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Oded Abramsky RWC HW Pic Israeli-born neurologist, 2004 1940- ExLink Search
Harvey Alter Pic American medical researcher, virologist, 1935-
David Altshuler Pic American endoctinologist, geneticist, 1964-
Marcia Angell American physician, editor-in-chief of New England Journal of Medicine, 1939-
Paul Appelbaum Pic American psychiatrist,  1951- ExLink
Kenneth Arrow RWF HW Pic American economist, Nobel Prize (1972), 1921-
David Baltimore RWF Pic American biochemist, retroviruses, Nobel Prize (1975) 1938-
Jeffrey Balser American mdical scholar, administrator,  ??? 2008
Allan Basbaum Pic American neuroscientist, ??? 2005 1947-
Bonnie Bassler RWF Pic American molecular biologist, (Jewish father) 2016 1962-
Aaron Beck RWF HW Pic American psychiatrist, cognitive therapy, perception psychologist, 1921- ExLink
Baruj Benacerraf RWF HW Pic Venezuelan-born American biologist,transplant immunology, Nobel Prize (1980), 1920-2011
Solomon Benatar South African physician, bioethisist  ???
Paul Berg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1980) in chemistry, 1926-
Bruce Beutler RWF HW Pic American immunologist, geneticist, Nobel Prize (2011), 1957-
Ernest Beutler RWC Pic German-born American hematologist, biomedical scientist, 1928-2008
Linda Birnbaum Pic American taxicologist, microbiologist, 2010 1946-
Martin Blaser Pic American pathologist, physician, 2011 1948-
Helen Blau Pic British-born American cell biologist, ??? 1995 1948-
Richard Bloch Pic American co-founder 1955 of H&R Bloch, 1926-2004 H&R Block
Barry Bloom Pic American immunologist, 1937-
Clara Bloomfield Pic American cancer researcher, ??? 2000 1942-
Floyd Bloom Pic American neuroscientist, 1936-
Baruch Blumberg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, Nobel Prize (1976), 1925-2011
Mark Blumberg ???
David Botstein RWF Pic Swiss-born American biologist, geneticist, 1993 1942-
Eugene Braunwald Pic Austrian-born American cardiologist, writer, 1929- ExLink
Paula Braverman American pediatrician, ???
Samuel Broder Pic American medical researcher, oncologist, 
Michael Brown RWF HW Pic American geneticist, Nobel Prize (1985), 1941-
Joseph Buxbaum Pic American neuroscientist, autism researcher, 2015
Nancy Cantor Pic American psychologist, Chancellor of Siracuse University 2004-13, 1952-
Mario Capecchi RWF HW Pic Italian-born American molecular geneticist, Nobel Prize (2007) (Jewish maternal grangfather) 2015 1937-
Dennis Charney Pic American biological psichiatrist, researcher, ??? 2000
Mark Chassin American health care researcher,
Andrew Cherlin Pic American sociologist, 1948-
Donald Cohen Pic American psychiatrist,   1940-2001 ExLink
Fred Cohen ???
Walter Cohen ???
Stanley N. Cohen RWF HW Pic American genetisist, genetical engineering, insulin 1935-
Jerome Conn RWF Pic American endocrinologist, 1907-94
Zanvil Cohn RWC Pic American cell biologist, immunologist, 1926-93
Norman Daniels Pic American philosopher,ethicist, bioethicist, 1942-
Ezra Davidson ???
Kenneth Davis president & CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital 2003-, ExLink
Herbert Denenberg Pic Pensylvania state Insurance commisioner, television consumer advocate, columnist, ExLink
Susan Desmond-Hellmann Pic Chancellor of University of California, San Francisco 2009-14 1957-
Robert Desnick Pic American geneticist, 2004 1943-
Jared Diamond RWF HW Pic American evolutionary biologist, biogeographer, 1937-
Brian Druker RWF Pic American oncologist, hematologist, 2003 1955- Jinfo
Timothy Eberlein American cancer researcher,  
Elazer Edelman Pic American health sciences and technology scholar, 1956-
Herman Eisen Pic American microbiologist, immunology 1918-2014 ExLink
David Eisenberg Pic American biochemist, biophysicist,   1939-
Leon Eisenberg Pic American psychiatrist, 1973 1922-2009
Mickey Eisenberg American epidemologist, ???
