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Dina Gabe RWF Img Soviet geneticist, daughter
Rufin Gabe RWF Img Russian/Soviet architect, grafic artist, father
Martin Gabel Img Amerucan actor, film director/producer, father
Peter Gabel Img American law scholar, (Jewish father) son
Naum Gabo RWF Img Belarusian-born British sculptor, brother
Antoine Pevsner RWF Img Belarusian-born sculptor, brother
Eva Gabor RWF Img Hungarian-born actress, socialite,  sister
Jolie Gabor Img Hungarian-born American entrepreneur, jeweller, memoirist, socialite, mother
Magda Gabor RWF Img Hungarian-born actress, socialite, sister
Zsa Zsa Gabor RWF HW Img Hungarian-born actress, socialite, sister
Francesca Hilton Img American actress, photographer, comedian, (Jewish mother) daughter of Zsa Zsa
Annette Tillemann Img Hungarian-born wife of American representative Thomas Lantos, niece of Jolie
Miklos Gabor RWF Img Hungarian stage/film actor, husband
Eva Ruttkai RWF Img Hungarian stage/film/television actress, wife
Aleksandr Gabovich RWF Soviet theater director, brother
Mikhail Gabovich RWF Img Soviet balet dancer, choreographer, brother
Aleksei Gabrilovich RWF Img Soviet/Russian film director, son
Evgeny Gabrilovich RWF Img Russian-born author, playwright, screenwriter, father
Gabor Csupo Img Hungarian-born American animator, writer, film director, record producer, husband
Arlene Klasky RWC Img American screenwriter, television producer, animator, graphic designer,  wife
Maria Gaidar RWF Img Russian politician, radio presenter, dissident, (not Jewish mother, 1/4 Jewish) daughter of Yegor
Pavel Bazhov RW5 Img Russian-born Soviet writer, politician, grandfather of Yegor
Timur Gaidar RWF Img Soviet/Russian rear admiral, writer, journalist, (Jewish mother) father
Yegor Gaidar RWF HW Img Russian economist, politician, Prime Minister of Russia (1992), (Jewish paternal grandmother/maternal grandfather) son RWN
David Gaiman Img British head of UK branch of Church of Scientalogy, father
Neil Gaiman HW Img British fantasy writer, screenwriter, son
Max Gaines RW5 Img American comics artist, publisher,     father
William Gaines RW5 Img American comics artist and publisher,    son
Yvan Attal RWF HW Img Israeli-born French director, actor, husband of Charlotte
Charlotte Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French film actress, singer, (Jewish father) daughter
Serge Gainsbourg RWF HW Img French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, screenwriter, father
Egon Gal Img Slovak philosopher, brother
Fedor Gal Img Slovak publicist, political scientist, sociologist, publisher, brother
Uziel Gal RWF HW Img German-born Istaeli designer, Uzi sub-machine gun, (Jewish father) son
Erich Glas HW Img German-born Israeli photographer, artist, painter, father
Alexander Galich RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian poet, screenwriter, playwright, singer/songwriter, brother
Valery Ginzburg RWF Img Russian cinematographer,   brother
Shimon Galkin RWF HW Belarusian-born poet, novelist, literary critic, cousin
Shmuel Galkin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Soviet playwright, translator, poet, cousin
Abraham Halkin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born historian, semitologist, brother of Shimon
Hillel Halkin RWE HW Img American-born Israeli translator, biographer, literary critic, novelist, son of Abraham
Heinz Galinski Img German president of Central Council of Jews 1998-92, father
Evelyn Hecht-Galinski Img German activist, daughter
Mark Gallay RWF Img Russian engineer, pilot, Hero of Soviet Union, nephew
Oscar Gallay RWF Belarusian-born Soviet film director, uncle
Charles Gallistel RW5 Img American psychologist, neuroscientist, husband
Rochel Gelman RW5 Img Canadian-born American psychologist, wife
Arthur Galston Img American botanist, plant physiologist, bioethicist, father
William Galston Img American political scientist, philosopher, son
Rita Gam RWC Img American film/television/stage actress, wife
Thomas Guinsburg Img American president of Viking Press, 2nd husband
Sidney Lumet RWF HW Img American film director, screenwriter, producer, 1st husband
Felix Gantmacher RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, father
Vsevolod Gantmakher RWF Img Russian physicist, son
Marguerite Ganser Img American singer, sister
Mary Ann Ganser Img American singer, sister
Hugo Ganz Img German political/literary writer, journalist, father
Josef Ganz RWC Img Hungarian-born German  car designer, inventor, son
Emil Ganz Img German-born American mayor of Phoenix, Arizona 1885-86 1899-1901  grandfather
Joan Ganz Cooney Img American television producer, (Jewish father) grandaughter
Bert Garai founder  1924 of Keystone Press Agency great grandfather
Romola Garai HW Img Hong Kong-born  British stage/film/television actress, model, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather)
Soo Garay Img Canadian actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Valeria Gyenge HW Img Hungarian swimmer, mother
Hope Garber Img Canadian actress, singer, mother
Victor Garber RWF HW Img Canadian-born American film, stage, television actor, singer, son
Anthony Gardner RWC Img American ambassador to European Union 2014-17, son
Richard Gardner American ambassador to Italy, father
Julius Garfinckel Img founder of Gafinckel's departrment store uncle
William Pheiffer Img American ambassador to Dominican Republic, 1953-57 (Jewish mother) nephew
Art Garfunkel RWF HW Img American singer/songwriter, actor, brother
Jerome Garfunkel Img American co-developer of Cobol brother
Lou Pearlman RW5 Img American impresario, record executive, Trans Continental Records, first cousin
Aleksandr Garkavi RWF Soviet literary scholar,
Avraam Garkavi RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian orientalist,  hebraist,
Solomon Lurie RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian philologist, historian,
Viktor Zhirmunsky RWF Img Russian-born Soviet literary historian, linguist,
Louis Garrel RW5 Img French actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Esther Garrel RW5 Img French actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Brigitte Sy RW5 Img French actress, filmmaker, (Jewish father)
Ina Garten Img American cookbook author, columnist, wife
Jeffrey Garten Img American top executive, writer, columnist, husband
Netta Garti RWC HW Img Israeli singer, actress, wife
Peter Roth HW Img Israeli singer, guitarist, record producer, husband
Pnina Gary Img Israeli film/stage actress, theater director, wife
Robert Gary American Israeli journalist, husband
Paola Gassman Img Italian stage actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Vittorio
Alessandro Gassmann RWC Img Italian actor, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Vitorio
Vittorio Gassman RWF HW Img Italian stage/film actor, director, (Jewish mother) husband
Shelley Winters RWF HW Img American actress, wife
Moses Gaster RWF HW Img Romanian-born ''Haham'' of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of Britain, father
Theodor Gaster RWF Img Romanian-born American biblical scholar, son
Michael Friedlander Img German-born British orientalist, translator, son-in-law of Moses
Harold Laski RWF Img British economist, brother of Neville
Marghanita Laski RW5 Img British journalist, radio panelist, novelist,
Neville Laski RW5 Img British judge, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1880-95, son-in-law of Moses
Patrick Gaubert Img French politician, MEP 2004-09 brother
Thierry Gaubert Img French advicer to Nicolas Sarkuzy, brother
T.R. Fyvel RW5 German-born British author, journalist, literary editor, father-in-law of Robert
Hannah Gavron RW5 Img Palestinian/rorb Brirish sociologist, wife of Rafi
Jeremy Gavron Img British author, son of Robert
Nicky Gavron Img London Deputy Lord Mayor grandmother
Rafi Gavron RWF HW Img British American film/television actor, (Jewish descent 3/4) grandson of Robert
Baron Robert Gavron RW5 Img British publisher,  grandfather
Sarah Gavron Img British film director, daughter of Robert
Alexandre Gaydamak Img British co-owner, chairman of Porsmuth F.C., son Portsmuth F.C.
