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Edmund de Waal RW5 Img British ceramic artist, curator, art historian/critic, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Waal Edmund de
Victor de Waal RW5 Img British anglican priest, Dean of Conterbury, (Jewish mother) Waal Victor de
Joachim Wach Img German religious scholar, sociologist, (Jewish descent) Wach Joachim
Leon Wachholz Polish-born coroner, translator, Wachholz Leon
Marvin Wachman Img American historian, president of Lincoln University 1961-69, Wachman Marvin 
Linda Wachner RW5 Img American president of Max Factor, Warnaco Group, Wachner Linda 
Andrew Wachowski RWF Img American film director/producer, writer, Wachowski Andrew 
Laurence Wachowski RWF Img American film director/producer, writer, Wachowski Laurence 
Joel Wachs Img American president of Andy Warhol Foundation, Wachs Andy
Larry Wachs Img American radio host,    Wachs Larry 
Patrick Wachsberger RWC Img American film producer, executive, Wachsberger Patrick 
Alois Wachsman RWB Img Czech painter, stage designer, architect, Wachsman Alois 
Bedrich Wachsmann Img Czech painter, decorator, architect, Wachsmann Bedrich 
Daniel Wachsmann RWB Img China-born Israeli writer, director, producer, Wachsmann Daniel 
Bernhard Wachstein Img Austrian bibliographer, historian, Wachstein Bernhard
Charlie Wachtel Img American producer,screenwriter, Wachtel Charlie 
Eleanor Wachtel RW5 Img Canadian writer, broadcaster, Wachtel Eleanor
Jeff Wachtel RW5 Img American president of Universal Cable Productions, Universal Cable Productions Wachtel Jeff
Paul Wachtel RW5 Img American psychologist, Wachtel Paul 
Waddy Wachtel RWB Img American record producer, guitarist, Wachtel Waddy 
Herbert Wachtell Img American lawyer, Wachtell Herbert 
Paul Wachter Img American founder of Main Street Advisors, Main Street Advisors Wachter Paul
Eberhard Wachter RW5 Img Austrian opera singer, baritone, opera manager, Wachtler Eberhard
Sol Wachtler RW5 Img American Chief Judge of New York State Court of Appeals 1985-93, Wachtler Sol 
Brooks Wackerman RWB HW Img American drummer, Wackerman Bruce 
Chad Wackerman Img American jazz/rock drummer, Wackerman Chad
Miriam Waddington RW5 Img Canadian poet, writer, translator, Waddington Miriam 
Asher Wade Img American-born Israeli international lecturer, college instructor, psychotherapist, Wade Asher
David Wagenschutz Img American punk drummer, Paint It Black, Wagenschutz David 
Angel Wagenstein RWF HW Img Bulgarian film director, screenwriter, Wagenstein Angel
Michael Wager RW5 Img American film/television actor,    Wager Michael 
Walter Wager Img American crime, espionage-thriller novelist, Wager Wager
Josephine Wagerman RW5 Img president of Board of Deputies of British Jews 1985-93 Wagerman Josephine
Philip Waggenheim American mobster, Waggenheim Philip 
Paul Waggoner Img American plant pathologist, research administrator, ??? Waggoner Paul 
Ignatz Waghalter RWF HW Img Polish-born German composer, conductor, Waghalter Ignatz 
Yahlio Wagman HW Img Israeli pianist, Wagman Yahlio 
Claude Wagner RWC Img Canadian politician, judge, Minister of Justice of Quebec, (Jewish father) Wagner Claude 
Didi Wagner RW5 Img Brazilian television host, model, Wagner Didi
Edward Wagner Wagner Edward 
Heinrich Wagner Austrian politician MP from Bukovina 1878-96 Wagner Heinrich 
Henry Wagner Wagner Henry 
Jaques Wagner RWC Img Brazilian Minister of Labour 2002  2003-04, Lula da Silva Wagner Jaques 
Jozef Wagner Czech politician, Wagner Jozef
Leslie Wagner Img British Chancellor of Derby University 2003-08 Wagner Leslie 
Marvin Wagner American ambassador to Switzeland 1977-79, Wagner Marvin 
Odilon Wagner Img Brazilian film/television actor, author, theater director, Wagner Odilon 
Otto Wagner RWF Img Austrian architect, urban planner, Wagner Otto 
Paula Wagner RWF Img American film producer, United Artists, Wagner Paula 
Philip Wagner Img French-born Brazilian actor,   Wagner Philip 
Allan Wagner Tizon RWC Img Peruvian Minister of Defence, Foreign Minister 1985-88 2002-03 Wagner Tizon Allan 
Rudolf Wagner-Regeny RWF Img Hungarian/Romanian-born German composer, conductor, pianist,   Wagner-Regeny Rudolf 
Eugene Wagoner Img engineering geology, ??? Wagoner Eugene 
Robert Wagoner Img materials engineering, ??? Wagoner Robert 
Rachel Wahba Img Indian-born American therapist, author, Wahba Rachel 
Ira Wahl American documentary filmmaker, Wahl Ira 
Isaac Wahl Img Ukrainian-born Israeli agronomist, plant pathology, Wahl Isaac
Isaak Wahl Russian-born Israeli scientist, Wahl Isaak 
Jean Wahl RWF Img French philosopher, Wahl Jean
Saul Wahl Img according to tradition , temporary King in Poland Wahl Saul 
Yitzhak Wahl Russian-born Israeli plant pathologist, Wahl Yitzhak 
Mark Wahlberg RWF Img American actor, comedian, television personality, Wahlberg Mark 
Otto Wahle RW5 HW Img Austrian swimmer, Wahle Otto 
Richard Wahle Img Austrian philosopher, Wahle Richard 
Johannes Wahlstrom Img Israeli-born Swedish journalist, filmmaker, Wahlstrom Johannes
Israel Wahrmann Hungarian rabbi, Wahrmann Israel 
Moritz Wahrmann Img Hungarian industrialist, politician, MP 1869- , Wahrmann Moritz 
David Wain RWF Img American screenwriter, actor, comedian, director, producer, Wain David 
Mark Wainberg RWF Img Canadian AIDS researcher, Wainberg Mark 
Arcady Wainer RWN Img Soviet/Russian novelist, screenwriter, playwright, Wainer Arcady
Georgy Wainer RWF Img Soviet/Russian novelist, editor, journalist, Wainer Georgy
Samuel Wainer RWF Img Moldovan-born Brazilian journalist, Wainer Samuel 
Kenneth Wainstein Img American lawyer, Assistant Attorney General 2006- Wainstein Kenneth 
Leo Wainstein RW5 Img Ukrainian-born Fihish jurist, businessman, Wainstein Leo
Benjamin Waisbren RW5 Img American film producer, ??? Waisbren Benjamin 
Alex Waislitz RW5 Img Australian businessman, film producer, Waislitz Alex
David Waisman RWC Img Peruvian Vice President, Minister of Defence 2001-02, Waisman David 
Friedrich Waismann RW5 HW Img Austrian philosopher, mathematician, physicist, linguist, Waismann Friedrich 
Andres Waissbluth Img Chilean film director, producer, screenwriter, Waissbluth Andres
Taika Waititi RW5 Img New Zealand-born film director, screenwriter, painter, actor, (Jewish mother) Waititi Taika 
Fred Waitzkin Img American novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, Waitzkin Fred 
Joshua Waitzkin Img American chess player, marital arts competitor, author, Waitzkin Joshua
Uriel Waizel Img Mexican radio personality, music critic,   Waizel Uriel 
Jadwiga Wajs RWC HW Img Polish athlete, discus throw Wajs Jadwiga 
Wolf Wajsbrot Img Polish-born French resistance fighter,   Wajsbrot Wolf 
Beryl Wajsman Img Canadian activist, political strategist, newspaper editor, The Suburban, Wajsman Beryl 
Herman Wajsman Polish Yiddish film/stage actor, Wajsman Herman 
Samuel Waksal RW5 Img American founder 1984 of InClone Systems, Waksal Samuel 
Gabriel Waksman Img British biochemist, Waksman Gabriel 
Ron Waksman RW5 Img Israeli-born American cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, Waksman Ron 
Selman Waksman RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1952), streptomycin, Waksman Selman 
Anton Walbrook RWF Img Austrian-born British actor, (Jewish mother) Walbrook Anton 
Hynden Walch RWF Img American film/television/video game voice actress, Walch Hynden 
Witold Walczak Img Swedish-born American legal director of Civil Liberties Union, Walczak Witold
Abraham Wald RWF Img Hungarian/Romanian-born Austrian American mathematician, statistician, Wald Abraham 
Elijah Wald Img American music historian, guitarist, record producer, Wald Elijah
Eliot Wald Img American screenwriter, Wald Eliot 
Florence Wald Img American hurse, administrator, Wald Florence
George Wald RWF HW Img American neuroscientist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1967) in medicine, Wald George 
Henri Wald RW5 Img Romanian philosopher, logician, essayist, Wald Henri
Jerry Wald RWC Img American producer, screenwriter, Wald Jerry 
Lillian Wald Img American pioneer of public health nursing, Wald Lillian 
Malvin Wald Img American screenwriter, Wald Malvin 
Michael Wald Img American legal scholar, ??? Wald Michael 
Sir Nicholas Wald Img British epidemiologist, educator, Wald Nicholas 
Robert Wald RWC Img American physicist, Wald Robert
Warren Wald Img British singer, Wald Warren 
Bernice/Ira Waldbaum American owner, Waldbaum, Inc, Waldbaum Bernice/Julia
Baron Max von Waldberg Img German literary scholar/historian, Waldberg Max von
George Waldbott RWB Img German American physician; allergy/fluoride research pioneer, Waldbott George 
Countess Rosie Waldeck RW5 Img German author,    Waldeck Rosie
Aaron Walden Polish-born talmudist, editor, Walden Aaron
Dana Walden RWC Img American co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, Walden Dana 
Herwarth Walden RWF Img German artist, art dealer, art critic, novelist, Walden Herwarth 
Raphael Walden Israeli ambassador to Eritrea 1997-99, Walden Raphael
Robert Walden HW Img American film/television actor,    Walden Robert 
Tsvia Walden Img Israeli psycholinguist, writer, Walden Tsvia
Eliezer Waldenberg RW5 HW Img Israeli scholar, rabbinic literature, Waldenberg Eliezer 
Michal Waldiger RWC Img Israeli politician, Waldiger Michal
Ayelet Waldman Img Israeli-born American fiction writer, Waldman Ayelet 
Eliezer Waldman HW Img Israeli politician, rabbi, Waldman Eliezer 
Louis Waldman RW5 Img American labour leader, activist,   Waldman Louis 
Louis Waldman Img American cantor, Waldman Louis 
Marian Waldman Img Canadian stage/film/television actress, screenwriter, Waldman Marian 
Mauricio Waldman RW5 Img Brazilian researcher, africanist, social activist, enviromentalist, Waldman Mauricio
Michael Waldman British mayor of Hackney, Waldman Michael
Michael Waldman Img American legal scholar, speechwriter, Waldman Michael
Muriel Waldman Img Egyptian-born Brazilian pianist, conductor, Waldman Muriel
Myron Waldman Img American animator, Waldman Myron 
Ronald Waldman RW5 Img British television producer, television executive, Waldman Ronald 
Ronnie Waldman Img British television execitive, Waldman Ronnie
Suzyn Waldman RW5 HW Img American sports broadcaster, stage actress, sport announcer, Waldman Suzyn 
Wendy Waldman Img American singer/songwriter, producer, Brynde, Waldman Wendy 
Yaneth Waldman Img Colombian singer, television actress, presenter, Waldman Yaneth
Yuval Waldman RWF Img Polish/Ukrainian-born violinist, conductor, Waldman Yuval 
Herman Waldmann RWB Img British immunologist, biologist, Waldmann Herman 
Thomas Waldmann RWF Img American immunologist, ??? Waldmann Thomas 
Jerome Waldor RWC Img American military commander, major general, air force, Waldor Jerome 
Victor Wald-Perlov RWC Img Ukrainian-born radio physicist, Wald-Perlov Victor 
Gy Waldron RW5 Img American television writer/producer, director, Waldron Gy
Sir Charles Waldstein RWC Img American-born British archaeologist,    Waldstein Charles 
Felix Waldstein Img German politician, MP 1908-18 1919-20 1921, Waldstein Felix 
Waldstein von Heilwehr Waldstein von Heilwehr
Emile Waldteufel RWF HW Img French composer, conductor, pianist, Waldteufel Emile 
Rochelle Walensky RWC Img American physician, director of the Centers for Desease Control and Prevention, Walensky Rochelle
Rochelle Walensky Img American physician, medical researcher, Walensky Rochelle
David Walentas RW5 Img American real estate developer, Two Trees Management, Walentas David 
Gregorio Walerstein RW5 Img Mexican film producer, screenwriter, Walerstein Gregorio
Arthur Waley RWF Img British orientalist, sinologist, poet, translator,   Waley Arthur 
Daniel Waley British history scholar, Waley Daniel 
Jacob Waley RW5 Img British legal writer, Waley Jacob
Simon Waley RW5 Img British pianist, composer,    Waley Simon 
Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen RW5 Img Chairman of University College, London 1971-80 Waley-Cohen Bernard 
Freya Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British composer Waley-Cohen Freya
Jack Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British entrepeneur, Waley-Cohen Jack
Joanna Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British historian, Waley-Cohen Joanna
Sir Robert Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British Vice Chairman of University College, London Waley-Cohen Robert 
Sam Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British businessman, jockey, Waley-Cohen Sam
Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen RW5 Img British theater owner/manager, producer, financial journalist, Waley-Cohen Stephen 
Diana Walford Img British Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford, 2002-11, Walford Diana
Adam Walinsky Img American attorney, advisor, speechwriter Robert Kennedy  Walinsky Adam 
Neal Walk RW5 Img American basketball player, Walk Neal 
Betty Walker RW5 Img American comedian, actress, Walker Betty 
Bob Walker American Program Bureu Walker Bob 
Gary Walker RWF Img American drummer, vocalist, Walker Gary 
June Walker Img American president of Hadassah Women Organisation 2003- , Walker June 
Rebecca Walker RW5 HW Img American feminist, author, (Jewish father) Walker Rebecca 
Scott Walker RWF Img American lead singer, songwriter, Walker Scott 
Jordan Walker-Pearlman RWB Img American film director, producer, screenwriter,    Walker-Pearlman Jordan 
Abraham Walkowitz RWF Img Russian-born American painter, Walkowitz Abraham 
Jeff Wall RWF Img Canadian photographer,   Wall Jeff 
Alexandra Wallace American senior VP of NBC News, Wallace Alexandra 
Amy Wallace Img American writer, Wallace Amy
Beryl Wallace RW5 Img American singer, dancer, film/stage actress, Wallace Beryl 
Chris Wallace RW5 Img American journalist, television anchor, Wallace Chris 
Irving Wallace Img American novelist, screenwriter, Wallace Irving 
Mike Wallace RW5 HW Img American journalist, radio/television presenter, Wallace Mike 
Stewart Wallace RW5 Img American composer, cantor, Wallace Stewart 
John Wallace, Jr Img American New Jercey Supreme Court Justice 2003- Wallace, Jr John 
Alfred Wallach Img French politician, MP , Wallach Alfred 
Ari Wallach Img Mexican-born American futurologist, founder/CEO of Synthesis Corp., Wallach Ari 
David Wallach Img Israeli biochemist, Wallach David 
Edward Wallach American gynecologist, Wallach Edward 
Eli Wallach RWF HW Img American actor,  Wallach Eli 
Hans Wallach RW5 Img American psychologist, Wallach Hans 
Ira Wallach RW5 Img American head of Central National Gottesman, Wallach Ira 
Jehuda Wallach Img German-born Israeli military historian, Wallach Jehuda
John Wallach RWB Img American journalist, author, editor, Seeds of Peace, Wallach John 
Kenneth Wallach Img American chairman/CEO Central National-Gottesman, Wallach Kenneth 
Moshe Wallach RW5 Img German-born Israeli physician, founder of Shharei Zedek Hospital, Wallach Moshe
Otto Wallach RWF HW Img German organical chemist, Nobel Prize (1910), (Jewish father) Wallach Otto 
Steven Wallach Img computer science, engineering, ??? Wallach Steven 
Yona Wallach RWF HW Img Israeli poet, Wallach Yona 
Joan Wallach Scott Img American historian, Wallach Scott Joan
Jacques Wallage RWC Img Dutch politician, MP 1981-89, Wallage Jacques 
Edward Wallant RW5 Img American author, Wallant Edward 
Otto Wallburg RWF Img German actor, cabaret performer, Wallburg Otto 
David Wallechinsky Img American sportswriter, television commentator, Wallechinsky David 
Adolf Wallenberg Img German internist, neurologist, Wallenberg Adolf
Raoul Wallenberg Img Swedish architect, diplomat, humanitarian, (Jewish great great grandfather) Wallenberg Raoul 
Alfred Wallenstein RWF HW Img American cellist, conductor, Wallenstein Alfred 
Esther Wallenstein German-born American founding president of Hebrew Infant Assylium, Wallenstein Esther
Herbert Wallenstein Img American Assistant New York General Attorney 1959-79, Wallenstein Herbert 
Ariel Waller Img Canadian child actress, Waller Ariel 
Immanuel Wallerstein RWF HW Img American sociologist, Wallerstein Immanuel 
Michael Wallerstein Img American political scientist, Wallerstein Michael 
Robert Wallerstein Img American psychoanalyst, Wallerstein Robert 
Benjamin Wallfisch RWC Img British film score composer, conductor, Wallfisch Benjamin
Raphael Wallfisch RW5 Img British cellist, Wallfisch Raphael 
Simon Wallfisch Img British-born German classical singer, cellist, Wallfisch Simon
Marc Wallice RWF Img American pornographic actor, Wallice Marc 
George Wallich RWF Img British medical doctor, marine biologist, Wallich George 
