Jewish Members of Italian  Academy of Sciences (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei)   -   JewProm //aclincei
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Roberto Almagia Italian geographer, 1932 1962 Search
Cesare Arzela RWF Pic Italian mathematician, Corr 1847-1912
Giulio Ascoli RWF HW Pic Italian mathematician, 1843-96
Mario Camis Italian physiologist, priest, 1878-1946
Federico Cammeo Italian jurist, 1930 1872-1943
Guido Castelnuovo RWF Pic Italian mathematician, 1918 1865-1952
Achille Coen RWF Italian historian,    1905 1844-1921
Luigi Cremona RWF Pic Italian mathematician, politician, 1873 1830-1903
Alessandro d'Ancona RWF Pic Italian critic, writer, 1891 1835-1914
Alessandro Della Seta RWF Pic Italian archaeologist, 1930 1879-1944
Carlo Di Castro Pic Italian physicist,
Federigo Enriques RWF Pic Italian mathematician, science historian, philosopher, 1871-1946
Marco Fanno Pic Italian economist, 1932 1965
Gino Fano RWF Pic Italian-born mathematician, 1919 1871-1951
Giulio Fano Italian physiologist,   1903 1930 ExLink
Ugo Fano RWF Pic Italian-born American physicist, 1993 1912-2001
Leo Finzi Pic Italian engineer,   2002
Carlo Foa Italian physiologist, pathologist, endocrinologist, 1932 1880-1971
Giorgio Fua Italian economist, 1986 1919-2000
Guido Fubini RWF HW Pic Italian mathematician, 1932 1879-1943
Augusto Graziani RWC Italian economist, 1913 1865-1944
Augusto Graziani Pic Italian economist, politician, 1933-2014
Rudolf Heidenhain RWF Pic German physiologist, histologist, 1834-97
Giovanni Jona-Lasinio RWF Pic Italian mathematcal physicist, (Jewish father) 1932-
Umberto Colombo Pic Italian minister of universities, science, technolody, 1993-94, 1927-2006
Alessandro Levi Italian jurist, anti-fascist, 1948 1881-1953
Beppo Levi RWF HW Pic Italian-born Argentinian mathematician, algebraic geometry 1935 1875-1961
Doro Levi RWF Pic Italian archaeologist, historian, 1968 1899-1991
Eugenio Levi Pic Italian mathematician, 1883-1917
Giorgio Levi Della Vida Italian linguist, 1947 1886-1967
Giuseppe Levi RWF Pic Italian-born American histologist, anotomist, 1926 1872-1965
Mario Attilio Levi Pic Italian archaeologist, historian, 1902-98
Mario Levi    ??? 1923 1954
Raphael Levi    ??? 1919 1933
Tullio Levi-Civita RWF Pic Italian physicist, mathematician,    1909 1873-1941
Rita Levi-Montalcini RWF HW Pic Italian-born American scientist, Nobel Prize (1986) in medicine, 1977 1909-2012
Achille Loria Pic Italian political economist, sociologist, senator 1919, 1901 1857-1943
Gino Loria RWF Pic Italian mathematician,     1912 1862-1954
Baron Giacomo Lumbroso Pic Tunisian-born Italian historian,  egyptologist, papyrologist, 1891 1844-1925 ExLink
Luigi Luzzatti RWF HW Pic prime minister of Italy 1910-11 1875 1841-1927
Gino Luzzatto Italian economic historian, 1878-1964
Benedetto Morpurgo Pic Italian pathologist, 1944
Anna Morpurgo Davies Pic Italian-born British  philologist, 1937-2014
Giorgio Mortara Pic Italian demographer, statistian,  1932 1885-1967
Sabatino Moscati Pic Italian archaeologist, linguist, 1922-97
Giuseppe Peano Pic Italian mathematician, ??? 1859-1932
Salvatore Pincherle RWF Pic Italian mathematician, 1904 1853-1936
Adolfo Rava Pic Italian jurist, legal philosopher, 1953 1879-1957
Beniamino Segre RWF Pic Italian-born British mathematician, 1953 1903-77
Cesare Segre RWF Pic Italian literary critic, philologist, 1928-2014
Corrado Segre RWF Pic Italian mathematician, 1901 1863-1924
Emilio Segre RWF HW Pic Italian-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1959), discovery of antiproton, 1958 1905-89
Gino Segre RWF Pic Italian physicist, (Jewish father) 1932 1864-1942
Baron Sidney Sonnino RWF HW Pic Italian prime minister 1906 1909-10 (Jewish father) 1847-1922
Tullio Terni Italian physician, anatomist, 1932 1888-1946
Aaron Terracini Italian linguist, philologist, literary critic, 1946 1968
