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Roman Abramovich RWF HW Pic Sibneft
Guma Aguiar Pic founder 2003, CEO Leor Energy Jewish mother
Sir George Albu Pic mining magnate South Africa 1857-1935
Abraham Asscher Pic Royal Asscher Diamond Company Netherlands
David Azrieli RWF HW Pic Sonol Israel Ltd, Granite Hacarmel, Israel
Sir Abraham Bailey Pic South African diamond tycoon, politician, financier, cricketer,
Barney Barnato RWF Pic founder Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation 1852-97
Herbert Baum chairman, CEO Quaker State ExLink
Alfred Beit RWF Pic German-born South African diamond magnate,
Sir Otto Beit Pic German-born South African diamond magnate,
Arthur Belfer founder 1953 Belco Petroleum Corporation ExLink
Peter Bentley Pic chairman Canfor Corporation canada  forest products
Zadik Bino RWC HW Pic Paz Oil Company Ltd israel
Zadik Bino RWC HW Pic Ashdod Oil Refinery israel
Gustav Binswanger Pic co-founder, chairman General Electric Co. UK ExLink
Jacob Blaustein Amoco
Louis Blaustein HW Pic founder Amoco
Sir Leonard Blavatnik RWF HW Pic TNK-BP
Tony Bloom co-founder, chairman Premier Group South Africa
Charles Bluhdorn Pic founder 1958 chairman Golf + Western oil and gas
Mikhail Brudno HW Yukos
Bernard Bulkin Pic chief scientist British Petroleum ExLink
Richard Darman Pic chairman AES Corporation
Mick Davis Pic chairman, CEO Xstrata UK
Marvin Davis RWF Pic Davis Petroleum
Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe Pic owned  petroleum companies, JVL
Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Company oklahoma
Vladimir Dubov RWE Pic Yukos
German Efromovich Pic owner Maritima Petroleum Group Brazil
Charles Engelhard, Jr Pic owner Engelhard Corporation
David Federman co-owner Israel Petrochemical Enterprises Ltd
Aaron Feuerstein CEO Malden Mills
Irwin Field CEO, chairman 2001- Liberty Vegetable Oil Company ExLink
Max Fisher HW Pic Marathon oil
Danny Fiszman Pic Star Diamonds Group UK
Adolph Frank RWF Pic SKW Trotsberg AG Germany potash
Mikhail Fridman RWF HW Pic founder ALFA Group
Robert Friedland RWF Pic Ivanhoe Mines mining
Fritz Friedlander-Fuld Germany
Dan Gertler RWF HW Pic founder, president, DGI Group
Avram Glazer Pic CEO, chairman Zapata Corporation
Joseph Gruss Pic founder Gruss & Company oil/gas exploration
Jack Grynberg Pic oil, gas developer Oceanic Exploration Co.
Meyer Guggenheim RWF HW Pic founder 1900 American Smelting and Refining Factory silver & lead mining
Daniel Guggenheim Pic CEO American Smelting and Refining Compny
Joseph Gutnick HW Pic   Western Mining Corporation nikel & gold mine
Hiram Halle Pic part owner Galf Oil
Armand Hammer RWF Pic founder Occidental Petroleum Company RWN
D Harris RWJ
Philip Heidelbach manufacturer German-born American ExLink
Paul Herz ExLink
John Hess Pic chairman Hess Corporation
Leon Hess Pic Hess Corporation ExLink
Joseph Hirshhorn Pic mining, uranium
Baron Hugo Hirst Pic co-founder, chairman General Electric Co. UK
Moritz Hochschild Pic Hochschild Mining tin
Charles Hurwitz CEO chairman Maxxam Corporation Houston
Godfrey Hyams Pic Anaconda Mining Company
Carl Icahn RWF Pic Texaco
Phillips Petroleum
Gustav Imroth Pic mining
Bradley Jacobs Pic CEO XPO Logistics, Inc
Ludwig Jesselson CEO Phillips Brothers
Solomon Joel Pic Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation
George Kaiser Pic BOK Financional Corporation oil and gas
German Khan RWF Pic TNK-BP
Mikhail  Khodorkovsky Yukos Menatep Bank  (Jewish father)
Leon/Otto/Walter Koerner Czech-born  J. Koerner Forest Industry Ltd. ExLink Czechoslovakia
Alaska Pine and Cellulose Canada
Isaac Lewis businessman South Africa
Lev Leviev RWF HW Pic owner Africa-Israel Investments diamonds, 
Leo Liebowitz CEO Getty Petroleum Corporation ExLink
George Lindemann Pic Southern Union
Sammy Marks Pic businessman ExLink South Africa
Alexander Mashkevich RWF HW Pic co-owner Alferon Management Kazakhstan
Alexei Miller RWF Pic CEO 2001- Gazprom ???
