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Geula Even HW Pic Israeli television news presenter, wife
Gideon Sa'ar RWE HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Education 2009-13, Minister of Inner Affairs 2013-14, husband
Charles Saatchi RWE Pic Iraqi-born British co-founder of Saatchi and Saatchi, brother Saatchi and Saatchi  
Edward Saatchi Pic British entrepreneur, computer scientist, (Jewish father) son of Maurice
Baron Maurice Saatchi Pic Iraqi-born British co-founder of Saatchi and Saatchi, brother
Daryl Sabara Pic American film/television child actor, brother
Evan Sabara Pic American film child actor, brother
Ed Sabol Pic American filmmaker, father
Steve Sabol Pic American filmmaker, son
Abram Sachar Pic President of Brandeis University 1948-68 (first president) father
David Sachar Pic American gastroenterologist, son
Howard Sachar RWF Pic American historian, author, son
George Sachs Russian-born German American chemist, metallurgist, father
Rainer Kurt Sachs German-born American radiation biologist, astronomer, son
Leonard Sachs Pic British actor, father
Robin Sachs Pic British actor, son
Eleanor Summerfield Pic British film/stage actress, ??? mother
Manfred George Pic German journalist, theater critic, author, translator, cousin
Nelly Sachs RWF HW Pic German-born Swedish poet, dramatist, Nobel Prize (1966), cousin
Aaron Sachs Pic American jazz saxaphonist, clarinetist, father
Alan Merrill Pic American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, (Jewish father) son
Arthur Sackler Pic American psychiatrist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, brother Purdue Pharma
Mortimer Sackler Pic American physician, entrepreneur, brother
Raymond Sackler Pic American co-founder/chairman of Purdue Pharma, brother
Michael Sackler-Berner Pic American songwriter, guitarist, singer, grandson of Arthur
Adi Bielski Pic Israeli film/stage/television actress,   daughter of Zeev
Zeev Bielski RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, mayor of Raanana 1989-2005 2013- , brother-in-law
Leslie Sacks Pic South African-born American art dealer, brother
Rodney Sacks Pic South African-born American bisnessman, CEO of Monster Beverage, brother
Dov Charney Pic Canadian-born American fashion designer, nephew
Moshe Safdie RWF HW Pic Canadian-Israeli architect, urban designer, uncle
Oren Safdie Pic Canadian American Israeli screenwriter, playwright, son of Moshe
Safra Safra Family
Edmond Safra RWC HW Pic founder 1956 son Trade Development Bank
Jacob Safra RWC Levanese banker, father
Jacqui Safra HW Pic Swiss businessman,    nephew of Edmond
Joseph Safra RWC Pic Syrian-born  co-founder of Banco Safra,  son Safra Group
Lily Safra Pic Brazilian Monako philanthroper, wife of Edmond Safra, wife of Edmond
Moises Safra RWC Pic Syrian-born  co-founder of Banco Safra,  son Safra Group
Carl Safran Canadian psychologist, father
Laura Safran Pic Canadian lawyer, daughter
Safran Foer
Franklin Foer Pic American journalist, editor of New Republic, brother
Jonathan Safran Foer RWF HW Pic American novelist, brother
Joshua Foer Pic American journalist,    brother
Nicole Krauss RWF Pic American writer,     wife of Jonathan
Boris Sagal RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American film/television director, father
Daniil Sagal RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actor,    brother of Boris
Jean Sagal Pic American actress, director, (Jewish father) daughter
Joe Sagal Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Katey Sagal RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Liz Sagal Pic American television actress, writer, (Jewish father) daughter
Ann Druyan RWF Pic American screenwriter, producer, 3rd wife
Lynn Margulis RWF HW Pic American microbiologist, 1st wife
Carl Sagan RWF HW Pic American astronomer and educator, husband
Dorion Sagan Pic American science writer, son
Jeremy Sagan Pic American computer programmer, son
Nick Sagan Pic American novelist, screenwriter, son of Linda
Paul Sagan Pic American businessman, executive,  cousin of Carl
Linda Salzman Sagan Pic American television writer, artist, 2nd wife
Yael Nizri Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 2006, wife
Teddy Sagi RWC HW Pic Israeli businessman, Playtech, husband
Uri Sagi RWC HW Pic Israeli Head of A'man 1991-95, uncle
Eyal Eizenberg RWC Pic Israeli miltary commander, major general, nephew
Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari Medivieal physician, scholar, psychologist, son
Sahl ibn Bishr Persian astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, father
Bernard Sahlins American writer, theater director, comedian, brother
Marshall Sahlins RWF HW Pic American anthropologist, brother
Hunt Sales Pic American drummer, son
Soupy Sales Pic American comedian, actor, radio/television personality/host, father
Tony Sales Pic American bassist, guitarist, son
Sainsbury J Sainsbury plc
Baron Alan Sainsbury Pic chairman (1902-98) son of John Benjamin
Baron David Sainsbury Pic British businessman, politician, son of Robert
John Sainsbury Pic American founder/chairman (1844-1928) of J Sainsbury plc grandfather
Baron John Sainsbury Pic British businessman, politician, son of Alan
John Benjamin Sainsbury son of John
Mark Sainsbury Pic British philosopher,
Mary Ann Sainsbury British wife of founder John Sainsbury wife of John
Paul Sainsbury British businessman, son of John
Sir Robert Sainsbury British businessman, son of John Benjamin
Simon Sainsbury British businessman, philantropist, art collector, son of Alan
Sir Timothy Sainsbury RWC Pic British junior minister, son of Alan
Gonzalo de Salazar RWC Mexican politician, governor of New Spain, conquistdor, (Jewish descent) grandfather
Don Juan de Onate RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, governor of New Mexico 1598-1608, (Jewish mother) grandson
J.D. Salinger RWE HW Pic American writer, (Jewish father) father
Matt Salinger Pic American stage/film actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Alexander Salkind Pic Polish-born French film producer, father
Ilya Salkind Pic Mexican film producer, grandson
Michael Salkind Russian-born French film producer, grandfather
Sir Isidore Salmon Pic British buesinessman, politician, father
Samuel Isidore Salmon Pic British politician, executive, son
Albert Salomon Pic German surgeon, father
Charlotte Salomon RWF Pic German painter, daugher
Charles Salomon German-born American brigadier general, brother
Edward Salomon RWC HW Pic German-born Governor of Wiskonsin 1862-64, brother
Frederick Salomon RWC Pic German-born Union brigadier general, brother
Sir David Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons Pic British scientific author, engineer, inventor, son of Philip
Sir David Salomons HW Pic British financier, Lord Mayor of London brother
Philip Salomons Pic British financier, brother
Nikolai Saltykov RWC Pic Russian general-feldmarshal (Jewish discent) great grandson
Anastasiya Skoropadskaya RWC Pic Russian politician (Jewish father) great grandmother
Aaron Saltzman Pic Canadian journalist, (Jewish father) grandson
Devyani Saltzman Pic Canadian journalist, author, (Jewish father) granddaughter
Paul Saltzman Pic Canadian film/television producer/director, father of Devyani
Percy Saltzman Pic Canadian meteorologist, television personality, grandfather
Fransis Salvador British-born American military, politician, nephew
Joseph Salvador British businessman, uncle
Daniel Sambursky RWE German-born Israeli composer, brother
Shmuel Sambursky RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli scientist, historian, brother
Hans Samelson Pic French-born German American mathematician, (half-Jewish) brother
Klaus Samelson French-born German mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, (half Jewish) brother
Tatiana Samoilova RWF Pic Russian actress, (Jewish mother) wife
Solomon Shulman RWE Pic Belarusian-born Soviet film director, screenwriter, author, husband
Sir Frederick Samson Pic Australian businessman, mayor of Fremantle, son
Lionel Samson Pic Australian settler, businessman, Lionel Samson & Son, grandfather
Michael Samson Pic Australian mayor of Flemantle 1905-07, father
Jacob Samuda British engineer, brother ExLink Samuda Brothers
Joseph Samuda Pic British civil engineer, politician, brother
Samuel Viscount Bearsted Shell Oil Company
Viscount Marcus Samuel Pic British founder 1897 of Shell Oil Company, father
Viscount Peter Montefiore Samuel British deputy chairman of Shell Transport and Trading, grandson Shell Oil Company
Viscount Marcus Richard Samuel British peer, director of Lloyds Bank, grandson
Samuel Samuel Iraqi-British chairman of Shell Oil Company, politician, MP 1913-34 brother of Marcus
Viscount Walter Samuel Pic British owner of Shell Oil Company, son of Marcus]
Samuel Viscount Samuel
Helen Bentwich Pic British social worker, politician, niece of Herbert, Stuart
Edwin Samuel Montagu RWC HW Pic Minister of Munitions under-secretary of State for India 2nd son of Samuel cousin of Herbert, Stuart
Baron Samuel Montagu Pic British banker, founder of Samuel Montagu & Co, politician MP 1887-90, uncle of Herbert, Stuart
Viscount Dan Samuel British Israeli businessman, peer, son of Edwin
Viscount David Samuel Pic British Israeli physical chemist, neurobiologist, son of Edwin
Viscount Edwin Samuel British Israeli aristocrat, father
Viscount Herbert Samuel RWF HW Pic grandfather Herbert Samuel
Dame Louise Samuel British suffragist, charity worker, wife of Gilbert Samuel
Sir Stuart Samuel Pic British Liberal MP 1900-16 brother of Herbert
Ellis Arthur Franklin British merchant banker father of Rosalind, nephew of Herbert
Hugh Franklin Pic British politician, suffragist, nephew of Herbert, Stuart
Rosalind Franklin RWF HW Pic British biophysicist, stractual viorology, DNA cousin of Edwin
Samuel Baron Mancroft
Baron Arthur Samuel Pic British Conservative politician, MP 1918-37 grandfather
Baron Benjamin Mancroft Pic British businessman, politician, (Jewish father) son of Stormont
Baron Stormont Mancroft Pic Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department 1954-57 father
Victoria Lucinda Mancroft   (Jewish father) daugher of Stormont
Samuel Samuel Son & Co.
