro Pic American teen actor, (Jewish mother) Castro David 
Henri Castro Pic French-born American impresario, diplomat, Castro Henri
Isaac Orobio de Castro Portuguese-born Dutch philosopher, physician, Castro Isaac Orobio de
Morris Fidanque de Castro Pic first govenor of United States Virgin Islands 1902-66, Castro Morris Fidanque de
Raquel Castro RWF Pic American child film/television actress, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Castro Raquel
Rodrigues de Castro Portuguese German physician, court physician of king of Denmark, Castro Rodrigues de
Jacob de Castro Sarmento Pic Portuguese-born British physician,    Castro Sarmento Jacob de
Issac de Castro Tartas French-born Dutch martyr, (converso) Castro Tartas Isaac de
Harry Castroll Shop-Rite   (???) Castroll Harry 
Daniel Catan Pic Mexican composer, operas, Catan Daniel 
Gilbert Cates RWF Pic American film director, television producer, Cates Gilbert 
Phoebe Cates RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father, Jewish maternal grandmother) Cates Phoebe 
Caroline Catz RWF Pic British radio/television/stage actress, ??? Catz Caroline 
Dov Catz Catz Dov 
Safra Catz RWF Pic Israeli-born American president/SFO of Oracle Corparation, Catz Safra 
Frank Caufield Pic American co-founder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, ??? Caufield Frank 
Countess Elizabeth Caulfeild Irish aristocrat, (convert to Judaism) Caulfeild Elizabeth
Jean-Marie Cavada Pic French politician, MEP 2004-19, Cavada Jean-Marie
Giorgio Cavaglieri Pic Italian-born American architectual preservationist, Cavaglieri Giorgio
Stanley Cavell Pic American professor of aesthetics, Cavell Stanley
Mehmet Cavit Bey Turkish economist, Minister of Finance, Cavit Bey Mehmet
Richard Cawthorne Pic Australian stage/fim/television actor, Cawthorne Richard 
Elsa Cayat Pic French psychoanalyst, columnist, Cayat Elsa
James Cayne Pic American businessman, CEO 1993-2008 of Bear Stearns, Cayne James 
James Cayne American businessman, CEO of  Bear Sterns, Cayne James 
Joseph Cayre Pic American businessman. Real estate developer, Midtown Equities, Cayre Joseph 
Joseph/Stanley/Kenneth Cayre American record producers of Salsoul Records, Cayre Joseph/Stanley/Kenneth 
Cabra Cazay Pic Sudanian-borm Israeli singer, Cazay Cabra
Norman Cazden Pic American songwriter, Cazden Norman 
David Cazes Tunisian educator, Cazes David 
Howard Cedar RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli biochemist, geneticist, Cedar Howard 
Joseph Cedar RWF Pic American-born Israeli film director, screenwriter, Cedar Joseph 
Paul Celan RWF HW Pic Romanian/Ukrainian-born French poet, translator, Celan Paul 
Pancracio Celdran Pic Spanish scholar, intelectual, journalist, writer, Celdran Pancracio
Emanuel Celler Pic American representative 1965-1973, Celler Emanuel 
Ismail Cem Ipekci RWC Pic Turkish politician, journalist, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1997-2002, Culture 1995, Cem Ipekci Ismail 
Yair Censor Pic Israeli matematician, Censor Yair
Stanislawa Centerszwer Polish painter, graphic artist, art critic, Centerszwer Stanislawa
Mieczyslaw Centnerszwer Pic Polish-born chemist, inventor, Centnerszwer Mieczyslaw
Omri Ceren Pic American political blogger,   Ceren Omri
Ivan Ceresnjes Pic Bosnian-born Israeli architect researcher, Ceresnjes Ivan 
Bennett Cerf Pic American co-founder of Random House, Cerf Bennett 
Cecile Cerf Pic Lithuanian-born French resistance member, Cerf Cecile
Christopher Cerf Pic American composer, lyricist, actor, record/television producer, (Jewish father) Cerf Christopher 
Karl Cerf Pic German theater manager,   Cerf Karl 
Vinton Cerf RWF HW Pic American internet pioneer, (3/4 Jewish father) Cerf Vinton
Rudolf Cerf German theater manager, theater owner, Cerf  Rudolf 
Herz Cerfbeer Pic French philanthropist, Cerfbeer Herz
Max-Theodore Cerfbeer Pic French politician,  MP 1842-48, Cerfbeer Max-Theodore 
Anatole Cerfberr French journalist, author, Cerfberr Anatole
Frederic Cerfberr French diplomat, Cerfberr Frederic
Renata Ceribeli Pic Brazilian newscaster, publicist, journalist, Ceribeli Renata
David Cerny Pic Czech sculptor,    Cerny David 
Morris Cerullo Pic American pentecostal televangelist, Cerullo Morris 
Miguel de Cervantes RWF Pic Spanish novelist, poet, playwright, Cervantes Miguel de
Exene Cervenka Pic America lead vocalist, poet, Cervenka Exene 
Giacobbe Cervetto Pic Italian-born British cellist, composer, Cervetto Giacobbe 
Franko Cesana Italian partisan, Cesana Franko 
David Cesarani Pic British historian, Cesarani David
Catherine Cesarsky RWA Pic French-born astronomer, Cesarsky Catherine 
Vincent Cespedes Pic French philosopher, author, composer, Cespedes Vincent 
Beltran de Cetina Spanish conquistador, (converso) Cetina Beltran de
Gregorio de Cetina Spanish conquistador, (converso) Cetina Gregorio
Gutierre de Cetina Pic Spanish poet, soldier, Cetina Gutierre de
Franqois Cevert Pic French racing driver (Jewish father) Cevert Franqois 
Ben Chaplin Pic British actor, (Jewish mother) Chabat Alain
Michael Chabon RWF HW Pic American writer, Chabon Michael 
Bernard Chaet Pic American painter, Chaet Bernard 
Zev Chafets Pic American Israeli columnist, author, Chafets Zev 
Jason Chaffetz Pic American representitive, 2009- , (Jewish father) Chaffetz Jason 
Jessica Chaffin Pic American actress, comedian, television writer, (Jewish father, mother converted to judaism) Chaffin Jessica 
Yosef Chagal Israeli ambassador to Belarus, Chagal Yosef
Marc Chagall RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian-French painter, stained glass artist, Chagall Marc 
Rachel Chagall RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Chagall Rachel
Francis Chagrin Pic Romanian-born British film score composer, conductor, Chagrin Francis 
Julian Chagrin Pic British-born Israeli comedy actor, Chagrin Julian 
Nicholas Chagrin Pic British-born actor, Chagrin Nicholas
Rolanda Chagrin Pic Romanian-born Israeli stage/television actress, stand-up comedian, Chagrin Rolanda
Moyses Chahon RWC Pic Brazilian General, Chahon Moyses 
Ilene Chaiken Pic American producer, screenwriter,  Chaiken Ilene 
Benjamin Chaikin HW Pic Russian-born Israeli architect, Chaikin Benjamin 
Carly Chaikin RWF HW Pic American actress,    Chaikin Carly
Joseph Chaikin HW Pic American theater director, playwright, Chaikin Joseph 
Paul Chaikin RWF Pic American physicist,  ??? Chaikin Paul 
William Chaikin American president of Avco Embassy Pictures, Chaikin William 
Joseph Chaikov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian sculptor, graphic designer, Chaikov Joseph 
Yosif Chaikovski RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military, hero of Soviet Union, Chaikovski Yosif 
Hernan Chaimovich Guralnik Pic Chilean-born Brazilian biochemist,  Chaimovich Guralnik Hernan 
Sir Ernst Chain RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1945) in medicine, Chain Ernst
Stanley Chais American money manager, fraudster, Chais Stanley 
Gary Chaison Pic American industrial relations scholar, labor historian, Chaison Gary
Galit Chait Pic Israeli figure skater, Chait Galit 
Jonathan Chait Pic American columnist, political writer, editor,   Chait Jonathan 
Gregory Chaitin RWF Pic Argentine American mathematician, computer scientist, algorithmic information theory, Chaitin Gregory 
Chajka Pic Polish mistress of Polish king Stanislaw August Poniatovski, Chajka
Leon Chajn RWC Pic Polish lawyer, political activist, journalist, Chajn Leon 
Seweryn Chajtman Pic Polish economist, engineer, teacher of organisation and management, Chajtman Severyn
Aleksandr Chakovsky RWF Pic Russian/Soviet novelist, editor, journalist, Chakovsky Aleksandr
Timothee Chalamet RWC Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Chalamet Timothee 
Vera Chalbur Ukrainian-born Soviet spy against Germany, Chalbur Vera 
Raquel Chalfi Pic Israeli poet, Chalfi Raquel
Martin Chalfie RWF HW Pic American neurobiologist, Nobel Prize (2008) in chemistry , Chalfie Martin 
Louis Chalif Pic Ukrainian-born American dancer, teacher of dancing, author, Chalif Louis 
O. Roy Chalk American entrepreneur, Owner of Trans Caribbean AiRWFays, DC Transit, Chalk O. Roy
Claude Challe RWC Pic Tunisian-born French impresario, DJ, Buddha Bar, Challe Claude 
Alan Chalmers Pic British-born Australian philosopher of science, (Jewish mother) Chalmers Alan 
Bruce Chalmers Pic American physicist, metallurgist, (Jewish mother) Chalmers Bruce 
Julius Chaloff Pic American pianist, composer, Chaloff Julius 
Serge Chaloff Pic American jazz baritone saxophonist, Chaloff Serge 
Anna Chalon Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Chalon Anna 
Pierre Chambon RWF Pic French molecular biologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, (Jewish mother) Chambon Pierre 
Jules Chametzky Pic American writer, literary critic, editor, Chametzky Jules 
Gregory Chamitoff Pic Canadian-born American astronaut, Chamitoff Gregory 
Raphael Chamitzer HW German-born Israeli sculptor, Chamitzer Raphael 
Dalia Chammas Pic general manager, senior VP of Lancome, Chammas Dalia 
Daniel Chamovitz Pic American Israeli geneticist, Chamovitz Daniel 
Michelle Chamuel Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, Chamuel Michelle
James Chance Pic American singer/songwriter, saxophonist, Chance James 
David Chandler Pic American chemist, Chandler David 
Estee Chandler Pic American actress,    Chandler Estee
Evan Chandler Pic American screenwriter, dentist, Chandler Evan 
Jeff Chandler HW Pic American actor, singer, Chandler Jeff
Juju Chang RWC Pic American television journalist, (convert to Judaism) Chang Juju
Irwin Chanin Pic American architect, real estate developer, Chanin Irwin 
Eduard Chanok RWC Pic Kazakh-born Belarusian composer, songwriter, (Jewish father) Chanok Eduard 
Jim Chanos Pic American investment manager, Kynikos Associates, Chanos Jim 
Hyman Chanover Polish-born American educator, author, Chanpver Hyman
Yakov Chapichev RWM Pic Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Chapichev Yakov 
Yakov Chapichev RWM Pic Soviet military, Chapichev Yakov 
Harry Chapin RWF HW Pic American folk musician, ??? Chapin Harry 
Jacques Chapiro Pic Latvian-born French painter, Chapiro Jacques
Alexander Chaplin Pic American actor, Chaplin Alexander 
Joseph Ciechanover Pic Israeli businessman, Chaplin Ben  
Harvey Chaplin American owner of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Chaplin Harvey 
Saul Chaplin Pic American film score composer, songwriter, Chaplin Saul 
Sydney Chaplin RWF Pic British actor, (Jewish father), half-brother of Charlie Chaplin Chaplin Sydney 
Kim Chapman Pic American actress, Chapman Kim
Jessica Chapnik Kahn RWC Pic Argentine-born Australian musician, television actress, director, (Jewish father) Chapnik Kahn Jessica
Pierre Chareau Pic French architect, designer, Chareau Pierre 
Erik Charell Pic German actor, film director, Charell Erik 
Mona Charen Pic American syndicated columnist, author, Charen Mona 
Erwin Chargaff RWF Pic Austrian-born American biochemist Chargaff Erwin 
Liraz Charhi RWC HW Pic Israeli film/telvision actress, dancer, singer, Charhi Liraz
Sergei Charikov Russian sabre fencer, Charikov Sergei 
Bill Charlap Pic American jazz pianist, (Jewish father) Charlap Bill 
Mark Charlap American composer, Charlap Mark 
Frank Charles Pic American baseball player, Charles Frank 
Josh Charles Pic American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) Charles Josh
Larry Charles Pic American screenwriter, director, producer,   Charles Larry 
Maria Charles Pic British stage/television actress, director, comedian, Charles Maria
Baron Charles Mills Pic British politician, MP 1865-1885 Charles Mills Baron 
Sir Charles Swann Pic British businessman, Liberal politician MP 1886-1918, Charles Swann Sir 
Abraham Charnes RWF Pic American management/information systems scientist, Charnes Abraham 
Daniel Charney Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish poet, journalist, Charney Daniel
Dennis Charney Pic American biological psichiatrist, researcher, ??? Charney Dennis 
Dov Charney Pic Canadian-born American fashion designer, American Apparel, Charney Dov 
Jule Charney RWF Pic American meteorologist, father of numeric meteorology, Charney Jule 
