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Francis Factor owner of E1988Max Factor Cosmetics+E1853 Max Factor Cosmetics
John Factor American gangster, brother
Max Factor, Jr Pic president son of Max, Sr
Max Factor, Sr RWE Pic Polish-born American businessman, father of modern make up brother Max Factor Cosmetics
Andrew Luster Pic American rapist, great grandson of Max Factor, Sr
Anne Fadiman Pic American author, editor, teacher, daughter of Clifton
Clifton Fadiman Pic American literary critic, author, television/radio personality, cousin of William
Boris Sidis Pic Ukrainian-born American psychologist, psychiatrist, philosopher of education, father
William Sidis RWF Pic American mathematician, child prodigy, son
Aleksandr Fainsimmer RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet film director, father
Leonid Kvinihidze RWF Pic Soviet/Russian director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son
Sandra Faire Pic Canadian producer, ??? wife
Ivan Fecan Pic Canadian CEO/president of CTVglobmedia, husband
Marianne Faithfull Pic British singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother)) daughter
Alexander von Sacher-Masoch uncle of Eva
Baroness Eva von Sacher-Masoch Hungarian-born Austrian aristocrat, dancer, (Jewish mother) mother
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian writer, journalist, (Jewish mother) great-uncle of Eva
Brad Falchuk RWF Pic American television writer, film producer/director, son
Evan Falchuk Pic American chairman of United Independent Party, son
Nancy Falchuk Pic president of Hadassah Women Organisation 2007- mother
Miksa Falk RWN Pic Hungarian publicist, chief editor, grandfather
Peter Falk RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, grandson
Oksana Fandera RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian actress, (Jewish mother) mother
Ivan Yankovsky RWE Russian actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother, Jewish father ?) son
Benny Fine HW Pic American writer, director, producer, actor, brother
Rafi Fine HW Pic American writer, director, producer, actor, brother
Gino Fano RWF Pic Italian-born mathematician, father
Robert Fano RWF Pic Italian-born American computer scientist, convolutional codes son
Ugo Fano RWF Pic Italian-born American physicist, son
Giulio Racah RWA HW Pic Italian-born Israeli mathematician, physicist, cousin of Ugo/Robert
Leone Wollemborg RWA Pic Italian Finance Minister 1901, brother-in-law of Gino
Gino Fanno Pic Italian mechanical engineer, brother
Marco Fanno Pic Italian economist, brother
Marvin Farber RWF Pic American philosopher, brother
Norma Farber American children's writer, poet, wife of Sidney
Sidney Farber RWF Pic American physician, cancer researcher, pathologist,   brother
Barry Farber Pic American journalist, talk show host, father
Celia Farber Pic American journalist, author, daughter
Benjamin Farjeon RWF Pic British playwright, journalist, author, father
Eleanor Farjeon RWF Pic British author, (Jewish father) daughter
Harry Farjeon Pic American-born British composer, (Jewish father) son
Herbert Farjeon Pic British playwright, librettist, theater critic, (Jewish father) son
Joseph Farjeon Pic British writer, journalist, playwright, (Jewish father) son
Moris Farhi Pic Turkish-born British author, Vice President of 2001- of International Pen, cousin
Lady Nicole Farhi Pic French-born Algerian British fashion designer, cousin
Mihaly Farkas RWC Pic Hungarian Minister of National Defence 1948-53, colonel general, father
Vladimir Farkas RWC Pic Hungarian security officer, son
Perry Farrell Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, husband
Etty Lau Farrell Pic Hong Kong-born American vocalist, dancer, wife
Howard Fast RWF HW Pic American writer of historical fiction, political activist father
Jonathan Fast Pic American novelist, educator, son
Julius Fast Pic American author, brother of Howard
Erica Jong Pic American author, educator, social critic,   wife of Jonathan
Leon Faucher RWF Pic French economist, polititian, French Prime Minister 1851, husband
Alexandra Wolowska Polish-born French pianist, wife of French Prime Minister Leon Faucher, wife
Louis Wolowski Pic Polish-born French economist, diplomat, politician, brother of Alexandra
Gaynor Faye Pic British actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter
Kay Mellor Pic British actress, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) mother
Leonard Feather HW Pic British record producer, jazz pianist, composer, jazz critic, father
Lorraine Feather American singer/songwriter:lyricist, daughter
Rachel Federoff Pic American television producer, television personality, wife
Destin Pfaff Pic American television producer, screenwriter, husband
Leo Feld Austrian librettist, playwright, stage director, author, brother
Viktor Leon RWF Pic Slovak-born Austrian librettist, brother
Joseph Felsenstein RWF Pic American evolutionary biologist, brother
Lee Felsenstein RWC Pic American designer of Osborne-1, brother
Edna Ferber RWF Pic American novelist, author, playwright, aunt
Janet Fox Pic American actress,    niece
Paul Eisler RWC Pic Austrian inventor, cousin
Fred Fehl Pic Austrian-born American photographer, cousin
Philipp Fehl Pic Austrian-born American art historian, artist, cousin
Raina Fehl Pic Austrian-born American writer, educator, art historian, wife of Philipp