Ezekiel Emanuel Pic American bioethisist, breast oncologist,   1957-
Arnold Epstein ???
Charles Epstein American physician, geneticist, ??? 1933-2011
Jonathan Epstein ??? 2008 1961-
Robert Epstein ???
Amitai Etzioni RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli American sociologist, President of ASA 1994-45 1994 1929-
Ronald Evans RWF Pic American biologist, 1949-
Stanley Falkow RWF Pic American microbiologist, immunologist, 1934-
Rashi Fein Pic American health economist, 1970 1926-2014
Gerald Fink RWF Pic American geneticist, 1996 1940-
Mark Fishman American cardiologist, 1951-
Harvey Fineberg Pic American physician, epidemiologist, president of Institute of Medicine 2002-14, 1945-
Gerald Fischbach Pic American neurobiologist, 1990 1938-
Alfred Fishman American medical scholar, 1980 1918-2010
Judah Folkman RWF Pic American scientist, cancer angiogenesis 1990 1933-2008
Maurice Fox Pic American geneticist, molecular biologist, 1980 1924-
Irwin Freedberg Pic American dermatologist, 1995 1933-2005
Julio Frenk RWC Pic Mexican Secretary of Health 2000-2006, 1953-
Jeffrey Friedman RWF Pic American molecular geneticist, leptin, 1954-
Elaine Fuchs RWF Pic American cell biologist, 1950-
Norman Garmezy American psychologist, 1986 1918-2009 ExLink
Jack Geiger Pic founding member, president of Physicians for Human Rights 1926-
Daniel Geschwind Pic American geneticist, neuroscientist, 2011
Harold Ginsberg Pic American microbiologist, virologist, 1979 1917-2003
David Ginsburg Pic American geneticist, ??? 1952-
Linda Giudice American obstertrician, gynecologist, endocrinologist, ??? ExLink
Shimon Glick Pic American-born Israeli physician, ??? 1932-
Laurie Glimcher RWF Pic American immunologist, physician, 1951-
Peter Gluckman Pic New Zealand medical doctor, biologist, 1949-
Jeffrey Gordon RWF Pic American physiologist, metabolism, 2008 1947-
Emil Gotschlich Pic German American microbial biologist, ??? 1988
Michael Green American cancer biologist researcher, 2015
Rowena Green Matthews Pic American biochemist, (Jewish father) 2004 1938-
Jerome Groopman Pic American medical scholar, author, journalist, oncologist, 2000 1947- ExLink
Ruth Gross American pediatrician,   2007 ExLink
Jonathan Gruber Pic American economist, 2005 1965-
Melvin Grumbach Pic American physician, pediatrician, 1984 1925-
Alan Edward Guttmacher Pic American pediatrician, medical geneticist, 1949-
David Hamburg Pic President of Institute of Medicine 1975-80, 1925-
Margaret Hamburg Pic American Commisioner of Food and Drugs Administration 2009-15, (Jewish father) 1994 1955- ExLink
Ira Herskowitz Pic American genetisist, 2002 1946-2003
Howard Hiatt American physician, administrator, 1971 1925-
Kurt Hirschhorn Pic Austrian-born American pediatrician, geneticist, 1926- ExLink
Arthur Horwich RWF Pic American biologist, 2008 1951-
David Housman Pic American geneticist, ???
Steven Hyman Pic American neuroscientist,    1952-
Susanne Ildstad American medical scolar,   1997 ExLink
Kurt Isselbacher Pic German-born American gastroenterologist, administrator, 1973 1925-
Elaine Jaffe Pic American pathologist, 1943-
Harold Jaffe ??? 2005
Robert Jaffe Pic American theoretical physicist, academic/research administrator, 1946-
Michael Kaback Pic American geneticist, ??? ExLink
Jerome Kagan Pic American developmental psychologist, 1929-
Barbara Kahn ???
