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Alan Tacher RW5 Img Mexican television host, brother
Mark Tacher RW5 Img Mexican actor, vocalist, guitarist, conductor, brother
Boris Tadic RWF HW Img President of Serbia 2004-12, (Jewish mother) ??? son
Nevenca Tadic Serbian psychiatrist, mother
Mikhail Tal RWF HW Img Latvian-born Russian Chess player, World Champion husband
Sally Tal RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet singer, stage actress, wife
Emma Talmi RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician,  wife
Meir Talmi RWC HW Img Polish-born Israeli politician,    husband
David Talmud RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian scientist, physical chemistry,  brother
Israel Talmud RWC Img Soviet engineer, chemist, brother
Solomon Talmud RWC Soviet chemist, brother
Batsheva Katznelson RW5 HW Img Ukrainian-born Israeli politician,    mother
Shmuel Tamir RWC HW Img Israeli politician, lawyer, Minister of Justice 1977-80 son
Beth Tanenhaus Winsten American filmmaker, screenwriter, visual artist, sister
David Tanenhaus American legal historian, writer, editor, brother
Joseph Tanenhaus American political scientist, father
Michael Tanenhaus RW5 Img American psycholinguist, cognitive scientist, brother
Sam Tanenhaus American historian, biographer, journalst, brother
Charles Tannen RWB Img American film/television actor, son
Julius Tannen RW5 Img American comedian, stage/film actor, vaudeville performer, father
William Tannen HW Img American film/television actor, television personality, son
Allen Tannenbaum Img Israeli American applied mathematician, father
Emmanuel David Tannenbaum RW5 Img Israeli-born American biophysicist, applied mathematician, son
Rina Tannenbaum RW5 Img Israeli-born American material scientist, chemical engineer, mother
David Shmoys RW5 Img American mathematician, computer scientist, husband
Eva Tardos RWF Img Hungarian mathematician, computer scientist, wife
Gabor Tardos RW5 Img Hungarian mathematician, computer scientist, combinatorics, brother of Eva
Bobby Fischer RWF HW Img American chess grandmaster, World Champion WC 72-75 brother of Joan
Elisabeth Targ Img American psychiatrist, daughter of Russell/Joan
Joan Targ Img Russian-born pioneer of computer education, (Jewish mother) mother
Russell Targ American physicist, husband of Joan
William Targ Img American book editor, grandfather
George Tarjan Hungarian-born American psychiatrist, father
James Tarjan Img American chess grandmaster, son
Robert Tarjan RWF HW Img American computer scientist, son
Jeanne Hersch RWF Img Swiss philosopher, translator, daughter
Liebmann Hersch father
Alfred Tarski RWF HW Img Polish-born American mathematician, logician, relative
Paula Fredriksen RWC HW Img American historian, (convert to Judaism) wife
Alfred Tauber Img American philosopher, immunologist, husband
Clifford Taubes RWF Img American mathematician, topologist, brother
Gary Taubes Img American science writer, nutritionist, brother
Franziska Tausig Img Austrian author, memoirist, mother
Otto Tausig HW Img Austrian writer, film/stage/television actor, director, son
Edward Taussig RWC Img American Rear Admiral, father
Joseph Taussig RWC Img German-born American Vice Admiral, son
Frank Taussig RWF Img American economist, historian, sociologist, (Jewish father) father
Helen Taussig RWF HW Img American paediatric cardiologist, (Jewish paternal grandfather, mother Edith ?)  daughter
William Taussig Img Czech-born American physician, businessman, grandfather
Dov Tavori RWC HW Img Israeli mayor of Petah Tikva 1978-89, brother
Haim Tavori RWC HW Img Ukrainian-born inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1976-79, brother
Larry Taylor RW5 Img American bass guitarist, (Jewish mother) brother
Mel Taylor RW5 Img American drummer, (Jewish mother) brother
Leon Taylor Img American drummer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son of Mel
Robert Tchenguiz RW5 Imd Iranian-born British co-founder 1982 co-chairman of Rotch Property Group, brother
Vincent Tchenguiz RW5 Img Iranian-born British co-founder 1982 co-chairman of Rotch Property Group, brother
Nechama Tec HW Img Polish-born American writer, sociologist, historian, mother
Roland Tec RWB Img American writer, film director/producer, composer, son
Mashel Teitelbaum Canadian painter, father
Matthew Teitelbaum HW Img Canadian art curator, director of art gallery,   son
Count Laszlo Teleki RWF Img Hungarian politician, author,
Baron Janos von  Teleszky RWF Img Hungarian economist, politician, Minister of Finance 1912-17 son
Stephen Teleszky Img Hungarian jurist, Secretary of State for Justice, father
