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Food Entrepreneurs
Raymond Ackerman founder, chairman Pick 'n Pay supermarket chain SA
Daniel Abraham Pic founder Slim-Fast  < Uniliver
Burton Baskin Pic co-founder 1945 Buskin Robbins ice cream
Earl Barish Pic developer Dickie Dee ice cream
Samuel van den Bergh Pic co-founder 1927 Margarine Unie Unilever
Simon van den Bergh Pic co-founder 1927 Dutch businessman,  Margarine Unie, Uniliver, Unilever
Roger Berkowitz Pic president, CEO Legal Sea Food, Inc
Allen Bildner Pic chairman Kings Super Markets, Inc ExLink
Eli Black Pic control United Brands Company
Joe Bloom co-founder Premier Group
Tony Bloom co-founder, chairman Premier Group South Africa
Sam Born candy maker, inventor Just Born
Lazar Brodsky RWE HW Pic sugar king in Russia
Israel Brodsky Pic sugar king in Russia
Samuel Bronfman RWF Pic founder Seagram Co.
Charles Bronfman RWC HW Pic co-owner Seagram Co.
Ronald Burkle Pic shareholder Golden State Food
Ronald Burkle Pic founder 1986 Yucaipa Cos. supermarkets & grocery chains
Isaac Carasso RWC Pic founder 1919 Groupe Danone  yogurt
Daniel Carasso RWC Pic owner Groupe Danone  yogurt
Sir Mortimer Davis Pic founder Imperial Tobacco Canada
Harry Castroll founder Shop-Rite   (???) ExLink
Ben Cohen co-founder 1978 Ben and Jerry's ice-cream
Israel Cohen co-founder 1918 C&S Wholesale Grocers
Israel Cohen chairman Giant Food supermarket chain
Nehemiah Cohen co-founder Giant Food supermarket chain
Jack Cohen Pic founder 1919 Tesco Plc supermarket chain
Richard Cohen Pic owner C&S Wholesale Grocers
George Cohon Pic founder /president McDonald's  Canada
Michael Coles founder Great American Cookie Company
Sid/Jenny Craig Pic founders Jenny Craig, Inc weight loss
Nathan Cummings Pic founder 1939 Sara Lee (Consolidated Foods) ExLink
Nochi Dankner Pic control Supersal Israel
Joseph Danzansky president Giant Food
Jack Diamond founder Pacific Meats
Hilda Eisen Pic Norco Ranch  egg destribution
Benjamin Eisenstadt Cunmberland Packing Corporation Sweet'N Low
Leopold Louis-Dreyfus Pic founder Louis Dreyfus & Co grain trading
Herbert Felix Pic founder AB Felix Felix Austria
Sidney Feltenstein CEO, chairman A & W Restaurants
Max Fisher HW Pic chairman United Brands United Fruit Company
Michel Fribourg chairman, CEO Continental Grain
Paul Fribourg CEO ContiGroup grain trading
Samuel Friedman chairman Food Fair
Leon Godchaux Godchaux Sugar Company
Carol Goldberg president, COO Stop & Stop supermarket chain
Steven Goldstone CEO RRWE Nabisco
Harvey Golub chairman 2006- Cambell Soup Company
William/Bernard Golub co-founders 1932 Golub Corp supermarket chain
Barney Gottstein Carr-Gottstein Foods Alaska
Jack Greenberg CEO chairman 1999-2002 McDonald's fast food
Jerry Greenfield HW Pic co-founder 1978 Ben and Jerry's ice cream
Albert Gubay Pic founder Kwik Safe Jewish father
Murray Handwerker Pic Nathan's Famous fastfood
Nathan Handwerker Pic founder 1916, owner Nathan's Famous fastfood
Gary Hirshberg Pic chairman, president, CEO, Stonyfield Farm organic yougart
Edmund Hoffman Coca Cola Bottling Group
Robert Hoffman Coca Cola Bottling Group
Carl Icahn RWF Pic owner RRWE Nabisco cookies crackers candy
Michael Ilitch Pic founder 1959, owner Liitle Caesars Pizza Jewish mother ???
Charles/Louis/Marvin Jacobs co-founders 1915 Delaware North Cos.
David Javits co-founder 1923 Giant Food ???
