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Anatole Abragam RWF HW Pic Latvian-born French physicist, NMR, 1973 1914-2011
Etienne-Emile Baulieu RWA Pic French endocrinologist, biochemist, inventor, 1990 1926-
Raphael-Louis Bischoffsheim Pic Dutch-born French businessman, astronomy patron, 1823-1906 1890 1823-1906 ExLink
Emile Benveniste RWF HW Pic Syrian-born French structural linguist, 1960 1902-76
Jean-Pierre Benveniste    ???, corr 1983
Marcel Berger RWF Pic French mathematician, ??? 1927-
Pierre Braunstein Pic French chemist, ??? 1947-
Edouard Brezin RWA Pic French physicist, 1991 1938-
Haim Brezis HW Pic French mathematician, nonlinear analysis, 1998 1944-
Catherine Cesarsky RWA Pic French-born astronomer, 1943-
Pierre Chambon RWF Pic French molecular biologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, (Jewish mother) 1985 1931-
Georges Charpak RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1992), 1985 1924-2010
George Cohen-Tannoudji Algerian-born French scientist,     Corr 1983  
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French physicist, Nobel Prize (1997) 1981 1933-
Darius Dassault RWF Pic French's Fifth Army Corps Commander  1882-1969
Robert Debre Pic French pediatrician,   1961 1882-1978
Bernard Derrida Pic French theoretical physicist, ??? 2004
Wolfgang Doblin Pic German-born French mathematician,  1936 1915-40
Boris Ephrussi RWF Pic Russian-born French geneticist, 1979 1901-79
Anne Ephrussi RWF Pic French developmental biologist, 2008 1955-
Mathias Fink RWF Pic French physicist, ??? 2003 1945-
Alain Fischer Pic French pediatric immunologist, gene therapy, 2002 1949-
Uriel Frisch Pic French mathematical physicist, ??? 1940-
George Anri Galphan RWC French mathematician, 1844-89
Roland Glowinski Pic French-born American mathematician, 1937-
Maurice Goldman RWF French physicist,   ??? 1986 1933-
Jacques Hadamard RWF HW Pic French mathematician, functional analysis 1912 1865-1963
Georges Henri Halphen RWC Pic French mathematician, military, 1885 1844-89
Lajos Hatvany Pic Ukrainian-born French immunologist, pharmacologist, 1964 1904-78
Serge Haroche RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born French theoretical physicist, quantum engineering, Nobel Prize (2012), 1993 1944-
Jean Ichbiah RWF Pic French-born computer scientist,  chief designer of Ada, Corr 1940-2007
Alain Israel biology, ??? 2004
Francois Jacob RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965), 1976 1920-2013
Maurice Jacob French physicist, ??? 1977 2007
Henri Kagan Pic French chemist, 1991 1930- ExLink ExLink1 ExLink2
Jean-Pierre Kahane Pic French mathematician, Corr 1998 1926- ExLink
Axel Kahn Pic French geneticist, (Jewish father) Corr 1990 1944- ExLink
Gilles Kahn RWF Pic French computer scientist,  ??? 1997 1946-2006
Daniel Kaplan French physicist, ??? 2001
Maxim Kontsevich RWF HW Pic Russian-born German French mathematician, Fields Medal (1998) (Jewish mother)      2002 1964-
Edgar Lederer Pic Austrian-born French biochemist,    1982 1908-88
Maurice Levy RWF Pic French engineer, mathematician, 1883 1838-1910
Paul Levy  RWF HW Pic French mathematician, 1964 1886-1971
Albert Libchaber Pic French-born American physicist, chaos theorist, 2002 1934- ExLink
Gabriel Lippmann RWF HW Pic Luxembourgian-born French physicist, Nobel Ptize (1908) 1886 1845-1921
Maurice Loewy RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian French astronomer, 1873 1833-1907
Andre Lwoff RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965) 1976 1902-94
