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Christina Aguilera
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American Jewish Spouces //interfAm
Bettye Ackerman Pic American television actress, Sam Jaffe Pic
Constance Adams Pic American stage/film actress, Cecil DeMille Pic
Julie Adams Pic American film/television actress, Leonard Stern Pic
Ray Danton Pic
Pearl Aday Pic American singer, daughter of Meat Loaf, Scott Ian Pic
Casey Affleck RWF HW Pic American actor, Summer Phoenix Pic Jewish mother
Danny Aiello Pic American stage/film actor, Sandy Cohen
Alan Alda RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter,  Arlene Alda Pic
Gracie Allen RWF Pic American comedian, George Burns Pic
Phillip Allen Pic American stage/film/television actor,
Sheila Allen Pic American fim/television actress, producer, Irwin Allen Pic
Cindy Ambuehl Pic American actress, fashion designer, Don Diamont Pic
Ramsay Ames RWF Pic American actress, Dale Wasserman Pic
Robert Ames Pic American stage/film actor, Frances Goodrich Pic
Suzy Amis RWF Pic American actress, model, Sam Robards Pic Jewish mother
Laurie Anderson Pic American performance artist, singer, Lou Reed Pic
Mary Anderson RWF Pic American film actress, Leon Shamroy Pic
Pamela Anderson RWF Pic Canadian-born American actress, sex simbol, glamour model, Rick Salomon Pic
Dino Andrade Pic American voice actor, Mary Kay Bergman Pic
Lois Andrews Pic American actress, George Jessel Pic
Odette Annable Pic American film/stage actress, model, Dave Annable Pic Jewish mother
Christina Aguilera RWF HW Pic American pop singer/songwriter, Jordan Bratman Pic
Tom Arnold RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, (convert to Judaism;  Jewish maternal grandfather) Roseanne Barr Pic
Patty Andrews RWF Pic American singer, Andrew Sisters - singers Martin Melcher Pic
Nicole Ari Parker Pic American actress, Boris Kodjoe Pic Jewish mother
Lewis Arguette RWF Pic American actor, screenwriter, producer, Brenda Nowak Pic
Maureen Arthur Pic American actress, Aaron Ruben Pic
Jules Asner Pic American fashion model, television personality, writer, Matthew Asner Pic
Lenore Aubert Pic Slovenian-born American model, actress, Julius Altman
Doe Avedon Pic American actress, model, Richard Avedon Pic
Don Siegel Pic
Debbon Ayer Pic American actress, Rob Morrow Pic
Morena_Baccarin RWC Pic Brazilian-born American actress, Ben McKenzie Pic Jewish grandfather
Kevin Bacon RWF Pic American film/stage actor, Kyra Sedgwick Pic Jewish mother
Penn Badgley HW Pic American actor, musician, Domino Kirke Pic
Lynn Baggett Pic American actress, Sam Spiegel Pic
B.J. Baker Pic American singer, songwriter, Barney Kessel Pic
Carroll Baker RWF HW Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Jack Garfein Pic
Fay Baker Pic American stage/film/television actress, ??? Arthur Weiss Pic
Lucille Ball RWF HW Pic American comedian, actress, Gary Morton Pic
Anne Bancroft RWF HW Pic American actress, Mel Brooks Pic
Elizabeth Banks RWF HW Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Max Handelman Pic
Jim Bannon Pic American film/television/radio actor, Bea Benaderet Pic
Lynn Bari Pic American film actress, Sidney Luft Pic
Willow Bay Pic American model, television news anchor, Robert Iger Pic
Drew Barrymore RWF HW Pic American actress, film director, screenwriter, producer, model, Will Kopelman Pic
John Barrymore RWF Pic American actor,  Elaine Barrie Pic
Cara Williams Pic
Erinn Bartlett Pic American film/television actress, Oliver Hudson Pic Jewish grandmother
Robin Bartlett Pic British-born American actress, Alan Rosenberg Pic
Lina Basquette RWF Pic American film/stage actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Sam Warner Pic
Joy Behar RWF Pic American comedian, writer, actress, talk show host, Joseph Behar
Marion Benda Pic American actress, Zeppo Marx Pic
Joan Bennett Pic American stage/film/television actress, (granddaughter of Lewis Morrison) Walter Wanger Pic
Beverley Bentley Pic American stage actress, Norman Mailer Pic
Candice Bergen RWF HW Pic American actress, fashion model, Marshall Rose
Polly Bergen RWF Pic American actress, singer, entrepreneur, (convert to Judaism) Freddie Fields Pic
Harry Belafonte RWF Pic American musician, actor, singer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Julie Robinson Pic
Shari Belafonte RWF Pic American actress, model, writer, singer, (Jewish paternal discent) Sam Behrens Pic
Jason Biggs RWF Pic American actor,  Jenny Mollen Pic Jewish father
Denise Bixler Pic American actress, Steve Guttenberg Pic
Vivian Blaine Pic American stage/film/television actress, singer, Milton Rackmil Pic
Betsy Blair Pic American stage/film actress, Karel Reisz Pic
Whitney Blake Pic American film/television actress, director, producer, Allan Manings Pic
Barbara Blakeley Pic American model, Zeppo Marx Pic
Betsy Bloomingdale Pic American socialite, Alfred Bloomingdale Pic
Humphrey Bogart RWF HW Pic American actor,  Lauren Bacall Pic JVL
Helen Menken Pic
Joseph Bologna Pic American stage/film/television actor,  Renee Taylor Pic
Connie Booth Pic American actress, writer, John Lahr Pic
Brenda Boozer Pic American opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Robert Klein Pic
Ernest Borgnine RWF HW Pic American actor, (convert to Judaism, second marrage)
Barbara Bosson RWF Pic American actress, Steven Bochco Pic
Barry Bostwick Pic American stage/film actor, Stacey Nelkin
Katrina Bowden Pic American film/television actress, Ben Jorgensen Pic
Bruce Boxleitner RWF HW Pic American actor,  Melissa Gilbert Pic Jewish mother
Lorraine Bracco RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Harvey Keitel Pic
Edward Olmos Pic Jewish paternal grandparent
Jocelyn Brando Pic American film/stage/television actress, Eliot Asinof
Patricia Breslin Pic American film/television actress, Art Modell Pic
Sherry Brewer Pic American actress, Edgar Bronfman, Jr Pic
Edie Brickell Pic American singer/songwriter,  Paul Simon Pic
Elisa Bridges Pic Ameican actress, model, Jason Itzler Pic
Christie Brinkley RWF Pic American fashion model, actress, designer, (Jewish stepfather) Billy Joel Pic
Richard Taubman Pic
Bo Brinkman Pic American actor, Melissa Gilbert Pic Jewish mother
Vanessa Britting Pic American actress, David Krumholtz Pic
James Broderick Pic American actor,  Patricia Broderick Pic
James Brolin RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, director, producer, Barbara Streisand Pic
Jean Brooks RWF Pic American actress, Richard Brooks Pic
Sarah Brown RWC Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Shuki Levy Pic
Yul Brynner RWF HW Pic Russian-born American actor, (Jewish maternal grandfather ???) Doris Kleiner Pic
Bebe Buell Pic American singer, fashion model, Todd Rundgren Pic Jewish father
Joyce Bulifant Pic American television actress, William Asher Pic Jewish father
Shelly Burch Pic American actress, singer, Martin Charnin Pic
Liz Cackowski Pic American comedy writer, actress, Akiva Schaffer Pic
Nicolas Cage RWF HW Pic American actor,  Patricia Arquette Pic Jewish mother
Louis Calhern Pic American stage/film actor, Natalie Schafer Pic
Joan Camdet Pic American actress, Alvin Sargent Pic
Anna Camp Pic American actress, Skylar Astin Pic
Colleen Camp Pic American actress, film producer, John Goldwyn Pic half-Jewish
Elaine Cancilla Pic American stage actress, dancer, Jerry Orbach Pic Jewish father
Bobby Cannavale Pic American actor,  Jenny Lumet Pic Jewish father
Kate Capshaw RWF HW Pic American actress, producer, (convert to Judaism) Steven Spielberg Pic
Diahann Caroll RWF Pic American singer, actress, Monte Kay 1956-63 Pic
Freddie Glusman 1973 Pic
David Carradine Pic American actor,  Barbara Hershey Pic Jewish father
John Carroll Pic American actor, singer, Steffi Duna Pic
Victoria Carroll Pic American stage/film/television actress, artist, Michael Bell Pic
Dixie Carter Pic American film, television, stage actress, singer, Arthur Carter Pic
Finn Carter Pic American film/television actress, Steven Weber Pic
Lynda Carter Pic American singer, actress, Miss World USA Robert Altman Pic
Ron Samuels Pic
Nell Carter RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, (convert to Judaism) George Krynicki
David Caruso RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, producer, Rachel Ticotin Pic
Shaun Cassidy Pic American actor, singer, writer, producer, Susan Diol Pic
Marge Champion RWF Pic American actress, dancer, choreographer, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Art Babbitt Pic
Boris Sagal Pic
Rebekah Chaney Pic American actress, writer, director, producer, John Herzfeld Pic
Josephine Chaplin Pic American actress, Maurice Ronet Pic
Georgina Chapman RWF Pic American actress,  fashion designer, model, Harvey Weinstein Pic
Cyd Charisse Pic American film/television actress, dancer, Tony Martin Pic
Michael Chiklis RWF HW Pic American actor, director, television producer, Michelle Epstein Pic
Lois Chiles Pic American actress, fashion model, Richard Gilder Pic
Virginia Christine Pic American stage/radio/film/television/voice actress, Fritz Feld Pic
Julie Claire Pic American film/television actress, Glenn Kessler Pic
Mae Clarke Pic American film/television actress, Lew Brice Pic
George Clooney RWF Pic American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, Talia Balsam Pic Jewish father
Phyllis Coates Pic American film/television actress, Norman Tokar Pic
Kurt Cobain RWF HW Pic American lead singer of Nirvana, Courtney Love Pic Jewish maternal grandmother
George Cohan RWF HW Pic American entertainer, playwright, composer, actor, Ethel Levey Pic Jewish stepfather
Claudette Colbert Pic French-born American film actress, Joel Pressman Pic
Jo Collins Pic American Playboy Playmate of the Year 1965, Bo Belinsky Pic
Jeanne Cooper RWF Pic American actress,    Harry Bernsen, Jr
Courteney Cox RWF HW Pic American actress, model, David Arquette Pic Jewish mother
Rose Coyle RWF Pic Miss America 1936 Leonard Schlessinger
