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Documentary filmmakers
Mark Achbar Pic Canadian documentary film director,
Peter Adam Pic German-born British filmmaker, author, (Jewish father)
Ben Addleman Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Udi Aloni Pic Israeli-born American filmmaker, writer, visual artist,
Edward Anhalt Pic American journalist, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker,
Earl Antony Armstrong-Jones Pic British documentary filmmaker, photographer,    Jewish father
Peter Askin Pic American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker,
Jake Auerbach Pic British documentary filmmaker, (Jewish father)
Ronit Avni RWC Pic Canadian-born Israeli American filmmaker, human rights advocate, media strategist,
Sylvio Back Pic Brazilian filmmaker (Jewish father)
Joe Balass Pic Iraqi-born Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Mirra Bank Pic American director/producer,
Alon Bar Pic Israeli-born American filmmaker,
Amir Bar-Lev Pic American film director/producer,  
Carole Basri Pic American lawyer, filmmaker,
Ruth Beckermann Pic Austrian documentary filmmaker,
Edet Belzberg Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Dani Ben-Moshe Pic Australian documentary filmmaker,
Roger Bennett Pic British-born American journalist, radio presenter, filmmaker,
Jacques Bensimon RWC Pic Moroccan-born Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Michael Berenbaum HW Pic American documentary filmmaker, scholar, writer, historian,   
Amy Berg Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, 
Joe Berlinger Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Simone Bitton RWC Pic Moroccan-born French-Israeli documentary filmmaker,
Jeffrey Blitz Pic American film director, producer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker,
Robert Bober Pic French film director, theter director, author,
Gabriela Bohm Pic Argentine-born Israeli American documentary filmmaker,
Simon Brand Pic Colombian film director/producer, filmmaker,
David Brenner Pic American stand-up comedian, actor, author, fimmaker,
Zana Briski Pic British-born American documentary filmmaker, 
Nicholas Broomfield Pic British documentary filmmaker,  ExLink
Benny Brunner Pic Romanian-born Israeli Dutch filmmaker,
Elinor Burkett Pic American journalist, film director/producer, documentary filmmaker,
Max Carlish Pic British documentary filmmaker,
Jem Cohen Pic Afghanistan-born American documentary filmmaker,
Kahane Cooperman Pic American documentary filmmaker, television producer,
Edgardo Cozarinsky Pic Argentine-born writer, filmmaker,
Judy Crichton Pic American documentary filmmaker, television producer, writer,
R.J. Cutler RWF Pic American documemntary filmmaker, film/television producer, director, actor,
Menachem Daum Pic German-born American documentary filmmaker,
Peter Davis Pic American filmmaker, author, journalist,
Gail Dolgin Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Ezra Edelman Pic American documetary film director, producer, (Jewish father)
Judd Ehrlich Pic American documentary filmmaker, film director/producer,
Rob Epstein RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker, producer, writer, editor,
Richard Fleischer RWF Pic American film director,
Lionel Friedberg Pic South African documentary film director, producer,
Mimi Freedman Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Jeffrey Friedman Pic American documentary filmmaker, director, producer, editor,
Robin Fryday Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Leon Gast Pic American documentary film director,
Izya Gershtein Pic Ukrainian-born Kyrgyz Soviet documentary filmmaker, cameraman, director,
Sidney Glazier Pic American film producer, documentary filmmaker,
Marcelo Gleiser HW Pic Brazilan physicist, astronomer, author, filmmaker,
Jill Godmilow Pic American documentary filmmaker,  ExLink
Roy Gokay Wol Pic Turkish Israeli filmmaker, theater producer,
Josh Golder American documentary filmmaker,  ExLink
Andrew Goldberg Pic American documentary filmmaker, film director/producer,
Karen Goodman Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Anat Goren HW Pic Israeli journalist, documentary filmmaker, 
Rachel Goslins Pic American documentary film director/producer,
Lauren Greenfield Pic American artist, documentary photographer/filmmaker,
Robert Greenwald Pic American film director, film producer, political activist, documentary filmmaker,
Roberta Grossman Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
David Grubin Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Charles Guggenheim Pic American film director, producer,
Davis Guggenheim Pic American film director/producer,
Roya Hakakian HW Pic Iranian-born American poet, journalist, writer,
Alma Hare'l Pic Israeli-born American documentary filmmaker,
Mark Harris Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Tomer Heymann Pic Israeli filmmaker,
Lee Hirsch Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
David Hoffman Pic American documentary filmmaker,  ???
Gordon Hollingshead Pic American documentary filmmaker, ???