Arcadi Gaydamak RWF HW Img Russian-born Israeli businessman, Beitar Yerushalaim FC, father Beitar Yerusalem FC
Mitchell Gaylord RW5 Img American gymnast, actor, husband
Valentina Gaylord Img Maltian-born American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) wife
Shlomo Gazit RWC HW Img Turkish-born Head of A'man 1974-78, President of Ben-Gurion University, brother
Mordechai Gazit RWC HW Img Israeli ambassador to France 1974-79, brother
Boleslaw Gebert RW5 Img Polish-born founding member of the Communist Party of USA  (Jewish father) father
Konstanty Gebert RW5 Img Polish journalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Gideon Gechtman Img Edyptian-born Israeli artist, sculptor, photographer, husband
Bat-Sheva Zeisler Img Israeli vocalist, actress,  wife
Abraham Geiger RWF HW Img German-born  Reform ideologist, orientalist, father
Lazarus Geiger HW German-born philosopher, philologist, nephew of Abraham
Ludwig Geiger German author, historian, son
Aleksandr Geiman RWC Img Russian military commander, lieutenant general, nephew
Vasily Geiman RWC Img Russian military commander, lieutenant general, uncle
Hilda Geiringer RWC Img Austrian-born American mathematician,    wife
Richard von Mises RWF HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born Austrian American mathematician, husband
Felix Pollaczek RW5 Img Austrian-born engineer, mathematician, husband
Gideon Geismar RWC Img French military, brigadier general, uncle
Leon Geismar RWC Img French general-gubernator of French West Africa, nephew
Arthur Gelb Img American managing director of New York Times, father
Barbara Gelb Img American author, playwigt, journalist, mother
Peter Gelb Img American arts administrator, General Manager of Metropolean Opera son
Jascha Heifetz RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American violinist,    uncle of Barbara
Gelb Clairol
Bruce Gelb RW5 Img American ambassador to Belgium 1991-93, son
Joan Clair American co founder of Clairol haircare company, mother
Lawrence Gelb RW5 Img American chemist, co founder of Clairol haircare company, father
Richard Gelb RW5 American president/CEO of Bristoll-Myers Squibb Company, son
Fernando Gelbard Img Argentine ambassador to France 1989-91 son
Jose Ber Gelbard RWC Img Polish-born Argentine Minister of Finance 1973-74 Peron father
Israel Gelfand RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian American mathematician, grandfather
Mikhail Gelfand RWF Img Russian bioinformation scientist, son of Sergei
Sergei Gelfand RWF Soviet American mathematician, son of Israel
Vladimir Gelfand RWF Soviet American biochemist, citologist, son of Israel
Daniel Gelin Img French film actor, director, screenwriter,   father
Fiona Gelin French actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Hugo Gelin French screenwriter, son of Xavier
Manuel Gelin Img French actor, (Jewish father) son
Xavier Gelin Img French actor, producer, (Jewish father) son
Maria Schneider RWF HW Img French actress, (Jewish biological father) daughter
Gellar/Prinze H
Sarah Michelle Gellar RWF HW Img American film/television actress, wife
Freddie Prinze Img American actor, comedian, (Jewish father) father of Freddie, Jr
Freddie Prinze, Jr RWF Img American film/television actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) husband
David Gelernter RW5 Img American computer scientist, artifical intelligence, parallel computation, son
Herbert Gelernter RW5 Img American computer scientist, artifical intelligence, faher
Edna Fischel Gellhorn Img American suffragist, reformer, (Jewish father) mother
Alfred Gellhorn American oncologist, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Martha Gellhorn RW5 HW Img American journalist, novelist, travel writer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter
Walter Gellhorn American legal scholar, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Ernest Gellner RWF HW Img French-born Czech British philosopher, social anthropologist, nephew
Julius Gellner Czech-born Austrian theater director, uncle
Aaron Gelman Img Israeli-born American artist, grandfather
Kimiko Gelman Img American stage/television actress, grandaughter
Michael Gelman Img American television producer, husband
Laurie Hibberd RWF Img Canadian television personality, television host, (convert to Judaism) wife
Alexander Gelman RWF Img Moldovan-born playwright, writer, screenwriter, father
Marat Gelman RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian art collector,    son
Heinrich Gelperin RWC Img Soviet/Russian engineering scholar, son of Nison
Iosif Gelperin RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian chemical engineer, brother
Nison Gelperin RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian chemical engineer, brother
Julius Genachowski RWF Img American lawyer, businessman, chairman 2009- of FCC husband
Rachel Goslins Img American documentary film director/producer, wife
Luciana Krebs Genro Img Brazilian politician, MP 1995-2002, daughter
Tarso Genro RWC Img Brazilian Minister of Education 2004-05, Minister of Justice 2007-10, father
Gary Gensler Img American Chairman of Comodity Futures Trading Commision 2009- Obama brother
Robert Gensler Img Ameircan businessman, T. Rowe Price, brother
Adele Geras Img Israeli-born British writer, mother
Norman Geras RWF Img Zimbabwean-born British political scientist,  father
Sophie Hannah RWF Img British poet, novelist, daughter
Kaia Gerber RW5 Img American model, (Jewish father) daughter
Preste Walker Gerber Img American model, (Jewish father) son
Rande Gerber RWC Img American model, businessman, father
Alexander Geringas Img Russian-born American record producer, songwriter, composer, son
David Geringas RWF Img Lithuanian-born German conductor, cellist, father
Marc Germain Img American talk radio host, brother
Paul Germain Img American animation screenwriter, producer, brother
Maria Chegodaeva RWC Img Russian art scholar, grandaugter
Mikhail Gershenzon RWC Img Moldovan-born Russian philosopher, literary scholar, grandfather
Sergei Gershenzon RWF Img Russian Ukrainian geneticist, son of Mikhail
Yevgeny Gershenzon RWC Img Russian/Soviet physicist, nephew of Mikhail
Alfred Gershfeld RWF Img Moldovan-born American conductor, violinist, composer, grandson
David Gershfeld RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet Moldovan composer, folklorist, father
Grigory Gershfeld RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet Moldovan composer, violinist, grandfather
Arthur Gershwin RW5 Img American composer, stockbroker, brother
Frances Gershwin RW5 Img American singer, musician, artist, sister
George Gershwin RWF HW Img American songwriter, composer, jazz pianist, brother
Ira Gershwin RWF HW Img American lyricist, librettist, songwriter:lyricist, brother
Frances Gershwin Godowsky RW5 Img American singer, musician, artist, sister
Leopold Godowsky, Jr RW5 Img American musician, co-invented a color film process Kodachrome, husband of Frances
Aleksandr Gershun RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian physicist, creator of optical industry, brother
Andrei Gershun RWF Img Russian/Soviet physicist, son of Aleksandr
Boris Gershun RWF Belarusian-born Russian lawyer, brother
Grigory Gershuni RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet physiologist, nephew
Grigory Gershuni RWF Img Lithuanian-born co-founder of Socialist-Revolutionary Party 1901, uncle
Irving Russell Gerstein Img Canadian businessman, politician, senator, son
Reva Gerstein RWF Img Chancellor of University of Western Ontario 1992-96 mother
Dan Gertler RWF HW Img Israeli businessman, founder/president of DGI Group, grandson
Moshe Schnitzer RW5 HW Img Romanian-born Israeli diamond businessman, grandfather
Shmuel Schnitzer HW Img Israeli diamond businessman, son of Moshe
Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros Img American playwright, actress, niece
Bernard Gersten Img American theatrical producer, uncle
Jami Gertz RWF Img American film/television actress, wife
Antony Ressler RWC Img American financier, husband
Frank Gervasi American journalist, author husband
Sacha Gervasi Img British journalist, screenwriter, film director, (Jewish mother) grandson of Frank
Georgia Gibbs Img American singer, wife
Jessica de Rothschild Img wife of Sacha
Daniel Geschwind Img American geneticist, neuroscientist, cousin
Norman Geschwind cousin
Arnold Gessen RWF Russian-born journalist, literary scholar, ??? grean grandfather of Masha/Keith
Keith Gessen Img Russian-born American novelist, journalist, editor, brother
Masha Gessen RWF HW Img Russian-born American journalist, author, sister
Max Eitingon RWF HW Img Belarusian-born German Israeli psychoanalyst, husband of mother of Yulii
Daniil Gessen RWF HW Img Russian journalist, screenwriter, revolutionery, son of Yuly
Iosif Gessen RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian politician, jurist, publicist, cousin
Sergei Gessen RWF Soviet public figure, nephew of Yulii
Sergei Gessen RWF HW Img Russian philosopher, son of Iosif
Yuly Gessen RWF HW Ukrainian-born Russian historian, cousin
Boris Khariton RWF Ukrainian-born journalist, publisher, father of Yulii
Yulii Khariton RWF HW Img Russian nuclear physicist,   
Lazar Minor RWF Img Lithuanian-born Russian neurologist,
Osip Minor RWF Img Socialist Revolutionery Mayor of Moscow
Jeffrey Gettleman Img American journalist, son
Robert Gettleman RW5 Img American federal judge, father
Sir Culling Eardley British founder of Evangelical Alliance, grandson of Sampson Eardley
