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Roberta Achtenberg Pic United States Department of Housing and Urban Development|HUD assistant secretary
Sheldon Andelson University of California Regent
Baron John Browne Pic German-born British politician, businessman, science writer, (Jewish mother)
David Cicilline Pic Providence mayor (Jewish mother)
Roy Cohn HW Pic American McCarthyist lawyer
Michal Eden Israeli, Tel-Aviv city councillor,
Steve Elmendorf Pic American lobbist,
Uzi Even HW Pic Israeli physical chemist, MP
Arthur Finkelstein Pic American political consultant,
Barney Frank HW Pic American representative,
Marcia Freedman RWC HW Pic American-born Israeli politician,  
Deborah Glick American politician, NY State Assembly
Jackie Goldberg California State Assembly
Samuel HaNagid RWC Pic Spanish talmudic scholar, grammarian, philologist, soldier, politician, poet, patron of arts, Samuel ibn
Evan Harris Pic British Liberal MP 1997-
Onno Hoes RWC Pic Dutch politician, (Jewish mother), mayor of Maastricht 2010- ,
Roger Karoutchi RWC Pic Moroccan-born Secretary of State for relaitions with Parliament 2007-09
Mark Leno Pic American politician, 
Baron Peter Mandelson RWF Pic British politician (Jewish father),
Carole Migden California State Assembly
Harvey Milk RWF HW Pic American gay rights activist,
Baron Michael Montague British bisinessman, politician,  
Amir Ohana RWC Pic Israeli politician, lawyer,
Jared Polis Pic American representative, 2009-
Walther Rathenau RWE HW Pic German industrialist, Foreign Minister 1922 - Weimar Repuplic
Frederick Richmond Pic American politician, representative,
Sir Philip Sassoon RWC Pic British politician, collector, social host, MP 1912-39
Rose Schneiderman RWC Pic American president of National women's Trade Union League of America 1926-50
Joel Wachs Pic American president of Andy Warhol Foundation,
Bob Basker American civil rights activist,
Miriam Ben-Shalom Pic founder of American Veterans for Equal Rights AVER
Linda Bellos Pic Brirish poitician, businessman, gay rights activist, (Jewish mother)
Faygele Ben-Miriam Pic American LGBT rights activist,
Wayne Bessen American gay rights activist, writer,
Niek Engelschman gay rights activist
Adolph Fischer Pic German-born American anarchist,
Kurt Hiller RWE HW Pic German lawyer, pacifist, gay rights activist, author,
Brenda Howard Pic American bisexual activist,
Frank Kameny Pic American astronomer, LGBT rights activist,
Arnie Kantrowitz co-founder of GLAAD
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz Pic American essayist, poet, activist,
Irena Klepfisz Pic Polish-born author, activist,
Rodrigo Lehtinen Pic Cuban-American LGBT rights advocate, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Aldo Mieli gay rights activist
Mario Mieli Pic Italian gay rights activist, anarchist,
Dana Olmert Pic Israeli left-wing activist, literary theorist, editor,
Abby Rubenfeld Pic American civil rights attorney,
Rosely Roth Pic Brazilian LGBT rights activist,  
Cheryl Spector Pic American LBGT activist,
David Thorstad Pic American political activist, historian,
Sherry Wolf Pic American socialist, anti-zionist, journalist, author,
Evan Wolfson Pic American gay marriage activist, lawyer,
Religious figures
Rabbi Allen Bennett first openly gay rabbi
Lionel Blue HW Pic British rabbi, writer, broadcaster,
Rabbi Steven Greenberg first openly gay Orthodox rabbi
Rabbi Peter Kessler first openly gay rabbi to be ordained
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum rabbi of world's largest LGBT synagogue
Rabbi Stacy Offner first openly lesbian rabbi
Rabbi Sheila Shulman first openly lesbian rabbi in the UK
Jalda Rebling Pic Dutch-born German cantor,
Toba Spitzer American reconstructionist rabbi,
Reuben Zellman first openly transgender rabbinical student (not yet ordained)
Sabbatai Zevi RWF HW Pic Turkish-born mystic, pseudo-messiah,
Dennis Altman Pic Australian academic, gay rights activist,
Jean-Paul Aron French writer, intellectual,
Sanford Berman Pic American sociologist, radical librarian,
Allan Bloom HW Pic American philosopher, essayist,
Judith Butler RWF HW Pic American sociologist, philosopher, queer theorist, literary critic,
Martin Duberman Pic American historian,
Lillian Faderman RWC Pic Latvian-born American historian, writer,
Hillary Farber Pic American legal scholar,
Chai Feldblum Pic American legal scholar, activist,
Estelle Freedman feminist historian
Benedict Friedlaender HW Pic German sexologist, sociologist, economist, volconologist, physicist,