Szolem Mandelbrojt RWF HW Pic Polish French mathematician,  1972 1899-1983
Henri Moissan RWF HW Pic French chemist, Nobel Prize (1906), artificle diamond, (Jewish mother), 1891 1852-1907
Guy Ourisson Pic French chemist, (Jewish father),        1981 1926-2006
Jacques Ozanam French mathematician,  1701 1640-1718
Joseph Peres French mathematician, physicist, ??? 1942 1962
Boris Pregel RWF Pic Ukrainian-born entrepreneur, metzenat, engineer, physicist, 1939 1893-1976 honorary
Evry Schatzman Pic French astrophysicist, 1985 1920-2010
Anselme Schwartz Pic French physician, surgeon, 1957
Daniel Schwartz French medical statistcian, Corr 1917-2009
Laurent Schwartz RWF HW Pic French mathematician, Fields Medal (1950) 1975 1915-2002
Maxime Schwartz Pic French molecular biologist, Corr 1940-
Henri Serouya HW Pic Israeli-born French philosopher, 1895-1968
Piotr Slonimski RWF Pic Polish French geneticist, administrator, 1985 1922-2009
Raymond Stora RWF Pic French-born French American mathematical physicist,    Corr 1994 1930-
Andre Weil RWF HW Pic French American mathematician, group theory, algebric geometry 1982 1906-98
Wendelin Werner RWF Pic German-born French mathematician, Fields Medal (2006), 2008 1968-
Charles Wolf RWC French astronom, physicist, 1883 1827-1918
Georges-Fernand Widal RWC Pic Algerian-born French physician, bacteriologist,    1862-1929
Elie Wollman Pic French bacterial geneticist, Corr 1980 1917-2008
Moshe Yaniv Pic Israeli-born French molecular biologist, 1995 1938-
2. Foreign Associates
Vladimir Arnold RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American mathematician, (Jewish mother) 1984 1937-2010
David Baltimore RWF Pic American biologist, retroviruses, Nobel Prize (1975), 2000 1938-
Seymour Benzer RWF Pic American  physicist, biologist, geneticist, 2000 1921-2007
Paul Berg RWF HW Pic American chemist, Nobel Prize (1980), Head of Human Genome Project, 1981 1981 1926-
Julius Bernstein RWF Pic German physiologist, neuroscientist, 1911 1839-1917
Sergei Bernstein RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, 1928 1880-1960
Niels Bohr RWF HW Pic Danish-born British American physicist,  (Jewish mother) 1945 1885-1962
Raoul Bott RWF Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, (Jewish mother) 1995 1923-2005
Sydney Brenner RWF HW Pic South African-born British American biologist, Nobel Prize (2002), 1992 1927-
Guido Castelnuovo RWF Pic Italian mathematician, 1865-1952
Sir Ernst Chain RWF HW Pic German-born British biochemist, Nobel Prize (1945) in medicine, 1962 1906-79
Erwin Chargaff RWF Pic Austrian-born American chemist, 1964 1905-2002
Ferdinand Cohn RWF Pic German/Polish-born  botanist, microbiologist, 1828-98
Joseph Doob RWF Pic American mathematician,  1975 1910-2004
Vladimir Drinfeld RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, Fields Medal (1990) 1954-
Gerald Edelman RWF HW Pic American biologist, embyologist, immunologist, neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (1972) 1978 1929-2014
Stuart Edelstein Pic American biochemist, 1998 ExLink
Albert Einstein RWF HW Pic German-born Swiss American physicist, Nobel Prize (1921), 1933 1879-1955
Simon Flexner RWC Pic American pathologist, bacteriologist, administrator,  1937 1863-1946
Lazarus Fuchs RWF Pic Polish-born German mathematician, 1833-1902
Israel Gelfand RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American mathematician, 2002 1913-2009
Martin Gibbs Pic American biochemist, ???  Brandeis 1922-2006
Howard Green Pic Canadian-born American developmental biologist, 1925-2015
