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Elie Abel Pic Canadian American journalist,
Dan Abrams Pic American journalist,
Cindy Adams Pic American gossip columnist,
Jill Abramson RWF HW Pic American journalist, managing editor "New York Times",
Jake Adelstein Pic American crime reporter,
Margot Adler Pic American journalist, author, lectuer,
Renata Adler Pic American journalist, writer, film critic,
Herbert Agar Pic American journalist,
Martin Agronsky Pic American journalist, political commentator, host of radio/television,
Linda Albin Pic American radio correspodent,
Shana Alexander Pic American columnist, journalist,
Amy Alkon HW Pic American advice columnist,  
Jonathan Alter Pic American journalist, author,
Morry Alter Pic American television journalist,
Eric Alterman RWE Pic American journalist, media critic, political writer,
Serena Altschul Pic American broadcast journalist, (Jewish father)
David Andelman Pic American news reporter, executive editor in Forbes.com
Natalie Angier Pic American nonfiction writer, science journalist, 
Anne Applebaum RWF HW Pic American historian of Russia, journalist,
Army Archerd Pic American gossip columnist,
Jonathan Arking American broadcast journalist,   
Al Aronowitz Pic American music journalist,
Ken Auletta Pic American journalist, writer, media critic, (Jewish mother)
Rona Barrett Pic American gossip columnist, author, busnesswoman,
Dana Bash HW Pic American reporter, anchoRWFoman,    CNN
Hillel Bavli HW Pic Lithuaninan-born American journalist, poet, writer,
Richard Behar Pic American investigating journalist,
Peter Beinart HW Pic American journalist, political writer,
Daniel Bell RWF HW Pic American sociologist, journalist, author,
Bernardo Benes Pic Cuban-born American journalist, lawyer, banker, civic leader,
James Bennet Pic American journalist, editor, (Jewish mother)
Roger Bennett Pic British-born American journalist, radio presenter, filmmaker,
Alex Berenson Pic American journalist, novelist,   
Meyer Berger Pic American columnist,   
Jules Bergman Pic American writer, journalist,
Lowell Bergman Pic American investigative reporter,
Charles Bergstresser Pic American journalist,   
Ira Berkow Pic American sportswriter, columnist, ExLink
Claire Berlinski Pic American journalist, novelist, biographer, 
Chris Berman Pic American journalist, anchor, sportscaster, (Jewish father)
Len Berman Pic American sports anchor, sportscaster,
Sara Berman Pic American philanthropist, journalist, 
Susan Berman Pic American journalist, author,
Al Bernstein Pic American writer, stage performer, radio host,
Bonnie Bernstein Pic American television sports reporter, anchor,
Carl Bernstein RWF HW Pic American journalist, author,
Dennis Bernstein American writer, activist, journalist,
Dennis Bernstein Pic American journalist, radio personality,   
Helen Bernstein
Herman Bernstein RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American journalist, writer, translator, diplomat,
Jake Bernstein Pic American journalist, ???
Danielle Berrin Pic American journalist,
Lisa Beyer Pic American journalist,
Stanley Bing Pic American columnist, humorist, novelist, ExLink
H.G. Bissinger Pic American journalist,
Edwin Black HW Pic American author, journalist, producer, television presenter,
Richard Blackwell Pic American fashion critic, jourmalist, radio/television personality, fashion designer,
Joel Bleifuss Pic American journalist, editor of  In This Times
Wolf Blitzer HW Pic American journalist, author,
Herbert Block HW Pic American editional cartoonist, author,
Stephen Bloom Pic American journalist, journalism scholar,
Deborah Blum Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father)
Max Blumenthal Pic American columnist, investigative journalist, blogger,
Sidney Blumenthal Pic American political journalist,
Gloria Borger Pic American political pundit, journalist, columnist,
Margaret Bourke-White Pic American photographer, photojournalist, (Jewish father)
Andrew Breitbart Pic American journalist, author, blogger, (Jewish adoptive pparents)
David Brock Pic American journalist, author, media critic,   
David Broder Pic American columnist,
David Brooks Pic American columnist, The New York Times
Rosa Brooks Pic American legal scholar, journalist, author,
Joyce Brothers Pic American advice columnist, psychologist, 
Aaron Brown Pic American journalist, television host,
Campbell Brown Pic American television news reporter,  Weekend Today co-anchor,   (convert to Judaism)
Susan Brownmiller Pic American journalist, radical feminist,
David Brudnoy Pic American talk radio host, journalist, film critic,
Art Buchwald RWF Pic American humor columnist,
Brent Budowsky Pic American journalist, blogger,
Elinor Burkett Pic American journalist, film director/producer, documentary filmmaker,
Jay Bushinsky Pic American columnist, CNN
Herb Caen Pic American columnist,
Abraham Cahan HW Pic Belarusian/Lithuanian-born American author, journalist,
Fortuna Calvo-Roth Pic French-born Peruvian American journalist, businessman,
Max Cantor Pic American journalist, actor,
Nina Cassian HW Pic Romanian-born American  journalist, poet, writer, film critic, composer,
Michael Castleman Pic American journalist, novelist,
Jonathan Chait Pic American columnist, political writer, editor,  
Mona Charen Pic American syndicated columnist, author,
Chris Chase Pic American model, actor, journalist,
Sarah Chayes Pic American journalist,
Ron Chernow Pic American writer, journalist, historian, biographer,
Liz Cho Pic American journalist, television anchor, (Jewish mother), ExLink
Connie Chung Pic American journalist, (convert to Judaism)
Liz Claman Pic American journalist, host of CNBC.
Benyamin Cohen Pic American journalist, editor,
Claudia Cohen Pic American gossip columnist, socialite,   
Randy Cohen Pic American journalist, screenwriter, humorist,
Rich Cohen HW Pic American non-fiction writer, journalist, screenwriter,
Richard Cohen Pic American journalist, television news producer,
Richard Cohen Pic American syndicated columnist, Washington Post
Roger Cohen Pic British-born American journalist, author,
Stephen Cohen RWF Pic American historian, writer, journalist,
Alfred Cohn Pic American author, journalist, editor, screenwriter,
Jonathan Cohn Pic American journalist, author, editor,
Lisa Colagrossi Pic American journalist, ???
Alan Colmes Pic American radio talk host, journalist, 
Joe Conason Pic American journalist, author, political commentator,
David Corn Pic American political journalist, magazine editor,
Howard Cosell HW Pic American sportscaster, television journalist,
Adrianna Costa Pic American entertainment correspondent, reality show host,
Katie Couric RWF HW Pic American television show host, (Jewish mother), CBS Nightly News
Richard Cramer Pic American journalist, writer,   
Lisa Crystal Carver Pic American writer, singer, journalist, (convert to Judaism)
Lisa Daftari RWC Pic American journalist,
Adolphe Danziger De Castro Pic Polish-born American scholar, journalist, lawyer, author,
Anna David Pic American journalist, writer, television personality,
Greg Dawson Pic American columnist,
Benjamin De Casseres Pic American journalist, critic, essayist, poet,
Richard de Mille Pic American author, investigative journalist, psychologist,
Morton Dean Pic American television news journalist,
Midge Decter RWF Pic American neoconservative journalist, author,
Herb Denenberg Pic American television consumer advocate, newspaqper columnist,
Jason DeParle Pic American reporter, New York Times,
E.J. Dionne Pic American journalist, political commentator,
Irene Dische Pic American journalist, author,
David Dietz Pic American science journalist, author,
Elizabeth Drew Pic American political journalist, author,
Daniel Drezner Pic American journalist,
Matt Drudge Pic American internet journalist, radio host,
Mark Ebner Pic American investigative journalist, ???
Dawn Eden Pic American author, journalist,
Richard Eder Pic American newspaper reporter, film/drama critic,
Sam Egan Pic American journalist, television writer, producer,
Rachel Ehrenfeld Pic Israeli-born American author, columnist, 
Eric Ehrmann Pic American columnist, author, essayist, blogger,
Jill Eisenstadt Pic American novelist, journalist,
Jesse Eisinger Pic American journalist, financial repoprter, ???
