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Kenny Aaronson Pic American bass guitar player,   Stories Search
Chris Adler Pic American drummer,    Lamb of God
Steven Adler Pic American rock drummer, (Jewish mother) Guns N' Roses Bands by Musicians ==>
Willie Adler Pic American guitarist, Lamb of God JazzBlues Performers ==>
Shlomit Aharon HW Pic Israeli singer, Hakol Over Habibi Music Performers ==>
Tim Alexander Pic American drummer, ??? Primus
Herb Alpert RWF Pic American musician, salsa Tijuana Brass
Sean Altman Pic American singer/songwriter, Rockapella
Ed Ames Pic American actor, singer, The Ames Brothers
Gene Ames Pic American singer, The Ames Brothers
Joe Ames Pic American singer, The Ames Brothers
Vic Ames Pic American singer, The Ames Brothers
Thierry Amar Pic Canadian musician, rock singer/guitarist, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Jack Antonoff Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Steel Train
Natalie Appleton RWF Pic British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) All Saints
Nicole Appleton Pic British Canadian pop singer, actress, (Jewish mother) All Saints
Mira Aroyo HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli British singer/songwriter, keyboardist,   Ladytron
Izhar Ashdot HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, record producer, guitarist, T-Slam
Talena Atfield Pic Canadian bass guitar player, Kittie
Elan Atias Pic American singer/songwriter, The Wailers
Gilad Atzmon Pic Israeli-born British jazz saxophonist, Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Dan Auerbach Pic American guitarist, vocalist, multi-insrumentalist, (Jewish father) The Black Keys
Milo Aukerman Pic American singer/songwriter, biochemist, Discendents
Mickey Avalon Pic American rapper, Dyslectic Speedreaders
Berton Averre Pic American guitarist, The Knack
Jennifer Ayache Pic French singer, (Jewish father) Superbas
Eric Avery Pic American bass player, Jane's Addiction
Babydaddy Pic American bass guitarist, keyboardist, Scissor Sisters
Carmit Bachar RWF HW Pic American singer, dancer, model, actress, (Jewish father) Pussycat Dolls
Marty Balin HW Pic American lead singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Jefferson Airlane
Matt Ballinger Pic American singer, actor, (Jewish father) Dream Street
Yuval Banai RWC HW Pic Israeli singer, composer, musician,    Mashina
Alex Band RWF HW Pic American singer, guitarist, (Jewish father) The Calling
Thomas Bangalter RWC Pic French electronic musician, (Jewish father) Daft Punk
Jean-Pierre Barda Pic French-born Swedish pop star, actor, Army of Lovers
Lou Barlow Pic American rock singer/songwriter, multi-instumentalist, Sebadoh
Joey Baron Pic American jazz drummer, Naked City Masada
Aaron Barrett Pic American lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, Reel Big Fish
Chris Barron Pic American vocalist, Spin Doctors
Claire Barry RWF HW Pic American Yiddish jaaz singer, The Barry Sisters
Jeff Barry RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, The Raindrops
Merna Barry RWF HW Pic American Yiddish jaaz singer, The Barry Sisters
Len Barry Pic American vocalist, musician, The Dovells
Eef Barzelay Pic Israeli-born American singer/songwriter, guitarist,   Clem Snide
Danni Bassan HW Pic Brazilian-born Israeli singer,    T-Slam
Alix Bauer Pic Mexican singer, television actress, Timbiriche
Jon Bauman Pic American musician, game show host, actor, Sha Na Na
Steve Bays Pic Canadian singer, keyboardist, Hot Hot Heat
Thereza Bazar Pic Canadian-born British singer, Dollar
Eric Bazilian Pic American guitarist, vocalist, The Hooters
Justin Beck Pic American guitarist,  Glassjaw
Walter Becker Pic American guitarist, bassist, songwriter, Steely Dan
Yula Beeri Pic Israeli composer, musician, bassist, Nanuchka
Skay Beilinson Pic Argentine guitarist, Patricio Ray y sus Redonditos de Ricota
Max Bemis Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist,   Say Anything
Clayson Benally American percusionist, co-vocalist, (Jewish mother) Blackfield
Jeneda Benally Pic American bassist, co-vocalist, (Jewish mother) Blackfield
Klee Benally Pic American punk rock vocalist/guitarist, (Jewish mother) Blackfield
Ray Benson Pic American country guitarist, Asleep at the Wheel
Ceki Bensuse Pic Turkish guitar player, Sefarad
Alan Berger American bassist, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Laurie Berkner Pic American children's singer, guitarist, Laurie Berkner Band
Steve Berlin Pic American keyboardist, saxophonist, Los Lobos
David Berman Pic American singer/songwriter, poet, cartoonist,   Silver Jews
Steven Bernstein Pic American trumpeter, composer, bandleader, Lounge Lizards
Jello Biafra Pic American punk rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, Dead Kennedys
Seth Binzer Pic American rapper,  Crazy Town ExLink
Roy Bittan Pic American pianist, organist, keyboardist, The E Street Band
Isaac Bitton Pic Moroccan-born French rock band drummer, Les Variations
Kat Bjelland Pic American lead singer, guitarist,   Babes in Toyland
Jack Black RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer, musician, Tenacious D
Jay Black Pic American singer, Jay & The Americans David Blatt
Matt Black Pic British DJ, Coldcut
Pauline Black Pic British singer, actress, author, (Jewish mother) The Selecter
Stephen Bladd Pic American drummer, The J. Geils Band
Boris Blank Pic Swiss artist, singer, Yello
Melanie Blatt RWF Pic British singer, actress, television personality, (Jewish father) All Saints
Sister Bliss Pic Israeli-born British singer, keyboardist, record producer, DJ, composer, songwriter, Faithless
Kurt Bloch Pic American songwriter, guitarist, engineer, record producer,   The Fastbacks
Oren Bloedow Pic American singer, guitarist, composer, Lounge Lizards
Eric Bloom Pic American singer/songwriter, saxophonist, Blue Oyster Cult
Mike Bloomfield RWE Pic American guitarist, Bob Dylan session musician Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Rachel Blumberg Pic American drummer, singer, The Decemberists
Roy Blumenfeld Pic American drummer, singer, Blues Project Answers
Rachel Bolan Pic American bass player, songwriter, ??? Skid Row
