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Mike d'Abo Pic British songwriter,singer, first cousin
Maryam d'Abo RWF Pic British film/television actress, (Jewish father) first cousin
Olivia d'Abo RWF Pic British actress, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) daughter of Mike
Alexandra Daddario Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) sister
Matthew Daddario Pic American actror, (Jewish mother) brother
Baron Diego d'Aguilar HW Portuguese-born British businessman, father 1699-1759
Baron Ephraim d'Aguilar Pic British businessman, son 1739-1802
Sir George Charles d'Aguilar RWC Pic British military, major general, liutenant governol of Hong Kong, nephew of Ephraim 1784-1955
Hadassah de Boer Pic Dutch presenter, (Jewish maternal grandfather) daughter
Hedy d'Ancona Pic Dutch politician, feminist, minister for welfare, public health,  (Jewish father) mother
Alessandro d'Ancona RWF Pic Italian critic, writer, brother
Samson d'Ancona RWC Israeli politician, senator, brother
Vito d'Ancona Pic Italian painter, brother
d'Avigdor-Goldsmid D'Avigdor-Goldsmid Family
Count Solomon Henri d'Avigdor British , Duke of Acquaviva son-in-law of Isaac Lyon Goldsmid 1815-71
Elim d'Avigdor British engineer, author, son of Solomon 1841-95
Sir Henry d'Avigdor-Goldsmid RWC Pic Conservative MP 1955-74 son of Osmond 1909-76
Sir James d'Avigdor-Goldsmid RWC Pic Conservative MP 1970-74 son of Osmond 1912-87
Sir Osmond d'Avigdor-Goldsmid Pic president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews 1926-33 cousin of Julian 1877-1940
Sheila van Damm Pic British racing driver, daughter
Vivian van Damm Pic British theater impresario, father
Frank Damrosch Pic German-born American conductor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Frank Damrosch, Jr American Episcopal priest, author, (Jewish great paternal grandfather) grandson
Leopold Damrosch HW Pic German-born American conductor, violinist, (Jewish father) father
Walter Damrosch RWF HW Pic German-born American composer, conductor, librettist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Clara Mannes German-born American musician, music educator, (Jewish paternal grandfather) sister of Walter
David Mannes Pic American violinist, conductor, educator, husband of Clara
Leopold Mannes Pic American musician, inventor, Kodachrome, (Jewish father, 1/4 Jewish mother) son of Clara/David
Marya Mannes Pic American author, critic, (Jewish father, 1/4 jewish mother) daughter of Clara/David
Jenni Calder Pic British literary historian, daughter
David Daiches British literary historian, critic, father
Aubrey Dan Pic Canadian businessman, philanthropist, producer, impresario, son
Leslie Dan Pic Hungarian-born Canadian businessman, father
Lidya Dan RWF Ukrainian-born political figure, wife of Fyodor, sister of Julius
Fyodor Dan RWF Pic Russian politician, Menshevik Party, brother-in-law
Julius Martov RWF HW Pic Turkish-born Russian Menshevik Party Leader, brother-in-law
Bill Dana Pic American comedian, actor, screenwriter, brother
Irving Szathmary Pic American musical composer, arranger, brother
Greg Daniels RWF Pic American television comedy writer, director, producer, brother-in-law
Paul Lieberstein RWF Pic American screenwriter, actor, television producer, brother-in-law
Aleksandr Danilevsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Russian biochemist, phisiologist, (Jewish father) Corr, brother
Vasily Danilevsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet physiologist, brother
Eli Danker RWF HW Pic Israeli actor,    father
Ran Danker HW Pic American-born Israeli singer, actor, model, son
Arsene Darmesteter Pic French philologist,    brother
James Darmesteter Pic French author, orientalist, antquarian,   brother
Gerard Darmon RWF Pic French actor, singer,  husband
Victor Haim Pic French playwright, actor, screenwriter,  father of Mathilda
Mathilda May Pic French film actress, (Jewish father) wife
Sonia Darrin Pic American film actress, mother
Dorian Paskowitz Pic American surfer, physician, health guru, brother of Sonia
