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Jewish Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Jews  - JewProm //atheist //agnostic
David Aaronovitch Pic British journalist, broadcaster, author, atheist Search
Scott Aaronson Pic American computer scientist,   atheist
Alexander Abusch HW Pic Polish-born German journalist, author, politician, atheist
Aderet HW Pic Israeli singer, yotzimBaSheela
Larry Adler HW Pic American British composer, harmonica player,   atheist
Theodor Adorno RWF HW Pic German American philosopher, sociologist, music critic, (Jewish father) atheist, agnostic
Joseph Agassi Pic Israeli philosopher, atheist
Shmuel Agnon RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer, Nobel Prize (1966), yotzimBaSheela
Ron Aharoni HW Pic Israeli mathematician, atheist
Dov Albaum HW Pic Israeli writer, editor, journalist, television presenter, yotzimBaSheela
Leslie Alexander Pic American stock trader, owner of Houston Rockets, agnostic
Zhores Alferov RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian physicist, Nobel Prize (2000), (Jewish mother) atheist
Saul Alinsky Pic American community organizer, agnostic
Amy Alkon HW Pic American advice columnist,   atheist
Woody Allen RWF HW Pic American director, writer, actor, comedian, atheist
Salvador Allende RWF Pic President of Chile 1970-73 (Jewish mother) atheist
Shulamit Aloni RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, former leader of Meretz Party atheist
Ralph Alpher RWF HW Pic American physicist, background radiation, astrophysicist, agnostic, humanist
Mathieu Amalric RWF HW Pic French film/television actor, film director, (Jewish mother) atheist
Yuri Andropov RWF HW Pic General Secretary of Communist Party of Soviet Union 1982-84 atheist
Jacob Appelbaum Pic American hacker, computer security researcher, atheist
Herbert Aptheker RWF Pic American marxist historian, political activist, atheist
Hannah Arendt RWF HW Pic German-born American political scientist, economist, philosopher, agnostic
Raymond Aron RWF HW Pic French sociologist, political scientist, philosopher, agnostic
Isaac Asimov RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born American science fiction writer, biochemist, atheist
Eric Avery Pic American bass player, atheist
Uri Avnery RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli writer, politician, editor, atheist
Julius Axelrod RWF HW Pic American biochemist, pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1970) in physiology/medicine, atheist
Sir Alfred Ayer RWF HW Pic British philosopher, populariser of logical positivism, (Jewish mother) atheist
Hertha Ayrton Pic British engineer, mathematician, inventor, agnostic
Isaac Babel RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, playwright, screenwriter, writer, atheist
Burt Bacharach RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter, pianist,  agnostic
David Baddiel HW Pic British comedian, novelist, televison presenter, atheist
Reuven Barkat RWC HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli politician,   yotzimBaSheela
Ellen Barkin RWF HW Pic American actress, atheist
Hans Baruch Pic German-born American physiologist, inventor, atheist
Jay Baruchel RWF HW Pic Canadian actor, (Jewish father)   agnostic
Mirav Batito HW Pic Israeli journalist, yotzimBaSheela
Shai Bazak HW Israeli diplomat, businessman, yotzimBaSheela
Yossi Beilin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Leader of Meretz Party, Minister of Justice/Religious Services, agnostic
Daniel Bell RWF HW Pic American sociologist, journalist, author, atheist
Joshua Bell RWF HW Pic American violinist, (Jewish mother) atheist
Richard Bellman RWF HW Pic American mathematician, dynamic programming, agnostic, atheist
Richard Belzer RWF Pic American actor, comedian,    agnostic
Richard Belzer RWF Pic American actor, comedian,    atheist
Shmuel Ben Artzi HW Pic Polish-born Israeli writer, poet, educator, yotzimBaSheela
Yitzhak Ben-Aharon RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli socialist politician, atheist
David Ben-Gurion RWF HW Pic Polish-born founder of State of Israel, first Prime Minister of Israel, atheist
Jon Benjamin Pic British ambassador to Chile, 2009- , atheist
Tal Ben-Shahar Pic Israeli writer, teacher, agnostic
Micha Josef Berdiczewsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born writer, journalist, scholar, yotzimBaSheela RWN
Henri Bergson RWF HW Pic French philosopher, Nobel Prize (1927) in Literature atheist
Alexander Berkman RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Russian anarchist, feminist, atheist
Irving Berlin RWF HW Pic Russian-born American composer, songwriter, agnostic
Sir Isaiah Berlin RWF HW Pic Latvian-born British philosopher, historian of ideas, agnostic
Emile Berliner RWF HW Pic German-born American inventor of grammophone, microphone, agnostic
David Berlinski Pic American writer, mathematician, historian of science, philosopher, agnostic
Steve Berman American editor, novelist, short story author, agnostic
Yitzhak Berman RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure 1981-82 yotzimBaSheela
John Bernal RWF HW Pic Irish-born British physicist, historian of science, (Jewish father) atheist
Mark Bernes RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian actor/singer, atheist
Sarah Bernhardt RWF Pic French film/stage actress, (Jewish mother) atheist
Andrew Bernstein Pic American philosopher, atheist
Carl Bernstein RWF HW Pic American journalist, author,  atheist
Caron Bernstein RWF Pic South African-born actress, model, singer/songwriter, atheist
Matt Besser Pic American film/television actor, stand-up comedian, writer, (Jewish father) atheist
Hans Bethe RWF HW Pic French/German-born British American physicist, Nobel Prize (1967), (Jewish mother) atheist
Hayyim Nachman Bialik RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, playwright, translator, atheist, yotzimBaSheela
Harry Binswanger Pic American philosopher, writer, atheist
Jack Black RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer, musician, atheist
Michael Ian Black Pic American actor, comedian, comedy writer, director, atheist
Andy Bloch Pic American professional poker player, atheist
Ernst Bloch RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American philosopher, author, sociologist, atheist
Marc Bloch RWE HW Pic French historian of medieval France, economic historian,    atheist
Walter Block Pic American economist, atheist
Howard Bloom Pic American author, scientific thinker, publicist, atheist
Paul Bloom Pic American psychologist, atheist
Cecilia Bobrovskaya Pic Russian revolutionery, memoirist, atheist
David Bohm RWF HW Pic American British quantum physicist, philosopher of science, agnostic
Niels Bohr RWF HW Pic Danish-born British American physicist, Nobel Prize (1922 ), (Jewish mother) agnostic, atheist
Sir Hermann Bondi HW Pic Austrian-born British cosmologist, atheist
Murray Bookchin RWF HW Pic American political/social philosopher, historian, founder of social ecology, anarchist, atheist
Ber Borochov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born  zionist, Yiddish language linguist, atheist
Marek Borowski Pic Polish politician, former speaker of the Sejm, Minister of Finance 1993-94 atheist
Alain de Botton HW Pic Swiss-born British writer, philosopher, television presenter, atheist
Gilbert de Botton Pic Egyptian-born founder of Global Asset Management, atheist
Mikhail Botvinnik RWF HW Pic Soviet World chess champion, 1948-57 1958-60 1961-63, atheist
Anthony Bourdain Pic American chef, author, television personality, (Jewish mother) atheist
Brannon Braga RWF Pic American television writer/producer, director, ??? atheist
Louis Brandeis RWE HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1916-1939. atheist