Mikhail Gromov RWF Pic Russian-born French American mathematician, differential geometry, (Jewish mother) 1997 1943-
Erwin Hahn Pic American physicist, nuclear spin echoes NMR 1992 1921- ExLink
Sir John Herschel RWF HW Pic British mathematician, astronomer, chemist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) 1792-1871
Sir William Herschel RWF HW Pic German-born British astronomer, composer, (Jewish father) 1789 1738-1822
Carl Jacobi RWF HW Pic German mathematician, elliptic functons, 1846 1804-51
Eric Kandel RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American psyhiatrist, neuroscientist, biophysicist, Nobel Prize (2000), 1995 1929-
Henry Kaplan Pic American radiologist, physician, 1981 1918-84 ExLink
Theodore von Karman RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German American physicist, engineer, 1955 1881-1963
Richard Karp RWF HW Pic American computer scientist, computational complexity theory, 2002 1935-
Ephraim Katzir RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli biophysicist, fourth President of Israel, 1989 1916-2009
David Keilin Pic Russian-born British entomologist, parasitologist, 1955 1887-1963
Sergiu Klainerman RWF Pic Romanian-born American mathematician, 1996 1950-
Daniel Kleppner RWF Pic American physicist, atomic research 2002 1932-
Sir Aaron Klug RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born, South African British scientist, Nobel Prize (1982) in chemistry,  1989 1926-
Leopold Kronecker  RWF HW Pic Polish-born German mathematician, 1868 1823-91
Peter Lax RWF Pic Hungarian-born American mathematician, Abel Prize (2005) 2005 1926-
Solomon Lefschetz RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician, topology 1972 1884-1972
Wassily Leontief RWF HW Pic German-born American economist, Nobel Prize (1973) (Jewish mother) 1968 1906-99
Tullio Levi-Civita RWF Pic Italian physicist, mathematician,    1938 1873-1941
Rita Levi-Montalcini RWF HW Pic Italian-born American scientist, Nobel Prize (1986), 1989 1909-2012
Claude Levi-Strauss RWF HW Pic Belgian-born French anthropologist, philosopher, sociologist, 1908-2009
Ludwig Lewin Jacobson RWF HW Pic Danish surgeon, anatomist, 1783-1843
Heinrich Magnus RWF Pic German chemist, physicist,    1802-70
Yuri Manin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, (Jewish mother) 2005 1937-
Ilya Mechnikov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1908), (Jewish mother) 1912 1845-1916
Matthew Meselson RWF Pic American geneticist, molecular biologist, 1984 1930-
Elliot Meyerowitz Pic American plant biologist, 2002 1951-
Albert Michelson RWF HW Pic Polish-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1907), optical precision instruments 1920 1852-1931
Louis Nirenberg RWF Pic Canadian-born American mathematician,    1989 1925-
Sir Gustav Nossal RWF Pic Austrian-born Australian biologist, (Jewish father) 1989 1931-
Wolfgang Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American physicist, particle physics 1989 1919-2007
Sir Rudolf Peierls RWF Pic German-born American British physicist, 1984 1907-95
Gertrude Perlmann Pic Czech-born American biochemist, 1912-74
Sir Max Perutz RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British chemist, Nobel Prize (1962), 1978 1914-2002
Alexander Polyakov RWF Pic Russian American nuclear physicist, 1998 1945-
William Prager RWF Pic German-born American applied mathematician, 1903-
Frank Press RWF Pic American geophysicist,  1981 1924-
Michael Rabin RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born Israeli American mathematician, nondermenistic algorithm, 1995 1931-