Lewis Samuel British-born Canadian founder 1855 of Samuel Son & Co., merchant, philanthropist, father
Mark Samuel Canadian CEO of Samuel Son & Co., brother of Lewis
Sigmund Samuel Canadian industrialist, son
Samuel Lions British-born Australian businessman, landlord, uncle
Sir Saul Samuel RWC Pic British-born Australian colonian merchant, politician, nephew
Emma Samms RWF Pic British actress, dancer, daughter
George Samuelson British founder of Sauthall Studios grandfather ExLink
Marc Samuelson Pic British film/television producer, son
Michael Samuelson British businessman, father
Peter Samuelson Pic British-born American film/television producer, son
Sir Sydney Samuelson Pic British Film Commisioner 1991-98 son of George
Sir Bernhard Samuelson Pic German-born British politician, MP 1865-95 father
Sir Henry Samuelson Pic Liberal MP 1868-85 son
Sheryl Sandberg RWF Pic American COO of Facebook, wife
Tom Bernthal Pic American CEO/producer, NBC News, husband
Kurt Sanderling RWF HW Pic German conductor, father
Michael Sanderling HW Pic German-born conductor, cellist, brother
Stefan Sanderling HW Pic German-born conductor, brother
Thomas Sanderling RWF Pic Russian-born German conductor, half-brother
Bernie Sanders RWF HW Pic American senator 2006- , brother
Larry Sanders Pic British politician, brother
Adam Sandler RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, singer, screenwriter, husband
Ethan Sandler RWC Pic American film/television actor, cousin of Adam
Jackie Sandler RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (convert to Judaism)   wife
Sadie Sandler RWC Pic American actress, daughter
Sunny Sandler RWC Pic American actress, daughter
Herbert Sandler Pic American businessman, co-owner of Golden West Finantial, husband
Marion Sandler Pic American businesswoman, co-owner of Golden West Finantial, wife
Ruth Harriet Louise Pic American photographer, sister of Mark
Carmel Myers RWF Pic American silent-film actress, cousin of Mark/Louise
Jay Sandrich Pic American television director, son
Mark Sandrich RWF Pic American director, writer, producer, father
Gabriel Riesser RWE HW Pic German High Court judge politician, MP 1848- gratt-uncle of Jacob
Hans Eduard Sandriesser Pic German diplomat, son
Jacob Sandriesser German lawyer, financial scientist, politician, father
Otto Sandriesser German pharmacologist, physiologist, son
Marvin Sands Pic American founder, CEO of Constellation Brands, father
Richard Sands Pic American chairman of Constellation Brands son
Robert Sands Pic American CEO of Constellation Brands, son
Alexander Sanilievici Romanian physicist,  Corr son
Simion Sanilievici Romanian mathematician,  father
Santa Maria
Alfonso de Cartagena Pic Spanish bishop, diplomat, historian, (converso) son of Pablo Garcia
Alvar Garcia de Santa Maria Spanish medieval historian, (converso) brother
Pablo Garcia de Santa Maria HW Spanish Bishop of Burgus, brother
David Saperstein Pic American rabbi, writer, columnist, husband
Ellen Weiss American journalist, radio executive, wife
Pinhas Sapir RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, Minister of Finance 1963-68 1969-74, uncle
Nathan Sharon RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli biochemist,    brother
Shmuel Shtrikman RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli physicist, brother
Sarah-Theodora RWC Pic Wife of Tzar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria, ruled 1931-71, mother
Alexander Bulgarian Prince, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Ivan Shishman
Desislava of Bulgaria Pic Princess of Bulgaria, (Jewish mother)  daughter of Sarah-Theodora
Fruzhin Pic Bulgarian Prince, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Ivan Shishman
Ivan Asen V Pic second son of emperor Ivan Alexander (1331-71) (Jewish mother) son of Sarah-Theodora
Ivan Shishman RWC Pic Bulgarian Emperor 1371-95, (Jewish mother) son of Sarah-Theodora
Kera Tamara Bulgarian wife of Ottoman Sultan Murad I, 1370- , (Jewish mother) daughter of Sarah-Theodora
Keratsa-Maria Pic Emperor consort of Vyzantine Empire 1376-79, (Jewish mother) daughter of Sarah-Theodora
Joseph Sarfati Italian physycian Pope of Clement VII son
Samuel Sarfatti Italian physycian of Popes Alexander VI and Julius II father
Norma Crane Pic American stage/film/television actress, wife of Herb
Alvin Sargent RWF Pic American screenwriter,  brother
Herb Sargent Pic American television writer, producer, brother
Laura Ziskin RWF Pic American film producer, executive,    wife of Alvin
Sarkozy Sarcozy Family
Guillaume Sarkozy Pic French textile entrepreneur, (Jewish maternal grandfather) brother
Jean Sarkozy Pic son of French president Nicholas Sarcozy (Jewish descent) son of Nicolas
Nicolas Sarkozy RWF Pic President of France 2007- , (Jewish maternal grandfather),  brother
Olivier Sarkozy Pic French banker, (not Jewish) half-brother
Pal Sarkozy Pic   (not Jewish) father
Ruth Langer American theology scholar, wife of Jonathan
Jonathan Sarna Pic American Jewish history scholar, son
Nahum Sarna Pic British-born American biblical scholar, father
Richard Baer Pic American writer, screenwriter,   nephew of David
Eugene Lyons Pic Belarusian-born American journalist, first cousin of David
David Sarnoff RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born American founder  father RCA
Robert Sarnoff Pic CEO, chairman son RCA NBC tv network
Claude Sarraute Pic French journalist, writer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Nathalie Sarraute RWE HW Pic Russian-born French writer, mother
Sassoon Sassoon Family Sassoon Baronets
Rachel Beer HW Pic Indian-born British editor-in-chief of The Obserbver, The Sunday Times, granddaughter of David Sassoon
Sir Percival David Pic Indian-born British art colector, 2nd baronet, son of Sassoon David
Sir Sassoon David Pic Indian banker, businessman, 1st baronet,
Marquess David Cholmondeley Pic British peer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Hugh Cholmondeley
Marquess Hugh Cholmondeley Pic Lord Great Chamberlain of England (Jewish mother) son of Sybil Sassoon
Aline Caroline de Rothschild Pic French socialite, daughter of Baron Gustave, wife of Edward
Sir Albert Sassoon HW Pic Iraqi-born head of David Sassoon & Co. father
Alfred Ezra Sassoon Indian-born father of Siegfried
Arthur Sassoon British banker, socialite, son of David
David Sassoon RWN HW Pic Iraqi-born Indian businessman, grandfather David Sasoon & Co.
Sir Edward Sassoon Pic British Liberal MP 1899-1912, son of David
Edward Elias Sassoon son of Elias
Elias David Sassoon Indian-born banker, merchant  Hong Kong 1844 son of David
Flora Sassoon Pic Indian-born British businessman, scholar, hebraist, philanthropist, granddauther of Albert
Frederick David Sassoon Indian-born British merchant, son of David
George Sassoon Pic British scientist, engineer, author, translator, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Siegfried
Isaac Sassoon
Sir Jacob Elias Sassoon Indian financier, son of Elias Sassoon, son of Elias
Baron James Sassoon Pic British Commercial Secretary of Treasury,
Sir Philip Sassoon RWC Pic British politician, collector, social host, MP 1912-39 son of Edward
Reuven Sassoon Pic British businessman, son of David
Sassoon David Sassoon Pic Indian-born British businessman, banker, philanthropist, son of David
Siegfried Sassoon Pic British war poet, author, (Jewish father) cousin of Philip
Marchioness Sybil Sassoon Pic British Royal Navy service officer, daughter of Edward
Victor Sassoon British businessman, hotelier  son of Edward Elias
Catya Sassoon RWF Pic American film/television actress, model, singer, (Jewish father) daughter
Vidal Sassoon RWF HW Pic British hairdresser, father
Carol Grace Pic American actress, author, mother
Aram Saroyan RWC Pic American poet, novelist, social activist, playwright, (Jewish mother) son
Lucy Saroyan RWC Pic American actress, photographer, (Jewish mother) daughter
Strawberry Saroyan Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Aram
Eliyahu Sasson RWC HW Pic Syrian-born Israeli ambassador to Turkey 1950-52, Italy 1953-60, Switzerland 1960-61, father
Moshe Sasson RWC HW Pic Syrian-born Israeli ambassador to Turkey 1960-66 , Italy , Egypt 1981-88, son
Natalya Rosenel RWF Russian actress, wife of Lunacharsky sister
Ilya Sats RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian conductor, composer, violinist, brother
Natalya Sats RWF Pic Russian director, dramatist, daughter of Ilya
Israel Veitzer RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet people's commissar for domestic trade 1934-37, husband of Natalya
Jan Saudek HW Pic Czech art photographer, painter, (Jewish father) brother
Kaja Saudek Pic Czech comic illustrator. brother
Karel Saudek Pic Czech comics illustrator, painter, (Jewish father) brother
Ben Savage Pic American actor, brother
Fred Savage Pic American actor, television director, brother
Kala Savage Pic American film/television actress, sister
Michael Savage HW Pic American show talk host, author, political commentator, father
Russell Weiner Pic American businessman, Rockstar energy drink, son
Dick Schaap Pic American sportswriter and  broadcaster, father
Jeremy Schaap Pic American sportswriter, television reporter, son
Phil Schaap Pic American jazz disc jockey, historian, archivist, record producer, cousin of Dick
Meyer Schapiro RWF Pic Lithuanian-born American art historian, brother
Morris Schapiro Pic Lithuanian-born American investment banker, brother
Binyumen Schaechter Pic American Yiddish conductor, composer, son of Mordhe
Mordkhe Schaechter Pic Romanian-born Yiddish linguist, brother
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman Pic Austrian-born Romanian American Yiddish poet, songwriter, sister
Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath Pic American-born Yiddish language poet, son of Mordhe
Boris Schatz RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli sculptor, father
Zahara Schatz RWA HW Pic Israeli-born American painter, sculptor, daughter
Danny Schayes Pic American basketball player, son
Dolph Schayes Pic American basketball player, father
Ian Scheckter Pic South African racing driver, brother of Jody
Jody Scheckter HW Pic South African Formula One, father
Toby Scheckter Pic Monte Carlo-born South African racing driver,
Tomas Scheckter Pic South Africal IRL driver, son
Erika Scheimer Pic American voice actress, daughter
Lou Scheimer Pic American television producer, animator, voice actor, father
Edgar Schein Pic Swiss-born American psychologist, busness theorist, son
Marcel Schein Slovak-born American nuclear physicist, father
Isai Scheinberg Pic Israeli Canadian programmer, co-founder, co-owner of PokerStars, father
Mark Scheinberg Pic Israeli-born Canadian businessman, co-founder, co-owner of PokerStars, son
Jenny Scheinman Pic American jazz violinist,  nephew
Victor Scheinman RWC Pic American roboticist, pioneer, uncle
Alisa Kwitney American author, (Jewish father) daughter
Robert Schekley American author, father
Joseph Schenck RWF HW Pic Russian-born American co-founder, chairman of 20th Century Fox, brother
Nicholas Schenck RWF Pic Russian-born American chairman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, brother
Robert Schenkkan Pic American playwright, screnwriter, film/television actor, (Jewish father) uncle
Benjamin McKenzie RWF Pic American actor, producer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) nephew
Hermann Scherchen Pic German conductor, father
Tona Scherchen Swiss-born composer, (Jewish father) daughter
Schey von Koromla Schey von Koromla Family
Baron Friedrich Schey von Koromla Pic Austrian banker, wholesaler, landlod, nephew 1815-1881
Baron Josef Schey von Koromla Austrian jurist, son of Friedrich 1853-38
Baroness Mathilde Schey von Koromla daugher of Friedrich
Baron Philip Schey von Koromla Hungarian-born Austrian wholesaler, uncle 1798-1881
Schiff Schiff Family
Dolly Hall Pic American film producer, (Jewish father) daughter of Mortimer
Mortimer Hall American television executive,  son of Dorothy
Andrew Schiff Pic son of David
Dorothy Schiff Pic American owner 1939-77 of New York Post, granddaughter New York Post
Hugo Schiff RWF Pic German-born Italian chemist, 
Jacob Schiff RWC HW Pic German-born American founder of  grandfather Kuhn, Loeb and Co. 
