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 Building contractors
Albert Abramson owner Tower Construction Companies Washington ExLink
Richard Adler CEO, president Manekin Corp Baltimore
William Adler chicago
Gary Barnett HW Pic president Extell Development New York
Shaul Baruch managing partner, founder 1980 Baruch Properties Denver
Abraham Beal founder 1888 Beal Companies Boston ExLink
Bruce Beal chairman Beal Companies Boston ExLink
Jack Benaroya Pic founder Benaroya Company Seattle
Carl Berg Pic owner Mission West Properties REIT Silicon Valley
Melvin Berman Pic land developer Maryland
Alexander & Leo Bing Bing & Bing Seattle
Stephen Bing Pic Bing & Bing Seattle
Frank Binswanger Pic founder 1931 Binswanger International
David Bistricer Pic founder/principal Clipper Equity New York
Neil Bluhm Pic president, co-founder JMG Realty Los Angeles
Alfred Blumenthal Pic
Donald  Bren Irvine Company California
Eli Broad HW Pic co-founder Kaufman & Broad Home Corporation Los Angeles KB Home
Matthew/Martin Bucksbaum founders 1954, chairman General Growth Properties Chicago shopping centers
Morris Cafritz Investment Group Washington Gwendolyn
Alan Casden Pic Casden Properties
Joseph Cayre Pic American businessman. Real estate developer, Midtown Equities,
Leon Charney Pic real estate owner L.H. Charney Associates New York
Stanley Chera Pic founder Crown Acquisitions New York
Joseph Chetrit Pic Moroccan-born American real estate investor,
Arthur Cohen chairman Arlen Realty and Development
Barry Cohen partner CWB Boylston Washington
Charles Cohen Pic president, CEO Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation New York
Julian Cohen American real estate developer, Boston ExLink
Kaspare Cohn Los Angeles
Seymour Cohn chairman Sylvan Lawrence  Company, Inc New York ExLink
David Cordish Pic Cordish Company Baltimore
Marvin Davis Pic real estate oil bought sold Tw.Cent Fox Beverly H. Hotell
Charles Dayan Pic Palestinian-born American real estate developer, co-founder of Bonjour Jeans,
Gil Dezer Pic president Trump Dezer Development
Michael Dezer Pic Dezer Properties Company
Sanford Diller Pic founder Prometheus Real Estate Group
Kalmon Dolgin Pic real estate investor/developer Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates New York
Sherman Dreiseszun Pic shopping malls Kansas City
John Druker founder Druker Company Boston
Ronald Druker Pic president Druker Company Boston ExLink1 ExLink2
Seymour Durst Durst Organization New York ExLink
Douglas Durst Pic co-presidents Durst Organization New York ExLink
Joseph Durst Pic founder 1915 Durst Organization New York
Joseph Eichler Pic Eichler Homes California ExLink
Marc Eidlitz Pic New York
Sam Eig Pic Belarusian-born American real estate developer, Washington
Stephanie Eisenberg real estate developer, New York
Frederick Elghanayan TF Cornerstone New York
Henry Elghanayan Rockrose Development New York
Thomas Elghanayan chairman TF Cornerstone New York
Robert/David Epstein CEO Abbey Group Boston
Itchko Ezratti owner, president Gl Homes Miami
Katherine Farley ??? Pic Tishman Speyer Properties New York
Jeffrey Feil Pic American real estate developer, Feil Organisation, The Feil Organisation New York
Lawrence/Eris Field founder, principal NSB Associates California
Harry Fischel Pic American businessman, philanthropist, New York
Zachary Fisher Pic Fisher Brothers New York ExLink
Steve Fishman Boston
Sam Franiel real estate  Detroit
Evan Frankel real estate East Hampton
Samuel Frankel American real estate developer, Michigan ExLink
Stuart Frankel American real estate developer, Stuart Frankel Development Company Michigan ExLink
Dick Friedman owner Charles Hotel Boston
Mortimer Friedman Sacramento $100mil
Michael Fuchs Pic co-founder RFR Holding New York
Estelle Gelman Gelman Companies Washington
Bernard/Carol Gewirz Washington
Arthur Gilbert British-born American real estate developer, art collector, philanthropist