Mason Reese Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) son
Rene Bloch RWC German-born French military, admiral, nephew of Marcel
Laurent Dassault RWF Pic son of Serge
Marcel Dassault RWF Pic French aitcraft industrialist, founder/owner of Dassault Aviation SA brother
Olivier Dassault RWF Pic French politician, businessman, MP son of Serge
Serge Dassault RWF Pic French entrepreneur, son of Marcel
Darius Dassault RWF Pic French's Fifth Army Corps Commander  brother
Marie-Helene Habert Pic daughter of Serge
Joe Dassin RWC HW Pic American singer/songwriter, son
Jules Dassin RWF Pic American film director, father
Beatrice Launer American violinist, mother
Moshe Datz HW Pic Israeli singer, husband
Orna Datz HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, television presenter, wife
Alexa Davalos RWF Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Jeff Dunas Pic American photograper, publisher, father
Hal David Pic American songwriter, lyricist, brother
Mack David Pic American songwriter, brother
Larry David RWF HW Pic American screenwriter, actor, comedian, film producer, director, husband
Laurie David Pic American author, blogger, television writer/producer, enviromental activist, wife
C. L. David Danish lawyer, businessman, art collector, grandson
Christian David RWC Danish Minister of Finance 1864-65 grandfather
Edouard Stern Pic French banker, son-in-law of Michel
David David-Weill Pic French chairman of Lazard Freres, grandfather Lazard Freres 1871-1952
John David-Weill brother of Pierre
Michel David-Weill Pic French-born American chairman of Lazard Freres, son Lazard Freres
Pierre David-Weill Pic chairman father Lazard Freres 1900-75
Alexandre David-Weill Pic co-founder 1858 of Jazard Freres et Cie, Lazard Freres et Cie
Elias Lazard co-founder 1858 Lazard Freres et Cie
Simon Lazard co-founder 1858 Lazard Freres et Cie
Alexander Sitkovetsky RWF Pic Russian-born British violinist, cousin of Dmitriy
Bella Davidovich RWF Pic Azerbaijani-born Russian American pianist, mother
Dmitriy Sitkovetsky RWF Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet American violinist, conductor, son
Yulian Sitkovetsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet violinist,  father
Aron Davidson RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, brother
Boris Davidson RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, brother
Adam Davidson Pic American actor, director, son
Gordon Davidson Pic American stage/film director, producer, father
William Davidson Pic American chairman of Gurdian Industries Corp., stepfather
Elizabeth Reaser RWF HW Pic American film/television/stage actress, (Jewish stepfather; mother: Jewish convert) stepdaughter
Magnus Davidsohn Pic German cantor, opera singer, father
Ilse Stanley RWF Pic German resistance member, daughter
Charles Ellis Davies Australian politician, (Jewish father) son
John Davies British-born Australian newspaper co-foundrer/publisher, father
Sir John George Davis Pic Australian politician, newspaper proprietor, (Jewish father) son
Diego Arias Davila RWC Spanish Minister of Finance, grandfather
Juan Arias Davila RWC Bishop of Segovia, (Jewish father)  son of Diego
Pedro Arias Davila (el Valiente) RWC Pic Spanish military commander, (Jewish father) son of Diego
Francisco Javier Arias Davila RWC Pic Spanish mayor of Madrid, 1864 son of el Valente
Pedro Arias Davila RWC Pic Spanish colonial administrator, (converso) son of el Valente Pedrarias
Barbara Davis Pic American socialite, philanthtropist, mother
Brandon Davis Pic American socialite, (Jewish mother) grandson
Jason Davis Pic American actor, socialite, (Jewish mother) grandson
John Davis Pic American film producer, executive, son
Marvin Davis RWF Pic American businessman, father
Andrew Davis Pic American film director, producer, cinematographer, son
Metta Davis Pic American actress, mother
Nathan Davis Pic American film/television actor, father
Richard Peter Davis Pic American guitarist, bandleader, son
Jo Ellen Friedman daughter
Al Davis Pic American Football Leage Commisioner 1966 father