John Schiff Pic American banker, president of Boy Scouts of America 1951-56, son of Mortimer
Karenna Gore Schiff wife of Andrew Schiff, daughter of Al Gore (not Jewish) wife of Andrew
Mortimer Schiff Pic American banker,    father
Peter Schiff son of John
Wilhelm Schiff Italian sculptor,
Irwin Schiff Pic American activist, tax protester, fraudster, father
Peter Schiff Pic American businessman, investment broker, financian commentator, broadcaster, son
Andras Schiffer Pic Hungarian politician, MP 2010-16, great grandson
Arpad Szakasits RWC Pic President of Hungary 1948-49 great grandfather
Paul Schiff Pic American film producer, brother
Richard Schiff RWF HW Pic American comedian, actor, brother
Guillaume Schiffman RWF Pic French cinematographer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) son
Suzanne Schiffman Pic French film director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) mother
Philippe Sands British legal scholar, (Jewish mother) husband of Natalya 
Andre Sciffrin European-born American author, publisher, socialist, father
Anya Schiffrin Pic American business journalist, daughter of Andre
Natalya Schiffrin daughter of Andre
Joseph Stiglitz RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (2001) husband of Anya
Joseph Schildkraut RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American stage/film actor, son
Rudolph Schildkraut Pic Turkish-born Austrian film/stage actor, father
Bob Schiller American television writer, television producer, ??? father
Tom Schiller Pic American comedian, television writer, film director, ??? son
Geffrey Schindler British solicitor, father
Nicola Schinder daughter
Arthur Schlesinger, Sr Pic American historian, (father) grandfather
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr RWF Pic American historian, social critic, (Jewish paternal grandfather) father
Robert Schlesinger Pic American journalist, blogger, (great Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Stephen Schlesinger Pic American author, political commentator, (great Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Adolf Schlesinger Pic German founder of A. M. Schlesingers Musikhandhung father
Maurice Schlesinger German music editor, son
David Schine Pic American film producer, head of Schine Enterprises, son
Junius Myer Schine Pic American head of Shcine Enterprises, father
Frederick Bernt Schine American politician, (Jewish father) grandson
Ian Buruma RWF Pic Dutch-born British journalist, writer, historian (Jewish mother) nephew
John Schlesinger RWF HW Pic British film/stage director, actor, uncle
Ruth Landes Pic American cultural anthropologist, daughter
Joseph Schlossberg American co-founder of Amalgamated Clothing Workers father
Edwin Schlossberg Pic American designer, author, artist, father
Jack Schlossberg Pic American grandson of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (Jewish father) son
Rose Schlossberg Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Tatiana Schlossberg Pic American journalist, author, (Jewish father) daughter
Schlossberger de Tornaya
Baroness Eugenia Schlossberger de Tornaya daughter 1831-81
Baron Ludwig Schlossberger de Tornaya son
Baron Zsigmond von Schlossberger de Tornya Pic Hungarian trader, banking, tobacco, sugar, father 1826-1900
Baron Victor Schlossberger de Tornya son 1866-1938
Eric Schlosser HW Pic American journalist, son
Herbert Schlosser president 1974- of NBC father NBC
Artur Schnabel RWF HW Pic Polish-born Austrian American classical pianist, composer, father
Karl Schnabel RWF HW Pic German pianist, (Jewish father) son
Stefan Schnabel Pic German television actor, (Jewish father) son
Julian Schnabel RWF HW Pic American film director, painter, sculptor, father
Stella Schnabel Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Vito Schnabel Pic American art dealer, curator, (Jewish father) son
Abraham Schneider American chairman/president of Columbia Pictures, father Columbia Pictures
Bert Schneider Pic American film/television producer, son Wiki
Harold Schneider American film producer, son
Lisa Lillien Pic American internet media executive, Hungry Girl, wife
Dan Schneider RWF Pic American songwriter, actor, writer, film/television producer, husband
Elle King HW Pic American singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Rob Schneider RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, screenwriter, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) father
Alexander Schneider HW Pic Lithuanian-born American violinist, conductor, brother
Mischa Schneider Pic Lithuanian-born cellist, brother
Jenn Proske Pic Canadian-born American actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Stephan Schneider American actor, husband
Bruce Schneier RWF Pic American security expert, cryptographer, son
Martin Schneier American Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge, father
Alfred Schnittke RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet composer, (Jewish father) son
Harry Schnittke RWF Geman-born Soviet translator, journalist, father
Viktor Schnittke RWF Russian-born  German poet, author, translator, (Jewish father) son
Vladimir Schnittke RWF Soviet lawyer, cousin of Alfred
Arthur Schnitzler RWF HW Pic Austrian author, playwright, novelist, son  1862-1931
Johann Schnitzler Pic Hungarian-born Austrian physician, otolaryngologist, father 1835-93
Julius Schnitzler Pic Austrian physician, surgeon, son  1865-1939
Moshe Schnitzer RWA HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli diamond businessman, father
Shmuel Schnitzer HW Pic Israeli diamond businessman, son
Arlene Schnitzer Pic American arts patron, philanthtropist, wife
Harold Schnitzer Pic American businessman, civic leader, philanthropist, Portland, Oregon husband
Amos Schocken RWC Pic Israeli publisher of Haaretz, son Haaretz
Gershom Schocken RWC HW Pic German-born Israeli journalist, politician, newspaper editor, father
Gustav Schocken publisher Haaretz
Salman Schocken RWC HW Pic Poish-born founder 1931 of Schoken Books, grandfather Schoken Books
publisher 1935- Haaretz
Beatrice Schonberg Pic French television journalist, news anchor, wife
Claude-Michel Schoenberg RWF HW Pic French composer, record producer, actor, singer, librettist husband
Rudolf Kolisch Pic Austrian violinist, brother of Gertrud
Arnold Schoenberg RWF HW Pic Austrian American composer,   brother-in-law
Gertrud Schoenberg Pic Austrian opera librettist, 2nd wife of Arnold
Nuria Schoenberg daughter of Arnold
Randol Schoenberg Pic American attorney, geneologist, grandson of Arnold/Getrude
Alexander von Zemlinsky RWF HW Pic Austrian composer, conductor, (Jewish maternal grandfather/convert to Judaism) brother-in-law
Gershom Scholem RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli philosopher, historian, Jewish misticism, brother
Werner Scholem Pic German politician, MP 1924-28 brother
Sir Alexander Schomberg RWC Pic British Royal Navy officer, son
Alexander Wilmot Schomberg RWC British military, admiral, (Jewish father) son of Sir Alexander
Sir Charles Marsh Schomberg RWC Pic British military, (Jewish father) son of Sir Alexander
Sir Geoffrey Schomberg Arbuthot RWC Pic British Vice Admiral, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Henri Charles Schomberg RWC British military, son of Isaac
Herbert Schomberg RWC British military, Rear Admiral, son of Alexander
Isaac Schomberg RWC Pic British military, son of Ralph
Meyer Schomberg RWC German-born British physician, father of Alexander/Ralph
Ralph Schomberg RWC Pic British physician,    brother of Sir Alexander
Ilya Schor Pic Ukrainian-born American painter, sculptor, engraver, father
Mira Schor Pic American artist, writer, educator, art critic, daughter
Naomi Schor Pic American language/literary scholar,  daughter
Resia Schor Pic Ukrainian-born American painter, sculptor, mother
Brian Schottenheimer Pic American football coach, son of Marty
Kurt Schottenheimer Pic American football coach, brother
Marty Schottenheimer Pic American football coach, brother
Jon Diamond Pic American co founder 1993/president of Save Auto Inshuarance Company, brother-in-law of Jay
Jay Schottenstein Pic American founder, chairman of American Eagle Outfitters son
Jerome Schottenstein HW Pic American entrepreneur, founder of Schottenstein Stores Corp, father
Liev Schreiber RWF HW Pic American stage/film actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) half brother
Pablo Schreiber Pic American film/television/stage actor, gentile half brother
Alan Schriesheim Pic American chemist, director/CEO of Agronne National Laboratory,  father
Robert Schriesheim Pic American businessman, CFO of Sears Holdings 2011- , son
Baron Bruno Schroder Pic German-born British private banker, art collector, patron, nephew of Sir John Henry
Baron Johann Heinrich Schroder Pic German-born British banker, Schroders, father
Baron Sir John Henry Schroder German-born British banker, art collector, patron, Schroders, son
Michael Strauss HW Pic Israeli businessman, Strauss Group, father
Ofra Strauss HW Pic Israeli businesswoman, Strauss Group, daughter
Sam Jaffe RWF Pic American British film producer, talent agent,    brother of Adeline
Adeline Schulberg American talent/literary agent,   mother
Benjamin Schulberg Pic American film producer, movie studio executive, father
Budd Schulberg HW Pic American screenwriter, novelist, television producer, sports writer, son
Sondra Schulberg niece of Budd
Erwin Schulhoff RWF HW Pic Czech composer, pianist, great-nephew
Julius Schulhoff RWF Pic Czech composer, pianist, great-uncle
Simha Ben-Zion RWF Pic Moldovan-born Israeli writer, journalist,
Rebecca Schull RWF Pic American film/television actress, sister
Ben Wattenberg Pic American columnist, speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson brother
Daniel Wattenberg Pic American journalist, singer/songwriter, son of Ben
Ariel Schulman Pic American actor, director, producer, brother
Nev Schulman Pic American producer, actor, photographer, brother
Dave Schultz Pic American freestyle wrestler, (Jewish father) brother
Mark Schultz Pic American wrestler, (Jewish father) brother
Amy Schumer RWF HW Pic American stand-up comedian, actress, screenwriter, (Jewish father) niece
Chuck Schumer RWF HW Pic American politician, senator, uncle
Schuster Schuster Baronets Schuster, Sons & Co.
Sir Arthur Schuster RWF Pic German-born British astrophysicist, brother
Sir Felix Schuster British financier, brother
Leo Schuster German-born British cotton trader, merchant banker, uncle of Sir Felix/Sir Arthur 1792-1871
Leo Francis Howard Schuster   (Jewish father) son of Leo 1825-1927
Marie Schuster wife of Baron Rayner Goddard daughter of Sir Felix
Sir Victor Schuster son of Felix 1885-1962
Sir James Schuster son of Victor 1913-96
Baroness Mary Warnock Pic British philosopher, (Jewish maternal grandfather) granddaughter of Sir Felix
Sir Duncan Wilson Pic British diplomat, ambassador to Yugoslavia/USSR, (Jewish maternal grandfather) grandson of Sir Felix
Charles Schusterman Pic Russian-born American businessman, Samson Investment Company, father
Lynn Schusterman Pic American philanthropist, Samson Investment Company, mother
Stacy Schusterman Pic American hairess, businesswoman, philnthropist, daughter
Ira Lapidus Pic American historian, educator, photographer, husband of Brenda
George Oppen Pic American poet, cousin of Ethel
Ethel Schwabacher Pic American expressionist painter, wife
Wolf Schwabacher American entertainment lawyer, husband
Brenda Webster Pic American writer, critic, translator, daughter
Heather Reisman Pic Canadian founder, CEO of Indigo Books, wife Indigo Books
Simon Reisman Canadian civil cervant, trade agreement negotiator, uncle of Heather
Gerald Schwartz Pic Canadian co-founder of Onex Corporation, husband Onex Corporation
Zohra Lampert RWF Pic American stage/film/television character actress,  wife of Jonathan
Arthur Schwartz Pic American composer, songwriter:composer, film producer, father
Jonathan Schwartz Pic American radio personality,   son
Paul Schwartz American record producer, composer, conductor, son
Al Schwartz Pic American screenwriter, television producer/director, brother
Douglas Schwartz Pic American producer, nephew of Sherwood
Elroy Schwartz Pic American comedy/television wrier, brother
Lloyd Schwartz Pic American television producer, screenwriter,   son of Sherwood
Sherwood Schwartz Pic American television producer/writer, brother
Andre Schwarz-Bart RWF HW Pic French novelist,  father
Jacques Schwarz-Bart Pic French-born American jazz saxophonist,  (Jewish father) son
Elizabeth Schwartz Pic American vocalist, klezmer, wife
Yale Strom Pic American violinist, composer, playwrught, photographer, klezmer music researcher, husband
Leon Schwartzenberg RWC Pic French oncologist, Minister of Health Rocard nephew
Roger-Gerard Schwartzenberg RWC Pic French politician, MP, Minister 1983-86 2000-02, uncle
Robert Emden RWF Pic Swiss astrophysicist, metereologist, uncle of Martin
Karl Schwarzschild RWF HW Pic German physicist and astronomer,  father