Joel Johnson CEO chairman president Hormel Foods Corp SABMiller
Harold Katz NutriSystem
Phillip Kaye founder Garfunkel's
Adam & Sam Kaye founder Ask Pizza
Isaac Kempner Pic co-founder Imperial Sugar Corporation
Murray Klein Pic Zabar
Amit Kleinberger Pic Israeli-born American CEO of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt,
Samuel Lehrman co-founder Giant Food supermarket chain
Harry Lender founder Lender's Bagel Bakery
Marvin Lender president Lender's Bagel Bakery
Tillie Lewis founder Lewis's Flotill Products
Albert Lippert founder Weight Watchers International  WW Group
Howard Lorber Pic CEO, president Nathan's Famous fastfood
Herb Lotman Pic Keestone Foods
Daniel Lubetzky Kind LLC
Charles Lubin founder 1935, chairman Sara Lee (Consolidated Foods) ExLink
Joseph Malin founder Fish and Chips
Margulis founder Shoprite supermarkets
Florine Marks CEO president  Weight Watchers International  WW Group WW Group
Michael Marks RWF Pic co founder Marks & Spenser  
Baron Simon Marks Pic co founder Marks & Spenser
Rose/Reuben Mattus Pic Haagen-Dazs ice cream
Flynn McGarry Pic American chef, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Amos Mcmullian chairman, CEO Flowers Foods, Inc
Paul Merage Chef America Hot Pockets
Nelson Morris Pic founder Morris & Company meatpacking
Fred Meyer founder Fred Meyer ExLink
Itshak-Asher Naidich RWE alcoholic beverages
Joseph Neubauer Pic CEO, chairman Alamark Corporation food services
Jean Nidech Pic co-founder Weight Watchers Weight Loss
Nelson Peltz Pic Triarc fast food
Dan Propper Pic chairman Osem Industries Ltd Israel
Joseph Rabinowitz co-founder 1914 Economy Grocery Stores
Irving Rabb founder Stop & Stop supermarket chain
Sidney Raab Stop & Stop Exlink
Lawrence Reichlin executive Canada Dry Bottling Company
Robert Rich, Sr Pic founder, owner Rich Products Corp cofee frozen food
Robert Rich, Jr Pic owner Rich Products Corp
Irving Robbins Pic co-founder 1945 Buskin Robbins ice cream
Greg Rosenbaum Pic CEO Empire Cosher Poultry, Inc
William Rosenberg Pic founder 1950 Dunkin Donuts
Irene Rosenfeld RWC HW Pic CEO Kraft Foods Inc 
Sholom Rubashkin Pic Agriprocessors
Baron Alan Sainsbury Pic chairman J Sainsbury plc supermarkets
John Sainsbury chairman/founder J Sainsbury plc supermarkets
Baron John Sainsbury Pic chairman -1992 J Sainsbury plc supermarkets
Baron David Sainsbury Pic chairman -1998 J Sainsbury plc supermarkets 29 Sunday Times
Samuel Isidore Salmon Pic chairman 1965-68 J. Lyons and Co. food manufacter, restaurants chain
Stephen Sanger CEO chairman General Mills, Inc ???
Charles Sarkis Pic CEO chairman Back Bay Retaurant Group ???
Susan/Ray Schoenbaum CEO Shoney's restaurants chain
Alex Schoenbaum Pic founder Shoney's restaurants chain
David Shapira Pic CEO, president 1980- Giant Eagle
Baron Israel Sieff HW Pic co founder Marks & Spenser
Abraham Siegel co-founder 1918 C&S Wholesale Grocers
Norton Simon Pic Hunt Foods, Inc.
William Singer founder Royal Castle hamburger chain
Julie Smolyansky CEO Lifeway Foods, Inc
Michael Smolyansky Pic founder Lifeway Foods, Inc kefir
Esther Snyder co-founder In-N-Out-Burger
Harry Snyder Pic co-founder In-N-Out-Burger ???
Sir Harry Solomon Pic co-founder 1976 chairman Hillsdown Holdings food manufactering company
Harry Sonneborn Pic president/CEO McDonald Corporation
Sam Steinberg Pic founder Steinberg's Supermarket Montreal
Leonard Stern Pic owner Hartz Mauntain pet supply
Max Stern Pic founder Hartz Mauntain pet supply
Lionello Stock Pic Fernet Stock
Ofra Strauss HW Pic chairman Strauss Group Israel
Bernice/Ira Waldbaum founder Waldbaum, Inc supermarkets chain
John/Walter Wegman co-founder 1916 Wegmans Food Markets 67 stores
Danny Wegman CEO Wegmans Food Markets 67 stores
Robert Wegman chairman Wegmans Food Markets 67 stores
Robert Weis chairman Weis Markets 162 grocery stores Exlink
Sigmund & Harry Weis co-founders 1912 Weis Markets 162 grocery stores
Isaac van Westenbrugge  founder Gordon Food Service food destribution
Mark Wetterau CEO chairman Golden State Foods ???
