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Leone Padoa Italian chemist, uncle of Fabio
Antonio Padoa-Schioppa Pic Italian jurist, historian, son
Fabio Padoa-Schioppa Italian business executive, father
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa RWC Pic Italian economist, politician, minister of Economy and Finances 2006-08, son
Bernard Pagel Pic German-born British astrophysicist, grandson
Julius Pagel Pic German physician, medical historian, grandfather
Walter Pagel Pic German pathologist, medical historian, father
Abraham Pais RWF Pic Dutch-born American physicist, science historian, father
Josh Pais Pic American film/television actor, son
Arie Pais RWC Pic Dutch politician, Minister of Education 1977-81, husband
Eegje Schoo Pic Dutch politician, Minister for Development Cooperation, wife
Richard Cawthorne Pic Australian stage/fim/television actor, first cousin
Martin Pakula Pic Australian politician, MP 2006-13, first cousin
Sir Inglis Palgrave RWF Pic Brirish economist, (Jewish father) son
Sir Francis Palgrave RWF Pic British historian, critic, poet, father
Francis Turner Palgrave Pic British critic, poet, anthologist, (Jewish father) son
Sir Reginald Palgrave Pic British historian, (Jewish father) son
William Palgrave Pic British arabic scholar, (Jewish father) son
Carey Harrison Pic British novelist, playwright, (Jewish mother) son
Lilli Palmer RWF Pic Polish-born German American actress, mother
Gabrielle Giffords RWF HW Pic American politician, representitive, cousin of Gwyneth/Jake
Adam Neumann Pic Israeli-born American co-founder of WeWork, husband of Gwyneth cousin
Bruce Paltrow Pic American television/film producer, director, father
Gwyneth Paltrow RWF HW Pic American stage/television actress, food writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Jake Paltrow RWF Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son
Taryn Simon Pic American photographer, wife of Jake
Bar Paly RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli model, actress, wife
Ian Kessner Pic Canadian film writer, director, producer, husband
Friedrich Paneth RWF Pic Austrian British chemist, son
Joseph Paneth RWF Pic Austrian physiologist, father
Erwin Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American art historian, father
Hans Panofsky Pic German-born American metereologist, son
Wolfgang Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American physicist, particle physics son
Izidor Papo RWC Pic Yugoslavian surgeon, colonel general, husband
Rosa Papo RWC Pic Yugoslabian physician, major general, wife
Alwin Pappenheimer, Jr Pic American biochemist, immunologist, brother
John Pappenheimer Pic American physiologist, pharmacologist, brother
Will Pappenheimer Pic American multi media artist, son of John
Matthew Broderick RWF HW Pic American film/stage actor, (Jewish mother) husband
Patricia Broderick Pic American playwright, actress, painter, mother of Matthew
Timothy Britten Parker Pic American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother of Sarah
Sarah Jessica Parker RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) wife
Pippin Parker American playwright, theater director, (Jewish father) brother of Sarah
Simon Parmet Pic Finnish composer, conductor, brother
Moses Pergament Pic Finnish-born Swedish composer, brother
Ludwig Ehrlich Polish lawyer, legal scholar of international law, cousin
Jakub Parnas RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born biochemist,  cousin
Simon Rundstein Polish lawyer, legal scholar, cousin
Robert Klasson RWE Russian/Soviet engineer, inventor, father-in-law of Valentin
Maksim Parnakh RWF Russian painter, grandson of Valentin
Valentin Parnakh RWF Pic Russian poet, choreographer, Russian jazz co-founder, brother
Sophia Parnok RWF Pic Russian poet, translator, sister
Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya RWF Pic Russian poet, playwright, translator, sister
Amy Pascal Pic American chairman, Sony Pictires Entertainment, Motion Pictures Group, wife
Bernard Weinraub Pic American journalist, playwright, husband
Agnieszka Osiecka Pic Polish poer, songwriter, ??? mother
Agata Passent Pic Polish journalist, writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Daniel Passent Pic Ukrainian-born Polish journalist, father
Isaac Passy RWE HW Pic Bulgarian philosopher,   father
Solomon Passy RWC HW Pic Bulgarian Foreign Minister 2001-05, son
Ira Pastan Pic American medical researcher, husband
Linda Pastan Pic American poet,   wife
Mikhail Freidenberg RWF Pic Polish/Russian-born inventor, journalist, publisher, father of Olga, brother-in-law of Leonid
Olga Freidenberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet classical philologist, cousin of Boris
Rosa Kaufman HW Pic Russian concert pianist, mother
Ann Pasternak Slater British translator, literary scolar, (Jewish mother) daughter of Lydia
Alexander Pasternak RWF Pic Russian architect, son
Boris Pasternak RWF HW Pic Russian poet, writer, translator, Nobel Prize (1958) son
Yevgenia Pasternak RWF Russian/Soviet painter, 1st wife of Boris
Yevgeny Pasternak RWF Pic Soviet literary scholar, literary historian, biographer, son of Boris
Leon Pasternak Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born poet, satirist, cousin of Boris
Leonid Pasternak RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian impressionist painter, father
Lydia Pasternak Slater Russian research chemist, poet, translator, sister
Nina Raine Pic British theater director, playwright, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Ann
Emperor Rosko Pic American presenter, pop music, son
Joe Pasternak RWN Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, father
Daphne Patai Pic American scholar, author, daughter of Raphael
Jozsef Patai HW Pic Hungarian zionist leader, poet, translator, editor, father
Raphael Patai RWC HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli anthropologist, entnographer, orientalist, son
Kathryn Grody Pic American actress, writer, playwright, wife of Mandy
Don Patinkin RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli economist, second cousin of mark
Mandy Patinkin RWF HW Pic American actor, singer, tenor, cousin
Mark Patinkin Pic American author, columnist,    cousin
Sheldon Patinkin Pic American actor, second cousin of mark
Grigory Geiman RWC German-born Russian physician,
Rodion Geiman RWC Lithuanian-born Russian chemist, son of Grigory
Borys Paton RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, (Jewish great maternal grandfather) son of Yevgeny
Yevgenia Paton RWC Pic Ukrainian-born biologist, (Jewish descent) daughter of Boris
Evgeniy Paton RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson of Grigory
Tera Patrick Pic American porn/adult films actress, model, (Jewish father) wife
