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Hiram Abrams Pic managing director 1919- United Artists
Pic president Paramount Pictures
Merv Adelson Pic co-founder Lorimar Productions
Avi Arad RWC HW Pic chairman, CEO 1993-2006 Marvel Studios
Samuel Arkoff Pic producer, founder American International Pictures (Orion)
Ted Ashley RWC Pic chairman 1869-80 Warner Bros.
Amy Baer Pic president, CEO CBS Films
Barney Balaban Pic president 1936-64 Paramount Pictures
Martin Bandier Pic American music industry executive, CEO of Sony/ATV, Sony/ATV
Gary Barber RWC Pic co-chairman, co-CEO MGM Studios
co-founder Spyglass Entertainment
Peter Bart senior VP MGM/United Artists
Brian Bedol Pic co-founder Classic Sports Network
Doug Belgrad Pic president Columbia Pictures
Robert Benjamin United Artists
Alan Bergman RWF Pic president The Walt Disney Company
Bruce Berman Pic CEO , chairman Village Roadshow Pictures
Gail Berman Pic president Fox Entertainment Group
president Paramount Pictures
Bill Bernstein co-founder  1990 Orion Pictures
Fred Bernstein president Columbia TriStar
Roger Birnbaum RWC Pic co-chairman, co-CEO MGM Studios
co-founder Spyglass Entertainment
Jeff Blake vice chairman 2002- Sony Pictures Entertainment ExLink
Stuart Bloomberg head of Entertainment Division ABC Entertainment Group
Charles Bluhdorn Pic Austrian-born owner Paramount Pictures Madison Square Garden
Jason Blum Pic founder, CEO Blumhouse Productions Jewish father
Nate Blumberg president Universal Pictures Company
Steve Bornstein chairman Walt Disney Internet Group
CEO and president ESPN president of "ABC Group"
Lloyd Braun chairman 2002-04 ABC Entertainment Group Yahoo!
Alan Braverman senior executive VP The Walt Disney Company
Sol Brill 20th Century Fox
Bernie Brillstein founder 1969 The Brillstein Company
Steve Broidy Pic president Monogram Pictures
Jerry Bruckheimer RWF HW Pic founder Jerry Bruckheimer Films & Television
Michael Burns vice chairman Lions Gate Entertainment ???
John Calley chairman/CEO Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc ???
Sarah Caplin Pic British producer, television executive,
Victor Carter chairman Republic Pictures
William Chaikin president  Avco Embassy Pictures
Peter Chernin RWC Pic CEO 20th Century Fox Fox TV
Charles Cohen senior executive VP, COO Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Polly Cohen Pic president Warner Independent Pictures
Harry Cohn HW Pic co-founder 1919 Columbia Pictures
Jack Cohn co-founder 1919 Columbia Pictures
Heinrich Conried Pic Austrian-born American theater owner, manager,
Stephen Cooper vice-chairman Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ???
Marvin Davis RWF Pic owner 20th Century Fox Paramount Pictures
Clive Davis Pic president 1967-72 Columbia Records
Doug Davis Pic American music industry executive, entertainment lawyer, sports agent,
John Davis Pic founder 1985 Davis Entertainment
Oscar Deutsch Pic British founder of Odeon Cinemas, Odeon Cinemas UK
James Diener American record producer, executive,
Barry Diller RWF Pic president 1974- Paramount Pictures
CEO 1985 20th Century Fox
Jonathan Dolgen Pic chairman Paramount Pictures
Bernard Donnenfeld president  Filmmakers Group
Kathleen Dore president  Bravo Networks ExLink
Eric Eisner Pic founder of L + E Productions
Michael Eisner RWF Pic chairman, CEO The Walt Disney Company
chairman Paramount Pictures
Robert Evans RWF Pic head Paramount Pictures
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr RWF Pic co-founder 1919 United Artists jewish father
Jon Feltheimer RWC Pic co-chairman, CEO  Lionsgate Entertainment
Sony TV Entertainment
Rick Finkelstein vice chairman, COO Universal Pictures
Dave Fleischer co-founder Fleischer Studios
Max Fleischer RWF HW Pic co-founder Fleischer Studios
Adam Fogelson chairman Universal Pictures
William Fox RWF HW Pic co-founder Fox Film Corporation
Richard Frank president 1993-94 Walt Disney Studios
David Friedman executive producer CBS News The Early Show
Paul Friedman executive vice president CBS News
Rob Friedman RWC Pic co-chairman Lionsgate Motion Picture Group
Robert Friedman co-chairman, CEO Summit Entertainment
Elizabeth Gabler Pic president Fox 2000 Pictures ExLink1 ExLink2
Sidney Ganis Pic chairman Paramount Pictures
Jeff Gaspin Pic chairman 2009-10 NBC Entertainment
David Geffen RWF HW Pic co-founder DreamWorks SKG  Geffen Records
Danielle Gelber Pic Executive VP Wolf Films
Jonathan Glickman RWC Pic president MGM Pictures Film Division
Yoram Globus RWF HW Pic co-founder Cannon films Ninja Escimo Limon
William Goetz RWC Pic president Universal Pictures
co-founder 20th Century Fox
vice-president Twentieth Century Pictures
Menahem Golan RWF HW Pic co-founder Cannon films Ninja Escimo Limon
Leonard Goldberg Pic president 20th Century Fox
Leonard Goldenson Pic founder, first president ABC
Steve Goldman Executive VP Paramount Pictures
Boris Goldovsky Pic Russian-born American impresario, broadcaster, conductor,
John Goldwyn Pic head of production Paramount Pictures
Samuel Goldwyn RWF HW Pic co-founder Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Goldwyn Pictures
Steve Golin founder, CEO Anonymous Content
Adam Goodman president Paramount Film Group ExLink
Baron Arnold Goodman Pic chairman British Lion Films
Brian Graden Pic president MTV Entertainment
Arnold Grand president Columbia Pictures ExLink
Arnold Grant chairman RKO
Brian Grazer RWF Pic co-founder, co-owner of  Imagine Entertainment
Steve Greenberg co-founder Classic sports Network
Steve Greenberg president 2005-06 Columbia Records
Robert Greenblatt Pic chairman 2011- NBC Entertainment
Brad Grey Pic CEO, chairman Paramount Pictures
Jack Gross Pic American film/television producer, studio executive,
Sandy Grushow Pic chairman Fox Entertainment Group
Peter Guber Pic CEO Columbia Pictures
CEO, chairman Mandalay Entertainment
CEO Polygram Films
Ted Halbert Pic chairman NBC Broadcasting
Bonnie Hammer Pic chairman NBC Universal Cable Entertainment ExLink
head Sci Fi Channel
Wolfgang Hammer Pic COO of CBS Films ???
