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  (Surname First Letter ==> V) //vv Categories
Peter Vack Pic American film/television actor, Vack Peter 
Laszlo Vadnai Pic Hungarian screenwriter, Vadnai Laszlo
Zeev Vager Pic Israeli physicist, Vager Zeev
Jonathan Vagman HW Pic Israeli model,   Vagman Jonathan 
Antal Vago Pic Hungarian international football player, Vago Antal
Bela Vago RWC Pic Hungarian people's commissar for Interior Affairs 1919 , Vago Bela 
Istvan Vago Pic Hungarian television host, Vago Istvan 
Joszef Vago Hungarian architect, Vago Joszef
Laszlo Vago Hungarian architect, Vago Laszlo
Pierre Vago Pic French architect, Vago Pierre
Emanuel Vahl Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli composer, Vahl Emanuel
Lev Vaidman Pic Russian-born Israeli physicist, Vaidman Lev 
Pyotr Vail Pic Latvian-born Russian author, journalist, essayist, Vail Pyotr
Pyotr Vail Pic Latvian-born American essayist, Vail Pyotr
Pegeen Vail Guggenheim Pic Swiss-born American painter, Vail Guggenheim Pegeen Veil
Mark Vainberg RWC Pic Soviet airplane designer, helicopters, Vainberg Mark 
Moysei Vainberg RWF Pic Polish-born Russian composer, Vainberg Moysei 
Yeshayahu Vainberg HW Pic Israeli founding director of Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum, Vainberg Yeshayahu 
Aurel Vainer HW Pic Romanian politician, MP 2004- Vainer Aurel 
Leonid Vainer RWM Pic Soviet military commander, commander of army, komkor, Vainer Leonid 
Orly Vainerman RWC Pic Israeli actress, singer, Vainerman Orly 
Dmitry Vainreikh-Vainyarkh RWC Soviet military commander, komdiv, Vainreikh-Vainyarkh Dmitry 
Evsei Vainrub RWM Pic Belarusian-born Colonel, Commander of Tank Brigade Vainrub Evsei 
Matvei Vainrub RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, Vainrub Matvei 
Albert Vainshtein RWF Moldovan-born Russian/Soviet statistician, economist, Vainshtein Albert 
Arkady Vainshtein RWF Pic Russian-born American particle physicist, Vainshtein Arkady 
Boris Vainshtein RWF Pic Russian physicist, crystallographer, Vainshtein Boris 
Boris Vainshtein RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Vainshtein Boris 
Ilya Vainshtein RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Vainshtein Ilya 
Leonid Vainshtein RWF Azerbajani-born Russian composer, Vainshtein Leonid 
Lev Vainshtein RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor, theater director, Vainshtein Lev 
Lev Vainshtein Pic Russian shooter, free rifle, Vainshtein Lev 
Lev Vainshtein  RWF Pic Russian physicist, engineer, Vainshtein Lev 
Moisey Vainshtein RWF Azerbajani-born Russian conductor, composer, Vainshtein Moisey 
Timur Vainshtein RWF Russian film/television producer, Vainshtein Timur
Semyon Vainshtok RWF Pic Russian president of Transneft, Vainshtok Semyon 
Vladimir Vainshtok RWF Pic Soviet film director, screenwriter, Vainshtok Vladimir 
Samuil Vainstein RWC Soviet Deputy People's Commissar for fishing Industry, Vainstein Samuil 
Romans Vainsteins Pic Latvian cyclist, Vainsteins Romans 
Boris Vaintraub RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Vaintraub Boris 
Dana Vais Pic Israeli commentator, Vais Dana
Meir Vais Hungarian-born Israeli Jewish studies scholar, Vais Meir 
Abram Vaisbein RWF Moldovan-born Soviet architect, Vaisbein Abram
Abraham Vaisberg Wolach Pic Peruan microbiologist, Vaisberg Abraham 
Leonid Vaisberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military factory director, Vaisberg Leonid 
Israel Vaisencher Brazilian mathematician,    Vaisencher Israel 
Dori Vaisman Israeli businessman, Dor Alon, Vaisman Dori 
Anatoly Vaisser RWF Pic Kazakhstani-born French chess grandmaster, Vaisser Anatoly 
Judith Vaitukaitis Pic American endocrinologist, ??? Vaitukaitis Judith 
Ed Vaizey Pic British politician, Minister of State for Culture 2010-16, Vaizey Ed 
Baron John Vaizey Pic British author, economist, Vaizey John
Lady Marina Vaizey Pic American British art critic, author, Vaizey Marina
Pinya Vaizman RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Vaizman Pinya 
Ernest Vajda Pic Slovak-born Hungarian actor, playwright, novelist, Vajda Ernest 
Georges Vajda HW Pic Hungarian-born French philosopher, historian, Vajda Georges
Ladislau Vajda Pic Hungarian-born German film director, Vajda Ladislau
Ladislaus Vajda Hungarian screenwriter, Vajda Ladislaus
Lajos Vajda Pic Hungarian painter, Vajda Lajos 
Andrew Vajna Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, Cinegri, Vajna Andrew 
Yitzhak Vaknin RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Vaknin Yitzhak 
Anat Vaksman HW Pic Israeli actress, Vaksman Anat 
Igi Vaksman HW Pic Canadian-born Israeli singer/songwriter, Vaksman Igi 
Isaak Vaksman RWM Pic Belarusian-born Hero of Soviet Union, Vaksman Isaak 
Yitzhak Val Israeli public Val Yitzhak 
Jules Valabregue RWC Pic French military, lieutenant general, Valabregue Jules 
Stefani Valadez Pic Spanish singer/songwriter, guitarist, Valadez Stefani 
Ronald Vale Pic American biochemist, Vale Ronald
Danny Valencia Pic American baseball player, (Jewish mother) Valencia Danny 
