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Abraham Abraham Img co-founder 1865 Avraham & Straus ExLink
Benjamin Altman Img founder 1865 B. Altman & Co
Sid Applebaum Img co-founder Rainbow Foods
Richard Baker Img chairman Hudson's Bay Company
Louis Bamberger Img American businessman, philanthropist, L. Bamberger & Company,
Ben Barron Img Barron's Department Store
Henri Bendel Img founder Henri Bendel, Inc women closing
Arthur Blank RWC HW Img co founder 1979 Home Depot
Herman Bergdorf Img co founder 1899 Bergdorf Goodman
Alfred Bloomingdale Img chairman 1964 Diners Club
Joseph Bloomingdale RWA Img co-founder 1872 Bloomingdale's
Lyman Bloomingdale RWA Img co-founder 1872 Bloomingdale's
Samuel Bloomingdale Img chairman Bloomingdale's
Rose Blumkin Img founder Nebraska Furniture Mart
Albert Boscov Img chairman, CEO Boscov's
Solomon Boscov Img founder  1911 Boscov's
Ron Brill Img co founder 1979 Home Depot
Bernard Briskin Img founder Gelson's Markets
Jeffrey Brotman Img co-founder chairman Costco Wholesale Corporation
Marshall Cogan Img founder United Automative Group
Jacob Cohen Img president, CEO Cohen Brothers
Fred Coleman owner Coleman's Department Store
Millard Drexler Img chairman, CEO J.Crew Group, Inc Gap, Inc
Warren Eisenberg co-founder 1971 co-chairman Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc
Leonard Feinstein co-founder 1971 co-chairman Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc
Stanley Feldberg co-founder, president Zayre Corp, T.J. Maxx ExLink
Sumner Feldberg co-founder, chairman Zayre Corp, T.J. Maxx Answers
Eugene Ferkauf founder 1948 EJ Korvette discount chain
Michael Feuer CEO 1988, chairman OfficeMax office superstore chain Max-Ventures
Edward Filene Img son of founder Filene ExLink chain
Albert Filene son of founder Filene ExLink chain
William Filene founder 1881 Filene ExLink chain
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Img president G. Fox & Co department store
Gerson Fox Img founder 1847 G. Fox & Co department store
Felix Fuld Img co-founder L. Bamberger & Company
Julius Garfinckel Img founder Garfinkel's
Herb Gilman co-founder 1958 chairman Ames Department Stores ???
Adam Gimbel Img founder Gimbel's
Bernard Gimbel Img chairman 1909 Gimbel's Department Stores 
Bernard Gimbel Img founder 1924 Saks Fifth Avenue
Isaac/Bernard Gimbel Img founders Gimbel's
Sonny Gindi Img co-founder Century 21
Malcolm Glazer RWF Img founder First Allied Corporation
Dave Gold Img founder chairman 99 Cents Only
Herbert Goldberger founder Hills Department Stores
Maurice Goldblatt Igm co-founder Goldblatt's
Sylvan Goldman Img American inventor, Standard-Humpty Dumpty shopping cart
Edwin Goodman co founder 1899 Bergdorf Goodman
Shira Goodman Img president, CEO Staples, Inc
Jacob/Isaak Goldsmith founder 1870 Goldsmith's memphis
Miguel Goldstein co-founder Dorian department stores chain
Michael Goldwasser founder 1860 Goldwater's phoenix, arizona
Emil Gottschalk founder 1904 Gottschalks
Michael Gould chairman, CEO Bloomingdale's
Max Grumbacher co-founder 1898 The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc
Samuel Grumbacher co-founder 1898 The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc
Salmon Halle Img co-founder Halle Brothers
Asher Hamburger Img founder A. Hamburger & Sons
Peter Harris CEO GeRWCo
Fred Hayman Img founder Giorgio Beverly Hills
John Hechinger chairman The Hechinger Company
Sidney Hechinger founder 1911 The Hechinger Company
Samuel Hecht, Jr founder 1857 Hecht's
Max Hess founder 1897 Hess's
Larry Hochberg Img co-founder 1971, chairman Sportsmart ExLink
Leo Kahn Img co-founder 1985 Staples, Inc office supply store chain
Andrew Kattan Cost Plus
Edgar Kaufmann Img founder 1971 Kaufmann's ExLink
Sidney Kimmel Img Jones Apparel Group
Louis E. Kirstein founder 1881 Filene ExLink chain
Harry Kohn president Stuarts Department Stores ???
Herbert Kohl HW Img president 1970-79 Kohl's
Max Kohl founder 1962 Kohl's ExLink
Michael Krasny Img founder, owner CDW Corporation
Samuel Kress founder 1896 Samuel H.Kress & Co.  ???