Baron Sampson Eardley RW5 Img British politician, MP 1770-1802, (Jewish father) son
Elizabeth Gideon British aristocrat, (Jewish father) daughter
Sir Sampson Gideon RW5 Img British banker, father ExLink
Aleksander Gierymski Img Polish painter, brother
Maksymilian Gierymski Img Polish painter, brother
Avri Gilad HW Img Israeli media personality, husband
Chelli Goldenberg HW Img Israeli actress, model, blogger, writer, wife
Daniel Gilbert RWF Img American businessman, Quicken Loans, Inc., brother
Gary Gilbert RW5 Img American film producer, businessman, Gilbert Films, brother
Isaac Gilinski Sragowicz RW5 Img Colombian ambassador to Israel father
Jaime Gilinski RW5 Img Colombian chairman of Banco GNB Sudameris, son
Lazar Gilinski Sragowicz Colombian ambassador to Israel, son
Eli Ginzberg Img American economist,  son
Louis Ginzberg RW5 HW Img Lithuanian-born American rabbi, talmudist, father
Anatoly Ginzburg RWF Img Soviet minerologist, geochemist, son
Ilya Ginzburg RWF Img Soviet geochemist, father
Hans Eysenck RWF Img German-born British psychologist, (Jewish mother) son of Helga
Michael Eysenck British psychologist, son of Hans
Sybil Eysenck Img Austrian-born British pesonality psychologist, wife of Hans
Helga Molander RWF Img German stage/film actress, mother of Hans
Max Glass Img Polish-born Austrian screenwriter, film producer, husband of Helga
Anna Gmeyner RW5 Img Austrian-born author, playwright, screenwriter, mother
Eva Ibbotson RW5 Img Austrian-born British novelist, daughter
Paul Newham RW5 Img British psychotherapist, (Jewish father) son of Bethold
Barry Stevens RW5 Img Canadian writer, filmmaker, (Jewish father) son of Bethold
Berthold Wiesner RW5 Img Austrian psychologist, father
Shari Goldhagen Img American fiction writer, journalist, sister
Jacqui Holland Img American film/television actress, writer, stand-up comic, sister
Osvaldo Golijov RWF Img Argentine composer, husband
Neri Oxman RWC Img Israeli architect, designer, wife
Leopold Gottlieb RWF HW Img Polish painter, brother
Maurycy Gottlieb RWF HW Img Polish painter, brother
Margaret Gilbert RWC Img British philosopher, sister
Sir Martin Gilbert RW5 HW Img British historian, author, brother
Eric Kripke RWF Img American television writer, director, producer, second cousin of Saul
Saul Kripke RWF HW Img American philosopher, logician, husband of Margaret
Harold Abeles American attorney, father of sara
Allison Adler RWC Img Canadian-born American producer, television writer, partner of Sara
Barbara Crane American actress, dancer, mother
Jonathan Gilbert Img American film/television actor, son of paul gilbert
Melissa Gilbert RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish mother) adopted daughter of Barbara/Paul
Sara Gilbert RWF HW Img American actress, daughter of Barbara/Harold
Lewis Gilbert Img British director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Joy Shelton Img British film/radio/television actress, (convert to Judaism) wife of Sydney
Sydney Tafler Img British film/television actor, brother
Gwynne Gilford Img American actress, (Jewish father) mother
Chris Pine RWF HW Img American actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Jack Gilford RWF Img American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) husband
Madeline Gilford Img American film/stage actress, social activist, theatrical producer, wife
Alfred Gilman RWF Img American biochemist, pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1994) in Medicine son
Alfred Gilman, Sr Img American pharmacologist, father ExLink
Jessalyn Gilsig RW5 Img Canadian actress, (Jewish father) wife
Bobby Salomon Img Canadian American film producer, husband
Jacob Ben-Ami Img Belarusian-born American stage actor, uncle of Jennifer
Roger Gimbel Img American television producer, husband
Jennifer Warren Img American actress, film director, (Jewish father) wife
Jakob Gimpel HW Img Polish/Ukrainian concert pianist, educator, brother
Bronislav Gimpel HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born American violinist, teacher,  brother
Hermione Gingold RWF HW Img British actress, wife
Eric Maschwitz Img British lyricist, screenwriter, broadcaster, husband
Ahad Ha'am RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born  zionist leader, thinker, author, father of Shlomo
Rosa Ginossar Img Belarusian-born president of WIZO, 1966-70, wife
Shlomo Ginossar HW Img Israeli ambassador to Italy 1949-51, husband
Ruth Bader Ginsburg RWF HW Img American Supreme Court Justice 1993- mother
James Steven Ginsburg Img American record producer, founder/president of Cecille Records, son
Jane Ginsburg RWF Img American legal scholar,     daughter
Martin Ginsburg RW5 Img American legal scholar,     father
Carlo Ginzburg RWF HW Img Italian American historian,  son
Leone Ginzburg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Italian author, journalist, editor, political activist, husband
Natalia Ginzburg RWF HW Img Italian writer, (Jewish father) wife
Cesare Levi Img Italian journalist, theater critic, historian, brother of Giuseppe
Giuseppe Levi RWF Img Italian-born American histologist, anotomist, father of Natalia ExLink
Brooke Gladstone RW5 Img American journalist, media analyst, wife
Fred Kaplan Img American author, journalist, husband
Elizabeth Glaser Img American health activist, wife
Paul Glaser RWF Img American film/television actor, film director,    husband
Morton Abramowitz Img American ambassador to Thailand 1978-81, Turkey 1989-91, brother-in-law of Philip
Ira Glass Img American presenter of This American Live, cousin of Philip
Juliet Glass Img American food writer, food critic, journalist, (Jewish father) daughter
Philip Glass RWF HW Img American composer, father
Avram Glazer RW5 Img chairman 2005- son Manchester United
Bryan Glazer RW5 Img American sports businessman, investor, son
Edward Glazer son
Joel Glazer RW5 Img American chairman of Manchester United.
Kevin Glaser
Malcolm Glazer RWF Img American businessman, First Allied Corporation, father First Allied Corporation
Tom Glazer Img American singer/songwriter, folk singer, brother
Sidney Glazier Img American film producer, documentary filmmaker, brother
Henry Gleitman Img American psychologist, husband
Lila Gleitman Img American psychologist, linguist, wife
Emanuel Glicen Romano RW5 Img Italian-born American painter, son
Enrico Glicenstein RW5 HW Img Polish-born American sculptor, father
Shimon Glick Img American-born Israeli physician,  father
Yehuda Glick RWC Img American-born Israeli rabbi, political activist, son
Daniel Glickman RW5 Img Secretary of Agriculture 1995-01 Clinton father
Jonathan Glickman RWC Img American film producer, executive (Jewish father) son
Jake Auchincloss Img American representitive from 2021- , Massachusetts grandson
Laurie Glimcher RWF Img American immunologist, physician, daughter
Melvin Glimcher Img American orthopedic surgeon, father
Yoram Globus HW Img American Israeli-American producer,   cousin
Menahem Golan RWF HW Img Israeli-born American film director, producer, screenwriter, cousin
Griffin Gluck RWC Img American film/television actor, (Jewish parental grandfather) grandson
Jay Gluck Img American archaeologist, historian, grandfather
Andre Glucksmann RWF HW Img French philosopher, faher
Raphael Glucksmann RWF Img French journalist, documentary filmmaker, son
Gluckstein J. Lions and Co. Salmon & Gluckstein
Hannah Gluckstein RW5 Img British painter, niece Gluck
Isidore Gluckstein RW5 British son of co-founder of J. Lyons & Co. brother
Sir Louis Gluckstein RW5 Img British lawyer, politician, MP 1931-45, nephew
Montague Gluckstein RW5 British son of co-founder of J. Lyons & Co. brother
Francesca Halle American-born British opera singer, ??? mother of Gluck & Louis
Samuel Gluckstein Germon-born British co-founder of J. Lyons & Co. father
Sir Samuel Gluckstein RW5 British solicitor, politician, co-owner of Bovis, son of Isidore
Barnett Salmon son-in-law of Samuel
Eleanor Glueck Img American social worker, criminologist, research administrator, wife
Sheldon Glueck Polish-born American criminologist, lawyer, husband
Salome Gluecksohn-Waelsch RWC Img German-born American geneticist, co-founder of developmental genetics, wife
Rudolph Schoenheimer RWC Img German-born American biochemist, radioactive traces, husband
Karl Glusman RWC Img American film actor, (Jewish father) husband 
Zoe Kravitz RWF HW Img American actress, model, (Jewish paternal grandfather/maternal grandmother) wife
Mikhail Gnessin RWF HW Img Russian composer, musicologist, Gnesin's School of Music, brother
Maria Gnessina RWF Gnesin's School of Music sister
Elisabeta Gnessina RWF Gnesin's School of Music sister
Olga Gnessina RWF Gnesin's School of Music sister
Elena Gnessina RWF Soviet pianist, teacher, founder/director of Gnesin's School of Music, sister
Yevgenia Gnessina RWF Img Russian pianist, pedadogue, sister
Frances Gershwin RW5 Img American singer, musician, artist, wife of Leopold
Dagmar Godowsky Img Polish/Lithuanian-born film actress, daughter
Leopold Godowsky RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American pianist, composer, teacher, father
Leopold Godowsky, Jr Img American musician, co-invented a color film process Kodachrome, son
Dany Boon RWF Img French comedian, actor, (convert to Judaism) husband
Judith Godreche RWF Img French actress, (Jewish father/convert to Judaism) wife
Alexander Goehr RWF Img German-born British composer, son
