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Cabaret entrepreneurs/performers //cabaret
David Beigelman RWF Pic Polish violinist, orchestra leader, composer, songwriter,
Shaul Berezovsky Pic Belarusian-born Polish composer, pianist, music director,
Trude Berliner RWF Pic German film actress, 
Mina Bern Pic Polish-born American actress,
Zygmunt Bialostocki Pic Polish composer, conductor, cabaret performer,
Diana Blumenfeld Pic Polish-born singer, pianist, actress,
Gerhard Bronner Pic Austrian cabaret artist, composer, writer,
Kasriel Broydo Lithuanian-born singer/songwriter, cabaret performer,
Pesach Burstein HW Pic American Israeli actor, comedian, singer,  
Efim Dzigan RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli actor, comedian, singer,
Max Ehrlich HW Pic German film/stage actor, screenwriter, playwright, theater/cabaret director,
Karl Farkas Pic Austrian actor, cabaret performer,
Fania Fenelon Pic French cabaret singer, pianist, composer,   
Leonid Fokszanski Polish poet, cabaret songwriter, actor, entertainer, translator,
Lola Folman Pic Polish singer, composer,
Anna Frenkel-Knastrowa Polish stage/cabaret actress, journalist,
Egon Friedell RWF Pic Austrian philosopher, historian, journalist, writer, theater critic, actor,
Zenon Friedwald Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born writer, artist, lyricist,
Leo Fuchs Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American actor,
Ruzha Fuchs Polish/Ukrainian-born Yiddish theater actress,
Yakov Fuchs Polish Yiddish theater actor,
Franciska Gaal RWF Pic Hungarian film/stage actress, cabaret artist,
Eugene Gero Hungarian-born American composer, cabaret actor, Szoke Sakall
Wladyslaw Godik Pic Ukrainian-born Polish singer, actor, theater director,
Artur Gold Pic Polish violinist, dance music composer, conductor,
Henryk Gold Pic Polish composer, arranger, orchestra director,
Zina Goldstein Pic Polish Yiddish theater actress, singer,
Fanny Gordon RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Polish songwriter,
La Goulue Pic French cabaret dancer,
Paul Graetz Pic Polish-born German comedian, cabaret actor,
Wiera Gran RWF Pic Polish singer, actress,
Stefania Grodzienska RWA Pic Polish writer, stage actress, dancer, radio announcer, satirist,
Fritz Grunbaum Pic Czech-born Austrian actor, cabaret actor,
Michael Halicz Polish film/cabaret actor,
Peter Hammerschlag Pic Austrian writer, poet, actor, artist,
Marian Hemar RWF Pic Polish journalist, playwright, poet, comedy writer, translator,
Geza Hofi RWF Pic Hungarian actor, comedian, cabaret performer,
Stella Kadmon RWN Pic Austrian actress, cabaret artist, theater director,
Szymon Kataszek Pic Polish composer, bandleader, pianist, 
Henech Kon Pic Polish composer,
Igor Korntayer Pic Polish lyricist, poet, coupletist, actor,
Paul Krassner Pic American satirist, journalist, stand-up comedian,
Karl Kraus RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian author, journalist, playwright, satirist,
Georg Kreisler RWF Pic Austrian-born cabarettist, satirist, composer, author, singer,
Kazimierz Krukowski Pic Polish cabaret performer, writer, revue/film actor,
Hermann Leopoldi Pic Austrian composer, cabaret star, writer, film actor,
Ola Lilith Pic Polish singer, actress,
Fritz Lohner-Beda RWC Pic Czech-born Austrian librettist, lyricist, writer,
Paul Morgan Pic Austrian actor, cabaret performer,
Fritz Muliar Pic Austrian actor, cabaret artist,  
Mark Nadler Pic American cabaret performer, actor, comedian,
Endre Nagy Pic Hungarian journalist, writer, announcer, cabaret director,
Rudolf Nelson Pic German composer, kabarettist,
Jane Olivor Pic American cabaret singer,
Menashe Oppenheim Pic Polish singer, composer, songwriter, cabaret performer,
Marianne Oswald Pic French singer, actress,
