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White Collar Criminals
Jack Abramoff  Pic American film producer, political lobbist,
Peter Adler Alberti Pic Danish politician, swindler, Justice Minister 1901-08,
Rodney Adler Pic Australian director of HIH Insurance, HIH Insurance
Moses Annenberg Pic German-born American publisher, tax evasion
Ruthann Aron Pic American real estate developer, politician, criminal,
Maurice Biderman manufacturing network, closing
Ivan Boesky Pic American insider trader, swindler,
Sylvia Browne American writer, psychic,
Stanley Chais American money manager, fraudster,
Jay Cohen American co-founder/CEO of World sports Exchange,
Samuel Cohen Pic American entrepreneur, executive,
Bernie Cornfield Turkish-born American businessman, financier,  
Efraim Diveroli American arms dealer,
Garth Drabinsky Pic Canadian theater impresario, film producer,
Marc Dreier Pic American fraudster, lawyer,
Solomon Dwek Pic American fraudster,
Geoffrey Edelsten Pic Australian entrepreneur, Allied Medical Group,
Joshua Eilberg Pic American politician,   
Marcus Einfeld Pic Australian Federal Court Justice,
Nahshon Even-Chaim Pic Australian hacker,
Andrew Fastow Pic American  executive, CFO of Enron, Enron
Kenneth Fetterman Pic American computer criminal, 
William Fox RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, moovie mogul, purgery
Joe Francis Pic American film director,
Martin Frankel Canadian-born American financier, Insurance fraud, racketeering, money laundering,
Alan Freed RWF Pic American DJ, music promoter, "Rock and Roll father", (Jewish father)
David Friehling American accountant,
Michael Giunta Enterpreneur
Gerald Goldwell criminal
Jack Gordon Pic American criminal, talent manager,
Martin Grass American businessman, CEO of Rite Aid,  8 years of prison,
Pincus Green Pic American commodities trader,tax evasion fraud
Marthe Hanau Pic French fraudster,
Leona Helmsley HW Pic American hotel operator, real enstate investor,   
Adam Hochfelder Pic American real estate executive,
Elmyr de Hory Pic Hungarian painter, art forger,
Baron Joseph Kagan British founder of Kagan Textile,
Mikhail Khodorkovsky RWF HW Pic Russian entrepreneur,  Yukos
Adam Kidan American political lobbist,
Louis-Lucien Klotz HW Pic French Minister of Finance 1910-13 1917-20,
Dennis Kozlowski American executive, CEO of Tyco International
Mark Kurland Pic American executive, Bear Stearns,
Charles Kushner Pic American real estate magnate,
Dennis Levine Pic American managing director of Drexel Burnham Lambert
Scott Levine American computer criminal, 
Sir Jack Lyons American financier, philanthropist,   
Bernard Madoff RWF HW Pic American businessman, stockbroker, financier, criminal,
Peter Madoff Pic American chief compliance officer,
Marvin Mandel RWC Pic American governor, 1969-77 79, corruption,
Robert Maxwell RWF Pic Czech-born British media proprietor, Labour MP 1964-70 Daily News Dailt Mirror
Yona Metzger RWC Pic Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel 2003-13,
Edward Mezvinsky Pic American representative,
Michael Milken HW Pic American "junk bond' king, swindler, philanthropist Drexel Burnham Lambert (trading)
Sir Eric Miller British chairman of Peachey Property Corporation, real estate,
Barry Minkow Pic American minister, fraudster,  
Kevin Mitnick HW Pic American hacker,
Michael Monus Pic American founder/president of Phar-Mor,
Franklin Moses, Jr RWC Pic American governor,   
Arthur Nadel Pic American fraudster, hudge fund manager,
Anthony Parnes British stock broker, fraudster,
Lou Pearlman Pic American impresario, record executive, Trans Continental Records,
Eugene Plotkin American research analyst, 
Bertram Podell Pic American representative,
