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Art Babbitt Img American animator, husband
Dina Babbit HW Img Czech-born American artist, 2nd wife
Samuel Bagenstos Img American legal scholar, husband
Margo Schlanger Img American legal scholar, wife
Lauren Bacall RWF HW Img American film/stage actress, model, cousin
Sam Robards RWF Img American film/stage actor, (Jewish mother) son of Lauren
Shimon Peres RWF HW Img Prime Minister of Israel  1986-88 1995-96, President 2007- cousin
Tsvia Walden Img Israeli psycholinguist, writer, daughter of Shimon
Barbara Bach RWF HW Img American actress, model, (Jewish father) wife
Countess Francesca Gregorini Img Italian-born American singer/songwriter, film director, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Barbara
Harry Bacharach Img American mayor of Atlantic City, 1912 1916-20 1930-35 brother
Isaac Bacharach Img American representative, 1915-1937 brother
Burt Bacharach RWF HW Img American composer, songwriter, pianist,  husband 
Carole Bayer Sager RWC Img American singer/songwriter, lyricist, wife
Jean-Pierre Bacri RWC HW Img Algerian-born French actor, screenwriter, husband
Agnes Jaoui HW Img French film director, screenwriter, actress, wife
Badinter/Bleustein Galeries-Lafayette
Elisabeth Badinter RWF HW Img French philosopher, sociologist, author, wife
Robert Badinter RWC Img French Minister of Justice 1981-86, housband
Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Img founder, owner of Publicis Groupe father of Elisabeth
Bader Galeries-Lafayette
Theophile Bader Img French co-founder 1893 of Galeries-Lafayette, father-in-law
Max Heilbronn Img French chairman/president 1945-71 of Galeries-Lafayette, son-in-law of Theophile
Alphonse Kahn co-founder 1893 of Galeries-Lafayette, cousin of Theophile
Leone-Noelle Meyer French heiress, pediatrician, businesswoman, philanthropist, granddaughter of Theopille
Raoul Meyer son-in-law of Theophile
Alfred Bader Img Austrian-born Canadian American chemist,  (Jewish father) grandson
Moritz von Bader Austrian engineer, grandfather
Amy Baer Img American president, CEO of CBS Films, daughter
Tom Bosley RWF Img American actor, father
Buddy Baer Img American boxer, actor, (Jewish father) brother
Max Baer RWN HW Img American boxer, actor, (Jewish father) brother
Max Baer, Jr Img American actor, screenwriter, producer director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Max
Adolf Baginsky Img German pediatrician,   brother
Benno Baginsky Img German otorhinolarynghologist, otologist, brother
John Bahcall RWF Img American astrophysicist, President of American Astronomical Society husband
Neta Bahcall RWF Img Israeli-born American astronomer, Vice President of AAAS wife
Mildred Bailey Img American jazz singer, sister
Al Rinker Img American jazz singer, lyricist, brother
Bernard Bailyn RWF HW Img American historian, father
Charles Bailyn Img American astronomer, son
Baker/Garfein American director,  
Blanche Baker RWF Img American actress, daughter
Carroll Baker RWF HW Img American actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Herschel Garfein Img American composer, librettist, stage director, son
Jack Garfein Img American theater director, husband
Aleksei Bakh RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian biochemist,  uncle
Zakhary Frenkel RWF Img Russian/Soviet physician, gerontologist, politician, nephew
Leon Bakst RWC HW Img Belarusian-born Russian painter, ascendor
Ryszard Bakst Img Polish pianist, piano teacher, descendor
Balaban ExLink
Abraham Balaban Img American businessman, showman, brother
Barney Balaban Img American co-founder of Balaban and Katz theater Chain, brother
Bob Balaban RWF HW Img American actor, director, producer, nephew
Burt Balaban Img American director, producer, son of Barney
Elmer Balaban brother
Harry Balaban brother
Judy Balaban Img American writer, daughter of Barney
Jay Kanter American talent agent, husband of Judy
Sam Katz maternal grandfather of Barney
Bela Balazs RWF Img Hungarian film critic, screenwriter, poet, librettist, brother
Ervin Bauer RWF Img Hungarian-born Soviet theoretical biologist,    brother
Jill Balcon RWF Img British film/radio actress,  mother
Sir Michael Balcon RWF Img British film producer, father of Jill
Sir Daniel Day-Lewis RWF HW Img British actor, (Jewish mother) son
Tamasin Day-Lewis RWF Img British television producer, director, television chef, (Jewish mother) daughter
Arthur Miller RWF HW Img American playwright, essayist, father of Rebecca
Lady Rebecca Miller RWF Img American screenwriter, actress, director, (Jewish father) wife of Daniel
Ina Balin Img American stage/film/television actress, sister
Richard Balin Img American actor, director, brother
Rezso Balint Img Hungarian neurologist, internist, brother
Zoltan Balint Hungarian architect, brother
Aladar Ballagi RWC Img Hungarian historian, MP 1905-10 brother of Geza B. 1853 1928
Geza Ballagi RWC Img Hungarian historian, lawyer, political scientist, MP 1901-05 father 1851 1907
Mor Ballagi RWF Img Hungarian Bible translator, linguist, MP  grandfather 1815 1891 ExLink
Geza Illyes Img Romanian-born Hungarian physician, urologist, grandson 1870 1951
Steven Ballmer RWF HW Img American businessman, CEO of Microsoft, (Jewish mother) second cousin
Gilda Radner RWF HW Img American actress, comedian, second cousin
Martin Balsam RWF HW Img American actor, father
Talia Balsam RWF Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Eugen von Bamberger Img German-born Austrian internist, son
Heinrich von Bamberger RWF Img Czech-born Austrian cardiologist, father
Louis Bamberger Img American businessman, philanthropist, brother
Caroline Bamberger Fuld Img American businesswoman, philanthropist, sister
Rudolf Bamberger German stage designer, art designer, documentary filmmaker, brother
Ludwig Berger Img German film director,  screenwriter, cinematographer, brother
Ehud Banai RWF Img Israeli singer/songwriter, son of Yaakov,
Elisha Banai RWC Img Israeli singer, guitarist,
Eviatar Banai HW Img Israeli singer/songwriter, musician,    son of Yuval
Gavri Bannai RWC HW Img Israeli singer, actor, comedian,    brother
Meir Banai RWF HW Img Israeli singer/songwriter, actor, composer,
Orna Banai RWC HW Img Israeli stage/television actress, comedian, entertainer,
Yaakov Bannai RWC Israeli film/stage actor, brother
Yossi Banai RWF HW Img Israeli entertainer, singer, dramatist, film/stage actor, brother
Yuval Banai RWC HW Img Israeli singer, composer, musician,  actor, son of Yossi
Haim Bannai RWC Israeli actor, director, brother
Uria Banai RWC Israeli actor, singer,
Orli Silbersatz Banai RWC Img Israeli singer, film/television actress, wife of Yuval
Albert Band Img American film director/producer, grandfather
Alex Band RWF HW Img American singer, guitarist, (Jewish father) son of Charles
Charles Band RWC Img American film director/producer, writer, father
Max Band Lithuanian-born American artist, great grandfather
Richard Band RWC Img American film composer, brother of Charles
Jack Bannon Img American television actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Bea Benaderet Img American radio/voice/television actress, (Jewish father) mother
Yael Bar Zohar RWC HW Img Israeli actress, model, wife
Guy Zu-Aretz RWC HW Img Israeli actor, musician, director, television host, husband
Meir Bar-Ilan RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born leader of Religious Zionism, father-in-law
Abraham Halkin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born historian, semitologist, son-in-law
Hillel Halkin RWE HW Img American-born Israeli translator, biographer, literary critic, novelist, son of Abraham
Haim Bar-Lev RWF HW Img Austrian-born Israeli politician, military, Minister of Trade 1972-77, father
Omer Bar-Lev RWC HW Img Israeli politician,   son
Moshe Baram RWC HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Labour 1974-77, Walfare   , father
Uzi Baram RWF HW Img Israeli politician , Minister of Tourism, Internal Affairs 1995, son
Anders Barany Img Swedish theoretical phycisist, grandson
Ernst Barany Img Austrian-born Swedish physician, pharmacologist, father
Robert Barany RWF HW Img Austrian-born Hungarian Swiss physiologist, ear medicine, Nobel Prize (1914) grandfather
Ruvim Baraz RWC Turkmenian-born Soviet ingineer, metallurg, executive, fathr
Vladimir Baraz RWC Img Russian-born Soviet engineer, metallurg, son
GarrI Bardin RWF Img Soviet/Russian animator, screenwriter, producer, director, father
Pavel Bardin RWF Img Russian director, son
Jimmy Barnes Img Scottish-born Australian rock singer/songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandmother) brother
John Swan Img British-born Australian rock singer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) brother
Boris Barnet RWF Img Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, father
Olga Barnet RWF Img Russian stage actress,  (Jewish father) daughter
Aaron Baron RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian American anarchist, husband
Fanya Baron Img Russian anarchist revolutionary, wife
Mikhail Baron Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet anarchist, social revolutionery, brother of Aaron
Baron Cohen
Sam Baron Img British comedian, writer, director, actor, son of Simon
Ash Baron Cohen British filmmaker, brother of Simon
Sacha Baron Cohen RWF HW Img British actor, comedian, screenwriter, brother
Erran Baron Cohen Img British composer, brother
Simon Baron-Cohen HW Img British psychologist, cousin of Sacha
Isla Fisher RWF HW Img Australian British actress, model, author, (convert to Judaism) wife of Sacha
Guillaume de Barreme Img French painter, father
Jacques Reattu Img French painter, (Jewish father) son
Jeff Barry RWF Img American singer/songwriter, record producer, husband
Ellie Greenwich RWF Img American singer/songwriter, record producer, (Jewish mother) wife
Julian Barry Img American playwright, screenwriter, husband
Alvin Sargent Img American screenwriter,  husband
Laura Ziskin RWF Img American film producer, executive,    wife
Rudolf Barshai RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian conductor, viola player, uncle
Vladimir Pentkovsky RWF Img Russian American computer scientist, (Jewish mother) second nephew of Rudolf
Mikhail Turetskiy RWF Img Russian conductor, singer, nephew
Daniel Barenboim RWF HW Img Argentine-born Israeli pianist, conductor, husband
Dmitri Bashkirov RWF Img Georgian-born Russian pianist, eucator, father of Elena
Elena Bashkirova Img Russian-born Israeli pianist, musical director, wife