Marcus Eliason Pic American columnist,    AP
Philip Elmer-DeWitt Pic American journalist, writer, editor,
Steven Emerson Pic American investigative journalist, terrorism expert,
Edward Jay Epstein Pic American investigative journalist,
Israel Epstein Pic Polish-born American journalist, author, Minister in Chinese Soviet Republic,
Jason Epstein Pic American editor, publisher,
Melech Epstein Belarusian-born American journalist, historian, Yiddish writers,
Bonnie Erbe Pic American journalist, television host, blogger,   
Richard Erdoes Pic Austrian-born American author, journalist, editor, illustrator,
Steven Erlanger Pic American journalist,
Dan Fagin Pic American journalist,
Lisa Falkenberg Pic American columnist,
Bernard Fall Pic Austrian-born American war correspodent, historian, political scientist,
Susan Faludi Pic American journalist, author,
Barry Farber Pic American journalist, talk show host,
Celia Farber Pic American journalist, author,
Alessandra Farkas Pic Italian-born American journalist, writer,
Jon Fasman Pic American mistery author, journalist,
Bruce Feiler Pic American journalist, author, 
John Feinstein Pic American sportswriter, commentator,
Barbara Feldman Pic American columnist, internet guru,
Gizelle Fernandez Pic Mexican-born American television journalist, (Jewish mother)
Jimmie Fidler Pic American gossip columnist, radio/television personality,
Howard Fineman Pic American chief political columnist, Newsweek
Louis Fischer HW Pic American journalist, biographer,
Hal Fishman Pic American television news anchor, television journalist,
Carrie Fisher RWF HW Pic American actress, screenwriter, novelist (Jewish father),
Charles Flato American writer, soviet agent,
Joshua Foer Pic American journalist,   
Luke Ford Pic Australian-born American porn gossip columnist, journalist, blogger, (convert to Judaism),
Jonathan Foreman Pic British-born American journalist, film critic,
Emma Forest Pic British-born American journalist, novelist, screenwriter,
Sylvan Fox Pic American journalist,
Dave Frankel Pic American journalist, weather, news anchor,
Glenn Frankel Pic American journalist,
Max Frankel Pic German-born American journalist, executive editor,  The New Yorl Times
Seth Frantzman Pic American journalist, writer,
Jonathan Freedman Pic American journalist, ExLink
Samuel Freedman Pic American author, journalist,
Aaron Freeman Pic American journalist, stand up comedian, author, cartoonist, blogger, (convert to Judaism)
Hadley Freeman Pic American British journalist,
Esther Friedman Lederer Pic American advice columnist,     Ann Landers
Pauline Friedman Pic American advice columnist,     Dear Abby Pic
Thomas Friedman RWF HW Pic American journalist, columnist, author, NY Times
Jane Friedman Pic American columnist, CNN
Fred Friendly Pic American radio/television journalist, media executive,     
Paula Froelich Pic American columnist, author,
Dan Froomkin Pic American journalist, blogger,
David Frum HW Pic Canadian-born American speechwriter, journalist, author,
Dorothy Fuldheim Pic American journalist, television anchor,
Neal Gabler Pic American author, journalist, political commentator,
Frank Gaffney, Jr HW Pic American columnist, editor, politician,
Jamie Gangel Pic American television journalist,
Jim Gardner Pic American journalist, news anchor,
Bob Garfield Pic American journalist,
Adam Garfinkle Pic American journalist, editor, political scientist, speechwriter,
Marvin Garson Pic American journalist,
Robert Gary HW Pic American Israeli journalist,
John Gates Pic American communist journalist,
Leslie Gelb Pic American journalist,
Martha Gellhorn HW Pic American journalist, novelist, travel writer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother)
Barton Gellman Pic American journalist, ExLink
Michael Gerson Pic American columnist, speechwriter for George Bush 2001-06, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Keith Gessen Pic Russian-born American novelist, journalist, editor,
Masha Gessen RWF HW Pic Russian-born American journalist, author,
Jeffrey Gettleman Pic American journalist,
Ira Gitler HW Pic American jazz historian, music critic, journalist,
Brooke Gladstone Pic American journalist, media analyst,
Stephen Glass Pic American reporter, The New Republic
Lauren Glassberg Pic American journalist, television anchor,   
James Glassman Pic American journalist, author,
Nathan Glazer RWE HW Pic American sociologist, journalist, editor, American sociologist, journalist, editor,
Owen Gleiberman Pic American journalist, film critic,
Daniel Goleman RWF HW Pic American author, psychologist, science journalist,
Jonathan Gold Pic American journalist, food critic,
Mike Gold Pic American author, literary critic, columnist,
Bernard Goldberg Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father)
Jeffrey Goldberg HW Pic American journalist, author, 
Jonah Goldberg Pic American commentator, author, (Jewish father)
Michelle Goldberg Pic American journalist, author, 
Tod Goldberg Pic American journalist, author, 
Paul Goldberger Pic American architecture critic,
Daniel Golden Pic American journalist,
Amy Goldin Pic American art critic, journalist,
Adam Goldman Pic American journalist,
Ari Goldman Pic American journalist, scholar,
Francisco Goldman Pic American novelist, journalist, (Jewish father)
Stuart Goldman Pic American literary critic, journalist, author, screenwriter,
Bianna Golodryga Pic Moldovan-born American reporter (ABC News) ExLink
Amy Goodman Pic American broadcast journalist, author,
Ellen Goodman Pic American writer, journalist,
Adam Gopnik Pic American writer, essayist, journalist, commentator,
Julia Gorin Pic Russian-born American writer, political commentator, journalist,
Philip Gourevitch Pic American author, journalist,
Sheilah Graham Westbrook Pic British-born American entertainer, writer, gossip columnist, actress, ExLink
Carl Greenberg Pic American newspaper reporter,
Clement Greenberg RWF HW Pic American art critic, art colector,  
Mike Greenberg Pic American televsion anchor and host of ESPN
Paul Greenberg Pic American journalist,
Peter Greenberg Pic American journalist,
Melissa Greene Pic American journalist, author,  
Cat Greenleaf Pic American actress, television journalist,
Bettina Gregory Pic American news anchor, ExLink
David Gregory Pic American journalist, news anchor, (Jewish father)
Dan Greenburg Pic American author, screenwriter, journalist,
Melissa Fay Greene American journalist, author,
Jeff Greenfield Pic American senior political analyst, 
Larry Greenfield Pic American publc intelectual, political commentator, columnist,
Meg Greenfield Pic American columnist, editional writer, Washington Post
Linda Greenhouse Pic American journalist,
Hank Greenspun Pic American publisher of Las Vegas Sun
Daniel Gross Pic American journalist, author,
Terry Gross Pic American journalist, radio reporter,
Lev Grossman RWF Pic American writer, journalist,
Loyd Grossman Pic British American television presenter, journalist,
Ruth Gruber HW Pic American journalist, photographer, writer, government official,
Bryant Gumbel Pic American television journalist, sportscaster, (Jewish descent 3/32)
Mel Gussow Pic American journalist, theater/movie critic,
Edwin Guthman Pic American journalist,
Roy Gutman Pic American journalist, author,
Leon Hadar Pic American journalist, global affairs analyst, author,
Emily Hahn Pic American journalist, author,
Roya Hakakian HW Pic Iranian-born American poet, journalist, writer,
David Halberstam HW Pic American Vietnam reporter, historian,
Mark Halperin Pic American journalist, editor, polytical analyst,
Dan Harris Pic American journalist, co-anchor of Good Morning America,
Lynn Harris Pic American feminist journalist, essayist, author,
Radie Harris Pic American journalist, columnist,
Sydney Harris Pic British-born American journalist, ExLink
Fruma Harrop Pic American journalist, columnist, author,
David Harsanyi Pic American columnist,  
Ben Hecht RWF HW Pic American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, journalist,
John Heilpern Pic American journalist, author, drama critic,
Richard Heinberg Pic American journalist, writer,   
Andrew Heinze Pic American historian, journalist, author, playwright,
Steven Heller Pic American art director, journalist, critic, author, editor,
Mark Hellinger Pic American theater critic, reviewer, journalist, film producer,
Mark Helprin Pic American novelist, journalist,
Nat Hentoff HW Pic American historian, jazz critic, columnist,
Seymour Hersh RWF HW Pic American journalist, author,
Daniel Hertzberg Pic American journalist,
Hendrik Hertzberg Pic American commentator, (Jewish father),
Noreena Hertz Pic American economist, journalist, author,
Michael Hirsh Pic American journalist, editor,  
Charles Hirshberg Pic American journalist, sportswriter, 
David E. Hoffman Pic American journalist, autor, editor,
Euny Hong Pic American journalist, author, (half Jewish)
Ami Horowitz Pic American media personality, filmmaker,
David Horowitz RWF HW Pic American neoconservative writer, historian, social activist,
Sari Horwitz Pic American journalist,
Tony Horwitz Pic American journalist, author,
Margo Howard Pic American advice columnist, writer,
Jan Lisa Huttner Pic American film critic, journalist, activist,
Abraham Hyatt Pic American journalist,
Julia Ioffe Pic Russian-born American journalist, blogger,
Michael Isikoff Pic American investigative journalist,
Benjamin Ivry Pic American journalist, biographer, translator,
Andrew Jacobs Pic American journalist,
Arnold Jacobs, Jr Pic American journalist, author,
Jeff Jacoby Pic American columnist, Boston Globe
Louis Jaffe Pic American journalist, editor,     
Eliot Janeway Pic American economist, journalist, author,
Dana Jennings Pic American journalist, editor, music writer, (convert to Judaism)
Geri Joseph Pic American journalist, diplomat,
Matthew Josephson Pic American social historian, author, journalist,
Jackie Judd Pic American correspondent, VP Liser Family Foundation ABC ExLink
John Judis Pic American journalist, editor,
Sebastian Junger Pic American author, journalist,
Pauline Kael Pic American film critic, writer,
Donald Kagan RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American historian of ancient greek, journalist,
Daryn Kagan Pic American host of CNN Live Today, CNN Live Today
Kimberly Kagan RWF HW Pic American military historian, journalist,
Robert Kagan RWF HW Pic Greek-born American historian, political scientist, journalist,
Albert Kahn American journalist, spy,
Ely Kahn, Jr American journalist, writer,
Joseph Kahn Pic American journalist,
Bernard Kalb Pic American journalist, author, media critic,
Marvin Kalb RWF Pic American journalist, ExLink
Kathi Kamen Goldmark Pic American author, columnist, radio music producer, songwriter, musician,
Blair Kamin Pic American journalist, architecture critic,
Henry Kamm Pic German/Polish-born American journalist,  
Larry Kane Pic American journalist, television personality, television anchor,  
Peter Kann Pic American journalist, editor, businessman.
Joseph Nathan Kane Pic American non-fiction writer, journalist,
Jodi Kantor Pic American journalist, editor,
Fred Kaplan Pic American author, journalist,
James Kaplan Pic American journalist, novelist, biographer,
Robert Kaplan Pic American journalist,
Herb Kaplow Pic American television news correspondent,
Mickey Kaus Pic American journalist, pundit, author,
Max Kase Pic American newspaper writer, editor,
Sara Kessler Pic American TV anchor, health reporter,
Ronald Kessler Pic American journalist, author, historian,    ExLink
Richard Kindleberger Pic American newspaper reporter, editor,
John King Pic American journalist, television reporter, anchor, (convert to Judaism)
Larry King HW Pic American broadcaster, host of Larry King Live, Larry King Live
Michael Kinsley Pic American journalist, commentator, television host,
Jonathan Kirsch Pic biblical scholar, columnist, attorney,
James Kirchick Pic American reporten, foreign correspondent, columnist,
Aaron Klein HW Pic American journalist, radio talk show host,
Edward Klein Pic American columnist, biographer, editor,
Joe Klein Pic American journalist, columnist, author,
Pablo Kleinman Pic Argentine-born American journalist, entrepreneur,
Jeffrey Kluger Pic American science writer, journalist,
Richard Kluger Pic American journalist, publisher, author,
Hank Klibanoff Pic American journalist, editor,
Beth Kobliner Pic American journalist, financial commentator,
David Kocieniewski Pic American journalist, ???
Suzy Kolber Pic American football reporter, anchor of  ESPN ABC sports
Elizabeth Kolbert Pic American journalist, author,
Mort Kondracke Pic American political commentator, journalist, 
Andrea Koppel Pic American journalist,  (Jewish father)
Ted Koppel Pic British-born American journalist, anchorman of ABC's Nightline
Anne Kornblut Pic American journalist,
Jesse Kornbluth Pic American journalist, 
Tony Kornheiser Pic American journalist, sportswriter, talk show host,
George Korson Pic Ukrainian-born American journalist, folklorist, historian,
Samuel Krafsur TASS journalist, soviet agent,
Joseph Kraft American columnist,
Rachel Kramer Bussel Pic American author, columnist, editor,
Michael Krasny Pic American editor, talk show host,
Paul Krassner Pic American satirist, journalist, stand-up comedian,
Charles Krauthammer RWF HW Pic American neo-conservative columnist, political commentator, Washington Post
Bernard Krisher Pic German-born American journalist,
Irving Kristol RWF HW Pic American journalist, founder of neoconservatism,
William Kristol HW Pic American neoconservative commentator, political analyst,
Arthur Krock Pic American journalist,
Brooke Kroeger Pic American columnist, UPI
Jonathan Krohn Pic American journalist, writer, (Jewish mother)
Paul Krugman RWF HW Pic American economist, columnist, Nobel Prize (2008)  The New York Times
Alex Kuczynski Pic Peruvian-born American journalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Lawrence Kudlow Pic American economic commentator, journalist, 
Irv Kupcinet Pic American columnist, broadcast personality, sportswriter, ExLink
Mark Kurlansky Pic American journalist, writer,
Howard Kurtz Pic American journalist, author, media critic,
Rose Kushner Pic American journalist,
Robert Kuttner Pic American economist, journalist, founder co-editor of The American Prospect
Lucette Lagnado Pic Egyptian-born American journalist, memorist,
Saul Landau Pic American author, documentary filmmaker, journalist,
Ann Landers Pic American advice columnist, psychologist, 
Steve Langford Pic American journalist,
Joseph Lash Pic American journalist, biographer, ExLink
Matt Lauer RWF Pic American television journalist, news anchor, (Jewish father)
William Laurence Pic Lithuanian-born American journalist, ExLink
Bernard Lefkowitz Pic American author, sociologist, journalist,
Jonah Lehrer Pic American author, journalist, blogger,
Mark Leibovich Pic American journalist, author,
Liel Leibovitz Pic Israeli-born American journalist, author, media critic, video game scholar,
Joseph Lelyveld Pic American journalist, executive editor,
Nicholas Lemann Pic American journalism scholar, editor, author,   
Max Lerner Pic Russian-born American journalist, 
Sam Levenson Pic American humorist, writer, television host, journalist,
Rick Leventhal Pic American television reporter, correspodent, aviator,
Bob Levey Pic American political columnist, media analyst, ExLink
Stanley Levey American journalist, ???
