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Bio-Tech Entrepreneurs & Executives
High-Tech Entrepreneurs & Executives //hitech
Beny Alagem HW Pic founder 1986, president Packard Bell
Paul Allen RWF HW Pic co-founder Microsoft ???
Eric Abensur CEO Wanadoo ???
Kobi Alexander HW Pic founder CEO chairman Converse Technology
Shai Agassi Pic development executive -2007 SAP AG computer software
Yuval Almog co founder Zoran Corporation
Mor Amitai CEO Compugen
Tom Anderson Pic co-founder, president MySpace Jewish mother
Sam Altman Pic Y Combinator
Leo Apotheker Pic co-CEO 2008 SAP AG computer software
CEO 2010- Hewlett-Packard Company
Abraham Appel co-founder Pall Corporation
Russel Artzt Pic co-founder 1976 Executive VP Computer Associates ???
Steven Ballmer RWF HW Pic CEO 1999 Microsoft Jewish mother
Gideon Barak Pic co-founder/chairman IXi Mobile
George Benedek Pic co-founder 1988 Oculon Corporation ExLink
Eric Benhamou RWC Pic co-founder Bridge Communication Palm = president
CEO charman president  3Com
chairman Intransa ExLink
Gary L Bloom Veritas Software = pr CEO Oracle = exec V Pr ???
Ethan Beard
Andy von Bechtolsheim Pic co-founder 1982 Sun Microsystems ???
Herbert Becker founder BEE Multimedia
Toby Berger Pic co-founder SightSpeed
Josh Berman COO, co-founder MySpace
Joshua Bloch Pic software engineer Google chief Java architect ExLink
George Blumenthal chairman, CEO Medison Medical Data Systems
Michael Blumenthal RWF Pic Unisys Burroughs
Michael Blumenthal RWF Pic CEO chairman 1967-70 Bendix
Adam Bosworth Pic VP of Product Management Google Jewish father
SVP of Engineering  BEA Systems
Robert Brian CEO chairman president Comcast Comminications
Larry Brilliant Pic director Google ExLink
Sergey Brin RWF HW Pic co founder 1998 Google  
Andrei Broder HW Pic VP of Emerging Search Technology Yahoo!
Darrell Brookstein co-founder The Nanotech Company ???
Safra Catz Pic president, CFO Oracle Corporation
Raffy Chatav co founder Daisy Systems Interro Systems
Raffy Chatav co-founder Exec VP Edge Diagnostic Systems
Aubrey Chernick Pic Candle Corp (software)
Bruce Chizen Pic CEO Adobe Systems
Alon Cohen Pic co-founder VocalTec
Benjamin Cohen Pic Internet entrepreneur UK
Matt Cohler Pic VP of Product Management 2008- Facebook ???
Martin Cooper RWF HW Pic GM Motorola ExLink
Mark Cuban RWF HW Pic co-founder 1999 Broadcast.com
George Davidsohn Pic founder Davidsohn Gloval Technologies
Michael Dell RWF HW Pic founder owner Dell Computer
Michael Devlin CEO co-founder Rational Software Corporation  < IBM ???
Zeev Drori Pic Israeli-born American entrepreneur,
Donna Dubinsky co-founder 1982 Palm Computing  
Dina Dublon Pic director   Microsoft
Mooly Eden RWC HW Pic senior VP/president Intel Israel Intel
Paul Egerman Pic founder IDX eScription
Larry Ellison RWF HW Pic founder Oracle Corporation Jewish mother
Judith Estrin Pic co-founder, CEO, president Packet Design
co-founder Bridge Communication
CTO, senior VP -2002 Sisco Systems
Leo Fantl Pic father of business computing
Neil Farbstein president Vulvox Nanobiotechnology ExLink
Zur Feldman CEO StarBand  satellite Internet service provider
Aryeh Finegold founder Mercury Interactive
Aryeh Finegold co-founder chairman Orsus Solutions 
Oleg Firer Pic Ukrainian-born American founder Unified Payments Net Element
David Fischer Pic Google
VP of Advertising 2010- Facebook
Jerald Fishman CEO president Analog Devices, Inc
Dov Frohman HW Pic president Intel Israel
Levy Gerzberg Pic co founder 1981 CEO president Zoran
Davidi Gilo founder DSP Communications
Davidi Gilo  CEO chairman Vyyo Inc.