Jeanne Coyne Pic American choreographer, dancer, actress, Stanley Donen Pic
Cindy Crawford RWF HW Pic American model, television personality, Rande Gerber Pic
Lillian Crawford American model, socialite, Donald Aronow Pic
Mindy Crist Pic American film/television actress, Josh Stamberg
Jim Croce HW Pic American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Ingrid Croce Pic Jacobson
James Cromwell Pic American film/television actor, Julie Cobb Pic
Dennis Crosby Pic American actor, son of Bing Crosby Arleen Newman
Alan Crosland Pic American stage actor, film director, Elaine Hammerstein Pic Jewish father
Lindsay Crouse RWF HW Pic American actress,    David Mamet Pic
Tom Cruise RWF HW Pic American actor, film producer, Mimi Rogers Pic Jewish father
Sarah Cunningham Pic American film/stage/television actress, John Randolph Pic
Valerie Curtin Pic American actress, screenwriter,    Barry Levinson Pic
Dagmar Pic American actress, model, television personality, Danny Dayton Pic
Arlene Dahl Pic American film/television/stage actress, Marc Rosen Pic
Elizabeth Daily Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, Rick Salomon Pic
Josh Dallas RWF Pic American film/television actor, Lara Pulver Pic
Ginnifer Goodwin Pic
David Dalton American actor,  Theda Bara Pic
Dorothy Dalton Pic American actress,    Arthur Hammerstein Pic
Jacqueline Dalya Pic American actress,    Bob Hilliard Pic
Barbara Dana Pic American actress, writer, Alan Arkin Pic
Dorothy Dunbar Pic American film/stage actress, Max Baer Pic Jewish father
Shera Danese Pic American actress,    Peter Falk Pic
Cynthia Daniel RWF Pic American actress, photographer, model, Cole Hauser Pic Jewish mother
Blythe Danner RWF Pic American actress,    Bruce Paltrow Pic
James Darren Pic American film/television actor, television director, singer, Gloria Terlitzky
Elyssa Davalos Pic American film/television actress, Jeff Dunas Pic
Reine Davies Pic American singer, actress, George Lederer Pic
Embeth Davidtz Pic American-born South African film/television actress, Jason Sloane
Brad Davis Pic American actor,  Susan Bluestein Pic
Geena Davis RWF Pic American film/television actress, model, film producer, writer,  Jeff Goldblum Pic
Marjorie Daw Pic American silent film actress,    Myron Selznick Pic
Doris Day RWF HW Pic American singer, actress, Martin Melcher Pic
Angelique De Luca Pic American actress, Michael De Luca Pic Jewish mother
Gloria DeHaven Pic American film/television actress,    Martin Kimmel Pic
Jessica Delfino RWC Pic American singer/songwriter, comedian,
Laura Dern RWF Pic American actress, film director, producer, Ben Harper Pic Jewish mother
Zooey Deschanel RWF HW Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, model, producer, (convert to Judaism) Jacob Pechenik Pic
Jackie DeShannon Pic American singer/songwriter, Randy Edelman Pic
Robert Desiderio Pic American actor,  Judith Light Pic
Danny DeVito RWF HW Pic American actor, director, producer,    Rhea Perlman Pic
Karla DeVito Pic American singer, actress,  Robby Benson Pic
Angie Dickinson RWF Pic Pic American actress,    Burt Bacharach Pic
Janice Dickinson Pic American model, fashion photographer, actress, Ron Levy Pic
Taye Diggs RWF Pic American film/television/stage actor,   Idina Menzel Pic
Diana Dill Pic Bermudian-born American actress, Kirk Douglas Pic
Shannen Doherty Pic American actress, television director, Rick Salomon Pic
Arielle Dombasle RWF Pic American-born French actress, singer, director, screenwriter, Bernard-Henri Levy Pic ExLink
Troy Donahue Pic American actor, teen idol, Suzanne Pleshette Pic
Paul Dooley Pic American actor, writer, comedian, Winnie Holzman Pic
Jackson Douglas Pic American film/television actor, film director, screenwriter, Alex Borstein Pic
Doris Dowling Pic American film actress,   Artie Shaw Pic
Constace Dowling Pic American model, actress, Ivan Tors Pic
Polly Draper Pic American actress, screenwriter, playwright, producer, director, Michael Wolff Pic
Ellen Drew Pic American film/television actress, Sy Bartlett Pic
Deborah Driggs Pic American model, actress, Mitchell Gaylord Pic
Hilary Duff Pic American actress, singer/songwriter, enterpreneur, author, Matthew Koma Pic
Patty Duke Pic American stage/film/television actress, Michael Tell
Faye Dunaway RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Peter Wolf Pic
Dorothy Dunbar Pic American film/stage actress, Max Baer Pic Jewish father
Paige Dylan Pic American actress, Jakob Dylan Pic
Clint Eastwood, Jr RWF Pic American actor, film director, producer, musician, (not married with daughter) Frances Fisher Pic Jewish paternal descent
Linda Eder Pic American actress, singer, Frank Wildhorn Pic
Jill Eikenberry Pic American actress, Michael Tucker Pic
Britt Ekland RWF Pic Swedish film actress, singer, Peter Sellers Pic Jewish mother
Jenna Elfman RWF HW Pic American television/film actress, Bodhi Elfman Pic
Lisa Emery Pic American stage/film/television actress, Josh Pais Pic
Laura Ernst RWF Pic American scteenwriter, actress, Robert Downey, Sr Pic
Emilio Estevez HW Pic American actor,film director, writer, Paula Abdul Pic
Evans Evans Pic American actress, John Frankenheimer Pic Jewish father
Madge Evans RWF Pic American film actress, Sidney Kingsley Pic
Shelley Fabares RWF Pic American actress, singer, Lou Adler Pic
Deborah Falconer Pic American actress, singer, Robert Downey, Jr Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
James Farentino Pic American actor, Michele Lee Pic
Franklyn Farnum Pic American character actor, Alma Rubens Pic Jewish father
Mia Farrow RWF HW Pic American actress, Woody Allen Pic
Andre Previn 1970-79 Pic
Alice Faye Pic American actress, singer, Tony Martin Pic
Louise Fazenda Pic American film actress, Hal Wallis Pic
Peggy Fears Pic American stage actress, dancer, singer, Alfred Blumenthal Pic
Ali Fedotowsky Pic American television personality, blogger, host, (Jewish descent 1/8) Kevin Manno Pic
Susie Feldman RWF Pic American actress, Corey Feldman Pic
Edith Fellows Pic American child actress, Freddie Fields Pic
Marcos Ferraez Pic American television actor,   Alona Tal Pic
Jami Ferrell Pic American actress, model, Playboy's Playmate 1/1997 Sam Simon Pic
Betty Field Pic American stage/film/television actress, Elmer Rice Pic
Sally Field RWF Pic American actress, singer, producer, director, screenwriter, Alan Greisman Pic
Maxine Fife Pic American actress, Paul Laszlo Pic
John Fiore Pic American actor, Moira Mueller
Melissa Fitzgerald Pic American film/television actress, Noah Emmerich Pic
Susan Fleming Pic American film/television actress, Harpo Marx Pic
Calista Flockhart RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Harrison Ford Pic Jewish mother
Nina Foch Pic American film/television actress, James Lipton Pic
Henry Fonda HW Pic American film/stage actor, Baroness Afdera Franchetti Pic
Hazel Forbes Pic American dancer, actress, Harry Richman Pic
Michael Fox RWF HW Pic American actor, Tracy Pollan Pic
Victoria Foyt Pic American author, novelist, screenwriter, actress, Henry Jaglom Pic
Anthony Franciosa RWF Pic American actor, Judy Balaban Pic
Shelley Winters Pic
Kay Francis Pic American stage/film actress, Kenneth MacKenna Pic Jewish father
Phyllis Fraser Pic American actress, Bennett Cerf Pic
Virgil Frye Pic American film/television actor, boxing champion, Sondra Peluce
Anita Louise Fremault RWF Pic American film actress, Buddy Adler Pic
Victor French Pic American television actor, film director, Julie Cobb Pic
Leonie Frieda Pic Swedish-born model, translator, writer, Nigel Frieda
Daisy Fuentes Pic American television host, model, Richard Marx Pic
Lupe Fuentes Pic Colombian-born Spanish pornographic actress, Evan Seinfeld Pic
Betty Furness Pic American actress, consumer advocate, current affairs commentator, Johnny Green
Helen Gahagan Pic American actress, politician, congresswoman, Melvyn Douglas Pic Jewish father
June Gale Pic American actress, Oscar Levant Pic
Henry Ephron Pic
Rita Gam Pic American film/television/stage actress, Sidney Lumet
Ava Gardner RWF HW Pic American actress, Artie Shaw Pic
Rita Gardner Pic American stage/television actress, singer, Herb Gardner Pic
Judy Garland RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, David Rose Pic
Sidney Luft Pic
Artie Shaw Pic
James Garner Pic American film/television actor, Lois Clarke Pic
Janeane Garofalo Pic American actress, stand-up comedian, Robert Cohen Pic
Teri Garr Pic American stage/telvision/film actress, dancer, singer, Roger Birnbaum Pic
Betty Garrett Pic American actress, comedian, singer, dancer, Larry Parks Pic
Patricia Gaul Pic American actress, Jeff Goldblum Pic
Rebecca Gayheart RWF Pic American film/television actress, model, Eric Dane Pic Jewish mother
Valentina Gaylord Pic Maltian-born American singer/songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Mitchell Gaylord Pic
Janet Gaynor RWF HW Pic American actress, Gilbert Adrian Pic
Phillis George Pic American businesswomen, sportscaster, Miss America 1971 Robert Evans Pic
Lili Gentle Pic American film/television actress, Richard Zanuck Pic
Greta Gerwig RWF Pic American actress, director, screenwriter, (dating) Noah Baumbach Pic Jewish father
Paul Giamatti Pic American stage/film/television actror, son of president of Yale University, Elizabeth Giamatti Pic
Hoot Gibson Pic American rodeo champion, cowboy film actor, director, producer, Sally Eilers Pic Jewish mother
Paul Gilbert Pic American film/television actor, Barbara Crane Pic
Scott Glenn HW Pic American film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) Carol Schwartz
Sharon Gless Pic American film/stage/televiion actress, Barney Rosenzweig Pic
Minna Gombell Pic American stage/film actress, Myron Couveral Fagan Pic
Araceli Gonzalez Pic Argentine fashion model, actress, TV host, Adrian Suar Pic
Ruth Gonzalez RWC HW Pic American-born Israeli model, actress, (convert to Judaism) Kobi Aharoni
