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Sir David Ximenes RWC Pic British officer, landowner, lieutenant general, Ximenes David
Sir Morris Ximenes British landowner, Ximenes Morris
Jessi Cruickshank Pic Canadian television personality, (Jewish mother)
Lauv Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Margot Bingham Pic American actress, singer/songwriter (Jewish mother)
Molly Tarlov Pic American actress,
Mark Lester Pic British actor, (Jewish father)
Aya Cash Pic American film/television/stage actress, (Jewish father)
Ruby Jerins Pic American actress, (Jewish mother)
Sterling Jerins Pic American actress, (Jewish mother)
Katie Lowes Pic American actress, theater director, (Jewish mother)
Jonas Blue Pic American songwriter, record producer, remixer,
Murielle Telio Pic American actress, (Jewish father)
Inga Cadranel Pic Canadian actress, (Jewish father)
Stephan Schneider American actor,
Andrea Gabriel Pic American film/television actress,
Dominic Fumusa Pic American film/television actor, (convert to Judaism)
Ilana Levine Pic American actress,
Alex Pall Pic American record producer, (Jewish father)
Jon Ossoff Pic American documentary filmmaker, politician,
Sarah Gertrude Shapiro Pic American documentary filmmaker, television director, writer, (Jewish father)
Beau Willimon Pic American playwright, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father)
Gary Fleder Pic American film director/producer, screenwriter,
Jonah Platt Pic American actor, writer, singer, producer,
Ann Shoket Pic American editor-in-chief of magazine Seventeen,,
Jon Bass Pic American actor, comedian,
Greg Proops Pic American comedian, actor, television host, (Jewish father)
Todd Rundgren Pic American mulri-instrumenalist, singer/songwriter, record producer, (Jewish father)
Derrick Monasterio Pic Filipino actor, dancer, singer, (Jewish biological paternal grandmother)
Amelia Rose Blaire Pic American actress,
Malina Weissman Pic American actress, model, ???
Fay Wolf Pic American actress, pianist, singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Jael Strauss Pic American model, (Jewish father)
Ronen Rubinstein Pic Israeli-born American actor,
Blanche Pic Belgian singer/songwriter, (Jewish mother)
Roman Kolinka Pic French actor, (Jewish father)
Jason Kander Pic American politician, (Jewish father)
Barry Livingston Pic American actor, (Jewish father)
Stanley Livingston Pic American actor, (Jewish father)
Camila Giorgi Pic Italian tennis player, (Jewish descent) ???
Natasha Slayton Pic American actress, singer, (Jewish father)
Alexander DiPersia Pic American actor, (Jewish mother)
Mindy Minn Pic American digital media strategist, businesswoman, political consultant. politician,
Ebon Moss-Bachrach Pic American actor,
Pierre du Pont IV Pic American politician, Governor of Dalaware (Jewish descent 1/64)
Hannah Jeter Pic American fashion model, (Jewish descent 1/8)
Elizabeth Wretzky Pic American rock musician, (Jewish father)
Scott Clifton Pic American actor, singer/songwriter, musician, video blogger, (Jewish father)
James Norton Pic British actor, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Ari Millen Pic Canadian actor,
Santino Rice Pic American fasshion designer, television personality, (Jewish descent)
Angela Warnick Buchdahl Pic American rabbi,
Josette Halpert Pic Canadian actress,
Keith Ablow Pic American psychiatrist, author,  television personality,
Paul Herman Pic American actor,
Ben Gillies Pic Australian musician, drummer, (Jewish discent 1/8)
Ebro Darden Pic American radio show host, (Jewish mother)
Hovi Star Pic Israeli singer,
Brooklyn Beckham Pic British-born model, photographer, (Jewish descent)
Megan Boone Pic American actress, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Sarah Hay Pic American actress, ballet dancer,