Arthur Raffalovich Pic Ukrainian-born French financier, economist, 1853-1921
Alexander Rich RWF Pic American molecular biologist, biophysicist, 1984 1924-2015 ExLink
Frigyes Riesz HW Pic Hungarian mathematician,  1948 1880-1956
Frank Schlesinger RWF Pic American astronomer,  1871-1943
Leonid Sedov RWF Pic Russian Soviet physicist, mathematician, (Jewish mother) 1907-99
Michael Sela RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli immunologist, 1995 1924- ExLink
Adi Shamir RWF HW Pic Israeli cryptographer, 2018 1952-
Sergey Sobolev RWF Pic Russian Soviet mathematician, (Jewish mother) 1908-89
Susan Solomon RWF HW Pic American geophysicist,  1995 1956- ExLink
Gilbert Stork RWF Pic Belgian-born American organic chemist, 1989 1921- ExLink
Eduard Suess RWF Pic British-born Austrian geologist, paleontologist, (Jewish mother) 1889 1831-1914
Valentine Telegdi RWF Pic Hungarian-born Swiss American physicist, 1900 1922-2006
Gabriele Veneziano RWF HW Pic Italian-born Israeli Swiss physicist, quantum field theory, 2002 1942-
Sir Vito Volterra RWF HW Pic Italian-born mathematician, physicist, mathematical biology, 1917 1860-1940
Selman Waksman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American scientist, Nobel Prize (1952) in medicine, streptomycin 1937 1888-1973
Victor Weisskopf RWF Pic Austrian-born American physicist, director of CERN 1957 1908-2002
Edward Witten RWF HW Pic American mathematician, physicist, Fields Medal (1990), 2000 1951-
Academie Francaise French Academy elected bo-de Seat
Robert Aron Pic French writer, historian, 1974 1898-1975 32
Henri Bergson RWF HW Pic French philosopher, Nobel Prize (1927) in Literature 1914 1859-1941 7
Jules Claretie RWF Pic French journalist, literature figure, theater director, 1888 1840-1913 35
Michel Debre RWF HW Pic prime minister 1959-62 Minister of Defence Foreign Minister (Jewish father) 1988 1912-96 1
Maurice Druon RWF Pic French novelist, 1966 1918-2009 30
Alain Finkielkraut RWF HW Pic French essayist, philosopher, 2014 1949- 21
Andre Frossard RWF Pic French journalist, essayist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) 1987 1915-95 2
Ignaz Goldziher RWF Pic Hungarian orientalist, linguist, 1850-1921 ???
Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac RWF Pic French author, 1634 1597-1654 28
Eugene Ionesco RWF HW Pic Romanian-born French playwright (Jewish mother), 1970 1909-94 6
Francois Jacob RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965), 1996 1920-2013 38
Ludovic Halevy RWF Pic French author, opera librettist, 1884 1834-1908 22
Jean Hamburger RWF Pic French physician, surgeon, essayist,  1985 1909-92 4
Joseph Kessel RWF Pic Argentine-born French novelist, journalist, 1962 1898-1979 27
Julian Klaczko RWF Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Polish politician, author, MP 1870-71, Corr, 1888 1805-1906
Claude Levi-Strauss RWF HW Pic Belgian-born French anthropologist, philosopher, sociologist, 1973 1908-2009 29
Jean-Marie Lustiger RWF HW Pic French cardinal, 1995 1926-2007 4
Andre Maurois RWF HW Pic French author, 1938 1885-1967 26
Pierre Nora RWF Pic French historian, 2001 1931- 27
Lucien-Anatole Prevost-Paradol RWF Pic French essayist, journalist, diplomat, (Jewish father) 1865 1829-70 37
Georges de Porto-Riche RWF Pic French dramatist, novelist, 1923 1849-1930 6
Maurice Rheims Pic French novelist, art historian, 1976 1910-2003 32 ExLink
Jacqueline de Romilly RWF Pic French philologist, scholar, writer, 1913 1913-2010 7
Pierre Rosenberg Pic French art historian, essayist, curator, 1995 1936- 23