Erich Schweinburg Czech-born Austrian writer, attorney, father of Raina
Halley Feiffer RWF Pic American actress, playwright, daughter
Jules Feiffer Pic American cartoonist, author, father
Armand Feigenbaum RWF Pic American quality control expert, brother
Donald Feigenbaum Pic American quality control expert, brother
Avshalom Feinberg Pic Israeli spy against Turkey, uncle
Tamar Eshel RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli politician, diplomat, niece
Evgeny Feinberg RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Russian nuclear physicist,    cousin
Saveliy Feinberg RWF Pic Azerbaijani-born Russian/Soviet physicist,  cousin
Andreas Feininger Pic French-born American photographer,  son
Lyonel Feininger HW Pic German American painter, caricaturist, comic strip artist, (Jewish mother) father ExLink
Theodore Lux Feininger HW Pic German-born American painter, photographer, author, son
Alan Feinstein Pic American philanthropist, mail-order, internet promoter, father
Leila Feinstein Pic American television news anchor, (Jewish father)  daugther
Felix Feist Pic American film/television director, son of Felix
Felix Feist American MGM sales executive, brother
Leo Feist Pic American music publisher, brother
Raymond Feist Pic American novelist,  adoptive son of Felix film director,
Ferenc Fejto Pic Hungarian-born French historian, critic, journalist, political scientist, grandfather
Raphael Fejto Pic French actor, director, author, (Jewish descent) grandson
Irvin Feld Pic American founder of Feld Entertainment, impresario, music promoter, father
Kenneth Feld Pic American owner, CEO of Ringing Brothers Barnum and Baiuley Circus son
Fritz Feld Pic German-born American actor,    brother
Rudi Feld German-born American art director, brother
Baron Basil Feldman Pic British Conservative politician, brother
Nick Feldman Pic British singer, bass guitarist, son of Basil
Fenella Fielding Pic British film/television actress,  sister
Corey Feldman RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, brother
Mindy Feldman Pic American film/television actress, sister
Ben Feldman RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, husband
Susan Feniger Pic American chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, radio/telvision personality, aunt of Ben
Michelle Mulitz Pic American actress, wife
Ferdinand Feldman Pic Polish stage actor, father
Krystyna Feldman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Polish stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter Edyta Jurecka
Eugen Viktor Feller Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Croatian pharmacist, entrepreneur, (Jewish father) father
William Feller RWF Pic Croatian-born German American mathematician, probability theory, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Vladimir Feltsman RWF Pic Russian American pianist, son
Oscar Feltsman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet composer, songwriter, father
Moisey Ferkelman RWN Pic Georgian-born Soviet composer, uncle
Nikolai Petrov RWF Pic Russian pianist, (Jewish father) nephew
Herman Feshbach RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, brother
Murray Feshbach Pic American economist,  brother
Edgar Feuchtwanger Pic German-born British historian, son of Ludwig
Leon Feuchtwanger RWF HW Pic German American novelist, playwright, translator, brother
Ludwig Feuchtwanger Pic German lawyer, author, brother
Michael Ohad music/theater critic, writer, director, uncle of Daniella
Daniella Ohad Smith Pic American historian, great-neace of Leon
Antoinette Feurerwerker French jurist, resistance member, wife
David Feurerwerker Pic Swiss-born French history scholar, rabbi, husband
Salomon Gluck Pic Swiss-born French physician, member of French resistance, brother of Antoinette
Atara Marmor French historian, daughter
Rose Warfman Pic Swiss-born French resistance member,   suster of Antoinette
Joan Feynman RWF Pic American astrophysicist, sister
Richard Feynman RWF HW Pic American quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965), brother
Charles Hirshberg Pic American journalist, sportswriter,  son of Joan
Arthur Fiedler HW Pic American conductor, grandfather
Jay Fiedler Pic American football player, grandson
Doug Fieger Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) brother
Geoffrey Fieger Pic American legal commentator, (Jewish father) brother
Frank Field Pic American meterologist, television anchor, father
Storm Field Pic American meterologist, son
Dorothy Fields HW Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist,  lyricist, librettist, daudhter
Herbert Fields Pic American librettist, screenwriter, actor, son
Joseph Fields American playwright, screenwriter, theater director, film producer, son
Lew Fields Pic American actor, comedian, theater manager/producer, father
Freddie Fields Pic American film producer, talent agent, brother
Kathy Fields Pic American actress, photographer, (Jewish father) daughter of Freddie
Shep Fields Pic American bandleader, brother
David Lander Pic American film/television/voice actor, comedian, composer, musician, husband of Kathy
Natalie Lander Pic Ameican film/television actress, voice actress, singer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother)
Eva Figes Pic German-born British novelist, mother
Orlando Figes Pic British historian of Russia, son
Figner  ???