Jill Goodacre Pic American model, actress, photographer, Harry Connick, Jr Pic Jewish mother
Ruth Gordon RWF HW Pic American actress, screenwriter, Garson Kanin Pic
Fred Goss Pic American actor, director, writer, producer, comedian, Arlene
Betty Grable RWF Pic American dancer, singer, actress,    Harry James Pic
Gloria Grahame Pic American actress, Cy Howard Pic
Cary Grant RWF HW Pic British-born American actor, (Jewish father ???) Dyan Cannon Pic Jewish mother
Clare Grant RWF Pic American film/television actress, model, Seth Green Pic
Jane Greer Pic American film/television actress, Edward Lasker Pic
Clark Gregg RWF Pic American actor, screenwriter, director, Jennifer Grey Pic
Rose Gregorio Pic American character actress, Ulu Grosbard Pic
Joel Gretsch RWF Pic American film/television actor, Melanie Shatner Pic Jewish father
Renee Griffin Pic American actress, James Marshall Pic Jewish father
Melanie Griffith RWF HW Pic American actress, Steven Bauer Pic Jewish maternal grandfather)
Kimberly Guilfoyle Pic American cable news personality, journalist, Eric Villency Pic
Kathryn Hahn RWF Pic American actress, comedian, Ethan Sandler Pic
Brad Hall Pic American actor, screenwriter, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Daryl Hall Pic American singer/songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, (convert to Judaism) Bryna Lublin
Rebecca Hall Pic American actress, Morgan Spector Pic
Kim Hamilton Pic American film/television actress, Werner Klemperer Pic Jewish father
Jon Hamm RWF Pic American actor, Jennifer Westfeldt Pic Jewish mother
Carol Haney Pic American dancer, actress, Larry Blyden Pic
Tom Hanks RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, filmmaker, Samantha Lewes Jewish father
Page Hannah Pic American film/television actress, Lou Adler Pic
Jean Harlow RWF HW Pic American film actress, Paul Bern Pic
Jessica Harper RWF Pic American actress, producer, Thomas Rothman Pic
Viola Harris Pic American film/television/stage actress, Robert Harris Pic
Sir Rex Harrison RWF Pic American film/stage actor, Lilli Palmer Pic
Linda Harrison Pic American actress, model, Richard Zanuck Pic Jewish mother
Cecilia Hart Pic American stage/television actress, Bruce Weitz Pic
Mary Hart Pic American television personality, (convert to Judaism) Burt Sugarman Pic
Eden Hartford Pic American film actress, Groucho Marx Pic
Justin Hartley Pic American actor,   Lindsay Hartley Pic
Marilyn Hassett Pic American film/television actress, Larry Peerce Pic
Teri Hatcher RWF Pic American actress, Jon Tenney Pic Jewish mother
Anne Hathaway RWF HW Pic American actress, Adam Shulman Pic
Julie Haydon Pic American film/television/stage actress, George Nathan Pic
Volga Hayworth Pic American dancer, vaudevillian, showgirl, Eduardo Cansino, Sr Pic
Anthony Heald Pic American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) Robin Herskowitz
Ashley Hebert RWC Pic American actress, Jordan Rosenbaum
Marg Helgenberger RWF Pic American film/television actress, Alan Rosenberg Pic
Ann Hearn Tobolowsky Pic American actress, Stephen Tobolowsky Pic
Frances Heflin Pic American actress, Sol Kaplan Pic
Justin Herwick Pic American film actor, Nicole Eggert Pic
Emma Hewitt Pic actress, documentary filmmaker, Jason Isaacs Pic
Mary Hilem Pic American model,    Arthur Rubloff
Nicky Hilton Rothschild RWF Pic American fashion designer, model, (convert to Judaism) James Rothschild Pic Jewish father
Ashley Hinshaw Pic American actress, model, Topher Grace Pic Jewish paternal grandmother
Alice Hirson Pic American television actress, Stephen Elliott Pic
Charlotte Holland Pic American actress, Sam Wanamaker Pic
Miriam Hopkins RWF Pic American actress, Anatole Litvak Pic
Dennis Hopper RWF HW Pic American actor, filmmaker, Daria Halprin Pic
June Horne Pic American actress, Jackie Cooper Pic Jewish father
Lena Horne RWF HW Pic American singer, actress, dancer, civil roghts activist, Lennie Hayton Pic
Marjorie Hoshelle Pic American actress, Jeff Chandler Pic
Arliss Howard Pic American actor, writer, film director,    Debra Winger Pic
Bryce Dallas Howard RWF Pic American actress, Seth Gabel Pic
Frances Howard Pic American film actress, Samuel Goldwyn Pic
Jean Howard Pic American actress, Charles Feldman Pic
Ken Howard Pic American actor, Louise Sorel Pic
Margo Howard Pic
Terrence Howard Pic American actor,   Lori McCommas Pic
Bill Hudson Pic American singer/songwriter,   Goldie Hawn Pic Jewish mother
Kate Hudson RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Chris Robinson Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Rosanna Huffmann Pic American actress, voiceover artist, Richard Levinson
Sharon Hugueny Pic American actress, Robert Evans Pic
Helen Hunt RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) Hank Azaria Pic
Elizabeth Hurley RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (father of her son) Stephen Bing Pic
Betty Hutton Pic American stagr/film/television actress, comedian, singer, Alan Livingston Pic
Timothy Hutton RWF HW Pic American actor,   Debra Winger Pic
Martha Hyer RWC Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Hal Wallis Pic
Alexandra Isles Pic Swedish-born American actress, Philip Isles
Don Imus Pic American comedian, radio host, writer, Deirdre Imus Pic
La Toya Jackson Pic American singer/songwriter, television personality, actress,   Jack Gordon Pic
Anne Jackson Pic American film/television/stage actress, Eli Wallach Pic
Michael Jackson RWF HW Pic American singer, entertainer, Debbie Rowe Pic
Thomas Jane RWF Pic American actor,   Patricia Arquette Pic Jewish mother
Enid Janes Pic American actress, Jules Levy Pic
Dani Janssen Pic American actress, David Janssen Pic
Christopher Jarecki Pic American mudician, show host, actor, Alicia Silverstone Pic
Tully Jensen Pic American model, actress,  Antonio Sabato, Jr Pic Jewish mother
Justine Johnstone Pic American film/stage actress, pathologist, scientist, Walter Wanger Pic
Candy Jones Pic American fashion model, radio talk show host, Long John Nebel Pic
Carolyn Jones RWF HW Pic American actress,  (convert to Judaism) Aaron Spelling Pic
Christopher Jones Pic American film/television actor,   Susan Strasberg Pic
Jack Jones Pic American jazz/pop singer, Jill St. John Pic
Jennifer Jones RWF Pic American actress, David Selznick Pic
Shirley Jones RWF Pic American singer, actress, (convert to Judaism)  Marty Ingels Pic
Elaine Joyce Pic American stage/film/television actress, Neil Simon Pic
Kourtney Kardashian RWF Pic American entrepreneur, socialite, model,  Scott Disick Pic Jewish father
Maria Karnilova Pic American stage/film actress, George Irving Pic
Spencer Kayden Pic American actress, writer, Mark Harelik Pic
Celia Kaye Pic American actress, John Milius Pic
James Keach Pic American actor, producer, director, Jane Seymour Pic Jewish father
Camille Keaton Pic American actress, Sidney Luft Pic
Meir Zarchi Pic
Ruby Keeler RWF Pic Canadian-born American actress, singer, dancer, Al Jolson Pic
Ellie Kemper RWC Pic American actress, comedian, Michael Koman Pic
Betty Kennedy Pic American actress, Herbert Leonard Pic
Doris Kenyon Pic American film/television actress, Albert Lasker Pic
Betty Lou Keim Pic American actress, Warren Berlinger Pic
Sally Kellerman RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, singer, Rick Edelstein Pic
Jonathan Krane Pic
Sheila Kelley Pic American film/television actress, Richard Schiff Pic
Alexandra Kenworthy Pic American voice actress, Marc Snegoff
Evelyn Keyes RWF Pic American actress, Artie Shaw Pic 1957-85
Charles Vidor Pic
Nerine Kidd Pic American actress, model, William Shatner Pic
London King Pic American actress, Rob Schneider Pic
Angela Kinsey Pic American actress, Warren Lieberstein Pic
Christina Kirk Pic American actress, John Hamburg Pic
Karlie Kloss Pic American model, entrepreneur, (convert to Judaism) Joshua Kushner Pic
Lisa Kirk Pic American actress, singer, Robert Wells
Patricia Knight Pic American actress, Cornel Wilde Pic
Wally Kurth Pic American singer, actor, Rena Sofer Pic
Ashton Kutcher RWF Pic American actor, producer, investor, model, Mila Kunis Pic
Adrienne La Russa Pic American actress, Steven Seagal Pic
Victoria Labalme Pic American actress, Frank Oz Pic Jewish father
Alan Ladd RWF Pic American film actor, Sue Carol Pic
Cheryll Ladd Pic American singer, actress, writer, David Ladd Pic Jewish mother
Margaret Ladd Pic American television actress, Lyle Kessler Pic
Marcy Lafferty Pic American actress, William Shatner Pic
Christine Lahti Pic American actress, film director, Thomas Schlamme Pic
Christine Lakine Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather),  Andy Fickman Pic
Padma Lakshmi Pic Indian-born American actress, model, cookbook writer, (common daughter) Adam Dell Pic
Lisa Landry RWC Pic American stand-up comedian, (convert to Judaism)
Hope Lange RWF Pic American actress, Alan Pakula Pic
Lari Laine RWF Pic American actress, model, Jack Entratter Pic
George Sidney Pic
Veronica Lake Pic American film/stage/television actress, Andre de Toth Pic
Janet Langhardt Pic American model, television journalist, author, William Cohen Jewish father
Jane Lanier Pic American actress, producer, John Rubinstein Pic Jewish father
Robert Lansing Pic American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism) ??? Anne Pivar
Jill Latiano Pic American actress, model, dancer, television personality, (Jewish mother) Glenn Howerton Pic Jewish maternal grandfather
Matt Lattanzi Pic American film actor, dancer, Olivia Newton-John Pic
Tammy Lauren Pic American film/television actress, Guri Weinberg Pic
Sasha Lazard Pic American singer, Michael Mailer Pic
Britta Lazenga Pic American dancer, Ryan Kavanaugh Pic
Kelly LeBrock RWF Pic American actress, model, Steven Seagal Pic
China Lee Pic American model, actress,  Playboy's Playmate Mort Sahl Pic
Kendall Lee Pic American actress, model, Lewis Milestone Pic
Peggy Lee RWF Pic American actress, Dave Barbour Pic ???