Arn Tellem Img American talent agent, players, husband
Nancy Tellem RWC Img president of CBS Paramount Television Entertainment Group wife
Howard Temin RWF HW Img American geneticist, Nobel Prize (1975) in medicine, retroviruses brother
Peter Temin RW5 HW Img American economist, economic historian,   brother
Judith Irvine Img American anthropologist, linguist, daughter
Owsei Temkin RW5 HW Img Belarusian-born American historian of medicine, research administrator, father
Teresa of Avila
Alonso Sances de Sepeda RWC Spanish convert to Judaism, father
Augustin de Cepeda y Ahumada RWC Spanish conquistador, (Jewish father) brother
Saint Teresa of Avila RWF Img Spain philosopher, (Jewish father), sister
Aaron Terracini Italian linguist, philologist, literary critic, brother
Alessandro Terracini Img Italian mathematician, brother
Ellaline Terriss RW5 HW Img British actress, singer, daughter
Tom Terriss RWB Img British actor, scrrenwriter, film director, son
William Terriss RWB Img British actor, father
Jerry Levine RWB HW Img American film/television actor, television/theater director, husband
Nina Tassler RWC Img American president of CBS Entertainment, (Jewish father) wife
Norma Shearer RWF HW Img Canadian-born American actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Irving Thalberg RWF HW Img American film producer, screenwriter, executive, husband
Irving Thalberg, Jr Img American philosopher, son
Abigail Thernstrom Img American political scientist, mother
Melanie Thernstrom Img American author, (Jewish mother) daughter
Bessie Thomashefsky RW5 HW Img American singer, actress,   grandmother
Boris Thomashefsky HW Img Ukrainian-born American singer, actor, grandfather
Michael Tilson Thomas RWF HW Img American conductor, pianist, composer, grandson
Gillian Freeman RW5 Img British writer, mother
Harriet Thorpe RW5 Img British actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Matilda Thorpe RW5 Img British actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Hermann Tietz RW5 Img Polish-born merchant, founder of department store Hertie uncle
Leonhard Tietz RWF Img German merchant, founder of   Kaufhof, nephew
Oscar Tietz RW5 Img German businessman,    nephew
Albert von Tilzer RWB Img American composer, songwriter, brother
Harry von Tilzer RWF Img American composer, songwriter, brother
Hector Timerman RWF Img Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs 2010-15 Cristina Kirschner son
Jacobo Timerman RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Argentine publisher, founder of La-Opinion father
Henry Timken RW5 Img German-born American inventor, tapered rolling bearings, great grandfather
William R. Timken RW5 Img American industrialist, businessman, U. S. ambassador to Germany 2005-08, great grandson
Herman Timberg HW Img Ameican actor, singer/songwriter, vaudeville performer, brother
Sammy Timberg RWB Img American composer, brother
Tisch Tisch Family Loews Corporation
Andrew Tisch Img American co-chairman of Loews Corporation, son of Laurence
James Tisch RW5 HW Img American president/CEO, Loews Corporation, son of Laurence
Joan Tisch RW5 Img American co-chairman of Loews Corporation wife of Robert 78
Jonathan Tisch RW5 Img American chairman/CEO of Loews Hotels, son of Robert
Laurence Tisch RWC Img co-owner of Loews Corporation brother
Laurie Tisch RW5 https://www.google.com/search?q=laurie+tisch&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjrrqLKtqb0AhVFQfEDHbVFBPUQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1179&bih=635&dpr=1.56 American co-owner of Loews Corporation, dauther of Robert
Merryl Tisch Img American chansellor of New York State Bord of Rengents, wife of James
Robert Tisch RW5 Img American co-owner of Loews Corporation, brother
Steve Tisch RW5 HW Img American film producer, bisinessman, Loews Corporation, son of Robert
Thomas Tisch head of Four Partners Investment Fund,
Wilma Tisch RWB Img co-chairman of Loews Corporation wife of Laurence 161
Ashley Tisdale RWF HW Img American actress, singer/sonwriter, dancer, television producer, (Jewish mother) sister
Jennifer Tisdale RWF HW Img American actress, model, (Jewish mother) sister
Max Tishler RWF Img American biochemist, poultry desease antibiotic sythesizing of B2 father
Peter Tishler Img American geneticist, medical historian, son
Tishman/Speyer Tishman Speyer Properties 1978
David Tishman American head of Tishman Realty and Construction father of Robert
Robert Tishman RW5 Img American real estate developer, Tishman Speyer Properties, father-in-law
Jerry Speyer RW5 Img American CEO/president of Tishman Speyer Properties, (Jewish father) son-in-law