Ron Handler Pic executive Handler Entertainment
Mel Harris president Sony Pictures
Albie Hecht Pic American television producer, media executive, Nickelodeon
Paul Heller head Sequoia Pictures
Doug Herzog television executive
John Heyman Pic chairman World Group of Companies
Andy Heyward chairman, CEO DIC Entertainment
Steven Hirsch Pic founder 1984, co-chairman Vivid Entertainment
Alan Horn Pic president, COO Warner Bros. Entertainment
chairman The Walt Disney Studios
co-founder Castle Rock Entertainment
Jimmy Horowitz RWC president Universal Pictures
Frederick Huntsberry Pic COO Paramount Pictures ???
Robert Iger RWF Pic president, CEO 2005- The Walt Disney Company
William Immerman Senior VP 20th Century Fox
Barry Isaacson vice president of production Universal Pictures
Nina Jacobson Pic president Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group
Leo Jaffe Pic chairman 1973-81 Columbia Pictures
Stanley Jaffe Pic president Paramount Pictures
Barry Jossen executive VP ABC Entertainment Group ExLink
Edward Kassner Pic Austrian-born British music industry executive, President Records
Norman Katz American president, Warner Brothers
Jeffrey Katzenberg RWF HW Pic co-founder 1994 DreamWorks SKG 
Lloyd Kaufman RWF Pic American film director, producer Troma Entertainment
Victor Kaufman RWC CEO Columbia Pictures TriStar Pictures
Ryan Kavanaugh RWC Pic founder, CEO Realtivity Media
Michael King president, CEO King World Production ExLink
Roger King chairman King World Production ExLink
Moses Koenigsberg founder, director King Features Syndicate
Paul Kohner Pic executive Universal Studios
Ira Korff president National Amusements Inc.
Simon Kornblit Pic studio executive Universal Studios
Yanon Kreiz co-founder Fox Kids Europe
Arthur Krim Pic co-founder 1990 chairman Orion Pictures
Arthur Krim Pic head United Artists
Sandy Krushow chairman Fox Entertainment Group
Andrew Lack Pic CEO chairman Sony Music Entertainment
Carl Laemmle RWF HW Pic German-born founder 1915 Universal Studios
Sherry Lansing RWF Pic chairman, CEO Paramount Pictures
Jesse Lasky RWF HW Pic majority shareholder Universal Studios
co-founder Paramount Pictures
Norman Lear RWF co-founder ELP Communications
Paul Lee Pic president ABC Entertainment Group
Avi Lerner RWF HW Pic co-founder Nu Image
Michael Levee president United Artists
Gerald Levin Time Warner, Inc HBO
Harvey Levin Pic founder TMZ
Jordan Levin president Warner Bros. Entertainment
Alan Levine head Sony Pictures Entertainment
Paul Levitz Pic president, publisher 2008- DC Comics
Jeffrey Levy-Hinte filmmaker
Bill Lichtenstein Pic founder 1990, president Lichtenstein Creative Media, Inc ExLink
Al Lichtman Pic manager 1927- United Artists
Warren Lieberfarb Pic media executive
David Linde co-founder, producer Good Machine
Michel Adam Lisowski Pic founder, president Fashion TV
Jonathan Littman Pic president Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Marcus Loew RWF HW Pic creator Loews Theaters
co-founder Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Siegmund Lubin RWF Pic founder 1902 Lubin Manufacturing Company
Michael Lynne co-founder 1967 New Line Cinema
Michael Lynton RWC Pic CEO, chairman 2004- Sony Pictures Entertainment ExLink
David Malden president Fox Television Studios
Louis Mayer RWF HW Pic co-founder Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Roger Mayer president Turner Entertainment
Mike Medavoy RWF Pic co-founder  1990 Orion Pictures
chairman TriStar Pictures
Daniel Melnick Pic American film producer, studio executive, Columbia Pictures
Barry Meyer RWC Pic chairman CEO Warner Bros. Entertainment
Ronald Meyer Pic CEO, president 1995- Universal Studios
Lorne Michaels Pic creator Saturday Night Live
Arnon Milchan RWF HW Pic founder Regency Enterprises
Charles Mintz Pic head Winkler Pictures
Irwin Molasky co-founder Lorimar Productions
Rob Moore vice chairman Paramount Pictures ???
Neal Moritz Pic Original Film
Charles Moskowitz president/treasurer MGM Studios
Larry Namer Pic co-founder E! Entertainment Television
Michael Nathanson CEO MGM Pictures
David Nevins Pic president Imagine Entertainment
Sheila Nevins Pic president HBO Docimentary Films
Aviv Nevo RWC Pic shareholder Time-Warner
Gary Newman co-chairman 20th Century Fox Television
Tom Ortenberg Pic CEO Open Road Films
Dawn Ostroff Pic president The CW Television Network
Michael Ovitz Pic president 1995-97 The Walt Disney Company
Amy Pascal Pic President 1999 Columbia Pictures ExLink
co-chairman  2003 Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc
Isaac Perlmutter Pic CEO Marvel Enterprises, Inc
David Picker Pic president 1969-73 United Artists ExLink
Richard Plepper Pic CEO, chairman HBO
Eric Pleskow Pic co-founder ,CEO Orion Pictures
Tom Pollock head Universal Pictures ExLink1 ExLink2
Steven Price chairman Townsquare Media
Jean Pritzker Pic co-founder MWM Studios
Baron David Puttnam Pic chairman CEO of Columbia Pictures, (Jewish mother) Columbia Pictures
Mark Rachesky chairman Lionsgate Entertainment
Marc Randolph Pic co-founder, CEO Netflix
Harry Rapf RWF Pic American film producer/director, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Bret Ratner Pic co-founder RatPac Entertainbment
Sumner Redstone Pic chairman emeritus Viocom National Amusements
Rob Reiner RWF HW Pic co-founder Castle Rock Entertainment
Richard Reisberg president United Artists
Milton Rackmil Pic co-founder of Decca Records, head of Universal Pictures, Universal Studios
Charles Rivkin Pic chairman Motion Picture Association of America
Jeff Robinov Pic president Warner Bros. Pictures Group
Howard Roffman RWC Pic marketing executive Lucasfilm
Samuel Rosen chairman 20th Century Fox
Steven Rosenberg film studio executive Lions Gate Entertainment
Tom Rosenberg Pic founder 1994, chairman Lakeshore Entertainment Group
Frank Rosenfelt Pic CEO president Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Howard Rosenman Pic American producer, motion picture executive, Howard Rosenman Productions
Rich Ross Pic chairman The Walt Disney Company ExLink
Steve Ross RWC Pic CEO Time/Warner Inc
Joe Roth RWC Pic chairman 1989-93 Twentieth Century Fox
Peter Roth president Fox Entertainment Group
Frank Rothman CEO Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Mo Rothman
Thomas Rothman Pic CEO, co-chairman Twentieth Century Fox
Mitchell Rubinstein
Richard Rubinstein CEO New Amsterdam Entertainment ExLink
Morris Ruskin Pic CEO Shoreline Entertainment
Haim Saban RWC HW Pic president Fox Kids
Ed Sabol Pic president NFL Films ExLink
Jeff Sagansky president CBS Entertainment
Josh Sapan CEO, president   AMC Networks
Dore Schary RWE http://www.filmreference.com/images/sjff_04_img1599.jpg president -1956 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Lou Scheimer co-founder Filmation
Andrew Scheinman Pic co-founder 1987 Castle Rock Entertainment
Joseph Schenck RWF HW Pic president United Artists
co-founder chairman 20th Century Fox
co-founder Twenties Century Pictures
Nicholas Schenck RWF Pic chairman Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Leon Schlesinger founder Leon Schlesinger Productions
Abraham Schneider chairman, president Columbia Pictures
Peter Schneider president Walt Disney Feature Animation ???
