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Hugo Haas Img Czech director, actor, brother
Pavel Haas RWF HW Img Czech composer,E1093 brother
Haas Haas Family Levi Strauss & Co.
Abraham Haas Img American businessman, founder of Hellman, Haas and Company, father of Walter Haas, Sr
Evelyn Haas Img American civic leader, philanthropist, wife Walter Haas, Jr
Mimi Haas Img American billionaire businesswoman, widow of Peter
Robert Haas Img American businessman, chairman Levi Strauss & Co., son of Walter Haas, Jr
Peter Haas, Sr Img American businessman, chairman/president/CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., son
Rhoda Haas Goldman Img American philanthropist, Levi Strauss & Co. , daughter
Richard Goldman Img American co-owner of San Fransico Giants, Levi Strauss & Co. husband of Rhoda
Walter Haas, Jr Img American chairman, CEO of Levi Srtauss & Co., son Levi Strauss & Co.
Walter Haas, Sr Img American chairman, president of Levi Srtauss & Co., father Levi Strauss & Co.
Daniel Koshland, Jr RWF HW Img American biochemist,
Daniel Koshland, Sr American businessman, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., brother-in-law of Haas, Sr
John Brahm Img German-born American film/television director, 1st husband
Dolly Haas RWF Img German American singer, entertainer, film/television actress, wife
Al Hirschfeld RWF Img American caricaturist, 2nd husband
Ernst Haas Img German-born American political scientist, father
Peter Haas Img American political scientist, son
Elisabeth Freund German/Polish-born American writer,   niece of Fritz
Fritz Haber RWF HW Img German/Polish-born German chemist, ammonia, Nobel Prize (1918), husband
Clara Immerwahr HW Img German chemist, wife
Fritz Stern RWF Img German/Polish-born American historian, grandson of Haber
Baron Solomon von Haber Img Polish/German-born German banker, financier, 1760-1839
Baron Ludwig von Haber-Lindsberg Img Austrian banker, politician, 1804-92
Buddy Hackett RWN Img American film/television actor, stand-up comedian,    father
Sandy Hackett Img American film actor, comedian,    son
Aviad Hacohen Img Israeli legal scholar, attorney, son
Menachem Hacohen HW Img Israeli politician,   father
Jack Black RWF HW Img American actor, comedian, singer, musician, husband of Tanya
Josh Haden Img American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) brother
Petra Haden Img American violinist, singer, (Jewish mother) sister
Rachel Haden Img American bassist, singer, (Jewish mother) sister
Tanya Haden RWF Img American artist, animator, cellist, singer, (Jewish mother) sister
Neil Siegel Img American computer scientist, systems engineer,  half-brother of Jack Black
Albert Goldsmid RWC Img British founder of Jewish Lads' Brigade, great grandfather of Christopher
David Guest Img British mathematician, philosopher, son of Leslie
Anthony Haden-Guest Img British American writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, grandson
Baron Christopher Guest Img American actor, screenwriter, director, composer, grandson
Nicholas Guest Img American actor,    grandson
Jamie Lee Curtis RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish father) wife of Christopher
Elisabeth Furse German/Russian-born British activist, memoirist, mother of Anthony
John Furse Img British film/television director/writer/producer, (Jewish mother) son of Elisabeth
Baron Leslie Haden-Guest Img British journalist, author, politician, (convert to Judaism) grandfather
Baron Peter Haden-Guest British diplomat, dancer, choreographer, father
Elyakim Haetzni RWF HW Img German-born Israeli lawyer, politician, father
Nadav Haetzni HW Img Israeli lawyer, journalist, publicist, son
Waldemar Haffkine RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born French Indian bacteriologist, great grandfather
Nancy Hafkin Img South African computer scientist, internet pioneer, great granddaughter
Cosma Hagen Img American-born actress, (Jewish descent) daughter
Nina Hagen RWF Img German singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) mother
Amanda Boxer Img British film/television actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Emily Hahn Img American journalist, author, mother
Frank Hahn RWF Img German-born British economist, son
Hans Hahn RWF HW Img Austrian mathematician, philosopher, father
Olga Hahn-Neurath HW Austrian mathematician, philosopher, sister of Hans
Otto Neurath RWF HW Img Austrian-born British philosopher of science, sociologist, political economist, (Jewish father) husband of Olga
Wilhelm Neurath Slovakian-born Austrian political economist, father of Otto
Boris Khaikin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet conductor, brother
Semyon Khaikin RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet physicist, astronomer, brother
Moisey Khaikin RWN Img Russian physicist, son of Semyon
Alfred Hajos HW Img Hungarian swimmer, brother
Henrik Hajos HW Img Hungarian swimmer, brother
Cem Hakko Img Turkish fashion designer, businessman, son
Vitali Hakko Img Turkish businessman, Vakko, father
Jacques  Goudstikker Img Dutch art dealer, husband of Desi
Desi von Halban Img Austrian opera/concert singer, daughter
Hans von Halban RWF Img German-born French physicist, second cousin of Desi
Josef von Halban Img Austrian gynecologist, obstetrician, husband
Selma Kurz HW Img Austrian-born opera singer, operatic soprano, wife
Charlene von Saher Img British figure skater, granddaughter of Desi
Joe Haldeman RWF Img American science fiction author, screenwriter, brother
Jack Haldeman II American biologist, science fiction writer, brother
Daniel Halberstam Img American legal scholar, husband
Ellen Katz Img American legal scholar, wife
Abraham Halevy HW Img Israeli agriculture scholar, grandson
Yosef Zvi Halevy RWA HW Lithuanian-born Israeli rabbinical scholar, grandfather
Daniel Halevy Img French historian, (Jewish father) son of Ludovic
Elie Halevy Img French philosopher, historian, (Jewish father) son of Ludovic
Elie Halevy RWC French cantor, poet, author,    father of Leon & Fromental
Genevieve Halevy Img French salon holder, daughter of Fromental, wife of Bizet
Jacques Fromental Halevy RWF HW Img French composer, conductor, father-in-law of  George Bizet brother La Juive
Leon Halevy RWF Img French author, historian ,dramatist, brother
Ludovic Halevy RWF Img French author, opera librettist, son of Leon
Lucien-Anatole Prevost-Paradol RWF Img French essayist, journalist, diplomat, (Jewish father) son of Leon
Alon Halevy Img Israeli-born American computer scientist,    son
Moshe Levy RWC HW Img Greek-born Israeli chemist, father
Meir Bar-Ilan RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born leader of Religious Zionism, father-in-law of Abraham
Abraham Halkin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born historian, father
Hillel Halkin RWE HW Img American-born Israeli translator, biographer, literary critic, novelist, son
Monty Hall Img Canadian-born American producer, actor, singer, sportscaster, father
Joanna Gleason RWF Img Canadian-born American actress, daughter
Edward Hall Img American aerospace engineer, brother
Theodore Hall RWF HW Img American physicist, Soviet atomic spy against USA, brother
Kay Halle Img merican jornalist, broadcaster, sociality, (Jewish father) daughter of Samuel
Salmon Halle Img American co-founder of Halle Brothers, brother
Samuel Halle American co-founder of Halle Brothers, brother
Charles Hallgarten German banker, philanthropist, grandfather
George Hallgarten Img German-born American  historian, grandson
Billy Halop Img American film/television actor, brother
Florence Halop Img American radio/television actress, sister
Daniel Halperin Img American legal scholar, brother of Morton
David Halperin Img American psychiatrist, editor, author, son
Mark Halperin Img American journalist, editor, polytical analyst, son
Morton Halperin Img American Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense,  father
Diane Orentlicher Img American legal scholar, wife of Morton
Connie Eaves Img Canadian cancer researcher, daughter
Israel Halperin Img Canadian mathematician, social activist, father ExLink
Stephen Halperin Canadian American scientist, administrator, son ExLink
William Halperin Canadian American physicist, son ExLink
Mary Hannah Canadian medical scientist, daughter ExLink
Anna Halprin Img American dancer choreographer, teacher, wife
Daria Halprin Img American psychologist, author, dancer, actress, daughter