Yevgenia Figner RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, sister
Lidia Figner RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, sister
Nikolai Figner RWF Pic Russian opera singer, tenor, ??? brother
Olga Figner RWF Russian revolutionary, sister
Pyotr Figner RWF Russian engineer, brother
Vera Figner RWF Pic Russian revolutionary, ??? sister
Maria-Luiza Kelberg German 3st wife of Nikolai
Rene Radina RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian opera singer, soprano, 3rd wife of Nikolai
Abraham Filene American businessman, philanthropist, Filene, son Filene ExLink
Edward Filene Pic American businessman, philanthropist, Filene, son Filene ExLink
William Filene American founder 1881 of Filene, founder Filene ExLink
Catherine Filene Shouse Pic American researcher, philanthropist, dayghter of Abraham
Howard Fineman Pic American chief political columnist, father
Meredith Fineman Pic American blogger, daughter
Herman Finer Romanian-born British political scientist, brother
Samuel Finer Pic British historian, political scientist, brother
Mark Canton Pic American film producer, executive, 1st husband of Wendy
Karen Finerman Pic American hedge fund owner/trader, sister
Wendy Finerman Pic American producer, sister
Joshua Fink Pic American CEO of Enso Capital, son
Laurence Fink Pic American businessman, CEO/chairman of BlackRock, father
George Finkel Pic French-born American television sports producer/director, son
Maurice Finkel RWF Moldovan-born American Yiddish theater actor, architect, father
Alan Finkel Pic Chancellor of Monash University 2008-16, husband
Ella Finkel Pic Australian science journalist, wife
Anthony Finkelstein Pic British software engineer, brother
Baron Daniel Finkelstein Pic British journalist, politician, editor, brother
Tamara Finkelstein Pic British civil servant, permanent secretary at the Department of Environment, Food, Rural Affairs, sister
Alfred Wiener Pic German scholar, Wiener Library, grandfather
Danny Finkleman Pic Canadian journalist, radio host, brother
Ken Finkleman Pic Canadian film/television actor, screenwriter, producer, brother
Christopher Finzi Pic British conductor, son
Gerald Finzi Pic British composer,   father
Joy Finzi Pic British artist, ??? mother
Itzhak Fintzi RWF HW Pic Bulgarian film/stage actor, father
Samuel Finzi Pic Bulgarian-born German stage/film actor, son
Erwin Finlay-Freundlich RWF Pic German astronomer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
Herbert Freundlich RWC Pic German chemist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
David Fischer Pic American Vice President of Advertising in Facebook, 2010- , son
Stanley Fischer RWF HW Pic Zambian-born American Israeli economist, Governor of Bank of Israel 2005-13 father
Irene Fischer RWC Pic Austrian-born mathematician, geodesist, special fields, geogesist, mother
Michael M. J. Fischer Pic American anthropologist, son
Adam Fischer RWF Pic Hungarian conductor, brother
Ivan Fischer RWF HW Pic Hungarian composer, conductor, brother
Joseph Fischhof Pic Czech-born Austrian pianist, composer, musicologist, uncle paternal
Robert Fischhof Austrian pianist, compser, nephew
Maurice Strakosch RWF Pic Czech-born American pianist, impresario, uncle maternal
Max Strakosch American impresario, agent, brother of Maurice
Ignjat Fischer Pic Croatian architect, father
Ivana Fisher Pic Croatian conductor, daughter
Eric Fischl Pic American painter, sculptor, printmaker, husband
April Gornik Pic American landscape painter, ??? wife
Carrie Fisher RWF HW Pic American actress, screenwriter, novelist (Jewish father), daughter
Eddie Fisher RWF Pic American singer, entertainer, actor, father
Joely Fisher RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Todd Fisher Pic American actor, director, cinematographer, (Jewish father) son
Tricia Fisher RWF Pic American actress, singer, (Jewish father) daughter
Billie Lourd RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Carrie
Paul Simon RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor, husband of Carrie
Daniel Fisher Pic British-born American physicist, (Jewish father) son
Michael Fisher RWF Pic British American physicist, chemist, mathematician, father
Matthew Fisher Pic American physicist, (Jewish father) son
Fisher Gap Inc.