Natasha Leggero RWA Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Moshe Kasher
John Leguizamo Pic Colombian-born American actor, producer, comedian, Justine Maurer
John Lehr Pic American fim/television actor, comedian, (convert to Judaism) Jennifer Schlosberg
Janet Leigh RWF HW Pic American actress, Tony Curtis Pic
Lotte Lenya RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American  singer, actress, (convert to Judaism) Kurt Weill Pic
Kelley Limp Pic American actress, Scott Wolf Pic
Tea Leoni RWF HW Pic American actress, David Duchovny Pic Jewish father
Gigi Levangie Pic American novelist, screenwriter, Brian Grazer Pic Jewish mother
Joanne Linville Pic American film/television actress, Mark Rydell Pic
Ann Little Pic American film actress, Allan Forrest Pic
Janette Littledove Pic American porn star, Buck Adams Pic
Margaret Livingston Pic American film actress, businesswoman, Paul Whiteman Pic
Gladys Lloyd Pic American stage actress, ??? Edward Robinson Pic
Peggy Lloyd Pic American actress, television director, Norman Lloyd
Suzanne Lloyd Pic Canadian-born American actress, Buddy Bregman Pic
Joe Lo Truglio Pic American actor, comedian, writer, Beth Dover Pic
Gary Lockwood Pic American actor, Stefanie Powers Pic
Maggie London British actress, model, Mike d'Abo Pic
Max Lorenz Pic German opera singer, Charlotte Appel Pic
Jackie Loughery Pic Miss USA 1952 Jack Webb Pic Jewish father
Marilyn Lovell Matz Pic American cabaret singer, stage/film/television actress, Peter Matz Pic
Vicki Lovine Pic American model, wtiter, lower, Jimmy Lovine Pic
Celia Lovsky RWF Pic Austrian-born American actress, Peter Lorre Pic
Kyle Lowder Pic American actor, Arianne Zucker Pic
Edmund Lowe Pic American actor, ??? Lilyan Tashman Pic
Rob Lowe RWF Pic American actor, Sheryll Berkoff Pic
Kristen Lowman Pic American actress, Harris Yulin Pic
Myrna Loy RWF HW Pic American actress, dancer,   John Hertz, Jr Pic
Dorothy Lucey Pic American actress, entertainment reporter, television news anchor, David Goldstein
Shannon Lucio Pic American actress, Charlie Hofheimer Pic Jewish father
Rebecca Luker Pic American actress, singer, Danny Burstein Pic Jewish father
Kelly Lynch Pic American actress, model, Mitch Glazer Pic
Diana Lynn Pic American actress, Mortimer Hall
Dame Vera Lynn RWC Pic British actress, singer, Harry Lewis
Sharon Lynn Pic American actress, singer, Benjamin Glazer Pic
Phyllis Lyons Pic American actress, Adam Arkin Pic
Dorothy Mackaill Pic British-born American actress, Lothar Mendes Pic
Madonna RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, film producer, actress,  Sean Penn Pic Jewish father
Natalia Makarova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian balerina, choreographer, Leonid Kvinihidze Pic
Sara Malakul Lane RWC Pic Guam-born British actress, model, Jared Cohn Pic
Karl Malden Pic American actor, Mona Greenberg
Wendie Malick Pic American actress, fashion model, Mitch Glazer Pic
Beatrice Manley Pic American actress, writer, teacher, Herbert Blau Pic
Aimee Mann Pic American rock singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist,  Michael Penn Pic Jewish father
Leslie Mann RWF HW Pic American actress, Judd Apatow Pic
Toby Maguire RWF HW Pic American actor, Jennifer Meyer Pic
Vanessa Marcil Pic American actress, Corey Feldman Pic
Marion Marshall Pic American actress, Stanley Donen Pic
Trudy Marshall Pic American film actress, model, Raffin
Penny Marshall RWF HW Pic American actress, producer, director, Rob Reiner Pic
Paula Marshall Pic American film/television actress, Danny Nucci Pic
Arlene Martel Pic American film/television actress, acting coach, Jerry Douglas Pic
A Martinez Pic American actor, singer,   Mare Winningham Pic
Marsha Mason Pic American actress, film director,    Neil Simon Pic
Shirley Mason Pic American film actress, Sidney Lanfield Pic
Erin Matthews Pic American actress, Christian Campbell Pic Jewish mother
Harley McBride Pic American actress, Richard Belzer Pic
Mary McCormack Pic American film/stage/television actress, Michael Morris Pic
Dylan McDermott Pic American actor, Shiva Rose Pic
Marie McDonald Pic American actress, singer, Harry Karl Pic
Frances McDormand RWF Pic American film/stage/television actress, Joel Coen Pic
Dorothy McGuire Pic American actress, John Swope Pic
Kitty McHugh Pic American film actress, Ned Glass Pic
Rachel McLish Pic American bodybuilding champion, actress, author, Ron Samuels Pic
Richard McMurray Pic American actor, Jane Hoffman Pic
Maggie McNamara Pic American stage/film/television actress, model, David Swift Pic
Steve McQueen RWF HW Pic American actor, Ali MacGraw Pic Jewish mother
Anne Meara RWF Pic American actress, comedian, (convert to Judaism) Jerry Stiller Pic
Leighton Meester RWF Pic American child actress, singer, model, Adam Brody Pic
Charis Michelsen Pic American actress, model, make-up artist, Josh Evans Pic
Heather Medway Pic American actress, Danny Bilson Pic
Leighton Meester RWF Pic American child actress, singer, model, Adam Brody Pic
Elizabeth Melendez Pic American actress, model, Josh Keaton Pic
Adah Menken Pic American actress, painter, poet, (convert to Judaism) Alexander Isaac Menken
Mary Mercier Pic American actress, Gene Wilder Pic
Burgess Meredith HW Pic American actor, Paulette Goddard Pic Jewish father
Bess Meredyth RWF Pic American screenwriter, actress, Michael Curtiz Pic
Helen Merrill Pic American jazz vocalist, Aaron Sachs Pic
Breckin Meyer Pic American actor, writer, producer, drummer, Deborah Kaplan Pic ???
Charles Middleton Pic American stage/film actor, Leora Spellman Pic
Yvette Mimieux Pic American film/television actress, Stanley Donen Pic
Lisa Minelli RWF Pic American actress, singer, David Gest Pic
Leigton Meester Adam Brody Pic
Katie Meester Pic American actress, Michael Silver Pic
Jayne Modean Pic American model, film/television actress,  Dave Coulier Pic
Anna Moffo Pic American opera singer, television personality, film/television actress, Robert Sarnoff Pic
Jason Momoa RWF Pic American actor, model Lisa Bonet Pic Jewish mother
Gretta Monahan Pic American television fashion personality, Ricky Paull Goldin Pic Jewish father
Marilyn Monroe RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, model, (convert to Judaism) Arthur Miller 1956-61 Pic
Felicia Montealegre Pic Costa-Rica-born American stage/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Leonard Bernstein Pic
Elizabeth Montgomery Pic American film/television actress,  William Asher Pic Jewish father
George Montgomery Pic American actor, painter, sculptor, Dinah Shore Pic
Julianne Moore RWF Pic American-born British actress, (Jewish paternal 1/8 descent) Bart Freundlich Pic
Peggy Moran Pic American film actress, Henry Koster Pic
Jane Morgan Pic American stage/television actress, singer, Jerry Weintraub Pic
Karen Morley RWF Pic American film actress, Charles Vidor Pic
Susan Morrow Pic American actress, Gary Morton Pic
Hans Moser Pic Austrian film actor,   Blanca Hirschler Pic
Esther Muir Pic American stage/film actress, ??? Sam Coslow Pic
Ona Munson Pic American film/stage/television actress, Eugene Berman Pic
Brittany Murphy RWF Pic American actress, singer, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Simon Monjack Pic
Mae Murray Pic American actress, daner, film producer, screenwriter, Robert Leonard Pic
Mandy Musgrave Pic American actress, singer, Matt Cohen Pic
Huda Naccache RWC Pic Israeli model, Roy Moll
Virginia Nicholson Pic American actress, Charles Lederer Pic
Rachel Nicols Pic American actress, model, Scott Stuber Pic
Kip Niven Pic American actor, Linda Lavin Pic
Cynthia Nixon RWF HW Pic American film/television actress,  (never married) Danny Mozes Pic
Marni Nixon RWF Pic American singer,  Ernest Gold Pic
Fred Norris Pic American film actor, radio personality, Allison Furman Pic
Cheryl Nunes RWF Pic American actress, model, musician, journalist, television presenter, Antonio Sabato, Jr Pic Jewish mother
Cathy O'Donnell RWF Pic American film actress, Robert Wyler Pic
Dennis o'Keefe Pic American actor, Steffi Duna Pic
Elan Oberon Pic American actress, John Milius Pic
America Olivo RWF Pic American actress, singer, Christian Campbell Pic Jewish mother
Gertrude Olmstead Pic American actress, Robert Leonard Pic
Nancy Olson Pic American film/stage actress, Alan Jay Lerner Pic
Beth Ostrovsky Stern Pic American television personality, actress, Howard Stern Pic
Patricia Owens Pic Canadian-born American actress, Sy Bartlett Pic
Wendy Padbury Pic British actress, theater agent, Melvyn Hayes Pic
Geraldine Page RWF Pic American stage/film/voice actress, Alexander Schneider Pic
Patrick Page Pic American actor, playwright, Paige Davis Pic
Amanda Palmer RWF HW Pic American singer, pianist, composer:lyricist, Neil Gaiman Pic
Hayden Panettiere Pic American actress, model, singer, activist, Wladimir Klitschko Pic
Bob Papenbrook Pic American voice actor, Debbie Rothstein Pic
Rebekah Paltrow Neumann Pic American actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur, Adam Neumann Pic
Eleanor Parker RWC Pic American film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Bert Friedlob Pic
Hildy Parks Pic American actress, writer, Jackie Cooper Pic Jewish father
Lorna Patterson RWF HW Pic American film/stage/television actress, (convert to Judaism), Michael Lembeck Pic
Caroline von Paulus Pic French actress, fashion model, singer, Serge Gainsbourg Pic
Anthony Perkins RWF HW Pic American actor, Berry Berenson Pic Jewish father
Mary Philips Pic American stage/film actress, Kenneth MacKenna Pic Jewish father
Rebecca Pidgeon RWF Pic American actress, singer, songwriter, (convert to Judaism) David Mamet Pic
Joan Perry Pic American game show host, Harry Cohn Pic
Harry Karl Pic
Laurence Harvey Pic
Busy Philipps Pic American film/television actress, Marc Silverstein
Robert Pine Pic American film/television actor, Gwynne Gilford Pic Jewish father
Louise Platt Pic American stage/film actress, Jed Harris Pic
Tara Platt Pic American film/television actress, Yuri Lowenthal Pic
Erika Pluhar Pic Austrian actress, singer, author, Andre Heller Pic
Sir Sidney Poitier RWF HW Pic American actor, Lady Joanna Shimkus Pic Jewish father
Tom Poston Pic American actor, Suzanne Pleshette Pic
Dick Powell Pic American singer, actor, producer, director, executive, Joan Blondell Pic Jewish father
June Allyson Pic  ???
Paula Prentiss Pic American actress, Richard Benjamin Pic
Sun-Yi Previn Pic South Korean-born American actress, Woody Allen Pic
Freddie Prinze, Jr RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Sarah Michelle Gellar Pic
Priscilla Pointer HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, (Jewish descent) Jules Irving Pic
Richard Pryor Pic American comedian, actor, writer, Shelley Bonus Pic
Bill Pullman Pic American actor, Tamara Hurwitz Pic ???