Marjorie Garber American cultural critic,
Herbert Hart RWF HW Pic British legal philosopher, administrator,
Magnus Hirschfeld RWF RWF Pic German physician, sexologist,
Prue Hyman feminist economist
Richard Isay Pic American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst,
Karla Jay Pic American feminist writer, scholar,
Jonathan D. Katz American queer theorist,
Jonathan Ned Katz Pic American historian of hyman sexuality,
Pamela Karlan Pic American legal scholar,
Fritz Klein RWF Pic Austrian-born American sex researcher, psychiatrist,
Golo Mann RWF HW Pic German-born American historian, essayist , writer, (Jewish mother)
Aldo Mieli Italian science historian, activist,   
George Mosse HW Pic German-born American social/cultural historian,
B. Ruby Rich American cultural theorist, film critic,
Joanna Russ Pic American writer, academic, feminist,
Edward Sagarin Pic American novelist, criminologist, sociologist,
Tobias Schneebaum American anthropologist,
Charles Silverstein American psychotherapist, author,
George Weinberg Pic American clinical psychologist, columnist, writer,
Randi Weingarten Pic American president of United Federation of Teachers
Otto Weininger RWF HW Pic Austrian philosopher,
Ludwig Wittgenstein RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) ExLink
Charlotte Wolff German-born psychiatrist,
Tobias Wolff HW Pic American legal scholar,
Show Business
Katarzyna Adamik Pic Polish film director, visual arts artist, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Allison Adler Pic American producer, television writer,
Chantal Akerman RWF Pic Belgian French film director, screenwriter,
Corinne Allal HW Pic Tunisian-born Israeli singer/songwriter,
Simon Amstell Pic British comedian, television presenter, screenwriter, actor,
Jacques d'Ancona Dutch journalist, television media critic, (Jewish father)
Steve Antin Pic American actor, screenwriter, producer, director,   gay
Alexis Arquette RWF Pic American actror, (Jewish mother),
Lior Ashkenazi HW Pic Israeli film/stage actor,
Paulette Attie Pic American actor, singer, songwriter,
Joe Balass Pic Iraqi-born Canadian documentary filmmaker,
Barbara Barend Dutch sports journalist, television presenter, (Jewish father)
Daniel Barnz Pic American director, screenwriter,
Julian Beck Pic American actor, theater director, poet, painter, 
Jill Bennett Pic American actress,  (convert to Judaism)
Michael Bennett Pic American musical theather director, choreographer, dancer, (Jewish mother)
Josh Berman Pic American television writer/producer, 
Sandra Bernhard RWF HW Pic American actress, entertainer, comedian,
Sarah Bernhardt RWF Pic French film/stage actress, (Jewish mother)
Lani Billard Pic Canadian television actress, singer,
Richard Blackwell Pic American fashion critic, jourmalist, radio/television personality, fashion designer,
Maddie Blaustein RWF Pic American voice actress,
Remy Blumenfeld Pic French-born British television executive,
Carrie Brownstein Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, actress, screenwriter, Sleater-Kinney
Dan Bucatinsky RWF Pic American film actor, producer, writer,
Charles Busch Pic American actor, writer, playwright,
Mya Byrne Pic American singer/songwriter,
Christian Calson Pic Romanian-born American film director, (Jewish mother)
Nell Carter RWC HW Pic American actress, singer, (convert to Judaism)
Ilene Chaiken Pic American producer, screenwriter,  The L Word
Lisa Cholodenko RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American screenwriter, television writer, film director,
Benjamin Cohen Pic British journalist, television presenter,
Bruce Cohen Pic American film producer,
Eliad Cohen Pic Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur,
Allan Corduner Pic British film/television actor,
George Cukor RWF HW Pic American film director,
Barbara Dare Pic American pornographic actress, bisexual
Bella Darvi RWF Pic Polish-born American French actress,
Paul Dehn Pic British screenwriter,
Donna Deitch Pic American film director,
Mike Dreyden Pic American pornographic actor,
James Dreyfus Pic British actor,
Rebecca Drysdale Pic American comedian,
Sandi DuBowski Pic American director, producer,
Billy Eichner Pic American comedian, film/television actor, writer, television personality,
Sergei Eisenstein RWF HW Pic Latvian-born Soviet director, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Roland Emmerich RWF HW Pic German filn diector/producer, screenwriter, ???