Mark Davis Pic American principal owner of Oakland Raiders, son
Clyde Davis American journalist, novelist, ??? father
David Brion Davis Pic American historian, (convert to Judaism) son
Clive Davis Pic American president 1967-72 of Columbia Records, Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment, father
Doug Davis Pic American music industry executive, entertainment lawyer, sports agent, son
Alexei Davidov RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian cellist, composer, banker, industrialist, son of August
August Davidov RWF Pic Russian mathematician, engineer, brother
Karl Davydov RWF Pic Latvian-born Russian cellist, composer, conductor, pedagogue, brother
May Britt RWF Pic Swedish film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) wife
Sammy Davis, Jr RWF HW Pic American dancer, singer, multi-instumentalist, (convert to Judaism) husband
Assi Dayan RWF HW Pic Israeli film actor, producer, director, screenwriter, son of Moshe
Dani Dayan HW Pic Argentine-born Israeli right political leader, chairman of Yesha Counsil 2007-13, cousin of Ilana
Ilana Dayan HW Pic Argentine-born Israeli investigative journalist, anchoRWFoman, cousin of Dani
Moshe Dayan RWF HW Pic Israeli military leader, politician, Defence  Minister 1967-  , Foreign Minister 1977-79, father
Shmuel Dayan RWF HW Pic Israeli politician,   grandfather
Uzi Dayan RWC Pic Israeli military, politician, major general,   nephew of Moshe
Yael Dayan RWC HW Pic Israeli writer, politician,  daughter of Moshe
Aviv Geffen RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/sonwriter, guitarist. son of Yonathan
Shira Geffen HW Pic Israeli actress, dauther of Yonathan
Yehonatan Geffen RWF HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, author, poet, journalist, playwright, nephew of Moshe
Etgar Keret RWF Pic Israeli writer, screenwriter, playwright, husband of Shira
Amos de-Shalit RWA HW Pic Israeli nuclear physicist, administrator, father
Avner de-Shalit HW Israeli political scientist, son
Ehud de-Shalit HW Israeli mathematician, son
Arthur Goldreich Pic South African Israeli abstract painter, anti-apartheid activist, brother-in-law of Amos
Debre/Schwartz Debre Family
Bernard Debre RWC Pic former minister grandson Jewish paternal grandfather
Jean-Louis Debre RWC Pic Minister of Interior 1995-97, president of  French National Assembly 2002-07, grandson Jewish paternal grandfather
Michel Debre RWF HW Pic prime minister 1959-62 Minister of Defence Foreign Minister (Jewish father) son
Olivier Debre RWF Pic French painter, (Jewish father) son
Robert Debre Pic French pediatrician,   father
Simon Debre Pic French rabbi, writer, grandfather
Jacques Hadamard RWF HW Pic French mathematician, functional analysis brother-in-law of Simon
Anselme Schwartz Pic French physician, surgeon, son of Simon
Bertrand Schwartz Pic French educator, pedagogue, son of Anselme
Daniel Schwartz French medical statistcian, son of Anselme
Laurent Schwartz RWF HW Pic French mathematician, Fields medal (1950) son of Anselme
Baroness Ruth Deech Pic British educator, cousin
Maurice Frankel Pic British director of Freedom of Information in United Kingdom, cousin
Olive Deering Pic American stage/film/television actress, sister
Leo Penn Pic American director, actor, husband of Olive
Alfred Ryder Pic American film/television/radio actor, brother
Gavin DeGraw Pic American musician, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) brother
Joey DeGraw Pic American musician, singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother) brother
David Dein Pic British vice chairman of Arsenal Fooball Club, father
Gavin Dein Pic British CEO of Reward, son
Gene Deitch Pic American Czech illustrator, animator, film director, father
Kim Deitch Pic American comics writer, son
Daniel De Leon RWC Pic Dutch American head of American Socialist Labour Party, father
Solon De Leon American author, editor, son
Cara Delevingne Pic British actress, model, (Jewish maternal great great grandfather),
Sir George Faudel-Phillips RWC Pic London Lord Mayor 1896-97
Sir Benjamin Samuel Phillips Pic London Lord Mayor 1865-66