Barbara Branden Canadian-born writer, editor, biographer, atheist
Edvard Brandes RWC Pic Danish Minister of Finance 1909-10 1913-20 twice leader of Liberal Party Foreign  atheist
Yochi Brandes HW Pic Israeli writer,  yotzimBaSheela
Andrew Breitbart Pic American journalist, author, blogger, agnostic
Yosef Haim Brenner RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer, translator, atheist, yotzimBaSheela
Lenni Brenner Pic American historian, atheist
Leslie Brent Pic German/Polish-born British immunologist, agnostic
Roni Brizon HW Pic Israeli politician,    yotzimBaSheela
Henryk Broder Pic Polish-born German journalist, author, atheist
Adam Brody RWF HW Pic American actor, film producer, drummer, atheist
Jacob Bronowski RWF HW Pic Polish-born British mathematician, broadcaster, agnostic
Yaron Brook HW Pic Israeli-born American expert of Objectevist philosophy, atheist
Mel Brooks RWF HW Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, composer, lyricist, atheist
Pascal Bruckner Pic French writer, agnostic
David Brudnoy Pic American talk radio host, journalist, film critic, agnostic
Martin Buber RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German Israeli philosopher, yotzimBaSheela
Avraham Burg RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,    yotzimBaSheela
Lawrence Bush Pic American author, magazine editor, atheist
Ferruccio Busoni RWF Pic Italian composer, pianist, conductor, musicolosist, (Jewish mother) atheist
Rolan Bykov RWF Pic Ukrainian-Born Russian actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) atheist
Amanda Bynes RWF HW Pic American actress, fashion designer, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Elina Bystritskaya RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian actress,  atheist
Louis C.K. RWF Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer, director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) agnostic
Eitan Cabel RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   yotzimBaSheela
Dean Cameron Pic American television/film actor, atheist
Leslie Cannold Pic American-born Australian author, columnist, activist, public intellectual, philosopher, atheist
Bryan Caplan Pic American economist, (Jewish farther) atheist
Albert Caraco Pic Turkish-born French Uruguayan philosopher, writer, essayist, atheist
Benjamin Cardozo HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1932-1938. agnostic
Azriel Carlebach HW Pic German-born Israeli journalist, founder, first editor of Maariv, yotzimBaSheela
Vanessa Carlton RWF Pic American pop singer/songwriter, pianist, (Jewish mother) atheist
Marc Chagall RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian-French painter, stained glass artist, atheist
Noah Chazzman Canadian American psychologist, cognitive scientist, atheist
Noam Chomsky RWF HW Pic American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political writer, atheist
Tony Cliff Pic Palestinian-born British trotskyist, atheist
Chapman Cohen Pic British writer, atheist
Haim Cohn RWF HW Pic German-born Vice President of Supreme Court of Israel 1980-81 atheist
Job Cohen RWC HW Pic Dutch Secretary of Justice, mayor of Amsterdam 2001-10, atheist
Nick Cohen Pic British journalist, author, political commentator, blogger, (Jewish father) atheist
Samuel Cohen RWF Pic American physicist, developer of neutron bomb 1958 atheist
Jennifer Connelly RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) atheist
Jean-Francois Cope RWC Pic French Minister of the Budget 2005-07, atheist
Aaron Copland RWF HW Pic American composer, conductor, agnostic
Haim Corfu RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation 1981-88, yotzimBaSheela
Eva Cox Pic Austrian-born Australian writer, feminist, sociologist,  atheist
Jerry Coyne Pic American biologist, activist, atheist
David Cronenberg RWF HW Pic Canadian film director, screenwriter, actor, atheist
David Cross RWF Pic American actor, comedian, writer, atheist
Theodore Dalrymple Pic British writer, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother) atheist
Yohanan Danino RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 2011- , yotzimBaSheela
Nathan Datner HW Pic Israeli actor, presenter, comedian, director/producer, yotzimBaSheela
Larry David RWF HW Pic American screenwriter, actor, comedian, film producer, director, atheist
Bernard Davis Pic American biologist, microbiologist, atheist
Dani Dayan HW Pic Argentine-born Israeli right political leader, chairman of Yesha Counsil 2007-13, atheist
Moshe Dayan RWF HW Pic Israeli military leader, politician, Defence  Minister 1967-  , Foreign Minister 1977-79, atheist
Sir Daniel Day-Lewis RWF HW Pic British actor, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Abram Deborin RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian philosopher, sociologist, atheist
Jacques Derrida RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French philosopher, literary scholar, atheist
Alan Dershowitz RWF HW Pic American criminal lawyer, legal scholar, political commentator,  agnostic
David Deutsch RWF Pic Israeli-born British quantum computing physicist, atheist
Isaac Deutscher RWF HW Pic Polish-born British historian, journalist, biographer, atheist
Semyon Dimanstein RWF HW Pic Soviet Commissar of Nationalities, head of Yevsektsiya, atheist
Ben-Zion Dinur RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli historian, politician,  yotzimBaSheela
Zora Dirnbach Pic Croatian journalist, writer, (Jewish father) atheist
Stanley Donen RWF Pic American film director, choreographer, atheist
Ariel Dorfman Pic Argentine Chilean novelist, essayist, human rights activist, agnostic
Michael Douglas RWF HW Pic American actor, producer,  (Jewish father) atheist
David Dragunsky RWF HW Pic Soviet military, twice a hero of USSR, colonel general, atheist
Richard Dreyfuss RWF HW Pic American actor, agnostic
Tatyana Drubich Pic Russian film acress, agnostic
Ann Druyan RWF Pic American screenwriter, producer, atheist
Maksim Dunayevsky RWF HW Pic Soviet/Russian film composer, (Jewish father) agnostic
Emile Durkheim RWF HW Pic French sociologist, philosopher, anthropologist, agnostic
Jelena Durovic Pic Serbian journalist, writer, political activist, (Jewish mother) atheist
David Dvir HW Pic Israeli dancer, atheist
Fanny Edelman RWC Pic Argentine politician, president of Communist Party of Argentina, atheist
Marek Edelman RWF HW Pic Polish Warshaw Ghetto uprising leader, MP 1989-93 atheist
Paul Edwards Pic Austrian-born American moral philosopher, atheist
Zac Efron RWF HW Pic American actor, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) agnostic
Paul Ehrenfest RWF Pic Austrian-born Russian Dutch physicist, mathematician, atheist
Albert Einstein RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Nobel Prize (1921), atheist
Sergei Eisenstein RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) atheist
Kent Ekeroth Pic Swedish politician, MP 2010- (Jewish mother) atheist
Albert Ellis RWF HW Pic American psychologist, cognitive-behavioral therapist, atheist
Harlan Ellison RWF HW Pic American fantasy writer, screenwriter, literary critic, atheist
Ari Elon Pic Israeli writer, biblical scholar, educator, atheist
Ben Elton Pic British-born Australian  comedian, playwright, actor, director, (Jewish father) atheist
Alex Epstein Pic American author, energy theorist, atheist
Greg Epstein Pic American humanist, atheist
Theo Epstein Pic American General Manager of Boston Red Sox, agnostic
Gilad Erdan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Enviromental Protection, yotzimBaSheela
Paul Erdos RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American Israeli mathematician, agnostic, atheist
Robert Ettinger Pic American cryonics pioneer, atheist