Ivan Valente Pic Brazilian politician, engineer, Valente Ivan
Gabriel Valentin Pic German-born Swiss  physiologist,     Valentin Gabriel 
Hugo Valentin Swedish historian, scholar, Valentin Hugo
Dickie Valentine Pic British singer, Valentine Dickie 
Helen Valentine American founder/editor of Seventeen, Charm magazines, Valentine Helen
Maurizio Valenzi Pic Italian politician, mayor of Naples 1975-83, Valenzi Maurizio
Aaron Valero Pic Israeli physician, educator, Valero Aaron
Franca Valeri Pic Italian stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Valero Franka
Rosa Valetti Pic German actress, singer, cabaret performer, Valetti Rosa 
Benny Valgar Pic French-born American boxer, Valgar Benny
Leslie Valiant RWF HW Pic British American computer scientist, parallel computation, Valiant Leslie 
Rick Vallin Pic Russian-born American film/television actor, Valin Rick
Frederick Valk Pic German-born British stage/screen actor, Valk Frederick 
Juan de Valladolid Spanish poet, (converso) Valladolid Juan de
Fernando del Valle Pic American operetic tenor, (Jewish descent) Valle Fernando del
Alexandre del Valle French political scientist, geopolitician, Valle   Alexandre del
Hermann Vallentin Pic German actor,   Vallentin Hermann 
Jenny Valliere German Yiddish actress, Valliere Jenny
Lelio Valobra Pic Italian lawyer, resistance member, Valobra Lelio 
Mikhail Valyansky RWM Pic Russian commander of an infantry regiment, hero of Soviet Union, Valyansky Mikhail 
Armin Vambery RWF HW Pic Hungarian orientalist, traveler,    Vambery Armin 
Rusztem Vambery RWF Pic Hungarian lawyer, politician, Vambery Rusztem
Bobby Van Pic American musical actor, dancer,   Van Bobby 
David Van Day Pic British singer, media personality, Van Day David
Arnold Van Den Berg Piv American founder 1974/chairman/president of Century Management, Van Den Berg Arnold
Samuel van den Bergh Pic Dutch businessman, co-founder 1927 of Margarine Unie, Uniliver, van den Bergh Samuel
Lia van Leer RWF HW Pic Romanian/Moldovan-born Israeli director of Jerusalem Film Festival,   van Leer Lia 
Kenny Vance Pic American singer, record producer, Vance Kenny 
Meir Vandar HW Pic Israeli historian,    Vandar Meir 
Sarah Vandella Pic American pornographic actress, Vandella Sarah
Sir John Vane RWF Pic British pharmacologist, Nobel Prize (1982) in medicine (Jewish father) Vane John 
Daniel Vangarde Pic French songwriter, record producer, Vangarde Daniel
Vanity Pic Canadian songwriter/singer, model, actress dancer, (Jewish mother) Vanity
Sam Vanni Pic Finnish painter, Vanni Sam 
Boris Vannikov RWF Pic Azebarjani-born Russian People's Commissar for Armaments 1939-41, colonel general, Vannikov Boris 
Chris Vanocur Pic American television journalist, Vanocur Chris
Sander Vanocur American journalist, Vanocur Sander 
Mordechai Vanunu RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli dissident, exposed Israel's posession of nuclear weapon, Vanunu Mordechai 
Yosef Vanunu RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, economist,   Vanunu Yosef 
Joseph Vanzler Uzbek-born American radical political activist, translator, Vanzler Joseph
Zvi Vapni Israeli ambassador to Phillipines, Vapni Zvi 
Vladimir Vapnik RWF Pic Russian-born American mathematician, computer scientist, Vapnik Vladimir 
Lara Vapnyar Pic Russian-born American writer, Vapnyar Lara
Victor Varconi Pic Hungarian silent fim actor,   Varconi Victor 
Arie Vardi HW Pic Israeli pianist, pedagogue, Vardi Arie 
Arik Vardi Israeli entrepreneur, Mirabilis, Vardi Arik 
Moav Vardi Pic Israeli news reporter, Vardi Moav
Moshe Vardi HW Pic Israeli American computer scientist, Vardi Moshe 
Rafael Vardi RWC Pic Polish-born Israeli military commander, major general, Vardi Rafael 
Shaul Vardi Israeli recipient of medal of Valor, Vardi Shaul 
Yair Vardi Pic Israeli choreographer, dancer, Vardi Yair 
Yossi Vardi Pic Israeli high-tech entrepreneur, Vardi Yossi 
Zeava Vardi Israeli model,   Miss Israel 1977, Vardi Zeava 
Monika Vardimon HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli actress, singer, Vardimon Monika 
Yarom Vardimon HW Pic Israeli designer, Vardimon Yarom
Leonor Varela RWF Pic Chilean-born French actress, model, ??? Varela Leonor 
Valentine Varela Pic French actress,   Varela Valentine
Evgeny Varga RWF Pic Hungarian-born Russian economist,   Varga Evgeny 
Jose Israel Vargas Brazilian physicist, ??? Minister of Science & Technology Vargas Jose Israel
Gabor Varkonyi Hungarian film direvtor/produscer, writer, (Jewish father) Varkonui Gabor
Zoltan Varkonyi Pic Hungarian actor, film director, Varkonyi Zoltan
Harold Varmus RWF Pic American microbiologist, virologist, Nobel Prize (1989) in Medicine Varmus Harold 
Shirley Varnagy RWC Pic Venezuelan journalist, writer, television presenter, Varnagy Shirley 
Judith Varnai Shorer Israeli ambassador to Hungary,    Varnai Shorer Judith 
Joseph Varner American plant physiologist, ??? Varner Joseph 
Rahel Varnhagen RWE HW Pic German writer, socialite, Varnhagen Rahel 
Phil Varone Pic American drummer, Varone Phil 