Jacqueline du Pre RWF Img British cellist, (convert to Judaism) first wife of Daniel
Ruth Aaronson Bari RWC Img American mathematician, mother
Judi Bari Img American environmentalist, labor leader, feminist, (Jewish mother) daughter
Gina Kolata Img American science journalist, (Jewish mother) daughter
Boris Barkhin RWF Img Russian/Soviet architect, son
Grigori Barkhin RWF Img Russian/Soviet architect, father
Mikhail Barkhin RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet architect, son
Leonard Baskin RWE Img American sculptor, graphic artist, cousin
Sophie Maslow Img American choreographer, dancer, cousin
Belle Baruch Img American conservationist, daughter
Bernard Baruch RWF HW Img American presidential advicer, financier for six presidents, father
Herman Baruch Img American ambassador to Netherlands 1947-49, Portugal 1945-47, son of Simon
Simon Baruch Img German-born American physician, pioneer of hydrotherapy, father of Bernard
Felix Basch Img Austrian actor, screenwriter, film director, father
Peter Basch Img German-born American magazine glamour photographer, son
Raphael Basch Czech-born Austrian writer, politician, father
Victor Basch Img Hungarian-born French activist, president of Human Rights Leage 1926-44, son
David Basche Img American film/stage/television actor, husband
Alysia Reiner RWF Img American film/radio/television actress, wife
Bashevis Singer
Isaac Bashevis Singer RWF HW Img Polish-born American writer, Nobel Prize (1978) brother
Esther Kreitman HW Img Polish-born British Yiddish language novelist, sister
Israel Joshua Singer RWF HW Img Polish-born American Yiddish language novelist, brother
Dana Bash HW Img American reporter, anchoRWFoman,    wife
Jeremy Bash Img American lawyer, Chief of Staff of the director of Central Intelligence Agency, 1st husband
John King Img American journalist, television reporter, anchor, (convert to Judaism) 2nd husband
Burton Baskin Img American co-founder 1945 of Buskin Robbins, father
Richard Baskin American songwriter, son
Irving Robbins Img American co-founder 1945 of Buskin Robbins, uncle of Richard
John Robbins Img American food writer, son of Irving
Elena Basner RWF Soviet art critic, curator, daughter of Veniamin
Veniamin Basner RWF Img Russian composer, songwriter, cousin
Alexander Mitta RWF Img Soviet/Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, cousin
Jeff Bass American hip hop record producer, brother
Mark Bass American hip hop record producer, brother
Bassano disputed
Alvise Bassano Img British musician, disputed son
Anthony Bassano Italian-born Btitish musician, disputed son
Baptista Bassano British royal musician, disputed son
Emilia Lanier RWC Img British poet, (Jewish father) disputed daughter of Baptista Emilia Bassano
Jeronimo Bassano Italian musician, disputed father
George Bassman Img American composer, lyricist, cousin
Aaron Zigman Img American composer, producer, songwriter, cousin
Lillian Bassman Img American photographer, painter, wife
Paul Himmel Img American photographer,  husband
Yocheved Bat-Miriam RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli poet,   wife
Haim Hazaz RWA HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli novelist,   husband
Milton Babbitt RWF HW Img American composer, uncle of Anita
Robert Bauer Img American attorney, White House Counsel Barack Obama husband
Anita Dunn Img American White House Director of Communications 2009, wife
Etienne-Emile Baulieu RWA Img French endocrinologist, biochemist, inventor, son 1926-
Felix Blum French rabbi, grandfather of Baulieu 1878-1930
Vincent Peillon RWC Img French politician, Minister of Education (Jewish mother) nephew of Baulieu
Danielle Baum Img American senior broadcast News producer, ABC News, wife
Jeff Rossen Img American television journalist, husband
Laurence Baxter Img British statistician, brother
Michael Baxter British statistician, brother
Adolf von Baeyer RWF HW Img German chemist, Nobel Prize (1905) (Jewish mother) father 1835-1917
Hans von Baeyer German orthopedic surgeon, (Jewish paternal grandmother/maternal grandfather) son 1875-1941
Eric von Baeyer German-born American radiologist, son of Hans 1909-90
Hans Christian von Bayer Img American physicist, son of Hans
Hans Jakob von Bayer German-born Canadian physicist, son of Hans
Walter von Baeyer psychiatrist, son of Hans 1904-87
Eduard Bendemann RWC Img German painter, granduncle of Hans 1811-89
Felix von Bendemann RWC Img Admiral of German Imperial Navy (Jewish father) son of Eduard 1848-1915
Julius Eduard Hitzig RWF Img German author, civil cervant, grandfather of Adolf
Gordon Baym Img American theoretical physicist, father
Michael Baym RWF Img American mathematician, biologist, son
Nancy Baym Img American media theorist, daughter
David Bazelon Img American appeals judge, grandfather
Emily Bazelon Img American journalist, editor, granddaughter
Emmanuelle Beart RWF HW Img French film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Guy Beart RWF HW Img Egyptian-born French singer/songwriter, poet, father
Genevieve Galea Img Italian Greek actress, model, (not Jewish) mother
Aaron Beck RWF HW Img American psychiatrist, cognitive therapy, perception psychologist, father
Judith Beck Img American psychologist, daughter
Julian Beck Img American actor, director, poet, painter, husband
Judith Malina RWF HW Img German-born American stage/film actress, writer, director,  wife
Hanon Reznikov Img American anarchist, stage/film actor, theater director, playwright, husband
Ben Becker Img German film/stage actor, (Jewish mother) son
Meret Becker RWF Img German actress, singer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Johnny Buchardt German actor, comedian, brother of Monika
Monika Hansen Img German stage/film actress,   mother
Claire Schlichting Img German actress, comedian, mother of Monika
Maria Becker Img German Swiss film/stage actress, (Jewish mother) daugher
Maria Fein Img Austrian stage/film actress, mother
Brooklyn Beckham Img British-born model, photographer, (Jewish descent) son
David Beckham Img British footballer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) father
Sir Edward Beddington-Behrens RWC Img French-born British soldier, businessman, arts patron,
Samuel Beddington British wool merchant, property investor,
Sydney Schiff British novelist, translator,
Julius Beer Img German-born British businessman, banker, newsparer owner, The Observer,
Rachel Beer HW Img Indian-born British editor-in-chief of The Obserbver, The Sunday Times, aunt
Siegfried Sassoon Img British war poet, author, (Jewish father) nephew
Beerbohm Beerbohm Family
Constance Beerbohm British writer, sister
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree Img British actor, theater manager, brother
Julius Beerbohm British explorer, engineer, brother
Sir Max Beerbohm British caricaturist, parodist, brother
Elisabeth Jungmann Img German-born interpreter, wife of Max
Florence Kahn Img American film/stage actress, wife of Max
Sir Carol Reed Img British film director, (Jewish father) son of Herbert
Oliver Reed British actor,   grandson of Herbert
Eva Gabriele Reichmann HW Img German historian, sociologist, sister of Elisabeth
David Tree British stage/film actor,  son of Viola
Felicity Tree British aristocrat, (Jewish father) daughter of Herbert
Iris Tree British poet, actress, artist' model, daughter of Herbert
Viola Tree British singer, playwright, author, (Jewish father) daughter of Herbert
Benny Begin RWF HW Img Israeli politician, Minister of Science and Technolgy, son
Menachem Begin RWF HW Img Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli Prime Minister (1977-83),   father
Emmanuel Halperin HW Img Uzbek-born Israeli journalist, editor, television presenter, stage actor, nephew of Menachem
Adam Begley Img American writer, editor, son
Louis Begley Img Polish/Ukrainian-born American novelist,    father
Peter Beinart HW Img American journalist, political writer, stepson
Robert Brustein Img American educator, literary/theater critic, author, stepfather
Alex Bein RWA HW Img German-born Israeli historian,    grandfather
Johanan Bein HW German-born Israeli ambassador to the United Nations 1988-90, father
Liat Bein HW Img Israeli stage actress, daughter
Alfred Beit RWF Img German-born South African diamond magnate, art collector, brother
Sir Alfred Lane Beit Img British politichian, art collector, philantropist, son of Otto
Sir Otto Beit Img German-born South African diamond magnate, art collector, brother
Joseph Beke Img Hungarian bridge-building engineer, brother
Mano Beke Img Hungarian mathematician, brother
Antal Bekeffi Hungarian writer, journalist, father of Lazslo
Laszlo Bekeffi Img Hungarian comedian, cabaret actor, cousin
Stephen Bekeffi Hungarian playwright, cabaret composer, cousin
Doris Belack RWF Img American stage/film/television actress, wife
Philip Rose Img American theatrical producer, husband
Sam Behrens RWF Img American film/television actor, husband of Gina
Gina Belafonte Img American film/television actress, (Jewish mother 62.5%) daughter
Harry Belafonte RWF Img American musician, actor, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) father
Shari Belafonte RWF Img American actress, model, writer, singer, (Jewish paternal discent) daughter
Semyon Belits-Geiman RWF Img Russian swimmer, 400 meter freestyle relay, son
Viktor Belits-Geiman RWF Soviet film director, screenwriter, father
Natalia Dubova Img Russian ice dancing coach, wife of Semyon
Anatoly Belkin RWC Img Russian lawyer,  son
Raphail Bellkin RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet jurist, general major, father
Elena Rossinskaya RWC Img Russian lawyer, daughter
Daniel Bell RWF HW Img American sociologist, journalist, author, father
David Bell Img American historian of France, son
Alfred Kazin RWF HW Img American author, playwright, literary critic, brother-in-law of Daniel
Ashley Bell Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Michael Bell Img American film/television actor, father
Arie Belldegrun RWC Img Israeli-born American oncologist, urologist, husband
Rebecka Belldegrun RWC Img Finnish-born American ophthalmologist, businesswoman, wife
Georges Beller Img French stage/film/television actor, television host, son
Ilex Beller HW Img Polish-born French painter, father
August Belmont RWC Img German-born American founder of August Belmont & Co., father August Belmont & Co.
August Belmont, Jr RWE Img American banker, (Jewish father) son August Belmont & Co.