Stanley Schneider president Columbia Pictures
Taft Schreiber top assistant Music Corporation of America
Benjamin Schulberg Pic film producer, head Paramount Pictures
Michael Schulhof vice chairman Sony Corporation of America
Teddy Schwarzman founder Black Bear Pictures
William Selig Pic pioneer of motion picture industry Selig Polyscope Company
David Selznick RWF HW Pic American producer, studio executive,
Lewis Selznick RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American producer,
Terry Semel Pic president Warner Bros.
Martin Shafer Pic American founder/chairman/CEO Castle Rock Entertainment
Robert Shaye RWC Pic co-founder 1967 New Line Cinema
Sidney Sheinberg MCA Universal Studios
Jeff Shell Pic co-chairman Universal Studios
Tom Sherak RWF Pic American film producer, studio executive, Revolution Studios
Ben Sherwood Pic co-chairman Disney Media Networks
Alon Shtruzman Pic CEO Keshet International
George Sidney co-founder Hanna-Barbera Productions
Brad Siegel Pic president Turner Entertainment
Joel Silver RWF Pic founder Silver Pictures Dark Castle Entertainment,
Ben Silverman RWC Pic American chairman 2007-09 of NBC Entertainment, NBC Entertainment
founder, CEO Electus
Fred Silverman Pic American television executive, producer, ABC
president NBC television
Chet Simmons co-founder, president, CEO ESPN
Bryan Singer Pic founder Bad Hat Harry Productions
Harry Sloan chairman, CEO Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Richard Smith CEO General Cinema Corporation ExLink
Stacey Snider Pic chairman Universal Studios
CEO 20th Century Fox
co-chairman, CEO, principal partner, DreamWorks SKG 
Steven Sobol Pic NFL Films
Herbert Somborn president Equity Pictures Corporation
Aaron Spelling Pic founder Spelling Television Inc
co-founder Spelling-Goldberg Productions
Milton Sperling Pic film producer and screenwriter United States Pictures
Mark Spiegler Pic founder Spiegler Girls
Steven Spielberg RWF HW Pic co-founder, principal partner, DreamWorks SKG  Ambin Entertainment
Ray Stark founder Rastar
Jules Stein Pic founder 1924, chairman Music Corporation of America Universal Studios
Dawn Steel RWC Pic president 1987- Columbia Pictures
Gordon Stulberg president Polygram
Adrian Suar Pic co-founder 1994 Pol-Ka Argentina
Larry Tanz VP of Global Television Netflix
Jamie Tarses Pic American television producer, studio executive, ABC Entertainment
Brandon Tartikoff Pic president 1980-91 NBC Entertainment
chairman 1991-92 Paramount Pictures
Nina Tassler Pic president CBS Entertainment Jewish father
Nancy Tellem Pic senior advicer to CEO CBS Entertainment ExLink
Irving Thalberg RWF HW Pic   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Benny Thau Pic vice-president Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Thom Therman executive VP CW Television Network
Pamela Thomas-Graham president, CEO CNBC Television ExLink
Bruce Tuchman MGM Television
Jon Turtle American film/television producer, art collector,
Paula Wagner Pic co-owner, CEO 2006-08 United Artists
Dana Walden RWC Pic co-chairman, Co-CEO, Fox Television Group
Albert Warner RWC HW Pic Polish-born American co-founder 1918 Warner Bros.
Harry Warner RWC HW Pic Polish-born American co-founder 1918 Warner Bros.
Jack Warner RWF HW Pic co-founder 1918 Warner Bros.
Sam Warner RWC HW Pic Polish-born American co-founder 1918 Warner Bros.