Adam Dell Pic American venture caputalist, brother
Michael Dell RWF HW Pic American businessman, founder, owner of Dell, inc, brother
Alex Dellal Pic South African-born British curator, (Jewish father) son of Guy
Alice Dellal Pic Brazilian-born British model, (Jewish father) daughter of Guy
Charlotte Dellal Pic South African-born British fashion designer, shoes, (Jewish father) daughter of Guy
Gaby Dellal Pic British actress, film director, screenwriter, daughter of Jack
Guy Dellal British businessman, son of Jack
Jack Dellal Pic British property investor, grandfather
Jasmine Dellal Pic British film producer/director/editor, daughter of Jack
Lorraine Dellal Pic American businesswoman, Geminola, daughter of Jack Geminola
Suzanne Dellal Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and theater daughter of Jack
Zack Dellal son of Jack
Domino Kirke Pic American pop rock band vocalist, (Jewish mother) daughter of Lorraine Domino
Jemima Kirke RWF Pic British-born American painter, actress, (Jewish mother) daughter of Lorraine
Lola Kirke RWF Pic British-born American actress, (Jewish mother) daughter of Lorraine
Eric Arturo Delvalle HW Pic president of Panama 1985-88 nephew
Max Delvalle RWC HW Pic vice president of Panama 1964-68 president of Panama 1967 uncle
Raul Delvalle Panamian MP 1984-89 brother of Eric Arturo
Clara Beranger Pic American screenwriter, wife of William
Agnes de Mille RWF Pic American dancer, choreographer, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of William
Richard de Mille Pic American author, investigative journalist, psychologist, son
Cecil DeMille RWF Pic British-born American director, producer, (Jewish mother) brother
Katherine DeMille Pic Canadian-born American film actress, (Jewish paternal grandmother) daughter of Cecill
Matilda Beatrice deMille Pic British  playwright, screenwriter, theatre actress, entrepreneur, mother of Cecil/William
William DeMille RWF Pic American screenwriter, film director/producer, (Jewish mother) brother
Andrew Denton Pic Australian journalist, comedian, television presenter, son
Kit Denton Pic British-born Australian writer, broadcaster, father
Hartwig Derenbourg Pic German orientalist,    son
Joseph Derenbourg Pic French-born German orientalist,   father
David Dermer Pic American mayor of Miami Beach, Florida son
Jay Dermer Pic Miami Beach, Florida father
Ron Dermer RWC HW Pic American-born Israeli journalist, diplomat, son
Bernhard Dernburg Pic German financier, colonial secretary,  Vice Chansellor of Germany 1919, (Jewish father) son
Friedrich Dernburg Pic German journalist, politician, brother
Heinrich Dernburg RWC Pic German legal scholar, politician, (Jewish father) brother
Pierre Alferi Pic French novelist, poet, essayist, art critic, son
Jacques Derrida RWF HW Pic Algerian-born French philosopher, literary scholar, father
Felix Otto Dessoff Pic German conductor, composer,   father
Margarete Dessoff Pic Austrian-born German choral conductor, singer, voice teacher,    daughter
Julius Deutsch RWF Pic Austrian politician, MP 1920-33, general, Minister of Defense, uncle
Karl Deutsch RWF Pic Czech-born German-American social/political scientist,  nephew
Maria Scharf Deutsch Czech politician, MP 1918- mother of Karl
Ruth Berghaus Pic German choreographer, opera/theater director, ??? wife of Paul
Bernhard Dessau RWF German violinist, composer, uncle of Paul
Paul Dessau RWF HW Pic German composer, conductor,    cousin
Jean Gilbert Pic German operetta composer, conductor, cousin
Robert Gilbert German composer, lyricist, songwriter/singer, son of Jean
Henry Winterfeld Pic German author, children's books, son of Jean
Natalie Dessay RWF Pic French opera singer, (convert to Judaism) wife
Laurent Naouri RWF Pic French opera singer, bass-baritone, husband
Ferdinand Dessoir German stage actor,  (Jewish father) son
Ludwig Dessoir Pic German stage actor,  father
Max Dessoir Pic German philosopher, psychologist, son
Babette Deutsch Pic American poet, critic, translator, novelist, wife
Adam Yarmolinsky Pic American special assistant to the Secretary of Defense 1961-64, son