Oliver Belmont RWE Img American politician, (Jewish father) son
Perry Belmont RWE Img American politician, (Jewish father) son
Count Isaac Nunez Belmonte Dutch scholar uncle
Baron Francisco Ximenes nephew -1713
Baron Manual Ximenes son of Francisco -1730
John Beloff British parapsychologist, brother
Baron Max Beloff RWE Img British principal of University College of Buckinhgam brother
Michael Beloff Img British president of Trinity College, Oxford 1996-2006, son of Max
Nora Beloff Img British journalist, political writer, sister
Lady Anne Beloff-Chain British biochemist, sister
Sir Ernst Chain RWF HW Img German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1945) in medicine, husband of Anne
Renee Soskin Img British politician, teacher, company director, sister
Oleg Belotserkovsky RWF Img Soviet mathematician, mechanical engineer, brother
Sergey Belotserkovsky RWM Img Soviet military executive/commander, lieutenant general, brother
Vladimir Bill-Belotserkovsky RWE Img Ukrainian-born Russian playwright,  nephew
Baruj Benacerraf RWF HW Img Venezuelan-born American biologist,transplant immunology, Nobel Prize (1980), brother
Paul Benacerraf RWF HW Img French-born American philosopher, brother
Alon Ben David HW Img Israeli television defense correspondent, husband
Irit Linur HW Img Israeli journalist, writer, translator,screenwriter, director, radio broadcaster, wife
Eduard Bendemann RWC Img German painter, grandfather 1811-89
Felix von Bendemann RWC Img Admiral of German Imperial Navy (Jewish father) uncle of Friedrich, 1848-1915
Friedrich Bendemann RWC German aviation engineer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Tibor Benedek Hungarian actor,   grandfather
Tibor Benedek Img Hungarian water polo player, grandson
Nicholas Benedict Hungarian actor,   father
Carlo de Benedetti Img Italian businessman, brother
Franco Debenedetti Img Italian senator brother
Rodolfo de Benedetti Img Italian entrepreneur, company executive, CIR Group, son of Carlo
Peter Benenson RWF HW Img British founder/president  of Amnesty International,  (convert to Roman Catholisism),  son
Flora Solomon Img Belarusian-born British businesswoman, activist, mother
Reinhold Benesch Img Polish-born American biochemist, husband
Ruth Benesch Img French-born German American biochemist, wife
David Ben-Gurion RWF HW Img Polish-born founder of State of Israel, first Prime Minister of Israel, husband
Paula Ben-Gurion Img Russian-born American wife of David Ben-Gurion, wife
Will Maslow RWF Img Ukrainian-born American president of American Jewish Congress 1960-72, nephew of Paula
Guenther Anders RWF Img Polish/German-born philosopher, cousin of Walter
Hannah Arendt RWF HW Img German-born American political scientist, economist, philosopher, wife of Guenther
Hilde Benjamin RWC Img Minister of Justice in East Germany 1953- sister-in-law of Walter
Walter Benjamin RWF HW Img German philosopher, sociologist, lirerary/cultural critic, essayist, translator, cousin of Guenther
Julius Elias German writer,
Gustav Hirschfeld German archaeologist,
Gertrud Kolmar HW Img German poet, writer,
Arthur Schonflies RWF Img German mathematician, great uncle of Walter
William Stern RWF Img German-born American psychologist, philosopher, I.Q. Intelligence Quotient, father of Guenther
Charlotte Zelka American pianist, wife of Guenther
Bjorn Benkow Img Norwegian journalist, nephew
Jo Benkow  RWC HW Img Head of Conservative Party in Norway 1980-84 uncle
Shlomo-Yisrael Ben-Meir RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Health father
Yehuda Ben-Meir RWC HW Img American-born Israeli politician,   son
James Bennet Img American journalist, editor, (Jewish mother) brother
Michael Bennet RWF Img American senator, (Jewish mother) brother
Annabelle Bennett Img Australian Judge of Federal Court of Australia, wife
David Bennett Img British-born Australian barrister, Soliciter-General of Australia, husband
Cherie Bennett Img American screenwriter, television writer/producer, wife
Jeff Gottesfeld Img American essayist, screen/television writer,   husband
Carina Benninga RWC Img Dutch field hockey player, sister
Marc Benninga Img Dutch field hockey player, brother
Jack Benny RWF Img American actor, comedian, violinist, husband
Mary Livingstone Img American actress, radio comedian, wife
Barbi Benton RWC Img American model, actress, singer, wife
George Gradow Img American real estate developer, husband
Itzhak Bentov RWF HW Img Czech-born Israeli American scientist, inventor, father
Sharona Ben-Tov Muir Img American poet, writer, academic, daughter
Helen Bentwich Img British social worker, politician, wife of Norman
Herbert Bentwich RWA HW Img British Zionist leader, father
Joseph Bentwich RWA Img British-born Israeli educator, son
Norman Bentwich RWC HW Img First attorney-general in mandatory Palestine, son
Israel Friedlander HW Img Polish-born American rabbi, translator, orientalist, educator, brother-in-law of Norman
David Benvenisti RWA HW Img Greek-born Israeli geographer, educator, father
Meron Benvenisti RWA HW Img Israeli political scientist, publicist, historian, son
Refael Benvenisti RWA Img Israeli economist, son
Itamar Ben-Avi Img Israeli journalist, zionist activist, son of Eliezer
Baruch Ben-Yehuda HW Img Israeli educator, director general of Ministry of Education father
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda RWF Img Belarusian-born Israeli "Father of modern Hebrew language" grandfather
Netiva Ben-Yehuda HW Img Israeli author, editor, daughter
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born  2nd President of Israel 1952-63, husband
Batya Lishansky RWC HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli sculptor,   sister of Rachel
Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi RWC Img Ukrainian-born Israeli author, educator, wife
Oscar Beregi, Jr Img Hungarian-born American film/television actor, son
Oscar Beregi, Sr Img Hungarian film actor,   father
Bernard Berenson RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American art historian,
Berry Berenson RWF Img American actress, model, (Jewish father) sister
Marisa Berenson RWF Img American actress, model, (Jewish father) sister
Robert Berenson American diplomat, shipping executive, father of Berry/Marisa
Senda Berenson RWF Img Lithuanian-born American pioneer of women's basketball, sister of Bernard
Elvis Perkins HW Img American singer/songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Berry
Oz Perkins RWF Img American actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Berry
Efim Berezin RWF Img Ukrainian-born actor,  comedian, Shtepsel
Alexander Kanevsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet Israeli writer, dramatist, satirist, brother
Leonid Kanevsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet Israeli actor,
Justin Berfield RWF Img American film/television actor, television producer, brother
Lorne Berfield Img American actor, sister
Dick Berg Img American screenwriter, film/television producer, father
Jeff Berg Img American CEO of International Creative Agency, son
Scott Berg Img American biographer, journalist,   son
Berg Kabbalah Centre
Karen Berg co-founder of wife
Michael Berg Israeli-born co-director of Kabbalah Centre brother
Philip Berg Img head of worldwide Kabalah Centre husband
Yehuda Berg Co-director of Kabbalah Centre brother
David Bergelson RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Yiddish language writer, father
Lev Bergelson RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian organic chemist, biochemist, son
David Berger Img Canadian politician, diplomat, MP 1979-94, president of Canadian Football Leage 1978-79, son
Samuel Berger Img Canadian lawyer, owner of Ottawa Rough Riders, president of Canadian Football League, father
Heinz Berggruen RWC Img German art dealer, collector,   father
John Berggruen American art dealer, collector, son of Lillian
Nicolas Berggruen RWC Img founder 1984 of Berggruen Holdings (Jewish father) son of Betina
Olivier Berggruen German American art historian, curator, son of Heinz
Lillian Zellerbach 1st wife of Heinz
Alan Bergman RWF Img American songwriter, husband
Marilyn Bergman RWF Img American songwriter, wife
Hugo Bergmann RWF HW Img Czech-born German Israeli philosopher, father
Martin Bergmann Img American psychologist, son
Michael Bergmann Img American writer, director, producer, son of Martin
Pavel Bergmann Img Czech historian, philosopher, nephew of Hugo
Berta Fanta Img Czech-born salon holder, literary/intellectual figure, mother-in-law of Hugo
Gustav Mahler RWF HW Img Austrian/Czech-born Austrian composer,conductor, cousin of grandfather of Pavel
Karel Polacek Img Czech writer, humanist, journalist, son-in-law of Pavel
Ernst Bergmann RWC HW Img German-born Israeli chemist, father of Israeli nuclear program, brother
Felix Bergmann RWC Img German-born Israeli pharmacologist, brother
Elisabeth Bergner RWF HW Img Austrian-born German British stage/film actress, wife
Paul Czinner RWF Img Hungarian-born American British film director, screenwriter, producer, husband
Gabriel Bergson Polish merchant son of Ber 1790-1844
Henri Bergson RWF HW Img French philosopher, Nobel Prize (1927) in Literature, son 1859-1901
Michal Bergson Img Polish composer, pianist, father
Moina Mathers Img Swiss-born British artist, occultist, daughter
Ber Sonnenberg Polish banker, philanthropist, son of Zbytkower 1764-1822
Shmuel Zbytkower Polish merchant, court supplier, father of Ber 1727-1801
Edward Berkowitz Img American historian, son
Monroe Berkowitz American economist, father
Valery Berkov RWF Img Russian literary scholar, son
Pavel Berkov RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian literary scholar, father
Emmanuel Berl Img French journalist, historian, essayist, husband 
Lisette de Brinon Img French socialite, cousin of Emmanuel
Mireille Hartuch Img French singer/songwriter, actress, wife
Marshall Berle Img American music manager, nephew
Milton Berle Img American actor and comedian, uncle
Warren Berlinger Img Amerrican stage/television character actor, nephew
Irving Berlin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born American composer, songwriter, husband
Dorothy Goetz Img American singer, wife 1st
Ray Goetz Img American songwriter, composer, author, film producer, brother of Dorothy
Sir Isaiah Berlin RWF HW Img Latvian-born British philosopher, historian of ideas, cousin
Yitzhak Sadeh RWC RW Img Polish-born Israeli miltary/political figure, commander of Palmach, cousin
Cora Berliner Img German social scientist, economist, daughter of Manfred
Emile Berliner RWF HW Img German-born American inventor of grammophone, microphone, father
Henry Berliner American aircraft/helicopter pioneer, son
Manfred Berliner German business teacher, brother of Emile
Claire Berlinski Img American journalist, novelist, biographer,  daughter of David
