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Anatole Abragam RWF HW Pic Reflections of a Physicist Anatole Abragam Pic
David Adler A Hero and the Holocaust: The Story of Janusz and His Children Janusz Korczak Pic
Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir Golda Meir Pic
Polly Adler Pic A House is Not a Home Polyy Adler
Karen Alkalay-Gat Pic Adelaide Crapsey Pic
Ted Allan Pic The Scalpel, The Sword: The Story of Dr. Norman Bethune,   Norman Bethune Pic
Yigal Allon RWF HW Pic My Father's House Yigal Allon Pic
Leopold Amery HW Pic My Political Life Leopold Amery Pic Jewish mother
Hannah Arendt RWF HW Pic Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of Jewess Rahel Varnhagen Pic
Theo Aronson Princess Margaret Princess Margaret Pic
Countess Princess Alice
Pierre Assouline RWC HW Pic Henri Cartier-Bresson Pic
Marcel Dassault Pic
Gaston Gallimard Pic
Herge Pic
Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler Pic
Georges Somenon Pic
James Atlas Pic Delmore Schwartz: The Life of an American Poet Delmore Schwartz Pic ExLink
RWE Below: A Biography Saul Bellow Pic
Berthold Auerbach RWE HW Pic Spinoza Baruch Spinoza Pic
Inge Auerbacher I am a Star: Child of the Holocaust . Inge Auerbacher
Uri Avnery RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli journalist, Uri Avnery Pic
Paul Avrich RWF Pic An American Anarchist: the life of Voltairine de Cleyre Voltairine de Cleyre
Lauren Bacall RWF HW Pic Lauren Bacall by Myself Lauren Bacall Pic
Carroll Baker RWF HW Pic Baby Doll: An Autobiography Carroll Baker Pic
Deborah Baker Pic A Blue Hand: The Beats in India Allen Ginsberg Pic
Extremis: The Life of Laira Riding Laura Riding Pic
The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism Maryam Jameelah Pic
Angelica Balabanoff HW Pic Autobiography Angelica Balabanoff Pic
Neil Baldwin Edison: Inventing the Century Thomas Edison
Man Ray Man Ray Pic
Michael Bar-Zohar HW Pic Ben Gurion: A biography David Ben-Gurion Pic
Shiumon Peres The Biography Shimon Peres Pic
Rona Barrett Pic Miss Rona Rona Barrett Pic
Adam Baruch HW Pic Adam Baruch Pic
Isaac Bashevis Singer RWF HW Pic Isaac Bashevis Singer Pic
Samuel Behrman Pic Duveen Baron Joseph Duveen Pic
Portait of Max Sir Max Beerbohm
Arnold Beichman Herman Wouk, The Novelist as Social Historian Herman Wouk Pic
Alex Bein RWA HW Pic Theodor Herzl Pic
David Bellos Pic Georges Perec: A life in Words Georges Perec Pic ExLink
His Life and Art Jacques Tali
Romain Gary Pic
Norman Bentwich RWA HW Pic Josephus Flavius Pic
Philo Judaeus of Alexandria Philo Judaeus Pic ExLink
Solomon Schechter Pic
Israil Bercovici HW Pic The Golden Thread Abraham Goldfaden Pic
Walter Berendsohn Pic Nelly Sachs Pic
Scott Berg Pic Goldwyn: A Biography Samuel Goldwyn Pic
Kate Remembered Katharine  Hepburn Pic
Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh Pic
Ernest Hemingway Pic
Max Perkins: Editor of Genius Maxwell Perkins
Woodrow Wilson
Graenum Berger Samuel Berger
Ira Berkow Pic Red: A Biography of Red Smith Red Smith
Hank Greenberg: Hall-of-Fame Slagger Hank Greenberg Pic
Sir Isaiah Berlin RWF HW Pic Karl Marx 4th ed. Karl Marx Pic
Carl Bernstein RWF HW Pic A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hilary Rodnam Clinton Hilary Clinton
His Holiness: John Paul II & The History of our Time Pope John Paul II
Jermy Bernstein Hans Bethe: Prophet of Energy Hans Bethe Pic ???
Claire Berlinski Pic There Is No Alternative: Wht Margaret Thatcher Matters Margaret Thatcher Pic
Albert Bielschowsky Pic The Life of the Goethe:  Johahn Wolfgang von Goethe
Pic The Life of Goethe Vol 3 Johahn Wolfgang von Goethe
David Blaine RWF HW Pic Mysterious Stranger David Blaine Pic Jewish mother
Jean Blashfield Leonard Bernstein: Composer and Conductor Leonard Bernstein Pic ???
Abraham Lincoln
Michael Bliss Pic A Canadian Millionaire: The Life and Business Times of sir Joseph Fravelle Sir Joseph Fravelle
Anthony Blond Pic Jew Made in England Anthony Blond Pic
Harold Bloom RWF Pic Fyodor Dostoyevsky Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Susan Bluestein Pic After Midnight: The Life and Death of Brad Davis with Hilary de Vries Brad Davis Pic
Baruch Blumberg RWF HW Pic Hepatitis B: The Hunt of a Killer Virus Baruch Blumberg Pic
Ruth Bondy HW Pic Ruth Bondy Pic
Tom Bower Pic Klaus Barbie: The Butcher of Lyon Klaus Barbie
No Angel: The Secrete Life of Bernie Ecclestone Bernie Ecclestone Pic
Virginia Brackett Menachem Begin Pic ???
