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Sir Peter Gluckman RWF Pic New Zealand-born paediatrician, Gluckman Peter
Wolfgang Paalen Pic Austrian-born Mexican painter, theorist, Paalen Wolfgang 
Norman Pace Pic American biochemist, Pace Norman 
Richard Pacheco Pic American pornographic actor, Pacheco Richard 
Vladimir de Pachmann Pic Ukrainian-born pianist, (Jewish father) Pachmann Vladimir de
Otto Pacht Pic Austrian art historian, Pacht Otto
George Packer Pic American journalist, novelist, playwright, (Jewish father) Packer George 
Toni Packer Pic German-born American buddhist writer, Packer Toni
Pearl Padamsee Pic Indian stage actress, director, producer, (Jewish mother) Padamsee Pearl
Nadav Padan RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Padan Nadav 
Baruch Padeh HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli military physician, IDF Surgeon General, Padeh Baruch 
Saul Padover Pic Austrian-born American historian, political scientist, journalist, Padover Saul
Efim Padve RWF Russian theater director, Padve Efim 
Vladimir Padwa Pic Estonian-born American pianist, composer, educator, Padwa Vladimir
Herbert Pagani Pic Libyan-born American artist, musician, Pagani Herbert
Lindsay Pagano Pic American singer, (Jewish mother) Pagano Lindsay 
Sophie Pagay Pic Czech-born Austrian stage/film actress, Pagay Sophie
Joy Page HW Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Page Joy 
Larry Page RWF HW Pic American co-founder, CEO of Google, (Jewish mother) Page Larry 
Steven Page Pic Canadian singer/songwriter, Page Steven 
Bernard Pagel Pic German-born British astrophysicist, Pagel Bernard 
Julius Pagel Pic German physician, medical historian, Pagel Julius 
Walter Pagel Pic German pathologist, medical historian, Pagel Walter
Dan Pagis Pic Romanian-born Israeli poet, translator, Pagis Dan
Amichai Paglin Pic Israeli businessman, counter-terrorism adviser, Paglin Amichai
Leif Pagrotsky RWC Pic Swedish Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Education and Culture, Pagrotsky Leif 
Arie Leib Paians HW Paians Arie Leib
Ralph Paiewonsky RWF Pic American governor, 1961-69, Paiewonsky Ralph 
Steve Paikin Pic Canadian broadcaster, film producer, author, news anchor, Paikin Steve 
Shaike Paikov HW Pic Israeli composer, songwriter, Paikov Shaike 
Meir Pa'il RWE Israeli politician, historian,   Pa'il Meir 
Nell Irvin Painter historian ??? Painter Nell Irvin
Abraham Pais RWF Pic Dutch-born American physicist, science historian, Pais Abraham 
Arie Pais RWC Pic Dutch politician, Minister of Education 1977-81, Pais Arie 
Josh Pais Pic American film/television actor, Pais Josh 
Sidonio Pais RWC Pic Portugese President , Prime Minister 1917-18, Pais Sidonio 
Bruce Paisner Pic president, CEO of International Academy of Television Arts Sciences, Paisner Bruce
Ariel Pakes Pic Israeli-born American economist, Pakes Ariel 
David Pakman Pic Argentine-born American journalist, radio personality, Pakman David 
Alan Pakula RWF HW Pic American film producer, wtiter, director, Pakula Alan 
Martin Pakula Pic Australian politician, MP 2006-13, Pakula Martin 
Alfred Pal Pic Austrian-born Croatian painter, graphic designer, Pal Alfred
Jehuda Lion Palache HW Pic Dutch linguist, Palache Jehuda Lion
Samuel Palache Pic Moroccan envoy to Netherlands, 1608 Palache Samuel 
Sacha Paladino American filmmaker, writer, Paladino Sascha
Menyhert Palagyi Pic Hungarian philosopher, mathematician, physicist, Palagyi Menyhert
Abraham Palatnik Pic Brazilian artist, inventor, Palatnik Abraham 
Leo Palatnik Pic Ukrainian physicist,   Palatnik Leo 
Lev Palatnik RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet physicist, engineering scholar, Palatnik Lev 
Sam Palatnik RWF Pic Ukrainian-born  American chess grandmaster, Palatnik Sam 
Israel Paldi Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli artist, painter, Paldi Israel
Boris Paleev RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Paleev Boris 
Anita Paleli HW Israeli actress, model, Paleli Anita 
Joan Palevsky Pic American philanthropist, Palevsky Joan
Max Palevsky Pic American founder of Scientific Data Systems, Palevsky Max 
Gaston Palewski Pic French Minister for Research and Technology 1957-62  under Pompidu Palewski Gaston 
Jean-Paul Palewski Pic French Deputy in the National Assembly, Palewski Jean-Paul 
Grace Paley RWF Pic American short story writer, poet, Paley Grace 
Nina Paley HW Pic American cartoonist, animator, anarchist, Paley Nina 
William Paley RWF HW Pic American radio/television executive, founder of CBS network, Paley William 
Gyorgy Palfi Pic Hungarian film director,   Palfi Gyorgy 
Lotte Palfi Andor Pic German actress, Palfi-Andor Lotte
Yoel Palgi HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli ambassador to Tanzania 1964- , Palgi Yoel 
Sir Francis Palgrave RWF Pic British historian, critic, poet, Palgrave Francis
Francis Turner Palgrave Pic British critic, poet, anthologist, (Jewish father) Palgrave Francis Tuener
Sir Inglis Palgrave RWF Pic Brirish economist, (Jewish father) Palgrave Inglis
Sir Reginald Palgrave Pic British historian, (Jewish father) Palgrave Reginald
William Palgrave Pic British arabic scholar, explorer, (Jewish father) Palgrave William 
Aron Palkin RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet NKVD officer, colonel, Palkin Aron 
Alex Pall Pic American record producer, (Jewish father) Pall Alex 
Barrett Pall Pic American fashion model, actor, Pall Barrett
David Pall Pic American chemist, filter for transfusions, Pall Corporation, Pall David 
Gloria Pall Pic American model, showgirl, screen/television actress, businesswoman, Pall Gloria 
Samuel Pallache Pic Moroccan mechant, diplomat, pirate, envoy to Dutch Republic 1608, Pallache Samuel 
Max Pallenberg Pic Austrian-born German actor,  singer, comedian, Pallenberg Max 
Ahrn Palley Pic Rhodesian politician, MP 1958- Palley Ahrn 
Adam Pally Pic American film/television actor, comedian, Pally Adam 
Erwin Walter Palm Pic German scholar, historian, writer, Palm Erwin Walter
Mike Palm Pic American rock vocalist, guitarist, Palm Mike 
Lajos Palmai RWC Pic Hungarian Minister of Justice 1919 Palmai Lajos 
Connie Palmen Pic Dutch author, Palmen Connie 
John Palmer Pic Canadian theater/film director, playwright, Palmer John 
Lilli Palmer RWF Pic Polish-born German American actress, Palmer Lilli 
Baron Monroe Palmer Pic British liberal politician, Palmer Monroe
Paul Palnik Pic American cartoonist, artist, educator, Palnik Paul 
Sesto Pals Pic Ukrainian-born Romanian Israeli writer, poet, philosopher, illustrator, Pals Sesto
Ahimaaz ben Paltiel Italian poet, historian, 10th century Paltiel Ahimaaz ben
Bruce Paltrow Pic American television/film producer, director, Paltrow Bruce 
Gwyneth Paltrow RWF HW Pic American stage/television actress, food writer, (Jewish father) Paltrow Gwyneth 
Jake Paltrow RWF Pic American film/television director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Paltrow Jake 
Gret Palucca Pic German dancer, dance teacher, (half-Jewish) Palucca Gret
Iris Paluly Pic Israeli-born Canadian actress,  Paluly Iris
Bar Paly RWF HW Pic Russian-born Israeli model, actress, Paly  Bar
Abraham Pan biologist Pan Abraham 
Victor Pan Pic Soviet-born American mathematician, computer scientist, Pan Victor 
Sasa Pana HW Pic Romanian abant-garde poet, novelist, Pana Sasa 
Norman Panama Pic American screenwriter, film director,    Panama Norman 
Did Panas Pic Ukrainian stage/television actor, Panas Did
Anita Panek Pic Polish-born Brazilian biochemist, Panek Anita 
Friedrich Paneth RWF Pic Austrian British chemist, Paneth Friedrich 
Joseph Paneth RWF Pic Austrian physiologist, Paneth Joseph 
Morton Panish Pic American physical chemist, lasers, Panish Morton 
Leo Panitch Canadian political scientist, editor,    Panitch Leo 
Jacob Panken Pic Ukrainian-born American socialist politician, Panken Jacob 
Jacques Pankove RWC Pic Ukrainian-born American physicist, inventor, Pankove Jacques 
Abel Pann Pic Latvian-born Israeli painter, Pann Abel 
Baron David Pannick Pic British human rights lawyer, Pannick David 
Erwin Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American art historian, Panofsky Erwin 
Hans Panofsky Pic German-born American metereologist, Panofsky Hans 
Wolfgang Panofsky RWF Pic German-born American physicist, particle physics Panofsky Wolfgang 
Valery Panov RWF HW Pic Belarusian-born Soviet Israeli dancer, choreographer, Panov Valery 
Alina Panova Pic Ukrainian-born American stage/film costume designer, producer, Panova Alina
Yakov Panovko RWC Pic Russian-born Mechanical engineer, Panovko Yakov 
Alexander Panteleev Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Panteleev Alexander 
Donald Panther-Yates Pic American historian, geneaologist, Panther-Yates Donald
Debora Pantofel-Nechetskaya RWN Pic Russian opera singer, Pantofel-Nechetskaya Debora 
Cecilia Pantoja Pic Chilean rock singer/songwriter,  Pantoja Cecilia
Marty Panzer Pic American composer, songwriter:lyricist, Panzer Marty 
Connor Paolo Pic American actor, (Jewish mother) Paolo Connor 
Arthur Pap Pic Swiss-born American novelist, objectivist philosopher,    Pap Arthur
Karoly Pap Pic Hungarian Austrian writer, Pap Karoly
Boris Papandopulo Pic German-born Croatian composer, conductor, (Jewish descent) ??? Papandopulo Boris 
Bryce Papenbrook Pic American voice actor, marital arts instructor, (Jewish mother) Papenbrook Bryce
Ester Papernaya RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet writer, translator, Papernaya Ester 
Lazar Papernik RWF Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Papernik Lazar 
Lipa Paperno RWC Belarusian politician, Deputy Minister of construction 1958-72, Paperno Lipa 
Seymour Papert RWF Pic South African-born American mathematician, artificial intelligence, Logo Papert Seymour 
Izidor Papo RWC Pic Yugoslavian surgeon, colonel general, Papo Izidor 
Rosa Papo RWC Pic Yugoslabian physician, major general, Papo Rosa 
Joseph Papp Pic American theatrical producer/director, Papp Joseph 
Ilan Pappe RWF HW Pic Israeli historian, Pappe Ilan
Bertha Pappenheim RWE Pic Austrian-born German writer, feminist, Pappenheim Bertha 
Solomon Pappenheim HW Polish-born linguist, poet, Pappenheim Solomon 
John Pappenheimer Pic American physiologist, pharmacologist, Pappenheimer John 
Will Pappenheimer Pic American multi media artist, Pappenheimer Will 
Alwin Pappenheimer, Jr Pic American biochemist, immunologist, Pappenheimer, Jr Alwin 
Maurice Pappworth Pic British medical ethicist, tutor, Pappworth Maurice 
Ruth Parasol Pic American busnesswoman, PartyGaming, Parasol Ruth 
Herb Pardes Pic American psychiatrist, administrator,  Pardes Herb 
Tamir Pardo RWF HW Pic Israeli Head of Mossad  2010- , Pardo Tamir
Americo Paredes Pic Mexican/American author, journalist, Paredes Americo
Ventura Parente Italian Parente Ventura 
Cesare Parentso RWC Italian politician, senator, Parentso Cesare 
David Parenzo Pic Italian radio/television presenter, journalist, Parenzo David 
Peter Paret Pic German-born American military/cultural/art historian, (Jewish mother) Paret Peter 
Sara Paretsky Pic American mistery author, detective fiction,    Paretsky Sara 
Adam Parfrey Pic American publisher/editor of Feral House, Parfrey Adam 
Barbara Pariente Pic American Justice of Supreme Court of Florida, Pariente Barbara 
Gino Parin Pic Italian painter, Parin Gino
Paul Parin Pic Slovenian-born Swiss psychoanalyst, writer, ethnologist,    Parin Paul 
Andre de Paris HW Pic Israeli medical scholar, Paris Andre de
Jerry Paris Pic American actor, director, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Paris Jerry 
Eli Pariser Pic American president of MoveOn.org, Pariser Eli 
Mitchell Parish Pic Lithuanain-born American lyricist, songwriter:lyricist, Parish Mitchell 
Elias Parish Alvars Pic British harpist, composer,   Parish Alvars Elias 
Aleksandr Paritsky RWM Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Paritsky Aleksandr 
Yosef Paritzky RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, columnist, Paritzky Yosef 
Harry Parke Pic American comedian, writer, Parke Harry 
Charlotte Parker Austrian-born American founder of Parker Communications, Parker Charlotte 
Dorothy Parker RWF HW Pic American writer, (Jewish father) Parker Dorothy 
Eleanor Parker RWC Pic American film/television actress, (convert to Judaism) Parker Eleanor 
Errol Parker Pic Algerian-born French American jazz pianist, Parker Errol
Francine Parker Pic American film/television director, Parker Francine 
Jack Parker American real estate developer, Jack Parker Corporation, Parker Jack 
Kathleen Parker Pic American columnist, Parker Kathleen 
Leonard Parker Pic American physicist, cosmologist,     Parker Leonard 
Pippin Parker American playwright, theater director, (Jewish father) Parker Pippin 
Sarah Jessica Parker RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Parker Sarah Jessica
Yakov Parkhomovsky RWC Soviet aircraft engineer, Parkhomovsky Yakov 
Efim Parkman State Prize Sc 1985 Parkman Efim 
Bert Parks Pic American singer, actor, radio/television announcer, Parks Bert 
Dita Parlo Pic Polish-born German film actress, ??? Parlo Dita
Herbert Parmet Pic American political historian, biographer, Parmet Herbert
Robert Parmet Pic American labour/emigration historian, biographer, Parmet Robert
Simon Parmet Pic Finnish composer, conductor, Parmet Simon
Maksim Parnakh RWF Russian painter, Parnakh Maksim 
Valentin Parnakh RWF Pic Russian poet, choreographer, Russian jazz co-founder, Parnakh Valentin 
David Parnas Pic American Canadian computer scientist, software engineering Parnas David 
Jakub Parnas RWF Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born biochemist,  Parnas Jakub 
Shimon Parnas HW Pic Israeli radio/television presenter, television host, Parnas Shimon 
Anthony Parnes British stock broker, fraudster, Parnes Anthony 
Joseph Parnes Pic Iranian-born American businessman, Parnes Joseph 
Larry Parnes British pop group manager, impresario,   Parnes Larry 
Larry Parnes British pop maneger, impresario, Parnes Larry 
Teodor Parnicki Pic Polish author, (Jewish mother) Parnicki Teodor 
Mollie Parnis Pic American fashion designer, philanthropist, Parnis Mollie
Sophia Parnok RWF Pic Russian poet, translator, Parnok Sophia 
Erszi Partos Pic Hungarian actress, Paros  Erszi
Pim de la Parra Pic Surinamese-born Dutch filmmaker, Parra Pim de la
John Parrish Parrish John 
Shoshana Parsitz RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli educator, politician,   Parsitz Shoshana 
Estelle Parsons RWF Pic American film/television/stage actress, Parsons Estelle 
Louella Parsons Pic American gossip columnist, screenwriter, Parsons Louella 
Earl William Parsons Irish peer, (Jewish mother) Parsons William 
Vern Partlow Pic American folk singer, newspaper reporter, Partlow Vern
Ethel Portnoy Pic American-born Dutch writer, Partnoy Ethel
Raquel Partnoy Pic Argentine painter, poet, essyist, Partnoy Raquel
Gyula Partos Pic Hungarian architect, Partos Gyula
Odon Partos RWF HW Pic Hungarian Israeli violinist, composer, Partos Odon
Moin Parviz Iranian-born American engineering scholar, ??? Parviz Moin 
Alexander Parvus RWF Pic Belarusian-born revolutionary,    Parvus Alexander 
Emanuel Parzen Pic American statistician, Parzen Emanuel 
Hekim Pasa Turkish Minister of Finance, Mehmed II, Pasa Hekim 
Adam Pascal Pic American stage/film actor, singer, Pascal Adam 
Amy Pascal Pic co-chairman, Sony Pictires Entertainment, Motion Pictures Group, Columbia Pictures, Pascal Amy 
Francine Pascal Pic American author, dramatist, playwright, Pascal Francine 
Julia Pascal Pic British playwright, theater director, Pascal Julia 
Dave Pasch Pic American sportscaster, Pasch Dave 
Moritz Pasch RWF Pic Polish-born German mathematician, Pasch Moritz 
Wolf Pascheles Pic Czech-born Austrian publisher, Pascheles Wolf
Jules Pascin RWF Pic Bulgarian-French expressionist artist, (Jewish father) Pascin Jules 
Joyce Pascowitch Pic Brazilian journalist, social columnist, Pascowitch Joyce
Benji Pasek Pic American songwriter, composer, Pasel Benji
Jeffrey Pash Pic American executive VP of NFL, Pash Jeffrey 
Emin Pasha RWC HW Pic German-born Egyptian province governor, Pasha Emin 
Kamil Pasha Pic Cyprus-born Turkish grand vizier,  1885-91 1895  1908-09 1912-13 Pasha Kamil 
Midhat Pasha RWC Pic Grand Vizier of Ottoman Empire 1872 1876-77, (Donmeh ???) Pasha Midhat 
Riyad Pasha RWC Pic Egyptian Prime Minister 1879-91, 1893-94 Pasha Riyad 
Laszlo Paskai Pic Hungarian cardinal, archbishop of Estzergom 1987-2002 Paskai Laszlo 
Yury Paskevich RWE Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, urban planner, Paskevich Yury
Dorian Paskowitz Pic American surfer, physician, health guru, Paskowitz Dorian
Daniil Pasmanik RWF Pic Ukrainian-born zionist, public figure,   Pasmanik Daniil 
Vivianne Pasmanter Pic Brazilian stage/film/television actress, Pasmanter Vivianne 
Frank Alexander de Pass RWC Pic British World War I British Indian Army, Victoria Cross recipient, Pass Frank Alexander de
Agata Passent Pic Polish journalist, writer, (Jewish father) Passent Agata
Daniel Passent Pic Ukrainian-born Polish ambassador to Chile 1997-2002, Passent Daniel 
Ivan Passer Pic Czech-born film director, screenwriter, Passer Ivan 
Zelman Passov RWF Pic Soviet NKVD officer, Passov Zelman 
Isaac Passy RWE HW Pic Bulgarian philosopher,   Passy Isaac 
Solomon Passy RWC HW Pic Bulgarian Foreign Minister 2001-05, Passy Solomon 
Giuditta Pasta Pic Italian opera singer, soprano, Pasta Giuditta 
Ira Pastan Pic American medical researcher, Pastan Ira 
Linda Pastan Pic American poet,   Pastan Linda 
Alexander Pasternak RWF Pic Russian architect, Pasternak Alexander 
Boris Pasternak RWF HW Pic Russian poet, writer, translator, Nobel Prize (1958) Pasternak Boris 
I.B. Pasternak Soviet military factory director, Pasternak I.B. 