Leon Charney Pic American businessman, real estate owner, Charney Leon 
Noah Charney Pic American art historian, novelist, ??? Charney Noah
Baruch Charney Vladeck Pic Belarusian-born American labour leader, socialist, Charney Vladeck Baruch
Martin Charnin Pic American lyricist, writer, theater director, Charnin Martin 
Eric Charnov Pic American evolutionary ecologist, Charnov Eric 
Steve Charnovitz Pic American legal scholar, ??? Charnovitz Steven
Israel Charny Pic Israeli psychologist, genocide scholar, Charny Israel
Rudolph Charousek HW Pic Hungarian chess player, Charousek Rudolph 
Andre Charpak Pic Polish-born actor, film director, screenwriter, Charpak Andre 
Georges Charpak RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1992), Charpak Georges 
Peggy Charren Pic Ameican founder of Action of Children's Television Charren Peggy 
Melanie Chartoff Pic American television actress, comedian,  inventor, Chartoff Melanie 
David Charvet RWC Pic French-born American actor, singer, (Jewish father) Charvet David 
Marc Chasan American chairman/CEO of Emusic, Chasan Marc 
Marl Chasan Pic American lawyer, merchant banker, chairman/CEO of Emusic, Chasan Mark 
Deborah Chasanow American federal judge, Chasanow Deborah 
Brian Chase Pic American drummer, Chase Brian
Chris Chase Pic American model, actor, journalist, Chase Chris 
Harold Chase RWC Pic American commander of United States Marine Corps, major general, Chase Harold 
Noah Solomon Chase Pic American vocalist, guitarist, Soulfarm, Chase Noah Solomon
Kenneth Chasen Pic American television composer, Chasen Kenneth 
Ronni Chasen Pic American publicist, Chasen Ronni
Lisa Chasin Pic American film producer, Working Time Films, Chasin Lisa 
Abram Chasins Pic American composer, pianist, Chasins Abram 
Arthur Chaskalson Pic Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa 2001-05 Chaskalson Arthur 
Joel Chasnoff Pic American comedian, writer, Chasnoff Joel 
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel Pic French psychoanalyst, Chasseguet-Smirgel Janine 
Mark Chassin American health care researcher, Chassin Mark 
Richard Chassler Pic American actor, stand-up comedian, Chassler Richard 
Roz Chast Pic American cartoonist, Chast Roz 
Raffy Chatav co-founder of Daisy Systems, Edge Diagnostic Systems, Chatav Raffy 
Jeremy Chatelain Pic French singer, actor, fashion designer, Chatelain Jeremy 
Robert Chatigny American federal judge, Chatigny Robert 
Lady Sarah Chatto Pic British painter, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Chatto Sarah
David Chaum Pic American inventor of cryptographic protocols, Chaum David 
Klavdiya Chausskaya RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet director, dictor, Chausskaya Klavdiya 
Juca Chaves Pic Brazilian comedian, writer, singer, Chaves Juca 
Julio Chavez Pic Argentine film/television actor,   Chavez Julio
Raphael Chavin RWC American military commander, brigadier general, Chavin Raphael 
Paddy Chayefsky RWF Pic American dramatist, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, Chayefsky Paddy 
Abram Chayes Pic American legal scholar, international law, Chayes Abram 
Sarah Chayes Pic American journalist, Chayes Sarah 
Howard Chaykin Pic American comic book writer, artist, illustrator, Chaykin Howard 
Maury Chaykin RWF Pic American-born Canadian film/television actor, Chaykin Maury
Naomi Chazan RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, political scientist, Chazan Naomi 
Debbie Chazen Pic British actress,  Chazen Debbie
Jerome Chazen Pic American founder/chairman of Chazen Capital Partners, Chazen Jerome 
Mikhail Chazkelevich Russian/Soviet general, Chazkelevich Mikhail 
Noah Chazzman Canadian American psychologist, cognitive scientist, Chazzman Noah 
Jonathan Cheban Pic American businessman, CEO of CommandPR, Cheban Jonathan 
Jeff Cheeger Pic American mathematician, (Jewish mother) Cheeger Jeff
Sergio Chejfec Pic Argentine writer,   Chejfec Sergio
Mikhail Chekhov RWF Pic Russian-born American actor, (Jewish mother) Chekhov Michael 
Vitaly Chekhover Pic Russian-born chess International Master, pianist, Chekhover Vitaly 
Julian Chela-Flores Pic Venezuelan-born astrobiologist, physicist, Chela-Flores Julian 
Oskar von Chelius RWC Pic German military, lieutenant general, composer, (Jewish grandfather) Chelius Oskar von
Moshe Chelouche RWC Pic Palestinian mayor of Tel-aviv-Jaffa 1936, Chelouche Moshe 
Tsilla Chelton Pic Isaraeli-born French film/stage actress, Chelton Tsilla
Valentina Chemberdgi RWC Pic Russian philologist, translator,  (Jewish mother) Chemberdgi Valentina 
Yekaterina Chemberdzi RWF Pic Russian pianist, composer, (Jewish father) Chemberdzi Yekaterina
Erwin Chemerinsky Pic American legal scholar, lawyer, Chemerinsky Erwin 
Leonid Chemerinsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Chemerinsky Leonid 
Semyon Chemeris RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Chemeris Semyon 
Nitzan Chen Pic Israeli journalist, author, news manager, Chen Nitzan 
Yona Chen Pic Israeli scientist, agriculture, environmemt protection, Chen Yona
Pierre Chenal Pic Belgian-born French director, screenwriter, Chenal Pierre 
Yakov Chernikhov Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet constructivist architect, graphic designer, Chenikhov Yakov
Stanley Chera RWC Pic American real estate developer, Crown Acquisitions, Chera Stanley
Lazar Cherikover RWF Soviet architect, Cherikover Lazar
David Cherkasky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, cartoonist, Cherkasky David 
Michael Cherkasky American CEO/president of Marsh & Mclennan Companies, Cherkasky Michael 
Grigory Cherkassky RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, tank division, Cherkassky Grigory 
Shura Cherkassky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American pianist, Cherkassky Shura 
Samuil Cherkinsky RWC Pic Russian gigienist, Cherkinsky Samuil 
Andrew Cherlin Pic American sociologist, Cherlin Andrew 
Serge Chermayeff Pic Russian-born British architect, industrial designer, Chermayeff Serge 
Lev Chernavin RWC Pic Russian/Soviet military, Rear Admiral, Chernavin Lev 
Leo Cherne RWE Pic American economist, public servant, commentator, Cherne Leo
Joe Cherner American car dealer, Cherner Joe 
Semyon Chernetsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military conductor, composer, major general, Chernetsky Semyon 
Lev Cherney Pic co-founder/chairman of Trans World Group, Cherney Lev 
Michael Cherney HW Pic Uzbek-born Russian Israeli businessman, Trans World Group, Cherney Michael 
Saul Cherniack RWC Pic Canadian Minister of Finance Deputy Premier Manitoba, MP 1962-81, Cherniack Saul 
Jan Cherniavsky Pic Ukrainian-born Canadian pianist, Cherniavsky Jan 
Aubrey Chernick Pic American businessman, Candle Corp (software), Chernick Aubrey 
Jonas Chernick Pic Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, Chernick Jonas
Elia Chernilov RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet mechanical engineer, Chernilov Elia 
Alexander Chernin Pic Ukrainian-born Hungarian chess grandmaster, Chernin Alexander 
Kim Chernin Pic American fiction/non-fiction writer, poet, feminist, Chernin Kim 
Mikhail Chernin RWC Moldovan-born Soviet Attorney General, Chernin Mikhail 
Peter Chernin RWC Pic American president/COO of News Corporation, 20th Century Fox, (Jewish father) Chernin Peter 
Velvl Chernin RWF Pic Russian-born Istaeli poet, Chernin Velvl 
Herman Chernoff RWC Pic American applied mathematician, statistician, physicist, Chernoff Herman 
Joel Chernoff Pic American singer/songwriter, Chernoff Joel 
Felix Chernousko Russian Chernousko Felix 
Leonid Chernovetsky RWC Pic Ukrainian politician, mayor of Kiev 2006-12, (Jewish father) Chernovetsky Leonid
Ron Chernow Pic American writer, journalist, historian, biographer, Chernow Ron 
Andrei Cherny Pic American business consultant,  author, historian, Cherny Andrei 
Isaak Cherny RWC Pic Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister 1947-53, Cherny Isaak 
Sasha Cherny RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, satirist, children's writer, Cherny Sasha 
Boris Chernyak Soviet engineer, Chernyak Boris 
Yan Chernyak RWM Pic Moldovan-born Soviet intelligence officer, Chernyak Yan 
Ivan Chernyakhovsky RWF HW Pic Russian Soviet military commander, general of army, Chernyakhovsky Ivan 
Aleksandr Chernyakov RWC Pic Soviet military executive, lieutenant general, artillery, Chernyakov Aleksandr 
Naum Chernyakov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian airplane designer,  Chernyakov Naum 
Boris Cherpakov RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, Cherpakov Boris 
Marc Cherry RWF Pic American television writer/producer, Cherry Marc 
Fenia Chertkoff Pic Ukrainian-born Argentine sculptor, feminist, educator, Chertkoff Fenia
Moisey Chertkov RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, Chertkov Moisey 
Michael Chertoff RWF HW Pic American Judge, Secretary of Homeland Security, Assistant Attorney General Chertoff Michael 
Rick Chertoff Pic American record producer, Chertoff Rick 
Abram Chertok RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Chertok Abram 
Boris Chertok RWF HW Pic Polish-born Russian rocket designer, Chertok Boris 
Leonid Chertok RWC Soviet NKVD officer,  Chertok Leonid 
Salomon Chertorivski Woldenberg RWC Pic Mexican sectretary of Health 2011-12, Chertorivski Woldenberg Salomon 
Ken Chertow Pic American Olympian wrestler, Chertow Ken 
Ronda Chervin Pic American author, international speaker, philosopher, Chervin Ronda
Stan Chervin Pic American screenwriter, Chervin Stan 
Mikhail Chervinsky RWF Soviet playwright, librettist, Chervinsky Mikhail 
Aleksey Chervonenkis RWF Pic Soviet/Russian engineering scientist, Chervonenkis Aleksey 
Meilakh Chervonenkis RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian politician, 1st Duma, Chervonenkis Meilakh 
Yevgeny Chervonenko RWF Pic Ukrainian Minister of Transports and Communications, Yushchenko Chervonenko Yevgeny 
Jenny Chervoney Pic Israeli model,  Chervoney Jenny
Emma Chesarskaya RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian actress,  Chesarskaya Emma
Vladimir Chesarsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, komdiv, Chesarsky Vladimir 
Martin Cheshes Pic American ambassador to Djibouti 1993-96, Cheshes Martin 
Michael Cheshin HW Pic Levanoni-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1992-2006, Cheshin Michael 
Shneur Cheshin HW Pic Vice-President of Supreme Court of Israel 1954-55 Cheshin Shneur 
Louis Cheskin Pic Ukrainian-born scientific researcher, marketing innovator, Cheskin Louis 
Phyllis Chesler Pic American author, psychoherapist, psychologist, Chesler Phyllis 
Stanley Chesley Pic Chairman of Board of University of Cincinnati 1988-92 Chesley Stanley 
Andrea Chesman Pic American cookbook writer, editor,  Chesman Andrea
David Chesnoff Pic American criminal defense attorney, Chesnof David
Leonard Chess RWF Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American co-founder of Chess Records, Chess Leonard 
Phil Chess RWF Pic American record producer, music industry executive, Chess Phil
Deborah Chessler Pic American songwriter, Chessler Deborah 
Alfred Chester Pic American writer, literary critic, Chester Alfred 
Ilan Chester Pic Israeli-born Venezuelan singer, keyboardist, arranger, composer, Chester Ilan 
Ilan Chet RWA HW Pic Israeli microbiologist, Chet Ilan 
Yoni Chetboun RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Chetboun Yoni
Joseph Chetrit RWC Pic Moroccan-born American real estate investor, Chetrit Joseph 
Sami Chetrit Pic Moroccan-born Israeli poet, peace activist, Chetrit Sami
Lionel Chetwynd Pic British-born Canadian/American screenwriter, director, producer, Chetwynd Lionel 
David Cheulkar RWC Pic Indian film/stage actor, Cheulkar David 
Alan Cheuse Pic American author, literary critic, Cheuse Alan 
Jay Chiat Pic American advertising designer, Chiat Jay 
Judy Chicago Pic American feminist painter, Chicago Judy 
Gutchi Chichiashvili RWC HW Pic Georgian-born Israeli wrestler, Chichiashvili Gutchi 
Mikhail Chernyavsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, tank army, Chierniavskiy M.L.