David Berlinski Img American writer, mathematician, historian of science, philosopher, son
Herman Berlinski Img German-born American composer, choir conductor, musicologist, father
Mischa Berlinski son of David
Sina Berlinski Img German-born American pianist, voice coach, mother
Charles Berlitz Img American linguist, grandson
Maximilian Berlitz Img German-born American linguist, founder of Berlitz Language Schools, grandfather
Boris Bak RWF Img Soviet NKVD officer, lieutenant general, brother
Maria Bak RWC Soviet NKVD officer, sister
Solomon Bak RWF Img Russian/Soviet NKVD officer, kombrig, brother
Boris Berman RWF Img Soviet intelligence officer, lieutenant general, husband of Maria
Matvei Berman RWF Img Soviet intteligence officer, head of the Gulag prison camp, People's Commissar of Comunication 1937-38,
Adolf Berman RWF HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician,    brother
Jakub Berman RWF Img Polish Secretary of Polish United Workers Party, Minister of State Security, brother
Bess Berman Img American record producer/executive, aunt
Lewis Merenstein Img American record producer, nephew
Eugene Berman Img Russian-born American painter, brother
Leonid Berman Img Russian-born American painter, brother
David Berman Img American singer/songwriter, poet, cartoonist,   son
Richard Berman Img founder of 1995 Center for Consumer Freedom, father
David Berman Img American film/television actor,  brother
Josh Berman Img American television writer/producer,  brother
Ruth Berman RWC Img South African-born Israeli linguist, parther
Yaacov Yaar RWA HW Img German-born Israeli architect, partner
Ralph Bernal RWC Img British MP 1818-41 1847-52 father
Ralph Bernal Osborne Img British Liberal MP 1841-74 (Jewish father) son
Jean-Jacques Bernard Img French playwright, son
Raymond Bernard Img French film director, son
Tristan Bernard Img French playwright, novelist,  journalist, lawyer, father
Francis Veber RWC HW Img French film director, screenwriter, producer, playwright, (Jewish father) grand nephew of Tristan
Bruno Bernard Img German-born American photographer, father of Susan
Susan Bernard Img American model, actress, Playboy Miss December 1966 mother
Joshua Miller Img American actor, screenwriter, novelist, filmmaker, (Jewish mother) son
Antoine Bernheim Img French-born shareholder of Lazard LLC Partners, chairman of Generalli, father
Leonce Bernheim grandfather
Piere-Antoine Bernheim French historian of religions, economist, publisher, son
Princess Martine Orsini-Bernheim Img Italian aristocrat, daughter
Corbin Bernsen RWF Img American film/television actor, director, (Jewish father) son
Harry Bernsen, Jr Img American film/television producer, father
Baron Alexander Bernstein Img chairman of  son Granada Television
Baron Sidney Bernstein Img founder 1955, chairman father Granada Television
Leonard Bernstein RWF HW Img American conductor, composer, author, music lecturer, pianist, husband
Felicia Montealegre RWC Img Costa-Rica-born American stage/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather/convert to Judaism) wife
Elmer Bernstein RWF Img American composer, songwriter:composer, father
Peter Bernstein Img American film score composer, son
Aaron Bernstein RWF HW Img German/Polish born author, reformer, scientist, uncle
Eduard Bernstein RWF HW Img German economist, founder of theoretical revisionism, nephew
Felix Bernstein RWF HW Img German-born American mathematician, grandson of Aaron
Julius Bernstein RWF Img German physiologist, neuroscientist, son of Aaron
Aleksandr Bernstein RWF Img Russian psychiatrist, son
Natan Bernstein RWF Img Russian physiologist, physician, father
Nikolai Bernstein RWF Img Russian physiologist,   son of Aleksandr
Sergei Bernstein RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, son
Adam Bernstein RWF Img American film/television director, screenwriter, husband
Jessica Hecht RWF Img American film/television actress, singer, wife
Brandon Bernstein Img American drag racer, son
Kenny Bernstein Img American drag racer, father
Hilda Bernstein Img British-born South African activist, author, artist, wife
Lionel Bernstein Img South African anti-apartheid activist, husband
Emma Bee Bernstein American artist, writer, daughter ExLink
Susan Bee Img American painter, editor, book artist, wife
Charles Bernstein RWF Img American poet, critic, educator, husband
Miriam Laufer Img Poolish-born German Israeli artist, mother of Susan
Sigmund Laufer Img father of Susan
Elsa Bernstein Img Austrian-born German writer, dramatist, salon holder, wife
Max Bernstein German art/theater critic, author, husband
Heinrich Porges Img Czech-born Austian choirmaster, music critic, father of Elsa
Lev Berg RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian geographer, biologist, RWN
Miriam Bernstein-Cohen RWF HW Img Moldovan-born Israeli actress, poet, translator, daughter
Yakov Bernstein-Cohen RWF Moldovan-born Israeli physician, politician, father
Sergei Bernstein-Kogan RWF Moldovan-born Russian economist, nephew of Lev
Faina Kogan-Bernstein RWF Img Soviet historian, translator, wife of Matvei
Lev Kogan-Bernstein RWF Moldovan-born Russian revolutionery, father
Matvei Kogan-Bernstein RWF Russian politician, (Jewish father) son
Jon Bernthal RWF HW Img American film/television actor, grandson
Murray Bernthal Img American musician, producer, violinist, conductor, grandfather
Tom Bernthal Img American CEO/producer, NBC News, grandson
Sheryl Sandberg RWF Img American executive, COO of Facebook, 2008- , wife of Tom
Adam Schlesinger Img American guitarist, composer, grandson
Emile Berr RWC French journalist, brother
George Berr RWC Img French actor, writer, brother
Claude Berri RWF HW Img French director,  producer, screenwriter, actor, destributor, brother
Arlette Langmann Img French screenwriter, film editor, production designer, sister
Thomas Langmann RWF Img French producer, actor, (Jewish father) son of Claude
Julien Rassam RWF Img French actor, film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) son of Claude
Dennis Berry Img American film director, actor, screenwriter, son
John Berry Img American film director, screenwriter, actor, producer, (Jewish father) father
Deborah Bertonoff RWC HW Img Georgian-born Israeli dancer, daughter
Yehoshua Bertonov RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born Israeli stage actor, father
Julie Berwald Img Swedish concert/opera singer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Mathilda Berwald Img Finnish/Swedish concert singer,   mother
Alexandra Berzon American reporter, daughter
Marsha Berzon Img American federal appeals judge, mother
Marc Besen co-founder, co-owner of Chadstone Shopping Center, Australia father
Naomi Milgrom Img Australian chairman, CEO of Sussan Retail Group daughter
Matt Besser Img American film/television actor, stand-up comedian, writer, (Jewish father) husband
Danielle Schneider Img American actor, comedian, wife
Wilson Bethel Img American film/television actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Joyce Maynard Img American writer, (Jewish mother) mother
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers Img French author, (convert to Judaism) wife
Jean-Pierre Meyers Img French vice chairman of L'Oreal, husband
Bethmann Bethmann Family Answers disputed
Konrad Bethmann German administrator, entrepreneur, husband 1652-1701
Anna Elisabeth wife 1654-1727
Simon Moritz Bethmann son of Konrad & Anna 1687-1725
Simon Moritz Bethmann German banker, businessman, co-founder of Bethmann Bank 1748 brother 1721-82
Johann Jacob Bethmann German merchant, shipowner, brother 1717-92
Johann Philipp Bethmann German banker, businessman, co-founder of Bethmann Bank 1748 brother 1715-93
mother Katharina Margarete Schaaf (not Jewish)
Simon Moritz von Bethmann Jewish father son of Johann Phillip 1768-1826
Maria Elisabeth Betthmann Jewish father daughter of Johann Phillip 1772-1847 mother of Marie d'Agout
Susanne Elisabeth Bethmann Jewish father daughter of Johann Phillip 1763-1833 great grandmother of Theobald
Katharina Elisabeth Bethmann Jewish father daughter of Johann Jacob 1753-1816
Johann-Jakob Bethmann-Hollweg  German banker, businessman, husband of Susanne Elisabeth 1748-1808
Wolf Breidenbacher RWC German banker, businessman, husband of Susanne Elisabeth ? 1750-1829
Moritz von Bethmann German banker, 1811-77 son of Simon Moritz 
Countess Marie d'Agoult RWF Img French author , (Jewish maternal grandfather)  mistress of Franz Liszt 1805-76 daugther of Maria-Elisabeth
Moritz August von Bethmann-Hollweg Img Prussian Minister of Culture, jurist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) 1795-1877 son of Susanne Elisabeth/Wolf Breidenbacher
Moritz Breidenbacher Prussian Minister of Culture, jurist,   ExLink 1796-1857 son of Susanne Elisabeth/Wolf Breidenbacher
Cosima Wagner RWF wife of Richard Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt (Jewish maternal great grandfather) 1837-1930 daughter of Marie d'Agout
Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg Img Prussian district administrator, (born Breidenbacher) (Jewish maternal great grandfather) 1824-1900 son of August von
Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg German politician, statesman, Chancellor of the German Empire 1909-17 (Jewish descent) ExLink 1856-1921 son of Felix von
Moritz von Bethmann German banker, 1877-1966
Gary Bettman RWF Img Commissioner of National Hockey Leage 1993 half-brother
Jeffrey Pollack Img Commissioner of World Series of Poker, half-brother
Bruce Beutler RWF HW Img American immunologist, geneticist, Nobel Prize (2011), son
Ernest Beutler RWC Img German-born American hematologist, biomedical scientist, father
Hayyim Nachman Bialik RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, playwright, translator, brother-in-law
Yan Gamarnik RWF Img Ukrainian-born military commander, Deputy Commisar for Defense, brother-in-law
Jacqueline Bhabha Img Indian-born British American lawyer, writer, mother
Satya Bhabha Img British-born Ameican film actor, (Jewish mother) son
Edward Biberman Img American painter, brother
Herbert Biberman RWF Img American screenwriter, film director, brother
Gustav Biedermann Austrian-born
Rudolf Biedermann Austrian-born
Simon Biedermann Austrian-born banker, merchant,
Viktor Biedermann Austrian-born
Bielski Bielski partisans
Alexander Bielski Img Polish/Belarusian-born partisan, brother
Aron Bielski Img Polish/Belarusian-born partisan, brother
Asael Belski Img Polish/Belarusian-born partisan, brother
Tuvia Bielski Img Polish/Belarusian-born commander of partisan group, brother
Dagobert Biermann German resistance fighter, father
Wolf Biermann RWF HW Img German singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) son
Nina Hagen RWF Img German singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) stepdaughter of Wolf
