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Andrew Wachowski Img American film director/producer, writer, brother
Laurence Wachowski Img American film director/producer, writer, brother
Claude Wagner RWC Img Canadian politician, judge, Minister of Justice of Quebec, (Jewish father) father
Richard Wagner Img Canadian judge of Supreme Court of Canada 2012- , son
Natalia Darialova Img Russian-born American journalist, Darial TV, (Jewish father) daughter of Arcady
Arcady Wainer RWN Img Soviet/Russian novelist, screenwriter, playwright, brother
Georgy Wainer RWF Img Soviet/Russian novelist, editor, journalist, brother
Fred Waitzkin Img American novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, father
Joshua Waitzkin American chess player, child prodigy,   son
Ruth Hubbard Img Austrian-born American biochemist,  mother
Elijah Wald Img American music historian, guitarist, record producer, son
George Wald RWF HW Img American neuroscientist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1967) in medicine, father
Abraham Wald RWF Img Hungarian/Romanian-born Austrian American mathematician, statistician, father
Robert Wald Img American physicist, son
Arthur Waley RWF Img British orientalist, sinologist, poet, translator,   cousin of Sir Robert 1889
Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen Img Chairman of University College, London 1971-80 father 1914
Jacob Waley British legal writer, brother of Simon
Simon Waley Img British pianist, composer,    1827
Joanna Waley-Cohen Img British historian, granddaughter
Robert Waley-Cohen grandson
Sir Robert Waley-Cohen Img British industrialist,   grandfather 1877
Sam Waley-Cohen Img British businessman, jockey, son of Sir Robert
Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen Img British theater owner/manager, producer, financial journalist, grandson
Gary Walker Img American drummer, vocalist, brother
John Walker Img American guitarist, vocalist, brother
Scott Walker Img American lead singer, songwriter, brother
Chris Wallace Img American journalist, television anchor, son 
Mike Wallace HW Img American journalist, radio/television presenter, father
Amy Wallace Img American writer, daughter
Irving Wallace Img American novelist, screenwriter, father
David Waleschinsky Img American populist historian, television commentator, son
A.O. Scott Img American journalist, film critic, (Jewish mother) son of Joan
Eli Wallach RWF HW Img American actor,  uncle
Joan Wallach Scott Img American historian, niece
Albrect von Wallenstein Img Czech soldier, politician, ascendant
Alfred Wallenstein RWF HW Img American cellist, conductor, descendant wiki
Esther Wallenstein German-born American founding president of Hebrew Infant Assylium, paternal grandmother
Herbert Wallenstein Img American Assistant New York General Attorney 1959-79, patternal grandson
Anita Lasker-Wallfisch Img German/Polish-born British cellist,    mother
Raphael Wallfisch Img British cellist, son
George Wallich British medical doctor, marine biologist, son
Nathaniel Wallich RWF Img Danish-born Indian botanist, surgeon, father
Hermann Wallich Img German co-founder 1870 of Deutsche Bank, father
Paul Wallich German banker, son
Lewis Einstein Img American ambassador to Costa Rica 1911 , Czechoslovakia 1921-30, brother-in-law of Charles
Joel Spingarn Img American chairman of NAACP 1915-29, brother-in-law of Lewis
Sir Charles Waldstein RWC Img American-born British archaeologist,    father
Baron Henry Walston Img British farmer, agricultural researcher, politician, son
Merv Adelson Img American co-founder of Lorimar Productions, husband 3d of Barbara
Lee Guber Img American theater impresario, husband 2nd of Barbara
Nancy Shevell Img wife of Paul McCaretney, second cousin of Barbara
Barbara Walters RWF HW Img American media personaliry, news anchor, wife
Lewis Leavitt Img American pediatrician, husband
Michael Walzer HW Img American political philosopher,  brother of Judith
Judith Walzer Leavitt Img American historian of medicine, wife
Sam Wanamaker Img American British actor, theater director,   father
Zoe Wanamaker RWF HW Img American-born British actress, daughter
Hannah Ware Img British model, actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Jessie Ware RWC Img British singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) sister
Warburg Warburg Family Warburg/he.wiki
Moses Marcus co-founder 1798 1763-1830 M.M. Warburg & Co.
Jacob Schiff RWC HW Img American executive, Kuhn, Loeb and Co., brother-in-law of Paul
Aby Warburg RWF HW Img German-born art historian, brother 1866-1929
Carl Warburg Img German physician, pharmacologist, 1805-92
Eric Warburg Img German-born American businessman, son of Max 1900-90 Warburg Pinkus
Gerald Warburg cellist, conductor,
Gerson Warburg co-founder 1798 1765-1826 M.M. Warburg & Co.
James Warburg RWE Img German-born American financial advicer to Franklin Roosevelt 1932-34, son of Paul 1897-1969
Felix Warburg RWE HW Img German-born American partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., brother 1871-1937 Kuhn, Loeb and Co.
Max Warburg RWF HW Img German co-founder 1798/owner of M.M. Warburg & Co., brother 1867-1946 M.M. Warburg & Co.
Moritz Warburg director of Hamburg bank, father 1838-1910
Otto Warburg RWF HW Img President of World Zionist Organization 1911-21, botanist,
Otto Heinrich Warburg RWF HW Img German physiologist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1931) in medicine, (Jewish father) son
Paul Warburg RWF HW Img German-born American founder of Federal Reserve Banking System brother 1868-1932
Siegmund Warburg HW Img German-born American co-founder 1946 of S.G. Warburg & Co, 1902-1982 S.G. Warburg & Co
Emil Warburg RWF Img German physicist, father
Otto Heinrich Warburg RWF HW Img German physiologist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1931) in medicine, (Jewish father) son
Warner Warner Bros.