Dorota Puzio Pic American actress, Gene Gutowski Pic
Jeramie Rain Pic American actress, Richard Dreyfuss Pic
Sendhil Ramamurthy Pic American actor, Olga Sosnovska Pic Jewish father
Jane Randolph Pic American fim actress, Bert D'armand
Virginia Rappe RWF Pic American model, silent film actress, Henry Lehrman Pic
Martha Raye RWF Pic American comic actress,  David Rose Pic
Helen Reddy RWF Pic Australian-born American singer/songwriter, actress, (convert to Judaism) Jeff Wald
Marge Redmond Pic American actress, Jack Weston Pic
Susan Reed Pic American singer, harpist, James Karen Pic
Roger Rees Pic British-American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism)
Lance Reventlow Pic British American playboy, entrepreneur, racing driver, Jill St. John Pic
Debbie Reynolds RWF Pic American actress, dancer, singer, Eddie Fisher 1955-59 Pic
Harry Karl Pic
Cynthia Rhodes Pic American actress, singer, dancer, Richard Marx Pic Jewish father
Marissa Ribisi RWC Pic American actress, Beck Hansen Pic
Kim Richards Pic American actress, Gregg Davis Pic
Kyle Richards RWC Pic American actress, (convert to Judaism) Mauricio Umansky Pic
Minnie Riperton RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, Richard Rudolph Pic
Jason Robards RWF Pic Pic American actor,  Lauren Bacall Pic
Paul Robeson Pic American bass singer, actor, Eslanda Robeson Pic Jewish descent
Frances Robinson Pic American actress, Edward Robinson, Jr Pic
David Clayton Rogers Pic American actor, film producer, writer, Sally Pressman Pic
Roxie Roker RWF Pic American actress, Sy Kravitz Pic
Diana Ross RWF HW Pic American singer, actress, Robert Silberstein 1971-77 Pic
Barbara Rush Pic American stage/film/television actress, Warren Cowan Pic
Kurt Russell RWF HW Pic American actor, Goldie Hawn Pic Jewish mother
Wendy Russell Pic American socialite, fashion model, Emery Reves Pic
Lillian Russell Pic American actress, singer, Edward Solomon Pic
Eileen Ryan Pic American actress, Leo Penn Pic
Sheila Ryan Pic American film/television actress, playboy model, James Caan Pic
Jackie Sandler RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (convert to Judaism)   Adam Sandler Pic
Kiele Sanchez RWF Pic American film/television actress,   Zach Gilford Pic Jewish father
Chris Sarandon RWF HW Pic American actor, Joanna Gleason Pic
Peter Sarsgaard RWF Pic American film/stage actor, Maggie Gyllenhaal Pic Jewish mother
Ann Savage Pic American film/television actress, Bert D'armand
Sasha von Scherler Pic American actress, Paul Avila Mayer Pic Jewish father
Vincent Schiavelli Pic American stage/film/television actor, Allyce Beasley Pic
Claudia Schiffer RWF HW Pic German supermodel, (engaged 6 years) David Copperfield 1993-99 Pic
Romy Schneider RWF HW Pic Austrian-born German film actress, Harry Meyen Pic Jewish father
Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Pic German-born Austrian/British opera singer, Walter Legge Pic
Janette Scott Pic British actress, Mel Torme Pic
Patrecia Scott Pic Canadian-born model, Nathaniel Branden Pic
Jean Seberg RWF HW Pic American actress, Romain Gary Pic
Dennis Berry Pic
Cami Sebring Pic American model, actress,   Jay Sebring Pic
Cybil Seely Pic American film actress, Jules Furthman Pic
Ruth Selwyn Pic American actress, Edgar Selwyn Pic
Pilar Seurat Pic Fillipine-born American actress, Don Devlin Pic
Norma Shearer RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American actress, (convert to Judaism) Irving Thalberg Pic
Charlie Sheen RWF Pic American film/television actor, Brooke Mueller Pic Jewish mother
Deborah Shelton Pic American beauty queen, actress, Miss Universe 1970 Shuki Levy Pic
Joy Shelton Pic British film/radio/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Sydney Tafler Pic
Cybill Shepherd RWF Pic American actress, singer, model, Bruce Oppenheim Pic
Peter Bogdanovich Pic Jewish mother
Talia Shire HW Pic Italian American actress, Jack Schwartzman Pic
David Shire Pic
Anne Shirley RWF Pic American film actress, John Payne Pic
Charles Lederer Pic
Jackie Siegel Pic American sociality, model, actress, David Siegel Pic
Cynthia Sikes RWF Pic American film/television actress, Bud Yorkin Pic
Pat Silver-Lasky RWF Pic American actress, screenwriter,  Jesse Lasky, Jr Pic
Molly Sims RWC Pic American actress, model, Scott Staber
Jennifer Sky Pic American film/television actress, Alex Band Pic Jewish father
Lala Sloatman Pic American model, actress, costumer, Chris Robinson Pic Jewish paternal grandfather
Jean Smith-Cameron RWF Pic American film/stage/television actress, Kenneth Lonergan Pic Jewish mother/stepfather
Leelee Sobieski RWC Pic American actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather/half-Jewish maternal grandmother) Adam Kimmel Pic
Ian Somerhalder RWF Pic American actor, model, director, Nikki Reed Pic Jewish father
Brett Somers Pic Canadian-born American actress, singer, television personality, Jack Klugman Pic
Robert Klein Pic
Suzanne Somers Pic American actress, author, businesswoman, Alan Hamel Pic
Gale Sondergaard RWF Pic American actress, Herbert Biberman Pic
Shawn Southwick Pic American singer, Larry King Pic
Britney Spears Pic American pop singer, dancer, film actress, ex-finance Jason Trawick Pic
Jamie Lynn Spears Pic American actress, singer, sister of Britney Spears, engaged Casey Aldridge Pic
Ronnie Spector Pic American rock and roll vocalist, Phil Spector Pic
Jonathan Greenfield
Ashley Spencer Pic American musical theater actress, singer, dancer, Jeremy Jordan Pic Jewish mother
Maureen Stapleton Pic American film/stage/television actress, David Rayfiel Pic
Kim Stanley RWF HW Pic American stage/television/film actress, (convert to Judaism) Alfred Ryder Pic
Pauline Starke Pic American silent film actress,  Jack White Pic
Ringo Starr RWF HW Pic British musician, singer/songwriter, actor,  Barbara Bach Pic
John Stattery, Jr RWF Pic American actor, director, Talia Balsam Pic Jewish father
Amy Steel RWC Pic American actress, psychologist, Peter Pulitzer
Gwen Stefani Pic American singer/songwriter, fashion designer, actress, Gavin Rossdale Pic
Rod Steiger RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, Claire Bloom Pic
Connie Stevens RWF Pic American actress, singer, producer, director, (Jewish maternal discent 1/4) Eddie Fisher 1967-69 Pic
Josie Stevens Pic American model, television host/personality,  Steve Stevens Pic
Martha Stewart Pic American film/stage/television actress, singer, Joe Lewis Pic
Paula Stewart Pic American film/radio/television actress, Burt Bacharach Pic
Jack Carter Pic
Sandy Stewart Pic American pop singer, Mark Charlap
Thomas Stewart Pic American opera singer, Evelyn Lear Pic
Linda Stirling Pic American showgirl, model, actress, Sloan Nibley Pic
Randy Stone Pic American actor, casting director, Roslyn Kind Pic
Sharon Stone RWF HW Pic American actress,  Phil Bronstein 1998-2004 Pic 2nd husband
Michael Greenburg Pic
Kirsten Storms Pic American actress,  Brandon Barash Pic
Susanne Storrs Pic American television actress, Miss Utah Lionel Pincus Pic
Madeleine Stowe Pic American actress,  Brian Benben Pic
Rose Stradner Pic Austrian-born American actress, Joseph Mankiewicz Pic
Louise Stratten Pic Canadian-born American  television actress, Peter Bogdanovich Pic
KaDee Strickland RWF Pic American actress,  Jason Behr Pic
Gloria Stroock Pic American television/film actress,  Leonard Stern Pic
Nick Stuart Pic American actor, bandleader, Sue Carol Pic
Margaret Sullavan Pic American stage/film actress, William Wyler Pic
Gloria Swanson RWF H Pic American actress, Herbert Somborn Pic
Julia Sweeney Pic American actress, comedian, author, Michael Blum
Margaret Tallichet Pic American actress, William Wyler Pic
Norma Talmadge RWF Pic American actress, model, Joseph Schenck Pic
George Jessel Pic
Amber Tamblyn RWF HW Pic American actress, poet, David Cross Pic
Anya Taranda Pic American model, showgirl, actress, Harold Arlen Pic
Sharon Tate RWF HW Pic American actress,  Roman Polanski Pic
Christine Taylor RWF HW Pic American actress, Ben Stiller Pic Jewish father
Dame Elizabeth Taylor RWF HW Pic British-born American actress, (convert to Judaism) Mike Todd 1957-58 Pic
Eddie Fisher 1959-64 Pic
Joan Taylor Pic American film/television actress, Walter Grauman Pic
Byron Thames Pic American film/television actor, musician, Tricia Fisher Pic Jewish father
Lea Thompson RWF Pic American actress, director,  Howard Deutch Pic
Jana Thompson Pic American actress,  Gavin Grazer Pic
Jennifer Tilly RWF Pic American actress,  Sam Simon Pic
Louise Tobin Pic American singer, Harry James Pic
Mary Ellen Trainor RWF Pic American film/television actress, Robert Zemeckis Pic
Joey Travolta Pic American actor, producer, director, writer, Wendy Shawn
Claire Trevor Pic American actress, Milton Bren Pic
Robert Troup, Jr Pic American actor, jazz pianist, singer/songwriter, Julie London Pic
Ivanka Trump RWF Pic American businesswoman, socialite, fashion model, (convert to Judaism) Jared Kushner Pic
Natalie Trundy Pic American film/television actress,  Arthur Jacobs Pic
Corinna Tsopei Pic Miss Universe 1964, actress, Freddie Fields Pic
Maria Tucci Pic American actress, ??? Robert Gottlieb Pic
Lana Turner RWF HW Pic American film actress, Artie Shaw Pic
Kathleen Turner RWC Pic American actress, Jay Weiss
Tina Turner RWF HW Pic American singer, actress, Ike Turner Pic convert to Judaism
John Turturro Pic American film/stage actor, Katherine Borowitz Pic
Sunshine Tutt Pic American model, socialite, Chris Kattan Pic video
Mary Tyler Moore RWF HW Pic American actress, comedian, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Robert Levine Pic ExLink
Casper Van Dien RWF Pic American actor,  Catherine Oxenberg Pic Jewish father
Joice Van Patten Pic American film/television/stage actress, Martin Balsam Pic
Vincent Van Patten Pic American actor, tennis player, Betsy Russell Pic one not Jewish  grandparent)
Gloria Vanderbilt RWF HW Pic American artist, actress, socialite, Sidney Lumet Pic
Nia Vardalos RWF Pic Canadian-born American actress, Ian Gomez Pic half-Jewish
Florence Vidor RWF Pic American actress, Jascha Heifetz Pic
Benay Venuta Pic American actress, singer, dancer, Armand Deutsch, Jr Pic
Lindsay Wagner Pic American actress, Michael Brandon Pic
Robert Wagner RWF HW Pic American film/television actor,  Jill St. John Pic
Ted Wass Pic American actor, television director, Janet Margolin Pic
Carol Wayne Pic American film/television actress, Burt Sugarman Pic
Barry Feinstein Pic
Lizzy Waldmuller Pic Austrian film/stage actress, singer,  Max Hansen Pic Jewish father
Jean Wallace Pic American film/television actress,  Cornel Wilde Pic
Robert Warwick Pic American stage/film/television actor, Stella Larrimore
Betty Jean Ward Pic American actress, voice actress, Gordon Hunt Pic
Burd Ward Pic American television ctor, activist, Tracy Posner Ward Pic
Evelyn Ward Pic American actress, Elliot Silverstein Pic
Sigourney Weaver RWC Pic American actress, Aaron Latam
Lucy Webb Pic American actress, comedian, Kevin Pollak Pic
Tuesday Weld RWF Pic American actress, Pinchas Zukerman Pic
Orson Welles RWF HW Pic American director, writer, producer, actor, Rita Hayworth Pic Jewish father
Judi West Pic American actress, John Rubinstein Pic Jewish father
Patricia Wettig Pic American stage/television actress, playwright, Ken Olin Pic
Alice White Pic American film actress, Sy Bartlett Pic
Ireene Wicker Pic American singer, radio/television actress, Victor Hammer
Esther Williams HW Pic American actress, swimmer, Leonard Kovner
Hannah Williams Pic American actress, singer, comedian, Roger Kahn Pic
Michelle Williams RWF Pic American actress, Jason Segel Pic Jewish father
Casey Wilson Pic American actress, comedian, screenwriter, David Caspe Pic
Kathleen Winsor RWF Pic American author, Artie Shaw Pic
Karen Witter Pic American model, actress,  Chuck Lorre Pic
Joanne Woodward RWF HW Pic American actress,  Paul Newman Pic Jewish father
Leslie Ann Woodward Pic American actress,  Robert Evans Pic
Fay Wray Pic Canadian-born American actress, Robert Riskin Pic
Sanford Rothenberg ???