Vladimir Tismaneanu RW5 HW Img Romanian American political scientist, sociologist, son
Leonte Tismaneanu RWF Img Moldovan-born Romanian communist, activist, propagandist, father
Ervin Marton RW5 Img Hungarian artist, photographer, photojournalist, nephew
Lajos Tihanyi RW5 Img Hungarian painter, lithographer, uncle
Charles Tobias RWB Img American songwriter, brother
Harry Tobias RW5 Img American songwriter, brother
Henry Tobias Img American songwriter, brother
Mathew Tobriner Img American associate justice of California Supreme Court, grandfather
Benjamin Wildman-Torbiner RWC Img American swimmer, grandson
Paul Nizan RWF Img French philosopher, writer, ??? maternal grandfather of Emmanuel
Emmanuel Todd RWF Img French historian, anthropologist, sociologist, political scientist, demographer, (Jewish paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother) son
Olivier Todd Img French writer, journalist, (Jewish father) father
Todesco Hermann Todesco's Sons
Anna von Lieben RW5 Img wife of Leopold von Lieben daughter of Eduard
Baron Eduard von Todesco RWF Img Austian entrepreneur, banker, philanthropist, son
Hermann Todesco Img Austrian financier, philanthropist, father
Moritz von Todesco Img Austrian entrepreneur, banker, arts patron, son
Sophie von Todesco Austrian salon holder, From Gomperz family wife of Eduard
Evgeniya Khirivskaya RWF Img Russian stage/film actress, wife of Valery
Pyotr Todorovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born actor, screenwriter, director, composer, father
Valery Todorovsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian screenwriter, producer, director, son
Avi Toledano RWC HW Img Moroccan-born Israeli singer/songwriter,   
Ehud Toledano HW Img Israeli historian,
Shmuel Toledano RWC HW Img Israeli politician,
Mel Tolkin RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American television comedy writer, father
Michael Tolkin Img American novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, son
Stephen Tolkin American television writer, director, son
Lazare Kaplan founder 1903 of Lazare Kaplan International, cousin
Sir Gabi Tolkowsky Img Israeli-born Belgian endineer, diamond cutter, great nephew of Marcel
Marcel Tolkowsky Img Belgian endineer, diamond cutter, cousin
Leonard Tannenbaum RW5 Img American founder/CEO of Fifth Street Asset Management, son-in-law of Bruce
Bruce Toll RW5 Img American real estate develiper, Toll Brothers, brother
Robert Toll RW5 Img American real estate develiper, Toll Brothers, brother
Jeffrey Toobin RW5 Img American journalist, legal writer, broadcast news analyst, son
Jerome Toobin Img American film producer, father
Marlene Sanders Img American journalist, mother
Amy Totenberg RW5 Img American district judge, 2011- , District of Georgia, daughter
Nina Totenberg RW5 Img American legal affairs correspondent, radio personality, daughter
Roman Totenberg RW5 HW Img Polish-born American violinist, father
Morley Torgov RW5 Img Canadian author, humorist, lawyer, father
Sarah Torgov Img Canadian film/television actress, daughter
Juan de Torquemada Img Spanish cardinal, (Jewish descent/grandson of converso) uncle
Tomas de Torquemada Img Grand Inquisitor in Spain 1483-98, (nephew of Juan de Torquemada) nephew
Torlonia Family Semi-Gotha
Steve March-Torme RWB Img American singer/songwriter, son
Daisy Torme Img American actress, singer, host, (Jewish father) daughter
James Torme American vocalist, (Jewish father) son
Mel Torme RWF Img American singer/songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor, father
Melissa Torme March American actress,  daughter
Tracy Torme RWB Img American screenwriter, television producer, son
Candy Toxton Img American actress, ??? mother
Isaac Touro RW5 Img Dutch-born American cantor, father
Judah Touro RW5 HW Img American military, (War of 1812), civilian volunteer in American Army, philanthropist, son
Jason Trachtenburg Img American guitarist, pianist, singer, father
Rachel Trachtenburg RWF Img American singer, actress, drummer, model, (Jewish father) daughter
James Traub RWB Img American non-fiction writer, journalist, son
Marvin Traub Img American business executive, CEO/president of Bloomingdales, father
Albert Fraenkel Img German physician, lungs, heart, nephew of Ludwig
Moritz Litten German physician, son in law of Ludwig
Hermann Traube German minearologist, son of Moritz
Ludwig Traube RWF HW Img German physician, founder of experimental pathology, brother
Ludwig Traube RWF Img German palaeographer, son of Ludwig
Moritz Traube RW5 Img German chemist, biochemist, brother
Wilhelm Traube Img German chemist, son of Moritz
