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Austrian-Bavarian Austria //HactorAm
AzeibaRWEani 99 54 AzeibaRWEan //HactorRu
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Bosnian 63 //HoccupationIsr
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Jews in Argentina
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Croatian 157 41 Croatia Jews in Croatia RWC
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Eugenio Colorni
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Spanish Spain Jews from Spain Sephardic Jews Jews from Hungary
Spanish Uruguay Jews in Uruguay
Spanish Venezuela Jews in Venezuela Jews in France
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Ukrainian 591 16 Ukraine Ukrainian Jews
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Yiddish 13 121
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JewsByJewishdescentCountry/wiki/cat Hiyya al-Daudi Babylonian-born Spanish rabbi, composer, poet, advisior to King Alfonso I,
PeopleByOccupation&Nationality/wiki Yahya ben Yahya Portuguese supervisor of tax coolection, Chieff Rabbi of Portugal,
Yahia Ben Rabbi Portuguese
American Jews/cat JewishArtistsAdministrators/GermanyAustria Yahia ben Yahi III Spain
Russia Bakr Ben Yahia I first convert
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AEPi.Fraternity alpha epsilon pi - fraternity Bakr Ben Yahia II
Zeta Beta Tau Brothers Aloandro Ben Bekar Portuguese governor of Faro,
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1 Home Page
2 Nobel Prize Winners
3 Physicists Jul-11 46711
4 Physicists/awards Aug-11 1567
5 Chemists Sep-11 1055
6 Biologists Oct-11 1615
7 Mathematicians Nov-11 2685
8 Computer scientists Dec-11 1722
9 Engineers Jan-12 2284
10 Inventors Feb-12 870
11 Economists Mar-12 1310
12 Linguists Apr-12 1798
13 Philosophers May-12 1881
14 National Academy of Sciences (USA) Jun-12 1064
15 Royal Society of London Jul-12 1410
16 Russian Academy of Sciences Aug-12 2261
17 National Academy of Engineering (USA) Sep-12 1178
18 American Academy of Arts & Sciences Oct-12 1271
19 French Academy of Sciences Nov-12 1221
20 Heads of Institutes for Higher Education Dec-12 1710
21 American Recipients of Awards Jan-13 2232
22 General Awards Feb-13 1511
23 Authors Mar-13 2209
24 Biographers Apr-13 2084
25 Screenwriters May-13 2006
26 Poets Jun-13 2768
27 Journalists Jul-13 2661
28 Historians Aug-13 1887
29 American Actors Sep-13 2626
30 Translators Oct-13 2537
31 Directors Nov-13 1380
32 Producers Dec-13 1444
33 Earth Scientists Jan-14 1099
34 Composers Feb-14 802
35 Songwriters Mar-14 1392
36 Singers Apr-14 988
37 Conductors May-14 1309
38 Band Musicians Jun-14 961
39 Comedians Jul-14 845
40 Visual arts Aug-14 1057
41 Artists Sep-14 1608
42 Billionaires by Countries Oct-14 2617
43 Billionaires by Rank and Surname Nov-14 3699
44 Financiers Dec-14 4018
45 Bankers Jan-15 4819
46 Publishers Feb-15 4020
47 Entertainment Entrepreneurs & Ececutives Mar-15 4711
48 Industrialists Apr-15 4174
49 Retail chains May-15 4438
50 Food Jun-15 4677
51 Hi-tech Jul-15 4483
52 Fashion Aug-15 4615
53 Healthcare Sep-15 4385
54 Real estate Oct-15 6102
55 Resort Nov-15 5902
56 American Politicians Dec-15 5069
57 Politicians Jan-16 5856
58 German Academies Feb-16 5463
59 Lawyers Mar-16 4917
60 Heads of Public & Professional Organisations/Institutions Apr-16 4136
61 Military May-16 4688
62 Religious figures Jun-16 4349
63 sportsmen Jul-16 4122
64 Chess players Aug-16 3542
65 Women Sep-16 4887
66 Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Jews Oct-16 4312
67 Miscellaneous Nov-16 3469
68 Russian/Soviet politicians Dec-16 3712
69 American Academy of Arts and Letters Jan-17 4239 7989
70 British Academy Feb-17 4946
71 European Academy of Sciences (Europea) Mar-17 2947
72 Political activists (part a) Apr-17 2765
73 Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities May-17 2547
74 Victims Jun-17 2798
75 Famous Jews Jul-17 7989
76 Exibitions 258432
77 Jews by Jewish Donaminations
78 Various Academies
79 Biomedical Scientists (Awards)
80 Sports Figures
81 Ancient Israel
82 National Academy of Medicine
83 Ambassadors
84 Music performers
85 Broadcasters
86 Royal Society of Canada
87 Actors/Awards
88 Mayors
89 Italian Academy of Sciences (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei)
90 Recipients of Israel Prizes
91 Recipients of Russian/Soviet Prizes
92 Yiddish Language Figures
93 Jews with Gentile spouces
94 Families A
95 Filmmakers
96 Playwrights
97 Librettists
98 British Politicians
99 Lyricists
100 Technical
101 History of Jews
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106 Criminals
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108 Big Companies
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110 HoF
111 Grammy Award winners
112 Psychologists
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116 American Film Institute
117 American Film Institute/B
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138 Members of Parliament (Israel)
139 Psychiatrists
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146 Suiciders
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201 Israel - Immigration from
202 Germany - Immigration from
203 Poland - Immigration from
204 Romania - Immigration from
205 Russia - Immigration from
206 Ukraine - Immigration from
207 America (USA) - Immigration to
208 Canada/Mexico - Immigration to 1
209 Europe - Immigration to 2
210 Israel - Immigration to 3
211 Oceania - Immigration to 4
212 American lawyers 5
213 Israeli actors
214 Israeli singers
215 Israeli journalists
216 Israeli ambassadors
217 Russian miltary
218 Religion/Faith
219 Actors (not American)
220 Families B
221 Families D
222 Families E
223 Families G
224 Families K H,I,J - 128
225 Families M,N
226 Families R O,P,Q - 125
227 Families W,X,Y,Z T,U,V - 131
228 Gentiles with Jewish spouces by Surname
229 Academitians by Surnames and Academies
230 Dropouts from Rich Men Forbes Lists
231 Astronomers
232 Nuclear scientists, String Theorists
NAE 3200 18%
AAAS 1 3,700 600
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Albania Albanian alb
Argentina Argentine arg
Australia Australian aus
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani / Azeri aze
Belgium Belgian bel
Belarus Belarusian blr
Brazil Brazilian bra
Bulgaria Bulgarian bul
Canada Canadian can
Chile Chilean chi
Chinese-Hong Kong Chinese / Hong Kong People chn hkg
Colombia Colombian col
Croatia Croatian cro 1480
Czech Republic Czech cze
Cyprus Cypriot cyp
Denmark Danish den
Egypt Egyptian egy
Estonia Estonian est
European European eur
Finland Finnish fin
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Georgia Georgian geo
Germany German ger
Giblartar Gigraltarian gib
Greece Greek gre
Guyana Gyanese guy
Honduras Hondurani hon
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Indonezia Indonesian ino
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Ireland Irish ire
Iraq Iraqi irq
Iceland Iceland ice
Israel Israeli isr
Italy Italian ita
Japan Japanese jap
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Lithuania Lithuanian lit
Luxembourgian Luxembourgian lux
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Mongolia Mongolian mon
Morocco Moroccan mor
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Romania Romanian rom
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Senegal Sebnegalese sen
Singapore Singaporean sin
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Slovenia Slovenian slv
South Africa South African sou
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