Issamar Ginzberg Magnate Equities New Jersey
Guilford Glazer Pic Guilford Glazer Associates Los Angeles
Bernard Glieberman Pic president Crosswings Communities Detroit
Craig Goldman Pic
Lloyd Goldman Pic founder  BLDG Management New York
Monte/Alfe Goldman Oklahoma
Tony Goldman Miami New York
Sol Goldman Pic Salil Management New York ExLink
Jona Goldrich Pic Ukrainian-born American eal estate developer, Marina Del Rey beach Los Angeles Marina Del Rey beach Los Angeles Los Angeles
Arnold Goldstein founder, chairman Samson Management LLC &Arlene
Steven Good CEO, chairman Sheldon Good & Company
Maurice Gordon Boston
Sanford Gottesman president The Gottesman Company Austin, Texas
George Gradow Pic Los Angeles
Stephen Grand president Grand-Sakwa Properties
Stephen Green Pic founder 1980 S.L. Green Realty New York
Steven Green CEO, chairman Astrum International Corporation Miami ExLink
David Greenbaum Vornado Realty Group New York
Hermen Greenberg Washington
Joseph Greenberg chairman Joseph J. and Reynolds H. Greenberg  Philadelphia
Jerome Greene American lawyer, real estate investor,
Albert Greenfield Pic Albert M. Greenfield & Co. Philadelphia
Leonard Grunstein Pic New York
Nathan Gumenick Miami
George Gund, Jr Cleveland
Aaron Gural Pic chairman Newark & Company Real Estate New York
Jeffrey Gural Pic Newark & Company Real Estate New York
Gerald Guterman Pic founder Patriot American Investors New York ExLink
Craig Hatkoff Pic American real estate investor, philanthropist, New York
 Hellman family real estate California
Harry Helmsley Pic Helmsley-Spear New York
Laurence Hircsh CEO, chairman Centex Dallas
Abraham Hirschfeld Pic Polish-born American real estate developer, New York
Elie Hirschfeld Pic American real estate developer, theatrical producer, philanthropist, art collector, New York
Adam Hochfelder Pic co-founder Max Capital
Al Hoffman CEO, founder WCI Communities , Inc Florida
Ken Hoffman The Hoffman Company Concord, California
Sam Israel Samis Land Company Seattle
Susan/Lawrence Kadish New York, Florida
Richard Jacobs Pic The Jacobs Group
Irvin Kahn American attorney, real estate developer, San Diego, San Diego  
Burton Kanter partrner of Zell
Bruce Karatz Pic chairman CEO Kaufman & Broad Home Corporation
Steven Karp Pic chairman CEO New England Development Boston ExLink
Raanan Katz Pic principal owner/founder RK Associates Miami ExLink
Donald Kaufman co-founder Kaufman & Broad home Corporation Los Angeles
Abraham Kay founder, owner Kay Construction Company Washington ExLink
Martin Kimmel Pic co-founder Kimco Realty Corporation New York
Phil Klein Klein Enterprises Baltimore
Philip Klutznick RWF Pic Urban Investment and Development Co. Chicago Chicago
Alfred Koeppel Koeppel Companies LLC New York ExLink
Robert Kogod Pic American business executive Charles E Smith
George Konheim Pic
Simon Konover chairman, founder 1959 Konover Property Trust New England ExLink
Phillip/William Krupp Boston
Charles Kushner Pic Kushner Properties New Jersey
Jared Kushner RWF Pic Kushner Properties
Robb LaKritz Pic co-founder Lakritz Adler Development Washington
Leo Liebowitz CEO, chairman Getty Realty Corporation ExLink
Michael Lebovitz senior VP CBL & Associates Properties, Inc ExLink
Abraham Lefcourt Pic real estate New York ExLink
Maurice LeFrak founder 1883 The Lefrak Organization
Richard LeFrak Pic president The Lefrak Organization New York
Samuel LeFrak chairman The Lefrak Organization New York
Theodore Lerner Pic principal Lerner Enterprises Washington ExLink
Louis Lesser Pic chairman Louis Lesser Entreprises
Alan Leventhal Pic chairman, CEO, co-founder Beacon Capital Partners Boston ExLink
Norman Leventhal co-founder Beacon Capital Partners Boston
Abraham Levitt founder Levitt & Sons
William Levitt Pic president Levitt & Sons Levittown
Edward Lewis founder Oxford Development Company