Andrew Vajna Pic head Cinergi
Lew Wasserman RWC Pic CEO Music Corporation of America
Bob Weinstein RWF Pic co founder 2005 The Weinstein Company
Harvey Weinstein RWF Pic co founder 2005 The Weinstein Company
Paula Weinstein RWC Pic president of Motion Picture Division  United Artists
Eve Weinstein Vice President Elegant Films
Fred Weintraub head Sequoia Pictures
Jerry Weintraub RWF Pic CEO, chairman United Artists Weintraub Entertainment Group
Barry Weiss Pic American chairman/CEO The Island Def Jam Music Group
Sonny Werblin Pic Vice President Music Corporation of America
Irwin Winkler co-founder Chartoff-Winkler Productions
Margaret Winkler Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, distributor,
Lauren Zalaznick Pic American producer, executive, Bravo cable television network
Ross Zappin American VP of promotions, Sirius XM Radio
David Zaslav president, CEO Discovery Communications
Strauss Zelnick Pic president, COO 20th Century Fox
president, CEO BMG Entertainment North America
Laura Ziskin RWF Pic president 20th Century Fox
Jeff Zucker RWC Pic president NBC Universial
Adolph Zukor RWF HW Pic co-founder Paramount Pictures
Other Countries (not USA)
Baron Bernard Delfont Pic CEO 1979-80 EMI Music
CEO, chairman First Leisure Entertainment
Ivan Fecan Pic CEO, president CTVglobmedia
Robert Lantos Pic CEO Alliance Atlantis Canada
Claudia Rosencrantz Pic controller of Entertainment ITV UK
Boris Shumyatsky RWF Pic Russian-born head of Soviet fim industry 1930-37, Soyuzkino, RWN
Frank Stronach Pic founder Magna Entertainment Corp. Canada horse racing
Ronald Waldman British television producer/executive,
Theater/Opera Entrepreneurs/Operators
Milton Aborn Pic co-founder Aborn Opera Company
Sargent Aborn Pic co-founder Aborn Opera Company
Adam Aron Pic CEO, president AMS Entertainment Holdings
Barney Balaban Pic co-founder Balaban and Katz theater Chain
Roger Berlind Pic American theatrical producer, financier, ExLink
Sir Rudolph Bing Pic Austrian-born American impresario, general manager, Metropolitan Opera
Rene Blum Pic French founder of Balet de'l Opera, Monte Carlo, Balet de'l Opera Monte Karlo
Sir Leon Bagrit RWN Pic Ukrainian-born British computer industrialist, director of Royal Opera House, Royal Opera House
Ferdinand Bruckner Pic Bulgarian-born Austrian-German writer, theater manager,
Robert Brustein Pic American educator, literary/theater critic, author,
Karl Cerf Pic German theater manager,  
Rudolf Cerf German theater manager, theater owner,
Heinrich Conried Pic Austrian-born American  theater owner/manager,
Bruce Corwin American chairman, CEO of Metropolitan Theaters Corporation,
Abraham Erlanger Pic American theatrical producer/director/owner/operator, Theatrical Syndicate
Martin Esslin Pic Hungarian-born British producer, playwright, journalist, translator, critic, BBC Executive,
Adolfo Fastlicht Pic Mexican owner of Cinemex theater chain Mexico
Lew Fields Pic American actor, comedian, theater manager/producer,
Zelda Fichandler Pic American founder/director of theater, Arena Stage,         
Celia Franca Pic British-born Canadian founder 1951 National Balet of Canada
Charles Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer, manager, theater Syndicate
Daniel Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer, manager,
Gustave Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer, manager,
Peter Gelb Pic General Manager Metropolitan Opera
Baron Arnold Goodman Pic director of Royal Opera House
Herbert Graf Pic Austrian-born American  opera producer,
Sid Grauman Pic founder 1927 Grauman's Chinese theater ExLink
founder 1922 Grauman's Egyptian theater ExLink
Raoul Gunsbourg Pic Romanian opera director, impresario, composer,
Oscar Hammerstein I RWC Pic German-born American theater director/operator, impresario, composer, 13 theaters/music halls
Theresa Helburn Pic theater director
Sir Peter Jonas general director 1984-93 English National Opera
Sir Peter Jonas general manager 1993- Bavarian State Opera
Sir Jeremy Isaacs Pic general director Royal Opera House UK
Gail Katz American film/television/theatrical producer, 
Nora Kaye Pic American balerina, choreographer, theatrical producer,
Marcus Klaw Pic American theatrical producer, owner, Theatrical Syndicate
Barrie Kosky Pic Australian theater/opera director,
Harvey Lichtenstein Pic American arts administrator, impresario,
Max Leon Pic Polish-born Ameican conductor, musicologist, impresario, radio producer,
Mitchell Mark co-founder Vitascope Theater
Moe Mark co-founder Vitascope Theater
David T. Nederlander founder 1912 Nederlander Organisation ExLink
Eric Nederlander president Nederlander Organisation
James Nederlander Pic chairman 1971- Nederlander Organisation ExLink
Joseph Papp Pic American theater director, theatrical producer,
Henry Plitt Plitt Theaters
Harold Prince Pic American theater director, theatrical producer,
Baron Max Raine chairman 1971- National theater UK
Billy Rose HW Pic American theatrical producer, impresario, songwriter:lyricist,
Samuel Rothafel Pic American impresario, entrepreneur, Capitol theater, Capitol theater ExLink New York
Samuel Rubin Amercan consessionaire,
Nicholas Snowman CEO Southbank Centre
Jacob Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer,
Lee Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer,
Sam Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer,
Robert Sillerman Pic SFX concerts halls
Maximillian Steiner Hungarian-born Austrian actor, theater manager,
Abraham Tuschinski RWF Pic Dutch builder 1921 Tuschinski theater, Tuschinski theater Amsterdam
Eberhard Wachter Pic Austrian opera singer, baritone, opera manager,
Alexander Zeldin Pic British theater/opera director,
Impresarios impesario/wiki //impresario
Marcel Avram Romanian-born German impresario, Mama Concerts
David Belasco RWC Pic American theater director, playwright, theatrical producer,
Sid Bernstein American record producer, promoter,
Sir Rudolph Bing Pic Austrian-born American opera impresario, general manager, Metropoloian Opera,
Tito Burns Pic British misician, impresario, talent manager,
Claude Challe RWC Pic Tunisian-born French impresario, DJ, Buddha Bar
Henri Castro Pic French-born American impresario, diplomat,
Michael Cohl Canadian concert promoter,    
Vivian van Damm Pic British theater impresario,
Baron Bernard Delfont Pic Ukrainian-born British theater impresario,
Pinhas Falik-Reicher RWN Pic Romanian-born impresario,
Irvin Feld Pic American founder of Feld Entertainment, impresario, music promoter,
Sir Walter de Frece Pic British theater impresario, politician,
Samuel Gesser Canadian producer, impresario, writer,  ExLink
Giora Godik Pic Israeli theater producer, impresario,
Mitty Goldin HW Pic Moldovan-born French producer, composer, impressario, songwriter,
Boris Goldovsky Pic Russian-born American impresario, broadcaster, conductor,
Harvey Goldsmith Pic British rock impresario, manager of Elton John
Leslie Grade British agent, executive,
Baron Lew Grade Pic Ukrainian-born British showbusness impresario.