Joe Pasternak RWN Pic Hungarian-born American film producer, Pasternak Joe 
Leon Pasternak Pic Polish/Ukrainian-born poet, satirist, Pasternak Leon
Leonid Pasternak RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian exspressionist painter, Pasternak Leonid 
Petr Pasternak RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet construction engineer, Pasternak Petr 
Velvel Pasternak HW Pic American musicologist, expert of Jewish music, Tara Piblications, Pasternak Velvel 
Yevgeny Pasternak RWF Pic Soviet literary scholar, literary historian, biographer, Pasternak Yevgeny
Ann Pasternak Slater British translator, literary scolar, (Jewish mother) Pasternak Slater Ann
Lydia Pasternak Slater Russian research chemist, poet, translator, Pasternak Slater Lydia
Herb Pastor American president/CEO of Pastor Casino Enterprises, Pastor Herb 
Rose Pastor Stokes  Pic American socilast activist, Pastor Stokes  Rose 
Michael Pasvig Israeli mayor of Raanana 1955-57 1959-60, Pasvig Michael 
Jonny Pasvolsky Pic South African-born Australian actor,  Pasvolsky Jonny
Daphne Patai Pic American scholar, author, Patai Daphne
Jozsef Patai HW Pic Hungarian zionist leader, poet, translator, editor, Patai Jozsef
Raphael Patai RWC HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli anthropologist, entnographer, orientalist, Patai Raphael 
Badri Patarkatsishvili RWF HW Pic Georgian politician, businessman,    Patarkatsishvili Badri 
Oren Patashnik RWC Pic American computer scientist, Patashnik Oren 
Greg Patent Pic American cookbook writer, baker, Patent Greg 
Roberto Paternostro HW Pic Austrian conductor, (Jewish mother) Paternostro Roberto 
Don Patinkin RWF HW Pic American-born Israeli economist, Patinkin Don 
Hugh Patinkin Whitehall Jewelers, Inc Patinkin Hugh 
Mandy Patinkin RWF HW Pic American actor, singer, tenor, Patinkin Mandy 
Mark Patinkin Pic American author, columnist,    Patinkin Mark 
Sheldon Patinkin Pic American actor,   Patinkin Sheldon
Vladimir Patkin Pic Russian volleyball player, Patkin Vladimir 
Sir Irvine Patnick Pic British businessman, politician, MP 1987-97 Patnick Irvine
Stuart Paton British film director, screenwriter, actor, Paton Stuart 
Evgeniy Paton RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, (Jewish descent) Paton Evgeniy 
Riccardo Patrese Pic Italian racing driver, Patrese Riccardo
Leonard Patrick American mobster, Patrick Leonard 
Tera Patrick Pic American porn/adult films actress, model, (Jewish father) Patrick Tera 
Alan Patricof Pic American founder 1977 of Apax Partners, Patricof Alan 
Jamie Patrikof Pic American film/television producer, Patrikof Jamie
William Patry Pic American lawyer, copyright law, Patry William 
Iosif Patskin RWE Soviet/Russian architect, Patskin Iosif 
Gideon Patt RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Minister of Housing and Construction/Industry, Trade and Labour/Science and Technology, Patt Gideon 
Lorna Patterson HW Pic American film/stage/television actress, (convert to Judaism), Patterson Lorna 
Mark Patterson Pic Chief of Staff to Secretary of the Tresuary 2013- ??? Patterson Mark 
Scott Patterson Pic American actor, Patterson Scott 
Norman Pattiz Pic American founder/chairman of Westwood One, Pattiz Norman 
Arnall Patz Pic Georgian-born American ophthamologist, Patz Arnall 
Gyorgy Pauk Pic Hungarian-born British violinist,    Pauk Gyorgy 
Anna Pauker RWC HW Pic Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Premier, Pauker Anna 
Karl Pauker RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, colonel general, Pauker Karl 
Marcel Pauker RWE HW Pic Romanian communist militant, Pauker Marcel 
Alan Paul Pic American singer, composer, Paul Alan 
Andrew Paul Pic British film/television actor, Paul Andrew 
Bruno Paul Pic German architect, illustrator, furniture designer, Paul Bruno 
Jarrad Paul Pic American actor, film director, screenwriter, Paul Jarrad 
Lynsey de Paul Pic British singer/songwriter, actress, ESC second place 1977 Paul Lynsey de
Philip Paul American labor racketeer,  Paul Philip 
Sam Paul American gambler, Paul Sam 
William Paul RWC Pic American immunologist, Paul William 
Jared Paul Stern Pic American reporter, columnist, Paul Stern Jared 
C.W.H. Pauli German hebraist, Pauli C.W.H. 
Hertha Pauli Pic Austrian stage actress, journalist, author, (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Pauli Hertha
Wolfgang Pauli RWF Pic Austrian-born American Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize (1945), (not Jewish maternal grandmother) Pauli Wolfgang 
Wolfgang Josef Pauli Austrian biochemist, physician, Pauli Wolfgang Josef
John Paulson Pic American businessman, Paulson & Co, (Jewish mother) Paulson John 
Michael Paulson Pic American journalist, Paulson Michael 
Ira Pauly Pic American psychiatrist, Pauly Ira 
Paul Paun Pic Romanian-born Israeli poet, translator, visual artist, Paun Paul 
Ota Pavel Pic Czech journalist, writer, sports reporter,   Pavel Ota
Mark Paverman RWF Pic Russian conductor, Paverman Mark 
Ken Paves Pic American hairdresser, (Jewish father) Paves Kenneth 
Corey Pavin Pic American professional golfer, Pavin Corey 
Leo Pavlat Pic Czech journalist, writer, Pavlat Leo
Mikhail Pavlotsky RWF Pic Moldovan-born military, hero of Soviet Union, Pavlotsky Mikhail 
Semyon Pavlov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet security officer, major general, Pavlov Semyon 
Semyon Pavlov RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet People's Cammissar of Kyrgyzia 1943-45, Pavlov Semyon 
Anna Pavlova RWF Pic Russian prima balerina,  (Jewish biological father) Pavlova Anna 
Rafail Pavlovski RWM Pic Ukrainian-born hero of Soviet Union, Pavlovski Rafail 
Eduardo Pavlovsky Pic Argentine playwright, psychoanalyst, actor, novelist, Pavlovsky Eduardo 
Rosa Pavlovsky de Rosemberg Russian-born Argentine physician, Pavlovsky de Rosemberg Rosa
Sara Paxton RWF HW Pic American actress, singer, model, (Jewish mother, father convert) Paxton Sara 
David Paymer RWF HW Pic American film/television actor, television director, Paymer David 
Hank Payne Pic American president of Woodward Academy, Payne Hank 
John Payne RWF Pic American stage actor, lyricist, poet, playwright, Payne John 
Julie Payne Pic American film/television actress, (Jewish father) Payne Julie 
Bob Payton Pic American marketing man, restaurateur, hotelier, Payton Bob
Yonatan Paz-Bouganim HW Pic Israeli actor, singer, model, Paz-Bouganim Yonatan 
Amnon Pazy HW Pic Israeli mathematician, president  of Hebew Univesity 1987-91, Pazy Amnon
Avi Pazner RWC HW Pic Polish-born Israeli ambassador to France 1995-98, Italy 1991-95, Malta, Albania 1991-95, Pazner Avi 
Arye Pazovsky RWF Pic Russian conductor, Pazovsky  Arye
Peaches Pic Canadian electrothrash artist, singer/songwriter, record producer,    Peaches
Monique Pean Pic American fine jewerly designer, sociality, Pean Monique 
Giuseppe Peano Pic Italian mathematician, ??? Peano Giuseppe
Russell Pearce American legal scholar, Pearce Russell 
Stephen Pearcy Pic American lead singer, Ratt, Pearcy Stephen 
Bruce Pearl Pic American basketball coach, Pearl Bruce 
Daniel Pearl RWF HW Pic American journalist, Pearl Daniel 
David Pearl British real estate investor, Structadene, property, Pearl David 
Jack Pearl Pic American radio actor, vaudeville performer, Pearl Jack 
Judea Pearl RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American scientist, philosopher, artifical intelligence, Pearl Judea 
Laurence Pearl Pic British biochemist, structual biologist, Pearl Laurence 
Mariane Pearl Pic French journalist, Pearl Mariane
Jeff Pearlman Pic American sportswriter,    Pearlman Jeff 
Lou Pearlman Pic American impresario, record executive, Trans Continental Records, Pearlman Lou 
Lou Pearlman Pic founder/chairman/CEO of Trans Continental Airlines, Pearlman Lou 
Mahla Pearlman Australian Chief Judge of New South Wales, Pearlman Mahla 
Mark Pearlman Pic American media executive, market strategist, activist, Pearlman Mark 
Moshe Pearlman RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli ambassador to Kongo -1960, Pearlman Moshe 
Sisnando Davidiz RWC Spanish governor of Toledo, Pearlman Moshe 
Ronald Pearlman American legal scholar, ??? Pearlman Ronald 
Sandy Pearlman Pic American record producer, poet, songwriter, Pearlman Sandy 
Trevor Pearlman co-principal of The Eage Group, Pearlman Trevor 
Zack Pearlman Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Pearlman Zack 
Philip Pearlstein Pic American contemporary realist painter, Pearlstein Philip 
Steven Pearlstein Pic American columnist, Pearlstein Steven 
Norman Pearlstine Pic American journalist, editor, Time Inc, Pearlstine Norman 
Philip Pearlstine RWF Pic American painter, grafic, Pearlstine Philip 
Mark Pears Pic British businessman, William Pears Group, property, Pears Mark 
Trevor Pears Pic British businessman, philanthropist, William pears Group, property, Pears Trevor 
Phyllis Pearsall Pic British painter, writer, cartographer, (Jewish father) Pearsall Phyllis
Ralph Pearson Pic American physical inorganic chemist,  ??? Pearson Ralph 
Sacha Pecaric Pic Croatian-born Polish Bible translator, Pecaric Sacha 
Alexander Pechersky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born leader of uprising in Sobibor extermination camp, Pechersky Alexander 
Joseph Pechman Pic American economist,  administrator, Pechman Joseph 
Israel Pecht Pic Hungarian-born Israeli immunologist,    Pecht Israel 
Arlene Peck Pic American columnist, Peck Arlene 
Josh Peck RWF HW Pic American child actor, singer, comedian, director, producer, (Jewish mother) Peck Josh 
Oliver Peck Pic American tatoo artist, Peck Oliver 
Seymour Peck American journalist, Peck Seymour 
David Pecker Pic American publisher, CEO of American Media, Pecker David 
Michael Peckman Peckman Michael 
Dominika Peczynski Pic Swedish Polish singer, model, television presenter, Peczynski Dominika 
Joseph Pedlosky Pic American physical oceanographer, ??? Pedlosky Joseph 
Mark Pedowitz Pic American president of The CW Television Network, Pedowitz Mark 
Daniel Peer HW Pic Israeli journalist, television presenter, Peer Daniel 
Edna Peer HW Pic Israeli television presenter, journalist, Peer Edna 
Meni Peer Pic Israeli television producer, television host, Peer Meni
Aviva Pe'er Pic Romanian-born Israeli model, Miss Israel 1954, Pe'er Aviva 
Sahar Pe'er Pic Israeli  tennis player, Pe'er Sahar 
Jan Peerce RWF HW Pic American theater actor, singer, cantor, Peerce Jan 
Larry Peerce RWF Pic American film/television director, Peerce Larry 
Amanda Peet RWF HW Pic American film/telvision actress, (Jewish mother) Peet Amanda 
Jeff Pegues Pic American news correspondent, Pegues Jeff 
Sir Rudolf Peierls RWF Pic German-born American British physicist, Peierls Rudolf
Kira Peikoff Pic American novelist, journalist, Peikoff Kira
Leonard Peikoff Pic American philosopher, writer, Peikoff Leonard 
Vincent Peillon RWC Pic French politician, Minister of Education (Jewish mother) Peillon Vincent
Tadeusz Peiper Pic Polish poet, art critic, literary scholar, Peiper Tadeusz
Alzira Peirce Pic American political activist, artist, radio announcer, Peirce Alzira
Kimberly Peirce Pic American screenwriter, director, producer, (Jewish descent) Peirce Kimberly 
Lev Peiros RWM Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Peiros Lev 
Aaron Peirsol Pic American swimmer, Peirsol Aaron 
Hayley Peirsol Pic American lond-distance swimmer, Peirsol Hayley
Abram Peisin RWF Soviet composer, conductor, ??? Peisin Abram 
Benjamin Peixotto HW American first consul to Romania 1870 R. Hayes, president of B'nai B'rith 1863-70, Peixotto Benjamin 
Ernest Peixotto Pic American painter, illustrator, author, Peixotto Ernest 
Terren Peizer Pic American chairman of Crede Capital Group, Peizer Terren
Pekah HW Pic Nineteenth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom,  737-732 BC Pekah KingsKI
Pekahiah HW Pic Eightteenth king of the northern Israelite Kingdom,  738-737 BC Pekahiah KingsKI
Harvey Pekar Pic American comic book writer, music critic, media personality, Pekar Harvey 
Solomon Pekar RWC Pic Ukrainian physicist, Pekar Solomon 
Rudolf Pekarek RWE Pic Czech Australian conductor,    Pekarek Rudolf 
Ran Peker RWC HW Pic Israeli fighter ace, brigadier general, Peker Ran 
Chaim Pekeris RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born American Israeli meteorologist, geophysicist, Pekeris Chaim 
Jose Pekerman HW Pic Argentine football coach, Pekerman Jose
Aleksandr Pekis RWC Ukrainian Soviet Peope's Commissar of Finance 1932-37, Pekis Aleksandr 
Roman Pekurin RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Pekurin Roman 
Isidore Pelc Pic Belgian psychologist, Pelc Isidore 
Ashley Peldon Pic American film/television actress, Peldon Ashley 
Courtney Peldon Pic American film/television actress, Peldon Courtney 
Abe Peled Pic Romanian-born Israeli businessman, NDS Group, Peled Abe
Benny Peled RWC HW Pic Israeli 7th Air Force Commander, 1973-77, Peled Benny
Daniella Peled Pic American journalist, Peled Daniella 
Efrat Peled Pic Israeli CEO of Arison Investments, Peled Efrat 
Elad Peled RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Peled Elad 
Mattityahu Peled RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, military commander, major general, Peled Mattityahu 
Moshe Peled RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, general, Peled Moshe 
Musa Peled RWC Pic Israeli military commander, major general, Peled Musa 
Natan Peled RWC HW Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli politician, Minister of absorbtion, Peled Natan 
Rafi Peled RWC Pic inspector general of the Israeli Police, 1993-94, Peled Rafi
Yisrael Peled Pic Israeli mayor of Ramat Gan, 1969-83, Peled Yisrael 
Yossi Peled RWF HW Pic Belgian-born Israeli politician, major general, Peled Yossi 
Nurit Peled-Elhanan Pic Israeli human rights activist, Peled-Elhanan Nurit
David Peleg RWC Pic Israeli computer scientist, Peleg David 
David Peleg Pic Israeli ambassador to Poland 2004-09, Permanent Representitive of Israel to the United Nations, Peleg David 
Vladimir Peller RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military, farm manager, Peler Vladimir 
Keren Peles HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, pianist, actress, Peles Keren 
Alexander Peli Ukrainian-born Israeli editor, Peli Alexander 
Bracha Peli Pic Ukrainian-born Israeli publisher, Massada, Peli Bracha 
Oren Peli RWF Pic Israeli-born American film director, screenwriter, producer, Peli Oren 
Raul Pellegrin Pic Chilean communist leader, Pellegrin Raul 
Clara Peller Pic American film/television actress, Peller Clara 
Cesar Pelli Pic Argentine-born American architect, Pelli Cesar
Vered Pelman Pic Israeli television reporter, Pelman Vered 
Martin Peltasohn German jurist, politician, MP 1899-1910, Peltasohn Martin 
Marcia Peltier Pic Brazilian journalist, presenter, Peltier Marcia
Tatyana Pelttser RWF Pic Russian-born Soviet film/stage actress, (Jewish mother) Pelttser Tatyana 
Barney Pelty Pic American baseball player, Pelty Barney 
Isac Peltz HW Pic Romanian author, journalist, Peltz Isac 
Nelson Peltz Pic American busnessman, Triarc, Peltz Nelson 
Nicola Peltz HW Pic American film actress, model, (Jewish father) Peltz Nicola 
Russell Peltz Pic American boxing promoter, Peltz Russell 
Will Peltz Pic American film/television actor, (Jewish father) Peltz Will  
Sam Peltzman RWF Pic American economist,  Peltzman Sam 
Meeno Peluce Pic Netherlands-born American photographer, child actor, (Jewish mother) Peluce Meeno
Phoebe Pember Pic American nurse, administrator, Pember Phoebe
Mietek Pemper Pic Polish-born Holocaust survivor, Pemper Mietek 
Ron Pemstein American columnist, Pemstein Ron 
Yehuda Pen RWF HW Pic Lithuanian-born painter, Pen Yehuda 
Terese Pencak Schwartz Pic American photographer, writer, publicist,   Pencak Schwartz Terese 
Gerry Pencer Canadian CEO of Cott Beverages, Pencer Gerry 
Shmuel Penchas Israeli-born Penchas Shmuel 
Tracy Pendergast Pic American singer, Pendergast Tracy 
Vladimir Peniakoff Pic Belgian-born British commander, Peniakoff Vladimir 
Eduard Penkala RWC Pic Slovak-born Croatian engineer, inventor, chemist, (Jewish father) Penkala Eduard 
Sheldon Penman American cell biologist, physicist, Penman Sheldon 
Alexander Penn HW Pic Russian-born Israeli poet, Penn Alexander 