Alessandro Terracini Pic Italian mathematician, 1968
Gabriele Veneziano RWF HW Pic Italian-born Israeli Swiss physicist, quantum field theory, 1996 1942-
Edoardo Volterra Pic Italian jurist, 1958 1904-84
Sir Vito Volterra RWF HW Pic Italian-born mathematician and physicist, mathematical biology, 1899 1860-1940
Fausto Zevi Pic Italian archaeologist,
Foreign Members (Lincei) elected bo-de
Moses Abramovitz RWF Pic American economist, 1991 1912-2000
Vladimir Arnold RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American mathematician, (Jewish mother) 1989 1937-2010
Adolf von Baeyer RWF HW Pic German chemist, Nobel Prize (1905) (Jewish mother) 1835-1917
Grigory Barenblatt RWF Pic Russian mathematician, 1995 1927-
William Baumol RWF Pic American economist, 2001 1922-
Emile Benveniste RWF HW Pic Syrian-born French structural linguist, 1965 1902-76
Bernard Berenson RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American art historian, 1947 1865-1959
Henri Bergson RWF HW Pic French philosopher, Nobel Prize (1927) in Literature 1911 1859-1941
Howard Bern Pic Canadian-born American endocrinologist, 1993 1920-2012
Niels Bohr RWF HW Pic Danish-born British American physicist, Nobel Prize (1922 ), (Jewish mother) 1924 1885-1962
Haim Brezis HW Pic French mathematician, nonlinear analysis, 1944-
Sir Ernst Chain RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1945) in medicine, 1947 1906-79
Bernard Cohen RWF Pic American historian, 1988 1914-2003
Richard Courant RWF Pic Polish-born German American mathematcian, 1951 1888-1972
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1997) 1996 1933-
Ferdinand Cohn RWF Pic German/Polish-born  botanist, microbiologist, 1828-98
Heinrich Dernburg Pic German legal scholar, politician, 1829-1907
Ronald Dworkin RWF HW Pic American philosopher, legal scholar, 1999 1931-2013
Paul Ehrlich RWF HW Pic German-born physician, immunologist, hematologist, Nobel Prize (1908) in medicine, 1907 1854-1915
Albert Einstein RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Nobel Prize (1921), 1921 1879-1955
Sir Moses Finley RWF HW Pic American-born British historian,  1982 1912-86
Adolph Frank RWF Pic German-born chemist, engineer, businessman, created the potash industry, 1883 1834-1916
Adolphe Franck RWF Pic French lawyer, philosopher, Kabbalah, 1809-93
Milton Friedman RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1976), 1978 1912-2006
Moiz Gaisinsky RWJ Ukrainian-born French chemist,    1953 1898-1976
Ignace Gelb RWF Pic Polish-born American archaeologist, historian, assyriologist, 1907-85
Israel Gelfand RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American mathematician, 1989 1913-2009
Ilya Gershevitch Pic Swiss-born British historian, iranologist, 1987 1914-2001 ExLink
Sheldon Glashow RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1979), 1932-
Avram Goldstein Pic American molecular pharmacologist, 1998 1919-2012
Levin Goldschmidt Pic Polish/German-born German jurist, politician, MP 1875-77 1828-97
Victor Goldschmidt RWF Pic Swiss-born Norwegian mineralogist, geochemist, art collector, 1927 1888-1947
Sir Ernst Gombrich RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British art historian, 1983 1909-2001
Theodor Gomperz RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian philosopher, 1909 1832-1912
Viscount George Goschen RWF Pic British Chancellor of Exchecquer 1887-92, 1897 1831-1907
Gustave von Grunebaum Pic Austrian historian, arabist, 1909-72
Beno Gutenberg Pic German-born American seismologist, geophysisist, 1947 1889-1960
Ernest Gutmann Czech-born physiologist,  ??? 1972 1977 ExLink
Jacques Hadamard RWF HW Pic French mathematician, functional analysis 1918 1865-1963
Georges Henri Halphen RWC Pic French mathematician, 1887 1844-89
Michael Heidelberger RWC Pic American immunochemist, 1963 1888-1991
Heinrich Hertz RWF HW Pic German physicist, electro magnetic waves, (Jewish father) 1892 1857-94