Bill Graham Pic American impresario, rock concert promoter,
Norman Granz Pic American jazz music impresario,  
Daniel Grinbank Pic Argentine businessman, impresario,
Lee Guber Pic American theater impresario,
Raoul Gunsbourg Pic Romanian opera director, impresario, composer,
Oscar Hammerstein I Pic German-born American theater director/operator, impresario, composer,
Sir Augustus Harris Pic French-born British actor, impresario, dramatist,
Al Hayman American theater impresario, theater Syndicate
Harold Holt South African-born British impresario, music promoter,
Sol Hurok RWF HW Pic Russian-born American performing arts agent, impresario, S. Hurok Productions
Michael Kaiser Pic American impresario,
Murray Kaufman Pic American rock and roll disc jockey/impresario, show host,
Lincoln Kirstein RWF Pic American arts patron, dance impresario
Lester Koenig founder   Contemporary Records
Artie Kornfeld Pic American promoter 1969, co-founder of  Woodstock Festival
Hilly Kristal Pic American founder of CBGB
Michael Lange Pic American record producer, film/television director, co-founder   Woodstock Festival
Gerard Lebovici Pic French film producer, editor, impresario,
Max Leon Pic Polish-born Ameican conductor, musicologist, impresario, radio producer,
Harvey Lichtenstein Pic American arts administrator, impresario,  
Sir Robert Mayer Pic German-born British businessman, philanthropist, co-founder of London Philarmonic Orchestra
Malcolm McLaren HW Pic British impresario, musician, 
Yolanda Mero Pic Hungarian-born American pianist, opera/theater impresario, philanthropist,
Angelo Neumann HW Pic Austrian-born theater director, impresario, singer,
Andrew Oldham RWF Pic British impresario, rock and roll producer, author, (Jewish mother)
Larry Parnes British pop group manager, impresario,   ExLink
John Roberts American businessman, co-founder of Woodstock Festival
Billy Rose HW Pic American theatrical producer, impresario, songwriter:lyricist,
Joel Rosenman Pic American promoter, co-founder of Woodstock Festival
Steve Rubell Pic co-founder Studio 54 nightclub
Ian Schrager Pic co-founder Studio 54 nightclub
Maurice Strakosch RWF Pic Czech-born American pianist, impresario,
George Wein Pic American jazz promoter, jazz producer,
Max Yasgur Pic American music promoter, Woodstock Festival
Regine Zylberberg Pic Belgian-born French actress, inventor of discotheque, nightclub impresario
Music promoter/wiki/cat
Music Entrepreneurs
Irving Azoff chairman Live Nation Entertainment
Edgar Bronfman, Jr HW Pic chairman, CEO Warner Music Group
Lyor Cohen Pic chairman Warner Music Group
Clive Davis Pic Sony Music Entertainment
Herner Droz president CEO Warner Music Group
Michael Fleischer vice chairman, strategy and operations Warner Music Group
Arthur Fogel Pic chairman Global Music
David Goodman president CBS Interactive Music Groop ???
Lucian Grainge Pic chairman/CEO Universal Music Group
Doug Herzog Pic Viocom Music and Entertainment Grup
Zach Horowitz president, CEO Universal Music Group
Joel Klaiman Pic general manager Columbia Records
David Kassler Pic CEO EMI
Michael Rapino Pic president, CEO Live Nation Entertainment
Doug Morris Pic chairman CEO Universal Music Group
Tommy Mottola Pic head Sony Music Entertainment convert to Judaism
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz CEO Sony Music Entertainment ???
Sidney Sheinberg RWC Pic president Music Corporation of America
Record producers //recordProd
Josh Abraham American record producer,  
Herb Abramson Pic co-founder 1947 Atlantic Records
Herb Abramson Pic co-founder Jubilee Records
Cisco Adler Pic American rock singer, record producer, film producer, socialite, (Jewish father)
Lou Adler RWF Pic founder 1967 Dunhill Records
Lou Adler RWF Pic founder 1964 Ode Records
Herb Alpert RWF Pic co-founder A&M Records
Dave Appell American record producer, musician, ???
Mike Appel Pic American record producer, manager of Bruce Springsteen, (Jewish grandparent)
Don Arden Pic British music promoter, manager, co-founder,  Jet Records
Moses Asch Pic founder 1948 Folkways Records
David Axelrod American record producer, musician, (???)
Irving Azoff president  MCA Records
Howie B Pic British musician, record producer,
Mitch Bainwal CEO 2003- , chairman RIAA
Martin Bandier CEO/chairman Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Roma Baran Pic Canadian record producer,
Steve Barri Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Jeff Barry RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, Steed Records
Jeff Bass American hip hop record producer, Bass Brothers
Mark Bass American hip hop record producer, Bass Brothers
Ralph Bass RWF Pic American record producer, (Jewish mother) R&B
Lew Bedell Pic American music industry executive, comedian, Dore Records
Era Records
David Belasco RWC Pic American theater director, playwright, theatrical producer,
Michael Bennet theatrical producer
Emile Berliner co-founder RCA Records
Ike/Bess Berman Pic American record producer/executive, Apollo Records
Jason Berman CEO 1987-1992 RIAA
Scooter Braun RBMG Records
Bihari Brothers founders Meteor Records Modern Records
Ill Bill Pic American rapper, record producer, Uncle Howie Records
Chris Blackwell RWF Pic British founder 1959 of Island Records,(Jewish mother) Island Records
Benny Blanco Pic American record producer, songwriter, rapper,
Jay Boberg co-founder IRS Records
Neil Bogart Pic American founder of Casablanca Records
Brian Brater co-founder Rawkus Records
Jordan Bratman Pic American music marketer, DARP Music
David/Jules Braun DeLuxe Records
Gerry Bron Pic British record producer, band manager,
Edgar Bronfman, Jr HW Pic chairman, CEO Warner Music Group
Clive Calder Pic South African-born founder 1977 Zomba Music Group
Jacques Canetti RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born French talent agent, music executive,
Joseph/Stanley/Kenneth Cayre Pic American record producers, Salsoul Records
Rick Chertoff Pic American record producer,   Answers ExLink
Leonard Chess RWF Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American record producer, exceutive, Chess Records
Phil Chess RWF Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American record producer, exceutive, Chess Records
Nicky Chinn Pic British songwriter, record producer,
Lew Chudd Pic founder 1946 Imperial Records
Samuel Clark American founder/president ABC Records
Alan Cohen Pic VP WarnerMedia
Lyor Cohen Pic American record producer, Island Def Jam Records