Rob Glaser Pic founder 1994 CEO chairman RealNetworks
David Goldman Pic co-founder 1981 The Sage  Group                     software
Phil Goldman WebTV Networks
Dan Goldstein Pic founder Formula Systems
Ralph Gomory Pic senior vice-president IBM ExLink
Bernard Gordon RWC Pic founder Analogic Corporation
Eric Greenberg founder chairman Scient
Jerry Greenberg co-founder co-CEO Sapient
Brad Greenspan Pic MySpace
Andrew Grove RWF HW Pic CEO chairman Intel
Andi Gutmans co-founder Zend Technologies
Dean Hachamovitch Pic Corporate VP Microsoft
Alon Halevy Pic research scientist Google
Ziv Haparnas co-founder Nortex
Ziv Haparnas co-founder CTO IXI Mobile
Lior Haramaty co-founder VocalTec
Eli Harari Pic founder 1988 CEO president SanDisk flash memory
Andy Hertzfeld Pic developer 1979-84 Apple Macintosh
Eli Jacobs chairman Memorex Products provider of CD-R CD-RWF
Irwin Jacobs RWF Pic co-founder 1985 Qualcomm
Morris Kahn HW Pic founder Amdocs
Philippe Kahn RWF Pic founder Borland Turbo Pascal
Eugene Kleiner Pic co-founder Fairchild Semiconductor
Baron Stanley Kalms Pic chairman, president Freeserve Internet Provider
Larry Kaplan co-founder Activision
Mitchell Kapor Pic co-founder 1982 CEO  Lotus Development Corporation
Anatoly Karachinsky Pic founder 1992 Information Bysiness Systems Group
Ruslan Karapatnitski president RIK Enterprises, Inc ExLink
Avi Katz CEO Equator Technologies ExLink
Avi Katz CEO Intransa ExLink
Stephen Kaufman CEO 1986-2000 Arrow Electronics
Steve Kirsch Pic founder 1994  Infoseek Corporation
Jonathan Klein Pic co-founder Getty Images
Josh Kopelman Pic founder Half.com
George Kozmetsky Pic co-founder 1960 Teledyne, Inc
Shlomo Kramer RWC Pic co-founder Check Point
Shlomo Kramer RWC Pic CEO president founder 2002 US Venture Partners Imperva Inc 
Michael Krasny Pic founder chairman CDW Corporation
Raymond Kurzweil RWF Pic founder CEO chairman Kurzweil Technologies
Edwin Land RWF Pic founder Polaroid Corp
Benny Landa Pic founder 1977 president Indigo    <Hewlett Packard
Landa Corporation
Amnon Landan CEO chairman Mercury Interactive Corporation
Frank Lautenberg RWF HW Pic CEO 1975- Automatic Data Processing
Gerry Lenfest owner Lenfest Communications cable Gerry
Sandra Lerner Pic co-founder Cisco Systems
Max Levchin RWF Pic co-founder 1998 PayPall
Bruce Levenson Pic cofounder 1977 United Communications Group
Charles Lieber RWF Pic co-founder 2001 Nanosys
Ed Peskowitz Pic cofounder 1977 United Communications Group
Charles Levine president Sprint PCS ExLink ???
Charles Levine chairman Sierra Wireless ???
Philip Levine  Pic president Onboard media
Stuart Levine Calberton Systems cable
Kenneth Levy Pic founder 1976 KLA Instruments Corporation
Kenneth Levy Pic chairman KLA-Tencor
Dan'l Lewin Pic Corporate VP Microsoft  
Daniel Lewin HW Pic co-founder Akamai Technologies
Moshe Lichtman Corporate VP Microsoft
Sol Linowitz Pic co-founder, chairman Xerox Corp
Joe Lonsdale Pic co-founder Palantir Technologies
Chris Malachowsky co-founder Nvidia
Udi Manber Pic VP of searching Google
Talmon Marco Pic Israeli-born American businessman, entrepreneur, Viber
Isabell Maxwell Pic president CommTouch
Dan Maydan Pic president Applied Materials
Arie Mergi co-founder M-Systems
Amos Michelson co-foundrer CEO Creo, Inc  < Eastman Kodek 2005
Jonathan Miller CEO, chairman 2002-06 AOL
Ed Mlavsky Pic co-founder COO Tyco International
Eli Mintz co-founder 1993 chairman CEO Compugen
Dov Moran RWC Pic co-founder CEO president M-Systems
Michael Morhaime Pic president, co-founder Blizzard Entertainment
Dustin Moskovitz RWF HW Pic co-founder Facebook
Nathan Myhrvold Pic co-founder 2000 Intellectual Ventures ???