Lina Basquette Img American film/stage actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Ann Boyer Img American actress, wife of Jack - 2nd
Cole Hauser RWF HW Img American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) great grandson of Harry
Joy Page HW Img American actress, (Jewish mother)  daughter of Ann Boyer
Milton Sperling Img American film producer, screenwriter, grandfather of Cole
Albert Warner RWC HW Img Polish-born American co-founder 1918 brother
Cass Warner Img American producer, daugher of Milton
Doris Warner Img daughter of Harry
Harry Warner RWA HW Img Polish-born co-founder 1918 brother
Irma Warner Img wife of Jack - 2st
Jack Warner RWF HW Img Canadian-born co-founder 1918 brother
Jack M. Warner American film producer, son of Jack
Sam Warner RWC HW Img American-born co-founder, CEO 1918 brother
Anna Waronker Img American singer/songwriter, composer, producer, granddaughter
Donna Loren Img American singer, actress, ??? wife of Lenny
Joey Waronker Img American drummer, record producer, grandson
Lenny Waronker Img American record producer, father
Simon Waronker Img American violinist, record producer, grandfather
Monika Krajewska Img Polish artist, photographer, activist, wife of Stanislaw
Stanislaw Krajewski Img Polish philosopher, mathematician, son
Wladyslaw Krajewski Img Polish philosopher of science, father
Wladislaw Stein-Krajewski Polish communist activist, grandfather
Adolf Warski Img Polish communist theoretician, great grandfather
Casey Wasserman RWC Img American entertainment executive,    grandson
Lew Wasserman RWC Img American media executive, grandfather MCA
Bruce Wasserstein Img CEO, chairman of Lazard LLC Partners brother
Wendy Wasserstein Img American playwright, sister
Gregory Wasowski Polish journalist, musical satirist, actor, grandson
Jerzy Wasowsky Polish journalist, composer, director, cabaret artist, father
Joseph Wasowski Img Polish journalist, politician, grandfather
Seweryn Broniszowna Img Polish stage/film actress, sister of Aleksander
Aleksander Wat Img Polish poet, art critic, translator, husband
Paulina Watowa Img Polish translator, writer, publisher, wife
Andrew Watt Polish art historian, son of Paulina/Aleksander
Hyppolite Wawelberg RWC Img founder 1840 of Wawelberg Bank, father
Michael Wawelberg RWC Polish Russian banker, son
Julie London RWF HW Img American singer, stage/film/television actress, wife
Jack Webb Img American actor, producer, director, television writer, (Jewish father) husband
Sir Michael Sobell Img British businessman, philanthropist, horse breder/owner, father-in-law
Baron Arnold Weinstock RWC Img chairman of GEC, son-in-law
Baron Mor Lipot Herzog Img Hungarian art colector, maternal grandfather of Martha
Martha Nierenberg Img Hungarian-born American co-founder of Dunsk International Designs, wife
Ted Nierenberg Img Hungarian-born co-founder of Dunsk International Designs, husband
Baron Manfred Weiss Img Hungarian founder of Manfred Weiss Steel and Metal Works Paternal grandfather of Martha
Clara Mendelssohn mother
Alexander Westphal Img German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother, Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Carl Westphal RWF Img German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother) father
Leon Crestohl Img Polish-born Canadian politician, MP Cartier  1950-63 son-in-law of Hirch
Sam Walsh Canadian politician, leader in the Communist Party of Canada, son
Hirsch Wolofsky Img Polish-born Canadian Yiddish author, busnessman, publisher, father
Elisabeth Wiener Img French film/television actress, singer/songwriter, daughter
Jean Wiener RWF Img French pianist, film score/opera composer, songwriter, father
Morris Glushien Img counsel of International Ladies Garment Workers Union father
Ruth Wedgwood Img American International law scholar,  (Jewish father) daughter
Baron George Weidenfeld Img Austrian-born British publisher,  husband
Lady Annabelle Whitestone Img British music manager, wife
Ben Weider HW Img Canadian-born co-founder of International Ferderation of BodyBuilders, brother
Joe Weider HW Img Canadian-born co-founder of International Ferderation of BodyBuilders, brother
Jerome Weidman Img American playwright, novelist, librettist, father
John Weidman Img American librettist, son
Barbara Brecht-Schall Img German actress, (Jewish mother) daughter of Helene
Stefan Brecht Img German-born American poet, critic, theater scholar, (Jewish mother) son of Helene
Johanna Schall Img German actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) granddaughter of Helene
Helene Weigel RWF HW Img Austrian stage actress, wife of Bertolt Brecht
Andre Weil RWF HW Img French-born American mathematician,  brother
Simone Weil RWF HW Img French philosopher, (convert to Catholicism) sister
Felix Weil Argentine-born academic, son
Hermann Weil Img German businessman, grain trader, father
Weil von Weillen
Alexander Weil von Weilen Austrian theater/literary historian, son -1918
Josef Weil von Weilen Img Austrian literary historian, father -1899
Karl von Weilen son
Claudia Weill Img American film director, distant cousin
Kurt Weill RWE HW Img German-born American composer, songwriter:composer, distant cousin
Lazare Weiller RWF Img French industrialist, inventor, politician,    father
Paul-Annik Weiller Img French businessman,  (Jewish father) son of Paul-Louis
Paul-Louis Weiller Img French industrialist, philanthropist, son
Princess Sibilla of Luxembourgian Img French aristocrat, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Paul-Annik
John Weinberg Img American chairman of Godman Sachs, son Goldman Sachs
Peter Weinberg Img American CEO of Goldman Sachs, nephew of John Goldman Sachs
Sidney Weinberg Img American chairman 1930-69 of Goldman Sachs, father Goldman Sachs
Sidney Weinberg, Jr American company executive, Goldman Sachs Group son
Matt Weinberg Img American film/television actor,    brother
Mike Weinberg Img American child actor, brother
Louise Weinberg Img American legal scholar,   wife
Steven Weinberg RWF HW Img American physicist, Nobel prize (1979), electroweak force, husband
Daniel Goleman RWF HW Img American author, psychologist, science journalist, nephew of Alvin
Alvin Weinberg RWF Img American nuclear physicist, uncle of Daniel
Naomi Wolf RWF HW Img American writer, feminist, niece of Daniel
Leo Gans Img German chemist, industrialist, uncle
Arthur von Weinberg RWC Img German chemist, industrialist, brother 1860-1943
Carl von Weinberg brother
Don McNeill Img American radio personality, (Jewish mother) first cousin of Caspar W.