Alan Levin Pic American  documentary filmmaker, journalist,
Jay Levin Pic American journalist, editor, 
Mark Levin Pic American radio talk show host,
Don Levine Pic American journalist, writer,
Irving Levine RWF Pic American journalist, broadcast news analyst,
Isaac Levine Russian-born American journalist, writer,
Mark Levine Pic American journalist, television talk show host, radio personality, politician,
Ariel Levy Pic American journalist, author, editor,
Steve Levy Pic American journalist,
Steven Levy Pic American science journalist, blogger,
Anthony Lewis Pic American journalist, columnist, writer, New York Times
Flora Lewis Pic American columnist, ExLink New York Times
Eric Lichtblau Pic American journalist,
Ron Lieber Pic American journalist, columnist,
A.J. Liebling Pic American sports author, biographer, media critic,
Charles Liesman American television journalist,
Phil Lipof Pic American television journalist, television anchor,   
Walter Lippmann RWF Pic American journalist, writer, political commentator,
Eric Lipton Pic American journalist,    ExLink
Lawrence Lipton Pic Polish-born American journalist, writer, beat poet,
Dahlia Lithwick Pic Canadian-born American journalist, editor,  
Robert Littel Pic American journalist, writer,
Mark London Williams Pic American author, playwright, journalist,
Brian Lowe Pic American journalist, 
Roger Lowenstein Pic American financial journalist,
Arthur Lubow Pic American journalist, blogger,
Anthony Lukas Pic American author, journalist,
Joan Lunden RWC Pic American journalist, author, television host, (convert to Judaism)
Ranan Lurie HW Pic Israeli American cartoonist, journalist,
Eugene Lyons Pic Belarusian-born American journalist,  
Leonard Lyons Pic American columnist,  
Janet Malcolm Pic Czech-born American journalist, writer,
Morris Mandel Pic Polish-born American educator, journalist,
Stewart Mandel Pic American sportswriter, journalist,
Josh Mankiewicz Pic American journalist,
Frank Mankiewicz Pic American journalist,
David Maraniss Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) ExLink
Dave Marash Pic American television journalist, television news anchor,
Ruth Marcus RWC Pic American journalist, columnist,
Eric Margolis Pic American-born Canadian journalist, (Jewish father)
Bill Marimow Pic American journalist,   
Lester Markel Pic American journalist, editor, ExLink
John Markoff Pic American writer, journalist,
Joshua Marshall Pic American political journalist, writer,
Judith Martin Pic American journalist, author,
Kati Marton Pic Hungarian-born American journalist, author,
Janet Maslin Pic American journalist, literary/music critic,
Art Max American columnist, AP
Clifford May Pic American columnist, magazine editor,
Jane Mayer Pic American investigative journalst, writer, (Jewish father)
Milton Mayer Pic American journalist,   
Joseph Mazur Pic American mathematician, science journalist,
Bill Mazer Pic Ukrainian-born American sportscaster,
Megan McArdle Pic American journalist,  blogger,
James McBride HW Pic American journalist, writer, saxophonist, composer, (Jewish mother)
Liandra Medine Pic American author, fashion blogger, journalist,
Samuel Melamed HW Lithuanian-born American journalist,   
Daniel Mendelsohn RWF HW Pic American author, journalist, critic,
Suzy Menkes Pic British-born American fashion reporter, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism)
Ilana Mercer Pic South African-born American columnist, writer, blogger,
Harold Meyerson Pic American journalist, editor,     
Al Michaels Pic American television sportscaster,
Dana Milbank Pic American political reporter, columnist,
Judith Miller RWE HW Pic American journalist, (Jewish father) The New York Times
Donna Minkowitz Pic American journalist, writer,
Andrea Mitchell Pic American journalist, television commentator, writer,
Seth Mnookin Pic American writer, journalist,
Dick Morris Pic American journalist, political author,
Hamilton Morris Pic American journalist, science editor,
Walter Mossberg Pic American journalist, technology writer, Exlink
Nina Munk Pic Canadian-born American journalist, non-fiction author, 
Barney Nagler Pic American sports journalist, author, ExLink
Adam Nagourney Pic American journalist,    
Victor Navasky Pic American journalist, editor, (Jewish mother) ExLink
Long John Nebel Pic American talk radio show host,
Marty Nemko Pic American career coach, author, columnist,
Ron Nessen Pic American journalist, White House Press Secretary 1974-77 Ford ExLink
Rich Newberg Pic American television journalist, news anchor,  
Jack Newfield Pic American journalist, writer,
Annalee Newitz Pic American journalist, writer,
Edwin Newman Pic American journalist, writer, television anchor,
Rachel Nichols Pic American sportswriter, broadcaster,
Mordecai Noah HW Pic American playwright, diplomat, journalist, 
Timothy Noah Pic American journalist, (Jewish father)
Henry Norr Pic American technology journalist,
Robert Novak Pic American journalist, television commentator,
Zack O'Malley Greenburg Pic American writer, journalist, editor, child author, (Jewish father)
John Bertram Oakes Pic American journalist, editor,
Marvin Olasky Pic American journalist, madazine editor, political writer, World Magazine
Murray Olderman Pic American sports journalist, cartoonist, author, ExLink
Moissaye Joseph Olgin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American writer, journalist, translator,  
Andres Oppenheimer Pic Argentine-born American journalist,
Peggy Orenstein Pic American writer, journalist,   
Deborah Orin Pic American journalist,
Norman Ornstein Pic American political scientist, columnist, Usa Today
Simon Ostrovsky Pic Russian-born Ameican journalist, director, producer,
Harvey Ovshinsky Pic American documentary filmmaker, journalist,
George Packer Pic American journalist, novelist, playwright, (Jewish father) ExLink
David Pakman Pic Argentine-born American journalist, radio personality,
Kathleen Parker Pic American columnist,
Louella Parsons Pic American gossip columnist, screenwriter,
Mark Patinkin Pic American author, columnist,   
Michael Paulson Pic American journalist,
Daniel Pearl RWF HW Pic American journalist,
Steven Pearlstein Pic American columnist,
Arlene Peck Pic American columnist, ExLink
Seymour Peck American journalist,
Jeff Pegues Pic American news correspondent,
Kira Peikoff Pic American novelist, journalist,
Daniella Peled Pic American journalist,
Ron Pemstein American columnist, Voice of America
Rick Perlstein Pic American historian, journalist,
Mike Pesca Pic American radio journalist,
Joan Peters HW Pic American journalist, news producer, author,  
Andrea Peyser Pic Israeli-born American columnist, 
Pauline Phillips Pic American advice columnist,
Tappy Phillips Pic American news correspondent,
William Phillips Pic American journalist, writer, literary critic, publisher,
Daniel Pipes RWF HW Pic American neoconservative columnist, author,
David Plotz Pic American journalist,
John Podhoretz HW Pic American conservative columnist, political analyst,
Maralyn Polak Pic American columnist, screenwriter, poet, documentary filmmaker,
Kenneth Pollack Pic CIA analyst NY Times New Yorker NY Times New Yorker
Michael Pollan HW Pic American journalist, journalism teacher,
Andy Pollin Pic American radio personality, journalist,
Katha Pollitt Pic American feminist writer, journalist, (Jewish mother)
Sylvia Porter Pic American columnist, economist,    JVL
Gerald Posner Pic American investigative journalist,
Virginia Postrel Pic American journalist, writer, (convert to Judaism)
Maury Povich Pic American television show host,
Lynn Povich Pic American journalist,  
Shirley Povich Pic American sportswriter, journalist,
Dennis Prager HW Pic American columnist, talk show host, public speaker, author,
Joshua Prager Pic American reporter, journalist, historian,
Nomi Prins Pic American author, journalist, 
Joseph Pulitzer RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American journalist, founder of Pulitzer Publishing,    Jinfo RWN
Joseph Pulitzer, Jr Pic Amertican newspaper publisher, Jinfo
Scott Raab Pic American author, journalist, 
Nathan Rabin Pic American film/music critic,
Dorothy Rabinowitz Pic American journalist, commentator,   
Daniel Radosh Pic American journalist, blogger,
George Rajna Pic American journalist, blogger, travel writer, guitarist,
David Rakoff Pic Canadian-born American journalist, essayist, actor, comedian,
Alex Raksin Pic American journalist,
Sally Raphael Pic American talk show host, television personality,
Richard Rashke Pic American journalist, teacher, author,
A. H. Raskin Canadian-born American reporter, editor, ExLink
Ellen Ratner Pic American news analyst,
Dan Raviv Pic American journalist, radio personality,
Guy Raz Pic American radio journalist, talk radio host,
Bernard Redmont Pic American journalist,
Tom Reiss RWF Pic American journalist, author,
David Remnick RWF Pic American journalist, writer, magazine editor,  The New Yorker 
Frank Rich Pic American columnist, critic, The New York Times
Dena Richardson Pic American journalist, media personality,
Victor Riesel Pic American journalist, labor unions,
Bill Ritter Pic American journalist, television news anchor,
Craig Rivera Pic American television journalist/reporter, producer, (Jewish mother)
Geraldo Rivera HW Pic American television journalist, (Jewish mother)
Steven Roberts Pic American journalist, writer, commentator,
Suzanne Roberts Pic American poet, travel writer, photographer, (Jewish father)
Alexandra Robbins Pic American investigative journalist, author,
Corey Robin Pic American political theorist, journalist, political scientist,
Lester Rodney Pic American journalist, sportswriter,    
Alison Rogers Pic American journalist, real estate agent,
Anne Roiphe Pic American writer, journalist,   
Betty Rollin Pic American journalist, television personality, author, NBC News
Jim Rome Pic American sports radio talk show host,
Nir Rosen Pic American journalist,
Edith Rosenbaum Pic American fashion writer, journalist, stylist,
Ron Rosenbaum Pic American journalist, author, historian,
Carol Rosenberg Pic American journalist,
Daniel Rosenberg Pic American journalist, record producer,
Matthew Rosenberg Pic American journalist,
Shmarya Rosenberg Pic American blogger, reporter, journalist,
Sid Rosenberg Pic American radio personality, journalist,
Tina Rosenberg Pic American journalist, author,
Roger Rosenblatt Pic American columnist, essayist, playwright, ExLink
Mort Rosenblum Pic American author, editor, journalist,
Harry Rosenfeld Pic German-born American newspaper editor,
Paul Rosenfeld Pic American journalist, music critic,
Stephen Rosenfeld American journalist, columnist, editor,