Henry Wallich Img German-born American Fed Governor, (Jewish father) Wallich Henry 
Hermann Wallich Img German co-founder 1870 of Deutsche Bank, Wallich Hermann 
Nathaniel Wallich RWF Img Danish-born Indian botanist, surgeon, Wallich Nathaniel 
Paul Wallich German banker, Wallich Paul 
Hal Wallis RWC Img American film producer, Wallis Hal 
Otte Wallish RWF Img Czech-born Israeli graphic designer, Wallish Otte
Margarete Wallmann Img German-born Austrian balerina, choreographer, stage designer, opera director,   Wallmann Margarete 
Sir Mark Walport RWF Img British immunologist, rheumatologist, administrator, Walport Mark 
Harry Walsh RW5 Canadian lawyer, Walsh Harry 
Sam Walsh Canadian politician, leader in the Communist Party of Canada, Walsh Sam
Baron Henry Walston Img British farmer, agricultural researcher, politician, Walston Henry
Bruno Walter RWF HW Img German-born conductor, composer, Walter Bruno 
Elisse Walter Img American chairman of US Security and Exchange Commission, Walter Elisse
Henriette Walter Img French linguist, Walter Henriette 
Jessica Walter RWF HW Img American film/television actress, Walter Jessica 
Mark Walter RW5 Img American CEO of Guggenheim Partners, Guggenheim Partners Walter Mark 
Barbara Walters RWF HW Img American media personaliry, news anchor, Walters Barbara 
Miguel Walters Img Chilean Minister of Planning, Pinosche, Walters Miguel 
Michael Walther Img Director, National Drug Intelligence Center, Walther Michael 
Roger Walther Img American CEO/Chairman of Tusker Corporation, Walther Roger 
Kenneth Waltz RW5 Img American President of American Political Science Association, 1987-88, ??? Waltz Kenneth 
Richard Waltz German-born British classical scholar, philosopher, orientalst, Waltz Richard 
David Walzer HW Img Israeli ambassador to Denmark 2004-08, European Union 2012-16, Walzer David 
Michael Walzer RW5 HW Img American political philosopher,  Walzer Michael 
Richard Walzer RW5 Ing German-born British philosopher, orientalist, Walzer Richard 
Judith Walzer Leavitt RW5 Img American medical historian, Walzer Leavitt Judith 
Marc Wanamaker RW5 Img American historical author, Wanamaker Marc
Sam Wanamaker RW5 Img American British actor, theater director,   Wanamaker Sam 
Zoe Wanamaker RWF HW Img American-born British actress, Wanamaker Zoe 
Brian Wandell Img American perception psychologist, neuroscientist, Wandell Brian 
Fred Wander Img Austrian author, Wander Fred
Michelene Wandor RW5 Img British playwright, critic, broadcaster, poet, musician,   Wandor Michelene 
Zazilie Wang HW Img Austrian-born dancer, cabaretist, mime, Wang Zazilie 
Irving Wanger Img American representative, 1893-1911, Wanger Irving 
Walter Wanger RW5 Img American film director, producer, Wanger Walter 
Lewis Wannamaker RW5 Img American biochemist, Wannamaker Lewis 
Jude Wanniski HW Img American journalist, Wanniski Jude 
Joseph Wapner Img American judge, actor, television personality, Wapner Joseph 
Adam Wapniak Img American architect, inventor,    Wapniak Adam 
Steve Wapnick RW5 Img American baseball player, Wapnick Steve
Aby Warburg RWF HW Img German-born art historian, Warburg Aby
Carl Warburg RW5 Img German physician, pharmacologist, inventor, Warburg Carl 
Edward Warburg Img American pilanthropists. patron of arts, Warburg Edward 
Emil Warburg RWF Img German physicist, Warburg Emil 
Eric Warburg RW5 Img German-born American businessman, Warburg Pincus, Warburg Eric
Felix Warburg RW5 HW Img German-born American partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., Warburg Felix 
Fredric Warburg RW5 Img British writer, publisher, Heinemann, Warburg Fredric 
James Warburg RW5 Img German-born American financial advicer to Franklin Roosevelt 1932-34, Warburg James 
Mary Warburg American philanthropist, Warburg Mary
Mary Warburg American philanthropist, Warburg Mary 
Max Warburg RWF HW Img German co-founder 1798/owner of M.M. Warburg & Co., Warburg Max 
Moritz Warburg RWC German politician, Warburg Moritz 
Otto Warburg RWF HW Img President of World Zionist Organization 1911-21, botanist, Warburg Otto
Otto Heinrich Warburg RWF HW Img German physiologist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1931) in medicine, (Jewish father) Warburg Otto 
Otto Heinrich Warburg RWF HW Img German botanist, President of World Zionist Organization 1911-21, Warburg Otto 
Paul Warburg RWF HW Img German-born American founder of Federal Reserve Banking System Warburg Paul 
Siegmund Warburg RW5 HW Img German-born American co-founder 1946 of S.G. Warburg & Co, Warburg Siegmund 
Sir Sigmund Warburg Img German-born American co-founder 1946 of S.G. Warburg & Co, Warburg Sigmund 
Gerson Warburg German co-founder 1798/owner of M.M. Warburg & Co., Warburg  Gerson 
Gregori Warchavchik RWF Img Ukrainian-born Brazilian architect, Warchavchik Gregori
David Ward American Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Medison  1993-2001, Ward David 
Helen Ward Img British divorce solicitor, Ward Helen 
Robert Ward RW5 Img American district judge, district New York, Ward Robert
Jack Warden RWF Img American actor, (Jewish father) Warden Jack 
Rafael Wardi Img Finnish artist, Wardi Rafael
Hannah Ware RWF Img British model, actress, (Jewish mother) Ware Hannah 
Harold Ware Img Soviet spy against USA, Ware Harold 
Jessie Ware RWC Img British singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) Ware Jessie
John Ware HW Img British television journalist, Ware John 
Florence Waren Img South African dancer, Waren Florence 
Justin Warfield RW5 Img American vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, (Jewish mother) Warfield Justin 
Rose Warfman Img Swiss-born French resistance member,   Warfman Rose 
Emmanuelle Wargon RWC Img French politician, Minister, Wargon Emmanuelle 
Zerach Warhaftig RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli religious politician, lawyer, Warhaftig Zerach 
Arturo Warman RWC Img Mexican anthropologist, Secretary of the Agrarian Reform 1995-99, Secretary of Agricalture 1994-95 Warman Arturo 
Morris Warman Img Polish-born American photographer, Warman Morris 
Albert Warner RWC HW Img Polish-born American co-founder 1918 of Warner Bros., Warner Albert 
Aron Warner RW5 Img American film producer, actor, ??? Warner Aron 
David Warner RWC Img British actor, (Jewish father) Warner David 
Harry Warner RWC HW Img Polish-born American co-founder 1918 of Warner Bros., Warner Harry 
Jack Warner RWF HW Img Canadian-born American co-founder 1918 of Warner Bros., Warner Jack 
Julie Warner RWF Img American film/television actress, producer/director, Warner Julie 
Sam Warner RWC HW Img Polish-born American co-founder 1918 of Warner Bros., Warner Sam 
Kim Warnick RWB Img American bassist, lead vocalist, Warnick Kim 
Angela Warnick Buchdahl Img American rabbi, Warnick Buchdahl Angela 
Mark Warnow RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American violinist, conductor,  Warnow Mark 
Anna Waronker Img American singer/songwriter, composer, producer, That Dog, Waronker Anna
Joey Waronker RW5 Img American drummer, record producer, Walt Mink, Waronker Joey
Lenny Waronker RW5 Img American record producer, Waronker Lenny
Simon Waronker RW5 Img American violinist, co-founder 1955 of Liberty Records, Waronker Simon 
Diane Warren RWF HW Img American songwriter, Warren Diane 
Emily Warren RWF HW Img American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Warren Emily 
Fran Warren RW5 Img American singer, Warren Fran 
Gary Warren Img British child actor, Warren Gary 
Jennifer Warren RW5 Img American actress, film director, (Jewish father) Warren Jennifer 
Josiah Warren Img American anarchist, inventor, musician, Warren Josiah 
Leonard Warren RWF HW Img American opera singer, Warren Leonard 
Lesley Warren RWF HW Img American film/television/stage actress, singer, Warren Lesley 
Rusty Warren Img American comedian, musician, Warren Rusty
Henryk Wars RWF Img Polish American pop music/film score composer, conductor, Wars Henryk 
Carmen Warschaw Img American philanthropist, politician, Warschaw Carmen 
Michel Warschawski Img Israeli anti-zionist activist, Warschawski Michel
Kevin Warsh RWB Img American economist, Federal Reserve System Governor 2006-11 Warsh Kevin 
Stephen Warshall RWF Img American computer scientist,  Warshall Stephen 
Michel Warshawski Img French-born Israeli anti-zionist, communist, Warshavski Michel
Mark Warshawsky RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Yidddish poet, composer, Warshavsky Mark
Seth Warshavsky Img American pornographer, Internet Entertainment Group, Warshavsky Seth 
Mark Warshavwky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Yiddish speaking poet, composer, Warshavwky Mark 
Jack Warshaw RW5 Img American folk singer/songwriter, musician, Warshaw Jack 
Max Warshaw American military, staff sergeant, Warshaw Max 
Arieh Warshel RWF HW Img Israeli-born American biochemist, biophysicist, Nobel Prize (2013) in chemistry, Warshel Arieh 
David Warshofsky RW5 Img American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Warshofsky David 
Robert Warshow Img American author, literary/film critic, Warshow Robert 
Adolf Warski RW5 Img Polish communist theoretician, Warski Adolf
Nat Wartels American chairman of Crown Publishers, Wartels Nat 
Giulia Warwick RW5 Img British opera singer, operetic soprano, actress, Warwick Giulia
David Was Img American musician, Was (not Was) Was David 
Don Was Img American musician, record producer, Was (not Was),  Was Don 
Dahlia Wasfi Img American physician, peace activist, (Jewish mother) Wasfi Dahlia
Robin Washington RW5 Img American journalist, filmmaker, (Jewish mother) Washington Robin 
Arthur Waskow Img American author, political activist, Waskow Arthur 
Omar Wasow Img Kenyan-born American internet analyst, co-founder BlackPlanet.com, (Jewish father) Wasow Omar 
Wolfgang Wasow RW5 Img Swiss-born American mathematician, Wasow Wolfgang
Joseph Wasowski Img Polish journalist, politician, Wasowski Joseph 
Gerald Wasserburg RW5 Img American geochemist, Wasserburg Gerald 
Albert Wasserman American documentary producer, Wasserman Albert 
Alexander Wasserman RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, teplophysicist,  Wasserman Alexander
Anatoly Wasserman RW5 Img Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, blogger, television personality, Wasserman Anatoly 
Casey Wasserman RWC Img American owner/chairman of Wasserman Media Group, Wasserman Casey 
Dale Wasserman RWF Img American screenwriter, playwright, Wasserman Dale 
Dora Wasserman RW5 Img Ukrainian-born Canadian actress, playwright, theater director, Wasserman Dora 
Baron Gordon Wasserman Img Canadian-born British conservative government advicer, Wasserman Gordon 
Harry Wasserman RWC Img American chemist, Wasserman Harry 
Jeffrey Wasserman Img American adstract painter, Wasserman Jeffrey 
Joseph Wasserman American mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee 1899-2001, Wasserman Joseph 
Larry Wasserman Img Canadian American statistician, ??? Wasserman Larry 
Lew Wasserman RWC Img American media executive, Music Corporation of America, Wasserman Lew 
Moises Wasserman Img Colombian chemist, administrator, Wasserman Moises 
Robert Wasserman RW5 Img American animal, neutritional scientist, ??? Wasserman Robert 
Saul Wasserman RWC Belarusian-born People's Commissar of  in BSSR 1936-37, Wasserman Saul
Stanley Wasserman Img American statistician, Wasserman Stanley 
Debbie Wasserman Schultz RWF HW Img American representative, 2004- , Wasserman Schultz Debbie 
August von Wassermann RWF Img German bacteriologist, blood-serum test for syphilis Wassermann August von
Friedrich Wassermann German-born American anatomist, histologist, Wassermann Friedrich 
Jakob Wassermann RW5 HW Img German writer, novelist, Wassermann Jakob 
Jakob Wassermann HW Img German-born Austrian author, Wassermann Jakob 
Bernard Wasserstein RW5 Img British historian of the Middle East and Europe, Wasserstein Bernard
Bruce Wasserstein Img Americasn chairman/CEO of Lazard LLC Partners, Wasserstein Perela & Co., Wasserstein Bruce 
Wendy Wasserstein RW5 Img American playwright, screenwriter, Wasserstein Wendy 
Bruno Wassertheil Img American columnist, Wassertheil Bruno 
Hermann Wassertrilling Czech-born Austrian hebraist, Wassertrilling Hermann
Michal Waszynski RW5 HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born  film director/producer, Waszynski Michal 
Aleksander Wat Img Polish poet, art critic, translator, Wat Aleksander 
Judah Waten Img Ukrainian-born Australian novelist, Waten Judah
Dame Fanny Waterman Img British piano teacher, music educator, Waterman Fanny
Michaela Watkins RWF Img American film/television actress, comedian, Watkins Michaela
Paulina Watowa Img Polish translator, writer, publisher, Watowa Paulina
George Watsky RW5 Img American writer, poet, rapper, (Jewish father) Watsky George
Ben Wattenberg RW5 Img American columnist, speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson Wattenberg Ben 
Ben Wattenberg American talk show host,  Wattenberg Ben 
Daniel Wattenberg RW5 Img American journalist, singer/songwriter, Wattenberg Daniel 
Frida Wattenberg French resistance member, Wattenberg Frida
Haim Watzman Img American-born Israeli writer, journalist, translator, Watzman Haim 
Hyppolite Wawelberg RWC Img Polish founder of 1840 Wawelberg Bank, Wawelberg Hyppolite
Michael Wawelberg RWC Polish Russian banker, Wawelberg Michael 
Amy Wax Img American legal scholar, Wax Amy
Ruby Wax RW5 Img American comedian, actress, Wax Ruby 
Al Waxman RW5 Img Canadian film/television actor, television director, Waxman Al 
Anat Waxman Img Israeli actress, Waxman Anat 
Deborah Waxman Img American reconstructionist rabbi, Waxman Deborah 
Franz Waxman RWF HW Img German-born American composer, film score, Waxman Franz 
Haim Waxman Img Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations 2010-13, Waxman Haim
Henry Waxman RW5 HW Img American representative 2003- , Waxman Henry 
Iggy Waxman RWC HW Img Israeli singer, Waxman Iggy 
Iggy Waxman HW Img Canadian-born Israeli singer/songwriter, Waxman Iggy 
Matthew Waxman Img American law scholar, ??? Waxman Matthew
Sandra Waxman Img American cognitive/developmental psychologist, ??? Waxman Sandra 
Seth Waxman RWB Img American Solicitor General  1997-2001 Waxman Seth 
Sharon Waxman RW5 Img American journalist, writer, blogger, Waxman Sharon 
Stephen Waxman Img American neurologist, neuroscientist, ??? Waxman Stephen
Jack Wayman Img American businessman, Wayman Jack
Johnny Wayne RW5 Img Canadian comedian, comedy writer, stage/radio/television actor, Wayne Johnny 
Justin Wayne RW5 Img American baseball player, Wayne Justin 
Matt Wayne Img American illusionist, producer, television personality, (Jewish mother) Wayne Matt
Sid Wayne RW5 Img American songwriter, lyrisist, composer, Wayne Sid 
Madonna Wayne Gacy RW5 Img American keyboarder, (Jewish father), Marilyn Manson, Wayne Gacy Madonna
Adam Wazyk Img Polish poet, writer,  Wazyk Adam 
Dawid Wdowinski RWF Img Polish psychiatrist, political leader of Jewish Military Leage,   Wdowinski David 
Jack Webb RWF Img American actor, producer, director, television writer, (Jewish father) Webb Jack 
Max Webb American co-founder 1955 of Shapell Industries  , Pico Holdings, Webb Max 
Andrew Weber Img American Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs Weber Andrew 
Bruce Weber Img Americaqn fashion photographer, filmmaker, Weber Bruce
David Weber RW5 Img Polish/Lithuanian-born American clarinetist, Weber David 
Eugen Weber RWF Img Romanian-born British American historian, Modern European History, Weber Eugen 
Eugene Weber ??? Weber Eugene 
Frederick Weber Img computer science/engineering, ??? Weber Frederick 
Henri Weber Img Tajik-born French politician, senator, Weber Henri
Ilse Weber RW5 Img Czech poet, songwriter:lyricist, Weber Ilse
Joe Weber RW5 Img American comedian, vaudeviullian, Weber Joe 
Joseph Weber RWF Img American physicist, gravitational waves microwave amplifier, Weber Joseph 
Katharine Weber Img American novelist, nonfiction writer, Weber Katharine
Louise Weber Img French can-can dancer, Weber Louise 
Marek Weber RWF Img Polish/Ukrainian-born German violinist, bandleader, Weber Marek
Max Weber RWF Img Polish-born American painter, Weber Max 
Michael Weber Img American screenwriter, producer, Weber Michael 
Shlomo Weber RW5 Img Russian-born Israel American economist, Weber Shlomo
Steven Weber RW5 Img American film/television actor, Weber Steven 
Susan Weber Soros RW5 Img American administrator, historian, Weber Soros Susan 
Garrett Weber-Gale RW5 HW Img American swimmer, Weber-Gale Garrett 
A.J. Weberman Img American author, Weberman A.J. 