Shalva Chigirinsky RWE Pic Georgian-born Russian businesman, Chigirinsky Shalva 
Graciela Chichilnsky RWC Pic Argentine-born American mathematical economist, Chilchinsky Graciela
Morris Childs Pic Ukrainian-born American FBI spy in US Communist Party,   Childs Morris 
Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck Pic Ukrainian-born American dancer, Chilkovsky Nahumck Nadia 
Nola Chilton HW Pic American-born Israeli theater director, acting teacher, Chilton Nola
Nicky Chinn Pic British songwriter, record producer, Chinn Nicky 
Sir Trevor Chinn Pic British businessman, philanthropist, CEO of Lex Servics plc, Chinn Trevor
Anna Chipovskaya RWF Pic Russian actress, (Jewish father) Chipovskaya Anna
Marvin Chirelstein Pic American legal scholar, ??? Chirelstein Marvin
Iosif Chisinevschi RWC HW Pic Moldovan-born Romanian leading ideologue of Romanian Communist Party, Chisinevschi Iosif 
Chaim Chissin Pic Belarusian-born zionist, BILU, Chissin Chaim
Bruce Chizen Pic American CEO of Adobe Systems, Chizen Bruce 
Semyon Chizik RWC Pic Soviet physicist, Chizik Semyon 
Jakub Chlebowski Latvian-born Polish physician, scientist, researcher, author, philanthropist, Chlebowski Jakub
Iekhiel Chlenov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian zionist leader, Chlenov Iekhiel 
Jose Chlimper Ackerman RWC Pic Chilean Minister of Agriculture 2000, Chlimper Ackerman Jose 
Joseph Chlimper Ackerman RWC Pic Peruvian bisnessman, politician, Minister of Agriculture, Chlimper Ackerman Joseph 
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Pic Ukrainian-born American ballroom dancer, choreographer, (Jewish father) Chmerkovskiy Maksim 
Valentin Chmerkovskiy Pic Ukrainian-born ballroom dancer, (Jewish father) Chmerkovskiy Valentin 
Liz Cho Pic American journalist, television anchor, (Jewish mother), Cho Liz 
Richie Chodes Pic American bassist, keyboardist, Chodes Richie
Frank Chodorov Pic American liberitarian, foreign policy writer, Chodorov Frank
Jerome Chodorov Pic American playwright, librettist, Chodorov Jerome 
Marvin Chodorow RWC Pic American applied physicist, engineer, Chodorow Marvin 
Nancy Chodorow Pic American sociologist, psychoanalyst, Chodorow Nancy 
Thubten Chodron Pic American tibetian buddhist, Chodron Thubten
Susan Choi Pic American novelist, (Jewish mother) Choi Susan 
Isaac Chokron Pic Venezuelan economist, playwright, translator, Chokron Isaac 
Marcus Choleva Pic Danish CEO of KFI, Choleva Marcus 
Hanania Cholk HW Pic Israeli-born founder of "Ezer leZion"' Cholk Hanania 
Marquess David Cholmondeley Pic British peer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Cholmondeley David 
Marquess Hugh Cholmondeley Pic British peer, (Jewish mother) Cholmondeley Hugh
Lisa Cholodenko Pic Ukrainian-born American screenwriter, television writer, film director, Cholodenko Lisa 
Seweryn Chomet Polish/Ukrainian-born physicist, author, journalist, historian, publisher, Chomet Seweryn
Aviva Chomsky Pic American historian, Latin America, Chomsky Aviva
Carol Chomsky Pic American linguist, education specialist, Chomsky Carol 
Marvin Chomsky Pic American film/television director,    Chomsky Marvin 
Noam Chomsky RWF HW Pic American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political writer, Chomsky Noam 
William Chomsky Pic Ukrainian-born American scholar, grammarian, Chomsky William
Jacques Chonchol RWC Pic Chilean Minister of Agriculture 1970-72 Allende Chonchol Jacques 
Jesse Choper Pic American legal scholar, ??? Choper Jesse
Joyce Chopra Pic American film director, writer, Chopra Joyce 
Julian Chorazycki Polish-born physician, Chorazycki Julian 
Timothy Chorba Pic American ambassador to Singapore Clinton Chorba Timothy 
Alexandre Chorin RWC Pic Polish-born Israeli American mathematician, Chorin Alexandre 
Ferenc Chorin, Jr Pic Hungarian businessman, MP Chorin, Jr Ferenc 
Ferenc Chorin, Sr Pic Hungarian lawyer, politician, businessman, MP 1872-1905 Chorin, Sr Ferenc 
Joseph Chorny Belarusian-born russian traveller, explorer, Chorny Joseph
Lev Chorny Russian anarchist, Chorny Lev 
Michel Chossudovsky Pic Canadian economist, author, (Jewish father) Chossudovsky Michel 
Murray Chotiner  Pic political adviser, compain manager Nixon  Chotiner  Murray 
Andre Chouraqui RWC Pic Algerian-born French Israeli jurist, historian, thinker, Chouraqui Andre
Elie Chouraqui Pic French film director, Chouraqui Elie 
Nicole Chouraqui Pic Algerian-born French economist, politician, MEP 1979-80 1984-87, Chouraqui Nicole
Joe Choynski Pic American boxer, Choynski Joe 
Alfred Chozner British Conservative politician, judge, MP 1934-31, Chozner Alfred 
Emmanuelle Chriqui  RWC HW Pic Canadian teen film/television actress, Chriqui  Emmanuelle 
Jesus Christ RWF HW Pic founder of Christianity Christ Jesus 
Pablo Christiani HW Dominican friar, Christiani Pablo
Leo de Benedicto Christiano Italian medieval financier, Christiano Leo de Benedicto
Paul Christie Pic American voice actor, Christie Paul 
Lady Christina Green Pic British billionaire, Christina Green Lady 
Jacob Christmann Pic German orientalist, astronomer,    Christmann Jacob 
Ludwig Chronegk Pic German actor, theater director, Chronegk Ludwig 
Anatoly  Chubais RWF Pic Russian Deputy Prime Minister 1992-94 (Jewish mother) Chubais Anatoly 
Popa Chubby Pic American blues singer, guitarist, Chubby Popa 
Yacov Chubin RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet First Secretary of Communist Party of Turkmenistan 1937-39, Chubin Yacov 
Gabriel Chuchani Pic Venezuelan-born  chemist,    Chuchani Gabriel 
Lew Chudd Pic Canadian-born American founder 1946 of Imperial Records, Chudd Lew 
Yury Chudetsky RWC Pic Soviet/Russian engineering scholar, (Jewish mother) Chudetsky Yury 
David Chudnovsky Pic Canadian politician,    Chudnovsky David 
Gregory Chudnovsky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, Chudnovsky Gregory 
Gregory Chudnovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, Chudnovsky Gregory 
Grigory Chudnovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revlutionery, Chudnovsky Grigory
Maria Chudnovsky RWC HW Pic Russian-born Israeli American mathematician, Chudnovsky Maria
Samuil Chudnovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet chekist, Chudnovsky Samuil
Solomon Chudnovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, public figure, ethnographer, economist, Chudnovsky Solomon 
Earl Chudoff American representative, 1949-1958, Chudoff Earl 
Brett Chukerman Pic American film actor, television host, Chukerman Brett
Grigori Chukhrai RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian film director, screenwriter,   Chukhrai Grigori 
Pavel Chukhrai RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, cinematographer, (Jewish father) Chukhrai Pavel 
Lydia Chukovskaya RWF Pic Russian writer, poet, Chukovskaya Lidia
Korney Chukovsky RWF HW Pic Russian poet, writer, literary critic, (Jewish father) Chukovsky Korney 
Babz Chula Pic American Canadian film/television actress, Chula Babz
Efim Chulak Pic Russian volleyball player, Chulak Efim 
Connie Chung Pic American journalist, news anchor, (convert to Judaism) Chung Connie 
Cindy Chupack Pic American television producer, screenwriter, Chupack Cindy 
Joseph Churba Pic American anti-communist, intelligence expert, Churba Joseph 
Moshe Churgel HW Pic Israeli actor, Churgel Moshe 
Pinkhos Churgin HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli historian, Churgin Pinchas
Irwin Chusid American music historian, journalist, Chusid Irwin 
Seymour Chwast Pic American graphic/type designer, illustrator, Chwast Seymour 
Leon Chwistek Pic Polish philosopher, logician, painter,     Chwistek Leon 
Daniel Chwolson RWF HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Russian orientalist, historian, linguist, Chwolson Daniel 
David Cicilline Pic American representative 2010- , Cicilline David 
Aaron Ciechanover RWF HW Pic Israeli biochemist, Nobel Prize (2004) in chemistry, Ciechanover Aaron 
Jacob Collins RWF Pic American painter, ??? Ciechanover Joseph 
Dave Ciezlewicz Pic American mayor of Madison, Wiskonsin 2003- , Ciezlewicz Dave
Boriss Cilevics Pic Latvian physicist, mathematician, politician, MP Cilevics Boriss
Tansu Ciller RWC Pic Turkish Prime Minister 1993-96, Foreign Minister 1996-97, Ciller Tansu 
Peter Cincotti Pic American jazz pianist, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Cincotti Peter 
Boris Cindelis RWF Pic Lithuanian-born hero of Soviet Union, Cindelis Boris 
Susan Cinoman Pic American playwright, screenwriter, Cinoman Susan 
Caco Ciocler Pic Brazilian film/television actor,   Ciocler Caco
Greg Cipes Pic American actor, singer, musician, surfer, (Jewish father) Cipes Greg 
Haim Fabrizio Cipriani Pic Italian violinist, rabbi, Cipriani Haim Fabrizio
Hayward Cirker Dover Publications Cirker Hayward 
Andre Citroen RWF Pic French founder 1919 of Citroen, Citroen Andre 
Paul Citroen Pic German-born Dutch artist, Citroen Paul 
William M. Citron Pic American representative, 1935-1939, Citron William M.