Irene Varsanyi Pic Hungarian stage/film actress, Varsanyi Irene 
Martin Varsavsky Pic Argentine founder of FON, Varsavsky Martin 
Alexander Varshavsky RWF Pic Russian-born American biochemist, Varshavsky Alexander 
Klimenty Varshavsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military physician, major general, Varshavsky Klimenty 
Yakov Varshavsky RWF Soviet/Russian physical chemist, biochemist, Varshavsky Yakov 
Michael Vartan RWF HW Pic French-born American film/television actor, (Jewish mother, paternal grandmother) Vartan Michael 
Vanda Varvara Pic Russian-born French American painter, Varvara Vanda 
Abdul Vas Pic Venezuelan-born Belgian contemporary artist, Vas Abdul
Istvan Vas HW Pic Hungarian poet, writer, translator, Vas Istvan
Janos Vas Pic Hungarian ice hockey player, Vas Janos
Marton Vas Pic Hungarian ice hockey player, Vas Marton
Zoltan Vas RWC Pic Hungarian politician, mayor of Budapest 1945 , head of Gosplan, Vas Zoltan 
Nicholas Vasarhelyi Hungarian journalist, MP 1990-94, Vasarhelyi Nicholas 
Solomon Vasser RWE Polish/Ukrainian-born-born Ukrainian Israeli botanist, Vasser Solomon 
David Vasilevsky RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Vasilevsky David 
Tatiana Vasilyeva Pic Russian/Soviet film/stage actress, Vasilyeva Tatiana 
David Vaskevitch Israeli-born senior VP, CTO of Microsoft, Vaskevitch David 
Ghizela Vass RWC Pic Romanian politician, MP 1952-57 Vass Ghizela 
Frankie Vaughan Pic British pop singer, actor,   Vaughan Frankie 
Milana Vayntrub Pic Uzbek-born American film/television actress, Vauyntrub Milana
Gary Vaynerchuk RWF Pic Belarusian-born American wine critic, Vaynerchuk Gary 
Isaak Vaynshteyn Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Vaynshteyn Isaak 
Vladimir Vayser RWM Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Vayser Vladimir 
Andrew Vazsonyi RWC Pic Hungarian mathematician, operation researcher, Vazsonyi Andrew 
Wilhelm Vazsonyi Pic Hungarian MP 1901-, Justice Minister 1917 1918 Vazsonyi Wilhelm 
Baron Levi de Veali Veali Levi de
Francis Veber RWC HW Pic French film director, screenwriter, producer, playwright, (Jewish father) Veber Francis 
Joseph Vecinho Portuguese court physician, scientist, Vecinho Josph
Aida Vedischeva RWF Pic Russian/Soviet singer, Vedischeva Aida 
Ahmed Vefik Pasha RWC Pic Grand Vizier of Ottoman Empire 1878 1882, (Jewish mother) Vefik Pasha Ahmed 
Alan Vega Pic American lead vocalist, Vega Alan 
Diego de Vega Portugese merchant, Argentine banker, Vega Diego de
Joseph de la Vega Pic Dutch merchant, poet, philanthropist, Vega Joseph de la
Conrad Veidt Pic German actor, (convert to Judaism) Veidt Conrad
Hugo Veigelsberg Pic Hungarian editor, writer, Veigelsberg Hugo
Leo Veigelsberg Hungarian journalist, editor, Veigelsberg Leo
Simone Veil RWF Pic Social Affairs and Health Minister 1974-79  President of European Parlament 1979-82 Veil Simone 
Pegeen Veil Guggenheim Pic Swiss-born American painter, Veil Guggenheim Pegeen 
Gavriil Veinberg RWE Soviet trade union figure, Veinberg Gavriil
Pavel Veinberg RWE Russian actor, playwright, Veinberg Pavel 
Pyotr Veinberg RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian poet, translator, literature historian, Veinberg Pyotr
Vsevolod Veinberg RWF Soviet engineer, Veinberg Vsevolod 
Iosif Veinerovich RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, Veinerovich Iosif 
Alan Veingrad Pic American football player, Veingrad Alan 
Sevyan Veinshtein RWF Pic Soviet/Russian ethnologist, archaeologist, Veinshtein Sevyan
Raanan Veis Israeli public Veis Raanan 
Irena Veisaite RWF Pic Lithuanian theater scholar, intellectual, human rights activist, Veisaite Irena
Gustav Veit Pic German gynecologist, obstetrician, Veit Gustav 
Johann Veit Pic German gynecologist, obstetrician, (Jewish father) Veit Johann
Johannes Veit Pic German painter, Veit Johannes
Philipp Veit Pic German painter, Veit Philipp 
Johann Veith Pic Czech-born Austrian catholic priest, Veith Johann
Veniamin Veits RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian engineer physicist, Veits Veniamin 
Samuil Veitsman RWF Pic Soviet military engineer, Veitsman Samuil 
Israel Veitzer RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet people's commissar for domestic trade 1934-37, Veitzer Israel 
Victor Vekselberg RWF Pic Russian businessman, TNK-BP, Vekselberg Victor 
S Vekselman Danish Minister of Social Care Vekselman S 
B Veksler Russian-born geophysicist, Veksler B 
Sergei Veksler RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian stage/film actor, director, Veksler Sergei 
Vladimir Veksler RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian nuclear physicist, Veksler Vladimir 
Diego Velazquez RWF HW Pic Spanish painter, (Jewish father) Velazquez Diego 
Mordechai Velger HW Polish-born Israeli Velger Mordechai 
Immanuel Velikovsky RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli American writer, psychologist, Velikovsky Immanuel 
Michel Velleman Pic Dutch magician, Velleman Michel 
Mikhail Veller Pic Ukrainian-born Russian writer, Veller Mikhail 