Donald Fisher Pic co-founder  of Gap Inc., husband
Doris Fisher Pic co-founder  of Gap Inc., wife
John Fisher Pic son
Robert Fisher Pic chairman 2004- son
William Fisher Pic main shareholder son
Doris Fisher Pic American singer/songwriter, daughter
Fred Fisher Pic German-born American songwriter, music publisher, father
Marvin Fisher American songwriter, son
Kenneth Fisher Pic American founder, chairman, CEO 1986- of Fisher Inestments, son
Philip Fisher Pic American finance/investment writer, father
Miles Fisher Pic American film/television actor, musician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Richard Fisher Pic President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 2005- , (Jewish father) father
Max Fisher HW Pic American Advisor to Nixon 1969-70, Marathon Oil, United Brands, uncle
Mary Fisher Pic American political activist, artist, author, daughter of Max
Jane Fisher Sherman Pic American  daughter of Max
Stephen Ross Pic American CEO, chairman of Related Companies, Miami Dolphins, nephew
Luis Fishman Zonzinski RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, Minister of Public Securuity, second Vice-President 2002-05, husband
Aida Faingezicht Weisleder RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, journalist, MP ,Minister of Culture wife
Grzegorz Fitelberg RWF Pic Latvian-born Polish conductor, composer, violinist,    father
Jerzy Fitelberg Pic Polish American composer, son
Aron Flam Pic Swedish-born stand-up comedian, screenwriter, son
Harry Flam Pic Swedish economist, father
Edward Flatau RWF Pic Polish neurologist, father
Joanna Flatau Pic Polish physician, psychiatrist, daughter
Alfred Flatow RWC Pic German gymnast, cousin
Gustav Flatow RWC Pic German gymnast, cousin
Alfred Flechtheim Pic German-born British art dealer, art collector, journalist, publisher, uncle
Ossip Flechtheim Pic Ukrainian-born German jurist, politican scientist, author, humanist, nephew
David Fleeshman Pic British actor, director, father
Emily Fleeshman Pic British actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Richard Fleeshman Pic British child actor, singer/songwriter,  (Jewish father) son
Rosie Fleeshman Pic British actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Bela Fleck Pic American bluegrass musician, banjo, brother
Sacha Paladino American filmmaker, writer, brother
Edmond Fleg RWF Pic Swiss-born French author, poet, historian, philosopher, cousin
Julian Flegenheimer RWF Pic Swiss architect, designer, cousin
Jacob Flesch German pediatrician, father
Max Flesch German anatomist, gynecologist, son
Dave Fleischer Pic Polish-born American pioneer od animated cartoon, brother
Lou Fleischer Ameican composer, animator, brother
Max Fleischer RWF HW Pic Polish-born American pioneer of animated cartoon, film director, brother
Richard Fleischer RWF Pic American film director, son of Max
Paul Fleischman Pic American children's author, son
Sid Fleischman RWF Pic American children's author, father
Charles Fleischmann founder of Fleischmann Yeast Company father
Julius Fleischmann Mayor of Cincinnati 1900-05 son
Elizabeth Holmes Pic Health technology founder,CEO, Theranos
Timothee Chalamet RWC Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) nephew
Harold Flender American writer, sreenwriter, maternal grandfather
Rodman Flender Pic American actor, writer, director,producer, uncle
Barthold Fles Pic Dutch-born American literary agent, author, translator, editor, publisher, son
George Fles Dutch translator,     son
Louis Fles Pic Dutch businessman, author, activist, father
Michael John Fles Pic American poet, editor, musician, son of George
Heidi Fleiss HW Pic American Holywood "Madam",   daughter
Paul Fleiss Pic American pediatrician, money launderer, father
Abraham Flexner Pic American reformer of medical education,  brother
Bernard Flexner Ameican lawyer, co-founder of Council of Foreign Relations brother
Eleanor Flexner Pic American scholar, writer, feminist, daughter of Abraham
James Flexner Pic American writer, historian, biographer, (Jewish father) son of Simon ExLink
Louis Flexner Pic American biochemist, nephew
Simon Flexner RWC Pic American pathologist, bacteriologist, administrator,  brother
Robert Fliess psychoanalyst, son
Wilhelm Fliess RWF Pic German otolaryngologist, psychoanalyst, father
Jason Flom Pic American music industry executive, CEO of Lava Records, son
Joseph Flom Pic American lawyer, corporate attorney, father
John Florio Pic Italiam linguist, translator, (Jewish father) son
Michelangelo Florio Italian-born pastor, father
David Flusser RWF HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli scholar, religious studies, cousin
Vilem Flusser RWF HW Pic Czech-born Brazilian philosopher, writer, journalist, cousin
Carlo Foa Italian physiologist, pathologist, endocrinologist, son
Pio Foa Pic Italian politician, senator, pathologist, father
Eugenie Foa Pic French writer, sister
Jacques Fromental Halevy RWF HW Pic French composer, father-in-law of  George Bizet husband of Leonie
Leonie Halevy French sculptor, art collector, salon holder, sister
Hippolyte Rodrigues Pic French stock broker, writer, historian of religion, brother 1818-98
Olinde Rodrigues RWF Pic French banker, mathematician, social reformer, cousin
Lazar Fogelson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet cardiologist, uncle
Sergey Fogelson RWF Pic French-born Soviet engineer, executive, nephew
Victor Fogelson RWF Soviet editor, son of Sergey
Ilya Fondaminsky RWF Pic Russian politician, author, leader of SR Party, uncle
Vladimir Galperin RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet aircraft engineer, nephew