Cesar Civita Pic Italian-born Argentine magazine publisher, (Jewish father) Civita Cesar
Roberto Civita Pic Italian-born Brazilian businessman, publisher, (Jewish paternal grandfather, mother ?) Civita Roberto
Victor Civita Pic Brazilian founder/publisher of Editora Abril, (Jewish father) Civita Victor 
Helene Cixous HW Pic Algerian-born French writer, playwright, literary critic, philosopher, Cixous Helene 
Eileen Claussen Pic American president of Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Ckaussen Eileen
Liz Claiborne Pic Belgian-born fashion designer, co-founder Liz Claiborne, Inc, Claiborne Liz 
Agnesse Claisse Pic French actress, singer, (3/4 Jewish mother) Claisse Agnesse
Liz Claman Pic American journalist, host of CNBC. Claman Liz 
Alex Clare Pic British singer/songwriter, Clare Alex 
Cassandra Clare Pic Iranian-born American author of young adult fiction, Clare Cassandra
George Clare Pic Austrian-born British author, Clare George 
Chris Claremont Pic British comic books writer, Claremont Chris 
Chantal Claret Pic American lead singer, Claret Chantal 
Jules Claretie RWF Pic French journalist, literature figure, theater director, Claretie Jules 
Buddy Clark Pic American singer, Clark Buddy 
Dane Clark Pic American film/television/stage actor, Clark Dane
Marcia Clark Pic American prosecutor in trial of O.J. Simpson, Clark Marcia 
Mark Clark RWC Pic American military commander, general of army, (Jewish mother) Clark Mark 
Wesley Clark RWF Pic American supreme allied commander of NATO, general of army, (Jewish father) Clark Wesley 
Louis Clarke HW American athlete, 4*100 meter relay Clarke Louis 
Shirley Clarke Pic American film director, Clarke Shirley 
Robert Clary Pic French-born American actor, Clary Robert 
Alden Clausen Pic American president of World Bank, 1981-86, Clausen Alden 
Milton Clauser aueronautical engineer ??? Clauser Milton 
Andrew Dice Clay Pic American actor, comedian, Clay Andrew Dice
Jill Clayburgh RWF HW Pic American actress,  (Jewish father) Clayburgh Jill
Johnny Clegg Pic South African-born British musician, (Jewish mother), Juluka, Savuka, Clegg Johnny
Natalie Clein Pic British cellist, Clein Natalie 
Ralph Cleland botanist ??? Cleland Ralph 
Arnaud Clement RWE Pic French  tennis player, Clement Arnaud 
Catherine Clement Pic French philosopher, literary critic, novelist,   Clement Catherine 
Tony Clement RWC Pic Canadian politician, Minister of Health 2006-08, (Jewish mother) Clement Tony 
Lilla Irene Clerides wife of President of Cyprus Grafcos Clerides, Clerides Lilla Irene
Tony Cliff RWA HW Pic British trotskyist, Cliff Tony 
Michael Cliffe British Labour MP 1958-64, Cliffe Michael 
Scott Clifton Pic American actor, singer/songwriter, musician, video blogger, (Jewish father) Clifton Scott 
Baron Stanley Clinton-Davis Pic British MP 1970-83 Clinton-Davis Stanley 
Sir Charles Clore HW Pic British owner of British Shoe Corporation, owner of Selfriges, Clore Charles 
Elizabeth Close Pic Austrian-born American architect, (Jewish mother) Close Elizabeth
Daniel Clowes Pic American author, screenwriter, cartoonist, Clowes Daniel 
Harold Clurman Pic American theater director, drama critic, Clurman Harold 
Sidney Clute Pic American actor, ??? Clute Sidney 
Julie Cobb Pic American stage/film/television actress, Cobb Julie
Lee Cobb RWF HW Pic American film/stage actor,  Cobb Lee 
Cy Coben Pic American songwriter, Coben Cy
Harlan Coben Pic American mystery writer,    Coben Harlan 
Ali Cobrin Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Cobrin Ali 
Jo Coburn Pic British journalist, presenter, Coburn Jo 
Andrei Codrescu Pic Romanian-born American poet, esseyist, novelist, screenwriter, Codrescu Andrei 
Frank Coe Pic American spy for Soviet Union, Coe Frank 
Achille Coen RWF Italian historian,    Coen Achille 
Achille Coen RWC Italian lieutenant general, Coen Achille 
Enrico Coen Pic British plant biologist,  ??? Coen Enrico 
Ethan Coen RWF HW Pic American director, screenwriter, producer, Coen Ethan 
Joel Coen RWF HW Pic American director, screenwriter, producer, Coen Joel 
Joel Coen American mathematical biologist, Coen Joel 
Moses Vita Coen Italian banker, Coen Moses Vita
George Coffman language/literary scholar ??? Coffman George 
Robert Coffman Pic American mathematician,  ??? Coffman Robert 
Alma Cogan RWF Pic British pop singer, Cogan Alma 
David Cogan American physician, research administrator ??? Cogan David 
Marshall Cogan Pic American investor, entrepreneur, financier, trader, United Automative Group, Cogan Marshall 
Marshall Cogan Pic Cogan, Berlind, Weill & Levitt Cogan Marshall 
Tony Cogan Pic American baseball player, Cogan Tony 
John Cogan, Jr lawyer ??? Cogan, Jr John 
Chris Cohan Pic American owner of Sonnic Communications, Golden State Warriors, Cohan Chris 
Don Cohan Pic American yachtsman,  Cohan Don
Lauren Cohan RWF HW Pic American-born British actress, writer, producer, (Jewish step father) (mother convert to Judaism) Cohan Lauren 
Martin Cohan Pic American television producer/writer, Cohan Martin 
Stephan Cohan French pocket billiards player, Cohan Stephan
Aaron Cohen RWC Pic aerospace engineering, NASA Deputy Administrator, Cohen Aaron 
Aaron Cohen Pic Canadian-born American Israeli writer, director, actor, counter-terrorism operator, Cohen Aaron 
Abby Cohen Pic American investment strategist, Goldman Sachs, Cohen Abby 
Abraham Cohen Pic British scholar, editor, Cohen Abraham 
Adam Cohen Pic American chemist, inventor, Cohen Adam
Adam Cohen HW Pic Canadian musician, singer/songwriter, Cohen Adam
Alan Cohen general counsel of Counsel of Better Business Bureous, Cohen Alan 
Alan Cohen Pic American sports businessman, partial owner 1/3 of Boston Seltics, New Jersey Nets, Cohen Alan 
Albert Cohen Pic French radio personality, film/television/musicals producer, Cohen Albert 
Albert Cohen Pic Greek-born Swiss novelist, Cohen Albert 
Albert Cohen Pic Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, Gendis, Cohen Albert 
Albert Cohen Pic American criminologist, Cohen Albert 
Albert Cohen HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli stage actor, director, singer, Cohen Albert 
Alexander Cohen Pic American theatrical producer, Cohen Alexander 
Alfred Cohen American president of B'nai B'rith 1843, Cohen Alfred 
Alon Cohen Pic Israeli co-founder of VocalTec Communications, Cohen Alon
Amnon Cohen HW Pic Israeli researcher of Land of Israel, Cohen Amnon 
Amnon Cohen RWF HW Pic Uzbek-born Israeli politician,    Cohen Amnon 
Anat Cohen Pic Israeli jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, bandleader, Cohen Anat
Sir Andrew Cohen RWC Pic British governor of Uganda 1952-57, Cohen Andrew
Andrew Cohen Pic American guru, spiritual teacher, editor, author, musician, Cohen Andrew 
Andrew Cohen Pic British CEO of BetteRWFare, Cohen Andrew 
Andy Cohen Pic American television host, executive, Cohen Andy 
Andy Cohen Pic American talk show and radio host, author, producer, Cohen Andy 
Arnaldo Cohen Pic Brazilian-born pianist, Cohen Arnaldo 
Arthur Cohen British president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1880-95, MP 1880-88 Cohen Arthur 
Arthur Cohen American chairman of Arlen Realty and Development, Cohen Arthur 
Arthur A. Cohen American literary critic, novelist, philosopher, Cohen Arthur A.
Arthur Juda Cohen Pic German-born Dutch resistance member, Cohen Arthur Juda
Assaf Cohen Pic American film/television actor, Cohen Assaf
Assi Cohen HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli comedian, stage/film/television actor, Cohen Assi 
Audrey Cohen American educator, founder of Metropolitan College of New York, Cohen Audrey 
Aviad Cohen Pic Israeli-born American singer/songwriter, Cohen Aviad
Avishai Cohen RWC Pic Israeli jazz bassist, composer, singer, arranger, Cohen Avishai
Avraham Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Ghana 1967-73, Thailand 1981-85, Cohen Avraham 
Barry Cohen RWC Pic Australian Labour Cabinet Minister 1983-84 MP 1969-90, Cohen Barry 
Barry Cohen American real estate developer, CWB Boylston, Cohen Barry 
Ben Cohen Pic British rugby union player, Cohen Ben 
Ben Cohen American businessman, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's, Cohen Ben 
Benjamin Cohen RWF Pic American economist, Cohen Benjamin 
Sir Benjamin Cohen Pic British conservative MP 1892-1906, Cohen Benjamin 
Benjamin Cohen Pic American presidential adviser 1933-52 Cohen Benjamin 
Benjamin Cohen Pic British journalist, television presenter, Cohen Benjamin 
Benjamin Cohen  American politician,   Roosevelt, Truman 1933-52 Cohen Benjamin 
Benno Cohen RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli politician,    Cohen Benno 
Benyamin Cohen Pic American journalist, editor, Cohen Benyamin 
Bernard Cohen RWF Pic American historian of science,    Cohen Bernard 
Bernard Cohen Pic American nuclear physicist, Electric Power, Cohen Bernard 
Bernard Cohen Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Medison  1987 Cohen Bernard 
Bobby Cohen Pic American film producer, Cohen Bobby 
Bram Cohen HW Pic American computer programmer, Cohen Bram 
Bruce Cohen Pic American film producer, Cohen Bruce 
Brunel Cohen Pic British Conservative politician, MP 1918-31, Cohen Brunel 
Carl Cohen Pic American philosopher, Cohen Carl
Carolyn Cohen Pic American biophysicist, Cohen Carolyn 
Chapman Cohen Pic British writer, Cohen Chapman 
Charles Cohen Pic American president, CEO of Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation, Cohen Charles
Charles Cohen American senior executive VP/COO of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Cohen Charles 
Claudia Cohen Pic American gossip columnist, socialite,    Cohen Claudia 
Colby Cohen Pic American ice hockey player, Cohen Colby 
Dalia Cohen HW Pic Israeli musicologist, Cohen Dalia 
Daniel Cohen Pic Tunisian-born French economist, Cohen Daniel
Daniel Cohen RWC Pic French director, actor, screenwriter, Cohen Daniel 
Danny Cohen RWC Pic Israeli-born CTO of Sun Mycrosystems,  Cohen Danny 
Danny Cohen Pic British controller of BBC One, Cohen Danny 
David Cohen Pic American keyboardist, guitarist, Cohen David
David Cohen Pic American psychologist, Cohen David 
David Cohen American chairman of University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees, Cohen David 
David Cohen American publisher of Silicon Valley Community Newspapers, Cohen David 
David Cohen American executive VP of Comcast Corporation, Cohen David 
David Cohen Israeli ambassador to Chile, Cohen David 
David Cohen RWC Pic Under Secretary for Terrorist Financing 2015-17, Cohen David 
David Cohen American politician, Cohen David 
David Jacob Cohen Indian politician, Cohen David Jacob
David S. Cohen Pic American film director, producer, writer,   Cohen David S.
David W. Cohen Pic American historian, historical anthropology, Cohen David W.
David X. Cohen RWC Pic American television writer, producer,   Cohen David X.
Didier Cohen Pic American-born Australian media personality, model, Cohen Didier 
Donald Cohen Pic American psychiatrist,   Cohen Donald 
Dudi Cohen RWC HW Pic Japan-born inspector general of the Israeli Police, 2007-11, Cohen Dudi
E. G. D. Cohen Pic American physicist, Cohen E. G. D.
Edward Cohen Pic civil engineering, ???   Ammann and Whitney Consulting Engineers Cohen Edward 
Edward Cohen Pic American principal of Lerner Enterprises, Washington Nationals, Cohen Edward 
Edward Cohen RWC Pic Australian mayor of Melbourne 1862-63,  Cohen Edward 
Eli Cohen Pic Israeli actor, film director,    Cohen Eli
Eli Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  diplomat, Cohen Eli 
Eli Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Cohen Eli 
Eli Cohen Pic Egyptian-born Israeli intelligent officer  against Suria, Cohen Eli 
Eliad Cohen Pic Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur, Cohen Eliad
Eliezer Cohen RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   Cohen Eliezer 
Eliot Cohen Pic American historian, political scientist,  Cohen Eliot 
Elisheva Cohen RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli designer, museum curator, Cohen Elisheva 
Elliot Cohen American first editor of Commentary, Cohen Elliot 
Emil Cohen RWE Pic German geologist, mineralogist, Cohen Emil 
Emil Cohen Pic American comedian, Cohen Emil 
Emory Cohen Pic American film/stage/television actor, Cohen Emory
Eric Cohen Canadian molecular virologist, Cohen Eric 
Eric Cohen Canadian molecular virologist, ??? Cohen Eric 
Erminie Cohen Pic Canadian senator 1993- , Cohen Erminie 
Ernst Cohen RWF Pic Dutch physical chemist, nitrogen fixation, Cohen Ernst 
Eta Cohen Pic British author, teacher, violinist, Cohen Eta
Etan Cohen RWC Pic Israeli-born American screenwriter, director/producer, Cohen Etan
Evan Cohen Pic American child actor, Cohen Evan
Felix Cohen Pic American lawyer, legal scholar, Cohen Felix 
Floris Cohen HW Pic Dutch historian of science, Cohen Floris 
Frank Cohen British founder of Home Improvement Homes, Cohen Frank 
Fred Cohen RWC Pic American computer scientist, inventor, computer virus, Cohen Fred 
Freddie Cohen Pic British politician, Cohen Freddie
Fritz Cohen German-born British composer, Cohen Fritz
Gary Cohen Pic American sportscaster, Cohen Gary 
Gary Cohen Pic American enviromental activist, Cohen Gary 
Gavriel Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  historian, Cohen Gavriel 
George Cohen Pic British footballer, Cohen George 
Georges Cohen French molecular biologist, Cohen Georges 
Gerald Cohen Pic Canadian British political scientist, philosopher, Cohen Gerald 
Geulah Cohen RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, journalist, Cohen Geulah 
Greg Cohen Pic American jazz bassist,  Masada, Cohen Greg 
Gustave Cohen Belgian-born French historian, Cohen Gustave
H. Rogin Cohen American corporate lawyer, Cohen H. Rogin
Harold Cohen RWC Pic Australian Nationalist Party MP 1929-42, Minister of Education 1935, Cohen Harold 
Harriet Cohen RWF Pic British pianist, Cohen Harriet 
Harry Cohen Pic British UnderSecretary, Defence Labour MP 1983-2010 Cohen Harry 
Harry Cohen Pic Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, Gendis, Cohen Harry 
Harvey Cohen Pic American composer, Cohen Harvey 
Haskell Cohen Pic American public relations director 1950-69 of National Basketball Association, Cohen Haskell
Haylynn Cohen Pic American model, Cohen Haylynn 
Henri Cohen Pic French mathematician, Cohen Henri 
Henri Cohen Belgian water polo player, Cohen Henri 
Henry Cohen Australian judge, Cohen Henry
Henry Cohen RWE French numismat, bibliographer, composer, Cohen Henry
Baron Henry Cohen Pic British neurologist, doctor, Cohen Henry
Herb Cohen Pic American author, negotiation expert, Cohen Herb
Herman Cohen Pic American producer, screenwriter, ??? Cohen Herman 
Herman Cohen  Pic US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs 1989-93 Cohen Herman 
Herman Cohen  American ambassador to Senegal, Gambia,  1977-80 Cohen Herman 
Hermann Cohen RWF HW Pic German philosopher, Cohen Hermann 
Hermann Cohen Pic German pianist, friar, priest, Cohen Hermann 
Hettie Cohen Pic American writer, pacifist, Cohen Hettie
Hillel Cohen Pic Israeli historian, Cohen Hillel
I. Glenn Cohen Canadian-born American legal scholar, Cohen I. Glenn
Ian Cohen Pic Australian politician, MP 1995-2011, Cohen Ian 
Idov Cohen RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician,  journalist, Cohen Idov 
Ilana Cohen RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician,  nurse, Cohen Ilana 
Irun Cohen Pic American-born Israeli immunologist, Cohen Irun 
Irvin Cohen American mathematician, Cohen Irvin
Irving Cohen Pic American boxing trainer, Cohen Irving 
Isaac Cohen Mexican fashion model,   Cohen Isaac 
Isaac Cohen Pic British talmudic scholar, Chief Rabbi in Ireland, Cohen Isaac 
Isidore Cohen HW Pic American violinist, Cohen Isidore 
Israel Cohen American co-founder 1918 C&S Wholesale Grocers, Cohen Israel 
Israel Cohen American chairman of Giant Food, Cohen Israel 
Izhar Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, ESC Winner 1978, Cohen Izhar 
Jack Cohen Pic British founder 1919 of Tesco Plc, Cohen Jack 
Jack Cohen Pic British reproductive biologist, Cohen Jack 
Jacob Cohen Pic American staistician, psychologist,     Cohen Jacob 
Jared Cohen Pic American non-fiction author, scholar, Cohen Jared 
Jay Cohen American co-founder/CEO World sports Exchange, Cohen Jay 
Jay Cohen RWC Pic American Rear Admiral, under secretary of Homeland Security 2006-09, Cohen Jay 
Jeanine Cohen Pic Mexican model, Cohen Jeanine 
Jean-Louis Cohen Pic French historian of architecture, Cohen Jean-Louis
Jeff Cohen Pic American child actor, Cohen Jeff
Jeff Cohen American media critic, Cohen Jeff 
Jem Cohen Pic Afghanistan-born American documentary filmmaker, Cohen Jem 
Jerome Cohen Pic American legal scholar, Cohen Jerome 
Jerome Cohen Pic materials engineering,  Cohen Jerome 
Jim Cohen Pic American mayor of Portland, Maine, 2002- , Cohen Jim 
Job Cohen HW Pic Dutch Secretary of Justice, mayor of Amsterdam 2001-10, legal scholar, Cohen Job 
Joel Cohen Pic American mathematical biologist, Cohen Joel 
Joel H. Cohen Pic Canadian television writer, Cohen Joel H.