Avrahm Yarmolinsky Pic Ukrainian-born American translator, author, literary critic, historian, husband
Howard Deutch RWF Pic American film/television director, father
Madelyn Deutch Pic American actress, songwriter, (Jewish father)  daughter
Zoey Deutch RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Robert Walden Pic American film/television actor,    uncle of Howard
Felix Deutsch Pic Austrian-born American internist, psychoanalyst, father
Helene Deutsch Pic Austrian-born American psychologist, mother
Martin Deutsch Pic Austrian-born American physicist, discovered positronium (85) son
Peter Deutsch Pic American computer scientist, founder of Alladin Enterprises, son of Martin
David Deutsch Pic American advertising executive, artist, Deutsch Inc, father
Donny Deutsch Pic American talk show host, chairman of Deutsch Inc, son
Deutsch de la Meurthe
Emile Deutsch de la Meurthe French businessman, brother
Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe Pic French petroleum businessman, brother
Suzanne Deutsch de la Meurthe French philanthropist,                 daughter of Henri
Alma Deutscher RWF Pic British composer, pianist, violinist, child prodigy, (Jewish father) daughter
Guy Deutscher Pic Israeli-born British  linguist, father
Lisa Brenner Pic American film/television actress, wife of Dean
Dean Devlin Pic American actor, screenwriter, producer, (Jewish father) son
Don Devlin Pic American producer, screenwriter, actor, father
Jared Diamond RWF HW Pic American evolutionary biologist, biogeographer, son
Louis Diamond Pic Moldovan-born American pediatrician, hematologist, father
Samuel Dickstein RWE Pic Polish mathematician, historian of science, brother
Szymon Dickstein Pic Polish marxist, biologist, translator, brother
Mark Diesendorf Pic Australian environmentalist, writer,(Jewish father) son
Walter Diesendorf Pic Austrian-born Australian electrical engineer, father
Barry Diller RWF Pic American businessman, executive, husband
Diane von Furstenberg RWF HW Pic Belgian-born fashion designer, founder of Diane von Furstenberg, wife
Clarence Dillon RWF American owner of Dillon, Read & Co., (Jewish father) father Dillon, Read & Co.
Douglas Dillon RWF Pic Secretary of Treasury 1961-65 John Kennedy, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son
Jim Dine Pic American pop artist, brother
Tom Dine American senior policy advicer, brother
Harvey Dinnerstein Pic Ameican figurative artist, educator, brother
Simon Dinnerstein Pic American painter, printmaker, brother
Simone Dinnerstein Pic American virtuoso concert pianist, daughter of Simon
Bob Dishy Pic American stage/television actor, husband
Judy Graubart Pic American film/television actress, comedian,  wife
George Basevi Pic British architect, cousin
Earl Benjamin Disraeli RWF HW Pic British writer, prime minister of United Kingdom 1868 1874-1880 cousin RWN
Coningsby Disraeli Pic British politician, son of Ralph
Ralph Disraeli brother of Benjamin
Benjamin D'Israeli Italian-born British merchant, financier, grandfather ofBenjamin
Isaac D'Israeli HW Pic British writer, scholar,   father of Benjamin
Sacha Distel HW Pic French singer, guitarist, (Jewish mother) nephew
Ray Ventura Pic French jazz bandleader, uncle
Sir Harry Djanogly Pic British textile manufacrurer, father
Jonathan Djanogly Pic Conservative MP 2001- , solicitor, son
Alexandru Dobrogeanu-Gherea RWE HW Pic Romanian politician,  MP 1920 son
Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Romanian sociologist, politician, literary critic, journalist, father
Ionel Gherea Romanian philosopher, essayist, concert pianist, translator, son
Alfred Doblin RWF HW Pic German/Polish-born German novelist, father
Wolfgang Doblin Pic German-born French mathematician,  son
David Dodin RWC Pic Soviet/Russian geologist, brother
Lev Dodin RWF Pic Russian theater director, brother
Stanislav Doletsky Pic Soviet pediatric surgeon, son
Yakov Doletsky RWC Pic Polish-born Soviet People's Commissar for Internal Affairs of USSR, Lithuania, Belarusia, father
Aleksandr Dolin RWF Moldovan-born neuropathologist, physiologist,