Vladimir Etush RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet actor,   agnostic
Deborah Evelyn Pic Brazilian film/television actress, agnostic
Ephraim Evron RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to United States 1979-82, Sweden 1969-71, Canada 1969-71,  atheist
Semyon Farada RWE Pic Russian stage/film actor,   agnostic
Avigdor Feldman HW Pic Israeli lawyer, yotzimBaSheela
Miksa Fenyo Pic Hungarian Minister of Trade and Commerce 1918, agnostic
Leon Festinger RWF HW Pic American social psychologist, cognitive dissonance, atheist
Richard Feynman RWF HW Pic American quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965), atheist
Harvey Fierstein RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, playwright, librettist, screenwriter, atheist
Norman Finkelstein RWF HW Pic American historian, political scientist, author, atheist
Alain Finkielkraut RWF HW Pic French essayist, philosopher, atheist
Gerald Finzi Pic British composer,   agnostic
Carrie Fisher RWF Pic American actress, screenwriter, novelist (Jewish father), agnostic
Ossip Flechtheim Pic Ukrainian-born German jurist, politican scientist, author, humanist, atheist
Barthold Fles Pic Dutch-born American literary agent, author, translator, editor, publisher, atheist
Louis Fles Pic Dutch businessman, author, activist, atheist
Arnoldo Foa Pic Italian film actor, director, painter, sculptor, atheist
Jerry Fodor HW Pic American cognitive scientist, philosopher, atheist
Harrison Ford RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Harrison Ford RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) atheist
Bob Francis Pic Egyptian-born Australian talk radio host, radio personality, atheist
James Franck RWF HW Pic German-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1925) agnostic, atheist
Barney Frank HW Pic American representative, agnostic
Ya'akov Frank HW Pic Israeli politician,   yotzimBaSheela
Hugh Franklin Pic British politician, suffragist, agnostic
Rosalind Franklin RWF HW Pic British biophysicist, stractual viorology, DNA agnostic
Clara Fraser Pic American co-founder of Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Woman, atheist
Ernst Freud RWN Pic Austrian-born German architect, atheist
Sigmund Freud RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis, atheist
Betty Friedan RWF HW Pic American writer, feminist, social activist, agnostic
William Friedkin RWF HW Pic American film/television director, producer, screenwriter, agnostic
David Friedman RWF Pic American writer, economist, physicist, legal scholar, atheist
Jerome Friedman RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1990), linear accelerator quarks, atheist
Michel Friedman Pic German politician, talk show host, president of European Jewish Congress 2001-03, atheist
Milton Friedman RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1976), agnostic
Erich Fromm RWF HW Pic German-born Austrian social psychologist, humanistic philosopher, atheist
Stephen Fry RWF HW Pic British actor, comedian, fim director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother), atheist
Amos Funkenstein HW Israeli historian, philosopher, yotzimBaSheela
Frank Furedi Pic Hungarian-born British sociologist, atheist
Dennis Gabor RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German British physicist, Nobel Prize (1971), agnostic
Valentin Gaft RWF HW Pic Russian stage/film actor,    agnostic
Neil Gaiman RWF HW Pic British fantasy writer, screenwriter, agnostic
William Gaines Pic American comics artist, publisher,    atheist
Serge Gainsbourg RWF HW Pic French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, agnostic
Riki Gal HW Pic Israeli singer, yotzimBaSheela
Maxim Galkin RWF Pic Russian comedian, singer, television host, (Jewish mother) atheist
Emil Ganz Pic German-born American mayor of Phoenix, Arizona 1885-86 1899-1901  atheist
Raymond Garlick Pic British poet, editor, agnostic
Bob Geldof RWF HW Pic Irish singer/songwriter, political activist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) atheist
Martha Gellhorn HW Pic American journalist, novelist, travel writer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) atheist
Murray Gell-Mann RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1969), quarks, agnostic
Norman Geras Pic Zimbabwean-born British political scientist,  atheist
Steve Gerber Pic American comic books writer, atheist
Zinovy Gerdt RWF Pic Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, agnostic
Bronislaw Geremek RWC HW Pic Polish politician, Foreign Affairs Minister 1997-2000, atheist
Erno Gero RWC Pic prime minister of Hungary 1956- Secretary of Central Committee atheist
Vitaly Ginzburg RWF HW Pic Russian physicist, astrophysicist, Nobel Prize (2003) atheist
Ira Glass Pic American presenter of This American Live, atheist
Todd Glass Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, atheist
Roy Glauber RWF HW Pic American physicist, quantum theory of optical conhearance, Nobel Prize (2005), agnostic, atheist
Andy Glazer Pic American poker player, writer, lawyer, agnostic
Marcelo Gleiser HW Pic Brazilan physicist, astronomer, author, filmmaker, agnostic, atheist
Naftali Gliksberg HW Pic Israeli film director/producer, yotzimBaSheela
Ben Goertzel Pic American computer scientist, artifical intelligence researcher, agnostic
Mike Gold Pic American literary critic, columnist,   atheist
Elkhonon Goldberg Pic Latvian-born American neuropsychologist, cognitive neuroscientst, atheist
Emma Goldman RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born anarchist feminist, philosoper, atheist
Ivo Goldstein HW Pic Croatian historian,    agnostic
Dan Goldstick Pic Canadian philosopher, political activist, atheist
Shmuel Gonen RWC HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli military, major general,   yotzimBaSheela
Nadine Gordimer RWF HW Pic South-African writer Nobel Prize (1991) in literature, atheist
Keith Gordon RWF Pic American actor, film/television director, atheist
Stephen Jay Gould RWF HW Pic American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, historian of science, agnostic
Ilene Graff Pic American film/television/stage actress, singer, atheist
Randy Graff Pic American film/television actress, atheist
Todd Graff Pic American actor, writer, director, atheist
Dan Graur Pic Israeli-born American evolutionary biologist, atheist
Eva Green RWF HW Pic French actress, model, (Jewish mother) atheist
Seth Green RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, television producer, atheist
Brian Greene RWF HW Pic American string theorist, agnostic
Baroness Susan Greenfield RWF Pic British neuroscientist, broadcaster, writer (Jewish father) atheist
Alex Greenwald Pic American singer, actor, model, agnostic
Glenn Greenwald RWF Pic American political/legal blogger, columnist, author,   atheist
David Gross RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (2004), quarks, agnostic
Dick Gross Pic Australian mayor of Port Phillip atheist
Alfred Grosser Pic German-born French writer, sociologist, political scientist, atheist
Alan Guth RWF HW Pic American physicist, cosmic inflation, atheist
Seth Haberman Pic American developer of television advertizing, atheist
Jacques Hadamard RWF HW Pic French mathematician, functional analysis, atheist
Hans Hahn RWF HW Pic Austrian mathematician, philosopher, agnostic
Jonathan Haidt Pic American social psychologist, atheist
Ilan Hall Pic American chef, atheist
Leonid Hambro Pic American pianist, composer, atheist
Oscar Hammerstein II RWF HW Pic German-born American producer, lyricist, librettist, songwriter:lyricist, theater director, (Jewish father) atheist
Daniel Handler RWF HW Pic American author, screenwriter, accordionist, atheist
Kathleen Hanna Pic American singer/songwriter, atheist