Marc Bolan RWF HW Pic British singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father) T. Rex
Michael Bolton RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, Blackjack
DJ Bonebrake Pic American drummer, X
Karla Bonoff Pic American singer/songwriter, Brynde
Rob Bourdon Pic American drummer, Linkin Park
Shlomi Braha HW Pic Israeli songwriter, record producer, guitarist, Mashina
Jacques Brautbar Pic American photographer, guitarist, Phantom Planet ExLink
Randy Brecker Pic American trumpeter, flughornist, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Benjamin Brewer Pic American guitarist, vocalist, (Jewish father) The Exit
Don Brewer Pic American drummer, co-lead vocalist, Grand Funk Railroad
Isaac Brock Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, banjoist, Modest Mouse
Adam Brody RWF HW Pic American actor, film producer, drummer, Big Japan
Hila Bronstein Pic Israeli-born German singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Bro'Sis
Gary Brooker Pic British singer/songwriter, pianist,  guitarist, Procol Harum
Ian Broudie Pic Britisn singer/songwriter, guitarist, record producer, Lightning Seeds Big in Japan
Michael Brown Pic American songwriter, keyboardist, The Left Banke
Marc Brownstein Pic American bassist, The Disco Bisquits
Carrie Brownstein Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, actress, screenwriter, Sleater-Kinney
David Bryan HW Pic American pianist, keyboardist, musical composer, Bon Jovi
Ron Bumblefoot Pic American guitarist, songwriter, producer, Guns N' Roses
Pete Burns RWC Pic British singer/songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Dead or Alive
Cliff Burton Pic American musician, songwriter, (Jewish mother) Metallica
Tony Cadena Pic American rock singer/songwriter, The Adolescents
Julia Cafritz Pic American musician,     Free Kitten
Elliot Cahn Pic Ameriucan guitarist, Sha Na Na
Andres Calamaro Pic Argentine film score composer, singer/songwriter, Los Rodrigues
Randy California Pic American lead gutarist, singer/songwriter, Spirit
Jake Carey Pic American bassist, The Flamingos
Ezekial Carey Pic American vocalist, The Flamingos
Eric Carmen Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, The Raspberries
Johnny Carter Pic American musician, The Flamingos The Dells
Jack Casady Pic American guitarist, (Jewish paternal grandparent) Jefferson Airlane
Exene Cervenka Pic America lead vocalist, poet, X
James Chance Pic American singer/songwriter, saxophonist, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Brian Chase Pic American drummer, Yeh Yeh Yehs
Alex Chilton Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, record producer, Box Tops Big Star
Richie Chodes Pic American bassist, keyboardist, Kingsouce
Chantal Claret Pic American lead singer, Morningwood
Keith Clark American punk rock musician,   The Circle Jerks
Johnny Clegg Pic South African-born British musician, Juluka Savuka
David Cohen Pic American keyboardist, guitarist, Blues Project Country Joe and the Fish
Greg Cohen Pic American jazz bassist,   Masada
Thomas Cohen British vocalist, S.C.U.M.
Erich Collin Pic German vocalist, Comedian Harmonists
Bobby Colomby Pic American drummer, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Aaron Comess Pic American drummer, Spin Doctors
Aaron Cometbus Pic American drummer, lyricist, Cometbus
Carol Connors Pic American singer/songwriter, The Teddy Bears
Deborah Conway Pic Austalian rock singer/songwriter, model, actress,   Do-Re-Mi
Alan Cooper Pic American lead singer, biblical scholar, Sha Na Na
Chris Cornell Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish mother) Soundgarden Audioslave
Carlos Nunez Cortes Pic Argentine musician,    Les Luthiers
Antony Costa Pic British singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother) Blue
Lol Creme Pic British guitarist, singer, 10cc
Mike d'Abo Pic British songwriter,singer, Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Dennis Danell Pic American guitarist, Social Distortion
Don Dannemann Pic American guitarist, Cyrkle
Hayyim Danzig Pic American bassist, Blue Fringe
Glenn Danzig Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, entrepreneur, cartoonist, the Misfits Samhain Danzig
Matt Darriau Pic American composer, wind instruments, The Klezmatics
Richard Peter Davis Pic American guitarist, bandleader, Chicago Catz
Sandy Deanne Pic American singer, Jay & the Americans, Jay & The Americans
Brad Delson HW Pic American guitarist, Linkin Park
Duane Denison Pic American guitarist, The Jesus Lizard
Aaron Dessner Pic American multi-insrumentalist, The National
Bryce Dessner Pic American composer, guitarist, The National
C.C. DeVille Pic American lead guitarist, ??? Poison
David Diamond Pic American keyboardist, guitarist, Berlin
Michael Diamond Pic American singer, drummer, rapper, Beastie Boys
Greg DiCostanzo Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Paul and Storm
King Django Pic American musician, singer, Skinnerbox Stubborn All-Stars
John Doe Pic American singer/songwriter, actor, poet, X
Dave Douglas Pic American saxophonist, jazz trumpeter,  Masada ExLink
David Draiman RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, lyricist, Disturbed
Dave Dreiwitz Pic American rock bass guitarist, Ween
Spencer Dryden Pic American drummer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Jefferson Airlane
Kevin DuBrow Pic Amercan singer, Quiet Riot
Artie Dunn Pic American vocalist, organist, The Three Suns
Adam Duritz Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Counting Crows
Adam Dutkiewicz Pic American guitarist, backup vocalist, ??? Aftershock Killswitch Engage
Tobias Dutkiewicz Pic American vocalist, ??? Aftershock
Jakob Dylan Pic American lead singer/songwriter, The Wallflowers
Elliot Easton Pic American guitarist, vocalist, The Cars
Bobby Edner Pic American actor, singer, rapper, Varcity Fanclub
Seffy Efrati Pic Israeli musician, bassist, Monica Sex
Mike Einziger Pic American guitarist, multi-insrumentalist,   Incubus
Michael Eisenstein Pic American guitarist, keyboardist, Letters to Cleo
Danny Elfman RWF HW Pic American composer, singer/songwriter, Oingo Boingo
Cass Elliott RWF Pic American singer, The Mamas & the Papas Mama Cass
