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Leonard Abramson Pic founder chairman U.S. Healthcare
Stanley Bergman CEO, Chairman Henry Schein, Inc dental & medical products ExLink1
Dennis Eder CEO CareAmerica
Melvyn Estrin owner American Health Services
Allan Fisher founder 1979 CEO Holmes Place Health Clubs
Sidney Garfield Pic co-founder Kaiser Permanente
Adrian Gore Pic chairman, CEO Destiny Health Inc
Joe Gold Pic founder 1977 chairman World Gym Gold's Gym
Abraham Gosman chairman, CEO Medipex Rehabillitation Centers healthcare ExLink
Deirdre Imus Pic president Deirdre Imus Enviromenthal Health Center
David Lewis HW Holmes Place Health Clubs
Irving Moskowitz HW Pic
Lucille Roberts Pic founder Luculle Roberts  health clubs
Jack Rosen CEO Infu-Teck healthcare
Jack Rosen CEO president Continental Health Affiliates healthcare
Donald Rubin founder, chairman Multiplan, Inc ExLink
Henry Schein Henry Schein, Inc ExLink1
Alan Solomont Pic CEO ADS Group nursing home chain Massachusetts
Eugene Appelbaum founder CEO Arbor Drugs, Inc Detroit
James Block president Block Drug Company
Sidney Dworkin co-founder  1961 Revco D.S.  ???
Martin Gerstel Pic co founder Itamar Medical
Alex Grass Pic co-founder 1962 Rite Aid pharmacy chain chain
Martin Grass CEO Rite Aid pharmacy chain chain
Herbert Haft founder 1955 Durt Drug drug stores chain
Daryl Katz Pic chairman Katz Group of Companies. Pharmacy chain (over 1800) Canada
Brian Kerner major shareholder UndeRWFoods PLC retail pharmacy group ExLink
Murray Koffler Pic founder Shoppers Drug Mart 1000 drugstores
Lewis Lehrman Pic co-founder Rite Aid pharmacy chain
Daniel Litwin Glenwood Management Co nursary business
Reuben Mark chairman, CEO Colgate-Palmolive ExLink
Israel Matz founder 1906 Ex-Lax drugstore chain
Michael Monus Pic founder, president Phar-Mor drugstore chain
Joseph Rahr founder 1944 Kinray Inc wholesale drug destributor
Stewart Rahr president CEO Kinray Inc wholesale drug destributor
Sean Shayan Pic Global World Media Corporation Herbal Ecstasy
Bernie Shulman co-founder  1961 Revco D.S.  ???
James M Stein founder Dental Laser Institute ???
Samuel Zell Pic owner Revco D.S.  2500 Drug Stores
Jerry Weinberger CEO, chairman Gray Drug Stores
Pharmaceutical Companies  
Moshe Arkin chairman Agis Industries
Arie Belldegrun CEO  Kite Pharma
Gordon Binder CEO 1988- chairman Amgen  aus
James Crapo CEO Incara Pharmaceuticals Corporation ExLink
Fritz Hoffmann Pic founder 1896 Hoffman-La Roche Roche
Leslie Dan Pic founder 1965 Novopharm <Teva Canada
Joseph Fischer CEO InClone Systems
Phillip Frost HW Pic chairman Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
Eli Hurvitz RWA HW Pic chairman Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
Willy Jacobsohn chairman 1922- Beiersdorf AG ExLink
Isaac Kaye Pic founder Norton Healthcare
chairman Ivax Corporation
Arthur Levinson RWF Pic CEO chairman Genentech
Irwin Lerner Pic CEO, president Hoffman-La Roche ???
Judy Lewent Ececutive VP, CFO Merck & Co. ???
Israel Makov CEO       -2006 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
Alfred Mann Pic inventor, chairman Mannkind Corporation
Eric Margolis Pic majority shareholder  Jamieson Laboratories ExLink
Joseph Nathan Pic founder 1873 GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticual & healthcare company
Franz Oppenheim Director General Agfa
Stewart Rahr Pic CEO, president Kinray Corp wholesale drug distributor
Shlomo Rechnitz founder Twinmed LLC Brius Healthcare Services
Alexander Rich RWF Pic founder 1987 Alkermes Inc.
Alexander Rich RWF Pic co-chairman Repligen Corporation
Richard Roberts CEO, chairman URL Pharma
Jonathan Rothberg Pic founder, chairman CuraGen Corporation
Martine Rothblatt Pic founder, chairman United Theraupeutics
Arthur Sackler Pic co-founder Purdue Products L.P.
Mortimer Sackler Pic chairman, owner Purdue Products L.P.
Raymond Sackler Pic co-founder Purdue Pharma
Leonard Schleifer founder, CEO Regeneron
Bernard Sherman Pic founder, chairman Apotex Group ExLink
shareholder 25% Barr Laboratories ExLink
Harold Snyder Biocraft Laboratories <Teva
Daniel Straus Pic CareOne LLC
Tony Tabatznik Pharmaceuticals ExLink
Oscar Troplowitz RWE Pic owner 1890-1918 German owner of Beiersdorf AG, Nivea
Samuel Waksal founder 1984 InClone Systems
Shlomo Yanai CEO 2006-12 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd
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