William Merton founder 1881 Mettalgesellchaft
Peter Munk HW Pic founder, chairman Barrick Gold mining company 
Leonid Nevzlin RWF HW Pic Yukos
Leonid Nevzlin RWF HW Pic Israel Petrochemical Enterprises Ltd
Samuel Newhouse Pic Bingham Canyon Mine
Idan Ofer RWC Pic Israel Chemical Corp.
Idan Ofer RWC Pic Haifa Oil Refinery Israel
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer founder 1917 Anglo-American Corporation mining
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer chairman  1925-57 De Beers Consolidated Mines mining
Harry Oppenheimer Pic chairman  Anglo-American Corporation mining
Harry Oppenheimer Pic chairman  1960-83 De Beers Consolidated Mines mining
Nicky Oppenheimer RWC Pic chairman 1998- Anglo-American Corporation mining
Nicky Oppenheimer RWC Pic chairman  De Beers Consolidated Mines mining
Andrew Perlman Pic founder GreatPoint Energy
Sir Lionel Phillips Pic mining magnate
Jules Porges Pic Randlord mining SA ExLink
Mani Raziani founder MR Gems
Philipe Reichstul Petrobus oil  Brazil
Isaac Rice HW Pic founder 1899 Electric Boat Corporation General Dynamics
Alon Rosebud Total Fina
Baron Guy de Rothschild RWF Pic founder, head 1962 Imetal mining ventures
Viscount Marcus Samuel Pic founder 1897 Shell Oil Company
Samuel Samuel chairman Shell Oil Company
Sir  Bernard Schreier founder 1950 chairman  CP Holdings hotlels, mines
Seymour Schulich Pic co-founder Newport Mining Corporation
Charles Schusterman founder
Lynn Schusterman Pic Samson Investment Company oil
Eugene Shvidler RWF Pic Sibneft
Adolf Silberberg coal industry Germany
Paul Silberberg coal industry Germany
Baron David Simon Pic chairman, CEO British Petroleum
Alfred Slifka chairman General Partners LP
Eric Slifka president, CEO General Partners LP
Graham Smorgon Pic chairman Smorgon Steel
David Smorgon Pic Austarlian businessman,
Benyamin Steinbruch CVRD iron ore company
Beny Steinmetz RWC HW Pic chairman The Steinmetz Diamond Group BSG Investments
Maurice Tempelsman Pic chairman Lazar Kaplan International Inc diamonds ExLink
Maurice Tempelsman Pic partner Leon Tempelsman & Son
James Tisch HW Pic CEO Diamond Offshore Drilling
Boardwalk Pipelines
Gulf South Pipeline < Loews Corp
Texas Gas Transmission < Loews Corp
Yitzhak Tshuva RWC HW Pic Delek Group Israel
Dori Vaisman Dor Alon Energy Israel
Victor Vekselberg RWF Pic TNK-BP Jewish father
Dudi Weisman owner Alon oil Company Israel
Caesar Wollheim coal magnate
Selim Zilkha Pic Zilkha Energy Co oil ExLink
Government Electric Company Israel
Industrialists tung
Sir Peter Abeles Pic founder TNT Corp
Alexander Abramov RWF Pic Russian steel producer, EvrazHolding
Philip Altheim CEO, chairman Forest Electric
Edwin Artzt Pic CEO chairman 1990-95 Procter and Gamble
Lipot Aschner Pic general manager Tungsram incundescent lamps
Alain Belda Pic chairman, CEO Alcoa producer of alluminium
Carlo de Benedetti Pic CEO 1978 Olivetti typewriters, computers Jewish father
Joseph Block founder 1893 Inland Steel Company ExLink
Michael Blumenthal RWF Pic head Burlington Industries
Charles Bronfman RWF HW Pic former chairman Koor Industries Israel
Michael Cherney HW Pic founder Trans World Group metals
Henry Crown HW founder 1919 Material Services Corporation General Dynamics
Lester Crown Pic Material Services Corporation General Dynamics