Brenda Webster Img American writer, critic, translator, Webster Brenda
Paul Francis Webster RWF Img American songwriter:lyricist,  Webster Paul Francis
Lewis Webster Jones Img American president of Rutgers University 1951-58, Webster Jones Lewis 
Joseph Wechsberg Img Czech-born American writer, journalist, food writer, Wechsberg Joseph
Erhard Wechselmann German opera singer, baritone, Wechselmann Erhard 
Ignaz Wechselmann RWC Img Hungarian architect, philantropist, Wechselmann Ignaz 
David Wechsler American screenwriter, Wechsler David 
David Wechsler RWF HW Img Romanian-born American psychologist, intelligence scale, Wechsler David 
Herbert Wechsler Img American legal scholar, Wechsler Herbert 
Joseph Wechsler American co-founder 1865 of Abraham & Straus, Wechsler Joseph 
Cyril Wecht Img American forensic pathologist, Wecht Cyril
Ruth Wedgwood Img American International law scholar,  (Jewish father) Wedgwood Ruth 
Weegee RW5 HW Img Austrian-Polish-born American photographer, photojournalist, Weegee
Gene Ween RW5 Img American vocalist, guitarist, Ween Gene 
Julia Weertman RW5 Img American materials engineering scientist, ??? Weertman Julia 
Aleksander Wegierko Img Polish actor, theater director, Wegierko Aleksander
James Wegierko Polish internist, diabetes specialist, Wegierko James 
Danny Wegman American CEO of Wegmans Food Markets, Wegman Danny 
Dorothy Wegman Img American dancing star, ??? Wegman Dorothy
Edwin Wegman American founder/CEO of Biospecifics Technologies, Wegman Edwin 
John/Walter Wegman American co-founder 1916 Wegmans Food Markets, Wegman John/Walter 
Mark Wegman RW5 Img American computer scientist,  Wegman Mark 
Robert Wegman American chairman of Wegmans Food Markets, Wegman Robert E
Thomas Wegman American CEO 1994 Biospecifics Technologies, Wegman Thomas 
Fritz Wegner HW Img Austrian-born British illustrator, Wegner Fritz 
Joseph Wertheimer Austrian-born Weheimer Joseph
Susan Wehle Img American cantor, Wehle Susan
Peggy Wehmeyer Img American journalist, Wehmeyer Peggy
Ronald Weich Img American Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs 2009- Obama, Weich Ronald 
Herbert Weichmann Img German president of Bundesrat 1968-69, Weichmann Herbert 
Anton Weichselbaum RWF Img Austrian pathologist, bacteriologist, Weichselbaum Anton 
Ralph Weichselbaum American physician, ??? Weichselbaum Ralph
Robert Weide RWF HW Img American screenwriter, producer, director, documentary filmmaker, Weide Robert 
Murray Weidenbaum RWF Img American economist, chairman of Council of Economic Advisers 1983-89 Weidenbaum Murray 
Baron George Weidenfeld RW5 Img Austrian-born British publisher, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, Weidenfeld George
Franz Weidenreich RW5 Img German-born American anthropologist, anatomist, Weidenreich Franz 
Ben Weider RW5 HW Img Canadian-born co-founder of International Ferderation of BodyBuilders, Weider Ben 
Joe Weider RW5 HW Img Canadian-born co-founder of International Ferderation of BodyBuilders, Weider Joe 
John Weider RW5 Img British rock musician, Weider John
Paul Weidlinger Img Hungarian-born American structural engineer, founder of Weidlinger Associates, Inc Weidlinger Paul 
Jerome Weidman RW5 Img American playwright, novelist, librettist, Weidman Jerome 
John Weidman RW5 Img American playwright, librettist, Weidman John 
Hans Weigel Img Austrian author, theater critic, Weigel Hans
Helene Weigel RWF HW Img Austrian stage actress, Weigel Helene 
Carl Weigert RWF Img German pathologist, Weigert Carl 
Robin Weigert RWF Img American film/television actress, (not Jewish paternal grandmother) Weigert Robin 
Katarzyna Weiglowa Img Polish martyr, (convert to Judaism) Weiglowa Katarzyna
Daniel Weihs RWC Img Israeli aerospace engineering, Weihs Daniel 
Daniel Weihs RWC HW Img Chainian-born Israeli engineering scholar, Weihs Daniel 
Adolf Weil Img German physician, pathologist, Weil Adolf 
Albert Weil Img French sailor, Weil Albert 
Andre Weil RWF HW Img French American mathematician, group theory, algebraic geometry, Weil Andre 
Andrew Weil RWF Img American author, physician, Weil Andrew 
Cynthia Weil RWF Img American songwriter, Weil Cynthia 
Edward Weil American mayor of Alexandria, Louisiana 1875-76, Weil Edward 
Eric Weil Img French philosopher, ??? Weil Eric 
Frederick Weil Italian co-founder 1894/director of Italian Commercial Bank, Weil Frederick 
Gus Weill Img American author, public relations specialist, Weil Gus 
Gustav Weil Img German orientalist, philologist,   Weil Gustav 
Henri Weil RWF Img German-born French philologist, Weil Henri 
Hermann Weil Img German businessman, grain trader, Weil Hermann 
Jiri Weil RW5 Img Czech writer, translator, journalist, curator, Weil Jiri
Leon Weil Img American ambassador to Nepal 1984-87, Weil Leon 
Liza Weil RWF HW Img American film/television actress, Weil Liza 
Mark Weil Img Uzbek theater director, Weil Mark
Robert Weil HW Img Swedish chairman/founder 1980 of Proventus, Weil Robert 
Shalva Weil HW Img British-born Israeli sociologist, Weil Shalva
Shraga Weil RWB Img Slovak-born Israeli painter, Weil Shraga
Simone Weil RWF HW Img French philosopher, social activist, Weil Simone 
Simone-Annie Weil RWC Img French Minister of Health, Social Walfare  president Of European Parlament 1979-82, Weil Simone-Annie 
Susan Weil RW5 Img American artist, Weil Susan
Alexander Weil von Weilen Austrian theater/literary historian, Weilen Alexander von
Josef Weil von Weilen Img Austrian literary historian, Weilen Josef von
Karl von Weilen Weilen Karl von
Jack Weiler American real estate developer, New York, Weiler Jack 
Joseph Weiler Img South African-born American legal scholar, Weiler Joseph 
Paul Weiler  Img American legal scholar,  ??? Weiler  Paul 
Alisa Weilerstein HW Img American cellist, Weilerstein Alisa 
Al Weill Img American/French boxing manager, Weill Al 
Berthe Weill Img French art dealer, Weill Berthe
Claudia Weill RW5 Img American film director, Weill Claudia 
Erna Weill RW5 Img German-born American sculptor, Weill Erna
Kurt Weill RWF HW Img German-born American composer, songwriter:composer, Weill Kurt 
Raymond Weill HW Img French-born Israeli archaeologist, Weill Raymond 
Sanford Weill RW5 Img American CEO/chairman of Citygroup, Weill Sanford 
Lazare Weiller RWF Img French industrialist, inventor, politician,    Weiller Lazare 
Paul-Annik Weiller Img French businessman,  (Jewish father) Weiller Paul-Annik
Paul-Louis Weiller Img French industrialist, philanthropist, Weiller Paul-Louis
Berel Wein HW Img American Israeli scholar, writer, historian, Wein Berel
Daryl Wein HW Img American screenwriter, director, actor, Wein Daryl 
George Wein RW5 Img American jazz promoter, producer, pianist, Wein George 
Len Wein RW5 Img American comic book writer, editor, Wein Len 
Brent Weinbach RW5 Img American stand-up comedian, actor, Weinbach Brent 
Sheldon Weinbaum RWB Img American bioengineering scientist, Weinbaum Sheldon 
Stanley Weinbaum RWF HW Img American science fiction writer, Weinbaum Stanley 
Abraham Weinberg Img Russian-born American mobster, Weinberg Abraham 
Alvin Weinberg RWF Img American nuclear physicist, Weinberg Alvin 
Andrew Weinberg American television writer, Weinberg Andrew 
Arthur von Weinberg RWC Img German chemist, industrialist, Weinberg Arthur von
Bernard Weinberg American language/literary scholar, ??? Weinberg Bernard 
Chester Weinberg Img American fashion designer, Weinberg Chester
Denise Weinberg Img Brazilian actress, Weinberg Denise 
Elbert Weinberg RW5 Img American sculptor, Weinberg Elbert 
Felix Weinberg RWF Img Czech-born British physicist, Weinberg Felix 
George Weinberg RWB Img American clinical psychologist, columnist, writer, Weinberg George 
George Weinberg American gangster, Weinberg George 
Gerhard Weinberg RW5 Img German-born American military/diplomatic historian, World War Two, Weinberg Gerard
Gil Weinberg RWC Img Israeli musician, inventor, educator,   Weinberg Gil 
Guri Weinberg Img Israeli-born American  actor, Weinberg Guri
Harry Weinberg American real estate developer, Hawaii, Weinberg Harry 
Henry Weinberg Img chemical engineering, ??? Weinberg Henry 
Jean Weinberg RW5 Img Romanian-born Turkish Egyptian photographer, Weinberg Jean
John Weinberg RW5 Img American chairman of Godman Sachs, Weinberg John 
Julius Weinberg American philosopher, history of medieval philosophy, Weinberg Julius
Larry Weinberg RWB Img American co-founder 1970, majority owner 1975-88 Portland Trade Blazers, Weinberg Larry 
Louise Weinberg Img American legal scholar,   Weinberg Louise 
Mark Weinberg Img Australian judge of Fereral Court of Australia,,  Weinberg Mark
Sir Mark Weinberg Img South African-born British financier, Weinberg Mark
Matt Weinberg Img American film/television actor,    Weinberg Matt 
Max Weinberg RW5 HW Img American drummer, bandleader, Weinberg Max 
Michael Weinberg RWC Img Ukrainian-born French biologist, Weinberg Michael
Mieczyslaw Weinberg RWF HW Img Polish-born Soviet composer, Weinberg Mieczyslaw 
Mike Weinberg Img American child actor, Weinberg Mike 
Peter Weinberg RW5 Img British financier, investment banker, Weinberg Peter 
Robert Weinberg RWF Img American molecular biologist, 1st oncogen, Weinberg Robert 
Robert Weinberg Img American historian of Russia. Weinberg Robert 
Rolf Weinberg Img German-born British officer, Weinberg Rolf
Saul Weinberg American archaeologist, ??? Weinberg Saul 
Serge Weinberg Img French businessman, Weinberg Capital Partners, Weinberg Serge
Sidney Weinberg RW5 Img American company executive, Goldman Sachs Group, Weinberg Sidney 
Steven Weinberg RWF HW Img American physicist, Nobel prize (1979), electroweak force, Weinberg Steven 
Szmuel Weinberg RWF Img Moldovan-born Russian Polish conductor, composer, Weinberg Szmuel
Teri Weinberg Img American television producer, Weinberg Teri 
Wendy Weinberg RW5 HW Img American swimmer, Weinberg Wendy 
Wilhelm Weinberg RWF Img German physician, geneticist, Weinberg Wilhelm 
Yeshayahu Weinberg Weinberg Yeshayahu 
Zvi Weinberg HW Img Polish/Slovak-born Israeli politician,   Weinberg Zvi 
 Weinberg Timberland Co. Weinberg
Sidney Weinberg, Jr RWF Img American company executive, Goldman Sachs Group Weinberg, Jr Sidney 
Caspar Weinberger RWF HW Img American Secretary of Defense Reagan  81-87 (Jewish father) Weinberger Caspar 
Daniel Weinberger American neuroscientist, psychiatrist, ??? Weinberger Daniel
David Weinberger Img American technologist, blogger, philosopher, Weinberger David 
Ed. Weinberger RW5 Img American producer, screenwriter, Weinberger Ed .