Danny Porush co-founder Stratton Oakmont,
Victor Posner Pic American businessman, indicted for tax evasion
Jackie Presser Pic American labour leader, president of International Brotherhood of Teamsters 1983-88, 
Vadim Rabinovich RWF HW Pic Ukrainian president of Ukrainian Jewish Congress 1998- ,
David Radler Canadian newspaper executive,
Marc Rich RWF HW Pic Belgian-born American commodities trader,tax evasion
Frederick Richmond Pic American politician, representative,
Rene Rivkin Pic Chinese-born Australian stock broker,
Gerald Ronson Pic British property tycoon,   Heron
Scott Rothstein Pic American fraudster, lawyer, money manager,  
Sholom Rubashkin Pic American food manufacturer, Agriprocessors,
Teddy Sagi RWC HW Pic Israeli businessman, Playtech,
Ernest Saunders Austrian-born British business manager, fraudster,
Joseph Schenck RWF HW Pic Russian-born American producer, executive,
Irwin Schiff Pic American activist, tax protester, fraudster,
Marcus Schrenker American finansial manager,
Fred Shapiro American fraudster, lawyer,
Andrei Shleifer RWF HW Pic Russian-born American economist,
Martin Siegel American investment banker,
Nevin Shapiro Pic American fraudster,
Reed Slatkin Pic American investor, EarthLink,
Sidney Stanley Pic Polish-born British businessman, fraudster,
Alexandre Stavisky HW Pic Ukrainian-born French swindler , Stavisky Affair
Jeff Sutton RWC Pic American real estate developer, founder of Whatron Proprtties, Wharton Properties
Alfred Taubman Pic American businessman, shopping centers,        Sothbey's
Robert Vesco American fraudster,
Samuel Waksal Pic American immunologist,  founder of InClone Systems 1984, biotech scandal Inclone Systems
Dina Wein-Reis Pic American businesswoman, fraudster, (convert to Judaism)
Sholam Weiss Pic American fraudster,
Moises Wolfenson Pic Peruvian congressman,
Louis Wolfson Pic American financier, corporate raider,
Israeli Criminals
Aharon Abuhatzira RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Minister of Religions/Absorbtion/Labor and Social Walfare,
Kobi Alexander RWC HW Pic Israeli-born American founder/CEO/chairman of Converse Technology,
Yosef Ba-Gad HW Pic Israeli politician,  
Zvi Bar RWC HW Pic Israeli mayor of Ramat Gan 1989-2013,
Shlomo Benizri RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Health,
Naomi Blumenthal RWC HW Pic Israeli politician,   
Dani Coren HW Pic Israeli politician, executive,
Shlomo Dayan RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,
Aryeh Deri RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Leader of Shas Party, Minister of Internal Affairs, Economy 2015- ,
Shuki Forer HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Rehovot,
Hanan Goldblatt HW Pic Israeli film/television actor, entertainer, singer,
Ron Gonen Russian-born Israeli mobster,
Avraham Hirschson RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Finance Minister 2006-07,
Ofer Hugi HW Pic Israeli politician, 
Moshe Katsav RWF HW Pic  8th President of Israel 2000-07 , rape
Ehud Kinamon HW Israeli mayor of Bat Yam 1983-93,
Shlomo Lahiani RWC HW Pic Israeli mayor of Bat Yam 2003-2014,
Gregory Lerner HW Pic Russian Israeli businessman,
Yair Levy HW Pic Israeli politician,  
Uri Lupolianski RWF HW Pic Israeli-born mayor of Jerusalem 2003-08,
Nati Meir RWC HW Pic Israeli-born Romanian MP 2004-08
Yitzhak Mordechai RWF HW Pic Israeli general, politician, Leader of the Center Party,
Meir Nitzan RWF Pic Romanian-born Israeli mayor of Rishon Lezion
Ehud Olmert RWF HW Pic prime minister of Israel 2005-08
Rafael Pinhasi RWC HW Pic Afganistanian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Communications 1990-92,
Shmuel Rechtman HW Pic Israeli politician,
Yitzhak Rochberger HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Ramat Hasharon,ehovot,