Raymond Ochoa Pic American actor, (Jewish descent, 1/8)
Ian Kessner Pic Canadian film writer, director, producer,
DJ A-Trak Pic Canadian DJ record producer, music label executive,
Sylvia Young Pic British founder, principal of Sylvia Young Theatre School,
Frances Ruffelle Pic British stage actress, (Jewish mother)
Eliza Doolittle Pic British singer, songwriter, (Jewish maternal grandmother)
Jeanne Balibar RWF Pic French actress, singer,
Mindy Sterling Pic American actress, comedian,
Zach Galligan Pic American actor, (Jewish descent 1/8)
ED Basmaster American internet personality, (Jewish mother)
Mike Einziger Pic American guitarist, Incubus,
DJ Drama Pic American DJ, record executive, (Jewish mother)
Meredith Salenger Pic American actress,
Stan Berenstain American writer, illustrator,
Michael Sands Pic American actor, fashio print model, (Jewish father)
Bel Powley Pic British actress, (Jewish mother)
Jesse Wellens American internet personality, (half Jewish)
Zack de la Rocha Pic American musician, poet, rapper, activist, (Jewish paternal descent)
Valerie Jarrett Pic American attorney, businesswoman, civil leader, (Jewish discent)
Jon Gries Pic American actor, writer, director, (Jewish father)
Sam Lerner Pic American actor,
Naomi Grossman Pic American comedian, actress,
Austin Abrams Pic American actor,
Jess Glynne Pic British singer/songwriter,
Brian Molko Pic British musician, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, (Jewish mother)
Skyler Gisondo Pic American actor, (Jewish descent 3/4)
Loren Dean Pic American actor, (Jewish mother)
Liliana Mumy Pic American actress, (Jewish mother)
Noah Silver Pic American actor, (Jewish father)
Xavier Samuel Pic Australian actor, ???
Wil Wheaton Pic American actor, writer, blogger, (Jewish maternal descent 1/8)
Martha Plimpton Pic American actress, singer, model, (Jewish descent)
Shane Harper Pic American musician, actor, singer/sondwriter, dancer, (Jewish descent)
Sam Woolf Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father)
Alana Haim American vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, Haim,
Daniele Haim American vocalist, guitarist,Haim,
Este Haim American vocalist, bassist, Haim,
Erich Bergen Pic American stage/film actor, (Jewish father)
Sky Ferreira Pic American singer/songwriter, model actress, (Jewish maternal descent),
Hutch Dano Pic American actor, writer, producer, musician, artist, (Jewish maternal descent 1/8)
Josh Feldman Pic American actor, writer,
Joseph Mazzello Pic American actror, director, screenwriter, (Jewish descent 1/8)
Kyle Gallner Pic American actor, (Jewish father)
Kevin James Pic American comedian, actor, writer, producer, (Jewish maternal discent)
Gary Valentine Pic American comedian, actor, writer, (Jewish maternal discent)
Michael Aloni Pic Israeli actor, television presenter,
Shane West Pic American actor, punk rock musician, songwriter, (Jewish paternal descent)
Connor Paolo Pic American actor, (Jewish mother)
Bear Grylls Pic British adventurer, writer, television presenter, (Jewish descent 1/32)
Toby Huntington-Whiteley Pic British model, (Jewish father 3/4)
Stefanie Powers Pic American actress, (Jewish father)
Apollonia Kotero Pic American actress, singer, model, talent manager, (Jewish descent) ???
Shiva Rose Pic American actress, activist, blogger, (Jewish mother)
Heath Ledger Pic Australian actor, director, (Jewish descent 1/16)
Lisa Marie Varon Pic American professional wrestler, bodybuilder,
Cliff Burton Pic American musician, songwriter, (Jewish mother)
Alexis Denisof RWF Pic American stage/film/television actor, (Jewish father)
Edgar Wright Pic British screenwriter, director, producer, (Jewish descent 1/32)
John Stamos Pic American actor, musician, (Jewish descent 1/8)