Shalom Hanoch RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, lyricist, atheist
E.Y. Harburg HW Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist, atheist
Shulamith Hareven Pic Polish-born Israeli author, essayist, atheist
Sam Harris RWF Pic American author, neuriscientist, (Jewish mother) atheist
David Harsanyi Pic American columnist,   atheist
John Harsanyi RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American economist, Nobel Prize (1994), game theorist, atheist
Nina Hartley RWE Pic American porn actress, (Jewish mother) atheist
Herbert Hauptman RWF HW Pic American mathematician, Nobel Prize (1985) in chemistry, atheist
Anthony Heilbut Pic American record producer, biographer, atheist
Heinrich Heine RWF HW Pic German poet, journalist, essayist, literary critic, atheist
Richard Hell Pic American rock singer/songwriter, bassist, poet, (Jewish father) atheist
Joseph Heller RWF HW Pic American novelist, playwright, agnostic, atheist
Gregory Henriquez Pic Canadian architect, agnostic
Nat Hentoff HW Pic American historian, jazz critic, columnist, atheist
Rudolf Herrnstadt RWF Pic German journalist, politician, atheist
Avraham Herzfeld RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli activist, politician, yotzimBaSheela
Theodor Herzl RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Austrian founder of Zionism, playwright, journalist, atheist
John Heyman Pic German-born British film producer, talent agent, agnostic
Vania Heymann HW Pic Israeli film director, yotzimBaSheela
Raul Hilberg RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American Holocaust historian, political scientist,  atheist
Christopher Hitchens RWF HW Pic British-born American author, journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother) atheist
Uzi Hitman HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, atheist
Abbie Hoffman RWF Pic American social/political activist, atheist
Roald Hoffmann RWF HW Pic Polish-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (1981), atheist
Sidney Hook RWF Pic American philosopher, agnostic
David Horowitz HW Pic American neoconservative writer, historian, social activist, agnostic
Maksymilian Horwitz Pic Polish communist leader, theoretican, atheist
Kenny Hotz Pic Canadian actor, producer, director, journalist, writer, television personality, atheist
Marcela Iacub Pic Argentine-born French writer, jurist, atheist
Carl Icahn RWF Pic American businessman, Icahn Partners, atheist
Zeev Jabotinsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Revizionist Zionist leader, writer, journalist, orator, translator, atheist
Amnon Jackont Pic Israeli thrillers' author, historian, literary editor,   atheist
Francois Jacob RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965), atheist
A.J. Jacobs Pic American journalist, author, agnostic
Susan Jacoby Pic American journalist, writer, (Jewish father) atheist
Janet Jagan RWF HW Pic American-born President of Guyana 1997-99 , atheist
Lisa Jardine Pic British historian, atheist
Bruno Jasienski RWF Pic Polish-born Russian author, poet, playwright, (Jewish father) atheist
Robert Jastrow Pic American astronomer, physicist, cosmologist, agnostic
Victor Jerome Polish-born American writer, editor, communist, atheist
Wojciech Jerzy Has Pic Polish film director,  screenwriter, film producer, (Jewish father) agnostic
Alejandro Jodorowsky Pic Chilean director, producer, composer, mime, atheist
Billy Joel RWF HW Pic American composer, singer/songwriter, atheist
Adolph Joffe RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Peoiple's Commissar for Foreign Affairs (karaite), atheist
Roland Joffe Pic British-born French film director, producer, agnostic
Ted Kaczynski Pic American mathematician, social critic, anarchist, atheist
Franz Kafka RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, agnostic, atheist
Shelly Kagan Pic American moral philosopher,  atheist
Lazar Kaganovich RWM HW Pic Ukrainian-born Commissar for heavy industry, Deputy Prime Minister, major general, atheist
Herman Kahn RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, military strategist, futurist, atheist
Ita Kalish HW Pic Polish-born Israeli writer,  yotzimBaSheela
Alexander Kalyagin RWE Pic Soviet/Russian actor, director, atheist
Lev Kamenev RWF HW Pic Soviet politician, member of Central Committee, (Jewish father) atheist
Frank Kameny Pic American astronomer, LGBT rights activist, atheist
Wendy Kaminer Pic American writer, lawyer, atheist
Yoram Kaniuk RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, painter, journalist, atheist
Myq Kaplan Pic American stand-up comedian, atheist
Jerome Karle RWF HW Pic American physical chemist, Nobel Prize (1985), atheist
Miriam Karlin Pic British stage/film/television actress, atheist
Samuel Karlin RWF Pic Polish-born American mathematician, atheist
Asa Kasher RWE HW Pic Israeli philosopher, linguist, yotzimBaSheela
Garry Kasparov RWF HW Pic Russian World chess  champion 1885-2000, political activist, (Jewish father) agnostic
Ronnie Kasrils RWC HW Pic South African minister for Intelligence Services 2004-08, atheist
Yisrael Katz RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation, yotzimBaSheela
Stuart Kauffman HW Pic American biologist, biophysicist, atheist
Max Kellerman Pic American sports talk radio host, rapper, atheist
Etgar Keret RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, screenwriter, playwright, atheist
Jerome Kern RWF HW Pic American musicals composer, songwriter:composer, atheist
Alfred Kerr Pic German theater critic, essayist, atheist
John Key RWF HW Pic Prime Minister of New Zealand 2008-, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Dov Khenin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,    atheist
Jamie Kilstein Pic American writer, radio host, (Jewish father) atheist
Larry King HW Pic American broadcaster, host of Larry King Life, atheist
Matt Kirshen Pic British comedian,    atheist
Egon Kisch RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, journalist, atheist
Ezra Klein Pic American blogger, political writer, agnostic
Naomi Klein RWF HW Pic Canadian journalist, author, activist, atheist
Joseph Kobzon RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian crooner, agnostic
Jacob Kogan RWF Pic American film/television actor,     atheist
Adam Kokesh Pic American liberitarian, talk show host, activist, author, atheist
Feliks Kon RWF Pic Polish-born revolutionary, ethnograph, piblicist, Secretary of Central Committee of Ukraine 1921, atheist
Yefim Kopelyan RWE Pic Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, atheist
Brian Koppelman RWF Pic American filmmaker, screenwriter, music executive, record producer, agnostic
Janusz Korczak RWF HW Pic Polish author, pediatrician, child pedagogue, agnostic
Kyle Kosier Pic American football player, (Jewish mother) atheist
Bruce Kovner RWF Pic American founder chairman of Caxon Associates, LLC, agnostic
Mikhail Kozakov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian director, film/stage actor, (Jewish father) agnostic
Michael Krasny Pic American editor, talk show host, agnostic
Lawrence Krauss RWF Pic American-born Canadian theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, atheist
Zoe Kravitz RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish paternal grandfather/maternal grandmother) atheist
Bruno Kreisky RWF HW Pic Chancellor of Austria  1970-83 agnostic
Yakov Kreizer RWF HW Pic Field Army Commander, general of the Army, atheist
Sir Harold Kroto RWF HW Pic British chemist, Nobel Prize (1996), (Jewish father) atheist
Stanley Kubrick RWF HW Pic American film director, film producer, screenwriter, agnostic
Stanley Kubrick RWF HW Pic American film director, film producer, screenwriter, atheist