Ronald Kahn Pic American diabetes researcher, medical physiology,metabolism, 1944-
Eric Kandel RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American neuroscientist, Nobel Prize (2000), 1929-
Jocelyne Kane-Berman South African physician, 
Edward Kaplan Pic American management scholar, 2004
George Kaplan ???
Robert Kaplan ???
Beth Karlan Pic American ginecologic oncologist,
Morris Karnovsky Pic South African-born American pathologist, 1926- ExLink
Jerome Kassirer American medical scholar, editor, ExLink
Jay Katz Pic German-born American physician, legal scholar, 1922-2008
Michael Katz ???
Samuel Katz Pic Ameican pediatrician, virologist, vaccinologist,
Sidney Katz ???
Stephen Katz American dermatologist,   ???
Robert Katzman
Francine Kaufman American pediatric endocrinologist,
Kenneth Kaushansky Pic Canadian-born American biochemist, hematologist, interrnist, 1953-
Kenneth Kendler Pic American psychiatrst,  1999
Kenneth Kinzler Pic American molecular geneticist, 2015
David Kipnis Pic American physiologist, diabetes, metabolism, 1974 1927-2014
Ruth Kirschstein Pic American phathologist, research administrator,  1982 1926-2009
Kenneth Kizer Under Secretary for Health, ???
Seymour Klebanoff Pic American medical scientist, ??? 1927-2016 ExLink
Luella Klein Pic American gynecologist,
Arthur Kleinman American psychiatrist, medical anthropologist, 1941- ExLink
Richard Kolodner Pic American geneticist, 1951-
David Korn
Stuart Kornfeld Pic American biochemist, molecular biologist, 1983 1936- ExLink
Edward Kravitz Pic American nerobiologist, 1986 1932-
Julius Krevans Pic chancellor of  University of California 1982-93
Arnold Kriegstein Pic American  neuroscientist,  2008
Harlan Krumholtz American cardiologist, ???
David Kuhl Pic American nuclear medicine clinician, scientist,
Eric Lander RWF HW Pic American mathematician, biologist, Genome Project, 1998 1927-
Robert Langer RWF Pic American biotechnologist, 1948-
Joseph Larner Pic American medical scholar,
Alexander Leaf Pic Japan-born American physician, research scientist, ??? 1978 1920-2012
Philip Leder RWF Pic American geneticist, 1934-
Joshua Lederberg RWF HW Pic American molecular biologist, Nobel Prize (1958), 1925-2008
Robert Lefkowitz RWF HW Pic American physiologist, 1943-
Rudolph Leibel Pic American medical geneticist, obesity researcher, 1942-
Richard Lerner Pic American research chemist, 1938-
Alan Leshner Publisher of Science
Howard Leventhal Pic American psychologist, 1997
Arnold Levine RWF Pic American cancer researcher, molecular biologist, 1939-
Myron Levine Pic American vaccinologist,
Gerhard Levy American pharmaceutical scholar,
Ronald Levy Pic American physician, medical scientist,
Lawrence Lewin
Allen Lichter Pic American oncologist,
Jeffrey Lieberman American psychiatrist,   ExLink
Richard Lifton Pic American biochemist, 1953-
Donald Lindberg American medical scholar, 1933-
David Lipman Pic American biologist, 1954-
Stephen Lippard RWF Pic American inorganic chemist, 1940-
Dan Littman Pic American immunologist,  ??? 2012
Iris Litt American pediatrician,  
Irving London Pic American physician, medical scientist,  1918-
Michael Longaker Pic American medical investigator,
Douglas Lowy RWF Pic American medical investigator, oncologist, ??? 1940-
Ruth Lubic Pic American nurse midwife,
Harold Luft Pic American medical scholar,
Nicole Lurie Pic American Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response,
Ruth Macklin Pic American philosopher, bioethisist,
Boris Magasanik Pic Ukrainian-born American microbiologist, biochemist, 1919-2013
Myron Magen Pic American medical scholar,
Gerald Mandell American medical scholar,
Marion Mann
Alexander Margulis American radiologist, ??? 1921-
Paul Marks Pic American cancer researcher, geneticist, 1926-
Sir Michael Marmot Pic British epidemiologist, 1945-
Eve Marder Pic American neuroscientist, ??? 1948-
Robert Marshak RWF Pic American physicist, 1916-92
Ida Martinson American nursing scholar, ???