Lawrence Halprin RWF Img American lanscape architect, husband
Ruthanna Hopper Img American actress, film producer, author, (Jewish mother) daughter of Daria
Boris Hambourg RWF Img Russian-born cellist,   brother
Jan Hambourg RWF Img Russian-born violinist,    brother
Mark Hambourg RWF Img Russian-born British pianist, brother
Mikhail Hambourg RWF Russian-born  Canadian pianist, father
Calmer Joachim Hambro German-born foundrer of C. J. Hambro & Sons, silk & clothing merchants, 1747-1806 father of Joseph 1
Baron Joseph Hambro British mechant banker, co-founder 1839 of Hambros Bank, 1780-1848 son of Calmer 2b
Baron Carl Joachim Hambro Danish-born British co-founder 1839 C. J. Hambro & Sons Bank, 1807-1877 son of Joseph ExLink 3b
Edvard Isaach Hambro 1782-1865 son of Calmer 2n
Carl Joachim Hambro Norwegian novelist, journalist, translator, philologist, (Jewish descent) 1813-73 son of Edvard Isaach 3n
Christian Frederik Hambro Norwegian jurist, diplomat, (Jewish descent) son of Edvard Isaach 3n
Edvard Isak Hambro Norwegian educator, school manager, (Jewish father) 1847-1909 son of Carl Joachim 4n
Edward Isak Hambro Norwegian judge, legal scholar, (Jewish father) 1851-1936 4n
C.J. Hambro Img Norwegian journalist, author, politician, President of the Parliament, (Jewish grandfater) 1885-1964 son of Edvard Isak 5n
Elise Hambro Norwegian educator, school principal, (Jewish grandfather) 1881-1966 sister of Carl Joachim (C.J.) 5n
Sir Everard Alexander Hambro chairman of Hambros Bank 1920-25, director of the Bank of England, (Jewish father) 1842-1925 son of Charles Joachim 4b
Sir Charles Eric Hambro Img British politician, banker, (Jewish grandfather) Chairman of Hambro Bank 1932-45 1872-1947 son of sir Everald 5b
Havard Everald Hambro director of Hambros Bank 1931-45 (Jewish grandfather) 1876-1952 son of sir Everald 5b
Olaf Hambro Img chairman of Hambros Bank 1932-61 (Jewish grandfather) 1885-1961 son of sir Everald 5b
Sir Charles Jocelyn Hambro Img British merchant banker, intelligence officer, chairman 1961-63,(Jewish great grandfather) 1897-1963 son of Charles Eric 6
Richard Everard Hambro  (Jewish great grandfather) 1900- son of Charles Eric 6
Edvard Hambro Img Norwegian legal scholar, diplomat, politician, president of UN General Assembly (1970-71) (Jewish descent) 1911-77 son of C.J. Hambro 6n
Carl Joachim Hambro Norwegian novelist, journalist, translator, philologist, (Jewish descent) 1914-85 son of C.J. Hambro 6n
Cato Hambro Norwegian  (Jewish descent) son of C.J. Hambro 6n
Johan Hambro Norwegian journalist, translator, biographer, (Jewish descent) 1915-93 son of C.J. Hambro 6n
Richard Alexander Hambro Img ExLink1 1947-2009 son of Charles Jocelyn 7b
Baron Charles Hambro British politician, banker, chairman of Hambros Bank 1972-97, (Jewish descent) 1930-2002 son of Charles Jocelyn 7b
Christian Hambro British-born Norwegian attorney, civil servant, (Jewish descent) 1946- son of Edvard Hambro 7n
David Hamburg Img President of Institute of Medicine 1975-80, father
Margaret Hamburg Img American Commisioner of Food and Drugs Administration 2009-15, (Jewish father) daughter
Joan Hamburg Img American radio personality, mother
John Hamburg RWC Img American screenwriter, film director, producer, actor, son
Cao Hamburger Img Brazilian screenwriter, film director/producer, (Jewish father) son
Ernst Hamburger Img German-born Brazilian physicist, populizser of science, father
Michael Hamburger RWF Img German-born British translator, poet, critic, son of Rudolf
Rudolf Hamburger RWF Img Polish-born German American arvhitect, Soviet agent, brother
Viktor Hamburger RWF Img Polish-born German American biologist, embryologist, brother
Baron Paul Hamlyn Img founder 1950, publisher brother of Michael Paul Hamlyn Group
Ruth Kuczynski RWF Img Soviet spy against USA,    wife of Rudolf Ruth Werner
Michel Berger RWF Img French singer/songwriter, son
Jean Hamburger RWF Img French physician, surgeon. essayist,  father
Hammer Occidental Petroleum
Armand Hammer RWF Img American industrialist, arts patron, grandfather
Armie Hammer RWF HW Img American film/television actor, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather) son of Michael
Julius Hammer Img Ukrainian-born American co-founder of Communist Party, father of Armand/Victor
Michael Hammer American bisnessman, philanthropist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Victor Hammer American businessman, art dealer, philanthropist, Hammer Galleries, brother of Armand
Arthur Hammerstein Img American opera producer, uncle of Oscar II
Elaine Hammerstein Img American silent film/stage actress, (Jewish father) daughter of Arthur
James Hammerstein Img American theatrical producer/director,  (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Oscar Hammerstein I Img German-born American producer, theater director/operator, grandfather of Oscar II
Oscar Hammerstein II RWF HW Img German-born American producer, lyricist, librettist, songwriter:lyricist, theater director, (Jewish father) father
Joseph Hamon RWC Spanish physician, physician of Sultan Salim I, father
Moses Hamon RWC Img Spanish-born physician of sultan Sulaiman I, son   
Joseph Ben-Moshe Hamon RWC Spanish physician, physician of Sultan Salim II, son of Moses
Mary Flug Handlin American historian,  wife
Oscar Handlin Img American historian, husband
Murray Handwerker Img American owner of Nathan's Famous, son
Nathan Handwerker Img Polish-born American founder 1916, owner of Nathan's Famous, father
Geulah Cohen RWF HW Img Israeli politician, journalist, mother
Tzachi Hanegbi RWF HW Img Israeli politician,  Minister of Transportsation/Internal Security/Justice/Health, son
Israel Belkind RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli head of the first group of Bilu, historian,
Meir Belkind father of Olga
Olga Hankin HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli land purschaser, wife
Yehoshua Hankin HW Img Ukrainian-born land purschaser, Rechovot, Hadera, husband
Alexis Denisof RWF Img American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) husband
Alyson Hannigan RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish mother) wife
Audrey Ostlin Hansen Img American actress, model, poet, (Jewish mother) grandmother
Beck Hansen RWC Img American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, (Jewish maternal great grandmother) son
Bibbe Hansen Img American film/stage actress, musician, (Jewish maternal grandmother) mother
Channing Hansen Img American performance artist, (Jewish maternal great grandmother) son
Miriam Ben-Israel HW Israeli author, playwright, choreographer, daughter of Ruth/Gideon
Ruth Ben-Israel HW Img Egypian-born Israeli legal scholar, sister of Yuval
Gideon Ben-Yisrael RWC HW Img Israeli politician,     husband of Ruth
Haim Harari RWF HW Img Israeli theoretical physicist, son
Yizhar Harari RWF HW Img Israeli politician, lawer, journalist, father
Yuval Ne'eman RWF HW Img Israeli physicist, politician, nephew of Yizhar
Theodore Hardeen Img Hungarian-born American magician, brother
Harry Houdini RWF HW Img Hungarian-born American magician, escapologist, actor, brother
Moe Howard HW Img American actor, comedian, brother-in-law of Harry
Harold Fisch HW Img British-born Israeli literary scholar, literature researcher, father
Menahem Fisch HW Img British-born Israeli philosopher, son
David Harel RWC HW Img British-born Israeli computer scientist, son
Idit Harel Caperton RWC Img Israeli-born American entrepreneur, educational psychologist, wife of David
Murray Roston HW Img British-born Israeli english literature scholar, brother-in-law of Harold
Arie Harel RWC HW Ukrainian-born Israeli ambassador to Romania 1856-59, Soviet Union 1959-62, father
Yehuda Harel HW Img German-born Israeli politician,   son
Eden Harel RWC HW Img Israeli television host, actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Oded Menashe RWC HW Img Israeli  television actor, magician, television presenter, husband
Bela Harkanyi Img Hungarian astronomer, mathematician, (Jewish father) son
Baron Frigyes Harkanyi Img Hungarian economist, politician, father of Philip
Baron Janos Harkanyi Img Hungarian economist, banker, politician, Minister of Commerse, (Jewish father) son
Philip Harkanyi Hungarian bisinessman, grandfather
Gerson Koppl Hungarian bisinessman, father of Philip
Karolina Wodianer daughter of Samuel Wodianer wife of Philip