Ronald Kuby Pic American civil defence lawyer, radio show talk host, atheist
Thomas Kuhn RWF Pic American philosopher of science, historian, agnostic
Bela Kun RWF Pic prime minister of Hungary 1919 (Jewish father) atheist
Paul Kurtz Pic American philosopher, skeptic, secular humanist, atheist
Raymond Kurzweil RWF Pic American engineer, inventor, Reading Machine, agnostic
Igor Kvasha RWF Pic Russian stage/film actor, agnostic
Cathy Ladman Pic American stand-up comedian, television writer, actress, atheist
Lev Landau RWF HW Pic Azerbaijani-born Ukrainian Russian theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize (1962), atheist
John Landis RWF HW Pic American director, actor, screenwriter, producer, atheist
Thomas Lantos RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American representative, atheist
Yosef Lapid RWF HW Pic Serbian-born Israeli television presenter, journalist, politician, atheist
Harold Laski RWF Pic British economist, atheist
Marghanita Laski Pic British journalist, novelist, atheist
Matt Lauer RWF Pic American television journalist, news anchor, (Jewish father) atheist
Arthur Laurents Pic American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, libbretist, theater director, atheist
Nigella Lawson Pic British journalist, writer, television cook, atheist
Norman Lear Pic American director, producer, screenwriter, atheist
Leon Lederman RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1988), atheist
Geddy Lee Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, keyboardist, bassist, atheist
Ruta Lee Pic Canadian actress, dancer, ??? atheist
Stan Lee RWF HW Pic American comic book writer, producer, actor, agnostic
Tom Lehrer HW Pic American singer/songwriter, pianist, satirist, mathematician, agnostic
Tom Lehrer HW Pic American singer/songwriter, pianist, satirist, mathematician, atheist
Stanislaw Lem RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian author, futurist, philosopher, atheist
Vladimir Lenin RWF HW Pic Head of Soviet State, (Jewish maternal grandfather) atheist
Richard Lester HW Pic American-born British film director, atheist
Oliver Letwin RWF Pic British politician, Minister of State for Government Policy, atheist
Avraham Levenbraun Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician,   atheist
Primo Levi RWF HW Pic Italian novelist, chemist, translator, atheist
Rita Levi-Montalcini RWF HW Pic Italian-born American scientist, Nobel Prize (1986) in medicine, agnostic, atheist
Hanoch Levin RWF HW Pic Israeli author, poet, playwritht, theater director, yotzimBaSheela
Shalom Levin HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,   yotzimBaSheela
Adam Levine RWE HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father/maternal grandmother), atheist
Ken Levine Pic American video game designer, atheist
Claude Levi-Strauss RWF HW Pic Belgian-born French anthropologist, philosopher, sociologist, atheist
Amnon Levy HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter, atheist
David Lewis Pic American philosopher, agnostic, atheist
Jenny Lewis Pic American actress, singer, musician,  atheist
Joseph Lewis Pic American non-fiction writer, atheist, atheist
Mikhail Lifshitz RWF Pic Soviet literary critic, philosopher of art, atheist
Gyorgy Ligeti RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Hungarian composer, atheist
Kate Linder Pic American actress, atheist
Frederic Lindstrom American sociologist, demographer, agnostic
Lori Lipman Brown Pic American politician, atheist
James Lipton HW Pic American writer, poet, television writer, actor, atheist
Antony Loewenstein Pic Australian journalist, author, blogger, atheist
Cesare Lombroso RWC HW Pic Italian criminologist, pellagra, atheist
Yaron London HW Pic Israeli journalist, songwriter:lyricist, television personality, atheist
Robert Louis-Dreyfus Pic French CEO of Adidas-Salomon Company, (Jewish father) agnostic
Matt Lucas HW Pic British comedian, screenwriter, actor, atheist
Branko Lustig RWF HW Pic Croatian-born American film director, producer, atheist
Rosa Luxembourg RWF HW Pic Polish-born German communist leader, philosopher, economist, atheist
Bill Maher HW Pic American producer, comedian, writer, actor, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Gustav Mahler RWF HW Pic Austrian/Czech-born Austrian composer,conductor, agnostic
Sari Makeover-Belikov HW Pic Israeli journalist, yotzimBaSheela
Bernard Malamud RWF Pic American writer, agnostic
Yaakov Malkin Pic Israeli educator, writer, literary critic,  atheist
Ernest Mandel Pic German-born Belgian marxist economist, atheist
Barry Manilow RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, arranger, producer, conductor, actor, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) atheist
Fritz Mannheimer Pic German banker, art collector, atheist
Josie Maran Pic American model, actress, (Jewish father) agnostic
Herbert Marcuse RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American philosopher, sociologist, political scientist, atheist
Marc Maron Pic American comedian, radio host, actor, director, producer, atheist
Adolf Bernhard Marx Pic German composer, musical theorist, critic, atheist
Barbara Marx Hubbard HW Pic Ameican futurist, author, public speaker, agnostic
Karl Marx RWF HW Pic German-born philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, atheist
Abraham Maslow RWF HW Pic American psychologist, humanistic psychology, atheist
Savas Matsas Pic Greek philosopher, politician, writer, atheist
Paul Mazursky RWF HW Pic American actor, film director, screenwriter, atheist
Menachem Mazuz RWE HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli jurist, Attorney General 2004-10 yotzimBaSheela
John McCarthy RWF HW Pic American computer scientist, Inventor of "Lisp", artificial intelligence (Jewish mother) atheist
Ilya Mechnikov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1908), (Jewish mother) atheist
Golda Meir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli 4th Prime Minister 1969-74 atheist
Alexandr Menaker RWF Pic Russian/Soviet comedian, actor, atheist
Pierre Mendes France RWF HW Pic prime minister of France 1954-55 atheist
Mike Mendoza Pic British radio presenter, atheist
Maya Menglet RWF Pic Russian actress, (Jewish father) atheist
Efrim Menuck Pic Canadian musician, atheist
Sami Michael HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli author, atheist
Albert Michelson RWF HW Pic Polish-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1907), optical precision instruments agnostic
Fat Mike Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, atheist
David Miliband RWF HW Pic Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 2007-10 atheist
Ed Miliband RWF HW Pic British Chairman of Treasury's Council of Economic Advisers atheist
Ralph Miliband Pic Belgian-born British political theorist, atheist
Arthur Miller RWF HW Pic American playwright, essayist, agnostic
Sir Jonathan Miller Pic British theater/opera director, television presenter, author, medical doctor, atheist
Lady Rebecca Miller RWF Pic American screenwriter, actress, director (Jewish father) atheist
Hilary Minc RWF Pic Polish politician, Vice-Premier for Economic Affairs, atheist
Marvin Minsky RWF HW Pic American cognetive scientist, artificial intelligence, neural nets, atheist
Dame Miriam Rothschild RWF Pic British entomologist, zoologist, atheist
Maria Mironova RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) agnostic
Ludwig von Mises RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian economist, philosopher, agnostic
Samuel Mitja Rapoport Pic Ukrainian-born American physician, biochemist, atheist
Mendel Mocher yotzimBaSheela
Mendele Mocher Sforim RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish novelist, playwright, atheist