Ben Gurion: Builder of Israel David Ben-Gurion Pic
Reuben Brainin RWF HW Pic Moritz Lazarus Pic
M. Gudemann
Theodor Herzl Pic
Israel Zangwill Pic
Max Nordau Pic
Peretz Smolenskin Pic
Barbara Branden Pic Who Is Ayn Rand? Ayn Rand Pic
The Passion of Ayn Rand Ayn Rand Pic
Nathaniel Branden Pic Who Is Ayn Rand? Ayn Rand Pic
Nat Brandt Con Brio: Four Russians Called Budapest String Quartet
Julius Braunthal RWE Pic Victor and Friedrich Adler Victor Adler Pic
Otto Bauer Otto Bauer Pic
David Bret Pic Jean Harlow: Tarnished Angel Jean Harlow Pic wiki
Doris Day: Reluctant Star Doris Day Pic
Clark Gable: Tormented Star Clark Gable
Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr Joan Crawford Pic
Rock Hudson Rock Hudson
Marlene my Friend: An Intimate Biography Marlene Dietrich
Morrisay: Scandal and Passion Steven Morrissay
Elvis: The Hollywood Years Elvis Presley Pic
Barbara Streisand Barbara Streisand Pic
Erroll Flynn: Satan's Angel Erroll Flynn
George Formby: A Troubled Genius George Formby, RWE
Maria Callas: The Tigres and the Lamb Maria Callas
Gracie Fields: An Authorized Biography Gracie Fields
Maurice Chevalier: Up on Top of a Rainbow Maurice Chevalier Pic
The Piaf Legend Edith Piaf Pic
Piaf: A Passonate Life Edith Piaf Pic
Valentino: A Dream of Desire Rudolf Valentino
Paula Broadwell Pic All In: The Education of General David Petraeus David Petraeus Pic
David Brock The Seduction of Hillary Rodham Hillary Clinton
Max Brod RWF HW Pic Franz Kafka, eine Biographie Franz Kafka Pic
Richard Brookhiser Pic Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington George Washington
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses The Adamses
Alexander Hamilton, American Alexander Hamilton Pic
Alex Brummer Pic James Hanson: a Biography James Hanson
Arnold Weinstock: The Life and Times of Britain's Premier Industrialists Baron Arnold Weinstock Pic
Peter Buckman Pic Lafayette: A Biography Lafayette
Joseph Buloff HW Pic Lithuanian-born American actor, film director/producer, Joseph Buloff Pic
Si Burick Pic The Main Spark Sparky Anderson ExLink
Dmitry Bykov RWF Pic Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak Pic
Bulat Okudzava Bulat Okudzava Pic
Was Gorky real? Maxim Gorky Pic
Poppy Cannon Pic Gentla Knight Walter Francis White
Geoffrey Cantor Pic Michael Faraday: Sandemanian and Scientist: a Study of Science and Religion in the Nineteenth Century Michael Faraday
Laura Capon Pic Atoms in the Family: My Life With Enrico Fermi Enrico Fermi Pic
Kitty Carlsile RWF Pic Kitty: An Autobiography Kitty Carlsile Pic
Mosco Carner Pic Puccini: a Critical Biography Giacomo Puccini Pic
Alban Berg: The Man and his Work Alban Berg Pic
Robert Caro Pic The Power Broker: Robert Moses and a Fall of New York Robert Moses Pic
Nmaster of the Senate: The Years of Lindon Johnson Lindon Johnson
David Cesarani Pic Arthur Koestler: The Homeless Mind Arthur Koestler Pic
Adolf Eichmann
Jerome Charyn Savage Shorthand: The Live and Death of Isaac Babel Isaac Babel RWF
Abram Chasins Pic Stoki, The Incredible Appolo Leopold Stokowski
Ron Chernow Pic The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty J. P. Morgan
Titan: The Life of John D. Rockfeller, Sr John D. Rockfeller
Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Pic
Warburgs: The Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family Warburg
Washington: A Life George Washington Pic
Seweryn Chomet Helena: A Princess Reclaimed Princess Helena Pic
Annie Cohen-Solal Pic Sartre: A Life Jean-Paul Sartre Pic
Reuben Cohen Pic A time to tell: The public life of the private man Reuben Cohen Pic
Art Cohn Pic The Joker is Wild Joe Lewis Pic
The Nine Lives of Mike Todd Mike Todd Pic
Steven Cojocaru Pic Red Carpet Diaries: Confessions of Glamour Boy Steven Cojocaru Pic
Deborah Copaken Kogan Pic Deborah Copaken Kogan Pic
Myron Cope Pic Double Yoy Myron Cope Pic
Richard Cramer Pic Joe DiMaggio: A Hero's Life Joe DiMaggioo ExLink
David Daiches Charles Edward Stuart: the live and times of Bonnie Prince Charlie Bonnie Prince Charlie
Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf Pic
Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson
Marcia Davenport Pic Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Too Strong for Fantasy Marcia Davenport Pic
Philip Davis Bernard Malamud: A Writer's Live Bernard Malamud Pic
Philip Davis The Education of the Mathematician Philip Davis
Nicholas Dawidoff Pic The Catcher was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg Moe Berg Pic
Fly Swater: a Portrait of an Exceptional Character ExLink Alexander Gerschenkron Pic
Moshe Dayan RWF HW Pic Moshe Dayan: Story of My Live Moshe Dayan Pic
Renzo De Felice Mussolini Benito Mussolini
Isaac Deutcsher RWF HW Pic Leon Trotsky Pic
Stalin: A Political Biography Joseph Stalin Pic
Otto Erich Deutsch Pic Handel: A Documentary Biography Handel
Mozart: A Documentary Biography Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Frances Dinkelspiel Pic Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigramt Named Isaias Hellman Created California Isaias Hellman  Pic
Carl Djerassi RWF Pic The Pill, Pigmy Chimps, and Degas' Horse: The Autobiography of Carl Djerassi Carl Djerassi Pic
Meir Doron Pic Confidential Arnon Milchan Pic
Dov Yosef RWF HW Pic Canadian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Justice,
Michael Drosnin Pic Citizen Hughes Howard Hughes
Malka Drucker Pic Eliezer Ben-Yehuda: Father of Modern Hebrew Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Pic
Frida Kahlo: Tornment and Triumph Frida Kahlo
Tom Seaver: Portrait of a Pitcher Tom Seaver
Martin Duberman Pic Paul Robeson, Stonewall Paul Robeson
The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein Lincoln Kirstein Pic
Simon Dubnow RWF HW Pic Book of my Life Simon Dubnow Pic
Elaine Dundy Pic Fich, Bloody Finch: A Biography of Peter Finch Peter Finch Pic
Elvys and Gladys Elvis Presley Pic
Ferriay, Louisiana
Life Itself! Elaine Dundy Pic
Abba Eban RWF HW Pic Abba Eban Abba Eban Pic
Leon Edel RWF Pic Henry James: A Biography 1957-1972 Henry James
American literary critic, biographer, James Joice
Natan Eidelman RWE Pic Pushkin Alexander Pushkin Pic
Richard Ellmann RWF Pic James Joyce James Joice ExLink
Oscar Wilde ExLink
Yeats: The Man and the Masks Willian Butler Yeats ExLink
Daniel M. Epstein Pic Abraham Lincoln
Bob Dylan Pic
Walt Witman
Nat King Cole
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sister Aimee: The Life of Aimee Semple McPerson Aimee Semple McPerson
Helen Epstein Joseph Papp Pic
Lawrence Epstein Samuel Goldwyn Samuel Goldwyn Pic
Rachel Epstein Estee Lauder: Beauty Business Success Estee Lauder Pic
Mark Evanier Pic Kirby: King of Comics Jack Kirby Pic
Wayne Federman Pic American comedian, actor, writer, Pete Maravich
Elaine Feinstein RWF HW Pic Ted Hughes: The Life of Poet Ted Hughes
Lawrence's Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence D.H. LaRWFrence