Daniel Emilfork Pic Chilean-born French actor,
Evan Rachel Wood RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, (converted to Judaism mother)
Liz Feldman American comedian, actress, producer, writer,
Harvey Fierstein RWF HW Pic American actor, comedian, playwright, librettist, screenwriter, gay
Eytan Fox RWF Pic American-born Israeli film director, screenwriter,
Leonard Frey Pic American stage/film/television actor,
Debbie Friedman HW Pic American composer, singer,
Stephen Fry RWF HW Pic British actor, comedian, fim director, screenwriter, (Jewish mother),
Victor Garber RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American film/stage/television actor, singer,
Yehonathan Gatro RWF Pic Israeli singer, actor,
David Geffen RWF HW Pic American film producer, gay
Therese Giehse RWF HW Pic German stage/film actress, 
Sara Gilbert RWF HW Pic American actress,
Jamie Gillis Pic American pornographic actor, director,
Sherry Glaser Pic American actress, performance artist, activist,
Todd Glass Pic American stand-up comedian, actor,
Gideon Glick Pic American stage/film actor,
Judy Gold Pic American stand-up comedian, actress,
Julie Goldman Pic American actress, comedian, musician,
Noam Gonick Pic Canadian film director, screenwriter,
Jason Gould RWF Pic American actor, writer, director,
Brian Graden Pic American president of MTV Entertainment,
Todd Graff Pic American actor, writer, director,
Countess Francesca Gregorini Pic Italian-born American singer/songwriter, film director, (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Amos Guttman Pic Romanian-born Israeli film director,  
Nina Hartley RWE Pic American porn actress, (Jewish mother)
Laurence Harvey RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born South African British actor,
Todd Haynes Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter, (Jewish mother)
Edith Head RWF Pic Amrican costume designer,
Allan Heinberg Pic American comic books writer, screenwriter, producer,
Tomer Heymann Pic Israeli filmmaker,
Judy Holiday RWN Pic American actress, singer,
Ross Hunter Pic American film/television producer, actor,
Tab Hunter Pic American actor, singer (Jewish father),
Nicholas Hytner Pic British theater/opera producer/director,
Nina Jacobson Pic American film producer, executive,
Peter M. Jacobson RWF Pic American television writer, director, producer, actor,
Rona Kenan RWC Pic Israeli singer/songwriter,
Larry Kert Pic American stage actor, singer, dancer,
Lincoln Kirstein Pic American writer, dance impresario,
Eyal Kitzis Pic Israeli actor, comedian, television host,
Florence Klotz Pic American costume designer,
Harmony Korine Pic American director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Stuart Krasnow reality television producer
Elvira Kurt Pic Canadian comedian,
Adam Lambert RWE HW Pic American singer/songwriter, actor, (Jewish mother)
Kathryn Lang Pic Canadian pop/country singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish descent)
Lynn Lavner Pic American comedian, pop music singer,
Carol Leifer Pic American stand-up comedian, television actress, television writer,
Mitchell Leisen Pic American film director, art director, costume designer,
Lotte Lenya RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American  singer, actress, (convert to Judaism)
Asi Levi Pic Israeli film/television actress,  
Harvey Levin Pic American producer, lawyer, television personality,
Mitchell Lichtenstein Pic American film actor, writer, producer, director,
Sebastien Lifshitz RWF Pic French screenwriter, film director,
Jennie Livingston Pic American film director,
Rob Lotterstein Pic Amerivan television writer, producer,
Shy Love Pic German-born American pornographic actress, (convert to Judaism)
Jonathan Lovitz HW Pic American stage actor, singer, dancer, model,
Matt Lucas HW Pic British comedian, screenwriter, actor,
Michael Lucas Pic Russian-born American pornographic actor, film director,   
Kenneth MacKenna Pic American actor, film director, (Jewish father)
Miriam Margolyes HW Pic British-born Australian  character actress,
Michael Mayer Pic American stage/film director,
Sanford Meisner Pic American actor, acting teacher,
Inge Meysel Pic German  actress, (Jewish father),
Ezra Miller RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Boris Moiseev RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian dancer, choreographer, singer,
Dario Moreno RWF Pic Turkish-born singer, composer, lyricist, guitarist, actor, (Jewish mother)
Diane Mosbacher Pic American documentary filmmaker, psychiatrist, activist, (Jewish father)
Max Mutchnick RWF HW Pic American television producer, screenwriter, 
Bernard Natan Pic Romanian-born French film director, producer, screenwriter,
Alla Nazimova RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American film/stage actress, screenwriter, producer,
Suze Orman HW Pic American financial advicer, writer, television personality,
Ido Ostrowsky Pic Israeli-born American film producer,   
John Palmer Pic Canadia theater/film director, playwright,
Kimberly Peirce American film  director (half-Jewish),
Mimi Pollak RWF Pic Swedish actress, theater director,  
Léa Pool Canadian director, screenwriter (Jewish father),