Alec Empire Pic German  musician, Atari Teenage Riot
Howie Epstein Pic American bassist, The Heartbreakers
Roky Erickson Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, 13th Floor Elevators
Nachman Fahrner Pic French-born Israeli guitarist, songwriter, (convert to Judaism)
Donald Fagen Pic American rock musician, singer/songwriter, Steely Dan
Etty Lau Farrell Pic Hong Kong-born American vocalist, dancer, Satellite Party
Perry Farrell Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, Jane's Addiction Porno for Pyros Satellite Party
Harley Feinstein Pic American drummer, Sparks
Doug Fieger Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) The Knack
Jim Fielder Pic American bassist, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Pete Finestone Pic American drummer, Bad Religion
Sally Fingerett Pic American folk singer/songwriter, Four Bitchin' Babes
Aaron Fink Pic American guitarist, Braking Benjamin
Matthew Fink Pic American record producer, keybordist, songwriter, "Doctor Fink" The Revolution
Matthew Fisher Pic British organist, harpichordist, singer/songwriter, Procol Harum
Jon Fishman Pic American drummer, Phish
Bela Fleck Pic American bluegrass musician, banjo, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Jackie Fox Pic American bassist, attorney, The Runaways
Ace Frehley RWF Pic American guitarist,  Kiss ExLink
David Freiberg Pic American bassist, guitarist, vocalist, Quicksilver Messenger Service Jefferson Airlane
Jay Jay French Pic American guitarist, Twisted Sister
Marty Fried Pic American vocalist, drummer, Cyrkle
Kinky Friedman Pic American crime writer, singer/songwriter, columnist, Texas Jewboys
Marc Friedman Pic American bassist, guitarist,  The Slip
Marty Friedman HW Pic American guitarist, songwriter, Megadeth
Ross Friedman Pic American guitarist, The Dictators Ross the Boss
Justine Frischmann Pic British singer, guitarist, Britpop Elastica
Fred Frith Pic British multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, Naked City
Marcelo Fromer Pic Brazilian guitarist, Titas
Temim Fruchter Pic American punk rock drummer, The Shondes
Yuval Gabay Pic Israeli-born American drummer, Soul Caughing
Eric Gaffney Pic American songwriter, recording artist, Sebadoh
Marguerite Ganser Pic American singer, The Shangri-Las
Mary Ann Ganser Pic American singer, The Shangri-Las
Adam Gardner Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Guster
Art Garfunkel RWF HW Pic American singer, actor, Simon and Garfunkel
Bruce Gary Pic American drummer, The Knack
Charles Gavin Pic Brazilian drummer, musical producer, Titas
Adam Gaynor Pic American guitarist, Matchbox Twenty ExLink
Aviv Geffen RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/sonwriter, guitarist. Blackfield
Joe Genaro Pic American guitarist, lead vocalist, sondwriter, The Dead Milkman
Chad Gilbert Pic American lead guitarist, New Found Glory
Ronnie Gilbert Pic Ameican folk singer/songwriter, actress, The Weavers
Chad Ginsburg Pic American lead guitarist, CKY
Michael Gira Pic American lead singer/songwriter, author, artist,   Swans The Angels of Light
Aidan Girt Pic Canadian drummer, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Joe Gittleman Pic American bassist, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Gabby Glaser Pic American vocalist, guitarist, Luscious Jackson
Tom Glazer Pic American singer/songwriter, folk singer, Almanac Singers
Gary Glitter RWC Pic British glam rock singer/songwriter, ExLink the Glitter Band
Kevin Godley Pic British drummer, singer, 10cc
Andrew Gold Pic American singer, musician, songwriter, (Jewish paternal great grandfather) Brynde
Adam Goldstein Pic American DJ, Crazy Town, Crazy Town
Ricky Goldstein Pic American drummer, Sham 69
Benjamin Goldwasser Pic American singer/songwriter, rock keyboardist, MGMT
Adam Goren Pic American rock musician,   Atom and His Package
Mike Gordon Pic American bass player, vocalist, Phish
Nina Gordon Pic America rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, Veruca Salt
Danny Gottlieb Pic American drummer, The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Graham Gouldman RWF Pic British bass player, songwriter,  10cc
Greg Graffin Pic American punck pop band singer, Bad Religion
Boris Grebenshchikov Pic Russian musician, bandleader,    Auqarium
Adam Green HW Pic American singer/songwriter, Moldy Peaches
Jeremiah Green Pic American drummer, ??? Modest Mouse
Ellie Greenwich RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, record producer, (Jewish mother) The Raindrops
Johnny Greenwood Pic British composer, guitarist,  multi-instrumentalist, ??? Radiohead
Mick Green Pic British guitarist, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
Peter Green Pic British-born American blue rock guitarist, founder, Fleetwood Mac
Samuel Green Pic British rapper,   Antithesis
Norman Greenbaum RWF Pic American singer/songwriter, Spirit in the Sky
Steven Greenberg Pic American musician, record producer,  Lipps Inc
Alex Greenwald Pic American singer, actor, model, Phantom Planet
Henry Gross Pic American singer/songwriter, Sha Na Na
Stefan Grossman Pic American fingerstyle guitarist, singer, Even Dozen Jug Band
Ian Grushka Pic American bassist, New Found Glory
Tracil Guns Pic American guitarist, Guns N' Roses
Brett Gurewitz Pic American guitarist, songwriter, record producer, Bad Religion Epitaph Records
Lisa Gutkin Pic American violin player,   The Klezmatics
Josh Haden Pic American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) Spain
Petra Haden Pic American violinist, singer, (Jewish mother) The Decemberists Spain That Dog
Rachel Haden Pic American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) The Rentals That Dog
Sammy Hagar Pic American rock singer, guitarist, composer, Montrose Van Halen
Daryl Hall Pic American singer/songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, (convert to Judaism) Hall & Oates
Terry Hall Pic British singer, (Jewish mother) The Colourfield Fun Boy Three The Specials
Dick Halligan Pic American musician, jazz trombonist, composer, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Steffan Halperin Pic British drummer,   Klaxons
