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Keith Ablow Pic American psychiatrist, author,  television personality,
Nathan Ackerman RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born American psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapy,
Alfred Adler RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, individual psychology,
Leo Alexander Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, neurologist, educator,
Paul Appelbaum Pic American psychiatrist, 
Silvano Arieti RWF Pic Italian-born American psychiatrist,
Roberto Assagioli Pic Italian psychiatrist, systems psychologist,
Michael Balint RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German British psychoanalyst, biochemist,
Henri Baruk Pic French neuropsychiatrist,
Aaron Beck RWF HW Pic American psychiatrist, cognitive therapy, perception psychologist,
Aron Belkin RWE Pic Soviet/Russian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Lauretta Bender Pic American neuropsychiatrist, Visual Motor Gestalt Test, ExLink
Erich Benjamin Pic German pediatrician, psychiatrist, founder of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
Gregorio Bermann Pic Argentine psychiatrist, philosopher, activist, author, humanist,
Alexander Bernstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet psychiatrist, psychotherapeft, 
Siegfried Bernfeld Pic Ukrainian/born Austrian psychiatrist, educator,
Carol Bernstein Pic American psychiatrist,
Stjepan Betlheim Pic Croatian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Bruno Bettelheim RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American developmental child psychologist, psychiatrist,
Joseph Biederman Pic American psychiatrist,
Joel Birman Pic Brazilian psychiatrist, psychotherapist,
Karl Birnbaum RWF German-born American psychiatrist, neurologist,
William Breitbart Pic American psychiatrist,
Josef Breuer RWF Pic Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist, physician,
Abraham Brill Pic Austrian-born British psychiatrist, translator, ExLink
Donald Cohen Pic American psychiatrist,  
Isador Coriat Pic American psychiatrist, neurologist,   
Boris Cyrulnik Pic French physician, ethologist, neurologist, psychiatrist,
Theodore Darlymple Pic British political author, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother)
Thomas Detre Pic Hungarian-born American psychiatrist,
Paul Dobransky Pic American psychiatritst, author, speaker,
Rudolf Dreikurs RWF Pic American psychiatritst, psychologist,
Leon Eisenberg Pic American psychiatrist,
Leo Eitinger HW Pic Slovenian-born Norwegian psychologist, psychiatrist,
Max Eitingon RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born German Israeli psychoanalyst,
Dror Elimelech Pic Israeli psychiatrist, poet, composer,
Henri Ellenberger Pic Rhodesian-born Swiss Canadian psychiatrist, medical historian, criminologist,
George Engel Pic American psychiatrist, 
Sandor Ferenczi RWF HW Pic Hungarian psychologist, psychoanalyst,
Oskar Fischer Pic Czech psychiatrist, neuropatholodist,
Joanna Flatau Pic Polish physician, psychiatrist,
Stephen Fleck German-born American psychiatrist,
S.H. Foulkes Pic German-born British psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Jerome Frank Pic American psychiatrist, ExLink
Viktor Frankl RWF HW Pic Austrian neurologist, psychoanalyst, logotherapy,
Daniel X Freedman Pic American psychiatrist, educator, biological psychiatry,
Sigmund Freud RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis,
William Glasser RWF Pic American psychiatrist, psychologist,
Ivan K. Goldberg RWF Pic American psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist,
Leon Goldensohn Pic American psychiatrist, internet addiction disorder
Kurt Goldstein RWF HW Pic Polish-born German American neurologist, psychiatrist,
Richard Green HW Pic American sexologist, psychiatrist, lawyer, author,
Ramon Greenberg American psychiatrist,   
Ralph Greenson Pic American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Stanley Greenspan RWF Pic American psychiatrist,
Roy Grinker, Sr Pic American psychiatrist, neurologist,
Berthold Grunfeld Pic Slovak-born Norwegian psychiatrist, sexologist,
Raquel Gur HW Pic Israeli-born American neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist,
Mikhail Gurevich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet psychiatrist,
David Halperin Pic American psychiatrist, editor, author,
Max Hamilton Pic German-born British psychiatrist,
Paula Heymann German/Polish-born German psychiotrist, psychoanalyst,
James Hillman RWF Pic American psychologist, psychoanalyst,
Lola Hoffmann Pic Latvian-born Chilean physiologist, psychiatrist,
Richard Isay Pic American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Edmund Jacobson HW Pic American physiologist, psychologist, psychiatrist,
Franz Kallmann Pic German/Polish-born American psychiatrist, (Jewish father)
Eric Kandel RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psyhiatrist, neuroscientist, biophysicist, Nobel Prize (2000),
Leo Kanner RWF HW Pic Ukrainian/Austrian-born American psychologist, child psychiatry, autism,
Benjamin Karpman Pic Belarusian-born American psychiatrist,
Moses Kaufman RWF American psychiatrst, psychoanalyst,
Kenneth Kendler Pic American psychiatrst, 
Otto Kernberg RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, ego psychology,    
Judith Kestenberg HW Pic Polish-born American neurologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Seymour Kety Pic American psychiatrist, neuroscientist,
Fritz Klein RWF Pic Austrian-born American sex researcher, psychiatrist,
Oskar Kohnstamm Pic German neurologist, psychiatrist,