Mikhail Veltman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian publicist, historian, revolutionery, Veltman Mikhail 
Lawrence Velvel American legal scholar, Velvel Lawrence 
Dora Velvet Hungarian opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Velvet Dora
Alexei Venediktov RWF Pic Russian journalist, television presenter, president of Ekho TV, (Jewish mother) Venediktov Alexei
Gabriele Veneziano RWF HW Pic Italian-born Israeli Swiss physicist, quantum field theory, Veneziano Gabriele 
Maxim Vengerov RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli violinist,  conductor, Vengerov Maxim 
Semyon Vengerov RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian literature historian, critic,    Vengerov Semyon 
Vladimir Vengerov RWF Pic Soviet film director, screenwriter, Vengerov Vladimir 
Isabelle Vengerova RWF Pic Belarusian-born American pianist, teacher, Vengerova Isabelle 
Paulina Vengerova RWE Belarusian-born author, Vengerova Paulina
Zinaida Vengerova RWF Pic Finnish-born literary critic, translator, Vengerova Zinaida
Yuri Vengerovsky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian volleyball player, Vengerovsky Yuri 
Semyon Ventsov-Krants RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, komdiv, Ventsov-Krants Semyon 
Jean-Baptiste Ventura RWC Pic Italian general, Ventura Jean-Baptiste
Moshe Ventura Turkish politician, MP 1920- , Ventura Moshe 
Ray Ventura Pic French jazz bandleader, Ventura Ray 
Alexander Veprik RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian/Soviet composer, music educator, Veprik Alexander 
Sidney Verba RWF President of American Political Science Association, 1994-95, ??? Verba Sidney 
Verbal Kent Pic American hip hop artist, rapper, Verbal Kent
Mervin Verbit Pic American sociologist, Verbit Mervin
Bernardo Verbitsky Pic Argentine writer, journalist, Verbitsky Bernardo 
Horacio Verbitsky Pic Argentine journalist, author, Verbitsky Horacio
Misha Verbitsky Pic Russian mathematician, critic, political activist, music publisher, blogger, Verbitsky Misha
Nicholas Verbitsky American chairman/CEO of United States Radio Networks, ??? Verbitsky Nicholas 
Fernando Verdasco Pic Spanish professional tennis player, Verdasco Fernando
Diego Verdegiglio Pic Italian actor, historian, writer, Verdegiglio Diego 
Mark Vedres Pic Hungarian sculptor, Verdes Mark
Avraham Verdiger HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,    Verdiger Avraham 
Erno Verebes Pic Hungarian-born German American actor, Verebes Erno
Stephen Verebes Hungarian actor, comedian, theater director, presenter, Verebes Stephen 
Ilana Vered Pic Israeli pianist, Vered Ilana 
Ora Vered Yemenite-born Israeli model, Miss Israel 1952, Vered Ora 
Judah ibn Verga Spanish historian, kabbalist,  Verga Judah ibn
Aron Vergelis RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Yiddish poet, translator, Vergelis Aron
David Verkhovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military physician, major general, Verkhovsky David 
Ilya Verkhovsky Ukrainian-born Russian engineer, Verkhovsky Ilya 
Sergey Verkhovsky RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military executive, Rear Admiral, Verkhovsky Sergey 
Tom Verlaine Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Verlaine Tom 
Boris Verlinsky RWE HW Pic Ukrainian-born Societ/Russian chess player, Verlinsky Boris 
Yury Verlinsky Pic Russian-born American medical researcher, geneticist, embryologist, Verlinsky Yury
Geza Vermes RWF Pic Hungarian-born British scholar, historian, Vermes Geza 
Jozsef Vermes Hungarian architect, ??? Vermes Joszef
Nicolae Vermont HW Pic Romanian painter, graphic artist, muralist, Vermont Nicolae 
Yakov Vernikov RWM Pic Russian fighter pilot, major-general, Vernikov Yakov 
Lillian Vernon Pic American catalog innovator, Vernon Lillian 
Gershon Veroba Pic American composer, Veroba Gershon
Guido da Verona Pic Italian poet, novelist, Verona Guido da
Eriek Verpale Pic Belgian wtiter, (Jewish maternal great grandmother) Verpale Eriek
Yaron Versano Pic Dutch-born Israeli businessman, Versano Yaron 
Jeffrey Verschleiser American associate director of Bear, Stearns & Company, Inc, Verschleiser Jeffrey 
Alexander Vershbow Pic American Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Matters, Vershbow Alexander 
Anatoly Vershik RWF Pic Russian mathematician, Vershik Anatoly 
Dziga Vertov RWF HW Pic Polish-born Soviet film director, Vertov Dziga 
Avi Vertzman HW Pic Israeli politician, Vertzman Avi
Yona Verwer Pic Dutch-born visual artist, Verwer Yona
Robert Vesco American fraudster, Vesco Robert 
Yakov Vesnik RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet organizer, Vesnik Yakov 
Yevgeny Vesnik RWF Pic Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, theater director, (Jewish father) Vesnik Yevgeny 
Endre Veszi Pic Hungarian poet, writer,   Veszi Endre
Joseph Veszi Pic Hungarian writer, journalist, editor, politician, MP 1899- , Veszi Joseph
Margit Veszi Pic Hungarian journalist, painter, graphic artist, Veszi Margit
Yuliya Veysberg RWF Soviet/Russian composer,    Veysberg Yuliya 