Helen Mayberg Pic American neurologist, ??? 1956-
Paul Meier Pic American statistician, ??? 1924-2011
Sherman Mellinkoff American medical scholar,
David Meltzer Pic American medical scholar, ??? 1964-
John Mendelsohn
Michael Merzenich Pic American neuroscientist, ??? 2008 1942-
Matthew Meselson RWF Pic American geneticist, molecular biologist, 1930-
Louis Miller Pic American research scientist, ???
Arnold Milstein Pic American medical scholar,
Chad Mirkin RWF Pic American chemist, 2010 1963-
Mortimer Mishkin Pic American neuroscientist, 1926-
Jonathan Moreno Pic American philosopher, historian, 1952-
Alvin Morris
Harold Moses Pic American medical scholar,
Arno Motulsky Pic German-born American geneticist, father of pharmacogenomics, 1923-
Ralph Nachman American medical scholar,
Herbert Needleman Pic American pediatrician, child psychologist, ???
Philip Needleman Pic American pharmacologist, 1939-
Charles Nemeroff Pic American psychiatrist, 1949-
Elizabeth Neufeld RWC HW Pic American geneticist, 1928- 1928-
Joseph Newhouse Pic American economist, health policy scholar, 1942-
Marshall Nirenberg RWF HW Pic American biochemist, geneticist, Nobel Prize (1968) medicine, breaking of genetic code, 1927-2010
Robert Nussbaum Pic American geneticist,  hereditary disorders, 1949-
Michel Nussenzweig Pic American immuniologist, 2009 1955-
Ruth Nussenzweig Pic Austran-born American parasitologist, 1928- ExLink
Walter Orenstein American vaccinologist,
Stuart Orkin RWF Pic American geneticist, pedeartician, 1946-
Peter Orszag HW Pic American economist, Director of Management and Budget Office 2009- Obama 2008 1968-
Michael Osterholm American public health scientist, biosecurity expert, ???
Morton Panish Pic American physical chemist, lasers 2002 1929-
Herb Pardes Pic American psychiatrist, administrator,  1932- ExLink
John Parrish
Michael Peckman
Shmuel Penchas Israeli-born
Charles Peskin Pic American mathematician, neural science 2002 1946-
Roy Pitkin Pic American medical scholar,
Jeffrey Platt
Stanley Plotkin Pic American physician, vaccinologist, 2005
Kenneth Polonsky American medical researcher,   2006 ExLink
Jerome Posner American neurologist, physician,  1932-
Michael Posner Pic American psychologist, 1936-
Samuel Preston Pic American demographer, socioilogist, ??? 1943-
Stanley Prusiner RWF HW Pic American neurologist, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1997), 1942-
Louis Ptacek Pic American neurologist,
Howard Rabinowitz Pic American medical scholar,
Mitchell Rabkin Pic American physician, hospital administrator, 1930- ExLink
Marcus Raichle Pic American neurologist, physiologist, 1937-
Judith Rapoport 1933-
Francine Ratner Kaufman Pic American endocrinologist, 2005
Jeffrey Ravetch RWF Pic American immunologist, 2007 1951-
Frederick Redlich Pic Austrian-born American psychiatrist, academic administrator, 1910-2004
Arthur Reingold
Robert Reischauer Pic American economist, (Jewish father) 1941-
Richard Reitemeier
Arnold Relman American physician, editor, ??? 1923-2014
Alexander Rich RWF Pic American molecular biologist, biophysicist, 1924-2015
Emanuel Rivers
Judith Rodin Pic American psychologist, President of University of Pensylvania 1994-2004, 1944-
Bernard Roizman Pic Moldovan-born American virologist, microbial biologist, 2001 1929-