Aleksandr Dolin RWF Soviet/Russian japanologist, orientalist, translator, brother of Veronica
Anton Dolin RWF Russian film critic, journalist, (Jewish mother) son
Oleg Dolin RWF Russian stage/film actor, (Jewish mother) son
Veronica Dolina mother
Marina Levtova RWF Pic Soviet/Russian stage/film actress, second cousin of Veronica
Fania Zborovskaya RWF Soviet pediatrician,
Polina Dolinskaya RWF Pic Russian stage/film actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Vladimir Dolinsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian actor, father
Yevgeny Dolmatovsky RWF Pic Russian poet, librettist, songwriter, brother
Yuri Dolmatovsky RWF Pic Soviet journalist, writer, artist, car designer, brother
Hilde Domin Pic German poet, writer, wife
Erwin Walter Palm Pic German scholar, historian, writer, husband
Angelo Donati Pic Italian banker, philanthropist, first cousin of Piero
Augusto Donati Italian lawyer, brother of Angelo
Donato Donati Italian president of University
Enrico Donati Pic Italian-born American painter, sculptor,
Lazzaro Donati Italian banker, brother of Angelo
Mario Donati
Pio Donati Italian politician, lawyer,
Nino Priests son of Emilio
Emilio Sacerdoti Italian banker,
Piero Sacerdoti Pic Italian legal scholar, businessman, first cousin of Angelo
Joshua Donen American film producer, (Jewish father) son
Mark Donen    (Jewish father) son
Peter Donen Pic American vusual effects supervisor,  (Jewish father) son
Stanley Donen RWF Pic American film director, choreographer, father
Harry Donenfeld Pic Romanian-born American publisher,DC Comics, father
Irwin Donenfeld Pic American executive VP of DC Comics, son
Lauren Shuler Donner Pic American fim producer,  wife
Richard Donner RWF HW Pic American film producer, director, 2nd husband
Mark Rosenberg Pic American film producer, 1st husband
Henckel von Donnersmarck Family Semi-Gotha
Count Henckel von Donnersmarck Pic German nobleman, industrial magnate, husband
Countess Henckel von Donnesmarck Pic French courtesan, (La-Paiva) Esther Lachmann wife
Florian Henckel von Donnesmarck German film director,
Hugo Henckel von Donnesmarck Pic German Austrian entrepreneur, 1811-90
Lazarus Henckel 1551-1624
Stephen Dorff Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) son
Steve Dorff Pic American songwriter, composer, father
Albert Dorfman Pic American biochemist, chairman, founder of AECOM, brother
Ralph Dorfman Pic American biochemist, brother
Nathan Jacobson RWF HW Pic Polish-born American mathematician, brother-in-law
Boris Dorfman RWE Pic Moldovan-born journalist, activist, father
Michael Dorfman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Israeli journalist, writer, essayist, son
Cameron Douglas RWF Pic American actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Michael
Eric Douglas Pic American actor, stand-up comedian, (Jewish father) son
Joel Douglas Pic American film producer, (Jewish father) son
Kirk Douglas RWF HW Pic American actor, film producer, father
Michael Douglas RWF HW Pic American actor, producer,  (Jewish father) son
Peter Douglas Pic American film producer, director, (Jewish father) son
Jonathan Axelrod Pic American film/television producer, husband of Illeana
George Douglas American actor, (Jewish father) son of Edouard
Illeana Douglas RWF Pic American actress, director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) granddaughter of Melvyn
Melvyn Douglas RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) son of Edouard
Edouard Hesselberg RWF Latvian-born American pianist, composer, father of Melvyn
Jim Downey Pic American comedy writer, ocasional writer, (Jewish father) brother of Robert, Sr
Robert Downey, Jr RWF HW Pic American actor, film director, producer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) father
Robert Downey, Sr RWF Pic American film director, producer, (Jewish father 75%) son
Susan Downey RWF HW Pic American film producer, executive, wife of Robert Jr
Sidney Drell RWF Pic American particle physicist, father
Persis Drell Pic American particle physicist, daughter