Heinrich Conried Pic Austrian-born American  theater owner/manager,
Simon Cowell RWF HW Pic British television producer/personality,  (Jewish father) 
DJ Drama Pic American DJ, record executive, (Jewish mother)
Jonathan Dagan Pic Israeli-born American songwriter, producer, remixer, visual artist,
Clive Davis Pic founder of Arista Records J Records
Lawrence Dermer Pic American record producer, songwriter, 
Buddy DeSylva Pic American songwriter:lyricist, film producer, ??? Capitol Records ExLink
James Diener American record producer, executive, A&M/Octone Records
DJ A-Trak Pic Canadian DJ record producer, music label executive,
Francis Dreyfus Pic founder of Dreyfus Records ExLink
Jonathan Elias founder 1980 Elias Associates
Bob Ezrin Pic Canadian record producer, Migration Records
Ron Fair Pic American songwriter, record producer, Geffen Records
Leonard Feather HW Pic British record producer, jazz pianist, composer,
Bob Feldman president, founder Red House Records ExLink
Danny Fields Pic American music journalist, record producer,
Jason Flom Pic American founder/CEO Lava Records Atlantic Records
Richard Foos Rhino Records
Alan Freed RWF Pic American DJ, music promoter, "Rock and Roll father", (Jewish father)
Milt Gabler RWF Pic founder Commodore Records
Leo Gandelman RWF Pic Brazilian saxophonoist, composer, record producer,
Charles Gavin Pic Brazilian record producer, songwriter, composer, drummer,
David Geffen RWF HW Pic founder 1980 Geffen Records Asylum Records
Peter Gelb Pic president  Sony Classical Records
Jody Gerson chairman, CEO Universal Music Publishing Group
Daniel Glass Pic founder Glassnote Records
Ben Glatzer Australian engineer, record producer,
Kevon Glickman Pic American record producer, entertainment lawyer,
Max Glucksmann Pic Romanian-born Argentine music/film industries entrepreneur,
Andrew Gold Pic American singer, musician, songwriter, (Jewish paternal great grandfather)
Barry Goldberg Pic American blues/rock keyboardist, songwriter, record producer,
Danny Goldberg founder 1999 Artemis Records
Danny Goldberg chairman Mercury Records
George Goldner Pic founder 1940 Tico Records Rama Records
Lior Goldenberg Pic Israeli-born American record producer,
Richard Gottehrer Pic American songwriter, record producer,  Sire Records The Orchard
Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) Pic American songwriter, record producer, remixer,
Norman Granz Pic founder 1956 Verve Records Pablo Records
Irving Green co-founder Mercury Records
Steve Greenberg American record producer,  S-Curve Records
Steven Greenberg Pic American musician, record producer,  October Records
Ellie Greenwich RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, (Jewish mother)
Dave Grusin RWF Pic co-founder 1982 GRP Records
Michael Gudinski Pic Australian record producer, Mushroom Records
Brett Gurewitz Pic founder Epitaph Records
Nora Guthrie Pic American record producer, (Jewish mother)
Diane Hamilton Pic American record producer, founder of Tradition Records, (Jewish father) Tradition Records
Larry Harlow Pic Fania Records Salsa Music
Anthony Heilbut Pic American record producer, biographer,
Jerry Heller co-founder 1987 Ruthless Records
Gary Hersh CEO Capitol Records ???
Jac Holzman RWF Pic founder 1950 Elektra Records
Nonesuch Records
Trevor Horn British foundrer of ZTT Records
Eric J American musician, songwriter, record producer,
Dick James Pic British singer, record producer, Northgern Songs Ltd
Nathan Joseph Pic British theater/record producer, talent agent, Transatlantic Records
Danny Kadar Pic American record producer, engineer, mixer,
Jack Kapp Pic co-founder with brother Kappa Records
Jack Kapp Pic founder 1934 Decca Records
Joel Kass American film composer, record producer, writer,
Michael Kassan Pic American record producer, 
Yuri Katz Ukrainian-born Israeli American record producer, musician, arranger,  
Monte Kay Pic American jazz record producer, 
Martin Kierszenbaum American record producer,
Nat Kipner American-born Australian record producer, Spin Records
Don Kirshner RWF Pic American song publisher, rock producer,   Chairman Records
creator, executive Don Kirscner's Rock Concert
Allen Klein Pic ABKCO Music & Records
Charles Koppelman Pic CEO EMI Group North America
Ira Korff president  National Amusements
Artie Kornfeld Pic vice-president Capitol Records
Robert Kraft American songwriter, film score composer, record producer, Fox Music, Inc
Eddie Kramer South African-born audio engineer/producer,
Sebastian Krys Pic Argentine-born American record producer,
Haluk Kurosman Turkish record producer, GRGDN
Alexander Kutikov RWF Pic president Sintez Records
Jon Landau Pic American music critic, manager, record producer, 
Michael Lang promoter 1969 Woodstock Festival
Michael Lange Pic American record producer, film/television director,   
Jay Lasker co-founder 1967 Dunhill Records 
Walter Legge Pic British classical record producer, EMI
Jerry Leiber RWF Pic co-founder 1964 Red Bird Records
Cy Leslie Pic founder 1950 Pickwick Records
John Leventhal Pic American guitarist, composer, record producer, (Jewish father) 
Joey Levine Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer,
Stewart Levine Pic American record producer,
Daniel Levitin RWF Pic American cognitive scientist/neuroscientist, music journalist,
Baron Michael Levy Pic founder Magnet Records Wireart M&G Records 
Morris Levy Pic co-founder 1956 Roulette Records
Sheldon Levy president  CBS Records
Sarah Lewitinn Pic American record producer, music critic, blogger, 
Henry Lewy Pic German-born American sound engineer, record producer,
Goddard Lieberson Pic president 1956-73 1973-75 Columbia Records RIAA
Shelly Liebowitz Pic American record producer, CRI Entertainment Group
Alfred Lion Pic German-born  American record producer, Blue Note Records
Avery Lipman Pic co-founder  Republic Records
Monte Lipman Pic co-founder  Republic Records
Monte Lipman Pic president  Universal Records
Jimmy Lovine Pic co-founder/chairman  Interscope Records 
Bernie Lowe Pic record producer, songwriter, bandleader, Cameo-Parkway Records
Herman Lubinsky Pic founder Savoy Records ExLink
Max Margulis Pic American jazz musician, record producer, photographer,
Michael Masser HW Pic American songwriter:composer, record producer,
Epic Mazur Pic American rapper, record producer,
Lewis Merenstein Pic American record producer,
Eddie Mesner co-founder Alladin Records
Leo Mesner co-founder Alladin Records