Peter Rosen
Charles Rosenberg Pic American scholar of history of science/medicine, 1936-
Irwin Rosenberg Pic 1926-
Leon Rosenberg Pic American geneticist, ??? 1933-
Mark Rosenberg Pic
Saul Rosenberg Pic American oncologist,    
Steven Rosenberg Pic American cancer researcher, surgeon,    1940-
Roger Rosenblatt
Barbara Rosenkrantz Pic American historian, history of science, 1923-2014 ExLink
Linda Rosenstock Pic American health specialist, administrator,
Gerald Rosenthal
James Rothman RWF HW Pic American biochemist, biophysicist, research administrator, Nobel Prize (2013) in medicine, 1950-
Arthur Rubinstein
Edward Rubenstein American medical scholar,
John Rubinstein
Gerald Rubin Pic American geneticist, 1950-
Abraham Rudolph Pic South African -born cardiologist,
Kenneth Ryan Pic American medical scholar, 1971 2004
David Sachs Pic American immunologist,
Jeffrey Sachs RWF Pic American economist, economic shock therapy, 1954-
Murray Sachs Pic bioengineering, ???
Peter Salovey RWF Pic American psychologist, 1958-
Alan Saltiel Pic American medical scholar, 2005
Jonathan Samet American epidemiologist, ??? 1997 ExLink
Elain Sarkin Jaffe pathologist, ???
David Savitz Pic American preventive medicine scholar, epidemiologist,  2007
Leonard Schaeffer Pic American chairman/CEO od WellPoint, insuarance,
Alan Schatzberg Pic American psychiatrist,
Joseph Scherger Pic American medical scholar, ???
Gerold Schiebler American medical scholar,
Paul Schimmel Pic American biophysical chemist, transplantional medicine pioneer, ??? 1940-
Joseph Schlessinger RWF HW Pic Croatian-born Israeli American biochemist, 2005 1945-
Stuart Schlossman Pic American immunologist,
Rosella Schlotfeldt American
Steven Schroeder Pic American medical scholar, ???
Robert Schulman Pic American biophysicist, ??? 1324-
Charles Schuster Pic American medical scholar,
Alan Schwartz
Seymour Schwartz Pic American surgeon,
William Schwartz
Edward Scolnick Pic American scientist, president of Merck Research Laboratories 1985-2002 1940-
Sheldon Segal Pic American embriologist, biochemist, 1926-2009
Jonathan Seidman Pic American geneticist, ??? 1950-
Donald Seldin Pic American medical scholar,
Iris Shannon American nursing scholar, ???
Harold Shapiro RWF Pic Canadian-born American president of Prinston 1988-01, 1935-
Larry Shapiro 1946-
Lucy Shapiro RWC Pic American developmental biologist, 1940-
Carla Shatz RWF Pic American neuroscientist, 1947-
Ira Shoulson Pic American medical scholar, neurologist, 2008
Bennett Shaywitz Pic American medical scholar,
Sally Shaywitz Pic American medical scholar,
Michael Shelanski American pathologist,  ???
John Sherman
Charles Sherr Pic American medical geneticist, hemotology
Kenneth Shine Pic   ??? 1935-
Henry Shinefield American medical scholar, ???
Gerald Shulman Pic American medical scholar, ???
Robert Shulman Pic American biophysicist, ??? 1924-
Samuel Silverstein American cell biologist, immunologist, ??? 1996 1947-
Burton Singer Pic American social & political scholar, ???
Maxine Singer RWF Pic American biochemist, DNA chip 1931- Answers
Peter Singer Canadian medical researcher, 2008
Robert Sinsheimer Pic American molecular biologist, initiator of Human Genome Project 1985 1920-
Harold Slavkin  American dentistry scholar, ???