Evan Seinfeld Pic American adult film actor, vocalist, bassist, director, photographer, husband
Anna Pauker RWC HW Pic Minister of Foreign Affairs Deputy Premier wife
Marcel Pauker RWE HW Pic Romanian communist militant, husband
Wolf Pascheles Pic Czech-born Austrian publisher, great-grandfather of Wollfgang
Bertha Pauli Austrian journalist, human rights activist, (Jewish father) mother
Hertha Pauli Pic Austrian stage actress, journalist, author, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter
Wolfgang Josef Pauli Austrian biochemist, physician, father
Wolfgang Pauli RWF Pic Austrian-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1945), (not Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Friedrich Schutz Austrian journalist, editor, writer, grandfather of Wolgang
John Payne RWF Pic American stage actor, lyricist, poet, playwright, father
Julie Payne Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Robert Towne RWF Pic American screenwriter, director, husband of Julie ExLink
Katharine Towne RWF Pic American actress, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Julie & Robert
Giuseppe Peano Pic Italian mathematician, ??? great-uncle
Lalla Romano Pic Italian poet, novelist, journalist, great-niece
Daniel Pearl RWF HW Pic American journalist, husband
Judea Pearl RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American scientist, philosopher, artifical intelligence, father of Daniel
Mariane Pearl Pic French journalist, wife
Mark Pears Pic British businessman, William Pears Group, property, brother
Trevor Pears Pic British businessman, philanthropist, William pears Group, property, brother
Anthony Gross Pic British printmaker, artist, film director, war artist, (Jewish father) brother
Phyllis Pearsall Pic British painter, writer, cartographer, (Jewish father) sister
Jan Peerce RWF HW Pic American theater actor, singer, cantor, father
Larry Peerce RWF Pic American film/television director, son
Kira Peikoff Pic American novelist, journalist, daughter
Leonard Peikoff Pic American philosopher, writer, father
Aaron Peirsol Pic American swimmer, brother
Hayley Peirsol Pic American lond-distance swimmer, sister
Alexander Peli Ukrainian-born Israeli editor, son
Bracha Peli Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli publisher, mother Massada
Ashley Peldon Pic American film/television actress, sister
Courtney Peldon Pic American film/television actress, sister
Nelson Peltz Pic American billionaire, father
Nicola Peltz HW Pic American film actress, model, (Jewish father) daughter
Will Peltz Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Arthur Penn RWF HW Pic American fim director, film/television producer, brother
Irving Penn RWN Pic American fashion photographer, brother
Matthew Penn Pic American stage/television director/producer, son of Arthur
Olive Deering Pic American stage/film/television actress, 1st wife of Leo
Chris Penn RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) son
Dylan Penn Pic American model, actress, (Jewish parental grandfather) daughter of Sean
Leo Penn Pic American director, actor, father
Michael Penn Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) son
Sean Penn RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son
Alfred Ryder Pic American film/television/radio actor, brother of Olive
Jonathan Penner Pic American film/television actor, writer, producer,    husband
Stacy Title Pic American film director, producer,   wife
Bianca Lamblin Pic French memorist, writer, cousin
Georges Perec RWF HW Pic French novelist, filmmaker, essayist, cousin
Baroness Fanny von Arnstein RWE Pic Austrian-born socialite, salon holder, mother
Baron Nathan Adam von Arnstein Austrian banker, father
Baron Heinrich von Pereira Austrian banker, husband of Henriette 1773-1835
Baroness Henriette von Pereira-Arnstein Pic Austrian pianist, salon holder, daughter 1780-1859
Baron Ludwig Louis Pereira Arnstein Austrian banker, son of Henriette. Heinrich
Pereire Pereire Brothers
Jacob Pereira Pic Portuguese-born French deaf-mute language inventor, (converso descent) grandfather
Emile Pereire Pic co-founder 1852  grandson Credit Foncier de France, Societe Generale du Credit Mobilier
Isaac Pereire Pic co-founder 1852  grandson Credit Foncier de France, Societe Generale du Credit Mobilier
Eugene Pereire Pic founder son of Isaac Credit Mobilier Espagnol
Ellen Barkin RWF HW Pic American actress, wife
Claudia Cohen Pic American gossip columnist, socialite,    wife
Patricia Duff RWA Pic American political activist, socialite, (convert to Judaism) wife
Mike Medavoy RWF Pic American co-founder 1990 of Orion Pictures, husband of Patricia
Jeffrey Perelman JEP Management brother of Ronald
Raymond Perelman RGP Holdings father of Ronald, Jeffrey
Ronald Perelman Pic American businessman, husband
Osip Dymow RWF Pic Belarusian-born humorist, fiction writer, playwright, brother
Yakov Perelman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian writer, science populization, brother
Melanie Peres HW Pic German-born Israeli singer, actress, model, wife
Itay Tiran HW Pic Israeli stage/film actor, husband
Chelsea Peretti Pic American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, (Jewish mother) sister
Jonah Peretti Pic American internet entrepreneur,  businessman, (Jewish mother) brother
Irene Lieblich Pic Polsh-born painter, illustrator, cousin of Isaac
Isaac Peretz RWF HW Pic Polish-born author, playwright, ascendant of Marty
Jesse Peretz Pic American film director, bass guitar player, music video director, (Jewish father) son
Marty Peretz HW Pic American owner of The New Republic, father
Abram Peretz RWC Pic Polish-born Russian entrepeneur,
Aleksandr Peretz RWC Russian engineer, major general, (Jewish father)
Vladimir Peretz RWF Pic Russian/Soviet philologist, literature historian, member of Russian Academy of Science, great nephew
Yegor Peretz RWF Russian Secretary, (Jewish father) great uncle
Lucy Devito RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) daugher of Rhea
Heide Perlman Pic American television producer/writer, sister
Rhea Perlman RWF Pic American film/television actress, sister
Itzhak Perlman RWF HW Pic Israeli American violinist, conductor, father
Navah Perlman Pic American concert phianist, chamber musician, daughter
Ed Perlmutter Pic American representative 2007- nephew
Jordon Perlmutter American real estate businessman, uncle
Perloff daughter
Carey Perloff RWF Pic American theater director, playwright, mother
Joseph Perloff RWF Pic American cardiologist, father
Marjorie Perloff RWF Pic Austrian-born American literary critic,
Fritz Perls RWF HW Pic German-born South African American gestalt therapist, husband
Laura Perls RWF Pic German-born South African American gestalt therapist, wife
Frank Perls Pic German-born American arts dealer, son
Hugo Perls Pic German-born art dealer, art historian, philosopher,   father