Sigismund Veyzager RWC Pic Latvian-born Soviet People's Commissar of Inner Affairs of Mordovan Republic, Veyzager Sigismund 
Ion Vianu Pic Romanian writer, literary critic, psychiatrist, (Jewish father) Vianu Ion 
Tudor Vianu Pic Romanian literary/art critic, poet, philosopher, translator, Vianu Tudor 
Pauline Viardot Pic French composer, opera singer, mezzo-soprano, Viardot Pauline 
Norman Vickar Pic Canadian politician, Vickar Norman 
Ed Victor Pic American-born British literary agent,    Victor Ed 
Jean-Christophe Victor Pic French political scientist, television presenter, Victor Jean-Christophe 
Paul-Emile Victor Pic Swiss-born French ethnologist, explorer, Victor Paul-Emile 
Jeno Vida Pic Hungarian businessman, Vida Jeno
Pierre Vidal-Naquet Pic French historian, Vidal-Naquet Pierre
Henry Vidaver Polish hebraist, Vidaver Henry 
Charles Vidor Pic Hungarian-born American film director, Vidor Charles 
Charlotte/Ervin Vidor Pic Australian founders of Toga Group, Vidor Charlotte/Ervin 
Emil Vidor Hungarian architect, Vidor Emil
Hilla Vidor HW Pic Israeli stage/film/television actress, Vidor Hilla 
Count Anton de Vieira RWC Pic Portuguese-born Russian state/military administrator, (Jewish father) Vieira Anton de
Berthold Viertel Pic Austrian-born German poet, film director, screenwriter, Viertel Berthold 
Peter Viertel Pic German-born American playwright, screenwriter, author, Viertel Peter 
Salka Viertel HW Pic Ukrainian-born American actress, screenwriter, Viertel Salka 
Anatol Vieru Pic Romanian composer, Vieru Anatol 
Alex Vieux French publisher of Red Herring magazine, Vieux Alex 
John Vig Pic American President of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2008, Vig John 
Miklos Vig Pic Hungarian jazz singer, actor, comedian, Vig Miklos 
Pavel Vigderhaus RWF Pic Russian/Soviet architect, Vigderhaus Pavel 
Semion Vigdorchik RWF Pic Russian airplane designer, Vigdorchik Semion 
Frida Vigdorova Pic Belarusian-born Soviet journalist, novelist, writer, Vigdorova Frida
Claude Vigee RWE HW Pic French-born Israeli poet, translator, essayist, Vigee Claude 
Sefi Vigiser Israeli entrepreneur, co-founder of Mirabilis, Vigiser Sefi 
Vladimir Vigman RWE Pic Latvian checkers grandmaster, Vigman Vladimir 
Abe Vigoda Pic American film/television actor, Vigoda Abe 
Samuel Vigoda Pic American cantor, Vigoda Samuel 
Herb Vigran Pic American radio/television character actor,   Vigran Herb 
Yakov Vikhman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet engineer, designer, Vikhman Yakov 
Zalman Vikhnin RWM Pic Belarusian-born Vikhnin Zalman 
Avshalom Vilan RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, economist, Vilan Avshalom 
Esther Vilar Pic Argentine-born German writer, playwright, Vilar Esther 
Moshe Vilboshevitz HW Belarusian-born Israeli inventor, margarine production prosess, Vilboshevitz Moshe 
Jan Vilcek Pic Slovak-born American biomedical scientist, inventor, philanthropist, Vilcek Jan
Mecia de Vildestes Spanish cartographer, Vildestes Mecia de
Aleksandr Vilenkin RWF Pic Russian jurist, officer, political figure, Vilenkin Aleksandr 
Alexander Vilenkin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American physicist, Vilenkin Alexander 
Boris Vilenkin RWE Russian/Soviet architect, Vilenkin Boris 
Naum Vilenkin RWF Pic Russian mathematician, Vilenkin Naum 
Esther Vilenska RWC HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Israeli politician, journalist, author, Vilenska Esther 
Moshe Vilenski HW Pic Polish-born Israeli songwriter, composer, poet, Vilenski Moshe 
Vulf Vilenski RWM Pic Lithuanian-born Israeli, Lithuanian Infantry division, hero of Soviet Union, Vilenski Vulf 
Boris Vilensky RWF Soviet architect, Vilensky Boris 
Yehuda Vilk RWC HW Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1998-2000, Vilk Yehuda
Ernesto Villegas Pic Venezuelan-born politician, journalist, writer, Minister of State 2013- ,(Jewish mother) Villegas Ernesto
Vladimir Villegas Pic Venezuelan-born politician, journalist, writer, Minister of State 2013- ,(Jewish mother) Villegas Vladimir 
Eric Villency Pic American CEO of Maurice Villency Inc, Villency Eric 
Francois Villiers Pic French film director, Villiers Franqois 
Pierre Villon Pic French politician, resistanse member, Villon Pierre
Vilna Gaon RWF HW Pic 18th century Talmudist and mystic, Lithuanian leader of the ''Mitnagdim'',  Vilna Gaon
Amos Vilnai Israeli founder of  MMC Networks, Vilnai Amos 
Matan Vilnai RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, general,   Vilnai Matan 
Orly Vilnai HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter, Vilnai Orly 
Zev Vilnay RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli geographer, historian,    Vilnay Zev
Meir Vilner RWF HW Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born Israeli politician,   Vilner Meir 
Vladimir Vilner RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet film/theater director, Vilner Vladimir 
Shmuel Vilozni HW Pic Israeli actor, comedian, director, Vilozni Shmuel 