Lydia Goehr RWF British-born American philosopher, daughter of Alexander
Walter Goehr RW5 Img German composer, conductor, father
Ben Goertzel RWC Img Brazilian-born American computer scientist, artifical intelligence researcher, son
Ted Goertzel Img American sociologist, father
Frances Bay RW5 Img Canadian-born American character actress, sister
Erving Goffman RWF HW Img Canadian-born American sociologist, anthropologist, linguist, writer, brother
Betty Gofman Img Brazilian film/television/stage/actress, sister
Rosane Gofman Img Brazilian actress, sister
Golant RWN
Evgeny Golant RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian filologist, pedagogue, brother
Raisa Golant RWF Img Soviet psychiatrist, sister
Victor Golant RWF Img Russian-born Soviet physicist, son of Evgeny
Artur Gold Img Polish violinist, dance music composer, conductor, brother
Henryk Gold Img Polish composer, arranger, orchestra director, brother
Jerzy Petersburski RWF Img Polish violinist, songwriter, composer, cousin of Artur/Henryk
Andrew Gold RWC Img American singer, musician, songwriter, (Jewish paternal great grandfather) son
Ernest Gold RWF Img Austrian-born American composer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) father
David Gold RW5 Img British businessman, Gold Group International, (Jewish father) father
Jacqueline Gold RW5 Img British CEO of Ann Summers, daughter
Ralph Gold RW5 Img British businessman, brother of David
Thomas Gold RWF Img Austrian-born British physicist astronomer, (Jewish father) cousin
Victor Gold RW5 Austrian-born British chemist,    cousin
Ari Gold RW5 Img American singer/songwriter, brother
Elon Gold RW5 Img American comedian, television actor, writer, producer, brother
Ari Gold RW5 Img American filmmaker, actor, musician, son
Ethan Gold Img American musician, son
Herbert Gold RW5 Img American writer, father
Jake Gold RW5 Img American-born Canadian television variety show host, music manager, uncle
Ricky Paull Goldin RW5 Img American actor, producer, director, television host, (Jewish father) nephew
Vitaly Goldansky RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian physical chemist, cousin
Ilya Melamed RWF Img Latvian-born Soviet executive, factory, uncle of Vitaly/Gregory
Grigory Shapiro RWF Img Soviet military, cousin
Shana Goldberg-Meehan Img American producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) wife
Scott Silveri Img American television producer/screenwriter, husband
Arnold Goldberg American co-founder 1946 of Raymour & Flanigan, furniture chain, brother Raymour & Flanigan
Bernard Goldberg American co-founder 1946 of Raymour & Flanigan, furniture chain, brother Raymour & Flanigan
Gerald Jay Goldberg Img American author, literary critic, biographer, brother
Michael Goldberg Img American painter, brother
George Goldberg Img American film producer, screenwriter, son
Rube Goldberg RW5 HW Img American cartoonist, sculptor, journalist, author,  father
Adam Goldberg RWF HW Img American actor, director, producer, (Jewish father) husband
Natasha Lyonne RWF HW Img American film/television actress, wife
Burl Barer Img American author, literary historian, uncle
Karen Dinino American author, sister
Lee Goldberg Img American novelist, television writer, producer, brother
Tod Goldberg Img American journalist, author,  brother
Linda Woods American author, sister
Goldberger Godberger Family
Berthold Goldberger
Ferenc Goldberger father
Leo Budai-Goldberger Img Hungarian textile manufacurer, politician,
Samuel Goldberger son
Mark Goldblatt Img American film editor, director, father
Max Goldblatt Img American film/television actor, writer, director, son
Michael Goldbloom RW5 Img Canadian Principal, Vice-Chancellor of Bishop's University, Toronto Star, son of Victor
Richard Goldbloom Img Canadian pediatrician, Chancellor of Dalhousie University Canada brother
Ruth Goldbloom Img Canadian philanthropist, wife of Richard
Victor Goldbloom RWC Img Canadian politician, Minister of Enviroment Quebeck brother
Amiram Goldblum Img Israeli chemist, activist, son
Natan Goldblum RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli bacteriologist, father
Abram Argo RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, playwright, translator, brother
Yakov Goldenbeg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet aktor, director, playwright, poet, translator, brother
Mark Tarlovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, translator, cousin
Elliot Goldenthal RWF Img American composer, lyricist, (Jewish father) husband
Julie Taymor RWF Img American stage/film director, wife
Goldenveizer/Gershenzon RWF
Abram Gershenzon RWE Moldovan-born Russian/Soviet physician, brother of Mikhail
Mikhail A. Gershenzon RWF Russian/Soviet writer, translator, son of Abram
Yevgeny Gershenzon RWF Img Russian/Soviet physicist, son of Mikhail A.
Mikhail Gershenzon RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian literature scholar, philosopher, political scientist, translator, brother-in-law of Alexander B.
Sergei Gershenzon RWF Img Russian Ukrainian geneticist, nephew of Alexander B.
Aleksei A. Goldenveizer RWF Ukrainian-born American lawyer, writer,  son of Aleksander S.
Aleksei Goldenveizer RWF Img Russian/Soviet mechanician, applied mathematician, son of Lev
Alexander B. Goldenweizer RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian pianist, teacher, composer, (Jewish father) son of Boris S.
Boris S. Goldenweizer RWF Ukrainian-born Russian jurist, publicist, brother
Alexander Goldenweiser RWF Img Ukrainian-born American anthropologist, sociologist,    son of Aleksander S.
Aleksander S. Goldenveizer RWF Ukrainian-born Russian lawyer, publicist, brother
Alexei Goldenveizer RWF Ukrainian-born Russian lawyer, publicist,
Moisey S. Goldenveizer Russian jurist, brother
Emanuel Goldenweiser RWF Img American economist, supervised the details of Federal Reserves Board son of Aleksander S.
Lev Goldenveizer RWF Moldovan-born Russian/Soviet playwright, director, screenwriter, author, translator, son of Vladimir S,
Vladimir S. Goldenveizer RWF Russian engineer, brother
Benjamin Golder Img American representative, 1925-1933, brother
Frank Golder Img Ukrainian-born American historian, archivist, brother
Jules Mastbaum Img American movie theater magnate, philanthropist, father of Peggy
Peggy Solomon Img American bridge player, wife of Benjamin
Gerson Goldhaber RWF HW Img Austrian-born Israeli American, nuclear particle physicist cosmic physics, brother
Gertrude Goldhaber RWC Img German-born American nuclear physicist, wife of Maurice
RWF Img Austrian-born American physicist, brother
Nat Goldhaber Img American venture capitalist, politician, son of Gerson/Sulamith
Sulamith Goldhaber RWF HW Img Austrian-born Israeli American physicist, molecular spectroscopist, wife of Gerson
Claudia Goldin RWF Img American economist, wife
Lawrence Katz RW5 Img American economist, husnand
Jane Goldman RWC Img British screenwriter, television presenter, wife
Jonathan Ross Img British television/radio presenter, film critic, husband
Henry Goldman Img American banker, son of Marcus
Marcus Goldman RW5 Img German-born American founder 1869 of Goldman Sachs,
Bernard Sachs RW5 Img American neurologist, tay-sachs desease, brother of Samuel
Ernest Sachs RW5 Img American neurologist, surgeon, son of Julius ExLink
Ernest Sachs, Jr RW5 Img American neurosurgeon, (Jewish father)
Julius Sachs RW5 American educator, son-in-law of Marcus brother of Samuel
Paul Sachs RW5 Img American curator, art critic, banker, son of Samuel
Samuel Sachs Img German American investment banker,   son-in-low of Marcus
Alter Mojze Goldman RW5 Img Polish-born French resistance fighter, father
Jean-Jacques Goldman RWC HW Img French singer, songwriter, son
Robert Goldman RW5 Img French songwriter, son
Pierre Goldman RW5 Img French left-wing intellectual, robberer, half-brother of sons
Allan Goldman Img Solil Management Son of Sol
Jane Goldman Img Solil Management daughter of Sol
Lloyd Goldman RW5 Img American real estate developer, founder of BLDG Management, nephew of Sol
Sol Goldman RW5 Img American real estate developer, New York, uncle of Lloyd
Amy Goldman Fowler RW5 Img American gardener, conservationist, author, artist, philanthropist, daughter of Sol
Diane Kemper Img Solil Management daughter of Sol
Maurice Goldman Img American composer, conductor, father
Stuart Goldman Img American literary critic, journalist, author, screenwriter, son
Julianna Goldman RW5 Img American television news anchor, television journalist, wife
David Shuster RW5 Img American television reporter/news anchor,  husband
Edwin Goldman RWE Img American conductor, composer, cornetist, father
Richard Franko Goldman RWE Img American conductor, composer, music critic, educator, son
James Goldman RWF Img American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, brother
William Goldman HW Img American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, brother
Peter Goldmark RWC Img Hungarian-born American engineer, inventor, long playing record, father vinyl record
Peter Goldmark, Jr Img American government official, CEO/chairman of International Herald Tribune, son International Herald Tribune
Joseph Goldmark RW5 Polish-born Hungarian American chemist, physician, brother
Josephine Goldmark American legal reformer, daughter of Joseph
Karl Goldmark RWF HW Img Hungarian composer, violinist,  brother
Rubin Goldmark RWF Img American composer, pianist, educator, nephew of Karl