John Cohen Pic American musician, musicologist, photographer, Cohen John 
John Cohen Pic American senator 1932-33, Cohen John 
Jonathan Cohen Pic British cellist, conductor, Cohen Jonathan
Jonathan Cohen Pic British philosopher, Cohen Jonathan 
Jonathan Cohen American cantor, Cohen Jonathan 
Alain Chabat RWF Pic Algerian-born French actor, director, humorist, Cohen Jonathan 
Jonathan R. Cohen Pic American philosopher, Cohen Jonathan  R.
Joseph Cohen Pic Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, Gendis, Cohen Joseph 
Joshua Cohen Pic American mayor of Annapolis, Maryland 1009-13, Cohen Joshua
Joshua Cohen American political scientist, ??? Cohen Joshua 
Joshua Cohen Pic American legal scholar, political philosopher, Cohen Joshua 
Joshua Cohen Pic American novelist, Cohen Joshua 
Jossi Cohen Pic Israeli Head of Mossad  2015- , Cohen Jossi 
Judith Cohen RWC Pic American astronomer, Cohen Judith 
Julian Cohen American real estate developer, Boston, Cohen Julian 
Kadmi Cohen Pic Polish-born French writer, Cohen Kadmi
Karin Cohen HW Pic Israeli model, actress, presenter, Cohen Karin 
Karl Cohen Pic Electric Power, ??? Cohen Karl 
Larry Cohen RWC Pic American film producer, director, screenwriter, Cohen Larry 
Larry Cohen Pic American bridge player, Cohen Larry 
Lawrence Cohen Pic American mayor of St.Paul, Minnesota 1972-76 Cohen Lawrence 
Leonard Cohen RWF HW Pic Canadian poet, novelist, singer/songwriter, Cohen Leonard 
Levy Barent Cohen British financier, communal worker, Cohen Levy Barent
Sir Lewis Cohen RWC Pic Australian mayor of Adelaide 1889-1890 1901-04 1909-11 1921-23, Cohen Lewis
Liepmann Cohen Curfurst of Hannover Cohen Liepmann 
Baron Lionel Cohen Pic British Lord Justice of Appeal 1946-51, Cohen Lionel
Liskula Cohen Pic Canadian fashion model,   Cohen Liskula 
Liz Cohen Pic American performance artist, Cohen Liz
Lizabeth Cohen Pic American historian, automative designer, Cohen Lizabeth 
Lona Cohen RWF Pic American-born  spy for Soviet Union, Cohen Lona 
Louis Cohen British Lord Mayor of Liverpool 1899, Cohen Louis 
Louis Cohen American mobster, Cohen Louis 
Lynn Cohen RWF Pic American film/telvision actress,    Cohen Lynn
Lynne Cohen Pic American Canadian photographer, Cohen Lynne 
Lyon Cohen Polish-born Canadian businessman, philanthropist, Cohen Lyon
Lyor Cohen Pic American chairman of Warner Music Group, Island Def Jam Records, Cohen Lyor 
Maimon Cohen Israeli linquist, hebraist, Cohen Maimon
Manuel Cohen Pic American chairman of US Securities & Exchange Commission 1964-69, Cohen Manuel 
Marcel Cohen RWF HW French linguist, semitic languages studies, Cohen Marcel 
Mark Cohen Pic American comedian, Cohen Mark
Mark Cohen New Zealand journalist, newspaper editor, educationalist, social reformer, Cohen Mark
Mark Cohen Pic American neuroscientst, Cohen Mark 
Marshall Cohen Pic American astronomer, ??? Cohen Marshall 
Marshall Cohen Canadian director of American International Group, Cohen Marshall 
Marshall Cohen Canadian Chairman of York University Canada 2000- , Cohen Marshall 
Marvin Cohen RWF Pic Canadian-born American physycist, leader of nanotechnology,  Cohen Marvin 
Mattanya Cohen HW Israeli ambassador to El Salvador 2007- ,  Cohen Matniah 
Matt Cohen RWF Pic Canadian writer, Cohen Matt 
Matt Cohen Pic American film/television actor,       Cohen Matt 
Mattanya Cohen HW Pic Israeli ambassador to El Salvador 2007-11, Belize , Guatemala 2017-, Cohen Mattanya 
Maurice Cohen Pic Israeli cryptographer, Cohen Maurice
Maurice Abraham Cohen Pic Ukrainian-born Australian linguist, educator, Cohen Maurice Abraham
Meir Cohen RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Welfare & Social Services  2013- , Cohen Meir
Meirav Cohen HW Pic Israeli politician,   Cohen Meirav 
Melinda Cohen Pic American film/telvision actress,    Cohen Melinda
Melvin Cohen Pic American neurologist,  Cohen Melvin 
Menachem Cohen Israeli biblical scholar, Cohen Menachem 
Menachem Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,   Cohen Menachem 
Meytal Cohen Pic Israeli rock musician, Cohen Meytal
Michael Cohen Pic Canadian television actor, writer, Cohen Michael 
Michael Cohen, Jr Pic American physician, diagnosed Proteus syndrome, Cohen Michael 
Michael Cohen Pic American pharmasist, Cohen Michael 
Mickey Cohen Pic American gangster, Cohen Mickey 
Mike Cohen Pic British journalist, Cohen Mike
Miriam Cohen Pic Israeli matematician, Cohen Miriam
Mitchell Cohen Pic American essayist, political philosopher, Cohen Mitchell
Morley Cohen Pic Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, Gendis, Cohen Morley
Morley Cohen Pic Canadian heart surgeon, ??? Cohen Morley
Morrel Cohen Pic American applied physicist,  Cohen Morrel 
Morris Cohen RWF HW Pic American engineer, inventor, metallurgist, Cohen Morris 
Morris Cohen RWF Pic Belarusian-born American philosopher, lawyer, legal scholar, Cohen Morris 
Morris Cohen RWF Pic American-born Russian spy against USA, Cohen Morris 
Morris Cohen RWE Pic Polish-born British adventurer, major-general in China, Cohen Morris 
Morris L. Cohen Pic American legal scholar,  Cohen Morris L.
Morton Cohen Australian politician,  MP 1965-68, Cohen Morton
Moshe Cohen HW Pic Greek-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Cohen Moshe 
Moshe Cohen banker Cohen Moshe 
Myrella Cohen Pic British judge, Cohen Myrella
Myron Cohen Pic American comedian, Cohen Myron 
Nat Cohen Pic British film producer, Cohen Nat 
Nathan Cohen HW Pic New Zealand rawyer, Cohen Nathan 
Nathan Cohen American mayor of Alma, Georgia 1961 Cohen Nathan 
Nathan Cohen Australian mayor of Tamworth, twice Cohen Nathan 
Nathan Cohen Canadian theater/art critic, broadcaster, Cohen Nathan 
Nehemiah Cohen American co-founder of Giant Food, Cohen Nehemiah 
Nick Cohen Pic British journalist, author, political commentator, blogger, (Jewish father) Cohen Nick
Nili Cohen RWC HW Pic Israeli legal scholar, Cohen Nili 
Nudie Cohen Pic Ukrainian-born American head of Nudie's, Cohen Nudie 
Oshri Cohen HW Pic Israeli actor,    Cohen Oshri
Paul Cohen RWF HW Pic American mathematician, Fields Medal (1966) Cohen Paul 
Peter Cohen American chairman/CEO of Shearson Lehman Brothers, Cohen Peter 
Sir Philip Cohen RWF Pic British biochemist, diabetes insulin, Cohen Philip
Pierre Cohen RWC Pic Tunisian-born French politician, MP (Jewish father) Cohen Pierre 
Polly Cohen Pic American president of Warner Independent Pictures, Cohen Polly 
Preston Scott Cohen Pic American building designer, architecture scholar, Cohen Preston Scott
Ra'anan Cohen RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, Minister of Labor and Social Walfare, Cohen Ra'anan 
Ralph Cohen Pic American language/literary scholar, ??? Cohen Ralph 
Ran Cohen RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, Minister of Industry and Trade, Cohen Ran 
Randolph Cohen Pic American financial economist, Cohen Randolph
Randy Cohen Pic American journalist, screenwriter, humorist, Cohen Randy 
Reuben Cohen Pic chancellor of Dalhousie University (third) Canada Cohen Reuben 
Reuben Cohen Canadian Chancellor of Dalhousie University (third) Canada 1990-94, Central Guaranty Trust Corporation, Cohen Reuben 
Rich Cohen HW Pic American non-fiction writer, journalist, screenwriter, Cohen Rich 
Richard Cohen Israeli historian, Cohen Richard
Richard Cohen Pic American journalist, television news producer, Cohen Richard 
Richard Cohen Pic American syndicated columnist, Cohen Richard 
Richard Cohen American real estate developer, Cohen Richard 
Richard Cohen Pic American owner of C&S Wholesale Grocers, C&S Wholesale Grocers Cohen Richard 
Riff Cohen RWC Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, film actress,    Cohen Riff
Rob Cohen RWF Pic American screenwriter, film director, producer, (Jewish mother) Cohen Rob 
Robert Cohen French historian of ancient greek, Cohen Robert
Robert Cohen British cellist, Cohen Robert 
Robert Cohen Pic Canadian television writer, Cohen Robert 
Robert Cohen Pic American theater director, drama critic, playwright, Cohen Robert 
Robert Cohen RWC Pic Algerian-born French boxer, Cohen Robert 
Rodgin Cohen American corporate lawyer, Cohen Rodgin 
Roger Cohen Pic British-born American journalist, author, Cohen Roger 
Sir Ronald Cohen RWF Pic Egyptian-born British businessman, Apax Partners, Cohen Ronald
Ross Cohen Pic American computer programmer, co-founder of BitTorrent, Cohen Ross
Ruth Cohen Pic American character actress, Cohen Ruth 
Sam Cohen Pic American physicist, neutron bomb 1958 Cohen Sam 
Sam Cohen Australian barrister, senator, Cohen Sam 
Samuel Cohen RWF Pic American physicist, developer of neutron bomb 1958 Cohen Samuel 
Samuel Cohen Pic American entrepreneur, executive, philanthropist, Cohen Samuel 
Samuel Cohen RWF Moldavan-born Israeli composer, Cohen Samuel 
Samuel Cohen Pic Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, Cohen Samuel 
Sasha Cohen RWC HW Pic American figure skater, Cohen Sasha 
Saul Cohen American chemist, educator, Cohen Saul 
Scott Cohen Pic American roller skater, Cohen Scott 
Scott Cohen RWF Pic American film/television actor, producer, Cohen Scott 
Scott Lee Cohen Pic American politician, businessman, Cohen Scott Lee
Selma Cohen Pic American dance historian, editor, Cohen Selma
Seymour Cohen Pic American biochemist, Cohen Seymour 
Shalom Cohen HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Egypt 2005-09 , Kenya 2014-15, Cohen Shalom 
Shalom Cohen RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician,  journalist,   Cohen Shalom 
Shaye Cohen HW Pic American historian, Cohen Shaye
Sherry Cohen American television writer/producer, Cohen Sherry
Shlomo Cohen Pic Israeli ambassador to Venezuela -2009, Honduras 1986-90 1993-2001, Guatemala/Nicaragua 1993-2001,   Cohen Shlomo 
Sidney Cohen Pic Canadian television director, producer, Cohen Sidney 
Sigal Cohen Pic Israeli model,  Cohen Sigal 
Solly Cohen RWC Israeli physicist, Cohen Solly 
Stanley Cohen RWF HW Pic American neurologist, Nobel Prize (1986) in Medicine, Cohen Stanley 
Stanley Cohen Pic South African-born British sociologist, criminologist, Cohen Stanley 
Stanley Cohen British Labour MP 1970-83, Cohen Stanley 
Stanley N. Cohen RWF HW Pic American genetisist, genetical engineering, insulin, Genetech, Cohen Stanley N.