Katie Wright RWF Pic American film/television actress, (not married with son) Hank Azaria Pic
Robin Wright Penn RWF HW Pic American film actress, Sean Penn Pic Jewish father
Maris Wrixon Pic American film/television actress, Rudi Fehr Pic
Daniel Wu Pic Chinese American actor, producer, director, Lisa S. Pic Jewish mother
Nan Wynn Pic American singer, film actress, Cy Howard Pic
Dana Wynter Pic German-born American actress, Greg Bautzer Pic
Dey Young Pic American film/television actress, David Ladd Pic
Gig Young Pic American film/stage/television actor, Sophie Rosenstein
Pia Zadora RWF Pic American actress, singer, Meshulam Riklis 1977-83 Pic
Janet Zarish Pic American actress, Mark Blum Pic
Nikki Ziering RWF Pic American actress, model, (convert to Judaism) Ian Ziering Pic
Vera Zorina RWF Pic German-born American balerina, choreographer, actress, Goddard Lieberson Pic
Brazilian Jewish Spouces //interfBra
Michelle Alves Pic Brazilian model, actress, Guy Oseary Pic
Angelica Pic Brazilian television host, singer, actress, Luciano Huck Pic
Sergio Cardoso Pic Brazilian actor, Nydia Licia Pic
Max Cavalera Pic Brazilian singer/songwriter, guitarist, Gloria
Marcia Da Cruz Pic Brazilian model, Ari Telch Pic
Adriane Galisteu Pic Brazilian model, actress, television host, Roberto Justus Pic
Giulia Gam Pic Italian-born Brazilian actress, Pedro Bial Pic
John Herbert Pic Brazilian actor, director, producer, Eva Wilma Pic
Paulo Jose Pic Brazilian film/television actor, Dina Sfat Pic
Danuza Leao Pic Brazilian model, socialite, writer, actress, Samuel Wainer Pic
Andrea De Magalhaes Viera Pic Brazilian model, Guy Dellal
Xuxa Meneghel HW Pic Brazilian television actress, singer, television show host, Luciano Szafir Pic
Ticiane Pinheiro RWC Pic Brazilian actress, model, host, (convert to Judaism) Roberto Justus Pic
Patricia Pillar Pic Brazilian television/film/stage/actress, model, Ciro Gomes Pic
Lucelia Santos RWF Pic Brazilan actress director, producer, John Neschling Pic
Daniella Sarahyba RWF Pic Brazilian model, ??? Wolff Klabin Pic
Luciana Souza Pic Brazilian jazz singer, composer, Larry Klein Pic
Pic British actress, model, (Jewish father 3/4)
British Jewish Spouces //interfBri
Sylvia Ashley RWF Pic British model, actress, socialite, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr Pic Jewish father
Anne Aubrey Pic British actress, Derren Nesbitt Pic
Laura Bailey Pic British model, writer, Eric Fellner Pic
Kathryn Beaumont Pic British actress, singer,    Allan Levine Pic
Jamie Bell RWF Pic British child/film/television actor, ballet dancer, Evan Rachel Wood Pic Jewish mother
Paul Bettany RWF Pic British stage/film actor, Jennifer Connelly Pic
Jane Birkin RWF HW Pic British actress, model, singer, film director, Serge Gainsbourg Pic
Jim Bywater Pic British film/television actor, Jeni Barnett Pic
Amanda de Cadenet Pic British actress, photographer, Nick Valensi Pic
Kim Cattrall RWF Pic British actress, Mark Levinson Pic ExLink
Sir Charlie Chaplin RWF HW Pic British comedy actor, Paulette Goddard Pic Jewish father
Enzo Cilenti Pic British film/television actor, Sienna Guillory Pic Jewish father
Alec Clunes Pic British actor, stage manager, Stella Richman Pic
Jean Compton Mackenzie Pic British actress, Arthur Howard Pic
Caroline Cossey Pic British model, (convert to Judaism) Elias Fattal
David Coverdale RWF Pic British rock vocalist, Tawny Kitaen Pic Jewish father
Daniel Craig RWF HW Pic British film/television actor, Rachel Weisz Pic
Constance Cumming Pic American-born British actress, Benn W. Levy Pic
Joanna David Pic British actress, Edward Fox Pic 1/8 jewish descent
Agnus Deayton Pic British actor, writer, musician, comedian, broadcaster, Lise Mayer Pic
Robert Donat Pic British film/stage actor,
Daisy Donovan Pic British television presenter, actress, writer, Dan Mazer Pic
Lesley-Anne Down RWF Pic British actress, William Friedkin Pic
Anulka Dziubinska Pic British film/television actress, model, Tony Sales Pic
Sybil Evers Pic British opera singer, actress, Harold Abrahams Pic
Albert Finney, Jr RWF HW Pic British actor, film director, producer, Anouk Aimee Pic Jewish father
Isla Fisher RWF HW Pic Australian British actress, model, author, (convert to Judaism) Sacha Baron Cohen Pic
June Flewett RWF Pic British actress, theater director, Sir Clement Freud Pic
Lynne Frederick Pic British actress, Peter Sellers Pic Jewish mother
Joan Gardner Pic British stage/film actress, Zoltan Korda Pic
Vivian Gaye Pic British actress, Ernst Lubitsch Pic
Peaches Geldof RWF Pic British journalist, television presenter, model, daughter of Bob Geldof engagement Thomas Cohen Pic
Marius Goring Pic British film/stage actor, Lucie Mannheim Pic
Mia Goth RWF Pic Brirish actress, model, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Shia LaBeouf Pic Jewish mother
Baroness Diana Gould Pic British balerina, actress, singer, Baron Yehudi Menuhin Pic
Gawn Grainger Pic British stage/film actor, Zoe Wanamaker Pic
Sir Alec Guinness RWF HW Pic British actor, Merula Salaman Pic Jewish father
Sonie Hale Pic British stage/film actor, director, Jessie Matthews Pic
Jimmy Hanley Pic British actor, Dinah Sheridan Pic Jewish father
Norma Heyman Pic British film producer, film actress, John Heyman Pic
Seymour Hicks Pic British actor, music hall performer, playwright, screenwriter, ??? Ellaline Terriss Pic
Diana Hoddinott Pic British film/television actress, Harry Towb Pic Jewish father
Baroness Sandra Howard Pic British novelist, model,  Baron Michael Howard Pic
John Hoye Pic British actor, bass guitarist, Mary Kalmus
Kirsty Hume Pic British model, Donovan Leitch, Jr Pic Jewish mother
Charlie Hunnam Pic British actor, Katharine Towne Pic
Audrey Hepburn RWF HW Pic Belgian-born British actress, Andrea Dotti Pic
Raza Jaffrey Pic British actor, singer, Lara Pulver Pic
Katherine Jenkins Pic British opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Andrew Levitas Pic
Sue Jenkins Pic British actress, David Fleeshman Pic
Rosamund John Pic British film/stage actress, John Silkin Pic
Felicity Kendal Pic British actress, (convert to Judaism) Michael Rudman Pic
Deborah Kerr RWF Pic Scottish stage/film/television actress, Peter Viertel Pic
Jane Lapotaire RWF Pic British actress, Roland Joffe Pic
Hugh Laurie RWF Pic British actor, comedian, Jo Green
Anna Lee Pic British actress, Robert Nathan Pic
Margaret Leighton RWF Pic British actress, Max Reinhardt Pic
Laurence Harvey Pic
John Light Pic British film/television/stage actor, Neve Campbell Pic Jewish mother
Annie Lennox RWF Pic British singer/songwriter, Uri Fruchtmann Pic
John Loder Pic British-born American actor, Hedy Lamarr Pic
Lulu Pic British singer, actress, television personality, John Frieda Pic
Cherie Lunghi Pic British film/stage/television actress, Roland Joffe Pic
Ann Lynn Pic British film/television actress, Anthony Newley Pic Jewish mother
Dame Vera Lynn RWC Pic British actress, singer, Harry Lewis
Leuleen MacGrath Pic British actress, playwright, George Kaufman Pic
Ashley Madekwe RWF Pic British stage/film/television actress, Iddo Goldberg Pic
Rik Mayall Pic British actor, writer, comedian Barbara Robbin Pic
Sir Paul Mccartney RWF HW Pic British singer, musician, songwriter, Linda McCartney Pic
Nancy Shevell Pic
Ewan McGregor HW Pic British stage/film actor, singer, Eve Mavrakis Pic
Vivien Merchant RWF Pic British actress,    Harold Pinter Pic
Lynne Miller Pic British television actress,    Ron Silver Pic
Hayley Mills Pic British film/television/stage actress, Leigh Lawson Pic
Mandy Rice-Davies RWC Pic British courtesan, model, film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Rafael Shauli Pic
Lana Morris Pic British stage/film/television actress, Ronnie Waldman Pic
David Morrisey Pic Brtish film/stage/television actor, film director, Esther Freud Pic Jewish father
Neil Morrissey Pic British actor, media personality, businessman, Amanda Noar Pic
Emily Mortimer Pic British film/stage/television actress, screenwriter, Alessandro Nivola Pic Jewish father
Gertrude Musgrove Pic British actress, Vincent Korda Pic
Diana Napier Pic British film actress, Richard Tauber Pic Jewish father
Merle Oberon RWF Pic Indian-born Brirish film actress, Sir Alexander Korda Pic
Judith Owen Pic British singer/songwriter, Harry Shearer Pic
Natasha Parry Pic British actress, Sir Peter Brook Pic
Sandra Payne Pic British actress,   Alan Jay Lerner Pic
Amanda Pays RWF Pic British actress,   Corbin Bernsen Pic Jewish father
Jemma Powell Pic British actress,   Jack Savoretti Pic
George Pravda Pic Czech-born British film/television actor, Hana Pravda Pic
Tracy Reed Pic British actress,   Edward Fox Pic 1/8 jewish descent
Dame Diana Rigg RWF HW Pic British actress, Menachem Gueffen Pic
Liz Robertson Pic British stage actress, singer,    Alan Jay Lerner Pic
Eleanor Robson Belmont Pic British actress, August Belmont, Jr Pic
George Sanders RWF Pic Russian-born British film/television actor, singer/songwriter, Magda Gabor Pic
Zsa Zsa Gabor Pic
Dame Kristin Scott Thomas Pic British actress, Francois Olivennes Pic
Carolyn Seymour Pic British actress, Peter Medak
Jean Simmons RWF HW Pic British actress, Richard Brooks Pic
Jean St. Clair Pic British actress, Sir Jack Baer Pic
Jason Statham Pic British actor, former model, (engaged) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Pic 3/4 Jewish father