Klaus Perls Pic German-born American art dealer,   son
Anna Riwkin-Brick HW Pic Russian-born Swedish photographer, sister of Eugenie
Eugenie Soderberg Pic German-born Swedish American writer, journalist, wife of Hugo
John Perry Pic American actor, model,   father
Matthew Perry RWF Pic American Canadian film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Leo Perutz Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, mathematician, relative of Max
Sir Max Perutz RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British chemist, Nobel Prize (1962), father
Robin Perutz Pic British chemist, son
Baron Maurice Peston Pic British economist, politician,    father
Robert Peston Pic British journalist, editor,   son
Christopher Peters Pic American actor, film producer, writer, (Jewish mother) son
Lesley Warren RWF HW Pic American film/television/stage actress, singer, mother
Sir Nikolaus Pevsner RWF Pic German-born British art historian, father
Tom Pevsner Pic German-born British film producer,   son
Alfred Philippson Pic German geologist, geographer,   son of Ludwig
Ludwig Philippson HW Pic German rabbi, author, translator, son of Moses
Martin Philippson RWC Pic Polish-born German historian, son of Ludwig
Moses Philippson Polish-born writer, teacher, translator, publisher, grandfather
Phoebus Moses Philipson German physician, writer, son of Moses
Philips/Marx Philips
Karl Marx RWF HW Pic German-born philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, first cousin of brothers Anton/Gerard
Heinrich Marx RWF German lawyer, father of Karl Marx, father of Karl
Anton Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) brother
Frits Philips Pic Dutch fourth chairman of Dutch corporation Philips, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Anton
Gerard Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) brother
Franklin Moses, Jr RWC Pic American governor,1872-74  (Jewish father) son
Franklin Moses, Sr American judge, politician,         father
Jonas Phillips Pic American merchant, great grandfather
Uriah Phillips Levy RWC Pic American military commander, Commodore, grandson of Jonas
Lady Flopence Phillips Pic South African art patroness, wife
Sir Lionel Phillips Pic British-born South African mining magnate, politician, husband
Melanie Phillips HW Pic British journalist, author, playwright, radio personality,    wife
Joshua Rozenberg HW Pic British legal commentator, journalist, husband
Arlyn Phoenix Pic American president of The Peace Alliance, mother The Peace Alliance
Joaquin Phoenix RWF HW Pic Puetro Rican-born American actor, (Jewish mother) son
Liberty Phoenix Pic Venezuelan-born American actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Rain Phoenix Pic American actress, musician, singer,  (Jewish mother) daughter
River Phoenix RWF HW Pic Puetro Rican-born American actor, (Jewish mother) son
Summer Phoenix RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) daughter
Gregor Piatigorsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American cellist, brother
Joram Piatigorsky Pic American molecular biologist, son of Gregor
Leonid Piatigorsky RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Russian conductor, brother
Jacqueline de Rothschild wife of Gregor
Aleksandr Stogorsky RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Russian cellist, brother
Princess Fafzia-Latifa of Egypt Pic Monte Carlo-born granddaughter of King Faruk of Egypt, (Jewish mother) daughter
Prince Fakhruddin of Egypt Pic Moroccan-born grandson of King Farouk of Egypt, (Jewish mother) son
Princess Dominique-France Picard Pic French-born ex-wife of Fuad II, King of Egypt and the Sudan, mother
Muhamad Ali, Prince of the Sa'id Pic grandson of King Farouk of Egypt, (Jewish mother) son
Daniela Pick Pic Israeli singer, daughter
Tzvika Pick RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli pop composer, singer, father
Pierleoni Pierleoni Family JE
Antipope Anacletus II RWC Pic Pope 1130-38 (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Pier Leoni Pietro Pierleoni
Leo de Benedicto Christiano Italian medieval financier, father
Giordano Pierleoni Italian political leader, (Jewish paternal grandfaher) son of Pier Leoni
Consul Pier Leoni Italian Roman consul, (Jewish father) son
Jay Pike Pic American baseball player, brother
Lip Pike Pic American baseball player, brother
Herb Pinder Pic Canadian businessman, politician, son
Robert Mitford Pinder RWC Pic Canadian mayor of Saskatoon 1935-38, father
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein RWF HW Pic American novelist, philosopher, wife of Steven
Steven Pinker RWF HW Pic Canadian-born  American cognitive evolutionary psychologist, brother
Susan Pinker Pic Canadian psychologist, writer, journalist, sister
Ben Platt Pic American actor, singer,   brother
Jonah Platt Pic American actor, writer, singer, producer, brother
Emanuel Piore Pic Lithuanian-born American scientist, manager of industrial research, father
Michael Piore Pic American economist, son
Jane Piore Gilman Pic American mathematician, daughter
Boris Piotrovsky Russian/Soviet orientalist, archaeologist, father ???
Mikhail Piotrovsky RWF Pic Armenian-born Russian orientalist, (Jewish father) ??? son
Daniel Pipes RWF HW Pic American historian of the Middle East. son
Richard Pipes RWF HW Pic Polish-born American historian of Russia, father
Lev Pisarzhevsky RWC Pic Moldovan-born Soviet chemist, husband RWN
Malvina Rosenberg RWE Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian chemist, wife
Pissarro Pissarro Family
Claude Bonin-Pissarro Pic French painter, graphic designer, (Jewish descent) grandson of Camille
Frederic Bonin-Pissarro Pic French painter, (Jewish descent) son of Calude
Camille Pissarro RWF HW Pic Danish French painter, (Jewish father) father
Felix Pissarro Pic French painter, etcher, caricaturist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Georges Pissarro Pic French artist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Hugues Claude Pissarro French painter, (Jewish descent) grandson of Camille
Joachim Pissarro Pic American art historian, educator, curator, great-grandson of Camille
Lucien Pissarro RWF Pic French painter, printmaker, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Ludovic Pissarro Pic French artist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Orovida Pissarro Pic British painter, etcher, (Jewish descent) daughter of Lucien
Joyce Piven Pic American stage actress, director, teacher, wife
Byrne Piven Pic American stage, film, television actor, director,   husband
Frances Fox Piven Pic Canadian-born American political scientist, sociologist, wife of Herman
Herman Piven American criminologist, brother of Byrne
Jeremy Piven HW Pic American actor, son
Francisco Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ???