Jerzy Petersburski RWF Pic Polish violinist, songwriter, composer, conductor,
Lil Picard Pic German-born American cabaret actress, artist, critic,
Shloyme Prizament Pic Ukrainian-born Polish composer, singer, songwriter, actor,
Jeno Rejto Pic Hungarian journalist, writer, playwright,
Willy Rosen Pic German composer, songwriter, cabaret player,
Emanuel Schlechter Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born lyricist, libettist, writer, satirist, translator, composer, director,
Israel Shumacher HW Pic Polish-born Israeli actor, comedian,  singer,
Jura Soyfer HW Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian political journalst, cabaret writer, playwright,
Ludwik Starski Pic Polish songwriter:lyricist, sound engineer, screenwriter,
Piotr Skrzynecki Pic Polish-born choreographer, dirctor, cabaret impresario,
Izo Szajewicz Pic Polish-born  composer, conductor,
Wladyslaw Szlengel Pic Polish poet, songwriter, journalist, stage actor, cabaret songs,
Zofia Tern Pic Polish actress, cabaret singer, pianist, composer,
Konrad Tom RWF Pic Polish actor, writer, singer/songwriter, director,
Yosef Tunkel Pic Belarusian-born Polish poet, satirist,
Julian Tuwim RWF HW Pic Polish poet, novelist, translator,
Rosa Valetti Pic German actress, singer, cabaret performer,
Otto Wallburg Pic German actor, cabaret performer,
Henryk Wars RWF Pic Polish American pop music/film score composer, conductor,
Jerzy Wasowski Polish journalist, composer, director, cabaret artist,
Ivo Wesby Pic Polish-born composer, director, cabaret performer,
Hugo Wiener Pic Austrian composer, librettist, screenwriter,
Ben-Zion Witler Pic Polish singer, actor, coupletist, comedian, composer,
Walk of Fame of Cabaret Maintz, Germany
Karl Farkas Pic Austrian actor, cabaret performer,
Kurt Gerron RWF HW Pic German actor, film director,
Valeska Gert RWF Pic German film actress, dancer, cabaret artist, artist's model, 2004
Fritz Grunbaum Pic Czech-born Austrian actor, cabaret artist,
Peter Hammerschlag Pic Austrian writer, poet, actor, cabaret artist, graphic artist, 2007
Friedrich Hollaender Pic British-born German composer, songwriter,
Georg Kreisler RWF Pic Austrian-born cabarettist, satirist, composer, author, singer,
Erika Mann RWF HW Pic German actress, writer, (Jewish mother)
Walter Mehring Pic German-born American  writer, satirist, Answers
Erich Muhsam RWF HW Pic German author, poet, revolutionery,
Rudolf Nelson Pic German composer, kabarettist,
Mischa Spoliansky Pic Polish-born composer,
Kurt Tucholsky RWF HW Pic German journalist, writer,
WoF of Cabaret/wiki/cat
Variety Show, Talk Show
Connie Chung Pic 20/20 convert to Judaism
John Stossel Pic
Barbara Walters RWF HW Pic
Morley Safer Pic 60 Minutes
Mike Wallace HW Pic
Britt Koth Pic 8th & Ocean Jewish descent
Al Franken RWF Pic The Al Franken Show talk show
Harvey Korman RWF HW Pic The Caroll Burnett Show
Dinah Shore RWF HW Pic
David Cross RWF H Pic The Ben Stiller Show
Ben Stiller RWF HW Pic Jewish father
Suzanne Pleshette RWF HW Pic The Bob Newart Show
Chelsea Handler RWF Pic The Chelsea Handler Show Jewish father
Ben Karlin Pic The Colbert Report comedy, satira
Jon Stewart RWF HW Pic comedy
Lisa Bonet RWF Pic The Cosby Show Jewish mother
Ed. Weinberger Pic
Sacha Baron Cohen RWF HW Pic Da Ali G Show comedy
The Daily Show
Danny Kaye RWF HW Pic The Danny Kaye Show
Marc Summers Pic Double Dare
Morey Amsterdam Pic The Dick van Dyke Show
Jerry Paris Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Carl Reiner RWF Pic
George Burns RWF HW Pic George Burns & Gracy Allen Show
Hal Kanter Pic The George Gobel Show
Steve Edwards Pic Good Day Live
Peter Sellers RWE HW Pic The Goon Show Jewish mother
Howard Stern RWF HW Pic The Howard Stern Show
Jerry Springer Pic The Jerry Springer Show talk show