Mark Smith
Richard Smith
Solomon Snyder RWF Pic American neuroscientist, endorphins 1938-
Ralph Snyderman Pic American administrator, immunologist, 1940-
Louis Sokoloff Pic American physiologist, research administrator, 1921-2015
David Solomon
Anne Sommers
Alfred Sommer HW Pic American ophthamologist, epidemiologist, 1995 1942-
Nahum Sonenberg RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli Canadian microbiologist, biochemist, 1946-
Harold Sox American physician,
Frank Speizer Pic American medical researcher,
Allen Spiegel Pic American medical researcher, endocrinologist,
Jonathan Spivack
Mildred Stahlman American pediatrician, ???
George Stark Pic American biochemist, ???
Zena Stein Pic American medical researcher,
Daniel Steinberg Pic American researcher, medicine heart ??? 1995 1922-2015
Ralph Steinman RWF HW Pic Canadian-born American cell biologist, Nobel Prize (2011), 1943-2011
Judith Stern Pic American medical scholar,
Thomas Stossel Pic American hematologist, 1998 1941-
Robert Straus American medical sociologist,
Arnold Strauss Pic American medical scholar,
Jerome Strauss Pic American medical scholar,
Brian Strom Pic American medical scholar,
Jack Strominger Pic American biochemist, immunologist, 1975 1925-
Mervyn Susser Pic South African-born American epidemiologist, 1996
Judith Swain Pic American cellurar cardiologist,
Katherine Swartz Pic American health scholar,
Morton Swartz Pic American medical scholar,
Judith Swazey Pic American president of Acadia Institute, ???
Peter Szolovits
Lawrence Tabak Pic American medical investigator,
George Taber American medical scholar, ???
Steven Tannenbaum Pic American toxicology scholar, 1996
Alvin Tarlov American physician, educator, researcher, ??? 1981
Samuel Thier Pic American President of Institute of Medicine 1985-91, 1937-
Eric Topol Pic American cardiologist, geneticist, 2004 ExLink
Leslie Ungerleider Pic American neuroscientist, psychologist, ??? 2001 1946-
Judith Vaitukaitis Pic American endocrinologist, ??? 1996 1940-
Harold Varmus RWF Pic American microbiologist, virologist, Nobel Prize (1989) in Medicine 1939-
Bert Vogelstein RWF Pic American cancer researcher, 2001 1949-
Joseph Volpe
Edward Wagner
Henry Wagner
Thomas Waldmann Pic American immunologist, ??? 1930-
Edward Wallach American gynecologist,
Lewis Wannamaker Pic American biochemist, 1982 1924-83
Nancy Wexler Pic American neuroscientist, geneticist, research administrator, 1945-
Sheldon Weinbaum Pic American bioengineering scientist,
Burton Weisbrod American economist, 1931-
Myron Weisfeldt Pic American president of American Heart Association, 1996
Arthur Weiss Pic American immunologist, ???, 1952-
Myrna Weissman Pic American epidemiologist, psychiatrist,  ??? 1996
Meir Wilchek RWA HW Pic Polish-born Israeli biochemist, 1993 1935- foreign
Warren Winkelstein Pic American epidemiologist,  1922-2012
Robert Wurtz RWF Pic American neuroscientist, ??? 1997 1936-
Richard Zeckhauser Pic American economist, ??? 1940-
Edward Zigler Pic American psychologist, 1930-
Dorothea Zucker-Franklin Pic German-born American physician, hemotologist,  1929-2015
Charles Zuker Pic Chilean-born American molecular geneticist, neurobiologist,  1957-
Foreign Associates
Aaron Ciechanover RWF HW Pic Israeli biochemist, Nobel Prize (2004) in chemistry, 2008 1947-
David Milstein RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli chemist, 1947-
Nahum Sonenberg RWF HW Pic German-born Israeli Canadian microbiologist, biochemist, 2015 1946-