Benjamin Fondane RWF HW Pic Romanian-born French poet, screenwriter, literary critic, nephew
Elias Schwarzfeld HW Pic Moldovan-born Romanian historian, novelist, translator, uncle
Eric Foner RWF Pic American marxist historian, son of Jack
Henry Foner Pic American social activist, songwriter, brother
Jack Foner Pic American historian, brother
Moe Foner Pic American labor leader, brother
Philip Foner Pic American labor historian, communist political activist , brother
Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal Pic American screenwriter, film producer, 1st wife of Eric
Lynn Garafola Pic American dance historian, critic, commentator, 2nd wife of Eric
Amanda Foreman RWF Pic British-born American biographer, daughter
Carl Foreman RWF HW Pic American screenwriter, film producer, director, father
Jonathan Foreman Pic British-born American journalist, film critic, son
Oded Forer RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, son
Shuki Forer HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Rehovot, father
Jerry Finkelstein American publisher of New York Law Journal, father of Andrew
Lady Lynn Forester Pic American-born enterpreneur, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, wife
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Pic British financier, chairman of NM Rothschild and Sons, husband 3rd
Andrew Stein Pic American politician, husband 2nd
Milos Forman RWF Pic Czech-born American director, (Jewish father) brother
Joseph Kohn Pic Czech-born American mathematician, complex function theory - leader brother
Maureen Forrester RWF HW Pic Canadian opera singer, (convert to Judaism) mother
Daniel Kash Pic Canadian actor, director, son
Eugene Kash Pic Canadian conductor, violinist, violist, father
Linda Kash Pic Canadian actress, daughter
Lukas Foss RWF HW Pic German-born American conductor, composer, pianist, son
Martin Foss German-born American philosopher, scholar, father
Ben Foster RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother
Jon Foster HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother
Fould Fould Family
Armand Achille-Fould RWC Pic French politician, Minister of Agriculture, son of Achille, Jr
Achille Fould RWC Pic French Minister of Finance 1849-51, 1851-52 1861-67 Minister of Culture 1852-61 son 1861-1926
Achille Marcus Fould RWC Pic French banker, politician, Minister of Finance,
Adolphe-Ernest Fould French banker, politician, Minister of Finance, son of Achille, Sr
Beer Leon Fould French banker, father
Benoit Fould Pic French founder 1813 of Fould-Oppenheim Bank,  son wife: Helena Oppenheim
Baron Eugene Fould-Springer Austrian banker, financier, art colector, wife: Baroness Marie-Cecile von Springer
Linda Carroll American author, (Jewish mother) mother
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Douglas, SR
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr RWF Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, (Jewish father) first cousin of Paul
Elsie Fox Pic American screenwriter,   mother of Paula
Paul Fox American screenwriter, novelist, father of Paula
Paula Fox RWF Pic American novelist, grandmother
Courtney Love RWF HW Pic American lead singer, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter
Jessica Fox RWC Pic French-born Austalian canoer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Myriam Fox-Jerusalmi RWC Pic French canoer, K-1 Slalom mother
Virginia Fox RWF Pic American actress,    daughter
William Fox RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, moovie mogul, father
Richard Zanuck RWF Pic American film producer, (Jewish mother) son of Virginia
Mikhail Fradkov RWF HW Pic Russian prime minister 2004-07, (Jewish father) father
Pavel Fradkov RWC Pic Deputy Director of Russian president office, son
Alison Brie RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) wife of Dave
Dave Franco RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) brother
James Franco RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, (Jewish mother) brother
Tom Franco Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish mother)
Morry Fraid Pic Managing Director of sportslight Stores Ply, brother
Ruben Freid Managing Director of sportslight Stores Ply, brother
Baron Alberto Franchetti Pic Italian opera composer,    father
Baroness Afdera Franchetti Pic Italian-born American aristocrat, daughter of Raimondo/explorer
Arnold Franchetti Italian-born American composer, son
Baron Abraham Franchetti father of Alberto
Baron Raimondo Nanuk Franchetti son of Raimondo/explorer
Baron Raimondo Franchetti Italian expolrer, aristocrat, son
Isabelle Errera Belgian art historian, niece
Jacques Errera Belgian physical chemist, son of Isabelle
Leo Errera Pic Belgian botanist, plant physiologist, brother-in-law of Isabelle
Baron Leopoldo Franchetti RWC Pic Italian publicist, politician, MP, senator, uncle
Abraham Fraenkel RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli mathematician, uncle by marriage
Alfred Loewy Pic Polish-born German mathematician,
Gleb Frank RWF Pic Russian biophysicist, (Jewish father) son of Mikhail
Ilya Frank RWF HW Pic Russian physicist, Nobel Prize (1958), (Jewish father) son of Mikhail
Mikhail Frank RWF Pic Russian/Soviet mathematician, father
Semyon Frank RWF Pic Russian religious philosopher, brother of Mikhail
Lev Zack RWF Pic Russian poet, painter, sculptor, brother of Mikhail
Barney Frank HW Pic American representative, brother
Ann Lewis Pic American Presidential Adviser Counsellor to the President 1999-2000, sister
Mary Frank Pic British-born American painter, sculptor, wife
Robert Frank RWF HW Pic Swiss-born American director, art photographer, husband