Arthur Penn RWF HW Pic American fim director, film/television producer, Penn Arthur 
Chris Penn RWF HW Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Penn Chris 
Irving Penn RWF Pic American fashion photographer,   Penn Irving 
Jack Penn Pic South African-born plastic/reconstuctive surgeon, sculptor, author, ??? Penn Jack
Leo Penn Pic American director, actor, Penn Leo 
Mark Penn Pic American CEO of Burson-Marsteller, Penn Mark 
Matthew Penn Pic American stage/television director/producer, Penn Matthew 
Michael Penn Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father) Penn Michael 
Sean Penn RWF HW Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Penn Sean 
Jonathan Penner Pic American film/television actor, writer, producer,    Penner Jonathan 
Rebecca Penneys Pic American pianist, Penneys Rebecca
Laurie Penny Pic British columnist, blogger, author, (half Jewish) Penny Laurie
Virginia Penrod Pic American Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, (Military Personnel Policy) Penrod Virginia 
Max Penson Pic Belarusian-born Soviet photojournalist, photographer, Penson Max 
Vladimir Pentkovsky RWF Pic Russian American computer scientist, (Jewish mother) Pentkovsky Vladimir 
Richard Penzer American real estate developer, Penngim Corp, Pittsburg, Chicago, Penzer Richard 
Arno Penzias RWF HW Pic German-born American physicist, Nobel Prize (1978), Penzias Arno 
Otto Penzler Pic American publisher, editor of mistery fiction, Penzler Otto 
John Pepper RWC Pic Hungarian People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs 1919 Pepper John 
Sir Michael Pepper Pic British physicist, Pepper Michael 
Irene Pepperberg American ethologist, animal intelligence, Pepperberg Irene 
Sir Mark Pepys Pic British immunologist, Pepys Mark 
Robert Pera Pic American founder/CEO of Ubiguiti Networks, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Pera Robert
Yehuda Perah HW Pic Israeli politician, educator,   Perah Yehuda 
Murray Perahia RWF HW Pic American British pianist, conductor, Perahia Murray 
Yevsei Perchenkov RWF Russian-born Soviet architect, Perchenkov Yevsei 
Jerome Percus Pic American mathematician, physicist, Genome analysis, Percus Jerome 
Andrew Percy Pic British Conservative MP 2010- , (convert to Judaism), Percy Andrew 
Georges Perec RWF HW Pic French novelist, filmmaker, essayist, Perec Georges 
Calel Perechodnik Pic Polish writer, resistance fighter, Perechodnik Calel
Gustavo Perednik Pic Argentine-born Israeli author, educator, Perednik Gustavo
Jacob Pereira Pic Portuguese-born French deaf-mute language inventor, (converso descent) Pereira Jacob 
Jonathan Pereira British pharmacologist, Pereira Jonathan 
Baron Ludwig Louis Pereira Arnstein Pereira Arnstein Ludwig Louis
Baron Alfons Pereira-Arnstein Austrian Pereira-Arnstein Alfons
Baron Heinrich von Pereira Austrian banker, Pereira-Arnstein Heinrich von
Baroness Henriette von Pereira-Arnstein Pic Austrian pianist, salon holder, Pereira-Arnstein Henriette
Emile Pereire Pic French businessman, Credit Foncier de France, Societe Generale du Credit Mobile Pereire Emile 
Eugene Pereire Pic French businessman, Credit Mobilier Espagnol, Pereire Eugene 
Isaac Pereire Pic French businessman, Credit Foncier de France, Societe Generale du Credit Mobilier, La Liberte, Pereire Isaac 
Solomon Perel Pic German-born Israeli author, motivational speaker, Perel Solomon
Vladimir Perel  RWF Pic Russian physicist, astronomy Perel Vladimir 
Aleksandr Perelman RWF Pic Russian geologist,   Perelman Aleksandr 
Baron Chaim Perelman RWF HW Pic Polish-born Belgian philosopher of law, Perelman Chaim
Esther Perelman Polish Yiddish stage/film actress, Perelman Esther 
Grigori Perelman RWF HW Pic Russian-born mathematician, Fields Medal (2006), Perelman Grigori 
Igor Perelman RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet constructor, Perelman Igor 
Ivo Perelman Pic Brazilian free jazz saxophonist, Perelman Ivo
Max Perelman Polish Yiddish stage/film actor, Perelman Max 
Mikhail Perelman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian physician, Perelman Mikhail
Mikhail Perelman RWN Pic Russian gymnast, team-combined exercises Perelman Mikhail 
Ronald Perelman Pic American businessman, Revlon, Marvel Comics, Perelman Ronald 
Sidney Perelman Pic American writer, screenwriter, humorist, Perelman Sidney 
Vadim Perelman RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American film director, Perelman Vadim 
Yakov Perelman RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian writer, science populization, Perelman Yakov 
Eugene Perelshteyn RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American chess grandmaster,  Perelshteyn Eugene 
Alan Perelson American mathematician, biologist, ??? Perelson Alan 
Bruce Perens Pic American computer programmer, Perens Bruce 
Victor Perera Pic Guatemalan-born American  writer, Perera Victor 
Asher Peres Pic Israeli physicist, Peres Asher 
Jose Isaac Peres Pic Brazilian chairman/CEO of Multiplan, Peres Jose Isaac
Joseph Peres French mathematician, physicist, ??? Peres Joseph 
Melanie Peres HW Pic German-born Israeli singer, actress, model, Peres Melanie 
Shimon Peres RWF HW Pic Polish/Belarusian-born prime minister of Israel  1986-88 1995-96, Nobel Prize (1994) Peres Shimon 
Yuval Peres Pic Israeli-born American matematician, Peres Yuval
Chelsea Peretti Pic American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, (Jewish mother) Peretti Chelsea
Jonah Peretti Pic American internet entrepreneur,  businessman, (Jewish mother) Peretti Jonah 
Abram Peretz RWC Pic Polish-born Russian entrepeneur, Peretz Abram 
Aleksandr Peretz RWC Russian engineer, major general, Peretz Aleksandr 
Aleksandr Peretz RWC Russian engineer, major general, (Jewish father) Peretz Aleksandr 
Amir Peretz RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Leader of Avoda Party 2005-07, Peretz Amir 
Avi Peretz RWC Pic Israeli singer, Peretz Avi
Isaac Peretz RWF HW Pic Polish-born author, playwright, Peretz Isaac 
Isabelle Peretz Pic Belgian-born Canadian cognitive neuroscientist, Peretz Isabelle 
Jesse Peretz Pic American film director, bass guitar player, music video director, (Jewish father) Peretz Jesse
Kobi Peretz RWC Pic Israeli singer, Peretz Kobi 
Marty Peretz HW Pic American owner of The New Republic, Peretz Marty 
Miriam Peretz Pic Peretz Miriam 
Moshe Peretz RWC HW Pic Israeli singer/songwriter, composer, Peretz Moshe 
Netali Peretz RWC Pic Israeli singer, Peretz Netali 
Susan Peretz Pic American film/television actress, Peretz Susan 
Vladimir Peretz RWF Pic Russian/Soviet philologist, Peretz Vladimir 
Yair Peretz RWC HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Peretz Yair 
Yegor Peretz RWF Russian Secretary, (Jewish father) Peretz Yegor 
Yitzhak Peretz HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Peretz Yitzhak 
Yitzhak Peretz RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician, Peretz Yitzhak 
Abraham Pereyra Portuguese-born Dutch merchant, Pereyra Abraham
Jaime Perez Uruguayan politician, leader of Communist Part of Uruguay, Perez Jaime 
Lily Perez RWC Pic Chilean politician, senator 2010- , Perez Lily 
Victor Perez RWF HW Pic Tunisian-born French boxer, flyweight, Perez Victor 
Hernan Perez de Quesada RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, Perez de Quesada Hernan
Moses Pergament Pic Finnish-born Swedish composer, Pergament Moses 
Ossip Pergament Russian politician, Pergament O 
Franz Perhorovich RWC Pic Belrusian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, ??? Perhorovich Franz 
Eliezer Peri HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician, journalist, Peri Eliezer 
Nadav Peri HW Pic Israeli television commentator, Peri Nadav
Peter Laszlo Peri Pic Hungarian sculptor, painter, architect, Peri Peter Laszlo
Yaakov Peri RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Head of the Shin Bet 1988-94, Minister of Science & Technology 2013- ,  Peri Yakov 
Brad Perkins founder/senior partner of Perkins Eastman, Perkins Brad 
David Perkins Pic American geneticist, ??? Perkins David 
Stephen Perkins Pic American songwriter, drummer, Perkins Stephen 
Shahar Perkiss Pic Israeli  tennis player, Perkiss Shahar 
Edward Perl Pic American neuroscientist, Perl Edward 
Gisella Perl Pic Romanian-born Hungarian gynecologist, Perl Gisella
Joseph Perl Pic Austrian/Ukrainian born educator, writer, Perl Joseph 
Martin Perl RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (1995), tau lepton Perl Martin 
William Perl Pic Soviet spy against USA,    Perl William 
William Perl Pic Czech-born American lawyer, psychologist, Perl William 
George Perle Pic American composer, musicologist, Perle George 
Renee Perle Pic Romanian model, Perle Renee 
Richard Perle  RWC HW Pic American Assistant Secretary of Defense,  Perle  Richard 
Vlado Perlemuter RWF Pic Lithuanian-born French pianist, Perlemuter Vlado 
Alfred Perles Pic Austrian-born British writer, Perles Alfred
Micha Perles HW Pic Israeli mathematician, Perles Micha
Arthur Perlin Canadian chemist, Perlin Arthur 
Bernard Perlin Pic American painter, Perlin Bernard
Kenneth Perlin Pic American computer scientist, Perlin Kenneth 
Yuri Perlin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian physicist, Corr Perlin Yuri 
Alan Perlis RWF HW Pic American computer scientist, mathematician, Perlis Alan 
Alfred Perlman Pic American president of Penn Central, railroad executive, Perlman Alfred 
Andrew Perlman Pic American entrepreneur, inventor, Perlman Andrew 
Elliot Perlman Pic Australian writer, Perlman Elliot 
Fredy Perlman Pic Czech-born American author, publisher, anarchist, translator, Perlman Fredy
Harvey Perlman Pic American Chancellor of University of Nebraska, Perlman Harvey 
Heide Perlman Pic American television producer/writer, Perlman Heide
Isadore Perlman RWF Pic American nuclear chemist, Perlman Isadore 
Itzhak Perlman RWF HW Pic Israeli American violinist, conductor, Perlman Itzhak 
Lawrence Perlman American co-chairman of Seagate Technology, Perlman Lawrence 
Marc Perlman Pic American bassist, guitarist, Jayhawks, Perlman Marc
Nathan Perlman Pic Polish-born American representative, 1920-1927, Perlman Nathan 
Navah Perlman Pic American concert phianist, chamber musician, Perlman Navah
Philip Perlman Pic American Solicitor General 1947-1952, Perlman Philip 
Radia Perlman HW Pic American computer scientist, Perlman Radia
Rhea Perlman RWF Pic American film/television actress, Perlman Rhea 
Ron Perlman RWF HW Pic American film/television/voice actor, Perlman Ron 
Selig Perlman Pic Polish-born American labor historian,  economist, Perlman Selig
Steve Perlman RWF American founder of WebTV Networks, Perlman Steve 
Susan Perlman Pic American neurologist, Perlman Susan
Gertrude Perlmann Pic Czech-born American biochemist, Perlmann Gertrude 
Abraham Perlmutter Polish rabbi, politician, MP 1919-22, Perlmutter Abraham 
David Perlmutter RWC Pic Israeli electrial engineer, executive, Intel, Perlmutter David 
David Perlmutter President of Linguistic Society of America, 2000, ??? Perlmutter David 
Ed Perlmutter Pic American representative, 2007- , (Jewish father) Perlmutter Ed
Isaac Perlmutter Pic American businessman, Marvel Enterprises, Inc, Perlmutter Isaac 
Louis Perlmutter Pic American chairman Brandeis University, Perlmutter Louis 
Nathan Perlmutter American head of Anti-Defamation Leage, Perlmutter Nathan 
Roger Perlmutter RWA Pic American molecular biologist, immunologist, research administrator, Amgen, Perlmutter Roger 
Saul Perlmutter RWF HW Pic American astrophysicist, Nobel Prize (2011), Perlmutter Saul 
Tom Perlmutter Pic Hungarian-born Canadian film producer, chairman of National Film Board of Canada, Perlmutter Tom 
Victor Perlo Pic American author, economist, spy for USSR, Perlo  Victor 
Carey Perloff RWF Pic American theater director, playwright, Perloff Carey
Harvey Perloff Pic American economist, urban planning specialist, Perloff Harvey 
Joseph Perloff RWF Pic American cardiologist, Perloff Joseph 
Marjorie Perloff RWF Pic Austrian-born American literary critic, Perloff Marjorie 
Robert Perloff Pic President of American Psychological Association 1985, ??? Perloff Robert 
David Perlov RWA HW Pic Brazilian-born Israeli filmmaker,    Perlov David 
Ilya Perlov RWC Pic Belarusian-born Soviet judge, Perlov Ilya 
Fritz Perls RWF HW Pic German-born South African American gestalt therapist, Perls Fritz 
Hugo Perls Pic German-born art dealer, art historian, philosopher,   Perls Hugo 
Klaus Perls Pic German-born American art dealer,   Perls Klaus
Laura Perls RWF Pic German-born South African American gestalt therapist, Perls Laura 
Harris Perlstein president/chairman of Pabst Brewing Company, Perlstein Harris 
Rick Perlstein Pic American historian, journalist, Perlstein Rick
Shlomo Perlstein RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli politician,   Perlstein Shlomo 
David Permut Pic American film producer, Permut David 
Jaime Permuth Pic Guatemalan-born American photographer, Permuth Jaime 
Joshua Perper Pic Romanian-born American forensic pathologist, toxicologist, Perper Joshua
Sam Perrin Pic American screenwriter, Perrin Sam 
Alain Dominique Perrin Pic French chairman Cartier Jewelry Firm, Perrin  Alain Dominique
Eleanor Perry Pic American screenwriter, television writer, Perry Eleanor 
John Perry Pic American actor, model,   Perry John 
Matthew Perry RWF Pic American Canadian film/television actor, (Jewish father) Perry Matthew 
Menachem Perry HW Pic Israeli radio broacaster, Perry Menachem 
Motty Perry Pic Israeli economist, Perry Motty
Richard Perry Pic American hedge-fund manager, Perry Richard 
Renana Peres Pic Israeli researcher, business administration, Pers Renana
Jonny Persey Pic British film producer,    Persey Jonny 
Rafi Persits HW Pic Israeli chess player, Persits Rafi 
Zinovy Persits RWC Russian rocket engineer,  Persits Zinovy 
Alexandre Persitz Pic Russian-born French architect, Persitz Alexandre
Peter Perski Pic Swedish actor, Perski Peter 
Aaron Persky Pic American California state court judge, Persky Aaron 
Bill Persky Pic American director, screenwriter, producer, television actor, Persky Bill 
Lisa Jane Persky Pic American film/television actress, journalist, artist, photographer, ??? Persky Lisa Jane
Nehemiah Persoff HW Pic Israeli-born American film/television actor, artist,  Persoff Nehemiah 
Solomon Person RWF Soviet scientist, physicist, Person Solomon 
Leon Perth American National Securuty Adviser to Vice President, Perth  Leon 
Mark Pertsovsky RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actor,    Pertsovsky Mark 
Leo Perutz Pic Czech-born Austrian writer, mathematician, Perutz Leo 
Sir Max Perutz RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British chemist, Nobel Prize (1962), Perutz Max 
Robin Perutz Pic British chemist, Perutz Robin 
Leonid Pervomaisky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet poet, author, dramatist, Pervomaisky Leonid 
Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro RWC Pic Italian dancing-master,    Pesaro Guglielmo Ebreo da
Mike Pesca Pic American radio journalist, Pesca Mike 
Donna Pescow Pic American film/television actress, director, Pescow Donna 
Zinovy Peshkov RWC Pic Russian-born French general, diplomat, Peshkov Zinovy 
Aleksandr Pesis RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military physician, lieutenant general, Pesis Aleksandr 
Mark Peskanov Pic Russian-born American violinist, Peskanov Mark 
Charles Peskin Pic American mathematician, neural science Peskin Charles 
Hy Peskin Pic American photojournalist, Peskin Hy 
Michael Peskin American physicist, ??? Peskin Michael 
Ed Peskowitz Pic American co-founder of United Communications Group, Peskowitz Ed 
Rose Pesotta Pic Ukrainian-born American anarchist, feminist, Pesotta Rose 
Isadore Pesses American mayor of El Dorado, Pesses Isadore
Fernando Pessoa Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, (Jewish descent) Pessoa Fernando 
Sidney Pestka Pic Polish-born American biochemist, geneticist, Pestka Sidney 
Baron Maurice Peston Pic British economist, politician,    Peston Maurice
Robert Peston Pic British journalist, editor,   Peston Robert 
Mr. Pete Pic American pornographic actor, film director, (Jewish descent) Pete Mr. 