Stephan Cohen Pic French pocket billiards player, Cohen Stephan
Stephen Cohen RWF Pic American historian, writer, journalist, Cohen Stephen
Steve Cohen HW Pic American representative 2007- , Cohen Steve 
Steven Cohen Pic American money manager, SAC Capital Patrners, Cohen Steven 
Steven Cohen Pic American sociologist, Cohen Steven 
Sydney Cohen RWC British pathologist, Cohen Sydney 
Tanner Cohen Pic American stage/sctreen/television actor, singer, Cohen Tanner
Thomas Cohen Pic American lead singer, S.C.U.M., Cohen Thomas
Tiffany Cohen RWC HW Pic American swimmer, Cohen Tiffany 
Todd Cohen Pic American film/television actor, writer, director, Cohen Tod
Tracy Cohen Canadian television producer, Cohen Tracy 
Uzi Cohen HW Pic Israeli mayor of Raanana 2005, actual Cohen Uzi 
Walter Cohen American member of Institute of Medicine, ??? Cohen Walter 
Wilbur Cohen RWC Pic American Secretary of Health Education and Welfare Johnson 1968-69, Cohen Wilbur 
William Cohen Pic American legal scholar, ??? Cohen William 
William Cohen RWC HW Pic American Secretary of Defense 1997-2001 (Jewish father) Cohen William 
William Cohen RWC Pic American military commander, major general, air force, Cohen William 
William W. Cohen Pic American representative, 1927-1929, Cohen William W.
Wim Cohen Pic Dutch mathematician, Cohen Wim
Yaacov Cohen Israeli ambassador to Spain , Venezuela, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Cohen Yaacov 
Ya'akov Cohen HW Pic Israeli politician, rabbi, Cohen Ya'akov 
Yardena Cohen HW Pic Israeli dancer, choreographer, Cohen Yardena 
Yehoshua Cohen Pic Israeli assassin of count Folke Bernadotte   LEHI 1948, Cohen Yehoshua 
Yehuda Cohen HW President of Supreme Court of Israel 1982-84, Cohen Yehuda
Yigal Cohen HW Pic President of Supreme Court of Israel 1982-84, Cohen Yehuda 
Yigal Cohen HW Pic Israeli politician, Cohen Yigal 
Yitzhak Cohen RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Cohen Yitzhak 
Yohanan Cohen RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, ambassador to Romania 1973-76, Finland 1976-79, Cohen Yohanan 
Yoram Cohen RWF HW Pic Afganistan-born Israeli Head of the Shin Bet 2011-16, Cohen Yoram 
Yossi Cohen Pic Israeli National Security Advicer 2013- , Cohen Yossi
Ze'eva Cohen Pic Israeli-born American choreographer, dancer, Cohen Ze'eva
Zion Cohen Israeli footballer, Cohen Zion 
Leslie Cohen Berlowitz Pic President of American Academy of Arts and Sciences -2013 Cohen Berlowitz Leslie
Moises Cohen Berro RWC Uruguayan politician, minister of Economy  and Finance, Cohen Berro Moises 
Benjamin Cohen Gallerstein RWC Chilean ambassador to Bolivia 1939-44, Venezuela Cohen Gallerstein Benjamin 
Pinchas Cohen Gan RWA HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli painter, mix-media artist, Cohen Gan Pinchas 
Moses Cohen Henriques Portuguese pirate, Cohen Henriques Moses 
Maya Cohen Levy Pic Israeli painter, sculptor, Cohen Levy Maya 
Salomon Cohen Levy Pic Venezuela building contructor, Cohen Levy  Salomon 
Mary Ann Cohen Magnin American founder of I.Magnin, Cohen Magnin Mary Ann
Jacob Cohen, Jr German-born American banker, raiload executive, civil leader, Cohen, Jr Jacob
Michael Cohen, Jr Pic American physician, Proteus syndrome, Cohen, Jr Michael 
Solomon Cohen, Jr American mayor of Georgetown, South Carolina Cohen, Jr Solomon 
Stephanie Cohen-Aloro RWE Pic French  tennis player, Cohen-Aloro Stephanie 
Meir Cohen-Avidov HW Pic Israeli politician, Cohen-Avidov Meir 
Daniel Cohen-Biran RWC Pic Tunisian-born French singer, actor, Cohen-Biran Daniel 
Ferdinand Cohen-Blind Pic German student, attempted to assasinate Otto von Bismarck, Cohen-Blind Ferdinand 
Anat Cohen-Dayag Pic Israeli biochemist, geneticist, businesswoman, Cohen-Dayag Anat
Aaron Cohen-Gadol Pic American neurosurgeon, Cohen-Gadol Aaron 
Cheryl Cohen-Greene American sexual surragate, spokesperson, author, (convert to Judaism), Cohen-Greene Cheryl
Rachel Cohen-Kagan RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    Cohen-Kagan Rachel 
Mauricio Cohen-Lanaru HW Romanian violinist, composer, Cohen-Lanaru Mauricio
Haim Cohen-Meguri RWE HW Pic Yemenite-born Israeli politician,   Cohen-Meguri Haim 
Evan Montvel Cohen Pic American founder/chairman of Air America Radio, Cohen-Montvel Evan
Yigal Cohen-Orgad HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Finance 1983-84 Cohen-Orgad Yigal 
Yael Cohen-Paran RWC Pic Israeli politician, Cohen-Paran Yael 
Max Cohen-Reuss Pic German politician, journalist,  Cohen-Reuss Max
Annie Cohen-Solal Pic Algerian-born French historian, biographer,   Cohen-Solal Annie
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1997) Cohen-Tannoudji Claude 
George Cohen-Tannoudji Algerian-born French scientist,  Cohen-Tannoudji  George 
Laurent Cohen-Tanugi Pic French writer, lawyer, Cohen-Tanugi Laurent 
Shlomo Cohen-Tzidon RWC HW Egyptian-born Israeli politician,   Cohen-Tzidon Shlomo 
Michael Cohl Canadian concert promoter,     Cohl Michael 
Murray Cohl Pic Canadian film producer, Cohl Murray 
Matt Cohler Pic American VP of Product Management 2008- , Facebook Cohler Matt 
Abraham Cohn Pic American recipient of Congressional Medal of Honour, Cohn Abraham 
Adolphe Cohn French-born American educator, Cohn Adolphe 
Al Cohn Pic American jazz saxophonist, arranger, composer, Cohn Al 
Albert Cohn American New York State Supreme Court Justice, Cohn Albert 
Albert Cohn Pic Hungarian-born French philanthropist, scholar, Cohn Albert 
Alfred Cohn Pic American author, journalist, editor, screenwriter, Cohn Alfred 
Art Cohn Pic American sportswriter, screenwriter, author,     Cohn Art 
Arthur Cohn HW Pic Swiss-born film producer, Cohn Arthur 
Avern Cohn American judge, Cohn Avern 
Benedict Cohn American engineer, aerodynamist, Boeing Cohn Benedict 
Bernard Cohn American mayor of Los Angeles, 1878, Cohn Bernard 
Bernard Cohn American anthropologist,  ??? Cohn Bernard 
Cindy Cohn American lawyer, ??? Cohn Cindy 
Dorrit Cohn American language/literary scholar, ??? Cohn Dorrit 
Edwin Cohn Pic American biochemist, Cohn Edwin 
Eric Cohn plant biologist ??? Cohn Eric 
Ernst Cohn German lawer, Cohn Ernst 
Fannia Cohn Pic Belarusian-born American labor leader, Cohn Fannia
Ferdinand Cohn RWF Pic German/Polish-born  botanist, microbiologist, Cohn Ferdinand 
Gary Cohn American president/COO of Goldman Sachs, Cohn Gary 
Haim Cohn RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli Vice President of Supreme Court of Israel 1980-81 Cohn Haim 
Harry Cohn HW Pic American film producer, studio mogul, Cohn Harry 
Hermann Cohn German politician, Cohn Hermann 
Hermann Cohn Pic German physician, ophthalmologist, Cohn Hermann 
Irving Cohn British-born American songwriter, Cohn Irving 
Jack Cohn American co-founder of Columbia Pictures, Cohn Jack 
Jared Cohn RWC Pic American director, screenwriter, actor, Cohn Jared 
Jerome Cohn   ??? Cohn Jerome 
Jonas Cohn Pic German-born British philosopher, theory of the Dialects Cohn Jonas
Jonathan Cohn Pic American journalist, author, editor, Cohn Jonatan
Kaspare Cohn German-born American founder 1900 of Union Bank, Cohn Kaspare 
Lawrence Cohn American music journalist, record producer, Cohn Lawrence 
Leopold Cohn American founder, president of Cohn Leopold 
Linda Cohn Pic American sportscaster, anchor, Cohn Linda 
Marc Cohn Pic American singer/songwriter, Cohn Marc 
Marianne Cohn Pic German-born French resistance member,  Cohn Marianne
Marjorie Cohn American art historian, ??? Cohn Marjorie 
Marjorie Cohn Pic American legal scholar,  Cohn Marjorie 
Melvin Cohn molecular biologist ??? Cohn Melvin 
Mildred Cohn RWA Pic American biochemist, Cohn Mildred 
Mindy Cohn Pic American television actress, Cohn Mindy
Baron Moritz von Cohn Pic German banker, Cohn Moritz von
Nathan Cohn Pic Americal electrical engineer, ??? Cohn Nathan 
Nik Cohn Pic British rock journalist, music critic, Cohn Nik 
Norman Cohn RWF Pic British historian, Cohn Norman 
Norman Cohn American-born Canadian film producer, director, ??? Cohn Norman 
Nudie Cohn Pic Ukrainian-born American fashion designer, Cohn Nudie 
Oscar Cohn Pic German politician, lawyer, SPD 1912-19 , Cohn Oscar 
Paul Cohn RWF Pic German-born British mathematician,    Cohn Paul 
Robert Cohn Pic Canadian entrepreneur, businessman, Octel Communications, Cohn Robert
Ruth Cohn Pic German-born American psychotherapist, educator, poet, Cohn Ruth 
Sam Cohn Pic American talent agent, International Creative Agency, Cohn Sam 
Seymour Cohn Pic electronics engineering, ??? Cohn Seymour 
Seymour Cohn American chairman of Sylvan Lawrence  Company, Inc, Cohn Seymour 
Tobias Cohn Pic Polish physician of  5 Turkish sultans, Cohn Tobias
Waldo Cohn Pic American nuclear scientist, biochemist, Cohn Waldo 
Werner Cohn Canadian sociologist,   Cohn Werner 
Zanvil Cohn RWC Pic American cell biologist, immunologist, Cohn Zanvil 
Roy Cohn  HW Pic American prosecutor and assistant to Sen. Joe McCarthy  Cohn  Roy 
Daniel Cohn-Bendit RWC HW Pic German/French politician, students leader 1968- , president of European Green Party, Cohn-Bendit Daniel 
Julius Cohnheim Pic German histologist, pathologist, Cohnheim Julius 
Stephan Cohn-Vossen Pic German-born Russian mathematician, Cohn-Vossen Stephen 
George Cohon Pic Canadian businessman, president/founder of  of McDonald's, Cohon George 
Jared Cohon Pic American enviromental engineer, president of Carnegie Mellon University 1997- Cohon Jared 
Mark Cohon Pic Canadian 12th commisioner 2007- of Canadian Football Leage, Cohon Mark 
Ronald Coifman Pic Israeli American mathematician, Coifman Ronald 
Steven Cojocaru Pic Canadian-born American fashion critic, television personality, Cojocaru Steven 
Lisa Colagrossi Pic American journalist, ??? Colagrossi Lisa 
Gene Colan Pic American comic book artist, Colan Gene 
Rod Colbin Pic American character actor, Colbin Rod
David Colburn American president of business affairs, AOL, Colburn David 
G. Marcus Cole Pic American legal scholar, ??? Cole G. Marcus
James Cole American Deputy Attorney General 2010- Obama, Cole James 
Jonathan Cole American sociologist, ??? Cole Jonathan 
Julian Cole Pic American applied mathematician, Cole Julian 
Kenneth Cole Pic American fashion designer, Kenneth Cole Productions, Cole Kenneth 
Michael Cole American psychologist, ??? Cole Michael 
Michael Cole RWF American psychologist, ??? Cole Michael 
Samuel D Colella American co-founder of Versant Partners, Colella Samuel D
Abe Coleman Pic Polish-born American professional wrestler, Coleman Abe 
Anthony Coleman Pic American pianist, keyboardist, trombonist, composer,   Coleman Anthony 
Bobby Coleman Pic American actor, (Jewish descent 1/8) Coleman Bobby 
Cy Coleman RWF Pic American musicals composer, songwriter:composer, Coleman Cy 
David Coleman Pic British demographer, Coleman David 
David Coleman Pic American education activist, Coleman David 
Fred Coleman American owner of Coleman's Department Store, Coleman Fred 
Holliston Coleman Pic American actress, (Jewish descent 1/8) Coleman Holliston 
James Coleman Pic American sociologist, ??? Coleman James 
Jonathan Coleman Pic British-born Australian radio/television personality, Coleman Jonathan 
Joshua Coleman American songwriter, hip hop record producer, ??? Coleman Joshua 