Eliot Weinberger Img American writer, essayist, editor, translator, Weinberger Eliot 
Jaromir Weinberger RW5 Img Czech-born American composer, Weinberger Jaromir 
Jerry Weinberger Gray Drug Stores Weinberger Jerry 
Jerry Weinberger JND Properties Weinberger Jerry 
Mark Weinberger Img American businessman, chairman/CEO of Ernst & Young, Weinberger Mark
Mark Weinberger RW5 Img American chairman/CEO of Ernst & Young, Ernst & Young Weinberger Mark
Martin Weinberger American historian, Weinberger Martin
Miro Weinberger RW5 Img American mayor of Burlington, Vermont 2012- Weinberger Miro
Peter Weinberger RWC Img American computer scientist, Weinberger Peter 
Shmuel Weinberger RW5 Img American mathematician, topologist, Weinberger Shmuel 
Caspar Weinberger, Jr Img American producer, director, writer, (Jewish paternal gradfather) Weinberger, Jr Caspar 
Lee Weinblatt Img American inventor, market researcher, Weinblatt Lee
Albert Wein Img American sculptor,  ??? Weiner Albert 
Allen Weiner Img American legal scholar,  ??? Weiner Allen 
Annette Weiner RW5 American anthropologist, Weiner Annette 
Anthony Weiner RWF HW Img American representative, 1999- , Weiner Anthony 
Bernard Weiner RW5 Img American social psychologist, Weiner Bernard
Charles Weiner RW5 Img American politicin, judge, Weiner Charles
Clay Weiner RW5 Img American film/television director, film producer, writer of commercials,  Weiner Clay
Dan Weiner RW5 Img American photojournalist, Weiner Dan 
Don Weiner founder of Monterey Peninsula Associates, Weiner Don 
Eric Weiner Img American travel writer, journalist, Weiner Eric 
Gerry Weiner RWC Img Canadian Secretary of State 1988 1993 Canada Weiner Gerry 
Jason Weiner American comedian, actor, singer, businessman, Weiner Jason 
Jeff Weiner RWC Img American businessman, CEO of Linkedln, Weiner Jeff
Jennifer Weiner Img American author, Weiner Jennifer 
Jonathan Weiner Img American science writer, Weiner Jonathan 
Joshua Weiner Img American poet, Weiner Joshua
Justus Weiner Img American-born Israeli American lawyer, legal scholar, Weiner Justus
Laszlo Weiner RW5 Img Hungarian composer, conductor, pianist, Weiner Laszlo 
Lawrence Weiner RWF Img American conceptual artist, Weiner Lawrence 
Lazar Weiner RWF Img Ukrainian-born American Yiddish art songs composer, Weiner Lazar 
Lee Weiner Img American radical,    Weiner Lee 
Leo Weiner RWF HW Img Hungarian composer, musical educator, Weiner Leo
Marc Weiner RWB Img American comedian, clown, television producer, Weiner Marc 
Mark Weiner Img American legal scholar,   Weiner Mark
Matthew Weiner RWF HW Img American screenwriter, television producer/dorector, Weiner Matthew 
Michael Weiner Img American chairman of Major League Baseball Players Association, Weiner Michael 
Miriam Weiner RW5 Img American jewish genealogist, Weiner Miriam
Myron Weiner RW5 Img American political scientist, Weiner Myron 
Richard Weiner RWF Img Czech journalist, writer, Weiner Richard 
Russell Weiner RW5 Img American businessman, Rockstar energy drink, Weiner Russell
Stephen Weiner American founder of S.R. Weiner & Associates, Boston ??? Weiner Stephen 
Susan Weiner RW5 Img American mayor of Savannah, Georgia 1992-96, Weiner Susan 
Tim Weiner RWB Img American journalist, Weiner Tim 
William Weiner RWC Img Armenian-born Soviet composer, singer, Weiner William
William Weiner RWC Img Armenian-born Soviet composer, Weiner William
Zach Weiner Img American author, illustrator, comics writer, Weiner Zach
Orly Weinerman RWC HW Img Israeli actress, model, singer, Weinerman Orly
Andre Weinfeld RW5 Img French-born American film/television producer, director, screnwriter, cinemtographer, photographer, journalist. Weinfeld Andre
Edward Weinfeld RW5 Img Americal federal judge, Weinfeld Edward
Moshe Weinfeld RW5 HW Img Polish-born Israeli biblical scholar, Weinfeld Moshe 
Steve Weingart Img American jazz-funk keyboard player, Weingart Steve 
Gene Weingarten RW5 Img American journalist, humor writer,   Weingarten Gene 
Julius Weingarten RW5 Img German mathematician, Weingarten Julius 
Lawrence Weingarten RWF Img American film producer, Weingarten Lawrence 
Randi Weingarten RW5 Img American president of United Federation of Teachers, Weingarten Randi 
Romain Weingarten Img French playwright, Weingarten Romain 
Barry Weingast Img American political scientist, Weingast Barry 
Scott Weinger RWF HW Img American actor, screenwriter, producer, Weinger Scott 
Leonard Weinglass Img American criminal defense lawyer, human rights activist, Weinglass Leonard 
Jacob Weingreen Img Irish scholar, academic, Weingreen Jacob 
Herschel Weingrod RWC Img American screenwriter, Weingrod Herschel
Sidney Weinhouse Img American biochemist,  Weinhouse Sidney 
Sheldon Weinig Img materials engineering, ??? Material Research Corporation, Weinig Sheldon 
Berel Wein HW Img American Israeli scholar, writer, historian, Weininger Berel
Otto Weininger RWF HW Img Austrian philosopher, Weininger Otto
Ben Weinman RW5 Img American guitarist, principal songwriter, Weinman Ben 
Carl Andrew Weinman Img American federal judge, Weinman Carl Andrew
Lynda Weinman Img American web designer, technology writer, Weinman Lynda
Rosalyn Weinman Img American NBC executive, screenwriter, Weinman Rosalyn 
Bernard Weinraub RW5 Img American journalist, playwright, Weinraub Bernard 
Friedrich Weinreb Img Ukrainian-born Dutch writer, Weinreb Friedrich 
Fulop Weinreb Hungarian architect, Weinreb Fulop
Lloyd Weinreb Img American legal scholar,  ??? Weinreb Lloyd 
Max Weinreich RWF HW Img Latvian-born Lithuanian American linguist, History of the Yiddish Language Weinreich Max 
Uriel Weinreich RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born American linguist, Weinreich Uriel 
Dina Wein-Reis Img American businesswoman, fraudster, (convert to Judaism) Wein-Reis Dina 
Lennie Weinrib Img American actor, voice actor, writer, Weinrib Lennie 
Avi Weinroth Img Israeli legal scholar,     Weinroth Avi
Jacob Weinroth Img German-born Israeli attorney, Weinroth Jacob 
Iris Weinshall American Vice Chancellor of City University of New York,  Weinshall Iris 
Alan Weinstein RWF American mathematician, ??? Weinstein Alan 
Alexander Weinstein RW5 Img Russian-born French American mathematician, Weinstein Alexander 
Allen Weinstein Img American historian, educator, Weinstein Allen
Ariel Weinstein HW Img Israeli politician, journalist, Weinstein Ariel 
Arnold Weinstein RW5 Img American playwright, librettist, Weinstein Arnold 
Barbara Weinstein RWB Img American history scholar, Weinstein Barbara 
Benjamin Weinstein American gynecologist, Weinstein Benjamin 
Boaz Weinstein RW5 Img American hedge fund manager, founder of Saba Capital Management, Weinstein Boaz 
Bob Weinstein RWF Img American film/theatrical producer, The Weinstein Company, Weinstein Bob 
Bobby Weinstein RWB Img American songwriter, composer, lyricist, Weinstein Bobby 
Bram Weinstein Img American sportscaster, television sports anchor, Weinstein Bram
Bret Weinstein RW5 Img American evolution biologist, Weinstein Bret
Dan Weinstein RWC Img American speed skater, Weinstein Dan 
David Weinstein American company executive, lawyer, ???   Fidelity Investments Weinstein David 
Debra Weinstein RW5 Img American poet, author, Weinstein Debra 
Eve Weinstein American VP of Elegant Films, Weinstein Eve 
Guy Weinstein Img Israel painter, Weinstein Guy
Hannah Weinstein RW5 Img American television producer, journalist, activist, Weinstein Hannah 
Harvey Weinstein RWF Img American producer, executive, The Weinstein Company, Weinstein Harvey 
I.Bernard Weinstein Img American oncologist, physician, Weinstein I.Bernard 
Ilya Weinstein RWE Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Weinstein Ilya
Jack Weinstein RW5 Img American lawyer, jurist, judge, Weinstein Jack 
Jack Weinstein RWC Img American military commander, lieutenant general, air force, Weinstein Jack 
Jack Russell Weinstein Img American philosopher, Weinstein Jack Russell
Jacqueline Weinstein RWC Img Chilean engineer, Minister of National Assets, 2010, Weinstein Jacqueline
James Weinstein RW5 Img American journalist, historian, founder, editor of In These Times, Weinstein James 
Jamie Weinstein RW5 Img American political journalist, opinion commentator, satirist, Weinstein Jamie 
Jared Weinstein Img American special assistant of Bush, Weinstein Jared 
Joan Weinstein Img American president of Ultimo, Weinstein Joan
Joe Weinstein American co-founder 1877 of May Department Stores, Weinstein Joe 
Jose Weinstein RWC Img Chilean sociologist, Minister of Culture under Ricardo Lagos Weinstein Jose 
Josh Weinstein Img American television writer, Weinstein Josh 
Lauren Weinstein RWB Img American comic book artist, Weinstein Lauren 
Leon Weinstein Canadian founder of Loblaw's, ??? Weinstein Leon 
Louis Weinstein American physician, ??? Weinstein Louis 
Matthew Weinstein Img American visual artist, filmmaker, installation sculptor, painter, Weinstein Matthew 
Meir Weinstein Canadian director of canadian branch of Jewish defense Leage, Weinstein Meir 
Michael Weinstein American atorney, businessman, Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Weinstein Michael
Paula Weinstein RWC Img American President of United Artists/Motion Picture Division, Weinstein Paula 
Richard Weinstein German chemist, discovered hydrogen peroxide Weinstein Richard 
Samantha Weinstein RWF Img Canadian actress,  Weinstein Samantha
Sidney Weinstein RWC Img American lieutenant general, Weinstein Sidney 
Simcha Weinstein Img British-born American rabbi, author,    Weinstein Simcha 
William Weinstein RWC Img American commander of United States Marine Corps, major general, Weinstein William 
Yehuda Weinstein Img Israeli Attorney General 2010-16, Weinstein Yehuda 
Baron Arnold Weinstock RWC Img British chairman of GEC, Weinstock Arnold
Bob Weinstock RW5 Img American founder, owner of Prestige Records, Prestige Records Weinstock Bob
Charles Weinstock Img American film producer,  Weinstock Charles 
George Weinstock Img American geneticist, Human Genome Sequencing Center, ??? Weinstock George 
Harris Weinstock American businessman, Weinstock-Lubin Company, department stores chain, Weinstock Harris 
Herman Weinstock RWC Img Costa Rican Minister of Health 1974-78, Weinstock Herman 
Jack Weinstock Img American librettist, Weinstock Jack 
Jane Weinstock Img American film director, Weinstock Jane 
Todd Weinstock RW5 Img American guitarist, Weinstock Todd 
Marta Weinstock-Rosin RWC HW Img Austrian-born Israeli pharmocologist, Weinstock-Rosin Marta
William Weinstone RW5 Img Lithuanian-born  American labor leader, politician, Weinstone William 
Abraham Weintraub RWC Img Brazilian Minister of Education 2019-20, (Jewish father) Weintraub Abraham
Bernie Weintraub American talent agent, co-founder 1993 of Paradigm Talent Agency, Weintraub Bernie 
David Weintraub RWB Img American film/television producer, Weintraub David 
Fred Weintraub American head of Sequoia Pictures, Weintraub Fred 
Harold Weintraub HW Img American geneticist,  Weintraub Harold 
Jerry Weintraub RWF Img American producer, executive, United Artists, Weintraub Jerry 
Joseph Weintraub Img American Chief Justice of New Jersey Supreme Court,   Weintraub Joseph 
Karl Weintraub Img German-born American historian, (Jewish father) Weintraub Karl
Lionel Weintraub Ameriucan businessman,  Ideal Toy Corporation, Weintraub Lionel 
Phil Weintraub RW5 Img American baseball player, Weintraub Phil
Rebecca Weintraub RWF Img Ukrainian-born American actress, Weintraub Rebecca 
Roy Weintraub RWB HW Img American economist, mathematician, Weintraub Roy 
Sidney Weintraub RWF Img American economist, Weintraub Sidney
Sidney Weintraub American economist, Weintraub Sidney 
Sy Weintraub Img American producer, Weintraub Sy 
Victor Weintraub Polish literary historian, diplomat, Weintraub Victor 
William Weintraub RW5 Img Canadian journalist, author, filmmaker, Weintraub William 
Friedrich Weinwurm Img Slovak architect, Weinwurm Friedrich 
Jonathan Weinzapfel Img American mayor of Evansville, Indiana 2004-, Weinzapfel Jonathan 
Michal Weinzieher Polish-born art historian/critic, museologist, legal scholar, Weinzieher Michal
Salomon Weinzieher Img Polish physician, politician, MP, Weinzieher Salomon
John Weinzweig RW5 Img Canadian composer, Weinzweig John
John Weinzweig Img Canadian composer, Weinzweig John 
Bob Weir RWB Img American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Grateful Dead, Weir Bob
Don Weis RW5 Img American film/television director, ??? Weis Don 
Indira Weis RWC Img German-born actress, singer, (convert to Judaism) Weis Indira 
Robert Weis Img American chairman of Weis Markets, Weis Robert 
Sigmund/Harry Weis American co-founders of Weis Markets, Weis Sigmund/Harry
David Weisbach Img American legal scholar,   Weisbach David 
Lou Weisbach Img American founder/chairman of Ha-Lo Industries, Weisbach Lou 
Louis Weisbach American advertising businessman, Halo Branded Solutions, Weisbach Louis 
Marina Weisband RWC Img Ukrainian-born German politician, Weisband Marina
William Weisband, Sr Img Ukrainian-born American cryptoanalyst, NKVD agent, Weisband, Sr William 
Alan Weisbard Img American legal scholar,   Weisbard Alan 
David Weisbart RW5 Img America film producer/editor, ??? Weisbart David 
David Weisberg RWC Img American screenwriter, actor, Weisberg David
Jacob Weisberg RWB HW Img American journalist, editor, Weisberg Jacob 
Joe Weisberg RWF HW Img American television writer/producer, Weisberg Joe
Lois Weisberg Img American socialite, activist, Weisberg Lois 
Richard Weisberg Img American legal scholar, ??? Weisberg Richard 
Robert Weisberg Img American legal scholar,  Weisberg Robert 
Robert Weisberg Img American ambassador to Republic of Kongo 2006- Weisberg Robert 
Tim Weisberg RW5 Img American flutist, vocalist, record producer, Weisberg Tim
Vladimir Weisberg RW5 HW Img Russian painter, Weisberg Vladimir 
Bernard Weisberger Img American historian, Weisberger Bernard
Lauren Weisberger RWF HW Img American novelist, author, journalist, Weisberger Lauren 
William Weisberger American physicist, Weisberger William 
Marc Weisblott Canadian journalist, radio broadcaster, media critic, Weisblott Marc
Albert Weisbord Img American political activist, union organizer, Weisbord Albert 
Burton Weisbrod RW5 Img American economist, Weisbrod Burton 
Robert Weisbuch president of Drew University 2005- Weisbuch Robert 
David Weisburd RW5 Img American criminologist, Weisburd David 
Edwin Weisel Img Prsidential adviser Johnson Weisel Edwin 
Mindy Weisel Img American painter, Weisel Mindy 
Randall Weisenburger American executive VP of Omnicom Group, Weisenburger Randall 
Mildred Weisenfeld Img American activist, Weisenfeld Mildred
Harry Weiser American chemist, administrator, ??? Weiser Harry 
Phil Weiser RW5 Img Colorado State Attorney General 2019- , Weiser Phil
Ronald Weiser Img American ambassador to Slovak Republic 2001-  Bush Weiser Ronald
Boris Weisfeiler RW5 Img Russian-born American mathematician, Weisfeiler Boris
Myron Weisfeldt Img American president of American Heart Association, Weisfeldt Myron 
Meyer Weisgal RW5 HW Img Polish-born Israeli president 1966-69  chancellor 1969-77 of Weizman Institute of Science, Weisgal Meir
Hugo Weisgall RW5 Img Czech-born American composer,    Weisgall Hugo 
Leonard Weisgard Img American author, illustrator,    Weisgard Leonard 
Frans Weisglas RWC Img Dutch politician, MP 1982-2006 Weisglas Frans 
Eliezer Weishoff RWB Img Israel sculptor, Weishoff Eliezer 
Mort Weisinger Img American magazine and comic books editor, Weisinger Mort
Mort Weisinger RWF Img American comic book/magazine editor, Weisinger Mort 
Bob Weiskopf RW5 Img American screenwriter, television producer, Weiskopf Bob 
Franz Weiskopf RWF Img Czech ambassador to Sweden 1949-50, China 1950-52, (Jewish father) Weiskopf Franz 
Walt Weiskopf HW Img American jazz saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Weiskopf Walt 
Lawrence Weiskrantz RW5 Img British psychologist, Weiskrantz Lawrence 
Wolfgang von Weisl Img Austrian writer, journalist, physician, expert of Islam, Weisl Wolfgang von
Friedrich Weisler Img German resistance fighter, lawyer, Weisler Friedrich 
Uri Weisler HW Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Weisler Uri 
Alan Weisman RW5 Img American author, scholar, journalist,    Weisman Alan 
Ben Weisman RW5 Img American songwriter, composer, Weisman Ben 
Dudi Weisman Israeli owner of Alon oil Company, Weisman Dudi 
Joel Weisman Img American early identifier of AIDS, Weisman Joel 
Jordan Weisman Img American video game designer, Weisman Jordan 
Kevin Weisman RW5 HW Img American actor, Weisman Kevin 
Robin Weisman RW5 Img American child actress, Weisman Robin 
Abraham Weiss Img American talmudic scholar, Weiss Abraham 
Albert Weiss Img German-born American psychologist, ??? Weiss Albert 
Andrew Weiss RW5 Img American bass guitarist, producer, Weiss Andrew 
Arthur Weiss RW5 Img American immunologist, ???, Weiss Arthur 
Arthur Weiss Img American screenwriter, Weiss Arthur 
Bari Weiss RW5 Img American journalist, writer, editor, Weiss Bari
Baron Manfred Weiss RW5 Img Hungarian founder of Manfred Weiss Steel and Metal Works, Manfred Weiss Steel and Metal Works Weiss Baron
Barry Weiss RW5 Img American music execurive, The Island Def Jam Music Group, Weiss Barry 
Benjamin Weiss RWC HW Img American-born Israeli mathematician, Weiss Benjamin 
Bernard Weiss RWC Img American military commander, major general, Weiss Bernard 
Bernhard Weiss RWF Img German-born British Vice president of Berlin police, Weiss Bernhard 
Charlie Weiss American columnist, Weiss Charlie 
Chuck Weiss RW5 Img American singer/songwriter, Weiss Chuck 
D.B. Weiss RWF Img American novelist, screenwriter, Weiss D. B.