Efrem Harkham Img Israeli-born American hotelier, philanthropist, Luxe Hotels, brother
Uri Harkham Img Iraqi-born American business executive, film producer, philanthropist, Harkham Industries, Harkham Properties, brother
Noah Harlan Img American film producer, technologist, husband
Micol Ostow Img American author, editor, educator, (Jewish father) wife
Jane Harman HW Img American congresswoman, wife
Sidney Harman Img American businessman, preisdential advicer Roosevelt, Undersecretary of Commerce Carter  husband
Jeff Harmon  Img American film director/filmwriter/producer, son
Larry Harmon Img American entertainer, father
Lori Harmon Img American actress, daughter
Jess Harnell Img American film/television voice actor, son
Joseph Harnell Img American composer, arranger, pianist, father
Jeannie Berlin RWC HW Img American stage/film/television actress, daughter of Elaine
Sheldon Harnick Img American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist, husband
Elaine May RWC Img American stage/film actress, film director, screenwriter, wife
Raphael Haroche RWC Img French singer/songwriter, actor, composer, nephew
Serge Haroche RWF HW Img Moroccan-born French physicist, quantum engineering, Nobel Prize (2012), uncle
Steven Gonzalez Img American judge, lawyer, (Jewish mother) cousin
Ben Harper Img American guitarist, blues singer, (Jewish mother) cousin
Howard Harris Img American comedy writer, screenwriter, brother
Radie Harris Img American journalist, columnist, sister
Lillian Planer American screen/radio writer, sister
Sir Jack Harris New Zealand businessman, (Jewish father) son
Sir Percy Harris Img British Liberal MP 1916-18 1922-45, father
Zellig Harris RWF Img Ukrainian-born American linquist, methodolosist of science, husband
Bruria Kaufman RWA HW Img American-born Israeli theoretical physicist, mathematician, wife
Haim Kaufman HW Img Israeli politician,    nephew of Yehuda
Yehuda Even Shemuel RWF HW Ukrainian-born Israeli Jewish lexicographer, translator, father of Bruria
Mark Harris Img American novelist, biographer, educator, uncle
Said Sayrafliez American playwtight, author, (Jewish mother) nephew
Sam Harris RWF Img American author, neuriscientist, (Jewish mother) son
Susan Harris Img American television comedy writer, producer, mother
Dan Harris Img American journalist, co-anchor of Good Morning America, son
Jay Harris American radiation oncologist, father
Matthew Harris American venture capitalist, son
Nancy Harris American pathologist, mother
Mary Hart RWF Img American television personality, (convert to Judaism) wife
Burt Sugarman Img American television producer, husband
Hart Hart Family
Aaron Hart son of Ezekiel
Aaron Hart Img British-born Canadian businessman, father of Ezekiel
Adolphus Hart Canadian lawyer, author,
Benjamin Hart Img Canadian merchant, son of Aaron
Ephraim Hart American politician,
Ezekiel Hart Img Canadian entrepeneur, politician, son of Aaron
Moses Hart Img Canadian businessman, son of Aaron
Samuel Hart American merchant, politician,
Theodore Hart Img Canadian businessman, son of Benjamin
Lenny Hart American drummer, father
Mickey Hart Img American drummer, son
Oliver Hart RWF Img British-born American economist, Nobel Prize (2006) son
Philip D'Arcy Hart Img British epidemiologist, father
Baron Samuel Montagu British banker, founder of Samuel Montagu & Co, politician MP 1887-90, grandfather of Philip
Heinz Hartmann Img Austrian American psychologist, son
Ludo Hartmann Img German-born Austrian historian, statesman, father
Moritz Hartmann Img Czech-born Austrian literature scholar, politician, MP grandfather
Maurice Hartt Img Romanian-born Canadian MP 1947-50 father
Stanley Hartt Img Canadian Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney son
Domino Harvey RWF Img British bounty hunter, (Jewish father) daughter
Laurence Harvey RWF Img Img Lithuanian-born South African British actor, father
Sir Joshua Hassan RWC HW Img Prime Minister of Gibraltar 1964-69 1972-87, father
Marlene Hassan Nahon Img Gibraltarian historian, journalist, daughter
Solomon Levy Img Gibraltarian estate agent, mayor of Gibraltar 2008- , nephew of Joshua
Hassenfeld Hasbro, Inc
Alan Hassenfeld Img American CEO/chairman of Hasbro, Inc, brother
Henry Hassenfeld Img co-founder 1923
Hillel Hassenfeld Img co-founder 1923
Stephen Hassenfeld Img American CEO/chairman 1980-89 brother
Craig Hatkoff Img American real estate investor, philanthropist, brother-in-law
Alan Patricof Img American founder 1977 of Apax Partners, brother-in-law
Jamie Patricof Img American film/television producer, son of Alan
Jane Rosenthal RWF Img American film producer, wife of Craig
Elaine Hatfield Img American social psychologist, wife
Richard Rapson Img American historian, writer, husband
Hatvany ExLink
Baron Alexander Hatvani Deutsch Hungarian industrialist, economist, son of Lajos
Baroness Antonia Hatvany-Deutsch Hungarian political writer, daughter of Joseph
Baron Bertalan Hatvany Hungarian orientalist, art collector, son of Joseph
Baron Ferenc Hatvany Img Hungarian painter, art colector, son of Sandor
Jozsef Hatvany-Deutch Hungarian author, playwright, cousin
Baron Lajos Hatvany Img Hungarian writer, critic, literary historian,   son of Sandor Ludwig
Baroness Lili Hatvany Img Hungarian playwright, daughter of Joseph
Baron Sandor Hatvany-Deutsch Img Hungarian merchant, financier, cousin
Anna Lesznai Img Hungarian writer, painter, graphic artist, cousin of Lajos
Henry Aron French journalist, political essayist, uncle
Henri Hauser Img Algerian-born French ancient/medieval historian, economist, geographer,
Reinhold Haussermann Img German-born Austrian stage/film actor, ??? father
Ernst Haeussermann Img German-born Austrian theater director, actor, son
Cemach Feldstein Img Lithuanian educator, grandfather of Esther
Deborah Hautzig Img American children's author, daughter
Esther Hautzig Img Polish/Lithuanian-born American writer, mother
Walter Hautzig Img Austrian-born American pianist, father
June Havoc RWF Img Canadian-born American actress, dancer, writer, theater director, (Jewish mother) daughter
Rose Hovic mother
Gypsy Rose Lee RWF Img American actress, erotic dancer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Goldie Hawn RWF HW Img American actress, director, producer (Jewish mother) mother
Kate Hudson RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter
Oliver Hudson RWF Img American actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Wyatt Russell Img American film/television actor, goalkeeper, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Gwynneth Haynes Img American singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother), Sophe Lux & The Mystic, sister
Todd Haynes RWC Img American film director/producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) brother
Eduardo Cansino, Jr Img American film actor, (Jewish father) son
Eduardo Cansino, Sr Img Spanish-born American dancer, actor, father
Rita Hayworth RWF HW Img American actress, dancer, (Jewish father) ??? daughter
Rita Moreno RWF HW Img Puetro Rico-born singer, dancer, actress, (Jewish descent ???) niece of Rita Hayworth
Oren Hazan RWC HW Img Israeli politician, son
Yehiel Hazan RWC HW Img Israeli politician, father
Michel Hazanavicius RWF Img French film director, producer, screenwriter, brother
Serge Hazanavicius Img French film/stage actor, director, screenwriter. brother
Gennady Khazanov RWF HW Img Russian stand-up comedian, actor, father
Alicia Kazanova RWF Img Russian stage/film actress, balet dancer, daughter
Gabriel Heatter Img American radio commentator, broadcast news analyst, uncle of Merrill
Maida Heatter Img American cookbook writer, daughter of Gabriel
Merrill Heatter Img American screenwriter, producer, husband
Elaine Stewart Img American film actress, model, television personality, wife
John Hechinger American chairman of The Hechinger Company, son
Sidney Hechinger American founder 1911 The Hechinger Company, father
Amy Heckerling RWF Img American film director, producer, screenwriter, actress, 2nd wife
Neal Israel RWF Img American film/television actor, television director/producer/writer, husband
Lori Lieberman Img American singer/songwriter, guitarist, 1st wife
Eli Heckscher Img Swedish political economist, economic historian,   grandfather
Gunnar Heckscher Img Swedish politician, leader of Moderate Party 1961-65 son 
Sten Heckscher RWC Img Swedish Minister of Industry and Employment 1994- grandson