Jules Coleman Pic American legal scholar, legal philosopher, Coleman Jules 
Kelen Coleman Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Coleman Kelen 
Norm Coleman HW HW American senator 2003-09, Coleman Norm 
Shlash Coleman Pic American comedian, producer, writer, storyteller, Coleman Shlash 
Sidney Coleman RWF Pic American theoretical physicist, Coleman Sidney 
Slash Coleman Pic American storyteller, producer, writer, comedian, Coleman Slash
Steve Coleman American saxophonist, Coleman Steve 
Adam Coleman Howard Pic American actor, film director, Coleman Howard Adam 
Michael Coles Great American Cookie Company Coles Michael 
Robert Coles Pic American author, developmental psychologist, (half-Jewish father) Coles Robert 
Vladimir Colin Pic Romanian short-story author, novelist, Colin Vladimir 
Deborah Colker Pic Brazilian dancer, choreographer, Colker Deborah 
Christiane Collange Pic French journalist, writer, editor, (Jewish father) Collange Christiane 
Jeremy Coller Pic British businessman, Coller Capital, Coller Jeremy 
Charlie Collier American president/general manager of Rainbow Media, Collier Charlie 
Erich Collin Pic German vocalist, Collin Erich 
Frank Collin Pic American former neo-Nazi, now diffusionist (Jewish father) Collin Frank 
Alan Collins Australian writer, Collins Allan
Glenda Collins Pic British pop singer, Collins Glenda 
Jackie Collins RWF HW Pic British novelist, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father) Collins Jackie 
Joan Collins RWF HW Pic British actress, author, (Jewish father), Collins Joan
Lauren Collins Pic Canadian stage/film/television actress, Collins Lauren
Sir Lawrence Collins British Lord Justice of Appeal 2007- Collins Lawrence 
Lottie Collins Pic British singer, dancer, actress, Collins Lottie 
Martin Collins Pic British radio personality, Collins Martin 
Michelle Collins Pic British actress, television presenter, (Jewish descent) Collins Michelle 
Sid Collins Pic American broadcaster, radio/television sports announcer, Collins Sid 
Alan Colmes Pic American radio talk host, journalist,  Colmes Alan 
Eduardo Colodro RWC Pic Chilean politician, Minister of Public Works 2006-08, Colodro Eduardo 
Adalgisa Colombo Pic Brazilian model, Miss Brazil 1958, Colombo Adalgisa
Umberto Colombo RWC Pic Italian minister of universities, science, technolody, Colombo Umberto
Bobby Colomby Pic American drummer, Blood, Sweet & Tears, Colomby Bobby
Edouard Colonne Pic French conductor, violinist, Colonne Edouard 
Renata Colorni Pic Italian translator, Colorni Renata
Max Colpet Pic Russian-born American songwriter, lyricist, Colpet Max 
Frank Colton Pic Polish-born American scientist, oral contraceptive, Colton Frank 
Joel Colton American historian, ??? Colton Joel 
Jean Comaroff Pic South African-born American anthropologist, Comaroff Jean  
Michael Comay HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Canada 1953-54 , United Nations 1960-67, United Kingdom 1970-73 , Comay Michael 
Aaron Cometbus Pic American drummer, lyricist, Combetus Aaron 
Betty Comden RWC Pic American playwright, screenwriter, librettist, lyricist,   Comden Betty 
Jack Comer British gangster, Comer Jack 
Aaron Comess Pic American drummer, Comess Aaron 
Alex Comfort Pic British writer, anarchist, pacifist, Comfort Alex 
Ray Comfort Pic New Zealand-born christian minister, evangelist, (Jewish mother) Comfort Ray
Sergiu Comissiona HW Pic Romanian-born American conductor, Comissiona Sergiu 
Barry Commoner Pic American biologist, ecologist, educator, Commoner Barry 
Jacques Companeez Russian-born French screenwriter, Companeez Jacques
Nina Companeez Pic French director, screenwriter, playwright, Companeez Nina 
Barber Conable, Jr RWF Pic Polish-born American president of World Bank, 1986-91 Conable, RWE Barber 
Joe Conason Pic American journalist, author, political commentator, Conason Joe 
Abraham Conat Italian printer, tamudist, physician, Conat Abraham 
Moses Cone Pic American textile entrepreneur, Cone Mills Corporation, Cone Moses 
Cone Sisters Pic American socialities, art collectors, Cone Sisters
Michael Confino RWA HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli historian, Confino Michael 
Harold Conklin Pic American anthropologist, ??? Conklin Harold 
Amiee Conn Pic American actress, model, ??? Conn Amiee 
Didi Conn RWF Pic American stage/film/television actress, Conn Didi
Eileen Conn American television writer/producer, Conn Eileen
Jerome Conn RWF Pic American endocrinologist, Conn Jerome 
C.W. Conn, Jr American consumer electronics retail chain, Conn's Inc Conn, Jr C.W.
Jennifer Connelly RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) Connelly Jennifer
Harry Connick, Jr HW Pic American actor, singer/songwriter, pianist,  (Jewish mother) Connick, Jr Harry 
John Connolly Pic Irish blogger, Connoly John
Carol Connors Pic American singer/songwriter, Connors Carol 
Alfred Conrad American economist, Conrad Alfred 
Con Conrad Pic American songwriter, composer, record producer, Conrad Con 
Robert Conrad Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) Conrad Robert 
Victor Conrad Pic Austrian-born American physicist, seismologist, metereologist, Conrad Victor 
Hans Conried Pic Austrian-born American actor, comedian, theater manager,  (Jewish father) Conried Hans
Heinrich Conried Pic Austrian-born American  theater owner/manager, Conried Heinrich 
Federico Consolo Pic Italian violinist, composer,    Consolo Federico 
Joseph Constant HW Pic Palestinian-born Russian French sculptor, Constant Joseph 
Eddie Constantine Pic American actor, singer, Constantine Eddie 
Lloyd Constantine Pic American lawyer, Constantine Lloyd 
Humberto Constantini Pic Argentine writer, poet, Constantini Humberto
Marjorie Content Pic American photographer, Content Marjorie 
James Contner Pic American television/film director, cinematographer, Contner James 
Deborah Conway Pic Austalian rock singer/songwriter, model, actress,   Conway Deborah 
Esther Conwell RWF Pic American physicist, Conwell Esther 
Barbara Cook Pic American singer, actress, Cook Barbara 
Deborah Cook Pic American opera singer, cantor, Cook Deborah 
Steven Cooley American District Attorney, Cooley Steven 
Adrienne Cooper Pic American Yiddish language singer, Cooper Adrienne
Alan Cooper Pic American lead singer, biblical scholar, Cooper Alan 
Alan Cooper Pic American software designer, programmer, Cooper Alan 
Alexander Cooper British Swedish miniature painter, Cooper Alexander 
Sir Cary Cooper Pic American-born British psychologist, Cooper Cary
Florence-Marie Cooper Canadian-born American federal judge, Cooper Florence-Marie 
Graeme Cooper Pic American legal scholar, ??? Cooper Graeme 
Jackie Cooper RWF Pic American actor, director, producer, (Jewish father) Cooper Jackie 
Leon Cooper RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1972) Cooper Leon 
Lonnie Cooper Pic founder/owner/CEO of Career sports & Entertainment, Cooper Lonnie 
Martin Cooper RWF HW Pic American inventor of mobile phone,     Cooper Martin 
Martin Cooper sportswriter Cooper Martin 
Oliver Cooper Pic American actor, comedian, Cooper Oliver 
Orit Cooper Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 1975, Cooper Orit 
Paulette Cooper Pic Belgian-born American author, Cooper Paulette
Robert Cooper Pic Canadian screenwriter, ??? Cooper Robert 
Samuel Cooper Pic British miniature painter, Cooper Samuel 
Stephen Cooper American vice-chairman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Cooper Stephen 
William Cooper Pic American economist, operations researcher, (Jewish mother) Cooper William 
Janet Cooper Alexander Pic American legal scholar, ??? Cooper Alexander Janet 
Bernard Dov Cooperman Pic Canadian-born American historian, Cooperman Bernard Dov
Kahane Cooperman Pic American documentary filmmaker, television producer, Cooperman Kahane 
Leon Cooperman Pic American money manager, Omega Advisors, Cooperman Leon 
Ross Cooperman Pic American singer/songwriter, Cooperman Ross 
Jean-Francois Cope RWC Pic French Minister of the Budget 2005-07, Cope Jean-Francois 
Myron Cope Pic American sports journalist, sportscaster, radio personality,   Cope Myron 
Joan Copeland Pic American stage/film actress, Copeland Joan
Lillian Copeland RWF HW Pic American athlete, discus Copeland Lillian 
Norman Copeland ???, du Pont Copeland Norman 
Russell Copeman Pic Canadian politician, MP Quebec 1994-2008, Copeman Russell 
Russell Coperman Pic Canadian politician, Liberal MP 1994- , Quebec Coperman Russell 
Sarra Copia Sullam Pic Italian poet, writer, salon holder, Copia Sullam Sarra
Aaron Copland RWF HW Pic American composer, conductor, Copland Aaron 
Marc Copland Pic American jazz pianist, saxophonist, Copland Marc 
Judith Coplon Soviet spy against USA, Coplon Judith 
David Copperfield RWF HW Pic American illusionist, film actor, Copperfield David 
Sam Coppersmith Pic American representative 1993-1995, Coppersmith Sam 
Natalie Choquette Pic Japan-born Canadian singer, soprano, ??? Coquette Natalie
Carlos Corach RWC Pic Argentine Minister of Interior,  Menem Corach Carlos 
Vittorio Matteo Corcos Pic Italian painter, Corcos Vittorio Matteo
Henry Corden Pic Canadian-born American film/television actor, voice artist, Corden Henry
Max Corden Pic German/Polish-born Australian economist, Corden Max 
Andrei Cordescu HW Pic Romanian-born American poet, novelist, screenwriter, radio commentator, Cordescu Andrei 
David Cordish Pic American real estate developer, Cordish Company, Cordish David 
Gonzalo de Cordoba RWC Pic Spanish general, Viceroy of Naples, (Jewish converso parents) Cordoba Gonzalo de
Allan Corduner HW Pic British film/television actor, Corduner Allan
Annie Cordy Pic Belgian actress, singer, Cordy Annie 
Alan Coren Pic British writer, journalist, satirist, presenter, Coren Alan 
Dani Coren HW Pic Israeli politician, executive, Coren Dani 
David Coren http://cyclowiki.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4_%D0%9A%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%BD HW Pic Israeli politician, Coren David 
Giles Coren Pic British columnist, food critic, Coren Giles
Michael Coren Pic British-born Canadian columnist, radio host, (Jewish father) Coren Michael 
Victoria Coren Pic British writer, presenter, poker player, Coren Victoria 
Yitzhak Coren RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician, Yiddish writers, Coren Yitzhak 
Irwin Corey Pic American comedian, actor, political activist, Corey Irwin 
Haim Corfu RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation 1981-88, Corfu Haim 
Gerty Cori RWF HW Pic Czech-born American biochemist, physilogist, Nobel Prize (1947) Cori Gerty 
Isador Coriat Pic American psychiatrist, neurologist,    Coriat Isador
John Corigliano RWF HW Pic American composer,  (Jewish mother) Corigliano John 
Earl Micheli Corinaldi Corinaldi Micheli
Roger Corman RWF HW Pic American producer, director, (Jewish father) Corman Roger 
David Corn Pic American political journalist, magazine editor, Corn David 
Cyril Cornblatt RWC Canadian Vice Marshall of Air Force, Cornblatt Cyril 
Chris Cornell Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish mother), Soundgarden, Cornell Chris 
Bernard Cornfeld Pic Turkish-born American businessman, financier,   Cornfeld Bernard 
Jerome Cornfield Pic American statistician, Cornfield Jerome 