Dana Weiss RW5 HW Img Israeli journalist, television presenter, Weiss Dana 
Daniel Weiss American president of Lafayette College 2005- , Weiss Daniel 
Daniella Weiss Img Israeli right-wing activist, Weiss Daniella
David Weiss Img American writer, labor leader, screenwriter, Weiss David 
Elizabeth Weiss Img American singer, Weiss Elizabeth 
Ellen Weiss American journalist, radio executive, Weiss Ellen 
Emanuel Weiss American gangster, Weiss Emanuel 
Emily Weiss RW5 Img American founder of Giossier, Giossier Weiss Emily
Ernest Weiss RWF HW Img Czech-born Austrian writer,  Weiss Ernest 
Ernst Weiss RWN HW Img Czech-born Austrian writer, physician, Weiss Ernst 
Ferdinand Weiss Img Romanian pianist, Weiss Ferdinand
Fritz Weiss RW5 HW Img Czech jazz clarinetist/bandleader, Weiss Fritz
Gary Weiss RW5 Img American investigaing journalist, columnist, author, Weiss Gary
George Weiss RWF Img American songwriter, composer, Weiss George 
Guido Weiss RW5 Img American mathematician, ??? Weiss Guido
Herbert Weiss American electrical engineer, research administrator, ??? Weiss Herbert 
Hillel Weiss Img Israeli literary critic, Weiss Hillel
Hy Weiss RW5 Img Romanian-born American record producer, Weiss Hy
Isaac Hirsch Weiss Img Czech talmudist, historian, Weiss Isaac Hirsch
Isidore Weiss Img French checkers grandmaster, WC 1894 - 1909, Weiss Isidore 
Janet Weiss RWF Img American drummer, Sleater-Kinney, Weiss Janet 
Janusz Weiss RW5 Img Polish journalist, television personality, Weiss Janusz
Jerry Weiss HW Img American trumpeter, flughornist, Blood, Sweet & Tears, Weiss Jerry
Jiri Weiss RWF Img Czech-born director, screenwriter,    Weiss Jiri 
John Weiss Ameican author, clergyman, abolitionist, Weiss John 
Jonathan Weiss Img American author, scholar, biographer, Weiss Jonathan 
Joseph Joshua Weiss RW5 Img Austran-born American chemist, Weiss Joseph Joshua
Julius Weiss Img German-born American music educator, Weiss Julius
Larry Weiss Img American songwriter, Weiss Larry 
Laurence Weiss Hungarian-born American politician, Weiss Laurence
Leon Weiss American architect, Weiss Leon 
Louis Weiss HW Img American film producer, Weiss Louis 
Louise Weiss RWF Img French politician, journalist, author, MP 1979-83 (Jewish mother) Weiss Louise 
Baron Manfred Weiss Hungarian industrialist, iron, weapon, Weiss Manfred
Mary Weiss RW5 Img American lead singer, The Shangi-Las, Weiss Mary 
Max Weiss electronics engineering,  Weiss Max 
Max Weiss HW Img Hungarian chess player, Weiss Max 
Meir Weiss Israeli scholar, Jewish studies,   Weiss Meir 
Michael Weiss RWF Img American stage/film/television actor, Weiss Michael 
Morry Weiss American chairman of Yeshiva University 2004- , Weiss Morry 
Norman Weiss American executive, General Artists Corp., Weiss Norman 
Paul Weiss RW5 Img German British mathematician
Paul Weiss RW5 Img Austrian-born American biologist, Weiss Paul 
Paul Weiss RW5 Img American philosopher, Weiss Paul 
Paul Weiss RWB Img American nanotechnologist, Weiss Paul 
Peter Weiss RWF Img German-born Swedish writer, playwright, painter, artist,  (Jewish father) Weiss Peter 
Philip Weiss RW5 Img American investigative journalist, Weiss Philip 
Baron Philip Weiss Hungarian politician, economist, banker, Weiss Philip 
Rainer Weiss RWF Img German-born American astrophysicist, founder of LIGO project, (Jewish father) Nobel Prize (2017) Weiss Rainer 
Rob Weiss RWF Img American film/television screenwriter, producer, director, ??? Weiss Rob 
Robert Weiss RWB Img American film producer, director, actor, Weiss Robert 
Ruth Weiss Img Austrian-born Chinese journalist, editor, Weiss Ruth 
Ruth Weiss Img German-born poet, performer, playwright, artist, Weiss Ruth 
Samuel Weiss RWB Img Canadian neurobiologist, biochemist, Weiss Samuel 
Samuel Weiss American mobster, Weiss Samuel 
Samuel Weiss RW5 Img Polish-born American representative, 1941-46, Weiss Samuel 
Seymour Weiss American ambassador to Bahamas 1974-76, Ford Weiss Seymour 
Shaun Weiss RW5 Img American television/film actor, Weiss Shaun 
Shevah Weiss RWF HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,   Weiss Shevah 
Sholam Weiss RW5 Img American bankruptcy specialist, Weiss Sholam 
Steven Weiss Img American journalist, blogger, Weiss Steven 
Susan Weiss American executive editor of content, USA Today, Weiss Susan 
Theodore Weiss RW5 Img Hungarian-born American representative, 1977-1992, Weiss Theodore 
David Weiss Halivni RWF HW Img Czech/Ukrainian-born Israeli talmudic scholar, Weiss Halivni David 
Herbert Weissbach Img American biochemist, ??? Weissbach Herbert 
Eric Weissberg RWB Img American session musician, multi-instrumalist, Weissberg Eric 
Peter Weissberg Img British physician, cardiologist, Weissberg Peter 
Alexander Weissberg-Cybulski Img Polish-born Austrian physicist, author, businessman, Weissberg-Cubulski Alexander 
Alexander Weissberg-Cybulski HW Polish-born Austrian physicist, author, Weissberg-Cybulski Alexander 
Arnold Weissberger American chemist, research administrator, ??? Kodak Research Laboratories Weissberger Arnold 
Amir Weissbrod RWC Img Israeli ambassador to Jordan 2018- , Weissbrod Amir
Allen Weisselberg RW5 Img American CFO of The Trump Organisation, The Trump Organisation Weisselberg Allen
Salo von Weisselberger HW Img Ukrainian Romanian senator 1927- , Weisselberger Salo von
Alexis Weissenberg RWF Img Bulgarian-born French pianist, Weissenberg Alexis 
Isaac Weissenberg Polish-born Yiddish language writer, Weissenberg Isaac Meir
Karl Weissenberg RWF Img Austrian physicist, Weissenberg Karl
Samuel Weissenberg Russian anthropologist, physician, Weissenberg Samuel 
Suzi Weiss-Fischmann Img Hungarian-born American co-founder of OPI Products, OPI Products Weiss-Fischmann Suzi
Dov Weissglass Img Israeli lawyer, businessman, Weissglass Dov
Victor Weisskopf RWF Img Austrian-born American physicist, director of CERN, Weisskopf Victor 
Fran Weissler HW Img American theatrical producer, Weissler Fran
David Weissman American screenwriter, director, Weissman David 
Drew Weissman RWF Img American physician-scientist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (2023) (Jewish father) Weissman Drew
Irving Weissman RWC Img American biologist, diabetologist, embrionic stem cells, Weissman Irving 
Jonathan Weissman RWB Img American biochemist, Weissman Jonathan 
Malina Weissman RWF Img American actress, model, ??? Weissman Malina 
Marvin Weissman Img American ambassador to Costa Rica 1977-80, Bolivia 1980 Weissman Marvin 
Myrna Weissman Img American epidemiologist, psychiatrist,  ??? Weissman Myrna 
Samuel Weissman Img American physical chemist, spectroscopist, Weissman Samuel 
Sherman Weissman Img American geneticist, hematologist, Weissman Sherman 
Yehoshua Weissman HW Img Israeli legal scholar, Weissman Yehoshua 
Charles Weissmann RWC Img Hungarian-born Swiss British molecular biologist, Biogen Idec, Weissmann Charles 
Gerald Weissmann RW5 Img Austrian-born American rheumotologist, ??? Weissmann Gerald 
Karlo Weissmann RW5 Img Croatian physician, Weissmann Karlo
Mariana Weissmann RW5 Img Argentine physicist, Weissmann Mariana 
Misu Weissmann Img Romanian politician, MP 1932- , Weissmann Misu 
Gerda Weissmann Klein Img Polish-born American writer, human rights activist, Weissmann Klein Gerda
Trude Weiss-Rosmarin RW5 Img German-born American  writer, editor, scholar, Weiss-Rosmarin Trude 
Naomi Weisstein RW5 Img American psychologist, neuroscientist, Weisstein Naomi 
Baron Daniel de Weisweiller Img German-born banker        Weisweiller Daniel de
Francine Weisweiller Img French socialite, Weisweiller Francine
Berthold Weisz Img Hungarian MP 1896- , businessman, Weisz Berthold 
Ezra Weisz HW Img American voice actor, director, Weisz Ezra 
George Weisz Img Hungarian-born British inventor, Weisz George 
Minnie Weisz Img British photographer, curator, (Jewish father/maternal grandfather) Weisz Minnie
Paul B. Weisz RW5 Img Chech-born American bioengineering,  Weisz Paul B.
Rachel Weisz RWF HW Img British actress, model, (Jewish father/ maternal grandfather) Weisz Rachel 
Richard Weisz Img Hungarian wrestler, Weisz Richard 
Victor Weisz RW5 Img German-born British political cartoonist,  Weisz Victor 
Michael Weithorn RW5 Img American screenwriter, director, producer, Weithorn Michael 
Mel Weitsman Img American buddhist, founder, teacher of Berkeley Zen Center, Weitsman Mel 
Bruce Weitz RWB Img American film/television actor, Weitz Bruce 
Chris Weitz RWF Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Weitz Chris 
David Weitz Img Canadian-born American physicist, ??? Weitz David 
John Weitz Img German-born American fashion designer, Weitz John 
Paul Weitz RWC Img American film director/producer, screenwriter, actor, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Weitz Paul 
Raanan Weitz Img Israeli rulal settlements developer, Weitz Raanan 
Yechiam Weitz Img Israeli scholar, historian, Weitz Yechiam
Yosef Weitz Img Ukrainian-born Israeli zionist, director of the land and Aforrestation Department, Weitz Yosef
Barry Weitzenberg Img American water polo player, Weitzenberg Barry 
Armen Weitzman RW5 Img American comedian, actor, Weitzman Armen
David Weitzman Img British Labour MP 1945-79, Weitzman David 
Martin Weitzman RWF Img American economist, Weitzman Martin 
Matt Weitzman RWC Img American animator, Weitzman Matt 
Stuart Weitzman RW5 Img American fashion designer, shoes, Weitzman Stuart 
Joseph Weizenbaum RWF HW Img German-born American scientist, AI ElIZA Weizenbaum Joseph 
Zoe Weizenbaum Img American actress, (Jewish mother), Weizenbaum Zoe 
Ronald Weizer Australian president of Zionist Organisation of Australia 2001-06, Weizer Ronald 
Eyal Weizman RWB HW Img Israeli intellectual, architect, Weizman Eyal
Ezer Weizman RWF HW Img Israeli-born  7th President 1993-2000   Minister of Defense 1977-80, Weizman Ezer 
Shiri Weizman Img Israeli politician, Weizman Shiri 
Chaim Weizmann RWF HW Img Belarusian-born British Israeli chemist, synthetic acetone, President of Israel 1949-52 Weizmann Chaim 
Ezer Weizmann RWF HW Img Israeli  7th President 1993-2000   Minister of Defense, Weizmann Ezer 
Vera Weizmann Img Russian-born Israeli spouse of Chaim Weizmann, first president of Israel, Weizmann Vera
Irwin Welber Img electronics engineering, ??? Welber Irwin 
Justin Welby Img British archbishop of Canterbury, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Welby Justin 
Michael Welch RWF Img American actor, blogger, (Jewish mother) Welch Michael 
Carol Weld RW5 Img American journalist, writer, (Jewish mother) Weld Carol 
Ben Welden RWB Img American character actor, Welden Ben 
Jenny Weleminsky Austrian-born British translator, esperantist, Weleminsky Jenny
Sir Roy Welensky RWC Img Zimbabwean-born Prime Minister of Federation of Rhodesia and Nysaland 1956-63 (Jewish father) Welensky Roy
Alfred Wellisch Hungarian architect, Welisch Alfred
Andor Wellisch Hungarian architect, Welisch Andor
Oren Meir Wellber Img Israei conductor, composer, Wellber Oren
Jesse Wellens American internet personality, (half Jewish) Wellens Jesse 
Mary Louise Weller RW5 Img American stage/television actress,   Weller Mary Louise
Gwen Welles RW5 Img American stage/film actress, Welles Gwen 
Mel Welles RWB HW Img American film actor, director, Welles Mel 
Rebecca Welles RW5 Img American television/film actress, Welles Rebecca 
Egon Wellesz RWF HW Img Austrian-born British composer, musicologist, Wellesz Egon 
Danny Wells RWB Img Canadian film/television actor, voice actor, composer, Wells Danny 
John Wells RWF Img American theater/television producer, television writer, director, (Jewish mother) Wells John 
Matt Wells Img British boxer, Wells Matt 
Robert Wells Img American songwriter:lyricist, composer, screentwriter, Wells Robert 
Paul Wellstone RW5 Img American senator 1991-2002, killed in plane clash, Wellstone Paul 
Rudolf Wels RW5 Img Czech architect, Wels Rudolf 
Arthur Welsh Img Ukrainian-born American first Jewish aviator, Welsh Arthur 
Gene Weltfish RWB Img American anthropologist, Weltfish Gene 
Siegmund Weltlinger Img German public figure, Weltlinger Siegmund
Felix Weltsch RWF HW Img Czech-born Israeli philosopher, author, editor, publisher, journalist, Weltsch Felix 
Robert Weltsch RWF Img Czech-born journalist, editor, Weltsch Robert 
Robert Weltsch Img Czech-born Israeli journalist,   Weltsch Robert 
Jacob Wenberger RW5 Img American district judge, district California, Wenberger Jacob
Baron Bela Wenckheim Img Hungarian Prime Minister 1875 ??? Wenckheim Bela
Sylvia Wene Img American bowler, tempin bowling,  Wene Sylvia 
Louise Wener RW5 Img British rock singer, author, Wener Louise 
Pauline Wengeroff Img Belarusian-born writer, Wengeroff Paulune
Selik Wengrowsky Mexican Israeli chairman of Bar-Ilan University, Wengrowsky Selik
Devin Wenig RW5 Img Americanpresident, CEO of Ebay, Ebay Wenig Devin
Devin Wenig Img American CEO, president of eBay, eBay Wenig Devin 
Paul Wennberg Img American atmospheric chemist, ??? Wennberg Paul 
Jann Wenner RW5 Img American founder, edititor of Rolling Stones, Wenner Jann 
Elena Wentzel Estonian-born Soviet mathematician, Wentzel Elena 
Zena Werb RWF Img German-born Canadian cell biologist, Werb Zena 
Bernard Werber RW5 HW Img French science fiction writer, Werber Bernard 
Sonny Werblin RW5 Img American vice president of Music Corporation of America, Werblin Sonny 
Zvi Werblowsky Img Israeli religious studies scholar,   Werblowsky Zvi 
Nathan Werdiger Img Australian businessman, Werdiger Nathan 
David Werdyger RW5 HW Img American hasidic singer/songwriter, cantor, Werdyger David 
Mendy Werdyger RW5 HW Img American singer/songwriter, Werdyger Mendy
Mordechai Werdyger HW Img American hasidic singer/songwriter, Werdyger Mordechai 
Yeedle Werdyger RW5 HW Img American singer, Werdyger Yeedle
Franz Werfel RWF HW Img Czech-born Austrian novelist, playwright, poet, librettist, Werfel Franz 
Jan Werich RWF Img Czech writer, actor, playwright,  ??? Werich Jan 
Janet Werker RW5 Img Canadian developmental psychologist, language scholar, Werker Janet 
Lajos Werkner RW5 HW Img Hungarian sabre fencer, Werkner Lajos 
Marco Werman RW5 Img American reporter, radio producer, Werman Marco 