Nathan Myhrvold Pic CTO Microsoft ???
Marius Nacht HW Pic co-founder Check Point Software Technologies
Avi Naor co-founder Amdocs
Idan Ofer RWC Pic chairman Tower Semiconductor Israel
Peter Oppenheimer senior Vp, CFO Apple, Inc
Larry Page RWF HW Pic co-founder Google
Max Palevsky Pic founder Scientific Data Systems
Lawrence Perlman co-chairman Seagate Technology
Steve Perlman RWF founder WebTV Networks
David Perlmutter Pic Senior VP Intel
Emanuel Piore Pic director of Research IBM
Lewis Platt CEO chairman Hewlett-Packard Company
Marc Raibert RWF Pic founder, president Boston Dynamic
Zaki Rakib co-founder CEO chairman Terayon Communication Systems
Shlomo Rakib co-founder president CTO Terayon Communication Systems
Simon Ramo RWC HW Pic co founder TRWF Bunker-Ramo
Jeff Raskin interface designer Apple-Macintosh
Doug Richard Pic American-born British entrepreneur,
Marion Richburg co-founder CEO M-Systems
Ralph Roberts Pic co-founder 1963 Comcast cable company
Benjamin Rosen Pic co-founder chairman Compaq Computer Corp Lotus = CEO
Richard Rosenblatt Pic co-founder, chairman, CEO Demand Media
Mendel Rosenblum Pic co-founder VMWare
Justin Rosenstein Pic programmer/entrepreneur Facebook
Dan Rosensweig Pic COO 2002-07 Yahoo!
John Roth Pic CEO Nortel Networks Inc
Andy Rubin RWC Pic co-founder, SVP 2005- Google Android
Jon Rubinstein RWC Pic senior VP Apple Computer iPod Division
chairman Palm, Inc
Seymour Rubinstein creator WordStar word processor
Jonathan Sachs Pic co-founder 1982 Lotus Development Corporation
Henry Samueli Pic co-founder 1991 Broadcom Corporation
Sheryl Sandberg RWF Pic COO Facebook
Avner Schneur Pic CEO, president Emptoris
Elliot Schrage Pic VP Communications and Public Policy Google
VP of Global Communications, Marketing and Public Policy Facebook
Barry Schuler Pic chairman, CEO AOL Jewish father
Dan Schulman Pic CEO 2014- PayPall
Bernard Schwartz Pic CEO 1989 Loral Space & Communications
Jonathan Schwartz Pic CEO president Sun Microsystems ???
Ivan Seidenberg Pic CEO Verizon Communications
Marc Seriff Pic co-founder America Online
Nachman Shalev V Pr of Business Development 3Com
Dmitry Shapiro CEO, founder Veoh
David Shaw  founder Juno Internet Service Provider
Robert Shillman Pic founder 1981, CEO, chairman  Cognex Corporation
Gil Shwed RWC Pic co-founder CEO Check Point Software Technologies
Thomas Siebel Pic co-founder 1993 CEO Siebel Systems ???
Brad Silverberg Pic senior VP Microsoft
Jeffrey Skoll RWF Pic first president, co-founder Ebay
Jeff Smulyan CEO Emmis Communications Corporation
Ron Sommer CEO Deutsche Telecom
Randall Stephenson Pic chairman, CEO, president AT&T
Baron Alan Sugar RWC Pic founder chairman Amstrad= f ch  Vilgen=Ex ch
Zeev Suraski HW Pic co-founder CTO Zend Technologies PHP project
Jerome Swartz Pic co-founder chairman Symbol Technologies ???