Eli Biham RWF HW Img Israeli cryptographer, grandson
Mikhail Boguslavsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian state/political figure, grandfather
Alexander Bickel RWF Img Romanian-born American lawyer,  cousin
Lothar Bickel RWF Ukrainian-born Romanian philosopher,
Peter Bickel RWF Img Romanian-born American statistician,  cousin
Theodore Bikel RWF HW Img Austrian-born American actor, singer,
Elias Bickerman RWF HW Img Moldovan-born American historian, Ancient History, son
Iosif Bickerman RWF Ukrainian-born Russian historian, writer, publicist, father
Jacob Bcikerman RWF Img Ukrainian-born American German chemist, son
Moses Bilsky Img Lithuanian-born Canadian merchant, father
Lillian Bilsky Freiman Img Canadian philanthropist, zionist, daughter
Julie Ahlberg Img American producer, daughter of Bruce
Bruce Bilson Img American film director, producer, writer, actor, grandfather
Danny Bilson RWC Img American writer, director, producer, game designer, son of Bruce
George Bilson British producer, writer, director,  father of Bruce
Hattie Bilson American screenwriter, mother of Bruce
Malcolm Bilson Img American pianist, piano scholar, brother of Bruce
Rachel Bilson RWF HW Img American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Danny
Ilse Bing Img German-born American photographer, wife
Konrad Wolff Img German pianist, musicologist, husband
Stephen Bing Img American real estate developer, film producer, father
Damian Hurley Img British actor, model, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Boris Birman RWF Img Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, singer, director, screenwiter, son
Naum Birman RWF Img Russian film director, screenwriter, father
Jacob Birnbaum Img German-born American activist, zionist, son of Solomon
Menachem Birnbaum Austrian book illustrator, portrait painter, son
Nathan Birnbaum RWE HW Img Austrian journalist, philosopher, father
Solomon Birnbaum Austrian-born British Canadian Yiddish linguist, hebrew poleographer, son
Uriel Birnbaum Img Austrian painter, caricaturist, writer, poet, son
Jeremiah Birnbaum Img American singer/songwriter, grandson
Philip Sechzer American anesthesiologist, grandfather
Johanna Bischitz von Heves Img Hungarian philanthropist, daughter
George de Hevesy RWF HW Img Hungarian-born Swedish chemist Nobel Prize (1943),
Tivadar Farkashazy Img Hungarian humorist, author, journalist, great-great-grandson of Moric
Moric von Fischer RWC Img Hungarian co-founder 1839 of Herend, porcelain, father
Elmer Bischoff Img American painter, father
John Bischoff Img American composer, musical performer, son
Bischoffsheim Bischoffsheim Family
Ludwig Bamberger RWF HW Img German co-founder of Deutsche Nationale Bank son of Amalia Bischoffheim
Clara Bischoffheim wife of Maurice de Hirsch sister of Jonathan-Raphael
Clara Bischoffheim daughter of Jonathan-Raphael
Ferdinand-Raphael Bischoffsheim Img Belgian banker, politician, son of Jonathan-Raphael
Henri Louis Bischoffsheim Img Dutch banker, son of Louis-Raphael 1828-1908
Louis-Raphael Bischoffsheim RWC Img French-born German banker, philantropist, 1800-73 father Bischoffsheim Bank ExLink
Maurice Bischoffsheim French banker, (1875-1904) father of Marie-Laure de Noailles
Maurice Jonathan Bischoffsheim     (Jewish father) son of Ferdinand-Raphael
Raphael-Louis Bischoffsheim Img Dutch-born French banker, 1823-1906 son 1823-1906
Jonathan-Raphael Bischoffsheim Img German-born Belgian banker, philantropist, 1808-83 brother Belgium's National Bank ExLink
Countress Ellen Couffe Img Irish politician, company director, daughter of Henri Louis
Count Meyer Joseph Cahen d'Anvers husband of Clara
Count Louis Raphael Cahen d'Anvers French banker, politician, son of Clara Bischoffheim
Robert Cahen d'Anvers banker son of Louis Raphael Cahen
Joey Bishop Img American actor, stand-up comedian, brother
Larry Bishop RWC Img American actor, screenwriter, director, brother
Max Black RWF Img Azerbaijani-born British American mathematician, linguistic philosopher, brother
Sir Misha Black Img Azebarjani-born British architect, designer, brother
Eli Black Img Polish-born American, control of United Brands Company father
Leon Black RWC Img American founder, head of Appolo Management, son
Jack Black RWF HW Img American actor, comedian, singer, musician, husband
Judith Love Cohen RWC Img American aerospace engineer, mother of Jack & Neil
Tanya Haden RWF Img American artist, animator, cellist, singer, (Jewish mother) wife
Neil Siegel Img American computer scientist, systems engineer,  half-brother of Jack Black
Joyce Blair Img British actress, dancer, sister
Lionel Blair Img British Canadian television presenter, dancer, choreographer, actor, brother
Deborah Sheridan-Taylor British actress, daudhter of Joyce
Sara Blakely RWC Img American businesswoman, founder of Spanx, (convert to Judaism) wife
Jesse Itzler Img American musician, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, husband
Blanc Semi Gotha
Camille Blanc Img French-born municipal leader, (Jewish father) son 1847-1927
Edmond Blanc Img French politician, racehorses breeder, (Jewish father) son 1856-1920
Count Francois Blanc Img French real estate developer, co-founder of casino Monte-Carlo, father 1806-77
Marie-Felix Blanc Img French aristocrat, (Jewish father) daughter 1859-82
Princess Marie Bonaparte RWF Img French author, psychoanalyst, (Jewish maternal grandfather), daughter of Marie-Felix ExLink
Noel Blanc Img American voice actor, father
Mel Blanc RWF Img American voice actor, son
Alfred Blaschko RWF Img German dermatologist, father
Hugh Blaschko Img German-born British pharmacologist, son
Arbit Blatas Img Lithuanian-born painter, scanic designer, husband
Regina Resnik RWF Img American opera singer, mezzo-soprano, actress, wife
Gerry Blattner Img British film producer, son
Ludwig Blattner Img German-born inventor, film producer, studio owner, Blattner phone sound recording machine,    father
Dick Blau Img American film scholar, filmmaker, photographer, (Jewish father) son
Herbert Blau Img American theater director, theater critic, father
Jeremy Blaustein Img American translator, japanologist, brother
Maddie Blaustein RWF Img American voice actress, sister
Leo Blech HW Img German opera composer, conductor, father-in-law of Herbert
Eva Sandberg German/Polish-born German photographer, sister of Herbert
Herbert Sandberg Img German/Polish-born Swedish conductor, librettist, composer, son-in-law of Leo
Bleichroeder //bleichroeder
Gerson von Bleichroder RWC HW Img financial adviser of Bismarck, Berlin son
Baron Hans von Bleichroeder German  grandson
Samuel Bleichroeder German founder 1803 of Bleichroeder Bank, grandfather
Maria Orska Img Ukrainian-born Polish German stage/film actress, wife of Hans
Alan Blinken Img American ambassador to Belgium 1993-97 Clinton grandson
Donald Blinken Img American ambassador to Hungary 1994-97 Clinton grandson
Meir Blinken Ukrainian-born American Yiddish writer, grandfather
Antony Blinken Img Deputy Secretary of State 2015-17  Obama son of Donald
Samuel Pisar Img Polish-born American author, lawyer,  stepfather of Tony
Barry Blitt Img Canadian-born American cartoonist, illustrator, brother
Ricky Blitt Img Canadian-born American screenwriter, show creator, voice actor, brother
Gerard Blitz Belgian founder 1950 of Club Mediterranee, son of Gerard
Gerard Blitz HW Img Belgian swimmer, waterpolo player, brother
Maurice Blitz Img Belgian water polo player, brother
Gustave Bloch RWC Img French historian, father
Marc Bloch RWC HW Img French historian of medieval France, economic historian,    son
Henry Bloch Img American co-founder 1955 of H&R Bloch, brother H&R Block
Richard Bloch Img American co-founder 1955 of H&R Bloch, brother H&R Block
Camille Bloch RWF French historian,   brother
Oscar Bloch French linguist, lexicographer, brother
Raymond Bloch Img French historian, philologist, son of Oscar
Debora Bloch RWF Img Brazilian actress, daughter
Jonas Bloch Img Brazilian film/television actor, father
Bernhard Altmann Austrian textile manufacturer, brother-in-law of Maria
Maria Altmann Img Austrian-born American art colector, niece
Adele Bloch-Bauer Img Austrian salon holder, art patron, aunt
Gloria Blondell Img American film/radio/television/voice actress, (Jewish father???) sister of Joan
Joan Blondell RWF HW Img American film/stage actress, model, (Jewish father ???) wife
Mike Todd RWF Img American film producer, theatrical impresario, husband
Mike Todd, Jr RWF Img American film producer, son of Mike, Bertha
Claire Bloom RWF HW Img British film/stage actress,  sister
John Bloom British film editor, brother
Hillard Elkins Img American stage/film producer,    husband of Claire
Philip Roth RWF Img American writer, husband of Claire
Anna Steiger Img British opera singer, (Jewish mother) daughter of Claire/Rod
Andy Blitz Img American stand-up comedian, television writer, television actor, brother
Jeffrey Blitz Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, brother
Ernest Bloch RWF HW Img Swiss-born American composer, father
Lucienne Bloch Img Swiss-born American photographer, muralist, daughter
James Bloch Img German surgeon, urologist, microbiologost, grandfather
Peter Bloch Img German-born American art historian, journalist, grandson
Harry Bloom Img South African journalist, novelist, father
Steve Bloom Img South African-born photographer, writer, son
Brian Bloom Img American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, brother
Mike Bloom Img American singer/songwriter, multi-instumentalist, brother
Scott Bloom Img American film/stage/television actor, film producer, brother
Benjamin Bloom RWF HW Img American educational psychologist, brother
Ralph Tyler American educator scholar, brother
Sarah Bloom Raskin RWC Img American economist, lawyer, Governor of US Federal Reserve 2010- wife of Jamie
Jamie Raskin Img American legal scholar, husband
Marcus Raskin Img American social critic, author, philosopher,   father of Jamie
Max Raskin American jurist, politician, judge, uncle of Marcus
Jeremy Bloom Img American skier, model, (Jewish father) cousin
Colby Cohen Img American ice hockey player, cousin
Georgina Bloomberg Img American equestian, philanthropist, (Jewish father) daughter
Michael Bloomberg RWF HW Img American businessman, Mayor of New York 2002-13, father
Leonard Bloomfield RWF Img American aqnthropologist, linguist,    nephew of Maurice/Fannie
Maurice Bloomfield RWF Img Austrian-born American linguist, brother
Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler RWF Img Austrian-born American pianist,    sister
Sigmund Zeisler Img Austrian-born American attorney, husband of Fannie
Alfred Bloomingdale Img chairman 1964 of Diners Club, hair of Bloomingdale's department stores grandson of Lyman