David Werner RW5 Img American founder of David Werner Real Estate, David Weiner Real Estate Werner David
Eric Werner Austrian-born American composer, musicologist, Werner Eric 
Heinz Werner RWF Img Austrian-born American psychologist, Werner Heinz 
Ken Werner president of Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution, Werner Ken 
Kurth Werner co-founder of ZettaCore, ??? Werner Kurth 
Martin Werner Img Argentine Israeli investment banker, Werner Martin 
Ruth Werner RWF Img Soviet spy against USA,    Werner Ruth 
Tom Werner RW5 Img American producer, executive, The Carsey-Werner Co., Werner Tom 
Wendelin Werner RWC Img German-born French mathematician, Fields Medal (2006), Werner Wendelin
Yehudah Werner Img German-born Israeli herpetologist, Werner Yehudah
Zack Werner Img Canadian record producer, Werner Zack 
Pete Wernick RWB Img American musician, banjo player, Wernick Pete
Hannah Werntz Img American film actress, Werntz Hannah 
Shmuel Werses HW Img Polish/Lithuanian-born Israeli literature scholar, Werses Shmuel 
Joseph Wershba RW5 HW Img American journalist, Wershba Joseph 
Leon Werth HW Img French art critic, philosopher, writer, Werth Leon 
Frederic Wertham HW Img German-born American psychiatrist, Wertham Frederick 
Abraham Wertheim Dutch banker, co-founder of Wertheim & Gomperts, Wertheim Abraham 
David Wertheim Img Coca-Cola Israel Mizrach Bank (20%) Wertheim David
Ernst Wertheim RW5 Img Austrian gynecologist, Wertheim Ernst 
Georg Wertheim RW5 Img Owner of Wertheim Kaufhous, Wertheim Georg 
Herbert Wertheim RW5 Img American engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Wertheim Herbert 
John Wertheim Img American lawyer, politician, Wertheim John
Juliusz Wertheim RW5 Img Polish pianist, composer, conductor,   Wertheim Juliusz 
Maurice Wertheim RW5 Img American president of American Jewish Committee 1941-43 Wertheim Maurice 
Moshe Wertheim Img Israeli shareholder of Mizrach Bank (20%), founder of Central Bottling Company,  Wertheim Moshe 
Robert Wertheim RWC Img American aerospace engineer, Rear Admiral, Wertheim Robert 
Alain Wertheimer RW5 Img French businessman, Chanel, Wertheimer Alain 
Eduard von Wertheimer Hungarian historian, Wertheimer Eduard
Eitan Wertheimer Img Israeli businessman, Iscar Ltd, Wertheimer Eitan 
Gerald Wertheimer Img German-born Australian neuroscientist, optometrist, Wertheimer Gerald 
Gerard Wertheimer RW5 Img French businessman, Chanel, Wertheimer Gerard 
Haim Ernst Wertheimer RWC HW Img German-born Israeli biochemist,   Wertheimer Haim Ernst
Jacques Wertheimer RW5 Img French businessman, Chanel, Wertheimer Jacques 
Julius Wertheimer Austrian politician, MP , Wertheimer Julius 
Max Wertheimer RWF Img Czech-born American co-founder of Gestalt Psychology, Wertheimer Max 
Pierre Wertheimer RW5 Img French businessman, co-founder of Chanel, Wertheimer Pierre 
Samson Wertheimer RWC Img Austrian financier, Wertheimer Samson 
Stef Wertheimer RWF HW Img German-born founder/chairman of ISCAR Ltd, politician, Iscar, Wertheimer Stef 
Wolff Wertheimer RWC Austrian financier, court jew, Wertheimer Wolff 
Leon Werthein Moldovan-born Argentine head of the Family, Werthein Leon
Werthein Family Argentine bisiinessmen, Banco Mercantil Argentino, Werthein  Family
Moshe Wertman HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician,    Wertman Moshe 
Ivo Wesby Img Polish-born composer, director, cabaret performer, Wesby Ivo 
Lawrence Weschler Img American non-fiction writer, journalist, Weschler Lawrence 
Sir Arnold Wesker RW5 HW Img British American playwright, poet, author, Wesker Arnold
Woolf Wess Img Lithuanian-born British anarchist, trade-union organizer, Wess Woolf
David Wessel RWB Img American journalist, Wessel David 
Naphtali Herz Wessely Img Geman hebraist, educationalist, Wessely Naphtali
Susan Wessler RWC Img American plant molecular biologist, geneticist, Wessler Susan 
Bernie West Img American television producer/writer, West Bernie
Billy West RWF Img Russian-born American film actor, producer, director, West Billy 
Josh West RW5 Img British rower, West Josh 
Leslie West RWF Img American rock guitarist, singer/songwriter, West Leslie 
Mae West RWF HW Img American actress, playwright, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) West Mae 
Nathanael West RW5 Img American writer, screenwriter, satirist, West Nathanael 
Randy West RWF Img American pornographic actor, West Randy 
Shane West RWF Img American actor, punk rock musician, songwriter, (Jewish paternal descent) West Shane 
Isaac van Westenbrugge  Dutch-born American  founder of Gordon Food Service, Westenbrugge  Isaac van
Paul Westerberg RWB Img American lead singer, rithm guitarist, songwriter, Westerberg Paul 
Alex Westerman Img American creative/art director, Westerman Alex 
Naomi Westerman Img British actress, writer,    Westerman Naomi 
David Westfall Img American legal scholar, ??? Westfall David 
Jennifer Westfeldt RWF Img American stage/film/television actress, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Westfeldt Jennifer 
Frank Westheimer RWF Img American chemist, photosynthesis, Westheimer Frank 
Gerald Westheimer RW5 Img German-born Australian physicist, optometrist, Westheimer Gerald 
Ruth Westheimer RW5 HW Img American sexual therapist, author, radio host, Westheimer Ruth 
David Westin American president of ABC News, Westin David 
Charles Westoff Img American demographer, ??? Westoff Charles 
Ellen Weston RW5 Img American stage/television actress, producer, screenwriter, Weston Ellen 
Jack Weston RW5 Img American film/stage/television actor, Weston Jack 
Jay Weston RW5 HW Img American film producer, restaurant critic, Weston Jay
Josh Weston American chairman/CEO of Automatic Data Processing, Weston Josh 
Michael Weston RWF Img American film/television actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Weston Michael 
Stanley Weston Img American inventor, licensing agent, G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe Weston Stanley
Stanley Weston Img American sportswriter, sports photographer, ??? Weston Stanley 
Alexander Westphal Img German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother, Jewish paternal grandmother) Westphal Alexander 
Carl Westphal RWF Img German neurologist, psychiatrist, (Jewish mother) Westphal Carl 
Franzisca von Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder, Wethermstein Franzisca
Josephine of Wertheimstein Img Austrian salon holder, Wethermstein Josephine
Leopold von Wertheimstein Austrian banker, railway entrepreneur, Wethermstein Leopold
Baroness Rozsika von Wertheimstein Hungarian aristocrat, wife of Baron Nathaniel Charles Rothschild Wethermstein Rozsika von
Mark Wetterau Golden State Foods Wetterau Mark 
Baron Karl Wetzlar von Plankenstern Austran banker, Wetzlar von Plankenstern Karl 
Baron Karl Wetzler Austrian Wetzler Karl
Assia Wevill RWF Img German-born sociality, Wevill Assia 
Michael Wex RW5 Img Canadian novelist, playwright, translator, Wex Michael 
Liat Wexelman RWC Img Israeli ambassador to Kazahstan 2018-, Kyrgystan 2018- , Wexelman Liat
Allan Wexler Img American architect, Wexler Allan
Anne Wexler RWC Img American political consultant, Wexler Anne 
Dana Wexler Img Israeli model,   Miss Israel 1981, Wexler Dana 
Eleonora Wexler RWB HW Img Argentine actress, Wexler Eleonora 
Esti Wexler RWC Img Ethiopian-born Israeli director, screenwriter, cinematographer, Wexler Esti
Harry Wexler RW5 Img American meteorologist, Wexler Harry 
Haskell Wexler RWF HW Img American cinematographer, director/producer, Wexler Haskell 
Jerrold Wexler American businessman,  Wexler Jerrold 
Jerry Wexler RWF HW Img American co-founder, partner of Atlantic Records, Wexler Jerry 
Leonard Wexler Img American federal judge, ??? Wexler Leonard 
Milton Wexler Img American psychoanalyst, Wexler Milton 
Nancy Wexler RWB Img American neuroscientist, geneticist, research administrator, Wexler Nancy 
Norman Wexler RW5 Img American screenwriter, dramaturg, Wexler Norman 
Paul Wexler HW Img American character actor, Wexler Paul
Richard Wexler American senior partner of Lord, Bissel & Brook, Chicago, Wexler Richard 
Robert Wexler RW5 HW Img American representative 1997- , Wexler Robert 
Tanya Wexler RWF Img American film director, Wexler Tanya 
Leslie Wexner RW5 Img American businessman, Limited Brands, Wexner Leslie 
Maxime Weygand RWC Img French military commander, generalissimos, ??? Weygand Maxime
Maxime Weygand RWC Img Belgian-born French military commander, (Jewish father ???) Weygand Maxime 
Maxime Weygound RWC Img French military, army general, (Jewish biological father) ??? Weygound Maxime 
Nathaniel Weyl RW5 Img American journalist, economist, author, Weyl Nathaniel 
Walter Weyl Img American political writer, editor, Weyl Walter 
Ray Weymann RW5 Img American astronomer, physicist, ??? Weymann Ray 
Sara  Whalen RW5 Img American soccer player, Whalen Sara 
Michael Wharton RWB Img British newspaper columnist, Wharton Michael 
Leslie What Img American fantasy writer, What Leslie 
Wil Wheaton RWF Img American actor, writer, blogger, (Jewish maternal descent 1/8) Wheaton Wil 
Maggie Wheeler RWF HW Img American television actress, Wheeler Maggie 
Shannon Whirry RW5 Img American stage/film/television actress, Whirry Shannon 
Joel Whitburn Img American author, music historian, ??? Whitburn Joel
Abraham White American biochemist, research administrator, ??? White Abraham 
Carole Ita White RW5 Img American television/film actress, White Carole Ita
Charlie White Img American ice dancer, (Jewish mother) White Charlie 
David White French-born American journalist, White David 
Jack White RWF HW Img Hungarian-born American film producer, director, screenwriter, White Jack 
Jack White RW5 Img British military, WWI British Army Victoria Cross recipient, White Jack 
Jennifer White RWF Img American pornogaphic actress, White Jennifer 
Jesse White HW Img American stage/television/film actor,     White Jesse 
Jules White HW Img Hungarian-born American film producer, director, White Jules
Katharine White RW5 Img State Treasurer of New Jersey 1961 White Katharine
Morton White Img American philosophy historian, White Morton 
Sam White Img American film producer/director, actor, White Sam 
Theodore White Img American political journalist, historan, novelist, White Theodore 
Harry Dexter White RWF Img American founder of International Monetary Fund & World Bank, White Dexter Harry 
Alissa White-Gluz RW5 Img Canadian singer/songwriter, The Agonist, White-Gluz Alissa 
Laura Whitehorn Img Americal radical feminist, Whitehorn Laura
Paul Whiteman RWF Img American bandleader, composer, orchestoral director, violinist, Whiteman Paul 
Patrick Whitesell RW5 Img American CEO of WME Entertaiment, WME Entertainment Whitesell Patrick
Lady Annabelle Whitestone Img British music manager, Whitestone Annabelle
Bernard Whitman Img American political consultant, pollster,   Whitman Bernard 
Martin Whitman Img American investment adviser, money management, Whitman Martin 
Meg Whitman RWF HW Img American executive, Hewlett-Packard Company, Ebay, ??? Whitman Meg 
Robert Whitman civil engineering, ??? Whitman Robert 
Ruth Whitman American poet, translator, schollar, Whitman Ruth
Stuart Whitman RWF Img American film/television actor, Whitman Stuart 
Grace Whitney RWC Img American stage/film/television actress, entertainer, (convert to Judaism) Whitney Grace 
Jim Wiatt American CEO of William Morris Agency, Wiatt Jim 
Gary Wichard Img American sports agent, Wichard Gary 
Enos Wicher Soviet spy against USA, Wicher Enos 
Stephan Wichnewski Img American bass player, Yo La Tengo, Wichnevski Stephan 
Douglas Wick RWF Img American fim producer, Wick Douglas 
Emily Wickersham RWF Img American actress, (Jewish mother), Wickersham Emily 
William Wickner Img American biochemist,    Wickner William 
Georges-Fernand Widal RWC Img Algerian-born French physician, bacteriologist,    Widal Georges-Fernand
Chaim Widawski Polish zionist activist, Widawski Chaim 
David Widhopff RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian French painter, Widhopff David 
Benjamin Widom RW5 Img American physical chemist, statistical mechanics of fluids, Widom Benjamin 
Harold Widom RW5 Img American mathematician, Widom Harold 
Michael Wieck Img German violinist, author, (Jewish mother) Wieck Michael 
Jim Wieder Img American television news journalist, anchor, Wieder  Jim 
Sheldon Wiederhorn Img materials engineering, ??? Wiederhorn Sheldon 
David Wieland Img Australian businessman, Motivate Venture Capital, Wieland David 
Lawrence Wien Img American founder of W & M Properties, New York, Wien Lawrence 
Conrad Wiene RW5 Img Austrian-born German actor, screenwriter, film producer/director, Wiene Conrad
Robert Wiene RW5 Img German/Polish-born German film director, screenwriter, Wiene Robert 
Alexander Wiener RWC Img American hematologist, geneticist, immunologist, zoologist, co-discovery of factor in rhesus, Wiener Alexander 
Alfred Wiener RW5 Img German scholar, Wiener Library, Wiener Alfred 
Charles Wiener Img Austrian-born French explorer, linguist, diplomat, Wiener Charles
Elisabeth Wiener Img French film/television actress, singer/songwriter, Wiener Elisabeth 
Ernest Wiener Belgian quartermaster-general before II world war, Wiener Ernest 
Fridrich Marcus von Wiener Czech-born Wiener Fridrich Marcus
Heinrich Wiener Img German judge,    Wiener Heinrich
Hugo Wiener Img Austrian composer, librettist, screenwriter, Wiener Hugo
Jean Wiener RWF Img French pianist, film score/opera composer, songwriter, Wiener Jean 
Julian Wiener Img Australian cricketer, Wiener Julian 
Leo Wiener RWF HW Img Russian-born American historian, linguist, author, translator, Wiener Leo
Norbert Wiener RWF HW Img American mathematical logician, founder of cybernetics, Wiener Norbert 
Scott Wiener Img American politician, Wiener Scott 
Jacques Wiener, Jr Img American appeals judge, Wiener, Jr Jacques 
Bronislawa Wieniawa-Dlugoszowska Img Russian-born Polish wartime nurse, wife of general Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszlowski, Wieniava-Dlugoszowska Bronislawa
Adam Wieniawski RWF Img Polish composer,   Wieniawski Adam 