Gonzalo Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ???
Hernando Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, ???
Juan Pizzaro RWC Spanish conquistador, ???
Ben Platt Pic American actor, singer,   son
Marc Platt Pic American film/television/stage producer, father
Edith Flagg Pic Romanian-born American fashion designer, grandmother of Josh
Eric Flagg American fashion industry executive, grandfather of Josh
Josh Flagg Pic American real estate agent, media pesonality, grandson of Herman
Benjamin Platt Ukrainian-born American founder of Platt Music Corporation father Platt Music Corporation
Herman Platt Pic American business executive, philanthropist, son
Anthony Pleeth Pic British cellist, father
William Pleeth Pic British cellist, cello teacher, son
John Pleshette Pic American television actor, cousin
Suzanne Pleshette RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, cousin
Plisetskaya/Messerer Plisetzki/Messerer Family
Asaf Messerer RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian choreographer, dancer, uncle of Plisetskaya  brother RWN
Boris Messerer RWF Pic Russian theater painter, (Jewish father) son of Asaf
Mikhail Messerer RWF Soviet/Russian balet dancer/pedagogue, son of Sulamith
Rachel Messerer RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian film/stage actress, sister
Sulamith Messerer RWF Pic Russian prima balerina with Bolshoi theater 1926-49 sister
Anna Plisetskaya RWF Pic Russian ballerina, actress, producer, (Jewish father) daughter of Alexander
Maya Plisetskaya RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet prima balerina, Bolshoi theater, daughter of Rachel
Alexander Plisetski RWF Russian balet dancer, choreographer, son of Rachel
Azariy Plisetsky RWF Russian/Soviet choreographer, son of Rachel
Mikhail Plisetski RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet diplomat, husband of Rachel
Baroness Beatrice Plummer British Justice of Peace, wife
Sir Leslie Plummer Pic British politician, Labour MP 1951-63, husband
Rada Podgornaya RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, sister
Noy Podgorny RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, brother
Elliott Abrams  RWF HW Pic American Assistant Secretary of State   Riegan,  son-in-law of Norman
Midge Decter RWF Pic American neoconcervative journalist, author, mother
John Podhoretz HW Pic American conservative columnist, political analyst, son
Norman Podhoretz RWF HW Pic American author, critic, journalist, father
Alexander Neifakh RWC Pic Russian biologist, nephew
Solomon Neifakh RWC Pic Belorusian-born Soviet biochemist, uncle
Boris Podolsky RWF Pic Russian-born American physicist, EPR paradox, uncle
Abigail Pogrebin Pic American writer, daughter
Letty Pogrebin Pic American writer, journalist,    mother
Robin Pogrebin Pic American culture reporter, daughter
Judith Merril HW Pic American Canadian science fiction writer,   gandmother
Frederik Pohl RWF Pic American novelist, grandfather
Emily Pohl-Weary Pic Canadian novelist, magazine editor, grandaughter
Karel Polak Dutch Minister of Justice son
Moritz Polak Dutch High Court justice, father
Polanyi Polanyi Family Polanyi Family/cat
George Polanyi American economist, (Jewish father) 1978
John Polanyi RWF HW Pic German-born British Canadian chemist Nobel Prize (1986), (Jewish father) son of Michael
Kari Polanyi Levitt Pic Austrian-born Canadian economist, daugher of Karl
Karl Polanyi RWF Pic Austrian-born Hungarian British economic historian, anthropologist, philosopher, brother
Laura Polanyi sister ExLink
Michael Polanyi RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German British chemist, philosopher, polymath, brother
Erno Por Hungarian politician, People's Commissar,
Ervin Szabo RWF Pic Hungarian social scientist, librarian, anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary,
Cecilia Wohl Pic Lithuanian-born Hungarian salon-holder, mother of Polonyi brothers, mother of Karl, Michael, Laura
Eva Zeisel HW Pic Hungarian industrial designer, artist, daughter of Laura
Hans Zeisel Pic Czech-born American sociologist, legal scholar, husband of Eva
Jean-Paul Palewski Pic French Deputy in the National Assembly, brother
Gaston Palewski Pic Minister for Research and Technology 1957-62  under Pompidu brother
Pokrass RWN
Daniel Pokrass RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, brother
Dmitry Pokrass RWF Pic Russian songwriter, brother
Samuel Pokrass RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American composer, brother
Roma Ligocka Pic Polish costume designer, writer, painter, cousin
Morgane Polanski Pic French actress, model, (Jewish father) daughter of Roman
Roman Polanski RWF HW Pic Polish/French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish father; half Jewish mother) cousin
Harry Gulkin Pic Canadian-born film/theater producer, biological father
Sarah Polley RWC HW Pic Canadian actress, film director, (Jewish biological father) daughter
Alexander Poliakoff Russian-born British electronics engineer, designer, Multitone Electronics, father
Joseph Poliakoff RWF Ukrainian-born British radio engineer, inventor, Multitone Electronics, grandfather
Sir Martyn Poliakoff RWF HW Pic British chemist, brother
Stephen Poliakoff RWF Pic British playwright, screenwriter, director, brother
Yisrael Poliakov RWA HW Pic Israeli singer, film/stage actor, entertainer, father
Yael Poliakov HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, daughter
Jared Polis RWF Pic American representative, 2009- son
Susan Polis Schutz Pic American poet, producer of greeting cards, mother
Yona Kosashvili RWF HW Pic Georgian Israeli chess grandmaster, husband of Sofia
Judit Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian chess grandmaster, daughter
Laszlo Polgar RWF Pic Hungarian chess teacher, father
Sofia Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian/Israeli woman chess grandmaster, daughter
Susan Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian American chess grandmaster WC 1996-99 daughter
Boris Grosser RWF Ukrainian-born French painter, cousin
Leon Poliakov RWF HW Pic Russian-born French historian of anti-semitism. cousin
Louis Pollak Pic American lawyer, district judge, son
Walter Pollak American attorney, father
Schuyler Fox American guitarist, (Jewish mother) daughter of Tracy
Michael Pollan HW Pic American journalist, journalism teacher, brother