Ray Wolfe founder, CEO Oshava Group canada
Morrie Yohai Pic Cheeze Doodles
Michael Yoss Royal Bagel atlanta
Sam Zemurray RWF Pic controls United Brands  (United Fruit Company)
Beverage Entrepreneurs //beverage
Isaac Wolfe Bernheim Pic Bernheim Brothers & Uri whisky
Darius Bikoff Pic founder, CEO Energy Brands Inc
Gordon Bowker co founder 1971 Starbucks ???
Harvey Chaplin owner Southern Wine & Spirits of America
Emmanuel Cruse II winemaker The Cruse Winemaking Dynasty
Sidney Frank co founder 1972 Sidney Frank Importing Co  (with brother Eugene)
Louis Galewsky founder L. Galewsky & Co. distillery Germany
Samuel Glazer Mr. Coffee
Joseph Gluckstein founder, owner J. Lyons & Co cofee houses
Hyman Golden Pic co-founder 1972 Snapple Beverage Corporation
Dick Goss chairman South African Breweries industrial empire
Arnold Greenberg co-founder 1972 Snapple Beverage Corporation
Joseph Griesedieck Falstaff Beer  ???
Alvin Griesedieck Falstaff Beer  ???
Ken Grossman Pic businessman, founder Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Herbert Haft founder 1992 Total Beverage
Philip Heyman founder Tuborg Factories brewer
Harold Honickman Pic chairman Honickman Affiliates soft drinks bottler
Meyer Kahn chairman 1990- South African Breweries
Lydia/Paul Kalmanovitz Pic founder General Brewing Company  Pabst Brewing Co = Falstaff Beer
Maurice Kanbar Pic founder Skyy Vodka        Skyy Spirits LLC
J.M. Kaplan founder Welch's Grape Juice
Eugene Kashper chairman Pabst Brewing Company
Julius Kessler Distillers Securities Corporation whisky distiller, operaror, saleman ExLink
Gustave Leven HW Pic head Perrier Answers bottle water brand
Joseph Lyons co-founder 1887 J. Lyons & Co British chain of tea rooms ExLink
Leonard  Marsh co-founder 1972 Snapple Beverage Corporation
Sir Douglas Myers Pic CEO, chairman Lion Nathan Jewish father alcoholic beverages
John Nunes Jamaician destiller Bacardi ExLink
Gerry Pencer CEO Cott Beverages
Harris Perlstein president, chairman Pabst Brewing Company ExLink
Stewart/Lynda Resnick Pic Wonderful Company ExLink
William Rosenberg founder Dunkin Donuts
Lewis Rosenstiel Pic founder owner Schenley Industries alcogol distilling
Baron Henri James de Rothschild Pic playwright, winemaker, Chateau Mouton Rothschild
Nathaniel de Rothschild RWF Pic founder Chateau Mouton Rothschild winemaker, banker
Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pic Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine grower, race-car driver
Baroness Philippine de Rothschild HW Pic Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine maker
Baron Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild Pic Chateau Latife Rothschild Chateau Rieussec
Baron Elie de Rothschild Chateau Latife Rothschild wine estate
James Mayer de Rothschild RWF HW Pic owner 1868 Chateau Latife Rothschild wine estate
Rodney Sacks Pic CEO Monster Beverage
Hermann Schulein general manager Lowenbrau brewery Rheingold Beer
Howard Schultz RWF HW Pic CEO chairman Starbucks
Howard Schultz HW Pic shareholder Jamba Juice orange juice, lemonade
Daniel Schwartz chairman Restaurant Branch International Inc.
Mo Siegel co-founder 1970 Celestial Seasonings ExLink herbal tea
Zev Siegl Pic co-founder 1971 Starbucks
Jack Stahl president Coca Cola
Karl Strauss Pic founder 1989 Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Kalonimus-Wulf Vysotsky RWF HW Pic founder K. Vysotsky & Sons Wissotzky Tea tea
Russell Weiner Pic Rokstar Energy Drink
Samuel Wynn Pic winegrower australia
Jozsef Zwack founder  J.Zwack & Co. liqeour hungary
Peter Zwack Pic Hungarian ambassador to United States 1990-91,
Tobacco Entrepreneurs //tobacco
Bernhard Baron Pic controls Mme. Carreras
Joseph Cullman head Altria Group Philip Morris Companies
Zino Davidoff Pic Ukrainian-born Swiss businessman,
Samuel Gluckstein co-founder Salmon & Gluckstein
Fred Hirschhorn founder, CEO General Cigar Co.