Anna of all the Russians: A Life of Anna Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova
Bessie Smith Bessie Smith
Wilhelm Feldberg Pic Fifty Years On: Looking Back on some Defelopments of Neurohumronal Physiology Wilhelm Feldberg Pic
Daniel Felsenfeld Pic Antonio Vivaldi and the Baroque Tradition Antonio Vivaldi Pic
Benjamin Britten and Samuel Barber: Their lives and music Benjamin Britten Pic
Samuel Barber Pic
Johannes Brahms and the Twilight of Romanticism Johannes Brahms Pic
Richard Wagner and German Opera Richard Wagner Pic
George Friederic Handel and Music for Voices George Friederic Handel Pic
Johann Sebastian Bach and the Art of Baroque Music Johann Sebastian Bach Pic
John Festinger Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew Paul Celan Pic
Leon Feuchtwanger RWF HW Pic Goya Francisco Goya
Cy Feuer Pic I Got the Show Right Here Cy Feuer Pic
Shimon Finkel RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli stage actor, Shimon Finkel Pic
Norman Finkelstein RWF HW Pic Captain of Innocence: France & the Dreyfus Affair Alfred Dreyfus Pic
The Emperor General: A Biography of Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur
Theodor Herzl: Architect of a Nation Theodor Herzl Pic
With Heroic Truth: The Life of Edward R. Murrow Edward R. Murrow
Ariel Sharon (Biography) Ariel Sharon Pic
Amy Fisher Pic Amy Fisher Pic Jewish father
Lord Fisher of Camden Selig Brodetsky Pic
Louis Fischer HW Pic The Live of Mahatma Gandi Mahatma Gandi
The Life of Lenin Vladimir Lenin Pic
Abraham Flexner Pic I Remember: The Autobiography of Abraham Flexner Abraham Flexner Pic
A biography of H. S. Pritchett S. H. Pritchett
James Flexner Pic George Washington Vol 4, Anquish and Farewell 1793-1799 George Washington
Washington: The Indespensible Man
The Young Hamilton Alexander Hamilton Pic
Monawk Baronet Sir William Johnson
The Trator and the Spy Benedict Arnold
Amanda Foreman RWF Pic Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire Lady Georgiana Spencer
Viviane Forrester Pic Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf Pic
Gerold Frank Pic Judy Judy Garland Pic
Joseph Frank Pic Dostoyevsky: The Seeds of Revolt 1821-49 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Dostoyevsky: The Years of Ordeal 1850-59 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Dostoevsky: A Writer in his Time Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Dostoyevsky: The Stir of Liberation 1860-65 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Dostoyevsky: The Miraculous Years 1865-71 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
ostoyevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet 1871-81 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Philipp Frank RWF HW Pic Einstein: His Life and Times Albert Einstein Pic
David Freedman Pic My Life is in Your Hands Eddie Cantor Pic
Ziegfeld: The Great Glorifier Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr Pic
Ralph Fredman Life of Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke Rainer Maria Rilke Pic Jewish mother
Russell Freedman Pic Lincoln: A Photobiography Abraham Lincoln
The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane The Wright Brothers
Eleanor Rosevelt: A Life of Discovery Eleanor Rosevelt
Martha Graham: A Dancers Live Martha Graham Pic RWF
Babe Didrikson Zacharias: The Making of Champion Babe Didrikson Zacharias
Suzanne Freedman Louis Brandeis: The People's Justice Louis Brandeis Pic ???
Michael Fried Pic Manet's Modernism Edouard Manet
Courbet's Realism Gustave Courbet
Marcia Freedman RWC HW Pic American-born Israeli politician,   Marcia Freedman Pic
Noam Friedlander Pic Sophie: A Royal Wedding Souvenir Sophie Rhys Jones
Katty Perry Pic
Saul Friedlander RWF HW Pic Kurt Gerstein: The Ambiguity of Good Kurt Gerstein
Pius XII and the Third Reich: A Documentation Pope Pius XII
Lawrence J. Friedman Identity's Architect: A Biography of Eric H. Erikson Erik Erikson Pic ???
Menniger: The Family and the Clinic Karl Menniger
Maurice Friedman Martin Buber: The Life of Dialogue Martin Buber Pic
Joseph Fruton RWC Pic Eighty Years Joseph Fruton Pic
Peter Gay HW Pic Freud: A Life for Our Time Sigmund Feud
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig Geiger
Karl Geiringer Pic Brahms: His Life and Works Brahms
Haydn: A Creative Life in Music Haydn
The Bach Family: Seven Generations of Creative Genius Bach
Matvey Geizer RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian literary scholat, publicist, Solomon Mokhoels
Leonid Utiosov
Faina Ranevskaya
Sinovy Gerdt
Joseph Geller Now and Then Joseph Geller
Masha Gessen RWF HW Pic Masha Gessen Perfect Rigor: A Genius and the Mathematical Breakthrough of the Century Grigori Perelman Pic
Martin Gilbert Winston Churchill Winston Cherchill
Sir Horace Rumbold: Portrait of Diplomate Sir Horace Rumbold
Arthur Gelb Pic American managing director of New York Times, Eugenne O'Neill Pic
Barbara Gelb Pic American author, playwigt, journalist, Eugenne O'Neill Pic
James Gleick Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman Richard Feynman Pic
Stephen Jay Gould Pic
Douglas Hofstadter Pic
Benoit Mandelbrot Pic
Matvei Gleizer RWF Solomon Michoels
Leonid Ytyosov
Faina Ranevskaya Pic
Heinrich Glucksmann Munkacsy
Matti Golan Road of Peace: The Biography of Shimon Peres Shimon Peres Pic
Gerald Jay Goldberg Pic Citizen Turner: The Wild Rise of American Tycoon Ted Turner
Isaac Goldberg H. L. Mencken Pic
Havellock Ellis
W. S. Gilbert
Arthur Sullivan
George Gershwin Pic
Robert Goldberg Citizen Turner: The Wild Rise of American Tycoon Ted Turner
Samuel Goldblith Pic Appetite for Live: An Autobiography Samuel Goldblith Pic
Joyce Goldenstern Albert Einstein: Physicist and Genius (Great Minds of Science) Albert Einstein Pic
Albert Goldman The Lives of John Lennon John Lennon
Elvis Elvis Presley Pic
Ladies and gentlemen - Lenny Bruce Lenny Bruce Pic
Nahum Goldmann HW Pic Memories: The Autobiography of Nahum Goldmann Nahum Goldmann Pic
Peter Goldman Malcolm X: Search of Identity Malcolm X
Susan Goldman Rubin Steven Spielberg: Crazy for Moovies Steven Spielberg Pic
Vivien Goldman Pic Bob Marley, soul Rebel - Natural Mystic Bob Marley Pic
Barbara Goldsmith Pic Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie Marie Curie
Bacall and the Boys Bacall
Maurice Goldsmith Sage: A Life of J D Bernal John Bernal Pic
Jack Goldstein A Different Sort of Time: The Life of Jerrold R. Zacharias: Scientist, Engineer, Educator, Jerrold Zacharias Pic
Yossi Goldstein Pic Eli Hurovitz Pic
Levi Eshkol Pic
Yitzhak Rabin Pic
Golda Meir Pic
Sir Ernst Gombrich RWF HW Pic Aby Warburg: An Intellectual Biography Aby Warburg Pic
Oskar Kokoschka
Peter Goodchild J. Robert Oppenheimer: Shaterer of Worlds ??? Robert Oppenheimer Pic
Edward Teller: The Real Dr. Strangelove Edward Teller Pic
Martin Gottfried Pic Arthur Miller: A life Arthur Miller Pic ???