Joseph Bloomingdale RWA Img American co-founder 1872 of Bloomingdale's, brother
Lyman Bloomingdale RWA Img American co-founder 1872 of Bloomingdale's, brother
Samuel Bloomingdale Img American chairman of Bloomingdale's department stores,
Edward Bloustein Img president of Rugers University 1971-89, brother
Francis Bloustein Img American New York State Supreme Court justice, brother
Ben Blue Img Canadian actor, comedian, father
Robert Blue American artist,   son
Leon Blum RWF HW Img French prime minister of France 1936-1937 1938 1946-47 grandfather
Rene Blum Img French founder of Balet de'l Opera, Monte Carlo, balet choreographer, brother of Leon
Avrim Blum Img American computer scientist, son
Lenore Blum RWF Img American computer scientist, wife
Manuel Blum RWF HW Img Venezuelan-born American scientist, computational complexity theory, husband
Richard Blum Img chairman, president of Blum Capital Partners LLC, husband
Dianne Feinstein RWF HW Img American senator, wife
Deborah Blum Img American journalist, author, (Jewish father) daughter
Murray Blum Img American entomologist, father
Felix Blumenfeld RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian composer, conductor, pianist,  uncle
Sigismund Blumenfeld RWF Ukrainian-born Russian composer, singer, pianist,  brother of Felix
Heinrich Neuhaus RWF Img Russian/Soviet pianist, (Jewish mother) nephew
Erwin Blumenfeld RWF Img German-born American photographer, artist, grandfather
Helaine Blumenfeld Img American-born sculptor, mother of Remy/Jared
Jared Blumenfeld Img American EPA Region Administrator, brother of Remy
Remy Blumenfeld Img French-born British television executive, grandson
Yorick Blumenfeld Img Dutch-born American British writer, futurologist, father of Remy/Jared
Heinrich Blumenfeld RWF American-born Russian painter, uncle
Lev Blumenfeld RWF Img Russsian-born Soviet physicist, nephew
Ralph Blumenfeld Img American-born British journalist, editor, Daily Express, father
Sir John Elliot British manager, chairman of London Transports, son
Eugene Meyer RWC Img American economist, chairman of Federal Reserve 1930-33, brother of George
Florence Meyer Blumenthal Img American philanthropist, wife
George Blumenthal Img German-born American banker, husband
Katharine Graham Img The Washington Post publisher, (Jewish father) niece of George
Max Blumenthal Img American columnist, investigative journalist, blogger, son
Sidney Blumenthal Img American political journalist, father
David Blumenthal Img American health care policy expert, National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, brother
Richard Blumenthal RWF HW Img American Connecticut senator, State Attorney General, brother
Ernst Boas American physician, cardiologist, son
Franz Boas RWF HW Img German-born American anthropologist, father of modern anthropology father
Franziska Boas Img American musician, daughter
Harold Boas Img American mathematician, son of Ralph. P
Marie Boas Hall American historian, educator, daughter of Ralph Philip
Ralph Philip Boas American father
Ralph P. Boas, Jr Img American mathematician, son of Ralph Philip
Hart Bochner HW Img Canadian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, son
Lloyd Bochner Img Canadian actor, father
Steven Bochco RWF HW Img American television producer, writer, brother
Joanna Frank Img American film/television actress,    sister
Alan Rachins Img American television actor,    husband of Joanna
Brigitte Bodenheimer Img German-born American jurist, legal scholar, wife
Edgar Bodenheimer Img German-born American legal scholar, husband
Ernst Levy Img German-born American  lawyer, legal historian, father of Brigitte
Leni Alexander RWF Img German/Polish-born Chilean composer, mother of Bastian
Bastian Bodenhofer Img Chilean television actor, model, theater director, musician, father
Damian Bodenhofer Img Chilean model, stage/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Maira Bodenhofer Img Chilean stage/television actor, (Jewish father) daughter
Peter Bogdanovich RWF HW Img American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, critic, film historian, (Jewish mother) husband
Polly Platt Img American producer, screenwriter, wife
Nikolai Bogoraz RWF Img Soviet surgeon, brother
Vladimir Bogoraz RWF Img Russian revolutionary, anthropologist, ethnographer, chukchi brother
Endre Bohem Img Hungarian-born American screenwriter, film producer, television writer, father
Leslie Bohem Img American screenwriter, television writer, son
Aage Bohr RWF Img Danish physicist, Nobel Prize (1975), (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Niels
Ernest Bohr Danish lawyer, field hockey player, (Jewish paternal grandmother) brother
Harald Bohr RWF HW Img Danish mathematician, (Jewish mother) brother 1887-1951
Niels Bohr RWF HW Img Danish-born British American physicist,  Nobel Prize (1922), (Jewish mother) brother
Edgar Rubin RWF Img Danish psychologist/phenomenologist, second cousin of Niels
Maurice Bokanowski RWC Img French politician, Minister of Trade and Industry, father
Michel Maurice-Bokanowski RWC Img French politician, Minister of Post and Telecommunications 1960-62, son
Christian Boltanski Img French sculptor, photographer, painter, brother
Luc Boltanski Img French sociologist, brother
Grigory Boltyansky RWF Russian director, screenwriter, historian of cinema, father
Vladimir Boltyansky RWF Img Russian mathematician, educator, son
Grigory Bongard-Levin RWF Img Russian historian, son
Maxim Levin RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet/Russian archaeologist, anthropologist, ethnologist, father
Bonham Carter/Burton
Eduardo Propper de Callejon Img Spanish diplomat, (Jewish father) grandfather  maternal
Edward Bonham Carter Img British merchant banker, (3/4 Jewish mother) brother
Helena Bonham Carter RWF HW Img British actress, (3/4 Jewish mother) sister
Baroness Helene Fould-Springer socialite, painter, grandmother
Bonnier Bonnier Family
Gerhard Bonnier Img Swedish founder 1804 of Bonnier media house, father 1778-1862
Adolf Bonnier son 1806-64
Ake Bonnier Img Swedish bishop, (Jewish father) 1957-
Albert Bonnier Img Daniah-born Swedish publisher, son 1820-1900
David Felix Bonnier Swedish publisher, son 1822-81
Elin Bonnier daughter of Karl Otto
Eva Bonnier Img Swedish painter, philanthropist,    daughter of Albert 1864-1900
Isidor Bonnier Swedish journalist, son of Adolf
Karl Otto Bonnier Img Swedish publisher, son of Albert 1856-1941
Tor Bonnier Img 1883-1976
Ake Bonnier 1886-1979
Ake G. Bonier Img
Jo Bonnier Img Swedish Formula 1 driver, 1930-72
Lukas Bonnier Img publisher 1922-2006
Jonas Bonnier Img Swedish president of Bonnier Group 2008-13, novelist, (Jewish descent) 1963-
Yngve Larsson Img Swedish politician, mayor of Stockholm, not Jewish husband of Elin 1881-1977
Sanford Bookstaver Img American television director/producer, husband
Rena Sofer RWF HW Img American film/television actress,    wife
Jerzy Borejsza RWF Img Polish communist activist, politician, writer, anarchist, brother
Jozef Rozanski RWF Img Polish communist, NKVD officer, interrogator of communist security apparatus, brother
Alejandro Borensztein Img Argentine film/television producer, son
Mauricio Borensztein Img Argentine comedian, father
Viktor Borkovsky RWF Img Soviet linguist, ??? uncle
Mark Graev RWF Img Soviet/Russian mathematician, (Jewish father) nephew
Borgia Family Semi-Gotha
Borghese Family Semi-Gotha
Georgina Born Img British anthropologist, musician,   daughter of Gustav
Gustav Born German histologist, embryologist, grandfather
Gustav Born Img German-born British pharmacologist,  son of Max
Max Born RWF HW Img German-born British physicist, Nobel prize (1954) father of Max
Hans Ehrenberg Img German theologian, co-founder of Confessing Church, brother of Victor/historian
Hedwig Ehrenberg (Jewish father) wife of Max wiki
Victor Ehrenberg Img German jurist, father of Hedwig
Victor Ehrenberg RWF German historian, nephew of Victor
Ralph Elliott Img German-born Australian language scholar, runologist, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) grandson of Victor
Otto Konigsberger Img German architect, nephew of Max Born
Cloe Rose Lattanzi Img American singer, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Olivia
Olivia Newton-John RWF Img British born Australian actress, singer, (Jewish mother 37.5%) grandaughter of Max Born
David Bornstein Img Australian politician, Labor Party MP 1970-75, father
Josh Bornstein Img Australian lawyer, son
Aleksandr Borovsky RWF Russian scene artist, son
David Borovsky RWF Img Soviet/Russian artist, father
Artyom Borovik RWF Img Russian journalist, media magnate, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Genrikh Borovik RWF Img Soviet journalist, screenwriter, (Jewish father) father
Dedi Borowitz HW Israeli businesman,  brother
Israel Borowitz HW Israeli businesman, computer scientist, brother
Tami Mozes-Borowitz HW wife of Dedi
Andy Borowitz Img American comedian, satirist,    husband
Susan Borowitz Img American producer, writer, wife
David Borwein Img Lithuanian-born Canadian mathematician, father
Jonathan Borwein Img British-born Canadian mathematician, son
Peter Borwein Img British-born Canadian mathematician, son
Alexander Karl von Boschan 1809-78 ritter
Carl Karl von Boschan son of Wilhelm 1835-1902 ritter
Ernst von Boschan Austrian son 1853-1913 ritter
Friedrich von Boschan Austrian father 1817-71 ritter
Gustav von Boschan Austrian son of Wilhelm 1840-73 ritter
Louis von Boschan son of Wilhelm ritter
Paul Leoplod vob Boschan Austrian 1883- ritter
Victor von Boschan Austrian son 1843-94 ritter
Wilhelm von Boschan brother of Friedrich 1812-90 ritter
Albert Boscov Img American CEO, chairman of Boscov's, son
Solomon Boscov Img American founder 1911 of Boscov's, father
Magda Boscovic Img Croatian communist, partisan, sister
Maja Boscovic-Stulli Img Croatian historian, writer, publisher, sister
Henriette Bosmans RWC Img Dutch composer, daughter
Sarah Bosmans-Benedicts Dutch pianist, piano pedagogue, mother
David Botstein RWF Img Swiss-born American biologist, geneticist, brother
Leon Botstein HW Img Swiss-born American conductor, brother
Barbara Haskell American art historian, ??? wife of Leon
de Botton
Alain de Botton RWF HW Img Swiss-born British writer, philosopher, television presenter, son of Gilbert
Gilbert de Botton Img Egyptian-born founder of Global Asset Management, husband
Janet de Botton Img British art collector, philanthropist, wife of Gilbert
Miel de Botton Swiss art collector, philanthropist, daughter of Gilbert
Yolande Harmer Img Egyptian-born Israeli spy, mother of Gilbert
Mikhail Botvinnik RWF HW Img Soviet World chess champion, 1948-57 1958-60 1961-63, second uncle
Mikhail Gromov RWF Img Russian-born French American mathematician, differential geometry, (Jewish mother) second nephew
Kathy Boudin American radical, criminal, daughter