Jacques Rueff RWF Pic French American economist, 1964 1896-1978 31
Maurice Schumann RWF Pic French politician, Foreign Minister 1969-73  (Jewish father) 1974 1911-98 13
Ustazade Silvestre de Sacy RWF Pic French journalist, senator, 1854 1801-79 15
Maxime Weygand RWC Pic Belgian-born French military commander, (Jewish father ???) 1931 1867-1965
Simone Veil RWF Pic Social Affairs and Health Minister 1974-79  President of European Parlament 1979-82 2008 1927- 13
Academie de Inscriptions et Belles-Letters elected bo-de
Graziadio Ascoli RWF Pic Italian linguist, orientalist,  senator, 1891 1829-1907
Emile Benveniste RWF HW Pic Syrian-born French structural linguist, 1960 1902-76
Raymond Bloch Pic French historian, philologist, 1982 1914-97
Grigory Bongard-Levin RWF Pic Russian historian, 1933-2008
Michel Breal RWF Pic German-born French philologist,  founder of modern semantics, inventor of modern 1875 1832-1915
Claude Cahen RWF HW Pic French orientalist, historian of Crusades,  1973 1909-91
Hartwig Derenbourg Pic German orientalist,    1844-1908
Joseph Derenbourg Pic French-born German orientalist,   1871 1811-95
Roman Ghirshman Pic Ukrainian-born French archaeologist, iranologist, 1895-1979
Gustave Glotz Pic French historian of ancient greek, 1862-1935
Louis Halphen French historian, 1880-1950
Abel Lefranc Pic French historian, ??? 1927 1863-1952
Boris Marshak RWF Pic Russian archaeologist, art historian,  orientalist, 2002 1933-2006
Arnaldo Momigliano RWF HW Pic Italian-born British historian, 1908-87
Anna Morpurgo Davies Pic Italian-born British  philologist, 1937-2014
Sir Robert Mond Pic British chemist, archaeologist, 1938 1867-1938
Sabatino Moscati RWA Pic Italian archaeologist, linguist, 1922-97
Salomon Munk HW Pic German-born French historian, orientalist, linguist, 1858 1803-67
Julius Oppert RWF HW Pic German-born French orientalist, assyriologist 1890 1825-1905
Antonio Padoa-Schioppa Pic Italian jurist, historian, 1937-
Mikhail Piotrovsky RWF Pic Armenian-born Russian orientalist, (Jewish father) ??? 1944-
Salomon Reinach RWF Pic French archaeologist, 1858-1932
Theodore Reinach RWC Pic French archaeologist, mathematician, lawyer, politician, historian, MP 1906-14 1860-1928
Jacqueline de Romilly RWF Pic French philologist, scholar, writer, 1975 1913-2010
Baron Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy RWF HW Pic French linguist, orientalist, 1758-1838
Henri Weil RWF Pic German-born French philologist, 1818-1909
Academie des sciences morales et politiques elected bo-de
Raymond Aron RWF HW Pic French sociologist, political scientist, philosopher, 1963 1905-83
Henri Bergson RWF HW Pic French philosopher, Nobel Prize (1927) in Literature 1859-1941
Camille Bloch RWF French historian,   1946 1865-1949
Maurice Block RWC Pic German-born French economist, statistician, mathematician,   1880 1816-1901
Leon Bourgeois RWF HW Pic Prime Minister of France 1895-96, Nobel Prize of Peace 1920, 1851-1925
Stephen Breyer RWF HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1994- 1938-
Leon Brunschvicg RWE Pic French philosopher, 1869-1944
Rene Cassin RWF HW Pic French jurist, Nobel Prize (1968) for Peace, drafted 1887-1976 RWN
Eugene d'Eichthal Pic French economist, sociologist, poet, 1905 1936
Leon Faucher RWF Pic French economist, polititian, French Prime Minister 1851, 1849 1803-54
Adolphe Franck RWF Pic French lawyer, philosopher, Kabbalah, 1809-93
Faustin Geli RWC French jurist,   1855 1799-1855
Daniel Halevy Pic French historian, (Jewish father) 1949 1872-1962