Marina Goldovskaya RWF Img Russian-born  American film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, daughter
Yevsei Goldovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet engineer, inventor, moovie theater, father
Sergei Livnev RWC Img Russian film director/producer, screenwriter,  son of Marina
Alika Smekhova RWF Img Russian singer, actress, television presenter, (Jewish father) wife of Sergei
Veniamin Smekhov RWC Img Russian/Soviet actor, stage director, father of Alika
Boris Goldovsky Img Russian-born American pianist, conductor, opera populizer, son
Lea Luboshutz Img Ukrainian-born American violinist, mother
Oded Goldreich RWC HW Img Israeli cryptographer, husband
Dana Ron RWA Img Israeli computer scientist, wife
Heinrich Goldschmidt RW5 Img Czech-born Austrian Norwegian chemist, father 1857-1937
Victor Goldschmidt RWF Img Swiss-born Norwegian mineralogist, geochemist, art collector, son 1888-1947
Leontine von Portheim wife of Victor Goldschmidt wife of Victor
Hans Goldschmidt RWF Img German chemist, inventor, son
Theodor Goldschmidt RWF Img German chemist, founder 1847 of Th.Goldschmidt AG father
Adalbert von Goldschmidt RWC Img Austrian composer, son
Alexander von Goldschmidt Austrian-born son 1834-1906
Hermann von Goldschmidt son 1840-1918
Julius von Goldschmidt Austrian-born son 1833-88
Moritz von Goldschmidt Austrian banker, father 1803-88
Nicholas Goldschmidt RWF HW Img Czech-born Canadian conductor, (Jewish father) grand-nephew of Adalbert 1908-2004
Theodor von Goldschmidt Austrian-born son 1837-1909
Goldschmidt/Goldsmith Goldschmidt Family
Adolphe Goldschmidt RW5 German-born British art collector,   grandfather
Benedict Goldschmidt German banker, founder of B. H. Goldschmidt Bank great grandfather
Leopold Goldschmidt brother of Adolphe
Baron Maximilian von Goldschmidt-Rothschild RW5 Img German banker, art collector, brother of Adolphe
Ben Goldsmith Img British financier, environmentalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of James
Clio Goldsmith Img French actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Edward
Edward Goldsmith Img British French enviromentalist, writer, philosopher, (Jewish father) brother
Frank Goldsmith RW5 Img British politician, hotel owner, father
Sir James Goldsmith RW5 Img British French financier, publisher, politician, (Jewish father) brother
Zac Goldsmith RWC Img Conservative MP 2010- , environmental journalist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of James
Isabel Goldsmith-Patino Img British art collector, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of James
Jemima Goldsmith RW5 Img British socialite, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of James
Adolph Goldschmidt RW5 Img German art historian, brother
Gertrude Goldschmidt RW5 Img German-born Venezuelan artist, sculptor, architect, sister
Levin Goldschmidt Img Polish/German-born German jurist, politician, MP 1875-77 uncle
Joel Otto German/Polish-born Italian banker, businessman, nephew
Goldsmid Goldsmid Family
Aaron Goldsmid Dutch-born merchant,  (1715-82) grandfather
Abraham Goldsmid Img financier and philantropist son of Aaron
Albert Goldsmid RWC Img British founder of Jewish Lads' Brigade, nephew of Sir Frederic
Anna Maria Goldsmid RW5 Img British translator, philanthropist, daughter of Isaac Lyon
Benjamin Goldsmid British financier, philantropist, son of Aaron
Henry Goldsmid RW5 Img Indian civil cervant,
Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid RW5 Img British banker, first Jewish baronet, nephew of Abraham/Benjamin
Sir Francis Goldsmid RWC Img British politician, MP son of Isaac
Sir Frederick Goldsmid RWC Img MP for Honiton 1865  son of Isaac Lyon
Sir Julian Goldsmid RWC Img MP for Honiton 1866   son of Isaac Lyon
Claude Montefiore HW Img British philanthropist, spiritual authority,
Bram Goldsmith RW5 Img Americasn real estate developer, banker, philontropist, City National Bank, father
Russell Goldsmith RW5 Img American CEO/chairman of City National Bank, son
Jerome Mack RW5 Img American banker, real estate investor, philanthropist, father of Karen
Karen Mack RW5 Img American television producer, author, wife of Russell
Benjamin Maltz RW5 Img American founder/chairman of City National Bank, grandfather of Russell
Leonard Goldstein Img American film producer, brother
Robert Goldstein Img American film producer, brother
Boris Goldstein RWF Img Ukrainian-born violinist,    brother
Mikhail Goldstein RWF Ukrainian-born composer, violinist, brother
Ivo Goldstein HW Img Croatian historian,    son of Slavko
Slavko Goldstein HW Img Croatian historian, writer, publisher, screenwriter, brother
Daniel Ivin Img Croatian writer, politician, human rights activist, brother
Adele Goldstine RWC Img British developer of ENIAC, wife
Herman Goldstine RWF Img American matematician, computer scientist, administrator, husband
Jules Goldstone American entertainment attorney, talent agent, father
James Goldstone Img American film/television director, son
Shafrira Goldwasser RWF HW Img American-born Israeli computer scientist, cryptographist, wife
Nir Shavit RWC HW Img Israeli computer scientist, husband
Barry Goldwater RWF Img Republican candidate for the Presidency 1964, (Jewish father) grandson
Barry Goldwater, Jr Img Republican representative, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Barry
Donald Goldwater Img American political activist, nephew of Barry
Michael Goldwater Img American mayor of Prescott 1885 Arizona, father
Morris Goldwater RW5 Img American mayor of Prescott 1879 Arizona, son
John Goldwyn RW5 Img American film producer, (Jewish paternal/maternal grandfathers) grandson
Samuel Goldwyn RWF HW Img Polish-born American producer, co-founder of MGM grandfather
Samuel Goldwyn, Jr RW5 Img American film producer, (Jewish father) husband
Tony Goldwyn RWF HW Img American actor, director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Liz Goldwyn Img American actress, (Jewish paternal/maternal grandfathers) granddaughter
Jennifer Howard RW5 Img American stage/film actress,  (Jewish father) wife of Goldwyn, Jr
Blanche Lasky Img American actress, wife of Samuel
Claire Goll Img German writer, journalist, translator, anti-war activist, wife
Yvan Goll HW Img French-born German poet, playwright, librettist, husband
Gollancz Gollancz
Sir Hermann Gollancz Img British rabbi, scholar, brother
Sir Israel Gollancz RWF Img British literature schollar, brother
Lady Ruth Golancz British artist, wife of Victor
Sir Victor Gollancz RWF Img British publisher, owner 1927- , nephew of Hermann, Israel
Vita Gollancz British painter, printmaker, illustrator, daughter of Ruth/Victor
David Golomb RWC HW Img Israeli politician,   son
Eliyahu Golomb RWC HW Img Belarusian-born founding member of Haganah, father
Margarita Goloskiver Soviet musium/literary scholar, sister
Roza Goloskover aunt of Yakov
Yakov Golosovker RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet philosopher, author, translator, brother
Oscar Gruzenberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian lawyer, husband of Roza
Semion Gruzenberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born history philosopher, brother of Oscar
Sigurd Shmidt RWF Img Soviet/Russian historian, ethnographer, (Jewish mother) son of Margarita
David Golub Img American CEO of Golub Capital BDC, brother
Lawrence Golub Img American president of Golub Capital, brother
Karen Finerman RW5 Img Metropolian Capital Advisors wife of Lawrence
Leon Golub RWF Img American political painter, husband
Nancy Spero RWF Img American painter, wife
Ella Gombaszogi Img Hungarian actress,   sister
Frida Gombaszogi Img Hungarian actress,   sister
Harold Gomberg Img American oboist, brother
Ralph Gomberg Img American oboist, brother
Sir Ernst Gombrich RWF HW Img Austrian-born British art historian, father
Richard Gombrich Img British indologist, son
Ida Gomes Img Brazilian actress, aunt of Debora
Debora Olivieri Img Brazilian film/television actress, daughter
Philip Wagner Img French-born Brazilian actor,   father
Benjamin Gompertz RWF Img British mathematician, astronom, brother
Lewis Gompertz RW5 Img British inventor, founder of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, brother
Anton Bettelheim Img Austrian critic, journalist, brother of Caroline
Bettina Gomperz Austrian sculptor, writer, daughter of Theodor
Heinrich Gomperz RWF Img Austrian philosopher, son of Theodor
Theodor Gomperz RWF Img Czech-born Austrian philosopher, brother
Julius von Gomperz Img Austrian senator, industrialist, president of Chamber of Commerse, brother
Max von Gomperz Austrian industrialist, banker, brother
Caroline von Gomperz-Bettelheim RWC Img Hungarian Austrian court singer, wife of Julius
Julius Maria Holzapfel Polish-born Austrian psychologist, philosopher, husband of Bettina
Monika Holzapfel Austrian zoologist, daugher of Julius/Bettina
Baron Eduard von Todesco RWF Img Austian entrepreneur, banker, philanthropist, husband of Sophie
Sophie von Todesco Austrian salon holder,  sister of Theodor, wife of Eduard von Todesco
Franzisca von Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder,  daughter of Josephine
Josephine of Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder, sister of Theodor,
Leslie Gonda RW5 Img American businessman, Insurance,shareholders of AIG, father
Louis Gonda RW5 Img American businessman, Insurance,shareholders of AIG, son
Cy Gonick Img Canadian politician, MP Monitoba, father
Noam Gonick Img Canadian film director, screenwriter, son
Lehman Goodhart