Martin Schwarzschild RWF Pic German-born American astronomer, (Jewish father) son
Jason Schwartzman RWF HW Pic American actor, drummer, (Jewish father) son
Jack Schwartzman HW Pic American producer, father
John Schwartzman RWC Pic American cinematographer,   son of Jack
Robert Schwartzman Pic American lead vocalist, actor, (Jewish father) son
Miguel Schweitzer Walters RWC Pic Chilean-born Minister of Foreign Affairs 1983, son
Miguel Speisky RWC Pic Chilean Minister of Justice Pinosche, 1975-77, father
Zoe Buckman Pic British photographer, (Jewish mother/paternal grandmother) wife of David
Abel Schwimmer American ballroom dancer, father of Benji ExLink
Heidi Groskreutz American ballroom dancer, cousin of Benji/Lacey
Benji Schwimmer Pic American professional dancer, choreographer, actor, (Jewish father) son
Buddy Schwimmer Pic American dancer, choreographer, inventor of "two step" father
David Schwimmer RWF HW Pic American actor, film/television director,   3d cousin of Heidi
Lacey Schwimmer Pic American ballroom dancer, (Jewish father) daughter
Claude Cahun Pic French writer, artist, photographer, daughter of Maurice
David Leon Cahun French traveler, orientalist, writer, great uncle of Claude
Marcel Schwob RWF Pic French novelist, translator, brother
Maurice Schwob Pic French publisher of newspaper Le Phare de la Loire, brother
Raymond Scott Pic American composer, bandleader, engineer, inventor, sequencer portable synthesizer, brother
Mark Warnow RWE Pic Ukrainian-born American violinist, conductor,  brother
Ayako Fujitani Pic Japanian actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter
Steven Seagal RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) father
Andrew Secunda Pic American actor, grandson
Sholom Secunda RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American composer, songwriter, grandfather
Eydie Gorme RWF HW Pic American singer, cousin
Neil Sedaka RWF HW Pic American pop singer/songwriter, pianist,  cousin
Sosie Bacon Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) daughter of Kyra
Mike Stern half-brother of Kyra
Kyra Sedgwick RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Robert Sedgwick Pic American actror, (Jewish mother) brother
Brian Segal Pic president of Ryerson University 1980-88 brother
Hugh Segal Pic Canadian senator 2005- ,political strategist, author, commentator, brother
Graeme Segal Pic British mathematician, brother
Lynne Segal Australian-born British feminist, activist, sister
Judah Segal Pic British linguist, son of Moshe
Moshe Zvi Segal RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli rabbi, linguist, Talmudic scholar,    father
Baron Samuel Segal British labour politician, MP 1935-39 1945-50 son
Amit Segal HW Pic Israeli journalist, political commentator, brother
Hagi Segal HW Pic Israeli journalist, satirist, publicist, father
Arnon Segal HW Pic Israeli journalist, brother
Arthur Segal Pic Romanian artist, author, son
Walter Segal Pic Swiss-born Romanian architect, father
Liliana Aleshnikova RWF Pic Russian actress,    wife
Yakov Segel RWF Pic Soviet film director, screenwriter, actor, author, husband
Arturo Segre
Corrado Segre RWF Pic Italian mathematician,
Emilio Segre RWF HW Pic Italian-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1959),discovery of antiproton, nephew of Gino
Gino Segre RWF Pic Italian physicist, (Jewish father)
Julie Segre Pic American geneticist, biologist,
Roberto Segre RWC Pic Italian military, leutenant general,
Christine Seidman Pic American physician, geneticist, ??? wife
Jonathan Seidman Pic American geneticist, ??? husband
Jerry Seinfeld RWF HW Pic American comedian, actor, screenwriter, producer, husband
Jessica Sklar Seinfeld Pic Amereican cookbook writer, wife
Eric Nederlander Pic American theatrical producer, president of Nederlander Organisation 1st husband of Jessica
Albert Cardozo New York State Supreme Court justice father of Benjamin
Benjamin Cardozo RWF HW Pic American Supreme Court Justice 1932-1938. cousin of Maud
Emma Lazarus RWF HW Pic American poet,    cousin of Maud
Benjamin Mendes co-founder of New York Stock Exchange
Moses Mendes
Annie Nathan Meyer Pic American author, promoter of higher education, sister
Maud Nathan Pic American social worker, labour activist, suffragist, sister
Robert Nathan Pic American novelist, poet, nephew of Annie
Gershom Mendes Seixas Pic American jewish minister,
Jay Sekulow Pic American attorney, radio host,  (convert to Christianity) father
Jordan Sekulow Pic American lawyer, radio talk show host, political cosultant, (Jewish father) son
Logan Sekulow Pic American television talk show host, (Jewish father) son
Arthur Seldon Pic British economist, father
Anthony Seldon Pic British historian, biographer, son
Julian Claman American film/television actor, television writer, playwright, novelist, husband of Marian 1st
Garson Kanin Pic American director, screenwriter, playwright, husband of Marian 2nd
George Seldes Pic American investigative journalist, media critic, author, uncle
Gilbert Seldes Pic American writer, cultural critic,   father
Marian Seldes RWF Pic American stage, film, radio, television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Jonathan Self Pic British author, journalist, (Jewish mother) brother
Will Self Pic British novelist, journalist, television personality, (Jewish mother) brother
Clare Selgin Pic American anthropologist, half sister
George Selgin Pic American economist, brother
Peter Selgin American writer, playwright, editor, illustrator, brother
Bud Selig Pic American Commisioner of Major Leage Baseball, 1998-, father
Wendy Selig-Prieb Pic American CEO of Milwaukee Brewers, daughter
Germain Seligman Pic American art dealer/collector, art historian, son
Jacques Seligmann Pic German-born American art dealer, father
Seligman J. & W. Seligman & Co.
Edwin Seligman RWF Pic American economist, historian of economic thought,  son
Isaac Seligman Pic German-born American banker, philathropist, brother of Joseph
Isaac N. Seligman American banker,   son
Joseph Seligman RWF Pic German-born American founder of J. & W. Seligman & Co., father ExLink
Brenda Seligman Pic British anthropologist,  wife
Charles Seligman Pic British ethnologist, husband
Daniel Seligman Pic American journalist, writer, editor, cousin
Martin Seligman RWF HW Pic American psychologist, positive psychology, cousin
Lincoln Seligman Pic British artist, son
Madron Seligman Pic British politician, (Jewish father) father
Joel Klein Pic Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice husband
Nicole Seligman Pic American Attorney, Executive Vice President of Sony Corporation, wife
Elis Sella Pic Finnish actor,   husband
Seela Sella Pic Finnish film/television actress,  (convert to Judaism) wife
Michael Sellers Pic British builder, car restorer, actor, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Peter Sellers RWF HW Pic British comedian, actor, (Jewish mother) father
William Goetz RWC Pic American producer, president of Universal Pictures, brother-in-law of Irene
Irene Mayer Selznick Pic American theatrical producer, sociality, wife of David
Brian Selznick Pic American author, children's books illustrator, cousin of David & Myron
David Selznick RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American producer, studio executive, son
Lewis Selznick RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American producer, father
Myron Selznick Pic American producer, talent agent,    son
Joyce Selznick American talent agent, casting director, niece of David
Boris Belenky Soviet civil servant, brother-in-law of Yakov
David Belenky Soviet physician, brother-in-law of Yakov
Mark Belenky Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for the Food Industry brother-in-law of Yakov
Anatoly Rybakov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian writer, screenwriter, son-in-law of Mark
Yakov Serebriansky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet intelligence oficer, brother-in-law
Semion Belitsky RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, komdiv, major general, uncle
Yakov Serebriyski RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, nephew
Ada Feinberg-Sireni RWC HW Pic Italian-born Israeli politician,   niece of Enzo
Ada Sereni RWC HW Pic Israeli secrete agent, writer, wife
Enzo Sereni HW Pic Italian zionist, co-founder of Givat Brenner, Israel, husband
Clara Sereni RWC Pic Italian author, journalist, daughter
Emilio Sereni RWC Pic Italian journalist, politician, senator 1948- father
Peter Serkin Pic American pianist, (Jewish father) son
Rudolf Serkin RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian American pianist, father
Robert Serling Pic American  novelist, aviation writer, brother
Rod Serling RWF Pic American  screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, brother
Baroness Beatrice Serota Pic British Minister for Health, mother
Sir Nicholas Serota Pic British art curator, director of  Tate Gallery, son
Carl Ludwig Hablitz RWF German-born Russian geographer, traveller, encyclopedist, botanist, grandfather of Alexander
Andre Lwoff RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965), grandson of Adelaida/Yakov
Alexander Serov RWF Pic Russian composer, musical critic, (Jewish maternal grandfather) father
Valentina Serova RWF Pic Russian composer, mother
Valentin Serov RWF HW Pic Russian painter, (Jewish mother) son
Adelaida Simonovich RWF Pic Russian pedagogue, publisher, sister of Valentina
Yakov Simonovich RWF Russian pediatrician, publisher, husband of Adelaida
Richard Serra RWF Pic American pop art sculptor, (Jewish mother) brother
Tony Serra Pic American civil rights lawyer, tax resister, (Jewish mother) brother
Servan-Schreiber/Cremieux/Mendes France Servan-Schreiber Family
Christiane Collange Pic French journalist, writer, editor, (Jewish father) daughter of Emile
Adolphe Cremieux RWF HW Pic French Minister of Justice 1848 1870-71, relative of Fernand
Fernand Cremieux Pic French politician, lawyer senator, father
Gaston Cremieux RWF Pic French lawyer, writer, journalist, cousin of Fernand
Suzanne Cremieux Pic French politician, senator, daugther
Vincent Ferniot Pic French actor, television presenter, food writer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Christiane
Brigitte Gros Pic French jornalist, politician, senator, (Jewish father) daughter of Emile
Marie-Claire Mendes France Pic French journalist, daughter of Robert/Suzanne
Pierre Mendes France RWF HW Pic prime minister of France 1954-55 husband of Marie-Claire
David Servan-Schreiber French psychiatrist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Jean-Jacques
Emile Servan-Schreiber Pic French journalist, brother of Robert
Fabienne Servan-Schreiber Pic French film/television producer, (Jewish paternal descent) daughter of Jean-Claude
Florence Servan-Schreiber French journalist, daughter of Jean-Louis
Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber Pic French politician, newspaper editor, son of Robert/Suzanne
Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber RWC Pic French writer, publisher, politician, (Jewish father) son of Emile
Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber Pic French journalist, essayist, media owner, (Jewish father) son of Emile
Pierre Servan-Schreiber French lawyer, grower, son of Jean-Claude
Robert Servan-Schreiber French businessman, brother of Emile
Edouard Stern Pic French banker, (Jewish father) son of Jean-Claude
Henri Weber Pic Tajik-born French politician, senator, son-in-law of Jean-Claude
Freddie Sessler Pic American drug dealer, brother
Siegi Sessler Pic Polish-born British restarateur, nightclub owner, brother
Henry Setright British engineer, inventor, Setright ticket machine, father
Leonard Setright Pic British journalist, author,    son
Igor Rabiner RWF Pic Russian football journalist,     nephew
Igor Shaferan RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian author, poet, songwriter:lyricist, uncle
Anthony Shaffer RWF Pic British playwright, novelist, screenwriter,   brother
Sir Peter Shaffer RWF HW Pic British playwright, screenwriter, dramatist, brother
Greg Shahade Pic American chess international master, brother
Jennifer Shahade Pic American chess woman grandmaster, sister
Hagai Shaham Pic American-born Israeli violin virtuoso, brother
Rinat Shaham RWF HW Pic Israeli opera singer, mezzo-soprano, sister
David Shaham HW Pic Polish-born writer, translator, editor, son
Nathan Shaham HW Pic Israeli writer, editor, translator, playwright, son
Eliezer Steinman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli writer, journalist, editor, father
Aner Shalev Pic Israeli mathematician, husband
Donna Shalev RWC Pic American Israeli linguist, philologist, wife
Edward Klein Pic American columnist, biographer, editor, stepfather-in-law of Ruth
Ruth Shalit Pic American writer, journalist, sister
Wendy Shalit Pic American author, sister
Anna Lubiw Pic American computer scientist, ??? wife of Jeffrey
Jeffrey Shallit Pic American computer scientist, son
Joseph Shallit Pic American mystery novelist, science fiction author, father