Tom Rosenstiel Pic American journalist, scholar, press critic,
Abe Rosenthal RWE HW Pic NY Times executive editor, columnist,
Andrew Rosenthal Pic American journalist, editor, columnist, The New York Times,
Jack Rosenthal American associated editor, New York Times,
Phil Rosenthal Pic American columnist,
Edward Rosewater Pic Czech-born American journalist,
Hanna Rosin Pic Israeli-born American journalist, author,
Henry Rosner Pic American journalist, policy researcher,
Andrew Ross Sorkin Pic American business journalist,  author,
Jeff Rossen Pic American television journalist,
Richard Roth Pic American journalist, CNN
Alissa Rubin Pic American journalist,
James Rubin HW Pic American news journalist, asssistant under Clinton,
Jennifer Rubin HW Pic American journalist, blogger,
Seth Rudetsky Pic American journalist, actor, television personality, screenwriter,
Louis Rukeyser Pic American business columnist, commentator, television personality,
Merryle Rukeyser Pic American financial journalist,    
William Rukeyser Pic American business journalist, managing editor,
Douglas Rushkoff Pic American writer, columnist,   
Joseph Ruttenberg RWF Pic Russian-American photojournalist, cinematographer,
John Sack Pic American journalist,
William Safire RWF Pic American writer, journalist, presidential speechwriter,
William Saletan Pic American columnist,
Paul Salopek Pic American journalist, writer,
Marlene Sanders Pic American journalist,
Sydney Schanberg Pic American journalist, editor,
Robert Scheer Pic American journalist, writer, (Jewish mother)
Stacy Schiff Pic American author, columnist, historian, JA
Anya Schiffrin Pic American journalist, academic,
Willi Schlamm Austrian American journalist,
Abdallah Schleifer Pic American journalism scholar,
Robert Schlesinger Pic American journalist, blogger, (great Jewish paternal grandfather)
Eric Schlosser HW Pic American journalist,
Debbie Schlussel Pic American conservative columnist, radio talk show host,
Daniel Schorr Pic American journalist, senior news analyst,
Kathryn Schulz Pic American journalist, writer, blogger,
Stephen Schwartz Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) (convert to Islam)
A.O. Scott Pic American journalist, film critic, (Jewish mother)
Barbara Seaman Pic American journalist, author, activist,  
George Seldes Pic American investigative journalist, media critic, author,
Daniel Seligman Pic American journalist, writer, editor,
Gene Shalit Pic American film/literary critic, 
Ruth Shalit Pic American writer, journalist,
Ari Shapiro Pic American radio journalist, 
Ben Shapiro Pic American political columnist, author, radio talk show host,
Jeff Sharlett Pic American journalist, author,
William Shawn Pic American magazine editor,
Susan Sheehan Pic Austrian-born American journalist,
Israel Shenker Pic American scholar, reporter,
Jeff Shero Pic American journalist , publisher, ExLink Nightbyrd
Lynn Sherr Pic American television journalist, author,
David Shipler RWF Pic American author, journalist,
Amity Shlaes Pic American author, journalist,
Miriam Shomer Zunser Pic American journalist, playwright, artist,
Joan Shorenstein Pic American journalist, news producer,
Anatole Shub Pic Russian American author, journalist, researcher, public opinion analyst,
Judith Shulevitz Pic American journalist, editor, culture critic,
David Shuster Pic American television reporter/news anchor, 
Suzy Shuster Pic American journalist, broadcaster,
Alan Siegel Pic American businessman, CEO of Siegelvision, columnist,
Barry Siegel Pic American journalist,
Joel Siegel Pic American film critic, television journalist,
Robert Siegel Pic American radio journalist,
Henry Siegman Pic German-born American journalist, nonfiction writer, 
Robert Silvers RWF Pic American publisher, editor, The New York Review of Books,
Lauren Sivan Pic American television journalist,
Jack Silverstein American columnist, commentator,
Ken Silverstein Pic American journalist,
Bob Simon HW Pic American "CBS News" correspondent, CBS News
David Simon RWF Pic American journalist, television writer, producer,
Roger Simon Pic American columnist,
Scott Simon Pic American journalist, radio host, (Jewish father)
Lenore Skenazy Pic American columnist, journalist, raliry show host,
Sidney Skolsky Pic American columnist,
Amy Sohn Pic American columnist, author, screenwriter, 
Marcus Solis Pic American news reporter,
Deborah Solomon Pic American cultural critic, art critic, journalist, biographer,
Theodore Solotaroff Pic American author, editor, literary critic,
Steve Somers Pic American radio host,
Steven Sotloff Pic Ameican-born Israeli journalist,
Dave Spector Pic American journalist, television personality,
Josh Spiegel Pic American radio newscaster,
Art Spiegelman RWF HW Pic Swedish-American comic-book artist, creator of  Maus
John Spivak Pic American journalist, political writer,
Lawrence Spivak Pic American journalist, publisher,
Lesley Stahl Pic American television journalist, 60 Minutes
Susan Stamberg Pic American radio journalist,
Bernard Stein Pic American journalist, ExLink
Harry Stein Pic American journalist, author, editor,
Joel Stein Pic American columnist,  Time
Gloria Steinem RWF HW Pic American writer, journalist, feminist, (Jewish father)
Emil Steiner Pic American author, journalist,
Jacques Steinberg Pic American journalist, author,
Gloria Steinem RWF HW Pic American writer, journalist, feminist, (Jewish father)
Bret Stephens Pic Mexican-born American Israeli journalist,
Mitchell Stephens Pic American journalist, scholar,
Jared Paul Stern Pic American reporter, columnist,
Sol Stern Israeli-born American journalist, editor,
Alexandre Stille Pic American author, journalist,
Ugo Stille Pic Russian-born Italian American journalist,
Isidor Stone HW Pic American investigative journalist,
John Stossel Pic American investigative journalist, NBC News
Todd Strasser Pic American writer, journalist,
Jacob Sullum Pic American journalist, columnist,
Cyrus Sulzberger II Pic American journalist, author,
Ron Suskind Pic American investigative journalist, author,   
Barry Sussman Pic American editor, author, journalist, public opinion analyst,
Joel Swerdlow Pic American author, editor, journalist, researcher, educator,
Herbert Swope Pic American editor, journalist,
George Szamuely Pic Hungarian-born American columnist,
Jeff Tamarkin Pic American editor, author, historian, music journalist,
Jake Tapper HW Pic American journalist, cartoonist, (Jewish father, mother convert)
Ned Temko Pic British American journalist, newspaper editor,  
Glenn Thrush Pic American journalist, author,
Ken Timmerman Pic American journalist, author, ExLink
Chuck Todd HW Pic American polytical analyst, author, (Jewish mother)
Martin Tolchin Pic American author, journalist,
Ralph de Toledano Pic Moroccan-born American journalist, socialist,
Jeffrey Toobin Pic American journalist, legal writer, broadcast news analyst,
Nina Totenberg Pic American legal affairs correspondent, radio personality,
James Traub Pic American non-fiction writer, journalist,
Calvin Trillin Pic American journalist, humorist, novelist,
David Twersky HW Pic American journalist,
Sanford Ungar Pic American journalist, author, administrator,
Johannes Urzidil Pic Czech-born German American writer, poet, historian, journalist,
Chris Vanocur Pic American television journalist,
Sander Vanocur Pic American journalist,
Judith Viorst Pic American author, journalist, psychoanalysis researcher, 
Milton Viorst Pic American journalist, ExLink
David Vise Pic American journalist, ExLink
Chris Wallace Pic American journalist, television anchor,
Mike Wallace HW Pic American journalist, radio/television presenter,
John Wallach Pic American journalist, author, editor,
Barbara Walters RWF HW Pic American media personality, news anchor,
Jude Wanniski Pic American journalist,
Robin Washington Pic American journalist, filmmaker, (Jewish mother)
Bruno Wassertheil Pic American columnist, CBS
Ben Wattenberg Pic American columnist, speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson
Daniel Wattenberg Pic American journalist, singer/songwriter,
Sharon Waxman Pic American journalist, writer, blogger, ExLink
Peggy Wehmeyer Pic American journalist,
Tim Weiner Pic American journalist,
Gene Weingarten Pic American journalist, humor writer,  
Bernard Weinraub Pic American journalist, playwright,
James Weinstein Pic American journalist, historian, founder, editor of  In These Times ExLink
Jamie Weinstein Pic American political journalist, opinion commentator, satirist,
Jacob Weisberg Pic American journalist, editor, Slate
Lauren Weisberger RWF HW Pic American novelist, author, journalist,
Alan Weisman Pic American author, scholar, journalist,   
Charlie Weiss American columnist, Voice of America
Gary Weiss Pic American investigaing journalist, columnist, author,
Philip Weiss Pic American investigative journalist,
Steven Weiss Pic American journalist, blogger,
Carol Weld Pic American journalist, writer, (Jewish mother)
Marco Werman Pic American reporter, radio producer,
Joseph Wershba Pic American journalist,
David Wessel Pic American journalist,
Jerry Wexler RWF HW Pic American co-founder, partner of Atlantic Records,
Nathaniel Weyl Pic American journalist, economist, author,
Lally Weymouth Pic American journalist, editor (Jewish maternal grandfather)
David White French-born American journalist,
Theodore White Pic American political journalist, historan, novelist,
Jim Wieder Pic American television news journalist, anchor,
Ellen Willis Pic American political essayist, journalist, pop music critic,
Louis Wiley, Jr Pic American executive editor, PBS Frontline, ExLink
Robert Wilonsky Pic American journalist, film critic, host of Higher Definition,
Walter Winchell RWF HW Pic American newspaper/radio commentator, 
Marnie Winston-Macauley Pic American columnist, author, television writer,  
Esther Wojcicki Pic American journalist, educator,
Jenna Wolfe RWF Pic Jamaican-born American television journalist, anchor,
Michael Wolff Pic American author, essayist, journalist, columnist, biographer,
Leo Wollemborg Italian-born American writer, journalist,
Elizabeth Wurtzel Pic American writer, journalist,
Peter Wyden Pic German-born American journalist, author,
Lois Wyse Pic American advertising executive, author, columnist,
Gideon Yago Pic American reporter, news anchor for MTV, (Jewish father)
John Yarmuth HW Pic American journalist, politician,
Emily Yoffe Pic American journalist,
Cathy Young Pic Russian-born American journalist, writer,
Michael de Young Pic American journalist, publisher,
Larry Yudelson Pic American journalist, publisher,
Janine Zacharia Pic American journalist,