Charles Goodhart RWF Img British economist, (Jewish father) son
David Goodhart Img British journalist, commentator, author, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Sir Philip
Sir Philip Goodhart RW5 Img Junior North Ireland Minister, Junior Defence Minister 1981 (Jewish father) son
Baron William Goodhart RW5 Img British co-founder of Liberal Democratic Party, (Jewish father) son
Arthur Lehman Goodhart RW5 Img American-born British jurist, lawyer, father
Julia Goodman Img British portrait painter,   mother
Walter Goodman RW5 Img British painter, illustrator, author,     son
Dame Barbara Goodman Img New Zealand mayor of Auckland (Jewish mother) niece Jewish mother
Sir Dove-Myer Robinson RWC Img Australian mayor of Auckland 1959-65 68-80, uncle
Paul Goodman RWF Img American novelist, playwright, sociologist, poet,  brother
Percival Goodman RW5 Img American urban theorist, architect,    brother
Ellen Goodman Img American writer, journalist, sister
Jane Holtz Kay American author, architecture critic, sister
Carolyn Goodman RWC Img Las Vegas Nevada 2011-  wife
Oscar Goodman Img Las Vegas Nevada 1999-2011, husband
Jonathan Goodson Img American television producer, son
Mark Goodson Img American television producer, father
Ginnifer Goodwin RWF HW Img American television/film actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Melissa Goodwin Img American stop motion animator, (Jewish mother) sister
Adam Gopnik RW5 Img American writer, essayist, journalist, commentator, son
Alison Gopnik RW5 Img American cognitive scientist, daughter
Blake Gopnik RW5 Img American art critic, art colector,   son
Myrna Gopnik RW5 Img Canadian linguist, mother
Bernard Gorcey Img Russian-born American actor,   father answers
David Gorcey Img American actor, comedian, (Jewish father) brother
Leo Gorcey RW5 Img American actor, (Jewish father) brother
David Gordon American economist, son
Robert A. Gordon American economist, father
Robert Gordon Img American economist, son
Bryan Gordon Img American television/film director, writer, producer, father
Molly Gordon Img American actress,  daughter
Michael Gordon Img American stage actor, stage/film director, grandfather
Joseph Gordon-Levitt RWF HW Img American actor, director, producer,          grandson
Bert Gordon American film director, father
Susan Gordon Img American film/television child actress, daughter
Michael Gordon Img American composer, husband
Julia Wolfe RW5 Img American composer, wife
Christopher Gore American screenwriter, brother
Lesley Gore RWF HW Img American singer/songwriter, actress, sister
Michael Gore Img American film composer, songwriter, brother
Eydie Gorme RWF HW Img American singer, wife
David Lawrence RWF Img American film score composer, son
Steve Lawrence RW5 Img American actor, singer, husband
1st Viscount George Goschen Img British Chancellor of Exchecquer 1887-92, father 1831 1907
2nd Viscount George Joachim Goschen Img MP 1895-1906 son 1866 1952
3rd Viscount John Goschen Img British politician, son of Henry 1906 1977
4th Viscount Giles Goschen Img son of John 1965
Jay Gorney Img American composer, songwriter:lyricist,   father
Karen Gorney Img American model, film/television actress, singer, daugther
Mikhail Gorikker RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet military engineer, inventor, major-general, father
Vladimir Gorikker RWF Img Soviet film director, screenwriter, son
Calvin Gotlieb RWC Img Canadian computer scientist, husband 
Phyllis Gotlieb RW5 Img Canadian science fiction novelist, poet, wife
Andrew Gottlieb Img American producer, comedy writer, son
Linda Gottlieb Img American television/film producer, television writer, wife
William Gottlieb Img American photographer, columnist, husband
Eugenie Gershoy RWF Img Ukrainian-born American sculptor, watercolorist, wife
Harry Gottlieb RW5 Romanian-born American painter, screen printer, lithographer, husband
David Gottesman RWC Img American founder 1964, partner First Munhattan, nephew
Samuel Gottesman American founder of Central National Gottesman, uncle
Allan Gotlieb RW5 Img Canadian ambassador to United States 1981-89 husband
Sondra Gotlieb RW5 Img Canadian journalist, novelist, wife
Louis Gottschalk RWF Img American historian, academic administrator, husband
Laura Riding RWF Img American poet, critic, novelist, essayist, wife
Elliott Gould RWF HW Img American actor, father
Jason Gould RWF Img American actor, writer, director, son
Roslyn Kind Img American actress, singer/songwriter, sister of Barbara
Barbara Streisand RWF HW Img American singer, film/television actress, composer, director, producer, mother
Chester Gould Img American cartoonist, cousin
Henry Gould Img American mathematician, cousin
Alexander Gould RW5 HW Img American film/television actor,       brother
Kelly Gould Img American child actress, sister
Aidan Gould Img American teen film/television actor, brother
Nolan Gould RWF HW Img American actor, brother
Haim Gouri RWF HW Img Israeli poet, novelist, journalist, son
Yisrael Guri RWF HW Img Modovan-born Israeli politician,   father
Max Grabovsky American co-founder 1902 of Grabovsky Power Wagon Company, brother
Morris Grabovsky American co-founder 1902 of Grabovsky Power Wagon Company, brother
Baron Bernard Delfont RW5 Img Ukrainian-born British theater impresario brother
Baron Lew Grade RW5 Img Ukrainian-born British founder of ATV, brother ATV
Leslie Grade RW5 Img British executive of Grage Organisation, brother Grade Organisation
Baron Michael Grade RW5 Img British chairman of BBC  2004- , son of Leslie
Gradis Gradis Family
Abraham Gradis French businessman, 1699-1780
Benjamin Gradis father of Henri 1789-1858
Gaston Gradis Img French businessman, explorer, son of Raoul 1889-1968
Henri Gradis Img French historian, shipowner, 1823-1905
Jean Gradis 1900-75
Raoul Gradis Img French painter, shipowner, 1861-1943
Georges Schwob d'Hericourt French businessman, husband of Emma Gradis
Heinrich Graetz RWF HW Img Polish-born German historian. father
Leo Graetz RWF Img German physicist, dispersal of electric waves,   son
Sir John Monash RWC Img Australian military, lieutenant general,  nephew of Heinrich
Ernst Grafenberg RW5 Img German-born American gynecologist, husband
Franz Ullstein son of Leopold Ulstein husband
Countess Rosie Waldeck RW5 Img German author,    wife
Ilene Graff Img American film/television/stage actress, singer, sister
Randy Graff Img American film/television actress, cousin
Todd Graff Img American actor, writer, director, brother
Nikka Graff Lanzarone Img American film/television/stage actress, singer, dancer, daughter of Irene/Ben
Ben Lanzarone Img American composer, musical director, husband of Irene
George Blumenthal RW5 Img German-born American banker, husband of Florence
Donald Graham Img American publisher, chairman of Washington Post, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson
Katharine Graham RW5 Img American publisher, chairman of Washington Post, (Jewish father) daughter
Florence Meyer RW5 Img American photographer, socialite, (Jewish father) daughter
Eugene Meyer RWC Img American economist, chairman of Federal Reserve 1930-33, father
Katharine Weymouth Img American publisher, (Jewish maternal great grandfather) great granddaughter
Lally Weymouth Img American journalist, editor (Jewish maternal grandfather) granddaughter
Alexander Granach RWF Img Ukrainian-born German actor, father
Gad Granach Img German-born Israeli writer, son
Israel Bak HW
Elazar Granot RWC HW Img Israeli politician, writer, son-in-law
Hanan Rubin RWC HW Img German-born Israeli politician,  father-in-law
Yevgenia Azarh-Opalova RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet actress, cousin of Aleksei
Aleksei Granovsky RWF Img Russian theater director, founder of GOCET, brother
Boris Ingster RWF Img Latvian-born American director, brother
Isidor Khomsky RWF Img Russian/Soviet  director, nephew of Aleksei,
Pavel Khomsky RWF Img Russian/Soviet  director, nephew of Aleksei,
Avraham Grant Img Israeli national football team manager, 1st husband
Tzufit Grant HW Img Israeli journalist, film/television actress, television host, wife
Shuli Rand Img Israeli film actor, singer, writer, 2nd husnand
Brian Glanville Img British football writer, novelist, father
Mark Glanville Img British writer, opera singer, son
Sid Grauman RW5 Img American founder of Grauman's Theaters, relative
Walter Grauman RWF Img American film/television director, relative
Herb Gray RWC Img Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Liberal Party nephew
Morris Gray RW5 founder of Canadian Jewish Congress 1919- uncle
C.Boyden Gray Img US Ambassador to European Union 2006-08, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Gordon Gray RWF Img Secretary of the Army 1949-50, (Jewish mother) father
Bowman Gray, Jr son
Brian Grazer RWF Img American television producer, (Jewish mother) brorher
Jack Dylan Grazer Img American actor, (Jewish paternal grandmother)
Gavin Grazer Img American actor, director, (Jewish mother) brother
Anatoliy Grebnev RWE Img Georgian-born Soviet/Russian director, screenwriter,  father
Alexander Minladze RWE Img Soviet/Russian screnwriter, director, son
Eric Green Img American genomics senior investigator, son
Maurice Green Img American virologist, father
Michael Green American cancer biologist researcher, son
Tammy Baldwin RWF Img American politician, senator 2013- ,  (Jewish maternal grandfather) maternal granddaughter of David
David Green RWF Img American biochemist, maternal grandfather of Tammy