Garry Shandling RWF HW Pic The Larry Sanders Show
Jeffrey Tambor RWC HW Pic
Paul Shaffer Pic Late Show with David Letterman variety
Garry Shandling RWF HW Pic It's Garry Shandling's Show
Monty Hall Pic Let's Make a Deal
Michael Gelman Pic Live with Regis and Kelly
Ed Asner RWF HW Pic The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mary Tyler Moore Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Jerry Sheindlin Pic The People's Court
Phil Silvers HW Pic The Phil Silvers Show
Bill Maher RWF HW Pic Politically Incorrect
Zach Mann Pic The Real World
Rachel Moyal Pic
Svetlana Shusterman Pic f
Ed Friendly Pic Rowan & Martin's Lough-In musical series
Al Franken RWF Pic Saturday Night Live
Jon Lovitz RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer,
Lorne Michaels Pic Saturday Night Live variety
Laraine Newman RWF Pic
Gilda Radner RWF HW Pic
Joan Ganz Cooney Pic Sesame Street
Mark Decarlo Pic Taste of America with Mark Decarlo
Milton Berle Pic Texaco Star theater
Mila Kunis RWF HW Pic That ''70s Show
Laura Prepon RWF HW Pic Jewish father
Tanya Roberts RWF Pic Jewish mother
Katie Couric RWF HW Pic The Today's Show (NBC) Jewish mother
Matt Lauer RWF Pic Jewish father
Sid Caesar RWF HW Pic Your Show of Shows
Howard Morris Pic
Carl Reiner RWF Pic
Socialities //socialite
Cisco Adler Pic American rock singer, record producer, film producer, socialite, (Jewish father)
Mary Antin Pic Russian-born American novelist, socialite,
Barbara Amiel Pic British Canadian journalist, writer, socialite,
Leonore Annenberg Pic American art patron,
Wallis Annenberg Pic American socialite, philanthroper,
Baroness Fanny von Arnstein RWE Pic Austrian-born socialite, salon holder,
August Belmont, Jr RWE Pic American banker, (Jewish father)
Oliver Belmont RWE Pic American politician, (Jewish father)
Elsa Bernstein Pic Austrian-born German writer, dramatist, salon holder,
Adele Bloch-Bauer Pic Austrian salon holder, art patron,
Frances Braham Pic British socialite, (Jewish father)
Tory Burch HW Pic American fashion designer, socialite, businesswoman,  (Jewish mother)
Beatrice de Camondo Pic French socialite,
Claudia Cohen Pic American gossip columnist, socialite,   
Cone Sisters Pic American socialities, art collectors,
Sarra Copia Sullam Pic Italian poet, writer, salon holder,
Barbara Davis Pic American socialite, philanthtropist,
Brandon Davis Pic American socialite, (Jewish mother)
Countess Henckel von Donnesmarck Pic French courtesan, (La-Paiva) Esther Lachmann
Patricia Duff RWC Pic American political activist, socialite, (convert to Judaism)
Denise Eisenberg Rich Pic American-born Austrian singer/songwriter, socialite,
Berta Fanta Pic Czech-born salon holder, literary/intellectual figure,
Rachel Felix RWF Pic French stage actress,
Rebecca Friedlander German-born writer, salon holder,
Eva Gabor RWF Pic Hungarian-born actress, socialite,
Magda Gabor RWF Pic Hungarian-born actress, socialite,
Zsa Zsa Gabor RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born actress, socialite, 
Judy Green Pic American philanthropist, socialite, novelist,   
Genevieve Halevy Pic French salon holder,
Connie Hamzy Pic American groupie,
Henriette Herz RWE HW Pic German salon holder, author,
Zelda Kaplan Pic American socialite,
Nan Kempner Pic American socialite,  magazine editor, 
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer Pic American socialite, 
Gertrude Lintz Pic British American dog breeder, socialite,
Leontine Lippmann Pic French hostless of literary salon,   
Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss Pic American fashion designer, socialite,
Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg Pic French-born magazine editor, socialite (Jewish father)