Fran Drescher RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, comedian, producer, wife
Mort Drescher Pic American actor, father of Fran
Sylvia Drescher Pic American actress, mother of Fran
Peter M. Jacobson RWF Pic American television writer, director, producer, actor, husband of Fran
Aaron Dessner Pic American multi-insrumentalist, brother
Bryce Dessner Pic American composer, guitarist, brother
George Dreyfus Pic German-born Australian composer, father
Mark Dreyfus Pic Australian politician, Labor Party MP 2007- , Minister of Justice 2013- , son
Hubert Dreyfus RWF Pic American philosopher, artifical intelligence, brother
Stuart Dreyfus Pic American operation researcher, brother
Camille Dreyfus Pic Swiss-born co-founder of Celanese Corporation, brother
Henry Dreyfus Pic Swiss-born co-founder of Celanese Corporation, brother
Alfred Dreyfus RWN HW Pic French army officer, falsely convicted of treason, brother
Mathieu Dreyfus Pic French industrialist, brother
Bernard Stirn great-nephew of Alfred/Mathieu
Olivier Stirn RWC Pic French politician, MP , Minister of Tourism, great-nephew of Alfred/Mathieu
Francis Dreyfus Pic French record producer, Dreyfus Records, father
Julie Dreyfus HW Pic French actress, (Jewish father) daughter
Auguste Dreyfus Pic French businessman, father
Count Edouard Dreyfus Gonzalez French businessman, lawyer, painter, writer, (Jewish father) son
Emilie de Villahermose daughter
Count Luis Maria Archibaldo   (Jewish paternal grandfather) son of Edouard
Michel Dreyfus-Schmidt Pic French politician, son
Pierre Dreyfus-Schmidt Pic Deputy in the National Assembly father
Lorin Dreyfuss Pic American actor, film producer, screewriter, brother
Natalie Dreyfuss Pic American film/television actress, daughter of Lorin
Richard Dreyfuss RWF HW Pic American actor, brother
Jean Drucker Pic French TV top executive, brother
Lea Drucker Pic French actress, niece of Michel, Jean
Marie Drucker Pic French journalist, television personality, daughter of Jean
Michel Drucker HW Pic French journalist, television host, brother
Peter Drucker RWF HW Pic Austrian-born American management expert, grandfather
Nova Spivack Pic American technology entrepreneur, grandson
Raviv Drucker HW Pic Israeli political commentator, investigative reporter, publicist, husband
Anat Goren HW Pic Israeli journalist, documentary filmmaker,  wife
Pamela Druckerman Pic American author, journalist, wife
Adam Kuper South African-born British anthropologist, father of Simon
Simon Kuper Pic Ugandian-born British author, husband
John Druker American founder of Druker Company, grandfather
Ronald Druker Pic American president of Druker Company, The Colonnade, grandson
Maurice Druon RWF Pic Minister of Cultural Affairs 1973-74 nephew
Joseph Kessel RWF Pic Argentine-born French novelist, journalist, uncle
Sydney Chaplin RWF Pic British actor, (Jewish father), half-brother of Charlie Chaplin half-brother of Wheeler & Charlie
Leo Dryden Pic British comedian,  grandfather ExLink
Spencer Dryden Pic American drummer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) grandson
Wheeler Dryden Pic British actor, film director, (Jewish father) half-brother of Charlie Chaplin son ExLink
Eric Drysdale HW Pic American comedy writer, screenwriter, brother
Rebecca Drysdale Pic American comedian, sister
Ellen Dubin Pic Canadian television actress, wife
Jay Switzer Pic Canadian television executive, husband
Simon Dubnow RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Latvian historian, father-in-law
Sophia Dubnow-Ehrlich Belarusian-born poet, activist, critic, translator, wife of Henryk
Henryk Ehrlich RWF HW Pic Polish-born leader of Bund, son-in-law
Gerasim Eliashberg RWF Pic Russian theoretical physicist,
Iosif Tronsky RWF Pic Soviet/Rossian philologist, nephew of Simon
Isaac Trotsky RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet historian, nephew of Simon
Heather Dubrow Pic American film/television actress, wife of Terry
Kevin DuBrow Pic Amercan singer, brother
Terry Dubrow Pic American plastic surgeon, television personality, brother