Henry Taub HW Pic co-founder  Automatic Data Processing ExLink
Larry Tesler Pic Chief Scientist 1980 Apple Computer
Larry Tesler VP Yahoo
Jack Tramiel HW Pic founder 1954 Commodore International
Yossi Vardi Pic Israeli high-tech entrepreneur,
David Vaskevitch senior VP, CTO Microsoft born in Israel
Andrew Viterbi RWF HW Pic co-founder 1985 Qualcomm
Devin Wenig Pic CEO, president eBay
Josh Weston chairman, CEO Automatic Data Processing ExLink
Meg Whitman RWF HW Pic CEO, president Ebay ???
CEO Hewlett-Packard Company
Avigdor Willenz founder CEO chairman Galileo Technologies LTD   <Marvell
Gary Winnick Pic chairman Global Crossing telcom
Irving Wladawsky-Berger Vice President IBM ExLink1 ExLink2
Susan Wojcicki RWC Pic SVP of product management Google
Bertram Wolfe Pic Vice President General Electric
Edward Zander Pic CEO Motorola
Edward Zander Pic COO president Sun Microsystems
Felix Zandman RWF HW Pic Vishay Intertechnology ExLink
Zohar Zisapel HW Pic founder RAD Group
Randi Zuckerberg Pic marketing director Facebook
Ethan Zuckerman Pic founder, CTO Geekcorps
Monti Zweben founder CEO chairman Blue Martini Software
Internet  Developers, Entrepreneurs, Executives //internet
Jay Adelson Pic American co-founder of Digg.com , Digg
co-founder Revision3
Amnon Amir co-founder Mirabilis
Tom Anderson Pic co-founder MySpace Jewish mother
Charles Ardai Pic founder, CEO of Juno, Internet service provider, Juno
Paul Baran RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American co-inventor of digital packet switching,
Marc Benioff RWC Pic Salesforce.com
Josh Berman Pic COO MySpace.com
Scott Blum Pic founder Buy.com ExLink
Nathaniel Borenstein Pic designer MIME
Jan Brandt president of Marketing  AOL
Jim Breyer RWF Pic American venture capital investor, Accel Partners
Sergey Brin RWF HW Pic Russian-born American co-founder of Google search engine Google
Garrett Camp HW Pic co-foundStumbleUponer of StumbleUpon, StumbleUpon Uber ???
Andy Carvin Pic senior product manager Digital Divide Network
Vinton Cerf RWF HW Pic American internet pioneer, (3/4 Jewish father)
Marc Chasan chairman, CEO Emusic
Danny Cohen RWC Pic Israeli-born CTO Sun Mycrosystems 2012
Jay Cohen co-founder, CEO World sports Exchange gambling
David Colburn president of Busness Affairs AOL
Nick Denton Pic journalist, editor,internet entrepreneur Gawker Jewish mother
Barry Diller RWF Pic CEO, chairman IAC
Gregory Finger Pic Digital Sky Technologies ExLink
Noah Glass Pic co-founder Twitter
Joe Green Pic American social entrepreneur,
Brad Greenspan Pic MySpace.com
Mark Goldston CEO chairman United Online Internet provider #2
Yair Golfinger co-founder Mirabilis
Dave Hyatt browser developer Safari Mozilla ???
Andy Hobsbawm Pic founder Online Magic
Reid Hoffman RWF HW Pic founder, chairman Linkedln social network
Noah Kagan Pic founder AppSumo
Robert Kahn RWF HW Pic American co-inventor of Internet TCP/IP,
Baron Stanley Kalms Pic chairman, president, founder 1998 Freeserve  Internet Provider
David Karp Pic American internet developer, (Jewish father) Tumblr social networking website
Lawrence Kestenbaum Pic creator 1996 The Political Graveyard
Brad Keywell Pic co-founder Groupon
Steve Kirsch Pic founder Infoseek Corporation search engine
Peter Kirstein Pic British computer scientist,
Leonard Kleinrock RWF Pic American co-inventor of Internet,
Jan Koum RWF HW Pic co-founder, CEO WhatsApp
Eric Lefkofsky RWC Pic co-founder, chairman Groupon
Kenneth Lerer Pic American businessman, media executive, co-founder of Huffington Post ???
