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Fiona Maazel Pic American novelist, daughter of Lorin
Lincoln Maazel Pic American singer, stage/film actor, father of Lorin
Lorin Maazel RWF HW Pic French-born American conductor, composer, violinist, husband
Israela Margalit Pic Israeli-born American concert pianist, recording artist, playwright, television writer, wife
Paul Rauch Pic American film/television producer, 3rd husband of Israela
Gabriel Macht RWF HW Pic American actor, son
Stephen Macht Pic American television/film actor, father
Bert Mack Ameican founder of the Mack Company, father
David Mack Pic American businessman, The Mack Company son
Earle Mack Pic American businessman, diplomat,  Mack-Cali Realty Corporation,  son
Mackerras Jewish anchestor
Alexander Briger Pic Australian conductor, nephew of Charles
Sir Charles Mackerras RWF HW Pic Australian conductor, (Jewish descent) brother
Malcolm Mackerras Australian psephologist, journalist, statistician, brother
Neil Mackerras Australian social compaigner, brother
Isaac Nathan HW Pic British-born Australian composer, musicologist, journalist,   anchestor
Tory Burch HW Pic American fashion designer, socialite, businesswoman,  (Jewish mother) 1st wife of William
Harry Macklowe American real enstate developer, investor, father
Julie Macklowe Pic American hedge fund manager, investor, socialite, 2nd wife of William
William Macklowe Pic American real enstate developer, investor, son
Aline MacMahon RWF Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish mother) wife
Clarence Stein Pic American architect, husband
Bernard Madoff RWF HW Pic American businessman, stockbroker, financier, criminal, brother
Peter Madoff Pic American chief compliance officer, brother
Shana Madoff Pic American attorney, daughter of Peter
Ron Mael Pic American songwriter, keyboardist,    brother
Russell Mael Pic American singer/songwriter, brother
Mae Brussell Pic American radio pesonality, great granddauther of Mary Ann
Cyril Magnin Pic American businessman, grandson of Mary Ann
Edgar Magnin Pic American rabbi, spiritual leader, father of Mae
Isaac Magnin Dutch-born American carver, gilder, (Jewish father) husband of Mary Ann
Mary Ann Magnin Pic American founder 1876 of I.Magnin, great grandmother
Eduard Magnus Pic German painter, brother
Heinrich Magnus RWF Pic German chemist, physicist,    brother
Philip Magnus Pic British educational reformer, politician, grandfather
Sir Philip Magnus-Allcroft Pic British historian, biographer,  grabdson
Menachem Avidom RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli composer, music critic, great nephew of Gustav
Anna Mahler Pic Austrian sculptor, (Jewish father) daughter of Gustav
Arthur Mahler Czech archaeologist,   cousin of Gustav
Gustav Mahler RWF HW Pic Austrian/Czech-born Austrian composer,conductor,
Alfred Rose Austrian composer, conductor, son of Arnold
Alma Rose HW Pic Austrian violinist, daughter of Arnold
Arnold Rose HW Pic Romanian-born Austrian violinist, brother-in-law of Gustav
Paul Maibaum Pic American cinematographer, son
Richard Maibaum Pic American producer, playwright, screenwriter, father
John Buffalo Mailer Pic American author, playwright, journalist, (Jewish father) son
Kate Mailer Pic American stage/film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Michael Mailer Pic American film producer, (Jewish father) son
Norman Mailer RWE HW Pic American novelist, social critic, father
Stephen Mailer Pic American stage/film actror, (Jewish father) son
Ada Maimon RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  sister
Yehuda Leib Maimon RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician,  brother
Moshe Maimon RWE HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian painter, grandson
Alexander Ziskind Maimon RWE Pic Lithuanian author, scholar, talmudist, grandfather
Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon Pic Egyptian rabbi, physician, bible commentator, son
Moses Maimonides RWF HW Pic Spanish physicain, philosopher, rabbi, (Ben-Maimon Moshe Rambam) father
Herman Maisel Pic Ameircan real estate developer, father
Ivan Maisel Pic American senior writer, ESPN, son
Emily Maitlis Pic British journalist, newscaster, daughter
Peter Maitlis Pic Britisn chemist, father
Karol Majewski RWC Pic Polish Prime Minister 1863 uncle
Stefan Majewski RWC Pic Polish general of Division, nephew
Masha Katz Pic Russian singer, wife
Andrei Makarevich RWF HW Pic Russian Belarusian singer, composer, poet, writer, producer, (Jewish mother) husband
Mikhail Kaplan RWF Belarusian-born Soviet actor, grandfather
Anton Makarsky RWF Pic Russian actor, singer,  grandson
Maria Malibran Pic French-born opera singer, mezzo-soprano, sister ExLink
Pauline Viardot Pic French composer, opera singer, mezzo-soprano, sister
Boris Maizel RWF Soviet composer, son
Sergey Maizel RWF Soviet physicist, father
Richard Blumenthal RWF HW Pic American Connecticut senator, State Attorney General, son-in-law of Peter
Peter Malkin Pic American real estate developer, W & M Properties,
Scott Malkin Pic American founder of Value Retail Plc, son of Peter
Lawrence Wien Pic American founder of W & M Properties, New York, father-in-law of Peter
Jacques Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born Ameican violinist, brother
Joseph Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born American violinist, brother
Manfred Malkin RWF Ukrainian-born Ameican pianist, brother
Georges Malkine RWE Pic French visual artist, son of Jacques
Robert Malley Pic American lawyer, political scientist, son
Simon Malley Pic Egyptian-born journalist,    father
Clara Mamet RWF Pic American actress,  daughter of David/Rebecca
David Mamet RWF HW Pic American playwright, screenwriter, director, poet, novelist, brother
Lynn Mamet Pic American theater director, playwright, screenwriter, television producer, sister
Rebecca Pidgeon RWF Pic American actress, singer, songwriter, (convert to Judaism) wife of David
Zosia Mamet HW Pic American television actress, (Jewish father) daughter of David
Vladimir Arnold RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born, Russian American mathematician, (Jewish mother) great nephew of Leonid
Sergei Mandelstam RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist,  son
Leonid Mandelstam RWF Pic Belarusian-born Ukrainian Russian physicist father
Benoit Mandelbrot RWF HW Pic Polish-born French American mathematician, nephew
Szolem Mandelbrojt RWF HW Pic Polish French mathematician,  uncle
Nadezhda Mandelstam RWF HW Pic Russian writer, wife
Osip Mandelstam RWF HW Pic Polish-born Russian poet, novelist, translator, critic, husband
Daniel Mandl Czech-born Austrian engineer, inventor,   father
Herbert Mandl Pic Slovak-born philosopher,violinist, inventor, author,   son
Dmirtry Astrakhan RWF Pic Russian theater/film director, actor, nephew
Alexander Manevich RWF Soviet composer, uncle
Camryn Manheim RWF HW Pic American actress, mother
Milo Manheim Pic American actor, son
James Mangold Pic American film director, screenwriter, ??? son
Robert Mangold Pic American minimalist artist, ??? father
Sylvia Plimack Mangold Pic American artist, painter, printmaker, pastelist, ??? mother
Camryn Manheim RWF HW Pic American actress, sister
Karl Manheim American legal scholar,     brother
Mankiewicz Mankiewicz Family
Ben Mankiewicz Pic American radio/television personality, film critic, (Jewish father) son of Frank
Don Mankiewicz Pic German-born American television writer, son of Herman
Erna Mankiewicz sister
Frank Mankiewicz Pic American journalist, son of Herman
Herman Mankiewicz RWF Pic American screenwriter, brother
Johanna Mankiewicz American novelist,   daughter of Herman
John Mankiewicz Pic American film/television executive producer, screenwriter, son of Don
Joseph Mankiewicz RWF HW Pic American producer, screenwriter, director, brother
Josh Mankiewicz Pic American journalist, son of Frank
Tom Mankiewicz Pic American producer, screenwriter, director, son of Joseph/Rose
Rose Stradner Pic Austrian film/stage actress, ??? wife of Joseph
Golo Mann RWF HW Pic German-born American historian, essayist , writer, (Jewish mother) son
Katia Mann RWA Pic German-born wife of Thomas Mann, mother
Michael Mann RWF German-born musician, (Jewish mother) son
Klaus Pringsheim, Sr RWA Pic German-born composer, conductor,   brother of Katia
Ami Canaan Mann Pic American film/television director, producer, television writer, daughter
Michael Mann RWF HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, producer, father
Alfred Mann Pic American founder/owner of Mannkind Corporation, brother
Robert Mann Pic American violinist, composer, conductor, brother
Larry Mann Pic Canadian film/television/voice actor, broadcaster,
Paul Mann Pic Canadian film/stage actor,
Barry Mann RWF Pic American songwriter, husband
Cynthia Weil RWF Pic American songwriter, wife
Clara Lipman Pic American actress, playwright, wife
Louis Mann Pic American film/stage actor, husband
Lee Grant RWF HW Pic American actress, mother
Arnold Manoff Pic American screenwriter, father
Dinah Manoff RWF Pic American stage/film/television film actress, daughter
Ben Manski Pic American activist,    son
Charles Manski RWF Pic American economist, father
Sarah Manski Pic American journalist, activist, ??? wife of Ben
Lajos Manyai Pic Hungarian actor,  
Zsuzsa Manyai Pic Hungarian actress,
Zsuzsa Simon Pic Hungarian actress, director, theater director,