Caspar Weinberger RWF HW Img American Secretary of Defense Reagan  81-87 (Jewish father) father
Caspar Weinberger, Jr Img American producer, director, writer, (Jewish paternal gradfather) son
Lazar Weiner RWF Img Ukrainian-born American Yiddish art songs composer, father
Yehudi Wyner Img American composer, pianist, conductor, son
Bernard Weiner Img American social psychologist, father
Mark Weiner Img American legal scholar,   son
Zemach Shabad RWF HW Img Polish/Lithuanian born politician, MP 1928- father-in-law of Max
Max Weinreich RWF HW Img Latvian-born Lithuanian American linguist, History of the Yiddish Language father
Uriel Weinreich RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American linguist, son
Avi Weinroth Img Israeli legal scholar,     brother
Jacob Weinroth Img German-born Israeli attorney, brother
I.Bernard Weinstein Img American oncologist, father
Matthew Weinstein Img American visual artist, filmmaker, installation sculptor, painter, son
Bob Weinstein RWF Img American film/theatrical producer, brother Miramax
Eve Weinstein Vice President of Elegant Films wife of Harvey(divorced)
Harvey Weinstein RWF Img American producer, executive, brother Miramax
Hannah Weinstein Img American television producer, journalist, activist, mother
Paula Weinstein Img American producer, executive, daughter
Jane Weinstock Img American film director, sister
Charles Weinstock Img American film producer,  brother
Roy Weintraub Img American economist, mathematician, son
Sidney Weintraub RWF Img American economist, father
Zuzanna Ginczanka Img Ukrainian-born Polish poet, wife of Michal
Michal Weinzieher Polish-born art historian/critic, museologist, legal scholar, son
Salomon Weinzieher Img Polish physician, politician, MP, father
Deborah Needleman Img American publishiung executive, wife of Jacob
Jacob Weisberg Img American journalist, editor, son
Joe Weisberg Img American television writer/producer, son
Lois Weisberg Img American socialite, activist, mother
Baron Daniel de Weisweiller Img German-born banker        1813-90
Elizabeth Weiss Img American singer, sister
Mary Weiss Img American lead singer, sister
Barry Weiss Img American music execurive, The Island Def Jam Music Group, son
Hy Weiss Img Romanian-born American record producer, father
Jonathan Weissman Img American biochemist, son
Sherman Weissman Img American geneticist, hematologist, father
Darren Aronofsky RWF HW Img American film director, screenwriter, producer, partner of Rachel
Minnie Weisz Img British photographer, curator, (Jewish father/maternal grandfather) daughter
Rachel Weisz RWF HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father/maternal grandfather) daughter
George Weisz Img Hungarian-born British inventor, father
Yechiam Weitz Img Israeli scholar, historian, grandson
Yosef Weitz Img Ukrainian-born Israeli zionist, director of the land and Aforrestation Department, grandfather
Joseph Weizenbaum RWF HW Img German-born American scientist, AI ElIZA grandfather
Zoe Weizenbaum Img American actress, (Jewish mother), granddaughter
David Weisman Img American film producer, author, graphic artist, ??? brother
Sam Weisman Img American film director, ??? brother
Jamie Sue Weiss American make-up artist, sister
Michael Weiss Img American stage/film/television actor, brother
Chaim Weizmann RWF HW Img Belarussian-born British Israeli chemist, synthetic acetone, President of Israel 1949-52 uncle
Ezer Weizmann RWF HW Img  7th President 1993-2000   Minister of Defense nephew
Gustave Tassell Img American fashion designer,  brother of Rebecca
Don Weis Img American film/television director, ??? husband of Rebecca
Gwen Welles Img American stage/film actress, daughter
Rebecca Welles Img American television/film actress, mother
Harris Yulin Img American film/television actor, husband of Gwen
Alfred Wellisch Hungarian architect, father
Andor Wellisch Hungarian architect, son
Felix Weltsch RWE HW Img Czech-born Israeli philosopher, author, editor, publisher, journalist, cousin
Robert Weltsch RWE Img Czech-born journalist, editor, cousin
Mordechai Ben David RWE HW Img American singer, son
David Werdyger HW Img American cantor, father
Israel Werdyger HW Img American singer,
Mendy Werdyger HW Img American singer/songwriter, son
Yeedle Werdyger HW Img American singer, son of Mordechai
Benjamin Werner French computer scientist, son 1966-
Michael Werner French historian, father
Wendelin Werner RWF Img German-born French mathematician, Fields Medal (2006), son
Wertheimer Chanel
Alain Wertheimer Img French businessman, grandson
Gerard Wertheimer Img French businessman, grandson
Jacques Wertheimer Img French businessman, son
Pierre Wertheimer Img French businessman, co-founder of Chanel, father Chanel cosmetics empire
Eitan Wertheimer Img CEO son Iscar Ltd
Stef Wertheimer RWF HW Img German-born Israeli founder chairman father Iscar Ltd
Egon Ranshofen-Wertheimer Img Austrian diplomat, journalist, political scientist, son
Julius Wertheimer Austrian politician, MP , father
Eduard von Wertheimer Hungarian historian, brother 1848-1930
Oskar von Wertheimer Img
Emanuel Wertheimer brother
Samson Wertheimer RWC Img Austrian financier, father 1658-1724
Wolff Wertheimer RWC Austrian financier, son
Alfred Josef von Werthemstein Austrian-born father of Rozsica 1843-1918
Charlote von Wertheinstein wife of Baron Moritz von Koenigswarter 1841-
Eduard Samuel von Wertheimstein brother of Leopold
Eleonora von Wertheimstein sister of Leopold
Emil von Werthemstein brother of Alfred Josef 1834-69
Franzisca von Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder, daugther
Josef von Wertheimstein
Josephine of Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder, sister of Theodor Gomperz, mother
Hermann von Werteimstein 1753-1812
Leopold von Wertheimstein Austrian banker, railway entrepreneur, father 1801-83
Baroness Rozsika von Wertheimstein Hungarian aristocrat, wife of Baron Nathaniel Charles Rothschild
Werthein Werthein Family
Abraham Werthein
Arnoldo Werthein
Geraldo Werthein
Gregorio Werthein son
Julio Werthein Argentine banker, Banco Mercantil Argentino,
Leon Werthein Moldovan-born Argentine head of the Family, father
Noel Werthein son
Numo Werthein son
Robert Westbrook Img American writer, (Jewish mother) son
Sheilah Graham Westbrook Img British-born American entertainer, writer, gossip columnist, actress, mother
Haskell Wexler HW Img American cinematographer, director/producer, son
Jerrold Wexler American businessman,  son
Milton Wexler Img American psychoanalyst, father