David Lichtenstein Pic American real estate developer, The Lightstone Group, The Lightstone Group
Edward Linde founder, Ceo, president Boston Properties ExLink
Leonard Litwin Pic CEO Glenwood Management Co New York
William Lowenberg Lowenberg Corporation San Francisco
Avraham Lurie Marina Del Rey beach Los Angeles Los Angeles
Bob Lurie Pic San Francisco
Bart Lytton American financier, real estate businessman, philanthropist, New York
Bert Mack founder The Mack Company New York
David Mack Pic The Mack Company New York
Earle Mack Pic American businessman, diplomat,  Mack-Cali Realty Corporation New York
Harry Macklowe Pic real instate developer, investor, Macklowe Properties New York
William Macklowe Pic real instate developer, investor, Macklowe Properties New York
Herman Maisel Pic Ameircan real estate developer, Maisel, Alabama
Judd Malkin founder 1969, chairman JMB Realty real estate Los Angeles
Peter Malkin Pic W & M Properties New York
Bernard Manekin Manekin Corporation Baltimore
Joel Meisel Washington
Bernard Mendik Pic real instate developer, investor, Mendik Company New York
Joseph Meyerhoff Pic founder Magna Holdings Inc Baltimore ExLink
Harvey Meyerhoff Magna Holdings Inc Baltimore ExLink
Leonard Miller founder, chairman Lennard Corporation Miami ExLink &Susan
Constance Milstein partner Milstein Properties New York ExLink1 ExLink2
Howard Milstein Pic managing partner Milstein Properties New York
Paul Milstein Pic partner, founder Milstein Properties New York
Seymour Milstein Pic partner, founder Milstein Properties New York
David Mincberg president, CEO Flagship Properties Houston ExLink
Edward Minskoff Edward Minskoff Equities, Inc  New York
Larry Mizel chairman, CEO M.D.C. Holdincs. Inc Denver
Joseph Moinian Pic Iranian-born American real estate developer, Moinian Group New York
Irwin Molasky Las Vegas
Jerry Moore Jerry J Moore Investments Houston shoppind center
Henry Morgenthau, Sr RWE HW Pic
Henry Moskowitz American real estate investor,
Joshua Muss president Muss Development Company Brighton Beach ExLink
Stephen Muss Pic president Alexander Muss & Sons Miami ExLink
Jack Nagel president Nagel Construction Company Los Angeles ExLink
Raymond Nasher Pic Dallas ExLink
Jack Parker Jack Parker Corporation
Fred Ohebshalom Pic founder Empire Management
Robert Olnick Olnick Organization, Inc New York
Herman Ostrow Ostrow Property Management Los Angeles
Richard Penzer Penngim Corp Pittsburgh, Chicago
Abe Pollin Pic Pollin Properties Washington
John Price CEO of JP Realty Utah Utah
Michael Price Pic MFP Investors (one Jewish parent)
Rodney Propp Pic real estate developer, Tahl-Propp Equities New York
Jerome Rappaport New Boston Fund, Inc Boston ExLink1 ExLink2
Kurt Rappaport Pic CEO Westside Estate Agency Beverly Hills
Bruce Ratner Pic president, CEO Forest City Enterprises New York
Richard Ravitch Pic Ravitch, Rice & Co New York
Burton Resnick Pic chairman, CEO Jack Resnick & Sons Inc New York
Craig Robins Pic founder 1987, CEO Dacra Development Miami ExLink
David Rose co-founder 1927, chairman Rose Associates New York ExLink  & Samuel
Frederick Rose chairman Rose Associates New York ExLink
Louis Rose Pic German-born American real estate developer,   San Diego, California
Aby Rosen Pic German-born RFR Holding New York
Lee Rosenberg founder 1968, president  Howard Houses Columbia Maryland
Robert Rosenthal Washington
Stephen Ross Pic CEO, chairman Related Companies New York ExLink
Steven Roth Pic founder/chairman Vornado Realty Trust New York
Arthur Rubloff Carl Sandburg village Evergreen Park Shopping Plaza Chicago
Jack Rudin Pic chairman Rudin Management Company New York ExLink
Samuel Rudin Pic founder Rudin Management Company New York
William Rudin president Rudin Management Company New York ExLink
Alan Sagner Sagner Companies New Jersey
Walter Salmon, Sr American real estate developer, race horse owner/breeder, New York
Tamir Sapir RWC HW Pic Sapir Organisation New York