Armand Marciano Pic co-founder of Guess? brother
Georges Marciano Pic co-founder of Guess? brother
Paul Marciano Pic Moroccan-born American fashion designer, co-chairman, co-CEO of Guess? brother
Maurice Marciano Pic co-chairman, co-CEO of Guess? brother
Minnie Lichtenstein Marcus American-born wife of Herbert
Herbert Marcus Pic American co founder 1913/chairman of Neiman Marcus Co. father
Lawrence Marcus Pic American businessman, son of Herbert
Stanley Marcus Pic American chairman, president of Neiman Marcus son of Herbert
Abraham Neiman Pic American co-founder 1913 of Neiman-Marcus Co., husband of Carry
Carry Neiman Pic American businessperson, sister of Herbert
Harold Marcuse HW Pic American art historian, grandson
Herbert Marcuse RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American philosopher, sociologist, political scientist, grandfather
Irene Marcuse Pic American novelist,   granddaughter American novelist,  
Peter Marcuse Pic German-born American lawyer, urban planner, son of Herbert
David Margolese Pic Canadian-born Israeli entrepreneur, co-founder of Sirius XM Radio, husband
Faranak Margolese Pic British-born American Israeli writer, wife
Arnold Margolin American producer, screenwriter, director,  brother
Stuart Margolin Pic American film/television actor, director, brother
Eva Margolis RWC Pic Soviet choreographer, sister
Nahman-Idel Margolis RWC Soviet engineering scholar, brother
Eric Margolis Pic American-born Canadian journalist, (Jewish father) son
Henry Margolis American theatrical producer, industrialist, philantropist, father
Barbara Margolis Pic American prisoner's rights advocate, official greeter, wife
David Margolis Pic American industrialist, Colt Industries, husband
Heda Margolius Kovaly Pic Czech wtiter, translator, mother
Ivan Margolius Pic Czech-born British architect,  author, son
Rudolf Margolius Pic Czech politician, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade 1948-52, father
Keith Lieberthal Pic American attorney, husband
Kenneth Lieberthal RWF American academic, father of Keith
Julianna Margulies RWF HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, wife
Alexandru Marin Pic French-born American physicist, son
Gheorghe Gaston Marin RWC Pic Romanian deputy Minister of Economy 1948-49, father
Pavle Marinkovic RWC Pic Serbian politician, Minister of Education, ambassador to Bulgaria 1901-03, brother
Vojislav Marinkovic RWC Pic Serbian politician, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia 1932, brother
Yakov Maimon Latvian-born Israeli Hebrew stenography inventor, father-in-law
Amnon Marinov Pic Israeli nuclear physicist, son-in-law
Hans Mark RWC Pic German-born American Air Force Secretary  1979-81, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Herman Mark RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German American chemist, father of polymer science, (Jewish father) father
Peter Mark German-born American physicist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Albert Markov Pic Russian-born American violinist, composer, conductor, father
Alexander Markov Pic Russian-born American violinist, son
Mitch Markowitz Pic Canadian film/television executive, producer, screenwriter, film/television actor, brother
Riff Markowitz Pic American theater/television director, television writer/producer, clown, brother
Harry Sacher HW Pic British journalist, lawyer, brother-in-law of Simon
Michael Marks RWF Pic Polish-born British co-founder, chairman 1884-1967 father Marks & Spenser
1st Baron Simon Marks Pic co-founder chairman 1916-1964 son Marks & Spenser
3rd Baron Simon Richard Marks son of Michael 1950-
2nd Baron Michael Marks grandson 1920-98
Edward Sieff president of Marks & Spencer 1967-72
Ephraim Sieff
Baron Israel Sieff HW Pic British co-founder/chairman  of Marks & Spencer 1964-67, father 1889 1972
Baron Marcus Sieff HW Pic British chairman of Marks & Spencer 1972-82, son 1913 2001
Rebecca Sieff HW Pic British-born co-founder and president of WIZO 1949-66, mother, daughter of Michael
Dezso Markus Hungarian conductor, theater director, brother
Geza Markus Pic Hungarian architect, brother
Maximilian Markus Hungarian journalist, newspaper editor, brother
Bob Marley RWF HW Pic Jamaican singer/sonqwriter, guitarist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Julian Marley Pic British Jamacian reggae musician, (Jewish descent) son of Bob
Norval Marley Jamaican military, (Jewish mother) father
Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Pic American federal judge, district of Illinois, uncle
William Marovitz Pic American politician, nephew
Andrew Marriner Pic British clarinetist, son
Sir Neville Marriner RWF Pic British conductor, violinist, father
Tammy Baldwin RWF Pic American politician, senator 2013- ,  (Jewish maternal grandfather) maternal granddaughter of David
David Green RWF Pic American biochemist, maternal grandfather of Tammy
Rowena Green Matthews Pic American biochemist, (Jewish father) daughter of David
Alfred Marrow Pic American industrial psychologist, civil rights activist, philanthropist, first cousin of David
Andy Samberg RWF HW Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, rapper, grandson of Alfred
Emmanuel Marshak RWF Soviet physicist, translator, son
Samuil Marshak RWF HW Pic Soviet poet, satirist, translator, father
Deborah Raffin HW Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Trudy Marshall wife
Michael Viner American film producer, record producer, husband
Judith Martin Pic American journalist, author, niece
Selig Perlman Pic Polish-born American labor historian,  economist, uncle
Marx RWN Marx Family/Hebrew
Arthur Marx Pic American author, son of Groucho
Chico Marx Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, son
Gregg Marx Pic American televicion actor, grandson of Gummo
Groucho Marx RWF HW Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, son
Gummo Marx Pic American vaudeville actor, son
Harpo Marx RWF HW Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, son
Minnie Marx Pic German-born American manager of Marx Brothers, mother
Miriam Marx American author, daughter of Groucho
Sam Marx Pic American vaudeville performer, father
Zeppo Marx Pic American vaudeville/film comic actor, son
Al Shean Pic German-born American actor, comedian, brother of Minnie
Jean Lanquet Pic French socialist, (Jewish maternal grandgather) son of Jenny
Jenny Longuet Pic German socialist, activist, (Jewish father) daughter
Eleanor Marx RWF Pic German socialist, activist, (Jewish father) daughter
Enid Marx British painter, designer, distant cousin of Karl
Heinrich Marx RWF German lawyer, father of Karl Marx, father of Karl
Laura Marx Pic Belgian-born German communist, daughter
Karl Marx RWF HW Pic German-born philosopher, political economist, historian, sociologist, father
Anton Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) son of Frederick
Frederick Philips Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. first cosin of Karl
Frits Philips Pic Dutch fourth chairman of Dutch corporation Philips, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Anton
Gerard Philips Pic Dutch CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. son of Frederick
Patricia Marx Ellsberg Pic American activist, anti-nuclear weapons, daughter
Barbara Marx Hubbard HW Pic Ameican futurist, author, public speaker, daughter
Louis Marx Pic American toys inventor,   father
Dick Marx Pic American jazz pianist, arranger, film score composer, father
Richard Marx RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, record producer, (Jewish father) son
Aleksandr Maryasin RWC Belarusian-born Soviet factory director, brother
Lev Maryasin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet chairman of the Gosbank 1934-36, Deputy People's Commissar for Finance,
Emma Moshkovskaya RWF Pic Soviet children author, poet, niece
Mikhail Mashkovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet physician, pharmacologist, brother
Shabsai Moshkovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet epidiomologist, brother
Yakov Mashkovsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born pilot, brother
Abraham Maslow RWF HW Pic American psychologist, humanistic psychology, cousin
Wili Maslow Pic American lawyer, civil rigths leader, cousin
Fritzi Massary Pic Austrian operetta singer, actress, wife
Max Pallenberg Pic Austrian-born German actor,  singer, comedian, husband
Massena Pedegree
Marshal Andre Massena RWF Pic Commander-in-Chief of Italian Army, Napoleon grandfather of Victor
4th Prince Andre Massena French aristocrat (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother of 4th Prince
Prince Andre Massena French aristocrat, (Jewish mother/paternal grandfather) son of Paula/Victor
Anna Massena French aristocrat, (Jewish mother/paternal grandfather) daughter of Paula/Victor
Duchess Paula Massena Pic French aristocrat, (Paula Heine-Furtado) wife
5th Prince Victor Massena French aristocrat (Jewish paternal grandfather) husband
Victoire Massena French aristocrat, (Jewish mother/paternal grandfather) daughter of Paula/Victor
Mark Masters Pic American president/CEO of Talk Radio Network, son
Roy Masters Pic British-born American broadcaster, talk radio show, father
Chiara Mastroianni RWF Pic French-born Italian actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Marcello