James Crown Pic president Henry Crown and Company General Dynamics
Samuel Crowther co-founder Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Nochi Dankner Pic control Koor Industries Israel
William Davidson RWF Pic chairman Gurdian Industries Corp. glass
Sir Harry Djanogly Pic textile manufacture
Camille Dreyfus Pic co-founder Celanese Corporation
Henry Dreyfus Pic co-founder Celanese Corporation
Jacob Feldman founder Commercial Metals Company
Monty Finniston chairman British Steel
Moric von Fischer RWC Pic co-founder 1839 Herend porcelain
Charles Fleischmann founder, Fleischmann Yeast Company
Sam Fox Pic founder 1976 CEO chairman Harbour Group Industries manufactering and retail
Adolph Frank RWF Pic potash industry
Felix German co-founder 1933 AEG
Wilhelm Gutmann Gerbruder Gutmann Industries
Joseph GuRWFin Pic founder 1959 Kings Point Industries
Milton Harris founder 1954 Harris Steel Group Canada
Benjamin Heineman, Sr chairman CEO American railroad executive,
Harold Hochschild Pic American Metal Company AMAX
Baron Lawrence Kadoorie HW Pic Hong Kong industrialist, hotelier, philanthropist,
Sir Michael Kadoorie HW Pic founded 1890 CLP Holdings
Henry Kaiser RWF Pic Kaiser Industries ??? ExLink
Henry Kaiser RWF Pic founder 1946 Kaser Aliuminium ???
Henry Kaiser RWF Pic Kaiser Motors ???
Henry Kaiser RWF Pic Kaiser Shipyards ???
Sir Emmanuel Kaye Pic founder Kaye Enterprices UK
Joseph Kellman Pic auto glass chain
Ernesto Koplowitz Pic founder Fomento de Construcciones y Contrates
Marcuise Esther Koplowitz Pic main shareholder Fomento de Construcciones y Contrates Jewish father
Lamm founder metallurgical factory RWJ Sweden
Ivan Levinstein Pic dye industry
Herbert Levinstein dye industry  son of Ivan
Ira Lipman owner Guardsmark security firm
Jeffrey Lorberbaum Pic CEO Mohawk Industries flooring
Ludwig Loewe Pic Loewe & Company ammunitions
Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic co-founder 1873 AGFA
Baron Alfred Mond RWC HW Pic Lord Melchett Minister of Health International Nickel Company
Baron Henry Mond Pic
Ludwig Mond Pic founder Mond Nickel Company
Meyer/Louis Meyer founders 1933 Myers Industries, Inc ExLink USA
Adriano Olivetti Pic
Camillo Olivetti RWC Pic founder 1908 Olivetti & Co. typewriters, computers
David Oreck Pic founder CEO Oreck Vacuums vacuum cleaners
Lewis Platt chairman 2003-05 Boeing Company
Anton Philips Pic co-founder 1891, CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish father Philips
Frits Philips Pic chairman Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish paternal grandfather Philips
Gerard Philips Pic co-founder 1891, CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Royal Philips Electronics N. V. Jewish paternal grandfather Philips
Moses Porges von Portheim Pic Czech Austrian
Israel Poznanski Pic Polish industrialist textile
Emil Rathenau RWF Pic co-founder 1933 AEG
Israel Rogosin RWF Pic Belarusian-born American industrialist, Rogosin Industries,
Pinhas Rutenberg RWF HW Pic founder Israel Electric Corporation
Lewis Samuel founder 1855 Samuel, Son & Co. metals, hardware ExLink
Joe Saraggosi Pic chairman G.James Glass & Aliuminium glass, aliuminium
Sam Schnitzer founder 1906 Schnitzer Steel Industries
Irving Schottenstein co founder 1976 M/I Homes Inc with cousin Milton
Gerald Schwartz Pic CEO Onex Corp.