Anthony Frank United States Postmaster General 1988-92, nephew
Bruno Frank RWN Pic German author, poet, dramatist, screenwriter, uncle
Fritzi Massary Pic Austrian operetta singer, actress, mother-in-law of Bruno
Claude Frank HW Pic German-born American pianist, father
Pamela Frank Pic American violinist, daughter
Elizabeth Frank Pic American author, literary scholar, daughter
Melvin Frank Pic American screenwriter, film producer, film director, father
Cindy Frank Pic American pop singer, sister
Sonia Rutstein Pic American pop singer, sister
Moses Dobruska Czech-born Austrian alchemist, freemason, writer, poet, 1st cousin RWN
Eve Frank RWF Pic Bulgarian-born daughter of Jacob Frank, daughter of Jacob 1754-1816
Baron Jacob Frank RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born self-proclaimed messiah, 1st cousin 1726-91
Harriet Frank, Jr Pic American screenwriter, film producer, wife
Irving Ravetch Pic American screenwriter, film producer, husband
David Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian physicist, uncle
Israil Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet physiologist, egyptologist, biblical scholar,
Maxim Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Russian biophysicist, son of David
Viktor Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet minerologist, crystalologist, brother of David
Zachary Frank-Kamenetsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet ophtalmologist, 
Alexei Fridman RWF Pic Russian astronomer, nephew
David Voskoboinik RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet nuclear physicist, father-in-law of Maxim
Gilbert Frankau Pic British novelist, brother
Julia Frankau British novelist, mother
Pamela Frankau British novelist, daughter of Gilbert
Ronald Frankau Pic British radio comedian,     brother
Owen Hall Pic Irish-born British journalist, playwright, brother of Julia
Charlotte Frankel German archaeologist, daughter
Hans Frankel Pic German-born American sinologist, son of Hermann
Hermann Frankel Pic German-born American classical scholar, son
Max Frankel German classical scholar, philologist, epigrapher, librarian, father
David Frankel RWF Pic  American director, screenwriter, executive producer,  son
Max Frankel Pic German-born American journalist, executive editor,  father
Bethenny Frankel RWF Pic American sports announcer, television personality, natural food chef, (Jewish father, mother convert) daughter
Robert Frankel Pic American thoroughbred horse trainer, father
Peter Franken Pic American physicist, son
Rose Franken Pic American author, playwright, mother
Al Franken RWF Pic American radio host, comedian, actor, political commentator, politician, cousin
Steve Franken Pic American film/television actor, cousin
Bonnie Franklin HW Pic American stage/television actress, wife
Marvin Minoff Pic American film/television producer, talent agent, husband
Edward Franklin Pic German-born American immunologist, husband
Dorothea Zucker-Franklin Pic German-born American physician, hemotologist, 
Lumley Franklin Pic British-born Canadian mayor of Victoria, British Columbia 1865- brother
Selim Franklin Pic Canadian legislator, brother
Nahan Franko Pic American violinist, conductor, concert promoter,
Sam Franko Pic American violinist, conductor,
Lynne Franks Pic British women's rights activist, public relations, mother
Josh Howie Pic British stand-up comedian,    son
Nahum Eitingon RWM Pic Belarusian-born officer of State Security (KGB), major general, relative of Mary-Kay, cousin of Max
Max Eitingon RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born German Israeli psychoanalyst, relative of Mary-Kay
Stephen Frears HW Pic British film director, (Jewish mother), husband
Anne Rothenstein British painter, 2nd wife of Stephen
Mary-Kay Wilmers Pic British magazine editor 1992 of London Review of Books (Jewish mother) 1st wife of Stephen
Jonathan Freedland Pic British journalist, son
Michael Freedland Pic British biographer, journalist, broadcaster, father
Ken Freedman Pic American radio executive, radio personality, brother
Samuel Freedman Pic American author, journalist, brother
Martin Freedman Canadian judge, son
Samuel Freedman Chief Justice in Monitoba 1971-83 father
Benedict Freedman Pic American novelist, mathematician, son
David Freedman RWF Pic Romanian-born American playwright, biographer, librettist, father
David Noel Freedman Pic American biblical scholar, author, editor, archaeologist, son
Michael Freedman RWF Pic American mathematician, Fields Medal (1986), (Jewish fother) son of Benedict
Toby Freedman American physician, son
Harry Freeman Ukrainian-born American journalist, writer, brother
Joseph Freeman Pic Ukrauinian-born American writer, magazine editor, brother
Hans Frei Pic German-born American theologian, son
Wilhelm Frei Pic German dermatologist, father
Mikhail Freidenberg RWF Pic Polish/Russian-born inventor, journalist, publisher, father
Olga Freidenberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet classical philologist, daughter
Boris Pasternak RWF HW Pic Russian poet, writer, translator, Nobel Prize (1958) cousin of Olga
Yakov Frenkel RWF Russian/Soviet musicologist, uncle of Yakov
Yakov Frenkel RWF Pic Russian mathematician, physicist, father
Sergey Frenkel RWF Soviet physicist, son
Victor Frenkel RWF Soviet physicist, science historian, son
Michael Fresco Pic American television director/producer, brother
Victor Fresco Pic American television writer, producer, brother
Freud/Bernays Freud Family Freud Family/cat
Anne Bernays Pic American novelist, editor, teacher, daughter of Edward
Edward Bernays Pic Austrian-born American father of public relations, nephew of Martha