Ilya Trauberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian film director, film critic, brother
Leonid Trauberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian director, screenwriter, brother
Natalia Trauberg RWF Img Soviet/Russian translator, author, (Jewish father) daughter of Leonid
Alessandro Levi Italian jurist, anti-fascist,
Carlo Levi RWF HW Img Italian painter, writer, politician, MP (Senate) nephew
Claudio Treves RWC Img Leader of Italian Socialist Party uncle
Paolo Treves Img Italian politician, MP son of Claudio
Laurence Tribe RWB Img Chinese-born American legal scholar,  father
Mark Tribe Img American artist, curator, cultural/art historian, son
Nina Nelina RWF Img Soviet opera singer, soprano, (Jewish father) wife
Yury Trifonov RWF Img Russian writer,  (Jewish maternal grandfather) husband
Diana Trilling RW5 Img American author, literary critic, wife
Lionel Trilling RWF Img American literary/social critic, author, teacher, husband
Lilya Brik RWF Img Soviet film actress, sister RWN
Osip Brik RWF Img Russian writer, literary critic, husband of Lilya
Mildred Cohn RW5 Img American biochemist, wife of Henry
Henry Primakoff RWF Img Ukrainian-born American theoretical physicist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) great nephew of Vitaly
Elsa Triolet RWF HW Img Russian-born French writer, sister
Trotsky Trotsky
Vera Inber RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born Russian poet, writer, translator, second niece of Leon
Lev Kamenev RWF HW Img Soviet politician, member of Central Committee, (Jewish father) brother-in-law of Leon
Olga Kameneva RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet politician, sister of Leon
Nina Nevelson daughter
Lev Sedov RW5 Img Soviet dissident, son of Trotsky, (Jewish father) son
Sergei Sedov RW5 Img Soviet engineer, son of Trotsky, (Jewish father) son
Aleksandra Sokolovskaya RW5 Img Ukrainian-born revolutionery, wife of Leon
Leon Trotsky RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born First Minister of Defense of USSR, father
Esteban Volkov RW5
Zinaida Volkova RWC Img Russian marxist, daughter
Nora Volkow RWF Img American head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, great granddaughter of Trotzky,
Marcel Adams RW5 Img Canadian real estate developer, Ibeville Developments, father-in-law of Gil
Sylvan Adams RW5 Img president, CEO Iberville Developments
Gil Troy Img American historian, brother
Tevi Troy Img Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services 207- ,   Bush brother
Mark Tseitlin RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet director, executive, metallurgist, son
Aron Tseitlin RWC Img Ukrainian-born Soviet director, executive, metallurgist, father
Aleksandr Tsigal RWF Img Russian painter,   son of Vladimir
Maria Tsigal RWF Img Russian fashion designer, stylist, daughter of Aleksandr
Sergey Tsigal RWF Img Russian painter, (Jewish father) son of Victor
Victor Tsigal RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet sculptor, brother
Vladimir Tsigal RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet sculptor, brother
Marietta Tsigal-Polischuk RWF Img Russian actress, designer, presenter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) daughter of Sergey
Jenia Taversky RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Israeli politician, civil cervant, trade unionist, mother of Amos
Amos Tversky RWF HW Img Israel American psychologist, Prospect Theory husband
Barbara Tversky RWB Img American cognitive psychologist,  wife
Baron Christopher Tugendhat Img British Conservative MP 1970-77, (Jewish father) brother
Sir Michael Tugendhat Img British High Court Judge (Jewish father) brother
Thomas Tugendhat Img British politician, MP 2015- , son of Michael
Jacques Torczyner Img Belgian-born American president of Zionist Organisation of America,  nephew
Naftali Tur-Sinai RWC HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born Israeli semitologist, biblical studies scholar, uncle
Vera Sos Img Hungarian mathematician, wife
Paul Turan RWF Img Hungarian mathematician, husnand
Diana Blumenfeld RWF Img Polish-born singer, pianist, actress, wife of Jonas
Jonas Turkow RW5 HW Img Polish-born Israeli actor, stage manager, director, writer, brother
Zygmunt Turkow RW5 HW Img Polish-born Israeli stage/film actor, director, playwright, brother
Ben Turok RW5 Img Latvian-born South African anti-apartheid activist, MP father
Neil Turok RW5 Img South African physicist, cosmologist, (Jewish father) son
Genya Turovskaya RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American poet, daughter