Princess Donna Pic American pornogaphic actress, erotic dancer,
Irving Rapper Pic British-born American film director,
Yvonne Rainer Pic American dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, (Jewish mother)
Roger Rees Pic British-American stage/film/television actor, (convert to Judaism)
Paul Reubens Pic American actor, writer, comedian, film producer, game show host,
Max Rhyser Pic Dutch-born American model, stage/television/film actor, (Jewish mother)
Jerome Robbins RWF HW Pic American dancer, choreographer, director,
Howard Roffman Pic American lawyer, marketing executive, photographer, Lucasfilm,
Daphne Rosen Pic Israeli-born American adult film actress, model,   
Howard Rosenman Pic American producer, motion picture executive,
Don Roos Pic American screenwriter, film director,
Rich Ross Pic chairman of Walt Disney Studios,
Jordan Roth Pic American theater manager/producer,
Steve Rubell Pic American businessman, co-founder of Studio 54 Studio 54
Dave Rubin Pic American stand-up comedian, talk show host, television personality,
Ida Rubinstein RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born French dancer, actress,
Sylvin Rubinstein Russian dancer,
Scott Rudin RWF Pic American film/theatrical producer, 
Leontine Sagan Pic Hungarian-born Austrian film/stage actress, theater director,
JD Samson Pic American musician,   Le Tigre
Elizabeth Sarnoff RWF Pic American screenwriter, television producer,   
Erika Scheimer Pic American voice actress,
John Schlesinger RWF HW Pic British film/stage director, actor,
Fred Schneider Pic American rock singer, (Jewish father)
Maria Schneider RWF HW Pic French actress, (Jewish biological father)
Joel Schumacher HW Pic American film director, screenwriter, producer, (Jewish mother)
David Secter Pic Canadian film director,
Adam Shankman RWE Pic American film director, producer, dancer, actor, choreographer,
Paul Shenar Pic American stage/film/television actor,
Sir Antony Sher Pic South African-born British stage actor, novelist, painter,
Kate Siegel Pic American televison actress,
Bryan Singer RWF HW Pic American film director/producer,
Troye Sivan RWF Pic South African-born Australian actor, singer,
Ione Skye RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish mother)
Jonathan Slavin Pic American actor,
Todd Solondz RWF HW Pic American writer, director,
Peter Spears Pic American actor, screenwriter, director,
Kevin Spirtas Pic American film/television actor,
Annie Sprinkle Pic American adult-film actress,   
Darren Star RWF HW Pic American television producer, screenwriter,
Nicole Stephane Pic French actress, producer, director,
Sandy Stern Pic American film producer,
Mauritz Stiller RWF Pic Finnish-born Swedish actor, screenwriter, film director,
Jason Stuart Pic American film/television actor, comedian,
Svetlana Surganova Pic Russian singer, poet,
Jacqueline Susann HW Pic American novelist, film/telvision actress, playwright,
Robin Tyler Pic American comedian, musician,
Pieter-Dirk Uys Pic South African satirist, playwright, (Jewish mother)
Salka Viertel HW Pic Ukrainian-born American actress, screenwriter,
Bruce Vilanch American comedy writer,
Andrew Wachowski RWF Pic American film director/producer, writer,
Laurence Wachowski RWF Pic American film director/producer, writer,
Anton Walbrook Pic Austrian-born British actor, (Jewish mother)
Michal Waszynski HW Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born  film director/producer,
Naomi Westerman Pic British actress, writer,
Carole Ita White Pic American television/film actress,
Amy Winehouse RWF HW Pic British jazz singer, songwriter,
Dale Winton Pic British television presenter, radio DJ,
Scott Wittman Pic American musical theater director, lyricist, playwright,
Rikard Wolff Pic Swedish stage/film actor, singer, (Jewish descent)
James Woolf RWF Pic British film producer, 
Steve Yuhas Pic American radio/television personality,    
Arnie Zane Pic American photographer, chreographer, dancer, ExLink
Aderet HW Pic Israeli singer,
Howard Ashman Pic American lyricist, playwright,
Babydaddy Pic American bass guitarist, keyboardist,
Jean-Pierre Barda Pic French-born Swedish pop star, actor,
Lionel Bart Pic British musical writer, composer, lyricist, songwriter,
Frieda Belinfante RWF Pic Dutch cellist, conductor, (Jewish father)
Arthur Benjamin HW Pic Australian composer, pianist, conductor,
Leonard Bernstein RWF HW Pic American conductor, composer, author, music lecturer, pianist,
Marc Blitzstein HW Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist,
Pete Burns Pic British singer/songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) Dead or Alive
Tanner Cohen Pic American stage/sctreen/television actor, singer,
Aaron Copland RWF HW Pic American composer, conductor,
John Corigliano RWF HW Pic American composer, (Jewish mother)
Dana International RWF HW Pic Israeli singer, "ESC" Winner 1998,
Ran Danker HW Pic American-born Israeli singer, actor, model,
Vaginal Davis American performance artist, (Jewish father)
Joel Derfner Pic American writer, composer, songwriter, (Jewish father) (convert to Judaism)
David Diamond Pic American classical composer,
Ani DiFranco RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, (Jewish mother ???)