Anthony Lewis Pic American journalist, columnist, writer, uncle of Willa
Gene Shalit Pic American film/literary critic,  father
Willa Shalit Pic American theatrical/television producer, photographer, author, entrepreneur, daughter
Yair Shamir RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, executive, Minister of Agriculture 2013- , son
Yitzhak Shamir RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born Israeli Prime Minister  1983-84 1986-92 father
Israel Shamir RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli journalist, translator, father
Johannes Wahlstrom Pic Israeli-born Swedish journalist, filmmaker, son
Astar Shamir HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, wife
Ephraim Shamir HW Pic Israeli singer, husband
Bernice Grafstein Pic American neurophysiologist, wife
Howard Shanet American conductor, composer, husband
Laurence Shanet Pic American film firector, son
Vera Guerin Pic American philanthropist, musical theater producer, daughter of Nathan
David Shapell Polish-born American co-founder of Shapell Industries, Los Angeles, brother
Nathan Shapell Pic Polish-born American co-founder of Shapell Industries, Los Angeles, brother
Max Webb Polish-born American co-founder of Shapell Industries, Los Angeles, brother-in-law
Bernard Shapiro Pic Canadian-born Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University 1994-2002, brother
Harold Shapiro RWF Pic Canadian-born American president of Prinston 1988-01, brother
Harold Shapiro Pic American mathematiciuan, fatrher
Max Tegmark Pic Swedish-born American cosmologist, (Jewish father) son
Mark Shapiro Pic American general manager of Cleveland Indians, son
Ronald Shapiro Pic American sports agent, attorney, father
Nina Gordon RWF Pic America rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, daughter
Jim Shapiro Pic American drummer, son
Robert Shapiro Pic American lawyer, company executive, CEO of Monsanto father
Joshua Sharfstein Pic American deputy commisioner of Food and Drugs Administration son
Steven Sharfstein Pic American psychiatrist, father
Ariel Sharon RWF HW Pic prime minister of Israel 2001-05 father
Omri Sharon HW Pic Israeli politician, son
Melanie Shatner Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
William Shatner RWF HW Pic Canadian American actor, father
Shaul Avigur RWF HW Pic Latvian-born founder of Israeli Intelligence community, brother in law
Moshe Sharett RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli 2nd prime minister  1954-55 brother in law
Melville Shavelson Pic American screenwriter, producer, director, author, father
Richard Shavelson Pic American educational psychologist, son
Beth Kobliner Pic American journalist, financial commentator, wife
David Shaw Pic American computer scientist, computational biochemist, money manager, husband
Jamaica Kincaid RWF Pic Antiguan-born American novelist, (convert to Judaism) wife of Allen
Allen Shawn Pic Ameican composer, pianist, educator, son
William Shawn Pic American magazine editor, father
Wallace Shawn RWF Pic American actor, playwright, comedian, son
Clayton Landey Pic American film/television actor,     husband of Lin
Lin Shaye RWF Pic American stage/film/television actress,     sister
Robert Shaye RWC Pic founder 1967 brother New Line Cinema
Bennett Shaywitz Pic American medical scholar, husband
Sally Shaywitz Pic American medical scholar, wife
Brian Sheen Pic Amercan medical practitioner, writer, educator, son
Mickey Sheen Pic American jazz drummer, father
Lorraine Gary Pic American actress, wife
Sidney Sheinberg RWC Pic American president of Music Corporation of America, husband
Ronald Levy husband 1st
Jerry Sheindlin Pic American television judge, former New York State Supreme Court justice husband 2nd
Judith Sheindlin Pic American judge, author, television personality, wife
Herzl Shafir RWC Pic Israeli military, lietenant general, inspector general of Israeli Police 1980, brother
Avraham Shekhterman RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born  Israeli politician,    brother
Ihiel Halperin RWE Israeli writer, father
Uzzi Ornan HW Pic Israeli linguist, social activist,    son
Saharon Shelah RWF HW Pic Israeli American mathematician, son of Yonatan
Yonatan Ratosh RWF Pic Polish-born Israeli poet, son
Scott Shenker Pic American computer scientist,    brother
Stephen Shenker Pic American theoretical physicist, strings brother
Richard Shepherd Pic American film producer, father
Scott Shepherd Pic American film/television producer, television writer, son
Sir Ronald Harwood RWF HW Pic South African-born British American playwright, author, screenwriter, producer, cousin
Sir Antony Sher HW Pic South African-born British stage actor, novelist, painter, cousin
Ervin Baktay Pic Hungarian indologist, uncle of Amrita
Amrita Sher-Gil HW Pic Hungarian-born Indian painter, (Jewish mother) niece
Vivan Sundaram Pic Indian contemporary artist, (Jewish maternal grandmother) nephew of Amrita
Jenny Hanley Pic British film/television actress, television presenter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Sir Jeremy Hanley Pic British politician, MP 1983-75, Chairman of Conservative Party 1994-95, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Dinah Sheridan Pic British film/television actress, (Jewish father) mother
Al Sherman Pic Ukrainian-born American songwriter, father
Richard Sherman RWF Pic American songwriter, composer, lyricist, son
Robert Sherman RWF Pic American songwriter, composer, lyricist, painter, son
Ben Sherwood Pic American president of ABC News, brother
Elisabeth Sherwood-Randall RWC Pic American national security expert, US Deputy Secretary of Energy 2014-17, sister
Fanny Lowtzky RWF Ukrainian-born German Swiss psychoanalyst, sister
Lev Shestov RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian French philosopher, writer, brother
Sydney Tamiia Poitier RWF Pic American film/telvision actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Lady Joanna Shimkus RWF Pic Canadian actress, model, (Jewish father) mother
Geoffrey Shindler Pic British solicitor, father
Nicola Shindler Pic British television producer, founder 1998 of Red Producion Company, daughter
Luciana Berger RWC HW Pic British politician, Labour MP 2010- great niece
Baron Manny Shinwell RWC HW Pic British Minister of Defense 1950-51 great uncle
Didi Conn RWF Pic American stage/film/television actress, wife
David Shire Pic American composer, musicals, film scores, husband
Alexander Shirvindt RWF Pic Russian film/stage actor, screenwriter, son of Anatoly
Anatoly Shirvint Ukrainian-born Soviet  violinist, brother
Boris Shirvindt RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet  pediatrician, brother
Yevsei Shirvindt RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet jurist, public figure, brother
Mikhail Shirvindt RWF Pic Russian actor, presenter, (Jewish father) son of Alexander
Ken Goldberg RWC Pic Nigerian-born American computer scientist, inventor, husband of Tiffany
Leonard Shlain Pic American surgeon, writer, cultural historian, inventor, father
Tiffany Shlain Pic American filmmaker, daughter
Aleksei Kondrashov RWC Pic Russian-born American evolusionery biologist, son of Simon
Emmanuel Shnol RWC Pic Russian mathematician, brother
Simon Shnol RWC Pic Russian biophysicist, brother
Yakov Yudovich RWC Pic Russian geologist, brother
Joe Shoen American businessman, CEO of Amerco, son
Leonard Shoen American founder of U-Haul International, Inc, father
Avraham Shlonsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli poet, playwright, translator, public figure, brother
Verdina Shlonsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli composer, pianist, pianoteacher, sister
Yahlio Wagman HW Pic Israeli pianist, nephew of Avraham/Verdina
Arik Einstein RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, actor, 
Alona Einstein HW Pic Israeli photographer, daughter of Gideon
Gideon Shohat RWC HW Pic Israeli pilot, diplomat, son of Israel/Manya
Israel Shochat RWC HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born co-founder of "Bar-Giora" and Hashomer, husband
Manya Shochat RWC HW Pic Belarusian-born zionist, wife
Nahum Vilbush HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli businessman, industrialist, brother of Manya
Gedalya Vilbushevitz HW Belarusian-born Israeli engineer, architect, brother of Manya
Moshe Vilbushevitz HW Belarusian-born Israeli inventor, zionist, brother of Manya
David Shoenberg RWF Pic British physicist, son
Sir Isaac Shoenberg RWF Pic Belarusian-born British engineer, father
David Shore RWF Pic Canadian screenwriter, producer, brother
Ephraim Shore Pic Canadian-born Israeli rabbi, brother
Raphael Shore Pic Canadian Israeli screenwriter, producer, documentary filmmaker, brother
Carole Shorenstein Hays Pic American theatrical producer/manager, daughter
Douglas Shorenstein Pic American real estate developer, CEO/chairman of Shorenstein Company son
Joan Shorenstein Pic American journalist, news producer, daughter
Walter Shorenstein RWF Pic American real estate developer, founder of Shorenstein Company, father
Elaine Showalter American literary critic, feminist, sociologist, mother
Vinca Showalter LaFleur Pic American speechwriter, (Jewish mother) daughter
Michael Showalter Pic American actor, comedian, television writer, director, (Jewish mother) son
Emil Shpilrain RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian biologist, brother
Evald Shpilrain RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, engineering, son of Emil
Isaak Shpilrain RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian linguist, psychologist, brother
Sabina Shpilrain RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian psychoanalyst, sister
Yan Shpilrain RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician, engineer, engineering scholar, brother
Maxim Shrayer RWF Pic Russian-born American author, translator, literary scholar, son
David Shrayer-Petrov RWF Pic Russian American novelist, poet, tanslator, medical scientist, father
Aleksandr Shtein RWF Pic Uzbek-born Russian author, playwright, screenwriter, father
Boris Shtein RWF Russian poet, author, cousin of Aleksandr
Petr Shtein RWF Pic Russian theater director, son
Eliezer Shteinberg RWN Pic Russian  poet, playwright, cousin
Yehuda Shteinberg RWN Pic Romanian-born Russian writer, pedagogue, cousin
Abram Shterenberg RWN Pic Russian photographer, brother
David Shterenberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Rusian/Soviet painter, graphic artist, brother
Gennady Shtern RWC Pic Russian military pilot, hero of Russian Federation, nephew
Grigori Shtern RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian colonel general, uncle
Yudif Glizer RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actress, wife
Maksim Shtrauh RWF Pic Soviet stage/film actor, ??? husband
Shubert Shubert Family The Shubert Organisation
Jacob Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer, brother
Lee Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer, brother
Sam Shubert Pic Lithuanian-born American theater owner/operator producer, brother
Irene Shubik Pic British television producer, sister
Martin Shubik Pic American Canadian economist, brother
Philippee Shubik British-born cancer researcher, surgeon,   brother
Charles Guggenheim Pic American film director/producer, father of Davis
Davis Guggenheim Pic American director, producer, (Jewish father) husband of Elisabeth
Andrew Shue Pic American actor, (Jewish father) brother
Elisabeth Shue Pic American actress, (Jewish father) sister
David Shukman Pic British journalist, editor, (Jewish father) son
Harold Shukman RWF Pic British historian, translator, father
Henry Shukman Pic British poet, travel writer, (Jewish father) son
Derek Shulman RWE Pic British vocalist, musician, record executive, brother Gentle Giant
Phil Shulman RWE Pic British musician,   brother Gentle Giant
Ray Shulman Pic British musician,   brother Gentle Giant
Alexandra Shulman Pic British columnist, editor of British Vogue,  daudhter
Milton Shulman Canadian author, drama critic, father
Harry Shulman Belarusian-born American legal scholar, father
Stephen Shulman Pic American lawyer, chairman of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1966-67, son
Shaike Ophir HW Pic Israeli film actor, mime, comedian, son-in-law
Israel Shumacher HW Pic Polish-born Israeli actor, comedian,  singer, father-in-law
Efim Shumsky RWF Belarusian-born Soviet engineering scholar, father
Yevgeny Shumsky RWF Russian-born Soviet actor,  director, son
Frank Shuster Pic Canadian comedian, television actor, cousin
Joe Shuster Pic Canadian-American comics artist, cousin
Rosie Shuster Pic Canadian comedy writer, daughter of Frank
Anton Shvarts RWN Pic Soviet actor, brother
Evgeny Shvarts RWF HW Pic Russian-born writer, playwright,  (Jewish father) brother
Edith Sichel Pic British author, sister
Walter Sichel Pic British biographer, lawyer, brother
Ben Sidran Pic American jazz keyboardist, pianist, producer, organist, vocalist, father