Vladimir Vilshansky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Vilshansky Vladimir 
Eugene Vinaver Pic Russian-born French literary scholar, Vinaver Eugene 
Maksim Vinaver RWF HW Pic Polish-born politician, lawyer, Constitutional Democratic Party cadets MP 1906- 1st Duma Vinaver Maksim 
Mikhail Vinaver RWF Polish-born bundist, menshevik, Vinaver Mikhail 
Stanislav Vinaver Pic Serbian writer, literary critic, Vinaver Stanislav
Ernest Vinberg RWF Pic Russian mathematician, ??? Vinberg Ernest 
David Vincent Pic American lead vocalist, bassist, Morbit Angel, Vincent David
Irina Viner RWF Pic Russian rhytmic gymnastics coach, Viner Irina 
Jacob Viner RWF Pic Canadian-born American economist, Viner Jacob 
Michael Viner American film producer, record producer, Viner Michael 
Mort Viner American talent agent, Viner Mort 
David Viniar Pic American executive VP/SFO of Goldman Sachs, Viniar David 
Jeffrey Vinik Pic American money manager, Fidelity's Magellan Fund, Vinik Asset Management, Vinik Jeffrey 
Meir Vinik HW Ukrainian-born Israeli chemical engineer, Vinik Meir 
Lazar Vinikovsky RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, colonel, ??? Vinikovsky Lazar
Alexander Vinnikov Pic Russian politician, Vinnikov Alexander 
Jerome Vinograd Pic American biochemist, research scientist, ??? Vinograd Jerome 
Alexander Vinogradov Russian  sprint canoer, Vinogradov Alexander 
Grigori Vinogradov RWM Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Vinogradov Grigori 
Valentina Vinogradova Russian volleyball player, Vinogradova Valentina 
Grigory Vinokur RWE Pic Soviet linguist, literary scholar/critic,  Vinokur Grigory 
Vladimir Vinokur RWF Pic Soviet/Russian singer, comedian, presenter, Vinokur Vladimir 
Alexander Vinokurov Pic Kazakhstani-born Russian sabre fencer, Vinokurov Alexander 
Eduard Vinokurov HW Pic Russian sabre fencer, Vinokurov  Eduard 
Oton Vinski Pic Croatian banker, Vinski Oton
Zdenko Vinski Pic Croatian archaeologist, Vinski Zdenko
S Vinterstein Austrian Minister of Trade Vinterstein S 
Judith Viorst Pic American author, journalist, psychoanalysis researcher,  Viorst Judith 
Milton Viorst Pic American journalist, Viorst Milton 
Virgin Mary HW Pic mother of Jesus Christus Virgin Mary 
Vadim Virniy RWE Pic Ukrainian-born German checkers grandmaster, Virniy Vadim 
Katya Virshilas Pic Lithuanian-born Canadian actress, dancer, Virshilas Katya
Mordechai Virshubski HW Pic German-born Israeli politician,    Virsubski Mordechai 
Tarita Virtue Pic Trinidadian-born American private detective, model, actress, Virtue Tarita 
Daniela Virtzer Pic Israeli actress, Virtzer Daniela 
David Viscott Pic American psychiatrist, businessman, media personality, Viscott David 
David Vise Pic American journalist, Vise David 
Mark Vishik Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born mathematician, Vishik Mark
Osnat Vishinsky HW Pic Israeli film/television/stage actress, singer, Vishinsky Osnat 
Uzi Vishkin Pic Israeli-born American computer scientist,    Vishkin Uzi
Uzi Vishne Pic Israeli mathematician, Vishne Uzu
Isaac Vishnepolsky RWC Soviet engineer, nuclear scientist, Vishnepolsky Isaac 
Isaak Vishnepolsky RWC Soviet physicst, Vishnepolsky Isaak 
Aleksandr Vishnevsky RWM Pic Soviet military physician, colonel general, Vishnevsky Aleksandr 
David Vishnevsky RWM Pic Soviet engineer, constructor, Deputy People's Commissar for ammunition, Vishnevsky David 
Roman Vishniac RWF HW Pic Russian American photographer, Vishniac Roman 
Wolf Vishniac RWF Pic German-born American microbiologist, Vishniac Wolf
Mark Vishniak RWF Pic Russian politician, socialist, journalist, writer, Vishniak Mark
I.C. Vishtenetsky Soviet military factory director, black metallurgy, Vishtenetsky I.C. 
Viktor Vislov HW Vislov Viktor 
Yehoshua Visman Israeli lawyer,   Visman Yehoshua 
Zinovii Visokovsky RWE Pic Russian/Soviet film/stage actor, Visokovsky Zinovii 
Soma Visontai Pic Hungarian politician, MP 1892-99 , lawyer, Visontai Soma 
Michael Visotzky RWF Russian theoretical physicist, Corr,  ??? Visotzky Michael 
Maurice Visscher Pic American physiologist, ??? Visscher Maurice 
L Visser Dutch High Court justice, Visser L 
Lesley Visser Pic American sportscaster, radio pesonality, sportswriter, Visser Lesley 
Giuseppe Vitali Pic Italian mathematician, Vitali Giuseppe 
Iosif Vitebskiy RWE Pic Ukrainian-born fencer, Vitebskiy Iosif 
Yakov Vitebskiy RWE Pic Soviet surgeon, politician, Vitebskiy Yakov 
Andrew Viterbi RWF HW Pic Italian-born American computer scientist,  Viterbi Andrew 
Joseph Vitkin RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born public figure, educator, Vitkin Joseph 
Emmanuil Vitorgan RWF Pic Russian/Soviet actor, Vitorgan Emmanuil 
Maksim Vitorgan RWF Pic Russian actor, film director, Vitorgan Maksim 
Francisco de Vitoria Pic Spanish catholic philosopher, theologian, jurist, (converso) Vitoria Francisco de
Tamas Vitray Pic Hungarian journalist, editor, reporter, Vitray Tamas
Georgy Vitsin Pic Russian/Soviet actor, ??? Vitsin Georgy 
A.C. Vittenberg Soviet military factory director, Vittenberg A.C. 