Alix Dobkin Pic American singer/songwriter,
Fred Ebb RWF HW Pic American composer:lyricist, songwriter:lyricist,
Brian Epstein RWE HW Pic British agent/manager of The Beatles,
Perry Farrell Pic American singer/songwriter, musician, Jane's Addiction
Frances Faye Pic American jazz singer, pianist,
Michael Feinstein Pic American singer, pianist,
Maxine Feldman Pic American singer/songwriter,
William Finn Pic American composer, lyricist, librettist,
Dan Fishback Pic American performance artist, playwright, singer/songwriter,
Skott Freedman Pic American singer/songwriter,
Brian Friedman Pic American choreographer, dancer,
Sandy Gallin American manager, talent agent, producer,
Ari Gold Pic American singer/songwriter,
Lesley Gore RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, actress,
Howard Greenfield Pic American lyricist, composer, songwriter:lyricist,
Reynaldo Hahn RWF HW Pic Venezuelan-born French composer, conductor, music critic, diarist, (Jewish father)
Grant Hart Pic American drummer, songwriter,  
Lorenz Hart RWF HW Pic American songwriter:lyricist, playwright, lyricist, librettist,
Moss Hart HW Pic American playwright, librettist, screenwriter, theater director,
Jerry Herman RWF HW Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist,
Ohad Hitman HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter,
Libby Holman Pic American singer, stage actress,
Vladimir Horowitz RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born American pianist,
Janis Ian HW Pic American singer/songwriter, columnist,
Jeremy Joseph promoter, organiser of G-A-Y, ??? G-A-Y
John Kander RWF HW Pic American film scores/musicals composer, songwriter:composer,
Candye Kane Pic American singer/songwriter, adult model, (convert to Judaism)
Dave Koz Pic American jazz saxophonist, radio host,
Wanda Landowska RWF HW Pic Polish-born harpsicordist,
Nomy Lamm Pic American singer/songwriter, political activist,
Marilyn Lerner Canadian-born jazz pianist, composer,
Ian Levine Pic British songwriter, record producer, DJ,
Ivri Lider HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter,
Frederick Loewe RWF HW Pic German-born American composer, songwriter:composer, (Jewish father),
Lydia Lunch Pic American singer, poet, writer, actress, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Stephin Merritt Pic American singer/sondwriter, multi-instrumentalist, The Magnetic Fields
Meredith Monk Pic American vocalist, composer, dancer, choreographer,
Jon Moss Pic British drummer, Culture Club
Ze'ev Nehama HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter,
Laura Nyro Pic American singer/songwriter, composer, pianist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather)
Peaches Pic Canadian electrothrash artist, singer/songwriter, record producer,    Merrill Nisker
Phranc Pic American singer/songwriter,
Tobias Picker Pic American composer,
Yehuda Poliker Pic Israeli singer,
Jerry Ragovoy Pic American songwriter, record producer,  
Yehudit Ravitz RWC HW Pic Israeli rock musician,
Lou Reed RWF HW Pic American rock singer/songwriter, guitarist,
Rod Riffler Pic Croatian dance teacher, choreographer,
Hilary Rosen former head of the RIAA
Kate Schellenbach American drummer, member of Luscious Jackson
Marc Shaiman Pic American film score composer, lyricist, arranger,
Shorty HW Pic Israeli singer, television presenter,
Gil Shohat Pic Israeli composer, conductor, pianist,
Harel Skaat RWF HW Pic Israeli singer,
Lorin Sklamberg Pic American accordeon player, ExLink
Jill Sobule Pic American singer/songewiter,
Faith Soloway Pic American folk-rock composer, songwriter,
Alicia Svigals Pic American violinist, composer,
Socalled Pic Canadian rapper, record producer,
Soce, the elemental wizard Pic American rapper,
Stephen Sondheim RWF HW Pic American composer, lyricist, songwriter,
Michael Tilson Thomas RWF HW Pic American conductor, pianist, composer,
Sir Michael Tippett Pic British composer, conductor, ??? ExLink
Mirah Zeitlyn Pic American musician, singer/songwriter,
Josh Zuckerman Pic American singer/songwriter,
Natalia Zukerman Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer, artist,
Writers, Poets, Journalists
Leroy Aarons American journalist, founder of National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association ExLink
Kathy Acker Pic American novelist, playwright, essayist,
Bettina Aptheker Pic American author, educator, lesbian activist,
Yossi Avni-Levy RWC HW Pic Israeli spokesman, writer,
Jon Baitz Pic American playwright, screenwriter, television producer, actor
Fabrice Barbier French journalist, photographer,
Jennifer Baumgardner Pic American author,
Scott Berg Pic American biographer, journalist,  
Steve Berman American editor, novelist, short story author,
Natalie Clifford Barney Pic poet, salon runner (Jewish maternal grandfather)
Wayne Bessen American writer, activist,   
Anthony Blond British author, publisher,
Kate Bornstein HW Pic American author, playwright, artist, gender theotist,
Jane Bowles Pic American writer, playwright,
Susie Bright American writer, speaker, audio show host,
Myron Brinig Pic American author,
David Brock Pic American journalist, author, media critic,   
Harold Brodkey Pic American author,
David Brudnoy Pic American talk radio host, journalist, film critic,
Bryher British novelist, (Jewish father) ???