Edward Lampert Img chairman Sears Holding Corporation
Edward Lampert Img chairman Kmart
Eugene Lang Img founder REFAC Optical Group
Solomon Lazard Img founder City of Paris
Fred Lazarus, Jr Img founder 1929 Federal Department Stores
Ralph Lazarus Img CEO chairman Exec VP Federal Department Stores
Simon Lazarus Img founder 1851 F&R Lazarus & Company
Arnold Lehman founder (grandfather) Gimbel's
Levi Leiter co-founder Marshall Field and Company
Jerry Levin Img chairman The Sharper Image Corporation speciality retailer
Howard Levine  Img chairman/CEO Family Dollar Stores 
Leon Levine Img founder 1959 Family Dollar Stores 
Sydney Lewis Img co-founder Best Products
Frieda Loehmann founder 1921 Loehmann's
Simon Lubin president Weinstock's
Abe/Isaac Maas founders 1886 Maas Brothers
Rowland Hussey Macy founder 1851 Macy's George Macy ?
Cyril Magnin CEO I.Magnin
Mary Ann Magnin Img founder 1876 I.Magnin San Francisco
Joseph Magnin Joseph Magnin's
Bernard Marcus RWC Img co-founder 1979 Home Depot
Herbert Marcus Img co founder 1913 chairman Neiman-Marcus Co.
Lawrence Marcus Img VP of the Women Department Neiman-Marcus Co.
Hugo Marks founder Whitehall Jewelers, Inc jewellery chain
Benjamin Marsh co-founder 1841 Jordan, Marsh and Co ???
Benjamin Marsh co-founder 1935 Allied Stores Corporation   <FDS ???
Alfred Marshall Img co-founder Marshalls
David May Img co-founder 1877 May Department Stores
Morton May Img CEO, chairman 1951-72 May Department Stors
Aaron Meier founder Meier & Frank
Fred Meyer founder 1922 Fred Meyer ExLink portland
Mervin Morris founder 1949 Mervyns california
Abraham Neiman Img co-founder 1913 Neiman-Marcus Co.
Carrie Marcus Neiman Img co-founder 1913 Neiman-Marcus Co.
Philippe Nordmann president Manor AG
Hugh Patinkin chairman, CEO Whitehall Jewelers, Inc ExLink
Sol Polk Img co-founder Polk Brothers appliance chain
Barney Pressman Img founder 1923 Barneys New york
Sol Price Img founder 1976 Price Club father of Warehouse Club 
Stern Brothers founders 1867 Stern's
Irving Rabb Img Vice Chairman Stop & Shop department stores chain
Sidney Rabb Img chairman 1925 Stop & Shop father of modern supermarket
Berthold/Hilda Reich co-founders 1943 Jo-Ann Stores
Heather Reisman Img founder, CEO Indigo Books bokstore chain, Canada
Morris Rich founder 1867 Rich & Bros Co. Atlanta, Georgia
Benjamin Ritz founder 1918 Ritz Camera
Sigmund/Mathilda Rochrach co-founders 1943 Jo-Ann Stores
Julius Rosenwald RWF HW Img CEO chairman Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Lessing Rosenwald RWF Img chairman 1932-39 Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Abram Rothschild Img founder A, M, Rothschild Company
Frank Russek Img co-founder Russeks
Andrew Saks Img co-founder Saks & Co Dry Goods House
Horace Saks founder 1924 Saks Fifth Avenue
Alexander/Philip Sanger Sangers Dallas ExLink
Gordon/Carole Segal cofounders 1962, chairman Crate and Barrel Housewares and Furniture ExLink
Aaron Selber, Jr Img president Selbe Bros. department stores chain
Jay Schottenstein Img chairman American Eagle Outfitters Schottenstein Stores Corp.
Henry Siegel Img founder Siegel-Cooper Company
Julian Simon founder 1897 Boston Store ???
James Sinegal Img co-founder, CEO CostCo Wholesale Corporation ExLink
Steve Silverstein CEO Spencer Gifts
Louis Sloss Img co-founder Alaska Commercial Company
Richard Smith CEO Neiman-Marcus Co.
Jason Sniderman Img CEO Sam the Record Man canada
Sam Sniderman Img founder 1936 Sam the Record Man record store chain
Bertha/Estella Sommers  founders 1887 Parisian ???