George de Hevesy RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Swedish chemist Nobel Prize (1943), 1947 1885-1966
Albert Hirschman RWF Pic German-born American economist, 1985 1915-2012
Heinz Hopf RWF Pic German-born Swiss mathematician, algebraic topology, (Jewish father) 1894-1971
Adolf Hurwitz RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss mathematician, 1859-1919
Walter Hyman Pic German-born British mathematician, (Jewish anchesty) 1985 1926- FM
Moritz von Jacobi RWF Pic German-born Russian physicist, engineer, 1853 1801-74
Abram Ioffe RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet physicist,    1959 1880-1960
Joshua Jortner RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli physical chemist, 2015 1933-
August Kanitz RWF Pic Romanian-born Hungarian botanist, mycologist, historian of science, 1872 1843-96
Theodore von Karman RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German American physicist, engineer, 1947 1881-1963
Hans Kelsen RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian Swiss American jurist, legal philosopher, 1955 1881-1973
Raymond Klibansky Pic French-born Canadian philosopher, historian, 1970 1905-2005
Sir Hans Kornberg Pic German-born British biochemist, 1997 1928-
Sir Hans Krebs RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1953) in Medicine, 1951 1900-81
Leopold Kronecker RWF HW Pic German mathematician, 1883 1823-91
Hugo Kronecker RWF Pic German physiologist, 1897 1839-1914
Kazimierz Kuratowski RWF Pic Polish mathematician, logician, 1970 1896-1980
Stephan Kuttner RWF Pic German-born American law historian, research administrator,  1976 1907-96
Edmund Landau RWF HW Pic German mathematician, co-founder of number theory, 1922 1877-1938
David Landes RWF HW Pic American economic historian, 1995 1924-2013
Irving Lavin Pic American art historian, 1927-
Otto Lenel Pic German jurist, legal historian, 1849-1935
Wassily Leontief RWF HW Pic German-born American economist, Nobel Prize (1973) (Jewish mother) 1975 1906-99
Ernst Levy Pic German-born American  lawyer, legal historian, 1958 1881-1968
Maurice Levy RWF Pic French engineer, mathematician, 1888 1838-1910 ExLink
Henri Levy-Bruhl French sociologist, 1961 1964  
Adolf Lieben RWF Pic Austrian chemist, 1905 1836-1914
Gabriel Lippmann RWF HW Pic Luxembourgian-born French physicist, Nobel Ptize (1908) 1909 1845-1921
Rudolf Lipschitz RWF Pic German mathematician,    1887 1832-1903
Otto Loewi RWF HW Pic German-born Austrian American biochemist, pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1936), 1951 1873-1961
Emanuel Loewy Austrian-born archaeologist,    1930 1857-1938
Maurice Loewy RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian French astronomer, 1904 1833-1907
Elias Avery Lowe RWF Pic American palaeographer, (great grandfather of Boris Johnson) 1950 1879-1969
Karl Lowith Pic German philosopher, 1965 1897-1973
Fritz Machlup RWF Pic Austrian-born American economist, 1974 1902-83
Peter Maitlis Pic Britisn chemist, 1999 1933-
Ilya Mechnikov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1908), (Jewish mother) 1911 1845-1916
Albert Michelson RWF HW Pic Polish-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1907), optical precision instruments 1906 1852-1931
Solomon Mikhlin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian mathematician, 1981 1908-90
Kurt Mislow Pic American chemist, stereochemistry 1999 1923-
Joel Mokyr RWF HW Pic Dutch-born American Israeli economic historian,  2004 1946-
Sir Salvador Moncada RWF Pic Honduran-born British pharmacologist, (Jewish mother) 2005 1944-
Ludwig Mond Pic German-born chemist, industrialist, 1899 1939-09
Arthur Morin French applied mathematician,   ??? 1865 1880
Hermann Muller RWF HW Pic American geneticist, Nobel Prize (1946), (Jewish mother) 1947 1890-1967
John von Neumann RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, game theory, linear programming,computer science, 1956 1903-57