Louis-Jean Koenigswarter French lawyer, economist,   1850
Haim Korsia RWC Pic French rabbi, military, 1963-
Lucien Levy-Bruhl RWF HW Pic French philosopher, anthropologist, ethnologist, 1857-1939
Raphael Georges Levy French politician, economist, senator, 1913 1853-1933
Gabriel Marcel RWF Pic French philosopher, playwright, music critic, (Jewish mother), 1889-1973
Jacques Rueff RWF Pic French American economist, 1896-1978
Jean Starobinski RWF Pic Swiss-born  literary critic, psychiatrist, 1920-
Louis Wolowski Pic Polish-born French economist, diplomat, politician, 1855 1810-76
Emile Worms RWC French lawyer, political economist, 1877 1838-1918
Rene Worms French political economist, 1869-1926
Academy des beaux-arts elected bo-de
Grigory Bongard-Levin RWF Pic Russian historian, 2000 1933-2008
Julien Cain Pic French general administrator of National Library, 1952 1887-1974  6-5
David David-Weill Pic French chairman of Lazard Freres, 1934 1871-1952  6-1
Michel David-Weill Pic chairman of Lazard Freres 1982 1932-  6-5
Pierre David-Weill Pic chairman of Lazard Freres 1970 1900-75  6-1
Olivier Debre RWF Pic French painter, (Jewish father) 1920-99
Achille Fould RWF Pic Minister of Finance 1849-51, 1851-52 1861-67 Minister of Culture 1852-61 1857 1800-67  6-4
Reynaldo Hahn RWF HW Pic Venezuelan-born French composer, conductor, music critic, diarist, (Jewish father) 1945 1874-1947
Jacques Fromental Halevy RWF HW Pic French composer,  1799-1862
Samuel Jesi RWC Pic Italian engraver, corr 1789-1853
Marcel Marceau RWF HW Pic French actor, mime, 1923-2007  6-1
Darius Milhaud RWF HW Pic French American composer, conductor, 1892-1974
Gerard Oury RWC HW Pic French actor, screenwriter, producer, director, 1998 1919-2006
Gaston Palewski Pic Minister for Research and Technology 1957-62  under Pompidu 1901-84  6-10
Roman Polanski RWF HW Pic Polish/French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish father; half Jewish mother) 1933- 7
Emmanuel Pontremoli Pic French architect, archaeologist, 1922 1865-1956 -7
Baron Alphonse James de Rothschild Pic French financier, vineyard owner, art collector, philanthropist, 1885 1827-1905  6-1
Baron Edmond James de Rothschild RWF HW Pic French-born philantropist, 1906 1845-1934  6-10
Baron Maurice de Rothschild Pic French politician, MP 1928- , art colector, wineyard owner, financier, 1937 1881-1957   6-2
Camille Saint-Saens RWF HW Pic French composer, organist, conductor, pianist, (Jewish mother ???) 1881 1835-1921
Daniel Wildenstein Pic French art dealer, race horse owner/breader, 1971 1917-2001   6-3
Georges Wildenstein Pic French gallery owner, art collector, editor, art historian, 1963 1892-1963   6-6
Isidore Zak RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet opera conductor,   1981 1909-98
Academie des beaux-arts/wiki/cat
National Academy of Medicine elected bo-de
Henri Baruk Pic French neuropsychiatrist, 1897-1999
Etienne-Emile Baulieu RWA Pic French endocrinologist, biochemist, inventor, 2002 1926-
Robert Debre Pic French pediatrician,   1933 1882-1978
George Gayem RWC French physician,   1841-
Alain Fischer Pic French pediatric immunologist, gene therapy, 2011 1949-
Bernard Halpern Pic Ukrainian-born French immunologist, pharmacologist, 1904-78
Jean Hamburger RWF Pic French physician, surgeon, essayist,  1909-92
Emile Javal RWF Pic French ophtalmologist,  1885 1839-1907
Axel Kahn Pic French geneticist, (Jewish father) Corr 1944-
Moritz Schiff RWF Pic German-born Swiss physiologist, 1823-96
Michael Weinberg Ukrainian-born French biologist, 1935 1940