Monica Vitti Pic Italian stage/film actress, Vitti Monica 
Arturo Vivante Pic Italian-born American fiction writer, Vivante Arturo 
Cesare Vivante Pic Italian jurist, Vivante Cesare
Annie Vivanti RWF Pic Italian writer, poet, (Jewish mother) Vivanti Annie
Vivelin of Strasbourg German financier, Vivelin of Strasbourg
Juan Luis Vives Pic Spanish-born French philosopher, (converso) Vives Juan Luis
Steve Vizard Pic Australian media personality, comedian, businessman, Vizard Steve 
Baruch Vladeck Pic Belarusian-born American labor leader, Vladeck Baruch
Pancho Vladigerov RWF HW Pic Swiss-born Bulgarian composer, pedagogue, pianist, (Jewish mother) Vladigerov Pancho
Miron Vladimirov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Commissar of Finance 1923-24, Vladimirov Miron 
Lev Vlassenko Pic Georgian-born Soviet pianist, teacher, Vlassenko Lev 
Bill Vockeroth Pic American drummer, vocalist, Angry Samoans, Vockeroth Bill
Mikhail Vodyanoy RWN Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet operetta actor, theater director, singer, Vodyanoy Mikhail 
Amos Vogel Pic Austrian-born American film critic, Vogel Amos 
David Vogel Pic Ukrainian-born poet, novelist, diarist, Vogel David
Debora Vogel RWF Pic Ukrainian/Polish-born Polish philosopher, poet, Vogel Debora
Dorothy Vogel Pic American art colector, Vogel Dorothy
Eric Vogel Czech jazz trumpeter, Vogel Eric 
Ezra Vogel Pic American sociologist, author, Vogel Ezra 
Henry Vogel Pic Hundarian-born American actor, bas-baritone singer, Vogel Henry 
Herbert Vogel Pic American art colector, Vogel Herbert
Sir Julius Vogel RWF HW Pic British-born prime minister of New Zealand 1873-75 1876, Minister of Finance 1876 1884-87, Vogel Julius 
Katie Vogel Pic British singer, Vogel Katie 
Paula Vogel Pic American playwright,  (Jewish father) Vogel Paula 
Wladimir Vogel Pic Russian-born Swiss composer, Vogel Wladimir 
Uzi Vogelman Pic Israeli Supreme Court Justice 2009- ,  Vogelman Uzi
Bert Vogelstein RWF Pic American cancer researcher, Vogelstein Bert 
Petr Voikov RWF Pic Russian revolutionery, public/political figure, diplomat, ??? Voikov Petr
Konstantin Voinov RWF Pic Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, Voinov Konstantin 
Vladimir Voinovich RWF Pic Tajikistan-born Russian author, (Jewish mother) Voinovich Vladimir 
Efim Voinshin RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet military, (Jewish mather) Voinshin Efim 
Alexander Volberg RWF Pic Russian mathematician, ??? Volberg Alexander 
Benjamin Volcani HW Pic Israeli-born American biologist, Volcani Benjamin 
Arcady Volchek RWM Pic Soviet military commander, major general, Volchek Arcady 
Boris Volchek RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian/Soviet cinematographer, director, screenwriter, Volchek Boris 
Galina Volchek RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet actress, film director, Volchek Galina 
Jacob Volchek RWE Soviet/Russian playwright, screenwriter, Volchek Jacob 
Paul Volcker RWF HW Pic American economist, chairman of Federal Reserve Board 1979-87 Volcker Paul 
Mavrikiy Volf RWF Pic Russian publisher, Volf Mavrikiy 
Meshulam Volfas HW Lithuanian politician, Volfas Meshulam 
Georgy Volfenzon RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Volfenzon Georgy 
Semyon Volfkovich RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian chemist, Volfkovich Semyon 
Jana Volfova Pic Czech politician, Volfova Jana
Nathan Volfovitz HW Polish-born Israeli stage/film actor, Volfovitz Nathan 
Miron Volfson RWF Belarusian-born Soviet publisher, Volfson Miron 
Vsevolod Voline RWF Pic Russian anarchist, historian, Voline Vsevolod 
Eva Volitzer Pic Bulgarian actress, singer, teacher, director, Volitzer Eva 
Karl Volk German resistance fighter, journalist, politician, Volk Karl 
Lester Volk Pic American representative,1920-1923, Volk Lester 
Mikhail Volkenshtein RWF Pic Russian biophysicist, Volkenshtein Mikhail 
Sergei Volkenstein RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military comander, major general, Volkenstein Sergei 
Yitzhak Volker HW German-born Israeli mayor of Bat Yam 1974-77, Volker Yitzhak 
Ilan Volkov Pic Israeli-born British conductor, Volkov Ilan 
Mikhail Volkov RWE Russian-born Israeli songwriter,  poet, bard, Volkov Mikhail 
Shulamit Volkov HW Pic Israeli historian, Volkov Shulamit 
Zinaida Volkova Pic Russian marxist, daughter of Leon Trotsky, Volkova Zinaida
Nora Volkow RWF Pic American head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, great granddaughter of Trotzky, Volkow Nora
Mark Volman Pic American rock musician, (Jewish father) Volman Mark 
Leonid Volodarskiy Russian translator, radio show author, ??? Volodarskiy Leonid 
Motvei Volodarskiy RWF Soviet film director, Volodarskiy Motvei 
Lev Volodarsky RWF Pic Soviet economist, politician, minister, head of Central Statistical Agency, Volodarsky Lev
Vladimir Volodarsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet Press People's Commissar, Volodarsky Vladimir 
Aleksandr Volodin RWN Pic Belarusian-born Russian playwright, screenwriter, poet, Volodin Aleksandr 
Eugene Volokh Pic Ukrainian-born American legal scholar, Volokh Eugene 
Boris Volosatov RWC Pic Soviet military executive, Rear Admiral, Volosatov Boris 