Sondheim Stephen Sondheim Pic
Nobody's Fool Danny Kaye Pic
George Burns George Burns Pic
All His Jazz: The Life and Death of Bob Fosse Bob Fosse Pic
The Curse of Genius Jed Harris Pic
Balancing Act, the Authorized Biography of Angela Lansbury Angela Lansbury
Robert Gottlieb Pic George Balanchine: The Ballet Maker George Balanchine ExLink
Katharine Graham Pic Personal History Katharine Graham Pic
Linda Greenhouse Pic Becaming Justice Blackmun: Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court Journey Harry Blackmun
Edward Greenspan Pic The Case of the Defense Edward Greenspan Pic
Leonid Grossman RWF Pushkin A.C. Aleksander Pushkin Pic
Nikolai Leskov Pic
Fiodor Dostoyevsky Pic
Philip Guedalla Pic Mr Churchill (1941) Winston Churchill
The Duke (1931) Duke of Wellington
Peter Guralnick Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Pic ExLink
Mel Gussow Pic Edward Albee: A Singular Journey Edward Albee
Robert Gutman Richard Wagner: The Man, His Mind and His Music Richard Wagner ???
Mozart: A Cultural Biography Wolfgang Mozart
Ida Haendel RWF HW Pic Woman with Violin Ida Haendel Pic
Nina Hagen RWF Pic Nina Hagen Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Emily Hahn Pic Aphra Behn
James Brooke of Sarawak: A Biography of Sir James Brooke James Brooke
A Degree of Prudery: A Biography of Fanny Burney Fanny Burney
Chiang Kai-Shek: An Unauthorized Biography Chiang Kai-Shek
Lorenzo: D. H. Lawrence and the Women Who Loved Him D. H. Lawrence
Mabel: A Biography of Mable Dodge Luban Mabel Dodge Luhan
Mary, Quenn of Scots
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci
Hillel Halkin RWE HW Pic Yehuda Halevi Pic
Mark Harris Pic Bang the Drum Slowly Henry Wiggins ExLink
City of Discontent: An Intepretive Biography of Vachel Lindsay, Vachel Lindsay Pic
Saul Bellow: Drumlin Woodchuck Saul Bellow Pic
Charles Harrison Pic Clarence Darrow
Goldie Hawn RWF HW Pic Goldie Hawn Pic
Benjamin Harshav RWC HW Pic Marc Shagall and His Times Marc Chagall Pic
Ben Hecht RWF HW Pic A Child of the Century Ben Hecht Pic
Konrad Heiden Pic Hitler: A Biography Hitler
Anthony Heilbut Pic Thomas Mann: Eros and Literature Thomas Mann Pic
Robert Henriques Marcus Samuel
Robert Waley-Cohen
Mickey Herskowitz A Charge to Keep: My journey to the White House George Bush
Dan Rather
Mickey Mantle
Howard Cosell Pic
Nolan Ryan
Alexander Herzen HW Pic My Past and Thoughts Alexander Herzen Pic   ???
C. David Heymann Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor
RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy Robert Kennedy
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend if Barbara Hutton Barbara Hutton
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Pic Mozart: A Biography Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eric Hobsbawm RWF HW Pic Egyptian-born British marxist historian, author, Eric Hobsbawm Pic
Douglas Hofstadter RWF Pic Godel, Echer, Bach Godel, Echer, Bach
A. E. Hotchner Papa Henigway: The Estasy and Sorrow Ernest Henigway ExLink
Doris Day, Her Own Story Doris Day Pic
David Horowitz RWF HW Pic Isaac Deutscher Pic
Sghalom Friend: The Life and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin Yitzhak Rabin Pic
Ronald Howard Pic In Search of My Father: A Portrait of Leslie Howard Leslie Howard Pic
Johanna Hurwitz Leonard Bernstein: A Passion of Music Leonard Bernstein Pic
Anne Frank: Life in Hiding Anne Frank Pic
Uzi Ilem HW Pic Israeli military, scientist, Uzi Ilem Pic
Leopold Infield Quest: An Autobiography Leopold Infield
Walter Isaacson RWF HW Pic Steve Jobes: A Biography Steve Jobes Pic
Einstein: His Live and Universe Albert Einstein Pic
Benjamin Franklin: An Ameican Life Benjamin Franklin Pic
Kissinger: A Biography Henry Kissinger Pic
Salomon Isacovici Pic Man of Ashes Salomon Isacovici Pic
Maurice Isserman Pic Dorothy Healey Remembers: A Life of American Communist Party Dorothy Healey Pic
The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington Michael Harrington Pic
Seymour Itzkoff Emanuel Feuermann Pic
Benjamin Ivry Pic Francis Poulenc Francis Poulenc
Arthur Rimboud Arthur Rimbaud
Maurice Ravel: A Life Maurice Ravel
Edward Jablonski Pic Gershwin: A Biography George Gershwin Pic
Harold Allen: Happy with the Blues Harold Arlen Pic
Alan Jay Lerner: A Biography Alan Jay Lerner Pic
Irvin Berlin: American Troubadour Irving Berlin Pic
Heinrich Eduard Jacob Pic Joseph Haydn wiki
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and his Times Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Pic
Johann Stauss, Father and Son: A Century Of Light Music Johann Strauss II Pic
Linda Jacobs Altman Simon Wiesenthal Simon Wiesenthal Pic
George Jessel Pic The World I Leave In George Jessel Pic
Matthew Josephson Pic Zola and His Time Emile Zola
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Stendthal: on the Pursuit of Happiness Stendhal
Victor Hugo Pic
Sidney Hillman
Edison Thomas Edison
Guido Jung RWC Pic Benito Mussolini ExLink
Veniamin Kagan RWF HW Pic Nikolai Lobachevsky Pic
Avigdor Kahalani RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,  general,  Minister of Internal Security, Avigdor Kahalani Pic
Daniel Kahneman RWF HW Pic Israeli-born Israeli American psychologist, Nobel Prize (2002) in Economics Daniel Kahneman Pic
Aleksandr Kamensky Pic Marc Chagall, An Artist from Russia Marc Chagall Pic
Ernst Kantorowicz RWF Pic Kaiser Friedrich II King Friedrich II
Amnon Kapeliouk RWE Pic Arafat
James Kaplan Pic Dean & Me Jerry Lewis Pic
Justin Kaplan Pic Mr Clements and Mr Twain, Mark Twain Pic
Walt Whitman Walt Whitman
Shmuel Katz Pic Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky Zeev Jabotinsky Pic
Evelyn Keller Pic A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock Barbara McClintock
Steven Kellman Redemption: The Live of Herry Roth Henry Roth Pic
Allegra Kent Pic Once a Dancer Allegra Kent Pic