Mikhail Turovsky RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American painter, father
Roman Turovsky-Savchuk RW5 Img Ukrainian-born American painter, composer, son
Amy Eldon Img American producer, (Jewish father) wife
Jon Turtle Img American film/television producer, cousin
Jon Turteltaub Img American film director/producer, cousin
Eve Tushnet Img American author, blogger, (Jewish father) daughter
Mark Tushnet Img American legal scholar, father
Rebecca Tushnet Img American legal scholar, (Jewish father) daughter
Wlodzimierz Borunski Img Polish actor, director, poet, satirist, translator, cousin of Julian
Kazimierz Krukowski RW5 Img Polish cabaret performer, writer, revue/film actor, cousin
Julian Tuwim RWF HW Img Polish poet, novelist, translator, cousin
David Emanuel RWC HW Img American governor, 1801- , uncle of David Twiggs
David Twiggs RWC Img American military commander, major general, grandfather
John Twiggs Myers RWC Img American commander of US Marine Corps, lieutenant general, grandson
Janice Biala Img Polish-born American painter,  sister
Jack Tworkov RW5 Img Polish-born American abstract exspressionist painter,  brother
Orna Berry RWC HW Img Israeli computer scientist, businesswoman, dayghter
Yoash Tzidon RWC HW Img Romanian-born Israeli politician,    father
Zinaida Azarkh RWC Img Soviet physicist, wife
Veniamin Tsukerman RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet physicist, husband
First Letter ==> U
Alexei Uchitel RWF Img Russian/Soviet film director, son
Efim Uchitel RWF Img Moldovan-born Soviet film director, cinematographer, father
Mark Ulano RW5 Img American sound engineer, son
Sam Ulano Img American jazz drummer, father
Adam Ulam RWF Img Polish/Ukrainian-born American historian, political scientist, brother
Stanislaw Ulam RWF HW Img Polish/Ukrainian-born American mathematician, physicist, hydrogen bomb, brother
Ullmann/Szitanyi Ullmann Family/Yivo
Gyula Konig RWC Img Hungarian mathematician,
Joseph Levy German astronomer,
Henrik Marczali Img Hungarian historian, 
Bernat Szitanyi Hungarian politician, MP 1861-, son of Moritz
Baron Adolf Ullmann RWC Img Hungarian founder/CEO of 1867 of General Creditbank, son of Mayer
Alexander de Ereny Ullmann RWC Img Hungarian MP 1884-92, economist, son of Karl
Avraham Ullmann Hungarian textile merchant, father of Moritz
Gabriel Ullmann brother of Moritz
Karl Ullmann Hungarian founder of first First General Hungarian Insurance Company, father
Lajos Ullman chairman of Duna Steamship Society, son of Karl
Mayer Ullmann Hungarian head of first First General Hungarian Insurance Company, son of Karl
Moritz von Ullmann Img Hungarian co-founder of Merchant Bank, son of Avraham
Jay Ungar Img American folk musician, father
Ruth Ungar HW Img American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) daughter
Samuel Untermyer Img American lawyer,  grandfather
Samuel Untermyer II Img American nuclear engineer, grandson
Harold Uris RW5 Img American real estate developer, Uris Buildings Corporation, brother
Percy Uris RW5 Img American real estate developer, Uris Buildings Corporation, brother
Boris Kaplun RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, public figure,
Moisei Uritsky RWF HW Img Ukrainian-born head of Cheka in Petrograd, uncle
Semyon Uritsky RWM Img Ukrainian-born GRU head, leutienant general, nephew
Lev Milinder RWF Img Soviet/Russian stage actor, grandfather
Andrei Urgant RWF Img Russian stage/film actor, television host, (Jewish father) father
Ivan Urgant RWF Img Russian actor, singer, presenter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Ulla Meyer Danish tennis player, mother of Torben
Lars Ulrich RW5 Img Danish drummer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Torben Urlich Img Danish writer, musician, filmmaker, tennis player, (Jewish mother) father
Sergei Ursuliak RWC Img Russian director, screenwriter, actor, television presenter, father
Aleksandra Ursulyak Img Russian actress, (Jewish father) daughter
David Ury RWB Img American film/television actor, stand-up comedian, ascendant
Lesser Ury RWF HW Img German impressionist painter, descendant
Boris Uspensky RWF Img Russian philologist, linguist, mithographer,  (Jewish mother) father
Fiodor Uspensky RWC Img Russian linguist, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son
Vladimir Uspensky RWF Img Russian/Soviet mathematician, (Jewish mother) brother of Boris
David Ussishkin RWB HW Img Israeli archaeologist, grandson
Menachem Ussishkin RWF HW Img Belarusian-born zionist leader, head of Jewish National Fund, grandfather
Magdalena Hall second wife of Baron Plato von Ustinov, (Jewish father) grandmother