Alan Heeger RWF HW Img American physicist, discovery and development of conductive polymers, father
David Heeger Img American psychologist, neuroscientist, son
Charles Heidelberger Img American biochemist, son ExLink
Michael Heidelberger RWC Img American immunochemist, father
Martin Heidenhain RWF German anatomist, (Jewish father) son
Rudolf Heidenhain RWF Img German physiologist, histologist, father
Fritz Heider RWF Img Austrian-born American mathematical psychologist, father
Karl Heider American anthropologist, son
Danny Heifetz Img American drummer, percusionist, grandson
Jascha Heifetz RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born Russian American violinist, grandfather
Angelo Heilprin RWC Img Hungarian-born American geologist, palenthologist, naturalist, explorer, son
Louis Heilprin Hungarian-born American author, historian, encyclopedia editor, son
Michael Heilprin RWC Img Polish-born American scholar, critic, author,  father
Nachum Heiman RWF HW Img Latvian-born Israeli songwriter, film score composer, father
Si Heiman HW Img Israeli singer, daughter
Princess Alice Heine Img American-born wife of Prince I of Monaco, daughter of Michel
Armand Heine French-born head of Futado-Heine banking house, brother of Michel
Baron Gustav Heine von Geldern RWC Img German Austrian publicist, brother of Heinrich
Heinrich Heine RWF HW Img German poet, journalist, essayist, literary critic, cousin
Michel Heine French/German banker, cousin
Nanette Heine RWN Img German beauty, wife of Salomon
Paule Heine cousin of Michel
Salomon Heine HW Img co-founder 1852 of Bank Heine et Cie, nephew of Heinrich
Baron Robert von Heine-Geldern Img Austrian ethnologist, ancient historian, archaeologist, grandnephew of Heinrich
Simon von Geldern German traveler, author, great-uncle of Heinrich
Marie Miltenberger wife of Michel ExLink
8th Duke of Richelieu French aristocrat, (Jewish mother) son of Alice Heine
Wolfgang Heinz Img Austrian-born  German actor, theater director, half-brother
David Hurst Img German-born British American stage/film/television actor,  half-brother
Sandy Helberg Img German-born American film/television actor, father
Simon Helberg RWF HW Img American film/television actor, comedian, son
Jocelyn Towne Img American actress, producer, director, wife of Simon
Robert Towne RWF Img American screenwriter, director, producer, actor, uncle of Jocelyn
Gladys Heldman Img American tennis player, mother
Julie Heldman Img American tennis player, daughter
Bruno Heller RWF Img British television/film writer, producer, (Jewish father) son
Lukas Heller RWF German-born American screenwriter, father
Zoe Heller RWF Img British author, journalist, (Jewish father) daughter
Adam Heller RWF Img Romanian-born Israeli American scientist, bioengineering, father
Ephraim Heller Img American inventor, entrepreneur, Synagile Corporation, son
Lillian Hellman RWF HW Img American playwright, librettist, wife
Arthur Kober Img Ukrainian-born American writer, husband
Frances Hellman Img American physicist, daughter
Herman Hellman Img German-born American businessman, banker, Hellman, Haas & Co., brother of Isaias
Isaias Hellman  Img German-born American co-founder 1871 of Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wells Cargo, great grandfather of Warren
Warren Hellman Img American businessman, Hellman & Friedman LLC  Lehman Brothers = pr father
Harry Helmsley Img American real estate developer, New York, husband
Leona Helmsley HW Img American hotel operator, real enstate investor,    wife
Ferenc Heltai Img Hungarian economic writer, mayor of Budapest, historian,    nephew
Jeno Heltai Img Hungarian writer, poet, producer, story editor, cousin of Theodor
Theodor Herzl RWF HW Img Hungarian-born Austrian founder of Zionism, uncle
Sir Mark Henig British Lord Mayor of Leichester, father
Baroness Ruth Henig Img British historian, politician,    wife
Simon Henig British politician, grandson
Stanley Henig Img British Labour MP 1966-70, husband
Baron Alfred von Henikstein RWC Img Austrian Chief of Staff, 1864- son 1810-82
Joseph von Henikstein German-born Austrian businesman, financier,  father 1768-1838
Jakob Henle RWF Img German anatomist, pathologist,
Werner Henle Img German-born American virologist, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Linda Henning Img American television actress, (Jewish father), daughter
Paul Henning Img American television producer/writer, father
Henriques Henriques Family
Sir Basil Henriques Img British philantropist,
Jack Henriques British engineer, photographer,
Robert Henriques British novelist,
Sean Paul RWC Img Jamaican reggae, hip hop singer, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather)
Caroline Herschel RWF HW Img German-born British astronomer, (Jewish father) sister
Sir John Herschel RWF HW Img British astronomer, mathematician, chemist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of William
Sir William Herschel RWF HW Img German-born British astronomer, composer, (Jewish father) brother
Baron Farrer Herschell RWC Img British Lord Chancellor 1886 1992-95 son
Ridley Herschell Img Polish-born British minister, father
Henri Herz RWF Img Austrian pianist, composer, husband
Jacques Simon Herz RWF Img German-born French pianist, composer, brother of Henri
Countess Henckel von Donnesmarck Img French courtesan, (La-Paiva) Esther Lachmann wife
Henriette Herz RWE HW Img German salon holder, author, wife
Marcus Herz RWE HW Img German physician, philosopher, husband
John Hertz Img Hungarian-born American founder of The Hertz Corporation, father
John Hertz, Jr American advertising executive, son
David Gustav Hertz German businessman, grandfather of Heinrich
Gustav Hertz RWF HW Img German physicist, Nobel Prize (1925), (Jewish paternal grandfather) nephew
Gustav Ferdinand Hertz RWF Img German jurist, senator, father of Heinrich
Hans Hertz Img Swedish physicist, (Jewish great great paternal grandfather) son of Carl Helmuth
Heinrich Hertz RWF HW Img German physicist, electro magnetic waves, (Jewish father) uncle ExLink
Carl Hellmuth Hertz RWF Img Swedish physician, engineering scholar, (Jewish great paternal grandfather) son of Gustav Hertz
Mathilde Hertz Img Geman biologist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Heinrich
Salomon Oppenheim, Jr Img German founder 1789 of Sal. Oppenheim, Jr & Cie, great great grandfather of Heinrich's
Danny Cohen Img British controller of BBC One, husband of Noreena
Rabbi Joseph Hertz Hungarian-born Chieff Rabbi of the British Empire, 1913-46 great grandfather
Noreena Hertz Img American journalist, author, great granddaughter
Andrew Herxheimer Img German-born British clinical pharmacologist, great nephew
Karl Herxheimer RWF Img German dermatologist, great uncle
Abel Herzberg Img Dutch lawyer, poet, writer, historian, father
Judith Herzberg Img Dutch poet, playwright, daughter
Jana Herzen Img American singer/songwriter, jazz musician, daughter
Leonard Herzenberg HW Img American immunologist, geneticist, father
Charles Herzfeld Img Austrian-born American scientist, scientific manager, nephew
Karl Herzfeld Img Austrian-born American physicist, uncle
Abba Eban RWF HW Img South African-born Israeli diplomat, politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs   ,
Aura Herzog Img Egyptian-born Israeli writer,  wife of Chaim Herzog
Chaim Herzog RWF HW Img  6th President of Israel 1983-93 father
Isaac Herzog RWF HW Img Israeli politician ,lawyer, Minister of Walfare & Social Services son of Chaim
Michael Herzog Img American ambassador to United States 2021- ,
Yaakov Herzog RWE HW Img Israeli ambassador to Canada 1960-63 brother of Chaim
Yitzhak Herzog RWF HW Img Polish-born Chief Rabbi of Ireland 1919-36, Palestine 1936-48 father of Chaim
John Hess Img American chairman of Hess Corporation, son
Leon Hess Img American CEO of Hess Corporation, father
David Wilentz Img Latvian-born American Attorney General of New Jersey 1934-44, maternal grandfather of John
Robert Wilentz Img American Chief Justice of New Jersey Supreme Court 1979-96, brother-in-law of Leon
Warren Wilentz Img American lawyer, politician, son of David
Constance Williams Img American politician, daughter
Franz Hessel Img German writer, translator, father
Stephane Hessel RWF HW Img German-born French diplomat, resistance fighter, (Jewish father) son
Sara Hestrin-Lerner RWC HW Img Canadian-born Israeli physiologist, pathologist, sister
Shlomo Hestrin RWA Canadian-born Israeli biochemist,   brother