Henryk Wieniawski RWF HW Img Polish composer, violinist, Wieniawski Henryk 
Josef Wieniawski RWF Img Polish pianist, composer, conductor, teacher, Wieniawski Josef
Julian Wieniawski RWF Img Polish novelist, dramatist, Wieniawski Julian 
Regine Wieniawski Img Belgian-born British composer, (Jewish father) Wieniawski Regine
Kazimierz Wierzynski RW5 Img Polish poet, journalist,   Wierzynski Kazimierz 
Elie Wiesel RWF HW Img Romanian-born American writer, Nobel Prize (1986) for Peace, Wiesel Elie 
Shavit Wiesel Img Israeli model,   Miss Israel 2010, Wiesel Shavit 
Elie Wieseltier RWE Img American writer, critic, magazine editor, Wieseltier Elie 
Leon Wieseltier RWF Img American writer, critic, magazine editor,   Wieseltier Leon 
Meir Wieseltier RW5 HW Img Russian-born Israeli poet, translator, editor, Wieseltier Meir 
Simon Wiesenthal RWF HW Img Austrian-born American Nazi-hunter, Wiesenthal Simon 
Berthold Wiesner RW5 Img Austrian psychologist, Wiesner Berthold
Berthold Wiesner RW5 Img Austrian psychologist, phisiologist, Wiesner Berthold
David Wiesner RW5 Img American author, illustrator,    Wiesner David 
Ernst Wiesner Img Clovak British architect, Wiesner Ernst 
Jerome Wiesner RWF Img American electrical engineer, scientist, president of MIT Wiesner Jerome 
Julius von Wiesner Img Austrian botanist, Wiesner Julius von
Stephen Wiesner RW5 Img American-born Israeli physicist, quantum cryptography, Wiesner Stephen 
Annette Wieviorka HW Img Moroccan-born American busneesman, Chairman of Eli Lilly and Company, Wieviorka Annette 
Annette Wieviorka Img French historian, Wieviorka Annette 
Michel Wieviorka RWB Img French sociologist, Wieviorka Michel
Olivier Wieviorka RWB Img French historian, Wieviorka Olivier 
Sylvie Wieviorka Img French psychiatrist, Wieviorka Sylvie 
Avi Wigderson RWF HW Img Israeli American computer scientist, mathematician,   Wigderson Avi 
Loudy Wiggins Img Australian diver, Wiggins Loudy 
Michael Wigler HW Img American geneticist, first human oncogen, research institution administrator, Wigler Michael 
Eugene Wigner RWF HW Img Hungarian-born American physicist, mathematician, Nobel Prize (1963), Wigner Eugene 
Baron Basil Wigoder Img British lawyer, Chairman of Liberal Party 1963-65, Wigoder Basil
Charles Wigoder RW5 Img British computer entrepreneour, People Phones, Telecom Plus, Wigoder Charles 
Geoffrey Wigoder RWE Img British-born Israeli hebraist, Wigoder Geoffrey 
David Wijnkoop Img Dutch communist leader, Wijnkoop David 
Harry Wijnschenk RW5 Img Dutch politician, MP Wijnschenk Harry 
Florus Wijsenbeek Img Dutch politician, Wijsenbeek Florus 
Fredrik Wikingsson RWB Img Swedish journalist, comedian, television show host,    Wikinggson Frederik 
Abraham Wikler Img Abraham psychiatrist, neurologist, Wikler Abraham
Dan Wikler Img American philosopher, medical ethicist, Wikler Dan
Georg Witkowski Img German literary historian,   Wikowski Georg
Helmuth Wilberg RWC Img German Luftwaffe general,  (Jewish mother) Wilberg Helmut h
Paul Wilbur RW5 Img American Israeli singer/songwriter, (convert ro Christianity) Wilbur Paul 
Meir Wilchek RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli biochemist, Wilchek Meir 
Desmond Wilcox Img British documentary filmmaker, (convert to Judaism) Wilcox Desmond 
Rebecca Wilcox Img British television presenter,    Wilcox Rebecca 
Frank Wilczek RWF HW Img American physicist, Nobel Prize (2004)  (Jewish paternal grandfather) Wilczek Frank 
Ernest Wilczynski RW5 Img German-born American mathematician, Wilczynski Ernest
Susan Wild RW5 Img American representative from Pennsylvania, 2018- Wild Susan
Wild Man Fischer RWB HW Img American singer/songwriter, Wild Man Fischer
Aaron Wildavsky RW5 Img American political scientist, administrator, Wildavsky Aaron 
Cornel Wilde RWF HW Img American actor, film director,     Wilde Cornel
Larry Wilde RWB Img American stand-up comedian, television/stage actor, motevational speaker, Wilde Larry
Nurit Wilde Img Israeli-born photographer, socialite, Wilde Nurit
Marguerite Wildenhain Img French-born American artist, potter, Wildenhain Marguerite
Alec Wildenstein RW5 Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, Wildenstein Alec
Daniel Wildenstein RW5 Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, Wildenstein Daniel
Georges Wildenstein RW5 HW Img French gallery owner, art collector, editor, art historian, Wildenstein Georges 
Guy Wildenstein RW5 Img French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, Wildenstein Guy
Billy Wilder RWF HW Img Austrian-born American movie director, screenwriter, producer, Wilder Billy 
Gene Wilder RWF HW Img American comic actor, screenwriter, Wilder Gene 
Jo Wilder Img American actress, Wilder Jo
Matthew Wilder RWB Img American record producer, singer/songwriter, Wilder Matthew 
Michael Wilder Img American chess grandmaster, lawyer, Wilder Michael 
Frank Wildhorn RWF Img American composer, Wildhorn Frank 
Benjamin Wildman-Torbiner RWC Img American swimmer, Wildman-Torbiner Benjamin 
Bronislaw Wildstein RW5 Img Polish journalist, (Jewish father) Wildstein Bronislaw
Konstanty Wilenski RWF Img Ukrainian-born Polish composer, pianist, jazz musician, Wilenski Konstanty 
Gail Wilensky Img American health economist, Wilensky Gail
Harold Wilensky RWF HW Img American political scientist, sociologist, Wilensky Harold 
Moshe Wilensky RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli songwriter, composer, poet, Wilensky Moshe 
David Wilentz RW5 Img Latvian-born American Attorney General of New Jersey 1934-44, Wilentz David 
Robert Wilentz RW5 Img American Chief Justice of New Jersey Supreme Court 1979-96, Wilentz Robert 
Warren Wilentz Img American lawyer, politician, Wilentz Warren 
Louis Wiley, Jr Img American executive editor, PBS Frontline, Wiley, Jr Louis 
Einat Wilf RWF HW Img Israeli politician, educator,   Wilf Einat 
Harry Wilf RW5 Img Polish-born American co-founder of Garden Homes Wilf Harry
Herbert Wilf RW5 Img American mathematician, Wilf Herbert 
Joseph Wilf RW5 Img  Polish-born American co-founder of Garden Homes Wilf Joseph
Leonard Wilf RW5 Imd American president of Garden Homes Wilf Leonard
Mark Wilf RW5 Img American co-owner of Garden Homes, Wilf Mark
Steven Wilf Img American legal scholar, legal historian, Wilf Steven 
Zygi Wilf RW5 Img American principal of Garden Homes, Wilf Zygi
Zygi Wilf Img German-born American businessman, MinnesotaVikings, Garden Home Development, Wilf Zygi 
Carl Wilhelm Img Austrian-born actor, film director, screenwriter, Wilhelm Carl
Hans Wilhelm RW5 German-born American screenwriter,  Wilhelm Hans
Max Wilhelm Meyer RWC Img German astronomer, Wilhelm Meyer Max 
William Williams Img American poet, critic, (Jewish maternal descent) Wiliams William 
Brad Wilk HW Img American drummer, actor,  Audioslave, Wilk Brad 
Hannah Wilke RWF Img American painter, sculptor, photographer, Wilke Hannah 
Tal Wilkenfeld RWF Img Australian bassist, guitarist, Wilkenfeld Tal 
Morris Wilkins Img American hotelier, inventor, Wilkins Morris 
Lee Wilkof RW5 Img American stage/film/television actor, Wilkof Lee 
Abraham Wilkomirsky HW Israeli opera singer, Wilkomirsky Abraham 
Nachum Wilkomirsky HW Img Lithuanian-born cantor, singer, composer, Wilkomirsky Nachum 
Samuel Willenberg RW5 HW Img Polish-born Israeli painter, sculptor, Willenberg Samuel
Elliot Willensky RWB Img American composer, songwriter:lyricist, Willensky Elliot 
Avigdor Willenz American founder/CEO/chairman of Galileo Technologies LTD,   Willenz Avigdor 
Adam Williams RWF Img American film/television actor, Williams Adam
Andre Williams RW5 Img American musician, (convert to Judaism) Williams Andre
Anson Williams RW5 HW Img American television actor, director/producer,  Williams Anson 
Betty Williams RWF HW Img Irish-born British peace activist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Williams Betty 
C.K. Williams Img American poet, critic, translator, Williams C.K.
Cara Williams RWF HW Img American film/television actress, Williams Cara 
Constance Williams RW5 Img American politician, Williams Constance
Myrna Williams Img American politician, Williams Myrna
Pearl Williams RWB Img American comedian, singer, pianist, Williams Pearl 
Beau Willimon RWF Img American playwright, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Willimon Beau 
Ellen Willis RWF Img American political essayist, journalist, pop music critic, Willis Ellen 
Arthur Willner RWB Img Czech-born British  composer, teacher, Willner Arthur 
Itamar Willner RWC HW Img Israeli chemistry researcher, Willner Itamar 
Baron Michael Wills Img Labour MP 1997-, Minister of State for Justice 2007-10, Wills Michael 
Chris Willsher Img British entertainer, punk singer, drummer, actor, anarchist, (Jewish descent) Willsher Chris 
Richard Willstatter RWF HW Img German-born Swiss chemist, Nobel Prize (1915), Willstatter Richard 
Robert Willumstad Img American chairman/CEO of AIG, Willumstad Robert
Eva Wilma RWF Img Brazilian television actress, Wilma Eva 
Mary-Kay Wilmers Img British magazine editor 1992 of London Review of Books, (Jewish mother) Wilmers Mary-Kay 
Sophie Wilmes RWC Img Prime Minister of Belgium 2019-20, (Jewish mother) Wilmes Sophie 
Arie Wilner Img Polish resistance fighter, Wilner Arie
Eleanor Wilner Img American poet, editor, Wilner Eleanor 
Eli Wilner Img American owner of Eli Wilner & Company, Wilner Eli
Izrael Chaim Wilner Img Polish resistance fighter, Wilner Izrael Chaim
Mike Wilner RW5 Img Canadian baseball broadcaster, Wilner Mike
Robert Wilonsky Img American journalist, film critic, host of Higher Definition, Wilonsky Robert 
Fred Wilpon RW5 Img American real estate developer, principal owner of New York Mets, Wilpon Fred 
Jeff Wilpon RW5 Img American COO of New York Mets, Wilpon Jeff
Carnie Wilson RWF Img American singer, (Jewish mother) Wilson Carnie 
Harry Wilson Img British character actor, Wilson Harry
Jackie Wilson RW5 Img American singer, (convert to Judaism) Wilson Jackie 
Mara Wilson RW5 Img American child stage/television actress, singer, (Jewish mother) Wilson Mara 
Paul Wilson Img American bariton vocalist, Wilson Paul 
Wendy Wilson RWF Img American singer, (Jewish mother) Wilson Wendy 
Zelma Wilson Img American architect, Wilson Zelma
Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford RW5 Img American singer, Wilson-Rutherford Marilyn 
Alan Wilzig Img American philanthropist, entrepreneur, racing driver, restaurateur, Wilzig Alan
Sir Ivan Wilzig Img American techno musician, Wilzig Ivan
Naomi Wilzig Img American writer, art collector, owner of World Erotic Art Museum, Wilzig Naomi 
Siggi Wilzig Img German-born American oil tycoon, banker,  Wilzig Siggi
Ethel Winant RWB Img American television executive, VP of CBS, Winant Ethel 
Simon Winawer RWF HW Img Polish-born  chess player, Winawer Simon 
Shimon Wincelberg RWF Img German-born American television writer, screenwriter, playwright, Wincelberg Shimon 
Simon Wincer RWF Img Australian film director, producer, ??? Wincer Simon 
April Winchell RWF Img American comedian, voice actress, talk radio host, (Jewish father) Winchell April 
Paul Winchell RW5 Img American actor, comedian, inventor,  Winchell Paul 
Walter Winchell RWF HW Img American newspaper/radio commentator,  Winchell Walter 
Morris Winchevsky Img Lithuanian-born American socialist, Winchevsky Morris
Edgar Wind RWF Img German-born British art historian, Wind Edgar
Kirk Windstein RW5 HW Img American singer, guitarist, Windstein Kirk 
Hubert Wine Irish solicitor, judge, Wine Hubert
Sherwin Wine Img American founder of ''Society for Humanistic Judaism'' Wine Sherwin
Toni Wine RWB HW Img American pop music songwriter, pop singer, Wine Toni 
Amy Winehouse RWF HW Img British jazz singer/songwriter, Winehouse Amy 
Benjamin Winer Img American psychologist, Winer Benjamin 
Dave Winer RWB Img American software developer, content management, Winer Dave 
Jason Winer RW5 Img American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, comedian, Winer Jason 
Ward Winer Img mechanical engineering, ??? Winer Ward 
Vivian Wineman RW5 Img British president of Board of Deputies of British Jews 2009- Winerman Vivian
Debra Winger HW Img American actress,    Winger Debra 
Jason Wingreen RWB Img American film/television actor, Wingreen Jason 
Vera Winich American mayor od Dickinson, Winich Vera
Gary Winick RWF Img American film director, producer, Winick Gary 
Judd Winick RWF Img American cartoonist, comic book writer, Winick Judd 
Salomon Wininger Img Romanian-born Israeli biographer, Wininger Salomon
Josh Wink American producer, DJ, artist, Wink Josh 
Jon Winkelried Img American co-president of Goldman Sachs Group, (Jewish father) Winkelried Jon 
Warren Winkelstein RW5 Img American epidemiologist,  Winkelstein Warren 
Claudia Winkleman RW5 Img British journalist, television presenter, radio personality, Winkleman Claudia 
Sophie Winkleman RW5 Img British actress, (Jewish father) Winkleman Sophie 
Adam Winkler Img American legal scholar,   Winkler Adam 
Harry Winkler Img American television writer, ??? Winkler Harry
Henry Winkler HW Img American actor, director, producer, television writer, Winkler Henry 
Henry Winkler Img president of University of Cincinnati Winkler Henry 
Irwin Winkler RWC Img American film director/producer, Winkler Irwin 
Margaret Winkler Img Hungarian-born American film producer, distributor, Winkler Margaret 
Matthew Winkler Img American editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, Winkler Matthew 
Max Winkler RW5 Img American film director, screenwriter, television director, Winkler Max
Paul Winkler Img Hungarian-born French publisher of Press Alliance, Winkler Paul 
F Winn British High Court judge, Winn F 
David Winner RW5 Img British writer, journalist, Winner David 
Michael Winner RWF Img British director, producer, food critic, Winner Michael 
David Winnick Img British Labour MP 1966-70 1979- , Winnick David 
Gary Winnick RW5 Img American chairman of Global Crossing, Winnick Gary 
Ernestine Winnicka Polish Yiddish film/stage actress, Winnicka Ernestine 
Schlomo Winninger Img Moldovan-born Austrian biographer, Winninger Schlomo 
Mare Winningham RWF HW Img American film/television actress, singer, (convert to Judaism) Winningham Mare 