Baron Jona von Ustinov Img German journalist, diplomat, MI5 agent, (Jewish maternal grandfather) father
Sir Peter Ustinov RWF HW Img British actor, writer, dramatist (Jewish great grandfather) son
Albert Gendelstein RWF Img Soviet film director, screenwriter, husband of Edit
Edit Utyosova RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet singer, daughter
Leonid Utyosov RWF HW Img Ukrauinian-born Russian singer, musician, comic actor, father
First Letter ==> V
Joszef Vago Hungarian architect, brother
Laszlo Vago Hungarian architect, brother
Evsei Vainrub RWF Img Russian Colonel, Commander of Tank Brigade, Hero of Soviet Union brother RWM
Matvei Vainrub RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, brother RWM
Albert Vainshtein RWF Moldovan-born Russian/Soviet statistician, economist, father
Lev Vainshtein  RWF Img Russian physicist, engineer, son
Lady Marina Vaizey Img American British art critic, author, mother marina stransky
Baron Ed Vaizey RWC Img British politician, Minister of State for Culture 2010-16, son
Baron John Vaizey Img British author, economist, father
Stefania Bonfadelli Img Italian operetic soprano, (Jewish matrenal grandfather) daughter
Franca Valeri RWB HW Img Italian stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) mother
van der Bergh
Samuel van den Bergh RW5 Img Dutch businessman, co-founder 1927 of Margarine Unie, Uniliver, son
Sidney James van den Bergh RWC Img Dutch businessman,  politician, Dutch Minister of Defence 1959, son
Sidney van den Bergh RWF Img Dutch-born Canadian astronomer, son of Sidney James
Simon van den Bergh RW5 Img Dutch businessman,  Margarine Unie, Uniliver, father
Ladislau Vajda Img Hungarian-born German film director, son
Ladislaus Vajda Img Hungarian screenwriter, father
Thomas Bangalter RWC Img French electronic musician, (Jewish father) son
Daniel Vangarde RW5 Img French songwriter, record producer, father
Chris Vanocur Img American television journalist, son
Sander Vanocur RW5 Img American journalist, father
Yanina Batyrshina RWF Img Uzbek-born Russian gymnast, (Jewish mother) wife of Timur
Garry Kasparov RWF HW Img Russian grandmaster, former world champion (Jewish father) cousin of Timur
Leonid Vainshtein RWF Azerbajani-born Russian composer, father
Moisey Vainshtein RWF Img Azerbajani-born Russian conductor, composer, grandfather
Timur Vainshtein RWF Russian film/television producer, grandson
Leonid Vaisberg RWC Img Soviet engineering scolar, father
Oleg Vaisberg RWC Img Russian/Soviet physicist, son
Rosa Valetti RWF Img German actress, singer, cabaret performer, sister
Hermann Vallentin RWF Img German actor,   brother
Sam Kass RW5 Img American chef, great-grandson
Helen Valentine RW5 Img American founder/editor of Seventeen, Charm magazines, great-grandmother
Armin Vambery RWF HW Img Hungarian orientalist, traveler,    father
Rusztem Vambery RWF Img Hungarian lawyer, politician, son
Bianca Brigitte van Damme RWF Img American actress, (Jewish descent 1/8) daughter
Jean-Claude van Damme RWF HW Img Belgian actor, marital artist, screenwriter, producer, director, (Jewish paternal grandparent) father
Arik Vardi Israeli co-founder of Mirabilis son
Yossi Vardi RWC Img Israeli high-tech entrepreneur, father
Gabor Varkonyi Hungarian film direvtor/produscer, writer, (Jewish father) son
Zoltan Varkonyi RW5 Img Hungarian actor, film/theater director, father
Ludwig Robert RW5 Img German dramatist, brother
Rahel Varnhagen RW5 HW Img German writer, socialite, sister
Alexander Varshavsky RWF Img Russian-born American biochemist, son
Yakov Varshavsky RWF Soviet/Russian physical chemist, biochemist, father
Alexander Krasnoschyokov RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet politician, Deputy People's Commissar for Finance, grandfather
Victor Varshavsky RWC Img Russian engineering scholar, grandson
Eddie Vartan RWC Img Bulgarian-born French singer, conductor, (Jewish mother) brother of Sylvie
Michael Vartan RWF HW Img French-born American film/television actor, (Jewish mother, paternal grandmother) son of Wddie
Sylvie Vartan RWF Img Bulgarian-born French singer, actress, (Jewish mother) aunt
Janos Vas RWF Img Hungarian ice hockey player, brother
Marton Vas Img Hungarian ice hockey player, brother
Ghizela Vass RWC Img Romanian politician, MP 1952-57 grandmother
Bogdan Olteanu RWC Img Romanian politician, lawyer, Minister, (Jewish mother) grandson
Dora Barsony Hungarian opera singer, niece of Wilhelm
Andrew Vazsonyi RW5 Img Hungarian mathematician, operation researcher, cousin
Wilhelm Vazsonyi RWC Img Hungarian MP 1901-, Justice Minister 1917 1918 cousin