Irving Shapiro Pic president, CEO 1973- DuPont Corporation
Philip Sporn Pic president CEO 1947-61 American Electric Power
Benjamin Steinbruch Pic president Compania Siderrurgica National steel
Bethel Henry Strausberg
Gerard Swope Pic president 1922-40, 1942-45 General Electric
Sir Jules Thorn founder Thorn Electrical Industries
William Ungar founder National Envelope Corporation
Baron Manfred Weiss Hungary
Baron Arnold Weinstock Pic chairman GEC
Stef Wertheimer RWF HW Pic founder chairman ISCAR Ltd.
Karl Wittgenstein RWF Pic steel tycoon
Gustav Wolff RWF Pic founder Harland and Wolff shipyard, Ireland
Ernest Wuliger Sealy Corporatin
James Zellerbach Pic president Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Aircraft Entrepreneurs/Designers
Sir Peter Abeles Pic chairman Ansett Airlines
Karl Arnstein RWC Pic
O. Roy Chalk owner Trans Caribbean AiRWFays Puetro Rico
Naum Chernyakov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian airplane designer, 
Marcel Dassault RWF Pic founder Dassault Aviation
Serge  Dassault chairman Dassault Aviation
German Efromovich Pic Avianca  OceanAir
Government Israel Aerospace Industries Israeli aviation manufacturer
Harry Guggenheim Pic
Mikhail Gurevich RWF HW Pic designer MIG Mikoyan & Gurevich design bureau
Kurt Hohenemser RWC Pic designer German combat helicopters half-Jewish father ExLink
Abraham Hyatt NASA supervisor lunar landing program ExLink
Sir Samuel Instone Pic founder Imperial AiRWays Ltd
Instone Air Line
Jesse Itzler co-founder Marquis Jet
Theodore von Karman RWF HW Pic physicist, engineer Hungarian-born German American physicist
Semyon Kosberg RWF Pic constructor USSR
Semyon Lavochkin RWM Pic airplane designer LA
Michael Levine Pic president, CEO New York Air
Charles Levine AviaBellanca Aircraft ExLink1 ExLink2
Henry Margolis chairman Aero-Flow Dynamics Corporation
Mikhail Mil RWF HW Pic founder MIL helicopters Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
Iosif Neman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet airplane designer, ExLink
Cyril Pullin Pic British automobile, motocycle designer,
Ben Rich RWA Pic co-developer of F117a Stealth Fighter
Erno Rubik Pic Hungarian aircraft designer,  training gliders
Edmund Rumpler RWC Austrian automobile/aircraft designer, inventor, JVL
Al Schwimmer RWF HW Pic founder Israel Aerospace Industries
Richard Shewell principal designer MacDonald Dauglas DC-10
Jack Steiner Pic airplane designer Boeing 727 737 ExLink
Joseph Szydlowski HW Pic aircraft engine designer Turbomeca helicopter engines
Paul-Louis Weiller Pic French industrialist, philanthropist, Gnome-et-Rhone
Cars/Motosycles/Bisycles Industrialists/Entrepreneurs //carEnt
Zora Arkus-Duntov RWF Pic co-designer of Chevrolet Corvette sports car
Charles August founder Monroe Muffler Brake
A. E. Barit Pic president, CEO 1936-54 Hudson Motor Car Company Abraham Edward
Carlo de Benedetti Pic chairman Sogefi automobile components Jewish father
Siegfried Bettman designer, manufacturer Triumph bisycles, motocycles, motocars
Jeffrey Bleustein CEO 1997-2005 Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Herman Blumenthal Radiator Speciality Company