Alan Hevesi Img American politician, son
Andrew Hevesi Img American politician, father
David Heyman RWF HW Img British film producer, (Jewish father) son
John Heyman Img German-born British film producer, talent agent, father
Barak Heymann Img Israeli film director/producer, brother
Tomer Heymann Img Israeli filmmaker, brother
Philip Heymann Img American legal scholar, Deputy Attorney General 1993-94,  Clinton father
Stephen Heymann Img American assistant US Attorney for the district of Massachusets, son
Margarete Hilferding Img Austrian individual psychologist, teacher, doctor, wife
Rudolf Hilferding RWF Img Austrian-born German Minister of Finance of Germany 1923 1928-29 husband
Beanie Feldstein Img American actress, sister
Jonah Hill RWF HW Img American film/television actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer,    brother
Marcel Hillaire Img German-born American actor,   grandson
Ferdinand Hiller RWF HW Img German composer, conductor, writer, grandfather
Bessie Abramowitz Img Belarusian-born American labor leader, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, wife
Sidney Hillman Img Lithuanian-born American president of Amalgamated Clothing Workers, husband
Himmelfarb/Kristol Kristol Family/wiki/cat
Gertrude Himmelfarb HW Img American historian of Victorian era, wife
Milton Himmelfarb HW Img American sociographer, brother of Gertrude
Irving Kristol RWF HW Img American journalist, founder of neoconservatism, husband
William Kristol HW Img American neoconservative commentator, political analyst, son
David Hindawi RWC Img Iraqi-born American entrepreneur, father
Orion Hindawi Img American entrepreneur, son
Clara Bischoffheim daughter of Salomon Goldschmidt mother
Jacob Hirsch father of Joseph von
Baron Josef Jacob Hirsch auf Gereuth German-born grandfather
Baron Maurice de Hirsch RWF HW Img German-born financier, philantrop Turkish Bank Paris father 1831-1896
Count Maurice de Forest HW Img British politician, Radical Liberal MP 1911-18 son adopted
Siegfried Hirsch German historian,   cousin
Theodor Hirsch German historian,   cousin
Emil Hirsch Img Luxembourgian-born 19th century American Reform rabbi, scholar, son
Samuel Hirsch Img German-born American Reform judaism philosopher, father
Abraham Hirschfeld Img Polish-born American real estate developer, owner 1993-98 of New York Post, father
Elie Hirschfeld Img American real estate developer, theatrical producer, philanthropist, art collector, son
Rachel Hirschfeld Img American animal rights activist, daughter
Eugenio Colorni Img Italian philosopher, politician, anti-fascist, husband
Eva Colorni wife of  Indian economist Amatya Sen, Nobel Prize winner,  daughter
Renata Colorni Img Italian translator, daughter
Albert Hirschman RWF Img German-born American economist, brother of Ursula
Ursula Hirschmann Img German-born Italian resistance member, wife
Konrad Kellen Img German-born American political scientist, cousin of Ursula/Albert
Barbara Spinelli Img Italian journalist, writer, politician, (Jewish mother) daughter of Ursula
David Hirshleifer Img American economist, son
Jack Hirshleifer Img American economist, father
Michel Balinski Img Swiss-born applaied mathematician, grandson of Ludwik Rajchman
Ludwik Hirszfeld RWF Img Polish physician, microbiologist, serologist, immunologist, first cousin
Hanna Hirszfeldowa Polish pediatrician, wife of Ludwik
Aleksander Rajchman Polish mathematician, first cousin
Jan Rajchman RWC Img British-born American electrical engineer, computer scientist, (Jewish father) son of Ludwik
Ludwik Rajchman RWF Img Polish bacteriologist, UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, brother of Aleksander
Chaim Chissin HW Img Belarusian-born among first group of Bilu pioneers, grandfather
Naomi Polani RWA HW Img Israeli-born musical/theater director, singer/producer, actress, dancer, granddaughter
Christopher Hitchens RWF HW Img British-born American author, journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother) brother
Peter Hitchens Img British journalist, author, broadcaster,  (Jewish mother) brother
Ben Hoberman Img American radio executive, father of David
David Hoberman RWC Img American film/television producer, cousin
Jethro Rothe-Kushel Img American film producer/director, (Jewish father) cousin
Andy Hobsbawm Img British entrepreneur, writer, musician, son
Eric Hobsbawm RWF HW Img Egyptian-born British marxist historian, author, father
Eduardo Hochschild Img Peruvian chairman of Hochschild Mining, son Hochschild Mining
Moritz Hochschild Img German-born founder 1911 uncle of Luis Hochschild Mining tin
Luis Hochschild Img Peruvian chairman of Hochschild Mining, father Hochschild Mining
Isa Hoes Img Dutch voice actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Onno Hoes RWC Img Dutch politician, (Jewish mother), mayor of Maastricht 2010- , brother
Jane Hoffman Img American actress, mother
Sam McMurray Img American film/television/voice actor, (Jewish mother) son
Edmund Hoffman American co-chairman of Coca Cola Bottling Group, father
Robert Hoffman American co-chairman of Coca Cola Bottling Group, son
Jerzy Hoffman RWF HW Img Polish film director, screenwriter, father
Joanna Hoffman RWC Img American marketing executive, (Jewish father) daughter
Alain Rossmann Img French-born American entrepreneur, ??? husband of Joanna
Hoffmann Roche Holding Bloomberg
Sabine Duschmale-Oeri Img Jewish great grandfather
Andre Hoffmann Swiss billionaire, Hoffman-La Roche, child of Lucas Hoffmann Bloomberg Jewish great grandfather
Emanuel Hoffmann Img Swiss art collector, entrepreneur, (Jewish father) son of Fritz Hoffman-La Roche,father lf Lukas, Vera
Fritz Hoffman-La Roche Img Swiss founder of Hoffmann-La Roche,
Lukas Hoffmann Img Swiss ornithologist, conservationist, philanthropist, (Hoffmann-La Roche),  Jewish paternal grandfather
Maja Hoffmann Img Swiss billionaire, Hoffman-La Roche, child of Lucas Hoffmann Bloomberg Jewish great grandfather
Vera Michalski Img Swiss billionaire, Hoffman-La Roche, child of Lucas Hoffmann Bloomberg Jewish great grandfather
Andreas Oeri Jewish great grandfather
Catherine Oeri Img Jewish great grandfather
Vera Oeri-Hoffmann Andreas Oeri, Maja Oeri, Sabine Duschmane-Oeri, Catherine Oeri children of Vera Oeri-Hoffmann
Maja Sacher Swiss art collector, sculptor, wife of Emmanuel Hoffman, (not Jewish)
Paul Sacher Img Swiss composer, conductor, philanthropist, (not Jewish) Orbitrary
Lukas Hoffmann Andre Hoffmann, Vera Michalski, Maja Hoffmann children of Lukas Hoffmann
Dustin Hoffman RWF HW Img American actor, director, producer, husband
Jake Hoffman Img American film actor, film director,     son
Lisa Hoffman Img American founder/president of Lisa Hoffman Beauty, wife
Abbie Hoffman RWF Img American social/political activist, husband
Anita Hoffman Img American jippie activist, writer, wife
Jerzy Hoffman RWF HW Img Polish film director, screenwriter, father
Joanna Hoffman RWC Img Polish physicist, archaeologist, Apple Inc, emploee daughter
Hofmannsthal Hofmannsthal Family
Augustin Emil Hofmann Austrian industrialist, grandfather of Hugo
Hugo August Peter Hofmann Austrian  (Jewish father/convert to catholisism) father of Hugo
Isaak Low Hofmann Img Czech-born  Austrian merchant, great grandfather of Hugo
Hugo von Hofmannsthal RWF Img Austrian poet, dramatist, novelist, librettist, (Jewish paternal grandfather/convert to catholicism)
Christine Hofmann daughter of Hugo/Gertrud
Raymund Hofmann son of Hugo/Gertrud
Gertud Schlesinger Austrian daugher of banker, (Jewish convert to christianity) wife of Hugo
Susanna Hoffs RWC Img American actress, singer/songwriter, wife
Tamar Simon Hoffs Img American film director/producer, screenwriter,  mother of Susanna
Jay Roach RWC Img American film director, producer, (convert to Judaism) husband
Albert Hofstadter Img American philosopher, brother
Douglas Hofstadter RWF HW Img American computer scientist, philosopher of mind, artificial intelligence, (Jewish father) son of Robert
Robert Hofstadter RWF HW Img American physicist, Nobel Prize (1961), brother
Richard Holbrooke RWF HW Img American diplomat, magazine edotor, author, husband
Kati Marton Img Hungarian-born American journalist, author, wife
Mortimer Hall American television executive, (son of Dorothy Schiff) husbabd
Ruth Roman Img American film/stage/television actress, wife
Katarzyna Adamik Img Polish film director, visual arts artist, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Agnieszka