Joseph Spiegel Img founder Spiegel catalog
Solomon/Levi Spiegelberg owners Spiegelbergs New Mexico ExLink
Stanley Stahl owner Apple Bank for Savings
Thomas Stemberg Img cofounder 1985, CEO Staples, Inc office supply store chain
Isidor Straus RWF Img co-owner Macy's Department Stores
Isidor Straus RWF Img co-owner Abraham & Straus
Nathan Straus RWE HW Img co-owner Macy's Department Stores
Louise Sunshine
Stanley Tanger Img founder 1981 Tanger Factory Outlet Centers
Nicholas Taubman Img CEO, president Advance Auto Parts
Leonard/Oscar/Hermann Tietz Img founders Kauhof, Hertie & KaDeWe
Lillian Vernon Img founder Lilian Vernon Corparation
Joseph Wechsler co-founder 1865 Abraham & Straus ExLink
Joe Weinstein co-founder 1877 May Department Stores ExLink
Leon Weinstein founder Loblaw's canada ???
Harris Weinstock Weinsock-Lubin Company Department stores chain
Leslie Wexner Img founder 1963, chairman, CEO Limited Brands
Samuel Wurtzel founder 1949 Curcuit City Stores, Inc
Marcus Younker Img co-founder Younkers Brothers
Lipman Younker co-founder Younkers Brothers
Samuel Younker co-founder Younkers Brothers
David Yunich president Macy's Department Stores
Samuel Zell Img owner Carter Hawley Hale Department stores chain
George Zimmer Img founder Men's Warehouse
William Zimmerman founder 1950 Img 'N' Save
Baron David Alliance HW Img chairman N Brown Group plc clothing retailer
Sir Montague Burton Img founder Burton chain of clothes shops ExLink
Sir Charles Clore HW Img owner Selfridges
Joseph Ettedgui RWC Img Moroccan-born British retailer Joseph
Frank Cohen Img founder Home Improvements Stores
Sir Philip Green RWC Img owner Arcadia Group
Sir Philip Green Img owner British Home Stores
Lionel Jacobson founder Jackson the Tailor
Baron Stanley Kalms Img chairman, president DSG International Plc electronics chain
Bernard Lewis Img founder 1948 River Island ExLink
Michael Marks RWF Img co-founder Marks & Spenser
Baron Simon Marks Img co-founder Marks & Spenser
Leonard Sainer Img chairman,  Sears plc
Baron Israel Sieff HW Img co founder Marks & Spenser
Sir Isaac Wolfson RWA HW Img founder Great Universal Stores
Baron Leonard Wolfson Img owner Great Universal Stores
Other Countries
Theophile Bader Img co-founder 1893 Galeries-Lafayette France ExLink
Harry Boan Img Australian businessman, Boans australia
Marc Besen co-founder, co-owner Chadstone Shopping Centre australia
Benjamin Brownstein founder 1940 Browns Shoes canada
Albert Cohen Img CEO, chairman Gendis canada
Harry Cohen Img Gendis canada
Joseph Cohen Gendis canada
John Gandel Img co-founder co owner Chadstone Shopping Centre australia
David Gold Img founders, owners Ann Summers sex shops chain
Ralph Gold Img
Jacqueline Gold Img CEO Ann Summers sex shops chain
Nathan/Marcel/Bernard Darty founders 1957 Darty retail France
Mauricio Hamui founder Librerias Gandhi book stores chain in Mexico
Max Heilbronn Img president 1945-71 Galeries-Lafayette france ExLink
Ruben Jaari Img founder Pukeva
Alphonse Kahn co-founder 1893 Galeries-Lafayette france ExLink
Samuel Klein Img founder 1952 Casas Bahia brazil
Solomon Lew Img chairman Coles Myer australia
Julius Meinl I.    Julius Meinl AG
Julius Meinl V Julius Meinl AG
Raoul Meyer Galeries-Lafayette france
Naomi Milgrom Img chairman, CEO Sussan Group australia
Ed Mirvish Img founder owner Honest Ed's canada
Sir Sidney Myer Img founder 1900 Coles Myer australia
Jean-Charles Naouri Img chairman, founder Casino Group
Josef Sachs Img co-founder Nordiska Kompaniet sweden
John Saunders co-founder The Westfield Group australia
Simon & Salman Schocken RWC HW Img founders 1914 Schoken Department Stores germany ExLink
Leonhard Tietz founder Kauhof & Hertie germany
Hermann Tietz Img founder Kauhof & Hertie germany
Ernest/Henri Maus co-founders 1902 Manor AG switzerland ExLink
Leon Nordmann co-founder 1902 Manor AG switzerland ExLink
Philippe Nordmann chairman Manor AG switzerland ExLink
Georg Wertheim Img founder Wertheim Kaufhous germany