Hugo Veigelsberg Img Hungarian editor, writer, son
Leo Veigelsberg Hungarian journalist, editor, father
Georgy Adamovich RWF Img Russian poet, literary critic, translator, (Jewsh mother) second cousin of Vsevolod
Natalia Shvedova RWF Img Russian lexicographer, niece of Pyotr, Pavel
Boris Veinberg RWF Russian/Soviet physicist, father
Pavel Veinberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian author, brother of Pyotr
Pavel Veinberg RWF Img Russian actor, dramatist,  son of Pavel
Pyotr Veinberg RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian poet, translator, literary historian, grandfather
Vsevolod Veinberg RWF Soviet engineer, son
Yakov Veinberg RWF Russian-born American composer,
Johannes Veit RWB Img German painter, brother
Philipp Veit RWC Img German painter, brother
Nina Dikh mother
Alexei Venediktov RWF Img Russian journalist, television presenter, president of Ekho TV, (Jewish mother) son
Bernardo Verbitsky RW5 Img Argentine writer, journalist, father
Horacio Verbitsky RW5 Img Argentine journalist, author, son
Emil Vernik RWF Ukrainian-born Russian radio director, ??? father
Igor Vernik RWF Img Soviet/Russian actor, producer, radio presenter, ??? son
Eva Lusternik RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet orientalist, indologist, mother
Anatoly Vershik RWF Img Russian mathematician, son
Moisey Vesnik RWF Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, brother of Yakov
Yakov Vesnik RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet trade representative, executive, father
Yevgeny Vesnik RWF Img Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, theater director, (Jewish father) son
Lajos Biro RWF HW Img Hungarian/Romanian-born British  novelist, playwright, screenwriter, son-in-law of Veszi
Lili Darvas RWF Img Hungarian stage/film/television actress,   wife of Ferenc
Ferenc Molnar RWF HW Img Hungarian dramatist, novelist, husband of Margit
Joseph Veszi RW5 Img Hungarian writer, journalist, editor, politician, MP 1899- , father
Margit Veszi Img Hungarian journalist, painter, graphic artist, daughter
Ion Vianu RW5 Img Romanian writer, literary critic, psychiatrist, (Jewish father) son
Tudor Vianu RW5 Img Romanian literary/art critic, poet, philosopher, translator, father
Jean-Christophe Victor Img French political scientist, television presenter, son
Paul-Emile Victor Img Swiss-born French ethnologist, explorer, father
Ed Victor Img American-born British literary agent,    husband
Michelene Wandor RW5 Img British playwright, critic, broadcaster, poet, musician,   wife
John Vig Img President of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2008 nephew
Miklos Vig RW5 Img Hungarian jazz singer, actor, comedian, uncle
Tommy Vig Hungarian-born American jazz percussionist, nephew ExLink
Ernesto Villegas RWC Img Venezuelan-born politician, journalist, writer, Minister of State 2013- ,(Jewish mother) brother
Vladimir Villegas RW5 Img Venezuelan-born politician, journalist, (Jewish mother) brother
Ilya Efron RWF Img Lithuanian-born Russian publisher, Brokhaus and Efron, great grandson
Vilna Gaon RWF HW Img 18th century Talmudist and mystic, Lithuanian leader of the ''Mitnagdim'',  great grandfather
Matan Vilnai RWF HW Img Israeli politician, general,   son
Zev Vilnay RWF HW Img Moldovan-born Israeli geographer, historian,    father
Gay Meroz HW Img Israeli journalist, television presenter, husband
Orly Vilnai HW Img Israeli journalist, television presenter, wife
Anastasiya Vinokur RWC Img Russian balerina, (Jewish father) daughter
Vladimir Vinokur RWF Img Soviet/Russian singer, actor, comedian, presenter, (Jewish father) father
Eugene Vinaver RWF Img Russian-born British literary scholar, son
Maxim Vinaver Russian lawyer, politician, patron, father
Oton Vinski Img Croatian banker, father
Zdenko Vinski RWB Img Croatian archaeologist, son
Aleksandr Vishnevsky RWM Img Soviet military physician, colonel general, (Jewish mother) father 1906-75
Aleksandr Vishnevsky Soviet/Russian surgeon, (Jewish paternal grandmother) son 1939-2013
Alla Balter RWF Img Russian/Soviet film/stage actress, mother
Mark Gorenstein RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian conductor, nephew of Emmanuil
Ksenia Sobchak RWF Img Russian television anchor, journalist, sociality, (Jewish maternal grandfather) wife of Maksim
Emmanuil Vitorgan RWF Img Russian/Soviet actor, father
Maksim Vitorgan RWF Img Russian actor, film director, son
Eugene Vinaver RWF Img Russian-born French literary scholar, son
Maxim Vinaver RWF HW Img Polish-born politician, Constitutional Democratic Party cadets MP 1906- 1st Duma father