Nancy Wexler Img American neuroscientist, geneticist, research administrator, daughter
Nathaniel Weyl Img American journalist, economist, author, son
Walter Weyl Img American political writer, editor, father
Jack White HW Img Hungarian-born American film producer, director, writer, brother
Jules White RWF Img Hungarian-born American film producer, director, brother
David White French-born American journalist, son
Theodore White Img American political journalist, historan, novelist, father
Carole Ita White Img American television/film actress, daughter
Jesse White Img American stage/television/film actor,     father
Benjamin Widom Img American physical chemist, statistical mechanics of fluids,
Harold Widom Img American mathematician, father
Jennifer Widom Img American computer scientist, daughter
Conrad Wiene Img Austrian-born German actor, screenwriter, film producer/director, brother
Robert Wiene Img German/Polish-born German film director, screenwriter, brother
Leon Lichtenstein Img Polish-born German mathematician, cousin of Leon
Leo Wiener RWF HW Img Russian-born American historian, linguist, author, translator, father
Norbert Wiener RWF HW Img American mathematical logician, founder of cybernetics, son
Adam Wieniawski RWF Img Polish composer,   nephew of Henryk/Josef
Henryk Wieniawski RWF HW Img Polish composer, violinist, father
Josef Wieniawski RWF Img Polish pianist, composer, conductor, teacher, brother of Henryk
Julian Wieniawski Img Polish novelist, dramatist, brother of Henryk
Regine Wieniawski Img Belgian-born British composer, (Jewish father) daughter Podlowski Lady Dean Paul
Jerome Wiesner RWF Img American electrical engineer, scientist, president of MIT father
Stephen Wiesner American-born Israeli physicist, quantum cryptography, son
Harry Wilf Img Polish-born American co-founder of Garden Homes father of Leonard
Joseph Wilf Img  Polish-born American co-founder of Garden Homes father of Mark,Zygi
Leonard Wilf Imd American president of Garden Homes son of Harry
Mark Wilf Img American co-owner of Garden Homes, son of Joseph
Zygi Wilf Img American principal of Garden Homes, son of Joseph
Annette Wieviorka Img French historian, sister
Michel Wieviorka Img French sociologist, brother
Olivier Wieviorka Img French historian, brother
Sylvie Wieviorka Img French psychiatrist, sister
Charles Wigoder Img British computer entrepreneour, son Peoples Phone
Baron Basil Wigoder Img British lawyer, father
Alec Wildenstein Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, son
Daniel Wildenstein Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, father
Georges Wildenstein Img French gallery owner, art collector, editor, art historian, grandfather
Guy Wildenstein Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, son
David Wilentz Img Latvian-born American Attorney General of New Jersey 1934-44, father
Robert Wilentz Img Chief Justice of New Jersey Supreme Court 1979-96, son
Mark Wilf Img American businessman, co-owner of MinnesotaVikings, brother
Zygi Wilf Img German-born American businessman, co-owner of MinnesotaVikings, brother
Marjorie Senechal Img American mathematician, historian of science, daughter
Abraham Wikler Img American psychiatrist, neurologost, father
John Blyth Barrymore Img American film/television actor, (Jewish mother) son
Cara Williams RWF HW Img American film/television actress, mother
Saul Katz Img American owner of New York Mets, brother-in-law
Fred Wilpon Img American real estate developer, principal owner of New York Mets, brother-in-law
Jeff Wilpon Img American COO of New York Mets, son of Fred
Diane Rovell Img American singer, sister of Marilyn
Carnie Wilson Img American singer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Wendy Wilson Img American singer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford Img American singer, mother
Alan Wilzig Img American philanthropist, entrepreneur, racing driver, restaurateur, son
Sir Ivan Wilzig Img American techno musician, son
Naomi Wilzig Img American writer, art collector, owner of World Erotic Art Museum, mother
Siggi Wilzig Img German-born American oil tycoon, banker,  father
April Winchell Img American comedian, voice actress, talk radio host, (Jewish father) daughter
Paul Winchell Img American actor, comedian, inventor,  father
Debra Winger HW Img American actress,   
Kip Winger Img American rock musician,   
Eve Pollard Img British journalist, editor, mother of Claudia
Claudia Winkleman Img British journalist, television presenter, radio personality, daughter
Sophie Winkleman Img British actress, (Jewish father) half-sister of Claudia
Adam Winkler Img American legal scholar,   son
Irwin Winkler RWC Img American film director/producer, father
Richard Belzer RWF Img American actor, comedian,    cousin of Henry
Henry Winkler RWF HW Img American actor, director, producer, writer, father
Max Winkler Img American film director, screenwriter, television director, son
Zoe Winkler Img daughter
Stacey Weitzman Img mother
Judah Miller American comedy writer, husband
Marissa Winokur HW Img American actress, wife
Clara Birnberg British artist, sculptor, illustrator, portraitist, wife
Ruth Harrison Img British author, animal walfare activist, daughter
Stephen Winsten British writer, biographer, husband
David Winter RWF Img Dutch-born pop singer,   father
Ophelie Winter RWF Img French singer, actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Jessica Durlacher Img Dutch literary critic, columnist, novelist, wife
Leon de Winter Img Dutch writer, columnist, film producer, husband
Solomonica de Winter Img Dutch writer,   daughter
Bernie Winters Img British comedian, television actor, brother
Mike Winters Img British comedian, television actor, brother
Dale Winton Img British television presenter, radio DJ, son
Sheree Winton RWC Img British film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) mother
Mira Burt-Wintonick Canadian radio/film producer, radio personality, daughter
Peter Wintonick Img Canadian documentary filmmaker, father
Arthur Wirtz Img American businessman, grandfather
Rocky Wirtz Img American president of Wirtz Corporation, grandson
William Wirtz Img American owner/CEO of Wirtz Corporation, father
Frank Wisner American Head of Directorate of Plans of the Central Intelligence Agency father
Frank Wisner, Jr Img American ambassador, ??? son
Andrew Witkin Img American computer scientist, son
Evelyn Witkin RWF Img American geneticist, mother
Herman Witkin RWF Img American psychologist, father
Christian Witkin Img British-born American photographer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Jerome