Leonard Boudin American civil liberties attorney, father
Louis Boudin Img Russian-born American marxist  theotitician, politician, uncle of Leonard
Michael Boudin Img American appeals judge, son
Matthieu Boujenah Img French comedian, actor, nephew
Michel Boujenah Img Tunisian-born French actor, producer, director, screenwriter, brother
Paul Boujenah Tunisian-born French film director,  brother
Josh Bowman RWF Img British film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother
Scarlett Bowman Img British television actress, (Jewish father) sister
Carrie Bowman Img American stage actress, grandmother
Michael Forbes Img American representative 1995-2001, (Jewish paternal grandmother) grandson
Daniel Boyarin RWF HW Img American historian of religion, philosopher, brother
Jonathan Boyarin American anthropologist, brother
Gert Boyle Img German-born American businesswoman, mother
Timothy Boyle Img American businessman, president/CEO of Columbia Sportswear, (Jewish mother) son
Joshua Braff Img American author, brother
Zach Braff RWF HW Img American television/film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, brother
Iosif Braginsky RWF Img Russian orientalist, Corr father
Stanislav Braginsky RWC Img Russian-born American theoretical physicist, geophysicist, son
Vladimir Braginsky RWC Img Russian-born Soviet philologist, orientalist,  son
John Braham Img British opera singer, composer, father
Charles Braham British singer, (Jewish father) son
Baroness Constance Braham British wife of Baron Edward Strachey, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Charles
Countess Frances Braham Img Countess Dowager Walgrave, Vernon-Harcourt, Parkinson-Fortescue, (Jewish father) daughter
Baron Edward Strachie Img British politician, (Jewish maternal great grandfather) son of Constance
Frances Maddalena Strachie  (Jewish maternal great grandfather) daughter of Constance
Boris Brainin RWF Img Russian-born Ausrian Soviet poet, translator,
Harald Brainin RWF Img Austrian poet, writer, cousin of Norbert
Norbert Brainin RWF Img Austrian-born British violinist,
Reuben Brainin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born German publicist, biographer, literary critic,
Valeri Brainin RWF Img Russian-born German musicologist, composer, poet, translator,
Phoebe Brand Img American stage actress, wife
Morris Carnovsky Img American stage/film actor, husband
Barbara Branden Img Canadian-born writer, editor, biographer, wife
Nathaniel Branden Img American-born Canadian psychotherapist, husband
Leonard Peikoff Img American philosopher, writer, distant cousin of Barbara
Louis Brandeis RWF HW Img American Supreme Court Justice 1916-1939. nephew
Lewis Naphtali Dembitz Img German-born American legal scholar, uncle
Edvard Brandes RWC Img Danish Minister of Finance 1909-10 1913-20 twice leader of Liberal Party Foreign  brother
Ernst Brandes RWC Img Danish economist, writer, newspaper editor, brother
Georg Brandes RWF HW Img Danish literary critic, author, brother
Terry Branstad RWC Img American governor of Iowa 1983-99 2011-  (Jewish mother) second cousin
Merrick Garland RWC Img American Attorney General 2021- , Biden second cousin
Esmond de Beer Img New Zealand scholar, editor, colector, philanthropist,
Charles Brasch Img New Zealand literary critic, poet, art patron,
Willi Fels Img German-born New Zealand  merchant, collector, philanthropist,
Bendix Hallenstein Img German-born New Zealand politician, manufacturer, MP 1872-73
Borukh Braude RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet scientist, engineering scholar, brother
Girsh Braude RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet engineering scholar, brother
Alexander Braudo RWF Img Lithuanian-born Russian journalist, publisher, translator, father
Isaya Braude RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet organist, organic music scholar, son
Arik Brauer Img Austrian painter, architect, dancer, singer, stage designer, father
Timna Brauer RWC Img Austrian singer/songwriter, actress, daughter
Alfred Brauer Img German-born American mathematician, brother
Richard Brauer RWF Img German-born American mathematician, model representation theory brother
Adam Braun Img American businessman, philanthropist, brother
Scooter Braun Img American talent manager, Justin Bieber brother
Harry Brauner Img Romanian ethnomusicologist, composer, brother
Victor Brauner RWF HW Img Romanian French painter, brother
Alexander Braverman RWF Img Russian-born Israeli mathematician, son
Emmanuil Braverman RWF Img Soviet mathematician, cybernetician, economist, father
Maxim Braverman RWC Img Russian-born American mathematician, son
Michael Brecker HW Img American jazz saxophonist, composer,   brother
Randy Brecker Img American trumpeter, flughornist, brother
Andy Breckman RWC Img American film/television writer, comedian, husband
Beth Landau Img American film maker, wife
Zabou Breitman Img French film/television/stage actress, director, daughter
Jean-Claude Deret Img French television writer, songwriter, actor, playwright, father
Buddy Bregman Img American aranger, director,record producer, composer, film/television producer, father  ExLink
Tracey Bregman RWF Img German-born American soap opera actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Donald Bren Img American businessman, Irvine Company, (Jewish father) son
Milton Bren Img American film producer, real estate developer, father
Steve Bren Img American racing driver, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Amy Brenneman RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish mother) wife
Brad Silberling RWC Img American television/film director, producer, husband
Abigail Breslin RWF Img American actress, singer, (Jewish paternal grandparent) sister
Spencer Breslin Img American actor, musician, (Jewish paternal grandparent) brother
Low Breslow American screenwriter, film director, husband
Marion Byron Img American film actress, comedian, wife
Harry Bresslau RWF Img German historian,
Helene Bresslau Img German wife of Albert Schweitzer, 
Charles Breyer Img American federal judge, brother
Stephen Breyer RWF HW Img American Supreme Court Justice 1994- brother 1938-
China Brezner Img American actress, model, daughter
Larry Brezner Img American producer, father
Jules Arnstein Img American businessman, gambler, (Jewish father) husband
Fanny Brice RWF HW Img American stage/film actress, comedian, singer, wife
Lew Brice Img American dancer, comedian, brother of Fanny
William Brice Img American artist, son of Fanny
Billy Rose HW Img American theatrical producer, impresario, songwriter:lyricist, husband
Lilya Brik RWF Img Soviet film actress, sister
Osip Brik RWF Img Russian writer, literary critic, husband of Lilya
Mildred Cohn RWA Img American biochemist, wife of Henry
Henry Primakoff RWF Img Ukrainian-born American theoretical physicist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) great uncle of Vitaly Primakoff
Elsa Triolet RWF HW Img Russian-born French writer, sister
Edmond Wilhelm Brillant Img Polish-born Israeli naval architect, son
Wiktor Brillant Img Polish pharmasist, father
Sergey Brin RWF HW Img Russian-born American co-founder of Google search engine, husband
Anne Wojcicki RWC Img American biotech analyst, biologist, (Jewish mother) wife
Esther Wojcicki Img American journalist, educator, mother of Anne
Susan Wojcicki RWC Img American SVP of product management at Google, (Jewish mother) sister of Anne
Bernie Brillstein Img American film/television producer, talent agent, nephew
Jack Pearl Img American radio actor, vaudeville performer, uncle
Ben Briscoe Img Irish Dublin Lord Mayor 1988-89 MP son
Robert Briscoe RWE Img Irish Dublin Lord Mayor 1956 1961-62, father
Michel Brisac RWC Img French military, colonel general, son
Pierre Brisac RWC Img French military, colonel general, father
Baron Leon Brittan RWC Img Tory Cabinet Minister, European Commisioner brother
Sir Samuel Brittan Img British journalist, author, economist, brother
Sir Malcolm Rifkind RWC Img British Foreign Minister 1995-97, for Defense 1992-95, cousin of Samuel & Leon
Charlotte Ronson Img British American fashion designer, cousin of Samuel, Leon & Malcolm
Mark Ronson HW Img British-born American co-founder of Allido Records, cousin of Samuel, Leon & Malcolm
Samantha Ronson RWF Img British DJ, rock singer,    cousin of Samuel, Leon & Malcolm
Israel Brodsky RWN Img Ukrainian-born Russian sugar king, father
Lazar Brodsky RWE HW Img Ukrainian-born businessman, sugar magnate, son
Lev Brodsky RWN Img Ukrainian-born businessman, sugar magnate, son
Marc Chagall RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian-French painter, stained glass artist, son-in-law of Lazar
Baron Horace Gunzburg RWF Img Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist,
Imre Brody RWF Img Hungarian inventor, krypton light bulb, nephew
Sandor Brody RWF Img Hungarian author, journalist,    uncle
Andrew Brody Hungarian economist, son of Geza 1924-2010
Andrew Brody Hungarian journalist,   father 1892-1964
John Brody Hungarian singer, guitarist,  composer, lyricist, (Jewish father, ???) son of Andrew 1946-
Michael Brody Hungarian linguist, (Jewish father, ???) son of Andrew
Sandor Brody RWF Img Hungarian writer, playwright, publicist,  1863-1912
Zsigmond Brody Img Hungarian journalist, newspaper editor, politician, 1840-1906
Dora Brody-Maroti Hungarian illustrator, library disigner, graphic artist, ceramist, daughter 1899-1985
Sandor Hunyady Hungarian novelist, playwright, (Jewish father) son of Sandor 1890-1942
Geza Maroti Img Hungarian architect, sculptor, painter, father 1875-1941
Nicholas Brody Hungarian composer, conductor, chess master, brother
Stephen Brody Hungarian director, theater/opera director, brother
Adrien Brody RWF HW Img American actor, (Jewish father, maternal grandmother)) son
Sylvia Plachy Img Hungarian-born American photographer, (Jewish mother) mother
Eleanor Bron Img British film/television actress, author, sister
Gerry Bron Img British record producer, band manager, brother
Aleksandr Bronevoy RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet political/state figure, uncle
Leonid Bronevoy RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian film/stage actor, nephew
Kate Bronfenbrenner Img American labor historian, (Jewish father) daughter
Urie Bronfenbrenner RWF Img Russian-born American psychologist, father
Jacob Soll Img American historian, non-fiction writer, (Jewish maternal grandfather, father ???) grandson of Urie
Beth Soll American dancer, choreographer, (Jewish father) daughter
Jan Aronson , wife of Edgar Br., Sr
Lisa Belzberg wife of Matthew Bronfman
Benjamin Brewer Img American guitarist, vocalist, (Jewish father) son of Edgar , Jr
Charles Bronfman RWF HW Img Canadian co-chairman of Seagram Co., brother Seagram Co.