Alison Steadman Pic British screan/television actress,  Mike Leigh Pic
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Pic British actress, Ben Miller Pic Jewish father
Baroness Jean Stuart de Rothschild Pic British film/stage actress, Baron Eugene Daniel de Rothschild
Paulene Stone Pic British fashion model, Laurence Harvey Pic
Peter Morton
Fred Terry Pic British actor, theater manager, Julia Neilson Pic Jewish mother
Lady Vesta Tilley https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/eb/Vesta_Tilley_%28in_and_out_of_drag%29.jpg British male impersonator, Sir Walter de Frece Pic
Twiggy Pic British model, actress, singer, Leigh Lawson
Kate Winslet RWF HW Pic British actress, singer,    Sam Mendes Pic Jewish mother
Sheree Winton RWC Pic British film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Gary Joseph Winton
Diana Wynyard Pic British stage/film actress, Sir Carol Reed Pic Jewish father
Zenaida Yanowsky Pic French-born British prima balerina, Simon Keenlyside Pic
Barbara Young Pic British actress, Jack Pulman
Catherine Zeta-Jones RWF HW Pic British actress, Michael Douglas Pic Jewish father
Canadian Jewish Spouces
Beverly Adams Pic Canadian-born actress, author, Vidal Sassoon Pic
Jennifer Dale Pic Canadian television dancer, film/television actress, Robert Lantos Pic
Jennifer Finnigan RWF Pic Canadian actress, Jonathan Silverman Pic
Maureen Forrester RWF HW Pic Canadian opera singer, (convert to Judaism) Eugene Kash Pic
Johanne Harrelle Pic Canarian actress, model, writer, Edgar Morin Pic
David Hewlett Pic British-born Canadian actor, Soo Garay Pic Jewish mother
Jessica Holmes Pic Canadian actress, comedian, Scott Yaphe Pic
M.J. Kang Pic Korean-born Canadian playwright, actress, Oren Safdie Pic
Joni Mitchell Pic Canadian musician, songwriter, painter, Larry Klein Pic
Mike Myers RWF Pic Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer, Robin Ruzan Pic
Paul O'Sullivan Pic Canadian comedic actor, Linda Kash Pic
Lottie Pickford Pic Canadian silent film actress, Allan Forrest Pic
Mary Pickford RWF Pic Canadian American actress, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr Pic Jewish father
Alison Pill Pic Canadian child film/stage/television actress, Joshua Leonard Pic
Ryan Reynolds RWF Pic Canadian film/television actor, Scarlett Johansson Pic Jewish mother
Kelly Sawyer Pic Canadian model, actress,   Jamie Patricof Pic
Countess Karen Spencer Pic Canadian social entrepreneur, model, wife of Earl Charles Spencer, Mark Gordon Pic
Dorothy Stratten RWF Pic Canadian model, actress, Playmate 1979 1980 Paul Snider Pic
Shannon Tweed RWF Pic Canadian actress, model, Gene Simmons Pic
Kevin Zegers Pic Canadian film/television actor, model, Jaime Feld
French Jewish Spouces //interfFr
Alezee Pic French singer, dancer, Jeremy Chatelain Pic
Isabelle Adjani RWF Pic French actress, singer, son from six-year relationship, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis Pic Jewish mother
Fanny Ardant RWF Pic French actress, Francois Truffaut Pic Jewish biological father
Daniel Auteuil RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French actor, Emmanuelle Beart Pic
Pascale Audret Pic French film/stage/television actress, Francis Dreyfus Pic
Dany Boon RWF Pic French comedian, actor, (convert to Judaism) Yael Harris
Irene Bordoni Pic French-born Italian singer, stage/film actress, unconfurmed Ray Goetz Pic
Elodie Bouchez Pic French actress, Thomas Bangalter Pic Jewish father
Maurice Chevalier RWF HW Pic French actor, singer, entertainer, Nita Raya Pic
Valerie Crouzet Pic French film actress, Brontis Jodorowsky Pic Jewish father
Lili Damita RWF Pic French actress,  Michael Curtiz Pic
Suzanne Dalbert Pic French actress, Jud Kinberg
Daniele Delorme Pic French actress, film producer, Daniel Gelin Pic
Vanessa Demouy Pic French actress, model, Philippe Lellouche Pic
Catherine Deneuve RWF HW Pic French actress, lover, mother of daughter of Marcello Mastroianni  Marcello Mastroianni Pic Jewish mother
Natalie Dessay RWF Pic French opera singer, (convert to Judaism) Laurent Naouri Pic
Lola Doillon RWF Pic Drench director, screenwriter,  Cedric Klapisch Pic
Melanie Doutey Pic French film actress,    Gilles Lellouche Pic Jewish father
France Gall RWF Pic French singer,   Michel Berger Pic
Mareva Georges Pic Frenc model, Miss France Paul Marciano Pic
Johnny Hallyday Pic French rock and roll pop singer, actor, Sylvie Vartan Pic
Marie Laforet Pic French singer, actress, Judos Azuelos
Chantal Lauby Pic French actress, film director, screenwriter, humorist, William Ayasche
Madeleine LeBeau Pic French actress, Marcel Dalio Pic
Jacqueline Maillan Pic French stage/film/television actress, Michel Emer Pic
Kymberly Marciano Pic French model, photographer, Paul Marciano Pic
Christian Marquand Pic French director, actor, screenwriter, Tina Aumont Pic Jewish father
Florence Marly Pic Czech-born French actress, Pierre Chenal Pic
Alessandra Martines Pic Italian-born French actress, dancer, Claude Lelouch Pic
Juliette Mayniel Pic French actress, Vittorio Gassman Pic Jewish mother
Benjamin Millepied RWF Pic French dancer, choreographer, Natalie Portman Pic
Blanche Montel Pic French actress, Jean-Pierre Aumont Pic
Jeanne Moreau Pic French actress, screenwriter, director, William Friedkin Pic
Marguerite Moreno Pic French stage/film actress, Marcel Schwob Pic
Michele Morgan Pic French film/television actress,  Gerard Oury Pic
Anna Mouglalis Pic French stage/film/television actress, Samuel Benchetrit Pic
Isabelle Pasco Pic French actress, model, Tcheky Karyo Pic Jewish father
Marie-France Pisier Pic French film actress, screenwriter, director, Georges Kiejman Pic
Lily Pons RWF HW Pic French opera singer, Andre Kostelanetz Pic
Simone Renant Pic French film actress, Alexandre Mnouchkine Pic
Genevieve Robert Pic French Canadian actress, Ivan Reitman Pic
Gabrielle Robinne Pic French stage/film actress, Rene Alexandre Pic
Jacqueline Roma Pic French actress, Gerard Oury Pic
Baroness Nadine de Rothschild RWC Pic French film actress, author, (convert to Judaism) Baron Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild Pic
Dany Saval Pic French actress, Michel Drucker Pic
Maurice Jarre Pic
Elisa Sednaoui Pic French model, actress, philanthropist, film director, Alex Dellal Pic
Emmanuelle Seigner RWF Pic French actress, fashion model, singer, Roman Polanski Pic
Melany Thierry Pic French film actress, Raphael Haroche Pic
Marina Vlady RWF Pic French actress,  Vladimir Vysotsky Pic Jewish father
Robert Hossein Pic
Leon Schwartzenberg Pic
German Jewish Spouces
Hans Albers RWF Pic German actor, singer, Hansi Burg Pic Jewish father
Lissy Arna Pic German film actress, Hanns Schwarz Pic
Albert Bassermann Pic German stage/film actor, Elsa Bassermann Pic
Rolf Becker Pic German television actor, Monika Hansen Pic
Theodor Becker Pic German stage/film actor, Maria Fein Pic
Bertolt Brecht RWF HW Pic German dramatist, stage director, Helene Weigel Pic
Horst Buchholz Pic German actor, Myriam Bru Pic Jewish father
Ingrid Caven Pic German film actress, singer, (partners) Jean-Jacques Schuhl Pic
Olga Chekhova RWF Pic Russian-born German actress, Mikhail Chekhov Pic Jewish mother
Anna Deinet German opera singer, Ernst von Possart Pic
Blandine Ebinger Pic German actress, chansoniere, Friedrich Hollaender Pic
Olly Gebauer Pic Austrian-born film actress, Max Nosseck Pic
Joachim Gottschalk Pic German actor, Metta Wolff
Gustaf Grundgens Pic German stage/film actor, Erika Mann Pic Jewish mother
Alexander Hacke Pic German guitarist, singer, electronic musician, record producer, Meret Becker Pic Jewish mother
Thea von Harbou RWF Pic German actress, screenwriter, Nazi propagandist, Fritz Lang Pic Jewish mother
Brigitte Helm Pic German actress, Hugo von Kuenheim ExLink
Lucie Hoflich Pic German film actress, Emil Jannings Pic Jewish mother ???
Gussy Holl Pic German actress, singer, Emil Jannings Pic Jewish mother
Conrad Veidt Pic convert to Judaism
Brigitte Horney RWA Pic German film/television actress, Hanns Swarzenski
Zita Johann Pic Romanian-born German American actress, John Houseman Pic Jewish father
Curd Jurgens Pic German-born Austrian Stage/film actor, Eva Bartok Pic Jewish father
Christine Kaufmann Pic German-born Austrian Stage/film actress, Tony Curtis Pic
Christiane Kubrick RWF Pic German actress, dancer, painter, singer, Stanley Kubrick Pic
Lotte Lehmann RWF Pic German soprano opera singer, 
Uti Lemper Pic German singer, stage/film actress, David Tabatsky Pic
Albert Levien Pic German-born German British actor, Tatjana Levien
Theo Lingen Pic German actor, film director, screenwriter, Marianne Zoff Pic half-Jewish
Lya Mara Pic Latvian-born Polish German actress, Frederic Zelnik Pic
Bettina Moissi Pic German stage/film actress, Heinz Berggruen Pic
Renate Muller RWC Pic German singer, actress, Georg Deutsch
Kathe von Nagy RWC Pic Hungarian-born German actress, model, dancer, singer, Constantin David Jewish mother
Susi Nicoletti Pic German-born actress, balerina, Ernst Haeussermann Pic
Ruth Niehaus Pic German stage/film actress, Ivar Lissner Pic
Henny Porten RWF Pic German actress, Wilhelm von Kaufmann half-Jewish
Hannah Ralph Pic German stage/film actress, Emil Jannings Pic Jewish mother ???