Boris Voloshin RWC Soviet military physician, major general, NKVD, Voloshin Boris 
Hava Volovich Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet, writer, actress, director, Volovich Hava 
Vitaly Volovich Volovich Vitaly 
Leon Volovici HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli literary historian, Volovici Leon
Arkady Volozh RWF Pic Kazakhstani-born Russian developer of search engine Yandex, Volozh Arkady 
Abram Volpe RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet military commander, komdiv, Volpe Abram 
Andrew Volpe Pic American rock musician, Volpe Andrew 
Arnold Volpe Pic American composer, conductor, Volpe Arnold 
Chesar Volpe RWF Azebarjani-born Soviet literary scholar, Volpe Chesar 
Aizik Volpert Pic Ukrainian-born Russian Israeli mathematician, chemical engineer, Volpert Aizik
Amiel Volpert RWF Pic Soviet engineering scholar, ??? Volpert Amiel
Dora Volpert RWF Soviet theater actress, Volpert Dora
Larisa Volpert RWF Pic Russian-born Estonian woman grandmaster, Volpert Larisa 
Mark Volpin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian chemist,  Volpin Mark 
Mikhail Volpin RWF Pic Belarusian-born playwright, poet, screenwriter, Volpin Mikhail 
Nadezhda Volpin RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet translator, poet, Volpin Nadezhda
Edoardo Volterra Pic Italian jurist, Volterra Edoardo 
Sir Vito Volterra RWF HW Pic Italian-born mathematician, physicist, mathematical biology, Volterra Vito
Boris Volynov RWM Pic Russian astronaut, (Jewish mother) Volynov Boris 
Akim Volynsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian literature critic, art scholar, Volynsky Akim 
Zinovy Volynsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military physician, major general, Volynsky Zinovy 
Charles von Buchwald Danish footballer, von Buchwald Charles 
James Vorenberg Pic American legal scholar, Vorenberg James 
Helena Vorobei RWE Pic Belorusian-born Russian actress, singer, Vorobei Helena 
Andrei Vorobyov RWE Pic Russian Health Minister (Jewish mother) 1991-92 Vorobyov Andrei 
Ilarie Voronca RWE HW Pic Romanian-born French poet, essayist, Voronca Ilarie 
Andrej Voronin Pic Ukrainian footballer, Voronin Andrej 
Serge Voronoff Pic Russian-born French surgeon, xenotransplant pioneer, Voronoff Serge 
Iosif Vorovich RWF Pic Belarusian-born mathematician,    Vorovich Iosif 
Albert Vorspan Pic American sociologist, Vorspan Albert 
Max Vorspan Pic American scholar, rabbi, administrator, Vorspan Max
Ida Vos Pic Dutch novelist, poet, Vos Ida
Rich Vos Pic American comedian, Vos Rich 
George Voskovec Pic Czech-born American actor, playwright, director, translator, poet, Voskovec George
E.B. Votchal Soviet cardiologist, Votchal E.B. 
Arkady Vovsi RWF Latvian-born Soviet stage/fillm actor, Vovsi Arkady 
Miron Vovsi RWF Pic Latvian-born chief physician of the Red Army, Vovsi Miron 
Vladimir Vranic Pic Croatian mathematician, Vranic Vladimir 
Rudolf Vrba Pic Czech-born Canadian pharmacologist, Vrba Rudolf
Andre de Vries Israeli president of Tel Aviv university, medicine scholar, Vries Andre de
Akiva Vroman HW Pic Dutch-born Israeli geologist,    Vroman Akiva 
Leo Vroman Pic Dutch-born American hematologist, poet, Vroman Leo
Ariel Vromen RWF Pic Israeli-born American film director, Vromen Ariel
Branko Vukelic Pic Croatian military officer, Soviet spy against Japan, (Jewish mother) Vukelic Branko
Vladimir Vukovic Croatian chess player, Vukovic Vladimir 
Aleksei Vul RWM Pic Soviet NKVD officer, major general, Vul Aleksei 
Bentsion Vul RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, astronomer, Vul Bentsion 
Vitaly Vulf Pic Azerbajani-born Russian art/drama/film/literary critic, translator, Vulf Vitaly
Boris Vulikh Pic Russian mathematician, ??? Vulikh Boris 
Ida Vulikh RWF Moldovan-born Soviet biblographer, musicologist, Vulikh Ida
Yefim Vulikh RWF Moldovan-born Soviet architect, Vulikh Yefim
Lindsey Vuolo Pic American actress, model, Vuolo Lindsey 
Alexander Vurgaft RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, lieutenant general of intendant service, Vurgaft Alexander 
David Vygodsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian literary critic, translator, poet, teacher, Vygodsky David
Mark Vygodsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian mathematician, historian of mathematics, translator, Vygodsky Mark
Lev Vygotsky RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Russian psychologist, cognitive psychology Vygotsky Lev 
Rozalia Vynnychenko Ukrainian wife of Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Vynnychenko Rozalia,
Yaroslav Vynokur Pic Ukrainian-born Russian biliards player, Vynokur Yaroslav
Arkady Vysotsky Russian actor, screenwriter, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Vysotsky Arkady 
David Vysotsky RWF Pic Russian businessman, K. Vysotsky & Sons, tea Vysotsky David
Kalonimus-Wulf Vysotsky RWF H Pic Lithuanian-born founder of K. Vysotsky & Sons, tea, Vysotsky Kalonimus-Wulf 
Nikita Vysotsky RWF Pic Russian stage actor, director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Vysotsky Nikita 
Vladimir Vysotsky RWF HW Pic Russian singer/songwriter, poet, film/theater actor, (Jewish father) Vysotsky Vladimir