Alberto Moravia RWF HW Pic Italian author, (Jewish father) atheist
Robin Morgan Pic American child actress, activist, radical feminist, atheist
Henry Morgentaler Pic Polish-born Canadian physician, abortion activist, atheist
Andrzej Morozowski Pic Polish journalist, television personality, writer, atheist
Hannah Moscovitch Pic Canadian playwright, (Jewish father) atheist
Yehuda Moses HW Pic atheist
Hermann Muller RWF HW Pic American geneticist, Nobel Prize (1946), (Jewish mother) atheist
Reggie Nadelson Pic American novelist,   atheist
Ernest Nagel RWF Pic Slovak-born American philosopher of science, atheist
David Nalin Pic American physiologist, agnostic
Ernesto Nathan HW Pic British-born Italian mayor of Rome, 1907-13, atheist
Dan Naveh RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Health,    yotzimBaSheela
Yuval Ne'eman RWF HW Pic Israeli physicist, politician, atheist
Marty Nemko Pic American career coach, author, columnist, atheist
Benjamin Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Israeli prime minister of Israel 1996-99 2009- atheist
Franz Neumann Pic Polish/German-born German American political scientist,  atheist
John von Neumann RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, game theory, linear programming,computer science, agnostic, catholic
Michael Neumann Pic Canadian philosopher, atheist
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein RWF HW Pic American novelist, philosopher, atheist
Michael Newdow Pic American attorney, emergency medicine physician, atheist
Randy Newman RWF HW Pic American film composer, singer/songwriter, atheist
Oscar Niemeyer RWF HW Pic Brazilian architect, atheist
Shlomo Nitzan HW Pic Israeli actor, broadcaster, entertainer, yotzimBaSheela
David Noble Pic Canadian historian of technology, atheist
Max Nordau RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born co founder of World Zionist Organisation, agnostic
Matthew Norman Pic atheist
Robert Nozick RWF HW Pic American political philosopher, libertarianism, agnostic
Sherwin Nuland Pic American surgeon, writer, agnostic
Bill Nye Pic American comedian, television host, science educator, engineer, agnostic
Teodor Oizerman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian philosopher,   atheist
George Olah RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (1994), agnostic, atheist
Frank Oppenheimer RWF Pic American physicist, atheist
Robert Oppenheimer RWF HW Pic American physicist, administrator, atomic bomb, agnostic, atheist
Uzzi Ornan Pic Israeli linguist, social activist,    atheist
Yitzhak Orpaz-Auerbach RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer,   atheist
Sir Otto Kahn-Freund Pic German-born British lawyer, agnostic
Amos Oz RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, intellectual, atheist
David Pakman Pic Argentine-born American journalist, radio personality, agnostic, atheist
Julia Pascal Pic British playwright, theater director, atheist
Agata Passent Pic Polish journalist, writer, (Jewish father) atheist
Daniel Passent Pic Ukrainian-born Polish journalist, atheist
Anna Pauker RWC HW Pic Minister of Foreign Affairs Deputy Premier atheist
MC Paul Barman HW Pic American rapper, atheist
Peaches Pic Canadian electrothrash artist, singer/songwriter, record producer,    atheist
Judea Pearl RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American scientist, philosopher, artifical intelligence, atheist
Kira Peikoff Pic American novelist, journalist, atheist
Leonard Peikoff Pic American philosopher, writer, atheist
Leo Penn Pic American director, actor, atheist
Sean Penn RWF HW Pic American director, actor (Jewish father) agnostic
Calel Perechodnik Pic Polish writer, resistance fighter, atheist
Shimon Peres RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born prime minister of Israel  1986-88 1995-96, Nobel Prize (1994) atheist
Saul Perlmutter RWF HW Pic American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize (2011), agnostic, atheist
Sam Perrin Pic American screenwriter, atheist
Sir Max Perutz RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British chemist, Nobel Prize (1962), atheist
Baron Peter Haden-Guest British diplomat, dancer, choreographer, atheist
Anton Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) atheist
Frits Philips Pic Dutch fourth chairman of Dutch corporation Philips, (Jewish paternal grandfather) atheist
Gerard Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) atheist
Joaquin Phoenix RWF HW Pic Puetro Rican-born American actor, (Jewish mother) atheist
Chris Pine RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) agnostic
Steven Pinker RWF HW Pic Canadian American cognitive evolutionary psychologist, linguist, atheist
Drew Pinsky Pic American radio talk show, writer, internist, (Jewish father) atheist
Harold Pinter RWF HW Pic British American playwright, theater director, Nobel Prize (2005) atheist
Valerie Plame Pic American CIA operation officer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) agnostic
Ronald Plasterk RWC Pic Dutch politician, Minister of Interior 2012- , atheist
Carel Polak RWC Pic Dutch jurist, politician, senator, Minister of Justice of Netherlands 1967-71, atheist
Roman Polanski RWF HW Pic Polish/French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish father; half Jewish mother) atheist
Friedrich Pollock Pic German social scientist, philosopher, atheist
Vladimir Polonsky RWF Pic Russian-born revolutionery, first secretary of Azerbajan communist party, atheist
George Polya RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, combinatorics, agnostic
James Poniewozik Pic American journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother) atheist
Sir Karl Popper RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher of science, agnostic
Vladimir Posner RWF Pic French-born Russian journalist, (Jewish father) atheist
Yitzhak Rabin RWF HW Pic prime minister of Israel 1974-77 1992-95, Nobel Prize for Piece, atheist
Ilan Rabinovitch HW Pic Israeli psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, yotzimBaSheela
Daniel Radcliffe RWF HW Pic British actor, (Jewish mother) atheist
Charlotte Rae Pic American sctreen/television/stage actress, singer,  dancer, atheist
Arkady Raikin RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Russian comedian, actor, atheist
Konstantin Raikin RWF HW Pic Russian stage/film actor, theater director, agnostic
Geoffrey Raisman Pic British neuroscientist, atheist
Matyas Rakosi RWF HW Pic Hungarian Prime Minister of Hungary 1952-53, atheist
Harold Ramis Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, agnostic
Ayn Rand RWF HW Pic Russian-born American novelist, philosopher, playwright, screenwriter, objectivism, atheist
Faina Ranevskaya RWF HW Pic Russian comic actress, agnostic
Samuel Rapoport Pic Ukrainian-born physician, biochemist, atheist
Leonte Rautu RWE Pic Moldovan-born Romanian politician, atheist
Anatoli Ravikovich RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor,   agnostic
Claire Rayner Pic British nurse, journalist, broadcaster, novelist, atheist
Jay Rayner Pic British journalist, writer, television presenter, food critic, atheist
Gilles de Robien Pic French politician, Minister of National Education 2005-07, atheist
Wilhelm Reich RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, orgonomy, (Jewish father) agnostic, atheist
Marcel Reich-Ranicki RWF HW Pic Polish-born German literary critic, atheist
Carl Reiner RWF Pic American actor, comedian, screenwriter, film director, producer, atheist
Rob Reiner RWF HW Pic American actor, director/producer, writer, atheist
George Reisman Pic American economist, atheist
Mike Reiss RWF Pic American producer, screenwriter, television comedy writer, atheist
Sydor Rey Polish/Ukrainian-born poet, novelist, agnostic