Jacob Bernays RWF Pic German philologist, philosopher, translator, uncle of Martha
Martha Bernays Pic Austrian-born wife of Sigmund Freud, wife of Sigmund
Michael Bernays German literary scholar, uncle of Martha
Paul Bernays RWF Pic British-born German Swiss mathematician, philosopher of mathematics, nephew of Sigmund
Susie Boyt Pic British novelist, (Jewish father) daughter of Lucian
Kathleen Epstein British (Jewish father) wife of Lucian
Amalia Freud Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian housekeeper, mother of Sigmund Freud
Anna Freud RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British psychoanalyst, daughter of Sigmund
Anton Freud Austrian-born British chemical engineer, grandson of Sigmund
Bella Freud Pic British fashion designer, (Jewish father) daughter of Lucian
Sir Clement Freud RWF Pic British broadcaster, Liberal MP 1973-87 brother of Lucian
Baron David Freud Pic British journalist, businessman, welfare adviser, (Jewish father) great grandson of Sigmund
Emma Freud Pic British broadcaster, cultural commentator, (Jewish father) daughter of Sir Clement
Ernst Freud RWN Pic Austrian-born German architect, son of Sigmund
Esther Freud Pic British novelist, (Jewish father) daughter of Lucian
Jane McAdam Freud Pic British artist, (Jewish father) daughter of Lucian
Lucian Freud RWE HW Pic German-born Britiah painter, grandson of Sigmund
Matthew Freud RWF Pic British businessman, Freud Communications, (Jewish father) son of Sir Clement
Paul Freud Pic British-born painter, (Jewish father) son of Lucian
Sigmund Freud RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis,
Walter Freud Pic Austrian-born British chemical engineer, special operations executive, grandson of Sigmund
Justin Kaplan Pic American writer, editor, biographer, husband of Anne
George Loewenstein Pic American economist, great grandson of Sigmund
Marc Randolph Pic co-founder, CEO of Netlix paternal great-grandnephew of Freud
Isai Frenkel RWF Moldovan-born Soviet construction engineer, brother
Pavel Frenkel RWF Moldovan-born Soviet construction engineer, brother
Berthold Freudenthal German legal scholar, son
Jacob Freudenthal German philosopher, father
Andras Fricsay Pic Hungarian-born German telvision actor, director, son
Ferenc Fricsay Pic Hungarian conductor, father
Thomas Friedman RWF HW Pic American journalist, columnist, author, son-in-law
Matthew Bucksbaum Pic American chairman, co-founder 1954 General Growth Properties, father-in-law
Daniel Biss Pic American politician, mathematician, son
Jonathan Biss Pic American pianist, son
Miriam Fried RWF Pic Romanian-born American violinist,     mother
Raya Garbousova Pic Georgian-born American cellist, teacher, ??? paternal grandmother of Daniel/Jonathan
John Frieda Pic British American hair-stylist, father
Jordan Frieda Pic British actor, (Jewish father) son
Betty Friedan RWF HW Pic American writer, feminist, social activist, mother
Daniel Friedan Pic American theoretical physicist, son
Ken Frieden Pic American literary scholar, brother
Tom Frieden Pic American New York City Health Commisioner 2002-09, brother
Markus Friedenthal German banker, scholar, uncle
Karl Rudolf Friedenthal RWC Pic Polish/German-born German minister of agriculture MP 1867- , nephew
Kenneth Friedkin American businessman, father
Thomas Friedkin Pic American owner of Gulf States Toyota, son
William Friedkin RWF HW Pic American film/television director, producer, screenwriter, husband
Justin Green American cartoonist, cousin of William
Sherry Lansing RWF Pic American chairman/CEO of Paramaunt Pictures, film producer, wife
Albert Friedlander Pic German-born British rabbi, father
Noam Friedlander Pic British author, screenwriter, reviewer, columnist, biographer, daughter
Erik Friedlander American musical recording/performing artist,    son
Lee Friedlander HW Pic American photographer, artist, father
Ludwig Friedlander Pic German linguist, philologist, father
Paul Friedlander Pic German chemist, son
Max Friedlander Pic Polish-born Austrian founder of Neue Freie Presse, cousin
Ferdinand Lassalle RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born founder of Social Democratic Party, cousin
Friedman Friedman Family
Aaron Director RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American economist, Law and Economics, brother-in-law of Milton
David Friedman RWF HW Pic American writer, economist, physicist, legal scholar, father
Milton Friedman RWF HW Pic American economist, grandfather
Patri Friedman RWF Pic American anarchist, poker player, grandson
Rose Friedman RWF Pic American economist, political writer, grandmother
Daniel Porter Pic American internet entrepreneur, great nephew of Milton
David Benioff RWF Pic American writer, screenwriter, son of Stephen
Marc Benioff RWF distant cousin of David
Richard Friedman American law scholar, brother
Stephen Friedman Pic American economist, businessman, brother
Samuel Levy Pic American chairman of Yeshiva University 1930-1953,  great grandfather of Amanda
Amanda Peet RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) wife of David
Bruce Friedman Pic American novelist, screenwriter, playwright, father
Drew Friedman Pic American cartoonist, illustrator, son
Josh Alan Friedman American musician, singer/sonwriter, writer, editor, journalist,  son
Kipp Friedman American photographer, son
Molly Friedman American writer, daughter
Maria Friedman Pic Swiss-born British stage actress, (Jewish father) sister
Sonia Friedman Pic British theatrical producer, (Jewish father) sister
Litzi Friedman Pic Austrian-born spy for Soviet Union, communist, wife of Kim Filby, mother
Barbara Honigmann Pic German author, artist, playwright,   daughter