Jeffrey Zaslow Pic American journalist, columnist, author,
Robert Zelnick Pic American journalist, author, ABC News
Lester Ziffren Pic American screenwriter, journalist,
Marvin Zindler Pic American television journalist, television personality,
Sidney Zion Pic American writer, columnist,   
Mitchell Zuckoff Pic American journalist, author, scholar,
The American Jew as Journalist/pdf
Argentine Journalists //journArg
Marcos Aguinis RWC Pic Argentine writer, politician, journalist,
Pedro Brieger Pic Argentine journalist, sociologist,
Paloma Efron Pic Argentine radio/television journalist, jazz singer,
Pepe Eliaschev Pic Argentine journalist, writer,
Manuela Fingueret Pic Argentine writer, educator, journalist,
David Kraiselburd Pic Argentine lawyer, publisher,
Andy Kusnetzoff Pic Argentine journalist, television host/producer,
Andres Neuman Pic Argentine writer, poet, translator, columnist, blogger, (Jewish father)
Julio Nudler Pic Argentine economic journalist,
Dujovne Ortiz Pic Argentine writer, journalist,
Mauro Czeta Pic Argentine journalist,
Jacobo Timmerman Pic Argentine journalist,
Horacio Verbitsky Pic Argentine journalist, author,
Australian Journalists //journAus
Dvir Abramovich Pic Israeli-born Australian columnist, editor,
Louise Adler Pic French-born  Australian publisher, radio journalist,
Ita Buttrose Pic Australian journalist, businesswoman, magazine editor, (Jewish maternal great grandfather)
Leslie Cannold Pic American-born Australian author, columnist, activist, public intellectual,
Andrew Denton Pic Australian journalist, comedian, television presenter,
Ella Finkel Pic Australian science journalist,
Mia Freedman Pic Australian journalist, columnist, author, blogger, media consultant,
Michael Gawenda Pic Australian journalist, editor 1997-2004 of The Age,
Joe Hildebrand Pic Australian journalist,
Ramona Koval Pic Australian broadcaster, writer, journalist,
Sam Lipski Pic Australian journalist,
Antony Loewenstein Pic Australian journalist, author, blogger,
Stan Marks Pic British-born Australian writer, journalist,
Imre Salusinszky Pic Hungarian-born Australian journalist,
Austrian Journaists //journAus
Emma Adler Pic Hungarian-born Austrian journalist, writer, translator,
Karl Ausch Pic Austrian economist, journalist, editor,
Friedrich Austerlitz Czech-born Austrian journalist, politician,
Ilse Maria Aschner Pic Austrian journalist,
David Josef Bach Pic Polish-Ukrainian-born Austrian journalist, linguist, philosopher, mathematician,  
Emilie Bach Pic Chech-born Austrian artist, journalist,
Eduard Bacher Pic Czech-born Austrian journalist, jurist,
Hugo Bettauer RWF Pic Austrian writer, journalist,
Anton Bettelheim Pic Austrian critic, journalist,
Felix Braun Pic Austrian art historian, playwright, literary critic, journalist,  
Alfred Deutsch-German Pic Austrian journalist, playwright, screenwriter, film director,
Alfred Fried RWF HW Pic Austrian pacifist, journalist, co-founder of German peace movement, Nobel Prize (1911) RWN
Egon Friedell RWF Pic Austrian philosopher, historian, journalist, writer, theater critic, actor,
Heinrich Friedjung Pic Czech-born Austrian historian, journalist, politician,   
Seligmann Heller Czech-born Austrian poet, journalist,
Theodor Hertzka HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian journalist,
Robert Jungk Pic German-born Austrian writer, journalist, futurologist,
Egon Kisch RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, journalist, RWJ
Anton Kuh Pic Austrian journalist, essayist,
Leo Lania Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian journalist,  playwright, screenwriter,
Robert Lucas Austrian writer, journalist,
Karl Pfeifer Pic Austrian journalist,
Willi Schlamm Austrian American journalist,
Ignaz Schnitzer RWF Pic Hungarian-born Austrian writer, journalist, translator, librettist, newspaper founder,
Friedrich Schutz Austrian journalist, editor, writer,
Johannes Mario Simmel Pic Austrian screenwriter, novelist, journalist, (Jewish father)
Moritz Saphir RWF Pic Austrian satirical writer, journalist,
Danielle Spera RWC Pic Austrian journalist, curator, television presenter, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism)
Hilde Spiel Pic Austrian writer, journalist,
Moritz Szeps RWF Pic Austrian journalist, newspaper owner,  
Brazilian Journalists //journBra
Claudio Abramo Pic Brazilian journalist,
Nelson Ascher Pic Brazilian poet, translator, journalist,
Rafinha Bastos Pic Brazilian actor, comedian, journalist, television personality,
Marcelo Samuel Berman Pic Brazilian theoretical physicist, journalist,
Pedro Bial Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter, producer, director, writer,
Caio Blinder Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter,
Otto Carpeaux Pic Austrian-born Brazilian literary/musical critic, journalist,historian, (Jewish father)
Boris Casoy Pic Brazilian journalist, news anchor,
Renata Ceribeli Pic Brazilian newscaster, publicist, journalist,
Victor Civita Pic Brazilian journalist, publisher, (Jewish father)
Gilberto Dimenstein Pic Brazilian journalist,
Alberto Dines Pic Brazilian journalist,
Luis Favre Pic Argentine-born Brazilian journalist, political activist,
Alon Feurerwerker Pic Brazilian journalist,
Victor Grinbaum Pic Brazilian journalist, broadcaster, 
Serginho Groisman Pic Brazilian journalist, actor,  director, host,
Vladimir Herzog Pic Croatian-born Brazilian journalist, teacher, playwright,
Patricia Kogut Pic Brazilian journalist,
Marcos Losekann Pic Brazilian journalist, writer,  
Lucas Mendes Pic Brazilian journalist, television presenter,  
Cintia Moscovich Pic Brazilian journalist, writer,  
Arnaldo Niskier HW Pic Brazilian journalist, writer,  
Joyce Pascowitch Pic Brazilian journalist, social columnist,
Patricia Poeta Pic Brazilan newscaster, journalist,
Marcia Peltier Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter,
Cristina Prochaska Pic Brazilian actress, journalist,  
Cora Ronai Pic Brazilian journalist,
Carlos Sardenberg Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter,  
Solomon Schvartzman Brazilian journalist,
Nahum Sirotsky Pic Brazilian journalist,
Jaime Spitzcovsky Pic Brazilian journalist, editor,  
Leila Sterenberg Pic Brazilian journalist, television presenter,  
Samuel Wainer RWF Pic Moldovan-born Brazilian journalist,
British Journalists //journBr
David Aaronovitch Pic British journalist, broadcaster, author,
Sir Kenneth Adam Pic German-born British journalist, broadcasting executive, 
Barbara Amiel Pic British Canadian journalist, writer, socialite,
Neal Ascherson Pic British journalist, writer,
Emma Barnett Pic British journalist, broadcaster,
Nora Beloff Pic British journalist, political writer,
Abraham Benisch Czech-born British journalist, editor, translator,
Chaim Bermant Pic Latvian-born British journalist, author,
Ralph Blumenfeld Pic American-born British journalist, editor, Daily Express, Daily Express
Simon Blumenfeld Pic British columnist, author, playwright, theater critic, editor,
Caryl Brahms Pic British writer, critic, journalist,
Sir Samuel Brittan Pic British journalist, author, economist, ExLink
Alex Brummer Pic British journalist, editor, author,
Ian Buruma RWF Pic Dutch-born British journalist, writer, historian,(Jewish mother)
Sarah Caplin Pic British producer, television executive,
Jo Coburn Pic British journalist, presenter,
Benjamin Cohen Pic British journalist, television presenter,
Mike Cohen Pic British journalist,
Nick Cohen Pic British journalist, author, political commentator, blogger, (Jewish father)
Jonathan Coleman Pic British-born Australian television personality,  
Giles Coren Pic British columnist, food critic,
Victoria Coren Pic British journalist, poker player, presenter,
Frances Crook Pic British journalist, television personality,
Peter David Pic British journalist,
Nick Denton Pic British-born journalist, editor,internet entrepreneur, (Jewish mother) Gawker
Isaac Deutcsher RWF HW Pic Polish-born British historian, journalist, biographer,
Magenta Devine Pic British television presenter, journalist,  
John Diamond Pic British journalist,
Dan Eldon Pic British journalist, photographer, (Jewish father)
Martin Esslin Pic Hungarian-born British producer, playwright, journalist, translator, critic,
Oliver Finegold Pic British journalist,
Baron Daniel Finkelstein Pic British journalist, politician, editor,
Martin Fletcher Pic British journalist, broadcaster,
Emma Forrest Pic British-born journalist, novelist, screenwriter,
Jonathan Freedland Pic British journalist,
Michael Freedland Pic British biographer, journalist, broadcaster,
Noam Friedlander Pic British author, screenwriter, reviewer, columnist, biographer,
Sacha Gervasi RWF Pic British journalist, screenwriter, film director, (Jewish mother)
Kieron Gillen Pic British computer games/music journalist, comics author,
Adrian Goldberg Pic British journalist, radio/telvision presenter,
Vivien Goldman Pic British journalist, writer, musician,
David Goodhart Pic British journalist, commentator, author, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Geoffrey Goodman Pic British journalist, broadcaster, writer,
Jonny Gould Pic British journalist, broadcaster,
Muriel Gray Pic British journalist, novelist, television presenter,  
Felicity Green British fashion journalist, newspaper executive,
L.J. Greenberg Pic British journalist,
Tom Gross Pic British journalist, international affairs commentator,
James Harding Pic British journalist, editor,
Ernest Hart Pic British medical journalist, ophthamologist,
Zoe Heller RWF Pic British author, journalist, (Jewish father)
Christopher Hitchens RWF HW Pic British-born American author, journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother)
Peter Hitchens Pic British journalist, author, broadcaster,  (Jewish mother)
Leopold Hoffer Pic Hungarian-born British chess player, journalist,
Michael Jackson Pic British food journalist, author,
Baron Sydney Jacobson Pic South African-born British journalist, political commentator, editor,
Anatole Kaletsky Pic Russian-born British journalist, economist, ExLink
John Kampfner Pic British journalist, editor,
Ian Katz Pic South African-born British journalist,
Martin Kelner Pic British journalist, comedian, author, radio presenter,
Peter Kellner Pic British journalist, political commentator, (Jewish father)
Simon Kelner Pic British journalist, newspaper editor, ExLink
Elena Lappin Pic British novelist, journalist,
Norman Lebrecht RWF Pic British journalist, novelist, music critic, radio personality,  
Ellie Levenson Pic British journalist, author,
Paul Levy Pic British author, journalist,
Martin Lewis Pic British journalist, television presenter, author, website entrepreneur,