Max Levchin RWF Pic founder 1998 PayPall
Uri Levine Waze
Martin Lewis Pic British journalist, television presenter, website creator, author,
Andrew Mason Pic founder/CEO Groupon
Jonathan Miller CEO, chairman 2002-06 AOL
Yuri Milner RWF Pic Digital Sky Technologies
Dustin Moskovitz RWF HW Pic co-founder, VP of Engineering Facebook
Craig Newmark RWC HW Pic American Internet entrepreneur, blogger, writer, Craigslist
Xavier Niel HW Pic French internet entrepreneur, (Jewish mother) Free
Jon Oringer Pic founder, CEO Shutterstock
Larry Page RWF HW Pic American co-founder, CEO of Google, (Jewish mother) Google
Ruth Parasol Pic founder 1997 PartyGaming Jewish father
Jonah Peretti Pic American internet entrepreneur, Huffington Post BuzzFeed Jewish mother
Mark Pincus RWF Pic founder 2007, CEO Zynga social network game
Daniel Porter Pic creator Draw Something
David Prager Pic co-founder Revision3 ???
Andrew Rivkin co-founder CryptoLogic poker
Kevin Rose Pic American co-founder of Digg.com , Digg
co-founder Revision3
Richard Rosenblatt Pic chairman MySpace.com
Robert Rosenschein Pic founder chairman CEO 1999 Answers Corporation  
Blake Ross Pic browser developer Safari Mozilla
David Sacks Pic COO PayPall
founder Yammer
Terry Semel Pic CEO, chairman Yahoo
Edward Saatchi Pic co-inventor National Field Jewish father
Sheryl Sandberg RWF Pic COO 2008- Facebook
Ilya Segalovich RWF Pic developer of search engine Yandex
Joshua Schachter Pic creator Delicious
creator GeoURL
co-creator 1998 Memepool
Isai Scheinberg Pic co-founder Pokerstars online poker
Ehud Shabtai Pic founder Waze
Amir Shinar Waze
Jeffrey Skoll RWF Pic co-founder Ebay
Clifford Sobel Pic chairman Net2Phone
Nova Spivack Pic internet entrepreneur, EarthWeb, Inc
Richard Stallman RWF HW Pic American scientist, founder of GNU project, 
Cyril Stein Pic chairman 1966-93 Ladbrokes gambling
Jeremy Stoppelman Pic co-founder, CEO Yelp, Inc
Aaron Swartz RWF Pic American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, internet activist,
Oscar Swartz Pic founder 1994 Bahnhof
Dan Trachtenberg Pic American Internet personality, Revision3
Arik Vardi co-founder Mirabilis
Yossi Vardi Pic Israeli high-tech entrepreneur,
Martin Varsavsky Pic CEO, founder FON Argentina
Sefi Vigiser co-founder Mirabilis
Arkady Volozh RWF Pic developer of search engine Yandex
Seth Warshavsky Pic pornographer Internet Entertainment Group
Aharon Wasserman Pic co-inventor National Field ???
Omar Wasow Pic Kenyan-born American internet analyst, co-founder BlackPlanet.com Jewish father
Jeff Weiner Pic CEO Linkedln
Meg Whitman RWF HW Pic CEO, president  Ebay ???
Mark Zuckerberg RWF HW Pic American co-founder, CEO, Facebook
Internet  Hall of Fame Inducted
Paul Baran RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American co-inventor of digital packet switching, 2012 pioneer
Vinton Cerf RWF HW Pic American internet pioneer, (3/4 Jewish father) 2012 pioneer
Danny Cohen RWC Pic Israeli-born CTO Sun Mycrosystems 2012 pioneer
Steve Goldstein ??? 2013 global connector
Frank Heart Pic American father of the ARPANET, 2014 pioneer
Charles Herzfeld Pic Austrian-born American scientist, scientific manager, 2012 pioneer
Ida Holz RWC Pic Uruguai-born engineer, information scientist, 2013 global connector
Brewster Kahle Pic American computer engineer, internet entrepreneur, activist, 2012 global connector
Robert Kahn RWF HW Pic American co-inventor of Internet TCP/IP 2012 pioneer
Peter Kirstein Pic German-born British computer scientist, 2012 pioneer
Leonard Kleinrock RWF Pic American co-inventor of Internet, 2012 pioneer
John Klensin Pic American political/computer scientist, 2012 pioneer
Craig Newmark RWC HW Pic American Internet entrepreneur, blogger, writer, 2012 innovator
Radia Perlman Pic American computer scientist, 2014 pioneer
Ben Segal Pic American computer scientist, ??? 2014 global connector
Richard Stallman RWF HW Pic American scientist, founder of GNU project, Free Software progammer of Emacs 2013 innovator
Aaron Swartz RWF Pic American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, internet activist, 2013 innovator
Bio-Tech Entrepreneurs & Executives //biotech
Leonard  Adleman RWF HW Pic DNA computing
Paul Berg RWF HW Pic head of Human Genome Project molecular biolgist
Gordon Binder Pic co founder CEO Exec VP Amgen  
Floyd Bloom Pic founder, CSO Neurome ExLink
David Bocian Pic co founder ZettaCore ???