Rowena Green Matthews RWC Img American biochemist, (Jewish father) daughter of David
Alfred Marrow Img American industrial psychologist, civil rights activist, philanthropist, first cousin of David
Andy Samberg RWF HW Img American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, rapper, grandson of Alfred
Bud Green Img Austrian-born American songwriter:lyricist,  brother-in-law
Bob Russell Img American songwriter, brother-in-law
Luther Russell American singer/songwriter, grandson of Bob
Adolph Green RWC Img American playwright, librettist, lyrisist, songwriter:lyricist, husband
Amanda Green Img American singer/songwriter, lyricist, stage actress, daughter
Phyllis Newman RW5 Img American actress, singer, wife
Benny Green RW5 Img British jazz saxophonist, radio presenter,  father
Dominic Green RW5 Img British guitarist, writer, son
Leo Green RW5 Img British musician, broascaster, son
Johnny Green Img American composer, songwriter, conductor, maternal grandfather
Lisa Snyder Img American film/television actress,  granddaughter
Mark J. Green Img American politician, lawyer, brother
Stephen Green RW5 Img founder 1980 of S.L. Green Realty, brother
Thomas Cohen British vocalist, S.C.U.M. husband of Peaches
Bob Geldof RWF HW Img Irish singer/songwriter, political activist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) father  
Peaches Geldof RWF Img British journalist, television presenter, model, (Jewish paternal great-grandmother) daughter
Pixie Geldof Img British model, socialite, (Jewish paternal great-grandmother) daughter
Hughie Green Img British host of television shows, father of Yates (biological)
Paula Yates Img British television presenter, writer, (Jewish biological father)  mother
Eva Green RWF HW Img French actress, model, (Jewish mother) daughter of Marlene
Christiane Jobert French painter, sister of Marlene
Josephine Jobert RWC Img French television actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Marlene Jobert RWF Img Algerian-born French actress, singer, author, mother
Elsa Lunghini Img French singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish mother) daughter of Christine
Jules Greenbaum Img German film producer, father
Mutz Greenbaum Img German-born film cinematographer, son
Daniel Greenberg Img American physisist, son
Moshe Greenberg RW5 HW Img American-born Israeli biblical studies scholar, translator, son
Simon Greenberg Russian-born American conservative rabbi, father
Evan Greenberg Img American CEO/president of Ace Limited, son Ace Limited
Jeffrey Greenberg Img American chairman/CEO of Marsh & McLennan Companies, son Marsh & Mclennan Companies
Maurice Greenberg Img CEO, shareholder father American International Group
Harold Greenberg RW5 Img Canadian film producer, Astral Media, brother
Ian Greenberg RW5 Img Canadian co-founder president/CEO of Astral Media, Inc brother
Linda Carroll American author, (Jewish mother) daugher of Paula
Elsie Fox Img American screenwriter,   mother of Paula
Paul Fox American screenwriter, novelist, father of Paula
Paula Fox RWF Img American novelist, wife of Martin
Clement Greenberg RWF HW Img American art critic, art colector,   brother
Martin Greenberg Img American poet, translator, brother
Courtney Love RWF HW Img American lead singer, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) granddaughter of Paula
Nora Ephron RWF HW Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, 2nd wife of Dan
Dan Greenburg RW5 Img American author, screenwriter, journalist, father
Zack O'Malley Greenburg Img American writer, journalist, editor, child author, (Jewish father) son
Sonia Greene Img Ukrainian-born American writer, mother
Carol Weld Img American journalist, writer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Josh Greenfeld RW5 Img American playwright, screenwriter, author, father
Karl Greenfeld RW5 Img Japanian-born American journalist, author, son
Fumiko Kometani Img Japanian author, painter, (convert to Judaism) mother
Chris Chase RW5 Img American model, actor, journalist, sister of Paul
Claude Greengard Img American research physicist, senior executive, son
Leslie Greengard RWC Img British-born American mathematician,    son
Paul Greengard RWF HW Img American neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000), father
Ilya Greengolts RWE Img Russian-born violinist, composer, brother-in-law
Maxim Vengerov RWF HW Img Russian-born Israeli violinist,  conductor, brother-in-law
Alan Greenspan RWF HW Img American economist, Chairman of Federal Reserve Board 1988-2005, husband
Andrea Mitchell Img American journalist, television commentator, writer, wife
Brian Greenspan Img Canadian lawyer, brother
Edward Greenspan RW5 Img Canadian lawyer, brother
Irene Greif RWC Img American computer scienist, wife
Albert Meyer RW5 Img American computer scientist, ??? husband
Samuil Greig RWC Img Russian Minister of Finance 1878-80, (Jewish mother) son
Yulia Greig RWC Img Russian wife of Admiral Greig, mother
Naum Greiver RWF Img Soviet engineer, metalurg, father
Tatyana Greiver RWC Img Russian-born Soviet engineer, inventor, daughter
Jennifer Grey RWF HW Img American actress, daughter of Joel
Joel Grey RWF HW Img American stage/film actor, singer, dancer, brother
Mickey Katz RWF Img American actor, comedian, father
Ronald Katz RWC Img American inventor,    brother
Jo Wilder Img American actress, mother of Jennifer
Anouk Grinberg RWF Img French stage/film actress, writer, painter, aunt
Louise Grinberg Img French actress, niece
Michel Vinaver RWF French writer, dramatist, father of Anouk
Aleksandr Grinberg RWF Img Russian chemist, brother
Georgy Grinberg RWF Img Russian physicist, brother
Roy Grinker, Jr Img American anthropologist, author, political activist, grandson
Roy Grinker, Sr Img American psychiatrist, neurologist, grandfather
Nikolay Grintser RWF Russian philologist, grandson
Pavel Grintser RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet philologist, son
Yakov Grintser RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet economist, menshevik, grandfather
Eva Grlic Img Hungarian-born Croatian journalist, writer, mother
Rajko Grlic Img Croatian film director/producer, (Jewish mother) son
Yasha Grobman HW Img Russian-born Israeli architect, curator, researcher, educator, son
Lati Grobman RWC HW Img Russian-born Israeli American film producer, daughter
Michael Grobman RW5 HW Img Russian-born Israeli poet, painter, father
Anetta Grodner HW Ukrainian singer, actress, wife
Israel Grodner RW5 Img Lithuanian-born Romanian Yiddish theater founding actor, husband
Kathryn Grody Img American actress, writer, playwright, wife
Mandy Patinkin RWF HW Img American actor, singer, tenor, husband
Stefania Grodzienska RWA Img Polish writer, stage actress, dancer, radio announcer, satirist, wife
Jerzy Jurandot RWF Img Polish poet, dramatist, satirist, songwriter, husband
Bertram Gross RWF Img American politican scientist, systems scientist, father
David Gross RWF HW Img American physicist, Nobel Prize (2004), quarks, son
Nelson Gross Img American restaurateur, real estate bisinessman, politician, father
Dinah Lenney Img Americam film/stage actress, writer, daughter
John Gross Img British literary critic, author, antologist, editor, husband
Miriam Gross Img Israeli-born British editor, wife
Susanna Gross British journalist, writer, editor, daughter
Tom Gross Img British journalist, international affairs commentator, son
Kurt May German-born director of United Restitution Organisation, father of Miriam
Guy Gross Img Australian film/television composer, son
Yoram Gross RW5 HW Img Polish-born Australian director/producer, father
Jem Cohen Img Afghanistan-born American documentary filmmaker, son
Adam Grossman Img American guitarist, singer, son
Sid Grossman RW5 Img American photographer, father
Allen Grossman Img American poet, language/literary scholar,  father
Austin Grossman RWF Img American writer, game designer, son
Bathsheba Grossman Img American sculptor, daughter
Judith Grossman Img American writer, mother
Lev Grossman RWF Img American writer, journalist, son
Allan Grossman RWC Img Canadian cabinet minister Ontario father
Larry Grossman RWC Img Canadian politician, Minister, MP Ontario son
Alexander Grothendieck RWF HW Img German-born French mathematician, Fields Medal (1966), (Jewish father) son
Sascha Schapiro RW5 Img Ukrainian anarchist,   father
Irving Grousbeck Img American co-owner of Boston Seltics, father
Wycliffe Grousbeck Img American co-owner of Boston Seltics, son
Ruth Gruber HW Img American journalist, photographer, writer, government official, mother
David Michaels Img American epidemiologist, Assistan Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety, son
Dava Sobel Img American writer, cousin of Michaels
Allen Grubman American entertainment lawyer, father
Lizzie Grubman Img American publicist, daughter
Jean-Claude Grumberg Img French playwright, father
Olga Grumberg Img French film/television/stage actress, daughter
Alfred Grunfeld RWF HW Img Czech-born Austrian pianist, composer, brother
Heinrich Grunfeld RWF HW Img Czech-born Austrian violoncellist, brother
Hugo Grunfeld German architect, father
Ignaz Grunfeld German architect, son
Max Grunfeld German architect, son
Ernest Grunsfeld Img American architect, grandfather
Ernest Grunsfeld, Jr Img American architect, father
John Grunsfeld RW5 Img NASA Chief scientist/austronaut, grandson
Alfred Grunwald RWF Img Austrian author, librettist, lyricist, father