Dominic Lawson Pic British journalist,
Sam Lesser Pic British journalist,
Bernard Levin Pic British journalist, author, television presenter, 
Maureen Lipman HW Pic British actress, comedian, columnist,
Mark Lowen Pic British journalist, television personality,
Robin Lustig Pic British journalist, broadcaster, TV presenter,
Uzi Mahnaimi Pic Israeli-born British journalist,
Emily Maitlis Pic British journalist, newscaster,
Simon Malley Pic Egyptian-born journalist,   
Olly Mann Pic British writer, presenter, gadget correspondent,
George Markstein Pic German-born British journalist, television producer, screenwriter,   
Mike Marqusee Pic American-born British writer, journalist, political activist,
Paul Mason Pic British journalist, broadcaster,
James Max Pic British journalist, television presenter,
Willy Meisl Pic Austrian-born British sports journalist, writer,   ExLink
Suzy Menkes Pic British-born American fashion reporter, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism)
Jenni Murray Pic British broadcaster, journalist,
Melissa Nathan Pic British journalist,
Charles Nove Pic British journalist, radio/television announcer,
Laurie Penny Pic British columnist, blogger, author, (half Jewish)
Robert Peston Pic British journalist, editor,  
Melanie Phillips HW Pic British journalist, author, playwright, radio personality,   
Hella Pick Pic Austrian-born British journalist,  
Eve Pollard Pic British journalist, editor,
Stephen Pollard Pic British journalist, author, editor,
Marjorie Proops Pic British advice columnist,
David Pryce-Jones Pic Austrian-born British journalist, commentator, author, (Jewish mother)
Richard Quest Pic British journalist, news anchor,
Kimberly Quinn Pic American British journalist, publisher,
Dina Rabinovitch Pic British journalist, writer,
Gideon Rachman Pic British journalist,
Anna Raeburn Pic British journalist, media psycholgy profieteer,
Claire Rayner Pic British nurse, journalist, broadcaster, novelist,
Jay Rayner Pic British journalist, writer, television presenter, food critic,
Gabrielle Rifkind Pic British journalist, psychotherapist, group analyst,
Nick Robinson Pic British journalist, editor, blogger,
Jon Ronson Pic British documentary filmmaker, journalist, author, radio presenter,
Jim Rose British intelligence officer, journalist, compaigner,
Simon Rose British screenwriter, journalist,
Jim Rosenthal Pic British TV sports journalist, presenter,
Andrew Roth Pic American-born British journalist, biographer,
Joshua Rozenberg HW Pic British legal commentator, journalist,
Malcolm Charles Salaman British author, journalist, critic, ExLink
Jonathan Self Pic British author, journalist, (Jewish mother)
Will Self Pic British novelist, journalist, television personality, (Jewish mother)
Leonard Setright Pic British journalist, author,   
Rachel Shabi Pic Israeli-born British journalist,
John Shaftesley British journalist,
David Shukman Pic British journalist, editor, (Jewish father)
Lucy Siegle Pic British journalist, writer, broadcaster,
Jon Sopel Pic British journalist, television presenter,
Fritz Spiegl Pic Austrian-born British musician, journalist, broadcaster, humorist,
Gladys Stern Pic British journast, literary critic, novelist, playwright,
Amanda Stretton Pic British racing driver, motoring journalist, television presenter,
Ned Temko Pic British American journalist, newspaper editor,  
Reva Unterman Pic British columnist, author,
John Ware Pic British television journalist,
Michael Wharton Pic British columnist,
Claudia Winkelman Pic British journalist, television presenter, radio personality,
David Winner Pic British writer, journalist,
Brian Winston Pic British journalist, media scholar,
Lucien Wolf Pic British journalist, historian,
Martin Wolf RWF Pic British journalist, editor, ExLink
Richard Wolffe Pic British-born American journalist,
Simon Yaffe British journalist,
Victor Zorza Pic Polish-born British journalist,
Canadian Journalists //journCan
Elie Abel Pic Canadian American journalist, author,
Barbara Amiel Pic British Canadian journalist, writer, socialite,
Sondra Gotlieb Pic Canadian journalist, novelist,
Cory Doctorow RWF HW Pic Canadian science fiction author, journalist, blogger,
Rebecca Eckler Pic Canadian journalist, author,
Danny Finkleman Pic Canadian journalist, radio host,
Barbara Frum Pic Canadian journalist, news anchor,
David Frum HW Pic Canadian-born American speechwriter, journalist, author,
Linda Frum Pic Canadian author, journalist, senator, 
Doris Giller Pic Canadian journalist, literary critic, editor,
Jamie Glazov Pic Russian-born Canadian journalist, (Jewisn father/maternal grandfather),
Ian Halperin Pic Canadian investigative journalist, biographer, ExLink
Andrew Heintzman Pic Canadian journalist, publisher, venture capitalist, The Walrus
Ariel Helwani Pic Canadian mix marital arts journalist,
George Jonas Pic Hungarian-born Canadian author, journalist,
Naomi Klein RWF HW Pic Canadian journalist, author, activist,
Michele Landsberg Pic Canadian writer, social activist, journalist,
Sue-Ann Levy Pic Canadian columnist,
Avi Lewis Pic Canadian television journalist, documentary filmmaker,
Ezra Levant Pic Canadian journalist, publisher, blogger,   
Neil Macdonald Pic Canadian journalist, (Jewish mother)
Jonathan Mann Pic Canadian television journalist,
Stephen Marche Pic Canadian novelist, columnist,
Eric Margolis Pic American-born Canadian journalist, (Jewish father) ExLink
Peter Newman Pic Austrian-born Canadian journalist, author,
Meyer Nurenberger Pic Polish-born Canadian journalist, author, publisher, editor,
Steve Paikin Pic Canadian broadcaster, film producer, author, news anchor,
Susan Pinker Pic Canadian psychologist, writer, journalist,
Judy Rebick Pic American-born Canadian activist, journalist, feminist,
Abraham Rhinewine Polish-born Canadian editor, publisher, author,
Jacob Richler HW Pic Canadian journalist, food writer,
Morley Safer Pic Canadian-born American reporter, correspondent, 60 Minutes
Aaron Saltzman Pic Canadian journalist, (Jewish father)
Devyani Saltzman Pic Canadian journalist, author, (Jewish father)
Joe Schlesinger Pic Austrian-born Canadian television journalist, author,
Tommy Schnurmacher Pic Hungarian-born Canadian radio-talk host, journalist, political commentator,
Joseph Schwarcz Pic Hungarian-born Canadian radio/television personality, journalist, 
Marla Shapiro Pic Canadian television journalist, columnist, physician,  
Rick Salutin Pic Canadian playwright, critic, journalist,
David Sax Pic Canadian journalist, writer,
Ellie Tesher Pic Canadain advice columnist,
William Weintraub Pic Canadian journalist, author, filmmaker,
Marc Weisblott Canadian journalist, radio broadcaster, media critic,
Larry Zolf Pic Canadian journalist, commentator,
Czech Journalists //journCze
Ludvik Askenazy RWF Pic Czech journalist, writer,  
Norbert Fryd Pic Czech writer, journalist, diplomat,
Vladimir Kaspar Czech chairman of Czech Journalist Union, (Jewish mother)
Arne Laurin Pic Czech journalist,
Ota Pavel Pic Czech journalist, writer, sports reporter,  
Leo Pavlat Pic Czech journalist, writer,
Josef Taussig Pic Czech journalist, jazz musician,
Richard Weiner RWF Pic Czech journalist, writer,
Robert Weltsch RWE Pic Czech-born journalist, editor,
Danish Journalists
Natasja Crone Back Pic Danish journalist, television presenter,
Meir Goldschmid Pic Danish publisher, journalist, novelist,
Lars Hedegaard Pic Danish historian, journalist, author, (convert to Judaism)
Herbert Pundik Pic Danish journalist, author, editor,
Flemming Rose Pic Danish journalist, author, cultural editor,
Dutch Journalists
Martin van Amerongen Pic Dutch journalist, publisher, columnist, author,
Kurt Baschwitz Pic German-born Dutch journalist,
Thomas von der Dunk Pic Dutch cultural historian, writer, columnist, (Jewish descent)
Loe de Jong Pic Dutch historian, journalist,
Tim Krabbe Pic Dutch novelist, journalist, (Jewish mother)
Ischa Meijer Pic Dutch journalist, author, actor, television presenter,
Marga van Praag Pic Dutch journalist, television host, (Jewish father)
Loretta Schrijver Pic Dutch television host, journalist, (Jewish father)
Leon de Winter Pic Dutch writer, columnist, film producer,
Karel Zaalberg Pic Dutch journalist, politician,
French Journalists //journFr
Alexandre Adler Pic French historian, journalist,
Henri Alleg Pic French journalist, political writer,
Paul Amar Pic Algerian-born French journalist, television presenter,
Henry Aron French journalist, political essayist,
Pierre Assouline RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born French writer, biographer, journalist,
Gabriel Astruc Pic French journalist, promoter, theater manager, impresario, playwright,
Tristane Banon Pic French journalist, writer, (Jewish father)
Fabrice Barbier French journalist, photographer,
Emmanuel Berl Pic French journalist, historian, essayist,
Lazare Bernard HW Pic French literary critic, journalist, anarchist, philosopher,
Henri Blowitz Pic Czech-born French journalist,
Philippe Bouvard Pic French journalist, television presenter,
Elsa Cayat Pic French psychoanalyst, columnist,
Anatole Cerfberr French journalist, author,
Sylvain Cypel Pic French journalist, author, editor,
Jean Daniel HW Pic Algerian-born French journalist, co-founder of magazine 1964 Le Nouvel Observateur
Guillaume Dustan Pic French writer, journalist,
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach RWC Pic Algerian-born French journalist,
Charles Enderlin HW Pic French-born French Israeli journalist, author,
Ferenc Fejto Pic Hungarian-born French historian, critic, journalist, political scientist,
Eric Fottorino Pic French journalist, writer,
Anne Fulda Pic French journalist,
Olivier Galzi Pic French journalist, presenter,
Pierre Gascar Pic French journalist, literary critic, essayist, screenwriter,
Franz-Olivier Giesbert Pic French journalist, author, television presenter,
Francoise Giroud RWC Pic Swiss-born Minister of Culture 1976-77, journalist, screenwriter, writer,
Raphael Glucksmann RWF Pic French journalist, documentary filmmaker,
Alain Gresh Pic Edyptian-born French journalist, editor,
Helene Gordon-Lazareff Pic Russian-born French journalist,
Andre Gorz RWF Pic Austrian-born French journalist, social philosopher,  (Jewish father)
Michel Gurfinkel Pic French journalist, editor, intellectual,
Cyril Hanouna RWC Pic French radio/television presenter, writer, columnist,
Serge Halimi Pic French journalist,
Jean Hatzfeld Pic Mudgaskarian-born French journalist, writer,  
Erik Izraelewicz Pic French journalist, author,
Jean-Francois Kahn Pic French journalist, (Jewish father)
Joseph Kessel RWF Pic Argentine-born French novelist, journalist, RWJ
Annie Kriegel RWE Pic French historian, columnist,   