Jerome Witkin Img American figurative artist, painter, (Jewish father) brother
Joel-Peter Witkin Img American photographer, (Jewish father) brother
Edward Witten RWF HW Img American mathematician, physicist, Fields Medal (1990), son
Louis Witten Img American theoretical physicist, father
Matt Witten Img American screenwriter, son
Joseph Joachim RWF HW Img Hungarian violinist, composer, conductor, uncle of Ludwig/Paul
Leopoldine Kalmus Img   (Jewish father) mother 1850-1926
Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein RWF Img Austrian philanthropist, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) sister
Karl Wittgenstein RWF Img Austrian entrepreneur, steel tycoon, father 1847-1913
Ludwig Wittgenstein RWF HW Img Austrian-born British philosopher, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) brother 1889-1951
Paul Wittgenstein RWF Img Austrian-born pianist, (not Jewish maternal grandmather) brother 1887-1961
Margot Wittkower German-born American interior designer, art historian,
Rudolf Wittkower Img German-born art/architectual historian,
Wodianer Wodianer Family
Elisabeth von Gutmann RWF HW Img Austrian-born princess consort of Franz I, daughter of Ida
Lady Marianne Montefiore daughter of Ida
Magdolna Purgly Img wife of Admiral Miklos Horthy, ??? descendant
Francisca Ullmann wife of Baron Moritz Ullmann daughter of Samuel
Baron Albert Wodianer Img Hungarian businessman, politician, son of Moritz 1818-98
Baron Albert Wodianer, Sr Hungarian politician, son of Samuel
Antal Wodianer ambassador 1890-1964
Arthur Wodianer 1860-1921
Ida Wodianer mother of Elisabeth/daugher of 
Karolina Wodianer wife of Philip Harkanai daughter of Samuel
Philip Wodianer Serbian-born father of Samuel/Rudolf
Philip Wodianer 1822-99
Baron Moritz Wodianer Hungarian co-founder of Hungarian Commercial Bank,   son of Samuel 1810-85
Rudolf Wodianer son of Philip 1788-1856
Samuel Wodianer Czech-born co-founder of Merchant Bank, son of Philip 1778-1852
Wolf RWE
Friedrich Wolf RWF HW Img German author, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, father
Konrad Wolf RWF HW Img East German film director, (Jewish father) son
Markus Wolf RWF HW Img head of East German Police, colonel general, (Jewish father) son
Garin Wolf Img American screenwriter, television writer, playwright,  cousin
Scott Wolf RWC HW Img American film/television actor,    cousin
Leonard Wolf Romanian-born American poet, author, teacher, translator, father
Naomi Wolf RWF HW Img American writer, feminist, daughter
Alex Wolff RWC Img American drummer, actor, (Jewish father)     son
Michael Wolff RWF Img American jazz pianist, composer, actor, father
Nat Wolff RWF HW Img American actor, keyboardist, lead singer/songwriter,  (Jewish father) son
Tobias Barrington Wolff HW Img American legal scholar, son
Patrick Wolff RWF Img American chess grandmaster, son
Robert Paul Wolff Img American political philosopher, anarchist, father
Sir Henry Drummond-Wolff Img British politician, diplomat, MP 1874-85 (Jewish father) son
Joseph Wolff Img Christian missionary, father
Geoffrey Wolff Img American writer, (Jewish father) brother
Tobias Wolff HW Img American writer, (Jewish father) brother
Albert Wolffson Img German politician, lawyer, son
Isaac Wolffson RWC Img German politician, jurist, MP 1848-50, 1871-81, father
Clare Selgin Img American anthropologist, wife of Paul
Jacob Wolfowitz Img Polish-born American statistican, economist, information theory, father
Paul Wolfowitz RWF HW Img American president of the World Bank 2005-07 (Jewish father) son
Conrad Wolfram Img British businessman,  brother
Stephen Wolfram RWF HW Img British physicist, mathematician, businessman, brother
Karl Wolfskehl RWF HW Img German author, translator, playwrigt, nephew
Paul Wolfskehl HW Img German mathematician, uncle
Gilbert de Botton Img Egyptian-born founder of Global Asset Management, husband of Janet
Janet de Botton Img British art collector, philanthropist, daughter of Leonard
Michael Green Img British founder of Carlton Television, husband of Janet
Baron David Wolfson Img British businessman, chairman of GUS 1996-2000, politician, cousin of Leonard GUS
Sir Isaac Wolfson RWA HW Img British businessman, chairman 1940-87 father GUS
Baron Leonard Wolfson Img British businessman,  son of Isaac
Baron Simon Wolfson Img British businessman,  son of David
Victor Wolfson Img American screenwriter, playwright, novelist, brother
Theresa Wolfson American labor economist, educator, sister
Gino Fano RWF Img Italian-born mathematician, brother-in-law of Leone
Leo Wollemborg Italian-born American writer, journalist, son
Leone Wollemborg RWC Img Italian Finance Minister 1901, father
Abel Wolman RWF Img American engineer, environmental engineering father
Gordon Wolman Img American enviromental engineer, geologist, geographer son
Amnon Wolman Img Israeli composer, son
Dan Wolman Img Israeli film drector, son
Moshe Wolman Img Polish-born Israeli neuropathologist, father
Alessandra Farkas Img Italian journalist, writer, granddaughter of Istvan
Istvan Farkas Img Hungarian painter, publisher, son
Baron Adolf Kohner Img Hungarian businessman, art collector, Adolf Kohner and Sons, great grandfather of Alessandra
Baron Vilmos Kohner son of Zsigmond 1877-1943
Zsigmond Kohner son of Adolf
Jozsef Wolfner Img Romanian-born Hungarian co-founder of Singer and Wolfner, father
Hilda Morley Img American poet, wife
Stefan Wolpe HW Img German-born American  composer,    husband
Daniel Wolpert Img British neuroscientist, physiologist, engineer, son
Lewis Wolpert RWF Img South African-born British developmental biologist, broadcaster, author, father
Sara Lynn Moore Img American actress, director, coach, (convert to Judaism) mother
Evan Rachel Wood RWF HW Img American actress, singer, (converted to Judaism mother) sister
Ira David Wood IV Img American actor, (Jewish mother/convert) brother
Betty Woodman Img American artist, mother
Francesca Woodman Img American photographer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Edana Romney Img South African British writer, stage actress. wife of sir John
C. M. Woolf Img British producer,  father ExLink
James Woolf RWF Img British film producer,  son Romulus Films
Jonathan Woolf Img British film producer,  son of Sir John
Sir John Woolf RWF Img British film producer,  son Romulus Films
Bella Sidney Woolf Img British author, sister of Leonard
Herbert Woolf Img American businessman, racehorse owner, cousin
Leonard Woolf RWF Img British political theorist, author, economic historian, cousin