Agnieszka Holland RWF Img Polish film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) daughter
Henry Holland Polish sociologist, journalist, publicist, father
Magdalena Lazarkiewicz Img Polish actress, film director, (Jewish father) daughter
Judy Holliday RWF HW Img American actress,    wife
Dave Oppenheim Img American composer, husband
Libby Holman Img American singer, stage actress, wife
Louis Schanker Img American printmaker, painter, sculptor, husband
Adam Holzman Img American jazz keyboardist, son
Jac Holzman RWF Img American record producer, father
Savannah Dooley Img American screenwriter, television producer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Winnie Holzman Img American screenwriter, dramatist, poet, mother
Oscar Homolka Img Austrian-born  film/stage actor,  (not Jewish ???) husband
Eugene Meyer RWC Img American economist, chairman of Federal Reserve 1930-33 father of Florence
Florence Meyer Img American photographer, socialite, (Jewish father) 3rd wife
Grete Mosheim Img German film/stage/television actress, (Jewish father) 1st wife
Heddy Honigmann Img Peruvian-born Dutch documentary filmmaker, film director, mother
Stefan van de Staak Img Dutch actor, film director, (Jewish mother) son
Jake Hooker Img Israeli-born American guitarist, husband
Lorna Luft RWC Img American film/television/stage actress, singer, (Jewish father) wife
Monica Horan RWC Img American television actress, (Jewish father, convert to Judaism)
Philip Rosenthal Img American television writer/producer,
Christopher Horner American anthropologist, scenic designer, son
Harry Horner Img Czech-born American art director, production designer, father
James Horner RWF HW Img American film score composer, songwriter, conductor, son
Kathleen Hanna Img American singer/songwriter, wife of Adam
Adam Horovitz RWC Img American rapper, (Jewish father) son of Israel, husband of Skye
Israel Horovitz RWC Img American playwright, screenwriter, father
Rachael Horovitz RWC Img American film producer, (Jewish father) daughter of Israel
Ben Lee Img Australian actor, vocalist, guitarist, husband of Skye
Donovan Leitch, Jr Img British-born American actor, (Jewish mother) son of Enid
Ione Skye RWF Img British-born American actress, (Jewish mother) wife of Adam
Enid Stulberger Img American-born British model, mother of Donovan/Ione
Bela Horovitz Hungarian-born British publisher, Phaidon Press, father
Hannah Horovitz Img Austrian-born British classic music promoter, daughter
Josef Horovitz Img Austrian-born British composer, conductor, son
Adam Horovitz Img British poet, son
Frances Horovitz British poet, broadcaster, mother
Michael Horovitz Img German-born British poet, artist, translator, father
Ben Horowitz RWC Img American founder/president/CEO of Opsware, son
David Horowitz RWF HW Img American neoconservative writer, historian, social activist, father
Jascha Horenstein HW Img Ukrainian-born Austrian American conductor, uncle of Beate
Beate Sirota Gordon Img Austrian-born japanologist, arts presenter, women's rights advocate, daughter
Leo Sirota RWE Img Ukrainian-born Japan pianist, father
Vladimir Horowitz RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born American pianist, brother-in-law
Evsei Liberman RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet economist, brother-in-law
Bernard Houthakker Dutch art dealer, father
Hendrik Houthakker RWF Img Dutch-born American economist, son
Curly Howard HW Img American stage/film/television actor, comedian,   brother
Moe Howard HW Img American actor, comedian, brother
Shemp Howard HW Img American actor, comedian, brother
Alan Howard Img British stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father) son of Arthur
Arthur Howard Img British film/television actor, brother
Irene Howard Img British costume designer,     sister
Leslie Howard HW Img British film/stage actor, director, producer, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) brother Pygmalion
Ronald Howard Img British actor, writer,   son of Leslie Sherlock Holmes
Eugene Howard Img German-born American vaudeville performer, brother
Willie Howard Img German-born American vaudeville performer, brother
Irving Howe RWF Img American historian, literary/social critic, father
Nicholas Howe Img American literary scholar, medievalist, son
Amy Huberman RWC Img Irish film/television actress, writer, (Jewish father) sister
Mark Huberman Img Irish actor, (Jewish father) brother
Faith Hubley Img American animator, mother
Georgia Hubley Img American percussionist, (Jewish mother) daughter
Emily Hughes Img American figure skater, (Jewish mother) sister
Sarah Hughes RWC Img American figure skater, (Jewish mother) sister
Adam Humer Img Polish ministry of Security high-ranking official, stalinist functionery, uncle
Magda Umer Img Polish singer, journalist, author, director, screenwrite, actress, (Jewish father) niece
Gordon Hunt Img American actor, stage/film director, (Jewish mother) father
Helen Hunt RWF HW Img American actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Peter Hunt Img American theater/television director, (Jewish mother) uncle of Helen
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Img British actress, model, (Jewish father 3/4) sister
Toby Huntington-Whiteley Img British model, (Jewish father 3/4) brother
Caroline Huppert Img French film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) sister
Isabelle Huppert RWF HW Img French stage/film/television actress, singer, (Jewish father) sister
Lolita Chammah RWC Img French actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather,father) daughter of Isabelle
Herbert Huppert Img Australian-born British geophysicist, father
Julian Huppert Img British politician, Liberal MP 2010- son
Sol Hurok RWF HW Img Russian-born American performing arts agent, impresario, grandfather
John Hyams RWF Img Ameican screenwriter, director, producer, (Jewish father) son of Peter
Peter Hyams RWF Img American screenwriter, director, cinematographer, grandson
Sir Arthur Frederick Hurst Img British physician, brother
Sir Gerald Hurst Img British conservative politician, MP 1918-35, brother
Leo Hurvich Img American psychologist, husband
Dorothea Jameson Img American neuroscientist, ??? wife
Jerard Hurwitz Img American biochemist, molecular biologist, husband
Ora Mendelsohn Rosen RWC Img American molecular biologist, wife
Marie Briehl American psychoanalyst, sister
Sophia Delza Img American dancer, sister
Leo Hurwitz RWF Img American documentary filmmaker, brother
Edmund Husserl RWF HW Img Czech-born Austrian German philosopher, phenomenology, father
Gerhart Husserl Img German-born American legal scholar, philosopher, son
Norman Brokaw Img American talent agent, CEO/chairman William Morris Agency, nephew
Johnny Hyde Img Russian-born American talent agent, uncle
First Letter ==> I
Brett Icahn Img American businessman, hedge fund manager, (Jewish father) son
Carl Icahn RWF Img American businessman, Icahn Partners, father
Ellen Idelson RWF Img American producer, screenwriter, actress, daughter
Bill Idelson Img American actor, screenwriter, father
Yisrael Bar-Yehuda RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    cousin of Abraham Zevi
Abraham Zevi Idelsohn RWF HW Img Latvian-born Israeli American lyricist, musicologist, ethnomusicologist, grandfather
Abraham Idelsohn HW Img Lithuanian-born journalist, editor, zionist leader, second uncle of Yisrael
Beba Idelson RWC HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    wife of Yisrael
Baron Joel Joffe Img South African-born  human rights activist, grandson
Jerry Iger Img American cartoonist, great-uncle Eisner & Iger
Robert Iger RWF Img president and CEO 2005- great-nephew The Walt Disney Company
Chabeli Iglesias Spanish journalist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter
Enrique Iglesias RWF Img Spanish pop music singer/songwriter, (Jewish parernal grandmother), son
Julio Iglesias RWF HW Img Spanish-born singer, (Jewish mother), father
Julio Iglesias, Jr RWF Img Spanish singer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Ilya Ilf RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian humorist, (Jewish father) brother
Sandro Fasini RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet French painter, photographer, (Jewish father) brother
Boris Iofan RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet architect, brother