Allan Schneider founder 1974 Allan M.Schneider & Associates Hompton 
Mitchell Schneider founder 1989, president First Interstate Properties Clevland, Ohio ExLink
Harold Schnitzer Pic American businessman, civic leader, philanthropist, Harsch Investment Properties Portland, Oregon
Phillip Schrager founder 1962, CEO Pacesetter Corporation Nerbraska Omaha
Rubin Schron Pic founder Cammeby's International Group New York
Leonard Scottenstein Schottenstein Management Company Columbus, Ohio Elen
Izak Senbahar Pic hotelier, real estate developer Alexico Group LLC, New York
Martin Selig Pic Martin Selig Real Estate Seattle ExLink
Steve Selig Selig Enterprises Atlanta ExLink
Scott Seligman founded 1954, CEO Seligman & Associates Michigan ExLink
Ben Shaoul Pic president Magnum Real Estate Group, New York
Nathan Shapell Pic co-founder Shapell Industries   Los Angeles
Douglas Shorenstein Pic CEO, chairman Shorenstein Company San Francisco
Walter Shorenstein RWF Pic founder Shorenstein Company San Francisco
Michael Shvo Pic Israeli-born American real estate developer, New York
Edwin Sidman chairman, CEO Beacon Properties Boston
Stephen Siegel Pic chairman CB Richard Ellis
Robert Sillerman Circle Entertainment New York
Gilbert Silverman chairman, CEO Silverman Companies Michigan ExLink
chairman, CEO Amurcon Michigan
Larry Silverstein RWF HW Pic head Silverstein Properties New York
David Simon Pic CEO Simon Property Group Indiapolis shopping malls
Herbert Simon Pic CEO Simon Property Group Indiapolis shopping malls
Melvin Simon Pic founder Simon Property Group Indiapolis shopping malls
Joseph Sitt Pic founder Thor Equities New York
Charles Smith Sharles E. Smith Co.
Robert Smith Pic chairman Sharles E. Smith Co. Washington
Steve Soboroff Pic president Playa Vista
Sheldon Solow Pic president, owner Solow Management Corporation New York
Viola/Sigmund Sommer Pic Sigmund Sommer Trust New York ExLink
Jerry Speyer Pic CEO, president Tishman Speyer Properties New York Jewish father
Bernard Spitzer Pic New York
David Steiner Steiner Equities Group, LLC New Jersey Sylvia
Mitchell Steir Pic chairman/CEO Savills Stadley
Leonard Stern Pic Hartz Mountain(pet supplies); real estate
Louis Stollman founder 1924 Biltmore Properties Corp Detroit Michigan ExLink Philip&Max
Michael Striar American entrepreneur, entertainmenr producer, real estate investor, Newton Massachusetts
Norman Sturner Pic co-founder/CEO Murray Hill Properties New Jersey
Benjamin Swig Pic Fairmount hotel chain
Kent Swig chairman Swig Investment Company
Kent Swig co-chairman Terra Holdings New York ExLink1 ExLink2
Melvin Swig Pic chairman Swig, Weiler & Dinner Development Company Washington
Adolph Sutro Pic real estate 1880 Mayor of  San Fransico
Jeff Sutton RWC Pic Wharton Properties New York
Mark Taper Pic First Charter Financial Corpration Los Angeles
Laszlo Tauber real estate Washington ExLink
Alfred Taubman Pic founder Taubman Corporation Detroit
Edward Tepper Pic Tepper Properties Pennsylvania
Alan Tishman Pic head Tishman Management and Leasing Corporation
Julius Tishman founder 1898 Tishman Realty & Construction Estate Services New York ExLink
John/Daniel Tishman co-chairman, co-CEO Tishman Realty & Construction Estate Services New York
Paul Tishman Pic Tishman Realty & Construction Estate Services
Robert Tishman Pic chairman Tishman Speyer Properties New York
Ben Tobin Ben Tobin Companies New York
Bruce Toll Pic co-founder Toll Brothers Horstam, Pensylvania
Robert Toll Pic co-founder Toll Brothers
Uris Sarezky Monroe Construction Co New York
Albert Small Pic Virginia
Harold/Percy Uris Pic Uris Buildings Corporation New York ExLink
David Walentas Pic Two Trees Management New York
Max Webb Pico Holdings Los Angeles Anna Hitter
Harry Weinberg Hawaii
Jack Weiler real estate New York ExLink
Jerry Weinberger co-founder, chairman JND Properties Cleveland
Stephen Weiner founder S.R. Weiner & Associates Boston ExLink ???