Julie Macklowe Pic American hedge fund manager, investor, socialite,
Irene Mayer Selznick Pic American theatrical producer, sociality,
Countess Anne Messel Pic British sociality,
Brooke Mueller RWF Pic American film actress, socialite, (Jewish mother)
Vicontesse Marie-Laure de Noailles Pic French patron of the arts, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Maud Nelke Pic British sociality, art patron,
Roxy Olin Pic American actress, socialite, (Jewish father)
Baroness Henriette von Pereira-Arnstein Pic Austrian pianist, salon holder,
Amy Raiter Pic American socialite,  publicist,
Annette de la Renta Pic American philanthropist, socialite,   
Denise Rich Pic American songwriter, socialite, philantropist,
Cornelia Richter German salon holder,
Baron Alexis von Rosenberg Pic Swiss-born French art collector, aesthete, socialite,
Beatrice de Rothschild Pic French socialie, art collector,  
Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild Pic French-born socialite, art collector,
Aline Caroline de Rothschild Pic French socialite, daugher of Baron Gustave
Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild Pic French socialite, painter,
Charlotte von Rothschild Pic German-born socialite, daughter of Carl, wife  of Lionel
Evelina de Rothschild Pic British socialite, daughter of Lionel
Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild Pic French sociality, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Philippe de Rothschild Pic French car racer,
Salomon James de Rothschild Pic French banker, socialite,
Steve Rubell Pic co-founder of Studio 54, socialite,
Flora Singer French salon holder,
Ksenia Sobchak RWF Pic Russian television anchor, journalist, sociality, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Lilly Tartikoff Pic American health activist, sociality, restorateur, television producer,
Sophie von Todesco Austrian salon holder,
Maria Szymanowska RWF Pic Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, salon-holder,
Rachel Uchitel Pic American night club manager, hostess, TV correspondent,
Rahel Varnhagen RWE HW Pic German writer, socialite,
Lois Weisberg Pic American socialite, activist,
Francine Weisweiller Pic French socialite,
Franzisca von Wertheimstein Pic Austrian salon holder,
Josephine of Wertheimstein Pic Austrian salon holder,
Cecilia Wohl Pic Lithuanian-born Hungarian salon-holder, mother of Polonyi brothers,
Berta Zuckerkandl RWF HW Pic Austrian writer, journalist, critic, salon host,
Baroness Helene van Zuylen Pic French socialite, author,
Illusionists, Magicians //magician
Michael Ammar Pic American close-up magician, //illiusionost
Lee Asher Pic American magician,   
David Avadon Pic American magician,   
Carl Ballantine Pic American film/television actor, magician, comedian,
Guy Bavli Pic Israeli-born mentalist, illusionist, lecture,
Aaron Black American magician,   
David Blaine RWF HW Pic American illusionist, (Jewish mother)
Zishe Breitbart Pic Polish-born circus performer, vaudeville strongman,
Chan Canasta HW Pic Polish-born British magician, mentalist,
David Copperfield RWF HW Pic American illusionist, film actor,
Uri Geller RWF HW Pic Israeli-born illusionist, psychic,
Theodore Hardeen Pic Hungarian-born American magician,
Larry Harmon Pic American entertainer, clown, television producer,
Alexander Herrmann Pic French magician, illusionist,
Carl Herrmann German illusionist,
Carl Hertz Pic American magician,   
Harry Houdini RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American magician, escapologist, actor,
Lou Jacobs Pic German-born American  clown,
Ricky Jay RWF Pic American actor, artist, author, magician,
Fred Kaps Pic Dutch magician,
Emil Kio RWN Pic Georgian-born Russian illusionist,
Igor Kio RWN Pic Russian illusionist,