Fannie von Todesco Austrian salon holder, wife of Henry
Baron Anthony de Worms 3 Austrian aristocrat, British philatelist, son of George 1869
Baron Charles de Worms Img British chemist, lepidopterist, son of Antony
Gabriel Benedict de Worms German-born Austrian plantation owner in Ceylon, brother of Solomon
Baron George de Worms 2 British public official, banker, son of Solomon 1829
Maurice Benedict de Worms German-born Austrian plantation owner in Ceylon, brother of Solomon
Percy de Worms British aristocrat, philatelist, son of George
Baron Henry de Worms RWC Img British politician, MP 1880 son of Solomon 1840
Baron Solomon Benedict de Worms 1 German-born Austrian aristrocrat, father 1801
Herman Wouk RWF HW Img American writer, playwright, brother
Victor Wouk RWF Img American automotive engineer, inventor, brother
Emanuel Wurm RWC Img German politician, MP 1890-1907 1912-18, husband
Mathilde Wurm Img German politician, social worker, journalist, MP 1920-33, wife
Joshua Wurman Img American atmospheric scientist, inventor, son
Richard Saul Wurman Img American architect, graphic designer, father
David Wurmser Img Swiss-born American foreign policy specialist, husband
Meirav Wurmser Israeli-born American scholar of Arab World, wife
Franz Weidenreich Img German-born American anthropologist, anatomist, uncle of Peter
Ron Wyden HW Img American senator, son of Peter
Peter Wyden Img German-born American journalist, author, brother
Aleksandra Brushtein RWF Img Lithuanian-born Soviet/Russian writer, playwright, daugher of Jakob RWN
Sergei Brushtein RWF Img Russian/Soviet physician, physiologist, husband of Aleksandra RWN
Yevgenia Kolpaktchi RWF Soviet orientalist, niece of Gavriil
Nadezhda Nadezhdina RWF Img Lithuanian-born Russian choreographer, dancer, granddaughter
Gavriil Wygodski RWF Russian/Soviet opthamologist, brother of Jakob
Jakob Wygodzki RWF HW Img Lithuanian Minister for Jewish Affairs, Polish deputy in (Sejm) grandfather
Carl Laemmle RWF HW Img German-born founder 1915 of Universal Studios second uncle of Robert & William
Carl Laemmle, Jr RWF HW Img president of Universal Studios son of Carl
Carla Laemmle RWF HW Img American film actress,
Robert Wyler Img American film producer, brother
William Wyler RWF HW Img French-born American director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Salome Breziner Img American film director, screenwriter, ??? wife
Brad Wyman Img American film producer, ??? husband
Ed Wynn HW Img American actor, director,  producer, librettist, father
Keenan Wynn Img American actor, (Jewish father) son
First Letter ==> Y
Meir Yaari RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician, educator, grandfather
Yedidya Yaari RWC HW Img Israeli 16th commander of Israeli Navy, 1999-2004, major general, grandson
Frank Yablans Img American film producer, screenwriter, studio executive, brother
Irwin Yablans Img American film producer, destributor, brother
Hanna Maron RWF HW Img German-born Israeli stage actress, 1st wife of Yossi
Arthur Ruppin RWF HW Img Polish-born sociologist, father of Jewish demography, father-in-law of Yigael
Eleazar Sukenik RWE HW Img Polish-born Israeli archaeologist, encyclopedist, father
Yigael Yadin RWF HW Img Israeli archaeologist, politician, military commander, son
Yossi Yadin HW Img Israeli film/stage actor,   son
Miron Vovsi RWF Img Latvian-born chief physician of the Red Army, cousin of mother
Akiva Yaglom RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, mathematician, statistician, metereologist, brother
Isaak Yaglom RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, author, brother
Yakov Yaglom RWC Belarusian-born Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for uncle
Irvin Yalom RWF HW Img American psychiatrist, author,    husband
Marilyn Yalom Img American feminist writer, historian, ??? wife
Alma Har'el RWC Img Israeli-born American film/music video director, wife
Boaz Yakin RWC HW Img Israeli-born American screenwriter, film director, husband
Gustavo Yankelevich Img Argentine television director/producer, father
Romina Yan RWF HW Img Argentine stage/film/television actress, screenwriter, singer, dancer, (Jewish father) daughter
Tomas Yankelevich Img Argentine film/television producer/director, (Jewish father) son
Avrom Yanovsky HW Img Ukrainian-born Canadian editorial cartoonist, father
Zalman Yanovsky HW Img Canadian singer, guitarist, son The Lovin' Spoonful
Moisey Gubelman RWF Img Russian revolutionery, publicist, state/political figure, brother
Roman Karmen RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet documentary filmmaker, son-in-law of Yemelyan
Marcel Rosenberg RWF Img Polish-born Soviet ambassador to Spain 1936-37, son-in-law of Yemelyan
Frunze Yaroslavsky RWF Img Soviet military commander, major general, son of Yemelyan RWM
Yemelyan Yaroslavsky RWF Img Russian historian, politician, brother
Danny Yatom RWF HW Img Israeli politician, director of the Mossad 1996-98, brother
Ehud Yatom RWC HW Img Israeli politician, brother
Sorrell Booke Img American stage/film/television actor,  cousin
Max Yasgur Img American music promoter, cousin
Sam Yasgur American lawyer, son of Max
Grigory Yavlinsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian politician, Leader of Yabloko Party (Jewish mother) second nephew
Natan Yavlinsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian physicist,  second uncle
Anton Yelchin RWF HW Img Russian-born American film/television actor, nephew
Eugene Yelchin RWF Img Russian-born American artist, illustrator, writer, uncle
Paul Joskow Img American economist, uncle of Matthew
Helen Yglesias Img American novelist, grandmother
Matthew Yglesias Img American political blogger/writer, journalist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Rafael Yglesias Img American novelist, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) father
Moshe Smilansky RWE Img Ukrainian-born Israeli author, great uncle
S. Yizhar RWF HW Img Israeli author,  great nephew Yizhar Smilanski
Bud Yorkin Img American producer, director, writer, actor, father
Nicole Yorkin Img American television writer, producer, daughter
Kevin Yorn Img American entertainment attorney, brother
Pete Yorn Img American singer/songwriter, guitarist, brother
Adina Bar-Shalom RWF HW Img Egyptian-born Israeli founder of Haredi College, daughter
Ovadia Yosef RWF HW Img Iraqi-Israeli former Israel Sephardic Chief Rabbi, legal scholar, "de facto" authority of Sephardic Jewry father