Bernard Lazare HW Pic French journalist, literary critic, anarchist, polemist, philosopher,
Pierre Lazareff Pic French journalist, newspaper owner, France Soir,
Bernard Lecache Pic French journalist,
Ivan Levai Pic Hungarian-born French journalist,
Marie-Claire Mendes France Pic French journalist,
Arthur Meyer Pic French journalist,
Charles Rappoport Pic Lithuanian-born French politician, journalist, writer, 
Eric Rouleau Pic French journalist, diplomat, Le Monde
Claude Sarraute Pic French journalist, writer, (Jewish mother)
Daniel Schneidermann Pic French journalist,
Emile Servan-Schreiber Pic French journalist,
Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber Pic French politician, newspaper editor,
Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber Pic French journalist, essayist, media owner, (Jewish father)
Jean-Jacques Servan-Schraiber Pic French journalist, L'Express
Ustazade Silvestre de Sacy RWF Pic French journalist, senator,
Anne Sinclair Pic American-born French political journalist,
Daniel Singer Pic Polish-born French British journalist,
Boris Souvarine RWE Pic Ukrainian-born French socialist, essayist, journalist, historian,
Olivier Todd Pic French writer, journalist, (Jewish father)
Stephane Trano Pic French journalist, biographer, essayist, biographer,
Ariel Wizman Pic French musician, journalist,
Eric Zemmour RWC Pic French writer, journalist,
German Journalists //journGer
Jakob Altmaier Pic German-born journalist, politician,
Henryk Broder Pic Polish-born German journalist, author,
Friedrich Dernburg Pic German journalist, politician,
Friedrich Dessauer Pic German physicist, philosopher, journalist, 
Siegfried Einstein Pic German poet, novelist, journalist,
Bella Fromm RWF Pic German journalist, author,
Louis Furnberg Pic Czech-born German writer, poet, journalist, composer,
Hugo Ganz Pic German political/literary writer, journalist,
Manfred George Pic German journalist, theater critic, author, translator,
Kurt Julius Goldstein Pic German journalist, broadcast director,
Claire Goll Pic German writer, journalist, translator, anti-war activist,
Maximilian Harden Pic German journalist, editor,
Kurt Lichtenstein Pic German journalist,  
Ivar Lissner Pic German journalist, author, spy, (Jewish father)
Gerhard Lowenthal Pic German journalist, human rights activist, author,
Richard Lowenthal Pic German journalist, political scientist,
Jan Muhlstein Pic Czech-born German journalist, politician,
Friedrich Stampfer Pic Czech-born German journalist, politician, MP 
Hannes Stein Pic German journalist, author,  
Kurt Tucholsky RWF HW Pic German journalist, writer,
Hungarian Journalists //journHun
Louis Barta Hungarian writer, journalist,
Alexander Benamy Hungarian journalist, translator,
Sandor Brody RWF Pic Hungarian author, journalist,   
Zsigmond Brody Pic Hungarian politician, MP, journalist,
David Daroczi Pic Hungarian journalist, government spokesman,
Baron Lajos Doczi Pic Hungarian journalist, poet, librettist, translator,
Miksa Falk RWN Pic Hungarian publicist, chief editor,
Miklos Gimes Pic Hungarian journalist, politician,
Jozsef Hevesi Hungarian novelist, journalist,
Lajos Hevesi Pic Hungarian journalist, author,
Zsigmond Kunfi RWC Pic Hungarian politician, journalist,   
Moritz Ludassy Pic Hungarian journalist,
Gyula Makovetz Hungarian journalist, chess player,
Rodion Markovits Pic Romanian-born Hungarian journalist, novelist, lawyer,
Janos Nyiri Pic Hungarian theater director, journalist, playwright,
Jeno Rejto Pic Hungarian journalist, writer, playwright,
Maria Szepes Pic Hungarian screenwriter, writer, poet, journalist, actress,
Nicholas Vasarhelyi Hungarian journalist, MP 1990-94
Leo Veigelsberg Hungarian journalist, editor,
Joseph Veszi Pic Hungarian writer, journalist, editor, politician, MP 1899- ,
Margit Veszi Pic Hungarian journalist, painter, graphic artist,
Thomas Vitray Hungarian journalist, editor, reporter,
Ludwig Wysber Hungarian journalist, author,
Gustav Zerffi Hungarian journalist, revolutionist, spy,
Italian Journalists //journIta
Franca Faldini Pic Italian actress, writer, journalist,
Paolo Mieli Pic Italian journalist, historian, (Jewish father)
Renato Mieli Pic Egyptian-born Italian journalist,
Liana Millu Pic Italian journalist, resistance member,
Clemente Mimun Pic Italian journalist,
Vittorio Orefice Pic Italian journalist, political commentator,
Vittoria Ottolenghi Pic Italian writer, journalist,
David Parenzo Pic Italian radio/television presenter, journalist,
David Porec Italian journalist, writer, radio host, television presenter,
Lalla Romano Pic Italian poet, novelist, journalist,
Sergio Romano Pic Italian writer, journalist, historian, ambassador,
Lillian Roxon Pic Italian-born Australian American journalist , author,
Margherita Sarfatti RWF HW Pic Italian art critic, journalist, mistress of Mussolini,
Roberto Saviano Pic Italian writer, journalist, (Jewish mother)
Clara Sereni RWC Pic Italian writer, journalist,
Emilio Sereni RWC Pic Italian journalist, politician, senator 1948-
Barbara Spinelli Pic Italian journalist, writer, politician, (Jewish mother)
Tullia Zevi Pic Italian journalist, writer,
Romanian Journalists //journRom
Felix Aderca HW Pic Romanian novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, critic,
Iosif Berman Pic Romanian journalist, photographer, (Jewish father)
Noel Bernard Pic Romanian journalist,
Horia Bonciu Pic Romanian novelist, poet, journalist, translator,
Ottoi Calin Pic Romanian physician, journalist, socilist militant, translator,
Sergiu Dan Pic Romanian journalist, novelist, biographer, translator,
Miron Grindea Pic Romanian-born journalist, editor,
Dinu Hervian Pic Romanian journalist, writer,
Rodion Markovits Pic Romanian-born Hungarian journalist, novelist, lawyer,
Alexandru Robot Pic Romanian/Moldovan poet, journalist, art/literary critic,
Henric Sanielevici Pic Romanian journalist, literary critic,
Henric Streitman Pic Romanian journalist, translator, political figure,
Alexandru Toma HW Pic Romanian poet, journalist, translator,
Russian/Soviet Journalists //journRuss
Yevgenia Albatz RWF Pic Russian journalist,
Peter Aleshkovsky RWF Pic Russian writer, historian, broadcaster, journalist,
Alexander Aronov RWF Pic Soviet poet, journalist,
Artyom Borovik RWF Pic Russian journalist, media magnate, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Genrikh Borovik RWF Pic Soviet journalist, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Alexander Braudo RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian journalist, publisher, translator,
Dmitry Bykov RWF Pic Russian wrter, poet, journalist,
Daniil Dolinsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian journalist,
Aleksandr Drakokhrust Russian-born Belarusian poet, journalist, translator,
Mikhail Fishman RWF Pic Russian journalist, television presenter,                    
Yekaterina Gordon Pic Russian journalist, singer/songwriter,
Vasily Grossman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet journalist, writer,  
Elena Hanga Pic Russian-born American journalist, (Jewish mother)
Yacob Khavinson RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet journalist,
Alexander Khinshtein RWF Pic Russian politician, journalist,
Mikhail Koltsov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, RWN
Leonid Mlechin RWE Pic Soviet/Russian journalist, moderator, international observer,
Andrey Norkin RWA Russian journalist, media manager, television/radio, (Jewish father)
Osip Notovich Pic Russian author, journalist, publisher,
Lev Novozenov RWE Soviet/Russian journalist, moderator,
Vladimir Posner RWF Pic French-born Russian journalist, (Jewish father)
Igor Rabiner RWF Pic Russian football journalist,    
Nahum Sokolow RWF HW Pic Russian/Polish-born Zionist leader, journalist, 
Vladimir Solovyov RWF Pic Russian broadcaster, radio/television journalist,
Yuri Steklov RWE Pic Russian/Soviet journalist, RWN
Boris Stomakhin Pic Russian radical political activist, journalist,
Pyotr Vail Pic Latvian-born Russian author, journalist, essayist,
Alexei Venediktov RWF Pic Russian journalist, television presenter, president of Ekho TV, (Jewish mother)
Frida Vigdorova Pic Belarusian-born Soviet journalist, novelist, writer,
Aleksander Zederbaum RWE Pic Polish-born Russian journalist,
Polish Journalists //journPol
Konstanty Gebert Pic Polish journalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich Pic Polish journalist, reporter, lawyer,
Marcin Meller Pic Polish historian, journalist, editor,
Ostap Ortwin Pic Polish journalist, literary critic,
Mayrycy Orzech Pic Polish economist, journalist, politician,
Agata Passent Pic Polish journalist, writer, (Jewish father)
Daniel Passent Pic Ukrainian-born Polish journalist,
Julian Stryjkowski Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born journalist, writer,
Leopold Unger Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born journalist, columnist, essayist,
Jerzy Urban Pic Polish journalist, commentator, editor-in-chief, television personality,  
Janusz Weiss Pic Polish journalist, television personality,
Kazimierz Wierzynski Pic Polish poet, journalist,  
Bronislaw Wildstein Pic Polish journalist, (Jewish father)
Lucjan Wolanowski Pic Polish journalist, writer, traveler,
South African Journalists
Harry Bloom Pic South African journalist, novelist,
Steven Friedman Pic South African columnist, journalist, intelectual, activist,
Arthut Goldstuck Pic South African journalist, media analyst, commentator,
Tony Karon Pic South African-born journalist, anti-arartheid activist,
Other Countries Journalists //journOth
Mira Adanja-Polak Pic Serbian television personality, presenter, journalist,
Milo Anstadt Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Dutch writer, journalist,
Robert Aschberg Pic Swedish journalist, media executive, television personality,
Micha Berdyczewski RWN Pic Ukrainian-born writer, journalist, scholar,
Stefan Bergman Polish journalist, Bergman Stefan
Shanik Berman Pic Mexican journalist,
Lydia Cacho Pic Mexican journalist, feminist, human rights activist, (Jewish maternal descent)
Mark Cohen New Zealand journalist, newspaper editor, educationalist, social reformer,
Henrique Cymerman Pic Portugese-born Spanish journalist,
Zora Dirnbach Pic Croatian journalist, writer, (Jewish father)
Jasminka Domas Pic Croatian writer, journalist, scientist,
Jelena Durovic Pic Serbian journalist, writer, political activist, (Jewish mother)
Julian Elfenbein Pic Chilean journalist, broadcaster, television presenter,
Cordelia Edvardson Pic German-born Swedish journalist, author, (not Jewisth maternal grandmother)
Aatos Erkko Pic Finnish journalist, publisher, (Jewish mother) ???