Heinz Kohut RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American  psychoanalyst, self psychology,   
Arthur Kronfeld RWF Pic German-born psychiatrist, psychologist, sexologist, philosopher of science,
Lawrence Kubie Pic American neurologist, psychotherapist,
Jules Langsner Pic American art critic, psychiatrist,
Heinz Lehmann Pic German-born Canadian psychiatrist, (Jewish father)
Albert Levis Pic Greek-born American psychiatrist,
Sir Aubrey Lewis Pic Austalian-born British psychiatrist, ExLink
Theodore Lidz Pic American psychiatrst, 
Abraham Low Pic Polish-born American neuropsychiatrist, psychiatrist, Recovery Inc
Alexander Lowen Pic Ameican physician, psychotherapist,
Margaret Mahler RWC HW Pic Hungarian-born American psychologist,
Isaac Marks Pic South African-born British psychiatrist,
Judd Marmor Pic British-born American psychiatrist, ExLink
Jules Masserman Pic Polish-born American psychologist,
Emanuel Mendel HW Pic Polish-born German neurologist, psychiatrist, politician, MP 1877-81,
Francoise Minkowska Pic Polish-born French psychiatrist,
Eugene Minkowski RWF Pic Russian-born French phenomenological psychiatrist,
Julio Moizeszowicz Pic Argentine psychiatrist,
Albert Moll Pic German psychiatrist, sexologist,
Jacob Moreno RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Austrian American psychologist, psychodrama, group psychotherapy,
Sophie Morgenstern Pic Belarusian-born French psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Carol Nadelson Pic American psychiatrist, ExLink
Claudio Naranjo Pic Chilean-born psychiatrist,
Charles Nemeroff Pic American psychiatrist,
Maria Orwid Pic Polish psychiatrist,  
Herb Pardes Pic American psychiatrist, administrator, 
Ira Pauly Pic American psychiatrist,
Fritz Perls RWF HW Pic German-born South African American gestalt therapist,
Steve Pieczenik Pic Cuban-born American psychiatrist, author, publisher,
Arnold Pick HW Pic Czech-born German neurologist, psychiatrist,
Issy Pilowsky Pic Australian psychiatrist,
Michael Poyurovsky Pic Israeli psychiatrist, schizo-obsessive disorder,
Frederick Redlich Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, academic administrator,
Wilhelm Reich RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, orgonomy, (Jewish father)
Aaron Rosanoff Pic Belarusian-born American psychiatrist, eugenist,
Marion Rosen RWF German-born psychotherapist,
Alexander Rosenblum RWE Ukrainian-born Russian psychiatrist,
Norman Rosenthal Pic South African-born author, psychiatrist,
Sir Martin Roth Pic Hungarian-born British psychiatrist, ExLink
Friedrich Rothschild Pic German psychiatrist, semiotician,    ExLink
Manfred Sakel RWE Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian American neuroscientist, psychiatrist, ExLink insulin-shock-therapy
Gail Saltz Pic American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, author, television commentator,
Alan Schatzberg Pic American psychiatrist,
Paul Schilder Pic Austrian-born American psychologist, group psechotherapy,
Hanna Segal RWF Pic Polish-born British psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Arthur Shapiro American psychiatrist, Tourette syndrome
Steven Sharfstein Pic American psychiatrist,
Chaim Shatan Pic Polish-born Canadian psychiatrist,
Boris Sidis Pic Ukrainian-born American psychologist, psychiatrist, philosopher of education,
Ernst Simmel RWF Pic Polish/German-born German neurologist, psychoanalyst,
Helen Singer Kaplan HW Pic Austrian-born American sex therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist,
Robert Spitzer RWF HW Pic American psychiatrist, psychologist,
Jean Starobinski RWF Pic Swiss-born  literary critic, psychiatrist,
Wilhelm Stekel HW Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian psychologist, physician,   
Karl Stern Pic German-born Canadian neurologist, psychiatrist,
Daniel Stern HW American psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, infant development,
Alan Stone Pic American legal scholar, psychiatrist, film critic,
Thomas Szasz RWE Pic Hungarian-born American psychologist, psychiatrist,
Leopold Szondi RWF HW Pic Slovak-born Hungarian psychiatrst, psychologist, Szondi test
Karl Targownik Pic Hungarian-born American psychiatrist,  
George Tarjan Hungarian-born American psychiatrist,
Dawid Wdowinski Pic Polish psychiatrist, neurologist, political leader of Jewish Military Leage,  
Frederic Wertham HW Pic German-born American psychiatrist,
Alexander Westphal Pic German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother, Jewish paternal grandmother)
Abraham Wikler Pic Abraham psychiatrist, neurologist,
Moshe Wulff RWF Pic Ukrainan-born Soviet Israeli psychiatrist,
Sula Wolff Pic German-born British psychiatrist, child psychiatry,
Irvin Yalom RWF HW Pic American psychiatrist, author,   
Bluma Zeigarnik RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Russian psychologist, psychiatrist,
Heads of Psychiatric Associations/Societies
Paul Appelbaum Pic President of American Psychiatric Association
Carol Bernstein Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 2009- ???
Judd Marmor Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 
Jules Masserman Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 1968
Carol Nadelson Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 1984
Sir Martin Roth Pic President of Royal College of Psychiatrists 1971-75,
Alan Schatzberg Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 
Steven Sharfstein Pic President of American Psychiatric Association 2005-06
George Tarjan President of American Psychiatric Association 1983-84
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