David Ricardo RWF HW Pic British co-founder of political economy,  atheist
Joel Rifkin RWE Pic American serial killer, agnostic
Rachel Riley Pic British television presenter, atheist
Diego Rivera RWN HW Pic Mexican painter, muralist, (Jewish mother/converso descent) atheist
Sefi Rivlin RWF HW Pic Israeli entertainer, actor, atheist
Ayelet Robinson HW Pic Israeli film/stage actress, singer, screenwriter,  yotzimBaSheela
Sir Dove-Myer Robinson Pic Australian mayor of Auckland 1959-65 68-80, atheist
Richard Rodgers RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter, atheist
Ernestine Rose HW Pic Polish-born American feminist, women's rights activist, atheist
Simon Rose British screenwriter, journalist, atheist
Michael Rosen Pic British novelist, poet, broadcaster, atheist
Chanie Rosenberg Pic South African-born artist, socialst, atheist
Shmarya Rosenberg Pic American blogger, reporter, journalist, yotzimBaSheela
Marshall Rosenbluth RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, atheist
Ben Rosenfield Pic American author, musician, (Jewish father) atheist
Uri Rosenthal RWC HW Pic Swiss-born Dutch politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs 2010-12, atheist
Meg Rosoff RWF Pic American writer, novelist, atheist
Sir Joseph Rotblat RWF HW Pic Polish-born British physicist, Nobel Prize (1995) for Peace, agnostic
Philip Roth RWF Pic American writer, atheist
Murray Rothbard RWF Pic American founder of liberatarian party, writer, historian, agnostic
Baron Victor Rothschild RWF Pic British biologist, atheist
Theodore Rothstein RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian revolutionary,  atheist
David Rovics Pic American singer/songwriter, political activist, atheist
Nicola Roxon RWC Pic Australian politician, Minister of ealth and Ageing 2007-, atheist
Harold Rubin Pic South African-born Israeli visual artist, free jazz clarinetist, atheist
Anton Rubinstein RWE HW Pic Moldovan-born Russian pianist, composer, conductor, atheist
Arthur Rubinstein RWF HW Pic Polish-born American pianist, composer, agnostic
Douglas Rushkoff Pic American writer, columnist,    atheist
Joanna Russ Pic American writer, academic, feminist, atheist
David Russell Pic American director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) atheist
Eldar Ryazanov RWF HW Pic Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, poet, (Jewish mother) agnostic
Boris Rybkin Pic Ukrainian-born diplomat, NKVD agent, atheist
Gad Saad Pic Lebanese-born Canadian cognitive scientist, evolutionary psychologist, atheist
Oliver Sacks RWF HW Pic British-American neurologist, author, atheist
John Safran Pic Australian comedian, documentary filmmaker, radio broadcaster, atheist
Carl Sagan RWF HW Pic American astronomer, educator, agnostic
Carl Sagan RWF HW Pic American astronomer, educator, atheist
Nick Sagan Pic American novelist, screenwriter, agnostic
Camille Saint-Saens RWF HW Pic French composer, organist, conductor, pianist, ??? atheist
Jonas Salk RWF HW Pic American physician, medical researcher, atheist
Graeme Samuel Pic Commissioner of Australian Football Leage, atheist
Graeme Samuel Pic Commissioner of Australian Football Leage, atheist
Michael Samuels British historical linguist, atheist
Bernie Sanders RWF HW Pic American senator 2006- , atheist
Henric Sanielevici Pic Romanian journalist, literary critic, atheist
Robert Sapolsky RWF Pic American neuroscientist, endocrinologist, atheist
Boris Schatz RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli sculptor, yotzimBaSheela
Joseph Schlessinger HW Pic Croatian-born Israeli American biochemist, atheist
Laurent Schwartz RWF HW Pic French mathematician, Fields medal (1950) atheist
Rosika Schwimmer Pic Hungarian-born American pacifist, feminist, suffragist, atheist
Dennis Sciama HW Pic British physicist, atheist
Al Seckel Pic American author, atheist
Sam Seder Pic American writer, producer, director, actor, comedian, talk radio host, agnostic
Israel Segal HW Pic Israeli journalist, author, political commentator,   yotzimBaSheela
Daniel Seligman Pic American journalist, writer, editor, atheist
Maurice Sendak RWF HW Pic American writer, illustrator, designer, atheist
Rod Serling Pic American  screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, atheist
Valentina Serova RWF Pic Russian composer, atheist
Ayelet Shaked RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Justice 2015- , atheist
Jeffrey Shallit Pic American computer scientist, atheist
Adam Shapiro Pic American co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, atheist
Ariel Sharon RWF HW Pic Israeli prime minister of Israel 2001-05, agnostic
Dan Shechtman RWF HW Pic Israeli physicist, materials engineering, Nobel Prize (2011) in chemistry, atheist
Adrienne Shelly Pic American actress, director, screenwriter, agnostic
Semadar Shir HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, yotzimBaSheela
Alexander Shirvindt RWF Pic Russian film/stage actor, screenwriter, agnostic
Edwin Shneidman HW Pic American suicidologist, tranatologist, atheist
Pavel Shpringfeld Pic Russian actor,    atheist
Boris Sidis Pic Ukrainian-born American psychologist, psychiatrist, philosopher of education, atheist
William Sidis RWE Pic American mathematician, child prodigy, atheist
Don Siegel HW Pic American film producer/director, atheist
Toma Sik Pic Hungarian-born Israeli anti-war activist, atheist
David Silverman Pic president of American Atheists, atheist
Sarah Silverman RWF HW Pic American actress , comedian, writer, agnostic
Sarah Silverman RWF HW Pic American actress , comedian, writer, atheist
Herbert Simon RWF HW Pic American psychologist, Nobel Prize (1978) in Economics (not Jewish maternal grandmother) atheist
Peter Singer RWF HW Pic Australian-born American philosopher, atheist
Joe Slovo RWE HW Pic Lithuanian-born head of South African Communist Party, atheist
Lee Smolin RWF Pic American physicist, quantum gravity atheist
Alan Sokal RWF Pic American physicist, atheist
Derek J. de Solla Price Pic British-born physicist, historian of science, information scientist, atheist
Todd Solondz RWF HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, atheist
Ilya Somin Pic Soviet-born American legal scholar, atheist
George Soros RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American financier, agnostic, atheist
Dan Sperber Pic French anthropologist, linguist, cognitive scientist, atheist
Baruch Spinoza RWF HW Pic Dutch philosopher,  atheist
Robert Spitzer RWF HW Pic American psychiatrist, psychologist, atheist
Piero Sraffa RWF Pic Italian-born British economist, agnostic
Hedi Stadlen Pic Austrian-born British philosopher, political activist, musiocologist, atheist
Richard Stallman RWF HW Pic American developer of GNU,  president of Free Software Foundation, atheist
Elias Stein Pic Belgian-born American mathematician, atheist
Jeremy Stein Pic American economist, atheist
Gordon Stein Pic American author, physiologist, atheist, atheist
Jill Stein Pic American activist, feminist, enviromentalist, physician, agnostic
Jack Steinberger RWF HW Pic German-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1988), atheist
Gloria Steinem RWF HW Pic American writer, journalist, feminist, (Jewish father) atheist
Michael Steinhardt Pic American money manager, Steinhardt Partners, atheist
Hugo Steinhaus RWF HW Pic Polish mathematician, educator,   atheist
Charles Steinmetz Pic German/Polish-born American mathematician, electrical engineer, agnostic
Howard Stern RWF HW Pic American television/radio humorist, author, actor, agnostic, atheist
Joseph Stiglitz RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (2001) atheist
Matt Stone RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) agnostic, atheist