Stefan Foris Pic Romanian communist activist, journalist,
Alicia Freilich Pic Venezuelan writer, journalist, educator,
Stan Gebler Davies Pic Irish journalist, (Jewish descent)
Michael Goldfarb Pic American political writer, blogger,
Dmitry Gordon Pic Ukrainian writer, journalist, presenter, singer,
Sorana Gurian Moldovan-born writer, journalist, translator,
Eva Grlic Pic Hungarian-born Croatian journalist, writer,
Meir Javendafar Pic Iranian-born Israeli journalist, political commentator,
Jacqueline Kahanoff Pic Egyptian Israeli novelist, essayist, journalist,
Danny Katz Pic Canadian-born Australian columnist,
Iryna Khalip Pic Belarusian journalist, reporter, editor,
Helle Klein Pic Swedish journalist, political commentator,
Helen Kleinbort Krauze Pic Polish-born Mexican journalist,
Helen Krauze Pic Polish-born Mexican journalist, writer,
Isaac Lee Pic Colombian journalist, magazine editor, businessman,
Paul Lendvai Pic Hungarian-born Austrian journalist, television presenter,
Gad Lerner Pic Lebanese-born Italian journalist,
Arrigo Levi Pic Italian journalist, TV anchorman,
June Levine Pic Irish journalist, novelist, feminist,   
Paul Levy Pic Belgian scholar, journalist, (Jewish descent)
Adela Micha Pic Mexican news anchor, journalist,
Myriam Moscona Pic Mexican journalist, translator, poet,
Ana Nahum Uruguayan jourbnalist, writer, presenter,
William Pierpont Black Pic Romanian-born New Zealand wood carver, journal editor, publisher, journalist,
Vitaly Portnikov Pic Ukrainian editor, journalist,
Herbert Pundik Pic Danish-born Israeli journalist, author, editor,
Goran Rosenberg Pic Swedish journalist, author,
Mauricio Rosencof Pic Uruguayan-born playwright, poet, journalist,
Joseph Roth RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian writer, journalist,
Renate Rubinstein Pic German-born Dutch journalist, writer, columnist, (Jewish father)
Yaqub Sanu Pic Egyptian journalist, playwright,
Roger Schawinski Pic Swiss journalist, entrepreneur,
Alfredo Seiferheld Pic Paraguayan journalist, writer,
Savik Shuster Pic Lithuanian-born Ukrainian journalist, television personality,
Eugenie Soderberg Pic German-born Swedish American writer, journalist,
Wilhelm Stepper-Tristis Romanian Hungarian novelist, journalist, literary critic,
Ivo Stern Pic Croatian lawyer, writer, journalist, director,
Ruth Weiss Pic Austrian-born Chinese journalist, editor,
Peter Wolodarski Pic Swedish-born journalist, television host,
Maciej Zaremba Pic Polish-born Swedish journalist, author,   
Mariana van Zeller Pic Portuguese journalist,
Enrico Zimmerman Spanish journalist,
Katrin Zytomierska Pic Swedish blogger, columnist, television host, businesswoman, (Jewish father)
Bloggers //blogger
Warren Adelman Pic American businessman, blogger, CEO of Go Daddy, domain name register,
Jonathan Adler Pic American legal scholar,
Shaul Amsterdamski HW Pic Israeli journalist,
Jacob Appelbaum RWC Pic American journalist, hacker, computer security researcher,
Lawrence Auster Pic American blogger, essayist,
Rachel Barenblatt Pic American poet, blogger,
Carol Baum RWC Pic American film producer, blogger,
Lawrence Bender RWF Pic American film producer, blogger,
David Bernstein Pic American legal scholar, blogger, editor,
Max Blumenthal Pic American columnist, investigative journalist, blogger,
Andrew Breitbart Pic American journalist, author, blogger, (Jewish adoptive pparents)
Jake Bronstein Pic American entrepreneur, internet personality, blogger,
Carrie Brownstein Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, actress, screenwriter,
Brent Budowsky Pic American journalist, blogger,
Irin Carmon Pic Israeli-born American blogger, television personality,
Omri Ceren Pic American political blogger,  
Bruce Cohen Pic American producer,
Nick Cohen Pic British journalist, author, political commentator, blogger, (Jewish father)
John Connolly Pic Irish blogger,
Sam Coppersmith Pic American representative,
Adam Cwejman Pic Swedish politician, blogger,
Laurie David Pic American author, blogger, television writer/producer, enviromental activist,
Cory Doctorow RWF HW Pic Canadian science fiction author, journalist, blogger,
Evan Dorkin American comics artist, writer, blogger,
Daniel Drezner Pic American journalist,
Yuval Dror HW Pic Israeli commentator, writer, investigator, 
Raviv Drucker HW Pic Israeli political commentator, investigative reporter, publicist,
Jelena Durovic Pic Serbian journalist, writer, political activist, (Jewish mother)
Eric Ehrmann Pic American columnist, author, essayist, blogger,
Bruce Eisner Pic American author, psychologist,  
Michael Ellsberg Pic American author, blogger, public speaker,
Bonnie Erbe Pic American journalist, television host, blogger,   
Mark Evanier Pic American comics/animated cartoons writer for Disney and Hanna-Barbera 
Ali Fedotowsky Pic American television personality, blogger, host, (Jewish descent 1/8)
Meredith Fineman Pic American blogger,
Luke Ford Pic Australian-born American porn gossip columnist, journalist, blogger, (convert to Judaism),
Justin Frankel Pic American computer programmer,
Mia Freedman Pic Australian journalist, columnist, author, blogger, media consultant,
Heshy Fried Pic American stand-up comedian, blogger,   
Josh Friedman RWC Pic American screenwriter, blogger,
Dan Froomkin Pic American journalist, blogger,
Michael Froomkin Pic American legal scholar, blogger, 
Tavi Gevinson Pic American fashion blogger, actress, singer, photographer, (Jewish father)
Seth Godin American business writer, business speaker, blogger,
Mike Godwin Pic American attorney, author, blogger, copyright activist,
Tom Goldstein Pic American attorney, legal scholar, blogger,
Chelli Goldenberg HW Pic Israeli actress, model, blogger, writer,
Gershom Gorenberg Pic American-born Israeli historian, journalist, blogger,
Amateur Gourmet American food/humor blogger,
Glenn Greenwald RWF Pic American political/legal blogger, columnist, author,  
Rosana Hermann Pic Brasilian writer, journalist, host,
Julia Ioffe Pic Russian-born American journalist, blogger,
Michael Isikoff Pic American investigative journalist,
Micah Jesse Pic American television personality, blogger,
Scott Johnson Pic American lawyer, blogger,
Belle de Jour Pic American research scientist, blogger, writer,
Jamie Keiles Pic American blogger, feminist writer,
Ronald Kessler Pic American journalist, author, historian,   
Mark A.R. Kleiman Pic American scholar, author, blogger,
Ezra Klein Pic American blogger, political writer,
Joe Klein Pic American journalist, columnist, author,
James Kunstler Pic American author, social critic, public speaker, blogger,
Jonah Lehrer Pic American author, journalist, blogger,
Ken Levine RWC Pic American screenwriter, film/television director/film producer, blogger, television personality,
Steven Levy Pic American science journalist, blogger,
Sarah Lewitinn Pic American record producer, music critic, blogger, 
Mark Liberman American linguist,
Rodney Linderman Pic American vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, journalist, humorist, The Dead Milkmen
Antony Loewenstein Pic Australian journalist, author, blogger,
Arthur Lubow Pic American journalist, blogger,
Liandra Medine Pic American author, fashion blogger, journalist,
George Rajna Pic American journalist, blogger, travel writer, guitarist,
Lisa Niver Rajna Pic American travel writer/broadcaster, travel agent,
Laurie Penny Pic British columnist, blogger, author, (half Jewish)
Earl Pomerantz Pic Canadian-born American producer, writer, blogger, ExLink
Daniel Radosh Pic American journalist, blogger,
Randy Rainbow Pic American blogger, internet celebrity,
Nick Robinson Pic British journalist, editor, blogger,
Shmarya Rosenberg Pic American blogger, reporter, journalist,
Shmuel Rosner Pic Israeli columnist, blogger,
Eliana Rubashkyn Pic New Zealand pharmacist, chemist, blog activist,
Jennifer Rubin HW Pic American journalist, blogger,
Robert Schlesinger Pic American journalist, blogger, (great Jewish paternal grandfather)
Hugo Schwyzer American scholar, author, blogger,
Ira Sharkansky Pic American-born Israeli political scientist,
Oded Sharon Pic Israeli game developer, blogger,
Mati Shemoelof Pic Israeli journalist, blogger, poet, editor, activist,
Nate Silver Pic American statistician, journalist, writer, (Jewish father)
Joel Spolsky RWC Pic American software engineer, Program Manager of Microsoft Excell 1991-94
Jeff Stein Pic Americasn columnist, author,
Dan Steinberg Pic American sportswriter,  columnist, blogger, ???
Gil Student Pic American editor, blogger,
Cass Sunstein RWF Pic American legal scholar, blogger,
Oscar Swartz Pic Swedish entrepreneur,  writer, blogger,
Jonathan Tasini Pic American journalist, activist, commentator,  
Misha Verbitsky RWC Pic Russian blogger, mathematician,
Judith Warner American writer,   ExLink
Greg Wasserstrom American writer, photographer, social critic, blogger,
Sharon Waxman Pic American journalist, writer, blogger,
David Weinberger Pic American technologist, blogger, philosopher,
Steven Weiss Pic American journalist, blogger,
Michael Welch Pic American actor, blogger, (Jewish mother)
Adam Bosworth Pic VP of Product Management Google
Matthew Yglesias Pic American political blogger/writer, journalist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather)
Eliezer Yudkowsky Pic American artifical intelligence researcher, blogger,
Bebe Zeva Pic American model, blogger, writer,
Carl Zimmer Pic American popular science writer, blogger,
Katrin Zytomierska Pic Swedish blogger, columnist, television host, businesswoman, (Jewish father)