Stanley Corngold American literary scholar, Corngold Stanley 
Tim Coronel Pic Dutch racing driver, Coronel Tim
Tom Coronel Pic Dutch racing driver, Coronel Tom 
Augustine Coronel-Chakon Portuguese-born court jew, Charles II of England Coronel-Chakon Augudtine 
Rob Correa American executive VP of CBS sports, Correa Rob 
Carmela Corren RWF Pic Israeli-born American singer, actress, Corren Carmela 
Matt Corriel Pic American playwright, composer, lyricist, Corriel Matt 
Carlos Nunez Cortes Pic Argentine musician,    Cortes Carlos Nunez
Ricardo Cortez Pic American actor, director, Cortez Ricardo 
Stanley Cortez Pic American cinematographer, Cortez Stanley 
Laurentino Cortizo RWC Pic President of Pamama 2019-, (Jewish mother) Cortizo Laurentino 
Bruce Corwin American chairman, CEO of Metropolitan Theaters Corporation, Corwin Bruce 
Henry Corwin Pic Dutch businessman, philatelist, humanitarian, Corwin Henry 
Norman Corwin Pic American writer, playwright, screenwriter, producer, essayist, Corwin Norman 
Ali Coscun Kirca RWC Pic Turkish politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1995, Donmeh, Coscun Kirca Ali 
Howard Cosell HW Pic American sportscaster, television journalist, Cosell Howard 
Lewis Coser RWF Pic German-born American sociologist, Coser Lewis 
Lady Hazel Cosgrove British Queen's Counsel, sheriff, judge, Cosgrove Hazel
Sam Coslow Pic American singer/songwriter, film producer, Coslow Sam 
Vladimir Cosma RWF HW Pic Romanian-born French composer, conductor, violinist, Cosma Vladimir 
Milein Cosman Pic German-born British artist, illustrator, Cosman Milein
Alexandru Cosmescu RWE Pic Moldovan author, playwright, translator, Cosmescy Alexandru
Frankie Cosmos RWF Pic American musician, singer/songwriter, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) Cosmos Frankie
Boris Casoy Pic Brazilian journalist, news anchor, Cosoy Boris
Caroline Cossey Pic British model, (convert to Judaism) Cossey Caroline 
Brenda Cossman Pic Canadian-born American legal scholar, Cossman Brenda 
Bernhard Cossmann Pic German cellist,  Cossmann Bernhard 
Paul Cossmann RWE Russian-born writer, journalist, editor, Cossmann Paul
Adrianna Costa Pic American entertainment correspondent, reality show host, Costa Adrianna 
Antony Costa Pic British singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother) Costa Antony 
Benjamin Mendes da Costa British merchant, philanthropist, Costa Benjamin Mendes da
Emanuel Mendez da Costa RWC Pic British botanist, naturalist, philosopher, Costa Emanuel Mendez da
Isaac da Costa Pic Dutch poet, Costa Isaac da
Joseph da Costa British merchant,   Costa Joseph da
Mendes da Costa Dutch sculptor, Costa Mendes da
Sir Michael Costa Pic Italian-born British conductor, composer, Costa Michael 
Moses da Costa British botanist, naturalist philosopher, banker, Costa Moses da
Moses da Costa British banker, Costa Moses da
Sam Costa Pic British comedian, singer, radio presenter, Costa Sam 
Uriel da Costa Pic Portuguese-born Dutch philosopher, Costa Uriel da
Humberto Costantini Pic Argentine writer, poet, Costantini Humberto
Paulo Costanzo Pic Canadian-born American television actor, (Jewish mother) Costanzo Paulo
Claudia Costin RWC Pic Brazilian Minister of Federal Administration and State Reform, Costin Claudia 
Moshe Cotel Pic American pianist, composer, rabbi, Cotel Moshe 
Coti Pic Argentine singer/songwriter, guitarist, Coti
Doug Cotler Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, Cotler Doug 
Irwin Cotler RWC HW Pic Canadian Justice Minister 2003-2006 Attorney General of Canada Cotler Irwin 
Danielia Cotton Pic American rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, (convert to Judaism) Cotton Danielia 
Hannah Cotton Pic Israeli literary scholar, Cotton Hannah
Jack Cotton Pic British real estate developer, City Centre Properties Ltd., Cotton Jack 
Herbert Couf Pic American clarinetist, saxophonist, composer, music instrument manufacturer, Couf Herbert 
Bruno Coulais RWC Pic French composer, (Jewish mother) Coulais Bruno 
Dave Coulier Pic American comedian, actor, impressionist, television host, Coulier Dave
Catherine Coulson Pic American stage/screen actress, (convert to Judaism) Coulson Catherine 
Curt Courant Pic German cinematographer, Courant Curt
Ernest Courant RWF Pic German-born American physicist, (Jewish father), Courant Ernest 
Richard Courant RWF Pic Polish-born German American mathematician, Courant Richard 
Emily Couric Pic American politician, (Jewish mother) Couric Emily
Katie Couric RWF HW Pic American media personality, television show host, (Jewish mother) Couric Katie 
Alberto Couriel Pic Uruguayan public accountant, politician, Couriel Alberto 
John Cournos Pic Ukrainian-born British novelist, translator, Cournos John
Gabriel Cousens Pic American physician, homeopath, spiritual writer, Cousens Gabriel
Norman Cousins Pic American journalist, author, editor, literary critic, Cousins Norman 
Robert Cover Pic American legal scholar, Cover Robert 
Jacques Yaacov Cover Israeli ambassador to Columbia  1994- , Covert Jacques Yaacov
Pascal Covici Romanian-born  American publisher/editor, Covici Pascal 
Claudia Cowan American news reporter, journalist, (Jewish father) Cowan Claudia 
George Cowan Pic American physical chemist, businessman, philantropist, Cowan George 
Nicolas Cowan Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Cowan Nicolas 
Warren Cowan Pic American fim industry publicist, Cowan Warren
Nicholas Cowell Pic British real estate agent, (Jewish father) Cowell Nicholas
Simon Cowell RWF HW Pic British music executive, television producer, entrepreneur, (Jewish father) Cowell Simon 
Tony Cowell Pic British writer, radio broadcaster, Cowell Tony 
Elise Cowen Pic American poet,  Cowen Elise 
Sir Frederic Cowen RWF HW Pic British composer, conductor, pianist,    Cowen Frederic
Joshua Cowen Pic American inventor, toy train system, Lionel Corporation, Cowen Joshua 
Robert Cowen American appeals judge, Cowen Robert 
Ron Cowen Pic American screenwriter, film producer, ??? Cowen Ron 
Scott Cowen Pic president of Tulane University 1998- Cowen Scott 
Sir Zelman Cowen RWF HW Pic Governor-general of Australia 1977-82, Cowen Zelman
Fleur Cowles Pic American writer, editor, artist, Cowles Fleur
Sir David Cox Pic British statistician, Cox David 
Eva Cox Pic Austrian-born Australian writer, feminist, sociologist,  Cox Eva
Jerry Coyne Pic American biologist, activist, Coyne Jerry 
Peter Coyote HW Pic American actor, author, director, screenwriter,   Coyote Peter 
Edgardo Cozarinsky Pic Argentine-born writer, filmmaker, Cozarinsky Edgardo
Ryan Craig Pic British playwright, Craig Ryan 
Sid/Jenny Craig Pic American founders of Jenny Craig, Inc, Craig Sid/Jenny
Douglas Cramer Pic American television producer, ??? Cramer Douglas 
Jim Cramer Pic American radio/television personality, investor, Cramer Jim 
Richard Cramer Pic American journalist, writer,    Cramer Richard 
Barry Crane Pic American television director/producer, bridge player, Crane Barry 
Caprice Crane Pic American novelist, musician, television writer/producer, (Jewish mother) Crane Caprice 
David Crane Pic American  producer, screenwriter, paywright, Crane David 
Kara Crane Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Crane Kara 
Norma Crane Pic American stage/film/television actress, Crane Norma
John Cranko Pic South African dancer, choreographer, Cranko John
John Cranko Pic South African dancer, choreographer, Cranko John 
James Crapo Incara Pharmaceuticals Corporation Crapo James 
Richard Craswell Pic American legal scholar, ??? Craswell Richard 
Samuel Crawford British voice/stage actor, radio personality, Crawford Samuel 
Linda Creed Pic American singer/songwriter,  Creed Linda 
Graham Creelman Pic British managing director 1996- of Anglia Television, ??? Creelman Graham 
Theodor Creizenach Pic German poet, literary historian, Creizenach Theodor 
Lol Creme Pic British guitarist, singer, Creme Lol 
Adolphe Cremieux RWF HW Pic French Minister of Justice 1848 1870-71, Cremieux Adolphe 
Fernand Cremieux Pic French politician, lawyer senator, Cremieux Fernand 
Gaston Cremieux RWF Pic French lawyer, writer, journalist, Cremieux Gaston 
Hector-Jonathan Cremieux RWF Pic French librettist, playwright, Cremieux Hector-Jonathan 
Suzanne Cremieux Pic French politician, senator, Cremieux Suzanne 
Lawrence Cremin Pic American historian, administrator, Cremin Lawrence 
Lawrence Cremin Pic American president of Teachers College 1974-84, Columbia Unversity Cremin Lawrence 
Luigi Cremona RWF Pic Italian mathematician, politician, Minister of Education, Cremona Luigi 
Hasdai Crescas RWF Pic Spanish talmudist, philosopher, statesman, Crescas Hasdai
Rebecca Creskoff RWF Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) Creskof Rebecca
Abraham Cresques Pic Spanish cartographer, Cresques Abraham 
Jehuda Cresques RWC Pic Spanish cartographer, Cresques Jehuda 
Leon Crestohl Pic Polish-born Canadian politician, MP Cartier  1950-63 Crestohl Leon 
Gene Cretz Pic American ambassador to Ghana 2012- , Libya 2008-10, Cretz Gene 
Martin van Creveld RWE Pic Dutch-born Israeli military historian. Creveld Martin van
Sir Ivor Crewe Pic British politican scientist, Master of University College, Oxford, 2008- Crewe Ivor 
Barbara Crews Pic American mayor of Galveston 1990-96, Crews Barbara 
Judy Crichton Pic American documentary filmmaker, television producer, writer, Crichton Judy 
Mircea Crisan HW Pic Romanian actor, comedian, Crisan Mircea 
Judith Crist Pic American film critic, television personality, Crist Judith 
Bill Cristall Pic American baseball player, Cristall Bill
Pavel Cristescu RWC Romanian military commander, lieutenant general, Cristescu Pavel 
Jack Cristil Pic American sports announcer, Cristil Jack
Aharon Cristol American chief judge of bunkruptcy court, Cristol Aharon
Jay Cristol Pic chief judge of Florida bankruptcy court, military historian, Cristol Jay
Stanley Cristol Pic American chemist, Cristol Stanley 
A. J. Croce Pic American singer/songwriter, Croce A. J.
Ingrid Croce American author, singer/songwriter, restaurateur, Croce Ingrid 
Jim Croce HW Pic American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Croce Jim 
Burrill Crohn Pic American gastroenerologist, Crohn Burrill
Max Croiset Pic Dutch film actor, playwright, theater director, Croiset Max 
David Croll RWC Pic first Jewish senator in Canada Minister of Public Welfare Ontario Croll David 
David Cromer Pic American theater director,  Cromer David 
Lee Cronbach RWF Pic American educational psychologist, (Jewish father) Cronbach Lee 
Natasja Crone Back Pic Danish journalist, television presenter, Crone Back Natasja 
David Cronenberg RWF HW Pic Canadian film director, screenwriter, actor, Cronenberg David 
Ted Croner American photographer, Croner Ted 
Frances Crook Pic British journalist, television personality, Crook Frances
Norm Crosby Pic American comedian, Crosby Norm 
William Crosby, Jr American physician, hematologist, (convert to Judaism)  Crosby, Jr William
Christopher Cross Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Cross Christopher 
David Cross RWF Pic American actor, comedian, writer, Cross David 
Flora Cross RWF Pic French-born American actress, Cross Flora