Charles Busch American actor, writer, playwright,
Helene Cixous HW Pic Algerian-born French writer, playwright, literary critic, philosopher,
Michael Chabon RWF HW Pic American writer,
Kim Chernin Pic American fiction/non-fiction writer, poet, feminist,
Marc Cherry RWF Pic American television writer/producer,
Alfred Chester Pic American writer, literary critic, ExLink
Steven Cojocaru Pic Canadian-born American fashion critic, television personality,
Elise Cowen Pic American poet, 
David Crane Pic American  producer, screenwriter, paywright,
Jason Danino-Holt Pic Israeli television presenter,
Nick Denton Pic British-born journalist, editor,internet entrepreneur, (Jewish mother) Gawker
Malka Drucker Pic American author, biographer,
Thomas von der Dunk Pic Dutch cultural historian, writer, columnist, (Jewish descent)
Guillaume Dustan Pic French writer, journalist,
Andrea Dworkin RWE HW Pic American feminist writer, Pic
Eve Ensler Pic American playwright, (Jewish father), The Vagina Monologues
Gyorgy Faludy Pic Hungarian poet, writer, translator,
Leslie Feinberg HW Pic American author, activist,
Hubert Fichte Pic German novelist, (Jewish father)
Edward Field American poet, editor,
Diane Flacks Pic Canadian actress, screenwriter, playwright,
Giovanni Forti Italian journalist, writer and activist,
Eytan Fox RWF Pic American-born Israeli film director, screenwriter,
Helen Fremont American author,
Robert Friend Pic American-born Israeli poet, translator,
Ellen Galford American-born Scottish writer,
David Gerrold RWF Pic American science fiction author, television writer,
Allen Ginsberg RWF HW Pic American poet, 
Paul Goodman RWF Pic American novelist, playwright, sociologist, poet, 
Richard Greenberg Pic American playwright,
Glenn Greenwald Pic American political/legal blogger, columnist, author,  
Jacob de Haan Dutch lawer, journalist, poet,
Marilyn Hacker Pic American poet, critic, reviewer,
Richard Hall American writer, literary critic, ExLink
Ravit Hecht HW Pic Israeli journalist, editor,
Aaron Hamburger Pic American writer,
William Hoffman American playwright,
Nitzan Horowitz RWC HW Pic Israeli journalist, foreign affairs television commentator, politician,
Brian Howard Pic British poet,
Richard Howard Pic American poet, literary critic, essayist, translator,
Max Jacob RWF Pic French poet, painter, writer, critic,
Micah Jesse Pic American television personality, blogger,
Chester Kallman Pic American poet, librettist, translator,
Moises Kaufman Pic Venezuelan-born American playwright, director,
Larry Kramer Pic American dramatist, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, co-founder of  GMHC
Rachel Kramer Bussel Pic American author, columnist, editor,
Ellen Kushner Pic American fantasy writer, radio personality,
Tony Kushner RWF HW Pic American playwright,
Cristopher Landon American screenwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather)
Stephen Laughton Pic British playwright,
Arthur Laurents Pic American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, libbretist, stage director,
David Leavitt Pic American novelist,
Fran Lebowitz Pic American essayist, humorist, 
Ron Leshem Pic Israeli writer, journalist,
Boleslaw Lesmian Pic Polish poet, artist, translator,
David Leviathan Pic American author, editor,  
Steve Levicoff Pic American legal writer, educator,
Jenifer Levin Pic American fiction writer,
Amy Levy Pic British novelist, poet,
Ariel Levy Pic American journalist, author, editor,
Sue-Ann Levy Pic Canadian columnist,
Jesse Liberty American writer, programmer, bisexual
Mathieu Lindon Pic French journalist, writer,
Michael Lowenthal Pic American fiction writer,
Erika Mann RWF HW Pic German actress, writer, (Jewish mother)
Klaus Mann RWF HW Pic German writer, (Jewish mother)
Charlotte Mendelson Pic British novelst, editor,   
Hans Mayer Pic German literary critic, writer,
Donna Minkowitz Pic American journalist, writer,
Robin Morgan Pic American child actress, activist, radical feminist,
Benjamin Moser Pic American writer, translator, biographer,
Adam Nagourney Pic American journalist,    
Joan Nestle American writer, archivist,
Joachim Neugroschel Pic Austrian-born American translator, poet,
Leslea Newman Pic American author, editor,