Sir Michael Kerr Pic As Far As I Remember Sir Michael Kerr Pic
Ronald Kessler Pic Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady Laura Bush
The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded Joseph Kennedy
Ayya Khema I Give You My Live Ayya Khema
Vladislav Khodasevich RWF Pic Derzhavin Gavrila Derzhavin Jewish mother
Adam Kirsch Benjamin Disraeli Earl Benjamin Disraeli Pic
Howard Kissel David Merrick: The Adominable Showman David Merrick Pic
Edward Klein Pic Katie: The Real Story Katie Couric Pic Jewish mother
Pierre Klossowski RWF Pic Sade my neighbour Marquis de Sade Jewish mother
Nietzsche and the Vicius Circle Nietzsche
Clea Koff Pic The Bone Woman: Among the dead in RWFanda, Bosnia, and Croatia, Clea Koff Pic
Leo Konigsberger RWF Pic Hermann von Helmholtz Pic
Carl Jacobi Pic
My Life Leo Konigsberger Pic
Michael Korda Pic Ulysses S. Grant
Judith Krantz Pic Sex and Shopping. The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl. Judith Krantz Pic
Irv Kupcinet Pic Kup: A man, An Era, a City. Irv Kupcinet Pic
Boris Kuznetsov RWF Giordano Bruno
Galilelo Galiley
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
John Lahr Pic Sinatra: The Artist and the Man Frank Sinatra Pic
Tennessee Williams
Michael Landon RWF HW Pic Michael Landon: His Triumph and Tragedy Michael Landon Pic Jewish father
Joseph Lash Pic Eleonor and Franklin Franklin Roosevelt
Dag Hammarskjold Pic
Marghanita Laski Pic Mrs Ewing, Mrs Molesworth ang Mrs Hodgson Barnett biography
Shulamit Laskov HW Pic Joseph Trumpeldor Pic
Eric Lax Woody Allen: A Biography Woody Allen Pic
Paul Newman: A Biography Paul Newman Pic
Humphrey Bogart Pic
The Mold in Dr, Florey's Coat: The Story of the Penicilin Miracle Howard Walter Florey
Rachel Lebowitz Ida Hannus
Elizabeth Lee British teacher, literary critic, biographer, translator,
Sir Sidney Lee Pic Life of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare
Life of Queen Victoria Queen Victoria
Joseph Leftwich Pic Israel zangwill biography Israel Zangwill Pic
Lilli Lehmann Pic Mein Weg Lilli Lehmann Pic Jewish mother
Alexander Leidholdt Editor for Justice: The Life of Louis I. Jaffe Louis Jaffe Pic
Edwin De Leon RWC HW Pic American minister to Czechoslovakia 1853-56, ambassador to Egypt, Edwin De Leon Pic
Alan Jay Lerner HW Pic
Hilde Levi RWC Pic George de Hevesy Pic
Peter Levi Pic The Live and times of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare Jewish father
Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak Pic
Tennyson Baron Alfred Tennyson
Edward Lear: A biography Edward Lear
Eden renewed: the private and public life of John Milton John Milton
Virgil: his life and times Virgil
Emanuel Levy Pic Vincente Minnelli: Holywood's Dark Dreamer Vincente Minnelli Pic
W.E.B. Du Bois: The Fight for Equolity and the American Century 1919-64 W.E.B. Du Bois
David Magarshack Pic Anton Chekhov Pic
Nikolai Gogol Pic
Fyodor Dostoevsky Pic
Alexander Pushkin Pic
Konstantin Stanislavski Pic
Ivan Turgenev Pic
Albert Manfred RWE Pic Napoleon Bonoparte
Uri Milstein RWC HW Pic Yitzhak Rabin
Rita Levi-Montalcini RWF HW Pic In Praise of Imperfection: My Life and Work Rita Levi-Montalcini Pic
Peter Levinson American music publicist, biographer, Harry James Pic
Nelson Riddle
Tommy Dorsey
Puttin' on the Ritz: Fred Astaire & the Fine Art of Panache Fred Astaire Pic
Ruth Lewin Sime Lise Meitner: A Life in Physics Lise Meitner Pic ???
Sol Liptzin Pic Arthur Schnitzler Pic
Heinrich Heine Pic
Richard Beer-Hofmann Pic
Barnet Litvinov Ben-Gurion David Ben-Gurion Pic
Dorothy Livingston The Master of Light: A Biography of Albert A. Michelson Albert Michelson Pic
Arthur Lubow Pic The Reporter Who Would Be King: A Biography of Richard Harding Davis Richard Harding Davis
Robert Lucas Frieda Lawrence Pic
Emil Ludwig RWE Pic Jesus Christ Pic
Goethe Wolfgang von Goethe
Napoleon Napoleon Bonoparte
Wilhelm II Wilhelm Hohenzollern
Bismarck Otto von Bismarck
Trois Titans
Abraham Lincoln
Shliman Henryh Shliman
Ludwig van Beethoven
Kadish Luz RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Agriculture 1955-59, Kadish Luz Pic
Eugene Lyons Pic Herbert Hoover, a Biography. Doubkeday. Herbert Hoover
David Sarnoff, a Biography. David Sarnoff Pic
Kevin Macdonald RWF Pic Emeric Pressburger: The Life and Death of Screenwriter Emeric Pressburger Pic
Ali MacGraw RWF HW Pic Moving Pictures Ali MacGraw Pic
Lothar Machtan Pic The Hidden Hitler Adolf Hitler
Arthur Magida Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan  Louis Farrakhan
Sir Philip Magnus-Allcroft Pic Gladstone - A biography William Gladstone
King Edward the Seventh King Edward VII
Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh
Norman Mailer RWF HW Pic Oswald's Tale: An American Mistery Lee Oswald
Marilyn: A Biography Marilyn Monroe Pic
The Executioner's Song Gary Gilmore
Portrait of Picasso as the Young Man: An Interpretive Biography Pablo Picasso Pic
Erika Mann RWF HW Pic Escape to Life: The Erika and Klaus Mann Story Erika Mann Pic
Klaus Mann HW Klaus Mann Pic
David Mannes Pic Music Is My Faith David Mannes Pic
David Maraniss Pic First in his Class: A Biography of Bill Clinton Bill Clinton ExLink Jewish father
Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last hero Roberto Clemente
Alfred Marrow Pic The Practical Theorist: The Life and Work of Kurt Lewin Kurt Lewin Pic
Vladimir Mazya RWF Pic Jacques Hadamard, A Universal Mathematician Jacques Hadamard Pic
Andre Maurois RWF HW Pic Lelia: Life of George Sand George Sand
Prometheus: Life of Balzac Honore de Balzac
Disraeli Benjamin Disraeli Pic
Byron Lord Byron
Persy Shelley
Dickens Charles Dickens
Golda Meir Pic My Life Golda Meir Pic
Lewis Melville William Makepeace Thackeray: A Biography William Thackeray
The Life and Letters of Laurence Sterne Laurence Sterne
The Life and Letters of William Cobbett William Cobbett