David Petel RWC HW Pic Iraqi-born Israeli politician, Petel David 
Gabor Peter Pic Hungarian politician, head of Hungarian Secrete Police 1945-52, Peter Gabor
Rozsa Peter Pic Hungarian mathematician, Peter Rozsa 
Alexis Peterman Pic British actress, model, Peterman Alexis 
Elizabeth Peterman Austrian politician, MP Peterman Elizabeth 
Christopher Peters Pic American actor, film producer, writer,  Peters Christopher 
J. Peters Pic Hungarian-born American spymaster for USSR, Peters J.
Joan Peters HW Pic American journalist, news producer, author,   Peters Joan 
Nigel Peters Pic British lawyer, judge, Peters Nigel
Roberta Peters RWF Pic American opera singer, Peters Roberta 
Jerzy Petersburski RWF Pic Polish violinist, songwriter, composer, conductor, Petersburski Jerzy 
Orlando Petinatti Pic Uruguayan presenter, speaker, enterpreneur, Petinatti Orlando
Boris Petker RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet stage/film actor, Petker Boris 
Teodoro Petkoff RWC Pic Venezuelan Minister of the Central Office of Coordination and Planning 1996-99 (Jewish mother) Petkoff Teodoro
Irving Petlin Pic American artist, painter, Petlin Irving 
Ivan Peto Pic Hungarian politician, historian, MP Peto Ivan 
Esther Petrack Pic Israeli-born American fashion model, Petrack Esther
Erez Petrank Pic Israeli computer scientist, Petrank Erez
Kirill Petrenko RWF HW Pic Russian-born Austrian conductor, Petrenko Kirill 
Daniel Petrie Pic American television/film director, ??? Petrie Daniel 
Milton Petrie Pic American retailer, founder of Petrie Stores Corporation, Petrie Milton 
Melina Petriella Pic Argentine film/television actress, Petriella Melina 
Natasha Petrinsky RWC Pic Israeli opera singer, Petrinsky Natasha 
Yevgeny Petrosyan RWC Pic Azerbajani-born Russian Armenian comedian, (Jewish mother) Petrosyan Yevgeny 
Yevgeny Petrosyan RWC Pic Azerbajani-born Russian comedian, (Jewish mother) Petrosyan Yevgeny 
Nikolai Petrov RWF Pic Russian pianist, (Jewish father) Petrov Nikolai
Valeri Petrov Pic Bulgarian poet, screenwriter, playwright, translator, (Jewish father) Petrov Valeri 
Tom Petrover HW Pic Israeli rock singer, Petrover Tom
Vukasin Petrovic RWC Pic Serbian Minister of Finance , Petrovic Vukasin 
David Petrovsky RWA Pic Berdichiv Petrovsky David 
Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern Pic Ukrainian-born American historian, philologist, essayist, Petrovsky-Shtern Yohanan
Dmitry Petrushevsky Russian historian, Petrushevsky Dmitry 
Attila Petschauer RWE HW Pic Hungarian fencer, saber, Petschauer Attila 
Ignatz Petchek Czech-born coal mining industrialist, Petschek Ignatz
Julius Petschek Czech-born coal mining industrialist, Petschek Julius 
Gregory Petsko Pic Ameican biochemist, research administrator, Petsko Gregory 
Vance Van Petten Pic American Executive Director of Producers Guild of America, Petten Vance Van
Nancy Pettit Pic American ambassador to Latvia 2015- , Pettit Nancy 
Abram Petukhovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military veterinarian physician, major general, Petukhovsky Abram 
Antoine Pevsner RWF Pic Belarusian-born sculptor, Pevsner Antoine 
Sir Nikolaus Pevsner RWF Pic German-born British art historian, Pevsner Nicholas
Dmitry Pevtsov RWX Pic Russian actor, (Jewish mother) Pevtsov Dmitry 
Mikhail Pevzner RWE Turkmenian-born Russian nuclear physicist, Pevzner Mikhail 
Pavel Pevzner RWF Pic Russian-born American computer scientist, Pevzner Pavel 
Yakov Pevzner RWF Belarusian-born Soviet economist, politologist, japanologist, Pevzner Yakov 
Shmuel Pewsner HW Pic Israeli president  of Technion 1927-29, Pewsner Shmuel
Naum Peysakhovski RWF Pic Russian-born commander of a regiment, colonel-leutenant, Peysakhovski Naum 
Andrea Peyser Pic Israeli-born American columnist,  Peyser Andrea
Theodore Peyser Pic American representative, 1933-1937, Peyser Theodore 
Murray Pezim Pic Canadian owner 1991-92 of British Columbia Lions, Pezim Murray 
Mariana Pfaelzer Pic American federal judge,  Pfaelzer Mariana 
Destin Pfaff Pic American television producer, screenwriter, Pfaff Destin 
Mojzesz Pfefer Pic Polish industrialist, landowner, philanthropist, activist, Pfefer Mojzesz
Anna Pfeffer RWC Pic Hungarian sprint canoer, Pfeffer Anna 
Edward Pfeffer RWC Ukrainian-born Polish military commander, brigadier general, Pfeffer Edward 
Leo Pfeffer Hungarian-born Americal legal scholar, Pfeffer Leo 
Nimrod Pfeffer Pic Israeli pianist, Pfeffer Nimrod 
Anschel Pfeffer Pic British-born Israeli journalist, Pfeffer Pfeffer
Karl Pfeifer Pic Austrian journalist, Pfeifer Karl
William Pheiffer American ambassador to Dominican Republic, 1953-57 (Jewish mother) Pheiffer William 
Kerryn Phelps RWC Pic Australian Sidney Deputy Lord Mayor 2016-17 (convert to Judaism) Phelps Kerryn 
Jacob Philadelphia Pic German-born American magician, phisicist, astrologer, alhemist, Philadelphia Jacob 
Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Pic British-born Swiss financier, Philip Rothschild Nathaniel 
Isidor Philipp Pic Hungarian-born French pianist, composer,   Philipp Isidor 
Martin Philipp German artist, Philipp Martin 
Yannis Philippakis Pic Greek-born British singer, (Jewish mother) Philippakis Jannis
Friedrich Adolf Philippi Pic German theologian, Philippi Friedrich Adolph
Maya Philippose Pic Greek fashion model, Philippose Maya
Alfred Philippson Pic German geologist, geographer,   Philippson Alfred 
Ludwig Philippson HW Pic German rabbi, author, translator, editoe of Algenmaiten Zeitung, Philippson Ludwig 
Martin Philippson RWC Pic Polish-born German historian, Philippson Martin
Anton Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) Philips Anton 
Frits Philips Pic Dutch fourth chairman of Dutch corporation Philips, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Philips Frits 
Gerard Philips Pic Dutch co-founder 1891/CEO 1922-39 of Royal Philips Electronics N. V. (Jewish father) Philips Gerard 
Gina Philips Pic American actress, (Jewish mother) Philips Gina 
Howard Phillips Pic American politician, Philips Howard
Phillip Philips Pic New Zealand mayor of Auckland 1871-74, first Philips Philip
Theodor Philipsen Pic Danish painter, Philipsen Theodore 
David Philipson American rabbi, author, Bible translator, Philipson David 
Adam Phillips Pic British psychotherapist, literary critic, essayist, Phillips Adam 
Arlene Phillips Pic British choreographer, dancer,   Phillips Arlene 
Sir Benjamin Samuel Phillips Pic British Lord Mayor of London, 1865-66, Phillips Benjamin Samuel
Lady Flopence Phillips Pic South African art patroness, Phillips Florence
Glen Phillips Pic American singer/songwriter, guitarist, Phillips Glen 
Henry Myer Phillips Pic American representative, 1857-1859, Phillips Henry Myer
Sir Horace Phillips British ambassador to Turkey 1974- , Phillips Horace
Irna Phillips Pic American television writer, soap operas creator, Phillips Irna 
Jeanne Phillips Pic American advice columnist, Phillips Jeanne 
Julia Phillips Pic American producer,  Phillips Julia 
Lawrence Phillips American chairman of Phillips-Van Heusen, shirts factories, Phillips Lawrence
Lazarus Phillips Pic Canadian senator, lawyer, Phillips Lazarus 
Sir Lionel Phillips Pic British-born South African mining magnate, politician, Phillips Lionel 
Marion Phillips Pic Australian-born British Labour  MP 1929-31, Phillips Marion 
Melanie Phillips HW Pic British journalist, author, playwright, radio personality,    Phillips Melanie 
Nathan Phillips RWC Pic Canadian politician, mayor of Toronto 1955-65, first, Phillips Nathan
Baron Nicholas Phillips Pic Lord Chief Justice of UK 2005-08, president of Supreme Court of United Kingdom 2009-12, Phillips Nicholas
Norman Phillips geophysicist ??? Phillips Norman 
Paul Phillips Pic American conductor, composer, Phillips Paul 
Pauline Phillips Pic American advice columnist, Phillips Pauline 
Pharez Phillips Pic Australian politician, Phillips Pharez 
Philip Phillips Pic American representative, 1853-1855, Phillips Philip 
Ralph Phillips Pic American mathematician, Phillips Ralph 
Ronald Phillips plant soil, ??? Phillips Ronald 
Tappy Phillips Pic American news correspondent, Phillips Tappy 
Todd Phillips Pic American film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, Phillips Todd 
William Phillips Pic American journalist, writer, literary critic, publisher, Wall Street Journal, Phillips William 
Emanuel Phillips Fox Pic Australian impressionist painter, Phillips Fox Emanuel
Uriah Phillips Levy RWC Pic American military commander, Commodore, Phillips Levy Uriah 
Irving Phillipson RWC Pic American military commander, major general, Phillipson Irving 
Philo Judaeus RWF HW Pic Egyptian philosopher, Alexandria Philo of Alexandria
Arlyn Phoenix Pic American president of The Peace Alliance, Phoenix Arlyn
Joaquin Phoenix RWF HW Pic Puetro Rican-born American actor, (Jewish mother) Phoenix Joaquin 
Liberty Phoenix Pic Venezuelan-born American actress, (Jewish mother) Phoenix Liberty 
Rain Phoenix Pic American actress, musician, singer,  (Jewish mother) Phoenix Rain 
River Phoenix RWF HW Pic Puetro Rican-born American actor, (Jewish mother) Phoenix River 
Summer Phoenix RWF HW Pic American actress, model, (Jewish mother) Phoenix Summer 
Phranc Pic American singer/songwriter, Phranc
Moshe Piamenta HW Pic Israeli linguist, orientalist, Piamenta Moshe 
Yossi Piamenta Pic Moroccan-born Israeli guitarist,   Piamenta Yossi 
Nata Piaskowski Pic Polish-born American photographer, Piaskowski Nata
Gregory Piatetski-Shapiro Pic Russian-born American computer scientist, Piatetski-Shapiro Gregory 
Ilya Piatetski-Shapiro RWF HW Pic Russian Israeli mathematician, Piatetski-Shapiro Ilya 
Alexander Piatigorsky RWN Pic Russian-born philosopher, linguist, Piatigorsky Alexander 
Gregor Piatigorsky RWF HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American cellist, Piatigorsky Gregor 
Jacqueline Piatigorsky Pic French-born American chess/tennis champion, author, sculptor, philanthropist, Piatigorsky Jacqueline
Joram Piatigorsky Pic American molecular biologist, Piatigorsky Joram 
Leonid Piatigorsky Pic Ukrainian-born Russian conductor, Piatigorsky Leonid 
Osip Piatnitsky RWF Pic Lithuanian-born Russian revolutionery, Piatnitsky Osip
Princess Dominique-France Picard Pic French-born ex-wife of Fuad II, King of Egypt and the Sudan, (Jewish father)  Picard Dominigue-France
Irving Picard Pic American lawyer, partner of law firm Baker Hostetler, Picard Irving 
Leo Picard RWA Pic German-born Israeli geologist,   Picard Leo
Lil Picard Pic German-born American cabaret actress, artist, critic, Picard Lil
Yehuda Picard Israeli scholar, geology, Picard Yehuda 
Gino Piccio Pic Italian priest, activist, Piccio Gino 
Edgar de Picciotto Swiss founder/chairman of Union Bancaire Privee, Picciotto Edgar de
Joseph de Picciotto Bey RWC Pic Egyptian senator 1824-30, Picciotto Bey Joseph de
Hermann Picha Pic German stage/film actor, Picha Hermann
Meir Pichhadze HW Pic Georgian-born Israeli painter, Pichhadze Meir 
Arnold Pick HW Pic Czech-born German neurologist, psychiatrist, Pick Arnold 
Daniela Pick Pic Israeli singer, Pick Daniela
Ernst P. Pick Pic Austrian physicain, immunologist, pharmacologist, Pick Ernst P.