Heddy Honigmann Pic Peruvian-born Dutch documentary filmmaker, film director,
Ami Horowitz Pic American media personality, filmmaker,
Leo Hurwitz RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Simcha Jacobovici HW Pic Israeli-born Canadian documentary filmmaker, producer,
Andrew Jacobs Pic American journalist,
Andrew Jarecki Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Eugene Jarecki Pic American dramatic/documentary filmmaker,
Nicholas Jarecki Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Bill Jersey Pic American documentary filmmaker, ???
Zuzana Justman Pic Czech-born American documentary filmmaker,
Nathaniel Kahn Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Andrea Kalin Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Richard Kaplan Pic American documentary filmmaker, television writer, director, producer,
William Karel RWC Pic French film director, author,
Roman Karmen RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet documentary filmmaker,
Alexa Karolinski Pic German documentary filmmaker,
Ross Kauffman Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Aviva Kempner Pic German-born American documentary filmmaker,   
Alan King Pic Canadian documentary filmmaker, ???
Manfred Kirchheimer Pic German-born American documentary filmmaker,
James Klein American documentary filmmaker, 
David Koff Pic American documentary filmmaker, 
Arcady Kogan RWF Pic Russian documentary filmmaker,
Hava Kohav Beller Pic German-born Israeli American documentary filmmaker, producer, creenwriter, cinematographer,
Barbara Kopple Pic American documentary filmmaker, ExLink ExLink2
Julian Krainin Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Naum Kramarenko Chilean filmmaker, publicist,
Emily Kunstler Pic American documentary filmmaker, activist,
Sarah Kunstler Pic American documentary filmmaker, lawyer,
Sandra Lahire Pic British feminist, filmmaker,
David Lan Pic South African-born British playwright, filmmaker, theater director,
Saul Landau Pic American author, documentary filmmaker, journalist,
Margaret Lazarus Pic American film producer/director,
Richard Leacock Pic American documentary filmmaker, ???
Jesse Lerner Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Alan Levin Pic American  documentary filmmaker, journalist,
Avi Lewis Pic Canadian television journalist, documentary filmmaker,
Murray Lerner Pic American documentary filmmaker, exprimental film director,
Ari Libsker Pic Israeli journalist, filmmaker,
Bill Lichtenstein Pic American investigative producer, journalist, filmmaker,
Willy Lindwer Pic Dutch documentary filmmaker,
Leonard Lipton Pic American songwriter, lyricist, filmmaker, inventor,
Lynne Littman Pic American film director,   
Nancy Littlefield Pic American documentary filmmaker, (Jewish father) ExLink
Aaron Lubarsky Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Rachel Lyon Pic American producer, director, documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Kevin Macdonald RWF Pic British documentary filmmaker, film director, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Amir Mann Pic Israeli American filmmaker,
Vitaly Mansky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian filmmaker,
Marian Marzynski Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Albert Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker,
David Maysles Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Ivy Meeropol Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Yamin Messika Pic Israeli documentary filmmaker,
Sidney Meyers Pic American documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Ohad Milstein Pic Israeli documentary filmmaker, photographer, video artist,
Ezra Mir Pic Indian documentary filmmaker,
Edward Mirzoeff Pic British television producer, documentary filmmaker,
Avi Mograbi Pic Israeli documentary filmmaker,
Eduardo Montes-Bradley Pic Argentine-born American documentary filmmaker,
Peter Morley Pic German-born British television producer, documentary filmmaker,
Errol Morris RWF HW Pic American documentory film director,    
Diane Mosbacher Pic American documentary filmmaker, psychiatrist, activist, (Jewish father)
Nissim Mossek Pic Israeli documentary filmmaker, writer, producer,
Barbara Myerhoff Pic American anthropologist,
Raphaela Neihausen Pic American filmmaker, producer,
Casey Neistat Pic American filmmaker,
Van Neistat Pic American filmmaker,
Albert Nerenberg Pic Canadian documentary filmmaker, actor, journalist,   
Marcel Ophuls HW Pic German-born French documentary filmmaker,
Deborah Oppenheimer Pic American documentary filmmaker, producer,
Eva Orner Pic Australian film producer,    
Abraham Osheroff Pic American documentary filmmaker, social activist,
Simon Ostrovsky Pic Russian-born Ameican journalist, director, producer,
Harvey Ovshinsky Pic American documentary filmmaker, journalist,
Donn Alan Pennebaker Pic American documentary filmmaker, producer, writer, editor,
David Perlov RWE HW Pic Brazilian-born Israeli filmmaker,   
Gabe Polsky RWF Pic Russian-born American film director/producer,
Gillo Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born film director, producer, screenwriter,
Maralyn Polak Pic American columnist, screenwriter, poet, documentary filmmaker,
Yair Qedar Pic Israeli filmmaker, civil rights activist, cultural critic,
Harry Rasky Pic Canadian documentary film producer,
Yvonne Rainer RWF Pic American dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, (Jewish mother)
Pierre Rehov RWF Pic Algerian-born French documentary filmmaker,
Tsipi Reibenbach Pic Polish-born Israeli director, screenwriter, producer,
Julia Reichert Pic American producer, director, ExLink
Lionel Rogosin RWF HW Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Jon Ronson Pic British documentary filmmaker, journalist, author, radio presenter,
Alan Rosenthal Pic British-born Israeli American documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Barry Rubinow Pic American documentary filmmaker, ???