Baron Yehudi Menuhin RWF HW Pic Unfinished Journey Baron Yehudi Menuhin Pic
Ya'akov Meridor RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Economics & Inter-Ministry Coordination, Ya'akov Meridor Pic
Michael Meyer Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen Pic
Strindberg: A Biography August Strindberg Pic
Harold Meyerson Pic Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz? E.Y. Harburg Pic
Shirley Milgrim Haym Solomon Liberty's Son Haym Solomon  Pic
Sarah Millin RWF Pic Cecil Rhodes Cecil Rhodes
Jan Smuts
Yvonne Mitchell Pic Sidone-Gabrielle Colette Pic
Benjamin Moser Pic Why This World: Abiography of Clarice Lispector, Clarice Lispector Pic
Ira Nadel Various Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen Pic
Sir Tom Stoppard Pic
David Mamet Pic
Leon Uris Pic
Reggie Nadelson Pic Comrade Rockstar: Thr Life and Mistery of Dean Reed  Dean Reed Pic
Who is Angela Davis? The Biography of Revolutionery Angela Davis Pic
Steven Nadler Spinoza: A Life Baruch Spinoza Pic
Nicholas Nagi-Talavera Nicolae Iorga: A Biography Nicolae Iorga
Barney Nagler Pic Shoemaker, America's Greatest Jockey Willie Shoemaker
Julia Namier Lewis Namier Sir Lewis Namier Pic
David Nasaw Pic The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst William Randolph Hearst
The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy Joseph Kennedy
Henri Nathansen Pic Georg Brandes Pic
John Nathan Pic Mishima: A Biography Yukio Moshima
Gerhard Neumann Pic Herman the German: Just Lucky I Guess. Gerhard Neumann Pic
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein RWF HW Pic The Truth and Parodox of Kurt Godel Kurt Godel
Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity Baruch Spinoza Pic
Peter Newman Pic The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
The Bronfman Dynasty: The Rothscilds of the New World Bronfman
Meir Nitzan RWF Pic Meir Nitzan Pic
Ellen Norman Stern Elie Wiesel: A Voice of Humanity Elie Wiesel Pic
Sherwin Nuland Pic Maimonides Moses Maimonides Pic
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci
Lev Nussimbaum RWF Pic Stalin: The Career of a Fanatic Joseph Stalin
Lenin Vladimir Lenin Pic
Nicholas II: The Prisoner in Purple Czar Nicholas II
Zack O'Malley Greenburg Pic Jay-Z Pic
Michael Jackson Pic
Jerry Oppenheimer Pic American author, biographer, ??? Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Dujovne Ortiz Pic Maria Elena Walsh Pic
Diego Marodona Pic
Eva Peron Pic
Amos Oz RWF HW Pic Israeli writer, journalist, intellectual, Amos Oz Pic
Saul Padover Jefferson: A Great American's Life and Ideas Thomas Jefferson
Steve Paikin Pic Public Triumph, Public Tragedy: The Double Life of John Robarts John Robarts
Abraham Pais RWF Pic Subtle is the Lord: The Science and Life of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Pic
Einstein lived here Albert Einstein Pic
Paul Dirac: The Man and his Job Paul Dirac
Niels Bohr's Times,  In Physics, Philosophy, Politics Niels Bohr Pic
The Genius of Science: A Portrait Gallery Niels Bohr Pic
J. Robert Openheimer: A Life Robert Oppenheimer Pic
Peter Paret Pic Clausewitz and the State Carl von Clausewitz
Herbert Parmet Pic John Kennedy
Richard Nixon and His America Richard Nixon
Robert Parmet Pic The Master of Seventh Avenue: David Dubinsky and American Labour Movement David Dubinsky Pic
Jozsef Patai HW Pic Hungarian zionist leader, poet, translator, editor, Theodor Herzl Pic
Roy Pateman Chaos and Dancing Star: Wagner's Politics, Wagner's Legacy Richard Wagner ExLink
Michael Pariser Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel Pic
Jeff Pearlman Pic The Rocket That Fell to Earth Roger Clemens
Ran Peker RWC HW Pic Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general,
Gisella Perl Pic I was a Doctor in Auschwitz Gisella Perl Pic
Lila Perl Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Life of the Storyteller Isaac Bashevis Singer Pic
Amos Perlmuter The Life and Times of Menachem Begin Menachem Begin Pic
Rick Perlstein Pic Nixoland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America Richard Nixon
Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus Barry Goldwater Pic
Robert Peston Pic Brown's Britain Gordon Brown
Julia Phillips Pic You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again Julia Phillips Pic
Hella Pick Pic Simon Wiesenthal: The Life in Search of Justice Simon Wiesenthal Pic
Tova Piron HW Pic Russuan-born Israeli singer, Tova Piron Pic
Frederik Pohl RWF Pic The Way the Future Was Frederik Pohl Pic
Leon Poliakov RWF HW Pic Russian-born French historian of anti-semitism. Leon Poliakov Pic
Stephen Pollard Pic David Blunkett
Mark Popovsky RWE Pic The Vavilof Affair Vavilov
The Story of Dr. Haffkine Haffkine
Gerald Posner Pic Mengele: The Complete Story Josef Mengele ExLink1 ExLink2
Citizen Perot: His Life and Times Ross Perot
Rabbi Chaim Potok HW Pic My First 79 Years Isaac Stern Pic
Erik Lee Preminger Pic Gypsy & Me: At Home and on the Rode with Gypsy Rose Lee Erik Lee Preminger Pic
Lodewijk Prins Pic Jose Raul Capablanca Pic
Avraham Rabinovich Teddy Kollek: Builder of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek Pic
Moshe Rachmilewitz RWF HW Belarusian-born Israeli physician, hematologist,
Anatol Rapoport RWF Pic Certainties and Doubts: A Philosophy of Life Anatol Rapoport Pic
Marcus Eli Ravage Pic Emprece Innocence: The Life of Marie-Louise Marie-Louise Napoleon Pic
Five Men of Frankfort: The Storyof Rothschilds Rothschild
Frederick Redlich Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, academic administrator, Hitler
Theodor Reik Pic Fragments of a Great Confession Theodor Reik Pic
Fred Reinfeld Pic Alexander Alekhine Pic
Jose Raul Casablanca Pic
Paul Keres Pic
Emanuel Lasker Pic
Paul Morphy Pic
Aron Nimzowitsch Pic
Tom Reiss RWF Pic The Orientalist Lev Nussimbaum Pic
Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