Eliyahu Winograd RWF Img Israeli acting Supreme Court Justice,  Winograd Eliyahu 
Garry Winogrand RWF American street photographer, Winograd Garry 
Jacobo Winograd Img Chilean entrepreneur, actor, comedian, Winograd Jacobo
Samantha Winograd RWC Img American government official, senior counselor for national security in the Department of Social Security, Winograd Samantha
Shmuel Winograd RW5 HW Img Israeli-born American computer scientist, Winograd Shmuel 
Terry Winograd RWC HW Img American comuter/cognetive scientist, SHRDLU Winograd Terry 
Garry Winogrand RW5 HW Img American photographer, Winogrand Garry 
Marissa Winokur RW5 HW Img American actress, Winokur Marissa 
Louis Winsberg Img French jazz guitarist, Winsberg Louis 
Bruce Winstein Img American physicist, cosmologist, ??? Winstein Bruce 
Saul Winstein RW5 Img Canadian-born American chemist, Winstein Saul 
Stephen Winsten RW5 Img British writer, biographer, Winsten Stephen 
Ben Winston RW5 Img British producer, director, Winston Ben
Brian Winston Img British journalist, media scholar, Winston Brian
Cecil Winston drummer, pianist, Winston Cecil 
Lisa Winston Img American sportswriter, columnist, Winston Lisa 
Baron Robert Winston RW5 Img British fertility expert, broadcaster, Winston Robert 
Stan Winston RWF Img American film/television special effects supervisor, makeup artist, Winston Stan
Marnie Winston-Macauley Img American columnist, author, television writer,   Winston-Macauley Marnie 
Alex Winter RWF Img British-born American actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Winter Alex 
Benjamin Winter RW5 Img Polish-born American real estate developer, Winter Benjamin 
David Winter RWF Img Dutch-born pop singer,   Winter David 
Elmer Winter RW5 Img American co-founder 1948 of Manpower, Inc, Winter Elmer 
Ernst Winter Czech senator, railway expert, Winter Ernst 
Leon de Winter RW5 Img Dutch writer, columnist, film producer, Winter Leon de
Lev Winter RWC Img Czech politician, Minister of Social Walfare, Winter Lev
Louis Lloyd Winter Canadian businessman, Empire Labaratories, Winter Louis Lloyd
Ophelie Winter RWF Img French singer, actress, (Jewish father) Winter Ophelie 
Paul Winter Img French athlete, discus throw, Winter Paul 
Solomon Winter Hungarian philanthropist, Winter Solomon
Solomonica de Winter Img Dutch writer,   Winter Solomonica de
Gerhard Winter von Wigmar Winter von Wigmar Gerhard
Joseph Winter von Wigmar Austrian-born Winter von Wigmar Joseph
Henry Winterfeld Img German author, children's books, Winterfeld Henry
Adolfo Winternitz Img Austrian-born Peruvian painter, Winternitz Adolfo
Felix Adolf von Winternitz Winternitz Felix Adolf von
Moriz Winternitz RWF Img Czech-born Austrian orientalist, indologist, Winternitz Moritz
Wilhelm Winternitz RWF Img Czech-born Austrian physician, hydropathist,   Winternitz Wilhelm
Winternitz von Veljenegg Winternitz von Veljenegg
Winternitz von Viharose Winternitz von Viharose
Ben Winters Img American author, journalist, teacher, playwright, Winters Ben 
Bernie Winters RW5 Img British comedian, television actor, Winters Bernie
David Winters fund manager Winters David 
David Winters HW Img British-born American actor, dancer, choreographer, producer, director, Winters David 
Marian Winters RW5 Img American stage/film/television actress, Winters Marian 
Mike Winters RW5 Img British comedian, actor, Winters Mike
Shelley Winters RWF HW Img American actress, Winters Shelley 
Baron Simon von Winterstein RWC Img Czech-born Austrian businessman, politician, Winterstein Simon von
Oskar Wintersteiner Img Austrian-born American biologist, proved insulin = protein Wintersteiner Oskar 
Aurel Wintner RW5 Img Hungarian mathematician, Wintner Aurel 
Dale Winton RW5 Img British television presenter, radio DJ, (Jewish father, converted to Judaism mother) Winton Dale 
Sir Nicholas Winton RWF HW Img British banker, humanitarian, stochbroker, Winton Nicholas
Sheree Winton RWC Img British film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Winton Sheree
Mira Burt-Wintonick RWB Canadian radio/film producer, radio personality, Wintonick Mira
Peter Wintonick RWF Img Canadian documentary filmmaker, Wintonick Peter 
Maxwell Wintrobe RW5 Img Austrian-born American physician, hematologist, Wintrobe Maxwell 
Chaim Wirszubski RWC HW Img Lithuanian-born Israeli historian, kaballa researcher, translator, Wirszubski Chaim 
Billy Wirth RW5 Img American film/television actor, film producer, artist, (Jewish father) Wirth Billy 
Louis Wirth RWF Img German-born American sociologist, Wirth Louis 
Hana Wirth-Nesher Img German-born American Israeli literary scholar, Wirth-Nesher Hana 
David Wirtschafter American co-CEO of WME Entertainment, Wirtschafter David 
Arthur Wirtz RW5 Img American businessman, Chicago Bulls, Wirtz Arthur 
Rocky Wirtz RWB Img American president of Wirtz Corporation, Wirtz Rocky 
William Wirtz RW5 Img American owner/CEO of Wirtz Corporation, Wirtz William 
Rachel Wischnitzer RW5 HW Img Belarusian-born Russian American art historian, architect, Wischnitzer Rachel 
Daniel Wise RW5 Img American mathematician, Wise Daniel
Fred Wise RWB Img American songwriter:lyricist, Wise Fred 
George Wise RWE HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli sociologist, first president 1963-71, chancellor  -2007, Wise George
Isaac Mayer Wise RW5 HW Img Ameican president of Hebrew Union College 1875- , Wise Isaac Mayer
Mark Wise RW5 Img Canadian-born  American theoretical physicist, ??? Wise Mark 
Norton Wise American historian of science, ??? Wise Norton 
Robert Wise RWF Img American film producer, director, Wise Robert 
Stephen Wise RWC HW Img Hungarian-born president of World Jewish Congress 1936-49 Wise Stephen 
Rabbi Steven Wise Img Hungarian-born American president of Zionist Organisation of America 1936-38 Wise Steven 
Tim Wise Img American  anti-racism lecturer, activist, Wise Tim 
Frances Wisebart Jacobs Img American philanthropist, Wisebart Jacobs Frances 
Adele Wiseman RW5 Img Canadian writer,  Wiseman Adele 
Bob Wiseman RW5 Img Canadian singer/songwriter, filmmaker, pianist,   Wiseman Bob 
Debbie Wiseman RW5 Img British film score composer, Wiseman Debbie 
Frederick Wiseman RWF Img American documentary filmmaker, Wiseman Frederick 
Howard Wiseman Img Australian physicist, ??? Wiseman Howard 
Joseph Wiseman RWF Img Canadian film/television actor,    Wiseman Joseph 
Mark Wiseman RW5 Img Canadian-born American businessman, financier, Wiseman Mark
Rosalind Wiseman Img American writer, Wiseman Rosalind 
Doris Wishman RWF Img American film director, film producer, screenwriter, Wishman Doris 
Vaclav Wislicki Polish politician, MP, industrialist, social activist, Wislicki Vaclav 
Frank Wisner American Head of Directorate of Plans of the Central Intelligence Agency ??? Wisner Frank 
Frank Wisner, Jr Img American ambassador, ??? Wisner, Jr Frank 
Connie Wisniewski Img American basball player, pitcher, Wisniewski Connie
David Wisniewski Img British-born American children's books author, illustrator, Wisniewski David 
Ruth Wisse RW5 HW Img Romanian/Ukrainian-born American literature scholar, linguist,  Wisse Ruth 
Robert Wistrich RWC HW Img Kazakh-born Israeli historian, European Jewish history, Wistrich Robert
Joanna Wiszniewicz Img Polish historian,   Wiszniewicz Joanna
Ernest Witebsky Img German-born American immunologist, Witebsky Ernest 
Leopold Wittelschoffer Hungarian-born Austrian physician, Witelschoffer Leopold
Andrew Witkin RW5 Img American computer scientist, Witkin Andrew 
Christian Witkin Img British-born American photographer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Witkin Christian
Evelyn Witkin RWF Img American geneticist, Witkin Evelyn 
Herman Witkin RWF Img American psychologist, Witkin Herman 
Isaac Witkin RWF South African-born British sculptor, Witkin Isaac 
Jerome Witkin RW5 Img American painter, Witkin Jerome 
Joel-Peter Witkin RW5 Img American photographer, (Jewish father) Witkin Joel-Peter 
Steve Witkoff RW5 Img American real estate businessman, founder of Witkoff Group, Witkoff Steve
Alfred Witkon Img Israeli Supreme Court Justice,  Witkon Alfred 
Milly Witkop RW5 Img Ukrainian-born British feminist writer, anarchist, activist,  Witkop Milly 
Rose Witkop RW5 Img Ukrainian-born British anarchist, journalist, birth control activist, Witkop Rose 
August Witkowski RWF Img Austrian-born Polish physicist, Witkowski August
George Witkowski German-born Dutch literary historian, Witkowski Georg
Ben-Zion Witler RWF Img Polish singer, actor, coupletist, comedian, composer, Witler Ben-Zion 
Mark Witmark American music publisher of M. Witmark & Sons, Witmark Mark 
Nathan Witt Img American lawyer, civil servant, Witt Nathan
Todd Witteles Img American professional poker player, Witteles Todd 
Fritz Wittels Img Austrian-born American psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, Wittels Fritz 
Edward Witten RWF HW Img American mathematician, physicist, Fields Medal (1990), Witten Edward 
Louis Witten Img American theoretical physicist, Witten Louis
Matt Witten Img American screenwriter, Witten Matt 
Alfred Wittenberg RWF Img German/Polish-born violinist, pianist, Wittenbeg Alfred 
Henry Wittenberg RW5 Img American freestyle wrestler, Wittenberg Henry 
Rubin Wittenberg Latvian mechant, politician, Wittenberg Rubin
Yitzhak Wittenberg RWF Img Lithuanian resistance fighter, Wittenberg Yitzhak
Jerry Wittenstein RWC American physicist, engineer, Wittenstein Jerry
Karl Wittgenstein RWF Img Austrian entrepreneur, steel tycoon, Wittgenstein Karl 
Ludwig Wittgenstein RWF HW Img Austrian-born British philosopher, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Wittgenstein Ludwig 
Paul Wittgenstein RWF Img Austrian-born American pianist, (not Jewish maternal grandparent) Wittgenstein Paul 
Richard Witting Img German politician, financier, Witting Richard
Margot Wittkower RW5 Img German-born American interior designer, art historian, Wittkower Margo
Rudolf Wittkower RW5 Img German-born art/architectual historian, Wittkower Rudolf 
Scott Wittman RW5 Img American musical theater director, lyricist, playwright, Wittman Scott 
Franz Wittmann Hungarian electrical engineer,  physicist, Wittmann Franz 
David Witzthum RWB HW Img Israeli television presenter,   Witzthum David 
Ariel Wizman RW5 Img French musician, journalist, Wizman Ariel
Stephen Wizner Img American legal scholar,   Wizner Stephen 
Max Wiznitzer Img Panamian-born American neurologist, Wiznitzer Max 
Suzy Wizowaty Img American politician, Wizowaty Suzy 
Irving Wladawsky-Berger Cuban-born American computer scientist, IBM - Vice President Wladawsky-Berger Irving 
Blanca Wladislaw RWC Img Polish-born Brazilian chemist, Wladislaw Blanca
Andrzej Wlast RWF Img Polish songwriter:lyricist, Wlast Andrzej 
Ruth Wodak Img Austrian linquist, Wodak Ruth 
Baron Albert Wodianer Img Hungarian businessman, politician, Wodianer Baron
Baron Moritz Wodianer Hungarian co-founder of Hungarian Commercial Bank,   Wodianer Moritz
Philip Wodianer Hungarian communal worker, Wodianer Wodianer
Esther Wodnar Polish theater director, Wodnar Esther
Andrew Wohl Polish film actor, film director/producer, Wohl Andrew
Cecilia Wohl Img Lithuanian-born Hungarian salon-holder, mother of Polonyi brothers, Wohl Cecilia 
David Wohl Img American stage/film/television actor, Wohl David 
Herman Wohl Img Ukrainian-born American composer, Wohl Herbert 
Ira Wohl Img American filmmaker, Wohl Ira
Louis de Wohl Img Hungarian-born British author, Wohl Louis de
Maurice Wohl Img British businessman, philanthropist, Wohl Maurice
Peter Wohlfarth RW5 Img German/Polish-born British theoretical physicist, Wohlfarth Peter
Sharon Wohlmuth Img American photojournalist, author, Wohlmuth Sharon 
Emil Wohlwill RW5 Img German engineer, Wohlwill Emil 
Heinrich Wohlwill RWC Img German-born chemical engineer, Wohlwill Heinrich
Anne Wojcicki RWC Img American biotech analyst, biologist, (Jewish mother) Wojcicki Anne 
Esther Wojcicki RW5 Img American journalist, educator, Wojcicki Esther
Stanley Wojcicki Img Polish-born American physicist, Wojcicki Stanley 
Susan Wojcicki RWC Img American SVP of product management at Google, (Jewish mother) Wojcicki Susan 
Lucjan Wolanowski RW5 Img Polish journalist, writer, traveler, Wolanowski Lucjan
Phillip Wolanski Img Australian businessman, Wolanski Philip 
Simeon Burt Wolbach RWF Img American pathologist,  Wolbach Burt 
Simeon Wolbach American pathologist, ??? Wolbach Simeon 
Lewis Wolberg Img American psychiatrist, Wolberg Lewis 
Jose Woldenberg RW5 Img Mexican sociologist, Woldenberg Jose 
Judd Woldin Img American composer, Woldin Judd 
Jan Wolenski RWB Img Polish philosopher, virtue epistemologist, philosopher of language, Wolenski Jan
Aaron Wolf American actor, writer, director, Wolf Aaron
Chad Wolf RWC Img Secretary of Homeland Security 2019- Trump, Wolf Chad
Charles Wolf RWC French astronom, physicist, Wolf Charles 
Charlie Wolf RW5 Img British-based American radio talk-show host, Talksports Radio (Mormon convert) Wolf Charlie 
Christopher Wolf Img American attorney,  Wolf Christopher 
David Wolf  RW5 Img American astronaut on MIR, Wolf David 
Dick Wolf RWF HW Img American television producer/writer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Wolf Dick
Dragutin Wolf RW5 Img Croatian food industrialist, Koestlin, Wolf Dragutin
Emil  Wolf RWF Img Czech-born British physicist, Wolf Emil 
Emil Wolf RW5 Img Czech-born American physicist, President of Optical Society of America 1978 Wolf Emil 
Endre Wolf RWF Img Hungarian violinist, Wolf Endre
Eric Wolf Img British atmospheric chemist, Wolf Eric 
Eric Wolf RWF HW Img Austrian-born American anthropologist, Wolf Eric 
Fay Wolf Img American actress, pianist, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Wolf Fay 
Friedrich Wolf RWF HW Img German author, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, Wolf Friedrich 
Garin Wolf RWB Img American screenwriter, television writer, playwright,  Wolf Garin 
Harry Wolf RW5 Img American representative, 1907-1909, Wolf Harry 
Heinrich Wolf HW Img Austrian chess player,    Wolf Heinrich 
Henry Wolf RW5 Img Austrian-born American graphic designer, Wolf Henry