Aaron Russo Pic American documentary filmmaker, entertainment businessman,
John Safran Pic Australian comedian, documentary filmmaker, radio broadcaster,
Tim Samuels Pic British documentary filmmaker, presenter,
Alexander Sanin Pic Russian-born director, actor, RWEE
Irving Saraf Pic Polish-born Israeli American documentary filmmaker,
Pierre Sauvage Pic French-born American documentary filmmaker,
Simon Schiffrin Azerbajani-born French producer/director, documentary filmmaker,
Jason Scott Pic American documentary filmmaker, archivist, historian of technology,
Yoav Shamir Pic Israeli documentary filmmaker,
Lee Shapiro Pic American documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Harry Shearer RWF HW Pic American film director, actor, comedian, writer, radio host,   
Sir Antony Sher HW Pic South African-born British stage actor, novelist, painter,
Bonnie Sherr Klein Pic Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Tiffany Shlain Pic American filmmaker,
Esfir Shub RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian film director, editor,
Kirk Simon Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Bruce Sinofsky Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Eyal Sivan Pic Israeli filmmaker, critic,
Aviva Slesin Pic Lithuanian-born American documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Karen Sosnoski Pic American documentary filmmaker, ???
Ed Spiegel American documentary filmmaker,
Morgan Spurlock Pic American documentary filmmaker, television producer, screenwriter, ExLink
Paul Strand RWF Pic American photographer, filmmaker,
Joseph Strick Pic American director, producer, screenwriter,
Saul Swimmer Pic American documentary film director/producer, ???
Peter Suschitzky RWF Pic British cinematographer,
Wolfgang Suschitzky RWF Pic Austrian-born British cinematographer, photographer,
Charlotte Szlovak RWC Pic Moroccan-born French film director,
Nili Tal Pic Israeli journalist, documentary filmmaker, 
Marianna Tavrog Russian documentary filmmaker,
Silvio Tendler Pic Brazilian documentary filmmaker, producer, screenwriter,
Albert Wasserman American documentary producer, ExLink
Robert Weide Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, documentary filmmaker,
William Weintraub Pic Canadian journalist, author, filmmaker,
Desmond Wilcox Pic British documentary filmmaker, (convert to Judaism)
Peter Wintonick Pic Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Frederick Wiseman RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Ira Wohl Pic American documentary filmmaker, ExLink
Ehud Yaari HW Pic Israeli political commentator, documentary filmmaker,
Haim Yavin HW Pic German-born Israeli television anchor, documentary filmmaker,
Keren Yedaya Pic American-born Israeli  filmmaker,
Terry Zwigoff RWF Pic American filmmaker,
Oscar: for Documentary Feature  
Irwin Allen Pic The Sea Around Us 1952
Zana Briski Pic Born into Brothels 2005 ExLink
Arthur Cohn HW Pic One Day in September 2000
American Dream 1991
Sky Above aqnd Mad Beneath 1962
Peter Davis Pic Hearts and Minds 1974
Ezra Edelman Pic O.J.: Made in America 2016
Rob Epstein RWF Pic Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt 1989
The Times of Harvey Milk 1984 ExLink
Richard Fleischer RWF Pic Design for Death 1947
Jeffrey Friedman Pic Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt 1989 ExLink
Leon Gast Pic When We Were Kings 1996 ExLink
Sidney Glazier Pic The Eleanor Roosevelt Story 1965
Davis Guggenheim Pic An Inconvenient Truth 2006
Mark Harris Pic Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransports 2000
Marvin Hier The Long Way Home 1997
Richard Kaplan Pic The Eleanor Roosevelt Story 1965
Ross Kauffman Pic Born into Brothels 2005 ExLink
Barbara Kopple Pic American Dream 1991
Harlan County, USA 1976
Murray Lerner Pic From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China 1980 ???