Louis Nirenberg RWF Pic Canadian-born American mathematician,    1925-
Max Noether RWN Pic German mathematician, algebraic geometry 1891 1844-1921
George Olah RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American chemist, Nobel Prize (1994), 1982 1927-
Erwin Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American art historian, 1967 1892-1968
Wolfgang Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American physicist, particle physics 1994 1919-2007
Wolfgang Pauli RWF Pic Austrian-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1945), (not Jewish maternal grandmother) 1900-58
Sir Rudolf Peierls RWF Pic German-born American British physicist, 1991 1907-95
Chaim Pekeris RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American Israeli meteorologist, geophysicist, 1972 1908-93
Baron Chaim Perelman RWF HW Pic Polish-born Belgian philosopher of law, 1969 1912-84
Joseph Peres French mathematician, physicist, ??? 1949 1962
Sir Max Perutz RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British chemist, Nobel Prize (1962), 1984 1914-2002
Bruno Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born British Russian physicist, neutrino 1981 1913-93
Sir Karl Popper RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher of science, 1981 1902-94
Fritz Pringsheim German lawyer, 1962 1967 ExLink
Nathanael Pringsheim RWF Pic German botanist, 1893 1823-94
Heinrich Rickert Pic German/Polish-born philosopher, Corr, 1931 1863-1936
Ronald Rivlin RWF Pic British-born American mathematician, physicist, research administrator, 1982 1915-2005
Pierre Rosenberg Pic French art historian, essayist, curator, 1995 1936-
Enrico Rosenbusch  ??? 1901 1914
Franz Rosenthal RWF Pic German-born American language/literary scholar, orientalist, 1984 1914-2003
Paul Samuelson RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1970) 1978 1915-2009
Allan Sandage RWF Pic American astronomer, (convert to Christianity) 1988 1926-2010
Howard Schachman Pic American biochemist, 1930-2016
Moritz Schiff RWF Pic German-born Swiss physiologist, 1823-96
Fritz Schulz Polish-born German jurist, legal historian,    1952 1879-1957
Dennis Sciama RWC HW Pic British physicist, 1926-99
Michael Sela RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli immunologist, 1995 1924-
Edwin Seligman RWF Pic American economist, historian of economic thought,  1912 1861-1939
Iosif Shklovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet astrophysicist, 1916-85
Robert Solow RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1987), 1985 1924-
Piero Sraffa RWF Pic Italian-born British economist, 1965 1898-1983
Jean Starobinski RWF Pic Swiss-born  literary critic, psychiatrist, 1969 1920-
Peter Stein British-born     ??? 1987
Jack Steinberger RWF HW Pic German-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1988), 1997 1921-
Eduard Suess RWF Pic British-born Austrian geologist, paleontologist, (Jewish mother) 1883 1831-1914
James Sylvester RWF HW Pic British mathematician, poet, translator, 1883 1814-97
Frank Taussig RWF Pic American economist, historian, sociologist, (Jewish father) 1927 1859-1940
Valentine Telegdi RWF Pic Hungarian-born Swiss American physicist, 1989 1922-2006
Ludwig Traube RWF HW Pic German palaeographer, 1902 1818-76
Jacob Viner RWF Pic Canadian-born American economist, 1947 1892-1970
Otto Heinrich Warburg RWF HW Pic German physiologist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1931) in medicine, (Jewish father) 1958 1883-1970
Julius Weingarten Pic German mathematician, 1899 1910
Sidney Weinhouse Pic American biochemist,  2001
Victor Weisskopf RWF Pic Austrian-born American physicist, director of CERN 1977 1908-2002
Gerald Weissmann Pic Austrian-born American rheumotologist, ??? 2002 1930-
Oscar Zariski RWF Pic Belarusian-born Italian American mathematician, 1958 1899-1986