Israel Sadan HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Hadera,
Hagi Segal HW Pic Israeli journalist, satirist, publicist,
Gonen Segev RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, pediatrician, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure 1995-96
Omri Sharon HW Pic Israeli politician,
Ehud Tenenbaum Pic Israeli cracker,
Margalit Tzanani RWC HW Pic Yemenite-born Israeli singer,
Yosef Vanunu RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, economist,  
Asher Yadlin Pic Israeli public official,
Blue Collar Criminals
Hyman Abrams American mobster,
Evsei Agron Pic Russian-born American mobster,
Hyman Amberg American mobster,
Joseph Amberg American mobster,
Louis Amberg American mobster,
Marat Balagula Pic Russian-born American mobster,
Gertrude Baniszewski Pic American murderer,
Charles Becker American police officer, death penalty,
David Berkowitz  ''Son of Sam'', serial killer (Jewish mother, adapted by Jewish parents)
David Berman Pic Ukrainian-born American mobster,
Otto Berman Pic American gangster,  Las Vegas
Abe Bernstein American gangster, Purple Gang
Isadore Bernstein American gangster, Purple Gang
William Bioff American mobster, labor leader,
Charles Birger American mobster,
Alex Birns Pic Czech-born American mobster,
Herbert Blitztein American mobster, contract killer,
Ike Bloom Pic American mobster,
Kathy Boudin American radical, criminal,
Peter Braunstein American journalist, playwright, sex offender,   
Arlyne Brickman Pic American mafia informant, prostitute,
Louis Buchalter American gangster, Murder, Inc
Kid Cann Pic Romanian-born American mobster,
Louis Cohen American mobster,
Mickey Cohen Pic American gangster,
Jack Comer British gangster,
Moe Dalitz Pic American bootlegger, racketeer,
Laurie Dann American murderer,
Boris Dekanidze Pic Lithuanian-born mobster,  
Stanley Diamond American gangster,
Cameron Douglas RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Monk Eastman American gangster, 
Ira Einhorn Pic American murderer,
Ruth Eisemann-Schier Pic Honduran kidnapper,
Maxie Eisen American gangster, 
Monya Elson Moldovan-born American mobster,
Jeffrey Epstein RWC American financier, philanthropist, sex offender,
John Factor Polish-born American gangster, 
Ludwig Fainberg Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli mobster,
Benny Fein American gangster, 
Irving Feinstein American mobster,
Louis Ferrante Pic American mobster, (convert to Judaism)
Heidi Fleiss HW Pic American Holywood "Madam",  
Abraham Friedman American mobster,
Isadore Friedman American mobster,
Harvey Glatman Pic American serial killer,
Waxey Gordon Pic American gangster,
Gus Greenbaum American gangster,
Harry Greenberg American mobster,
Max Greenberg American bootlegger, organized crime figure,
Abe Greenthal Pic American criminal, 
Martin Grossman Pic American burglar,
Jake Guzik Chicago mafia, (Capone era)
Henry Hill Pic American mobster, (convert to Judaism)
Hyman Holtz American labor racketeer, 
Harry Horowitz American gangster, 
Jason Itzler Pic American businessman, criminal, pimp, madam,
Nathan Kaplan American gangster, 
Phillip Kastel American gambler, swindler,
Andrei Katz Pic Romanian-born American mobster,
Jacob Katzenberg Pic Russian-born American mobster,
Harry Keywell  Purple gang member and alleged assassin for Al Capone The Purple Gung
Manny Kimmel American undeRWForld figure,
Dylan Klebold Pic criminal,  ''Columbine'' massacre (Jewish maternal grandfather, raised Lutheran)
Philip Kovolick Pic American gangster, 
Whitney Krakower American mobster,
Louis Kravits American labor racketeer, 
Benya Krik Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mobster,
Peter Kudzinowski American serial killer, 