Clare Bronfman Img American equestrian, philanthropist, daughter of Edgar Br., Sr
Edward Bronfman Img Canadian philanthropist, businessman.   brother
Edgar Bronfman, Sr HW Img American businessman, Seagram Co.,Time-Warner,MCA,Universal Studios son
Edgar Bronfman, Jr RWC HW Img American chairman/CEO of Warner Music Group, grandson Warner Music Groop
Hannah Bronfman Img American actress, entrepreneur, DJ, (Jewish father) daughter of Edgar , Jr
Matthew  Bronfman Img American co-owner of Israel Discount Bank, son of Edgar Br., Sr
Peter Bronfman Img Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, brother
Samuel Bronfman RWF Img Moldovan-born Canadian founder/CEO of Seagram Co. father Seagram Co.
Sara Bronfman Img American humanitarian, human rights activist, (Jewish father) daughter of Edgar Br., Sr
Saidye Bronfman Img Canadian philanthropist, wife of Samuel, mother
Andrew Hauptman Img American businessman, Andell Inc., son-in-law of Charles
Baron Jean Lambert French banker, husband of Phyllis
Phyllis Lambert RWF Img Canadian architect, daughter
Gerhard Bronner Img Austrian cabaret artist, composer, writer, father
Oscar Bronner Img Israeli-born Austrian publisher, painter, Der Standard son
Jacob Bronowski RWF HW Img Polish-born British mathematician, broadcaster, father
Sid Collin British entertainment executive, screenwriter, uncle of Lawrence
Lisa Jardine RWC Img British historian, daughter
Clare Lawrence Moody Img British television/stage actress, producer, cousin of Lisa
Laurence Moody Img British television director, cousin of Ron
Ron Moody RWF HW Img British actor, cousin of Clare
Alexis Brook British psychiatrist, psychotherapist, brother of Peter
Irina Brook Img British stage actress, director, producer, (Jewish father) daughter of Peter
Sir Peter Brook RWF HW Img British theater/film director, cousin
Simon Brook Img British film director, (Jewish father) son of Peter
Valentin Pluchek RWF Img Russian actor, theater director, screenwriter, cousin of Peter
Florence Baum Img American dancer, wife of Mel
Max Brooks RWF Img American screenwriter, author, actor, (Jewish father) son
Mel Brooks RWF HW Img American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, composer, lyricist, father
Michelle Kholos Img American playwright, wife of Max ???
Albert Brooks RWF HW Img American actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, son
Bob Einstein Img American actor, comedy writer, son
Charles Einstein Img American sportswriter, author, son
Thelma Leeds Img American film actress, singer, mother
Harry Parke Img American comedian, father
Joseph Brooks RWF Img American screenwriter, director, producer, songwriter, brother
Gilbert Kaplan RWF Img American businessman, journalist, conductor, brother
Nina Brosh HW Img Israeli-born model, actress, (Jewish father) granddaughter
Yehuda Leib Maimon RWF HW Img Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  grandfather
Alexander Brott Img Canadian composer, violinist, conductor, father
Boris Brott Img Canadian conductor,   son
Denis Brott http://images.lpcdn.ca/435x290/201203/29/485844-fondateur-festival-denis-brott.jpg Canadian cellist, son
Bill Browder Img American-born British  businessman, Hermitage Capital Management, son of Felix Hermitage Capital Management
Felix Browder RWF Img American mathematician, (Jewish mother) brother
Joshua Browder Img British entrepreneur, founder of DoNotPay, son of Bill
William Browder RWF Img American mathematician, President of AMS, (Jewish mother) brother ExLink
Pete Brown Img British poet, lyricist, singer/songwriter, producer, cousin
Marty Feldman RWF Img British actor, comedian, cousin
Lisa Brown Img American illustrator, author, wife
Daniel Handler RWF HW Img American author, screenwriter, accordionist, husband
Michael Brown Img American songwriter, keyboardist, son
Harry Lookofsky Img American jazz violinist, father
Lenny Bruce RWF HW Img American stand-up comedian, satirist, writer, social critic, husband
Honey Harlow Img American singer, showgirl, erotic dancer, ??? wife
Carol Bruce Img American band singer, stage/film/television actress,  grandmother
Julian Coryell American singer,songwriter, guitarist, producer, (Jewish mother) grandson
Murali Coryell American blues guitarist, singer, (Jewish mother) granddaughter
Lajos Bruck Img Hungarian painter, brother
Miksa Bruck Img Hungarian painter, brother
Patrick Bruel RWF Img Algerian-born French singer, actor world pocker champion,    second cousin
Elie Semoun RWC Img French humorist, actor, singer, film director, second cousin
Carla Bruni RWF HW Img Italian singer, model, (Jewish paternal grandfather), First Lady of France 2008- daughter biological father Maurizio Remmert
Alberto Bruni Tedeschi Italian owner of SEAT, (Jewish father) father CEAT
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi RWC Img Italian-born French actress, film director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Verginio Tedeschi Italian founder 1920- of SEAT, grandfather CEAT
Cecile Brunschvicg Img French feminist, politician, wife
Leon Brunschvicg RWE Img French philosopher, husband
Egon Brunswik Img Hungarian-born Austrian American mathematical psychologist, husband
Else Frenkel-Brunswik Img Polish Austrian psychologist, wife
Wlodzimierz Brus Img Polish-born British economist, husband
Helena Wolinska-Brus Img Polish military prosecutor, wife
Boris Brutskus RWF Img Lithuanian economist, brother
Julius Brutzkus RWF HW Img Lithuanian MP (Seim) 1923-,  historian, scholar, Minister of Jewish Affairs brother
Dan Bucatinsky RWF Img American film actor, producer, writer, spouce
Don Roos Img American screenwriter, film director, spouce
Gerd Buchdahl Img German-born British  philosopher of science, brother
Hans Adolph Buchdahl Img German-born Australian physicist,     brother
Dmitriy Buchman RWC Img Russian entrepreneur, game developer, Playix Holding Ltd, brother
Igor Buchman RWC Img Russian entrepreneur, game developer, Playix Holding Ltd, brother
Sidney Buchman Img American screenwriter, producer, grandfather
Michael Silver Img American actor, grandson
Jennie Buckman British theater director, playwright, sister
Peter Buckman Img British writer, television writer, literary agent, brother
Zoe Buckman Img British photographer, (Jewish mother/paternal grandmother) daughter of Jennie
David Schwimmer RWF HW Img American actor, film/television director,   husband of Zoe
Chattie Salaman British (Jewish father) paternal grandmother of Zoe
Merula Salaman British (Jewish father) (Lady Guinness)
Tory Burch HW Img American fashion designer, socialite, businesswoman,  (Jewish mother) wife 
William Macklowe Img American real enstate developer, investor, husband
Avraham Burg RWF HW Img Israeli politician,    son
Yosef Burg RWF HW Img German-born Israeli politician, Leader of Mafdal - National Religious Party father
Sir Arnold Burgen Img British pharmacologist, President of Academia Europaea 1988-94 husband
Olga Kennard RWF HW Img British crystallographer, wife
Rachel Weisz RWF HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father/ maternal grandfather) niece of Olga
Eugen Burg RWF Img German film actor,  father
Hansi Burg RWF Img Austrian-born German stage/film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Troy Beyer RWF Img American film director, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish father) wife
Mark Burg RWC Img American film producer, screenwriter, manager, actor, (Jewish father) husband Josh Stolberg
Ellen Burka Img Dutch-born Canadian figure skater, coach, mother
Petra Burka RWC Img Dutch-born Canadian figure skater, coach, daughter
Brooke Burke RWF Img American actress, model, dancer, television host, (Jewish mother) wife
David Charvet RWC Img French-born American actor, singer, (Jewish father) husband
Oded Burla RWF Img Israeli writer, poet, artist, illustrator, son
Yehuda Burla RWF HW Img Israeli novelist,    father
Murray Burnett Img American-born British playwright, uncle
Barbara Kopple Img American film director, documentary filmmaker, niece
Abe Burrows Img American writer, librettist, theater director, playwright, father
James Burrows Img American television/film director, son
Pesach Burstein HW Img American Israeli actor, comedian, singer,   husband
Mike Burstyn HW Img American Israeli actor, singer, son
Lillian Lux HW Img American-born Israeli  singer, author, songwriter, actress, wife
Ilya Burshtein RWF Lithuanian-born Soviet engineering scholar, brother
Revekka Burshtein RWC Lithuanian-born Soviet chemist, sister
Benjamin Busch Img American actor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, son
Frederick Busch Img American writer, father
Allois Buttinger Austrian socialist, brother
Joseph Buttinger Img German-born Austrian secretary of Social Democratic Party, brother
Richard Burgin Img Polish-born American violinist, conductor, father 
Richard M. Burgin Img American fiction writer, editor, composer, critic, (Jewish father, mother?) son
Diana Lewis Burgin Img American author, literrary scholar, (Jewish father, mother?) daughter
Russ Posselt Img American violinist, educator, (Jewish?) mother
Semyon Bychkov RWF HW Img Russian-born American conductor, brother
Yakov Kreizberg RWF Img Russian-born American conductor, brother