Jacob Lampert Pic British-born American manufacturer, cigar,
Stanford Newman Pic chairman J.C. Newman Cigar Co.
Louis Rothman founder 1890 Rothman International
Barnett Salmon co-founder Salmon & Gluckstein
Laurence Tisch Pic controls Lorillard, Inc
Baron David Montagu chairman Rothman International
Restaurateurs //restaurateur //chef
William Abitbol Pic French politician, restaurateur, (Jewish father) MEP 1999-2004,
Yisrael Aharoni Pic Israeli celebrity chef, restaurateur,
Joe Baum Pic American restarauteur,
Ron Ben-Israel Pic Israeli-born American  pastry chef, dancer,
Michelle Bernstein Pic American chef,
Heston Blumenthal Pic British chef, cookbook writer, The Fat Duck
Anthony Bourdain Pic American chef, author, television personality, (Jewish mother)
George Cohon founder Macdonald's Canada
Ingrid Croce American author, singer/songwriter, restaurateur,
Bob Cutler CEO ZAC Enterprises restaurants 
Gary Danko Pic American chef, (Jewish descent)
Tamasin Day-Lewis RWF Pic British television producer, director, television chef, (Jewish mother)
Robert Earl Pic founder, CEO Planet Holywood Resort & Casino
Susan Feniger Pic American chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, radio/telvision personality,
Richard Fox Pic British celebrity chef, broadcaster, author,
Bethenny Frankel RWF Pic American sports announcer, television personality, natural food chef, (Jewish father, mother convert)
Art Ginsburg Pic American television chef, cookbooks author, Mr. Food
Nelson Gross Pic American restaurateur, real estate bisinessman, politician,
Ilan Hall Pic American chef,
Nathan Handwerker Pic founder 1916, owner Nathan's Famous
Pati Jinich Pic Mexican-born American chef, television personality, cookbook author,
Sam Kass Pic American chef,
Elaine Kaufman Pic Elaine's
George Lang Pic Hungarian-born American restarauteur,
Ilya Lazerson RWF Pic Ukrainian-born chef, television host, food writer, ???
Sharon Lebewohl Pic American cookbook author, restaurateur, lecturer,
Beulah Levy Ledner Pic American pastry chef,
Romany Marie Pic American restaurateur,
Thierry Marx Pic French chef, Mandarin Oriental, Paris
Rich Melman founder Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
Danny Meyer Pic American restaurateur,
Georges Mora Pic German-born Australian entrepreneur, art dealer, restaurateur, 
Arnie Morton Pic founder 1978 Morton's Restaurant Group
Michael Morton
Peter Morton Pic co-founder Hard Rock Café
Isa Chandra Moskowitz Pic American food writer, chef,
Suze Orman HW Pic American television personality, financial advicer, writer,
Yotam Ottolenghi Pic Israeli-born British chef, cookery writer, restaurant owner,
Bob Payton Pic American marketing man, restaurateur, hotelier,
Clifford Perlman co-founder Lum's
Dennis Rafkin Pic Sweden-born Finnish restaurateur,
Ruth Rogers Pic American chef, co-owner of restaurant The River Café,
Colette Rossant Pic French-born American cookbook author, journalist, translator, restaurateur,
Moshik Roth Pic Israeli-born chef,
Mickey Ruskin founder Max's Kansas City
Samuel Isidore Salmon Pic chairman 1965-68 J. Lyons and Co. food manufacturer, restaurants chain
Alex Schoenbaum Pic founder Shoney's restaurants chain
Howard Schultz RWF HW Pic CEO chairman Starbucks
Daniel Schwartz CEO Restoraunt Branda International Burger King
Toots Shor Pic Toots Shor's Restaurant 
Richard Simmons Pic American fittness guru, host of Lighten Up,
Rick Stein Pic British celebrity chef, restaurateur, television presenter,
Leo Steiner Pic Carnegie Deli
Alan Wilzig Pic American restaurateur, race car driver,
Samuel Wynn Pic Polish-born Australian winegrower, 
Zalman Yanovsky HW Pic Canadian singer, guitarist,
Andrew Zimmern Pic American food writer, dining critic, radio talk show host,   
Peter Morton Pic American co-founder of Hard Rock Café,