David Remnick RWF Pic The Bridge: The live and Rise of Barack Obama Barack Obama
King of the World: Mihammad Ali and the Rise of American Hero Muhammad Ali
John Rewald RWF Pic Cezanne, A Biography Paul Cezanne
Ceurat, A Biography Georges Ceurat
Camille Pissarro Camille Pissarro Pic
Semyon Reznick RWF Vavilov RWF
Mechnikov RWF
Kovalevsky RWF
Parin RWF
Renee Richards Pic Second Serve Renee Richards Pic
No Way Renee, The Second Half of My Notorious Life Renee Richards Pic
Harry Richman Pic A Hell of a Life Harry Richman Pic
David Ritz Divided Soul: The Life & Times of Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye ExLink
Faith in Time: The Life of Jimmy Scott Jimmy Scott
The Etta James Story Etta James
Brother Ray: Ray Charles' own story, Ray Charles
The Brothers The Neville Brothers
Guillaume: A Life Robert Guillaume
Rickles' Book Don Rickles Pic
Blues All Around Me B. B. King
Grace After Midnight Felicia Pearson
Gary Sheffield Gary Sheffield
Maxime Rodinson RWF Pic Muhammad Muhammad
Kenneth Rose Pic King George V
Elusive Rothschild: The Live of Victor, Third Baron Baron Victor Rothschild Pic
Michael Rosen Pic William Shakespeare
Andrew Roth Pic Harold Wilson
Edward Heath
Enoch Powell
Cecil Roth RWE HW Pic Dona Gracia Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi Pic ExLink
The Duke of Naxos Don Joseph Nasi Pic
Constance Rourke Pic Davy Crockett
John James Audubon
Charles Sheeler
Morrie Ryskind Pic I Shot an Elephant in My Pajamas: The Morrie Ryskind Story Morrie Ryskind Pic
Samuel Ruben Pic Necessity's Children: Memoirs of Independent Inventor Samuel Ruben Pic
Sergio Rubin Pic Argentine journalist, biographer, Pope Francis Pic
Harvey Sachs Toscanini Arturo Toscanini
Virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein Pic
Margherita Sarfatti RWF HW Pic The Life ov Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini ExLink
Michael Scammell Pic Koestler: The Literary and Political Odysey of the Twentieth-Century Skeptic Arthur Koestler Pic
Alexander Solzhenitzyn: A Biography  Alexander Solzhenitzyn Pic
Dick Schaap Pic Flashng Before My Eyes: 50 Years of Headlines, Deadlines & Punchlines Dick Schaap Pic
American sportswriter, broadcaster, author, Robert Kennedy
Simon Schama Pic Rembrandt's Eyes Rembrandt van Rijn
Joseph Schechtman The Life and Times of Jabotinsky Zeev Jabotinsky Pic
Stacy Schiff Pic Vera, Mrs Vladimir Nabokov Vera Nabokov Pic
Saint-Exupery: Biography Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Arno Schirokauer Pic Lassalle: the power of illusion and illusion of power Ferdinand Lassalle Pic
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr RWF Pic A Thousand Days John Kennedy Pic Jewish paternal father
Robert Kennedy and his times Robert Kennedy
Gershom Scholem RWF HW Pic Sabbatai Zevi, the Mistical Mesiah Sabbtai Zevi Pic
Esther Schor Emma Lazarus Pic
Mark Schorer Pic Sinclair Lewis: An American Life Sinclair Lewis
Maxine Rose Schur Hannah Szenes: A Song of Life Hannah Szenes Pic
Susan Schwartz Into the Unknown: The Remarkable Life of Hans Kraus Hans Kraus Pic
Barbara Seaman Pic Lovely me: Life of Jacqueline Susann Jacqueline Susann Pic
Simon Sebag-Montefiore RWF HW Pic Stalin: A Court of the Red Tzar Joseph Stalin Pic
Grigori Potemkin
Emilio Segre RWF HW Pic Enrico Fermi: Physicist Enrico Fermi Pic
A Mind Always in Motion: The Autobiography of Emilio Segre Emilio Segre Pic
Anthony Seldon Pic Blair Unbound Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Britain Under Thatcher Thatcher
John Major
Galina Serebryakova RWF Pic Prometey Karl Marx Pic
Sidney Sheldon HW Pic The Other Side of Me Sidney Sheldon Pic
Robert Shelton Pic No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
Viktor Shklovsky RWF HW Pic Mayakovsky and his circle Vladimir Mayakovsky Pic
Lev Tolstoy Lev Tolstoy
Irving Shulman Pic Jean Harlow Pic
Rudolph Valentino
Edith Sichel Pic Catherine de Medichi Catherine de Medichi
Life and Letters of Alfred Ainger Alfred Ainger
Michel de Montaigne Michel de Montaigne Pic
Walter Sichel Pic Emma, Lady Hamilton Emma, Lady Hamilton ExLink
The Life of Lord Biconsfield Earl Benjamin Disraeli Pic
The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan Richard Sheridan
Sterne, A Study Laurence Sterne
Barbara Silberdick Feinberg Joseph Lieberman: Keeping the Faith Joe Lieberman Pic ???
Jonathan Silverman For the World To See: The Life of Margaret Bourke-White  Margaret Bourke-White Pic Jewish father
Kenneth Silverman Pic Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss Harry Houdini Pic
The Life and Times of Cotton Mather Cotton Mather
Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-ending Remembarance Edgar A. Poe
Lighting Man: The Accursed Life of Samuel B. Morse Samuel B. Morse
George Simon
Baron Robert Skidelsky RWF Pic Jones Maynhard Kaynes: Hopes Betrayed 1883-1920 JM Kaynes
Biography of Oswald Mosley Oswald Mosley
Robert Slater Pic Golda, The Uncrowned Quenn of Israel Golda Meir Pic
Rabin of Israel: A Biography Yitzhak Rabin Pic
Warrior Stateman: The Life of Moshe Dayan Moshe Dayan Pic
Allan Slutsky Pic Standing in the Shadows of Motown: James Jamerson
Gustaf Sobin In Persuit of a Vanishing Star Greta Garbo Pic
Maynard Solomon Mozart: a Life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven
Deborah Solomon Pic Jackson Pollack: A Biography Jackson Pollock
Utopia Parkway: The Life and Work of Joseph Cornell Joseph Cornell
Norman Rockwell
Harrison Solow Pic Gene Roddenberry: Last Conversation Gene Roddenberry
Sasson Somekh RWA HW Pic Baghdad, yesterday : the making of tha Arab Jew Sasson Somekh Pic
Ted Sorensen Pic Kennedy John Kennedy Pic
Tori Spelling RWF HW Pic Stori Telling Tori Spelling Pic
Bob Spitz The Beatles: The Biography Beatles ExLink
Dylan Bob Dylan Pic
Reiner Stach Kafka: The Decisive Yeas Franz Kafka Pic
Ronald Steel Pic Walter Lippmann and the American Century Walter Lippmann Pic ???