Stanley N. Cohen RWF HW Pic co founder Genentech genetic engineering
Samuel D Colella co-founder Versant Partners Symyx = chairman ???
Carl Djerassi RWF Pic Austrian-born American organic chemist, oral contraceptive, novelist, playwright, first oral contraceptive
Donald Drapkin chairman SIGA Technologies
Joseph Ecker Pic Arabidopsis Genome plant biology ???
Neil Farbstein Pic president Vulvox Nanobiotechnology nano/biotechnology
Martin Gerstel Pic chairman Compugen Itamar Medical = co ch  
Martin Gerstel Pic co-founder Alza Corp
Walter Gilbert RWF HW Pic co founder 1978 Biogen Idec
Walter Gilbert RWF HW Pic founder 1987 Genome Corp
Donald Glaser RWF HW Pic co founder Cetus Corporation  <Chiron Corporation
David Goeddel Pic founder CEO Tularik  <Amgen ???
Eugene Goldwasser Pic iochemistry and molecular biology
Corey Goodman Pic co founder 1994 Exelixis neurology
Corey Goodman Pic founder 2000 CEO president  Renovis neurology
Joseph Gutnick HW Pic owner Autogen=20%
Sidney M Hecht ???
Ross A. Jaffe co-founder Versant Partners ???
Eric Lander RWF HW Pic co-founder 1993 Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Eric Lander RWF HW Pic Head of Genome Project
Dan Leslie founder Novopharm  <Teva
Mark Levin co-founder 1993 Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Randolph H Levine co-founder CEO president ZettaCore ???
Arthur Levinson RWF Pic CEO chairman 1999- Genentech
chairman 2011- Apple Inc
Jonathan S Lindsey co founder ZettaCore chemist porphyrins ???
Alfred Mann Pic CEO chairman MannKind Corporation ExLink
Alfred Mann Pic CEO Advance Bionics Corp
Joel Martin co founder  CEO president Quantum Dot Corporation ???
Udi Meirav nanoelectronics
Alan S. Michaels Pic co-founder Alza Corp ???
Eli Mintz chairman president Compugen
Amitai Mor CEO president Compugen
Michael Nathan CEO Nanoplex Technologies ???
David Pall Pic founder 1946 Pall Corporation  
Roger Perlmutter Pic CEO Exec VP Amgen
Bob Reiss ???
Zack Rinat founder CEO Model N Net Dynamics = founder
Gordon Ringold co-founder CEO chairman Surromed Nanoplex Technologies = ch ???
George Rosenkranz RWF Pic founder CEO chairman Syntex
Leonard Schleifer Pic CEO Regeneron
Howard Schulman VP R&D Surromed
Edward Scolnick Pic president Merck Research Lab. ExLink  
Tito Serafini CEO vice Pr co f 2000 Renovis neurobiology ???
Yuval Shalom co-founder, CTO Wiseband
Ehud Shapiro Pic DNA computing pioneer nanotechnology
Robert Shapiro Pic CEO, chairman Monsanto
Harold Snyder founder Biocraft Laboratories  <Teva
Sass Somekh RWC Pic president Novellus
Linda Sonntag Bisness Partner Axiom Venture Partners LP ???
Isaac Stein co-founder Surromed ???
Jack Strominger Pic founder Peptimmune
Edwin Wegman founder, CEO Biospecifics Technologies
Thomas Wegman CEO 1994- Biospecifics Technologies
George Weinstock Pic Human Genome Sequencing Center ???
Paul Weiss Pic American nanotechnologist,
Charles Weissmann Pic co-founder 1978 Biogen Idec ExLink
Kurth Werner co-founder ZettaCore ???
Anne Wojcicki RWC Pic co-founder 23andMe