Albert Hammond, Jr Pic American guitarist, keyboardist, (convert to Judaism) The Strokes
Kay Hanley Pic American vocalist, ??? Letters to Cleo
Kathleen Hanna Pic American singer/songwriter, Bikini Kill  Le Tigre
Grant Hart Pic American drummer, songwriter,   Husker Du
Mickey Hart Pic American drummer, Grateful Dead
Tim Hauser Pic American singer, The Manhattan Transfer
Eugeniy Havtan RWE Pic Soviet/Russian guitarist, singer/songwriter,  Bravo
Barry Hay Pic Indian-born Dutch vocalist, (Jewish mother) Golden Earring
Danny Heifetz Pic American drummer, percusionist, Mr. Bungle
Richard Hell Pic American rock singer/songwriter, bassist, poet, (Jewish father) The Voidoids Television The Heartbreakers
Fred Hellerman Pic American folk singer/songwriter, guitarist, record producer, The Weavers
Maureen Herman Pic American bass player, Babes in Toyland
Kristin Hersh Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Throwing Muses
Greg Hetson Pic American guitarist, songwriter, Bad Religion The Circle Jerks
Gary Hirsh American drummer, Country Joe and the Fish Answers
Avi Hoffman Pic American guitarist, composer, Blue Fringe
Susanna Hoffs Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, The Bangles
Jools Holland Pic British bandleader, pianist, television presenter, Squeeze
Todd Homer Pic American bassist, Angry Samoans
Jake Hooker Pic Israeli-born American guitarist, Arrows
Adam Horovitz RWC Pic American rapper, (Jewish father) Beastie Boys
Wayne Horvitz Pic American composer, keyboardist, record producer,  Naked City
Georgia Hubley Pic American percussionist, (Jewish mother) Yo La Tengo
Mick Hucknall Pic British singer, (Jewish mother) Simply Red
Rob Hyman Pic American singer/songwriter, keyboardist, arranger, producer, The Hooters
Scott Ian Pic American songwriter, rhythm guitarist, Anthrax The Damned Things
Lux Interior Pic American singer, The Cramps
Jack Irons Pic American drummer, Eleven Red Hot Chili Peppers
Michael Ivins Pic American bassist, (Jewish mother) The Flaming Lips
Rami Jaffee Pic American keyboardist, The Wallflowers
Richard Joffe Pic American vocalist, dancer, Sha Na Na
David Johansen Pic American singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother) The New York Dolls
The Clash Big Audio Dynamite
Ben Jorgensen Pic American lead singer, guitarist, (partialy Jewish) Armor for Sleep
Laurence Juber Pic British-born American guitarist, Wings
Seth Justman Pic American keyboard player, songwriter, The J. Geils Band
Danny Kalb Pic American blues guitarist, Blues Project
John Kahn Pic American rock bass player, Jerry Garcia Band
Kathi Kamen Goldmark Pic American author, columnist, radio music producer, songwriter, musician, Rock Bottom Remainders
Aaron Kamin Pic American guitarist, songwriter, The Calling
Arthur Kane Pic American bassist, The New York Dolls
Howie Kane Pic American vocalist, Jay & The Americans
Ira Kaplan Pic American viocalist, songwriter, guitarist, Yo La Tengo
Ari Katz Pic American singer, Lifetime
Steve Katz Pic American guitarist, songwriter, record producer, Blood, Sweet & Tears Blues Project
Zev Katz Pic American bassist, Hall & Oates
Jorma Kaukonen Pic American guitarist, (Jewish mother) Jefferson Airlane
Jason Kay Pic British composer, lead singer, (Jewish mother) Jamiroquai
Lenny Kaye Pic American guitarist, composer, writer, Patti Smith Group
Tony Kaye Pic British-born American keyboardist, Yes
Howard Kaylan Pic American rock singer/songwriter, The Turtles The Mothers of Invention
Scott Kempner Pic American rhythm guitarist, The Dictators
Daniel Kessler Pic British-born American guitarist, backing vocalist,   Interpol
Ryan Key Pic American guitarist, rock singer,   Yellowcard
Ed King Pic American guitarist, Strawberry Alarm Clock
Domino Kirke Pic American pop rock band vocalist, (Jewish mother) Domino
Danny Klein Pic American bassist, The J. Geils Band
Steve Klein Pic American guitarist, New Found Glory
Josh Klinghoffer Pic American guitarist, backing vocalist, (Jewish father) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scott Klpofenstein Pic American truphet, guitarist, singer, Reel Big Fish
David Knopfler Pic British singer/songwriter, guitarist, pianist, (Jewish father) Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler RWF Pic British guitarist, founder of rock group, (Jewish father) Dire Straits
Ezra Koenig Pic American lead singer, guitarist, Vampire Weekend
Al Kooper HW Pic American musician, singer/songwriter, producer, Blood, Sweet & Tears Blues Project
Anders Koppel Pic Danish rock musician, composer, Bazaar Savage Rose
Thomas Koppel Pic Danish composer, musician, Savage Rose
Paul Kossoff Pic British rock guitarist, songwriter, Free
David Krakauer HW Pic American clarinetist, The Klezmatics
Joey Kramer Pic American drummer, Aerosmith
Bill Kreutzmann Pic American drummer, Grateful Dead
Robby Krieger Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, The Doors
Steve Kudlow Pic American lead vocalist, lead guitarist, Anvil
Andy Kulberg Pic American jazz guitarist, composer, Blues Project
Bob Kulick Pic Ameican guitarist, record producer, KISS
Bruce Kulick Pic Ameican lead guitarist, KISS
Tuli Kupferberg Pic American singer, poet, author, cartoonist, The Fugs
Dave Kushner Pic American rhythm guitarist, Velvet Revolver
Alexander Kutikov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian musician, producer, businessman, singer, (Jewish mother) Mashina Vremeni
Ben Kweller Pic American singer, rock musician, Radish
Suki Lahav RWC Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, screenwriter, actress, violinist,    The E Street Band
Corky Laing Pic Canadian-born American drummer, Mountain
Millard Lampell Pic American film/television writer, folk singer, Almanac Singers
Mercedes Lander Pic Canadian drummer, vocalist, Kittie
Morgan Lander Pic Canadian lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, Kittie
Brian Lane Pic American rock drummer,  ??? Brand New
Shlomi Lavie Pic American drummer, Marcy Playground Nanuchka
Aaron Lewis Pic American lead vocalist, guitarist, (Jewish mother) Staind
Blackie Lawless RWF Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, The New York Dolls W.A.S.P.