Heinz Ruchmann RWF Pic German film actor, director, Maria Herbot
Otto Sander Pic German film/stage actor, Monika Hansen
Andrea Sawatski Pic German actress, Christian Berkel Pic Jewish mother
Lotte Spira Pic German stage/film actress, Fritz Spira Pic
Conrad Veidt RWF Pic German actor, (convert to Judaism) Illona Prager Pic
Kaaren Verne Pic German actress, Peter Lorre Pic
Margot Walter Pic German film/stage actress, Max Landa Pic
Pamela Wedekind Pic German actress, singer, translator, Carl Sternheim Pic Jewish father
Antje Weisberger Pic German film/television actress, Horst Caspar Pic Jewish grandparent
Russian/Soviet Jewish Spouces //interfRus
Alsou Abramova RWF Pic Tatarian-born Russian singer, Yan Abramov Pic
Lyudmila Abramova RWF Pic Russian actress, Vladimir Vysotsky Pic Jewish father
Liliana Aleshnikova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian stage/film actress, Yakov Segel Pic
Natalya Andreychenko RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film actress, Maksim Dunayevsky Pic Jewish father
Princess Salomeya Andronikova RWF Pic Georgian-born Soviet socialite, metzenat, Alexander Galpern
Iya Apenina RWF Pic Soviet/Russian stage/film actress, Vadim Milstein
Nina Arkhipova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian stage/film actress, Georgy Menglet Pic
Natalya Belokhvostikova RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actress, Vladimir Naumov Pic
Tatyana Bestayeva RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Aleksei Gabrilovich Pic
Marianna Bogolubskaya RWF Pic Soviet balet dancer/pedagogue, Mikhail Gabovich Pic
Zoya Bozhanova RWF Soviet actress, pedagogue, Pavel Antokolsky Pic
Nadezhda Cherdnichenko RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actress, Pyotr Todorovsky Pic
Elena Chukhrai RWF Soviet actress,   Pavel Chukhrai Pic Jewish father
Olga Drozdova Pic Soviet actress,   Dmitry Pevtsov Pic
Svetlana Druzhinina RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Aleksey Mukasei RWF Jewish father
Olga Dykhovichnaya RWF Pic Russian actress, director, Ivan Dykhovichny Pic RWF
Eugenia Eduardova RWF Pic Russian balet dancer, pedagogue, Alexei Davidov Pic
Lidiya Freiman RWF Pic Moldovan-born Soviet actress, Iosif Pasternak
Zoya Fyodorova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Vladimir Rapoport Pic
Yevgeniya Glushenko Pic Russian actress, Aleksandr Kalyagin Pic
Olga Golubeva RWF Russian actress, Mikhail Mandelshtam
Larisa Golubkina RWF Pic Russian actress, Andrei Mironov Pic Jewish father
Viktoria Gorshenina RWF Pic Soviet/Russian syage/film actress, Yan Frid Pic
Yekaterina Gradova RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film actress, Andrei Mironov Pic Jewish father
Lyudmila Gurchenko RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian actress, singer, entertainer,    Joseph Kobzon Pic
Konstatin Kuperveis
Helena Ilyushchenko RWF Georgian-born Soviet ballerina, Sergei Yutkevich Pic
Helena Izmailova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian actress, Vladimir Etush Pic
Anastasia von Kalmanovich Pic Lithuanian-born Russian actress, record producer, Shabtai Kalmanovich Pic
Alla Kazanskaya Pic Russian stage/film actress, Boris Barnet Pic
Valeria Kiseleva RWF Pic Soviet/Russian syage/film actress, Andrei Urgant Pic Jewish father
Lidya Knyazeva RWF Pic Soviet film/television actress, Rolan Bykov Pic Jewish mother
Alica Koonen RWF Pic Soviet Russian actress, Alexander Tairov Pic
Galina Kravchenko RWF Pic Soviet stage/film actress, Alexander Kamenev RWF Jewish mother/paternal grandfather
Veronika Kruglova RWF Pic Soviet singer, Joseph Kobzon Pic
Vadim Mulerman Pic
Vasily Lanovoy RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet/Russian actor, Tatiana Samoilova Pic Jewish mother
Tatiana Lazareva RWF Pic Russian actress, comedian, television host, Mikhail Shats Pic
Eugenie Leontovich Pic Russian stage/film/television actress, Gregory Ratoff Pic
Olga Lepeshinskaya RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet balerina, Leonid Reichman Pic
Ilya Trauberg Pic
Elsa Lezdei RWF Pic Russian actress, Vladimir Naumov Pic
Anatoly Lobotsky RWF Pic Russian stage/film actor, Yulia Rutberg Pic Jewish father
Sofia Magarill RWF Pic Soviet actress, Grigory Kozintsev
Inna Makarova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Mikhail Perelman Pic
Natalia Makarova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian balerina, choreographer, Leonid Kvinihidze Pic
Tamara Makarova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Sergei Gerasimov Pic Jewish mother
Lyudmila Maksakova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian television/film actress, Felix-Lev Zbarsky Pic
Irina Mazurkevich RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian stage/film actress, Anatoliy Ravikovich Pic
Nina Menshikova Pic Russian/Soviet actress, Stanislav Rostotsky Pic
Tamara Miansarova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet pop singer, Marc Feldman
Maria Mironova RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actress, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Alexandr Menaker Pic
Mikhail Slutsky Pic
Natalia Mogilevskaya RWC Pic Ukrainian singer, actress, presenter, producer,
Ninel Myshkova RWF Pic Soviet film/stage actress, Vladimir Etush Pic
Maria Mogsolova Pic Russian-born model, Michel Adam Lisowski Pic
Irena Moiseyeva RWF Pic Sobiet arist, dancer, Igor Moiseyev Pic Jewish mother
Elisaveta Nelidova Viktor Khenkin Pic
Marina Neyolova Pic Russian stage/film actress, Garry Kasparov Pic Jewish father
Galina Oleinichenko RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet  opera singer, Vladimir Gorikker Pic
Nina Olshevskaya RWF Soviet theater actress, Viktor Ardov Pic
Olga Ostroumova Pic Russian/Soviet actress, Valentin Gaft Pic
Henrietta Ostrovskaya RWF Pic Soviet stage/fim actress, Mikhail Fichtenholz Pic
Vladimir Zeldin Pic Jewish father
Nina Podgoretskaya RWF Pic Soviet balet dancer, balet pedagogue, Igor Moiseyev Pic Jewish mother
Maria Pakhomenko Pic Belarusian-born Soviet singer, Alexander Kolker Pic
Lyubov Polishchuk RWF Pic Russian actress, Sergey Tsigal Pic Jewish father
Alla Pugacheva RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet singer, actress, Philipp Kirkorov Pic Jewish mother
Olga Polyakova RWC Pic Ukrainian singer, Vadim
Yevgeny Samoilov RWF Pic Soviet/Russian stage/film actor, Zinaida Levina
Elena Sanayeva Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Rolan Bykov Pic Jewish mother
Irina Selezneva RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Israeli actress, Maxim Leonidov Jewish father
Zinaida Sharko RWC Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Sergei Yursky Pic
Klavdya Shulzhenko RWF Pic Soviet singer, actress, Vladimir Koralli Pic RWF
Yevgeniya Simonova Pic Russian stage/film actress, Alexander Kaidanovsky Pic
Valentina Smelkova Pic Soviet stage/fiulm actress, Vladimir Gorikker Pic
Lidiya Smirnova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Vladimir Rapoport Pic
Innokenty Smoktunovsky RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet actor, (Jewish descent) Sulamith Gorshman
Ksenia Sobchak RWF Pic Russian television anchor, journalist, sociality, actress, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Maksim Vitorgan Pic
Olga Spessivtseva RWF Pic Russian balerina, Akim Volynsky Pic
Boris Kaplun
Anel Sudakevich RWF Pic Soviet silent film actress, Asaf Messerer Pic RWN ???
Polina Tabachnikova RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet actress, Isai Tabachnikov
Natalya Tenyakova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Lev Dodin Pic
Mardarita Terekhova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Aleksei Gabrilovich Pic
Irina Tikhomirova RWF Pic Soviet balet dancer/pedagogue,  Asaf Messerer Pic
Valentina Tokarskaya RWF Pic Russian/Soviet stage/film actress, Aleksei Kapler Pic
Valentina Tolkunova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian singer, Yury Saulsky Pic
Liliya Tolmacheva RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, director, Victor Fogelson RWF
Nina Urgant RWF Pic Russian/Soviet stage/film actress, Lev Milinder Pic
Yekaterina Vasilyeva Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Mikhail Roshchin Pic
Anastasiya Vertinskaya RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actress, Alexander Gradsky Pic
Galina Vishnevskaya RWF HW Pic Russian opera singer, soprano, Mstislav Rostropovich Pic Jewish mother
Yulia Voronin Pic Ukrainian model, Andrej Voronin Pic
Oksana Yarmolnik RWF Pic Russian actress, theater designer, artist, Leonid Yarmolnik Pic
Raisa Yesipova RWF Pic Soviet actress, Efim Dzigan Pic
Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev Pic Soviet film/theater actor, Galina Volchek Pic
Vera Yureneva RWF Pic Soviet actress, Mikhail Koltsov Pic
Regina Zbarskaya RWF Pic Russian model, Felix-Lev Zbarsky Pic Soviet/Russian painter,
Janina Zejmo RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet actress, Iosif Kheifits Pic
Other glamour gentiles Jewish Spouces //interfOth
Margo Albert Pic Mexican actress, Francis Lederer Pic
Don Alvorado Pic Mexican-born silent film actor, Ann Boyer Pic
May Andersen Pic Danish model,  Julian Schnabel Pic
Pearl Argyle Pic South African dancer, actress, Curtis Bernhardt Pic
Claudia Bahamon Pic Colombian model, presenter, Simon Brand Pic
Vidya Balan Pic Indian actress, Siddharth Roy Kapur Pic Jewish mother
Glynis Barber Pic South African-born British film/television actress, Michael Brandon Pic
Jacinda Barrett RWF Pic Australian model, actress, Gabriel Macht Pic
Berenice Bejo RWF Pic Argentine-born actress, Michel Hazanavicius Pic
Malena Belafonte Pic Danish fashion model, singer, David Belafonte Pic Jewish mother
Florencia Bertotti Pic Argentine actress, singer, producer, Guido Kaczka Pic
Jana Brejchova RWF