Tracy Pollan RWF Pic American actress, sister
Anita Pollitzer Pic American photographer, suffragette, aunt
William Pollitzer American anatomist, nephew
Eugen Polya Pic Hungarian surgeon, brother
George Polya RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Swiss American mathematician, combinatorics, brother
Polyakov YIVO
Lazar Polyakov RWF Pic Russian banker, brother
Samuel Polyakov RWF HW Pic Russian railload magnate, brother
Yakov Polyakov RWF Pic Russian banker, brother
Anna Pavlova RWF Pic Russian prima balerina,  (Jewish biological father) daughter of Lazar
Doc Pomus RWF Pic American blues singer/songwriter:lyricist, brother
Raoul Felder Pic American lawyer, brother
Bruno Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born British Russian physicist, neutrino brother
Gillo Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born film director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Guido Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born British  geneticist, brother
Marco Pontecorvo Pic Italian cinematographer, son of Gillo
Lillie Pope Pic American psychologist, educator, wife
Martin Pope Pic American physical chemist, husband
Ron Popeil Pic American inventor, (Jewish father) cousin
Ashley Tisdale RWF HW Pic American actress, singer/sonwriter, dancer, television producer, (Jewish mother) cousin
Jennifer Tisdale RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) sister of Ashley
Sergei Ginzburg RWC Pic Russian actor, producer, director, husband
Yana Poplavskaya RWE Pic Russian actress, television presenter, (Jewish father) wife
Frank Popper American urban planner, son
Hans Popper Pic Austrian-born American pathologist, hepatologist, administrator,  father
Hanan Porat RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, cousin
Moti Yogev RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,  cousin
Porges von Portheim Porges von Portheim Gallery Porges
Alois Peter Porges von Portheim Czech-born 1815-1900
Eduard Porges von Portheim Pic 1826-1927
Gustav Porges von Portheim Czech-born 1823-16
Heinrich Porges von Portheim Czech-born 1819-57
Joseph Porges von Portheim Czech-born Austrian manufacturer, art patron, cellist, son of Moses 1817-1904 edler
Leontine von Portheim wife of Victor Goldschmidt daughter of Eduard
Leopold von Portheim Czech manufacturer, cotton factories, liqour trade, son of Eduard ritter
Leopold Juda von Portheim Czech manufacturer, brother of Moses 1784-1869 edler
Max Porges on Portheim Czech-born historian, son of Wilhelm 1857-1937 edler
Moses Porges von Portheim Pic Czech/Austrian indistrialist, brother of Leopold 1781-1870
Theodore Porges 1843-1907
Wilhelm Porges von Portheim Czech industrialit, son of Leopold 1819-73
Meir Porush RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, son
Menachem Porush RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, rabbi, journalist, father
Eric Posner Pic American legal scholar, son
Richard Posner RWF HW Pic American lawyer, appeals judge, father
Steven Posner Pic American corporate rider, son
Tracy Posner Ward Pic American actress, animals rights rescuer, activist, daughter
Victor Posner Pic American businessman, indicted for tax evasion father
Yekaterina Chemberdzi RWF Pic Russian pianist, composer, (Jewish father) daughter
Pavel Pozner RWF Pic American-born Soviet orientalist, (Jewish father)
Vladimir Posner RWF Pic French-born Russian journalist, (Jewish father) cousin
Vladimir Pozner RWF Pic cousin
Robert Post Pic American legal scholar, son
Ted Post Pic American television/film director, father
Lynn Povich Pic American journalist,   daughter
Maury Povich Pic American talk show host,    son
Shirley Povich Pic American sportswriter, journalist, father
Jacob Hertz Polish industrialist, social activist, philanthropist, son-in-law of Israel 1846-1929
Ignaci Poznanski son 1852-1908
Israel Poznanski Pic Polish industrialist, textile magnate, philanthropist, father 1833-1900
Karol Poznanski Poish entrepreneur, son 1859-1928
Maurice Poznan Polish industrialist, social activist, son 1833-1937
Dennis Prager HW Pic American columnist, talk show host, public speaker, brother
Joshua Prager Pic American reporter, journalist, historian, son of Kenneth
Kenneth Prager Pic American physician,    brother
Pratt Visy Industries
Fiona Geminder Pic Pact Group
Anthony Pratt Pic chairman, CEO of Visy Industies, son
Richard Pratt Pic Austaralian businessman, father
Alex Waislitz Pic Australian businessman, film producer, son-in-law of Richard
Heloise Waislitz Pic daughter
Renana Jhabvala Pic Indian social worker, daughter
Siegbert Prawer Pic German-born British scholar, brother of Ruth
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala RWF HW Pic German-born British screenwriter, mother
Prawy grandfather
Marcell Frydmann von Prawy Pic Austrian lawyer, journalist, father
Richard Frydmann von Prawy Austrian grandson
Marcel Prawy RWN Pic Austrian dramatist, opera critic,
Elias Hurwicz RWF Belarusian-born German sociologist, translator, publicist,
Yuri Orlov RWF Pic Russian zoologist, (Jewish mother) nephew of Anna
Anna Tumarkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Swiss philosopher,
Maria Tumarkin RWF Pic Russian political/public figure, SR party, mother of Alexandra Zetlina
Alexandra Pregel RWF Pic Finnish-Born Russian painter, graphic artist, illustrator, (Jewish mother) wife Avksentyeva
Boris Pregel RWF Pic Ukrainian-born entrepreneur, metzenat, engineer, physicist, husband
Georgy Preisman RWC Soviet military commander, major general, son
Grigory Preisman RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, father
Gypsy Rose Lee RWF Pic American actress, erotic dancer, (Jewish mother) mother of Erik Lee
Erik Lee Preminger Pic American writer, actor, son of Otto
Ingo Preminger RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American producer,  brother
Otto Preminger RWF HW Pic Austrian/Ukrainian-born American film director/producer, film/television actor,    brother
Irina Press RWN HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian, 80 m hurdles  sister O1960 64 gold silver
Tamara Press HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian shot-put sister O1960 64 gold silver
Joseph Press Lithuanian-born Russian cellist, brother
Mikhail Press Lithuanian-born American violinist, conductor, music educator, brother