Georg Pick RWF HW Pic Austrian mathematician, Pick Georg 
Gustav Pick Pic Hungarian/Austrian-born composer, songwriter, Pick Gustav
Hella Pick Pic Austrian-born British journalist,   Pick Hella
Kurt Pick Polish-born German Israeli architect, Pick Kurt
Lupu Pick Pic Romanian-born German actor,film director, producer, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Pick Lupu 
Otto Pick Czech Deputy Foreign Minister, Pick Otto 
Sam Pick American mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1976-78 1986-94 Pick Sam 
Sharona Pick RWC Pic Israeli singer, composer,   Pick Sharona 
Tzvika Pick RWF HW Pic Polish-born Israeli pop composer, singer, Pick Tzvika 
Yuval Pick Pic Israeli-born French dancer, choreographer, Pick Yuval
David Picker Pic American producer, president/CEO 1969-73, United Artists, Picker David 
Tobias Picker Pic American composer, Picker Tobias
Charlie Pickering Pic Australian television presenter, comedian, (convert to Judaism) Pickering Charlie 
Paul Israel Pickman Pic Belarusian-born American film director, screenwriter, producer, newspaper publisher, Pickman Paul Israel
Jeffrey Pickower Pic American investor, Pickower Jeffrey 
Molly Picon RWF HW Pic American stage/film/television actress, comedian, songwriter, Picon Molly 
Jodi Picoult HW Pic American author, Picoult Jodi 
Rebecca Pidgeon RWF Pic American actress, singer, songwriter, (convert to Judaism) Pidgeon Rebecca 
Steve Pieczenik Pic Cuban-born American psychiatrist, author, publisher, Pieczenik Steve
Sydney Pierce Canadian ambassador to Mexico 1947- , Brazil, Belgium, Luxembourgian, European Unio Pierce Sydney 
Marge Piercy HW Pic American novelist, poet, social activist, Piercy Marge 
Giordano Pierleoni Italian political leader, (Jewish paternal grandfaher) Pierleoni Giordano
William Pierpont Black Pic Romanian-born New Zealand wood carver, journalist, editor, publisher, Pierpont Black William 
Jean Pierre-Bloch Pic French resistance member, politician, Pierre-Bloch Jean 
Dmitry Pietrman Pic Ukrainian-born American businessman, owner of Palamos CF, Pietrman Dmitry 
Mosa Pijade RWC HW Pic Serbian-born President of Yugosavian National Assembly Pijade Mosa 
Milton Pikarsky Pic American civil engineering, ??? Pikarsky Milton 
Jay Pike Pic American baseball player, Pike Jay
Lip Pike Pic American baseball player, Pike Lip
Solomon Pikelner RWC Pic Azerbajani-born Soviet astrophysicist, Pikelner Solomon 
Noam Pikelny Pic American bangoist, singer/songwriter,    Pikelny Noam 
Gyula Pikler Pic Hungarian sociologist, Pikler Gyula
Jean-Michel Pilc Pic French jazz pianist, composer, Pilc Jean-Michel 
Sonia Pilcer Pic American author, playwright, poet, Pilcer Sonia 
Leopold Pilichowski Pic Polish-born painter, Pilichowski Leopold 
Grigory Pilipovsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, Rear Admiral, Pilipovsky Grigory 
George Pillar Hungarian fencer, saber Pillar George 
Kevin Pillar Pic American baseball player, Pillar Kevin 
Raul Pillegrin Pic Chilean communist, founder/main leader of Manuel Rodriques Patriotic Front, Pillegrin Raul
Michael Piller Pic American television screenwriter, producer,   Piller Michael 
Brian Pillman Pic wrestler WCW, ECW, WWF Pillman Brian 
Issy Pilowsky Pic Australian psychiatrist, Pilowsky Issy
Valentin Pimstein Pic Chilean-born Mexican film producer, Pimstein Valentin
Joaquim Pina Moura RWC Pic Portugese Minicter of Finance 1999-2001, Pina Moura Joaquim 
Jimmy Pinchak Pic American actor, musician, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Pinchak Jimmy 
Doron Pinchas Israeli architect, town planner, Pinchas Doron
Joseph Pincherle court jew Pincherle Joseph 
Leone Pincherle RWC Pic Italian minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Pincherle Leone 
Salvatore Pincherle RWF Pic Italian mathematician, Pincherle Salvatore 
Alexander Pinchevski RWF president of Moldovan Jewish Congress Pinchevski Alexander 
Bronson Pinchot Pic American actor, (Jewish father) Pinchot Bronson 
Veniamin Pinchuk RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet sculptor,   Pinchuk Veniamin 
Victor Pinchuk RWF Pic Ukrainian MP, businessman, Interpipe Group, Pinchuk Victor 
Aryeh Pincus HW Pic South-African-born Israeli President of World Zionist Organisation 1969-72, Pincus Aryeh 
Gregory Pincus RWF Pic American physician, researcher, contraceptive pill, Pincus Gregory 
Irving Pincus Pic American television screenwriter, film producer,   Pincus Irving 
Lionel Pincus Pic American finance executive, venture capitalist, entreprenour, Pincus Lionel 
Mark Pincus RWF Pic American busnessman, Zynga, Pincus Mark 
Aron Pinczuk Pic American physicist, ??? Pinczuk Aron 
Herb Pinder Canadian businessman, politician, Pinder Herb 
Robert Mitford Pinder RWC Pic Canadian mayor of Saskatoon 1935-38, Pinder Robert Mitford
Yitzhak Pindros HW Pic Israeli politician, Pindros Yitzhak 
Jeffrey Pine American Rhode Island State Attorney General 1993-99, Pine Jeffrey 
Max Pine German politician,   Pine Max 
Sir Arthur Wing Pinero Pic British playwright, dramatist, actor, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Pinero Arthur Wing
Alexander Pines HW Pic Israeli-born American chemist, MRI NMR Pines Alexander 
David Pines RWF Pic American physicist, Pines David 
Guy Pines HW Pic Israeli presenter, broadcaster, entertainer, Pines Guy 
Herman Pines Pic Polish-born American chemist, Pines Herman 
Leonard Pines Romanian-born American industry leader, Pines Leonard
Shlomo Pines RWF HW Pic French-born Israeli philosopher, Pines Shlomo 
Ophir Pines-Paz RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Pines-Paz Ophir 
Catherine Pinhas Pic French-born Canadian psychologist, Pinhas Catherine
Rafael Pinhasi RWC HW Pic Afganistanian-born Israeli politician,  Minister of Communications 1990-92, Pinhasi Rafael 
Rahman Pinhasov RWC Soviet People's Commissar for food industry od Kyrgyzia, Pinhasov Rahman 
Moses Pinheiro Italian rabbi, sabbatean, Pinheiro Moses
Ticiane Pinheiro RWC Pic Brazilian actress, model, host, (convert to Judaism) Pinheiro Ticiane 
Jose Baptista Pinheiro de Azevedo RWC Pic Portugese Prime Minister 1975-76, admiral, Pinheiro de Azevedo Jose Baptista
Ariel Pink Pic American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, Pink Ariel
Pink RWF HW Pic American rock/hip hop singer/songwriter, actress, (Jewish mother) Pink
Alon Pinkas Pic Israeli Consul General to United States, Pinkas Alon 
David Zvi Pinkas HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli politician, Pinkas David Zvi
David-Zvi Pinkas RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Transportsation, Pinkas David-Zvi 
Israel Pinkas RWA HW Pic Bulgarian-born Israeli poet, novelist, journalist, documentary filmmaker, Pinkas Israel 
Steven Pinker RWF HW Pic Canadian American cognitive evolutionary psychologist, linguist, Pinker Steven 
Susan Pinker Pic Canadian psychologist, writer, journalist, Pinker Susan 
Anda Pinkerfeld Amir Pic Polish-born Israeli poet, author, Pinkerfeld Amir Anda 
Jacob Pinkerfield Pic Israeli archaeologist, architect, Pinkerfield Jacob
Dean Pinkert Pic American trade lawyer, member of International Trade Commision 2007-15 Pinkert Dean 
Jada Pinkett Smith RWF Pic American actress, producer, director, singer/songwriter, (Jewish descent) Pinket Smith Jada 
Gdalia Pinkhasik RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet Attorney General, Pinkhasik Gdalia 
Gueorgui Pinkhasov Pic Russian/Soviet photographer, Pinkhasov Gueorgui 
Rakhman Pinkhasov RWC Uzbek-born People's Commissar of Food Industry for Uzbekian Soviet Repiblic 1938-41,  Pinkhasov Rakhman 
Jeff Pinkner Pic American television writer, producer, Pinkner Jeff 
Benjamin Pinkus Israeli Pinkus Benjamin 
Hermann Pinkus Pic German-born American  dermapathologist, Pinkus Hermann 
Daniel Pinkwater Pic American author, mostly chilldren's books, Pinkwater Daniel 
Jacob Pins Pic German-born Israeli artist, art collector, Pins Jacob
Boris Pinsker RWF Turkmenian-born Russian shipbuilder, Pinsker Boris 
Leon Pinsker RWF HW Pic Polish-born physician, early zionist, chairman of Hovevei Zion, Pinsker Leon 
Mark Pinsker RWF Pic Russian-born mathematician, Pinsker Mark 
Simhah Pinsker Polish-born scholar, archaeologist, Pinsker Simhah
David Pinski HW Pic Belarusian-born American writer, playwright, Pinski David 
Matvey Pinski RWF Pic Soviet military, commander of a tank battalion, Pinski Matvey 
Drew Pinsky Pic American radio talk show, writer, internist, (Jewish father) Pinsky Drew 
Robert Pinsky RWF HW Pic American poet, essayist, literary critic, translator, Pinsky Robert 
Harold Pinter RWF HW Pic British American playwright, theater director, Nobel Prize (2005) Pinter Harold 
Ron Pinter RWC Pic Israeli computer scientist, Pinter Ron
Diana Pinto Pic French historian, Pinto Diana
Isaac de Pinto HW Dutch-born philosopher, investor, Pinto Isaac de
Oreste Pinto Pic Dutch contrintelligence officer, Pinto Oreste 
Zhanna Pintusevich-Block HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian sprinter, Pintusevich-Block Zhanna 
Zion Pinyan RWF HW Pic Moroccan-born Israeli politician,   Pinyan Zion 
Emanuel Piore Pic Lithuanian-born American scientist, manager of industrial research, Piore Emanuel 
Michael Piore Pic American economist, Piore Michael 
Jane Piore Gilman Pic American mathematician, Piore Gilman Jane 
Mikhail Piotrovsky RWF Pic Armenian-born Russian orientalist, (Jewish father) ??? Piotrovsky Mikhail 
Minerva Pious Pic Ukrainian-born American radio/fim/television actress, Pious Minerva 
Alessandro Piperno Pic Italian writer, literary critic, singer, (Jewish father) Piperno Alessandro 
Daniel Pipes RWF HW Pic American neoconservative columnist, author, Middle East Quarterly, Pipes Daniel 
Felix Pipes Pic Austrian tennis player,    Pipes Felix 
Richard Pipes RWF HW Pic Polish-born American historian of Russia, Pipes Richard 
Tsvi Piran Pic Israeli theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, Piran Tsvi
Phil Piratin Pic British Communist MP 1945-50, Piratin Phil 
Ines Pirez Esteves RWC Spanish lover of Portugese King Juan I, mother of Alfons I, Pirez Esteves Ines 
Georgi Pirinski RWC Pic Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs 1995-97 (Jewish mother) Pirinski Georgi 
Michal Pirog Pic Polish dancer, choreographer, presenter, actor, journalist, television personality, Pirog Michal
Mordechai Piron RWC Pic Israeli military rabbi, major general, Piron Mordechai 
Shai Piron RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, educator, Minister of Education 2013- , Piron Shai
Tova Piron HW Pic Russuan-born Israeli singer, Piron Tova 
Robert Pirosh Pic American screenwriter, director, Pirosh Robert 
Isaac Piroshnikoff HW Ukrainian-born American conductor, composer, translator, Piroshnikoff Isaac 
Julia Pirotte Pic Polish-born war photographer, Pirotte Julia
Ugo Pisa Italian politician, senator, Pisa Ugo
Samuel Pisar Pic Polish-born American author, lawyer,  Pisar Samuel 
Boris Pisarsky RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Pisarsky Boris 
Lev Pisarzhevsky RWC Pic Moldovan-born Soviet chemist, Pisarzhevsky Lev 
Erwin Piscator RWF Pic German theater director, producer, Piscator Erwin 
Paul Pisk Pic Austrian-born American composer, musicologist, Pisk Paul 
Svyatoslav Piskun Pic Ukrainian-born Posecutor General of Ukraine, MP 2006-12, Piskun Svyatoslav
Camille Pissarro RWF HW Pic Danish French painter, (Jewish father) Pissarro Camille 
Felix Pissarro Pic French painter, etcher, caricaturist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Pissarro Felix 
Georges Pissarro Pic French artist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Pissarro Georges
Hugues Claude Pissarro French painter, (Jewish descent) Pissarro Huges Claude
Ludovic Pissarro Pic French artist, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Pissarro Ludovic
Orovida Pissarro Pic British painter, etcher, (Jewish descent) Pissarro Orovida 
Ya Pistiner Romanian politician, MP Pistiner Ya 
Ansel Pistunovich RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military executive, major general, Pistunovich Ansel 
Sandra Piszk Feinzilber RWC Pic Costa Rican politician, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Piszk Feinzilber Sandra 
Lev Pitaevsky RWF Pic Soviet theoretical physicist,  Pitaevsky Lev 
Ela Pitam Israeli woman grandmaster, Pitam Ela 
High Pitch Erik Pic American criminal,  Pitch Erik High 
Pitigrilli HW Pic Italian author, screenwriter, (Jewish father) Pitigrilli
Hanna Pitkin RWF Pic German-born American political theorist, Pitkin Hanna 
Roy Pitkin Pic American medical scholar, Pitkin Roy 
Noam Pitlik Pic American television director, actor, screenwriter, Pitlik Noam 
Robert Pitofsky American lawyer, former chairman of Federal Trade Commission 1994- Pitofsky Robert 
Yevgeny Pitovranov RWC Pic Soviet security officer, lieutenant general, Pitovranov Yevgeny 
Harvey Pitt Pic American lawyer, chairman of Security and Exchange Commission 2001-03 Pitt Harvey 
Ingrid Pitt Pic Polish-born British actress, novelist, (Jewish mother) Pitt Ingrid 
Byrne Piven Pic American stage, film, television actor, director,   Piven Byrne 
Jeremy Piven HW Pic American actor, Piven Jeremy 
Joyce Piven Pic American actress, director, Piven Joyce
Shira Piven Pic American director, producer, actress, Piven Shira 
Grigory Pivovarov RWC Pic Soviet/Russian airplane designer, Pivovarov Grigory 
Alejandra Pizarnik RWF Pic Argentine poet, Pizarnik Alejandra 
Francisco Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ??? Pizarro Francisco 
Gonzalo Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, explorer, ??? Pizarro Gonzalo 
Hernando Pizarro RWC Pic Spanish conquistador, ??? Pizarro Hernando 
Dorothy Pizer British anti-racist activist, Pizer Dorothy 
Juan Pizzaro RWC Spanish conquistador, ??? Pizzaro Juan 
Sylvia Plachy Pic Hungarian-born American photographer, (Jewish mother) Plachy Sylvia 
George Placzek RWF HW Pic Czech-born American physicist, Placzek George 
Belva Plain HW Pic American novelist, Plain Belva 
Arcady Plakhin Pic Belarusian-born checkers grandmaster, Plakhin Arcady 
Andrew Plaks Israeli historian, sinologist, Plaks Andrew 
Nikita Plaksin RWF Russian chess problem composer, Plaksin Nikita 
Valerie Plame Pic American CIA operation officer, (Jewish paternal grandfather) Plame Valerie 
Dragan Plamenac Pic Croatian composer, musicologist, Plamenac Dragan
John Plamenatz Montenegrian-born British political philosopher, Plamenatz John 
Otto Plaschkes Pic Austrian-born British film producer, Plaschkes Otto 
Grigory Plaskov RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, lieutenant general, Plaskov Grigory 
Judith Plaskow Pic American scholar, Plaskow Judith 
Ronald Plasterk RWC Pic Dutch politician, Minister of Interior 2012- , Plasterk Ronald 
Ruth Plato-Shinar Pic Israeli legal scholar,     Plato-Shinar Ruth 
Milan Platovsky Pic Chech-born Chilean businessman, Platovsky Milan
Ben Platt Pic American actor, singer,   Platt Ben 
Benjamin Platt Ukrainian-born American businessman, philanthropist, founder of Platt Music Corporation, Platt Benjamin
Herman Platt Pic American business executive, philanthropist, Platt Herman
Jeffrey Platt Platt Jeffrey 
Jonah Platt Pic American actor, writer, singer, producer, Platt Jonah 
Lewis Platt American executive, Hewlett-Packard Company, Boening Company, Platt Lewis 
Marc Platt Pic American film/television/stage producer, Platt Marc 
Marc Platt Pic British writer, Platt Marc 
Michael Platt Pic British hedge fund manager, BlueCrest Capital Management, Platt Michael
Polly Platt Pic American producer, screenwriter, Platt Polly 