Ira Mesner co-founder Alladin Records
Jarret Myer co-founder Rawkus Records
Daniel Miller British record producer, founder  Mute Records
Jimmy Miller American record producer, musician, lyricist, (Jewish father)
Mitch Miller Pic American record producer, singer, conductor, Columbia Records
Ron Miller Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Steven Miller Pic American record producer, executive,
Irving Mills Pic producer, manager, writer
Blake Morgan producer, Engine Company Records
Doug Morris Pic chairman Sony Music
Jerry Moss RWF Pic co-founder A&M Records
Syd Nathan RWF Pic American founder of King Records ExLink
Necro Pic American rapper, record producer,
Al Nevins Pic American guitarist,  record producer, Aldon Music
Mike Nichols RWF HW Pic German-born American film director, producer, writer, actor, comedian,
Herb Newman co-founder 1955 Liberty Records
Eli Oberstein Pic American record producer, music executive,
Maurice Oberstein Pic American-born British  music busness executive,
Guy Oseary Pic Israeli-born American talent manager, investor, writer,  businessman, Maverick Records
Mo Ostin RWF Pic American producer, director, Sire Records
Alex Pall Pic American record producer, (Jewish father)
Lou Pearlman Pic American impresario, record executive, Trans Continental Records
Sandy Pearlman Pic American record producer, poet, songwriter,
David Platz German-born British music publisher, record producer, Fly Cube
Neil Portnow record producer, president of NARAS
Eric Prydz Pic Swedish DJ, record producer,
Charlie Puth Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, (Jewish mother)
Sol Rabinowitz record producer, founder of Baton Records
Milton Rackmil Pic American co-founder of Decca Records, head of Universal Pictures, Decca Records
Jerry Ragovoy Pic American songwriter, record producer,  
Ariel Rechtsheid Pic American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, sonwriter,
Bernie Rhodes Pic British record producer, songwriter, manager,
Steve Rifkind Pic founder Loud Records SRC Records
Bobby Roberts co-founder 1967 Dunhill Records 
Elliot Roberts Asylum Records
John Roberts promoter 1969 Woodstock Festival
Jerry Rogovoy Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Mark Ronson RWF HW Pic British-born American co-founder of Allido Records, Allido Records
Joel Roseman promoter 1969 Woodstock Festival
Hilary Rosen CEO 1998-2003 RIAA
Larry Rosen co-founder GRP Records
Daniel Rosenberg Pic record producer Project Records
Sam Rosenthal Pic record producer
Jonathan Rotem Pic South African-born American record producer, rapper, songwriter,
Paul Rothschild Pic record producer The Doors Answers
Rick Rubin RWF Pic founder Def Jam
Rick Rubin RWF Pic co-head Columbia Records
Richard Rudolph Pic Dickiebird Music
Art Rupe RWF Pic founder Speciality Records
Claude-Michel Schoenberg RWF HW Pic French composer, record producer, actor, singer,
Matt Schwartz Pic British record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Destined Records
Irwin Segelstein president CBS Records
Irwin Segelstein president Columbia Records
Phil Schaap Pic American jazz disc jockey, historian, archivist, record producer,
Elliot Scheiner Pic American record producer, audio engineer,
Cary Sherman chairman, CEO Recording Industry Association of America
Mark Shimmel Pic CEO LaFace Records
Derek Shulman RWE Pic British vocalist, musician, record executive, DRT Entertainment
Itaal Shur Pic American composer, record producer, musician,
Joel E. Siegel
Justin Siegel[1] Pic producer, executive
Robert Sillerman founder LiveStile, Inc
Tom Silverman founder Tommy Boy Records
Maynrad Solomon head Vanguard Records
Phil Spector RWF HW Pic American songwriter, record producer, Phillips Records
Jules Stein Pic founder 1924, chairman Music Corporation of America
Seymour Stein Pic founder 1966, president Sire Records
Jim Steinman Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Mike Stoller RWF Pic co-founder 1964 Red Bird Records
Bernard Stollman founder ESP-Disk
Scott Storch Pic Canadian hip hop record producer,
Bobby Susser Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Craig Taubman Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, 
Russ Titelman Pic American songwriter, record producer,
Geoff Travis Pic British record producer, music industry executive, Rouph Trade Records
Bryan Turner Canadian-born co founder 1985 Priority Records
Waddy Wachtel Pic American producer, guitarist,
Simon Waronker Pic American co-founder 1955 of Liberty Records, Liberty Records
Don Was Pic American musician, record producer,
Andrew Weiss Pic American bass guitarist, producer,
Barry Weiss Pic American chairman/CEO The Island Def Jam Music Group
Hy Weiss Pic Romanian-born American record producer, Old Town Records
Zack Werner Pic Canadian record producer, Venus Records
Jerry Wexler RWF HW Pic partner Atlantic Records
Matthew Wilder Pic American record producer, singer/songwriter,
Josh Wink American producer, DJ, artist,
Francis Wolff Pic German-born  American record producer, Blue Note Records
Marvin Worth Lenny Bruce, The Rose, Malcolm X
Max Yasgur Pic owner of Woodstock farm
Walter Yetnikoff Pic president 1972-90 Columbia Records ExLink
Walter Yetnikoff Pic president 1975-90 CBS Records ExLink
Bobby Z Pic American musician, record producer,
Saul Zaentz RWF Pic American record producer, film producer, Fantasy Records RWE
Ross Zapin Pic American record producer,
Marc Zermati Pic Algerian-born French producer of punk rock music,   
Hans Zimmer RWF HW Pic German fim composer, record producer, Remote Control Productions
David Zimmerman American record producer,
John Zorn RWE HW Pic founder Tzadik Records
Talent Agents //talentagent
Ted Ashley RWC Pic founder Ashley Famous Agency ExLink
Mark Bartelstein founder, CEO Priority sports and Entertainment
Peter Benedek CEO United Talent Agency
Jeff Berg Pic chairman, CEO International Creative Agency
Jim Berkus chairman United Talent Agency
Norman Brokaw Pic American talent agent, CEO/chairman William Morris Agency  
Peter Buckman Pic British writer, television writer, literary agent,
Iris Burton Pic American talent agent, dancer,
Jacques Canetti RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born French talent agent, music executive,
Sue Carol RWF Pic American actress, talent agent, Sue Carol Agency
Sam Cohn Pic American talent agent, International Creative Agency
Lonnie Cooper Pic CEO Career sports & Entertainment