Geddy Lee Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, keyboardist, bassist, Rush
Lucky Lehrer Pic American drummer, The Circle Jerks Bad Religion
Donovan Leitch, Jr Pic British-born American actor, (Jewish mother) Camp Freddy
Jack Lesberg Pic American bassist, ExLink
Keith Levene Pic British guitarist, songwriter, (Jewish father) The Flowers of Romance The Clash Public Image Ltd
Eric Levi Pic French musician, songwriter, Shakin' Street
Eyal Levi Pic American guitarist, record producer, Demoncy
Sami Levi Pic Turkish singer, Sefarad
Tony Levin HW Pic American bass player, King Crimson
Adam Levine RWE HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father/maternal grandmother), Maroon 5
Howard Levy Pic American harmonist, pianist, composer, producer, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Gary Lewis Pic American singer,  Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Jenny Lewis RWC Pic American actress, singer, musician,  Rilo Kiley
Mike Lewis Pic American guitarist, record producer,   Yo La Tengo
Ned Liben Pic American synthesizer player, Ebn Ozn
David Licht Pic American drummer, The Klezmatics
Danny Lilker Pic American bass player, songwriter, Anthrax Brutal Truth S.O.D. Nuclear Assault
Coby Linder Pic American drummer, Say Anything
Rodney Linderman Pic American vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, journalist, humorist, The Dead Milkman
Fred Lipsius Pic American pianist, saxophonist, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Richard Lloyd Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, Television
Taylor Locke Pic American actor, musician, singer/songwriter, Rooney
Jason Loewenstein Pic American multi-instrumentalist, Sebadoh The Fiery Furnaces
Frank London Pic American trumpeter, bandleader, composer, The Klezmatics
Courtney Love RWF HW Pic American lead singer, actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Hole
James Lowe Pic American lead singer/songwriter,  The Electric Prunes
Gary Lucas Pic American singer/songwriter, rock/blues guitarist, record producer, Gods and Monsters
Lydia Lunch Pic American singer, poet, writer, actress, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Elliot Lurie Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, Looking Glass ExLink
Evan Lurie Pic American composer, musician, Lounge Lizards
John Lurie Pic American actor, musician, painter, producer, Lounge Lizards
Stan Lynch Pic American drummer, songwriter, producer, The Heartbreakers
Ron Mael Pic American keyboarder, songwriter, Sparks
Russell Mael Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Sparks
Andrei Makarevich RWF HW Pic Russian Belarusian singer, composer, poet, writer, producer, (Jewish mother) Mashina Vremeni
Jesse Malin Pic American lead singer, songwriter, Heart Attack D Generation
Jeff Mangum Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, Neutral Milk Hotel
Handsome Dick Manitoba Pic American punk rock musician, lead singer, radio personality, The Dictators
James Mankey Pic American guitarist, Sparks Concrete Blonde
Manfred Mann Pic South-African-born British keyboardist, Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Ben Marcus American drummer, Clem Snide
David Marks Pic American vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father) The Beach Boys
Arik Marshall Pic American rock guitarist,  (Jewish mother) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Doug Martsch Pic American lead singer/songwriter, lead guitarist, Built to Spill
Lisa Marx Pic Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist, pianist, Kittie
Bob Marley RWF HW Pic Jamaican singer/sonqwriter, guitarist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Bob Marley & the Wailers
J Mascis Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, Dinosaur Jr.
John Maurer Pic American bass guitarist,    Social Distortion
Fat Max Pic American vocalist, bass player, NOFX Me First and the Gimme Gimms
Epic Mazur Pic American rapper, record producer, Crazy Town
Paul Mazurkiewicz Pic American drummer, Cannibal Corpse
Linda McCartney RWF HW Pic American-born photographer, keyboardist, vocalist, Wings
Country Joe McDonald Pic American lead singer, (Jewish mother) Country Joe and the Fish
Hank Medress Pic American singer, record producer, The Tokens ExLink
Randy Meisner Pic American lead singer/songwriter, rock bass guitarist, Eagles Poco
Barry Melton Pic American guitarist, (Jewish mother) Country Joe and the Fish
Eric Melvin Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, NOFX
John Mendelsohn Pic American writer, music journalist, rock drummer, graphic designer, Sparks
Mark Mendoza Pic American bassist, songwriter, Twisted Sister
Efrim Menuck Pic Canadian musician, guitarist, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
James Mercer Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, The Shins
Alan Merrill Pic American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, Arrows
Stephin Merritt Pic American singer/sondwriter, multi-instrumentalist, The Magnetic Fields
Jesse Michaels Pic American singer/songwriter, rock guitarist, artist, Operation Ivy
Ian Mitchell Pic Irish-born American guitarist, Bay City Rollers
Fat Mike Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, NOFX
Mix Master Mike Pic American turntablist, (Jewish father) Beastie Boys
Ryan Miller Pic American drummer, vocalist, Guster
Keren Minshull Pic Australian vocalist, Euphoria
Brian Molko Pic British musician, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, (Jewish mother) Placebo
Rod Morgenstein Pic American drummer, Dixie Dregs
Matt Morginsky Pic American lead vocalist, composer, songwriter, (Jewish father)  The O. C. Supertones
Keith Morris Pic American rock singer/songwriter, (half Jewish) The Circle Jerks Black Flag
Paul Morrissett Pic American bass player, The Klezmatics
Peter Mosely Pic American rock bass guitarist, Inspection 12 Yellowcard
Dorothy Moskowitz Pic American lead vocalist, The United States of America
Jon Moss Pic British drummer, Culture Club
Bob Mould Pic American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, Husker Du Sugar
Marcos Mundstock Pic Argentine musician, writer, comedian, broadcaster,   Les Luthiers
Dave Mustaine Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Megadeth
Ilya Naishuller Pic Russian singer, guitarist, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Biting Elbows