Rachel Platten Pic American singer/songwriter, (Jewish father, maternal grandfather) Platten Rachel 
David Platz German-born British music publisher, record producer, Platz David 
Gunther Plaut Pic German-born president of Canadian Jewish Congress Plaut Gunther 
Steven Plaut Pic American-born Israeli economist, Plaut Steven
David Pleat Pic British football manager, commentator, Pleat David 
Andrew Pleavin Pic British film/television actor, Pleavin Andrew
Anthony Pleeth Pic British cellist, Pleeth Anthony 
William Pleeth Pic British cellist, cello teacher, Pleeth William 
Urlich Plenzdorf Pic German author, playwright, Plenzdorf Urlich
Richard Plepler Pic American co-president of HBO, Plepler Richard 
John Pleshette Pic American television actor, Pleshette John 
Suzanne Pleshette RWF HW Pic American film/television actress, Pleshette Suzanne 
Eric Pleskow Pic Austrian-born American co-founder/CEO of Orion Pictures, Pleskow Eric 
Yohanan Plesner RWC HW Pic British-born Israeli politician,   Plesner Yohathan 
Laszlo Pless Hungarian conductor, music educator, Pless Laszlo
Milton Plesset Pic American applied physicist,   Plesset Milton
Clementine Plessner Austrian stage/fim actress, Plessner Clementine
Helmuth Plessner RWF Pic German philosopher, sociologist, (Jewish father) Plessner Helmuth 
Wladyslaw Pleszczynski American editor of American Spectator, Pleszczynski Wladyslaw 
Mikhail Pliatskovsky RWF Pic Soviet/Russian songwriter:lyricist, playwright, Pliatskovsky Mikhail 
Sylvia Plimack Mangold Pic American artist, painter, printmaker, pastelist, ??? Plimack Mangold Sylvia 
Martha Plimpton Pic American actress, singer, model, (Jewish descent) Plimpton Martha 
Israel Pliner RWC Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet NKVD officer, head of Gulag, lieutenant general, Pliner Israel 
Jakovs Pliners Pic Latvian politician, MP 1998- , Pliners Jakovs 
Anna Plisetskaya RWF Pic Russian ballerina, actress, producer, (Jewish father) Plisetskaya Anna 
Maya Plisetskaya RWF HW Pic Russian/Soviet prima balerina, Bolshoi theater, Plisetskaya Maya 
Alexander Plisetski RWF Russian baletmaster, choreographer, Plisetski Alexander 
Azariy Plisetski RWF Soviet choreographer, Plisetski Azariy
Mikhail Plisetski RWF Pic Belarusian-born Soviet diplomat, Plisetski Mikhail 
Azary Plisetsky RWF Pic Russian/Soviet choreographer, Plisetsky Azary 
Marty Plissner Pic American political commentator, Plissner Marty 
Hila Plitmann Pic Israeli-born American opera singer, Plitmann Hila 
Marcos Plonka Pic Brazilian film/television actor, comedian,  Plonka Marcos 
Tali Ploskov RWC HW Pic Moldovan-born Israeli politician, Ploskov Tali
Charles Plosser Pic American president of  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Plosser Charles 
Eugene Plotkin Russian-born Israeli mathematician, Plotkin Eugene
Eugene Plotkin American research analyst,  Plotkin Eugene 
Gordon Plotkin Pic British computer scientist, Plotkin Gordon 
Mark Plotkin RWF Belarusian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Plotkin Mark 
Mikhail Plotkin RWM Pic Russian-born pilot, Plotkin Mikhail 
Stanley Plotkin Pic American physician, vaccinologist, Plotkin Stanley 
Yulia Plotkin RWF Pic Israeli actress, model, Plotkin Yulia 
Jack Plotnick Pic American film/television actor, Plotnick Jack 
David Plotz Pic American journalist, Plotz David 
Sever Plotzker HW Pic Israeli economic/social columnist, Plotzker Sever
Scott Plouf American drummer, Built to Spill, Plouf Scott
David Plouffe Pic American poluitical strategist, compain manager, Plouffe David 
Valentin Pluchek RWF Pic Russian actor, theater director, screenwriter, Pluchek Valentin 
Baroness Beatrice Plummer British Justice of Peace, Plummer Beatrice
Sir Leslie Plummer Pic British politician, Labour MP 1951-63, Plummer Leslie
Rudolf Plyukfelder Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet weightlifter, Plyukfelder Rudolf 
Amir Pnueli RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American computer scientist, temporary logic Pnueli Amir 
Iosif Poberezkiy RWF Ukrainian-born Soviet military engineer, executive, Poberezkiy Iosif 
Dorothy Podber Pic American performance artist, criminal, Podber Dorothy 
Bertram Podell Pic American representative, 1968-75, Podell Bertram 
Eyal Podell Pic Israeli-born American actor, Podell Eyal 
Jeremy Podeswa Pic Canadian film/television director, Podeswa Jeremy 
Rada Podgornaya RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Podgornaya Rada
Noy Podgorny RWE Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet architect, Podgorny Noy
John Podhoretz HW Pic American conservative columnist, political analyst, Podhoretz John 
Norman Podhoretz RWF HW Pic American author, critic journalist, neoconservative movement, Commentary, Podhoretz Norman 
Yelena Podkaminskaya RWF Pic Russian stage/film/television actress, (Jewish father) Podkaminskaya Yelena 
Adam Podlesh Pic American football player, Podlesh Adam 
Maurice Podoloff Pic Ukrainian-born American Commissioner, president of National Basketball Association, Podoloff Maurice 
Boris Podolsky RWF Pic Russian-born American physicist, EPR paradox, Podolsky Boris 
Maxim Podoprigora Pic Ukrainian-born Austrian swimmer, Podoprigora Maxim
Yury Podrazhansky Russian-born American inventor, Podrazhansky Yuri 
Michael Podro Pic British art historian, Podro Michael 
Patricia Poeta Pic Brazilan newscaster, journalist, Poeta Patricia
Sarah Poewe RWC Pic South African-born German swimmer, 400*4 medlay relay, (Jewish mother) Poewe Sarah 
Lanny Poffo Pic American professional wrestler, Poffo Lanny 
Albert Poggio Pic Gibraltarian businessman, political consultant, Poggio Albert 
Maria Pogonowska Pic Polish physicist, Pogonowska Maria
Ernest Pogosyants RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian chess composer, grandmaster, Pogosyants Ernest 
Alexander Pogrebetsky Pic Russian-born Israeli economist, financier, businessman, Pogrebetsky Alexander 
Abigail Pogrebin Pic American writer, Pogrebin Abigail
Letty Pogrebin Pic American writer, journalist,    Pogrebin Letty 
Robin Pogrebin Pic American culture reporter, Pogrebin Robin
Elliana Pogrebinsky Pic American ice dancer, Pogrebinsky Elliana 
Matvei Pogrebinsky Russian revolutionery, NKVD officer, Pogrebinsky Matvei 
Solomon Pogrebinsky RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineering scholar, computer scientist, Pogrebinsky Solomon 
Benjamin Pogrund Pic South African-born Israeli author,  Pogrund Benjamin 
Frederik Pohl RWF Pic American novelist, Pohl Frederik 
Eric Pohlmann Pic Austrian theater/film/television director, film/television actor, Pohlmann Eric 
Emily Pohl-Weary Pic Canadian novelist, magazine editor, Pohl-Weary Emily
Julius Pokorny Pic Czech-born Austrian linguist, Pokorny Julius 
Anatoly Pokrass RWE Azerbajani-born Soviet/Russian architect, Pokrass Anatoly
Daniel Pokrass RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian composer, Pokrass Daniel 
Dmitry Pokrass RWF Pic Russian songwriter, Pokrass Dmitry 
Samuel Pokrass RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian American composer, Pokrass Samuel 
Valery Pokrovsky RWF Pic Russian American physicist, Pokrovsky Valery 
Anneliese van der Pol RWF Pic Dutch-born American actress, singer, dancer, Pol Anneliese van der
Cesare Polacco Pic Italian stage/film/television actor,  Polacco Cesare
Giorgio Polacco Pic Italian conductor, Polacco Giorgio 
Patricia Polacco Pic American author, illustrator, (Jewish mother) Polacco Patricia 
Karel Polacek Pic Czech writer, humanist, journalist, Polacek Karel
Elizabeth Polack British playwright, dramatist,   Polack Elizabeth 
Israel Polack RWA HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli textile industrialist, Polgat, Polack Israel 
Joel Samuel Polack British-born New Zealand American businessman, writer, Polack Joel Samuel
Anna Sophia Polak Pic Dutch feminist, author, Polak Anna Sophia
Boris Polak RWE Moldovan-born Israeli shooter, Polak Boris 
Carel Polak RWC Pic Dutch jurist, politician, senator, Minister of Justice of Netherlands 1967-71, Polak Carel 
Fred Polak Pic Dutch futurist, sociologist, Polak Fred 
Henri Polak Pic Dutch founder of diamond workers' Trade Union  Polak Henri 
Dame Julia Polak Pic Argentine-born British physician, biologist, Polak Julia
Karel Polak Dutch Minister of Justice Polak Karel
Leonard Polak Dutch philosopher,  Polak Leonard
Lev Polak RWC Pic German-born Soviet geophysicist, Polak Lev 
Louis Pollak Pic American lawyer, district judge, Polak Louis
Moritz Polak Dutch High Court justice, Polak M oritz
Maralyn Polak Pic American columnist, screenwriter, poet, novelist, journalist, documentary filmmaker, Polak Maralyn
Michael Polak HW Pic Belarusian-born Israeli industrialist, Polak Michael 
Wim Polak RWC Pic Dutch mayor of Amsterdam 1977-83, Polak Wim
Naomi Polani RWA HW Pic Israeli-born musical/theater director, singer/producer, actress, dancer, Polani Naomi
Morgane Polanski Pic French actress, model, (Jewish father) Polanski Morgane 
Roman Polanski RWF HW Pic Polish/French director, screenwriter, producer, actor, (Jewish father; half Jewish mother) Polanski Roman 
Mark Polansky Pic American astronaut, research pilot, aerospace engineer, (Jewish father) Polansky Mark 
Sol Polansky Pic American ambassador to Bulgaria 1987-90, Polansky Sol 
George Polanyi American economist, (Jewish father) Polanyi George 
John Polanyi RWF HW Pic German-born British Canadian chemist Nobel Prize (1986), (Jewish father) Polanyi John 
Karl Polanyi RWF Pic Austrian-born Hungarian British economic historian, anthropologist, philosopher, Polanyi Karl 
Michael Polanyi RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born German British chemist, philosopher, polymath, Polanyi Michael 
Kari Polanyi Levitt Pic Austrian-born Canadian economist, Polanyi Levitt Kari 
Zvi Poleg RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli mayor of Netanya 1993-98, Poleg Zvi 
Aron Poles Polish Yiddish film/stage actor, Poles Aron 
Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz Pic Mexican entrepreneur, politician, senator, Polevnsky Gurwitz Yeidckol 
Boris Polevoy RWE Pic Russian writer, journalist,    Polevoy Boris 
Alfred Polgar Pic Austrian poet, essayist, critic, translator, journalist, Polgar Alfred 
Franz Polgar Pic Hungarian-born American psychologist, hypnotist, Polgar Franz
Judit Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian chess player, 8th ranked player in the World Polgar Judit 
Laszlo Polgar RWF Pic Hungarian chess teacher, Polgar Laszlo
Sofia Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian/Israeli woman chess grandmaster, Polgar Sofia 
Susan Polgar RWF HW Pic Hungarian American grandmaster WC 1996-99 Polgar Susan 
Vered Polgar Pic Israeli model, Miss Israel 1979, Polgar Vered 
Lidia Poliak RWF Belarusian-born Soviet literary scholar, Poliak Lidia 
Joseph Poliakoff RWF Ukrainian-born British radio engineer, inventor, Multitone Electronics, Poliakoff Joseph 
Sir Martyn Poliakoff RWF HW Pic British chemist, Poliakoff Martyn 
Nicolai Poliakoff Pic Latvian-born British clown, Poliakoff Nicolai 
Stephen Poliakoff RWF Pic British playwright, screenwriter, director, Poliakoff Stephen 
Leon Poliakov RWF HW Pic Russian-born French historian of anti-semitism. Poliakov Leon
Yael Poliakov HW Pic Israeli singer, actress, Poliakov Yael 
Yisrael Poliakov RWA HW Pic Israeli singer, film/stage actor, entertainer, Poliakov Yisrael 
Pavel Polian Pic Russian geographer, historian, sociologist, Polian Pavel 
Justine Polier Pic American judge, Polier Justine 
Yehuda Poliker Pic Israeli singer, Poliker Yehuda 
Vladimir Polikovsky RWF Pic Swiss-born Soviet engineer, designer, scientist, major-general, Polikovsky Vladimir 
Stephen Polin Pic American painter, Polin Stephen 
Mitchell Polinsky Pic American legal scholar, Polinsky Mitchell 
Jared Polis RWF Pic American representative 2009- , Polis Jared 
Susan Polis Schutz Pic American poet, producer of greeting cards, Polis Schutz Susan 
Barry Polisar Pic American singer/songwriter, author, Polisar Barry 
Grigory Polishchuk RWE Soviet chairman of Technoexport, Polishchuk Grigory 
Meli Polishook-Bloch RWC HW Pic Israeli politician, Polishook-Bloch Meli 
Adam Politzer RWF Pic Hungarian-born Austrian otologist, Politzer Adam 
Georges Politzer Pic Romanian-born French philosopher, Politzer Georges
Heinz Politzer Pic Austrian-born American literary critic, historian of literature, writer, Politzer Heinz 
Hugh Politzer RWF HW Pic American physicist, Nobel Prize (2004), quarks Politzer Hugh
Rose Politzer Hungarian mathematician, Politzer Rose 
Sol Polk Pic American consumer electronics retailer, Polk Brathers, Polk Sol 
Mimi Polk Gitlin Pic American producer,  Polk Gitlin Mimi 
Leo Poll Ukrainian-born French songwriter, Poll Leo
Alan Pollack Pic American musicologist,   Pollack Alan 
Ben Pollack Pic American drummer, bandleader, Pollack Ben 
James Pollack RWC Pic American astrophysicist, Pollack James 
Jeffrey Pollack Pic American Commissioner of World Series of Poker, Pollack Jeffrey 
Jon Pollack Pic American television producer/writer, Pollack Jon
Kenneth Pollack Pic American CIA analyst NY Times New Yorker, Pollack Kenneth 
Lew Pollack RWE Pic American songwriter, Pollack Lew 
Rachel Pollack Pic American science fiction author, comic book writer, Pollack Rachel 
Robert Pollack Pic American biologist, Pollack Robert 
Sydney Pollack RWF HW Pic American director, producer, actor,   Pollack Sydney 
Yehoshua Pollack HW Pic Israeli politician, Pollack Yehoshua 
Moritz Pollack von Borkenau Austrian financier, Pollack von Borkenau Moritz
Pollack von Parnau Pollack von Parnau
Felix Pollaczek Pic Austrian-born engineer, mathematician, Pollaczek Felix
Felix Pollak Pic Austrian-born American librarian, translator, poet, Pollak Felix
Henry Pollak Pic Austrian-born American mathematician,    Pollak Henry 
Kevin Pollak HW Pic American actor, comedian, Pollak Kevin 
Leopold Pollak Pic Czech-born Italian painter, Pollak Leopold 
Martin Pollak Pic American nephrologist, Pollak Martin 
Mimi Pollak RWF Pic Swedish actress, theater director,   Pollak Mimi 
Myah Pollak Pic American model, Pollak Myah 
Robert Pollak Pic American economist, Pollak Robert 
Steve Pollak American songwriter:lyricist, Pollak Steve 
Walter Pollak American attorney, Pollak Walter
Michael Pollan HW Pic American journalist, journalism teacher, Pollan Michael 
Tracy Pollan Pic American actress, Pollan Tracy 
Eve Pollard Pic British journalist, editor, Sunday Express, Pollard Eve 
Jonathan Pollard RWE HW Pic American spy for Israel against USA, Pollard Jonathan 
Morris Pollard Pic American pathologist, Pollard Morris 
Robert Pollard Pic American lead singer/songwriter, Pollard Robert 
Stephen Pollard Pic British journalist, author, editor, Pollard Stephen 
Aleksandr Pollecitsky RWF Pic Russian radiojournalist, Pollecitsky Aleksandr 
Sarah Polley RWC HW Pic Canadian actress, film director, (Jewish biological father) Polley Sarah
Mark Pollick founder/Ceo of Giving Back Fund Pollick Mark 
Abe Pollin Pic Pollin Properties Pollin Abe 
Abe Pollin Pic American businessman, Polin Properties, Washington Capital, Pollin Abe 
Andy Pollin Pic American radio personality, journalist, Pollin Andy 
Katha Pollitt Pic American feminist writer, journalist, (Jewish mother) Pollitt Katha 
Adolf Pollitzer RWF Pic Hungarian violinist,  Pollitzer Adolf 
Anita Pollitzer Pic American photographer, suffragette, Pollitzer Anita
William Pollitzer American anatomist, Pollitzer William 
F.H. Pollock British-born Australian actor, Pollock F.H. 