Kevin Macdonald RWF Pic One Day in September 2000
James Moll The Last Days 1999 ExLink
Errol Morris RWF HW Pic The Fog of War 2004
Marcel Ophuls HW Pic Hotel Teminus: The Life and Times of Clause Barbie 1988
Deborah Oppenheimer Pic Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransports 2000 ExLink
Eva Orner Pic Taxi to the Dark Side 2008 ExLink
Irving Saraf Pic In the Shadow of the Stars 1991 ExLink
Bert Schneider Pic Hearts and Minds 1975
Aviva Slesin Pic The Ten-Year Lunch 1987
Ed Spiegel The Hellstrom Chronicle 1971
Joseph Strick Pic Interviews with My Li Veterans 1970
Frederick Wiseman RWF Pic American documentary filmmaker,
Ira Wohl Pic Best Boy 1980
OscarDocumentary Feature/wiki
OscarDocumentary Feature/Cat/wiki
Oscar: for Documentary Short Subject
Saul Bass RWF Pic Why Man Creates 1968
Elinor Burkett Pic Music by Prudence 2009
Karen Goodman Pic Strangers No More 2010
Charles Guggenheim Pic A Time for Justice 1994
The Johnstown Flood 1989
Nine from Little Rock 1964
Mark Harris Pic The Redwoods 1967
Gordon Hollingshead Pic Hitler Lives? 1945 ???
Julian Krainin Pic Prnceton: A Search for Answers 1973
Margaret Lazarus Pic Defending Our Lives 1993
Lynne Littman Pic Number Our Days 1976
Kevin Macdonald RWF Pic
Barbara Myerhoff Pic Number Our Days 1976
Simon Schiffrin Chagall 1964 ???
Don Siegel RWF HW Pic Hitler Lives? 1945
Kirk Simon Pic Strangers No More 2010
Joseph Strick Pic 1970
Fred Zinneman RWF HW Pic Benjy 1951
Cinematographers //cinematographer
Nurith Aviv RWC Pic Israeli-born French cinematographer, director, writer,
Ludwig Berger Pic German film director,  screenwriter, cinematographer,
Steven Bernstein Pic American cinematographer,
Monty Berman Pic British cinematographer, film/television producer, ExLink
Benjamin Brodsky Pic American director, producer, cinematographer,
Sam Brody Pic American cinematographer, ExLink
James Contner Pic American television/film director, cinematographer,
Stanley Cortez Pic American cinematographer,
Curt Courant Pic German cinematographer,
Istvan Eiben Pic Hungarian cinematographer,
Yury Ekelchik RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet cinematographer,
Boris Elkis Pic Russian composer, cinematographer, ??? 
Akos Farkas Hungarian-born cinematographer,
Zinovy Feldman RWF Soviet cinematographer, film director, ???
Karl Freund RWF Pic German cinematographer and director,
Richard Fryer British-born American cinematographer,
Aleksandr Galperin RWF Russian cinematographer, 
Heinrich Gartner Pic Romanian-born Austrian cinematographer,
Michael Gershman American cinematographer, director, ???
Grigori Giber Pic Russian cinematographer,  
Mikhail Gindin RWF Russian cinematographer,  screenwriter,
Aleksandr Gintsburg RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet cinematographer, film director,
Valery Ginzburg RWF Pic Russian cinematographer,  
Irving Glassberg Pic Polish-born American cinenamatographer,
Marina Goldovskaya RWF Pic Russian-born  American film director, screenwriter, cinematographer,
Mutz Greenbaum Pic German-born cinematographer, ExLink
Adam Greenberg RWC Pic Polish-born Israeli American cinematographer,
David Gurfinkel HW Pic Israeli cinematographer,
Otto Heller RWF Pic Czech-born British cinematographer,
Erwin Hillier Pic German-born British cinematographer,
Peter Hyams RWF Pic American screenwriter, director, cinematographer,
Boris Kaufman RWF Pic Polish-born American cinematographer,
Mikhail Kaufman RWF Pic Polish-born Russian cinematographer, photographer,
Dave Klein RWF Pic American cinematographer, producer, actor, ???
Wolf Koenig Pic German-born Canadian film director, producer, animator, cinematographer,
Milton Krasner Pic American cinematographer,
Willy Kurant Pic Belgian cinematographer,
Edward Lachman Pic American cinematographer,
Andrew Laszlo Pic Hungarian-born American cinematographer,
Sam Leavitt Pic American cinematographer,
Aleksandr Lemberg Ukrainian-born Russian cinematographer, film actor,
Grigori Lemberg Ukrainian-born Russian cinematographer, 
Irving Lerner RWF Pic American cinematographer, film producer, ???