Judith Viorst RW5 Img American author, journalist, psychoanalysis researcher,  wife
Milton Viorst RW5 Img American journalist, husband
Walter Kohn RWF HW Img Austrian-born Canadian American physicist, Nobel Prize (1998) in chemistry, son-in-law of Roman
Ethan Vishniac RW5 Img American astrophysicist, grandson
Roman Vishniac RWF HW Img Russian American photographer, biologist, father
Wolf Vishniac RWF Img German-born American microbiologist, son
Daniel Charney Img Belarusian-born Yiddish poet, journalist, brother
Shmuel Niger Img Belarusian-born Yiddish writer, literary critic, historian, brother
Baruch Charney Vladeck Img Belarusian-born American labour leader, socialist, brother
Petr Pasternak RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet construction engineer, uncle
Pancho Vladigerov RWF HW Img Swiss-born Bulgarian composer, pedagogue, pianist, (Jewish mother) nephew
Mark Abelev RWF Russian/Soviet engineer, husband of Galina
Yuda Abelev RWF Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, father of Mark
Boris Volchek RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet cinematographer, director, screenwriter, grandfather
alina Volchek RWF Img Russian-born Soviet actress, film director, mother
Denis Yevstigneyev RWF Img Russian cenimatographer, director, producer, (Jewish mother) son of Galina
Vladimir Alenikov RWF Img Soviet/Russian director, producer, screenwriter, author, translator, son of Mikhail Volkenstein
Mikhail Fishman RWF Img Russian journalist, television presenter,                     grandson of Mikhail Volkenstein
Sophia Parnok RWF Img Russian poet, translator, wife of Vladimir
Alexander Esenin-Volpin RWF Img Soviet/Russian mathematician, philosopher, poet, dissident, (Jewish mother) son of Nadezhda
Mikhail Volkenshtein RWF Img Russian biophysicist, husband of Nadezhda
Vladimir Volkenshtein RWF Img Russian/Soviet poet, theater critic, screenwriter, father of Mikhail Volkenstein
Mikhail Volpin RWF Img Belarusian-born playwright, poet, screenwriter, brother
Nadezhda Volpin RWF Img Belarusian-born Soviet translator, poet, sister
David Volosov RWF Img Soviet physicist, inventor, father
Vladimir Volosov RWF Img Soviet physicist, son
George Voskovec RW5 Img Czech-born American actor, playwright, director, translator, poet, cousin
Alois Wachsman RWB Img Czech painter, stage designer, architect, cousin
Bedrich Wachsmann Img Czech painter, decorator, architect, granduncle
Aleksandr Vulikh RWF Img Russian writer, journalist, poet, songwriter, critic, screenwriter, son
Ida Vulikh RWF Moldovan-born Soviet biblographer, musicologist, sister of Yefim
Yefim Vulikh RWF Moldovan-born Soviet architect, father
David Vygodsky RWF Img Belarusian-born Russian literary critic, translator, poet, teacher, cousin
Lev Vygotsky RWF HW Img Belarusian-born Russian psychologist, cognitive psychology cousin
Pavel Leonidov RWF Soviet impresario, songwriter,  cousin of Semyon & Aleksei
Lev Levin RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet physician, grandfather of Pavel Leonidov
Dora Bronshtein mother of Semyon & Aleksei
Aleksandr Vysotsky RWF Soviet journalist, sportsman, son of Aleksei
Aleksei Vysotsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Soviet journalist, writer, documentary filmmaker, brother
Arkady Vysotsky RWF Russian actor, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Vladimir
Irena Vysotsky RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russian journalist, writer, daughter of Aleksei
Ludmila Yaremenko (Vysotsky) RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet sportsman, couch, USSR Champion 1949 basketball niece of Wolf
Nikita Vysotsky RWF Img Russian stage actor, director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Vladimir
Semyon Vysotsky brother
Vladimir Vysotsky RWF HW Img Russian singer/songwriter, poet, film/theater actor, (Jewish father) son of Semyon
Wolf Vysotsky father of Semyon & Aleksei
Vysotsky/Gots Vysotsky.R Wissotzky Tea
Vera Gassokh RWF Img Ukrainian-born Russiun/Soviet revolutionery, wife of Mikhail
Aleksandr Gavronsky RWF Img Soviet film director, grandson of Kalonimus-Wulf
Avram Gots RWF Img Russian revolutionery, Social-Revolutionary Party member, grandson son of Rakhil
Mikhail Gots RWF Img Russian revolutionery, Social-Revolutionary Party member, grandson son of Rakhil
Aleksandr Vysotsky RWF Russian politician , SR party, son son of David
David Vysotsky RWF Img Russian businessman, father
Kalonimus-Wulf Vysotsky RWF HW Img Lithuanian-born founder of K. Vysotsky & Sons, tea, grandfather
Mikhail Zetlin RWF Img Russian-born Soviet poet, editor, metzenat, grandson son of Anna