Georg Honigmann chief editor of Berliner Zeitung father
Jillian Becker South African-born British writer, journalist, critic, terrorism expert, daughter
Bernard Friedman politician, surgeon, author, businessman, MP 1943-48 father
Alexander Friedman RWF Russian composer, ballet artist, conductor, father
Alexander Friedman RWF Pic Russian mathematician, cosmologist, (Jewish father) son
Peter Friend Pic British transplantation surgeon, (Jewish father) brother
Sir Richard Friend RWF Pic British physicist, (Jewish father) brother
Justine Frischmann Pic British singer, guitarist, daughter
Wilem Frischmann Pic Hungarian-born British structural engineer, chairman of Pell Frischmann Company father
Chris Frith Pic British neuroscientist, psychologist, brother
Fred Frith Pic British multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, brother
Simon Frith Pic British musicologist, sociologist, ??? brother
Albrecht Frohlich Pic German-born British mathematician,  brother
Herbert Frohlich RWF Pic German-born British physicist, superconductivity, brother
Charles Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer,    brother
Daniel Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer,    brother
Gustave Frohman HW Pic American theatrical producer,    brother
Rebecca Fromer Pic American playwright, historian, poet, wife
Seymour Fromer Pic American museum founder, Judah L. Magnes Museum, husband
Erich Fromm RWF HW Pic German-born Austrian social psychologist, humanistic philosopher, husband
Frieda Fromm-Reichmann RWC Pic German-born American psychologist, wife
Erika Fromm American psychologist, wife
Paul Fromm German-born American businessman, philanthropist, performing arts patron, husband
Dan Froomkin Pic American journalist, blogger, brother
Michael Froomkin Pic American legal scholar, blogger,  brother
Andre Frossard RWF Pic French journalist, essayist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Ludovic-Oscar Frossard RWC Pic French politician, (Jewish mother) father
Barbara Frum Pic Canadian journalist, news anchor, mother
David Frum HW Pic Canadian-born American speechwriter, journalist, author, daughter
Linda Frum Pic Canadian author, journalist, senator,  daughter
Howard Sokolowski Pic Canadian businessman, real estate, husband of Linda
Alexander Frumkin RWF Pic Moldovan-born Russian electrochemist, 2nd husband
Vera Inber RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, writer, translator, wife
Zhanna Inber RWF Soviet writer, daughter of Vera
Ilya Strashun RWF Pic Soviet historian of medicine, 3rd husband
Leon Trotsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born First Minister of Defense of USSR, cousin of Vera
Abraham Frumkin RWE Pic Israeli-born anarchist, son
Israel Dov Frumkin Pic Belarusian-born Israeli journalist, author, builder of Jerusalem, father
Carmi Gillon HW Pic Head of the Shin Bet 1995-96, great grandson of Israel Dov
Michael Levi Rodkinson Pic American publisher, translatobt of Babylonian Talmud to English, half brother of Israel Dov
Joseph Navon Pic Palestinian businessman,
Joseph Fruton RWA Pic Polish-born American biochemist, historian of science, husband
Sofia Simmonds Pic American biochemist, wife
Soleil Moon Frye RWF Pic American actress, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother/convert to Judaism) wife
Jason Goldberg Pic American film/television producer, television writer, husband
Meeno Peluce Pic Netherlands-born American photographer, child actor, (Jewish mother) half-brother of Soleil Moon
Guido Fubini RWF HW Pic Italian mathematician, father
Eugene Fubini RWF Pic American defence policy maker, Assistant Secretary of Defence, 1963 son
Leo Fuchs Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American actor, son
Ruzha Fuchs Polish/Ukrainian-born Yiddish theater actress, mother
Yakov Fuchs Polish Yiddish theater actor, father
Gottfried Fuchs RWF Pic German footballer, brother
Richard Fuchs RWF Pic German-born New Zealand composer, architect, brother
Danny Mulheron Pic New Zealand film/television actor, writer, director, grandson of Richard
Joseph Fuchs Pic American violinist, brother
Lillian Fuchs Pic American violist, teacher, composer, sister
Dominic Fumusa Pic American film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) husband
Ilana Levine Pic American actress, wife
Funt Candid Camera
Allen Funt Pic American television producer/director, writer, television personality,  father
Bill Funt Pic American film/television actor,   son
Juliet Funt Pic American motivational  keynote speaker, daughter
Peter Funt Pic American actor, presenter, television personality, son
Elaine Laron Pic American songwriter, lyricist, sister-in-law of Allen
Marilyn Ina Laron 2nd wife of Allen
Lewis Furey Pic Canadian composer, singer, violinist, pianist, actor, director,   brother
Richard Greenblatt Pic Canadian playwright, actor, brother
Gail Furman Pic American psychologist, political activist, donor, mother
Jason Furman RWF Pic American economist, son
Jay Furman Pic American real estate businessman, father
Jesse Furman Pic American judge, son
Griff Furst Pic American film director, film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Nathan Furst Pic American film/television scores composer, (Jewish father) son
Stephen Furst Pic American film director, actor, father
Barry Diller RWF Pic American businessman, husband of Diane
Prince Alexander von Furstenberg Pic American socialite, philanthropist, (Jewish mother) son
Diane von Furstenberg RWF HW Pic Belgian-born fashion designer, founder of  Diane von Furstenberg mother
Princess Tatiana von Furstenberg Pic American singer, (Jewish mother) daughter