Leo Sidran Pic American musician, composer, producer, son
Don Siegel RWF HW Pic American film producer, director, father
Kristoffer Tabori Pic American stage/film/television actor, television director, (Jewish father) son
Leah Siegel Pic American singer/songwriter, rock guitarist, daughter
Robert Siegel Pic American radio journalist, father
Giulia Siegel RWF Pic German actress, host, model, (Jewish father) daughter
Ralph Siegel RWF Pic German record producer, songwriter, father
Johannes Sievers Pic German-born Australian photographer, (Jewish mother) father
Wolfgang Sievers Pic German-born Australian photographer, (Jewish mother) son
Endre Sik Pic Hungarian historian, politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1958-61, brother
Sandor Sik Pic Hungarian poet, translator, writer, brother
Baron Arthur Silkin son 1916 2001
Baron Christopher Lewis Silkin son of Arthur 1947
John Silkin RWC Pic British Labour MP, Cabinet Minister, son 1923 1987
Baron Lewis Silkin RWC Pic Labour Cabinet Minister, MP 1936-50, father 1889 1972
Baron Samuel Silkin RWC Pic British Labour MP 1964-79 , Attorney General, cabinet minister son 1918 1988
Barbara Harris HW Pic American film/stage actress, ??? wife of Paul
Paul Sills Pic American theater director, improvisation teacher,  son
Viola Spolin Pic American drama teacher, comedian, inventor of theater games, mother
Leon Silver Pic American geologist, president of Geological Society of America 1979 grandfather
Nate Silver Pic American statistician, journalist, writer, (Jewish father) grandnephew
Baron Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy RWF HW Pic French linguist, orientalist, father
Ustazade Silvestre de Sacy RWF Pic French journalist, senator, son
Laurence Silberman Pic American appeals judge, Deputy Attorney General 1974-75, husband
Rosalie Silberman American activist, co-founder of Independent Women's Forum, wife
Yosef Abramowitz Pic American  investor, activist, president/CEO of Energya Global Capital, brother-in-law
Laura Silverman Pic American film/television actress, sister
Sarah Silverman RWF HW Pic American actress , comedian, writer, sister
Rabbi Susan Silverman Pic sister
Cathy Silvers Pic American television actress, daughter
Phil Silvers HW Pic American actor, comedian, father
Asaf Simhoni RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, son
Simhonit mother
James Simon RWN Pic German composer, pianist, musicologist, father
Ulrich Simon Pic German-born British theologian, son
Simon Simon & Schuster
Carly Simon RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, pianist, (Jewish father) daughter of Richard
George Simon American jazz writer, drummer, music critic, brother
Joanna Simon Pic American opera singer, real estate broker, (Jewish father) daughter of Richard
Lucy Simon Pic American composer, songwriter,  (Jewish father) daughter of Richard
Richard Simon Pic American co-founder 1924 of Simon & Schuster, brother
Ben Taylor American singer, guitarist, actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son of Carly
Sally Taylor RWF American singer/songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter of Carly
Danny Simon Pic American television writer, comedy teacher, brother
Ellen Simon Pic American screenwriter,
Michael Simon Pic American attorney, judge, son of Danny
Neil Simon RWF HW Pic American playwright, screenwriter, comedian, brother
Harper Simon Pic American singer/songwriter, rock guitarist, (Jewish father) son of Paul
Paul Simon RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor, husband
Carrie Fisher RWF HW Pic American actress, screenwriter, novelist (Jewish father), wife
David Simon Pic American CEO of Simon Property Group, Indiapolis, son of Melvin
Herbert Simon RWE co-founder of Simon Property Group brother
Melvin Simon Pic American businesman, film producer, co-founder of Simon Property Group brother
Laura Lippman Pic American crime novelist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) wife of David
David Simon RWF Pic American journalist, television writer, producer, uncle
Jason Simon Pic American vocalist, guitarist, nephew
Baron Jack Simon British conservative politician, father
Sir Peregrine Simon British Lord Justice of Appeal, son
Daniel Job Hungarian director, writer, translator, journalist, husband
Betty Simon Pic Hungarian beauty queen, Miss Europe 1929, wife
Bernhard von Simson German mediaevalist, son
Eduard von Simson RWF Pic President of Parliament 1848-49, president of Reichstag 1967-73, Leader of Conservative Party father
Luiz Simmons Pic American politician, lawyer, father
Rachel Simmons Pic American author,    daughter
Gene Simmons RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American singer/songwriter, guitarist, actor, father
Nick Simmons Pic American actor, musician, teevision personality, (Jewish father) son
Sophie Simmons daughter
Andre Lwoff RWF HW Pic French microbiologist, Nobel Prize (1965), grandson of Adelaida/Yakov
Valentina Serova RWF Pic Russian composer, sister of Adelaida
Adelaida Simonovich RWF Pic Russian pedagogue, publisher, wife
Yakov Simonovich RWF Russian pediatrician, publisher, husband
Charles Singer British science/medical historian, son
Simeon Singer British preacher, lectuer,   father
Isaac Bashevis Singer RWF HW Pic Polish-born American writer, Nobel Prize (1978) brother
Israel Joshua Singer RWF HW Pic Polish-born American Yiddish language novelist, brother
Esther Kreitman HW Pic Polish-born British Yiddish language novelist, sister
Bryan Singer RWF HW Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, cousin of Lori
Jacques Singer Pic American conductor, father
Lori Singer RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, cellist, (Jewish father) daughter
Marc Singer RWF Pic Canadian-born American film/television/stage actor, (Jewish father) son
Seymour Nebenzal Pic German-born American film producer, cousin
Curt Siodmak Pic German-born American novelist, screenwriter, brother
Robert Siodmak RWF Pic German-born American film director, brother
Joseph Sitruk RWC Pic Tunisian-born Chief Rabbi of France grandfather
Jules Sitruk RWC Pic French actor, grandson
Olivier Sitruk Pic French comedian, actor, producer,
Libby Skala Pic American-born stage actress, writer, (Jewish descent) granddaughter
Lilia Skala Pic Austrian-born American film/stage/television actress, (Jewish father) grandmother
Jason Sklar Pic American comedian, film/television actor, brother
Randy Sklar Pic American comedian, film/television actor, brother
Rudolf Slansky RWF HW Pic Czech communist party secretary, premier vice deputy, father
Rudolf Slansky Pic Czech ambassador to Russia, son
Eleanor Aller Pic American cellist, mother
Felix Slatkin RWF HW Pic American violinist, conductor,    father
Leonard Slatkin RWF HW Pic American conductor, son
Daniel Sleator Pic American computer scientist, splay tree data structure, (Jewish mother) brother
William Sleator Pic American novelist, science fiction author, (Jewish mother) brother
David Slepian RWF Pic American mathematician, algebraic coding theory, son
Jan Slepian Pic American writer, wife of David
Joseph Slepian RWF Pic American electrical engineer, father
Nick Davis Pic American screenwriter, director, producer, son of Peter
Peter Davis Pic American filmmaker, author, journalist, son of Tess
Stephen Slesinger Pic American radio/television/film producer, comics writer, brother
Tess Slesinger Pic American writer, screenwriter, sister
Herbert Solow Pic American journalist, husband of Tess
Erika Slezak RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Leo Slezak RWF Pic Czech-born opera singer, (part- Jewish) grandfather
Walter Slezak RWF Pic Austraian-born  American stage/film/television actor, father
Lawrence Slobodkin Pic American ecologist, son
Louis Slobodkin Pic American author, sculptor, illustrator,   father
Janina Konarska Pic Polish artist, wife of Antoni
Antoni Slonimski RWF HW Pic Polish poet, playwright, literary critic, second cousin of Nicolas
Hayim Slonimski RWF HW Pic Polish-born author, astronomer, inventor, publisher, grandfather of Antoni
Ludwig Slonimski RWF Pic Polish-born Russian publicist, son of Hayim
Mikhail Slonimsky RWF Pic Russuan/Soviet writer,   brother
Nicolas Slonimsky RWF Pic Russian-born American composer, conductor, music critic, lexicographer, author, brother
Piotr Slonimski RWF Pic Polish French geneticist, administrator, nephew of Antoni
Piotr Waclaw Slonimski RWF Pic Polish-born zoologist, embriologist, gistologist, father of Piotr
Sergei Slonimsky RWF Pic Russian/Soviet composer, pianist, musicologist,    son of Mikhail
Zinovy Slonimsky RWF Pic Polish-born inventor, father of Ludwig
Abraham Stern RWF HW Pic Polish-born inventor, father-in-law of Hayim
Isabelle Vengerova RWF Pic Belarusian-born American pianist, teacher, aunt of Nicolas
Paulina Vengerova RWE Belarusian-born author, mother of Isabelle, Zinaida, Semyon
Semyon Vengerov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian literature historian,  critic, uncle of Nicolas
Zinaida Vengerova RWF Pic Finnish-born literary critic, translator, aunt of Nicolas
Vladimir Vengerov RWF Pic Soviet film director, screenwriter,
Ruth First Pic South-African anti-apartheid activist,   mother
Gillian Slovo Pic South-African noveist, playwright,  daughter
Joe Slovo RWE HW Pic Lithuanian-born head of South African Communist Party, father
Robyn Slovo Pic South-African-born British film producer, daughter
Shawn Slovo Pic South African screenwriter,   daughter
Arthur Smith Pic British comedian, writer, television actor, brother
Richard Smith British medical doctor, editor, businessman, brother
Robert Kogod Pic American business executive, brother-in-law of Robert Smith
Charles Smith Russian-born American real estate developer, Charles E. Smith Co., father
David Bruce Smith Pic American author, son
Robert Smith Pic American chairman of Sharles E. Smith Corporation, son
Douglas Smith Pic Canadian-born American actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) brother
Gregory Smith Pic Canadian-born American actor, (Jewish maternal grandmother) brother
Valentina Najus-Smolar Polish historian, mother
Aleksander Smolar Pic Polish journalist, son
Eugeniusz Smolar Pic Polish journalist, son
Gregory Smolar Polish revolutionery, communist activist, father
David Smolin Pic American legal scholar, brother
Lee Smolin RWF Pic American physicist, quantum gravity brother
Jake Smollett Pic American actor, (Jewish father) brother
Jurnee Smollett RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father) sister
Jussie Smollett RWF Pic American film/television actor, photographer, (Jewish father) brother
Smorgon Smorgon Family
Graham Smorgon Pic chairman cousin Smorgon Steel
David Smorgon Pic Austarlian businessman, cousin
Victor Smorgon Pic Ukrainian-born Australian industrialist,
Lisa Michelson American voice actress, wife of Gregory
Gregory Snegoff Pic American voice actor, writer, dialogue director, (Jewish father) son
Leonid Snegoff Ukrainian-born American actor, grandfather
Marc Snegoff Polish-born make-up artist, father
Tony Snegoff Pic American stunt coordinator, stuntman, (Jewish father) son
Efraim Sneh RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, physician, Minister of Health/Transportsation, son
Moshe Sneh RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,    father
Jason Sniderman Pic Canadian CEO of Sam The Record Man, son
Sam Sniderman Pic Canadian founder 1936 of Sam the Record Man, father
Helen Levitov Sobell Pic American spy for Soviet Union, wife
Morton Sobell RWF Pic American spy for Soviet Union, husband
Jack Soble HW Pic Soviet spy against USA, brother
Myra Soble Pic Soviet spy against USA, wife of Jack
Robert Soblen Pic Soviet spy, psychologist against USA, brother
Manuel Sofovich Argentine journalist, father
Geraldo Sofovich Pic Argentine TV host, film director, businessman, son
Hugo Sofovich Pic Argentine screenwriter, film director,   son
Leonid Serebryakov RWF Pic Soviet revolutionery, politician, 1st husband
Galina Serebryakova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, wife
Grigory  Sokolnikov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Commissar for Finance 1922-26, 2nd husband
Boris Sokolov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, rocket designer, nephew
Efim Sokolov RWC Pic Russian engineering scholar, uncle
David de Sola Pool Pic British-born American rabbi,  father
Ithiel de Sola Pool Pic American social scientist, son
Derek J. de Solla Price Pic British-born physicist, historian of science, information scientist, father
Mark de Solla Price Pic American author, journalist, public speaker, civil rights activist, son
Joseph Solman Pic Belarusian-born American painter,   father
Paul Solman Pic American economist, television personality, son
Felix Solmsen German linguist, father
Friedrich Solmsen German-born American classical scholar, son
Judah Moss Solomon RWC Pic British-born Australian mayor of Adelaide 1869-71, father
Emmanuel Solomon Pic British-born Australian businessman, politician, son