Emeric Pressburger RWF Pic Hungarian-born British film director/producer, screenwriter, grandfather
Andrew Macdonald Pic British film producer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson
Kevin Macdonald RWF Pic British documentary filmmaker, film director, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson
Neil Macdonald Pic Canadian journalist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) brother of Norm
Norm Macdonald Pic Canadian comedian, author, writer, producer, actor, television anchor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) 2nd cousin of Kevin
Pressman Pressman Toy Corporation
Edward Pressman Pic American film producer, son
Jack Pressman American founder 1922 of Pressman Toy Corporation, husband
Lynn Pressman president of Pressman Toy Corporation wife
Sally Pressman Pic American film/television actress, dancer, great niece
Anita Prestes RWE Pic Brazilian historian, (Jewish mother) daughter
Olga Benario Prestes Pic German-born Brazilian communist militant, mother
Andre Previn RWF HW Pic German-born American pianist, conductor, composer, brother
Charles Previn Pic American film score composer, great uncle of Andre/Steve
Steve Previn Pic German-born American film production executive, brother
Lady Margaret Crew daughter
Lady Sybil Grant Pic British writer, designer, artist,  (Jewish mother) daughter
Duchess Mary Ines-Ker British duchess,  maternal granddaughter of Hannah
Earl Harry Primrose Pic Secretary of State for Scotland, son of Hannah de Rothschild, (Jewish mother) son
Countess Hannah de Rothschild Pic British aristocrat, wife of Earl Harry Primrose, Prime Minister, mother
Earl Neil Primrose Pic British politician, solgier,  Liberal MP 1910-17 (Jewish mother) son
Jonathan Prince Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, husband
Jack Shilkret American composer, paternal grandfather of Julie
Nathaniel Shilkret HW Pic Austrian-born American composer, conductor, clarinetist, pianist, brother of Jack
Julie Warner RWF Pic American film/television actress, producer/director, wife
Ernst Dohm Pic German editor, actor, translator, grandfather
Hedwig Dohm Pic German actress, feminist, author,   grandmother
Hedwig Pringsheim Pic German actress, mother
Elisabeth Mann-Borgese German-born Canadian actor, writer, (Jewish mother) daughter of Katharina
Erika Mann RWF HW Pic German actress, writer, (Jewish mother) daughter of Katharina
Golo Mann RWF HW Pic German-born American historian, essayist , writer, (Jewish mother) son of Katharina
Klaus Mann RWF HW Pic German writer, (Jewish mother) son of Katharina
Michael Mann RWF German-born American musician, literature scholar, (Jewish mother)  son of Katharina
Monika Mann Pic German novelist, (Jewish mother) daughter of Katharina
Alfred Pringsheim RWF Pic Polish-born German Swiss mathematician, father
Katharina Pringsheim HW Pic German-born wife of Thomas Mann, daughter
Klaus Pringsheim, Sr RWA Pic German-born composer, conductor,   son
Rudolf Pringsheim Oilish businessman, father of Alfred
Ernst Pringsheim, Jr German scientist, plant physiologist,
Ernst Pringsheim, Sr RWF Polish-born German physicist,
Pritzker Pritzker Family Pritzker Family/cat
Rhoda Goldberg British-born American philanthropist, wife of Jack
Liesel Matthews RWF Pic American child actress, daughter of Robert
Abram Nicholas Pritzker Pic founder co-founder Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Anthony Pritzker Pic American managing partner of Pritzker Group, son of Donald
Daniel Pritzker Pic American musician, lawyer, son of Jay
Donald Pritzker Pic American entrepreneur, businessman, president of Hyatt Corporation, son of Abram Hyatt hotels
Harry Nicholas Pritzker American businessman,
Jack Nicholas Pritzker American businessman, brother od Abram/Harry
John Pritzker Pic American member of Pritzker Group, son of Jay
Jay Robert Pritzker Pic American venture capitalist, entrepreneur,  Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Jay Pritzker Pic American co-founder 1957 of Hyatt Corporation, son of Abram Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Jean Pritzker Pic American billionaire, filmmaker, philanthropist, daughter of Jay Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Jennifer Pritzker Pic American billionaire, filmmaker, philanthropist, daughter of Robert
Karen Pritzker Pic American billionaire, investor, philanthropist, Pritzker Family, daughter of Robert
Liesel Pritzker Pic American child actress, Pritzker Family,
Linda Pritzker Pic American billionaire, daughter of Robert Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Matthew Pritzker Pic American real estate entrepreneur, son of Robert
Nicholas Pritzker Pic American chairman/CEO of Pritzker Development Corporation nephew of Abram
Penny Pritzker RWF Pic American business executive, Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Rhoda Pritzker British-born American philanthropist, wife of Jack
Robert Pritzker RWF Pic American engineer, businessman,  son of Abram Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Thomas Pritzker Pic Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group, Global Hyatt Corporation, Hyatt hotels, Marmon Group
Harry Scott Probasco American founder of American National Bank, (spanish Jewish descent) grandfather
Scott Probasco, Jr Pic American businessman, philanthropist, heir, (spanish Jewish descent) grandson
Scott Probasco, Sr American founder of SunTrust Banks, (spanish Jewish descent) father
Baroness Schey von Koromla Austrian aristocrat, mother
Gustav Przibram Czech politician, MP father 1844-1904
Hans Leo Przibram Pic Austrian zoologist, son
Karl Przibram Austrian physicist, son 1878-1973
Julia Pugliese Pic American fencer, fencing coach, mother
Patri Pugliese Pic American historian of sciene, dance, fencing, son
Albert Pulitzer Pic Hungarian-born American newspapers publisher, brother of Joseph
Joseph Pulitzer RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American journalist, founder of Pulitzer Publishing,    grandfather Jinfo
Ralph Pulitzer Pic American pulisher, sociality, (Jewish father) son of Joseph
Joseph Pulitzer, Jr Pic Amertican newspaper publisher, grandson Jinfo
Emily Pulitzer Pic American curator, collector, arts patron, wife of Joseph, Jr ExLink
Jack Pulman British screenwriter, playwright, father