Oliver Stone RWF Pic American film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) atheist
John Stossel Pic American investigative journalist, agnostic
Mark Strand HW Pic Canadian-born American poet, essayist, translator, atheist
Carlo Strenger HW Pic Swiss Israeli psychologist, atheist
Boris Strugatsky Pic Russian science fiction author, (Jewish father) atheist, agnostic
Jack Suchet South African-born British obstetrician, gynaecologist, venereologist,    atheist
Baron Alan Sugar Pic British businessman,    atheist
Eleazar Sukenik RWE HW Pic Polish-born Israeli archaeologist, encyclopedist, atheist
Leonard Susskind RWF HW Pic American physicist, string theory, (Jewish father) atheist
Lev Sverdlin RWF Pic Russian actor,   atheist
Yakov Sverdlov RWF HW Pic Russian-born First President of USSR, atheist
Italo Svevo HW Pic Italian dramatist, playwright, (Jewish mother) atheist
Aaron Swartz RWF Pic American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, internet activist, atheist
Thomas Szasz RWE Pic Hungarian-born American psychologist, psychiatrist, atheist
Kazimiera Szczuka Pic Polish literary historian/critic, television personality, atheist
Leo Szilard RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German American physicist, nuclear fission reactor, agnostic
Eddie Tabash Pic American lawyer, social/political activist, atheist
Adin Talbar Pic German-born Israeli diplomat, atheist
Igor Tamm RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet physicist, Nobel Prize (1958),    atheist
Alfred Tarski RWF HW Pic Polish-born American mathematician, logician, atheist
Shaul Tchernichovsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, translator, atheist
Edward Teller RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American physicist,  hydrogen bomb, agnostic
William Tenn HW Pic Brititish-born American science fiction writer,     atheist
Studs Terkel RWF Pic American author, historian, actor, broadcaster, agnostic
Olivier Todd Pic French writer, journalist, (Jewish father) atheist
Leon Trotsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born First Minister of Defense of USSR, atheist
Francois Truffaut RWF Pic French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish biological father) atheist
Mark Tushnet Pic American legal scholar, atheist
Tsvi Misinai RWC Pic Israeli anthropologist, historian,  computer scientist,  atheist
Yigal Tumarkin HW Pic German-born Israeli painter, sculptor, (Jewish mother) atheist
Adam Ulam RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American historian, political scientist, agnostic
Stanislaw Ulam RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American mathematician, physicist, hydrogen bomb, agnostic
Jerzy Urban Pic Polish journalist, commentator, editor-in-chief, television personality,   atheist
Istvan Vago Pic Hungarian television host, atheist
Armin Vambery RWF HW Pic Hungarian orientalist, traveler,    atheist
Yevgeny Vesnik RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, theater director, (Jewish father) atheist
Emmanuil Vitorgan RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor, atheist
Galina Volchek RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet actress, film director, agnostic
George Wald RWF HW Pic American neuroscientist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1967) in medicine, atheist
Michelene Wandor Pic British playwright, critic, broadcaster, poet, musician,   atheist
Michel Warschawski Pic Israeli anti-zionist activist, atheist
Adolf Warski Pic Polish communist theoretician, atheist
Anatoly Wasserman Pic Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, blogger, television personality, atheist
Joseph Weber Pic American physicist, gravitational waves microwave amplifier, atheist
Andre Weil RWF HW Pic French mathematician, group theory, algebric geometry, agnostic
Kurt Weill RWF HW Pic German-born American composer, songwriter:composer, atheist
Steven Weinberg RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel prize (1979), electroweak force, atheist
Zach Weiner Pic American author, illustrator, comics writer, atheist
Boaz Weinstein Pic American hedge fund manager, atheist
Victor Weisskopf RWF Pic Austrian-born American physicist, director of CERN atheist
Bernard Werber HW Pic French science fiction writer, agnostic
Pete Wernick Pic American musician, banjo player, atheist
Mozi Wertheim HW Israeli businessman, yotzimBaSheela
Woolf Wess Pic Lithuanian-born British anarchist, trade-union organizer, atheist
Jerry Wexler RWF HW Pic American co-founder, partner of Atlantic Records atheist
Alissa White-Gluz Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, The Agonist, atheist
Norbert Wiener RWF HW Pic American mathematical logician, founder of cybernetics, agnostic
Elie Wiesel RWF HW Pic Romanian-born American writer, Nobel Prize (1986) for Peace, agnostic
Eugene Wigner RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1963), atheist, lutheran
David Wijnkoop Pic Dutch communist leader, atheist
Frank Wilczek RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (2004)  (Jewish paternal grandfather) agnostic
Gene Wilder RWF HW Pic American comic actor, screenwriter, atheist
Einat Wilf RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, educator,   atheist
Mara Wilson Pic American child stage/television actress, singer, (Jewish mother) atheist
Sherwin Wine Pic American founder of ''Society for Humanistic Judaism'' agnostic
Edward Witten RWF HW Pic American mathematician, physicist, Fields Medal (1990), atheist
Ludwig Wittgenstein RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) agnostic
Jan Wolenski Pic Polish philosopher, virtue epistemologist, philosopher of language, atheist
Alan Wolfe Pic American political scientist, sociologist, atheist
Helena Wolinska-Brus Pic Polish military prosecutor, atheist
Lewis Wolpert Pic South African-born British developmental biologist, broadcaster, author, atheist
Zvi Yanai RWF Pic Italian-born Israeli civil servant, author, (Jewish mother) atheist
Leonid Yarmolnik RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor, film producer, television host, agnostic
Yemelyan Yaroslavsky RWF Pic Russian historian, politician, atheist
Matthew Yglesias Pic American political blogger/writer, journalist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) atheist
Levi Yitzhak Yerushalmi HW Pic Israeli journalist, yotzimBaSheela
S. Yizhar RWF HW Pic Israeli author,   atheist
Yoram Yovel HW Pic Israeli psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, yotzimBaSheela
Eliezer Yudkowsky Pic American artifical intelligence researcher, blogger, atheist
Sergei Yursky RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, stage director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) atheist
Helen Zaltzman Pic British podcaster, broadcaster, comedy writer,  atheist
Tamar Zandberg RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, atheist
Israel Zangwill RWF HW Pic British writer, playwright,  atheist
Jose Louis Rodrigues Zapatero RWC Pic Prime Minister of Spain 2004-11, (Jewish descent) agnostic
Oscar Zariski RWF Pic Polish-born American mathematician, atheist
Vladimir Zeldin RWF Pic Russian stage/film actor, agnostic
Yakov Zeldovich RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian physicist, astronomer, atheist
Hanna Zemer HW Pic Israeli journalist, yotzimBaSheela
Grigory Zinoviev RWF HW Pic Soviet Secrete Police Secretary, President of Communist International atheist
Aharon Zisling RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Agriculture 1948-49 atheist
Mark Zuckerberg RWF HW Pic American founder, CEO of Facebook, atheist
Emile Zuckerkandl HW Pic Austrian-born French American molecular biologist, atheist
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