Johnette Napolitano Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, vocalist, Concrete Blonde
Ze'ev Nehama HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Ethnix
Mike Ness Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Social Distortion
Molly Neuman Pic American rock drummer, The Frumpies Bratmobile
Al Nevins Pic American guitarist,  record producer, The Three Suns
Morty Nevins Pic American accordionist, The Three Suns
Colin Newman Pic British guitarist, vocalist, record producer/label owner, Wire
Andy Newmark Pic American session drummer, (Jewish father) Sly and the Family Stone
Pete Nice Pic American rapper, 3rd Bass
Prescott Niles Pic American rock bassist, The Knack
Yair Nitzani HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, musician, comedian, television host, T-Slam
Elijah Oberman Pic American violinist, bassist, The Shondes
Ric Ocasek Pic American vocalist, guitarist, record producer, The Cars
Lucky Oceans Pic American guitarist, Asleep at the Wheel
Buzz Osborne Pic American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, The Melvins Fantomas Venomous Concept
Kelly Osbourne RWF HW Pic British singer, actress, fashion designer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Pure Rubbish
Lee Oskar Pic Danish harmonica player,   War
Robert Ozn Pic American producer, screenwriter, stage actor, pop musician, Ebn Ozn
Kobi Oz RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, Tipeks
Steven Page Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, Barenaked Ladies
Mike Palm Pic American rock vocalist, guitarist, Agent Orange
Alan Paul Pic American singer, composer, The Manhattan Transfer
Stephen Pearcy Pic American lead singer, Ratt
Dominika Peczynski Pic Swedish Polish singer, model, television presenter, Army of Lovers
Jesse Peretz Pic American film director, bass guitar player, music video director, (Jewish father) The Lemonheads
Stephen Perkins Pic American songwriter, drummer, Jane's Addiction Porno for Pyros
Marc Perlman Pic American bassist, guitarist, The Jayhawks
Yannis Philippakis Pic British lead singer, (Jewish mother) Foals
Glen Phillips Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Toad and Wet Sprocket
Noam Pikelny Pic American bangoist, singer/songwriter,    Leftover Salmon
Scott Plouf American drummer, Built to Spill
Ben Pollack Pic American drummer, bandleader, ExLink
Robert Pollard Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Guided by Voices
Mike Portnoy RWF HW Pic American drummer,    Dream theater Liquid Tension Experiment
Louise Post Pic American lead vocalist, guitarist,     Veruca Salt ExLink
Monique Powell Pic American singer, Save Ferris
Thea Pratt Pic American hornist, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Jordan Pundik Pic American lead vocalist, New Found Glory
Alec Puro Pic American drummer,    Deadsy
Oscar Rabin Pic Latvian-born British bandleader, saxophonist, Oscar Rabin Band
Trevor Rabin HW Pic South African guitarist, songwriter, Yes
Eddie Rabkin Pic The Tokens
Robb Reiner Pic American drummer, Anvil
Daniel Rabinovich Pic Argentine musician, writer, humorist, lawyer, Les Luthiers
Joey Ramone RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, Ramones
Tommy Ramone RWF Pic Hungarian-born American drummer, record producer, Ramones
Genya Ravan Pic American rock singer, record producer, radio host, The Excort, Goldie & the Gingerbreads Ten Wheel Drive
Christopher Reece Pic American drummer, Social Distortion
Ariel Rechtshaid Pic American record producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, The Hippos
Lou Reed RWF HW Pic American rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, The Velvet Underground
Keith Reid Pic British rock composer, lyricist, founding member of Procol Harum
Martin Rev Pic American instrumentalist, Suicide
Greg Richling Pic American bassist, The Wallflowers
Jonathan Richman HW Pic American lead singer/songwriter, The Modern Lovers
David Roback Pic American guitarist, songwriter, Mazzy Star
Robbie Robertson Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father) The Band
Chris Robinson Pic American singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) The Black Crowes
Rich Robinson Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, The Black Crowes
Zack de la Rocha Pic American poet, rapper, vocalist, (Jewish father) Rage Against the Machine
Lee Rocker Pic American double bass player, Stray Cats
Donald Roeser Pic American guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, Blue Oyster Cult
Kirsten Rosenberg Pic American singer, The Iron Maidens
Maury Rosenberg Pic American singer/songwriter, accordionist, Hypnotic Clambake
Mike Rosenberg Pic British folk-rock singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Passenger
Richie Rosenberg Pic American trombonist,   Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Dov Rosenblatt Pic American guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, Blue Fringe
Joel Rosenblatt Pic American jazz drummer, Spyro Gyra
Jurgen Rosenthal Pic German rock drummer, Scorpions
Sam Rosenthal Pic American songwriter, lyricist, Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Brian Rosenworcel Pic American drummer, Guster
Gavin Rossdale Pic British singer/songwriter, guitarist, actor, (Jewish father) Bush
Ariel Rot HW Pic Argentine guitarist, singer/songwriter, Los Rodrigues
David Lee Roth RWF Pic American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, radio personality, Van Halen
Jim Roth Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Built to Spill
Peter Roth HW Pic Israeli singer, guitarist, record producer, Monica Sex
Uli Jon Roth Pic German guitarist, Scorpions
Diane Rovell Pic American singer, The Honeys
Matt Rubano Pic American bassist, Taking Back Sunday
Mark Rubin Pic American bassist, tubist, The Bad Livers
Rick Rubin RWF Pic American record producer, bassist, Def Jam
Dave Rubinstein Pic American vocalist, Reagan Youth
Jordan Rudess RWE HW Pic American keyboardist, Dream theater Liquid Tension Experiment
Maya Rudolph RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, keyboardist, (Jewish father) The Rentals
Dave Sabo Pic American guitarist, ??? Skid Row
Greg Sage Pic American songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, record producer, Wipers
Hunt Sales Pic American drummer, Tin Machine