Harold Norse Pic American poet,
Dana Olmert Pic Israeli left-wing activist, literary theorist, editor,
Sophia Parnok RWF Pic Russian poet, translator,
Sue Perkins Pic British radio/television presenter, actress, comedian, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Marge Piercy HW Pic American poet, author, social activist,
Alejandra Pizarnik Pic Argentine poet,
Rachel Pollack Pic American science fiction author, comic book writer,
Marcel Proust RWF HW Pic French writer, (Jewish mother)
Yair Qedar Pic Israeli filmmaker, civil rights activist, cultural critic,
Richard Quest Pic British journalist, news anchor,
Gideon Raff RWF Pic Israeli director, screenwriter, producer,
Marc-Andre Raffalovich HW Pic French poet, author,
Randy Rainbow Pic American blogger, internet celebrity,
David Rakoff Pic Canadian-born American journalist, essayist, actor,
Ellen Ratner Pic American news analyst, talk show host,
Sydor Rey Polish/Ukrainian-born poet, novelist,
Adrienne Rich RWF HW Pic American feminist, poet, writer, (Jewish father)
Maer Roshan Iranian-born American magazine editor,
Seth Rudetsky Pic American journalist, actor, television personality, screenwriter,
Paul Rudnick Pic American screenwriter, playwright,
Muriel Rukeyser Pic American poet, political activist,
Umberto Saba RWF Pic Italian poet and novelist, (Jewish mother)
Maurice Sachs Pic French writer,
Oliver Sacks RWF HW Pic British-American neurologist, author,
Siegfried Sassoon Pic British war poet, author, (Jewish father)
Lawrence Schimel Pic American science fiction/fantasy writer, translator, anthologist,
Sarah Schulman American novelist, historian, playwright,
Ari Shapiro Pic American radio journalist, 
Martha Shelley Pic American lesbian activist, feminist, writer, poet,
Delia Sherman Japan-born fantasy writer, ???
Martin Sherman HW Pic American screenwriter, playwright,
Nate Silver Pic American statistician, journalist, writer, (Jewish father)
Marcus Solis Pic American news reporter,
Susan Sontag RWF HW Pic American novelist, essayist, literary theorist, film director,
Sir Stephen Spender RWF Pic British poet, novelist, essayist, (Jewish maternal grandmother, Jewish father)
Gertrude Stein RWF Pic American French writer, lyricist, playwright,
Julian Stryjkowski Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born journalist, writer,
Jacqueline Susann HW Pic American novelist, film/telvision actress, playwright,
Elliot Tiber Pic American artist, screenwriter,
Alice Toklas RWF Pic American literary figure,
Karen Tulchinsky Pic Canadian novelist, screenwriter, anthologist,
Eve Tushnet Pic American author, blogger, (Jewish father)
Rachel Wahba Pic Indian-born American therapist, author,
Rebecca Walker HW Pic American feminist writer, (Jewish father)
Yona Wallach RWF HW Pic Israeli poet,
Jann Wenner Pic founder, edititor of Rolling Stones
Max Wolf Valerio Pic American poet, essayist, actor, (converso descent)
Paula Vogel Pic American playwright,  (Jewish father)
Milo Yiannopoulos Pic Greek-born British journalist, entrepreneur, (Jewish mother)
Richard Zimler Pic American Portugese author,
Rachel Zolf Pic Canadian poet,   
Gilbert Adrian Pic Hollywood costume designer,
Nate Berkus Pic American interior designer, decorator, television personality,
Ross Bleckner Pic American painter,
Brad Braverman American photographer, video artist,
Roberto Burle Marx RWE Pic Brazilian landscape architect, garden designer, painter, (Jewish father) 
Claude Cahun Pic French writer, artist, photographer,
Robert Denning Pic American interior designer,
Laurie Toby Edison American photographer,
Louis Fishman American abstract painter,
Ara Gallant Pic American hairstylist, fashion photographer,
Henry Geldzahler Pic American art historian/critic, curator of Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Rudi Gernreich Pic Austrian-born American fashion designer,
Uri Gershuni Pic Israeli photographer, educator,
Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg Pic French-born magazine editor, socialite (Jewish father)
Hannah Gluckstein Pic British painter,
Nan Goldin RWF HW Pic American fine-art/documentary photographer,
Austin Goodchild painter, drawer (part-Jewish)
Elmyr de Hory Pic Hungarian painter, art forger,
Trina Hyman Pic American illustrator of children's books,