Marcello Mastroianni RWF HW Pic Italian film actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Ruggero Mastroianni Italian film editor, (Jewish mother) brother
Charles Matthau Pic American film/television director, actor, son of Carol/Walter,
Jenny Matthau Pic daughter of Carol/Walter,
Carol Grace Pic American actress, author, wife
Walter Matthau RWF HW Pic American actor, husband
Aram Saroyan RWC Pic American poet, novelist, social activist, playwright, (Jewish mother) son of Carol
Lucy Saroyan RWC Pic American actress, photographer, (Jewish mother) daughter of Carol
Strawberry Saroyan Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Aram
Roy Goodman Pic American politician, grandson
Israel Matz Lithuanian-born American founder 1906 of Ex-Lax, drugstore chain, grandfather
Mautner Markoff Mautner-Markoff Group brewery
Adolf Ignaz Mautner Czech-born Austrian industrialist, founder 1801-89 ritter
Georg Mautner Markoff Austrian industrialist, politician, 1926-2008
Manfred Mautner Markoff Austrian entrepreneur, 1903-81
Manfred Mautner Markoff, Jr Austrian industrialist, politician, 1927-2007
Ghislaine Maxwell Pic British businesswoman, (Jewish father) daughter
Isabell Maxwell Pic president of CommTouch, (Jewish father) daughter
Ian Maxwell Pic British businessman, (Jewish father) brother
Kevin Maxwell Pic British businessman, (Jewish father) brother
Robert Maxwell RWF Pic Czech-born British media proprietor, Labour MP 1964-70 father
David May American co-founder 1877 of May Department Stores, grandfather
Morton May Pic American CEO of May Department Stores, art collector, philanthropist. grandson
Eva May Pic Austrian film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Joe May Pic Austrian-born German film director, producer, father
Lothar Mendes Pic German screenwriter, film director, 2nd husband of Eva
Manfred Noa German film director, production designer, 3d husband of Eva
Paul Avila Mayer Pic German American television writer, producer, (Jewish father) son
Edwin Justus Mayer American screenwriter, father ExLink
Daisy von Scherler Mayer Pic American film director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Paul
Jack Cummings Pic American film director, producer, nephew of Louis
William Goetz RWC Pic American producer, president of Universal Pictures, son-in-law of Louis
Irene Mayer Selznick Pic American theatrical producer, sociality, daughter
Louis Mayer RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born American producer, movies mogul, father
David Selznick RWF HW Pic American producer, studio executive, son-in-law of Louis
Belinda Mayne Pic British film/television actress,   daughter
Ferdy Mayne Pic German actor,   father
Albert Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker, brother
David Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker, brother
Amihai Mazar RWA HW Pic Israeli archaeologist, nephew
Benjamin Mazar RWA HW Pic Polish-born Israeli archaeologist, uncle
Eilat Mazar RWA Pic Israeli archaeologist, grandaughter of Benjamin
Mordechai Gur RWF HW Pic Israeli general, politician, Minister of Health 1984-86, brother-in-law of Adam
Adam Mazor HW Pic Polish-born Israeli architect,
Eliezer Mazor HW brother
Eliyahu Mazor HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   brother
Yehuda Mazur HW Pic Polish-born Israeli chemist,   son of Eliezer
Eric Mazur Pic Dutch-born physicist, son
Peter Mazur Pic Austrian-born Dutch physicist, co-founder of nonequilibrium thermodinamics, father
Epic Mazur Pic American rapper, record producer, cousin
Monet Mazur HW Pic American actress, model, musician, (Jewish father) cousin
Lee Eastman Pic American show business atorney, art collector, father of Linda
Louise Lindner Eastman American heiress of Lindner Department Store fortune, mother of Linda
Heather McCartney Pic British artist, designer, (Jewish mother) daugher
James McCartney Pic British musician, songwriter, sculptor, (Jewish mother) son
Linda McCartney RWF HW Pic American-born photographer, keyboardist, vocalist, mother
Mary McCartney British photographer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Stella McCartney RWF HW Pic British fashion designer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Nick Mcdonell American writer, (Jewish mother) brother
Thomas McDonell Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Maria Kuznetsova Pic Russian opera singer, dancer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) great grandfather
Ilya Mechnikov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1908), (Jewish mother) grandson
Lob Nevakhovich RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian writer, educator, translator, grandfather (maternal)
Abel Meeropol HW Pic American writer, poet, songwriter, father
Ivy Meeropol Pic American documentary filmmaker, daughter of Michael
Michael Meeropol Pic American economist, adopted son
Robert Meeropol Pic Americal writer, adopted son
Ken Mehlman Pic American chairman of  Republican National Comittee 2005- , cousin
David Saperstein Pic American entrepreneur, farmer, Westwood One, cousin
Else Meidner Pic German painter, wife
Ludwig Meidner Pic Polish-born German expressionist painter, husband
Edmund Meisel Pic Austrian-born composer,  uncle
Hilde Meisel Pic Austrian-born German socialist, journalist, niece
Hugo Meisl Pic Czech-born Austrian General Secretary 1920-30 of Austrian Soccer Association, brother
Willy Meisl Pic Austrian-born British sports journalist, writer,   brother
Otto Frisch RWF Pic Austrian-born Danish British physicist, nuclear fission nephew
Lise Meitner RWF HW Pic Austrian German Swedish physicist, co-discoverer of nuclear fission, aunt
Martha Tausk Austrian journalist, politician, aunt of Otto
Victor Tausk Pic Slovak-born Austrian Hungarian neurologist, psychoanalyst,
Arne Melchior RWC Pic Danish MP, traffic minister, son of Marcus
Bent Melchior Pic Danish chief rabbi, son
Marcus Melchior Danish chief rabbi, father
Michael Melchior RWC HW Pic Danish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Social & Diaspara Affairs, son of Bent
Ib Melchior Pic Danish-born American novelist, film director/producer, screenwriter, son
Lauritz Melchior Pic Danish opera singer, father
Raphael Meldola Sephardic rabbi in London, grandfather
Raphael Meldola HW Pic British chemist, entomologist, grandson
Marcin Meller Pic Polish historian, journalist, editor, son
Stefan Meller RWC Pic Polish Foreign minister 2005-06 father
David Levi American lawyer, judge, cousin of Daniel
Edward Levi RWF HW Pic President of University of Chicago 1968-75 father of David
Bernard Meltzer Pic American lawyer, father
Daniel Meltzer Pic American law scholar, son
Dave Meltzer American journalist, professional wrestling, nephew
Richard Meltzer Pic American rock music critic,  co-manager of Dictators uncle
Alexander Men RWF Pic Russian philospher, christian priest, (Jewish father) father
Mikhail Men RWC Pic Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Aleksandr Belinsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian film/television director, screenwriter, nephew of Isaak
Kirill Laskari RWF Pic Russian/Soviet balet dancer, choreographer, (Jewish father) son of Alexandr
Alexandr Menaker RWF Pic Russian/Soviet comedian, actor, cousin
Isaak Menaker RWF Russian/Soviet film director, cousin
Leonid Menaker RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film director, screenwriter, son of Isaak
Andrei Mironov RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet stage/film actor, (Jewish father) son of Alexandr
Maria Mironova RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Andrei
Aleksey Aksyonov RWF Russian cinematographist, artist, (Jewish paternal grandmother, maternal descent) grandson of Anna
Vasily Aksyonov RWF Pic Russian writer, (Jewish mother) son-in-law of Anna
Yevgenia Ginzburg RWF Pic Russian historian, writer, mother of Vasily
Kira Mendeleva wife of Vasily
Yulia Mendeleva RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet pediatrician, co-founder of Soviet pediatric school,
Daniel Mendelsohn RWF HW Pic American author, journalist, critic, brother
Eric Mendelsohn Pic American film director, screenwriter, brother
Paul Hensel German philosopher, (Jewish paternal grandmother) grandson of Fanny
Walter Hyman Pic German-born British mathematician, (Jewish anchesty) grandson of Kurt Hensel
Abraham Mendelssohn German co-founder of Mendelsohn & Co.,
Alexander Mendelssohn son of Joseph
Arnold Mendelssohn Pic German composer, 1855-1933
Clara Mendelssohn German wife of Carl Westphal, daughter of Alexander
Franz Viktor Mendelssohn RWC German military engineer, grandson of Felix
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel RWF HW Pic German pianist, composer, daughter of Abraham
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy RWF HW Pic German romantic composer, conductor, son of Abraham 1817-53
Franz von Mendelssohn banker son of Alexander 1829-89
Franz von Mendelssohn banker son of Franz 1865-1935
Henriette Mendelssohn daughter of Moses 1775-1831
Joseph Mendelssohn HW Pic German founder of Mendelssohn banking house, son of Moses 1770-1848
Moses Mendelssohn RWF HW Pic German philosopher, translator, father 1729-86
Nathan Mendelsohn instrument maker son of Moses 1781-1852
Otto von Mendelssohn Bartholdy son of Paul 1868-1949
Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy banker son of Abraham 1812-74
Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic German chemist, (Jewish father) son of Felix 1841-80
Rebecka Mendelssohn Bartholdy Pic younger sister of Felix/Fanny Mendelssohn daughter of Abraham 1811-58
Robert von Mendelssohn son of Franz, RWE 1902-96
Dorothea von Schlegel RWE HW Pic German novelist, translator,   daughter of Moses 1764-1839
Philipp Veit Pic German painter, son of Dorothea
Alexander Westphal Pic German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother, Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Clara/Carl 1863-1941
Carl Westphal RWF Pic German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother) husband of Clara
Joachim Wach Pic German religious scholar, sociologist, (Jewish descent)
Kurt Mendelssohn RWF Pic German-born British medical physicist cryogenic engineering  cousin
Saul Mendelssohn great great grandfather of Kurt
Sir Francis Simon RWF Pic German-born British physical chemist, physicist, cousin
Daniel Mendoza RWE HW Pic British boxer, ascendant
Mike Mendoza Pic British radio presenter, cousin
Peter Sellers RWF HW Pic British actor, comedian, (Jewish mother) cousin
Victoria Sellers Pic British film actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Peter
Georgy Menglet RWF Pic Russian actor, father
Maya Menglet RWF Pic Russian actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Leonid Satanovsky RWF Soviet/Russian stage/film actor, husband of Maya
Hephzibah Menuhin HW Pic British concert pianist, sister
Jeremy Menuhin Pic American-born British pianist, (Jewish father) son of Yehudi
Moshe Menuhin Pic Belarusian-born American anti-zionist, father
Yaltah Menuhin Pic American pianist, artist, poet, sister
Baron Yehudi Menuhin RWF HW Pic American-British violinist, conductor, educator, brother
Isser Harel RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Head of Mossad  1952-1963, Head of Shin Bet 1948-52, cousin of Arna
Gideon Mer HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli medical doctor, malariologist, father of Arna
Arna Mer-Khamis Pic Israeli political/human rights activist, mother
Juliano Mer-Khamis Pic Israeli-born Israeli/Palestinian actor, director, filmmaker, (Jewish mother) son
Dina Merhav Pic Croatian-born Israeli sculptor, wife
Reuven Merhav Pic Israeli diplomat, intelligence officer, husband
Dan Meridor RWE HW Pic Israeli politician, Finance Minister 1996-97, Justice Minister 1988-92 son
Eliyahu Meridor RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,    father
Sallai Meridor RWC HW Pic Israeli ambassador to United States 2006-09, son
Yigal Bashan RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, son-in-law of Ya'akov
Aya Kremerman HW Pic Israeli model, co-star of comedy show, daughter of Yosef
Yosef Kremerman RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,  businessman,   son-in-law of Ya'akov
Ya'akov Meridor RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Economics & Inter-Ministry Coordination,
Daphne Merkin American literary critic, essayist, novelist, daughter
Ezra Merkin Pic American managing partner of Gabriel Capital Group son
Hermann Merkin Pic German-born American businessman, philanthropist, father
Ursula Merkin Pic German-born American author, philanthropist, mother
Laszlo Mero Pic Hungarian research psychologist, popular science author, father
Szaba Mero Pic Hungarian amateuor Go player, son
Robert Merrill RWF HW Pic American opera singer, bariton, husband
Roberta Peters RWF Pic American opera singer, wife
Robert Merton RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1997) (Jewish father) son
Robert K Merton RWF HW Pic American sociologist, historian of science, father 1910-2003
Sara Amelia Cohen mother
Emma Ladenburg German-born daugher of Emil Ladenburg, wife of William
Ralph Merton British-born German co-founder of Mettallgesellschaft, University of Frankurt, father Mettallgesellschaft
William Merton German businessman, co-founder of Mettalgesellschaft, son
Roy Messing American soccer goalkeeper, brother
Shep Messing Pic American soccer goalkeeper, broadcaster, brother
Debra Messing RWF HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, wife
Daniel Zelman Pic American actor, screenwriter, television producer, husband
Selig Brodetsky RWF HW Pic president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1940- , uncle of Leon
Jonathan Mestel RWF Pic British chess grandmaster, mathematician, son
Leon Mestel RWF Pic Australian-born British astronomer, father
Izi Metzstein Pic British architect, father
Saul Metzstein Pic British film director, son
Nisim Mevorah Bulgarian ambassador to United States 1945-47, representitive to UN, father
Valeri Petrov Pic Bulgarian poet, screenwriter, playwright, translator, (Jewish father) son
Jennifer Meyer Pic American jewellery designer, daughter
Ronald Meyer Pic American CEO/President 1995 of Universal Studios, Creative Artist Agency, father
Hans Leopold Meyer Pic Austrian chemist, brother
Stefan Meyer Pic Austrian nuclear physicist, brother
Nancy Meyers RWF Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter,  wife
Hallie Meyers-Shyer RWF Pic American actress, screenwriter, producer, daughter
Charles Shyer Pic American screenwriter, television writer/producer, film/television director, husband
Melville Shyer Pic American film director, writer, producer, father of Charles
Taro Meyer Pic American actress, mother
Ari Meyers Pic Puetro Rican-born American film/television actress, daughter
Josh Meyers Pic American actor, comedian, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
Seth Meyers RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, (Jewish paternal grandfather) brother
Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky Pic American representative, wife
Edward Mezvinsky Pic American representative, husband
Marc Mezvinsky Pic American investment banker, son
Norton Mezvinsky Pic American historian, author, brother of Edward
Sir Anthony Meyer Pic British Conservative MP 1964-92, son
Sir Carl Meyer Pic German-born British banker, mining magnate, grandfather
Sir Frank Meyer Pic British Conservative MP 1924-29, father
Leopold Andrian Pic Austrian author, playwright, diplomat, grandson of Giacomo
Julius Beer Pic German-born British businessman, banker, newsparer owner, The Observer, nephew of Giacomo
Michael Beer Pic German playwright, poet, brother
Wilhelm Beer RWF Pic German astronomer, brother
Giacomo Meyerbeer RWF HW Pic German opera composer, brother
Rachel Beer HW Pic Indian-born British editor-in-chief of The Obserbver, The Sunday Times, daughter-in-law of Julius
Dan Michaeli HW Israeli physician, hospital administrator, brother
Rivka Michaeli HW Pic Israeli actress, singer, comedian, television host, satirist,    dister
Rudolf Kastner RWF Pic Hungarian journalist, lawyer, grandfather RWN
Merav Michaeli HW Pic Israeli journalist, television anchor, broadcaster, politician,   granddaughter
Susan Kadis Pic Canadian politician, MP 2004-08 cousin
Lorne Michaels Pic Canadian-born American writer, producer, comedian, actor, cousin
Frank Shuster Pic Canadian comedian, television actor, father of Rosie
Joe Shuster Pic Canadian-American comics artist, cousin of Frank
Rosie Shuster Pic Canadian comedy writer, wife of Lorne
Adam Mickiewicz RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born poet, (Jewish mother)  husband
Celina Szymanowska Pic wife
Maria Szymanowska RWF Pic Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, salon holder, mother of Celina
Paolo Mieli Pic Italian journalist, historian, (Jewish father)
Renato Mieli Pic Egyptian-born Italian journalist,
Kenneth MacKenna Pic American actor, film director, (Jewish father) son
Joseph Mielziner Pic French-born American scenic/lighting designer, (Jewish father) son
Leo Mielziner Pic American portrait artist, father
Moses Mielziner Pic Polish-born American reform rabbi, author, grandfather
Alexander Migdal RWC Pic Russian-born American physicist, son
Arkady Migdal RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian physicist, father
Solomon Mikhoels RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Russian actor, theater director, father
Miron Vovsi RWF Pic Latvian-born chief physician of the Red Army, cousin of Solomon
Natalia Vovsi-Mikhoels Russian/Soviet writer, daughter
Mieczyslaw Weinberg RWF HW Pic Polish-born Soviet composer, husband of Natalia
Szmuel Weinberg RWF Pic Moldovan-born Russian Polish conductor, composer, father of Mieczyslaw
Joan Micklin Silver Pic American film director, mother
Marisa Silver Pic American autor, screenwriter, film director, daughter
Lewis Milestone RWF HW Pic Modavian-born American director, producer, screenwriter, cousin
Nathan Milstein RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American violinist, cousin
Darius Milhaud RWF HW Pic French American composer, conductor, husband
Madeleine Milhaud Pic French actress, opera librettist, wife
Lolita Milyavskaya RWF Pic Ukrainian-born singer, actress, television presenter, director, (Jewish father) wife
Aleksandr Tsekalo RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian musician, actor, television host, producer, (Jewish mother)
Viktor Tsekalo RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Ukrainian Soviet actor, (Jewish mother) brother of Aleksandr
Marion Kozak Pic Polish-born British human rights activist, mother
David Miliband RWF HW Pic British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 2007-10 son
Ed Miliband RWF HW Pic British Leader of the Opposition 2010- son
Ralph Miliband Pic Belgian-born British political theorist, father
Winifred Milius Lubell Pic American ilustrator, artist, writer, niece
Lee Simonson Pic American architect painter, stage setting designer, uncle
Lowel Milken brother Drexel Burnham Lambert
Michael Milken HW Pic American financier, brother Drexel Burnham Lambert
Joan Copeland Pic American stage/film actress, sister of Arthur
Arthur Miller RWF HW Pic American playwright, essayist, father
Lady Rebecca Miller RWF Pic American screenwriter, actress, director (Jewish father) daughter
Lauren Miller RWF Pic American film/television actress, screenwriter, producer, wife
Seth Rogen RWF HW Pic Canadian-born actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer, husband
Jimmy Miller American record producer, musician, lyricist, (Jewish father) half-brother
Judith Miller RWE HW Pic American journalist, (Jewish father) half-sister
Gilbert Miller American theatrical producer, ??? son
Henry Miller British-born American producer, ??? father
Iris Burton Pic American talent agent, dancer, actress, mother
Barry Miller Pic American actor, son
Sidney Miller Pic American actor, director, songwriter, ??? father
Betty Miller Pic Irish-born British actor, mother
Emanuel Miller British child psychiatrist, father
Sir Jonathan Miller Pic British theater/opera director, television presenter, author, medical doctor, son
Barry Mills Pic president of Bowdoin College 2001- husband
Karen Mills Pic Administrator, Small Business Administration 2009- wife
David Milman RWF HW Ukrainian-born Russian Israeli mathematician, father
Emanuel Milman Pic Israeli mathematician, son of Vitali
Pierre Milman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Canadian mathematician, son
Vitali Milman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli mathematician, son
Benzion Milner RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian economist, father
Yuri Milner RWF Pic Russian busnessman, Digital Sky Technologies, son
Constance Milstein partner of Milstein Properties, daughter of Seymour
Edward Milstein Pic son of Paul
Howard Milstein Pic American businessman, Emigrant Savings Bank, Milstein Properties, son of Paul
Paul Milstein Pic American real estate developer, Milstein Properties, father
Philip Milstein son of Seymour
Seymour Milstein Pic American partner, founder of Milstein Properties, brother of Paul
Hermann Minkowski RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born German mathematical physicist, brother
Oskar Minkowski RWC Pic Lithuanian-born German scientist, diabetes insulin? brother
Rudolph Minkowski RWF Pic French-born German American astrophysicist, son of Oskar
Alexandre Minkowski Pic French pediatrician, son
Eugene Minkowski RWF Pic Russian-born French psychiatrist, father
Francoise Minkowska Pic Polish-born French psychiatrist, mother
Marc Minkowski RWF HW Pic French conductor, (Jewish father) son of Alexandre
Minkus/Nudelman/Troupyansky Minkus.ru Minkus.ru1
Adolf Minkus RWF Pic Ukraininan-born Russian/Soviet architect, father
Boris Minkus
Mikhail Minkus RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, son
Aleksandr Nudelman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian miltary constructor, administrator, brother-in-law of Boris
Yakov Rubanchik RWF Russian-born Soviet architect,
Henryk Stifelman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Polish architect,  brother-in-law of Adolf
Feodor Troupyansky RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, brother-in-law of Adolf
Martha Minow Pic American legal scholar, administrator, daughter
Neil Minow Pic American film critic, daughter
Newton Minow Pic chairman of Federal Communications Commision father
Joseph William Singer American legal scholar, husband of Martha
Paul Mintz RWC Pic Latvian jurist, politician, Minister of Labor 1920-21, Walfare brother
Vladimir Mintz Latvian surgeon, public figure, brother
Charles Mintz Pic American film producer, distributor, husband
Christopher Mintz-Plasse RWF HW Pic American film actor, (Jewish mother)
Margaret Winkler Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, distributor, wife
Bob Mintzer Pic American jazz saxophonist, composer, arranger, big band leader, uncle
Ross Mintzer Pic American rock guitarist, saxophonist, singer, nephew
Harold Mirisch American film production company executive, brother
Marvin Mirisch Pic American producer,    brother
Walter Mirisch Pic American producer,    brother
Eugen Miskolczy Pic Croatian physician, partisan, brother
Otto Miskolczy Pic Croatian entrepreneur, partisan, brother
Hilda Geiringer Pic Austrian-born American mathematician,    wife of Richard
Ludwig von Mises RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian economist, philosopher, brother
Richard von Mises RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian American mathematician, brother
Alexandre Mnouchkine RWF Pic French film producer, father
Ariane Mnouchkine RWF Pic French stage director, translator, daughter
David Mirvish Pic Canadian  art dealer, theatrical producer,    son
Ed Mirvish Pic Canadian founder owner of Honest Ed's father
Alfred Mirsky Pic American molecular biolgist, brother
Jeannette Mirsky Pic American author, sister
Nissim Mishal HW Pic Israeli television journalist, presenter, brother
Shaul Mishal Pic Israeli political scientist, brother
Michael Mizrachi Pic American professional poker player, brother
Robert Mizrachi Pic American professional poker player, brother
Eliezer Mizrahi RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, son
Ya'akov Mizrahi RWC HW Pic Yemenite-born Israeli politician, father
Isaac Mizrahi RWF Pic American fashion designer, TV presenter, cousin
Sylvain Sylvain Pic Egyptian-born American punk rock guitarist, cousin
Michal Bat-Adam RWC Pic Israeli film director, producer, screenwriter, actress, wife
Moshe Mizrahi RWF HW Pic Egypt-born Israeli film director, husband
Nine Moati RWC Pic Tunisian-born French novelist, sister
Serge Moati Pic Tinisian-born French artist, film director, journalist,   brother
Mocatta Mocatta Family
Sir Julian Goldsmid RWC Pic British politician, MP for Honiton 1866 brother-in-law of Frederick
Sir Alan Mocatta British High Court Judge,
David Mocatta British architect,
Frederick Mocatta Pic British businessman, Mocatta & Goldsmid,
Moses Mocatta British founder of Mocatta & Goldsmid,
Mocher Sforim
Mikhail Abramovich RWF Belarusian-born Russian poet, translator, father
Vsevolod Abramovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian pioneering aviator, inventor, grandson
Mendele Mocher Sforim RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Yiddish novelist, playwright, grandfather
Yitzhak Modai RWE HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of National Infrastructure/Finance 1984-/Justice husband
Michal Modai RWC Pic Israeli-born president of WIZO, 1996-2004, wife
Baruch Modan Pic Israeli medical scientist, oncologist, father
Rutu Modan Pic Israeli illustrator, comic book artist, daughter
Marie Modiano Pic French singer, writer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Patrick Modiano RWF HW Pic French writer, (Jewish father), Nobel Prize (2014) , father
Jeanne Hebuterne Pic French painter, (Jewish father) wife of Amedeo
Amedeo Modigliani RWF HW Pic Italian-born French painter, sculptor, brother
Giuseppe Modigliani Pic Co-founder 1894, leader of Italian Socialist Party brother
Jeanne Modigliani Pic French writer, biographer, daughter of Amedeo/Jeanne
Claudio Modigliani Pic Italian psychoanalyst, cousin
Franco Modigliani RWF HW Pic Italian-born American economist, Nobel Prize (1985), cousin
Karol Modzelewski Pic Russian-born Polish historian, writer, politician,    son
Zygmunt Modzelewski Pic Czech-born Polish politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1947-51, father
Amedeo Modigliani RWE HW Pic Italian-born French painter, sculptor, brother
Giuseppe Modigliani Co-founder 1894, leader of Italian Socialist Party brother
Alexander Mogilevsky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian violinist, brother of grandfather
Evgeny Mogilevsky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian pianist, grandson
Lucia Moholy Pic Czech-born Austrian photographer, wife
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy HW Pic Hungarian painter, photographer, husband
Franz Schulz Czech-born Austrian screenwriter, playwright, brother of Lucia
Sir Georg Solti RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American British conductor, pianist, cousin of Laszlo
Benno Moiseywitsch RWF Pic Ukrainian-born British pianist, father
Tanya Moiseywitsch Pic British theater designer, (Jewish father) daughter
Mond Mond Family
Baron Alfred Mond RWC HW Pic British undustrialist, financier, politician, Minister of Health, son of Ludwig 1868-1930
Baron Henry Mond Pic British politician, industrialist, financier,  (Jewish father) (convert to Judaism) son og Alfred 1898-1949
Baron Julian Mond Pic British industialiust, (Jewish father/convert) son of Henry 1925-73
Ludwig Mond Pic German-born chemist, industrialist, grandfather 1839-1909
Baron Peter Mond Pic British Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Julian 1948-
Sir Robert Mond Pic British chemist, archaeologist, son of Ludwig 1867-1938
Larisa Mondrus RWF Pic Latvian-born Soviet actress, singer, (Jewish father) wife
Egils Svarcs RWC Pic Latvian-born German composer, (Jewish father) husband
Giorgina Arian Levi Pic Italian politician, writer,
Mario Montagnana Pic Italian politician, trade unionist, journalist, brother
Rita Montagnana Pic Italian politician, senator, sister
Oliver Hart RWF Pic British-born American economist, Nobel Prize (2006) son of Philip Hart
Philip D'Arcy Hart Pic British medical researcher,   grandson of Samuel
Baron Charles Montagu Pic British aristocrat, 5 Swaythling
Baron David Montagu British chairman of Rothman International, Samuel Montagu & Co, 4 Swaythling
Edwin Samuel Montagu RWC HW Pic Minister of Munitions under-secretary of State for India 2nd son of Samuel 2nd son of Samuel Montagu
Ewen Montagu RWF Pic British judge, writer, intelligence officer, son of Louis
Ivor Montagu RWF Pic British producer, screenwriter, film critic, tennis player, son of Louis
Jennifer Montagu British art historian, daughter of Ewen
Lily Montagu Pic British rabbi, daughter of Samuel
Baron Louis Montagu British financier, political activist, 2 Swaythling
Baron Michael Montagu British politician, businessman,   son of David
Baron Samuel Montagu Pic British banker, founder of Samuel Montagu & Co, politician MP 1887-90, 1 Swaythling
Baron Stuart Montagu 3 Swaythling
Catherine Allegret Pic French actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Simone
Yves Montand RWF Pic Italian-born French singer, actor, (Jewish father) husnand RWN
Simone Signoret RWF HW Pic French actress, (Jewish father), wife
Montefiore Montefiore Family
Arthur Cohen president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1880-95 nephew of Moses
Abraham Montefiore brother of Moses 1788-1824
Claude Montefiore HW Pic British philanthropist, spiritual authority, great nephew of Moses
Sir Francis Abraham Montefiore Pic British communal worker, zionist, grandnephew of Moses 1860-1935
Henrietta Montefiore sister of Nathan Rothschild married to brother of Sir Moses Montefiore 1799-1866
Hugh Montefiore Pic British Bishop of Birmingham 1977-87, great great nephew of Moses
Jacob Montefiore British merchant, brother of Moses 1801-95
Sir Moses Montefiore RWF HW Pic Italian-born British,financier, philantropist, 1784-1885
Samuel Montefiore uncle of Moses
Santa Montefiore RWC Pic British author, socialite, (convert to Judaism) wife of Simon Palmer-Tomkinson
Hugh Sebag-Montefiore HW Pic British writer, brother
Sir Joseph Sebag-Montefiore 1822-1903
Simon Sebag-Montefiore RWF HW Pic British historian, journalist, author, brother
Henri Monteux brother
Pierre Monteux Pic French composer, conductor, brother
Elliott Montroll Pic British-born American mathematician, father
John Montroll Pic American master origami artist, paper-folding enthusiast, son
David Ben-Gurion RWF HW Pic Polish-born founder of State of Israel, first Prime Minister of Israel, great uncle
Leslie Moonves Pic American CEO/president of CBS Corporation, great nephew
Georges Mora Pic German-born Australian entrepreneur, art dealer, restaurateur,  father
Mirka Mora Pic French-born Australian artist, mother
Philippe Mora Pic French-born Australian film director, son
Tiriel Mora Pic Australian stage/film actor, son
William Mora Australian art dealer,   son
Augusto Capon RWC Pic Italian admiral, father-in-law of Enrico Fermi, cousin
Laura Capon Pic Italian-born writer, political activist, wife of Enrico Fermi, daughter of Augusto
Agnesse Claisse Pic French actress, singer, (3/4 Jewish mother) daughter of Laura
Eugenia Costantini Italian actress, (3/4 Jewish mother) daughter of Laura
Elsa Morante RWF HW Pic Italian novelist,  (Jewish mother) wife
Laura Morante Pic Italian stage/film actress, (Jewish paternal great-grandmother) niese of Elsa
Alberto Moravia RWF HW Pic Italian author, journalist, (Jewish father) husband, nephew of Amelia
Amelia Pincherle Italian writer, cousin
Jacob Moreno RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Austrian American psychologist, psychodrama, group psychotherapy, husnand
Zerka Moreno Dutch-born American psychotherapist, wife
Shir Moreno HW Pic Israeli television actress, model,    sister
Tali Moreno HW Pic Israeli television news anchor, journalist, sister
Claudiu Istodor Pic Romanian actor, ??? father
Tudor Aaron Istodor Pic Romanian actor, son
Maia Morgenstern RWF HW Pic Romanian fim/stage actress, mother
Goldie Morgentaler Pic Canadian translator, literary scholar, daughter
Henry Morgentaler Pic Polish-born Canadian physician, abortion activist, father
Chava Rosenfarb HW Pic Polish-bornCanadian Yiddish poet, writer, wife
Morgentau Morgentau Family
Mayer Lehman Pic German-born American co-founder of Lehman Brothers, grandtather of Elinor
Jessica Mathews RWF Pic American activist, president of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, daughter of Barbara
Elinor Morgentau Pic American Democratic Party activist, wife of Henry Morgentau, Jr
Henry Morgenthau III RWF Pic American author, television producer,
Henry Morgenthau, Jr RWF HW Pic Secretary of Treasury 1933-45 Roosevelt uncle of Barbara
Henry Morgenthau, Sr RWE HW Pic German-born American ambassador to Turkey 1913-16, Wilson grandfather
Kramer Morgenthau Pic American cinematographer,
Robert Morgenthau RWC Pic District Attorney of New York County grandson
Barbara Tuchman RWF HW Pic American historian, author, journalist, granddaughter
Maurice Wertheim Pic American banker, publisher, president of American Jewish Committee 1941-43 father of Barbara
Morpurgo Morpurgo Family
Elia Morpurgo
Baron Elio Morpurgo Pic Italian politician,
Elio von Morpurgo Italian-Austrian banker, industrialist, 1805-76
Emilio Morpurgo Italian politician, university rector, Padua, 1836-85
Lisa Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo
Samson Morpurgo
Baron Emilio Issaco de Morpurgo 1837-1917
Baron Joseph von Morpurgo 1816-98
Philippe Sarchi
Baron Alfred Morris Pic British Labour MP 1964-67, Minister for the Disabled brother
Charles Morris Pic British Labour MP 1963-83, brother
Baroness Estelle Morris Pic British Labour MP 1992-2005 Minister of State daughter of Charles
Ira Nelson Morris Pic American ambassador to Sweden 1914-23 , Wilson son
Nelson Morris Pic German-born American founder of Nelson Morris & Co., father
Errol Morris RWF HW Pic American documentory film director,     father
Hamilton Morris Pic American journalist, science editor, son
Julie Sheehan Pic American poet, ??? mother
Aubrey Morris Pic British film/television actor, brother
Wolfe Morris Pic British film/television actor, brother
Giorgio Mortara Pic Italian demographer, statistian,  son
Lodovico Mortara RWC Pic Italian Minister of Justice 1919- father
Arnie Morton Pic American restaurateour, father
Michael Morton American restaurateour, son
Peter Morton Pic American co-founder of Hard Rock Café, son
Jakob Mortkowicz Pic Polish book publisher, bookseller, father of Hanna
Janina Mortkowicz Pic Polish writer, translator, bookseller, mother of Hanna
Hanna Mortkowicz-Olczakowa Pic Polish poet, writer,   mother
Joanna Olczak-Ronikier RWF Pic Polish writer, screenwriter, daughter
Diane Mosbacher Pic American documentary filmmaker, psychiatrist, activist, (Jewish father) daughter,
Emil Mosbacher, Jr American administrator, son
Robert Mosbacher, Jr American businessman, president, CEO of Oversees Private Investment Corporation, (Jewish father) son
Robert Mosbacher, Sr RWF HW Pic American Secretary of Commerce 1989-92 George Bush father
Ignaz Moscheles RWF HW Pic Czech composer, piano virtuozo, conductor, father
Felix Moscheles Pic British painter, (Jewish father) son
Maurice Moscovitch HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American film/stage actor,   father
Noel Madison Pic American character actor, son
Ilie Moscovici Pic Romanian socialist militant, journalist, MP uncle of Serge
Pierre Moscovici RWF Pic Minister for European Affairs 1997-2002, Finance Minister 2012- , son
Serge Moscovici RWF Pic Romanian-born French psychologist, father
Franklin Moses, Jr RWC Pic American governor,1872-74  (Jewish father) son
Franklin Moses, Sr American judge, politician,         father
Bahiel ben Moses Spanish-born court physician of James I of Aragon, brother
Solomon Bahiel ben Moses Spanish-born court physician of James I of Aragon, brother
Alma Moshonov HW Pic Israeli-born German opera singer, daughter
Michael Moshonov HW Pic Israeli actor, singer, musician, television host, son
Moni Moshonov HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli actor, comedian,    father
Sandra Sade HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli actress, mother
Alfred Moss Pic British racing driver, (Jewish father) father
Pat Moss Pic British racing driver, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Sir Stirling Moss Pic British racing driver, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Arnold Moss American character actor,  father
Jeff Moss Pic American composer, lyricist, playwright, son
Felicia Lachmann-Mosse daughter of Rudolf
Hans Lachmann-Mosse German publisher, son-in-law of Rudolf Berliner Tageblatt
Albert Mosse HW Pic German judge, legal scholar, brother
Emil Mosse German publisher,   brother
George Mosse RWF HW Pic German-born American social/cultural historian, son of Hans
Markus Mosse Pic German physician, father of Rudolf
Rudolf Mosse Pic German publisher, philantropist, (first) 1872 brother Berliner Tageblatt
Theodor Wolff editor of Berliner Tageblatt, nephew of Rudolf
Ido Mosseri RWC Pic Israeli film/television actor, brother
Tal Mosseri Pic Israeli stage/television actor, television presenter, brother
Josh Mostel Pic American actor,  son
Zero Mostel RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, father
Bram Moszkowicz Pic Dutch lawyer, show television presenter, (Jewish father) son
Max Moszkowicz Pic Dutch lawyer, father
Roza Etkin-Moszkowska HW Pic Polish pianist, sister-in-law of Moritz/Alexander
Alexander Moszkowski RWF Pic German/Polish-born German satirist, writer, philosopher, brother
Moritz Moszkowski RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born German composer, pianist, conductor, brother
Baroness Henriette von Motesiczky sister of Robert von Lieben mother
Count Karl von Motesiczky Pic Austrian psychoanalyst, (Jewish mother) son
Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Pic Austrian painter, (Jewish mother) daughter
Anna Motz Pic British clinical and forensic psychologist, daughter
Hans Motz Pic Austrian-born physicist, husband
Lotte Motz Pic Austrian-born American scholar, mythology, folklore, wife
Leo Motzkin RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born President of World Zionist Organisation 1931, father
Theodore Motzkin Pic German-born Israeli American mathematician, son
Leila Mourad RWF HW Pic Egyptian singer, actress, sister
Mounir Mourad HW Pic Egyptian singer, artist, composer, brother
Dorrit Moussaieff Pic Israeli-born British Icelandic First Lady of Iceland, daughter
Jeffrey Masson Pic American New Zealand author, first cousin of Dorrit
Rehavia Moussaieff grandfather
Rabbi Shlomo Moussaieff Uzbek-born Israeli one of the founders of the Bukharian Quarter in Jerusalem, grandfather of Rehavia
Shlomo Moussaieff Pic Israeli-born British dealer, father
James Raphael Greek classical pianist,    first cousin of Dorrit
Jose Moyal HW Pic Israeli-born Australian mathematical physicist, engineer, statistican, cousin
Shmuel Moyal Israeli ambassador to Australia 1995- , Nepal 1987-91, cousin
Arnon Mozes Pic Israeli publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth, son
Noah Mozes Pic Israeli newspaper publisher, editor, Yedioyh Ahronoth, father
Amiram Nir Pic Israeli journalist, advicer to Prime Minister, 1st husband of Judy
Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes Pic Israeli talk show host, journalist, socialite, daudhter
Silvan Shalom RWE HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Finance/Foreign Affairs, Infrastructure 2013-, Internal Affairs 2015-, 2nd husband of Judy
Anatoly Mukasei RWF Pic Soviet/Russian cinematographer, (Jewish father) son
Mikhail Mukasei RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet spy, father
Adolf Muller Pic Croatian industrialist, manufacturer, entrepreneur, father
Alfred Muller Croatian entrepreneur, son
Leo Muller Pic Croatian industialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, son
David Muller American mathematician, computer scientist, engineer, inventor, son
Helen Muller American scholar, daughter
Hermann Muller RWF HW Pic American geneticist, Nobel Prize (1946), eugenist, (Jewish mother) father
Nina Munk Pic Canadian-born American journalist, non-fiction author,  daughter
Peter Munk HW Pic Hungarian-born Canadian founder, chairman of Barrick Gold, father
Eduard Munk German philologist, classical scholar, cousin
Salomon Munk HW Pic German-born French historian, orientalist, linguist, cousin
Kira Muratova RWC Pic Romanian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Natalia Scurtu RWC Pic Moldovan-born Romanian Deputy Minister of Health, mother
Henry Heimlich HW Pic American biologist, physician, father in law
Arthur Murray Pic American teacher, dance instructor, son in law
Anson Williams RWF Pic American television actor, director/producer,  nephew of Henry
Ken Myer Pic American-born Australian patron of arts, diplomat, administrator, businessman, (Jewish father) son
Sir Sidney Myer Pic Belarusian-born Australian founder of Coles Myer, father
Frederick Baume Pic New Zealand politician, MP 1902-10 cousin
Sir Douglas Myers Pic New Zealand businessman, (Jewish father) grandson of Arthur
Sir Arthur Myers RWC Pic Minister of munitions of New Zealand 1914, Minister of Defense 1912, Minister of Finance 1912, cousin
First Letter ==> N
Leonid Feigin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet composer, conductor, violinist, nephew of Vera
Dmitri Nabokov RWF Pic German-born American opera singer, translator, (Jewish mother) son
Vera Nabokov RWF Pic Russian-born editor, translator, mother
Nachman of Breslav RWF HW Pic Ukrainian Hasidic ''rebbe'' and mystic, 1772-1810, great grandson
Israel Baal Shem Tov RWF HW Pic Polish-born founder of Hasidic Judaism, Baal Shem Tov, 1698-1760 great grandfather Israel ben Eliezer
Dave Nachmanoff Pic American singer/songwriter, brother
Jeffrey Nachmanoff RWF Pic American screenwriter, film director,   brother
Arthur Naftalin RWC Pic American political scientist, politician,    father
Mark Naftalin Pic American keyboardist, composer, producer, son
Don Joseph Nasi RWC HW Pic Portugese-born Turkish diplomat, administrator, nephew
Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi RWF HW Pic Portuguese-born Turkish patroness of schollars, aunt
Nurbanu Sultan Pic Greece-born Ottoman consort/wife  of Sultan Selim II, mother of Murad III, relative
Alexander Nagel American mathematician, son
Ernest Nagel RWF Pic Slovak-born American philosopher of science, father
Sidney Nagel Pic American physicist, son
Samuel haNagid RWC Pic Spanish talmudic scholar, grammarian, philologist, soldier, politician, poet, patron of arts, father
Joseph ibn Naghrela RWC Spanish vizier, son
David Nahmad RWC Pic Levanon-born  art dealer, brother
Ezra Nahmad RWC Pic Levanon-born  art dealer, brother
Giuseppe Nahmad Pic Syrian-born art dealer, brother
Nelly Nahmad Pic British art dealer, son of Ezra
Nelly Nahmad Pic American art dealer, son of David
Ana Nahum Uruguayan jourbnalist, writer, presenter, daughter
Benjamin Nahum Uruguayan historian, father
Moisey Naish RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, father
Naum Naish RWF Pic Russian-born Ukrainian engineer, son
Geraldine Nakache RWC Pic French film/television actress, film director, screenwriter, sister
Olivier Nakache RWC Pic French director, screenwriter, actor, brother
Mordechai Namir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Labour 1956-59, husband
Ora Namir RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Environment/Labour and Social Walfare, wife
Naouri Groupe Casino
Gabriel Naouri Pic French deputy head of international coordination of Groupe Casino, son of Jean-Charles
Jean-Charles Naouri Pic Algerian-born French founder/chairman of Casino Group, brother
Jean-Yves Naouri Pic French COO of Publicis Groupe, brother
Raymond-Elie Naquet-Laroque RWE French military, lieutenant general, son
Samuel Paul Naquet-Laroque RWC French military, lieutenant general, father
Lyudmila Narusova Pic Russian politician, (Jewish father) mother
Ksenia Sobchak RWF Pic Russian television anchor, journalist, sociality, actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Maksim Vitorgan RWF Pic Russian actor, film director, husband of Ksenia
Alexander Berkman RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Russian anarchist feminist, nephew
Mark Natanson RWF Pic Lithuanian-born founder of Land and Liberty, uncle
Modest Stein Pic Lithuanian-born American illustrator, cousin of Alexander
Natanson Samuel Natansons and Sons
Antony Nathanson Polish gynecologist, social activist, 1862-1933
Henryk Natanson Polish banker, bookseller, publisher, 1820-95 Bank Handlowy
Jakub Natanson Polish banker, organic chemist, 1832-84 Bank Handlowy
Kazimierz Natanson Polish lawyer, banker, social activist, 1853-1935 Bank Handlowy
Louis Natanson Polish doctor, social activist, son of Samuel 1822-96
Louis Natanson Polish physicist, 1905-92
Samuel Natanson Polish merchant, financier, industrialist, 1795-1879
Wladyslaw Natanson Polish physicist, 1864-1937
Baron Harry Nathan Pic British politician, solicitor, Minister for Civil Aviation 1946-48, grandfather
Baron Roger Nathan British solicitor, father
Baron Rupert Nathan British lawyer, politician, son
Gertrud Natzler Pic Austrian-born American ceramisist, wife
Otto Natzler Pic Austrian-born Amercan ceramic glazing expert,   husband
Dan Naveh RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Health,    cousin
Yair Naveh RWC Pic Israeli general, major general, cousin
David Nazarian son of Younes
Neil Kadisha RWC Pic American shareholder of Qualcomm,
Izak Nazarian RWC Pic Iranian-born co-founder, shareholder of Qualcomm brother of Younes
Sam Nazarian RWF Pic Iranian-born American entrepreneur, son
Younes Nazarian Iranian-born co-founder, shareholder of Qualcomm father
Yury Daletsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet mathematician,  nephew
Lev Nebrat RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, electric power, uncle
Ill Bill Pic American rapper, record producer, brother
Necro Pic American rapper, record producer, brother
Nederlander Nederlander Organisation
David T. Nederlander American founder 1912 of Nederlander Organisation, father
Eric Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organisation, theatrical producer, son of Robert
Fred Nederlander son
Gladys Nederlander Pic American theater/television producer, wife of Robert
Harry Nederlander son
James L. Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organization, son of James M.
James M. Nederlander Pic American chairman of Nederlander Organisation, son
Joseph Nederlander son
Robert Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organisation, son
Robert Nederlander, Jr president of  Interactive Concepts Unlimited son of Robert
Gladys Nederlander Pic American theater/television producer, wife
Robert Nederlander Pic American president of Nederlander Organisation, 3d husband of Gladys
Milton Rackmil Pic American co-founder of Decca Records, head of Universal Pictures, 2nd husband of Gladys
Ido Nehoshtan RWF HW Pic Israeli 16th Air Force Commander, 2008-12, son
Ya'akov Nehoshtan RWF HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli politician, ambassador to Netherlands 1982-85, father
Isaak Neiman RWF Pic Soviet engineering scholar, brother
Matvey Neiman RWF Pic Soviet stage actor, brother
Casey Neistat Pic American filmmaker, brother
Van Neistat Pic American filmmaker, brother
Bella Dizhur RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, author, mother of Ernst
Alexander Mezhirov RWF Pic Russian poet, critic, translator, cousin
Ernst Neizvestny RWF Pic Russian-born American sculptor, cousin
Bobby Fischer RWF HW Pic American chess grandmaster, World Champion WC 72-75 son
Paul Nemenyi RWC Pic Croatian-born Hungarian American physicist, father biological
Peter Nemenyi Pic German-born American mathematician, statistician, son
Leonid Nemenov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian physicist, son
Mikhail Nemenov RWE Belarusian-born Soviet rentgenologist, major general, father
Gerta Nemenova RWE German-born Russian painter, (Jewish father) daughter
Artur Bodanzky RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American conductor, 
Malvine Bodanzky grandmother of John
Robert Bodanzky Austrian-born journalist, playwright, poet, artist, brother of Artur
John Neschling RWF Pic Brazilian conductor, composer, father
Pedro Neschling Pic Brazilian actor, director, writer, (Jewish father) son
Shmuel Ben-Artzi Pic Polish-born Israeli writer, poet, educator, father-in-law of Benjamin
Nathan Mileikowsky HW Pic Belarusian-born-born rabbi, educator, writer, zionist activist,  grandfather
Benjamin Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Prime minister of Israel 1996-99 2009- son
Benzion Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli historian,  father
Elisha Netanyahu RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli mathematician,   brother of Benzion
Iddo Netanyahu HW Pic Israeli radiologist, doctor, author, playwright,   son
Nathan Netanyahu HW Pic Israeli computer scientist, son of Elisha/Shoshana
Sarah Netanyahu Pic Israeli psychologist, wife of Benjamin
Shoshana Netanyahu HW Pic German/Polish-born Israeli Supreme Court Justice 1982-93 , lawyer, wife of Elisha
Yonatan Netanyahu RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli military officer, Operation Entebbe, son
Josh Neufeld Pic American alternative cartoonist, commercial illustrator, son
Martha Rosler Pic American artist, photographer, mother
Franz Neumann RWF Pic Polish/German-born German American political scientist,  father
Michael Neumann Pic Canadian philosopher, son
Bernhard Neumann Pic German-born British mathematician, father
Peter Neumann Pic British mathematician, (Jewish father) son
Walter Neumann Pic British mathematician, (Jewish father) son
Dion Neutra Pic American architect, son
Richard Neutra RWF Pic Austrian-born American architect, father
Neuberger Neuberger Family
Albert Neuberger Pic German-born British biochemist, brother
Anthony Neuberger Pic British finance scholar, son
Baron David Neuberger Pic Brirish President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom 2012-17 , son
Herman Neuberger American orthodox rabbi, brother
James Neuberger Pic British physician, medical scientist, son
Baroness Julia Neuberger Pic British Reform rabbi, wife if Anthony
Michael Neuberger Pic British biochemist, immunologist,    son
Gerry Neugebauer RWF Pic German-born American astronomer, son
Marcia Neugebauer RWF Pic American geophysicist, ??? wife of Gerry
Otto Neugebauer RWF Pic Austrian-born American mathematician, historian of science, father
John von Neumann RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, game theory, linear programming,computer science, father
Marina von Neumann Whitman RWF Pic American international trade/public policy scholar, daughter
Robert Neumann Pic Austrian-born American politician, diplomat, ambassador to Afganistan, Morocco , Saudi Arabia, father
Ronald Neumann Pic American ambassador to Afghanistan 2005-07, Bahrain 2001-07, Algeria 1994-97, son
Artie Dunn Pic American vocalist, cousin
Al Nevins Pic American guitarist,  record producer, brother
Morty Nevins Pic American accordionist, brother
Jackie Newfield American actress, daughter of Sam
Joel Newfield American actor, son of Sam
Sigmund Newfeld American film producer, brother
Sam Newfield Pic American director, producer,    brother
Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr Pic American founder of Advance Educations, father Advance Publications
Donald Newhouse Pic American co-owner of Advance Publications, son Advance Publications
Samuel Newhouse, Jr Pic American chairman/CEO of Advance Publications, son Advance Publications
Alfred Newman RWF HW Pic American film score composer, conductor, brother
Arleen Newman    (Jewish father) daughter of Emil
David Newman RWC Pic American composer,  conductor , (Jewish father) son of Alfred
Emil Newman RWC Pic American composer, conductor, brother
Joey Newman Pic American film composer,arranger, conductor, grandson of Lionel
Lionel Newman HW Pic American film composer, brother
Maria Newman Pic American musician, composer, (Jewish father) daughter of Alfred
Randy Newman RWF HW Pic American film composer, singer/songwriter, son of Irving
Thomas Newman RWF HW Pic American film composer, singer songwriter (Jewish father) son of Alfred
Guy Nattiv Pic Israeli film director, husband
Jaime Ray Newman RWF Pic American film/television actress, jazz singer, wife
Isidore Newman American philanthropist, founder 1897 of Maison Blanche department store, grandfather
Melvin Newman Pic American organic chemist, grandson
Charlotte Dean Pic American writer, illustrator, visual artist, daughter of Tracy
Laraine Newman RWF Pic American film/television actress, comedian,   sister
Tracy Newman Pic American producer, television writer, singer/songwriter, sister
Melissa Newman Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Nell Newman Pic American biologist, environmentalist, film actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Paul Newman RWF HW Pic American actor, film director, (Jewish father) father
Scott Newman Pic American film/television actor, stunman, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Hedwig Lachmann Pic German author, translator, poet, grandmother
Gustav Landauer RWF HW Pic German philosopher, writer, anarchist, translator, grandfather
Mike Nichols RWF HW Pic German-born American film director, producer, writer, actor, comedian, grandson
Rachel Nichols Pic American sportswriter, broadcaster, daughter-in-law of Mike
Galt Niederhoffer Pic American film producer, novelist, niece of Roy/Victor
Roy Niederhoffer Pic American hedge fund manager, brother of Victor
Victor Niederhoffer Pic American fund manager, brother of Roy
Nikulin/Shayne Olkenitsky
Lev Nikulin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, journalist, son
Valentin Nikulin RWF Pic Soviet/Russian Israeli stage/film actor,   son of Yury
Veniamin Nikulin RWF Ukrainian-born Russian stage actor, impresario, father
Yury Nikulin RWF Soviet playwright, son
Konstantin Shayne RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American actor, son
Tamara Shayne RWF Pic Russian-born American actress, daughter
Michael Bay RWF HW Pic American film director/producer, actor,   cousin of Susan
Susan Bay Pic American actress, model, 2nd wife of Leonard
Adam Nimoy Pic American television director, son of Leonard
Jeff Nimoy Pic American voice actor, writer, television producer,  second cousin
Leonard Nimoy RWF HW Pic American film/television actor/director, poet, photographer, screenwriter, second cousin
Sandra Zober Pic American actress, 1st wife of Leonard
Ofer Nimrodi RWC HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli businessman, publisher, son
Yaakov Nimrodi HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli businessman, Maariv, father
Aaron Nincic RWC Serbian Minister of Justice 1895-96, father
Momcilo Nincic RWC Pic Ygoslavian politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1941-43, son
Nishri/Orloff/ Eitan
Rafael Eitan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, general, Minister of Agriculture, 1988-91 nephew
Zvi Nishri Pic Russian-born Palestinian/Israeli educator, brother
Chana Orloff RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli figurative sculptor, sister
Henriette Nissen-Saloman Pic Swedish opera singer, soprano, stage actress, wife
Geskel Saloman Pic Danish portrait/genre painter, brother of Siegfried
Siegfried Saloman Pic Danish violinist, composer, husband
Adam Levine RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father/maternal grandmother), nephew
Peter Noah Pic American television writer/producer, (Jewish father) brother
Timothy Noah Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) brother
Fritz Noether RWF Pic German-born mathematician, son
Gottfried Noether American statistican, educator, son of Fritz
Max Noether RWN Pic German mathematician, algebraic geometry father ExLink
Emmy Noether RWF HW Pic German mathematician, high algebra, daughter
Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo Pic member of National Assembly of Bahrain 2000 cousin
Houda Ezra Nonoo HW Pic member of National Assembly of Bahrain, human rights activist cousin
Nora Bayes Pic American singer, comedian, actress, composer, lyricist, wife
Louise Dresser Pic American actress, wife
Jack Norworth Pic American singer/songwriter, vaudeville performer, husband
Alexander Nove RWF Pic Russian-born British economic historian, father
Charles Nove Pic British journalist, radio/television announcer, son
Sherwin Nuland Pic American surgeon, writer, father
Victoria Nuland RWF HW Pic American Ambassador to NATO 2005-08, daughter
Robert Kagan RWF HW Pic Greek-born American historian, political scientist, journalist, husband of Victoria
Bernard Nussbaum Pic White House Counsel Clinton 1994 Bill Clinton father
Emily Nussbaum Pic American television critic, daughter
Henry Hilarowicz Polish surgeon, (Jewish father) son of Joseph
Tadeusz Hilarowicz Polish legal scholar, administrative law, (Jewish father) son of Joseph
Joseph Nusbaum-Hilarowicz Pic Polish zoologist, son of Hilary
Henry Nussbaum Polish neurologist, physiologist, philosopher of medicine, son of Hilary
Hilary Nussbaum Polish journalist, historian, social activist, grandfather
Helena Nussenzveig Moses Brazilian mathematician, daughter of Herch
Herch Moyses Nussenzveig Pic Brazilian physicist, 
Michel Nussenzweig Pic American immuniologist, daughter
Ruth Nussenzweig Pic Austran-born American parasitologist, wife
Victor Nussenzweig Pic Austrian-born Brazilian American biomedical scientist, husband
Carlos Nuzman Pic Brazilian President of Organizing of Summer Olympic Games 2016- , husband
Marcia Peltier Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter, wife
Maritza Ribas Bokel Brazilian landscaper, wife of Prince Alberto Barganza, sister of Marcia