Giora Yoseftal RWC HW Img German-born Israeli politician, Minister of Labour, Minister of Housing, Minister of Development,  husband
Senetta Yoseftal RWC HW Img German-born Israeli politician, wife
Max Thieriot Img American child/film actor, (Jewish descent) great-great-grandson
Michael de Young Img American journalist, publisher, great-great-grandfather
Baron David Young Img Secretary of State for Trade and Industry brother
Stuart Young British chairman 1983-86 of BBC, brother
Eliza Doolittle Img British singer, songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandmother) grandgirl
Frances Ruffelle Img British stage actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Sylvia Young Img British founder, principal of Sylvia Young Theatre School, grandmother
Lev Yudin RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet painter, graphic artist, cousin
Maria Yudina RWF Img Russian pianist, cousin
Veniamin Yudin RWF Russian-born Soviet physician, medical expert, father of Maria
Aleksandr Yurovsky RWM Img Georgian-born Soviet military, Rear Admiral, engineer, son
Yakov Yurovsky RWF Img Russian-born Soviet  bolshevik, father
Faina Kogan-Bernstein RWF Img Soviet historian, translator, wife of Pavel
Adolph Yushkevich RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet historian of mathematics, son of Semyon
Pavel Yushkevich RWE Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet philosopher,  brother
Semyon Yushkevich RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet writer, playwright, brother
First Letter ==> Z
Abraham Zabludovsky Img Polish-born Mexican architect, brother
Jacobo Zabludovsky Img Mexican journalist, news anchor,    brother
Arie Belldegrun Img Israeli-born American oncologist, urologist, husband of Rebecka
Rebecka Belldegrun RWC Img Finnish-born American ophthalmologist, businesswoman, daughter
Poju Zabludowicz HW Img Finnish-born founder/owner of Tamares Group, son
Shlomo Zabludowicz Img Polish-born Finnish arms industry businessman, father
Alfred Zachariewicz Img Polish/Ukrainian-born Polish architect, son
Julian Zacharjewicz Img Polish architect, renovator, father
Norm Zada Img American editor of Perfect 10, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Lotfi Zadeh RWF Img Azerbaijani-born Iranian American mathematician, (Jewish mother) father
Nina Zagat Img American publisher, co-founder of Zagat Restaurant Survey, wife
Tim Zagat Img American publisher, co-founder of Zagat Restaurant Survey, husband
Amotz Zahavi RWF HW Img Israeli evolutionary biologist, husband
Avishag Zahavi Img Israeli botanist, physiologist, wife
Raisa Azarkh RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet military figure, wife
Mate Zalka RWF Img Hungarian-born  writer, general in Spain, husband
Andy Zaltzman Img British comedian, author, brother
Helen Zaltzman Img British podcaster, broadcaster, comedy writer,  sister
Adam Zamenhof RWF Img Polish ophthamologist, son of Ludwig
Louis-Christophe Zaleski-Zamenhof RWF Img Polish-born French engineer, esperantist, son of Adam, Wanda
Lidia Zamenhof RWF Img Polish esperantist, daughter of Ludwig
Ludwig Zamenhof RWF HW Img Polish ophthamologist, linguist, inventor of Esperanto,  grandfather
Wanda Zamenhof Polish ophthamologist, wife of Adam
Zofia Zamenhof RWE Polish physician, esperantist, daughter of Ludwig
Rudolf Magnus Img German pharmacologist, physiologist, father-in-law of Walter
Benjamin Zander RWF HW Img British-born American conductor, son
Michael Zander Img German-born British legal scholar, son
Walter Zander Img German-born British lawyer, father
Alfred Slaner Img American CEO of Kyser-Roth Corporation, cousin
Felix Zandman RWF HW Img Belarusian-born founder of Vishey Intertechnology, Inc 1962 cousin
Israel Zangwill RWF HW Img British writer, playwright,  brother
Louis Zangwill British novelist, brother
Oliver Zangwill Img British neuropsychologist, (Jewish father) son of Israel
Dudu Zar HW Img Israeli actor, singer/songwriter, son
Mordechai Zar RWC HW Img Iranian-born Israeli politician,   father
George Zarnecki Img Ukrainian-born British art historian, (Jewish father) father
John Zarnecki RWC Img British space scientist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Elizabeth Zarubina RWF Img Moldovan-born Soviet Intelligence Officer, sister
Victor Rozentsvaig RWF Moldovan-born Soviet linguist, brother
Sherry Margolis Img American television anchor, wife
Jeffrey Zaslow Img American journalist, columnist, author, husband
Boris Zbarsky RWF Img Russian biochemist, father
Felix-Lev Zbarsky RWF Img Soviet/Russian painter, son
Ilya Zbarsky RWF Img Russian biochemist, son
Aaron Zeitlin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born playwright, son
Hillel Zeitlin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Yiddish language writer, father
Alan Zekelman Img Canadian businessman, philanthropist, JMC Steel Group, son
Barry Zekelman Img Canadian businessman, JMC Steel Group, son
Clayton Zekelman Img Canadian businessman, Atlas Tube, JMC Steel Group, son
Harry Zekelman Canadian businessman, Atlas Tube, JMC Steel Group, father
Alexander Zeldin Img British theater/opera director, nephew
Theodore Zeldin Img Israeli-born British philosopher, historian, sociologist, writer, uncle
Aleksandr Zeldovich RWF Img Russian physical chemist, cousin of Yakov
Boris Zeldovich RWF Img Russian physicist, son ExLink
Yakov Zeldovich RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian physicist, astronomer father
Doris Zemurray Stone RWF Img American archaeologist, ethnographer, daughter
Sam Zemurray RWF Img Moldovan-born American businessman, United Fruit Company, father
Danielle von Zerneck Img American actress, film producer, (Jewish father) daughter
Frank von Zerneck Img American film producer, father
Clara Zetkin RWF Img German MP 1920-33, (Jewish father) mother
Kostya Zetkin German physician, economist, politician, son 1885-1990
Maxim Zetkin German politician, surgeon, son 1883-1965
Ossip Zetkin RWF Img Ukrainian-born German revolutionery, father
Anatol Zhabotinsky RWF Img Russian-born American biophysicist, son
Mark Zhabotinsky RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet physicist, father
Igor Lebedev Img Russian politician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Vladimir Zhirinovsky RWF Img Leader of ultra-nationalist Party, (Jewish father) father
Yury Tynyanov RWF Img Latvian-born Russian writer, literary critic, translator, scholar, screenwriter, second cousin of Viktor
Aleksei Zhirmunsky RWF Img Russian biologist, (Jewish father) son
Miron Zhirmunsky RWF