Jerrold Wexler
Richard Wexler senior partner Lord, Bissel & Brook Chicago
Lawrence Wien Pic founder W & M Properties New York
Zygi Wilf Pic principal Garden Homes Development
Benjamin Winter Pic Polish-born American real estate developer, New York
Steve Witkoff Pic founder Witkoff Group New York
Lewis Wolff Pic founder Maritz, Wolff & Co.
Milton Wolf Pic president Zehnan-Wolf Construction Company Clevland,Ohio ExLink
Zev Wolfson Pic American real estate businessman, philanthropist,
Scott Wolstein chairman Developers Diversified Realty orporation Clevland ExLink
Arthur Zeckendorf Zeckendorf Development LLC New York
William Zeckendorf Pic owner Webb and Knapp New York
William Zeckendorf, Jr Pic owner Webb and Knapp New York
Samuel Zell chairman Equity Residential Properties Trust Chicago Capital Trust, inc
Aaron Ziegelman Building Constructor New York
Richard Ziman chairman, CEO Arden Realty Los Angeles
Mortimer Zuckerman Pic real estate, media Washington
RealEstate Jewish Insider
Sighismund Berger
Elliott Bernerd Pic founder 1986, chairman Chelsfield
Godfrey Bradman Pic founder,
Jack Cotton Pic City Centre Properties Ltd. ExLink
Michael/Peter Freeman property owners
Sir David Garrard chairman  -2005 Minerva plc ExLink
Lewis Hammerson Pic founder Hammerson Property Group
Paul Kemsley Pic
Joseph Littman JVL
Jonathon Lyons chairman, owner JE London Properties
Sir Eric Miller chairman Peachey Property Corporation
Mark Pears Pic CEO William Pears Group
Trevor Pears Pic director William Pears Group
Peter Rachman Pic landlord
Sir John Ritblat Pic chairman British Land plc
Gerald Ronson Pic Heron
Andrew Rosenfeld Pic chairman, co-owner Minerva plc
Baron Harold Samuel British founder of Land Securities,
Irving Scholar British property tycoon,
Robert Tchenguiz Pic co-founder 1982 co-chairman Rotch Property Group Vincent
Sir Isaac Wolfson RWE HW Pic Wolfson Enterprises
Eddie&Sol Zakay
Gil Blutrich founder, president Skyline International Development Group ExLink
Maxwell Cummings Pic real estate builder
Jack Cummings
Jacob Ghermezian RWC founder 1965 Triple Five Group ExLink
Stephen Mernick
Jack Rabinovitch Trizec Corporation
Paul Reichmann HW Pic Olympia & York
Jack Singer Canadian real estate developer,
Howard Sokolowski Pic CEO Tribute Communities
Other Countries
Ignatz Bubis HW Pic 1999 ger
Salomon Cohen Levy Pic building contructor, venezuela
F. Fiszman German real estate developer, ger
Moritz Gertler property owner  ger
Leon Fink aus
Elie Horn Pic owner, founder Cyrela Brazil Realty SA   bra ExLink
Eddie Kornhaiser property developer HSP Property Group aus
Frank Lowy Pic founder owner The Westfield Group shopping malls aus
Moshe Mayer Pic Romanian-born Israeli architect, real estate developer, businessman, isr
Beny Steinmetz RWC HW Pic Five Mounts Properties isr
Allan Zeman Pic chairman Lai Kwai Fong Hong Kong
Building contractors
David Azrieli RWF HW Pic Polish-born Canadian businessman, Canpro Investments, Sonol Israel Ltd, Granite Hacarmel, Canada/Israel
Victor Gruen Pic shopping centers pioneering
Sir Samuel Joseph owner Bovis construction company
Samuel LeFrak chairman Lefrak Organization New York
William Levitt Pic Levitt and Sons New York Levittown
Robert Moses HW Pic Building Constructor
Brad Perkins founder, senior partner Perkins Eastman ExLink ExLink2 architectural desigh firm 
Albert Reichmann Pic chairman Olympia & York Canary Wharf
Edward Reichmann
Paul Reichmann HW Pic owner, developer Olympia & York Canary Wharf
Irving Schottenstein co-founder 1976 M/I Homes
David Shapell co-founder 1955 Shapell Industries   Los Angeles
Nathan Shapell Pic co-founder 1955 Shapell Industries   Los Angeles
Max Webb co-founder 1955 Shapell Industries   Los Angeles
William Zeckendorf Pic Webb and Knapf New York