Friedrich Pollock Pic German social scientist, philosopher, Pollock Friedrich
Sharon Pollock Pic Canadian playwright, actor, director, Pollock Sharon 
Thomas Pollock American head of Universal Pictures, Pollock Thomas 
Michel Polnareff RWF Pic French singer/songwriter, Polnareff Michel 
Eddie Polo Pic Austrian-born American actor,   Polo Eddie 
Jules Polonetsky Pic American lawyer, internet privacy expert, Polonetsky Jules 
Elizaveta Polonskaya RWE Pic Russian poet, translator, journalist, Polonskaya Elizaveta 
Abraham Polonski Pic Russuan-born French resistance leader, Polonski Abraham 
Abraham Polonsky Pic American screenwriter, writer,  Polonsky Abraham 
Anna Polonsky Polonsky Anna
Antony Polonsky Pic South African-born historian, Polonsky Antony
Gary Polonsky Pic founding president 2003-06 University of Ontario Institute of Tachnology, Polonsky Gary 
Georgy Polonsky RWF Pic Soviet screenwriter, literary scholar, Polonsky Georgy 
Kenneth Polonsky American medical researcher,   Polonsky Kenneth 
Pinchas Polonsky Pic Russian-born Israeli religious philosopher, Polonsky Pinchas
Vladimir Polonsky RWF Pic Russian-born revolutionery, first secretary of Azerbajan communist party, Polonsky Vladimir 
Geza Polonyi RWC Pic Hungarian politician, Minister of Justice 1906-07, Polonyi Geza 
Peter Polonyi Hungarian sinologist, political scientist, translator, Polonyi Peter 
Hans Polotsky RWF HW Pic Swiss-born Israeli egyptologist, semitist, Polotsky Hans 
Stan Polovets Pic Russian-born American businessman, philanthropist, Polovets Stan 
James Polshek Pic American architect, Polshek James 
Gabe Polsky RWF Pic Russian-born American film director/producer, Polsky Gabe 
Dan Polster American federal judge, district of Ohio, Polster Dan 
Leonid Polterovich HW Pic Russian-born Israeli mathematician, Polterovich Leonid 
Victor Polterovich RWF Russian economist, Polterovich Victor 
David Poltrack American executive VP of CBS, Poltrack David 
Lev Polugaevsky RWF Pic Belarusian-born Russian chess grandmaster, Polugaevsky Lev 
Miron Polunov RWC Soviet military commander, kombrig, Polunov Miron 
Eugen Polya Pic Hungarian surgeon, Polya Eugen
George Polya RWF HW Pic Hungarian-born Swiss American mathematician, combinatorics, Polya George 
Jacob Polya Hungarian economist, Corresponding Polya Jacob
Boris Polyak RWM Pic Belarusian-born Soviet military physician, major general, Polyak Boris 
Miron Polyakin RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian violinist, Polyakin Miron 
Alexander Polyakov RWF Pic Russian American nuclear physicist, Polyakov Alexander 
Boris Polyakov RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet radioengineer, Polyakov Boris 
Ilya Polyakov Ukrainian-born Soviet historian of science, biology, Polyakov Ilya 
Lazar Polyakov RWF Pic Russian banker, Polyakov Lazar 
Leon Polyakov RWN Pic Russian-born French historian, Polyakov Leon
Leonid Polyakov RWE Pic Soviet architect, Polyakov Leonid 
Samuel Polyakov RWF HW Pic Russian railload magnate, Polyakov Samuel 
Yakov Polyakov RWF Pic Russian banker, Polyakov Yakov
Maria Polyakova RWM Pic Soviet spy against Germany, Polyakova Maria 
Shirley Polykoff Pic American advertising executive, Polykoff Shirley 
Natan Polyushuk RWE Pic Russian military, hero of Soviet Union, Polyushuk Natan 
Max Pomeranc Pic American child actor, Pomeranc Max 
Bernard Pomerance Pic American playwright, poet, Pomerance Bernard 
Carl Pomerance RWC Pic American mathematician, number theorist, Pomerance Carl 
Isaak Pomeranchuk RWF Pic Polish-born Ukrainian Russian physicist, Pomeranchuk Isaak 
Arnold Pomerans German-born British translator, Pomerans Arnold 
Zinovy Pomerantsev RWM Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet military commander, major general, Pomerantsev Zinovy 
Charles Pomerantz Pic Polish-born American entomologist, pest control expert, Pomerantz Charles 
Earl Pomerantz Pic Canadian-born American producer, writer, Pomerantz Earl 
Hart Pomerantz Pic Canadian lawyer, television personality, Pomerantz Hart 
David Pomeranz Pic American songwriter, lyricist, singer, Pomeranz David 
Kenneth Pomeranz RWF Pic American historian, Pomeranz Kenneth 
Roza Pomerantz-Meltzer Pic Polish politician, MP 1922-, zionist, Pomeranz-Meltzer Roza
Jerzy Pomianowski Pic Polish novelist, essyist, theater critic, screenwriter, translator, Pomianowski Jerzy
Erich Pommer RWF Pic German film producer, executive, Pommer Erich 
Seymour Pomrenze Pic Ukrainian-born American archivist, record manager, Pomrenze Seymour
Doc Pomus RWF Pic American blues singer/songwriter:lyricist, Pomus Doc 
Shlomo Ponaroff Russian-born Israeli architect, Ponaroff Shlomo
Irina Ponarovskaya RWC Pic Russian/Soviet singer, actress, (Jewish father) Ponarovskaya Irina 
Daniel Poneman Pic American Deputy Secretary , US Department of Energy 2009- , Poneman Daniel 
Karen Poniachik RWC Pic Chilean mining & energy minister of State, journalist,  Poniachik Karen 
James Poniewozik Pic American journalist, literary critic, (Jewish mother) Poniewozik James 
Lorenzo da Ponte RWF Pic Italian poet, librettist, (3 librettos of Mozart operas) Ponte Lorenzo da
Bruno Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born British Russian physicist, neutrino Pontecorvo Bruno 
Gillo Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born film director, producer, screenwriter, Pontecorvo Gillo 
Guido Pontecorvo RWF Pic Italian-born British  geneticist, Pontecorvo Guido 
Marco Pontecorvo Pic Italian cinematographer, Pontecorvo Marco
Aldo Pontremoli Italian physicist, polar explorer, Pontremoli Aldo
Emmanuel Pontremoli Pic French architect, archaeologist, Pontremoli Emmanuel 
Raffaello Pontremoli Pic Italian painter, Pontremoli Raffaello
Pontremoli Italian Rear Admiral, Pontremoli
Eve Poole RWC Pic German-born New Zealand mayor of Invercargill, 1980-90, Pooler Eve
Rosemary Pooler American appeals judge, Pooler Rosemary 
Eduardo Propper de Callejon Pic Spanish diplomat, (Jewish father) Pooppe de Callejon Eduardo
Alfred van den Poorten Pic Dutch-born Australian mathematician, Poorten Alfred van den
Alfred van der Poorten Pic Dutch-born Australian mathematician, Poorten Alfred van der
Jimmy Pop Pic American rapper, (Jewish descent) Pop Jimmy
Lillie Pope Pic American educator, Pope Lillie
Martin Pope Pic American physical chemist, Pope Martin
Ron Popeil Pic American inventor, (Jewish father) Popeil Ron 
Avraam Popel RWF Pic Lithuanian politician, MP 1920-22, Popel Avraam 
Lev Popelov RWC Ukrainian-born Soviet military designer, colonel, Popelov Lev 
Gil Popilsky RWF Pic Israeli chess grandmaster, Popilsky Gil
Richard Popkin Pic American historian of philosophy, philosopher, Popkin Richard
Mikhail Popkov RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Popkov Mikhail 
Yana Poplavskaya RWE Pic Russian actress, television presenter, (Jewish father) Poplavskaya Yana
Yacob Popok RWC Pic Soviet First Secretary of Communist Party of Turkmenistan 1930-37, Popok Yacob 
Yakov Popok 1st Secretary of Turkmenian CC, Popok Yakov
Mark Popovsky RWE Pic Soviet/Russian  writer, biographer, journalist, dissident, Popovsky Mark 
Albert Popper Czech physician, mayor of Vimperk, Popper Albert
David Popper RWF HW Pic Czech cellist, composer,    Popper David 
David Popper Pic American Assistant Secretary of State for International Organisations Affairs 1973-74 Popper David 
Erwin Popper Austrian physician, pediatrician, Popper Erwin 
Hans Popper Pic Austrian-born American pathologist, hepatologist, administrator,  Popper Hans 
Heinrich Popper Austrian politician, MP from Bukovina 1885-1891, Popper Heinrich 
Joachim von Popper Austrian court jew of Habsburgs, Popper Joachim von
Julius Popper RWC HW Pic Romanian-born Argentine engineer, town designer, cartographer, explorer, Popper Julius 
Sir Karl Popper RWF HW Pic Austrian-born British philosopher of science, sociologist, Popper Karl
Robert Popper Pic British television producer, actor, comedian, writer, Popper Robert 
Siegfried Popper RWC Pic Czech-born Austrian naval architect, engineering admiral, Rear Admiral, Popper Siegfried 
Edmund Popper von Lahmstatten Czech-born Popper von Lahmstatten Edmund
Josef Popper-Lynkeus RWF HW Pic Czech-born Austrian scientist, thinker, inventor, Popper-Lynkeus Josef 
Amatziah Porat HW Israeli writer, translator, Porat Amatziah 
Ariel Porat RWC HW Pic Israeli legal scholar, Porat Ariel 
Dina Porat RWF Pic Argentine-born Israeli historian, Porat Dina
Emannuel Porat   HW Pic Polish-born Israeli Porat Emannuel 
Hanan Porat RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Porat Hanan 
Orna Porat RWA HW Pic German-born Israeli stage actress, director, (convert to Judaism) Porat Orna 
Ruth Porat RWC Pic British-born American SFO, Morgan Stanley, Alphabet Inc, Porat Ruth 
Uri Porat HW Pic Israeli journalist, publicist, Porat Uri 
Yitzhak Porat   HW   Israeli scientist, Raphael, Porat Yitzhak 
Yehoshua Porath Pic Israeli historian, Porath Yehoshua
Ruby Porat-Shoval RWC Pic Moroccan-born Israeli actress, sctreenwriter, playwright director, presenter, Porat-Shoval Ruby 
Avraham Poraz RWF HW Pic Romanian-born Israeli politician, Minister of Interior Affairs Poraz Avraham 
Cesare Porec Italian lawyer, politician, senator, Porec Cesare
David Porec Italian journalist, writer, radio host, television presenter, Porec David 
Sandro Porec Italian publisher, television producer, Porec Sandro
Aaron Poreda Pic American baseball player, (Jewish mother) Poreda Aaron 
Leonid Poretsky Pic Russian-born American endocrinologist, Poretsky Leonid 
Heinrich Porges Pic Czech-born Austian choirmaster, music critic, Porges Heinrich 
Jules Porges Pic Austrian-born financier, Randlord, Porges Jules 
Nenad Porges RWC Pic Croatian Minister of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship 1997-2000, Porges Nenad 
Paul Porges Pic Austrian-born American cartoonist, Porges Paul 
Alois Peter Porges von Portheim Czech-born Porges von Portheim Alois Peter Porges von
Eduard Porges von Portheim Pic Porges von Portheim Eduard Porges von
Gustav Porges von Portheim Czech-born Porges von Portheim Gustav Porges von
Heinrich Porges von Portheim Czech-born Porges von Portheim Heinrich Porges von
Joseph Porges von Portheim Czech/Austrian manufacturer, art patron, cellist, Porges von Portheim Joseph 
Moses Porges von Portheim Pic Czech/Austrian indistrialist, Porges von Portheim Moses 
Jozsef Porgesz Hungarian architect, Porgesz Jozsef
Deborah Poritz American Chief Justice of New Jercey Supreme Court 1996-2006 Poritz Deborah 
Roni Porokara HW Pic Finnish footballer, Porokara Roni 
Mykola Porsh RWC Pic Ukrainian-born politician, diplomat, economist, Porsh Mykola
Leo Port Pic Polish-born Australian businessman, engineer, television personality, Port Leo
Whitney Port Pic American television personality, fashion designer, model,  Port Whitney 
Jao de la Porta Portuguese-born American merchant, Porta Jao de la
Abraham Portaleone Italian physician, encyclopedist, Portaleone Abraham 
Diego Portales RWC Pic Chilean statesman, entrepreneur, Foreign Minister, Minister of Defense, (Jewish descent) Portales Diego 
Joel Porte Pic American literary scholar, Porte Joel 
Moshe de Portella Spanish financier, Portella Moshe de
Alfred van der Porten Pic Dutch-born Australian mathematician, Porten Alfred van der
Skipp Porteous Pic Evangelical christian minister, Porteous Skipp
Alisan Porter RWC Pic American film/stage actress, singer, dancer, Porter Alisan 
Daniel Porter Pic American internet entrepreneur, Porter Daniel 
Dorothy Porter Pic Australian poet, opera librettist, Porter Dorothy 
Jack Porter Pic Ukrainian-born American sociologist, social activist, Porter Jack
Sir Leslie Porter Pic British chairman of Tesco Plc 1973-85 Porter Leslie
Dame Shirley Porter RWC Pic British Lord Mayor of  Westminster 1991-92, Porter Shirley 
Sylvia Porter Pic American columnist, economist,    Porter Sylvia 
Jose Portillo RWC Pic President of Mexico 1976-82, (Jewish descent) Portillo Jose
Jose Lopez Portillo RWC Pic President of Mexico 1976-82, (Jewish descent) Portillo Jose Lopez
Natalie Portman RWF HW Pic Israeli-born American fim/television/stage actress, Portman Natalie 
Vitaly Portnikov Pic Ukrainian editor, journalist, Portnikov Vitaly
Vladimir Portnoi Ukrainian-born Russian gymnast, team-combined exercises Portnoi Vladimir 
Neil Portnow American record producer, president of NARAS 2002- , Portnow Neil 
Alicia Partnoy Pic Argentine-born human rights activist, poet, translator, Portnoy Alicia
David Portnoy Pic American businessman, Portnoy David 
Ethel Portnoy Pic American-born Dutch writer, Portnoy Ethel
Kim Portnoy RWJ Ukrainian-born Russian engineer, metallurgist,    Portnoy Kim 
Michael Portnoy Pic American multimedia artist, choreographer, musician, actor, Portnoy Michael 
Mike Portnoy RWF HW Pic American drummer,    Portnoy Mike 
Naum Portnoy RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet engineer, Portnoy Naum 
Georges de Porto-Riche RWF Pic French dramatist, novelist, Porto-Riche Georges de
Mendel Portugali Moldovan-born Israeli co-founder of Hashomer, Portugali Mendel 
Danny Porush co-founder Stratton Oakmont, Porush Danny 
Meir Porush RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, Porush Meir 
Menachem Porush RWF HW Pic Israeli politician, rabbi, journalist, Porush Menachem 
Teresa Porzecanski Pic Urugayan anthropologist, poet, writer, Porzecanski Teresa
Adam Posen Pic American economist, Posen Adam 
Zac Posen HW Pic American fashion designer, Posen Zac 
Julius Posener Pic German architectual historian, Posener Julius 
Bill Posey Pic American politician, representative 2013- , (Jewish mother) Posey Bill 
Arie Posin Pic Israeli-born American film director, screenwriter,   Posin Arie
Bronislava Poskrebysheva Pic Lithuanian-born Soviet endocrinologist,  Poskrebysheva Bronislava
Baron Alfred von Posner Posner Alfred von
Barry Posner Canadian physician, research scientist, Posner Barry 
Elieser Posner American food engineer, scientist, ??? Posner Elieser 
Eric Posner Pic American legal scholar, Posner Eric 
Ernst Posner Pic German-born American archivist, historian, president of Society of American Archivists, 1955-56, Posner Ernst
Gerald Posner Pic American investigative journalist, Posner Gerald
Jerome Posner American neurologist, physician,  Posner Jerome 
Baron Karl Louis von Posner Hungarian paper manufacturer, lithograpic artist, printer, Posner Karl Louis von
Meyer Posner HW Pic Polish-born composer, conductor, arranger, Posner Meyer 
Michael Posner Pic American cognitive scientist, psychologist, neuroscientist, Posner Michael 
Michael Posner Pic Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour 2009-13, Posner Michael 
Michael Posner Pic Canadian journalist, biographer, actor, Posner Michael 
Mike Posner RWF HW Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, (Jewish father) Posner Mike 
Richard Posner RWF HW Pic American lawyer, appeals judge, Posner Richard 
Ruth Posner Pic Polish-born British dancer, choreographer, stage/film/television actress, Posner Ruth 
Stanislaw Posner Polish politician, senator, 1922-30, Posner Stanislaw 
Steven Posner Pic American corporate rider, Posner Steven
Victor Posner Pic American businessman, indicted for tax evasion, Posner Victor 
Vladimir Posner RWF Pic French-born Russian French poet, translator, journalist, screenwriter, literary critic, Posner Vladimir 
Miriam Posner Finkel American radiobiologist, cancer researcher, Posner Finkel Miriam 
Tracy Posner Ward Pic American actress, animals rights rescuer, activist, Posner Ward Tracy
Ernst von Possart RWF Pic German actor, theater director, Possart Ernst von
Emil Post RWF HW Pic Polish-born American mathematician, logician, Post Emil 
Louise Post Pic American lead vocalist, guitarist,     Post Louise 
Marlene Post Pic American president of Hadassah Women Organisation, Post Marlene 
Robert Post Pic American legal scholar, Post Robert 
Soraya Post Pic Swedish politician, MEP 2014- , (Jewish father) Post Soraya
Ted Post Pic American television/film director, Post Ted 
Sir Michael Postan RWF HW Pic Moldovan-born British historian, Postan Michael 
Leo Postman Pic American psychologist, Postman Leo 
Neil Postman American media critic, Postman Neil 
Evgeny Postny RWF Pic Israeli chess grandmaster, Postny Evgeny 
Isaak Postovsky RWF Pic Ukrainian-born Russian chemist,    Postovsky Isaak 
Virginia Postrel Pic American journalist, political/cultural writer, (convert to Judaism) Postrel Virginia 
Victor Potamkin American founder of Planet Automotive, Potamkin Victor 
A.M. Potashnik Potashnik A.M. 