Vaiben Solomon RWC Pic Australian Premier of South Australia MP, son
Aaron Gelman Pic Israeli-born American artist, brother-in-law of Philip
Kimiko Gelman Pic American stage/television actress, granddaughter of Aaron
Linda Solomon American music critic, editor, daughter
Philip Solomon American psychiatrist, researcher, father
Rex Solomon American jeweler, grandson of Philip
Abraham Solomon RWF Pic British painter, son
Meyer Solomon British manufacturer, father
Rebecca Solomon RWF Pic British painter, daughter
Simeon Solomon RWF Pic British painter, son
Edward Phillip Solomon Pic South African lawyer, politician, brother
Sir Richard Solomon Pic South African politician, attorney general, MP 1893- brother
Saul Solomon Pic South African politician, MP 1854-83 uncle of Edward/Richard
Lynn Solotaroff American educator, translator, wife
Theodore Solotaroff Pic American author, editor, literary critic,   husband
Avraham Yeshua Soloveitchik
Berel Soloveitchik cousin
Chaim Soloveitchik 19th century Eastern European rabbi
Joseph Soloveitchik RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born American religious philosopher, cousin
Moshe Solovetchik
Yitzhak Zev Soloveitchik
Yoseph Dov Soloveitchik RWE HW Pic
Harrison Solow Pic American writer, biographer, wife
Herbert Solow Pic American television executive, writer, producer, director, talent agent, husband
Faith Soloway Pic American folk-rock composer, songwriter, singer, sister
Jill Soloway RWF Pic American playwright, screenwriter, television writer, actor, director, sister
Joseph Kosma HW Pic Hungarian-born French composer,
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy HW Pic Hungarian painter, photographer, cousin
Sir Georg Solti RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American British conductor, pianist, cousin
Addi Somekh Pic American baloon artist, son
Sass Somekh RWC Pic Iraqi-born Israeli engineer, inventor, president of Novellus, father
Joseph Sonnabend Pic South-African-born physician, medical researcher, brother
Yolanda Sonnabend Pic Zimbabwean-born British thetre/ballet designer, painter, sister
Ben Sonnenberg Pic American writer, editor, publisher, Grand Street, son
Benjamin Sonnenberg Pic Belarusian-born American press agent, father
Barry Sonnenfeld RWF Pic American film director, producer, cinematographer, actor, father
Chloe Sonnenfeld Pic American actress, daughter
Helmut Sonnenfeldt Pic German-born American foreign policy expert, National Security Advicer, brother
Richard Sonnenfeldt RWF Pic German-born American engineer, corporate executive, translator, brother
Baron Franz Anton von Sonnenfels Austrian philanthropist,
Baron Joseph von Sonnenfels RWF Pic Czech-born Austrian German jurist, novelist,
Perlin Lippman Sonnenfels Austrian scholar, rabbi, father
Nathan Sonenshein RWC Pic American military commander, Rear Admiral, uncle
Raphael Sonenshein Pic American political scientist, nephew
Giorgio Sonnino Egyptian-born Italian senator, father
Baron Sidney Sonnino RWF HW Pic Italian prime minister 1906 1909-10 (Jewish father) son
Bahar Soomekh RWC HW Pic Iranian-born American actress, sister
Saba Soomekh Pic Iranian-born American scholar, sister
Ruth Sorensen Singer Pic    (Jewish mother) sister
Juliet Sorensen Pic American legal scholar, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Ted
Philip Sorensen American politician, leutenant Governor of Nebraska 1965-67, (Jewish mother) brother
Ted Sorensen Pic American special counsel, presidential adviser  Kennedy (Jewish mother) brother
Thomas Sorensen Pic American investment executive, (Jewish mother) brother
Alexander Soros Pic American philanthropist, son of George
Jonathan Soros Pic American businessman, son of George
Daisy Soros Pic American philanthropist, wife of Paul
George Soros RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born American financier, husband
Paul Soros Pic Hungarian-born American mechanical engineer, shipping innovator, businessman, brother of George
Susan Weber Soros Pic American administrator, historian, wife of George
Tivadar Soros Pic Hungarian lawyer, author, editor, father of George
Carlos Evelyn brother
Debora Evelyn sister
Renata Sorrah Pic Brazilian actress, theatrical producer, nephew
Baron Frank Soskice Pic British lawyer, politician, MP 1945-55, Home Secretary 1964-65, (Jewish father) son
David Soskis RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian revolutionery, journalist, fathrt
Jeff Sovern Pic American legal scholar,     son
Michael Sovern Pic American legal scholar,     father
Peter Beagle RWF HW Pic American novelist, nephew
Isaac Soyer RWF Pic Russian-born American painter, brother
Moses Soyer RWF Pic Russian-born American painter, brother
Raphael Soyer RWF Pic Russian-born American painter, brother
Jack Dishel Pic Russian/Soviet-born American singer/songwriter, husband
Regina Spektor RWF HW Pic Russian American singer/songwriter, pianist, wife
John Sperling Pic American billionaire, founder 1973 of Appolo Group, ??? father
Peter Sperling Pic American billionaire, Appolo Group, ??? son
Aaron Spelling RWF HW Pic American film/television producer, screenwriter, father
Candy Spelling Pic American author, mother
Randy Spelling Pic American actor, son
Tori Spelling RWF HW Pic American actress, daughter
Lady Natasha Spender Pic British pianist, author, wife
Sir Stephen Spender RWF HW Pic British poet, novelist, essayist, (Jewish maternal grandmother, Jewish father) husband
Dan Sperber Pic French anthropologist, linguist, cognitive scientist, son of Manes
Manes Sperber RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian novelist, essayist, psychologist, brother
Milo Sperber Pic Polish-born British actor,   brother
Bela Spewack Romanian-born American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, wife
Samuel Spewack Pic Ukrainian-born American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, husband
Speyer Speyer Fanily
Sir Edgar Speyer Pic American financier, philanthropist, son of Gustav Speyer Brothers
Georg Speyer co-founder 1837 Speyer & Co.
Gustav Speyer  Speyer & Co.
James Speyer Pic American partner, head 1899- son of Gustav New York Speyer & Co., James Speyer & Co.
Michael von Speyer
Philip Speyer co-founder 1837 Speyer & Co.
Joseph Emanuel Speyer
Issak Michael Speyer grandson of Joseph Michael
Moses Emanuel Speyer
Erwin Spiegelberg German chemist, (Jewish father) son
Wilhelm Spiegelberg German egyptologist, father
Herbert Spieglberg German-born American German philosopher, historian of philosohy, (Jewish father) son 1904-90
Francoise Mouly RWC Pic French-born American publisher of Row Books & Graphics, (convert to Judaism) mother
Art Spiegelman RWF HW Pic Swedish-American cartoonist, comix writer, Maus, father
Nadja Spiegelman Pic American witer, graphic novelist, (Jewish father) daughter
Amy Irving RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) first wife of Steven
Jules Irving Pic American actor, director, producer, father of Amy
Kate Capshaw RWF HW Pic American actress, producer, (convert to Judaism) second wife of Steven
Danny Opatoshu Pic American screenwriter, husband of Anne
Priscilla Pointer HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, (Jewish maternal great grandfather) mother of Amy Irving
Anne Spielberg RWF Pic American producer, screenwriter, sister
Sasha Spielberg Pic American film actress, daughter of Steven
Steven Spielberg RWF HW Pic American film director, producer, movies mogul, brother
Jo Spier Pic Dutch artist, illustrator, father
Peter Spier Pic Dutch-born American author, illustrator, (Jewish father) son
Beulah Routh American speechwriter, Franklin Roosevelt, Adlai Stevenson sister
Leonard Spigelgass Pic American film/television producer, screenwriter, brother
Anthony Spinelli Pic American pornographic film director, brother
Mitchell Spinelli Pic American pornographic film director, son of Anthony
Jack Weston Pic American film/stage/television actor, brother
Lewis Einstein Pic American ambassador to Costa Rica 1911 , Czechoslovakia 1921-30, brother-in-law of Joel
Arthur Spingarn Pic Ameican president of NAACP 1940-65, brother
Joel Spingarn Pic American chairman of NAACP 1915-29, brother
Camilla Spira Pic German film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Fritz Spira Pic Austrian film/stage actor, father
Steffie Spira Pic German stage/fim/television actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Dan Spitz Pic American lead guitarist, brother Anthrax
Dave Spitz Pic American bassist, brother Black Sabbath
Bernard Spitzer Pic American real estate developer, father
Eliot Spitzer RWF HW Pic Attorney General of New York, Governor of New York State son
Mira Spivak Pic Ukrainian-borm Canadian politician, senator, wife
Sidney Spivak RWC Cabinet Minister Manitoba husband
Jascha Spivakovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Australian pianist, brother
Tossy Spivakovsky Pic Ukrainian-born German American violinist, brother
Abraham Sprachman Pic Ukrainian-born Canadian architect, brother
Mandel Sprachman Pic Ukrainian-born Canadian architect, brother
Eduardo Proper de Callejon Pic Spanish diplomat, (Jewish father) son of Max
Edward Bonham Carter Pic British merchant banker, (3/4 Jewish mother) great grandfather  - Max
Baron Eugene Fould-Springer Austrian banker, financier, art colector,
Baron Max Fould-Springer
Helena Bonham Carter RWF HW Pic British actress, (3/4 Jewish mother) great grandfather  - Max pedigree
David Pryce-Jones Pic Austrian-born British journalist, commentator, author, (Jewish mother) grandson of Marie-Cecile/Eugene
Baron Gustav von Springer Austrian industrialist, father
Baroness Marie-Cecile von Springer wife of Baron Eugene Fould-Springer daughter
Baroness Helene Fould-Springer socialite, painter, daughter of Marie-Cecile/Eugene
Liliane Fould-Springer wife of Elie de Rothschild daughter
Max Fould-Springer
Therese Fould-Springer mother of David Pryce-Jones daughter of Marie-Cecile/Eugene
Yair Sprinzak HW Pic Israeli politician, chemist, educator, son
Yosef Sprinzak RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli politician,    father
Angelo Sraffa Pic Italian legal scholar, father
Piero Sraffa RWF Pic Italian-born British economist, son
Hedi Stadlen Pic Austrian-born British philosopher, political activist, musiocologist, wife
Matthew Stadlen Pic Brirish television presenter, producer, son of Nicholas
Sir Nicholas Stadlen Pic British High Court judge, son
Peter Stadlen Pic Austrian-born composer, pianist, musicologist, husband
Toni Ann D'Alto RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Jackie Stallone RWF Pic American astrologer, celebrity, (Jewish father) mother
Frank Stallone RWF Pic American singer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Sage Stallone RWF Pic American actor, film director/producer/distributor, (Jewish paternal great grandfather) son of Sylvester
Sylvester Stallone RWF HW Pic American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) son
Josh Stamberg Pic American film/television actor, son
Susan Stamberg Pic American radio journalist, mother
Allan Starski Pic Polish scenic/production designer, set decorator, son
Ludwik Starski Pic Polish songwriter:lyricist, sound engineer, screenwriter, father
Jeremy Steig Pic American jazz flautist, son
William Steig RWF HW Pic American cartoonist, children's books writer, sculptor, illustrator, father
Lawrence Stark American neurologist, brother
Matthew Stark Pic American civil rights activist, brother
Charles Roven RWC Pic American producer, president/co-founder of Atlas Entertainment, father
Dawn Steel RWC Pic American film producer, media executive, mother
Rebecca Steel Roven RWC Pic American producer,  daughter
2nd Viscount James Ramsbotham Pic  (Jewish mother) son of Doris Violet
Joan Ramsbotham  (Jewish mother) daughter of Doris Violet 1917-
3d Viscount Peter Ramsbotham Pic British diplomat, colonial administrator, (Jewish mother) son of Doris Violet 1919-2010
Gladys Sinauer de Stein daughter
Sigmund Sinauer de Stein father -1911
Baron Adolphe de Stein father of Clara -1909
Clara de Stein mother
Doris Violet de Stein daughter
Sir Edward de Stein British merchant banker, son 1887-1965
Stephen Cohen RWF Pic American historian, writer, journalist, husband of Katrina
Katrina vanden Heuvel Pic American publisher/editor of The Nation magazine, (Jewish mother) grandaughter
Jean Stein Pic American author, editor, daughter
Jules Stein Pic American founder of Music Corporation of America grandfather
Ignac Hirschler RWC Pic Hungarian ophthalmologist, matermal uncle
Andrew Keller Hungarian-born British polymer scientist, nephew of Aurel
Sir Aurel Stein Pic Hungarian-born British archaeologist, geographer, nephew
Elias Stein RWF Pic Belgian-born American mathematician, father
Jeremy Stein Pic American economist, son
Harry Stein Pic American journalist, author, editor, son
Joseph Stein RWE Pic American playwright, librettist, father
David Bachrach Pic German-born American commercial photographer, uncle of Gertrude