Liza Pulman Pic British actress, cabaret singer, (Jewish father) daughter
Ron Pundak RWF Pic Israeli historian, journalist, son
Herbert Pundik Pic Danish journalist, author, editor, father
Zarko Punovski Pic Croatian scholar, political analyst, philosopher, intelectual, (Jewish mother) brother
Nenad Punovski Pic Croatian film director/producer, (Jewish mother) brother
Alec Puro Pic American drummer,    husband
Marla Sokoloff HW Pic American film/television actress, singer, wife
Hilary Putnam RWF HW Pic American mathematician, philosopher, son
Samuel Putnam American translator, father
Geoffrey Pyke Pic British journalist, inventor, son
Lionel Edward Pyke Pic British barrister, father
First Letter ==> O
Cornelia Oberlander Pic German-born Canadian landscape architect, wife
Peter Oberlander Pic Austrian-born Canadian architect, husband
Eli Oberstein Pic American record producer, music executive, father
Maurice Oberstein Pic American-born British  music busness executive, son
Raymond Ochoa Pic American actor, (Jewish descent, 1/8) brother
Ryan Ochoa Pic American actor, musician, (Jewish descent, 1/8) brother
Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin RWC Pic Israeli-born German MP 1987-90 Green Party sister
Tom Segev RWF Pic Israeli journalist, historian, brother
Abi Ofarim RWF Pic Israeli singer, dancer, husband
Esther Ofarim RWF Pic Israeli singer, actress, "ESC" second place 1963, wife
Gil Ofarim HW Pic German actor, singer/songwriter,   son of Abi
Ofer Ofer Family
Eyal Ofer RWC Pic Israeli busnessman,The Israel Corporation, Israel Chemical Corp., Haifa Oil Refinery, son of Sammy
Idan Ofer RWC Pic Israeli busnessman,The Israel Corporation, Israel Chemical Corp., Haifa Oil Refinery, son of Yuli
Liora Ofer RWC Pic Israeli businesswoman, daughter of Yuli
Sammy Ofer RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli owner of Ofer Brothers Group, Royal Caribean Cruises, brother
Yuli Ofer RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli owner of Ofer Brothers Group, Royal Caribean Cruises, brother
Dandara Guerra Pic Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Claudia Ohana Pic Brazilian stage/film/television actress, mother
Ilya Kasavin RWF Russian philosopher, (Jewish father)  son
Teodor Oizerman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian philosopher,   father
Helena Sokolova Russian psychologist, (Jewish father) daughter
Andrei Oisteanu HW Pic Romanian historian, ethnologist, cultural anthropologist, literary critic, brother
Valery Oisteanu Pic Kazakhstan-born Romanian American poet, art critic, essayist, photographer, brother
David Oistrakh RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist, conductor, father
Igor Oistrakh RWF HW Pic Russian violinist, conductor, (Jewish father) son
Ken Olin Pic American actor, director, producer, father
Roxy Olin Pic American actress, socialite, (Jewish father) daughter
Giuseppe Levi RWF Pic Italian-born American histologist, anotomist, father-in-law of Adriano
Adriano Olivetti Pic Italian engineer, politician, industrialist, son
Camillo Olivetti RWC Pic Italian founder 1908 of Olivetti & Co. father Olivetti & Co.
Aliza Olmert Pic German-born Israeli artist, photographer, author, social worker, wife of Ehud
Dana Olmert RWC Pic Israeli left-wing activist, literary theorist, editor, daughter of Ehud
Ehud Olmert RWF HW Pic Israeli prime minister of Israel 2005-08 son
Mordechai Olmert HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,   father
Yigal Mossinson Pic Israeli writer, playwright, inventor, uncle
Dvora Omer RWA HW Pic Israeli writer, niece
Danny Opatoshu Pic American screenwriter, grandson
David Opatoshu Pic American stage/film/television actor,     son
Joseph Opatoshu RWF HW Pic Polish-born American Yiddish novelist, journalist, grandfather
Anne Spielberg RWF Pic American producer, screenwriter, wife of Danny
Jean-Pierre Noher Pic French stage/film/television actor, great nephew of Max
Marcel Ophuls HW Pic German-born French documentary filmmaker, son
Max Ophuls RWF HW Pic German-born American French director, screenwriter, father
Baroness Sally Oppenheim-Barnes Pic Minister of State for Consumer Affairs 1979-82 mother
Phillip Oppenheim Pic British Exchequer Secretary of Treasury 1995-97, MP 1983-97, son
Oppenheim/Hertz Oppenheim Family Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie     //openheim
Heinrich Hertz RWF HW Pic German physicist, electro magnetic waves, (Jewish father) great great grandson of Salomon, Jr
Gustav Hertz RWF HW Pic German physicist, Nobel Prize (1925), (Jewish paternal grandfather) nephew of Heinrich
Carl Hellmuth Hertz RWF Pic Swedish physician, engineering scholar, (Jewish great paternal grandfather) son of Gustav 1920-90
Jill St. John RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, model, 1940-
Baron Abraham Oppenheim Pic partner 1821-78 son of Salomon 1804-1878
Sir Alexander Oppenheim British mathematician,
Baron Alfred von Oppenheim Pic German partner 1964-93 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie, son of Friedrich Carl 1934-2005
Albert Oppenheim German banker, son of Salomon
Baron Albert Oppenheim son of Simon 1834-1912
Sir Alex Oppenheim British-born mathematician,  
Betty Oppenheim daughter of Salomon
Baron Christopher von Oppenheim son of Alfred 1965-
Eduard Oppenheim German banker, son of Simon 1831-1909
Emil Oppenheim son of Albert 1862-1954
Baron Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim son of Simon Alfred 1900-78
Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim son of Friedrich 1937-
Baron Max von Oppenheim Pic German ancient historian, archaeologist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Albert 1860-1946
Phillips Oppenheim British novelist,  
Salomon Oppenheim, Jr Pic German founder 1789 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie, father 1772-1828
Simon Oppenheim German banker, son of Salomon 1803-80
Baron Simon Alfred von Oppenheim son of Eduard 1864-1932
Baron Waldemar von Oppenheim son of Simon Alfred 1894-1952
Baron Georg von Ullmann Pic German partner of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie
Joseph Oppenheimer Pic financied war for the Hupsburg Empire against Louis 14 1688 executed nephew 1698-1738
Samuel Oppenheimer Pic German banker, imperial court factor, military supplier, uncle 1635-1703
Alan Oppenheimer Pic American film/television actor,     third cousin