Mike Kurtz Pic American bulgar, gang leader,
Jean Lafitte RWC Pic French-born pirate, (Jewish mother) 1782-1823
Abraham Landau American gangster, 
Meyer Lansky RWN HW Pic Belarusian-born American gangster,  National Crime Syndicate
Leopold and Loeb HW Pic American murderers,  Nathan Leopold, RWE Richard Loeb
Samuel Levine American mobster,
Red Levine American gangster, 
Benjamin Levinsky American gang leader, labour racketeer,
Jacob Levinsky American mobster, Yiddish Black Hand
Morris Levy Pic co-founder 1956 Roulette Records
Vach Lewis American gangster, 
Joseph Linsey American mobster,
William Lipshitz American gangster, 
Spanish Louie Pic American criminal, 
Andrew Luster Pic American rapist,
Seymour Magoon American gangster, 
Fredericka Mandelbaum HW Pic German-born American mob boss,
Hyman Martin American mobster,
Semion Mogilevich RWE Pic Ukrainian-born mobster,
Salomon Morel Pic Polish communist official, war criminal,
Willie Moretti American gangster, 
Samuel Morton American gangster, 
Boris Nayfeld Pic Belarusian-born American  mobster, heroin smuggler,
Steven Oken Pic American murderer, 
Jacob Orgen American gangster, 
Leonard Patrick American mobster,
Philip Paul American labor racketeer, 
Sam Paul American gambler,
High Pitch Erik Pic American criminal, 
Abe Reles Pic American gangster,  Murder, Inc
Joel Rifkin RWE Pic American serial killer,
Baldy Jack Rose Pic American gambler,
Harry Rosen American mobster,
Chris Rosenberg American gangster, 
Louis Rosenberg American gangster, 
Bernard Rosencrantz American gangster, 
Zeev Rosenstein Pic Israeli mob boss, drug trafficker,
Frank Rosenthal Pic American gangster, casino executive, columnist, television talk show host,
Joseph Rosenzweig American gangster, 
Lou Rothkopf American gangster, 
Arnold Rothstein RWE HW Pic American gangster,   
Jack Ruby Pic American murderer of  Oswald
Abe Saffron Pic Australian criminal,
Harry Sagansky American mobster,
Joe Saltis American gangster,  ???
Otto Sanhuber ExLink
Abraham Sarkis American mobster,
Mike Saulter American saloon keeper, ward heeler,
Ed Savitz Pic American businessman, 
Dutch Schultz RWE Pic American gangster,  Las Vegas
Samuel Sheinbein HW Pic American murderer,
Henry Shorr American gangster, 
Moe Sedway Pic American gangster,
Jacob Shapiro American gangster, Murder, Inc
Bugsy Siegel RWE HW Pic American gangster,
Jacob Siegel American criminal, 
Joseph Silver Pic Polish-born South African criminal,  
Benjamin Snyder American criminal, union organizer,
Martin Snyder Pic American gangster,
Ikey Solomon Pic British criminal, 
Charles Solomon American bootlegger, racketeer,
Johnny Spanish American gangster,
Phil Spector RWF HW Pic American record producer, songwriter,    
Joseph Stacher American gangster,  
Besha Starkman Canadian mobster,
Joel Steinberg Pic American defense attorney, murderer,
Harry Strauss American gangster, contract killer,
Reuben Sturman Pic American pornographer, tax evasion,
Abram Sycowski American gangster,
Albert Tannenbaum American gangster,
Benjamin Tannenbaum American gangster,
Abraham Telvi American gangster, 
Harry Tietlebaum American gangster,
Joseph Toplinsky American racketeer,
Thomas Trantino Pic American murderer,
Philip Waggenheim American mobster,
Abraham Weinberg Pic Russian-born American mobster,
George Weinberg American gangster,
Emanuel Weiss American gangster, Murder, Inc
Samuel Weiss American mobster,
Adam Worth Pic German-born American British criminal, model for "Professor Moriarty"
Frank Wortman American gangster, gambler,
Mishka Yaponchik RWE Pic Ukrainian mobster, RWN
Jack Zelig American gangster,
Jack Zuta Pic Polish-born American gangster, 
Max Zwerbach American gangster,
Abner Zwillman Pic  American gangster,