Henry Grunwald Img Austrian-born journalist, diplomat, Editor-in-chief of Time, Inc son
Lisa Grunwald Adler Img American author, daughter of Henry
Mandy Grunwald Img American political consultant, media advisor,    daughter of Henry
Peter Grunwald Img American film producer, executive, son of Henry
Anatole de Grunwald Img Russian-born British film producer, screenwriter, brother
Dimitri de Grunwald Img British film producer, brother
Oscar Gruzenberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian lawyer, brother
Semion Gruzenberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian philosopher,  brother
Malgorzata Gryniewicz Img Polish film director, journalist, politician, (Jewish mother) sister
Marta Gryniewicz Img Polish artist photographer, designer, entrepreneur, (Jewish mother) sister
Lee Guber Img American theater impresario, husband
Barbara Walters RWF HW Img American media personality, news anchor, wife
Lois Wyse Img American advertising executive, author, columnist, wife
David Guberman RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian geologist, brother
Igor Guberman RWF Img Russian-born writer, poet, brother
Ruth Anshen RW5 Img American philosopher, author, editor, mother
Peter Guber RW5 Img American film producer, executive,    son
Kate Alexa RWC Img Australian pop singer, dauther
Michael Gudinski RWC Img Australian record producer, father
Semyon Gudzenko RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, (Jewish mother) cousin
Yevgenia Pasternak RWF Russian/Soviet painter, second cousin
Mikhail Roginsky RWF Img Soviet painter, cousin
Guggenheim Guggenheim Family Guggenheim Family/cat
Benjamin Guggenheim RWF Img American businessman, son
Daniel Guggenheim RW5 Img American CEO of American Smelting and Refining Company, son
Gladys Guggenheim Straus Img American expert on food and neutrition, daughter of Daniel
Harry Guggenheim Img American businessman, diplomat, publisher, nephew of Simon
Isaac Guggenheim Img son
Meyer Guggenheim RWF HW Img Swiss-born founder 1900 of American Smelting and Refining Factory father
Morris Guggenheim American politician, mayor of Charleston, son of Solomon
Murry Guggenheim son
Pegeen Veil Guggenheim Img Swiss-born American painter, daughter of Peggy
Peggy Guggenheim RWF Img American art collector, daughter of Benjamin
Meyer Robert Guggenheim Img American ambassador to Portugal 1953-54 nephew of Simon
Simon Guggenheim RWF Img American senator 1907-13 son
Solomon Guggenheim RWF Img American businessman, founder of Guggenheim Museum, son Guggenheim Museum
William Guggenheim RW5 Img American businessman, philanthropist, son
Diane Hamilton Img American record producer, founder of Tradition Records, (Jewish father) daughter of Harry
Roger Straus, Jr Img American co-founder of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, son of Gladys
Harold Loeb RW5 Img American writer, cousin of Peggy
Charles Guggenheim Img American film director/producer, father
Davis Guggenheim Img American director, producer, (Jewish father) son
Andrew Shue Img American actor, (Jewish father) brother of Elisabeth
Elisabeth Shue Img American actress, (Jewish father) wife of Davis
David Guggenheim Img American screenwriter, producer, novelist, brother
Eric Guggenheim Img American screenwriter, brother
Marc Guggenheim RWC Img American screenwriter, television producer,  brother
Isaac Guillory Img Cuban-born American folk guitarist,   father
Sienna Guillory HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father) daughter
Nataliya Gukovskaya RWF Soviet criminologist, daughter-in-law of Mikhail Kalinin, daughter of Isidore
Emelyan Gukovsky RWM Img Soviet military executive, major general, uncle
Isidore Gukovsky RWF Img Moldovan-born People's Commissar for Finance 1918, nephew
Rita Gam RWC Img American film/television/stage actress, wife of Thomas
Thomas Guinsburg Img American president of Viking Press, son
Harold Guinzburg American co founder 1925- of Viking Press, father
Anna Gulko RWC Img Russian American Woman chess grandmaster, wife Aksharumova
Boris Gulko RWF Img Russian American chess grandmaster, husband
Bryant Gumbel Img American television journalist, sportscaster, (Jewish descent 3/32) brother
Greg Gumbel Img American television sportscaster, (Jewish descent 3/32) brother
Ludwig Gumplowicz RWF Img Polish-born Austrian sociologist, jurist, political scientist,   father
Maximilian Gumplowicz Polish historian,   son
Wladislaw Gumplowicz Polish activist, publicist, geographer, son
Agnes Gund Img daughter
George Gund, III Img American businessman, sports entrepreneur, son
George Gund, Jr president, chairman of Cleveland Trust Bank, father
Gordon Gund Img American chairman of Gund Investment Corporation, son
Graham Gund American architect, president of Gund Partnership, son
Andrew Gunsberg RW5 Img Australian radio/television presenter, (Jewish father) husband
Noa Tishby RWC HW Img Israeli actress, model, singer, wife
Gunzburg Gunzburg Family
Baron Alexander Gunzburg
Baron David Gunzburg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian orientalist, son
Baron Horace Gunzburg RWF Img Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist, father
Baron Joseph Gunzburg RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian merchant, army contractor, grandfather 1812-78
Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg RW5 Img French-born magazine editor, socialite (Jewish father)
David Raphael film executive, grandson of David
Monique Rahael High Img American author, daughter of David Raphael
Aaron Gural Img American chairman of Newark & Company Real Estate, father
Jeffrey Gural Img American chairman of Newark & Company Real Estate, son
Yevgeny Gurevich RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet inventor, weapon designer, relative
Mikhail Gurevich RWF HW Img Russian/Soviet aircraft designer, MIG aircraft bureau, relative
Elepther Andronikashvili RWF Img Georgian physicist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Yekateina
Irakly Andronikov RWF Img Russian literature historian, philologist, media personality, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Yekateina
Yekaterina Gurevich mother of Andronikov & Androvikashvili (Jewish father) daughter
Lyubov Gurevich RWF Img Russian writer, theater/literary critic, translator, publicist, daughter
Yakov Gurevich RWF son of Yakov
Yakov Gurevich RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian historian, blagotvoritel, father
Rachel Gurney Img British stage/film/television actress, daughter
Irene Scharrer Img British pianist, mother
Semyon Gurvich RWF Img Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, father
Larisa Tsuranova RWC Img Soviet shooter, world champion, daughter
Mikhail Gusman RWF Img Azerbajani-born Soviet/Russian deputy diector general of news agency, brother
Yuli Gusman RWF Img Azerbajani-born Soviet/Russian film director, actor, brother
Alan Guth RWF HW Img American physicist, cosmologist, cosmic inflation, father
Larry Guth RW5 Img American mathematician, geometer, son
Aliza Greenblatt Img Ukrainian-born American Yiddish poet, mother of Marjorie
Richard Greenblatt RW5 Img American computer scientist, grandson of Aliza
Arlo Guthrie Img American composer, lyricist, singer (Jewish mother) brother
Marjorie Guthrie Img American activist, dancer, mother
Nora Guthrie Img American record producer, (Jewish mother) sister
Alfred Berlin Soviet organic chemist, father
Anisim Berlin RWF Soviet violinist, grandfather
Natalia Gutman RWF Img Russian cellist, daughter
Oleg Kagan RWF Img Russian violinist, husband of Natalia
Sviatoslav Moroz RWF Russian violinist, son of Natalia
David von Gutmann brither of Wilhelm 1834-1912
Elisabeth von Gutmann RWF HW Img Austrian-born princess consort of Franz I, daughter
Hans Emil von Gutmann 1891-1937
Ida von Gutmann Wodianer mother
Lidwig von Gutmann 1860-1900
Mariane von Gutmann wife of Sir Francis Abraham Montefiore daughter
Max von Gutmann Austrian engineer, industrialist, half-brother of Elisabeth/Rudolf
Moritz von Gutmann son
Rudolf von Gutmann Austrian-born Canadian industrialist, banker, art collector, son
Wilhelm von Gutmann HW Img Austian entrepreneur, father
Wilhelm Hermann von Gutmann 1889-1960
Baron Artur Gutmann Croatian nobleman, industrialist, son
Baron Edmund Gutmann Img Croatian nobleman, industrialist, father
Baron Viktor Gutmann Croatian nobleman, industrialist, nephew of Edmund
Galit Gutmann RWC HW Img Israeli model, actress, presenter, wife
Ziv Koren HW Img Israeli photojournalist, husband
Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal Img American screenwriter, film producer, mother
Jake Gyllenhaal RWF HW Img American actor (Jewish mother), son
Maggie Gyllenhaal RWF HW Img American film/stage actress, model, (Jewish mother),  daughter
Gabriele Gysi German actress, daughter Jewish paternal grandmother Jewish mother
Gregor Gysi Img German chairman of Party of Democratic Socialism 1990-93, Left Party 2005- son Jewish paternal grandmother Jewish mother
Klaus Gysi RWC Img Minister of Culture in East Germany 1966-73 (Jewish mother) father
Gottfried Lessing East-German ambassador to Uganda, politician, (one Jewish grandfather) maternal uncle of Gregor
Andrea Gyarmati RWC HW Img Hungarian swimmer, 100-meter backstroke daughter
Deszo Gyarmati RWC Img Hungarian water polo player, (Jewish father) father 
Mihaly Hesz RWC Img Hungarian sprint canoeist, husband of Andrea
Eva Szekely RWC HW Img Hungarian swimmer, 4*100 meter freestyle relay mother