Gertrude Stein RWF Pic American French writer, lyricist, playwright, sister
Leo Stein Pic American art collector, critic, brother
Sarah Stein American art collector,  sister
Ben Stein RWC HW Pic American actor, lawer, economist, screenwriter, speechwriter for Nixon, Ford, son
Herbert Stein Pic American economist, father
John Stein Pic British physiologist, neurologist, research biologist, brother
Rick Stein Pic British celebrity chef, restaurateur, television presenter, brother
8th Viscount David Lascelles Pic British film/television producer, (Jewish mother) son of Marion
James Lascelles Pic British aristocrat, musician, (Jewish mother) son of Marion
Jeremy Lascelles Pic British aristocrat,  (Jewish mother) son of Marion
Erwin Stein Pic Austrian musician, writer, publisher, father of Marion
Marion Stein Pic Austrian-born British concert pianist,  daughter
Arnold Steinberg Pic Canadian Chancellor of Board of McGill University 2009- nephew
Sam Steinberg Pic Hungarian-born Canadian founder of Steinberg's Supermarket, uncle
Saul Steinberg RWF HW Pic Romanian-born American cartoonist, illustrator,  husband
Hedda Sterne Pic Romanian-born American painter, wife
Isaac Steinberg RWF HW Pic Latvian-born politician, lawyer, writer, People's Commisar for Justice 1917-18, father
Leo Steinberg Pic Russian-born American art historian, art critic, son
Hank Steinberg Pic American television producer/writer, brother
K.J. Steinberg Pic sister
Jonathan Steinberg Pic founder, CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments son
Saul Steinberg Pic American chairman investor of Reliance Insurance, father
Dmitry Steinberg RWF Pic Soviet enthomolodist, biologist, (Jewish father) son
Maximilian Steinberg RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian composer, conductor, father
Arkady Steinberg RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, translator, painter, father
Eduard Steinberg RWN Pic Russian painter, son
Jack Steinberger RWF HW Pic German-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1988), father
Ned Steinberger Pic American inventor of musical instruments, son
Benjamin Steinbruch Pic Brazilian president of Compania Siderrurgica National, son Compania Siderrurgica National steel
Dorothea Steinbruch Pic Brazilian billionaire, mother Cia, Siderurgica Nacional
Eliezer Steinbruch Brazilian billionaire, uncle of Benjamin Grupo Vicunha
Max Steiner RWF HW Pic Austrian American film score composer, conductor, grandson
Maximillian Steiner Hungarian-born Austrian actor, theater manager, grandfather
David Steiner Pic American New York State Commisioner of Education, son
George Steiner RWF HW Pic French-born American literary critic, essayist, philosopher, novelist, educator, father
Mark Steiner Israeli philosopher, brother
Richard Steiner Pic American scholar, orientalist, brother
Jake Steinfeld Pic American film/television actor, fitness personality,  uncle
Hailee Steinfeld RWF Pic American film actress, singer, model, (Jewish father) niece
Sara Berman Pic American philanthropist, journalist,  daughter
Michael Steinhardt Pic American money manager, Steinhardt Partners, father
Laurence Steinhardt Pic American ambassador to Sweden 1933-37, nephew
Samuel Untermyer HW Pic American lawyer,  uncle
Samuel Untermyer II Pic American nuclear engineer, grandson of Samuel
Heinz Steinitz Pic Israeli marine biologist, herpetologist, son
Walter Steinitz HW Pic German/Polish-born Israeli zoologist, hydrologist, medical doctor, father
Gideon Brecher Austrian physician, writer, uncle-in-law of Moritz
Moritz Steinschneider HW Pic Czech-born Austrian historian, orientalist, bibliographer, nephew-in-law of Gideon
Beth Stephens American legal scholar, international law, sister
Mitchell Stephens Pic American journalist, scholar, brother
Leonard Stern Pic American businessman, real estate developer, son Hartz Mauntain Industries
Max Stern Pic German-born founder Hartz Mauntain Industries, chairman of Yeshiva Univercity,  father Hartz Mauntain Industries
Robert Stern American activist, socialist, husband
Susan Stern Pic American political activist, wife
Nora Kaye Pic American balerina, choreographer, theatrical producer, 1st wife of Isaac
Michael Stern RWF Pic American symphony conductor, son
Isaac Stern RWF HW Pic Ukrainian/Polish-born American violinist, conductor, father
Stern Stern brothers
Viscount David de Stern German-born co-founder 1844 of Stern Brothers brother of Hermann -1877
Sir Edward Stern British banker, social worker, son of David
Baron Hermann de Stern German-born co-founder 1844 of Stern Brothers grandfather 1815-87
Baron Herbert de Stern British banker, businessman, philanthropist, son of Hermann 1851-1919
Baron Herman Alfred Stern British banker, son of Hermann 1900-84
Baron Sydney Stern Pic British banker, philantropist, politician, MP 1891-1912 son of David 1845-1912
Dmitri Bashkirov RWF Pic Georgian-born Russian pianist, eucator, great nephew
Lina Stern RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Russian physiologist, biochemist, great aunt
Stern Stern Bank
Fernand Halphen RWC Pic French composer, 
Baron Salomon Mayer von Rothschild RWF Pic German-born Austrian banker, founder of Austrian branch, uncle of Antoine
Antoine Jacob Stern German-born French banker, founder of Stern & Cie in Paris,
Edgar Stern French banker, collector,
Edouard Stern Pic French banker, 1954-2005
Jacques Stern French banker, politican, Minister of Merchant Marine, son of Antoine
Jean Stern French banker, epee fencer, son of Louis
Louis Stern French banker, son of Antoine
Carl Laemmle RWF HW Pic founder 1915 brother-in-law of Abe/Julius
Abe Stern German-born American film producer, brother
Julius Stern German-born American film producer, co-founder if Universal Studios, brother
Daniel Stern Pic American television/film actor, director,    brother
David Stern Pic American television writer, brother
Guenther Anders RWF Pic Polish/German-born philosopher, son
Hannah Arendt RWF HW Pic German-born American political scientist, economist, philosopher, wife of Guenther
Walter Benjamin RWF HW Pic German philosopher, sociologist, lirerary/cultural critic, essayist, translator, cousin of Gunther
Gertrud Kolmar HW Pic German poet, writer, cousin of Walter
William Stern RWF Pic German-born American psychologist, philosopher, I.Q. Intelligence Quotient, father
Allegra Kent Pic American ballet dancer, 1st wife JVL
Shannah Laumeister Pic American documentary filmmaker, 2nd wife
Bert Stern RWF Pic American commercial photographer, husband
Leo Stern Ukrainian-born German historian, brother
Manfred Stern RWF Pic Ukrainian-born member of Soviet military intelligence, general,  brother
Wolf Stern Ukrainian-born inteligence officer, brother
Sandor Stern Pic Canadian-born writer, producer, director, brother
Steven Stern Canadian director, producer, writer, brother
Alison Berns Pic wife
Howard Stern RWF HW Pic American television/radio humorist, author, actor, husband
Sternbach Family
Leo Sternbach RWF Pic Croatian-born American chemist, inventor of Valium/Librium, nephew
Leo Sternbach RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born philologist, uncle
Michal Kalecki RWF Pic Polish economist, brother-in-law
Ary Sternfeld RWF Pic Polish-born Soviet mathematician, pioneer of astronautics, brother-in-law
Elisabeth Neumann-Viertel Pic Austrian actress, ??? wife of Berthold
Eduard Steuermann RWF HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born American composer, pianist, brother
Berthold Viertel Pic Austrian-born German poet, film director, screenwriter, husband of Salka
Peter Viertel Pic German-born American playwright, screenwriter, author, son of Berthold/Salka
Salka Viertel HW Pic Ukrainian-born American actress, screenwriter, sister
Alex Bourne Pic British actor, husband
Rachel Stevens Pic British actress, dancer, singer/sogwriter, model, wife
Francine Pascal Pic American author, dramatist, playwright, sister
Michael Stewart Pic American playwright, librettist, lyrisist, brother
Jim Steyer Pic American child advocate, civil rights attorney, scholar, author, (Jewish father) son
Roy Steyer American lawyer, patrner of Sullivan and Cromwell, father
Tom Steyer Pic American founder/partner of Farallon Capital Management, (Jewish father) son
Mark Steyn Pic Canadian writer, political commentator, cultural critic,  (Jewish descent) great nephew
Stella Steyn Pic Irish painter,   great aunt
Alfred Stieglitz RWF HW Pic American photographer, brother
Julius Stieglitz Pic American organic chemist, brother
Baron Alexander von Stieglitz RWF Pic first governor 1860-66 of State Bank of the Russian Empire son
Baron Ludwig von Stieglitz RWF Pic founder of Stieglitz & Company father
Alexandre Stille Pic American author, journalist, son
Ugo Stille Pic Russian-born Italian American journalist, father
Anne Meara RWF Pic American actress, comedian, (convert to Judaism) mother
Amy Stiller Pic American actress, comedian, (Jewish father) daughter
Ben Stiller RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, writer, director, producer, (Jewish father) son
Jerry Stiller RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian,    father
Benedict Stilling RWC Pic German-born Swiss physiologist, father
Jacob Stilling Pic German ophthamologist, son
Gerald Stillit Pic British-born inventor, publisher, polyglot, son
Joseph Stillitz Pic Polish-born British businessman, father
Alfred Dreyfus RWN HW Pic French army officer, falsely convicted of treason, great-uncle of Bernard/Olivier
Mathieu Dreyfus Pic French industrialist, brother of Alfred
Bernard Stirn brother
Olivier Stirn RWC Pic French politician, MP , Minister of Tourism, brother
Larry Stock Pic American songwriter, great uncle
Jerry Wexler RWF HW Pic American co-founder, partner of Atlantic Records, great nephew
Emil Stock Croatian industrialist, businessman, brother
Lionello Stock Pic Croatian-born Italian industrialist, businessman, Fernet Stock, brother
Dick Stockton Pic American sportscaster, husband
Lesley Visser Pic American sportscaster, radio pesonality, sportswriter, wife
Lionel Stoleru RWC Pic minister of Planning 1988-91 of Labor 1976-81 father
Emmanuelle Wargon RWC Pic French politician, Minister, daughter
Francesca Delbanco wife of Nicholas Stoller
Nicolas Delbanco Pic Ameican writer, father of Francesca
Bernard Greenhouse HW Pic American cellist, grandfather of Francesca
Matt Stoller Pic American blogger, author, political consultant, brother
Nicholas Stoller RWF Pic British-born American film director, screenwriter, writer, brother
Gustav Stolper Pic Austrian-born German economist, politician, journalist, father
Wolfgang Stolper RWF Pic Austrian-born American economist, son
Hal Stone Pic American psychotherapist, author, husband
Sidra Stone Pic American psychotherapist, author, wife
Oliver Stone RWF HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) father
Sean Stone RWF Pic American actor, film director/producer, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Dan Spielman Pic Australian film/television/stage actor, husband of Yael
Elana Stone Pic Australian vocalist, pianist, accordion player, bandleader, sister
Yael Stone RWF Pic Australian stage/television actress, sister
Baron Sidney Bernstein Pic British founding chairman of Granada Television, brother-in-law
Baron Arnold Silverstone Pic British property developer, politician, brother
Baron Joseph Stone British officer, physician, brother
John Stone Pic American film producer, screenwriter, father
Peter Stone Pic American screenwriter, playwright, librettist, son
Isidor Stone HW Pic American investigative journalist, father
Jeremy Stone American scientist, president of Federation of American Scientists -2000 son
Baroness Oona King RWF HW Pic British former Member of Parliament, (Jewish mother) niece of Miriam
Ed Stoppard RWF HW Pic British stage/television actor,    son
Miriam Stoppard RWF Pic British anchor woman in BBC morning program, mother
Sir Tom Stoppard RWF HW Pic Czech-born British screenwriter, playwright, father
John Stossel Pic American investigative journalist, brother
Scott Stossel American journalist, editor, nephew of John/Thomas
Thomas Stossel Pic American hematologist, brother
Adolf Stransky RWC Pic Czech journalist, politician, Minister of Commerce 1918-19, grandfather
Jaroslav Stransky RWC Pic Czech politician, lawyer, Justice Minister 1945, Deputy Prime Minister  1945-46, father
Paula Strasberg Pic American stage actress, mother
Anna Mizrahi 3d wife of Lee
John Strasberg Pic American actor, son
Lee Strasberg RWF HW Pic Austrian/Ukrainian-born American director, actor, producer, acting teacher,   father
Susan Strasberg RWF HW Pic American film/theater actress,   daughter
Eduard Strasburger RWF Pic Polish-born German plant cytology botanist, ??? uncle
Leon Strasburger Polish judge,farmer, landowner, ??? brother of Eduard
Henryk Strasburger Pic Polish politician, diplomat, ambassador to United Kingdom, nephew
Hermann Strasburger RWF Pic German historian, son of Julius
Julius Strasburger Pic German internist, (Jewish maternal grandfather)