Frank Oppenheimer RWF Pic American physicist, brother
Robert Oppenheimer RWF HW Pic American physicist, administrator, atomic bomb, brother
Oppenheimer Oppenheimer Family
Sir Bernard Oppenheimer Pic South-African British diamond merchant,   brother of Ernest
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer South African Anglo-American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mine grandfather Anglo-American Corporation
Jonathan Oppenheimer Pic South African businessman, son of Nicky
Harry Oppenheimer Pic South African-born Anglo-American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mine, MP 1948-57, father Anglo-American Corporation
Nicky Oppenheimer RWC Pic South African-born Anglo-American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mine (Jewish father) son of Harry De Beers Anglo American plc
Paula Dehmael sister
Carl Oppenheimer German biochemist, brother
Hillel Oppenheimer RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli botanist, son of Franz
Franz Oppenheimer RWF HW Pic German-born American physician, political economist, sociologist, brother
Georg Steindorff Pic German egyptologist, brother-in-law of Franz
Ernst Oppert RWF Pic German traveler, brother
Gustav Solomon Oppert Pic German indologist, brother
Julius Oppert RWF HW Pic German-born French orientalist, assyriologist brother
Marvin Opler Pic American anthropologist, social psychiatrist, brother
Morris Opler American anthropologist, brother
Shimrit Or HW Pic Israeli songwriter:lyricist, daughter
ldal RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, songwriter:lyricist, translator, father
Chris Orbach Pic American actor, singer/songwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) father
Jerry Orbach RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) son
Maurice Orbach Pic British politician, Labour MP 1945-59 1964-79, father
Susie Orbach HW Pic British psychoanalyst, social critic, daughter
Colette Rossant Pic French-born American cookbook author, journalist, translator, restaurateur, wife of James
James Rossant Pic American architect, artist, cousin of Susie
John Rossant Pic American French VP of communications and public matters for Publicis,
Juliette Rossant Pic American author, journalist, poet, daughter of James/Colette
Michael Oren RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli historian, author, diplomat, politician, uncle
Jon Rudnitsky Pic American actor, comedian, nephew
Efim Orlovich Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer,   brother
Theodor Orlovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, executive, brother
Leo Ornstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American composer, pianist, father
Severo Ornstein RWF Pic American computer scientist, son
Bianna Golodryga Pic Moldovan-born American reporter (ABC News) wife of Peter
Jonathan Orszag Pic American economist,   son
Peter Orszag HW Pic American economist, Director of Management and Budget Office 2009- Obama son
Steven Orszag Pic American mathematician, father
Don Arden Pic British music manager of  Black Shabbath, father of Sharon
Aimee Osbourne Pic British singer, actress, columnist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Jack Osbourne RWF Pic British-born television personality, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Kelly Osbourne RWF HW Pic British singer, actress, fashion designer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Sharon Osbourne RWF Pic British talk show host, (Jewish father) mother
Ellen Osiier RWC HW Pic Danish foil fencer, wife
Ivan Osiier HW Pic Danish fencer, husband
Alicia Ostriker Pic American poet, wife
Jeremiah Ostriker RWF Pic American astrophysicist, husband
Arkady Ostrovsky RWF Pic Russian songwriter:composer, father
Mikhail Ostrovsky RWF Pic Russian physiologist, son
Gerd Oswald Pic German-born American film/television director, son
Richard Oswald Pic Austrian film director, producer, screenwriter, father
Albert Ottinger New York Attorney General 1925-28 uncle
Richard Ottinger Pic American politician, representative, legal scholar, nephew
Carla Ottolenghi Pic Italian film/stage/television actress, sister
Vittoria Ottolenghi Pic Italian writer, journalist, sister
Gerard Oury RWC HW Pic French actor, screenwriter, producer, director, father
Daniele Thompson HW Pic Monaco-born French film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) daughter
Caroline Thompson French actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) granddaughter of Gerard
Christopher Thompson Pic French actor, screenwriter, director, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson of Gerard
Harvey Ovshinsky Pic American documentary filmmaker, journalist, son
Stanford Ovshinsky RWC Pic American inventor, amorphus solar cells, father
Marilyn Michaels Pic American stage actress, singer, television personality, niece
Moishe Oysher RWF HW Pic Romanian-born American actor, cantor, uncle
Joseph Klausner RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli literature scholar, linguist, historian, great grandfather
Amos Oz RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, intellectual, great nephew
Fania Oz-Salzberger Pic Israeli historian, writer, daughter of Amos
Eli Salzberger Pic Israeli legal scholar, husband of Fania
Cynthia Ozick RWF Pic American writer, niece
Abraham Regelson HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli author, poet, translator, editor, uncle
Robert Evans RWF Pic American stage actor, film producer, executive, husband of Catherine
Catherine Oxenberg RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Howard Oxenberg American dress manufacturer, father
Frederic Ozanam Pic Italian-born French literary critic, historian, great grand nephew 1813-53
Jacques Ozanam French mathematician,  great grand uncle 1640-1717
First Letter ==> Q
Bracha Qafih RWA HW Pic Yemenite-born wife of Yoseph Kapah, wife
Yosef Qafih HW Pic Yemenite-born Israeli rabbi, community leader,    husband
Philippe Quint RWF Pic Russian-born American violinist, (Jewish father) son
Alexander Zhurbin RWF Pic Uzbek-born Russian American composer, songwriter, father
Jeff  Preiss American filmmaker, cinematographer, director, producer, ??? husband of Rebecca
Harvey Quaytman Pic American painter, father
Rebecca Quaytman Pic American artist, (Jewish father) daughter