Arthur Kurzweil Pic American author, educator, editor, publisher, magician,   
Max Malini Pic American magician,   
Albert Marchinsky Pic Polish-born British magician, illusionist,
Max Maven HW Pic American magician, mentalist,
Oded Menashe HW Pic Israeli  television actor, magician, television presenter,
Zvi Mowshowitz Pic American magician,   
Ovitz family Pic Romanian-born circus artists,
Jacob Philadelphia Pic German-born American magician, phisicist, astrologer, alhemist,
Nicolai Poliakoff Pic Latvian-born British clown,
Roy Rene Pic Australian clown, Harry van der Sluice
Rodolfo Pic Hungarian magician,  
Wolf Ruvinskis Pic Latvian-born Mexican actor, professional wrestler, magician,
Ian Saville Pic British magician,  
George Schindler Pic American magician, comedian, actor, writer,
Ehud Segev Pic Israeli-born mentalist, performer,
Raymond Teller RWF Pic American comedian, actor, Penn and Teller duo, (Jewish father) Penn & Teller
Michel Velleman Pic Dutch magician,
Matt Wayne Pic American illusionist, producer, television personality, (Jewish mother)
Professional Wrestlers //wrestler
Kurt Angle Pic American professional wrestler, ExLink
Max Baer RWF HW Pic American boxer, actor, (Jewish father)
Steve Blackman Pic American professional wrestler,
Matt Bloom Pic American professional wrestler, wrestler WWF/WWE, NJPW
Brimstone Pic American professional wrestler, actor, author, William Kucmierowski
Colt Cabana Pic American professional wrestler,
Abe Coleman Pic Polish-born American professional wrestler,
Robbie E Pic American professional wrestler,
Alere Feather Pic American professional wrestler,
Joel Gertner Pic American professional wrestler manager,
Bill Goldberg RWF HW Pic wrestler, WWE, WCW
Hoshitango Imachi Pic Argentine-born Japanian sumu professional wrestler,
Karl Istaz Pic Belgian professional wrestler,
Glen Jacobs HW Pic American professional wrestler, actor,
Paul Heyman Pic wrestler, manager, ECW, WWF/WWE, WCW
Barry Horowitz Pic wrestler, WWF, WCW
Ryan Katz Pic American professional wrestler, rapper, wrestling announcer,
Kelly Kelly Pic American model, professional wrestler, (Jewish father)
Brian Knobbs Pic American professional wrestler  WWF, WCW,
Gene LeBell Pic American professional wrestler,    
Scott Levy Pic wrestler ECW, WCW, WWE, TNA
Aviv Maayan Pic Israeli-Welch professional wrestler,
Dean Malenko Pic American professional wrestler,
Marc Mero Pic wrestler WCW, WWF, TNA
Chris Masters Pic American professional wrestler,
G.Q. Money Pic American professional wrestler, rapper,  
Dallas Page Pic American professional wrestler, fiutness instructor, film/television actor, (Jewish maternal descend)
Brian Pillman Pic wrestler WCW, ECW, WWF
Lanny Poffo Pic American professional wrestler, Jewish mother
Jerome Saganovich Pic American professional wrestler,    
Jerry Sags Pic wrestler WCW, WWF, AWA
Randy Savage Pic American professional wrestler,
Al Snow Pic American professional wrestler,
Dean Simon Pic wrestler ECW, WCW, WWF         
George Steele Pic American professional wrestler, actor,   
Brian Yandrisovitz Pic American professional wrestler,    
Nightclub owners //nightclub
Justin Berkmann Pic British nightclub owner, ???
Ike Bloom Pic American businessman, cabaret/nightclub owner,
Victor Drai Pic Moroccan-born American nightclub owner, entrepreneur, film producer,
Bernard Manning Pic British comedian, nightclub owner, (Jewish father)
Jamie Masada Pic Iranian-born American nightclub owner, television producer, publisher,
Simon Rex RWF Pic American actor, model, rapper, (Jewish mother)
Samantha Ronson RWF Pic British DJ, rock singer,   
Manny Roth Pic American nightclub owner,
Abe Saffron Pic Australian nightclub owner, property developer,
Siegi Sessler Pic Polish-born British restarateur, nightclub owner,