Franklin David Israel American architect, ExLink
Marc Jacobs RWF Pic American fashion designer,
Michael Kors RWF Pic American fashion designer, (Jewish mother)
Annie Leibovitz RWF HW Pic American photographer,
Tamara de Lempicka RWF HW Pic Polish-born French painter, (Jewish father),
Corrado Levi Italian architect, activist,
Herbert List Pic German  photographer, (Jewish descent)
Isaac Mizrahi RWF Pic American fashion designer, TV presenter,
Nina Paley HW Pic American cartoonist, animator, anarchist,
Zac Posen HW Pic American fashion designer,
Benno Premsela American designer, activist
Herb Ritts RWF Pic American fashion photographer,
Tom Rubnitz Pic American video artist,  
Arnold Scaasi Pic Canadian-born fashion designer,
Maurice Sendak RWF HW Pic American writer, illustrator, designer,
Simeon Solomon RWF Pic British painter,
Michael Turchin Pic American painter, film actor,
Wilhelm Uhde Pic Polish-born German French art collector/critic,
Alex Westerman Pic American creative/art director,
Penny Wolin Pic American portrait photographer, visual anthropologist,  
Jorge Zontal Canadian artist, member of General Idea
Sportsmen, Sports figures
Rodney Berman Pic British boxing promoter,
Robert Dover Pic American equestrian,
Sidney Franklin American bullfighter,
Andrew Goldstein American lacrosse player, 
Ilana Kloss Pic South African-born tennis player,
Renee Richards HW Pic American tennis player,
Ron Ben-Israel Pic Israeli-born American  pastry chef, dancer,
Wendell Brown Pic American computer scientist, inventor, entrepreneur,
Andy Cohen Pic American television host, executive,
Bonnie Dumanis American district attorney,
Sir Terence Etherton British judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales,
Susan Feniger Pic American chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, radio/telvision personality,
Josh Flagg Pic American real estate agent, media pesonality,
Baron David Gold Pic British lawyer,
Fred Hochberg Pic Director of the Export-Import Bank of the United States 2009- ,
Xaviera Hollander HW Pic Indonezian-born Dutch author, prostitute, (Jewish father)
David Huebner Pic American ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa 2009- ,
Jenna Jameson RWF Pic American porn star, model, (convert to Judaism)
Waldemar Januszczak British art critic, journalist,
Michael Kaiser Pic American impresario,
Anne Kronenberg American political administrator, LGBT rights activist,
Barbara Lenk Pic American associate Justice,
Leopold and Loeb HW Pic American murderers,
Yotam Ottolenghi Pic Israeli-born British chef, cookery writer, restaurant owner,
Jennifer Pritzker Pic American billionaire, filmmaker, philanthropist, Pritzker Family,
Baron Alexis von Rosenberg-Rede Pic Swiss-born French art collector, aesthete, socialite,
Martine Rothblatt Pic American lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, co-founder of Sirius XM Radio,
Felice Schragenheim Pic German resistance fighter,
Ed Savitz Pic American businessman, 
Leo Frank Schuster German-born British patron of arts,
Vanessa Selbst Pic American poker player,
Joel Spolsky Pic American software engineer, Program Manager of Microsoft Excell 1991-94
Oscar Swartz Pic Swedish entrepreneur,  writer, blogger, Bahnhof,
Joel Weisman Pic American early identifier of AIDS,
Related figures 'Persons of debated sexual orientation:''
King David & Jonathan biblical characters (see David and Jonathan)
Maya Deren RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American filmmaker, choreographer, ethnographer,
Anna Freud RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British psychoanalyst,
Emma Goldman RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born anarchist feminist, philosoper,
Herschel Grynszpan HW Pic German-born, assassinated Ernst von Rath ambassodor 1938
Calvin Klein RWF HW Pic American fashion designer,
Edward Koch RWF HW Pic American New York Mayor, representative 1969-77,
Nancy Lieberman HW Pic American basketball player, analyst, coach,
Allard Lowenstein Pic American representative,
Witold Walczak Pic Swedish-born American legal director of Civil Liberties Union,
Lillian Wald Pic American nurse, social worker,
Leslie Feinberg HW Pic American author, activist,