Sean Altman Pic American singer/songwriter, husband of Inna
Inna Dukach Pic American opera singer, soprano, sister
Semyon Dukach Russian-born American gambler,  brother
Jason Chaffetz Pic American representitive, 2009- , (Jewish father) half-brother
John Dukakis Pic American film actor, (Jewish mother) half-brother
Kitty Dukakis Pic wife of Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, (not jewish maternal grandfather) mother
Maksim Dunayevsky RWF HW Pic Soviet/Russian film composer, (Jewish father) son
Isaak Dunayevsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet songwriter, composer, conductor, father
Grace Dunham Pic American actress, poet, (Jewish mother) daughter
Lena Dunham RWF HW Pic American film/television director, film/television writer, actress, (Jewish mother) daughter
Laurie Simmons Pic American artist, photographer, mother
Ewald Andre Dupont Pic German American film director,   brother
Gretl Dupont German-born actress, ??? wife of Evald
Ilse Lotz-Dupont German actress, screenwriter, sister
Maurice Bloch Pic French-born British anthropologist, second nephew of Marcell
Emile Durkheim RWF HW Pic French sociologist, philosopher, anthropologist, uncle
Marcel Mauss RWF HW Pic French sociologist, anthropologist, nephew
Peter Askin Pic American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, grandson of Joseph
Douglas Durst Pic American president of Durst Organization, son of Seymour
Jonathan Durst American real estate investor, developer, cousin of Douglas
Joseph Durst Pic Polish-born American founder 915 of Durst Organization, grandfather
Robert Durst American real estate investor, developer, brother of Seymour
Seymour Durst Pic American real estate investor, developer, father
Bernice Herstein American sociality, mother
Adam Dutkiewicz Pic American guitarist, backup vocalist, ??? brother
Tobias Dutkiewicz Pic American vocalist, ??? brother
Henry Duveen Pic Dutch art dealer, philathelist, brother of Joseph
Baron Joseph Duveen Pic British art dealer, brother-in-law
Rene Gimpel Pic French art dealer, brother-in-law
Jay Duplass Pic American director, actor, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather 1/16) brother
Mark Duplass Pic American film director/producer, actor, musician, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal great-grandfather 1/16) brother
Vladimir Dvorkin RWC Pic Russian/Soviet military executive, major general, son
Zinovy Dvorkin RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military executive, lieutenant general, father
Arkady Dvorkovich RWC Pic Russian public servant, Deputy Prime Minister 2012- , brother
Mikhail Dvorkovich RWC Pic Russian businessman, politician, brother
Nevil Dwek Pic American film director, husband
Val Dwek founder, chairman of Republican National Bank, father of Nevil
Amy Raiter Pic American socialite,  publicist, wife
Bernard Dwork Pic American mathematician, father
Cynthia Dwork RWC Pic American computer scientist, daughter
Deborah Dwork Pic American historian, daughter
Sally Dworsky Pic American singer/songwriter, voice avtress, sister
Richard Dworsky Pic American pianist, composer, bandleader, brother
Ivan Dykhovichny RWF Pic Russian/Soviet director, screenwriter, son of Vladimir
Nina Dykhovichnaya RWF Russian/Soviet architect, engineer, constructor, sister
Vladimir Dykhovichny RWF Pic Russian/Soviet playwright, songwriter, poet,  brother
Yury Dykhovichny RWF Russian/Soviet architect, engineer, constructor, brother
Alexei Venediktov RWF Pic Russian journalist, television presenter, president of Ekho TV, (Jewish mother) grandson of Nina
Aminadav Dykman HW Polish-born Israeli translator, literary scholar, son
Shlomo Dykman RWA HW Pic Polish-born Israeli critic, translator,    father
Bob Dylan RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Nobel Prize (2016) in Literature, father
Jakob Dylan RWF Pic American lead singer, songwriter, son
Jesse Dylan Pic American film director, son
Sara Dylan Pic American fashion model, actress, first wife of Bob
Peter Himmelman Pic American singer/songwriter, rock guitarist, husband of Bob's daughter