O. Roy Chalk DC Transit
Joe Cherner American car dealer,
Sir Trevor Chinn Pic CEO Lex Sevice plc ExLink motor dealer
Andre Citroen RWF Pic founder 1919 Citroen RWN
M. Davidsohn creator 1854 build and drove the first electric automobile ExLink
Pierre Dreyfus Pic CEO 1955-75 Renault
John Elkann RWF Pic chairman Fiat Jewish father
Mark Fields RWF Pic president/CEO Ford Motor Company
Josef Ganz RWC Pic car designer Standard-Superior
Albrecht von Goertz Jewish mother
Max Grabovsky co-founder 1902 Grabovsky Power Wagon Company GMC Truck
Morris Grabovsky co-founder 1902
Pehr Gyllenhammar Pic chairman 1970-94 Volvo Jewish mother
Paul Hoffman Pic president   Studebaker Corporation ???
Ephraim Ilin Kaiser Ilin
Clive Jacobs founder Holiday Autos
Robert Janeway inventor of automobile ExLink
Paul Jaray RWC Pic automobile designer Tatra
Emil Jellinek RWF Pic Austrian-born entrepreneur, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz
Edward Lampert Pic shareholder AutoNation car dealership
Edward Lampert Pic AutoZone auto parts supply chain
Mitchell Leibowitz CEO 1990- Pet Boys auto parts supply chain
Raymond Levy Pic president Renault
Boris Lutsky RWC Pic Russian-born German automobilr engineer, inventor,
Siegfried Marcus HW Pic designer Karl Benz combustion engine 1875
Morris Markin RWC Pic founder 1922 Cheker Motors Corporation
Victor Potamkin founder Planet Automotive car retailer
Cyril Pullin Pic inventor Ascot Car
Sir Harry Ricardo Pic British engineer, engine designer, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Adolf Rosenberger Pic co-founder Porsche GmbH
Emmanuel Rosienfeld co-founder Pet Boys auto parts supply chain
Jamie Salter founder, CEO Authentic Brands Group
Peter Schutz Pic president, CEO 1981-86 Porsche
Luigi Segre Italian car designer ExLink
Boris Shaposhnik RWF Pic Belarusian-born automobile designer,   MAZ ExLink
Nathan/Gordon Sherman founders Midas Muffler
Mike Shevell owner New England Motor Freight
Maurice Strauss co-founder Pet Boys auto parts supply chain
Frank Stronach Pic founder Magna International Canada
Verginio Tedeschi founder 1920- CEAT
Alberto Bruni Tedeschi owner CEAT Jewish father
Jean Todt Pic CEO Ferrari Italy
Victor Wouk RWF Pic American automotive engineer, 
Samuel Zell Pic owner Schminn bicycle company
Shipping Entrepreneurs
Donald Aronow Pic American designer, boat builder, racer, Magnum Marine Formula Boats
Larry Hillblom co-founder DHL
Idan Ofer RWC Pic chairman 2005- Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Ltd
Baron Jeffrey Sterling RWC Pic British businessman, chairman 1983-2005 P & O
Sir Alfred Yarrow RWF Pic shipbuilder Yarrow & Co Jewish mother ExLink1 ExLink2
Construction industrialists
Henry Crown HW founder Material Services Corporation
Michal Hornstein Pic founder Federal Construction Ltd Canada
Sir Samuel Joseph owner Bovis
Sir Frank Lampl Pic CEO Bovis
Harry Lefrak founder Lefrak Organization
Irving Schottenstein co-founder 1976 M/I Homes
Elaine Schuster Pic Wingate Construction Company
Nathan Shapell Pic chairman Shappell Industries