Matvei Potashnik RWC Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet NKVD officer, major general, Potashnik Matvei 
Boris Potemkin RWF Soviet songwriter, poet, Potemkin Boris 
Lina Po Pic Ukrainian-born Soviet dancer, choreographer, sculptor, Potemkin Lina
Count Walenty Potocki RWF Polish nobleman, (convert to Judaism), burned at the stake 1753 Potocki Walenty
Rabbi Chaim Potok HW Pic American writer, Potok Chaim
Oscar Potoker RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American musician, film composer, Potoker Oscar 
David Pottruck Pic American CEO of Charles Scwab Corporation, Pottruck David 
Annie Potts Pic American film/television actress,    Potts Annie 
Alan Poul Pic American television director/producer, Poul Alan 
Will Poulter Pic British film/television actor, (Jewish mother) Poulter Will
Maury Povich Pic American television talk show host, Povich Maury 
Shirley Povich Pic American sportswriter, journalist, Povich Shirley 
Esther Povitsky Pic American actress, comedian, writer, producer, (Jewish father) Povitsky Esther 
Hortense Powdermaker Pic American archaeologist, anthropologist, Powdermaker Hortense 
Colin Powell RWC Pic Secretary of Defense 2001-05, (Jewish paternal descent) Powell Colin 
Mel Powell Pic American composer, jazz pianist, Powell Mel 
Monique Powell Pic American singer, Powell Monique 
Sarah Powell French poet,   Powell Sarah
Ed Powers Pic American pornographic actor, director, producer, Powers Ed 
Stefanie Powers Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Powers Stefanie 
Bel Powley Pic British actress, (Jewish mother) Powley Bel 
Michael Poyurovsky Pic Israeli psychiatrist, schizo-obsessive disorder, Poyurovsky Michael 
Pobert Pozen Pic American financial executive, legal scholar, Pozen Pobert 
Robert Pozen Pic American financial executive, Pozen Robert 
Boris Pozern RWF Pic Russian political/state figure, Pozern Boris 
Grigory Pozhenyan RWM Pic Ukrainian-born poet, screenwriter, (Jewish mother) Pozhenyan Grirory
Zofia Poznanska RWF Pic Polsh-born Soviet spy, Poznanska Zofia 
Ignaci Poznanski Poznanski Ignaci
Israel Poznanski Pic Polish industrialist, textile magnate, philanthropist, Poznanski Israel 
Karol Poznanski Poish entrepreneur, Poznanski Karol
Maurice Poznan Polish industrialist, social activist, Poznanski Maurice
Yakov Poznansky RWC Moldovan-born Ukrainian People's Commissar of Ukrainian SSR, Poznansky Yakov 
Victor Pozner RWC Pic Russian-born Turkmenian politician, Pozner Victor 
Vladimir Pozner Pic Soviet spy against USA,    Pozner Vladimir 
Bernard van Praag Pic Dutch economist, Praag Bernard van
Jaap van Praag Pic Dutch chairman of Ajax Amsterdam, Praag Jaap van
Lionel van Praag Pic Australian speedway rider, Praag Lionel van
Marga van Praag Pic Dutch journalist, television host, (Jewish father) Praag Marga van
Michael van Praag Pic Dutch president 2008- of Royal Dutch Football Association, (Jewish father) Praag Michael van
Dame Peggy van Praagh Pic British ballet dancer, choreographer, producer, director, Praagh Peggy van
Moses Prado German-born Turkish literary scholar, (convert to Judaism) Prado Moses 
Bill Prady Pic American television producer, writer, Prady Bill 
Alfred Praga Pic British painter, genre, miniature, Praga Alfred 
David Prager Pic American co-founder of Revision3, ??? Prager David 
Dennis Prager HW Pic American columnist, talk show host, public speaker, author, Prager Dennis 
Joshua Prager Pic American reporter, journalist, historian, Prager Joshua 
Kenneth Prager Pic American physician,    Prager Kenneth 
William Prager RWF Pic German-born American applied mathematician, Prager William 
Adam Pragier Polish economist, legal scholar, politician, MP Pragier Adam 
Sigbert Prais Pic German-born British economist, Prais Sigbert 
Pramila Pic Indian model, actress, Pramila
Richard Prasquier Pic Polish-born French cardiologist,   Prasquier Richard
Felix Pratensis Italian biblical scholar, Pratensis Felix 
Jeonathan Prato Italian-born Israeli ambassador to Costa Rica 1969-72, Honduras 1971-72, Nicaragua 1969-72, Cuba, Prato Jonathan 
Anthony Pratt Pic Australian businessman, Visy Industries, Pratt Anthony 
Bela Pratt Pic American sculptor, ???, Pratt Bela 
Carin Pratt American executive producer of Face The Nation, Pratt Carin 
George Pratt American appeals judge, ??? Pratt George 
Richard Pratt Pic Australian businessman, Visy Industries, Pratt Richard 
Simha Pratt RWF Pic Israeli ambassador to Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Pratt Simha
Thea Pratt Pic American hornist, Pratt Thea
Milan Praunsperger RWC Pic Croatian military commander, general, Praunsperger Milan 
Otto Prausnitz Pic German physician, bacteriologist, hygienist, father of clinical allergy, Prausnitz Carl 
John Prausnitz Pic German-born American  physical chemist, chemical engineering, Prausnitz John 
Moshe Prausnitz Pic Israeli archaeologist, Prausnitz Moshe
Hana Pravda Pic Czech-born British actress, Pravda Hana
Mitch Praver American executive VP/CEO of National Public Radio, Praver Mitch 
Tori Praver Pic American model, swimwear fashion designer, (Jewish father) Praver Tori 
Joshua Prawer RWA HW Pic Polish-born Israeli historian,    Prawer Joshua 
Siegbert Prawer Pic German-born British scholar, Prawer Siegbert 
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala RWF HW Pic German-born British screenwriter, Prawer Jhabvala Ruth 
Jakub Prawin RWC Polish-born politician, military, Prawin Jakub 
Marcel Prawy RWN Pic Austrian dramatist, opera critic, Prawy Marcel 
Jacqueline du Pre RWF Pic British cellist, (convert to Judaism) Pre Jacqueline du
Moshe Prywes HW Pic Polish-born Israeli physician,   (Mosze Prywes) Preeves Moshe 
Eric Preffer American president/CEO of Howard Jonsohn International, Preffer Eric 
Alexandra Pregel RWF Pic Finnish-Born Russian painter, graphic artist, illustrator, (Jewish mother) Pregel Alexsandra
Boris Pregel RWF Pic Ukrainian-born entrepreneur, metzenat, engineer, physicist, Pregel Boris 
Jack Preger Pic British medical doctor, founder of Calcutta Rescue, Preger Jack
Dean Pregerson American federal judge, district of California, Pregerson Dean 
Harry Pregerson American appeals judge, Pregerson Harry 
Gabriel Preil HW Pic Estonian-born American Yiddish poet, translator, Preil Gabriel
Ellen Preis RWC HW Pic German-born Austrian foil fencer, Preis Ellen 
Eran Preis Pic Israeli-born  American director, producer, screenwriter, playwright, Preis Eran 
Grigory Preisman RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, Preisman Grigory 
David Preiss Pic British mathematician, ??? Preiss David 
Naomi Preizler RWC Pic Argentine fashion model, artist, illustrator, Preizler Naomi
Eliezer Preminger RWF HW Pic Austrian-born Israeli politician, Preminger Eliezer 
Erik Lee Preminger Pic American writer, actor, Preminger Eric Lee
Ingo Preminger RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American producer,  Preminger Ingo
Otto Preminger RWF HW Pic Austrian/Ukrainian-born American film director/producer, film/television actor,    Preminger Otto 
Dame Simone Prendergast Pic British lawyer, Prendergast Simone
Daniel Prenn RWF Pic Polish/Lithuanian-born British tennis player, Prenn Daniel 
Laura Prepon RWF HW Pic American actress, (Jewish father) Prepon Laura 
Moritz Presburger Pic Polish-born mathemarician, logician, philosopher, Presburger Moritz 
Davis Preschlack American executive VP of ESPN/ABC sports, Preschlack Davis 
Isay Present RWF Pic Soviet biologist, Present Isay 
Jenna Presley Pic American pornogaphic actress, Presley Jenna
Frank Press RWF Pic American geophysicist,  Press Frank 
Irina Press RWN HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian, 80 m hurdles , Press Irina 
Joseph Press Lithuanian-born Russian cellist, Press Joseph 
Mikhail Press Lithuanian-born American violinist, conductor, music educator, Press Mikhail 
Natalie Press Pic British stage/television/film actress, (Jewish father) Press Natalie 
Nathalie Press Pic British film/television actress, Press Nathalie 
Tamara Press HW Pic Ukrainian-born Russian shot-put Press Tamara 
William Press RWF Pic American computional scientist, theoretical physicist, Press William 
Yeshayahu Press Israeli geographer, Press Yeshayahu
Arnold Pressburger Pic Slovak-born Austrian film producer,    Pressburger Arnold 
Emeric Pressburger RWF Pic Hungarian-born British film director/producer, screenwriter, Pressburger Emeric 
Morgan Pressel Pic American professional golfer, Pressel Morgan 
Bram Presser Pic Australian musician, writer, Presser Bram
Gabor Presser RWF Pic Hungarian composer, singer, musical producer, Presser Gabor 
Harriet Presser Pic American sociologist, demographer, Presser Harriet
Jackie Presser Pic American labour leader, president of International Brotherhood of Teamsters 1983-88,  Presser Jackie 
Jacques Presser RWF HW Pic Dutch historian, author, Presser Jacques
Menahem Pressler HW Pic German-born American pianist, Pressler Menahem 
Sylvia Pressler Pic American judge, Pressler Sylvia 
Barney Pressman Ameican founder 1923 of Barneys, Pressman Barney 
Edward Pressman Pic American film producer, Pressman Edward 
Jack Pressman American founder 1922 of Pressman Toy Corporation, Pressman Jack 
Joe Pressman American mayor of Chelsea, Boston Area indicted for corruption Pressman Joe
Sally Pressman Pic American film/television actress, dancer, Pressman Sally 
Yassi Pressman Pic British-born Filipino actress, model, television personality, dancer, singer, (Jewish father) Pressman Yassi 
Jay Presson Allen Pic American film/television writer, playwright, theater director, novelist, Presson Allen Jay 
Anita Prestes RWE Pic Brazilian historian, (Jewish mother) Prestes Anita
Samuel Preston Pic American demographer, socioilogist, ??? Preston Samuel 
Clyde Prestowitz, Jr Pic American economist, counsellor to the Secretary of Commerce, Prestowitz, Jr Clyde 
Hugo Preuss RWF Pic German lawyer, liberal politician,  Minister of the Interior 1919- drafted Weimar Constitution Preuss Hugo 
David Prever Pic British radio presenter, author, Prever David 
Andre Previn RWF HW Pic German-born American pianist, conductor, composer, Previn Andre 
Charles Previn Pic American film score composer, conductor, Previn Charles 
Steve Previn Pic German-born American film production executive, Previn Steve
Lucien-Anatole Prevost-Paradol RWF Pic French essayist, journalist, diplomat, (Jewish father) Prevost-Paradol Lucien-Anatole
Karl Pribram RWF Pic Austrian-born American cognitive scientist, Pribram Karl 
Karl Pribram Austrian-born American economist, Pribram Karl 
Edward Price aerospace engineering, ??? Price Edward 
Jacob Myron Price Pic American historian, Price Jacob Miron
John Price American CEO of JP Realty, Utah, Price John 
Katie Price Pic British model, actress, television personality, (Jewish maternal grandmother) Price Katie 
Lonny Price Pic American actor, playwright, librettist, theater director, Price Lonny 
Michael Price Pic American businessman, MFP Investors, Price Michael 
Richard Price RWF Pic American screenwriter, novelist,    Price Richard 
Robert Price electronics engineering, ??? Price Robert 
Sol Price Pic American founder 1976 of Price Clubs, Price Sol/Robert 
Irving Price American co-founder 1930 of Fisher-Price,  <Mattel Price  Irving 
Sally Priesand Pic American rabbi, Priesand Sally 
Viscount Ilya Prigogine RWF HW Pic Russian-born Belgian chemist, Nobel Prize (1977), Prigogine Ilya 
Anatoly Prikhozhan RWM Pic Belarusian-bon Soviet military executive, major general, engineering, Prikhozhan Anatoly 
Mikhail Prikhozhan Soviet Head of project, Ural car factory, Prikhozhan Mikhail 
Henry Primakoff RWF Pic Ukrainian-born American theoretical physicist, (not Jewish paternal grandfather) Primakoff Henry 
Avi Primor HW Pic Israeli ambassador to Germany 1993-99, Belgia, European Union , Primor Avi 
Earl Harry Primrose Pic British Secretary of State for Scotland, son of Hannah de Rothschild, (Jewish mother) Primrose Harry
Earl Neil Primrose Pic British Liberal MP 1910-17 (Jewish mother) Primrose Neil 
Richard Primus Pic American legal scholar, Primus Richard 
Harold Prince Pic American theatrical producer, director,    Prince Harold 
Jonathan Prince Pic American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, Prince Jonathan 
Joshua Prince-Ramus Pic American architect, Prince-Ramus Joshua 
King Princess Pic American singer/songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Princess King 
Princess Donna Pic American pornogaphic actress, erotic dancer, Princess Donna
Princess Superstar Pic American hip hop singer, (Jewish father) Princess Superstar
Edward Pringle American Chief Justice of Colorado Supreme Court,   Pringle Edward 
Alfred Pringsheim RWF Pic Polish-born German Swiss mathematician, Pringsheim Alfred 
Fritz Pringsheim German lawyer, Pringsheim Fritz 
Hedwig Pringsheim