Moisey Zhirmunsky RWF Polish/Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet otoringologist, father of Viktor
Semion Zhirmunsky RWF Polish/Lithuanian-born Russian/Soviet chemical engineer, brother of Moisey
Viktor Zhirmunsky RWF Img Russian-born Soviet literary historian, linguist, father
Vladimir Gandelsman RWF Img Russian poet, translator, cousin of Aleksandr
Yuriy Gandelsman RWF Sovie-born Israeli american altist, cousin of Aleksandr
Aleksander Zhurbin RWF Img Uzbek-born Russian composer, songwriter, father
Lev Zhurbin RWE Img Russian comoser, violist, arranger, son
Ian Ziering RWF HW Img American actor, husband
Nikki Ziering RWF Img American actress, model, (convert to Judaism) wife
Amy Ziering Img American film producer/director, daughter
Marilyn Ziering American business executive, philanthropist, wife
Sigi Ziering German-born American business executive, playwright, philanthropist, husband
Daniel Ziff Img American billionaire, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Grandson
Dirk Edward Ziff Img American billionaire, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Grandson
Robert D. Ziff Img American billionaire, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Grandson
William Ziff, Jr Img head of Ziff-Davis father
William Ziff, Sr Img American co-founder 1927 of Ziff-Davis, grandfather
Lotte Palfi Andor Img German actress, wife of Wolfgang
Max Zilzer Hungarian-born German stage/film actor, father
Wolfgang Zilzer Img German American stage/film actor, son
Marcia Davenport HW Img American author, music critic, daughter of Alma
Alma Gluck RWF HW Img Romanian-born American soprano singer, mother
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr RWF Img American producer, actor, son
Efrem Zimbalist, Sr RWF HW Img Russian-born American violinist, composer, conductor, father
Stephanie Zimbalist RWF Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Efrem Jr
Ben Zimmer Img American linguist, lexicographer, language commentator, son
Carl Zimmer Img American popular science writer, blogger, son
Richard Zimmer Img American representative, 1991-1997, father
Sir Alfred Zimmern Img British classical scholar, historian,    cousin
Alice Zimmern Img British writer, translator, suffragist, sister
Helen Zimmern Img German-born British writer, translator, sister
Zlata Lilina RWF Belarusian-born public/political figure, journalist, 2nd wife
Sara Ravich RWF Belarusian-born revolutionery, 1st wife
Grigory Zinoviev RWF HW Img Soviet Secrete Police Secretary, President of Communist International husband
Yehuda Zisapel HW Img Israeli businessman, RAD Group, Radvision, brother
Zohar Zisapel RWC HW Img Israeli businessmen, Radvision, brother
Marilyn Lightstone Img Canadian film/television/voice actress, radio personality, wife
Moses Znaimer Img Tadjikistani-born Canadian producer, husband
Rodger Berman Img American investment banker, husband
Rachel Zoe RWF Img American fashion stylist, author, wife
Hanne Hiob Img German actress, (Jewish maternal grandparent) daudhter
Ursula Lingen Img German-born Austrian television actress, (Jewish maternal grandparent) daughter
Marianne Zoff Img Austrian actress, opera singer, (half Jewish) mother
Shlomo Kalo Img Bulgarian-born Israeli author, thinker, poet, composer, medical microbiologist,
Rivka Zohar RWC HW Img Israeli singer,
Alma Zohar RWC Img Israeli singer/songwriter, daughter
Israel Zohar Img Kazakh-born Israeli British portrait painter, father
Larry Zolf Img Canadian journalist, commentator, father
Rachel Zolf Img Canadian poet, daughter
Crescent Dragonwagon Img American writer, teacher, daughter of Charlotte
Charlotte Zolotow Img American author, poet, editor, publisher, mother
Maurice Zolotow Img American show business biogralher, father
Steve Zolotow Img American professional poker player, son
Bernhard Zondek RWC HW Img German/Polish-born Israeli endocrinologist, gynecologist, brother
Hermann Zondek RWC Img German/Polish-born Israeli endocrinologist,  brother
Dahlov Ipcar Img American painter, ilustrator, author, (Jewish father) daughter
William Zorach Img Lithuanian-born American abstract sculptor, writer, father
Jim Abrahams RWF HW Img American director, producer, screenwriter, brother
David Zucker RWF HW Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Jerry Zucker RWF HW Img American parody director, screenwriter, brother
Anita Zucker Img American chairman, CEO of Hudson's Buy Company, wife
Jerry Zucker HW Img Israeli-born American chairman, CEO of InterTech Group, husband
David Zucker RWF HW Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Jeff Zucker RWC Img American president of NBC Universal Television Group, brother
Mark Zuckerberg RWF HW Img American founder, CEO of Facebook, brother
Randi Zuckerberg RWC Img American marketing director of Facebook, sister
Rachel Barenblatt Img American poet, blogger, wife
Ethan Zuckerman RWC Img American founder/CTO of Geekcorps, husband
Ellie Kanner Img American film/television director, wife
David Zuckerman RWC HW Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, husband
Albert Zugsmith Img American film producer/director, screenwriter, brother
Leane Zugsmith American writer, sister
Arianna Zukerman Img American opera singer, lyric soprano, daughter
Eugenia Zukerman RWF Img American flautist, writer, journalist, wife
Natalia Zukerman Img American singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer, artist, daughter
Pinchas Zukerman RWF HW Img Israeli-born American violinist, conductor, husband
Louis Zukofsky Img American objectivist poet, father
Paul Zukofsky HW Img American violinist, conductor, son
Stewart Stern Img American screenwriter, nephew
Adolph Zukor RWF HW Img Hungarian-born American founder, president of Paramount Pictures, uncle
Edward Zwick RWF Img American film director/producer, brother
Joel Zwick Img American choreographer, film/stage/television director, brother
Moritz Szeps RWF Img Ukrainian-born Austrian journalist, newspaper owner, father of Berta 1835-1902
Berta Zuckerkandl RWF HW Img Austrian writer, journalist, critic, wife of Emil 1864-1945
Sophie Szeps Img  sister-in-law of French president George Clemenceau, sister of Berta
Emil Zuckerkandl RWF Img Hungarian-born Austrian anatomist, anthropologist, husband
Otto Zuckerkandl Img Hungarian-born Austrian urologist, surgeon, brother of Emil
Victor Zuckerkandl Img Austrian musicologist, 1896-65
Carl Zuckmayer RWF Img German author, poet, playwright, (Jewish mother) brother
Eduard Zuckmayer Img German composer, conductor, pianist, (Jewish mother) brother