Tony Sales Pic American bassist, guitarist, Tin Machine
Richard Salwitz Pic American harmonica player, The J. Geils_Band
JD Samson Pic American musician,   Le Tigre Joselyn Samson
Dave Samuels Pic American vibraphone player, Spyro Gyra
Mark Sandman Pic American singer/songwriter, bassist, Morphine
Renee Sands Pic American singer/songwriter, television actress,    Wild Orchid
Gabe Saporta Pic Uruguay-born American lead singer, guitarist, Cobra Starship Midtown
Bobby Schayer Pic American drummer, Bad Religion
Eric Schenkman Pic American guitarist, vocalist,  Spin Doctors
Adam Schlesinger Pic American guitarist, composer, Fountains of Waine
Zander Schloss Pic American bassist, actor, composer, The Circle Jerks
Fred Schneider Pic American rock singer, (Jewish father) The B-52's
Dave Schneider Pic American guitarist, The LeeVees
Robert Schneider Pic American lead singer/songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, Apples in Stereo
Chuck Schuldiner HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish father) Control Denied Death
Derek Shulman RWE Pic British vocalist, musician, record executive, Gentle Giant
Phil Shulman RWE Pic British multi-instrumentalist, Gentle Giant
Ray Shulman Pic British musician,   Gentle Giant
Dave Schulthise Pic American bass guitarist, The Dead Milkman
Dave Scott Pic American drummer, Adrenalin OD
Melvin Schacher Pic American bassist, Grand Funk Railroad
Dave Schramm Pic American lead guitarist,   Yo La Tengo
Jason Schwartzman RWF HW Pic American actor, drummer, (Jewish father) Phantom Planet Coconut Records
Robert Schwartzman Pic American lead vocalist, actor, (Jewish father) Rooney
Neil Sedaka RWF HW Pic American pop singer/songwriter, pianist,  The Tokens
Bernard Seigal Pic American rock/blues singer, guitarist, music critic, The Beat Farmers Buddy Blue
Evan Seinfeld Pic American adult film actor, vocalist, bassist, director, photographer, Biohazard
MC Serch Pic American rapper, producer, 3rd Bass
Brian Setzer Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, Stray Cats ExLink
Jim Shapiro Pic American drummer, Veruca Salt
Andy Shernoff Pic American  songwriter, bass player, The Dictators
Billy Sherwood Pic American musician, record producer,    Yes
Natasha Shneider RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian keyboardist, vocalist, Eleven
Danny Shuler Pic American drummer,    Biohazard
Janis Siegel Pic American jazz singer, The Manhattan Transfer
Jay Siegel Pic American lead vocalist, The Tokens
John Silver Pic British drummer,   Genesis
Josh Silver Pic American keyboardist, record producer, Type O Negative
Gene Simmons RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American singer/songwriter, guitarist, actor, KISS
Jason Simon Pic American vocalist, guitarist, Dead Meadow
Paul Simon RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor, Simon and Garfunkel
Eric Singer RWF Pic American drummer,    Kiss ExLink
Lorin Sklamberg Pic American accordeon player, The Klezmatics
Alex Skolnick RWE Pic American jazz/rock guitarist,   Testament
Hillel Slovak HW Pic Israeli-born American guitarist, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sandy Smallens Pic American bassist, Too Much Joy
Pat Smear Pic American rock guitarist, (Jewish father) Foo Fighters The Germs Nirvana
Brix Smith Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, television presenter, The Adult Net The Fall
Dee Snider Pic American singer/sondwriter, actor, (Jewish father) Twisted Sister
Richard Sohl Pic American pianist, songwriter, Patti Smith Group
Lew Soloff Pic American jazz trumpeter, composer, actor, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Louisa Solomon Pic American lead singer, The Shondes
Phil Spector RWF HW Pic American songwriter, record producer, The Teddy Bears
Dan Spitz Pic American lead guitarist, Anthrax
Dave Spitz Pic American bassist, Black Sabbath
Cem Stamati Pic Turkish bass guitar player, Sefarad
Paul Stanley RWF Pic American rock guitarist, singer/songwriter, KISS
Freddie Starr Pic British comedian, actor, singer, (Jewish mother) The Midnighters
Peter Steele Pic American lead singer, bassist, composer, Type O Negative
Jeremy Steig Pic American jazz flautist, Jeremy & The Satyrs
Andy Stein Pic American saxophonist,violinist, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen
Chris Stein Pic America guitarist, songwriter, (Jewish father) Blondie
Billy Steinberg Pic American songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, Billy Thermal
Lewie Steinberg Pic American bass guitarist, Booker T. & the M.G.'s
Sebastian Steinberg Pic American bass player, Soul Coughing
Adam Stern Pic American musician, bass guitarist,   Youth Brigade
Mark Stern Pic American musician, Youth Brigade
Shawn Stern Pic American musician, Youth Brigade
Rachel Stevens Pic British actress, dancer, singer/sogwriter, model, S Club 7
Scott Storch Pic Canadian hip hop record producer, Reggeation record
Joel Stroetzel Pic American guitarist, ??? Aftershock Killswitch Engage
Joe Strummer Pic Turkish-born British guitarist, lead vocalist, lyricist, (Jewish paternal descent) The Clash
Vi Subversa Pic British singer, guitarist, Poison Girls
Avromie Summers Pic American entrepreneur, guiutarist, songwriter, In Theory
Jessica Sutta RWC Pic American singer/songwriter, model, actress, dancer, (Jewish father) Pussycat Dolls
Alicia Svigals Pic American violinist, composer, The Klezmatics
Sylvain Sylvain Pic Egyptian-born American punk rock guitarist, The New York Dolls
Larry Taylor Pic American bass guitarist, (Jewish mother) Canned Heat
Leon Taylor Pic American drummer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) The Ventures American drummer, 
Mel Taylor Pic American drummer, (Jewish mother) The Ventures
Evan Taubenfeld Pic American guitarist, singer/songwriter, The Black List Club Avril Lavigne
Ari Teitel Pic American guitarist, vocalist, mandolinist, The Jam Society
Daniel Terchin Pic American drummer, Oceano
Ron Thal Pic American lead guitarist, songwriter, record producer, Guns N' Roses
Laurence Tolhurst Pic British drummer, keyboardist, founding member, The Cure
Peter Tork Pic American songwriter, guiarist, actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) The Monkees
Rachel Trachtenburg RWF Pic American singer, actress, drummer, model, (Jewish father) Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Supercute!