Dmitriy Iofan RWE Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet architect, brother
Zlata Lilina RWF Belarusian-born public/political figure, journalist, 2nd wive of Grigory Zinoviev, sister
Ilya Ionov RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, publisher, brother
Jim Irsay RWC Img American owner of Indinapolis Colts (Jewish father) son
Robert Irsay Img American owner of Indinapolis Colts, father
Samuel Isaac British merchant, projector of Mersey Railway Tunnel, brother
Saul Isaac Img British buinessman, politician, Conservative MP 1874-80, brother
Isaacs Isaacs Family
Marchioness Alice Isaacs Img British philanthropist,   mother
Sir Henry Aaron Isaacs Img British Lord Mayor 1889-
Marquess Gerald Isaacs RWC Img British lawyer, politician, son
Viscount Julian Michael Rufus Isaacs Img British aristocrat, banker, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Simon
Marquess Michael Isaacs Img British aristiocrat, banker, son of Gerard
Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs Img British aristocrat, socialite, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Simon
Marquess Rufus Isaacs RWC HW Img Governor-General of India 1921-26 Foreign Secretary 1931 father
Marquess Simon Rufus Isaacs Img British aristocrat, banker, philanthropist, (Jewish father) son of Michael
Marchioness Eva Violet Isaacs RWC Img   (Jewish father) (convert to Judaism) wife of Gerard
David Isay Img American radio producer, son
Richard Isay Img American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, father
Nadav Eyal HW Img Israeli journalist, television news editor, husband
Tamar Ish-Shalom HW Img Israeli journalist, television presenter, wife
Isaac Israels RWF HW Img Dutch painter, son
Jozef Israels RWF HW Img Dutch painter, father
Julius Isserlis RWF HW Img Moldovan-born pianist, grandfather
Steven Isserlis RWF HW Img British cellist, grandson
Itzig Itzig Family
Baroness Fanny von Arnstein RWE Img Austrian-born socialite, salon holder, wife of Daniel Arnstein, daughter of Daniel
Bonem Itzig father of architect Friedrich Hitzig, son of Daniel
Caecilie Itzig wife of Baron Bernhard von Eskeles, daughter of Daniel
Isaac Daniel Itzig co-founder of Jewish Free school in Berlin, son of Daniel 1760-1836
Susanna Itzig wife of David Friedlander, daughter of Daniel 1752-1814
Bella Itzig Austrian mother-in-law of Avraham Mendelssohn, mother of Jacob, daughter of Daniel 1749-1824
David Friedlander Img German banker, writer, co-founder of bank Mendelssohn and Friedlander, son-in-law
Friedrich Hitzig RWF Img German architect, President of the Academy Of Art son of Julius
Julius Eduard Hitzig RWF Img German author, civil cervant, grandson of Daniel
Daniel Itzig HW Img German court banker, father 1723-99
Jakob Salomon Bartholdy RWC Img German diplomat, art patron, son of Bella
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel RWF HW Img German pianist, composer, singer, daughter of Lea
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy RWF HW Img German romantic composer, conductor, songwriter, son of Lea
Lea Mendelssohn wife of Avraham Mendelssohn, daughter of Bella
Cary Elwes Img British actor, (Jewish maternal descent) son of Tessa
Cassian Elwes Img British film producer, talent agent, (Jewish maternal descent) son of Tessa
Damian Elwes Img British-born Ameican artist, (Jewish maternal descent) son of Tessa
Ivan Ivanovic Img Croatian-born industrialist, politician, MP 1908-18, MP 1921-41, father
Vane Ivanovic Img Croatian-born Yugoslav shipowner, diplomat, political activist, (Jewish father) son of Ivan
Elliott Kastner Img American film producer, 2nd husband of Tessa
Tessa Kennedy Img British interior designer, (Jewish maternal grandgather) daughter of Daska
Daska McLean Img Croatian-born British woman, (Jewish father) daughter of Ivan
Ernest Ivanter RWC Img Soviet zoologist, ecologist, brother
Viktor Ivanter RWC Img Soviet economist,   brother
Dana Ivgy RWC HW Img Israeli film/television actress, daughter
Moshe Ivgy RWC HW Img Moroccan-born Israeli film/stage actor, father
First Letter ==> J
Ari Jabotinsky RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    son
Zeev Jabotinsky RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Revizionist Zionist leader, writer, journalist, orator, translator, father
Irene Jacob RWF Img French-born Swiss actress, daughter
Maurice Jacob Img French physicist, ??? father
Carl Jacobi RWF HW Img German mathematician, elliptic functons, brother ExLink
Moritz von Jacobi RWF Img German-born Russian physicist, engineer, brother
Nikolai Jacobi RWF Russian judge, senator, son of Moritz
Vladimir Jacobi RWF Russian inventor, son of Moritz
Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi RWF Img German philosopher,   brother
Johann Georg Jacobi RWF Img German poet, brother
Lou Jacobi Img Canadian film/televition/stage actor,  grandfather
Scott Jacoby Img American actor, grandson
Billy Jayne American actor, musician, director, grandson
Robert Jayne American film/television actor, grandson
Irwin Jacobs RWF Img American co-founder 1985 of Qualcomm, father Qualcomm
Paul Jacobs Img American CEO 2005-, chairman  of Qualcomm, son
David Jacobs Img British radio broadcaster, actor, brother
Emma Jacobs Img British actress, daughter of David
John Jacobs brother
Adam Jacobs Img American actor, singer, (Jewish father) brother
Arielle Jacobs Img American actress, (Jewish father) sister
Fran Drescher RWF HW Img American film/television actress, comedian, producer, wife of Peter
Peter M. Jacobson RWF Img American television writer, director, producer, actor, son
Walter Jacobson Img American television news anchor,       father
Emily Jacobson Img American sabre fencer, sister
Sada Jacobson RWC Img American fencer, sister
Andrea Jaffe American publicist, daughter
Leo Jaffe Img American chairman of Columbia Pictures, father
Stanley Jaffe Img American producer, son
Janet Jagan RWF HW Img American-born President of Guyana 1997-99 , mother
Joey Jagan Img Guyanese politician, (Jewish mother) isemann
Henry Jaglom Img British-born American actor, film director, playwright, father
Sabrina Jaglom Img American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Simon Jaglom Img American actor, (Jewish father) son
Gerhard Jahn RWC Img German Federal Minister of Justice 1969-74, (Jewish mother) son
Lilli Jahn Img German physician, mother
Reina James Img British author, dayghter
Sid James HW Img South African-born British actor, comedian, father
Kevin James RWC Img American comedian, actor, writer, producer, (Jewish maternal discent) brother
Gary Valentine Img American comedian, actor, writer, (Jewish maternal discent) brother
Eliot Janeway Img American economist, journalist, author, brother
Elizabeth Janeway American author, critic, ??? wife of Eliot
Michael Janeway American journalist, son of Eliot/Elizabeth
Robert Janeway inventor of automobile brother
William Janeway Img American economist, venture capitalist, son of Eliot/Elizabeth
Andrew Jarecki Img American documentary filmmaker, brother
Eugene Jarecki Img American dramatic/documentary filmmaker, brother
Henry Jarecki Img German/Polish-born American academic, psychiatrist, entrepreneur, producer, father
Nicholas Jarecki Img American film director/producer, actor, (Jewish father) half-brother
Murray Jarvik Img American psychopharmacologist, smoking habits, inventor, uncle
Robert Jarvik RWF Img American cardiologist, researcher, entrepreneur, inventor of artifical heart, nephew
Jay Jasanoff Img American linguist, husband
Maya Jasanoff Img American historian, daughter
Sheila Jasanoff Img American academic, science studies scholar, wife
Bruno Jasienski RWF Img Polish-born Russian author, poet, playwright, (Jewish father) son
Jakub Zysman Img Polish doctor, social worker, father
Leigh Jason Img American film director, screenwriter, husband
Ruth Harriet Louise Img American photographer, wife
Carmel Myers RWF Img American silent-film actress, cousin of Ruth/Mark
Mark Sandrich RWF Img American director, writer, producer, brother of Ruth
Joseph Jastrow RWF Img Polish-born American psychologist, son
Marcus Jastrow Img Polish-born American talmudic scholar, lexicographer, father
Morris Jastrow, Jr RWF Img Polish-born American orientalist, son
Henrietta Szold RWF HW Img American founder of Hadasah Women's Organisation, sister-in-law of Joseph
Alice Jaszi Img Hungarian dance teacher, psychtherapy, sister