Andrew Lesnie Pic Australian cinematographer, ExLink
Veniamin Levitin RWF Russian cinematographer,  ??? 
Paul Lohmann American cinematographer, ???
Emmanuel Lubezki RWF Pic Mexican-born American cinematographer, artist,
Moisey Magid RWF Pic Russian cinematographer,   
Mark Magidson RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian cinematographer, 
Paul Maibaum Pic American cinematographer,
Ray Mala Pic American film actor, cinematographer, (Jewish father)
Daniel Mindel RWC Pic South African-born American cinematographer,
Dror Moreh Pic Israeli cinematographer, film director,
Anatoly Mukasei RWF Pic Soviet/Russian cinematographer, (Jewish father)
Marco Pontecorvo Pic Italian cinematographer,
Jim Rodnunsky Pic Canadian-born American technitian, cinematographer, inventor,
Owen Roizman Pic American cinematographer, ExLink
Phil Rosen RWF Pic German-born American film director, cinematographer,
Joseph Ruttenberg RWF Pic Russian-American photojournalist, cinematographer,
Esteban Sapir Pic Argentine cinematographer, film director, screenwriter,
Laszlo Schaffer Pic Ukrainian-born Hungarian cinematographer,
Eugen Schufftan RWF Pic German/Polish-born German cinematographer, Schufftan process ExLink
John Schwartzman RWC Pic American cinematographer,  
Noah Segan RWC Pic American cinematographer,  
Leon Shamroy RWF Pic American cinematographer,  
Adolf Shapiro Ukrainian-born Russian director cinematographer,
Lawrence Sher RWC Pic American film director, cinematographer,
Barry Sonnenfeld RWF Pic American film director, producer, cinematographer, actor,
Seweryn Steinwurzel Pic Polish cinematographer,
Josef von Sternberg RWF HW Pic Austrian American film director, cinematographer, writer,
Semion Stoyanovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet cinematographer, photographer,
Peter Suschitzky RWF Pic Polish-born British cinematographer,
Wolfgang Suschitzky RWF Pic Austrian-born British cinematographer, photographer, ExLink
Efim Uchitel RWF Pic Moldovan-born Soviet film director, cinematographer,
Kurt Weber Polish cinematographer,  
Haskell Wexler HW Pic American cinematographer, director/producer,
Stanislaw Wohl Polish cinematographer, screenwriter, director,
Steve Yedlin RWC Pic American cinematographer,
Denis Yevstigneyev RWF Pic Russian cinematographer, director, producer, (Jewish mother)
Boris Zavelev Russian cinematographer,  
Oscar: Best Cinematography
Karl Freund RWF Pic The Good Earth 1937
Boris Kaufman RWF Pic On the Waterfront 1954
Sam Leavitt Pic The Defiant Ones 1958 ???
Andrew Lesnie Pic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001
Emmanuel Lubezki RWF Pic Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 2014
Gravity 2013
Joseph Ruttenberg RWF Pic Gigi  1958
Somebody Up There Likes Me 1956
Mrs. Miniver 1942
The Great Waltz 1938
Eugen Schufftan RWF Pic The Hustler 1961
Leon Shamroy RWF Pic Cleopatra 1963
Leave her too Heaven 1945
Wilson 1944
The Black Swan 1942
Haskell Wexler HW Pic Bound for Glory 1976
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966
Oscar: Best Cinematography/wiki
Oscar: Best Film Editing
John Bloom British film editor, 1982
Verna Fields American film editor, educator, executive,
William Goldenberg American film editor, ???
Gerald Greenberg American film editor, ???
Paul Hirsch Pic American film editor, 
Michael Kahn RWF Pic American film editor,  1981
Tariq Anwar RWF Indian-born British film editor, (Jewish mother)
Harold Kress American film editor, ???
Daniel Mandell American film editor, ???
Zach Staenberg RWF American film editor, ???
Peter Zinner Pic Austrian-born American film/sound editor, producer, 1978
Oscar: Best Sound Mixing
Lora Hirschberg sound mixing Oscar 2010
William Kaplan American sound engineer,
Mark Ulano Pic American sound engineer, 1997
Oscar: Production Designer
Sir Ken Adam Pic German-born British production designer,
Anton Furst Pic British production designer, film director,
Stan Winston Pic American film/television special effects supervisor, makeup artist,