Gertrude Stein RWF Pic The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas Gertrude Stein Pic
Arnold Steinhardt Pic Violin Dreams Arnold Steinhardt Pic
Yuri Steklov RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, journalist, historian, Mikhail Bakunin Pic
Alexander Herzen Pic
Fritz Stern RWF Pic Gold and Iron: Bismark, Bleichroeder, and the Building of the German Empire Gerson von Bleichroder Pic Otto von Bismarck
Gladys Stern Pic Robert Stevenson
Keith Stern Pic Queers in History
Irving Stone HW Pic Those Who Love John Adams
Lust of Life Vincent van Gogh
The Agony and the Ecstazy Michelangelo
The Passions of the Mind Sigmund Freud Pic
Origin Charles DaRWFin
Sailor on Horseback Jack London
Clarence Darrow  For The Defence Clarence Darrow
Earl Warren: A Great American Story Earl Warren
The President's Lady Andrew Jackson
Depth of Glory Camille Pissarro Pic
Benjamin Stora Pic Messali Hadj
Scott Stossel Sarge: The Life and Times of Sargent Shriver Sargent Shriver
Susan Strasberg RWF HW Pic Bittersweet Susan Strasberg Pic
Robert Strassburg Pic Ernst Bloch: Voice in the Wilderness Ernst Bloch Pic
Thomas Streissguth Say It With Music: A Story About Irving Berlin Irving Berlin Pic ???
Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin
Edgar Allan Poe  Edgar Allan Poe
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
J. Edgar Hoover: FBI Director Edgar Hoover
Raoul Wallenberg Raoul Wallenberg
Jean Strouse Pic Morgan: American Financier J. P. Morgan ExLink ???
Alice James: A Biography Alice James
Emily Sunstein Pic Mary Shelley: Romance and Reality Mary Shelley
A Different Face: The Life of Mary Wollstonecraft Mary Wollstonecraft
Jeff Tamarkin Pic Got a Revolution! The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airlane Jefferson Airlane band
Shmuel Tamir RWA HW Pic Israeli politician, lawyer, Minister of Justice 1977-80 Shmuel Tamir Pic
Richard Taruskin Pic Stravinsky band the Russians Traditions: A Biography of the Works through Mavra Igor Stravinsky Pic
Richard Tedlow Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American Andrew Grove Pic
Shabtai Teveth RWA HW Pic David Ben-Gurion Pic
Judith Thurman Pic Isak Dinesen: The live of Storyteller Isak Dinesen Pic
Olivier Todd Pic La Marelle Giscard: 1926 - 1974 Valery Giscard d'Estaing Pic
Jacques Brel, a Life Jacques Brel Pic
Albert Camus, a Live Albert Camus Pic
Andre Malraux, a Life Andre Malraux Pic
Alice Toklas RWF Pic The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook Alice Toklas Pic
Chaim Topol RWA HW Pic Chaim Topol on Topol Chaim Topol Pic
Mel Torme RWF Pic It Wasn't All Velvet: An Autobiography Mel Torme Pic
Stephane Trano Pic Francois Mitterand Pic
Leon Trotsky RWF Pic Autobiography, 1879-1917 Leon Trotsky Pic
Adam Ulam RWF Pic Bolsheviks: The Intellectual and Political of the Triumph of Communism in Russia Vladimir Lenin Pic
Stalin: The Man and his Era Joseph Stalin
Louis Untermeyer Pic Paradox and poet Heinrich Heine Pic
Ze'ev Vi
Natalia Vovsi-Mikhoels My Father Shlomo Mikhoels: The Life and Death of Jewish actor Solomon Mikhoels Pic
Jack Warner RWF HW Pic My First Hundread Years in Hollywood Jack Warner Pic
Judith Warner Hillary Clinton: The Inside Story Hillary Clinton
Bernard Wasserstein Pic Herbert Samuel: A Political Life Viscount Herbert Samuel Pic
The Secret Life of Trebitsch Lincoln  Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln Pic
Nicholas Fox Weber Balthus, A Biography.  Balthus Pic
Le Corbusier: A Life Le Corbusier
Joseph Wechsberg Verdi Giuseppe Verdi ExLink
George Wein Pic Myself Among Others: A Life in Music George Wein Pic
Stanley Weintraub Disraeli: A Biography Benjamin Disraeli Pic
Victoria: An Intimate Biography Queen Victoria
Prince Albert
Beardsley: Biography Aubrey Beardsley
Jonathan Weiss Pic Irene Nemirovsky: Her Life and Works Irene Nemirovsky Pic
Jann Wenner Pic Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson Hunter Thompson
Theodore White Pic The Making of the President John Kennedy
Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon
David Winner Pic Raoul Wallenberg Raoul Wallenberg
Schlomo Winninger Pic Moldovan-born Austrian biographer,
Stephen Winsten Jesting Apostle: The Private Live Bernard Show George Bernard Show
Salt and his Circle Henry Salt
Bertram Wolfe Pic The Fabulous Life of Diego Rivera Diego Rivera Pic
Three who Made a Revolution Lenin
Charlotte Wolff Pic Magnus Hirschfeld Pic
Geoffrey Wolff Pic Black Sun: The Brieff Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby Harry Crosby Jewish father ExLink
The Art of Burning Bridges: A Life of John O'Hara John O'Hara
Michael Wolff Pic The Man Who Owns the News Rupert Murdoch Pic
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House Donald Trump Pic
Joseph Wulf Pic Heinrich Himmler Pic
Martin Bormann Pic
Elizabeth Wurtzel Pic Elizabeth Wurtzel Pic
Allan Wynn The Fortunes of Samuel Wynn Samuel Wynn Pic JVL
Moshe Ya'alon RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, general, Minister of Defence 2013-16, Moshe Ya'alon Pic
Eric Zemmour RWC Pic Jacques Chirac
Edouard Balladur
Philip Ziegler Pic Duchess of Dino Dorothea von Medem
King William 4 King William 4
Edward VIII: The Official Biography Edward VIII
Mountbatten. The Official Biography Earl Louis Mountbatten
Diana Cooper: A Biography Lady Diana Cooper
Addington: A Life of Henry Addington Viscount Henry Addington Pic
Mordechai Tzipori RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Communications 1981-84, Mordechai Tzipori Pic
Maurice Zolotow Pic Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Pic
Billy Wilder in Hollywood Billy Wilder Pic
Stefan Zweig RWF HW Pic Three Masters: Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky Honore de Balzac
Three Masters: Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky Charles Dickens
Three Masters: Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky Fyodor Dostoevsky
Triumph und Tragic des Erasmus von Rotterdam Desiderius Erasmus
Joseph Fouche: Joseph Fouche
Marie Antoinette: The Portrait of an Average Woman Marie Antoinette
Mary, Quenn of Scotland and the Isles Mary Stuart
Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche
The Man and His Works Romain Roland
The Right of Heresy: Castellio against Calvin John Calvin
The Right of Heresy: Castellio against Calvin Castellio
Emilie Verhaeren Emilie Verhaeren