Andrew Jaszi Hungarian-born philosopher, literary scholar, son of Oszkar
Oszkar Jaszi RWC Img Hungarian social scientist, historian, politician, Minister of Nationalities 1918-19, brother
Anna Lesznai Img Hungarian writer, painter, graphic artist, mother of Andrew Oscar
Javal Javal Family
Alice Javal daughter of Emile Javal
Jacques Javal Elder brother
Jacques Javal Younger brother
Emile Javal RWF Img French ophtalmologist,  son of Leopold
Jean Javal son of Emile Javal
Joseph Javal son of Javal Elder
Leopold Javal RWF Img French politician, banker, afronomist, MP 1857- , son of Joseph
Augusta de Laemel wife of Leopold Javal daughter of Leopold von Laemel, Sophia von Eichthal
Elisabeth Roudinesco Img French historian, psychoanalyst, (Jewish mother) nephew of Louise
Paul-Louis Weiller Img French industrialist, philanthropist, son of Alice Javal
Louise Weiss Img French politician, journalist, author, MP 1979-83 granddaughter of Emile
Jacob Javits HW Img American politician, Senator 1957-81 uncle
Joan Javits Img American songwriter, niece
Adolf Jellinek RWE Img Czech-born Austrian rabbi, scholar, preacher, father 1821-93
Arthur Jellinek Img Hungarian politician, lawyer, son of Mor 1851-
Emil Jellinek RWF Img Austrian-born entrepreneur, Mercedes-Benz, son of Adolf 1853-1918
Georg Jellinek RWF Img German legal philosopher, son of Adolf
Hermann Jellinek RWE RWC German writer, brother of Adolf
Max Hermann Jellinek German philologist, son
Mercedes Jellinek Img Austrian daughter of automobil entrepreneur Emil Jellinek, daughter of Emil
Mor Jellinek RWE Austrian economist, businessman, brother of Adolf
Bela Jenbach RWC Img Hungarian-born Austrian librettist, actor, brother
Ida Jenbach RWC Img Hungarian-born German Austrian screenwriter, playwright, sister
Carter Jenkins RWC Img American film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother
Renneker Jenkins Img American film/television actor, (Jewish father) brother
Ruby Jerins Img American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Sterling Jerins Img American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Sir Charles Jessel Img British barrister, businessman, son
Baron Edward Jessel Img British politician, son of Herbert
Sir George Jessel RWC Img Liberal MP 1868- Solicitor General, Master of the Rolls father
Baron Herbert Jessel RWC Img British politician, son
Toby Jessel Img Conservative MP 1970-97 son of Richard
Fritz Jessner Img German-born American actor, film director, son
Max Jessner Img Polish-born erman dermatholodist, son
Samuel Jessner German dermathologist,
Renana Jhabvala Img Indian social worker, daughter of Ruth
Siegbert Prawer Img German-born British scholar, brother
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala RWF HW Img German-born British screenwriter, sister
Adan Jodorowsky Img French-born film actor, musician, (Jewish father) son
Alejandro Jodorowsky Img Chilean director, producer, composer, mime, father
Alma Jodorowsky Img French actress, model, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Brontis
Brontis Jodorowsky Img Chilean-born French writer, director, actor, (Jewish father) son
Alexa Joel RWC Img American singer/songwriter, pianist, (Jewish father) daughter of Billy
Alexander Joel Img British-born Austrian conductor, pianist, half-brother of Billy
Billy Joel RWF HW Img American composer, singer/songwriter, half-brother
Karl Amson Joel Img German textile manufacturer, grandfather of Billy/Alexander
Jelly Aranyi Img Hungarian violinist, grand-niece
Adila Fachiri Img Hungarian violinist, grand-niece
Joseph Joachim RWF HW Img Hungarian violinist, composer, conductor, grand-uncle
Joel/Barnato Joel Family/cat
Dudley Joel Img British politician, Conservative MP 1931-41 son of Solomon
Jack Barnato Joel Img South African mining magnate, horse breeder, brother of Solomon
Solomon Joel Img South African financier, mining/brewing/railway magnate, Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation nephew of Barney Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation
Woolf Barnato Joel South African mining magnate, brother of Solomon
Barney Barnato RWF Img South African founder of Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation, father Burnato Diamond Mining Corporation
Diana Barnato Walker Img British aviator, horse rider, daughter of Woolf
Woolf Barnato Img British financier, racing driver, son
Sir Jacob Epstein RWF HW Img American-born British sculptor, grandfather of Roland
Theodore Garman Img British painter, (Jewish father) son
Roland Joffe RWF Img British-born French film director, producer, father
Rowan Joffe Img British screenwriter/television writer, director, (Jewish father) son
Nathalie Lunghi Img British actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Adolph Joffe RWF Img Ukrainian-born Peoiple's Commissar for Foreign Affairs (karaite), father
Nadezhda Joffe Img Russian-born American trotskyist, writer, daughter
Hunter Johansson Img American actor, (Jewish mother) brother
Scarlett Johansson RWF HW Img American actress, model, singer, (Jewish mother) sister
Vanessa Johansson RWF Img American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Boris Johnson RWF Img British politician, mayor of London 2008- , (Jewish great maternal grandfather) brother
Jo Johnson RWC Img British politician, Minister of State for Cabinet Office 2014015, (Jewish great maternal grandfather) brother
Abraham Jonas Img British-born American politician, lawyer, father
Benjamin Jonas RWC Img American senator 1879-85, son
David Jonas Hungarian architect, brother
Zsigmond Jonas Hungarian architect, brother
Mick Jones RWF Img British guitarist, vocalist, (Jewish mother) cousin
Grant Shapps RWC Img Conservative MP 2005- Minister of State Housing & Local Government cousin
Spike Jonze RWF HW Img American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, (Jewish father) brother
Sam Spiegel RWF HW Img American producer, DJ, composer,  brother
Sir Samuel Gluckstein British solicitor, politician, co-owner of Bovis, cousin of Samuel
Baron Keith Joseph RWC Img British Minister for Housing and Local Government 1962,   son
Sir Samuel Joseph Img British Lord Mayor of London 1942-43, co-owner of Bovis, father
Josephson JVL
Anna Josephson wife of Ernest Thiel 1863-1947
Carl Olof Josephson Swedish bookseller, editor, (Jewish father) son of Gunnar 1921-2002
Edward Josephson Swedish music publisher, son of Salomon 1825-80
Erik Josephson Swedish architect, 1864-1929
Ernst Josephson RWE Img Swedish painter, artist, poet, nephew of Jacob Axel 1851-1906
Erland Josephson Img Swedish actor, writer, (Jewish father) son of Gunnar 1923-2012
Fanny Josephson Swedish actress, screenwriter, director, 1967-
Gunnar Josephson Swedish booksaller, 1889-1972
Hjalmar Josepson Swedish merchant, 1860-1928
Jacob Axel Josephson Swedish composer, conductor, son od Salomon 1818-80
Lisen Josepson wife of Karl Otto Bonnier daughter of Wilhelm 1861-1952
Ludvig Oscar Josephson Swedish theater cinductor, playwright, actor, son of Salomon 1832-99
Olle Josephson Swedish linguist, nephew of Erland 1950-
Ragnar Josephson Swedish author, literary critic, art historian, playwright,  1891-1966
Ruth Josephson daughter of Erik
Salomon Josephson Swedish merchant, father 1784-1834
Wilhelm Josephson Swedish industrialist, son of Salomon 1827-1917
Charlotta Larsson Swedish actress, theater director,
Ernest Thiel Img Swedish financier, art collector, translator, (Jewish mother) husband of Anna
Louis Joxe RWC Img French Misister of Education 1960, Justice 1967-68, father
Pierre Joxe RWC Img French Minister of Defense 1991-93, (Jewish descent) son
Joseph Juran RWF Img Romanian-born American industrial engineer, quality of products brother
Nathan Juran RWF Img Romanian-born American film director, art director,    brother
Anthony Julius Img British lawyer for Princess Diana, (against David Irving), husband
Dina Rabinovitch Img British journalist, writer, wife
Peter Jungk Img American novelist, son
Robert Jungk Img German-born Austrian writer, journalist, futurologist, father
Dmitri Jurowski Img Russian-born German conuctor, granson
Mikhail Jurowski Img Russian conductor, father
Vladimir Jurowski Img Ukrainian-born Russian film music composer, conductor, granson
Vladimir Jurowski Img Ukrainian-born Russian film music composer, conductor, grandfather
Paul Justman Img American documentary film director, songwriter, brother
Seth Justman Img American keyboard player, songwriter, brother