Harry Triguboff Pic Meriton Apartments
Paper manufacturers
Howard Gilman founder Gilman Paper
Bernard Bergreen head Gilman Paper
Samuel Gottesman founder Central National Gottesman
Leon Feffer Pic founder Susano Papel e Celulose
Aaron Fleischacker founder Golden Gate  Paper Box Corporation carton manufacturer
Joe Katz   Papercraft
Robert Kraft HW Pic chairman Kraft Group ExLink
Robert Kraft HW Pic founder 1972 International Forest Products Corporation ExLink
Daniel Kraft president, COO International Forest Products Corporation
Karl Landegger Pic Black Clawson Company, Parsons & Wittemore,
George Landegger
Anthony Pratt Pic chairman Visy Industries
Richard Pratt Pic Visy Industries
Ira Wallach Pic head Central National Gottesman ExLink
James Zellerbach Pic Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Furniture manufacturers
Manny Cussins Pic chairman Waring & Gillow
Saul Feldberg Pic Global Group canada
Saul Feldberg Pic Teknion office furniture canada
Sherwin Glass Pic founder Farmer's Furniture Company
Arnold Goldberg co-founder 1946 Raymour & Flanigan furniture chain
Bernard Goldberg co-founder 1946 Raymour & Flanigan furniture chain
Dick Goss AFCOL South African Breweries furniture manufactuering
Dick Goss AMPEL South African Breweries furniture retailing
Walter Koerner Alaska Pine and Cellulose
Richard Levitz founder 1910 Levitz Furniture ExLink
Sid Levitz CEO Levitz Furniture ExLink
Bernard Lewin furniture store owner
Gordon Seagel founder 1962 Crate and Barrel housewares & furniture
Saul Ostrow founder Sealy matress manufacture
Eric Villency Pic CEO Maurice Villency Inc
Samuel Zell Pic owner Sealy matress manufacture
Other industrialists
Sir Clive Bourne Pic Seabourne Express parcel delivery UK
Emanuel Bronner Pic castile soap Jewish father
John Brunswick Pic founder Brunswick Corporation
Dan David HW Pic Photo-Me International
Isadore Familian owner, CEO Price Pfister Brass Manufactoring Company
Joseph Fels Pic Fels-Naptha
Aaron Feuerstein CEO Malden Mills textile
Norbert Gaelen president O.Berk Company Packaging services ExLink
Max Gerber founder Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Company
Gerald Gidwitz co-founder Helene Curtis Industries
Ignaz Glaser glass factory
Sidney Harman Pic founder 1980, chairman Harman International Industries ExLink
Sidney Harman Pic co-founder 1953 Harman Kardon, Inc
Joseph Koret Koret textile
Robert Kraft HW Pic shareholder Carmel Container Systems packaging plant
Simon von Lemel RWE
Milton Levy founder 1919 NCH Corporation maitenance products
Albert List Hudson Coal Company ExLink
Abraham Mailman co-founder 1953 Mailman Corporation
Joseph Mailman co-founder 1953 Mailman Corporation
Saul Marantz Pic founder Marantz Co
Bob Naboicheck president Gold Bond Matress matress and futon ExLink bedding industry
Israel Polack RWA HW Pic Polgat textile
Allan Schuman chairman,  CEO Ecolab, Inc
Jesse Shwayder founder 1910- Samsonite Corporation
Ronald Slanton founder Trammo, Inc
Ralph/Albert Slazenger
Morris Zimmerman Pic founder Howard Luggage Company luggage
Isidor Zuckermann CEO Wood and Industry Stock Corpration