Al Dvorin Pic American bandleader, talent agent,   
Ari Emanuel Pic founder Endeavor Agency WME Entertainment
Charles Feldman RWC Pic founder Famous Artists
Freddie Fields Pic chairman Creative Management Associates
Barthold Fles Pic Dutch-born American literary agent, author, translator, editor, publisher,
John Fogelman Pic literary agent William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Theodore Forstmann Pic chairman, CEO International Management Group ExLink
Lee Gabler co-chairman Creative Artist Agency ExLink
Jamie Gold Pic American television producer, poker player, talent agent, ExLink
Sheldon Gold president  ISM Agents  Ltd
Lucianne Goldberg Pic American literary agent,  
Jules Goldstone American entertainment attorney, talent agent, Goldstone & Tobias Agency
Shep Gordon Pic American manager of Alice Cooper, film agent, producer,
Eric Hall Pic British showbiz/sports agent,
John Heyman Pic German-born British film producer, talent agent,
Sol Hurok RWF HW Pic Russian-born American performing arts agent, impresario, S. Hurok Productions
Johnny Hyde Pic Russian-born American talent agent,
Sam Jaffe RWF Pic American British film producer, talent agent,    Gersh Agency
Morton Janklow Pic American literary agent,   Janklow & Nesbit Associates
Stan Kamen American William Morris Agency  
Jay Kanter American talent agent,
Paul Kohner Pic founder 1938 Paul Kohner Talent Agency
David Kramer president  United Talent Agency
Abraham Lastfogel president  William Morris Agency  
Irving Lazar Pic American literary/movie agent, television producer, ExLink
Richard Leibner Pic American founder/president,  N. S. Bienstock
Michael Levee M. C. Levee Agency
Maxim Lieber Pic Polish-born American literary agent,
Richard Lovett president  Creative Artist Agency ExLink
Sue Mengers Pic German-born American talent agent,
Ronald Meyer Pic talent agent Creative Artist Agency
Marvin Minoff Pic American film/television producer, talent agent,
William Morris founder 1898 William Morris Agency  
Michael Ovitz Pic founder 1975 Creative Artist Agency
Leon Rose Pic sports agent, attorney,
Drew Rosenhaus Pic founder, chairman Rosenhaus sports
Adeline Schulberg American talent/literary agent,   ExLink
Jeff Schwartz founder, president Excel sports Management
Myron Seznick American producer, talent agent,  
Sidney Sheinberg RWC Pic president Music Corporation of America
Chris Silbermann president  International Creative Agency
Herbert Solow Pic American television executive, writer, producer, director, talent agent, William Morris Agency  
Jules Stein Pic founder 1924 Music Corporation of America 
Mark Steinberg American sports agent,
Jay Sures president  United Talent Agency
Jason Trawick Pic American talent agent,  
Gary Uberstine Pic founder, CEO Premier sports and Entertainment
Mort Viner American talent agent,
Casey Wasserman RWC Pic owner, chairman, CEO Wasserman Media Group
Lew Wasserman RWC Pic American media executive, MCA  Music Corporation of America 
Don Weiner founder Monterey Peninsula Associates
Bernie Weintraub American talent agent, co-founder 1993 Paradigm Talent Agency
Norman Weiss executive General Artists Corp.
Patrick Whitesell Pic CEO WME Entertainment
David Wirtschafter co-CEO WME Entertainment
Jim Wiatt CEO William Morris Agency  
Jeremy Zimmer Founding Partner United Talent Agency
Carl Zimmerman American producer, agent,
Talent Managers //talentManager //musicManager
Bert Ambrose Pic British bandleader, violinist, ExLink
Robin Antin RWF HW Pic founder of The Pussycat Dolls,
Mike Appel Pic American record producer, manager of Bruce Springsteen,
Don Arden Pic British music manager of  Black Sabbath
Irving Azoff American manager of bands, Front Line
Marshall Berle Pic American music manager,
Milton Blackstone American manager of Eddie Fisher,
Scooter Braun Pic American talent manager, Justin Bieber
Bernie Brillstein Pic American talent manager, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
Tito Burns Pic British misician, impresario, talent manager,
Brian Epstein RWF HW Pic British agent/manager of The Beatles, The Beatles RWN
Danny Fields Pic manager of Ramones
Sandy Gallin Pic American manager, talent agent, producer,
Joe Glaser Pic manager of Louis Armstrong 1935 Louis Armstrong
Harvey Goldsmith Pic British rock impresario, manager of Elton John
Jerry Goldstein Pic manager of Sly and the Family Stone
Brad Grey Pic Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
Albert Grossman RWE Pic manager of Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
manager of Janis Joplin Janis Jopin
manager of Jimi Hendrix
manager Paul&Mary Peter
Joseph Heller HW Pic Godfather of Latin Rap
David Kapralik manager of Sly Stone
manager of Family Stone
manager of Barbara Streisand
Matthew Katz manager of Jefferson Airpane
Bruce Kimmel American record producer, actor, writer, composer,
Don Kirschner American song publisher, rock producer, manager of  The Archies
Allen Klein Pic American business manager of Rolling Stones and Beatles, the Rolling Stones
Helen Kushnick manager, producer for Jay Leno ExLink
Jeff Kwatinetz CEO The Film
Jon Landau Pic American music critic, manager, record producer,  Bruce Springsteen
Brian Lane American manager, Yes
Sol Leon manager of Van Dake Joan Crawford Mike Wallace
Harold Leventhal Pic American music manager,  The Weavers
Morris Levy Pic American manager,   
Malcolm McLaren HW Pic British punk band manager, (Jewish mother) Sex Pistols
Richard Meltzer Pic American rock music critic,  co-manager of Dictators Dictators
Peter Mensch Pic American music manager, AC/DC,
Irving Mills Pic manager of Duke Ellington
Andrew Oldham RWF Pic British manager of the Rolling Stones Jewish mother
Guy Oseary Pic Israeli-born American talent manager, investor, writer,  businessman, Madonna U2
Martin Otelsberg manager of Bo Diddley
Buck Ram Pic American music manager,  The Platters
Paul Rosenberg Pic American music manager, Eminem, The Knux, Blink-182
Bernie Rhodes Pic British manager of punk rock group,    The Clash
Larry Rudolph American manager, Breatny Spears 1999-2004
Steve Sesnick American manager, The Velvet Underground,
George Shapiro Pic American talent manager, television producer,
Susan Silver American band manager, Alica in Chains,  Soundgarden,             Susan Silver Management
David Spero Pic American music manager, Michael Stanley, Joe Walsh,
Jann Wenner Pic American founder, edititor of Rolling Stones, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame