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Michael Kaback Pic American geneticist, ??? brother
Ronald Kaback Pic American biochemist, research administrator,  brother
Ilona Kabos Pic Hungarian-born British peanist, teacher, wife
Louis Kentner Pic Czech-born Hungarian British pianist, husband
Victor Kac RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician, brother
Boris Katz RWF Pic Moldovan-born American computer scientist, brother
Mikhail Katz RWC Moldovan-born Israeli mathematician, brother
Kadoorie Kadoorie Family Kadoorie Family/cat
Sir Ellis Kadoorie HW Iraqi-born Indian Chinaese businessman, philantropist, brother
Sir Elly Kadoorie Iraqi-born Indian Chinese businessman, philantropist, brother
Sir Horace Kadoorie Pic Hong Kong industrialist, hotelier, philanthropist, son of Elly
Baron Lawrence Kadoorie HW Pic Hong Kong industrialist, hotelier, philanthropist, son of Elly
Sir Michael Kadoorie HW Pic Chinese-born chairman of CLP Holdings Ltd, son of Lawrence CLP Holdings Ltd
Berngard Kafengauz RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet historian, brother
Lev Kafengauz RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet  economist, political figure, brother
Dora Diamant Pic Polish-born lover of Franz Kaffka, lover of Franz
Alexandre Kafka Pic Czech-born Brazilian American economist, son of Bruno
Bruno Kafka Pic Czech politician, MP 1920-29 cousin
Franz Kafka RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, cousin
Ottla Kafka Pic Czech sister of Franz Kaffka, sister of Franz
Louis-Lazare Kahn RWC Pic French admiral, engineer, son-in-law
Abraham Schrameck RWC Pic French Minister of Interior 1925- , father-in-law
Donald Kagan RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American historian of ancient greek, journalist, father
Frederick Kagan RWF HW Pic American military historian. son
Kimberly Kagan RWF HW Pic American military historian, journalist, wife of Frederick
Robert Kagan RWF HW Pic Greek-born American historian, political scientist, journalist, son
Victoria Nuland RWF HW Pic American Ambassador to NATO 2005-08 wife of Robert
Natalia Gutman RWF Pic Russian cellist, wife
Oleg Kagan RWF Pic Russian violinist, husband
Leonid Boguslavsky RWF Pic Russian businessman, investor, (Jewish father, mother ???) son of Boris
Zakhar Hatzrewin RWF Pic Soviet writer, journalist, translator, screenwriter, cousin of Yuri
Boris Kagan RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet engineering scholar, brother of Yuri
Maxim Kagan RWF Russian physicist, (Jewish father) son
Yuri Kagan RWF Pic Russian physicist, astronomer, father
Naum Rogovin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet energy scholar, engineer, cousin of Yuri
Vadim Rogovin RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet historian, philosopher, son of Zahar
Zakhar Rogovin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet chemist, scholar, cousin of Yuri
Elena Rzevskaya RWF Belarusian-born Soviet writer, sister of Maxim/Yuri 
Valentina Vagrina RWF Pic Soviet stage/film actress, cousin of Yuri
Grigory Barenblatt RWF Pic Russian mathematician, grandson
Veniamin Kagan RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Russian mathematician, grandfather
Yakov Sinai RWF HW Pic Russian-born American mathematician, grandson
Bentsion Vul RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, astronomer, father-in-law of Yakov
Vera Kagan-Shabshai RWF Pic Soviet choreographer, daughter
Yakov Kagan-Shabshai RWF Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet electrical engineer, fater
Aron Kaganovich RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet brother
Israil Kaganovich RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet brother
Lazar Kaganovich RWM HW Pic Ukrainian-born Commissar for heavy industry, Deputy Prime Minister, major general, brother
Mikhail Kaganovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Commissar for aviation industry 1939-40, brother
Yuly Kaganovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born deputy Commisar for Foreign Trade 1939-45, brother
Grigory Shimanovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, cousin
Yitzhak Kahan RWF H Pic Ukrainian-born President of Supreme Court of Israel, 1982-83 brother
Kalman Kahana RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, journalist, brother
Binyamin Kahane HW Pic American-born Israeli leader of ''Kahane Chai'' party son
Meir Kahane RWC HW Pic founder of Jewish Defense Leage 1968 father
Gabriel Kahane Pic American composer, singer/songwriter, son
Jeffrey Kahane HW Pic American concert pianist, conductor, father
Eric Kahane Pic French translator, son
Jack Kahane Pic British-born French founder 1929 of Obelisk Press, father
Maurice Girodias Pic French founder of The Olimpia Oress, (Jewish father) son
Florence Kahn Pic American congresswoman, 1925-1937 wife
Julius Kahn Pic American representative, 1905-1924 husband
Albert Kahn RWN Pic German born American architect - Detroit brother
Albert Kahn British-born American journalist, spy, nephew of Albert/Julius
Julius Kahn Pic German-born American engineer, industrialist, manufacturer, inventor, brother
Louis Kahn RWF HW Pic Estonian-born American architect,  father
Nathaniel Kahn Pic American documentary filmmaker, son
Axel Kahn Pic French geneticist, (Jewish father) brother
Jean-Francois Kahn Pic French journalist, (Jewish father) brother
Kahn Kuhn, Loeb and Co.
Paul Jonas German lawyer, husband of Clara Kahn
Bernhard Kahn German industrialist, banker, grandfather
Otto Kahn RWF Pic president of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. father
Robert Kahn HW Pic German composer, pianist, music teacher, brother of Otto
Roger Kahn Pic American composer, bandleader, jazz musician,    son
Ely Kahn RWF Pic American architect, father
Ely Kahn, Jr American journalist, writer, son
Herman Kahn RWF Pic American nuclear physicist, military strategist, futurist, relative
Robert Kahn RWF HW Pic American co-inventor of Internet TCP/IP relative
Daniel Fogel Pic American president of University of Vermont 2002-11, son-in-law
Alfred Kahn Pic American economist, chairman of Civil Aueronautics Board, father-in-law
Annabelle Gurwitch Pic American actress, film producer, screenwriter,  wife
Jeff Kahn Pic American screenwriter, producer, husband
Alexander Kaidanovsky RWN Pic Soviet/Russian actor, film director, father
Zoya Kaidanovskaya Pic Russian actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Gil Kalai HW Pic Israeli American mathematician, son
Hanoch Kalai Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli editor, translator, Irgun member, father
Bernard Kalb Pic American journalist, author, media critic, brother
Marvin Kalb RWF Pic American journalist, brother
Baron Nicholas Kaldor RWF Pic Hungarian-born British economist, father
Mary Kaldor British political scientist, daughter
Frances Stewart British deelopment economist, author, daughter
David Kalisch Pic German playwright, humorist, father
Paul Kalisch Pic German-born opera singer, son
Georg Kalischer Pic German chemist, brother of Otto
Otto Kalischer Pic German anatomist, neurologist, cousin
Siegfried Kalischer German neurologist, cousin
Charles Kalmes British retailer, founder of Dixons chains, father
Baron Stanley Kalms Pic British chairman, president of DSG International Plc, son
George Kalmus Pic British particle physicist, brother
Hans Kalmus Pic Czech-born geneticist, biologist, father
Peter Kalmus Pic British particle physicist, brother
Dean Kamen RWF HW Pic American engineer, inventor, (AutoSyringe Segway), son
Jack Kamen Pic American illustrator, father
Kaminsky YIVO
Sylvia Fine Pic American lyricist, composer, producer, actress, wife of Danny
Abraham Kaminsky RWN Pic Polish actor, entrepeneur, translator, father of Ida/Joseph/Regina
Dina Halpern Pic Polish Yiddish film/stage actress, aunt of Ida
Ester Kaminska RWN HW Pic Polish stage actress, mother of Ida/Joseph
Ida Kaminska RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Polish film/stage actress, cousin
Regina Kaminska Polish film/stage actress, sister of Ida
Josef Kaminski RWN HW Pic Ukrainian-born composer, violinist, brother of Ida
Danny Kaye RWF HW Pic American actor, dancer, singer, comedian, cousin of Ida
Marian Melman RWE Pic Polish actor, director, husband of Ida
Eddie Rosner RWF Pic German-born Polish Soviet trumpeter, bandleader,  composer, conductor, jazz player, violinist, husband of Ruth (daughter)
Simon Pullman RWF Pic Polish-born violinist, conductor, cousin
Zygmunt Turkow HW Pic Polish actor, playwright, director,  husband of Ida
Jason Kander Pic American politician, (Jewish father) grand-nephew
John Kander RWF HW Pic American film scores/musicals composer, songwriter:composer, grand-uncle
Ricky Kanee Schachter Pic Canadian dermatologist,   sister
Sol Kanee Pic chairman of World Jewish Congress brother of Ricky
Efim Berezin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born actor,  comedian, father-in-law of Leonid
Alexander Kanevsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet Israeli writer, dramatist, satirist, brother
Leonid Kanevsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet Israeli actor, brother
Fay Kanin RWF Pic American screenwriter, playwright, producer, wife of Michael ExLink
Garson Kanin Pic American director, screenwriter, playwright, brother
Michael Kanin RWF Pic American director, producer, screenwriter, playwright, brother
Marian Seldes RWF Pic American stage, film, radio, television actress, (Jewish father) wife of Garson
Jodi Kantor Pic American journalist, editor, wife
Ron Lieber Pic American journalist, columnist, husband
Karl Kantor RWE Argentine-born Soviet/Russian art scholar, philosopher, son
Maksim Kantor RWE Russian painter, writer, grandson
Moises Kantor RWE Moldovan-born Russian Argentine mineorologist, playwright, father
Vladimir Kantor RWE Pic Russian writer, literary critic, grandson
Adrian Kantrowitz Pic American cardiac surgeon, second in the world heart transplant, brother
Arthur Kantrowitz Pic American physicist, engineer, inventor, brother
Ernst Kantorowicz RWF Pic Polish-born German American historian,  brother-in-law
Arthur Salz Pic Czech-born German American economist, brother-in-law
Isaak Kaplan RWF Pic Russian cinema artist,   husband
Berta Manevich-Kaplan RWN Pic Soviet/Russian cinema artist, wife
Benjamin Kaplan Pic American copyright scholar, jurist, husband
Felicia Lamport American poet, satirist, wife
Ariel Kaplan Pic South African-born Australian film/television actress, singer, dancer, sister
Dena Kaplan Pic South African-born Australian actress, singer, dancer, sister
Anne Bernays Pic American novelist, editor, teacher, wife
Edward Bernays Pic Austrian-born American father of public relations, father of Anne
Justin Kaplan Pic American writer, editor, biographer, husband
Marta Heflin Pic American actress, (Jewish father), daughter
Nora Heflin Pic American actress, (Jewish father), daughter
Jonathan Kaplan RWF Pic French-born American film director/producer, (Jewish father) son
Mady Kaplan Pic American actress, (Jewish father), daughter
Sol Kaplan Pic American film/television score composer, father
Irving Kaplansky RWF Pic Canadian-born American mathematician,    father
Lucy Kaplansky RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, daughter
Aleksei Kapler RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, RWN
Semion Zlatogorov RWC Pic German-born Soviet microbiologist, father of Tatiana
Tatiana Zlatogorova RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet actress, physician, playwright, screenwright, (Jewish father) wife of Aleksey
Boris Kaplun RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, public figure, brother
Solomon Kaplun RWF Ukrainian-born  Russian French journalist, literary critic, publisher, brother
Sofia Spasskaya RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet sculptor, painter, anarchist, sister
Veronika Spasskaya RWF Soviet philologist, translator, literary scholar, (Jewish mother) daughter of Sofia
Mitchell Kapor Pic American developer of spreed sheet, founder of Lotus Development Corp Lotus1-2-3 husband
Freada Kapor Klein Pic American sexual harassment activist, wife
Joseph Karakis RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian architect, father
Irma Karakis RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, designer, daughter
Allegra Goodman RWF Pic American  novelist,
David Karger Pic American computer scientist,
Aranka Bohm Pic Hungarian physician, 2nd wife of Frigyes
Ferenc Karinthy Pic Hungarian author, playwright, journalist, editor, translator, son of Frigyes/Aranka
Frigyes Karinthy Pic Hungarian author, playwright, poet, journalist, translator, father
Gabor Karinthy Hungarian poet, (Jewish father) son of Frigyes
Marton Karinthy Pic Hungarian theater director, writer, son of Ferenc
Anna Karlin RWF Pic American computer scientist, daughter
Kenneth Karlin American chemist, son
Samuel Karlin RWF Pic Polish-born American mathematician, father
Miriam Karlin Pic British stage/film/television actress, sister
Michael Samuels British historical linguist, brother
Craig Karmazin Pic America CEO/founder of Good Karma Broadcsating, son
Mel Karmazin Pic American chairman/CEO 2004- of Sirius XM Radio, CBS, father
Peter Karmel Pic Australian economist, administrator, father
Pip Karmel Pic Australian film director, screenwriter, daughter
Lazar Karmen RWF Russian-born Soviet journalist, writer, father of Roman
Roman Karmen RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet documentary filmmaker, son-in-law
Yemelyan Yaroslavsky RWF Pic Russian historian, politician, father-in-law
Dov Karmi RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli architect, father
Ram Karmi HW Pic Israeli architect, son
Ada Karmi-Melamede HW Pic Israeli architect, daghter
Natalia Karp Pic Polish concert pianist, grandmother
Mark Lowen Pic British journalist, television personality, grandson
Martin Karplus RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (2013) brother
Robert Karplus Pic Austrian-born American theoretical physicist, brother
Aron Karponosov RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, lieutenant-general, grandfather
Gennadi Karponosov Pic Russian figure skater, grandson
Meg Goldman American writer, screenwriter, mother
Jake Kasdan RWC Pic American film/television director, film actor, son
Jon Kasdan RWF Pic American film director, television writer, screenwriter, actor, son
Lawrence Kasdan RWF Pic American film director, writer, producer, father
Al Kasha Pic American composer, songwriter, arranger, businessman, brother
Lawrence Kasha Pic American theater director, producer, playwright, stage manager, brother
Mathieu Kassovitz RWF HW Pic French actor, director, screenwriter (Jewish father), son
Peter Kassovitz Pic Hungarian-born French film director, screenwriter, father
Daphna Kastner Pic Canadian fim/television actress, screenwriter, film director,    wife
Harvey Keitel RWF HW Pic American flm actor, husband
Ilya Kataev Soviet/Russian composer, (Jewish mother) brother
Pavel Kataev RWF Soviet/Russian writer, (Jewish mother) cousin of Ilya/Pyotr
Pyotr Kataev RWF Soviet/Russian film operator, (Jewish mother) brother
Anatoly Katsnelson RWF Pic Soviet military executive, major general, brother
Ilya Katsnelson RWM Pic Soviet military executive, major general, brother
Arnold Martin Katz Pic American cardiologist, son
Louis Katz Pic Polish-born American cardiologist, father
Josie Katz HW Pic American-born Israeli singer, wife
Shmulik Kraus RWF HW Pic Israeli singer, actor, husband
Daniel Katzen Pic American horn player/teacher, brother
Mollie Katzen Pic American chef , cookbook author, artist, sister
Chris Kattan HW Pic American actor, comedian (Jewish father) son
Kip King Pic American film/television voice actor, father
David Katzenberg Pic American film/television producer, son
Jeffrey Katzenberg RWF HW Pic American producer,  (Paramount Pictures; DreamWorks SKG) father
Henriette Furth Pic German human rights activist, journalist, sociologist, sister
Simon Katzenstein Pic German politician, MP 1919-20 brother
Abraham Katzir Pic Israeli physicist, son of Aharon
Aharon Katzir RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli biochemist, biophysicist, brother
Ephraim Katzir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli biophysicist, fourth President of Israel, brother
Leonard Katzman RWF HW Pic American television producer, screenwriter, director, nephew
Sam Katzman Pic American film producer, director, uncle
Sherill Rettino Pic American television actress, daughter of Leonard
Katznelson/Shazar/Tabenkin Katznelson
Dora Kacnelson Polish historian, luterary critic, niece of Berl
Avraham Katznelson HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, zionist,
Berl Katznelson HW Pic Belarusian-born founder of Histadrut Haovdim, cousin
Nissan Katzenelson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian public figure, 1st Duma 1906-07
Rachel Katznelson-Shazar RWF Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, wife of 3d President of Israel sister of Avraham
Zalman Shazar RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Third President of Israel 1963-73, husband of Rachel
Yitzhak Tabenkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli kibbutz movement thinker, politician, cousin of Berl
Avraham Katznelson HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, zionist, brother of Rachel
Batsheva Katznelson RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    mother
Reuben Katznelson father
Shulamith Katznelson RWC Pic Swiss-born Israeli educator, daughter of Batsheva/Reuben
Rachel Katznelson-Shazar RWF Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, wife of 3d President of Israel sister of Avraham
Shmuel Tamir RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Minister of Justice 1977-80 son of Batsheva/Reuben
Humberto Elizondo Pic Mexican film/television actor, (Jewish mother) son
Fannie Kauffman Pic Canadian-born Mexican stage actress, comedian, mother
Boris Kaufman RWF Pic Polish-born American cinematographer, brother
Mikhail Kaufman RWF Pic Polish-born Russian cinematographer, photographer, brother
Dziga Vertov RWF HW Pic Polish-born Russian director, brother
Alan Kaufman Pic American psychologist, intelligence testing, ??? father
James Kaufman Pic American psychologist, ??? son
Nadeen Kaufman Pic American psychologist, ??? mother
Philip Kaufman RWF Pic American  film director, screenwriter, husband
Rose Kaufman Pic American screenwriter, wife
Adam Kaufman Pic American television actor, (Jewish father) brother
David Kaufman Pic American character actor, (Jewish father) brother
Edgar Kaufmann Pic American founder 1971 of Kaufmann's, father
Edgar Kaufmann, Jr Pic American architect, author, son
Kaulla/Rosenberg-Rede JVL
Edith von Kaulla wife of Oskar
Joseph Wolf Kaulla German banker, grandson of Karoline
Karoline Kaulla Pic German court banker, 1739-1809 sister 1739-1809 Wuerttenberg
Raphael Kaulla German court banker, 1739-1809 brother Wuerttenberg
Baron Alexis von Rosenberg-Rede Pic Swiss-born French art collector, aesthete, socialite, son 1922-2004
Baron Hubert von Rosenberg-Rede son
Baron Oskar Adolf von Rosenberg-Rede Austrian-born banker, entrepreneur, father 1878-1939
Nikolai Kaverin RWF Pic Soviet virologist, son of Vieniamin
Veniamin Kaverin RWF Pic Russian author, brother
Natalia Kaverina RWC Pic Russian-born Soviet pharmocologist, daughter of Veniamin
Fiodor Kiselev RWF Pic Soviet/Russian molecular biologist, son of Lev
Lev Kiselev RWF Pic Soviet/Russian molecular biologist, son of Lev
Yury Tynyanov RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian writer, literary critic, translator, scholar, screenwriter, brother-in-law of Veniamin
Lev Zilber RWF Pic Russian microbiologist,  immunologist, virologist,  brother
Sylvia Fine Pic American lyricist, composer, producer, actress, wife
Danny Kaye RWF HW Pic American actor, dancer, singer, comedian, husband
Jason Kay Pic British composer, lead singer, (Jewish mother) son
Karen Kay Pic British jazz singer, cabaret singer, comedian,   mother
Davy Kaye Pic British actor, entertainer, father
Kaplan Kaye Pic British stage/film/television actor, songwriter, musician, son
Nora Kaye Pic American balerina, choreographer, theatrical producer, wife
Herbert Ross RWF Pic American director, producer, choreographer, actor,   2nd husband
Isaac Stern RWF HW Pic Ukrainian/Polish-born American violinist, conductor, 1st husband
Carl Kaysen Pic American economist,  father
Susanna Kaysen Pic American author, daughter
Philip Kaye founder of Gargunkel's father
Adam/Samuel Kaye British founders of Ask Pizza, sons
Meyer Kayserling RWE Pic German rabbi, historian, brother
Simon Kayserling German educator, writer, brother
Alexander Kazhdan RWF Pic Russian-born American historian,   father
David Kazhdan RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli American mathematician, algebra, son
Danielle Keaton Pic American film/television actress,  sister
Josh Keaton Pic American film/television actor, voice actor, singer, record producer,   brother
Iosif Kelen RWC Pic People's Commissar of Hungarian Republic 1919, brother
Otto Korvin RWC Pic Hungarian politician, 1919 brother
Nurith Gertz Pic Israeli literature scholar, wife
Amos Keinan HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, painter, sculptor, playwright, husband
Rona Kenan RWC Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, daughter
Herbert Keller Pic American mathematician, brother
Joseph Keller RWF Pic American mathematician, brother
Faye Kellerman Pic American mystery writer,    mother
Jesse Kellerman Pic American novelist, playwright, son
Jonathan Kellerman HW Pic American mystery writer, psychologist, father
Ray Kelvin Pic British fashion designer, Ted Baker, husband
Georgia Slowe Pic British stage/television actress, wife
Emil Kemper RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet bandleader, brother
Vladimir Koralli RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet  singer,  brother
Robert Kempner Pic German-born American lawyer, son
Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner Pic Lithuanian-born  American physician, biologist, feminist, mother
Felicity Kendal Pic British actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Michael Rudman Pic American theater director, husband
Irene Geffen Pic South African lawyer, mother
Lady Felicia Kentridge Pic South African lawyer, anti-apartheid activist, daughter of Sydney/Irene
Morris Kentridge Lithuanian-born Sourh African lawyer, politician, grandfather
Sir Sydney Kentridge Pic South African lawyer, father
William Kentridge HW Pic South African artist, animator, grandson
Trevor Rabin HW Pic South African guitarist, songwriter, cousin of Sydney
Betty Kern Pic daughter
Jerome Kern RWF HW Pic American musicals composer, songwriter:composer, father
Alfred Kerr Pic German theater critic, essayist, father
Judith Kerr Pic German-born British children's books writer, illustrator, daughter
Sir Michael Kerr Pic German-born British Lord Justice of Appeal son   
Matthew Kneale Pic British novelist, (Jewish mother) son of Judith
Kerry Kerry Family
Alexandra Kerry Pic American film director/producer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of John
Cameron Kerry RWC Pic American lawyer, politician, (Jewish father) (convert to Judaism) son
John Kerry RWF Pic American Secretary of State 2013- Obama  (Jewish father) son
Richard Kerry Pic American foreign service officer, diplomat, father
Vanessa Kerry Pic American physician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of John
Brice Lalonde Pic French Minister of Environment 1988-92 (Jewish father) cousin of John/Cameron
Kathy Weinman Pic American lawyer, wife of Cameron
Larry Kert Pic American stage actor, singer, dancer, brother
Anita Kert Ellis Pic Canadian-born American actress, singer, television personality, sister
Howard Kerzner Pic South African CEO son
Sol Kerzner Pic South African chairman father
Ernest Borek Pic Hungarian-born American microbiologist, cancer researcher, father
Ronald Kessler Pic American journalist, author, historian,    son
Glenn Kessler Pic American screenwriter, television producer, brother
Todd Kessler RWF Pic American television producer, screenwriter, playwright, brother
Morris Kestelman Pic British painter, teacher, father
Sara Kestelman Pic British stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Barbara Keyfitz Pic Canadian-born  American mathematician, daughter
Nathan Keyfitz Pic Canadian-born American sociologist, demographer, father
Alexander Keynan Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli microbiologist, nephew of Bracha
Alexander Peli Ukrainian-born Israeli editor, son
Bracha Peli Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli publisher, mother Massada
Isaak Khalatnikov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, husband
Valentina Shchors daughter of Nicholas Shchors (Jewish mother) wife
Boris Khaykin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian conductor,  brother
Semyon Khaikin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet physicist, astronomer, brother
Nasser Khalili Pic Iranian-born British art dealer/collector, cousin
Shaul Mofaz RWF HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Defense cousin
Iosif Kheifits RWF Pic Belarusian-born film director, screenwriter, father
Vladimir Svetozarov RWF Soviet/Russian artist, son
Dmitry Svetozarov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian film director, son
Evgeniy Khenkin RWN Moldovan-born Soviet oncologist, son of Valentin 1945-2006
Kirill Khenkin RWF Pic Russian author, journalist, translator, son of Viktor
Valentin Khenkin RWN nephew of Vladimir
Viktor Khenkin RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor, singer, brother
Vladimir Khenkin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet actor,   brother
Lazar Khidekel RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet artist, architect, brother RWN
Lev Khidekel RWF Belarusian-born Soviet architect, brother RWN
Alexandr Khinchin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian mathematician,    father
Yakov Khinchin RWF Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet engineer,  son
Daniel Chwolson RWF HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Russian orientalist, historian, linguist, Corr, father
Orest Khvolson RWE Pic Russian physicist, son
Sandrine Kiberlain Pic French actress, singer, wife
Vincent Lindon Pic French actor, (Jewish father) husband
Mody Kidon husband
Sharon Kidon HW Pic Israeli television presenter, actress, wife
Abram Kikoin RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian physicist, brother
Isaak Kikoin RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian nuclear physicist, astronomer, brother
Michel Kikoine RWF Pic Belarusian-born French painter, relative of Isaak/Abram
Alona Kimhi RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli actress, author, cousin
Michael Dorfman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Israeli journalist, writer, essayist, cousin
Claudia Aronow Pic American painter, wife
Donald Aronow Pic American designer, boat builder, racer, father of Claudia
Adam Kimmel Pic American menswear designer, son of Martin/Claudia
Martin Kimmel Pic American real estate developer, phianthropist, husband
Leelee Sobieski Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather/half-Jewish maternal grandmother) wife of Adam
Lauren Francis American theater director, wife
Olivia Johnson Pic  American artist, wife
Jimmy Kind Pic American painter, husband
Charles Kindleberger Pic American economic historian, author, father
Richard Kindleberger Pic American newspaper reporter, editor, son
Hunter King RWC Pic American teen film/television actress, (half-Jewish) sister
Joey King RWC HW Pic American teen actress, (half Jewish) sister
Kelli King RWC Pic American teen actress, (half Jewish) sister
Gerry Goffin RWF HW Pic American songwriter:lyricist, husband
Carole King RWF HW Pic American singer, songwriter, pianist,    wife
Louise Goffin Pic American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,   daughter
David  Second King of United Kingdom 1010-970 BCE father
Menelik I  RWC Emperor of Ethiopia son of Solomon Solomonic Dynasty
Solomon Third King  of United Kingdom     -927 BCE son
Monika Kinley Pic German-born British art dealer, collector, curator, wife
Peter Kinley Austrian-born British artist, husband
Arthur Kinoy Pic American legal scholar, attorney, civil rights leader, brother
Ernest Kinoy Pic American writer, screenwriter, playwright, brother
Nat Kipner American-born Australian record producer, father
Steve Kipner American singer/songwriter, record producer, son
Alexander Kipnis RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American opera singer,   father
Igor Kipnis Pic American harpsicordist, pianist, son
Domino Kirke Pic American pop rock band vocalist, (Jewish mother) daughter Domino
Jemima Kirke RWF Pic British-born American painter, actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Lola Kirke RWF Pic British-born American actress, (Jewish mother) daugther
Adam Kirsch Pic American literary critic, biographer, poet, son
Jonathan Kirsch Pic biblical scholar, columnist, attorney, father
Alan Kirschenbaum Pic American television producer, writer, son
Freddie Roman Pic American stand-up comedian, film/television actor,    father
Rebecca Rand Kirshner Pic American television writer, producer, (Jewish father) daughter
Robert Kirshner RWC Pic American astronomer, father
Bruno Kisch Pic German cardiologist, brother
Egon Kisch RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, journalist, cousin
Guido Kisch Pic German jurist, legal historian, brother
Aleksandr Kitaigorodsky RWF Soviet physicist, cristallogrpher, son
Isaak Kitaigorodsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian chemical engineer, father
Lem Dobbs Pic British-born American screenwriter,   son
Ronald Kitaj RWE Pic American-born British painter, graphic artist, (Jewish mother) father
Sandra Fisher Pic American-born British painter, wife of Ronald
Ernst Kitzinger RWF HW Pic German-born American art historian, cousin
Richard Krautheimer RWF Pic German-born American baroque scholar, archirectural historian, cousin
Daniel Kivelson Pic American chemist, ??? husband
Elizabeth Neufeld RWC HW Pic American geophysicist, wife
Israel Klabin Pic Brazilian mayor of Rio de Janeiro son ExLink
Mauricio Klabin
Wolf Klabin father
Michael Klarman Pic American legal scholar, legal historian,  brother
Seth Klarman Pic American hedge fund manager, president, founder 1982 of Boupost Group, brother
Angelika Klas Pic Estonian-born Finnish opera singer, daughter
Eri Klas Pic Estonian conductor, stepfather
Marion Melnik Pic Finnish opera singer, daughter
Andrew Klavan Pic American screenwriter, author,   son
Gene Klavan Pic American DJ, author, father
Eliska Kleinova Pic Czech pianist, sister
Gideon Klein RWF HW Pic Czech composer, pianist, brother
Eva Klein Pic Hungarian-born  Swedish cell biologist, immunologost, oncologist, wife
George Klein Pic Hungarian-born Swedish cancer researcher, husband
Calvin Klein RWF HW Pic American businessman, fashion designer, Calvin Klein, father
Marci Klein Pic Ameican television producer, (Jewish father) daughter
Charles Klein Pic British-born American actor, playwright, brother
Herman Klein Pic British critic, brother
Manuel Klein Pic British-born American composer, brother
Denise Robins Pic British romantic novelist, daughter of Herman
Michael Klein Pic Brazilian businessman, CEO of Casas Basia, chairman of Viavarejo, son
Samuel Klein Pic Brazilian founder 1952 of Casas Bahia, father
Jon Kleinberg Pic American computer scientist, brother
Robert Kleinberg Pic American theoretical computer scientst, brother
Rami Kleinstein RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, husband
Rita Kleinstein HW Pic Iranian-born Israeli singer, actress, wife
Otto Klemperer RWF HW Pic German-born American-Israeli conductor, composer. father
Otto Klemperer German-born physicist, cousin of Otto
Victor Klemperer RWF HW Pic Polish-born German philologist, literary theorist, cousin of Otto
Werner Klemperer Pic German-born American actor, (Jewish father) son of Otto
Louise Troy Pic American film/stage actress, wife of Werner
Gustav Klemperer von Klemenau Pic German banker, chairman of Drezdner Bank, grandfather 1852-1926
Klemens von Klemperer Pic German-born American historian, grandson 1916-
Irena Klepfisz Pic Polish-born author, activist, daughter
Michal Klepfisz HW Pic Polish resistance fighter, bundist, father
Gregorio Klimovsky Argentine mathematician, philosopher, cousin
Leon Klimovsky Pic Argentine-born Spanish film director/producer, screenwriter, cousin
Phoebe Cates RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father, Jewish maternal grandmother) wife
Gilbert Cates RWF Pic American film director, television producer, uncle of Phoebe
Joseph Cates American director, producer, father of Phoebe
Frankie Cosmos RWF Pic American musician, singer/songwriter, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Kevin/Phoebe
Greta Kline Pic American actress, sister
Kevin Kline RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) husband
Owen Kline Pic American film actor, (Jewish descent 62.5%) son of Kevin/Phoebe
Vitali Klitschko RWC Pic Ukrainian politician, boxer, mayor of Kiev 2014-, (Jewish paternal grandmother) brother
Wladimir Klitschko Pic Kazakhstan-born Ukrainian boxer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) brother
Balthus RWF Pic French painter, (Jewish mother) son
Tilla Durieux Pic Austrian-born German stage/film/television actress,  wife of Eugene
Baladine Klossowska Pic German/Polish-born painter, mother
Pierre Klossowski RWF Pic French philosopher, artist, translator, (Jewish mother) son
Eugene Spiro Pic German American painter, brother of Baladine
Adam Klugman Pic American talk radio host, (Jewish father) son of Jack
Brian Klugman Pic American film/television actor, writer, director, nephew
Jack Klugman HW Pic American actor, uncle
Denis Klyaver RWF Pic Russian singer, son
Ilya Oleynikov RWF Pic Modovan-born Soviet/Russian comic actor, presenter, father
Christopher Knight Pic American actor, son 
Edward Knight Pic American television actor, ??? father
Fritz Neuland Pic German lawyer, senator 1951-69, father
Charlotte Knobloch Pic President of Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland 2006- (Jewish father) daughter
Alfred Knopf, Jr Pic American co-founder 1959 of Athenaeum Publishers, son of Alfred/Blanche
Alfred Knopf, Sr Pic American founder 1915, president Alfred A Knopf, brother
Blanche Knopf Pic American book publisher, editor, wife of Alfred
Edwin Knopf Pic American film producer/director, screenwriter, brother
David Knopfler Pic British singer/songwriter, guitarist, pianist, (Jewish father) brother
Mark Knopfler RWF Pic British guitarist, founder of rock group, (Jewish father) brother
Aron Kobrinsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian engineering scholar, literature scholar, brother
Natan Kobrinsky RWE Soviet/Russian engineering scientist, brother
Eduard Kandel RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian neurosurgeon, brother-in-law
Joseph Kobzon RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born  Russian crooner, brother-in-law
Howard W. Koch Pic American motion picture producer/director, father
Hawk Koch RWC Pic American film producer, son
Caio Koch Weser Pic Brazilian-born German economist, civil cervant, business executive, grandson
Erich Koch-Weser Pic German lawyer, politician, Vice Chansellor of Germany 1920) (Jewish mother) grandfather
Andrew Koenig Pic American film/television actor, son
Danielle Koenig Pic American comedian, writer, actor, daughter
Walter Koenig HW Pic American actor, father
Judy Levitt Pic American actress, wife of Walter
Julian Koenig Pic American copywriter, father
Sarah Koenig Pic American journalist, radio personality,  daughter
Alexander Kogan RWF Pic Tadzhikistanian-born Russian singer/songwriter, son
Valery Kogan Pic Russian businessman, Domodedovo Airport, father
Daniel Kahneman RWF HW Pic Israeli-born French American psychologist, second nephew
Yosef Shloma Kahneman HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli orthodox rabbi, founder of Ponevezh yeshiva, second uncle
Khristina Grinberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, wife
Feliks Kon RWF Pic Polish-born revolutionary, ethnograph, piblicist, Secretary of Central Committee of Ukraine 1921, husband
Elena Usievich RWF Russian-born Soviet revolutionery, literary critic,
Koenigswarter Koenigswarter
Alice Koenigswarter French philanthropist, art collector,
Fanny Koenigswarter Meyer sister of Wilhelm
Baron Henry de Koenigswarter German-born 1819-76
Baron Hermann Koenigswarter grandson of Jonas Marcus 1864-1915
Baron Isaak Knigswarter German-born son of Marcus Jonas 1818-77
Jeanette Koenigswarter from Samson Wertheimer Family, wife of Marcus
Baron Jonas Hirsch Koenigswarter Czech-born German businessman,   1740-1805
Baron Jonas Marcus von Koenigswarter Pic Austrian banker, son of Marcus 1807-71
Josephine Koenigswarter wife of Jonas daughter of Moritz
Baron Jules de Koenigswarter Pic French soldier, diplomat,   son of Louis 1904-95
Baron Louis de Koenigswarter father of Jules
Louis-Jean Koenigswarter French lawyer, economist,   brother of Maximilien
Marcus Jonas Koenigswarter German-born banker, son of Jonas Hirsch 1770-1850
Baroness Nica de Koenigswarter Pic British jazz patroness, daughter of Charles, sister of Victor/Miriam Rothschild wife of Jules
Baron Maximilien von Koenigswarter Pic Dutch-born French banker, deputy,  1817-88
Baron Moritz von Koenigswarter Pic Austrian banker, philantropist, son of Jonas 1837-93
Simon Koenigswarter son of Jonas
Wilhelm Koenigswarter German banker, philantropist, son of Simon 1809-87
William Koenigswarter 1816-57
Leon Koerner Pic Czech-born Canadian businessman, Alaska Pine and Cellulose, brother ExLink
Walter Koerner Czech-born Canadian businessman, Alaska Pine and Cellulose, brother
Thea Rosenquist Pic German-born Canadian stage/film actress, wife of Leon
Henry Koerner Pic Austrian-born American painter, graphic designer, father
Joseph Koerner Pic American art historian,  son
Clea Koff Pic American forensic anthropologist, (Jewish father) daughter
David Koff Pic American documentary filmmaker,  father
Leon Koffler Pic Israeli businessman, owner of Superpharm, son
Murray Koffler Pic Canadian businessman, Shoppers Drug Mart, father
Elizabeth Gilels RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist, wife
Emil Gilels RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet pianist, brother of Elizabeth
Leonid Kogan RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist, husband
Nina Kogan RWF Pic Russian painter, daughter
Pavel Kogan RWF Pic Sobiet violinist, conductor, son
Rosa Tamarkina RWC Pic Soviet pianist, wife of Emil
Deborah Copaken Kogan Pic American photojournalist, author,    mother
Jacob Kogan RWF Pic American film/television actor,     son
Arnie Kogen Pic American comedy writer, producer, father
Jay Kogen Pic American television writer, son
Alan Kohan Pic American writer, father
David Kohan HW Pic American television producer, screenwriter, son
Jenji Kohan RWF HW Pic American television writer, producer, daughter
Rhea Kohan American writer, mother
Herbert Kohl HW Pic American president 1970-79 of Kohl's, US senator, son
Max Kohl founder 1962 of Kohl's Department Stores, father
Frederick Kohner Pic Czech-born American  screenwriter, writer, brother of Paul
Paul Kohner Pic Austrian-born American film producer, grandfather
Susan Kohner RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father),  mother
Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman Pic American surfer, daughter of Frederick
Chris Weitz RWF Pic American film director, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) son
John Weitz Pic German-born American fashion designer, novelist, father
Paul Weitz RWC Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, actor, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Alexander Kohut Pic Hungarian rabbi, orientalist, father
George Kohut Hungarian-born American writer, bibliographer, lexicographer, son
Amos Kollek Pic Israeli film director, writer, actor,   son
Teddy Kollek RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli mayor of Jerusalem 1965-93, father
Leah Komaiko author niece of S.B.
Dame Libby Komaiko Pic American dancer, educator, granddaughter
S.B. Komaiko Lithuanian-born American author, journalist, zionist, grandfather
William Komaiko Pic American composer, nephew of S.B.
Martin Komarek Pic Czech politician, journalist, son
Valtr Komarek RWC Pic Czech economist, forecaster, politician, deputy prime minister, father
Alexander Kompaneets RWF Pic Ukrainian Russian physicist, son
Solomon Kompaneets RWE Pic Soviet physician, otoringologist, father
Denes Konig Pic Hungarian mathematician, son
Gyula Konig Pic Hungarian mathematician, father
Jennifer Konner Pic American director, producer, writer, showrunner, daughter
Lawrence Konner RWF Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, father
Jeno Konrad Pic Hungarian footballer, manager, brother
Kalman Konrad Pic Hungarian footballer, brother
Abraham Isaac Kook RWE Pic Latvian-born Israeli Torah scholar, halahist, kabbalist, thinker, brother
Hillel Kook HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli politician,   brother
Zvi Yehuda Kook Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli orthodox rabbi, leader of Religious Zionism, son of Abraham
Ithamara Koorax Pic Brazilian pop-jazz singer, sister
Soraya Ravenle Pic Brazilian actress, singer, sister
Jill Kargman Pic American actress, writer, daughter
Arie Kopelman Pic American business, philanthropist, president/COO of Chanel 1986-2004, father
Will Kopelman Pic brother
Ernesto Koplowitz Pic founder father Fomento de Construcciones y Contrates
Marcuise Alicia Koplowitz Pic president daughter Omega Capital Jewish father
Marcuise Esther Koplowitz Pic owner daughter Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas  Jewish father
Anders Koppel Pic Danish rock musician, composer, son
Herman Koppel Pic Danish-born composer, pianist, father
Thomas Koppel Pic Danish composer, musician, son
Andrea Koppel Pic American journalist,  (Jewish father) daughter
Ted Koppel Pic British-born American journalist, anchorman of ABC's Nightline, father
Kenneth Pollack Pic American policy expert, husband of Andrea
Amy Koppelman Pic American novelist, screewriter, wife of Brian
Brian Koppelman RWF Pic American filmmaker, screenwriter, music executive, record producer, son
Charles Koppelman Pic American CEO of EMI Group North America, father
Morris Koppelman American inventor, uncle of Charles
Jennifer Koppelman Hutt Pic American television host, radio host, author, lawyer, daughter
Eugene Glasberg Polish-born American economist, brother of Irena
Irena Koprowska Pic Polish-born American  pathologist, cytologist, wife 1917-2012
Hilary Koprowski RWF Pic Polish-born American virologist, immunologist, husband 1916-2013
Baron Frigyes Koranyi, Jr RWC Pic Hungarian politician, Minister of Finance 1919-20 1924 1931-32 (Jewish father) son
Baron Frigyes Koranyi, Sr Pic Hungarian medicine scholar, father
Baron Sandor Koranyi Pic Hungarian physiologist, physician, nephrologist, son
Sir Alexander Korda RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born British director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Michael Korda Pic British novelist, (Jewish father) son of Vincent
Vincent Korda Pic Hungarian-born British filmmaker, art director,   brother
Zoltan Korda RWF Pic Hungarian-born British American screenwriter, director, producer, brother
Arthur Kornberg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1959) in medicine, father
Roger Kornberg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, Nobel Prize (2006), son
Thomas Kornberg RWC Pic American biochemist, son
Sir Hans Kornberg Pic German-born British biochemist, grandfather
Surie Pic English singer/songwriter, teacher, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandaughter
Edith Korner British magistrate, reformer of National Health Service mother
Stephan Korner RWF Pic Czech-born British philosopher,    father
Thomas Korner Pic British mathematician, son
Ferenc Chorin, Jr Pic Hungarian businessman, MP brother-in-law of Moric
Baron Moric Kornfeld Pic Hungarian industrialist, politician, son
Baron Pal Kornfeld
Baron Zsigmond Kornfeld Pic Czech-born Hungarian banker, politician, General Credit Bank, father
Erich Korngold RWF HW Pic Czech-born  American film composer, son
Julius Korngold Pic Austrian music critic, librettist, father
Julian Kornhauser Pic Polish poet, literary critic, (Jewish father) father
Agata Kornhauser-Duda Pic Polish teacher, First Lady of Poland 2015- , (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Manfred Kornovsky South African-born American biochemist,  brother
Morris Karnovsky Pic South African-born American pathologist, brother
Joseph Korosy Pic Hungarian statistician, grandfather
Francis Korosy Hungarian-born Israeli physical chemist, grandson
Johanna Hofer Pic German actress, (Jewish father), wife
Fritz Kortner RWF Pic Austrian-born German theater director, film/stage actor, husband
Maria Matray Pic German screenwriter, film actress, choreographer, (Jewish father) sister of Johanna
Katta Sterna Pic German actress, dancer, (Jewish father) sister of Johanna
Annie Korzen Pic American actress, comedy writer, wife
Benni Korzen Pic Danish film producer, husband
Yona Kosashvili RWF HW Pic Georgian Israeli chess grandmaster, husband
Sofia Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian/Israeli woman chess grandmaster, wife
Jacques Kosciusco-Morizet French scholar, diplomat, ??? grandfather
Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet RWC Pic French politician, Minister of Ecolgy, Transport and Housing 2010-12, (Jewish descent) grandaughter
Douglas Koshland Pic American biochemist, geneticist, (Jewish father) son
Daniel Koshland, Jr RWF HW Pic American biochemist, father
Daniel Koshland, Sr American businessman, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., grandfather
Alan Keith Pic British actor, diusk jockey, radio presenter, brother of David
Sir Brian Keith British high court judge 2001-, son of Alan
Linda Keith Pic British model, daughter of Alan
David Kossoff HW Pic British actor, father
Paul Kossoff Pic British rock guitarist, son of David Free
Andre Kostelanetz Pic Russian-born American conductor, uncle
Richard Kostelanetz Pic American art critic, author, artist,    nephew
Hans Kosterlitz Pic German-born British biologist, endorphins, father
Michael Kosterlitz Pic British-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (2016), son
David Kotz Pic American law scholar, Inspector General of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision son
Samuel Kotz Pic Chinese-born American mathematician, statistician, father
Serge Koussevitzky RWF HW Pic Russian-born American conductor, uncle
Fabien Sevitzky Pic Russian-born American conductor, nephew
Kovarsky ExLink
Mordecai Kaplan RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born founder of the Reconstructionist movement in America,
Andre Kostelanetz Pic Russian-born American conductor, brother
Boris Kostelanetz Pic Russian-born American leading tax lawyer, brother
Richard Kostelanetz Pic American art critic, author, artist,    son of Boris
Simon Kovar Pic Lithuanian-born American bassonist,
Alexander Kovarski Pic Soviet/Russian physical chemist, Corr Member son of Berta
Berta Kovarskaya Soviet chemist, second cousin of Anatoliy
Anatoliy Kovarsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born genetisist, father
Nikolay Kovarski RWF Russian-born Soviet screenwriter,
Viktor Kovarsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born theoretical physicist, son
Lew Kowarski RWF Pic Russian-born French physicist, (Jewish father) second cousin of Anatoliy
Vitka Kempner Pic Lithuanian partisan leader, wife of Abba
Abba Kovner RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Lithuanian poet, writer, partisan leader, cousin of Meir
Esther Vilenska HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Israeli politician, journalist, author, wife of Meir
Meir Vilner RWF HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Israeli politician,   husband
Elizabeth Kowalewska Polish stage actress, mother
Krzysztof Kowalewski Pic Polish actor, comedian, (Jewish mother) son
Mikhail Kozakov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian director, film/stage actor, (Jewish father) son
Mikhail Kozakov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian writer, playwright, father
Joyce Kozloff Pic American painter, contemporary artist, wife
Max Kozloff Pic American art critic/historian, photographer, husband
Jeroen Krabbe Pic Dutch actor, film director, (Jewish mother) brother
Tim Krabbe Pic Dutch novelist, journalist, (Jewish mother) brother
Kraft Kraft Family
Jacob Hiatt Pic Lithuanian-born American businessman, philanthropist, district atorney, judge, father of Myra
Jonathan Kraft Pic American president, CEO son Kraft Group
Myra Kraft Pic American philanthropist, mother
Robert Kraft HW Pic chairman, founder, CEO father Kraft Group
Arthur Kramer Pic American lawyer, brother
Larry Kramer Pic American dramatist, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, co-founder of GMHC brother
Judith Krantz Pic American novelist, biographer, mother
Steve Krantz Pic American film producer, screenwriter, father
Tony Krantz son
Ognjen Kraus Pic Croatian physician, community leader, brother
Ziva Kraus Pic Croatian painter, sister
Lawrence Krauss RWF Pic American-born Canadian theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, brother
Michael Krauss Pic American legal scholar, brother
Enrique Krauze Pic Mexican historian, writer, publisher, son
Leon Krauze Pic Mexican journalist, political analyst, news anchor, son of Enrique
Helen Kleinbort Krauze Pic Polish-born Mexican writer, journalist, mother
Henry Kravis Pic co-founder and co-owner cousin Kohelberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
George Roberts Pic co-founder and co-owner cousin Kohelberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Jason Kravits Pic American television actor, brother
Garth Kravits Pic American film actor, brother
Lisa Bonet RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) mother
Lenny Kravitz RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, guitarist, (Jewish father) father
Sy Kravitz RWF Pic American filmmaker, film director, television producer,    father of Lenny
Zoe Kravitz RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather/maternal grandmother) daughter
Sir Hans Krebs RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1953) in Medicine, father
Baron John Krebs Pic British zoologist, son
Mark Krein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet mathematician,  brother
Selim Krein Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet mathematician,  brother
Elena Bashkirova Pic Russian-born Israeli pianist, musical director, 3rd wife of Gidon
Gidon Kremer RWF HW Pic Latvian violinist, conductor, (Jewish father) father
Gigi Kremer Pic French-born actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Gidon
Lika Kremer RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, journalist, presenter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Gidon
Arkadi Kremer Pic Lithuanian-born Russian socialist leader, (father of the Bund) husband
Pati Kremer Pic Lituanian-born Russian socialist, bundist, wife
Miriam Kressyn Pic Polish-born American stage/film/radio actress, singer, wife
Hymie Jacobson Pic American actor, composer, husband
Seymour Rexite Pic Polish-born stage actor, singer, husband
Victor Kreitser RWF Pic German-born Soviet engineer, son
Leonid Kreutzer RWF HW Pic Russian-born German pianist, father
Yuliya Veysberg RWF Soviet/Russian composer,    mother
Alexandre Adler Pic French historian, journalist, son-in-law of Maurice
Annie Kriegel RWE Pic French historian, columnist,    brother-in-law of Maurice
Maurice Kriegel-Valrimont Pic French resistance member, brother-in-law of Annie
Jean-Jacques Becker Pic French historian, brother of Annie
Arthur Krim Pic American co-founder 1990/chairman of Orion Pictures, Unites Artists, husband
Mathilde Krim RWC Pic Founder/Head of American Fund  For Aids Research (convert to Judaism) wife
Margaret Gilbert Pic British philosopher, wife of Saul
Eric Kripke RWF Pic American television writer, director, producer, second cousin
Saul Kripke RWF HW Pic American philosopher, logician, second cousin
Henry Krips Pic Austrian Australian conductor, composer, (Jewish father) brother
Josef Krips HW Pic Austrian conductor, violinist, (Jewish father) brother
Kyle Krisiloff Pic American racing driver, son
Steve Krisiloff Pic American racing driver, father
Kristol/Himmelfarb Kristol Family/wiki/cat
Gertrude Himmelfarb HW Pic American historian of Victorian era, wife
Milton Himmelfarb HW Pic American sociographer, brother of Gertrude
Irving Kristol RWF HW Pic American journalist, founder of neoconservatism, husband
William Kristol HW Pic American neoconservative commentator, son
Jules Kroll Pic American businessman, Marsh & Mclennan Companies, Kroll Inc, father
Nick Kroll Pic American film/television actor, comedian, producer, son
Hugo Kronecker RWF Pic German physiologist, brother
Leopold Kronecker RWF HW Pic German mathematician, brother
Kronenberg Kronenberg Family
Baron Leopold Kronenberg Pic Polish banker, railway tycoon, father
Baron Leopold Jan Kronenberg son of Leopold Julian
Baron Leopold Julian Kronenberg Pic Polish banker, Bank of Commerce, bank Handlowy, Warshaw Kredit Union,  son
Ludwik Kronenberg Polish banker, brother of Leopold
Samuel Eleazar Kronenberg Polish founder of S.L. Kronenberg bank, grandfather
Stanislaw Kronenberg Pic Polish industrialist, financier, Bank of Commerce, son
Wladyslaw Edward Kronenberg Polish musician, philanthropist, son
Leopold Augustus Leo Polish ophthalmologist, father-in-law of Stanislaw
Baroness Jozefina Rosa daughter of Leopold Julian
Charles Krulak RWC Pic American commandant of US Marine Corps, (Jewish father) son
Victor Krulak RWC Pic American commander of United States Marine Corps, lieutenant general, father
Charles Krum American investment banker, businessman, financier, grandson
Charles Krum American inventor, engineer, grandfather
Jose Krus Abecasis RWC Pic Portugese military, major general, brother
Nuno Krus Abecasis RWC Pic Portugese mayor of Lisbon, 1980-89 brother
Clyde Kruskal Pic American computer scientist, son of Martin
Joseph Kruskal Pic American mathematician, statistician, psychometrician, brother
Martin Kruskal Pic American mathematician, physicist, brother
William Kruskal Pic American mathematician, statistician, brother
Lillian Kruskal Oppenheimer American origami artist, mother
Fedir Krychevsky Pic Ukrainian-born painter, (Jewish father) brother
Vasyl Krychevsky Pic Ukrainian-born painter, architect, graphic artist, (Jewish father) brother
Martin Krygier Pic Austalian legal scholar, son
Richard Krygier Australioan publisher/founder 1956 of Quadrant, father
Adam Kubert Pic American comics artist, son
Andy Kubert Pic American comics artist, son
Joe Kubert Pic American comics artist, father
Chris Chase Pic American model, actor, journalist, sister of Ruth
Paul Greengard RWF HW Pic American neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000), brother of Ruth
Stanley Kubrick RWF HW Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter, father
Vivian Kubrick RWF Pic American-born British filmmaker, composer, (Jewish father) daughter
Ruth Sobotka RWF Pic Austrian-born American dancer, costume designer, actress, (Jewish father) wife of Stanley
Walter Sobotka Pic Austrian-born American architect, designer, father of Ruth
Alex Kuczynski Pic Peruvian-born American journalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) granddaughter
Max Kuczynski Pic Polish-born German-Peruvian physician, father
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski RWF Pic Peruvian prime minister 2005-06, President 2016- , (Jewish father) son
Rudolf Hamburger RWF Pic Polish-born German American arvhitect, Soviet agent, husband of Ruth
Jurgen Kuczynski RWF Pic German-born economist, demographer, Soviet spy, son
Robert Kuczynski RWF Pic Soviet spy against USA,    father
Ruth Kuczynski RWF Pic Soviet spy against USA,    daughter Ruth Werner
Harold Farberman Pic American composer, conductor, uncle
Lisa Kudrow RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, comedian, writer, producer, niece
Anton Kuerti Pic Austrian-born Canadian pianist, composer, conductor, father
Julian Kuerti Pic Canadian conductor, son
Kuffner Kuffner Family brewing industry
Baron Charles Kuffner
Hermann Hirsch von Kuffner
Ignaz von Kuffner knight
Baron Karl Kuffner Hungarian industrialist,
Moritz von Kuffner Pic Austrian industrialist, art collector, mountaineer, philanthropist, 1854-1939
Baron Raoul Kuffner Pic Hungarian industrialist,
Tamara de Lempicka RWF HW Pic Polish-born French painter, (Jewish father), wife of Raoul
Bob Kulick Pic Ameican guitarist, record producer, brother
Bruce Kulick Pic Ameican lead guitarist, brother
Madeleine Kunin RWC HW Pic Swiss-born American governor, 1985-91, sister
Edgar May Pic Swiss-born American politician, journalist, brother
George Kunos Pic Hungarian-born American endocrinologist, neurobiologist, pharmacologist, grandson 1942-
Ignatius Kunos Hungarian linguist, turkologist, orientalist, grandfather 1860-1945
Laszlo Kunos Hungarian translator, editor, grandson 1947-
Emily Kunstler Pic American documentary filmmaker, activist, daughter
Sarah Kunstler Pic American documentary filmmaker, lawyer, daughter
William Kunstler Pic American lawer, human rights activist, father
Irv Kupcinet Pic American columnist, broadcast personality, sportswriter, father
Jerry Kupcinet American television director/producer,    son
Karyn Kupcinet Pic American actress, daughter
Hilda Kuper Pic Zimbabwe-born South African anthropologist, wife
Leo Kuper HW South African-born writer, philosopher, sociologist, husband
Charles Kushner Pic American real estate magnate, father Kushner Properties New Jersey
Jared Kushner RWF Pic American businessman, publisher of New York Observer, son Kushner Properties
Joshua Kushner Pic American financier, founder/managing partner of Thrive Capital, son
Marc Kushner Pic American architect, son of Murray
Murray Kushner Pic American real estate developer, brother of Charles
Ivanka Trump RWF Pic American businesswoman, socialite, fashion model, (convert to Judaism) wife of Jared
Rob Kutner Pic American comedy writer, husband
Sheryl Zohn Pic American television writer, producer, wife
Ana Kutner Pic Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Bel Kutner Pic Brazilian actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Dina Sfat Pic Brazilian actress, mother
Zavel Kwartin Pic Russian-born cantor, composer,   great grandfather
Evelyn Lear Pic American opera singer, soprano, great granddaughter