John Traynor Pic American singer, Jay & The Americans
Joe Trohman Pic American guitarist, Fall Out Boy The Damned Things
Jen Trynin Pic American singer/songwriter, author, Loveless
Colin Thomas Pic American lead vocalist/songwriter, guitarist, The Allure
Mark Tulin Pic American bassist, The Electric Prunes
Gregg Turner Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Angry Samoans
Steven Tyler Pic American musician, songwriter, Jewish maternal grandparent, ??? Aerosmith wiki
Lars Ulrich Pic Danish drummer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Metallica
David Usher Pic British-born Canadian singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Moist
David Van Day Pic British singer, media personality, Dollar
Kenny Vance Pic American singer, record producer, Jay & The Americans
Nick Valensi RWC Pic American rock band guitarist, (Jewish father) The Strokes
Phil Varone Pic American drummer, Saigon Kick Skid Row
Vanity Pic Canadian songwriter/singer, model, actress dancer, (Jewish mother) Vanity 6
Eddie Vedder Pic American singer/songwriter, lead singer, guitarist, Pearl Jam
Alan Vega Pic American lead vocalist, Suicide
Tom Verlaine Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Television
David Vincent Pic American lead vocalist, bassist, Morbit Angel
Bill Vockeroth Pic American drummer, vocalist, Angry Samoans
Mark Volman Pic American rock musician, (Jewish father) The Mothers of Invention The Turtles
Andrew Volpe Pic American rock musician, Lupo
Brooks Wackerman Pic American drummer, Bad Religion
Chad Wackerman Pic American jazz/rock drummer, Frank Zappa'
David Wagenschutz Pic American punk drummer, Paint It Black
Wendy Waldman Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, Brynde
Gary Walker Pic American drummer, vocalist, The Walker Brothers
John Walker Pic American guitarist, vocalist, The Walker Brothers
Scott Walker Pic American lead singer, songwriter, The Walker Brothers
Justin Warfield Pic American vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, (Jewish mother) She Wants Revenge
Kim Warnick Pic American bassist, lead vocalist, The Fastbacks
Anna Waronker Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, producer, That Dog
Joey Waronker Pic American drummer, record producer, Walt Mink
David Was Pic American musician, Was (not Was)
Don Was Pic American musician, record producer, Was (not Was)
Kevin Wasserman Pic American guitarist, backing vocalist, The Offspring Noodles
Madonna Wayne Gacy Pic American keyboarder, (Jewish father) Marilyn Manson
Gene Ween Pic American vocalist, guitarist, Ween
Max Weinberg HW Pic American drummer, bandleader, Max Weinberg Seven The E Street Band
Ben Weinman Pic American guitarist, principal songwriter, The Dillinger Escape Plan
Todd Weinstock Pic American guitarist, Glassjaw
Bob Weir Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Grateful Dead
Indira Weis RWC Pic German-born actress, singer, (convert to Judaism) Bro'Sis
Andrew Weiss Pic American bass guitarist, producer, Regressive Aid
Elizabeth Weiss Pic American singer, The Shangri-Las
Janet Weiss Pic American drummer, Sleater-Kinney
Jerry Weiss Pic American trumpeter, flughornist, Blood, Sweet & Tears
Mary Weiss Pic American lead singer, The Shangri-Las
Daniel Weksler Pic Brazilian drummer,   Nxzero
Louise Wener Pic British rock singer, author, Sleeper
Leslie West Pic American lead rock guitarist, lead singer/songwriter, Mountain
Paul Westerberg Pic American lead singer, rithm guitarist, songwriter, The Replacements
Stephan Wichnewski Pic American bass player, Yo La Tengo
Alissa White-Gluz Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, The Agonist, The Agonist
Brad Wilk Pic American drummer, actor,   Rage Against the Machine Audioslave
Carnie Wilson Pic American singer, (Jewish mother) Wilson Phillips
Paul Wilson Pic American baritone vocalist, The Flamingos
Wendy Wilson Pic American singer, (Jewish mother) Wilson Phillips
Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford Pic American singer, The Honeys
Kirk Windstein Pic American singer, guitarist, American Sludgecore ExLink
Kip Winger Pic American rock musician,    Winger ExLink
Peter Wolf Pic American rock vocalist, The J. Geils Band
Allison Wolfe Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Bratmobile
Alex Wolff RWC Pic American drummer, actor, (Jewish father)     The Naked Brothers Band
Nat Wolff RWF HW Pic American actor, keyboardist, lead singer/songwriter,  (Jewish father) The Naked Brothers Band
Kenny Wollesen Pic American drummer, preccusionist, Sex Mob
Eric Woolfson Pic British lead singer, songwriter, lyricist, The Alan Parsons Project
Steve Wynn Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Dream Syndicate
Brian Yale Pic American bassist, guitarist, Matchbox Twenty
Zalman Yanovsky HW Pic Canadian singer, guitarist, The Lovin' Spoonful
Pedro Yanowitz Pic American drummer, guitarist, songwriter, visual artist, The Wallflowers
Peter Yarrow HW Pic American singer/songwriter,  Peter, Paul and Mary
Adam Yauch Pic American bassist, rapper, (Jewish mother) Beastie Boys
Adam Young Pic American songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish mother) Owl City wiki
Dan Yemin Pic American guitarist, vocalist, Kid Dynamite Lifetime
Thom Yorke Pic British lead singer, guitarist, ??? Radiohead
Ralf Youtz Pic American rock drummer, Built to Spill
David Yow Pic American rock singer, The Yesus Lizard Scratch Acid
Bobby Z Pic American drummer, record producer, The Revolution
David Z Pic American record producer, songwriter, Lipps Inc
Tomer Z Pic Israeli drummer, Blackfield
Robin Zander Pic American lead singer, guitarist, Cheap Trick
Steve Zimmerman Pic American drummer, ??? Fates Warning
Jay Ziskrout Pic American drummer, Bad Religion
Cynthia Zolotin Pic American singer, The Tokens
Mark Zonder Pic American drummer, Fates Warning
Billy Zoom Pic American guitarist, X
John Zorn RWE HW Pic American jazz saxophonist, composer, Naked City Masada
Dani Zwillenberg Pic American drummer, Blue Fringe
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